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878d516 2014-08-09 Support variable-length b64 dests. Were exactly 520 chars; now 516-532 chars. So ".i2p" suffix no longer required, and small key certs allowed to support P256, P384, and P521 key types. Record size increased from 544 to 558 bytes. B64 Dest is now null-terminated inside the record. Change interval from 15m to 35m (internal expiration remains at 45m)
c6bfe07 2012-03-02 This is no longer applicable with I2P 0.8.13-1
9ec2a2f 2012-03-01 Debian packaging and package building instructions
839f82a 2012-03-01 Minor documentation updates
18b7b91 2012-03-01 Fixup -help output
5e14e0e 2008-10-25 Fix tracker data, now in strict BT order.
56859b5 2008-03-24 First cut at mods for i2p
0cbc1f1 2008-03-24 base opentracker from cvs```

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CHANGES Makefile README README-i2p.txt README_v6 debian/README.Debian debian/changelog debian/compat debian/control debian/copyright debian/default debian/docs debian/i2p-opentracker.1 debian/init debian/install debian/manpages debian/patches/0001-rename-binary.patch debian/patches/series debian/rules debian/source/format debian/source/local-options debian/source/options opentracker.c opentracker.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj ot_accesslist.c ot_accesslist.h ot_clean.c ot_clean.h ot_fullscrape.c ot_fullscrape.h ot_http.c ot_http.h ot_iovec.c ot_iovec.h ot_mutex.c ot_mutex.h ot_stats.c ot_stats.h ot_sync.c ot_sync.h ot_udp.c ot_udp.h ot_vector.c ot_vector.h scan_urlencoded_query.c scan_urlencoded_query.h tests/ trackerlogic.c trackerlogic.h

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