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8c5637f 2018-03-23 Adding transparent svg itoopie file, including a correctly formatted icns for Mac OS X
51a3d5b 2017-07-09 Add a shadowed variant of the vertical white logo
bae4c1b 2017-07-09 Add new logo files (thanks Ura!)
ebecde4 2017-07-09 Move old image files out of the way
08a7206 2016-07-02 I2P Summer Dev branding
34f9243 2016-05-08 Icons removed from desktopgui in 0.9.26, copied here for future use. No apparent license.
a6dca34 2016-01-14 Added itoopie sticker
cac3353 2016-01-10 Diagrams from RWC 2016 talk
1a7fd91 2015-08-30 Adding readme that clarifies license.
1773fd5 2015-08-19 Added podium pdf.
2490867 2015-07-20 Added actual pdf of flyer
4f5dca5 2015-07-18 Added pdf version of flyer..
afdd37c 2015-07-18 Update to final version of flyer.
31ec954 2015-07-15 Added alternative (rejected) flyer for I2PCon.
50008cc 2015-07-15 Added the first draft of the I2PCon flyer
24591ce 2013-12-29 Restructuring.
a15c1af 2013-12-29 Added alternative logo.
41b79f6 2012-02-20 Added QR code for
f0e18b3 2011-12-30 Switched to proper versions.
7b972a7 2011-12-29 Added png's used for new t-shirt design.
0cce364 2011-12-29 Removed SVG artefcats.
2b631d0 2011-12-29 Cleaned up SVG artifacts.
4660a4f 2011-12-19 Added itoopie svg
d627366 2011-12-12 Added 1/8" border and outlined font.
ac686e2 2011-12-10 Changed sticker url.
e6c9b18 2011-12-09 Added the logotype and a stickerversion for the same logotype. Both are svg vector graphic.```

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README diagrams/i2p-crypto-layers.svg diagrams/struct-key-cert.svg diagrams/structs-dest-ls-rid-ri.svg flyer/flyer_i2pcon.pdf flyer/flyer_i2pcon.png flyer/flyer_i2pcon_alternative.png itoopie-transparent.svg itoopie.icns itoopie.svg logo/png/horizontal_color.png logo/png/horizontal_white.png logo/png/icon_color.png logo/png/icon_white.png logo/png/vertical_color.png logo/png/vertical_white.png logo/svg/horizontal_color.svg logo/svg/horizontal_white.svg logo/svg/icon_color.svg logo/svg/icon_white.svg logo/svg/vertical_color.svg logo/svg/vertical_white.svg logo/svg/vertical_white_shadow.svg old/i2p-logo-alt.svg old/i2p-logo.svg old/icons/logo.jpg old/icons/logo.png old/icons/logo_green.jpg old/icons/logo_orange.jpg old/icons/logo_red.jpg podium/i2pcon_2015_podium.pdf sticker/ sticker/itoopie_sticker.tif sticker/itoopie_sticker.xcf sticker/itoopie_sticker_mockup.png summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Icon-White.png summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Icon-White.svg summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Icon.png summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Icon.svg summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Primary.png summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-Primary.svg summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-White.png summer-dev/I2PSummerDev-White.svg summer-dev/Stickers-Preview.jpg t-shirt/itoopie-seethrough.png t-shirt/itoopie.png t-shirt/shirt-logo-white-bg.png

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