I2P JPackage

** This is work in progress. Even this readme may change rapidly. **

** Work on this project has largely been moved to platform-specific repositories **

Find them:

If you just want to get an experimental jpackaged router on Windows or Mac OSX, just visit this Informational page.

If you want to use a jpackaged router on Linux you can use this repository, but there is no guarantee of support. There are at least a couple of things about the approach used here that are arguably more complicated than they need to be, and the configuration it uses is not ideal. You’re probably much better off with a .deb package or a JVM and a jar install.

This project aims to contain scripts and code necessary to build all-in-one installers for Windows, Mac, and Linux using the JPackage tool.


You need JDK 14 or newer installed on your system. On Windows you also need the Wix tool and a bash-like environment like Cygwin or GitBash.


  1. Set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to the installation of the JDK
  2. Clone the i2p.i2p module as a sibling to this module.
  3. Build it using ant clean pkg
  4. Run build.sh

How does it work

The I2P router expects to find some resources in specific places. The legacy I2P installer deployes those resources where they are exxpected to be. However with installers built with JPackage, and more specifically with Mac AppBundles it is not possible to execute arbitrary code during installation. The way to get around this is:

  1. Create a .jar file containing the following resources
  2. Enumerate these resources and generate a file called resources.csv. The format is CSV file where the first entry is the path that the classloader will use to locate the file, the second entry is the path under the preferences directory where the resource should be copied, and the third entry indicates whether to overwrite any existing files (true|false). Add this file in the .jar built in step 1.
  3. Use a custom main class net.i2p.router.PackageLauncher which reads the above list and copies each resource to the appropriate path under the current user’s preferences directory, which is OS-dependent.
  4. The custom main class will also set any system properties necessary for I2P to work, then invoke the “real” main class net.i2p.router.RouterLaunch.
  5. The compiled custom main class gets added to the .jar as well.

JPackage gets invoked and pointed to the custom main class. It’s operation can be customized by setting the following environment variables:

Variable Purpose Example
JPACKAGE_OPTS Options to pass to jpackage, usualy OS-dependent --mac-sign
I2P_VERSION Overrides the version from the router.jar file 1.2.3

git repository: ./i2p-jpackage

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