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A Rust crate for interacting with I2P.

Development Status

Early development - API in flux.

git repository: ./i2p-rs

Git Summary

 project  : i2p-rs
 repo age : vor 6 Jahren
 active   : 11 days
 commits  : 47
 files    : 16
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6bdfca6 2019-04-21 Merge pull request #2 from i2p/2018ification
c93ccc8 2019-04-21 cargo fix --edition-idioms && cargo fmt
3fdeb11 2019-04-21 Rust 2018 edition
34ef22e 2019-04-21 cargo fix --edition
ac70698 2019-04-21 Enforce formatting in CI
39b1f61 2019-04-21 cargo fmt
77a05b4 2019-04-21 Remove rustfmt.toml
9ccac1d 2017-05-01 Add Crates.io badge
83f5b1d 2017-05-01 Fix Travis CI badge in crate
d5428f2 2017-05-01 Set version for initial published crate
90b0753 2017-05-01 Fill out manifest
4b04452 2017-05-01 Document unimplemented APIs
94cf2be 2017-04-30 Add copyright notice for usage of std::net APIs
cdae1a5 2017-04-30 Add missing documentation to i2p::net
72cd646 2017-04-30 Fix and document I2pStream::peer_addr() and I2pStream::local_addr()
422762f 2017-04-30 Fix docstring for ToI2pSocketAddrs
ade02ac 2017-04-30 Add unimplemented API for I2pListener and I2pDatagramSocket
8b41d4d 2017-04-30 Extract default SAM API into a constant
7915cd3 2017-04-30 Rename sam::Stream to sam::StreamConnect for clarity
07e8268 2017-04-30 Internally split out I2pStream into streaming submodule
51956fb 2017-04-30 Reorganise uses
c41db26 2017-04-30 Use Rust style guide
923b792 2017-04-30 Cleanups
7e19adc 2017-04-30 Use random session nickname
7858de6 2017-04-30 Add I2pStream::connect_via() for non-standard SAM server addresses
da2b83a 2017-04-30 Add I2pStream example
ac8fd25 2017-04-30 rustfmt
ba897e8 2017-04-30 Implement I2P version of TcpStream
c6b55d9 2017-04-30 Implement STREAM CONNECT
99dc3cd 2017-04-30 Fix I2pAddr docstring
fbcce41 2017-04-30 Ignore tests that require a SAM server
4a709ee 2017-04-30 Add Travis CI support
ef77e48 2017-04-30 Move integration tests out of src/
9814af6 2017-04-26 Implement I2P versions of IpAddr and SocketAddr
9f81f0b 2017-04-24 Rework SAM code to return parsed options
e214dee 2017-04-23 Rename module containing SAM logic
7b0975e 2017-04-23 Add missing reply parsers
6bc84b2 2017-04-23 Clean up parser, add support for quoted values
170ae52 2017-04-23 Clearer parser names
b822dd3 2017-04-23 Add tests for existing parsers
6cb38ea 2017-04-22 Apply rustfmt
ea5d09a 2017-04-22 Upgrade nom
0ba23f6 2017-04-02 Add README
77c6954 2017-04-02 Update LICENSE and developer contact
f5cc06d 2016-11-01 Add naming and session end point
eda96d9 2016-07-27 Add MIT license
b2e8e41 2016-07-17 Genesis: Initial commit```

## Files

.gitignore .travis.yml Cargo.toml LICENSE.md README.md examples/eepget.rs src/lib.rs src/net/addr.rs src/net/datagram.rs src/net/i2p.rs src/net/mod.rs src/net/streaming.rs src/net/test.rs src/parsers.rs src/sam.rs tests/naming_lookup.rs

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