This is the source code for the reference Java implementation of I2P.

Latest release: https://geti2p.net/download


See INSTALL.txt or https://geti2p.net/download for installation instructions.



FAQ: https://geti2p.net/faq

API: http://docs.i2p-projekt.de/javadoc/ or run ‘ant javadoc’ then start at build/javadoc/index.html

How to contribute / Hack on I2P

Please check out HACKING.md and other documents in the docs directory.

Building packages from source

To get development branch from source control: https://geti2p.net/newdevelopers


Ant build process

On x86 systems do:

ant pkg

On non-x86, use one of the following instead:

ant installer-linux
ant installer-freebsd
ant installer-osx

Run ‘ant’ with no arguments to see other build options.

Gradle build process

Full builds of installers or updates are not yet possible, but the code can be compiled with:

./gradlew assemble

This will download dependencies over the clearnet by default, including Gradle itself. To download through a SOCKS proxy (e.g. Tor), add the following lines to your ~/.gradle/gradle.properties:


Development builds

Automatic CI builds are available at the continuous integration page.


For more information how to run I2P in Docker, see Docker.md ## Contact info

Need help? See the IRC channel #i2p on irc.freenode.net

Bug reports: https://i2pgit.org/i2p-hackers/i2p.i2p/-/issues http://git.idk.i2p/i2p-hackers/i2p.i2p/-/issues

Contact information, security issues, press inquiries: https://geti2p.net/en/contact

Twitter: [@i2p](https://twitter.com/i2p), [@geti2p](https://twitter.com/GetI2P)



git repository: ./i2p.i2p

Git Summary

 project  : i2p.i2p
 repo age : vor 18 Jahren
 active   : 3904 days
 commits  : 16083
 files    : 4346
 authors  : 
da887f7c6 2022-02-24 SSU2: Publish keys and version in address when enabled
f4be99ecd 2022-02-24 SSU: Add SSU2 class extensions and packet builder
b8407a261 2022-02-23 SSU2: ACK bitfield support and conversion to ACK block
969a8a5d8 2022-02-23 SSU: Add support for SSU2 fragmentation to OMS
b57d9f2f7 2022-02-23 SSU: More prep of classes for SSU2 extension
c9a97d889 2022-02-23 SSU: Prep classes for SSU2 extension
51bdd9a28 2022-02-23 SSU: Add getVersion() methods (prep for SSU2)
04dd18615 2022-02-23 i2psnark: Load sytem mime types if available
265f5ee5d 2022-02-23 Util, i2ptunnel: Update firefox user-agent
9c3f8602d 2022-02-23 i2psnark standalone: Add startup message
74dedcf7f 2022-02-23 SSU2: More WIP
ae2b99b1c 2022-02-22 Build: Fix it
818ecc356 2022-02-22 Build: Fix testscripts target
5ccbeca67 2022-02-22 bump -1
a621f56c3 2022-02-22 Console: Add search for SSU2 transport
151369576 2022-02-22 Update: Add notification for new version
63e202f8f 2022-02-22 SSU: Start of SSU2 support
80535875a 2022-02-22 SSU: PacketHandler cleanup (prep for SSU2)
f0ad921fd 2022-02-22 NetDB: Prevent rare deadlock via FloodfillMonitorJob at startup
63f3d88f7 2022-02-22 Util: Speed up PRNG nextInt() and nextLong()
9f7f1bbca 2022-02-22 Crypto: Prep for SSU2
edc9d6fec 2022-02-22 NTCP: Reduce max writer threads
a089156af 2022-02-22 Remove BOB source
767a5043a 2022-02-22 Debian files for 1.7.0
3b9c26fe8 2022-02-21 1.7.0
961936f8d 2022-02-18 bump for review
7ea31835c 2022-02-18 more translations from Transifex
bf1f2e463 2022-02-18 pull translations from Transifex
198008472 2022-02-17 i2psnark standalone: Raise open files ulimit
91e9d95df 2022-02-16 Merge branch 'docker-host-networking' into 'master'
1b5feda51 2022-02-16 generic advice for cloud deployments
29f74ba72 2022-02-16 change interfaces> and update documentation
d6684403a 2022-02-12 Add new Japanese man pages
388aa233e 2022-02-12 Add new Slovenian translated resources
ea92b7934 2022-02-11 set table-width to fixed on console dark theme, and run the auto-indenter on the console light theme to fix it's inconsistent tabs. Merge the chrome-overrides rules on the console light theme CSS. Changes to light theme are entirely cosmetic, except that they improve the reliability of my CSS linter.
3ba754d72 2022-02-11 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:i2p/i2p.i2p
d651d25de 2022-02-11 Merge pull request #26 from zlatinb/github-actions
00ea32938 2022-02-11 set .wizardimg css to display: none on the dark theme so the light-theme background images don't show up. Normalize the wildly inconsistent tabs tabs in console.css
37002822b 2022-02-11 install.jar fix name
50d56ccbe 2022-02-11 gettext
48cb6f79e 2022-02-11 Use GitHub Actions to publish installer.jar on each push
a325e6342 2022-02-10 use updateType instead of key for error message in ConsoleUpdateManager with custom UPP
309e30633 2022-02-10 javadoc fixes
2ba56a5e1 2022-02-10 Bump build time
c949ad520 2022-02-10 Update Manager: Add an UpdateType for the API version
5621b4bf9 2022-02-10 GeoIP 2022-02
dbfe8d24a 2022-02-09 log not-found key should an UPP error occur
548c0994a 2022-02-09 poupdate-source
d0ca1d38c 2022-02-09 NTCP: Fixes for SSU disabled
96560e859 2022-02-07 Increase size of unicode links on proxy.css
19712cfd9 2022-02-06 SSU: Fix race NPE in debug logging
3dcc95434 2022-02-04 Put description of jump link function on newline in proxy.css
568b5e303 2022-02-03 Tunnels: Avoid buggy routers
73d90ed5c 2022-02-03 Don't add os-arch to pluginname if it's already correct
b2fe36b0d 2022-02-02 Revise ShellService.name to match ShellService directory if the directory includes -SystemVersion.getOS or -SystemVersion.getArch
632a1578a 2022-02-02 Check executable status of shellservice plugins in start. If the ShellService plugin name doesn't correspond to a directory, check plugin name+-$OS-$ARCH and name+$OS.
e28f4be46 2022-02-02 Merge branch 'plugin-config-redux' into 'master'
73e34b394 2022-02-02 Adds the ability to use `$OS`  and `$ARCH`  variables in clients.config and plugins.config(updateURL.* only)
b4e236645 2022-01-31 Merge branch 'filefilter-fix' into 'master'
1389e89f6 2022-01-31 Merge branch 'junit-deprecations' into 'master'
c3abe7b3d 2022-01-31 Do not use forEach
042c1e88a 2022-01-31 fix junit deprecations, issue #339
899ce0f95 2022-01-31 Fix for FileFilterDefinitionElement.  Issue #349
5dd8139aa 2022-01-30 Reseed, DoH: Fixes for IPv6-only
13ee324d3 2022-01-26 NTCP2: Clock skew handling improvements
afa727808 2022-01-25 NTCP: Ban IP if RI signature fails
b6be2d7e6 2022-01-25 bump -9
78ba3d1f6 2022-01-25 Console: CSS tweak for messages
d930f0a64 2022-01-25 Console: Set encoding for CSS
c1dc3c827 2022-01-25 Data: Remove dup check for negative tunnel ID
8bf87da4b 2022-01-25 Transport: BW limiter log and javadoc improvements
8812e822f 2022-01-25 Util: CDPQ stat description tweak
f17cd24dc 2022-01-25 UDP: Pass message priority through to the packets
b9f53069b 2022-01-25 Tunnels: Reimplement, re-enable using tunnel builds as a tunnel test,
21f5f7c14 2022-01-25 Tunnels: Enable tunnel testing by default
305710387 2022-01-23 tweak light proxy.css on non-mobile screens
2752015b6 2022-01-22 Simplify, add better logging, correctly mark state change in ShellService
f2e0aacbf 2022-01-22 use Arrays.toString to convert trimmed process args to application args in ShellService.
3e8f8a2bd 2022-01-22 add null check to isProcessRunning() in new ShellService
77e30e246 2022-01-21 Util: Fix leak of SimpleTimer2 shutdown task
5e7a00ede 2022-01-16 Merge branch 'fix-docker-configs-support' into 'master'
ba55ec09e 2022-01-16 Allow chown to fail so files can be managed via docker configs and secrets
0b058c0ff 2022-01-16 i2psnark: Add UDPTrackerClient
61422d9f7 2022-01-15 Merge branch 'docker_update' into 'master'
b63a2e41b 2022-01-15 i2psnark: html fix
606961c78 2022-01-15 Console: Add ban counts to headers
9573c6ed0 2022-01-14 Upgrade base image to latest version of Alpine
70bb63e8a 2022-01-10 Make the buttons on the save host form look like the links on the jump host form
b96255a65 2022-01-10 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.i2p
e15dae5c5 2022-01-10 Turn jump button-links back into regular-looking hyperlinks when resolution indicates we are not on a mobile device
695cf8796 2022-01-10 javadoc: Add API version
175f04381 2022-01-10 javadoc: Add message flow chart
662ea995c 2022-01-07 javadoc note
b8670e1e5 2022-01-07 hosts.txt update
7f4441078 2022-01-06 Router: Prevent deadlock at startup
150248d8d 2022-01-05 Plugins: Fix webapp classpath setting when the webapp name does not match the plugin name
aaa1da4c6 2022-01-05 Plugins: console-icon path is relative to consoleLinkURL if specified,
8167f5184 2022-01-05 hosts.txt update
034a5acd3 2022-01-04 i2pcontrol: Send translated tunnel status string
7249f2160 2022-01-03 redirect output and error from process builder to files within the plugin directory
d1192f74f 2022-01-03 Remove platform-specific workarounds from Java 8+ version of ShellService
13f910be7 2022-01-02 i2ptunnel: Add hooks to get the session from the contoller
2d42541b7 2022-01-02 i2pcontrol: Handle more router states mapping to i2pcontrol states
131da9bdb 2021-12-30 javadoc fixes
bc97e955e 2021-12-28 bump -7
faa1bf117 2021-12-28 i2ptunnel: Add IRC filter support for IRCv3 message tags
aa386f3bd 2021-12-28 bump -6
f1170b948 2021-12-28 NetDB: StoreJob reliability improvements
59ab40779 2021-12-28 NetDB: RepublishLeaseSetJob
85b9862b6 2021-12-28 NetDB: Ensure tunnel diversity in ISJ retries
132d76a06 2021-12-28 NetDB: SearchJob minor cleanup, only call getHash() once
c4b4b2d4b 2021-12-28 NetDB: Increase lookup throttle time
db6914f55 2021-12-28 NetDB: Use same dbResponseTime rate in ff peer selector as in KNDF.getPeerTimeout()
bef729463 2021-12-28 NetDB: Fix usage of dbResponseTime stat
d0e72aca6 2021-12-28 Console: Partial string case-insensitive match for netdb family search
46ee8be9c 2021-12-27 i2psnark standalone: Add version number to header
cc3d2cf67 2021-12-27 bump -5
57c997730 2021-12-27 Console: Fix display of ip lookup param with netmask in netdb search
0826f431e 2021-12-27 i2psnark standalone: Fixes for router startup and shutdown
c63cb378e 2021-12-27 I2CP: Send DestroySession message when destroying session
242dc9239 2021-12-27 Banlist: Increase ban time again for routers without netID
26f34d698 2021-12-23 Debian: Update URL in watch file
e002d3f55 2021-12-23 Move ShellService into net.i2p.router.web
3d5dd639e 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Use previously translated I2CP connect error
2bfedfbc7 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Translate I2CP connect error
70131c6b2 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Pass ctx to logger
e946040dd 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Redirect jetty logging to i2p log
bab37e57f 2021-12-23 i2psnark: Add note for translators
70e06de84 2021-12-23 i2psnark: Translate theme names, translated sort
11f60a719 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Set launch-i2psnark +x
6282c365b 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Update readme
621ea4962 2021-12-23 i2psnark standalone: Add da, el, and fa to language menu
e51738d18 2021-12-21 i2psnark standalone: Add jbigi.jar
811442f9c 2021-12-21 Transport: Async NTCP writes (MR !43)
464a39b93 2021-12-19 MaskedIPSet: More efficient string generation
1a05083ed 2021-12-19 Tunnels: Double mask value for IPv6
937b6120f 2021-12-18 i2psnark standalone: Add notes about changing browser and port
2a451cdb9 2021-12-18 bump -3
ccba4a197 2021-12-18 Tunnels: Do not allow failed tunnels to be rebuilt
feaff690a 2021-12-18 Debian build doc update
098ef9a0f 2021-12-18 Tunnels: remove log in test timeout job
f317d29dd 2021-12-18 javadoc fix
f17b568f1 2021-12-18 Tunnels: Remove old NTCP cost=2 check in MaskedIPSet
502951608 2021-12-18 i2ptunnel: Use defined SOCKS constants
69699638a 2021-12-18 i2psnark: Add avif mime type
e6c76fa5a 2021-12-18 Console: CSS tweak for update status box
b8435f5e9 2021-12-18 Tunnels: Cleanup settings for IP restriction
5995b0b7a 2021-12-18 Tunnels: Restore support for IP restriction in client tunnels (MR !45)
80237a57b 2021-12-13 Reseed: Renew SSL cert
c4cfe420a 2021-12-10 disable any chance of JNDI lookups in log4j.properties file by setting %m{nolookups}. I don't think we're actually vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228 if I'm understanding correctly, by default it doesn't seem like we actually use log4j for much of anything and we don't do much logging of arbitrarily crafted remote inputs, but also it seems like this JNDI lookups thing is way more trouble than it could possibly be worth to us. Maybe it's a good idea to make sure it's turned off by default.
14c5d54f0 2021-12-10 Reseed: Server list update
b1a4a8517 2021-12-08 i2ptunnel: Refactor UDPTunnel, Streamr, and SOCKS UDP for I2CP ports
22ff40bc8 2021-12-07 Build: Add missing @Override annotations (dep-ann lint)
b5d7dffb0 2021-12-07 Debian: Add explicit dependency on libservlet3.1-java (Debian #997213)
a59cad006 2021-12-05 Router: Tweak shutdown messages
cbb6a6db6 2021-12-05 DTG: Add menu items to control notifications
730b9790d 2021-12-04 Console: Remove job queue link on /configservice
ebf6ca5b3 2021-12-04 Console: Case-insensitive sort of jobs on /jobs
0422134a8 2021-12-04 SusiMail: Notify new messages on DTG
1a77352fa 2021-12-04 i2psnark: Notify completed downloads on DTG
cc971eb34 2021-12-04 Build: Fix minimum Java version in installer config
fa0e59435 2021-12-04 DTG: Change icon from white to black on Windows by default
962cc31f3 2021-12-04 DTG: Show all CRIT messages on DTG.
87362fd68 2021-12-04 i2psnark: Edit torrent page cleanup - remove unneeded info
51f6bef5d 2021-12-04 i2psnark: Respect newlines in torrent comments
a1ea48e2b 2021-12-03 Fix the very first ShellService bug, the long pid should be parsed from the pidString from the wrapper output, or it won't be available
e9aa3a55c 2021-12-03 Add file missing from previous checkin to fix build
d03c69072 2021-12-03 Tunnels: Immediately fail outbound tunnels when
2a900a8c5 2021-12-03 i2psnark: Add torrent edit page
de995761d 2021-12-03 Tunnels: Change tunnel test failure count to AtomicInteger
cfbdf8385 2021-12-03 Tunnels: Count consecutive build timeouts per-pool
83b959c4a 2021-12-03 Tunnels: Remove 2nd arg on TestJob failure stats
e66ec208a 2021-12-03 Tunnels: Refactor build completion handling
cf2218618 2021-12-01 Router: Shorter ban time for localhost addresses
890a8927a 2021-12-01 DTG: Add notification service to display popup messages
dd439bc9b 2021-11-30 Transport: Add NTCPConnection.getRemoteIP()
537a8bf19 2021-11-30 Console: Linkify router hashes on Sybil analysis
bd0c696b8 2021-11-30 CLI: Allow empty blocklist when signing news feed
5c56884d7 2021-11-30 bump -1
b53707074 2021-11-30 DTG: Add classpath to jar, add early check for support when called by CLI
6cb8d2eeb 2021-11-30 i2ptunnel: Increase default priority for IRC and standard tunnels
3895cd106 2021-11-30 Console: NetDB search form improvements
5b2fbc4ec 2021-11-30 Build: Add bumpBuildTime target
87654e2f4 2021-11-30 Build: Remove BOB from installer, updater, and clients.config
9c29f8c8f 2021-11-30 Debian files for 1.6.1
619c36d18 2021-11-29 1.6.1
cf10a2d5b 2021-11-29 Tunnels: Fix NPE in BuildHandler
56fdc244d 2021-11-29 1.6.0
adc69c0d9 2021-11-29 Refresh Debian patch
dd9a5548a 2021-11-27 Man pages: Update bug reporting URL
ab88f8695 2021-11-27 ShellService: More import cleanup
9466b225b 2021-11-26 blocklist update
ef1e2b02d 2021-11-26 Build: Fix the tagged string with '75%'
ee68aec64 2021-11-26 Pull translations
3dfeb92b6 2021-11-24 Update bug report links
ee5288ebb 2021-11-24 i2ptunnel: AccessFilter findbugs
488acdfd9 2021-11-24 Util: ShellService findbugs and cleanups
ee2e7ec30 2021-11-23 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.i2p
40466bc60 2021-11-23 Tweak location of dark theme animation. Closes #335
d8d6954ef 2021-11-23 BuildTime update
0aa4550bb 2021-11-23 Add Hungarian man pages
ad82946fd 2021-11-23 Tunnels: Drop request if hop throttle exceeded by 50%
77b48a48a 2021-11-22 Console: Remove tinhat from home page at op's request
d948fa8db 2021-11-21 Update: Fix registered version of feed blocklist after update
31393c2be 2021-11-21 Update: Add message about pack200 plugins
e3fc34ef1 2021-11-21 Tunnels: Ban peer on excessive build requests
d7fdd6d9d 2021-11-20 Merge pull request #24 from kfeoktistoff/debian_mkdir_log_on_startup
5a3a7b843 2021-11-20 Merge pull request #23 from shisheng-1/Modify_GRADLE_1
e06f8961b 2021-11-20 debian: create a log dir on startup if absent
9d1aa5b76 2021-11-17 Merge branch 'shellservice' into 'master'
2e71a0b36 2021-11-17 Manage Fork-and-Exec Plugins by Monitoring them by PID
b072f40ed 2021-11-17 Initial Slovenian translations for a few resources
35d2f118c 2021-11-17 poupdate-source
3f7f31595 2021-11-16 Place .wizardnotice at bottom right of screen above the buttons on both dark and light themes(#335)
6ef4c74d9 2021-11-16 NTCP: Move wantsWrite(byte[]) from EventPumper to NTCPConnection
0e4d684e7 2021-11-16 NetDB: Add new reseed
e3be6b50c 2021-11-12 Tunnels: Use connected peer for closest inbound hop when approaching conn limits to increase tunnel build success
dad2bed33 2021-11-09 GeoIP 2021-11-01
bbe66f0e1 2021-11-08 Util: DoH server list update
27bf65c1a 2021-11-06 Improve GRADLE build Performance
9c7b415d6 2021-11-03 Util: Don't warn for new SU3 file types
78e4572a8 2021-10-28 CSS button and checkbox spacing, NTCP table fixes
4507ecd5f 2021-10-28 javadoc PKF clarification
721d39c01 2021-10-28 Remove UDPPacketReader logging
427fc1c1c 2021-10-27 More javadocs on getLibDir()
33f1b3be8 2021-10-26 Merge branch 'add-libdir' into 'master'
7e1c8c798 2021-10-26 Add an i2p.dir.lib property
aa6b27d82 2021-10-26 Merge branch 'backup-locale-conf' into 'master'
999e2615c 2021-10-26 This adds inclusion of /etc/locale.conf to i2prouter i2p.init, per backup's...
807b7d672 2021-10-23 Debian: Update JRE dependencies
685a2f1e3 2021-10-21 4217a05ae9e90c5a7f1a30881cee5b45d60cd21b and 1e70849bdeeff710ef80a94e75c2d8b262079217 were mis-tagged, cannot rewrite history on master, they apply to #335 and not #338
4217a05ae 2021-10-21 Make the background images closer to exactly the same size on /welcome, #338
1e70849bd 2021-10-21 Checkin consistency fixes for wizard themes, should address remaining issues with #338
1ab3e9b31 2021-10-20 SSU: Send Bob-to-Alice Peer Test message in-session
fd2cf972b 2021-10-14 Javadoc typos
d9eed6446 2021-10-13 Util: Add more Intel processors to CPUID
6b823e638 2021-10-11 Tomcat 9.0.54
917b7e615 2021-10-11 javadoc fix
af9738146 2021-10-10 Jetty 9.3.30.v20211001
4975bb148 2021-10-06 Fix positioning of options on welcome page between instructional text and progression buttons
83e224619 2021-10-05 Console: eepProxy -> proxy
3632070e3 2021-10-05 i2ptunnel: Move the "(0 = unlimited)" text from section headers to tooltips
0cb30a085 2021-10-05 i2ptunnel: Save access list as B64 to save space
a7a59a2b1 2021-10-05 NetDB: Reduce ban time for routers without netId
bf7155b93 2021-10-03 NetDB: Consolidate getKBucketSetSize() calls
62fb294f5 2021-10-03 Console: Replace n/a with -- on floodfills page for readability
b7e710b28 2021-10-03 Wizard: Add theme picker page
4a8534e4e 2021-10-02 SSU: Downgrade fragmentation log errors to warn
aa4e2f5c9 2021-10-02 Console: ConfigUIHelper minor refactor (prep for wizard)
fe4fbce7b 2021-10-02 Wizard: Add a simple progress ticker to bw test status
33374eaca 2021-10-01 add input:disabled and button:disabled to dark theme css
cea76ed9d 2021-10-01 i2ptunnel: Fix enc type configuration logic
f41db2685 2021-10-01 i2ptunnel: Center text in buttons (light)
95bf068b0 2021-10-01 i2ptunnel: Remove experts-only label for X25519-only option
e2caa246f 2021-09-30 Line up the columns on results page of the bandwidth wizard. Remove some unnecessary box-shadows which are causing optboxes to appear blurry in some cases.
bed013d85 2021-09-30 hide notification div when bandwidth test is complete, switch back to green icon for slide messages
282460cb3 2021-09-30 Console: Add js to /configui to preview themes
f015d1f49 2021-09-29 Merge branch 'master' of
f0758ee36 2021-09-29 Adjust alignment of notifications and increase contrast on dark theme /welcome, progress on #335
c77e9537a 2021-09-29 Adjust alignment of notifications and increase contrast on dark theme /welcome, progress on #337
b7de63e92 2021-09-28 Console: Wizard HTML fixes
13ade1428 2021-09-28 Console: Refactor wizard progress indicator
2b43e4e4b 2021-09-27 Router: Rekey all Android/ARM routers
571986a78 2021-09-26 Add transparent channel to wizardlogo.png s and blend with exclusion instead to improve appearance of logo on dark theme.
d7c89be9a 2021-09-25 Tunnels: Implement Bloom filter for short TBM
d466fd679 2021-09-22 UDP: Use a single PacketBuilder everywhere
116ec88f5 2021-09-22 UDP: Replace ACKSender thread with per-PeerState delayed ack timers (low latency improvements part 2)
346372e00 2021-09-17 Merge branch 'ssu-low-latency-2' into 'master'
f14b7d53a 2021-09-17 reduce the delay in ACKs to the minimum of rtt/2 and the constant
3355daa33 2021-09-17 introduce a lock just for _sendWindowBytesRemaining field
67fea2663 2021-09-16 Wizard: remove 'Tcpbw100' from test status messages
b1c367777 2021-09-16 Console: Add constants for wizard page numbers
3917dc6d2 2021-09-10 I2CP: Don't call listener.readError() after external client disconnect via destroySocketManager()
2d239edf3 2021-09-05 Update: Get backup URLs from news feed
1fbe084b7 2021-09-03 Update build.xml
7a37f0933 2021-09-02 Merge branch 'choking-retransmission-fix' into 'master'
1ae05103e 2021-09-02 Prevent the sender from sending too far ahead of an unacked packet
a66422fa3 2021-08-28 Console: Catch error checking systray availability (gitlab issue !331)
dabc29f8a 2021-08-27 Build: Always echo JDK version
132da4a35 2021-08-27 Debian: Add copyright file to apparmor list
ea1eac234 2021-08-26 Tunnels: Enable sending short tunnel build messages,
569e035bf 2021-08-26 Router: Increase rekey probability to 1 in 4
8b1b5d4eb 2021-08-26 Debian files for 1.5.0
33f64f791 2021-08-24 build checklists and windows scripts updates for 1.x
e340fc885 2021-08-23 1.5.0 / API 0.9.51 release
63b3da265 2021-08-23 javadoc fix
03f2cbfc8 2021-08-20 bump -10 for review
7f5e7e54c 2021-08-20 Add Hungarian readme
30aab7704 2021-08-20 Pull translations from Transifex
367a35e53 2021-08-20 refresh Debian patches
76a48f598 2021-08-20 GeoIP 2021-08-01
6a1ad6bef 2021-08-18 line up margin for unordered list on susidns.css
ef947e2db 2021-08-14 spelling fix
de73dec4b 2021-08-13 Crypto: Fix corruption of EC and DSA private keys on Java 17
4938e13f0 2021-08-11 poupdate-source
dc48afe89 2021-08-11 Remove dead links
15cfa147a 2021-08-10 Add descriptions of the address book section to the front page in susidns. This is the last string change I intend to check in for this cycle.
7d1656c20 2021-08-07 UPnP: Fix construction of absolute URLs
2cb065098 2021-08-03 javadoc fix
cf3869777 2021-08-02 Update: Show restart button after an update is handled by a post-processor
f2b878d02 2021-07-30 Data: Remove unused static field deprecated long ago
877b1f5f5 2021-07-30 Build: Add resources to dependencies
a634a9e3c 2021-07-30 Util: DoH server list update
c652d597c 2021-07-29 Tunnels: Prop. 157 updates
9db50256a 2021-07-28 Console: whitespace fix
2edac95be 2021-07-28 Tunnels: Updates for proposal 157
d24668924 2021-07-23 Address some font size, section size, and spacing issues on proxy.css
6eb151032 2021-07-23 Transport: Fix UPnP IPv6 NPE
24ef2b518 2021-07-22 Prop. 157 fix for ChaCha20 IV
2b3a0f023 2021-07-20 bump -5
cd7c2efda 2021-07-20 build doc update
ca879f04e 2021-07-20 javadoc
369c40322 2021-07-20 Make method static
3244fe1b0 2021-07-20 Tunnels: Add check for prop. 157 layer enc. type
6b2a4a8fd 2021-07-20 Streaming: remove unneeded returns
83e67ad9d 2021-07-20 Sybil: Increase min display points
9f0d6c302 2021-07-20 Router: New blocklist entries
d42d41ce0 2021-07-20 Util: Check java versions up to 17
7ff6373d0 2021-07-20 Output stream to string optimizations
3bf3a4ff9 2021-07-20 NetDB: Increase min ff version to 0.9.38
4c5823ecb 2021-07-20 remove console.css lines from build.xml
8b95aa965 2021-07-19 Merge branch 'proxy-css' into 'master'
71ccd10ba 2021-07-19 Proxy Error Page CSS
426fbcbfa 2021-07-18 Prop 157 updates
a7d9ca920 2021-07-16 Prop 157 updates
f40eff6b7 2021-07-14 Merge branch 'master' of
187ebf4c4 2021-07-14 remove echelon.i2p from the English-language readme.html
1e7b13db6 2021-07-14 HopConfig: Remove unused reply fields
bc13f6440 2021-07-13 Prop. 157 javadoc updates
617fff175 2021-07-13 Tunnels: Prop. 157 updates
8710aa006 2021-07-13 Fix package for new "filter"
558aa6e42 2021-07-12 Merge branch 'x-i2p-location' into 'master'
1911132f1 2021-07-12 Adds an X-I2P-Location header filter to the default I2P site
373924e65 2021-07-07 Streaming: Reduce immediate ack delay
9c74cafd9 2021-07-02 UPnP: IPv6 address validation fix
e88eed760 2021-06-27 Streaming: Minor cleanups
b7322e164 2021-06-22 Tests: Add resources to test jars
bb19fcdac 2021-06-22 Tunnels: Changes for new build messages (Prop. 157)
d71a47236 2021-06-21 fix deprecation in test
e5186b0f7 2021-06-20 Improve error handling on sort
fd6219356 2021-06-20 Jetty: Case-insensitive sort on directory listing, put directories first
ea8597d1f 2021-06-18 Console: Add preliminary Permissions-Policy header
970be3508 2021-06-18 Transport: Remove 4/6 caps config
c65b4689d 2021-06-18 SSU: Fix handling of bad peer test responses
7628168c3 2021-06-17 Tunnels: Consolidate tunnel key generation
65b57fed9 2021-06-16 minor css fix on /stats
67288f27b 2021-06-16 Crypto: Increase key pools for slow machines
10cc00a9c 2021-06-16 Console: Format news dates using DataHelper
2cbb9b44e 2021-06-16 Unused field
f9e8fa815 2021-06-13 Tunnels: Continue work on prop. 157
aa0e0b3a6 2021-06-13 Tunnels: Change class of TunnelPoolSettings random key
4c6aa8cfc 2021-06-13 Tests: Add serialize/deserialize test for STBM/OTBRM
010d1a995 2021-06-13 Tunnels: Continue work on new build messages (proposal #157)
3fbfb689a 2021-06-12 Tests: Add ECIES test to BuildMessageTestStandalone
2bb3cf046 2021-06-12 Tests: Fix BuildMessageTestStandalone
988e0e796 2021-06-12 Tests: Fixup tunnel test after build classes move
d93e16e52 2021-06-11 UPnP: Bind to IPv6 addresses for search responses
d5a499591 2021-06-10 Update: Make backup news URL configurable (see gitlab MR !33)
41c8f6d0d 2021-06-10 Merge branch 'dmg' into 'master'
b73d5d655 2021-06-10 Add support for dmg and exe updates
4f12081b5 2021-06-08 Tunnels: Move 3 build classes from tunnel to tunnel/pool
ad48ff61f 2021-06-08 Console: Change all config page headers to "Configuration"
4aef8d66e 2021-06-08 Console: Remove "configure homepage" item from /home
2f371301a 2021-06-08 NetDB: Prevent rare deadlock in rebuildRouterInfo()
c2c922b66 2021-06-08 Tunnels: Switch from SHA256 to SipHash for arbitrary deterministic sort
aee9a3f63 2021-06-08 Tunnels: Extend use of high cap peers in expl. tunnels at startup, after extended downtime
d9c98580d 2021-06-08 Continue implementation of short tunnel build messages (proposal 157)
8b4a93554 2021-06-01 Router: Fix JobQueue getLastJobBegin() and getLastJobEnd() (ticket #2809)
f9b5ee697 2021-06-01 Transport: Consolidate now() calls
6dab5b44a 2021-06-01 unused import
e7bef3f4e 2021-06-01 Console: Fix deprecation in rrd4j
ff44ba4e0 2021-06-01 i2psnark: Fix autostart for magnets
b88c8a4f6 2021-05-23 UPnP: Fix IPv6 address check (ticket #2811)
58aa95df8 2021-05-21 Router: Increase rekey probability
56a1184da 2021-05-21 Build: Update RRD4J version in manifest
ecc8b2a1c 2021-05-21 Console: Don't show default cost for NTCP2 either
288170a72 2021-05-21 Console: Remove unused H cap from legend
b9efc002c 2021-05-21 RRD4J 3.8
6926f5769 2021-05-20 Systray: Drop unused BrowserChooser
9036aa84f 2021-05-20 Build: Remove broken list-changes targets
557c1d0f0 2021-05-20 Console: Make the /confighome headers match the home page headers
2bb14c317 2021-05-19 Debian files for 0.9.50
cb7dcda57 2021-05-18 Fix dup patched/unpatched jetty classes
48cfb6114 2021-05-18 0.9.50
16d50f1e4 2021-05-18 Console: Fix tooltip
fb6e8249d 2021-05-15 bump for review
f83bd1869 2021-05-15 set min-height of susidns iframe to the height of the browser's viewport, and automatically show the howitworks section on the susidns homepage. Gets rid of the double-scrollbar on the iframe
33954094a 2021-05-14 Fix bug reporting links in readme files
aa16cc02a 2021-05-14 Pull translations from transifex
bcc6f9e05 2021-05-14 Remove deleted script from test
6796a3cdf 2021-05-14 Remove ancient C, CSharp, Perl, Python SAM v1 client libs
59439da70 2021-05-13 bump infodiv on slide four of /welcome 2% further to the right
a7467aca2 2021-05-13 Merge branch 'gradle-reproducible-2' into 'master'
ec163549f 2021-05-13 Fixes for reproducible Gradle build
3196e3dfd 2021-05-13 BuildTime update
d2eda3e2e 2021-05-12 Blocklist update
8c36f5d5f 2021-05-11 Merge branch 'gradle-reproducible' into 'master'
8532103e6 2021-05-11 reproducible builds with Gradle
121cb2c94 2021-05-10 NTCP: Fix reported NPE in debug logging on java 16
ea7183eed 2021-05-10 Sybil: Fix retention of old analysis files when configured to never delete
57f1ac43a 2021-05-10 Un-cramp headline hight on welcome wizard pages in narrow browser windows
4a88400ce 2021-05-08 Fix misplaced text on bandwidth wizard bandwidth configuration slide
8ab9d82db 2021-05-07 Console: Add tooltip to unban link
e04695eed 2021-05-06 Remove all the remaining mtn stuff from the mavenCentral target dependencies since it's no longer transitionally needed
1c275260e 2021-05-06 Widen the table layout on welcome wizard page 4 and lose the image
38dbe2f50 2021-05-05 poupdate-source
4bfca43e9 2021-05-05 News: Move welcome author definition so it doesn't get tagged in the wrong bundle
f77677f1f 2021-05-05 Router: Unused methods and fields (findbugs)
e8d319333 2021-05-04 GeoIP 2021-05
3d362814d 2021-05-02 Console: Update bug report URLs
2cce2ce85 2021-04-28 Push wizard language settings 10% to the right to look better on smaller resolutions. #13
bd29df70c 2021-04-28 Merge branch 'docker-3' into 'master'
37100ca93 2021-04-28 Docker cleanup and documentation
aa117229a 2021-04-28 s /notifcation/notification/
987bff000 2021-04-28 Merge branch 'docker-2' into 'master'
8fa70c9cd 2021-04-28 More Docker changes: * disable in-network updates * persistent directory for snark downloads * listen on port 12345 for i2np connections * restore multi-stage build * use better ant target * allow passing -Xmx via the JVM_XMX variable
20c528deb 2021-04-27 Router: Cleanup fix for gitlab ticket #16
9f2310242 2021-04-27 Merge branch 'docker-home' into 'master'
179b79f8a 2021-04-27 Docker persistent home
1e8e4762a 2021-04-26 Systray: Remove old doc
bf6dcbce3 2021-04-25 Console: Add author for initial news
28ea0e902 2021-04-25 Tomcat 9.0.45
fe507b63b 2021-04-25 SSU: Add more state transitions that require confirmation
a4a323588 2021-04-25 SusiMail: Add class-path to test jar
21485eff8 2021-04-24 SusiMail: Prevent infinite loop on decoding error
0a24e56de 2021-04-24 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
ee5a87ae4 2021-04-24 Merged into my fork, not main repo
f753728d8 2021-04-24 SusiMail: Fix up commented-out test so it works (if you uncomment it)
78168be85 2021-04-24 Jetty: Add patch for CVE-2021-28165 - Jetty #6072 - Jetty server high CPU when client send data length > 17408
41e46448d 2021-04-24 Jetty: SslConnection.java unmodified from 9.3.29.v20201019 Patch to follow in next commit
a1172c872 2021-04-24 Close buffer on failure too
cc223626d 2021-04-24 Merge branch 'susimail-fix-iox' into 'master'
c58ccfa20 2021-04-24 Null-out the InputStream of the Buffer object when writing.  Fixes #17
025445fc6 2021-04-22 When checking whether to use Roaming appdata(like on older installs or on installs where people deliberately use Roaming appdata) also check whether clients.config exists and if it does, set home to Roaming appdata since people may be updating from routers before the migration to clients.config.d directories. This should fix #16
f62c74834 2021-04-21 Add a unicode arrow to the buttons on the address book interstitial. More CSS tweaks to work on more resolutions
f03b1bce7 2021-04-20 Fix CSS on redesigned address book interstitial page so it no longer overflows on narrow or short pages
1a05475f4 2021-04-20 SSU: Don't start peer test when shutting down
23b704960 2021-04-20 NTCP: More NTCP1 removal cleanup
388bac5aa 2021-04-20 NTCP: Set outbound addresses at startup when force-firewalled
5af19314d 2021-04-20 SSU: Call replaceCurrentExternalAddress() from startup()
58bae9f1b 2021-04-20 Proxy: Fix merge error in previous commit
3192a5e67 2021-04-19 Make option buttons on addresshelper interstitial larger and contain their own descriptions. Place the button to proceed without adding on one side, place the button to save and continue on the other. Remove redundant save-and-continues.
0546ef4fa 2021-04-18 Proxy: Decode IDN hostnames in error pages
bbc8501ba 2021-04-18 Console: Don't include SSU (RA) caps in RI caps definitions
11151464f 2021-04-17 Router: State transition fixes
b0249a22d 2021-04-15 i2psnark: Add webp mime type
b152e701f 2021-04-12 I2P Configuration->Configuration.
bc2bba7d5 2021-04-12 I2P Configuration->Configuration. Add I2PDiagnostics to default, default_advanced summarybar
38289543a 2021-04-12 i2psnark: Add jxl mime type
cebef747e 2021-04-12 Transport: Don't update queue size stat unless enabled
76fd180b6 2021-04-12 SSU: Fix peer test getting stuck
926fdc097 2021-04-11 Proxy: Precompress error page CSS
39bebaff7 2021-04-11 Console: /netdb transport table fixes
0963a1339 2021-04-11 SSU: IPv6-only fixes
ba745f3a8 2021-04-10 Create 'Diagnostics' Sidebar section to delineate config and non-config items in the sidebar. Rename 'I2P Internals' to 'I2P Configuration.' Move items to categorically appropriate sidebar sections. Fix slight awk on /home.
f0e606cc4 2021-04-09 Router: Don't fail migration at install if missing eepsite/ or clients.config, for embedded applications.
009eb8c9f 2021-04-08 SSU: Fix IPv6 introducers
02cf79c4c 2021-04-08 NetDB: Don't repeatedly log about reseed disabled
5f1fc8084 2021-04-08 Debian: Fix link to compiler jar (Debian ticket #986474)
748214243 2021-04-06 Util: Parameterize CDPBQ
67d9c0ef8 2021-04-05 Drop launcher script from tests
039d91845 2021-04-05 Build: Remove OSX and browser launcher code
e16c80516 2021-04-05 I2NP: Add msg ID to all build msg toString()
857f52bbf 2021-04-05 Console: Convert update versions to times for debug page
4acf0ecd0 2021-04-05 Sybil: Register blocklist version with update manager
2eedfe538 2021-04-04 SSU: Add note about skew threshold
a2dde559f 2021-04-04 SSU: Don't call PS.expireInboundMessages() from messageReceived()
de108dbc5 2021-04-04 Tunnels: Fix build message timestamp check for ECIES records
00d396530 2021-04-03 SSU: Log enhancement, fix possible log NPE
7ad7846f8 2021-04-03 SAM: Remove subsessions when primary session closes
1307e5b2e 2021-04-03 SSU: Remove restrictions on IPv6 introducers (prop. 158)
1b1b0f545 2021-04-02 SSU: Fix dup IPv6 introducers
9b361ce71 2021-04-01 NetDB: Negative cache LS received with zero leases
562b86636 2021-03-31 SSU: Update address when IPv6 introducers change (prop. 158)
8447086c5 2021-03-30 Transport: Fix NTCP removing IPv4 address when SSU removes IPv6 address
f9422c958 2021-03-29 Fix double overflow scrollbar on Hidden Services Manager
2a74dce3a 2021-03-29 Util: Clarify deprecated IPv6 addresses
fed3063f3 2021-03-29 Transport: Don't open UPnP ports when force-firewalled
e6f5ab967 2021-03-29 Transport: Don't open UPnP ports when hidden
953b64af4 2021-03-29 SSU: Don't request introducers when hidden
e21a3a366 2021-03-27 Router: Fix decryption of blinded leasesets
0fbcd6ddf 2021-03-26 Fix a couple small CSS issues on SusiDNS, Hidden Services Manager. Darken the Active Arrow dropdown.
4a135a667 2021-03-26 Console: Fix swapped SSU dup rx/tx columns
130968847 2021-03-25 i2ptunnel: Force non-SSL socket to local target
af14c3bc4 2021-03-25 Console: Don't show IP for disabled IPv4/v6 on /confignet
684506b0b 2021-03-25 Transports: Don't open UPnP ports for disabled IPv4/v6
aecd8efcc 2021-03-25 SSU: Implement IPv6 introductions (proposal 158)
3eab36fd3 2021-03-24 Fix theme selection on Mail.
8e15eda83 2021-03-24 fix up dark theme for new UI elements on dark theme. Fix theme selection on Address Book.
501de0175 2021-03-24 Fix some style issues in the iframed version of Address Book. Add a Description field to each address book page.
e1c312046 2021-03-24 Explain that the address book pairs human-readable names with I2P Destinations on the index page
8af64ddef 2021-03-24 Style and script changes to addressbook:   Make tables drop-down items in javascript-enabled browsers. The rules are: no javascript, all tables start expanded. This is the default. If javascript is enabled and the addressbook is empty, expand the "Add new host" section by default. If javascript is enabled and the addressbook is not empty, then collapse all sections but leave the headings visible.   Improvements to addressbook CSS for consistency with rest of light theme. Add drop-down arrows to headings on drop-downable sections.
5f3942607 2021-03-24 NetDB: Don't note 'enabled floodfill' in event log every startup when forced on
0eb4096aa 2021-03-23 Console: Add eepsite table on debug page
0ab429e1e 2021-03-23 NetDB: Sort published addresses for consistency
bd6d6426f 2021-03-23 SSU: Try to fix IPv6 transition from firewalled to non-firewalled
9a106cb32 2021-03-22 I2NP: lookup message debug output fixes
bbfd94359 2021-03-22 Tunnels: Don't count established routers as new in OBEP throttle (ticket #2245)
64695a806 2021-03-22 SSU: Fix persisting IPv6 firewalled state
86b49546c 2021-03-22 Sybil: Persist blocklist
12c4f4310 2021-03-22 Transport: Better IPv6 address check
d5fd754a2 2021-03-21 Tunnels: Garlic encrypt ITBM to IBGW
c5691ac62 2021-03-20 html fix
844f17500 2021-03-20 Console: Add API version to /logs
4e1848c33 2021-03-20 I2CP: Ensure nickname properties are set
b55fbbf09 2021-03-20 Boolean.valueOf() -> Boolean.parseBoolean()
838295c01 2021-03-20 SAM: Improve checks for unset tunnel nickname
005ac3874 2021-03-20 Tunnels: Fix RED dropping for part. tunnels (Gitlab MR !24)
03c657b46 2021-03-19 javadoc fix
3615a9b23 2021-03-19 SSU: Skip router addresses with introducers and '6' cap
0dcc126af 2021-03-18 DoH: Minor cleanups
7143eb3fa 2021-03-18 DoH: Add new servers
1d83ef46e 2021-03-18 SSLEepGet: Use DoH by default (reseeding)
615365ec2 2021-03-18 Util: Specify hostname for SSLEepGet socket when using DoH
1e0847271 2021-03-18 Util: Fix EepHead fail if headers specify chunked
0b1fb651e 2021-03-18 EepGet timeout fixes part 2
bd724d1e1 2021-03-16 Transports: Enable 4/6 caps
e81df54bb 2021-03-16 Console: Change netdb SSU caps search
07e3ee6bd 2021-03-15 Util: Roll our own IPv6 address parsing
810c2f912 2021-03-15 Util: Prevent DataHelper complaining about split() for ipv4
a1340d879 2021-03-15 Util: Roll our own IPv4 address parsing
be863d643 2021-03-15 SSU: Fix IPv6 addresses not being removed on some state transitions
47283e6ef 2021-03-13 Console: Limit share portion to 90%
15b663853 2021-03-11 Check in copy.js
56db652ee 2021-03-11 switch Hostname Preview from a direct link to a JS copy function and a textarea. In the presence of noscript, hide the copy button
831a9cebf 2021-03-11 check that hostname ends with .i2p when generating tunnelPreviewHostname
a04bb77c6 2021-03-11 Adds a button for previewing i2ptunnels using the hostname or sharing I2P Sites with a hostname without using the addressbook or a jump service
8d11a97c9 2021-03-11 Fix margin on /peers for issue #14
023a7fdeb 2021-03-10 NetDB: Queue RI file deletion and delete in a single thread
77375148e 2021-03-10 NTCP: More NTCP 1 removal cleanup
5c232792c 2021-03-10 SSU: Don't change ports in some cases
6e0330037 2021-03-09 Throttle: Don't do exponential calculation unless necessary
731bf920f 2021-03-09 Util: Consolidate dup BandwidthEstimator interfaces
c1c2f4bb2 2021-03-08 UPnP: Reduce some log levels
6a54af399 2021-03-08 NTCP: Remove NTCP 1 suppport
82b7eea5f 2021-03-08 SSU: Increase CoDel drop threshold at UDPSender queue
0b71fcf2e 2021-03-07 Util: Fix text display of enc type in key cert
e4c7ef183 2021-03-06 SSU: Require confirmation for IPv6 firewalled state transitions
c8341e77a 2021-03-04 Change button on /help from Reachability to Network
51d2862d7 2021-03-04 Console: Improve explanation on /configfamily
10d303aee 2021-03-04 Router: Increase rekey probability
b0b7c1c3d 2021-03-04 Work on centering restart/shutdown immediately/cancel buttons, for #5
6339445e3 2021-03-04 i2ptunnel: Remove stray character on auth form
f5a6bb121 2021-03-04 i2ptunnel: Fix title for b32 auth proxy error page
662fd484d 2021-03-04 i2ptunnel: Add missing button icons for proxy forms
fda53416d 2021-03-04 Transports: Prefer IPv6 temporary addresses if the kernel does
638d471d6 2021-03-04 I2CP: Additional changes for release/API version split
74c493b1f 2021-03-04 Debian: apparmor update
10b90f45f 2021-03-03 UPnP: IPv6 part 12
8e465f4da 2021-03-03 Console: Fix text, anchors and tooltips for links to reachability help
ca1b6bbe4 2021-03-03 SSU: Fix replaceAddress() for multiple addresses without host/port
3fbe4ed7e 2021-03-03 SSU: Increase hole punch rate limit
c36c8678e 2021-03-03 NTCP: Fix reachability status when force-firewalled
c3099c7cf 2021-03-03 SSU: Don't publish IPv4 address at startup when force-firewalled
ee2482c2c 2021-03-03 SSU: Fix validation of current introducers
64ebcea50 2021-03-03 SSU: Fix transition out of IPv4 firewalled after UPnP success
c6c2ee94a 2021-03-03 SSU: Fix NPE in introduction manager
6520f69a3 2021-03-03 SSU: Only advertise 'C' cap if we can really introduce
eecb6bef6 2021-03-02 Console: Hide address cost unless advanced
4a9424b48 2021-03-02 Transport: Don't record reachability changes in event log shortly after startup
f04c0740c 2021-03-02 Util: Reduce log level on SimpleTimer2 cancel failure
d3563752a 2021-03-02 UPnP: IPv6 part 11
e1cd22e6e 2021-03-02 UPnP: IPv6 part 10
63e9b7f03 2021-03-02 UPnP: IPv6 part 9
ea736d71e 2021-03-01 UPnP: IPv6 part 8
ca974a85c 2021-03-01 Console: Fix whitespace on /help
2ee4cbabf 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 7
aa91dc985 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 6
12e9e7901 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 5
3c94f529a 2021-02-28 remove the bashism in travis.sh
c04265c37 2021-02-28 Build: Drop BOB demos from test script
9177459db 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 4
851752a57 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 3
eb535762c 2021-02-28 UPnP: IPv6 part 2
fa3ca565c 2021-02-27 UPnP: Move IPv6 checks from Parser to ControlPoint
f09de3397 2021-02-25 NTCP: Don't publish IP at startup when configured as firewalled
daf894dbe 2021-02-25 NetDB: Fix NPE validating expired blinded LS2
3af5a8778 2021-02-25 bump -3
9c677eb46 2021-02-25 SSU: Enable RelayRequest over IPv6
c609e43d9 2021-02-25 Transports: Adjust conn limits for some platforms
e63e9c58a 2021-02-24 SSU: Avoid outbound connections to routers that disconnect quickly
7f3f46c8b 2021-02-24 Jetty: Fix detection of SSL connector for registration with PortMapper
6e2292354 2021-02-23 Build: More prep for different release and API versions
58e5c55cf 2021-02-23 SSU: Rename method to be more accurate
20e56c2e5 2021-02-23 SSU: Optimize one-byte writes in PacketBuider
f07678991 2021-02-23 Transports: Add 4/6 transport caps
d132d0ccd 2021-02-22 Merge branch 'ci-ant-test' into 'master'
182039964 2021-02-21 Util: Assume the OSX M1 is not slow
fe43da82f 2021-02-21 Profiles: Disable peer test (ticket #2456) and tunnel test response time stat
6e3b483c0 2021-02-21 Util: Store multiple eepsite ports in PortMapper
1a5fedbb6 2021-02-20 Fixup the bandwidth wizard so it works on more resolutions
b656274c9 2021-02-20 Router: Don't rekey previous ECIES every restart on ARM
5d5e6fa3c 2021-02-19 i2psnark: Fix theme selection
b92d94ea0 2021-02-18 Javadoc spelling
3bec2b5c7 2021-02-18 I2NP: New build messages part 2 (prop. 157)
1d2dbb3cc 2021-02-18 Console: Change "Legal" headers to "Licenses"
70cd6daa7 2021-02-18 Console: Change netdb header icons
e14de8235 2021-02-18 NTP: Year 2036 fixes (gitlab ticket #12)
89070163c 2021-02-18 Reseed: Only log in event log if successful
60cdfb3af 2021-02-18 Drop .mtn-ignore file
c19730a32 2021-02-18 Bob: Drop Demos/
0f730398d 2021-02-18 Build: Omit empty jars and wars from installers
ad6643742 2021-02-18 Debian changelogs
b3f60402a 2021-02-17 0.9.49
4fd9f6e9b 2021-02-15 Bump for review
31a01f0f0 2021-02-15 New translation resources from Transifex
4bf98da6d 2021-02-15 Pull translations from Transifex
e645a16e6 2021-02-15 Build: Test script fixes
56beb1aec 2021-02-14 Build: Refresh Debian patches, update release checklist for git
2eb83171f 2021-02-13 Util: Update build time
c837bd9bf 2021-02-13 Util: Renew my news and update certs, drop str4d certs
9af1c7e4e 2021-02-12 add myself as a backup update signer using the same keys I use to sign the backup news feed
53416a5fc 2021-02-11 Add back icons to I2PSnark buttons and center them
69f48f49d 2021-02-11 Fix centering of percent downloaded in snark light theme address bar. Point .priority* image url()s to new location in resources directory for icons clock.png clock_red.png and cancel.png
b2655dc86 2021-02-10 Util: Fix up KeyStoreUtil CLI
48d3f6469 2021-02-10 Drop monotone cheat sheet doc
c8471d5d9 2021-02-09 NetDB: Ensure blind data is rewritten after updating expiration
92d91dfc3 2021-02-08 Proxy: Update jump URL at op's request
745a9f083 2021-02-06 NetDB: Only rewrite blind cache at shutdown if changed
ce3db7ed9 2021-02-06 Util: EepGet timeout fixes part 1 (WIP)
d51a7ccf3 2021-02-06 Router: Consolidate watchdog logging
5502eda40 2021-02-06 NetDB: Ensure RI is published after netdb is initialized
eefd8b71a 2021-02-06 NTCP: Don't publish saved local address when hidden
c0c84fd6a 2021-02-06 Proxy: New jump server, restore old jump server now working
79d270e2d 2021-02-05 make git tunnel type 4 only
7d08a2377 2021-02-05 web-site -> website
a87033f04 2021-02-05 poupdate-source
4b7921838 2021-02-05 Fixup initialNews.xml location for poupdate-source
64b862d37 2021-02-05 GeoIP 2021-02-01
8db8c6a02 2021-02-04 add SSH tunnel for gitssh.idk.i2p services to i2ptunnel.config files for docker and regular installs
8d60d68e2 2021-02-03 Util: Stub out yggdrasil address detection
56fabe31e 2021-02-03 Tunnels: Peer selection tweaks
f7934e2ed 2021-02-01 Go over about the first half of the 'hostname' mentions and decide whether they need to specify something like 'hostname or IP address' or whether 'address' would be a more-self-evident term
fdb4ec7d7 2021-02-01 Switch from 'host name' to 'hostname'
a4777f3e5 2021-02-01 Console: Indent address options on /confignet
3314d4bf3 2021-01-31 finals
20c7c8785 2021-01-31 Router: Update list of hidden mode countries
0b4fe1aa5 2021-01-31 Util: Improved classification of public/local IPv6 addresses
1c8614bc3 2021-01-30 Allow wider i2ptunnel panel in dark mode, also force a dockerhub build
af4c41ef0 2021-01-30 UPnP: Race-proof the fix
33397433a 2021-01-30 UPnP: Fix NPE (android gitlab ticket #1)
af6ecde86 2021-01-29 Util: More javadocs for getIP() change
706a4f5e0 2021-01-29 Merge branch 'test-net.i2p.util.Addresses' into 'master'
6a18bf086 2021-01-29 Util: Fix net.i2p.util.Addresses::getIP empty string
29cbac6a4 2021-01-28 Merge branch 'build-docker' into 'master'
e48ba4b83 2021-01-28 Change the default I2P site theme so that it looks like the default light theme, diff provided by sadie, reviewed and checked in my idk
d7638b416 2021-01-27 CI: test:ant: Install gettext for translations
f39ddcb14 2021-01-27 CI: Install junit4 for test:ant
3c48b18f4 2021-01-27 CI: Fix pwd for test:ant
317b59a9a 2021-01-27 CI: Where's the build.xml??
4c1076ee0 2021-01-27 CI: Create override properties with echo
16e886ca3 2021-01-27 CI: quiet down wget
f68abc41b 2021-01-27 CI: add job to run tests with ant
1dfdf79d1 2021-01-27 Console: Spelling fixes all over, from pospelchek
b2f4445f5 2021-01-27 CI:build_docker: cache entire ci-exports/ folder
acbb8d1a2 2021-01-25 Docker: Preconfigure clients and tunnels
bd1017ba9 2021-01-25 Docker: Expose only the ports necessary
cb22f31d9 2021-01-24 Tunnels: Update profiles for tunnel peers on corrupt message at endpoint
451e53a67 2021-01-23 Increase height of i2ptunnel iframed div
9f7b0390a 2021-01-23 Remove background gradient from Hidden Services Manager pages and Snark Light theme. Allow hidden services manager items to use the whole width of the window.
c400232cd 2021-01-23 Make usage of 2-word Address Book consistent across console instead of mixed up(AddressBook, Address Book, addressbook, Addressbook, address book). Upper-case in app titles, lower-case in the text. Change CSS on address book to have the rounded buttons used in the rest of the console.
c87e74ea1 2021-01-23 CI: Move build_docker to build stage
c95430f33 2021-01-23 Merge branch 'activate-ci-for-master' into 'master'
4a9131c39 2021-01-23 CI: Add build_docker job conditions
b47269f14 2021-01-23 CI: Fix docker load command
fb317b44b 2021-01-23 CI: make sure we can build Docker image
e64e12b3f 2021-01-23 Fix docker build
08c46e55f 2021-01-23 Console: pull new and updated readme translations Eepsite: pull new and updated help translations
5e5886395 2021-01-23 Tests: Add mockito classpath to core tests
4776080ce 2021-01-23 Merge branch 'test-context' into 'master'
79a868b8f 2021-01-23 Use TestContext to replace existing I2PAppContext
c79e6455f 2021-01-22 Build: Drop old Makefile.gcj
b7262aa59 2021-01-22 Console: Drop old proof page
596f6e01c 2021-01-21 CI: Activate for master
d95c85cdb 2021-01-21 Fix the border-radius on the buttons and textareas in Address Book. Make the usage of Address Book agree on the titles.
f71e59a04 2021-01-20 Merge branch 'test-convert' into 'master'
169fb59d7 2021-01-20 test: fix I2PSocketExceptionTest::testUnknownStatus
922178b2c 2021-01-20 SSU: Fix deadlock with router restart
74a9193ba 2021-01-20 Console: Fix link to UPnP status
335409f1d 2021-01-18 Find and fix the bug which appears in 'https://old.reddit.com/r/i2p/search?q=console&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all' a bunch of Reddit posts, due to a mistake in the Firefox Profile Installer which expected router.config to be in the (deprecated)Roaming application data, even though it was in the Local Application Data, and if it did not exist, created it. If the (deprecated)Roaming application data directory had a router.config file, then I2P attempted to use the Roaming application directory, and the user could end up with a router that had no client apps configured, resulting in a poor UX
d6edb9e96 2021-01-17 Merge branch 'gitlab-ci' into 'master'
f150855f1 2021-01-17 test: fix I2PSocketExceptionTest::testUnknownStatus
655ce0979 2021-01-17 Console: Remove echelon.i2p from home page at op's request
91ebec15d 2021-01-17 NetDB: log/stat tweak
b17d32150 2021-01-17 Ratchet: log tweaks
a6398d88a 2021-01-17 i2psnark minor cleanup
59969db16 2021-01-17 Sybil: Limit stored analysis files if no console to view them
b68a5ea7f 2021-01-17 Router: Fix up warning about no console for split config files
c2234685b 2021-01-17 eepsite=>I2P site to match the new terminology on the web site, and more fine-tuning to CSS to sharpen image appearance
ce7daaa02 2021-01-14 Router: Limit max addresses in RI
b19999f95 2021-01-14 Router: Move Sybil subsystem from console to router
92ecc9f8e 2021-01-14 Router: Log crashed event if old router.ping file is found at startup
aa2ba92db 2021-01-14 Router: Change default encryption type to ECIES-X25519 (proposal 156)
5f3c41244 2021-01-13 Jetty: Fix URI in request logs
bf2913289 2021-01-12 Tunnels: Downgrade log error to warn
a424331b7 2021-01-12 i2psnark: Don't decrement downloaded counter after receiving bad piece
ccb0c279f 2021-01-11 Fix the width of the custom options at the bottom of i2ptunnel on the light theme
7fe01fb9a 2021-01-11 Console: Delete rrd files for no-longer-configured stats at startup
66c4c10a7 2021-01-10 Console: Improve parsing of email address (part 2)
163967311 2021-01-10 Console: Improve parsing of email address for mailto: link on /plugins
75734448c 2021-01-09 I2NP: Stub out new tunnel build messages (proposal 157)
aed1de84b 2021-01-08 SSU: Fix bandwidth estimator deadlock (ticket #2798)
51560a8ec 2021-01-08 i2ptunnel: Disable shared clients (DSA) (part 2)
ec89a80e8 2021-01-07 Router: Disable reseeding and NTP in vmCommSystem
41c7b7382 2021-01-07 SSU: Implement fast retransmit (ticket #2427)
b4e1fbd85 2021-01-06 center the text on the force restart and shutdown buttons in the sidebar
517ff4fa2 2021-01-05 i2psnark: Add ability to remove I2CP options
106b1a696 2021-01-05 SusiDNS: Hide last-modified on details page if empty
6cab545c4 2021-01-05 Console: Reduce limit of concurrent graph generation on slow devices
619923dbf 2021-01-04 Build: Update external javadoc links
ed0ecdf25 2021-01-04 Build: Add gradle updater tasks
d42ef2223 2021-01-04 Build: Add i2pcontrol and imagegen to gradle build
e461004ed 2021-01-04 Build: Remove jars from gradle wars
2e180d4c6 2021-01-03 Build: Add translations to gradle build (part 3 - only rebuild if necessary)
152ad1659 2021-01-03 Build: Add translations to gradle build (part 2 - wars)
888311e34 2021-01-03 Build: Add translations to gradle build (part 1 - jars)
2df5fb972 2021-01-02 Sybil: Reduce default threshold
a481255ad 2021-01-02 Tunnels: Improve error handling of zero tunnel ID at OBEP
139594df8 2021-01-02 Move travis test runner script to own file so it's easier to work with
659ab97f6 2021-01-02 Try increasing sonar scanner heap size in travis builds
963a4fe89 2021-01-02 Extend travis timeout and make sonarqube output verbose
4c4dbae10 2021-01-01 Console: Show file mod time in local time zone on /jars
697804941 2021-01-01 Console: Link to our gitlab on /jars
46fe1ba74 2021-01-01 Build: Gradle fixes
13bd5e493 2021-01-01 SSU: Remove router version check for random intro key, now that the release is out
bbacf8524 2020-12-31 travis-ci test: correct the sonarqube version for the last time, I think
68f011f34 2020-12-31 Remove some CSS that applies to images that aren't present in the current software. Also switch to version 2.8.0 of sonarqube in travis.yml since 3.0.0 does not seem to be available as a gradle plugin for this version
8bd2384ac 2020-12-31 travis-ci test: Try updating the sonarqube plugin.
54dda1a15 2020-12-31 alignment
3f44a555b 2020-12-31 Console: Use local time on graphs by default, add UTC option
86cbb2ed4 2020-12-31 travis-ci test: Try switching to oraclejdk11 without updating the sonarqube plugin.
256912305 2020-12-31 NetDB: Drop lookups with replies going to us Extend lookup expire time Cleanups
afa4b9e66 2020-12-30 Tweak border color on /events form
67bd5a32f 2020-12-30 fix overlapping border on /events css, closes #4
ada362950 2020-12-30 correct name of git-bundle ant target
dcb731430 2020-12-30 travis-ci now requires you to use trusty if you also want to use oraclejdk8
e3c2ad635 2020-12-30 fix broken travis test
178ea252d 2020-12-30 Merge branch 'bundle-target' into 'master'
7e4ba4eb3 2020-12-30 Merge branch 'master' into 'bundle-target'
de43de17f 2020-12-30 Crypto: Only skip N mixHash for router messages Still required for ECIES build replies; previous checkin broke it Make a new pattern id for N without responses Fixes ECIES build replies
2ceb9c429 2020-12-29 Console: Add tunnel nicknames to router debug page Escape tunnel nicknames on LS debug page
0b59f53fe 2020-12-29 i2ptunnel: Disable shared clients (DSA), any server not supporting EdDSA doesn't support LS2.
62fce859b 2020-12-29 Ratchet: mixHash() not required after message for N pattern
9fc97764c 2020-12-29 NetDB: Verify RI stores for a while after starting
2813d9412 2020-12-29 Crypto: Cache AES Ciphers About a 10% speedup
a0bf76a4b 2020-12-28 Debian: Add JRE 15,16
d2a79e883 2020-12-28 Build: Add version where missing from jar manifests
738ef496d 2020-12-27 Debian: Build fix for no geoip files
a2734ffa7 2020-12-27 SSU: Fix restoration of window after failed message
8606d30e9 2020-12-26 Build: Fixup installer build after flags move
a45084cfc 2020-12-26 Console: Move initial news to jar
eeaf6f351 2020-12-26 Console: Fix missing newlines in readme output
9e18ff1cd 2020-12-26 Router: Move countries.txt file into i2p.jar
665239fd3 2020-12-26 Router: Move continents.txt file into jar Move core resources directory to be consistent with the other subsystems
12f9a7187 2020-12-26 Console: Move flag overrides to war
8835351b9 2020-12-24 I2CP: Fix requesting leasesets for subsessions (ticket #2458)
a3c44912f 2020-12-24 SusiDNS: Fix link to backup image
db9f73537 2020-12-23 i2ptunnel: Fix writing config file twice on saving existing tunnel Fix 'Invalid tunnel number' message on saving new tunnel javadocs log tweaks
875a7242d 2020-12-23 Javadoc update for DoH
51ecdc64a 2020-12-23 Debian: Refresh json patch
7b785ea45 2020-12-23 I2CP: Fix encrypted leaseset for ECIES and dual-key encryption, and for offline keys
8f5fc4475 2020-12-23 Crypto: Increase ratchet tag window
010dbfa6f 2020-12-22 Console: Move resource helper to war, doesn't work from jar
e20a19c35 2020-12-22 Console: Move readme files to war
387e51394 2020-12-22 Console: Add netdb search by enc. type
5e005e652 2020-12-21 Merge branch 'whitespace' into 'master'
e88f40cd9 2020-12-21 Whitespace
82e93a53a 2020-12-21 bump -7
fee5668c1 2020-12-21 Merge branch 'partial-ack-fix' into 'master'
abb8cbe75 2020-12-21 SSU: Fix partial acks not being sent when there are no 'gaps'. Workaround the bug on the sending side for pre-0.9.49 routers by sending fragments in reverse order.
340df5142 2020-12-20 Console: Fix theme selection
bec8feb05 2020-12-20 Build: Fix up proxy file location
d86ccded5 2020-12-20 Proxy: Move error page resources to jar
db7d92a5c 2020-12-20 Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s)
30ffdd03c 2020-12-20 SSU log tweaks
251d8de94 2020-12-20 Merge branch 'wplus-wip' into 'master'
5e8de6874 2020-12-19 SSU: Increase sendWindowBytesRemaining when increasing the window Fix BWE log formatting
8ae29c8c0 2020-12-19 SSU: Westwood+ bandwidth estimator classes (ticket #2427)
542efa0d9 2020-12-18 SSU: Westwood+ congestion control (ticket #2427)
23c80accf 2020-12-18 SSU: More PeerState cleanup
b90943072 2020-12-18 SSU: Account for packet overhead in window calculations
20b413bc6 2020-12-18 Crypto: Fix use after free (ticket #2797)
a9b6b8618 2020-12-18 Merge branch 'ssu-sync-fix' into 'master'
66b724759 2020-12-18 lock locked_shouldSend on this
56059448c 2020-12-17 SSU: Send subset of fragments (ticket #2427) if all fragments will not fit in the window. Track per-fragment send count. Reset send window when retransmitting. Update send window when partial acks received. Make OMS.getMaxSends() and getPushCount() track different things. Change OMS.push() to be called by OMF and return the pushed fragments. Use size of smallest fragment rather than total size to determine if we can send a message now. This is an improved fix for ticket #2505. Eliminate repeated calls to OMS.getLifetime() Log tweaks and reduce log levels Improves throughput on lossy connections. Reduces latency for large messages. This is prep for reducing DEFAULT_SEND_WINDOW_BYTES and W+, which would have exacerbated these issues. Additional changes to follow, implementing Westwood+, see #2427
1c52eeb91 2020-12-16 NetDB: Prevent reported NPE
4aefe4bf7 2020-12-16 SSU: Fix OMF looping when timer isn't cancelled after last message acked Push out timer when no more bandwidth available Workarounds for now, more changes to follow
b9444cdc5 2020-12-14 Merge branch 'fix-ides' into 'master'
eb72e4c9f 2020-12-14 remove padding from control buttons on i2ptunnel in order to recenter the text vertically
aa181ee43 2020-12-12 SSU: Restore sync dropped in cleanup
ab04f9207 2020-12-12 SSU: PeerState cleanup
0830329ea 2020-12-12 Build: delete file after building to make git happy
2d154cc90 2020-12-11 update gitignore
183280871 2020-12-11 get gradle assemble to work
067ee80ba 2020-12-11 remove IntelliJ and Eclipse project descriptors
804e2f39f 2020-12-11 append full version to git bundle generation when generating from the ant target
0ad7e52b7 2020-12-11 Router (proposal 156): - Change router ECIES SKM to use N pattern, remove Elligator2, to match proposal changes - Allow encrypted messages to ECIES routers - Allow ECIES routers to become floodfill - Add XDH factory to VM comm system for tests
e15110bbe 2020-12-11 Build: Fix i2pcontrol unset property in manifest
2cffda697 2020-12-10 update the HACKING.md to reflect better and/or git-based instructions, also a test commit for git migration.
2300f6c22 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Add web seeds in TrackerClient list web seeds in UI
1ed8a1b6f 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Close RAF on error
c4ed7719e 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Preserve file attribute strings in metainfo
a98fe4520 2020-12-06 Streaming: Add Retry-After header to throttle response
5a3e26453 2020-12-06 Transport: Block SIP ports
c259000cd 2020-12-06 Console: fixup param name
d683f0d9e 2020-12-06 Util: Change DoH to the RFC 8484 protocol
48b888622 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Add WebSeed support - WIP - not hooked in yet
1097220d3 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Move URIUtil from war to jar (prep for WebSeed)
fdeae72d3 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Fix up standalone build
f870bc2cc 2020-12-06 console: Move web resources to war
ec3bfa3cb 2020-12-06 susimail: Move web resources to war
c3f7c5d15 2020-12-06 susidns: Move web resources to war
127b93c1e 2020-12-06 i2ptunnel: Move web resources to war
cd019f258 2020-12-06 i2psnark: Move web resources to war
889b7361f 2020-12-06 imagegen: Move CSS to war
99f6d4aba 2020-12-05 MiniDNS javadoc fix
69deddcbc 2020-12-05 Add DNS library to support RFC 8484 DoH (ticket #2201) WIP - not yet hooked in
58020b4b5 2020-12-05 Console: Swap some columns on ssu /peers for consistency Format send window and slow start threshold values
df43e72a0 2020-12-05 PRNG: Drop unused exception and interface
326e2c630 2020-12-02 Debian: Files for 0.9.48 refresh patches update release docs
36fdfd529 2020-12-01 0.9.48
94bdc9c5b 2020-12-01 Late pl,zh translation updates
c60e51514 2020-12-01 Add old cert to deletelist.txt Javadoc fix
7dcbbf17c 2020-12-01 Console: Fix headers on /debug JS: Update license headers patch from idk
5551deb24 2020-11-28 pull RU translations
6e8fd42ef 2020-11-27 pull translations
5020100ef 2020-11-27 BuildTime update
6c2c6abfb 2020-11-26 NTCP: Enable nodelay by default SSU: Don't wakeup OMF after ack if no more messages are pending
4940c3477 2020-11-25 More light theme CSS tweaks to table headings and table spacing on /config*, switch from uppercase to capitalize for titles on SusiMail
6d5aebeaa 2020-11-24 remove borders from around notifications on /welcome
d8924119b 2020-11-24 NTCP: Add nodelay option for testing
4b445e7d3 2020-11-24 Build: release target fixes for git
17e47a0c9 2020-11-24 Build: revisions target for git
2ffb57085 2020-11-23 Console: Serve default favicon.ico i2ptunnel: Remove dup link to nonexistent theme favicon.ico
aef2fb8ce 2020-11-23 i2pcontrol: Basic HTML fixes and HTTP headers for static pages
875fcdfb9 2020-11-22 NetDB: Increase min FF version for LS lookups since most are LS2 now
151f856b0 2020-11-22 apply revert to h3#transports on /peers to fix cramping
337787be0 2020-11-21 i2psnark: Remove old opentrackers
798521466 2020-11-21 Proxy: Remove old jump servers
678c035fa 2020-11-21 Proxy: Fix CSP for conflict error page
ccb4210f8 2020-11-20 NetDB: Limit max explore at startup when hidden
7e5dc6ad6 2020-11-20 Tomcat 9.0.40
31622d045 2020-11-20 NetDB: Increase exploration rate when hidden
f9b18545f 2020-11-20 Reseed update
e67eccd1e 2020-11-19 Remove inconsistent gradients from light theme /config items
cefe212a1 2020-11-19 Get rid of uppercase text transforms on non-table headings, fix wierd white background on h4's
8a76d71bd 2020-11-19 Widen margins in langsettings dropdown
806df9511 2020-11-19 Lighten up some borders on /home, improve consistency of backgrounds on /home, header margins on apps on homepages
c6c0b9ce8 2020-11-19 Un-squish the SusiDNS SVG image on Firefoxes greater than 83, remove wierd padding from .optboxes
00a0970c9 2020-11-19 Crypto: Adjust Java key cache sizes
cb1bd95f2 2020-11-19 Build: Reproducible build fix (ticket #2279)
d12b52f82 2020-11-19 Debian: Clean up old commented-out rules
891ffaac0 2020-11-19 Update apparmor profile for usrmerge https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/i2p/+bug/1784023
36fbf0e33 2020-11-18 poupdate-source
e811238d6 2020-11-17 NetDB: Disable sending encrypted messages to ECIES routers for now The #ls2 team plans to change the specification and re-enable after the 0.9.48 release
c9e6bef82 2020-11-17 Jetty: Patch to fix console not starting on Java Backport JavaVersion.java from Jetty 9.4.34 Jetty does not plan to fix in 9.3.x ref: https://github.com/eclipse/jetty.project/issues/5682 https://github.com/eclipse/jetty.project/issues/2284 http://zzz.i2p/topics/2991
0f002b9b6 2020-11-17 Jetty 9.3.29.v20201019/
f179a057b 2020-11-17 Wrapper: Add missing binaries for armv7 and aarch64 to installer (ticket #2308)
6f5042be8 2020-11-16 Test: Drop ancient unused DateMessage
204447454 2020-11-16 Zxing: Update to 3.4.1 (2020-09-29) Merge in javadoc fixes
0b0b93f26 2020-11-16 javadoc fix
595f8762a 2020-11-16 I2NP: Don't extend DataStructureImpl, to save space Fixup test as required
8644eb431 2020-11-16 GeoIP 2020-11-01
223afdfc7 2020-11-16 Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.44 All binaries from Tanuki Delta Pack Community Edition, except for armhf (armv6), compiled on Raspberry Pi:   ant 1.8.2   javac 1.7.0_151   gcc 4.6.3-14+rpi1
de41cab08 2020-11-11 GarlicClove: Store time as long rather than Date to save space
3606a42ea 2020-11-11 Lease: Store time as long rather than Date to save space Add long methods, deprecate Date methods
6887c7eda 2020-11-11 I2CP: Don't have I2CP Messages extend DataStructureImpl, to save space Ditto MessageId and SessionId. Fixup unit tests as required
4a0069138 2020-11-11 increment the counter on the bandwidth config page by 5 instead of 10 so that it can actually match the recommendations on the /welcome
1d0a2c4fa 2020-11-10 Fix right-side padding of down arrow on select boxes
d0016380e 2020-11-10 Make all the border radiuses consistent across apps. Button-like inputs get a 12px radius, text-like inputs get a 6px radius. "Professional but not prickly." nix almost all drop-shadows and most text-shadows. more 1-3 pixed tweaks to get text centered up
29dc311c6 2020-11-10 Ratchet: Destroy HandshakeState after fatal NS/NSR errors
7aa78a1ae 2020-11-10 One more i2cp buffer size increase
989f64192 2020-11-10 i2psnark: Larger read buffer for large files
c908c6bd0 2020-11-10 Data: SDS no longer extends DataStructureImpl to save space More minor i2cp efficiency improvements KeyCertificate log tweak
9f51b72ca 2020-11-08 fix oversized button on i2ptunnel home page
a2fd81791 2020-11-07 Tunnels: getUnknownOptions() is non-null one more TunnelId fixup
5bafdd05a 2020-11-07 Tunnels: Simplify TunnelId and HopConfig to save space and reduce object churn and duplication Fixup tests, javadocs, logging as required
e18708bdb 2020-11-07 round and re-center buttons on i2ptunnel home page
f6687c1f8 2020-11-07 add a little padding to the left of the text in the sidebar under Local Tunnels, set links list style to none instead of using the link image
b9eabca40 2020-11-06 use paste.png for the pastebin instead of pasteidk.png so in theory other pastebins could use it
9ec2c62f2 2020-11-06 update the contents of /home to include git.idk.i2p and paste.idk.i2p
d4152ea54 2020-11-05 NetDB: Ensure RI republish time is less than validation time to prevent failures on connections esp. for hidden mode
8cc62b5b4 2020-11-04 Util: More elimination of data copies
e24201514 2020-11-04 Util: Hook in ByteArrayStream Set accurate lengths for zero-copy
35da97936 2020-11-03 Point to gitlab in console readme.html, as approved at today's meeting
bfe21176e 2020-11-03 Add host already linked in console, as approved at today's meeting
d1dd9ab51 2020-11-03 i2ptunnel: Add checks for offline expiration in alternate destination Improve logging for expiration checks
c18dbe974 2020-11-02 Remove reseed SSL cert, now using a CA
f69563da7 2020-11-02 Util: New zero-copy BAOS WIP, to be hooked in
057eca56d 2020-11-02 Console: Show offline expiration on LS debug page
a21a64e0c 2020-11-02 i2psnark: Remove unused bencode() methods
751af5bcd 2020-11-02 i2psnark: Limit max size of embedded video
c8605009b 2020-11-02 i2ptunnel: Automatically restart tunnel if offline-signed private key file is updated Periodically log if about to expire Short delay between stop and start on restart _tunnel is always non-null
5625caebd 2020-11-02 I2CP: Remove tunnels immediately on client disconnect
fc0a78dd7 2020-10-31 Util: Drop class deprecated 11 years ago
90aab3700 2020-10-30 i2psnark: Add support for comment and url_list to Storage CLI Add support for multiple urls to MetaInfo CLI Add comment to release torrent
5c1a529df 2020-10-30 Util: Fix NPE in EepGet CLI callback via PartialEepGet Fix callback javadocs
6fa015c41 2020-10-30 i2psnark: MetaInfo support for url-list (prep for BEP 19), WIP - unused for now. Add url-list to CLI tool for testing Add comment support to CLI tool
2d1e68b53 2020-10-29 i2psnark: Store BEP 47 padding file info in a bitmap (prep for BEP 52), WIP - unused for now. Don't instantiate files_utf8 unless needed, which it never is
35012a3ba 2020-10-29 Crypto: Precalculate Noise init hash
190b76d7f 2020-10-29 Tunnels: Improved logging and handling of offline signature expiration Store back ref to controller in tunnel Stop server controller on I2PException Support generation of keys with fractional days expiration for testing
8d0b1214d 2020-10-29 un-do android check in ObjectCounter and fix hte issue by correctly setting the classpath instead, see RELEASE-PROCESS.md in i2p.android.base
70eb2a49f 2020-10-28 Router: Fix ECIES tunnel testing part 2 Remove ratchet tag from RSKM on timeout
f231ea095 2020-10-28 Util: ObjectCounter better android detection
f9ffdd513 2020-10-28 Router: Fix tunnel testing for ECIES routers
38f995539 2020-10-28 fix android keySet bug that I discovered this morning
517ff9af2 2020-10-27 Build: Fix dev info in maven data
62a91acb4 2020-10-27 DoH: Limit response size, sort servers for test SSLEepGet: Fix handling of state param, support max size param
69a526667 2020-10-27 DoH: Add CLI test of all servers
e67174132 2020-10-26 DoH: Set user agent
ab55f27ea 2020-10-26 DoH: Add more CLI options for testing
cf88b3057 2020-10-26 DoH: limit total time and max requests Better loop checking, force DoH off for request
af97eedcb 2020-10-26 Util: Fix EepGet allowCaching parameter Add SSLEepGet method to force DoH on/off
782300159 2020-10-25 BOB: Add deprecation warnings
a49f87179 2020-10-25 Router: Quick checks of eph. key MSB before Noise DH Additional checks on ECIES BRR to catch old/buggy routers Detailed logging of ECIES BRR decrypt fails
b52f85ac3 2020-10-23 Tunnels: Add missing expiration field to ECIES BRR
470bc7755 2020-10-23 fix one more ;;
a0822a6b7 2020-10-23 NTCP2: Reduce min downtime for rekeying if hidden
15da2f85a 2020-10-23 SSU: Minor cleanup of congestion checkin
9b3ff9e61 2020-10-23 TCG: Rename method to reflect what it really does
df1db163f 2020-10-23 i2ptunnel: Remove mtn tunnel (new installs only)
4a4d814a1 2020-10-23 Tunnels: Move AES reply keys from HopConfig to TunnelCreatorConfig to save space; not stored for participating tunnels.
c84360ba4 2020-10-22 Update the Firefox user-agent string to match the Firefox ESR that is currently used in Tor Browser, credit to dr|zed for pointing out the update and the fix. Tor Browser updated to Firefox ESR 78 with the 10.0 release on September 24, 2020
6a6064d61 2020-10-21 Garlic: Reduce log level on misrouted message
49565a99f 2020-10-21 SSU: Redesign of the congestion control (tickets #2412, #2649, #2654, #2713), modelled on TCP Reno (RFCs 5681 and 6298) - Use a single timer per connection - Resend up to half the un-acked messages per timer event instead of a single message - Only send either old or new messages, do not mix - Cache/avoid several timer calls - Instead of 3 return values, allocating bandwidth is now a boolean function - Avoid one of the iterations over all un-acked messages every packet pusher loop - Remove 100 ms failsafe - Fix OMF debug log NPE With the same cpu usage the bandwidth is much higher Significant speed improvement for lossy connections (e.g. wifi) Patch by zlatinb
ee27bc3bb 2020-10-21 Reseed: Renew SSL cert expiring soon
25899d41d 2020-10-21 NetDB: ECIES router support (proposal 156): Support sending encrypted lookups and stores to ECIES routers Support requesting AEAD replies to ECIES routers Encrypt RI lookups when using ECIES even on slow machines Switch back to RatchetSKM Don't schedule ack timer for router SKM Reduce getContext() calls GMB null check cleanup MessageWrapper javadoc clarifications Log tweaks
35f6a2e2b 2020-10-21 NetDB: Reseed after a long downtime
9ae5cbbc8 2020-10-21 SSU: Increase socket buffer size (ticket #2781)
0ace93cec 2020-10-17 i2psnark: Remove references to "maggot" links
d38744879 2020-10-17 ;; -> ;
4d82917b9 2020-10-17 SSU: Fix calculation of nextSendDelay (ticket #2714) patch from zlatinb
7a77f4896 2020-10-16 Work on lining up some of the button text and icons a little better, fix peer icon and top/bottom icon, various padding issues
dee5dfc68 2020-10-15 clear exec bit
5ed6f834c 2020-10-15 libjbigi for linux aarch64 (ticket #1840) stripped gcc: 7.5.0 jdk: openjdk version "1.8.0_265" Built on: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 Add support to mbuild-all.sh
3b8e5f076 2020-10-15 i2psnark: Stub out BEP 52 message numbers Hide BEP 48 padding directory from UI Check for and reject BEP 52 info multihashes for now Use cached fai.isDirectory for efficiency Use storage.getFileCount() instead of meta.getFiles() to prep for padding files Add notes for padding file TODOs
7c1798513 2020-10-15 Util: Singleton OrderedProperties comparator
e54950e02 2020-10-15 Router: MessageWrapper.wrap() and GMB support for ECIES (prop. #156 WIP) NetDB parts still TODO Remove PK param from GMB.buildECIESMessage(), already in config
b2f060795 2020-10-15 Router: Misc. debug fixes - StatisticsManager fix for null router in unit tests - Debug toString() enhancements - Dest hash logs in b32 - Javadoc fix
940ad61cc 2020-10-15 Ratchet: ECIESAEADEngine main() quick test IK/N NSR
c1f531ea9 2020-10-15 Ratchet: Add support for zero key (prop. #144, WIP for prop. #156)
0ebca7e8e 2020-10-15 Ratchet: Destroy HandshakeState after NS failure
d30166972 2020-10-15 Router: Don't re-derive public key from private for every HandshakeState
010bb0a2f 2020-10-12 NTCP: Fix sending termination on idle timeout (ticket #2777)
f028002c1 2020-10-12 NTCP: Catch IAE in Reader, possibly a race with cancelled key? http://zzz.i2p/topics/2968
11e1747ff 2020-10-12 New partial translations for Kurdish, Turkmen, Argentinian Spanish
5dc9333bb 2020-10-12 DTG: Enable by default for Linux KDE and LXDE Hide option on /configservice if not supported
f77acb6db 2020-10-11 i2psnark: Don't truncate 'file not found in torrent' status
22abf09bd 2020-10-11 i2psnark: Version the file icons Minor cleanup of icon set selector
9a1d7a2ae 2020-10-11 Installer: Disable pack200 (ticket #2778)
98e590855 2020-10-10 i2psnark: Cache length of metainfo
9e36fe090 2020-10-10 Transport: Simplify IPv6 address validation reject reserved ranges
b4b6968ed 2020-10-09 Ratchet debug: Hide expired sessions Hide sessions with null public key
999c4c51a 2020-10-09 NetDB: Don't use DSA-SHA1 routers for lookups, stores, or tunnel peers Don't use non-ElGamal routers for lookups or stores Prevent DSA-SHA1 routers from auto-floodfill
8737a6a4f 2020-10-07 i2ptunnel: Filter server response headers even if not compressing
a9a5d13e0 2020-10-07 Build: Set javac release property (ticket #2775) Ant version 1.9.8 or higher now required Drop support for Xenial package build Fix up BOB build configuration Fix i2psnark standalone build
ca1e2ba91 2020-10-07 Switch Snark dark and light themes to using images embedded in the .war, and remove the images substitutions from the filesystem and css
2e34969bb 2020-10-04 Add git hostnames as requested by idk
cead0b2fb 2020-10-03 Router: Add support for building tunnels through ECIES routers (proposals 152,156) Preliminary, proposal not finalized, subject to change Not yet compatibility tested with other implementations Add peers to match requested length for explicitPeers remove commented out code log tweaks
9d566aea6 2020-10-01 snark theme fixes: Revert the i2psnark buttons on the ubergine and vanilla themes back to their original versions, but keep flat buttons for dark and light themes. Fix some squashed icons and apply some slightly better icons for indicating torrent status and contents on dark theme.
2d9933a4a 2020-09-28 Router: Don't unregister a message without a selector (ticket #2771)
cd699c587 2020-09-27 i2ptunnel: I2Ping CLI tunnel quantity 1 Show current setting for owndest in CLI Skip a irrelevant log message for I2Ping Break wait on interrupt Log level tweaks
4108007b2 2020-09-27 JBigI: Fix zen/zen2/zen3 CPU names (ticket #1869)
b31b42a55 2020-09-27 Streaming: Fix copy/paste errors in tag option handling
c3f187abc 2020-09-26 Console: Drop gateway icon on leasesets page, just adds clutter with no value. Change last-changed time on leaseset debug page to use standard formatting
2989d955d 2020-09-26 JBigI: GMP 6.2.0 for linux 64 bit (ticket #1869) Add support for zen and zen2 Enable more fallbacks for zen and zen2 Adds Zen and Zen2 binaries, stripped Built with gcc 9.3.0 Other binaries will be added if testing shows improvement Fix hangs in mbuild-all.sh build script Add silvermont and goldmont to build script, untested, support TBD GMP is GPLv2 More info: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2955
ea4409897 2020-09-22 i2ptunnel: Change enctype default to both for: HTTP, IRC, and Streamr servers IRC, SOCKS IRC, and Streamr clients
7dd7f021b 2020-09-22 Susimail, SAM: More defensive ByteBuffer casting to avoid runtime issues (ticket #2775)
2cb53ec45 2020-09-20 Update LICENSE.txt since SSU HMAC was moved from core to router
8fa3e45e4 2020-09-20 Add tags for librejs compatibility on application/console pages and in embedded javascript
c4a5d111e 2020-09-18 Build: More git support for release and Debian targets
dca45a9b1 2020-09-16 i2psnark: Defensive checks for v2 format files and magnet links
6ffebbd5c 2020-09-16 GeoIP: Notify blocklist of new country file (ticket #2759)
aa07775a3 2020-09-11 Blocklist: Move HTML status generation to console
30244f9d9 2020-09-11 Router: Use MuxedSKM for ECIES routers (proposal 156 WIP)
19d4a5ce2 2020-09-10 Blocklist: Refactoring (ticket #2759 WIP)
e4cb730c1 2020-09-10 GeoIP: Generate country blocklist when hidden (ticket #2759) WIP - full blocking requires restart for now
3b18e5454 2020-09-10 Console: Fix /configclients help message for split client config files
2fbbd8e7d 2020-09-09 Crypto: Cache HMAC256 instances Appx. 38% speedup As suggested by jogger
e46633140 2020-09-09 GeoIP: Add methods to get all IPs for a country from a geoip 1 or 2 database, to prep for a country blocklist (ticket #2759) WIP - not hooked in yet
5d1f46e6c 2020-09-08 Blocklist: Track versions of each file Adjust synchronization Fix logging for feed file Prep for a country blocklist (ticket #2759 WIP)
36318def6 2020-09-08 Tunnels: BuildRequestor minor cleanup
72e4b16c1 2020-09-08 I2NP BRR: Minor cleanup and javadoc note
8a10c3a09 2020-09-08 NTCP: Call afterSend() for multiple messages in NTCP2 (ticket #2769)
d402300db 2020-09-04 Console: Support remote lookup of full router hash from search form
ada675325 2020-09-04 Tunnels: For now, don't try to decrypt a build record with a ECIES key (proposal 152 WIP)
ceb0749e0 2020-09-02 Util: Fix decompression of compressed zero bytes (ticket #2770)
4863ab371 2020-09-02 javadoc
c745cc8aa 2020-09-02 Ratchet: Change SparseArray from int to char to reduce space
273902f61 2020-09-02 SSU: Randomize intro key
bb761aea9 2020-09-02 Router: Prep for router encryption types (Proposal 156 WIP)
d13a7d287 2020-09-02 Router: Reduce next key threshold for ratchet
49b2ca061 2020-09-02 New Ed25519 destinations for postman's servers
3e23ec8d2 2020-09-01 fix trac#2768
22eeb90b8 2020-08-29 Bump -1
6a69cef2a 2020-08-29 Ratchet: Minor cleanup
c1fef302f 2020-08-29 Crypto: ChaCha small initialization speedup
bd370cf40 2020-08-29 spelling fix
feba99301 2020-08-29 javadoc fix
623a11dd8 2020-08-29 console: ngettext fixes
ba7fb0045 2020-08-29 i2ptunnel: Prevent changing alt private key file while running
20b418633 2020-08-25 merge of '554c9e737b3a7b6585cc36c8e22de6012ca57754'      and 'cd8c225752a1e1e5be98c13e7e7f5fdb2b160642'
2479645d2 2020-08-25 Debian files and checklists update for 0.9.47
8585e2e95 2020-08-24 fix heading alignment for console news on light theme
14518dc39 2020-08-24 fix missing classic icons from imagegen css/index, removed classic reference ie-compatability from css.jsi
ccd64b6f0 2020-08-24 0.9.47
21efdb9bd 2020-08-21 bump for review
94778c74d 2020-08-21 update translations
929c09fec 2020-08-20 add fontawesome license to router console themes section in LICENSE.txt
c067f3812 2020-08-20 GeoIP 2020-08 Meet db-ip.com license requirements BuildTime update
046d1e01b 2020-08-19 make method private
cc6247fe7 2020-08-19 findbugs all over
797a31924 2020-08-16 Improve appearance of a few icons from the new icon set, all are under Fontawesome license except for move_up.png, move_down.png, move_top.png, and move_bottom.png which are used under the Feather license
87f9b619e 2020-08-14 welcome text correction
4ac89e702 2020-08-14 Remove mistaken association between Localization Lab and our Transifex efforts.
fceda68cd 2020-08-14 Remove reseed
07fc66ccf 2020-08-14 Profiles: Create profiles in the nonblocking path thanks energy52
d7b512ca9 2020-08-13 spelling fix
926f88585 2020-08-13 fix typo on welcome.jsp
717e1c58f 2020-08-13 Transport: State transition fix
4b3dbd891 2020-08-12 poupdate-source
9d31a41ff 2020-08-12 remove extraneous comma
217571118 2020-08-12 tag complete sentences for strings in welcome.jsp
b03e919cb 2020-08-12 fix strings on welcome.jsp
482b30506 2020-08-12 Fix fontawesome license file
27776cddb 2020-08-11 use color versions of the new icons(last big image checkin), add custom images for community sites, tweak some sizes on images that were squashed or stretched, remove borders on /home buttons
029e082cf 2020-08-11 note icon change in history.txt
6087a46a0 2020-08-11 replace basically every small image, icon, or indicator with one from a consistent source, minus personal/community sites and plugns, see licenses/LICENSE-fontawesome for more details
b78f6a645 2020-08-01 Debian: Fix patch offsets
f8b04e398 2020-08-01 Debian: Support libjson-simple-java 3 for bullseye Patch adapted from Gilles Filippini https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=960589
097f178e2 2020-08-01 I2NP: Locking for message ID
d221846c3 2020-08-01 NetDB: Only flood LS to rotated floodfills just before midnight if the LS will expire after midnight Reduce number of stat periods
fa08d2f94 2020-08-01 Util: Add KeyStore and SHA256 to CLI
336563e7c 2020-08-01 Router: Logging fix for client start failures
f4ac8e02f 2020-08-01 Util: More efficient use of random data
29d2051a3 2020-08-01 configlogging code cleanup
e52359c4c 2020-08-01 NetDB: New reseed
d73b327fd 2020-08-01 NetDB: Track client that requested LS OCMOSJ: Don't send to a RAP LS
d1bdeae59 2020-07-31 replace tabs with spaces in HomeHelper.java
fa8bd4310 2020-07-29 fix typos in the welcome wizard
4f8f8b659 2020-07-28 Drop more old susi files
5a9eb6816 2020-07-28 Data: Don't check LS1 revocation signature
b97ec8da9 2020-07-27 clean up some of the awkward language on the welcome wizard, don't ask people to 'be patient' explain what is happening, etc
a3fe0092a 2020-07-22 i2ptunnel: Change CONNECT tunnel default sigType to EdDSA (ticket #2749)
896dbfbac 2020-07-22 i2ptunnel: Change default encType to both for new tunnels, http client, shared clients, and all tunnels for new installs (ticket #2751) Change IRC tunnel sigType to EdDSA for new installs (ticket #2749)
4d3561c92 2020-07-19 i2psnark: Increase max pipeline, negotiate actual value
3c7b658a5 2020-07-16 Avoid some repeated code
648243779 2020-07-15 Move plugins to their own section on /home, and make it so that if all the elements of a section are shown, that section becomes hidden(so that plugins are not enabled by default)
12e2dabaa 2020-07-11 Router: Consistent logging for network ID check Log level change for peer test IP
e05545ab7 2020-07-11 OCMOSJ: Don't lookup an expiring LS2 if unpublished
f0bcab2e2 2020-07-11 NTCP: Atomics for NTCP final state (ticket #2701)
075ac7ab4 2020-07-09 SAM: Rename 3.3 control session
31d7d7d9b 2020-07-09 Addressbook: Rename the book nobody uses Config migration Version the svg Remove very old standalone files
ed14aa130 2020-07-08 Credit sadie for the first part of her redesign work
81007c1a0 2020-07-07 LookupDestJob: Missing return after sending fail for blind data
2e3ff679f 2020-07-07 i2psnark: Change ETA default sort order (ticket #2733) add markdown mime type
a84996399 2020-07-07 Reseed: Enforce minimum version for bundling
7b872474f 2020-07-04 turn URL's in readme into Markdown Links using URL as link text, as suggested by user gnuself on trac and approved by idk
531b7c2ae 2020-07-03 Remove extra step-indicator from first slide of welcome wizard
95f16c99b 2020-07-03 Remove Why I2P from the welcome wizard. Make the welcome wizard more informative about the functionality contained within I2P. Tweaks to stylesheets on the welcome wizard.
462180f9a 2020-07-03 re-name full color logo(logogrey7.png=>wizardlogo7.png) used in welcome wizard and remove the old redundant ones.
505c49ad0 2020-07-03 Tweak position of headings and infoboxes in welcome wizard, switch to full-color I2P logo on all pages
16d6cf017 2020-07-02 make expanding sections scrollable on iframed dark theme
112beb552 2020-07-02 i2ptunnel: Fix missing throttling section for non-HTTP servers
b53cdafc8 2020-06-28 clarify license status of new wizard assets
365b9053e 2020-06-28 NetDB: Check signature in verify Remove null checks, _target can't be null
aadc9a13a 2020-06-26 improve appearance of textareas and inputs when the text inside is highlighed, on the i2ptunnel dark theme
39f3e3a92 2020-06-24 more non-textual updates to the bandwidth wizard
9a6374c79 2020-06-23 new images for the install wizard, re-name the images, even up the font sizes on the bandwidth configuration pages
3a392e84a 2020-06-22 Sybil: Enable analysis and blocking by default
c119de618 2020-06-13 OCMOSJ: Send meta LS failure code
066833819 2020-06-12 another Broadwell CPU ID
c840f223c 2020-06-12 CSS tweak
4c2bf3e42 2020-06-12 I2CP: Meta LS error code handling
6ec95a7f1 2020-06-10 Misc. Javadoc fixes
670e57b9e 2020-06-10 Tools: Support hostname lookups in LookupDest CLI
d441ead88 2020-06-09 Fix awkward text, browsers should be plural
38f654edd 2020-06-09 Fix awkward text on console welcome browser page, adjust table spacing on configreseed
25b4d136b 2020-06-08 fix take 2
2b9783028 2020-06-07 fix dup
6c0e18d3e 2020-06-07 i2ptunnel: Fix missing tunnel quantity section for servers More ngettext Hide some text for config advanced
e23f671ca 2020-06-07 Util: New getEstimatedDowntime() method
2af706607 2020-06-07 Jetty: Switch from jetty to tomcat jar for servlet-api to get the 4.0 dtds Put servlet version on the logs page
220f641ba 2020-06-06 i2ptunnel: Warn about soon-to-expire offline signatures
76493b398 2020-06-06 i2ptunnel: Rename access lists
f1a277c4d 2020-06-06 I2CP, i2ptunnel: Check for expired offline signature client-side Better error message on the router side
ac76d544b 2020-06-06 Fix creation of Encrypted LS2 Blinded flag bit goes on the inner LS, not the outer Fix corruption of inner signature Broken in 0.9.42
cd77461fb 2020-06-06 I2CP: Fix issues with persisted leaseset private keys - Don't generate revocation key for LS2 - Fix generation of persistent revocation key for LS1 - Fix persistent private keys without persistent revocation key - Don't put unconfigured private keys in leaseset - Don't strip i2cp.leaseSetPrivateKey from config before it's used
326178ad4 2020-06-03 CI: Try to fix travis
0fce24479 2020-06-03 i2psnark: Enable dual-keys
3f895d32d 2020-06-03 Router: Implement ratchet-layer acks (proposal 144) Store destination in outbound session Allow sending null data through OCMOSJ for ratchet acks; omit data clove Only call messageDeliveryStatusUpdate() for nonzero nonce
2af26f7d5 2020-06-03 Console: Fix alignment of totals row on /peers NTCP tab as reported at http://zzz.i2p/topics/2901 post #5
765d4ea72 2020-06-02 Console: Don't list temporary IPv6 addresses on /confignet
ec231ecd7 2020-06-01 Transports: Cache the last reachable peer Adapted from i2speed / jogger ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2894 item 5
957767c98 2020-06-01 Util: Move fromLong8()/toLong8() methods to DataHelper
3cc737498 2020-06-01 Transports: Make unreachable maps concurrent Adapted from i2speed / jogger ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2894 item 5
6461c8e88 2020-06-01 Profiles: Make more calls nonblocking Adapted from i2speed / jogger ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/2894 item 1
edfbc4081 2020-05-31 Tomcat 9.0.35 (Servlet 4.0) Switch Bionic to 9.x Disco+ already on 9.x Xenial remains on 8.x Update dependencies doc
317bf1e9d 2020-05-31 Fix javadoc errors
f985004be 2020-05-31 Util: Update json-simple lib to 2.3.0 2017-10-04 Bundle 2.0 API only; remove 1.1 API Convert DoH, NDT, and i2pcontrol to the 2.x API Fix i2pcontrol handling of number values and serialization for 2.x API Remove xenial dependency on libjson-simple-java, it has only 1.1 Set min and max version constraint on libjson-simple-java for bionic+ Based on patch from Gilles Filippini ref: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=901827 This does not support 3.x but the patch for that will be smaller.
4fd834d13 2020-05-30 Util: Fix DoH handling of Cloudflare responses
370f96acf 2020-05-30 Streaming: Increase MTU for ratchet (proposal 155) Set MTU in receiveConnection() for inbound connections Cleanup CDR.isAckOnly() Only call now() in MOS for debugging Set receive.streamActive stat to 1, not 0
d8b308dd9 2020-05-28 Build: Force Java 7 for mavencentral jars used by Android
3ad8f9b9a 2020-05-28 i2psnark: Fix js for delete buttons (ticket #2743)
4fe9a27e2 2020-05-28 RRD4J 3.6 (ticket #2716)
686fe88e6 2020-05-27 Build: Remove javac.compilerargs7 build property (ticket #2511)
9b5e4373d 2020-05-27 Debian: Fix patches for Jetty 9.3.28 (ticket #2098) Add xenial patch to ant test target
03b1a4dfc 2020-05-27 Installer: Require Java 8 (ticket #2511) Jetty 9.3.28 (ticket #2098) This breaks Debian builds, fixes to follow
27e422f81 2020-05-27 Installer: Sign the dlls (ticket #2704)
f3e821a65 2020-05-27 UPnP fixes part 7: Don't set I2P user agent, spoof MiniUPnPc Don't convert string-to-bytes-to-string Don't fallback to alternate code after failure Don't use HttpURLConnection if proxy enabled Add location sanity checks Force Connection: close Don't attempt to set Host header, HttpURLConnection ignores it Disable following redirects
3fac44874 2020-05-27 Console: Rename all the js init() functions
f8df7eba7 2020-05-27 Transports: Check for Java proxy settings that could interfere
4574ebd8a 2020-05-27 Console: Don't translate "caps"
a00b9bb0c 2020-05-27 Console: Handle bad param on /peers
e091eeae9 2020-05-27 Util: Reduce default gzip compression level for performance Add fast zero-decompressor
0a9814731 2020-05-26 Debian files for 0.9.46
e9cc4a435 2020-05-25 0.9.46
0ab473000 2020-05-25 javadoc fix
31d7b6fb7 2020-05-23 Ratchet: Change session replace timeout value to match spec
26e5f4c48 2020-05-23 Windows: Fix installation directory permissions For new installs, change owner rather than giving 'F' permission to Users group For existing installs, change owner and change 'F' permission to 'RX' for Users group Local privilege escalation vulnerability Introduced 2009-06-11, released in 0.7.5 2009-06-29 Reported by Juilo Cesar Fort of Blaze Information Security 2020-04-28
766649bd5 2020-05-22 bump for review
bb6641ed9 2020-05-22 pull translations from TX
6aa81f7ec 2020-05-22 UPnP fixes part 6: Fix malformed HTTP requests Check HTTP response code in Parser Check content type in Parser Debug log in Parser Show device URL in CLI Don't retry after parser exception Close resources in finally block
a3fc8af1d 2020-05-22 fix padding on the i2ptunnel .username and .password and and the width of the customoptions
05082e3ff 2020-05-22 On iframed i2ptunnel pages, resize the height of the iframe when a config table is expanded or contacted
4b655070d 2020-05-21 reverse string change to welcome wizard, Alternatively isn't that confusing and translation is important.
f25037447 2020-05-21 unit test tweaks
df3a03afc 2020-05-21 Streaming: Fix timer race (ticket #2739)
ded4bde90 2020-05-20 I2CP: Add API method to get router version
e1d8e360a 2020-05-20 slightly widen the notice div on the console so text never needs to wrap
b373e253c 2020-05-20 Remove reference to to I2P Browser from the welcome wizard
a9d84da3b 2020-05-20 i2ptunnel, SusiDNS: Replace onblur with CSP-safe js
4b7c62aa9 2020-05-20 Tunnel: Reduce the IBGW and client OBGW batch time Should reduce RTT by 225 ms
e16c0a327 2020-05-20 i2ptunnel: Disable gzip for streamr server
ef6645718 2020-05-19 Util: Speed up zero compression As suggested by orignal
093c46c93 2020-05-18 Ratchet: Prep for ratchet-layer acks (WIP)
d48d16d23 2020-05-18 Proxy: Fix error code for incompatible encryption
65cd84dd2 2020-05-18 Reseed update
c457ef68c 2020-05-18 New MuWire logo License: CC0 Source: Funded by MuWire development
f00b86475 2020-05-17 Streamr: Add expiration timer Log tweaks
90bc00436 2020-05-17 UPnP fixes part 5: Set interfaces at startup, to prevent Android from binding to public interfaces Log fix
1af32bfe7 2020-05-17 UPnP fixes part 4: Update SSDP listening sockets on interface changes
25338019c 2020-05-17 UPnP fixes part 3: Switch to alternate device on connected event if better Remove mappings on device change Fix bug, wasn't removing mappings on device removal Retry other devices on device removal or disconnect
878c11b36 2020-05-16 UPnP fixes part 2: Change data structure of ignored devices to store full device Don't ignore disconnected devices even if subscription successful Clear event veriables when switching devices Hide non-IGD devices from ignored list
c6c9ba76d 2020-05-16 UPnP fixes part 1: Numerous fixes for handling multiple devices and selecting the best one Fixes on device removal Deal with devices that support permanent leases only Locking fixes Sort ignored devices in UI Remove unused isDisabled field Log tweaks
a0261e8fd 2020-05-16 BuildTime update
d493028c1 2020-05-16 i2ptunnel: Disables for persistent client key
3992ea235 2020-05-15 i2ptunnel: Remove javascript from proxy error pages Add security headers Fix typo on resetp-header
31b527a4c 2020-05-15 i2ptunnel: Hide description label if none Identify shared clients on index page
09b647f28 2020-05-15 i2ptunnel: Don't show b32 twice for non-http servers
40b312d7c 2020-05-14 Streaming: Change pushBackRTO() log error to warn (ticket #2739)
fad9d0e3d 2020-05-14 param length check
31a57b1a6 2020-05-13 poupdate-source
50e44ece5 2020-05-13 Tools: Export private key from private key file in X.509 form Add missing loadprivatekey command to CertUtil
f233416bf 2020-05-13 Build: Tweaks for git
1b3885720 2020-05-13 Console: Fix option text on /confignet (ticket #2738)
82dd9435a 2020-05-13 Console: Support stuffing form from params on /configreseed Fix HTML errors
bc89d247e 2020-05-13 Console: Support stuffing form from params on /configplugins
fe3648206 2020-05-12 Console: onchange removal
a47f6d1b2 2020-05-12 SusiMail: onclick removal (part 3) Strict CSP Fix markall/clearall logic
8aa23c7dc 2020-05-12 SusiMail: Replace onclick part 2
0eef0dd21 2020-05-12 SusiMail: Replace onclick and onload, part 1 Don't reload page after mark-all and clear-all
a12a26f65 2020-05-12 Console: Hide sensitive properties on /configadvanced
1ebed8b6a 2020-05-12 i2ptunnel: Shared client tooltip depends on current setting
deb0fe338 2020-05-12 i2ptunnel: Hide shared client warning when it doesn't apply
005f79c95 2020-05-12 i2ptunnel: Disable changing shared client option while running
eeee8d760 2020-05-12 i2ptunnel: Use readonly, not disable, to avoid losing data in forms Fix disabling of interface select box Caused by disable changes on May 8
13cfdf0d5 2020-05-12 i2ptunnel: Encrypt keys in forms
e77c3f23d 2020-05-11 i2psnark: Stricter CSP
d157daea1 2020-05-11 i2psnark: Remove onclick on delete buttons Version the js
9aa36562b 2020-05-11 i2psnark: Remove onclick on folder page
6a36b79a9 2020-05-11 i2psnark: Remove onload
2cd2f25c5 2020-05-11 Console: Remove onload and unsafe CSP on iframed pages
8631db876 2020-05-11 i2ptunnel: Replace edit onclick with js file Remove unsafe CSP
7da2ac9ef 2020-05-11 Console: Fix delete confirmation on /configplugins Replace /configclients and /configplugins onclick with js file Remove unsafe CSP on /configclients
4da58258f 2020-05-10 i2psnark: Check for non-i2p URL
4f7804056 2020-05-10 i2psnark: Check for non-i2p URL
0738d1d1f 2020-05-10 i2psnark: Fix section anchors
e99e15209 2020-05-10 i2psnark: Expand section when param passed in (prep for handler)
96a8aa9d0 2020-05-10 clear susidns notification the next time the user clicks anywhere on the page, closes #2419
0bbd747f8 2020-05-10 clear susidns notification the next time the user clicks anywhere on the page, closes #2419
e31b837a7 2020-05-09 Console: CSS fix hover over disabled button
ab7e42862 2020-05-09 GeoIP: Add to CLI
565e7f4d6 2020-05-09 GeoIP: Log tweak
910de6849 2020-05-09 Build: Release prep - Geoip 2020-05, checklist, deletelist
e904c9981 2020-05-09 i2ptunnel: Move CSS to own dir, remove allowCSS() and allowJS()
ddc372f58 2020-05-09 NDT: Replace Java Timers with SimpleTImer2 to eliminate two non-daemon threads
4ff234c11 2020-05-08 i2ptunnel: More disabled options
69ef47e68 2020-05-08 i2ptunnel: Tooltips for disabled options
59901ec7c 2020-05-08 i2ptunnel: Fix padding on password form
13e38f3d3 2020-05-08 i2ptunnel: Disable changing LS encryption on running tunnel
4b85f0695 2020-05-08 Build: Fix more targets when in git workspace
08df2ba90 2020-05-08 Build: Use git rev if mtn rev not available Adapted from patch by dr|zed
7a192b496 2020-05-08 Console: More netdb formatting improvements Hide signing key if not full Label changes
d18f62245 2020-05-08 CoreVersion: Fix previous change which broke build script
8a482659e 2020-05-08 Console: Fix padding when no addresses
eeecede38 2020-05-08 Add another CoreVersion field specifically for StatisticsManager (ticket #2729)
d49741c2d 2020-05-08 Router: FloodfillPeerSelector cleanup (ticket #2694)
2ac2850cd 2020-05-07 Router: Min version for tunnel peers
3d5654521 2020-05-07 Router: INMP and netdb DSRM selector cleanup
5de76252e 2020-05-07 Router: Prevent INMP config setting from breaking things
778d6a280 2020-05-06 Streaming: Reduce default ack delay to match RFCs (ticket #2706)
f90cbaba5 2020-05-05 update history.txt to include my changes to i2ptunnel and susimail.
6510e07b8 2020-05-05 Console: Handle wrapper log trunctaion More efficient line skipping
4996c0536 2020-05-05 i2ptunnel: Add ECIES persistent key support Fix changing enc type on servers
78effe14a 2020-05-05 Console: Fix log clearing without wrapper (ticket #2449) Use ABQ as buffer when reading
122b12fa3 2020-05-05 i2ptunnel: Remove experts label from dual-key option Header tweaks for translatability
438703a29 2020-05-05 Ratchet: Add padding based on optimal message size remove unused method log tweaks
467a48cfe 2020-05-05 Build: Use --java2 for msgfmt Runtime should be smaller and faster w/o Hashtable Increases p200 size by < 1%; repack by 3.5%; updater by 4.5%
2b1c6a9d8 2020-05-04 Console: Add wrapper log clear button (ticket #2449)
f1307614c 2020-05-04 Console: Add log clear buttons (ticket #2449)
ea8e34089 2020-05-04 Util: Change LogConsoleBuffer implementation (prep for ticket #2449)
26af857dc 2020-05-04 i2ptunnel: Copy over all relevant options to other shared clients when saving, not just tunnel quantity and length (ticket #1545) Don't take sig type from client private key file unless persistent option is set also
f04526d83 2020-05-03 Console, eepsite: Fix Arabic translation of 'Arabic' (ticket #2731)
a255a6094 2020-05-03 Crypto: Don't start YK thread in app context
b4de0cfaf 2020-05-03 Crypto: Interrupt YK thread when empty
2188d6b22 2020-05-03 Checkmark fix take 2
0528e4109 2020-05-02 I2CP: Add PROP_GZIP i2ptunnel: Disable I2CP gzip for HTTP server tunnels i2psnark: Disable I2CP gzip
47f09479a 2020-05-02 eepsite: Fix RTL issues on Arabic help page (ticket #2731) patch from 'rany'
80d24fa70 2020-05-02 Console: Only call getTheme() once
bef9ea11b 2020-05-01 fix collapsing table behavior on i2ptunnel edit pages
278090a77 2020-05-01 add missing icon from susimail light theme, fix padding on tables in i2ptunnel
eab688b0b 2020-05-01 Ratchet: Fix NPE ratcheting IB NSR tagset
788c72c33 2020-05-01 javadoc
90d9843ac 2020-05-01 Router: I2NP debug log improvements
d7095b69b 2020-05-01 Streaming: Cleanup, use field instead of method
dd96e2921 2020-05-01 Streaming: Fix overhead documentation
fd3e181b7 2020-04-30 i2ptunnel: Prevent changing types on stopped shared client if other shared clients are running
d7b578367 2020-04-30 i2ptunnel: Prevent changing enc type on running tunnel
634802c00 2020-04-30 Streaming: Westwood+ congestion control (ticket #2719) Increase max slow start window to 64 Change RTT calculations from double to float Original idea from jogger Original patch from zlatinb Developed and tested with zlatinb
9e233b42a 2020-04-30 Ratchet: Error handling fixes, log tweaks
4cf8bfbe0 2020-04-29 Ratchet: Increase callback timeout - Mark tagsets after ratchet, and single tagsets, as acked   so we don't go searching for the reverse tagset   or adjust the expiration downward - Eliminate redundant split() calculation
e1beeb365 2020-04-29 Log cleanup
82a918b37 2020-04-29 Susimail, EdDSA: Convert Hashtable to HashMap
b6ecad3c0 2020-04-29 Router: Convert Vector to List
e9d56d85a 2020-04-28 Console: Event log param fix again
b874bb2ba 2020-04-27 Ratchet: Block format updates
7f179551b 2020-04-27 javadoc
10be87bb5 2020-04-27 Ratchet: Reduce tagset expiration other minor cleanups
5173d24c7 2020-04-27 Crypto: Reduce max ElG tagset expiration at receiver
f4a37ce75 2020-04-27 i2psnark: Don't unchoke when we don't have pieces Don't avoid partial pieces if there are several seeds
ff4cfd3eb 2020-04-27 improve collapsing table behavior
8b6d8507e 2020-04-27 improve collapsing table behavior
65356f09a 2020-04-26 Fix padding on tunnelName
b0c6c845b 2020-04-26 Improve toggle behavior
6859baba9 2020-04-26 Make custom options full width of i2ptunnel page
c14541f4a 2020-04-26 Fix bug where the second time you opened a +/- table a - would not be shown and make the rest of the CSS line up right
1083d2939 2020-04-26 fix +/- expand collapse on i2ptunnel tables, and fix the padding
2a8f23602 2020-04-25 i2psnark: Increase min size for video preview CSS tweaks for large videos Mime types update
da5c92a59 2020-04-25 Console: Fix summary bar event log link param (thx drzed)
baa26aec2 2020-04-25 Tests: Prevent ratchet NPE in local tests
9da290831 2020-04-25 Ratchet: Variable tagset lookahead/trim limits Remove total size trimming, it's redundant
882f853b1 2020-04-24 Console: Change event log param from ms to sec
a7de9a7f2 2020-04-24 i2psnark: Don't mark torrent BAD on I2CP errors (ticket #2725) Logging:  - Log to wrapper log after log manager shutdown (ticket #2725)  - sync methods Router:  - Allow clients more time to get disconnect messages at shutdown (ticket #2725)  - Don't delete router context at shutdown, to prevent a late    creation of a new app context (ticket #2725)  - Don't try to delete ping file on Android javadocs
f2f6dfbf1 2020-04-23 Router: Better enc type rejection message
5e2db982d 2020-04-23 Router: Check for key certs in dests (prop. 145)
bc11e6642 2020-04-23 SusiDNS: Fix typo that broke the add form
da8f49a71 2020-04-23 Router: GarlicMessage debug logging improvements
a97085ac6 2020-04-23 Ratchet: Expire outbound TS based on inbound last-used Fix outbound expiration time Reduce pending tagset expiration Increase max send acks Increase max next key replies Don't save ref to NS callback once called Sync tagset for debug output
eb7211660 2020-04-23 Streaming: Reduce TCB cache time
b182562c8 2020-04-21 Router: Fix logging NPE (thx zlatinb)
25a80c78b 2020-04-21 Build: Manifests for test, source, and javadoc jars
c69af8308 2020-04-20 i2psnark: CSS tweak
0cc186164 2020-04-19 Streaming: Single retransmit timer per connection (ticket #2715) Only instantiate ResendPacketEvent for fast retransmit Move packet timeout field from ResendPacketEvent to PacketLocal Set window size to 1 on timeout Always adjust window when acked, even if the packet was sent more than once Reduce INITIAL_WINDOW_SIZE from 6 to 3 to reduce router DH overhead Set maximum burst retransmissions to 16 Closer compliance to RFCs 5681 and 6298 Prep for additional changes (Westwood) Other minor cleanups Original patch from zlatinb
57cd4c584 2020-04-19 Ratchet: Adaptive order of muxed decrypt based on previous traffic
cd035e124 2020-04-19 Console: Add header for client SKMs on /debug
73886d06e 2020-04-19 Ratchet: Fix tagset remaining calculation More efficient tag insantiation Debug page fixes Javadoc fixes Minor cleanups
ae199581b 2020-04-18 Fix up the dark CSS for use with the new collapsing tables so tables line up, set ::selection highlighting on input text to a non-000 color so it shows up when you highlight it
bf425d8ac 2020-04-18 i2psnark: Periodically connect out to other seeds to fetch comments (ticket #2288) javadoc updates
823dc72ea 2020-04-17 Improve padding consistency and readability on new i2ptunnel edit config pages
3716ccc3e 2020-04-17 i2ptunnel UI: Move new js from console to i2ptunnel Move <script> from body to head Version the js links
108b3a236 2020-04-17 Tests: Add I2CP port option to LocalClientManager
35bb5896a 2020-04-17 Streaming: Slow start fix from zlatinb
da9bfd48c 2020-04-17 Crypto: Disable speculative AES tagset usage
0bd3df6d9 2020-04-17 Make the new dropdown_hover.png look consistent on i2ptunnel, re-run javascript prettifier
0656abd10 2020-04-17 Add the missing dropdown_active.png image to the light theme
5299eb365 2020-04-17 Re-organize the I2PTunnel UI and, in javascript-enabled browsers, turn advanced options onto accordion-menus.
53eb0fe7f 2020-04-16 SusiDNS: Remove taglib declarations where not required
4cdaa1102 2020-04-16 Build: Reproducible build fix (ticket #2279)
e642d8e53 2020-04-16 i2psnark: Fix TrackerClient thread name
cc5f13fc5 2020-04-16 ElG/AES debug log tweaks
80f66113c 2020-04-16 i2psnark: Basic torrent file modification CLI
b3d5accca 2020-04-16 I2CP: Fix client notifier thread name
12ac06d5b 2020-04-16 i2psnark: Debug page tweaks
7b47d3f31 2020-04-14 Streaming: Fix slow start (ticket #2708) Reset retransmission timer after ack (ticket #2710) Minor cleanups to prep for additional changes Original analysis and patches from zlatinb
0d2dbcc8f 2020-04-14 Ratchet: Additional muxed decrypt fix
e2cc62a21 2020-04-14 Ratchet: Improve muxed decrypt Try tags for both ratchet and AES before DH for either Return empty CloveSet for ratchet errors after successful decrypt Don't corrupt data in ECIESEngine on NS/NSR failure, for subsequent ElG attempt Log tweaks
689b26102 2020-04-13 i2psnark: CSS tweaks
c989addad 2020-04-13 i2ptunnel: Allow comments in CLI command files
5e00bc651 2020-04-11 Streaming: Fix retransmission time (ticket #2709) Remove unneeded checks on RTO max/min Return new value from doubleRTO() (prep for ticket #2715)
828311a24 2020-04-10 Debian: Fix patch offsets Add ant target to validate patches
5976d4952 2020-04-10 Jetty: Add GzipHandler for eepsites on Jetty 9.3/9.4 (ticket #2599) by adding jetty-gzip.xml. JettyStart will copy the file and add it to the configuration list automatically. This does not affect standard installs which are still on 9.2; it's only for Debian installs. See also ticket #2098. Partial backport from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty93
80ae2ccea 2020-04-09 NTCP: Retain pending messages when replacing connection
370b7f112 2020-04-08 NetDB: Remove class M from auto-floodfill; only 1% of floodfills are class M, and on average they store 25% less leasesets than class N. Reverts change to add M in 2015.
26b90b9d1 2020-04-08 NTCP: More EnumSets
c8647fc3a 2020-04-08 i2psnark: Give peers preference to get their first pieces, to mitigate effects of large pieces and allow them to become interesting faster (ticket #2473)
3fa15824e 2020-04-08 Ratchet: TagSet cleanups Tag.toBase64() optimization Javadoc fixes
1752291ff 2020-04-07 Console: Fix disabling sidebar refresh 0 disables refresh on /configsidebar disable ajax if refresh disabled change refresh default to 15 sec
4edb9bbf7 2020-04-07 switch success notification icon with smaller version of icon, previous commit adds css ID's to table ID's on editclient
e88a58570 2020-04-07 switch success notification icon with smaller version of icon
928c0e9b9 2020-04-07 Graphs: Reduce rrd4j sync thread pool size disable pool if not persisting stop pool on shutdown
83a4f5f2f 2020-04-07 Transport: Hang the X25519 keygen thread off CommSystem so Ratchet can use it Don't start NTCP if neither 1 nor 2 is enabled
f54db66f7 2020-04-07 Console: Use same IPv6 checkmark for NTCP and SSU
f16981d84 2020-04-06 i2ptunnel: Unhide encryption type options
f6b5a2d49 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Simplify OB Session; there can be only one active OB TS Fix bugs handling of out-of-order nextkeys Expire unacked tagsets every time through Remore unused OB session methods
14b33a1e4 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Don't allocate space for tagset keys initially
c99adeeb6 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Use append() for keys too
b979a9790 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Use SparseArray.append() instead of put() for efficiency
916b296ee 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Expire unused tagsets sooner
f9f64a441 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Fix sorting for sessions on /debug
2482df712 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Decrypt ES messages in-place
f9d7cfa7e 2020-04-06 log level tweak
5229c0e81 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Replace session if NS received after 3 minutes Update lastUsed on NSR or first tag received
1ca9674f3 2020-04-06 RatchetSKM: Group debug output for IB tagsets by pubkey, not session key ElGamalSKM: Debug header change ElGamalAESEngine: Minor cleanups for efficiency
c77e41c59 2020-04-06 Ratchet: Next Key completion Fix NextSessionKey constructor with null data Fix handling of next keys Fix sending OB next keys Fix RatchetSessionTag.equals() for use in SKM Delete OB NSR tagset when adding OB ES tagset Log tweaks
8c4410277 2020-04-04 Ratchet: Next Key WIP, got first ratchet working Remove more ElG tag code from SKM
2ec9a4ab6 2020-04-03 PKF: Add support for addsubdomain
6b05acff8 2020-04-01 Ratchet: Next Key WIP
471b53698 2020-04-01 Ratchet: Validate NS datetime block; add NS key bloom filter
7404bdc4f 2020-03-31 NetDB: Add support for database lookup ratchet replies (proposal 154) Add support for ElG-encrypted database lookups and stores from ECIES-only destinations Add ratchet support to MessageWrapper Application-specific timeout for MessageWrapper-generated tags Refactor tunnel TestJob to use MessageWrapper Add ratchet support to TestJob TestJob cleanups
9307cc8a0 2020-03-31 Ratchet: Add support for database lookup replies (proposal 154)
6dd0b23c6 2020-03-30 Ratchet: Remove ID and DI from ACKREQ block Use callback != null to specify request for ack
97f002bfb 2020-03-30 minor optimization
22ca4d0e4 2020-03-30 Ratchet: GMB method to encrypt to a single key/tag for prop. 154
86fc6478f 2020-03-30 debug log tweak
dee92b529 2020-03-30 Ratchet: Updates - Prep for prop. 154 with SingleTagSet - Variable timeout for tagsets - Start cleaner sooner - Make key optional in next key block - HTML debug output improvement - log tweaks and javadocs
b19b529af 2020-03-29 Ratchet: Expire tags too far behind current one
0c4cf5d3c 2020-03-29 Ratchet: Add timeout job in OCMOSJ
eeb7ea4ca 2020-03-28 Ratchet: Acks and callbacks - Store callbacks and ES acks in OutboundSession - Calls from engine to SKM for callbacks and acks - Pass key ID and remote key back in SessionKeyAndNonce - Implmenent multiple acks in ACK block
23634afbc 2020-03-27 Ratchet: More updates - Reply callback from ratchet to OCMOSJ (ES TODO) - Store key ID in tagset (prep for next key) - Move debug tagset ID from engine to tagset - OCMOSJ minor cleanups
acf3abb19 2020-03-27 Ratchet: Updates - Modify NextKey, start of support (WIP) - Don't expect DSM reply to ECIES destinations - Debug setting to always sent ack request
c5435410b 2020-03-24 atomic
786d68ce9 2020-03-24 javadoc
0170ff233 2020-03-24 Blockfile: Add b32 to export output
a5c044805 2020-03-24 Graphs: Note restart required when changing persistence setting
7a1e2865f 2020-03-24 Graphs: Fix rrd4j deprecation warnings
0c19216c4 2020-03-24 Profiles: Remove unused ProfileManager.summarizePeers()
f2787a8df 2020-03-24 Profiles: Don't decay during first 90 minutes of uptime Change decay from .75 twice a day to .84 four times a day; approx. same overall decay in a day (.5) Parameterize decay variables for clarity Fix multiple NPEs in ProfileOrganizer CLI Other cleanups
7654a0af4 2020-03-24 Tunnels: Make new tunnel selection round-robin Remove one-second stickiness, as OCMOSJ caching does the job better http://zzz.i2p/topics/2454
5c1700c2a 2020-03-20 Ratchet: Make DI optional in ACK request Don't put ACK request in NS or NSR
6487fb051 2020-03-20 Tunnels: FragmentHandler cleanup (ticket #2699)
42fb3bb2e 2020-03-20 drop anoncoin from /home
f57876dc3 2020-03-20 merge of '996d0dc0db49250004a12cd4eb0374a477ff3617'      and 'ee72efae66f864d6e5ff42879055800bbbd44436'
0a7027dd9 2020-03-18 add 'ant bundle' target which generates a git bundle target iff the working copy is a git repository. Does not work with mtn clones.
1154d28be 2020-03-18 add a bundle target to ant that generates a current git bundle and corresponding torrent.
0e68df6ba 2020-03-17 i2psnark: Hide non-i2p trackers on details page
7707c4bb9 2020-03-15 Ratchet: Stub out ack and ack request blocks
56639fa7d 2020-03-07 Fix dead links and inconsistent links in the readme.html, slight expansion to browser configuration options.
f0a15d084 2020-03-05 change from textarea to input
de6cee8f6 2020-03-04 update default irc server list
8b075f26b 2020-03-01 Console: Fix wizard XHR initialization
5455820a7 2020-03-01 Console: Add security headers to XHR targets
d38c660c3 2020-03-01 Console, i2ptunnel: Hide temporary IPv6 addresses from bind options
3f629ce1a 2020-03-01 Console: Disable browser launch on /configclients when a service
29f9986f4 2020-02-29 i2ptunnel: Check for same interface before warning of dup port
d505a2fe7 2020-02-29 log level tweaks
3eb573295 2020-02-29 SusiDNS: Support adding b32's (ticket #2101)
0b9babab4 2020-02-29 Profiles: Limit average speed calculation to max high cap peers Make reorganize() methods pkg private
c190ddd6b 2020-02-28 typo
53118fa9c 2020-02-28 Console: Fix /viewlicense for Debian packages
8cf241f6d 2020-02-28 Debian: Remove fonts-dejavu as package recommendation, not needed for rrd4j with our patch
6774af691 2020-02-27 Systray: Don't attempt to launch browser when running as a service Console: Hide/show things on /configservice when running as a service Util: Add isWindowsService() and isService()
eb73f0aae 2020-02-26 Fixup rrd4j javadoc errors, tested with JDK 15 b11
0bec84a3b 2020-02-26 Profiles: Fix bug which caused speed values to be divided by 3 after being read from file Remove _isFailing field Minor cleanup Don't persist profiles when in vmCommSystem mode
75c2d24c4 2020-02-26 merge of '0279ae34b6386470db3de49cbb7dcbdc5629c575'      and '9100eed7ff963fd8a54ab922b65208cfd5fb15b3'
53e77df77 2020-02-26 Bump router version for osx build
326a85ea4 2020-02-25 Profiles: add to 'big countries' list, fix typo, thx drz
e567f7b46 2020-02-25 Build: jrobin.jar no longer depends on i2p.jar
ab28ee960 2020-02-25 Add missing parts of rrd4j 3.5 omitted from previous checkin (ticket #2684) Apache 2.0 and LGPLv2.1
88a4261b0 2020-02-25 Remove tagged string that was never translated anyway
e7a66659e 2020-02-25 OCMJH comment out unused code
44a935d08 2020-02-25 debug for ratchet
1e5414f74 2020-02-25 drop old tagged strings
357d400bc 2020-02-25 add install5.xml to release check
594f1c7f8 2020-02-25 Util: Add isRTL()
4a845f0b7 2020-02-25 checklist update
bc791f91a 2020-02-25 NetDB: Comment out unused FloodOnlySearchJob code
f938090d6 2020-02-25 NetDB: Don't send 'fake hash' for exploration any more, no longer required for compatibility, exploration option supported since 0.9.16
d9ea6b1f9 2020-02-25 rrd4j patch (ticket #2684) So that DejaVu fonts are not required in the classpath. We set the default font to Monospaced. All fonts are then set in SummaryRenderer.
5bed4a0d7 2020-02-25 Replace old jrobin with rrd4j 3.5 (ticket #2684) 2019-02-10 From https://github.com/rrd4j/rrd4j/releases Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Sasa Markovic and Ciaran Treanor. Copyright (c) 2011 The OpenNMS Group, Inc. Copyright 2011 The RRD4J Authors. Apache 2.0 and LGPLv2.1
4826bbd33 2020-02-24 debian files for .45
0540c76c5 2020-02-24 release build fix for non-pack200
f081e8842 2020-02-24 0.9.45
4030d0b42 2020-02-24 Installer: Restore i2plogo.bmp, required for launch4j standalone executable (ticket #2608)
c5f6c9a49 2020-02-22 Javadoc fixes after testing with JDK 14 build 36
403440bab 2020-02-21 bump for review
8ed7a029d 2020-02-21 more translations
ec6807cd2 2020-02-21 pull translations
226494028 2020-02-20 Update: Extend torrent update timeouts and limits for larger files (ticket #2693)
4bcd89682 2020-02-20 Build: Add non-pack200 release targets (ticket #2693) Update: Don't require pack200 for in-net update (ticket #2693)
2524a7a69 2020-02-20 GeoIP: Prefer more recent of mmdb or Debian files if we have both
2805388a4 2020-02-20 GeoIP: Add unknown and Kosovo country codes for db-ip.com (ticket #2692) https://db-ip.com/faq.php
631a082eb 2020-02-20 Util: Change GeoIP update script to use db-ip.com (ticket #2692)
24b98b86c 2020-02-19 update BuildTime
5ee903765 2020-02-18 Util: Improve LookupDest CLI, add to CommandLine
c0db50ed0 2020-02-17 Debian: Remove GzipFilter in base-context.xml, does nothing with Jetty 9.4 (ticket #2599)
3403ea3b5 2020-02-17 Install: Remove commented-out GzipFilter in cgi-context.xml, it will never work, to be replaced with GzipHandler
daf595ab7 2020-02-17 i2psnark: Revert API changes that broke i2psnark-rpc plugin compile-tested only
fd958df11 2020-02-15 Console: Fix jump-to-section on /stats
dd794ceee 2020-02-15 NTCP: Remove closed connections from write queue (ticket #2686)
c19a63c6a 2020-02-14 increase max share ratio
84bea6438 2020-02-12 poupdate source
d3bd2ce19 2020-02-12 I2PTunnel, I2CP: Place ECIES first in LS2 Data: Add debug code to ignore LS2 key order
e82f420ee 2020-02-12 Remove TODO comment, already fixed
a035901f0 2020-02-12 console: /netdb margin fix
e73ddb548 2020-02-12 i2ptunnel: Change default sig type to Ed for non-shared HTTP client
fd87c609f 2020-02-11 Reseed: Remove download.xxlspeed.com
17060c010 2020-02-11 Stats: 4 stats no longer required (thx drzed)
fe16ccb43 2020-02-10 Transport: Mark yggdrasil IPv6 prefix as not routable Minor cleanup of the checking code
a46100bde 2020-02-09 I2CP: I2CPMessageHandlerMap cleanup
0478ac75e 2020-02-09 Console: Show local tunnel status as green if any leases are valid
d42235486 2020-02-09 update string as requested for translatability
dd3dbbf7f 2020-02-05 SSU: Skip down interfaces when looking for MTU, handle bad values better
efe85cc30 2020-02-05 resources/installer/i2plogo.png is CC-BY-3.0 US(ura), license is in licenses
0b3e6acb9 2020-02-04 undo systemd unit change until I've tested it better, it was checked in by accident
aa6c21812 2020-02-03 Shrink izpack installer logo
033c37f4a 2020-02-03 Shrink izpack installer logo
e7ddee550 2020-02-03 Graphs: Add stat for render time (ticket #2684)
f8283c04c 2020-02-03 Console: Fix redirect to /graphs when clicking stop/restart on /graph
0f7bcbf4b 2020-02-03 Graphs: Clean up font setting, fix bugs (ticket #2684) Unit font now monospaced on Linux and Mac as intended Don't set Droid Sans font, not present in any platform by default Fix font scaling for Japanese Detect more RTL languages Make fonts configurable
c4fce448c 2020-01-31 Use the new icon in the installer
c4c75c0ce 2020-01-27 javadoc fix
2988e58cb 2020-01-27 merge of '33d6437ea30f37b47795bc9e443064a00d297266'      and 'd264b4d7a1ab4e8fc4b510285f0ff30e26a27ca3'
21ae51810 2020-01-26 new images are under the Feather(MIT) license,         installer/resources/themes/console/images/console/{light,dark}/console_status_running.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/console_status_stopped.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/console_status_starting.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/title_window.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/local_down.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/local_up.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/local_inprogress.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_ok.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_hidden.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_firewalled.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_warning.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_testing.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_error.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_clockskew.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/network_vm.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/rejecting.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/accepting.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/network_status/rejecting_hidden.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/errortriangle.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/warning.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/warn.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/infowarn.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/info/infohelp.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/infowarn.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/infohelp.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/confirmed.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/help.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/favicon.ico         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/favicon.ico         installer/resources/themes/console/images/inbound.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/outbound.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/folder.png         installer/resources/themes/console/images/cursor_zoom.png         installer/resources/themes/console/{light,dark}/newsbullet_mini.png
8bebb884c 2020-01-26 Console: Fix light theme sidebar bandwidth graph
440126520 2020-01-26 Tunnels: Don't test ECIES-only tunnels
094613b8d 2020-01-25 fix some issues with fonts and narrowness in light and dark themes, revise some icon choices on both themes
6e38cce14 2020-01-25 merge of '1dd202cbab5db44efb071d2b37c26b0fe8822b21'      and '692f541c9c3da4e376de3e3d8dbccff5bf33dc45'
9c626a07c 2020-01-24 Adding two new reseed hosts, hosted by me.
80db2faeb 2020-01-24 Check in the undraw bell for the news notification, make the dark theme logo purple with a darker shadow to match the theme
b31eb3f53 2020-01-24 Change the color and size of the new square logo, remove background setters in mobile css for router console since they aren't needed anymore
b572a330e 2020-01-24 improve the consistency of the icons used throughout both the themes, round off buttons on light CSS theme, new favicon, bigger logo, don't fix sidebar height to 36px
98f7f3086 2020-01-22 SSU: Use same valid IP criteria for sending relay request as for receiving relay response
23d24a48b 2020-01-21 SU3File: Add date output to CLI Bump -5 for previous Ratchet Elligator2 change
064e4046a 2020-01-21 Ratchet (proposal 144): - Randomize high two bits of Elligator2 encoding (incompatible change) - Fix NPE in RatchetTagSet.toString() - Use zeros for padding block - Add more debug logging
50c86147b 2020-01-16 Fix some uncaught stuff in the new dark CSS theme
3c9e78bd7 2020-01-15 i2ptunnel: Fix NPE if no config file
f65cfbf92 2020-01-11 SSU: Extend timeout for msgs with multiple fragments (ticket #2640)
4ad4e579d 2020-01-09 round button borders on /help
1f6b3c110 2020-01-08 round off the remaining icons from the susimail light theme, fix some css issues from the dark theme
a2a646e1f 2020-01-08 i2psnark: Support "preview" HTML5 play for partial files
ea05af42f 2020-01-08 Jetty 9.2.29.v20191105, Tomcat 8.5.50
520faf477 2020-01-07 icon consistency dark theme
cf2a4ba05 2020-01-07 fixed non-rounded icons on susimail menus
1a0b25a6e 2020-01-03 Console: Don't refresh bw graph with js unless enclosing summary bar refresh time is longer
23598ab01 2020-01-03 Console: Add hellips to restart messages
7ac189696 2020-01-03 Console: Remove scroll-in-scroll for wrapper logs
ecdccac37 2020-01-03 Console: Refactor the configstats js Don't toggle the full stats box with toggle-all
e865f451c 2020-01-03 i2psnark: CSS tweaks so the refresh isn't as glitchy Reduce default refresh to 15 sec bye whippy
3d80f0122 2020-01-03 merge of '93f632609768276d0eccf0e9f518436ec83dfa57'      and '9908ac36a27905f02e28e8db9f93a32777fe9c62'
0a34f3d5d 2020-01-03 Tests: Drop empty unit test files
b58829745 2020-01-03 delete two excessive background rules
b524e9188 2020-01-03 add license info to checkin
29f8fec91 2020-01-03 big CSS update across all dark-theme apps and susimail light-theme
09d31cb10 2020-01-02 Util: Add https redirect support to EepGet and SSLEepGet Add https support to EepGet CLI
fa9f60bcd 2019-12-25 Console, webapps: CSP improvements i2ptunnel, susidns: Add headers.jsi Console: Remove onload and use nonce for inline scripts where able Version remaining js links
63b48e30b 2019-12-24 Console: Banlist and sidebar CSS tweaks
e714e7082 2019-12-24 Console: Don't show a temporary IP ban if it's permanently banned also
9966c40d2 2019-12-24 checklist update
9dbec9fbb 2019-12-24 drop unused flag
aa472feea 2019-12-24 i2ptunnel: Double default conn. and POST limits
c7a658448 2019-12-24 snark: psi's open tracker is back
ae994e323 2019-12-21 Console: Fix displayed name when installing new plugin
fcd8a3ae6 2019-12-21 i2psnark: Fix autostart for torrent files copied into the dir Use Collator for case-insensitive sort Use Exception.getLocalizedMessage() Prevent duplicate torrent starts Don't write debug info to wrapper log Increase max piece size Navbar cleanup
ccaf4ce4b 2019-12-21 Console: Don't show 'Unresolved TCP address' error, NTCP2 addresses may have triggered it.
5772b7d9a 2019-12-20 NetDB: Randomize explore and refresh job delays
61ec10ff4 2019-12-20 I2CP: Don't throw exception on early internalConnect() ClientManager.isAlive() returns true even on port conflict Hide port conflict message in console
c3138793f 2019-12-20 SSU: Move statement affecting debug stats (ticket #2676)
c5904b080 2019-12-20 SSU: Reduce log level on packet size error (ticket #2675)
7d10ef7a1 2019-12-20 Add partial translations: bg, ca, cs, hi, hr, sq, sr
938410d68 2019-12-19 Console: poupdate to remove strings moved to core and router
dd0d84fec 2019-12-19 Router: Add a router strings bundle
b2aa649c2 2019-12-19 Build: Add encoding to all javac targets
74020ae5a 2019-12-19 CommSystem: Reduce IPv6 status thrashing
6f3cfd83c 2019-12-18 Router: Prep for a router strings bundle
10b8c92fd 2019-12-18 Proxy: Clean up links in error pages
520da9173 2019-12-17 Console: Get log level translations from core
d73fc85c3 2019-12-17 Move log level translations to core
4eca69858 2019-12-17 Fix ngettext in DataHelper to make TX happy
3fa3b69cb 2019-12-17 Fix ngettext in LogWriter
bf9446042 2019-12-17 Core: Move date/time/size translations from console to core, so apps can use them. Fix translation in LogWriter, was never included in console.
d05465295 2019-12-17 NetDB: Fixes for hidden routers losing peers (ticket #2673) Explore more aggressively, increase thresholds Explore with standard non-explore lookup if low on floodfills Run RefreshRoutersJob if low on floodfills Refactor SearchReplyJob to process all hashes at once Transport: Use NTCP and SSU equally if hidden
ad3c978c7 2019-12-16 Console: Partial az translation
3277ea485 2019-12-15 Console: Hide services sidebar section if empty Use Exception.getLocalizedMessage() everywhere HomeHelper javadoc
7b6e25db8 2019-12-15 Console: Fix Hebrew translation SusiMail: Add partial Hebrew translation
1974cc555 2019-12-14 Console: XML stats as attachments, not inline
9c534fda7 2019-12-14 Console: Stat group display names
a5efce883 2019-12-14 CoalesceStatsEvent: Add new known peers stat cleanups
619745422 2019-12-14 Console: Add Content-Disposition header to graphs
64e9e2aeb 2019-12-14 PeerManager: Add countPeersByCapability()
faf130cf3 2019-12-10 Elligator2 cleanups, thx orignal
831c1945a 2019-12-05 Fix build (missed one file)
26ecf364a 2019-12-04 drop unused icons
74b61a7ba 2019-12-04 Console: Sort advanced section after translation
d65208b91 2019-12-04 Console: Sort help section after translation
bf70a1520 2019-12-04 Console: Sort internals section after translation
3a3416d2a 2019-12-04 Console: Sort summary bar services section Simplify data structures in NavHelper Index NavHelper map by untranslated app name NavHelper cleanups
00667151d 2019-12-03 Console: Rework summary bar services section Move icon selection from CSS to code Use plugin-configured icon if available
a9abf3bab 2019-12-03 less code inside synch block
cad3c46ea 2019-12-03 OCMOSJ: Cancel timeout job on reply JobQueue: Improve removeJob()
9289a6daa 2019-12-03 NDT: Fix JSON encoding of extended login (ticket #2672) Disable middlebox and firewall tests Don't NPE if no middlebox test Change version to match measurement-kit Don't prefer IPv6, it is unreliable Disable SSL by default, unreliable Add 30s timeout to initial handshake to prevent long hangs on SSL
f2f29d6a6 2019-12-02 merge of '2c002e114a71d2110b0c2313843dd3b41aa9a5f4'      and '87ba4083f66afda026363d0d844d0fa8e7486312'
3e888f893 2019-12-02 merge of '5a9a93d4878eb2e2757a350fa1b2b799745e7c1d'      and 'd00191a61a9b395dee95cfbc02f6e38664eb3d50'
cbccba8dc 2019-12-02 Changes for OSX launcher with the 0.9.44 router.
7cfc16ca3 2019-12-02 NDT: Prevent NPE on JSON parse of bad/empty input (ticket #2672)
f7a2d23f1 2019-12-02 NetDbRenderer debug log cleanup
31e8ff8f4 2019-12-02 Update manager: Notify GeoIP type and file version
3a7ee4f21 2019-12-02 Console: Move restart status up in summary bar Process restart status first regardless of display order
cc3c2d4d1 2019-12-02 misc. minor cleanups
11d89e248 2019-12-02 i2psnark HTML5 minor cleanups
2bb94bea8 2019-12-01 Debian changelogs for 0.9.44
2bfd421b1 2019-12-01 0.9.44
4c9c83231 2019-12-01 CSS tweaks after review
32044f168 2019-11-30 bump
51f7348d8 2019-11-30 pull translations
ae345cfb8 2019-11-30 SusiDNS and router console css nits
52edc3527 2019-11-30 SusiDNS and router console css nits
d5bc948bb 2019-11-30 fix css indentations
86ff3420b 2019-11-30 Tab-Menu Layout Changes, color updates to the light theme, new icons, highlight active page in susidns
6b0e3750c 2019-11-29 Add more partial Persian translations, add to config page
600c68114 2019-11-27 misc updates: GeoIP, BuildTime, checklist, blocklist
e1189b9c9 2019-11-25 i2psnark: Error messages take 2
9feeb76d6 2019-11-25 i2psnark: Add thebland back as default also
9f02b27c4 2019-11-24 i2psnark: Error message improvements
345cdd3eb 2019-11-24 Debian: Add apparmor support for Java 11 (Github PR #19)
def1e2ec6 2019-11-24 i2psnark: Restore tracker.thebland.i2p
62c9ae67d 2019-11-24 new translations
10b756b72 2019-11-24 poupdate-source
bf9d136a2 2019-11-24 readme edits
9ffd71e0b 2019-11-23 Settle on strings for new categories on the router console home page
6fa13313f 2019-11-23 Tunnel building:    - Don't count zero-hop tunnels as part of the pool when building    - Don't build more than one zero-hop tunnel in a pool    - Assume high build failure rate for new installs    - Reduce threshold for tunnel length override
27fa99178 2019-11-22 Remove dead reseed
09f6429b5 2019-11-21 update javadoc
252a7972a 2019-11-21 only load a file filter definition if the definition has been modified since the last load
131ebc4d5 2019-11-21 do not write to disk if there are no new breaches #2666
4e81e48d6 2019-11-21 Use "Base32" and "Base64" consistently in strings Update clearnet user-agent to match TBB
7b391fa17 2019-11-20 I2CP: Don't put ECIES first in LS2
5e67f4232 2019-11-20 I2CP: Prevent an uncaught OCMOSJ exception from killing the session
398b4cead 2019-11-17 SSU: Lower ACKSender log level (ticket #2651)
03f4624f9 2019-11-16 Transport: Save IPv6 firewalled state across restarts (ticket #2175) Use EnumSets in UDPTransport
79334afcb 2019-11-15 Console: Fix plugin icon-code images
c711d4883 2019-11-15 Console: Hide more SSU peer info unless advanced
394db0b30 2019-11-15 SSU: Remove redundant field (ticket #2659)
8bb1347e6 2019-11-15 i2psnark: Don't start tunnels when autostart enabled but no torrents set to autostart (ticket #2662) Remove trackers apparently down Don't show flv with HTML5 Another escape fix
e22810fd9 2019-11-15 SSU minor cleanups
8218d5587 2019-11-14 SSU: Fix log value (ticket #2652)
652b75a74 2019-11-14 Transport: Remove unused currentReceiveSecond (ticket #2661)
620917cd7 2019-11-14 Transport: Fixes for IPv6 firewalled logic (ticket #2175)
b8ed77da9 2019-11-13 Consolidate I2CP property definitions
65b3cdbb1 2019-11-13 Console: Hide buttons on /configkeyring if no entries
cecf25570 2019-11-13 i2ptunnel: Don't delay after ConnectException if stopped (fixes zzzot stop delay)
a854ccee6 2019-11-13 remove plugins link
6e2ad50e1 2019-11-12 i2psnark: Disable HTML5 for playlist files Another escaping fix
fdb3c68d3 2019-11-12 cleanup
d2e210979 2019-11-12 Router: Shutdown ECIES engine
9f0c3ee34 2019-11-12 Debian: Fixup patch to match wrapper.config change
725509fe5 2019-11-12 i2psnark: Exclude some video types from HTML5
13318a12d 2019-11-12 Console: Fix NPE on bad input
e8bf2ee30 2019-11-12 i2psnark: Audio playlist support Add HTML5 player for single-file torrents
eda91af7c 2019-11-11 pick a better icon for hidden services manager, improve some text, and hide some of the stuff in /monitoring
9ddb655a8 2019-11-11 KeyGenerator: Use new PrivateKey constructor to cache pubkey Clear cached public key on private key destroy()
9d46a5d83 2019-11-11 Router: Set default sig type to EdDSA for Android
f7471713d 2019-11-11 Re-categorize items from /home and introduce 2 new categories. Make them configurable on /confighome
b5d7f3e46 2019-11-09 only declare one string for determining appdata, use old roaming appdata if it is present.
7b53b0d3a 2019-11-09 leave roaming appdir installs that already exist alone
ff293d50a 2019-11-08 introduce divs to allow selecting buttons on /home by category
552100da1 2019-11-08 i2psnark: More playlist mime types
a2b23f96e 2019-11-08 i2psnark: HTML5 on details page
14499c299 2019-11-08 i2psnark: Playlist mime type
dfc533b6e 2019-11-08 i2psnark: Another escaping fix
2738b3d29 2019-11-08 i2psnark: Increase progress bar size again
07b7ab426 2019-11-06 Ratchet: Hook in MuxedEngine decrypt
b7f6cfbf4 2019-11-05 Ratchet: Replace old session if new NS received Log tweaks
ebc8dbe94 2019-11-05 Ratchet: Increase tagset sizes fix compile error
01d6cea01 2019-11-05 Ratchet: Simplify lookup of OB session from IB NSR
160bcd7da 2019-11-05 MV log tweaks
bc4097829 2019-11-05 Router: No longer check the clove ID in the Bloom filter, just check the expiration. The Clove ID is just another random number, and the message ID in the clove will be checked in the Bloom filter; that is sufficient. Checking the clove ID as well just doubles the number of entries in the Bloom filter, doubling the number of false positives over what is expected. For ECIES-Ratchet, the clove ID is set to the message ID after decryption, as there is no longer a separate field for the clove ID in the transmission format.
656dd4227 2019-11-05 Ratchet: Prep for next key
4d1d11d1d 2019-11-05 Ratchet: Bob transition to ES Store PK in RTS New RST constructor Log tweaks (lots)
3ae5b90c9 2019-11-04 Ratchet: Expire pending outbound Prep for Bob transition to ES Log tweaks
2846c33b4 2019-11-03 Ratchet: Debug page fixes
b5f6c58a0 2019-11-03 Ratchet: Implement expiration Store creation and last-used in tagset Catch all decrypt/encrypt exceptions Debug page improvements
3ba48fda8 2019-11-02 Ratchet: Track pending sessions Transition from NSR to ES HandshakeState.clone() fix for multiple NSRs Add tagset ID numbers Debug logging
7c4569816 2019-11-01 Ratchet: NSR send/recv fixes
0cd8073f3 2019-11-01 Ratchet: WIP on NSR send/recv
71411be6d 2019-10-31 Ratchet: Changes to match current proposal 144 Pass CloveSet to/from ECIESEngine
a51ee8e74 2019-10-30 findbugs all over
371908146 2019-10-30 Build: More findbugs source paths
2216a5814 2019-10-29 I2NP: Javadoc fixes Improve DataMessage.toString()
dc29525e5 2019-10-28 Console: Remove theme choice objects on /configui so we don't get snakes with noscript (thx drz3d)
e5163c6ee 2019-10-27 Set autobits to false in wrapper.config. See #2299
c5db5f0de 2019-10-27 Fix runplain.sh for OSX. See #2299
3d75b3dc3 2019-10-27 OCMOSJ: Keep bundling LS until acked log tweaks
591b994b7 2019-10-27 OCMOSJ: Bundle unwrapped ack with LS for ratchet dest
135e9ad31 2019-10-27 NetDB: Don't send encrypted lookup reply to ratchet dest
eee9e47ca 2019-10-25 Transport: Publish IPv6 address on transition to non-firewalled (ticket #2175)
df6465f80 2019-10-25 TestJob: Remove unused wrappedKey param from buildMessage()
0c256d30c 2019-10-25 OCMOSJ: Select target key in LS based on local client's support Hook new SKMs and ending into Garlic Message encryption/decryption Remove unused wrappedKey param from buildMessage() Log tweaks and javadoc fixes WIP
43c93bcee 2019-10-25 I2CP: Set client SKM based on configured encryption
f021abcae 2019-10-24 Crypto: Add ECIES Engine to context
7b28640e9 2019-10-24 Crypto: Ratchet and Muxed SKMs and Engines (WIP)
6a47319b6 2019-10-24 Crypto: SessionTagListener for RatchetTagSet
ee4667895 2019-10-24 Crypto: RatchetTagSet using SparseArray
8c498069d 2019-10-24 Crypto: SparseArray mods Remove AOSP dependencies Remove unneeded code Javadoc fixes
738921656 2019-10-24 Crypto: SparseArray from AOSP Latest as pulled from android.googlesource.com Copyright (C) 2006 The Android Open Source Project Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 Unmodified, as reference for future merges, will not compile, mods to follow
129e474ec 2019-10-23 I2CP: Add config to disable loopback for testing
3ed8620e5 2019-10-23 I2CP: Fix error message for config errors (ticket #2639)
436a8b872 2019-10-23 Router: Register all LS2 keys with KeyManager
5d8871c17 2019-10-23 NetDb: Don't try to garlic encrypt netdb messages with a ECIES key
d84fc4f0c 2019-10-23 Data: Add LeaseSet methods to get encryption key by type
2c2f90089 2019-10-23 Crypto: Noise modifications to support ratchet: - Add IK support - Add generic key factory support - Add method to get ephemeral key - Add method to get encoded ephemeral key - Add clone() support - Add back ChaCha debug support
236354e5a 2019-10-23 Crypto: Base classes for ECIES-Ratchet (proposal 144)
aa3d2f39b 2019-10-23 Router: Fix logic error in check for local destinations
fb67ebb38 2019-10-23 Crypto: New KeyFactory interface
a9d4798bf 2019-10-23 Data: Cache public key in private key class
8484a22fc 2019-10-23 Router: Add KeyManager support for multiple leaseset private keys
0f7ebf2f7 2019-10-23 Crypto: Don't zero-fill arrays already initialized
db37745a1 2019-10-23 i2ptunnel: Add encrytion type selection to form
b12e7214c 2019-10-23 Build: Make 3 release targets, with jbigi/geoip/neither
079d46462 2019-10-23 Startup: clients.config.d files must have a ".config" suffix
6dd2e9bb6 2019-10-23 fix comment
413eb7d0e 2019-10-23 Console: Consolidate 'selected' strings
68a03b835 2019-10-23 Data: Reduce SessionTag size by flattening class
eef6c5cb3 2019-10-23 Build: Recognize gettext 0.20
652f9bb6a 2019-10-22 Debian/Ubuntu updates for 0.9.43
ab7b85cc1 2019-10-21 0.9.43
2335f547f 2019-10-21 add new man pages to debian
701f77703 2019-10-18 bump for review
77259293a 2019-10-18 Maxmind GeoIP 2019-10-15
4e231b26c 2019-10-18 I2CP: Remove pre-43 test code for BlindingInfo
9889d1adc 2019-10-18 Console: changed headers and app colours on /home, headers in sidebar, news, and /console. patch from sadie
2377b1add 2019-10-18 remove unused image from bandwidth wizard
47aa6101d 2019-10-18 New zh_TW translations for desktopgui and i2psnark New ro man pages Fix ru man page error New transifex translation of zh readme
7161785c5 2019-10-18 pull translations from transifex
2ca9fe205 2019-10-18 fix html error
1095a140d 2019-10-16 Util: Fix eepget -p :port
0485e690c 2019-10-15 fix some colors and some padding in the new bandwidth wizard
20103957a 2019-10-13 remove unused 48x48 flags from the installer package
967085809 2019-10-13 SessionIdleTimer log level reduction
2bc8d5847 2019-10-12 fix the trailing whitespace added by my IDE
70fd0c6f6 2019-10-12 Tests: Disable NTP in context for unit tests
2b1a7015e 2019-10-12 poupdate-source after spelling fix
e8404a75f 2019-10-12 spelling fix
05c30b4f1 2019-10-12 NTCP: Performance improvement (tickets #2619, #2620)
29eabc470 2019-10-11 TCG javadoc notes for android
049b34f7c 2019-10-10 Console: Fix mime type and encoding on javadoc pages
31f2c51e7 2019-10-09 poupdate-source
71cc55fa7 2019-10-09 langbox tweaks
68a65d5ca 2019-10-09 fix tooltips on new gear links, shrink them down a little bit
e4c5c4862 2019-10-08 Improve accuracy of TunnelControllerGroup message
cb2544157 2019-10-08 fix erroneous log message in TunnelControllerGroup, replace language flags with a link to configui instead
612bdda28 2019-10-08 build.xml comment
db5dd6a62 2019-10-06 I2NP: Remove unused I2NPMessageHandler methods
16db73b09 2019-10-05 Improve bandwidth wizard CSS on narrow browser windows
c259abc82 2019-10-05 remove metadata from undraw assets
99b33fabe 2019-10-05 regular-ize image sizes, make spacing more similar between dark and light themes of bwwizard, fix some background stuff
81133a1a9 2019-10-04 undo absolute positioning of messages
9b3380cef 2019-10-04 check in undraw license
87ba8577e 2019-10-04 fix css leaking from new bandwidth wizard to main router console in light mode. Images for new bandwidth wizard(installer/resources/themes/console/images/wizard/*.png) under the UnDraw license, which is in (licenses/LICENSE-undraw.txt). Make font size consistent on bandwidth page in light mode.
aca561793 2019-10-03 i2psnark: Start with minimum tunnel count (ticket #2623)
e44a7c505 2019-10-03 modern-styled bandwidth configuration menu
142508c87 2019-10-02 configkeyring html fixes
788e04193 2019-10-02 Installer: Clean up old hosts.txt entries see http://zzz.i2p/topics/2778
3563fdf9e 2019-10-02 Console: Add date columns on /configkeyring
ea8ac884f 2019-10-02 i2ptunnel: Results page after generating LS2 DH key
bf33e8432 2019-10-02 CSS -ms-user-select for IE 10 https://www.w3schools.com/csSref/css3_pr_user-select.asp
18ed1a6bb 2019-10-01 PortMapper: Fix URL generation for IPv6 hosts Console: Remove i2pwiki.i2p (ticket #2626)
830e08065 2019-09-30 spelling
c1722a9f8 2019-09-30 i2psnark: Log more cases where torrent file gets renamed (followup to changes for ticket #2291)
e5475bc22 2019-09-30 i2psnark: Recognize more ebook file suffixes
d81bf6a41 2019-09-29 Re-added  -notimestamp for javadoc
3710ff9aa 2019-09-28 javadoc fixes
679aa1afa 2019-09-27 Revert javadoc thingy that didn't work.
320569ef7 2019-09-21 Tomcat 8.5.46
4f0d76454 2019-09-19 i2ptunnel: Support quoting for custom options (ticket #2603) This also allows closing of ticket #2163.
a768afe05 2019-09-18 i2psnark: Fix breakage of error tables
d15e06812 2019-09-18 i2psnark: Details page cleanups part 2
c1431565e 2019-09-18 i2psnark: Details page cleanups
2b6cb2099 2019-09-18 I2CP: More BlindingInfo serialization fixes Shorten lookup timeout on router side so the client gets the reply before timeout
f9a2193e2 2019-09-17 i2ptunnel: New CLI BlindingInfo test I2CP: Fix BlindingInfo serialization
0d325d5a2 2019-09-17 i2ptunnel: Interstitial after auth save form
520da24e0 2019-09-17 i2ptunnel: Improve query parsing in local HTTP server, as required for b64 keys in form
69638caa7 2019-09-17 i2ptunnel: B32 auth form improvements
62914d767 2019-09-17 i2ptunnel: Remove streamr, connect, and httpbidir from wizard Don't override defaults in wizard
94c96b09e 2019-09-17 Router: Implement expiration for BlindData entries
0c2a8e924 2019-09-17 Util: Add sigtype/enctype help to PKF remove dead code from SU3File help
67cd6409a 2019-09-14 EepHead: Don't output null values in CLI
65d0ea3f0 2019-09-14 i2ptunnel: Fix SSL wizard for split config (ticket #2610)
f1b725a32 2019-09-14 Util: Don't attempt to load hidden cert files (ticket #2622)
9e39cbe50 2019-09-14 reseed: Fix adding netid param (ticket #2621)
8d104f7fe 2019-09-12 i2ptunnel: New form for blinding info (WIP)
e66d64d89 2019-09-12 comment out debug log
9d28b17a0 2019-09-12 I2CP: Don't return dest for a b33 lookup if we don't have the required auth or secret
43f055ec2 2019-09-12 I2CP BlindingInfo fixes
b4a5cc07c 2019-09-10 i2ptunnel: New b32 error page Do basic b32 checks before looking up with session Util: Fix AIOOBE on bad input to base 32 decode log tweaks b33 decode error message tweaks
479461ab3 2019-09-10 I2CP: New Blinding Info message (proposal 123) client- and router-side support new session lookupDest2() method return new b33 failure codes from lookup show b33 alternates in tools stub out support in HTTP client
c99a42f0b 2019-09-09 I2CP: Write single byte directly
65698aa0d 2019-09-08 remove unnecessary buffers
7f75d0254 2019-09-08 Transport: Don't automatically transition from firewalled to non-firewalled when IPv6 address changes
331ecf062 2019-09-08 Transport: Prefer temporary IPv6 addresses when in laptop mode
32d420e76 2019-09-08 GeoIP: Also use saved IPv6 address for local router lookup
ee5a22be2 2019-09-08 Console: Case-insensitive sort for plugins
b51962aea 2019-09-07 Jetty: Support annotation scanning of plugins for Servlet 3.0 @WebServlet Requires 4 jars not yet bundled:  asm.jar  javax-annotations-api.jar  jetty-annotations.jar  jetty-plus.jar
e73640bb8 2019-09-07 Debian: revert allowing JRE 8
92515179e 2019-09-07 javadocs
c5f126c19 2019-09-07 log tweaks
bb88555a6 2019-09-07 Transport: Detect IPv6 address changes Use same IPv6 address as previous if still valid Log tweaks
e03a94647 2019-09-07 Console: Fix first row of version info not selectable (ticket #2615)
8eda9abab 2019-09-07 Util: Fix time zone for formatted time/date
aed6d433c 2019-09-06 Transports: Remove IPv6 addresses on transition to IPv6 firewalled log tweaks
71376d53c 2019-09-04 fix spacing on help page
9a84f77fa 2019-09-04 Add Romanian eepsite help page
2590fd825 2019-09-04 Debian: Allow recent JREs require Jetty 9.4 or higher
ea3bddbcd 2019-09-04 i2psnark: un-rotate magnet icon
d04f0dae3 2019-09-04 SusiMail: Show "to" rather than "from" in sent and drafts folder (ticket #2571) Fix sort links going to wrong folder
3504bddea 2019-09-04 SSU: Don't mark peer unreachable if it reports we have a bad port, as it could be due to the NAT external port range (ticket #2467) Add log message
b3a5f1f8c 2019-09-03 SSU: Fix IPv6 peer test not firing more debug logging
0f2f7e245 2019-09-03 Utils: Fix SAN verification for IPv6 hostnames Add Quad9 DoH servers Change Google DoH server hostname
b119d0be4 2019-09-03 Tunnels: Use context AES for hop processing and related cleanups
566221b73 2019-09-02 Tests: Fix InboundTest so it can be run without a real router
81ab35abe 2019-09-02 Tests: Fix broken OutboundTest never worked - didn't check result, processed own config
b2e37243a 2019-09-02 i2psnark: CSS fixes - increase progress bar size don't justify comments
a6e3621c0 2019-08-30 Util: Consolidate and standardize date/time formatting (ticket #2016)
96d8385f4 2019-08-29 bump
912d25b77 2019-08-29 Data: Mark Destination method that doesn't support sigtypes as deprecated
55cdd8101 2019-08-29 Transport: UPnP HTML output fix
a1c18fd0a 2019-08-29 Transport: Tweak log levels
5f3da69ac 2019-08-29 Router: Job Queue cleanups and javadocs (ticket #2590)
e6dcfaee1 2019-08-29 Transport: Move I2PHMac to ssu package Remove Mac interface
f724b2208 2019-08-29 i2psnark: Drop debug icon
89b70895d 2019-08-29 Debian files for 0.9.42 checklist updates
cff2ae3ac 2019-08-28 Hotfix change to make 0.9.42 build on Mac OSX without disabling javadoc. (Since maven builds are built on OSX it's something that really should work fine)
ec0f8566b 2019-08-27 0.9.42
2ebe59436 2019-08-23 bump for review
dcf698360 2019-08-23 translated man page updates
1779202ff 2019-08-23 translation updates from Transifex
6483abe7c 2019-08-23 Transport: Add Turkey to hidden mode list
661856123 2019-08-22 Console: CSS updates from sadie
d8c9b0942 2019-08-20 Transport: add Kazakhstan to hidden mode list
9938e5052 2019-08-19 Tunnels: Remove timing calls unless for debug logging Log client in b32
232b7f30d 2019-08-19 Build: Fix javadoc errors with Oracle JDK Tested with 12.0.2
adba7e4c2 2019-08-19 update earliest time
764f89f5c 2019-08-19 MaxMind GeoIP 13-Aug-2019
87180e0e2 2019-08-19 SSU: Increase initial concurrent messages limit (ticket #2576) Add comments for ticket #2427
6789a735e 2019-08-18 fix typo
65eb9b17d 2019-08-18 fix checks for config parameters in TunnelControllerGroup constructor
64ba43c00 2019-08-18 Jetty: Log stack trace if 2nd arg is a Throwable (ticket #2592)
b2dec2f4b 2019-08-17 Tunnels: Clean up debug timing calls in preprocessor
789f48237 2019-08-17 Transports: Disable eph. key reuse
a667c36d2 2019-08-15 Tunnels: Reduce IBGW batching time (ticket #2586)
65e2132a2 2019-08-15 SSU: Reduce ACK time to 150 (ticket #2574)
5e76118ff 2019-08-14 po update source
131a70057 2019-08-14 Console: Clean up help text, tag for translation (ticket #2298)
21ace66a4 2019-08-10 Tests: Fix streaming integration tests after access filtering changes
459eb7fdc 2019-08-10 Tests: Unify core test resources across JUnit and ScalaTest
8586c28b5 2019-08-10 Travis CI: Use Trusty build environment
f32c863ba 2019-08-10 Tests: Temporarily mitigate discrepancy between Ant and Gradle in SingleFileNamingServiceTest
ee84e7e3e 2019-08-10 Tests: Fix compilation bug after SSU HMAC implementation move
cf4298f75 2019-08-10 Jetty: Fix Gradle build
13190931b 2019-08-10 EdDSA: Reduce diff between vendored code and upstream
08be6a4f4 2019-08-05 i2ptunnel: Add failsafe timeouts for local sockets (ticket #2568)
7f015c479 2019-08-05 i2ptunnel: Add configs to override user agent Not particularly helpful yet, because we don't have a way to quote or escape spaces in the custom options field.
7b46d4349 2019-08-05 update tooltip
a4bcff093 2019-08-05 Transports: Implement cross-network detection (proposal 147) Reseed: Send network ID in query string (proposal 147)
fb7b3c279 2019-08-04 Streaming: Reduce immediate ack delay (ticket #2584)
397bf4314 2019-08-04 i2psnark: Fix autostart to start only torrents running previously, save torrent running status on torrent stop when autostart is enabled, remove dup call to startTorrent() (ticket #2120)
49af26d95 2019-08-04 i2psnark: Add checks for dup data dirs (ticket #2291) Add two HashMaps for faster dup checks
0ce4811de 2019-08-04 SSU: Fix stall when higher-priority message is added to queue (ticket #2582)
d3e3ec4d3 2019-08-03 Transport: Allow local addresses when configured
8ed0dd2a5 2019-08-02 Router: Fix Bloom filter false positives caused by lack of sync around buffers. Use temp buffers instead. Most likely to affect high-bandwidth or testnet routers; appears to be rare on lower-bandwidth routers.
8158753da 2019-08-01 i2psnark: - Fix announce hosts of the form b64dest[.i2p] - Add last activity stat - Disallow illegal filenames on Windows - cleanups and log tweaks
e3481f673 2019-07-27 JBigI: GMP 6.1.2 for linux 64 bit (ticket #1869) Adds Broadwell and Skylake binaries Updates all other linux 64 bit binaries 32 bit libraries will not be updated Other OS 64 bit binaries may or may not follow at a later date
165beb3fb 2019-07-27 TCG: split config log tweaks and cleanups Fix warning about no tunnels loaded Add notes in config default files
5d367940d 2019-07-26 History for prop, -4
617294b7f 2019-07-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.confsplit' (head 324249e53469a81e66f9d1c1989d9f53817868f4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head cf6476e03a43a35fea6697b29f9ff43f77875100)
240d59393 2019-07-26 Debian: Change debian files from stretch (Jetty 9.2, Tomcat 8, Java 8) to buster (Jetty 9.4, Tomcat 9, Java 11) Add debian-alt/stretch files Update debian-alt/precise, trusty, xenial, bionic, disco to include  the changes from buster, not stretch Remove debian-alt/buster, unstable files Doc updates
6b94dc2db 2019-07-24 configclients: Only save files that have changed when in split config
3a0873c99 2019-07-23 streaming debug log tweak and notes on ID mismatch
72ef065ab 2019-07-23 log tweak
66ecdb2f7 2019-07-23 Data: Initial support for enc types in PrivateKeyFile and I2PSessionImpl CreateRouterInfoJob updates and cleanups; KeyCert updates
e2980603b 2019-07-23 Router: Checks for new enc types - Prevent encrypted lookups or stores - Prevent participting in our tunnels - Handle padding - Checks in crypto classes
885e0468b 2019-07-22 NetDB: Mark ls2 received via garlic as blinded if bit 2 set in flags
3bfbb6aef 2019-07-20 i2ptunnel: Store configFile path in controller so it doesn't change Simplify assureConfigFile() Sanitize tunnel name when creating config file name Sort config when saving Don't copy config when saving Make shouldMigrate() private Javadocs
365820172 2019-07-19 Console: Split up /help page, prep for translation (ticket #2298) (WIP) Summary bar -> sidebar Remove static translated help pages Add jsp for LICENSE.txt
d73058fd6 2019-07-19 Console: Remove links on /configclients
7374484cc 2019-07-18 Data: Set flag bit when blinded
7d4229aca 2019-07-18 use for(Properties props: tunnels) to migrate tunnels
41128f145 2019-07-17 remove redundant functions
61f45b3a3 2019-07-17 Remove un-needed imports
aaacb2e55 2019-07-17 Fix the configFile property so that removeControllers can work, fix cross-platform/un-migrated platform bugs, override equals so the list of controllers can remove a controller by passing the object
9c2dc47a8 2019-07-15 use .equals instead of ==
2db0a6542 2019-07-15 Save tunnel configs on tunnel creation, only save one config at a time.
fd781f489 2019-07-15 TCG: private/public method tweaks and revert API breakage remove loadSplitConfig() don't create empty file in assureConfigFile() throw exception on empty config locking fixes formatting cleanups @since fixes log tweaks
4a099854f 2019-07-13 Make sure listFiles returns i2ptunnel.config on un-migrated platforms, don't loop over loadControllers in startup()
ff379c36c 2019-07-13 NPE fix
d5970f17d 2019-07-13 more consistency fixes
595e43b8a 2019-07-13 fix the bug where it tries to migrate an already migrated config file, pass around files instead of strings, use the FileSuffixFilter, eliminate irrelevant code
6adc665fd 2019-07-12 Build: Move SSU HMAC implementation from core to router
1be569db7 2019-07-12 Test: Fix broken junit test build
63e75ed30 2019-07-11 increase max plugin size to 128 MB
6b990689c 2019-07-11 imagegen: Generate RGB QR code images re-enable font anti-aliasing scale font based on text and image size
3e48bf80f 2019-07-10 Add muwire.i2p to home page as approved at July 2 meeting icon: public domain
5341166e9 2019-07-09 NetDb: Pick alternate reply GW for netdb store reply if connected, to reduce connections
685088ccc 2019-07-09 NetDb: Fix NPE on store of Encrypted LS (ticket #2563)
7a6450513 2019-07-04 Console: Hide netdb RI and LS tabs (ticket #2558)
df223af23 2019-07-03 debian files for 0.9.41
8d74a196c 2019-07-03 debian release build fix 2
26d74620a 2019-07-03 debian release build fix
e45836119 2019-07-03 Fix bad reversion 0.9.41
fea35512a 2019-06-28 bump for review
d5dda7374 2019-06-28 Add Romanian readme.html
86fd8ce39 2019-06-28 Add Farsi translations for i2psnark and i2ptunnel Add eepsite help translations for Polish and Portuguese Fix Dutch eepsite help that had wrong language in it, instalsler/r checkin last weekocroot/help/index_nl.html
e24333206 2019-06-28 pull translations
0231d5eec 2019-06-27 merge of '35e9236c690ee69648566ad3a2b43ec6560570a7'      and 'f1938ed516f15ce07b8f4f4fc6338eac16a45b89'
258aea136 2019-06-27 remove outproxy
44e1b6058 2019-06-27 Add ability to set custom LogManager
051e18f9c 2019-06-27 Console: New network status icons from Sadie Source: https://github.com/feathericons/feather Feather is licensed under the MIT License. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/feathericons/feather/master/LICENSE
a66fb815a 2019-06-27 Console: New dark theme logo Created under contract to I2P by Ura Design https://ura.design/projects/i2p Copyright (c) 2019 The Invisible Internet Project. All rights reserved. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
3e8386382 2019-06-26 Transport: Fix issues with leaving hidden mode (ticket #2557) Lookup our IP even if not in our RI Lookup IPv6 addresses detected in UDP Javadocs
87109c8fe 2019-06-25 imagegen: Catch render error (ticket #2507)
7ecee9dfd 2019-06-25 Streaming: Increase size of recently-closed cache
9dc24d5f2 2019-06-25 Router: Disable MessageHistory job on Android
e6b5fc8fd 2019-06-25 I2CP: One more HostReply return code
b52e8d6b5 2019-06-25 I2CP: Prevent sending message to a local meta destination
ce6551dac 2019-06-25 log tweak
f7d785b6d 2019-06-25 log fix
27e060eee 2019-06-25 comment fixes
cf1c1bb3f 2019-06-25 encrypted ls2 test tweaks
85a2c9026 2019-06-25 KeyGen test tweaks
d084f9350 2019-06-25 test code
8433f658f 2019-06-25 Streaming: Check that destinations match
2cdb86fa1 2019-06-25 Use checked sort
d8e06a0d1 2019-06-24 Deprecate unused StatLog
c1418a1c2 2019-06-24 StatManager cleanup and synch BuildTime update Make clock.skew stat non-required
b99f239f3 2019-06-22 I2CP: Ensure that callbacks are called on abnormal close throw IAE on invalid listener protocol/port log tweaks
1a030c3f9 2019-06-22 Console: New unthemed and light theme logo Created under contract to I2P by Ura Design https://ura.design/projects/i2p Copyright (c) 2019 The Invisible Internet Project. All rights reserved. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
41e9bfc6b 2019-06-22 Console: Remove home page entries
f40655fc2 2019-06-21 Console: New icons from Sadie Source: https://github.com/feathericons/feather Feather is licensed under the MIT License. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/feathericons/feather/master/LICENSE
845e5ed37 2019-06-21 missed one
019c3171c 2019-06-21 Update hidden mode list using the Freedom in the World Index 2019 https://freedomhouse.org/report/countries-world-freedom-2019
93a3f0997 2019-06-19 poupdate-source
51457bd87 2019-06-18 Remove atomike reseed and cert Add backup plugin cert Add log for one case where no valid RIs found in reseed
ebe95fc57 2019-06-18 i2ptunnel: Improve logging when no outproxy configured (ticket #2338)
6d8431a77 2019-06-17 I2CP: Use EnumSets for state checking
a8f274516 2019-06-17 Router: Don't check for ping file at startup on Android
61cdc7c7d 2019-06-17 Console: Hide news section in summary bar if news fetching is disabled, or if empty (ticket #2301)
3aeadaa71 2019-06-16 i2psnark: Fix QupZilla detection (ticket #2026)
a542b182e 2019-06-16 i2psnark: Increase DHT blacklist time (ticket #2275) Update time if already blacklisted Prune blacklist if too big
1ddc651b1 2019-06-15 Console: Fix stopping webapps at shutdown (ticket #2508) RouterAppManager log tweaks
b0bca2f16 2019-06-12 Util: Avoid dup context warning when SU3File called twice from gradle
d9775a5f1 2019-06-09 INMP refactor
ea2ef7b12 2019-06-09 Add Farsi susimail translation
6d9aa92ed 2019-06-09 Tests: Fix some bashisms, add more files to bashisms check
0c54b6d9d 2019-06-09 Eepsite Help page: Add links to Arabic, Hungarian, Indonesian Fix link to Italian
5ede0a139 2019-06-09 UPnP: Set lease duration of 3 hours, always refresh the lease
2918d6006 2019-06-09 fix un-migrated and monolithic config saving
2c97dc2bc 2019-06-08 Job: Deprecate getAddedBy(), suppress warnings
7e6a92ab7 2019-06-08 NetDB: Faster startup for non-Android too
46ad48d5d 2019-06-08 log cleanup
2c24a6813 2019-06-08 NetDB: Fix Deliv. Status msg sent direct to tunnel, must be wrapped in a Tunnel GW msg.
357feca7b 2019-06-08 fix bug when configs are un-migrated
920a83dda 2019-06-08 tiny formatting fix
42e340652 2019-06-08 re-name inConfig to reflect new purpose
7336f64c2 2019-06-08 fix saving config files from ui
c1731f68f 2019-06-08 when deleting configs, move them to a backup location
5ed953e11 2019-06-07 NetDB: Fix NPE on failed decrypt of enc. ls2
e4892c6d5 2019-06-07 fix removeConfig so it backs up and removes the files
1a200a16c 2019-06-07 Make TunnelPool final in PooledTunnelCreatorConfig Don't pass around both pool and cfg in args Remove unused methods Cleanup multiple now() and getSettings() calls
e50bf00fa 2019-06-06 Log tweaks, bump -10
e75881d6c 2019-06-06 Build: Forgot libjcpuid
75ace4266 2019-06-06 Build: New target jbigi-linux-x86-64-only
e82a547bc 2019-06-06 CPUID/NBI: Prep for GMP 6.1.2 Add Skylake support (ticket #1869) Recognize more Intel "Lake" processors Clean up CLI output
6d72aeed8 2019-06-05 cleanup and logging
c01bf47c8 2019-06-05 NetDb: Fix to set netDb ready immediately after reseed
4bd0f06cd 2019-06-05 jbigi: Support android builds using NDK Prep for GMP 6.1.2
aab6529f6 2019-06-05 Data: Fix for change of default auth type, handle old value from persistent cache
11c8e8e79 2019-06-05 dont migrate clients.config if android
0d1dbc799 2019-06-05 dont migrate clients.config if portable
7cd60bb0e 2019-06-05 Util: Add EKU to selfsigned certs
697b617c7 2019-06-03 finals
fe6c7cd41 2019-06-03 Transport: Fix large messages in SSU (ticket #2505)
eea0990b5 2019-06-03 Use hasWrapper() util method
aa0bafb8a 2019-06-02 Update PAC file for additional security
c4ebc7357 2019-06-02 TCG: Add new getInstance() method for Android so instance with stale context is not returned. Return null in Android for old method.
471c5d49d 2019-06-02 I2CP: Cleanups for single-byte reads Stub out new error codes for prop. 123
eff2bdbf8 2019-06-02 Build: Fix Debian (ticket #2517)
b5de81582 2019-06-01 more renaming protection
500246ebe 2019-06-01 NetDB: Don't wait for all RIs to be read in on Android to tell the router we've loaded them, lets i2ptunnel start faster.
38f135ceb 2019-06-01 That took me entirely too long to figure out
0a1a2ed82 2019-06-01 unwrap some loops, get rid of configFiles(), fix loadConfig
0a774c6c5 2019-06-01 remove cryptic logging
f44a8e49c 2019-06-01 Tunnels: Ensure GW Pumper threads stop on Android
1109331df 2019-05-31 Transport: UPnP fixes for Android
8a4c4694e 2019-05-31 Blinding: cache b32, sort by b32 on /configkeyring
b4f331e62 2019-05-31 Router: Fix persistence of blinded privkey and timestamp
67224858b 2019-05-30 whitespace
447e29e38 2019-05-30 Console: More reword of tooltips
aae81a7b5 2019-05-30 Console, i2ptunnel: Reword blinding options and tooltips i2ptunnel: Unhide blinding options
f04931950 2019-05-30 Console: Support deleting blinded entries on /configkeyring
6b3896c1f 2019-05-30 increase default max conns per minute
652c3d5dc 2019-05-30 Build: More mavenLocal cleanup
4d29bfefd 2019-05-30 i2ptunnel: Fix double-b64 of default client name Add new default client if all are revoked
16ac93c36 2019-05-30 maven script cleanups
040e09215 2019-05-29 Blinding: - Fix bugs with lookup password - Log tweaks
098bde2a3 2019-05-29 New ant target 'mavenLocal' + changes in the script to support this.
f94d2d557 2019-05-29 Script to install development builds to local maven.
30a34acd4 2019-05-29 log fix
dca04f7f6 2019-05-29 store save time in config files
307a8239f 2019-05-29 log tweaks
e189236e3 2019-05-29 flip LS tab order
a3fe7467c 2019-05-29 store ls secret as b64
973aab8f5 2019-05-28 Blinding: - Blinding only throws IAE - Remove context arg from encode() - Hook in new form args on /configkeyring - Show b33 on /configkeyring - Remove support for appended secret in b33 - Persist cache immediately when storing secret or privkey - Fix i2ptunnel for std. ls2 - Add auth/secret required flags to BlindData more to do
0c7c19451 2019-05-27 missed file from previous checkin
73b00eb20 2019-05-27 Console: Start rework of /configkeyring for LS2 Not hooked up yet - WIP
90e645842 2019-05-26 I2CP: Add per-client auth to generated leaseset Set key on router side before verifying
4fdcd2567 2019-05-25 add some logging while I fix stuff
c2e2cc2e5 2019-05-24 i2ptunnel: Revert user-select, already in css, doesn't work on input
2abd59e6d 2019-05-24 i2ptunnel: Per-client auth config Hide encryption key for per-client auth User-select: all for dest and reg fields
65481ad61 2019-05-23 improve config saving code, never use deprecated config function
47c64c2ee 2019-05-23 i2ptunnel: Rework server encryption key UI in prep for blinded keys Remove generate button, automatically generate when required Refactor auto configuration
7bdfd071a 2019-05-23 i2ptunnel: select box for sig type
7858dbe75 2019-05-23 i2ptunnel: Add LS2 option, change to select box
8466cdc67 2019-05-23 saveConfig for multi-configuration
ea5ddfcf3 2019-05-22 i2ptunnel: Shared key is PSK
332898351 2019-05-22 i2ptunnel: Per-client auth options (WIP)
2ec34f482 2019-05-22 I2CP: Set local privkey for encls2
7489a64e6 2019-05-22 NetDB: Set secret and privkey before decrypting encls2
06fa817bd 2019-05-22 Data: Per-client auth for enc. LS2 (proposal 123)
cb762356d 2019-05-22 Data: Cache data for per-client auth
62649a634 2019-05-22 Crypto: Add X25519 DH method, prep for enc. ls2 auth.
a6434fb71 2019-05-22 NTCP2: Use KeyGenerator for X25519 keys
a8f11d183 2019-05-21 Profiles: Omit comments from stored profiles
67e7e4577 2019-05-20 Sybil: Skip comment lines in stored files Escape % in stored reasons Improve error handling when loading files
cafdca9a7 2019-05-20 proxynet.i2p 2LD host
7efb290f1 2019-05-20 addressbook: remove log info message
b3cb09481 2019-05-20 Console: Hide some columns on SSU tab unless advanced
f543a45a7 2019-05-20 Tunnels: Increase tunnel reuse probability
099cacd3e 2019-05-20 Installer: Fix -console install for izpack 5 (ticket #2492) Switch to izpack 5 for non-windows release installer
b89720e71 2019-05-19 Sybil: Delete old stored analysis if configured Fix display of config tab
1ffc006b2 2019-05-19 Build: Remove dependencies on Nashorn (ticket #2367)
f2f5df0db 2019-05-19 Sybil: Run IP and family tests on all routers Hide some n/a fields, rework some text Rename some config properties
10354df42 2019-05-18 Sybil: Option to run on non-floodfills too
03bd3e2db 2019-05-18 checklist/doc updates
11b391bc3 2019-05-18 Javadoc fixes from FreeBSD ports https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports?view=revision&revision=501144
a6e6d29d3 2019-05-18 Sybil: Show routers in analysis even if no RI available Date format fixes Put date in ban reason Show ban reason Add link to banlist
6600f373d 2019-05-15 Streaming: Fix NPE in debug logging (ticket #2504)
efa72dbb5 2019-05-15 EepGet: Don't continue when requested a partial but didn't get it, and the output is to a stream Javadocs and log tweaks
4e267f690 2019-05-14 Util: Don't set restrictive permissions on exported certs
05318013e 2019-05-13 Console: Prevent editing a client while it's starting
8840532ed 2019-05-13 Sybil: Auto-blocking
48a92ca1e 2019-05-13 Sybil: Auto-block UI
ff7154042 2019-05-13 Snark: remove italics on speeds
f04b41c99 2019-05-13 Console: Hide transport table unless advanced
847ebda3e 2019-05-13 Tunnels: Fix connection checker for NTCP2
e174a4680 2019-05-12 javadoc fixes
04a985cd8 2019-05-12 Consolidate Java version checking code, fix bugs where versions are in different forms Add warning about Java 7
adb1c6f58 2019-05-12 Jetty: Fix webapps in eepsite (ticket #2477)
9eec35713 2019-05-11 Utils: Allow absolute path to certs in I2PSSLSocketFactory
f6efdceac 2019-05-10 Update test/check to support FreeBSD/MacOSX iconv which don't support the -o argument. Solution, use pipe instead.
c1adcfcc1 2019-05-10 NetDB: Use expl. tunnels to verify Meta LS2 (proposal #123)
0a7330393 2019-05-10 NetDB: Store Meta LS2 to floodfills (proposal #123)
63b2f2963 2019-05-10 Begin i2p.i2p.zzz.confsplit branch Code from Jan. 2018, never checked in, probably untested, definitely incomplete.
d8980d10a 2019-05-10 Transport: Revert GeoIP changes that broke BundleRouterInfos
c7d052646 2019-05-09 Transport: Start first GeoIP lookup when netdb is ready
de8a079cb 2019-05-09 Console: Remove plugin install success message (ticket #2494)
fc8b55df2 2019-05-09 Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.39 All binaries from Tanuki Delta Pack Community Edition, except for armhf (armv6), compiled on Raspberry Pi:   ant 1.8.2   javac 1.7.0_151   gcc 4.6.3-14+rpi1
be6b20094 2019-05-09 remove Java 9 warning
cbeaca66a 2019-05-09 rename method
585778cdd 2019-05-09 Console: Delay plugin update check until router is ready
cb0235bb5 2019-05-09 Utils: su3file fix for extract -x w/o filename
558592a87 2019-05-08 Utils: Auto-generate su3 output file for extract if not specified
41e8b6dfb 2019-05-08 0.9.40 debian files
5aae62578 2019-05-07 Mac OSX Launcher: Version bump etc. 0.9.40, launcher version 0.1.5
16d2bdc1d 2019-05-07 0.9.40
edb352b9d 2019-05-07 replace news cert
ffbf3d202 2019-05-07 javadocs after review
0147f003c 2019-05-03 Star icons update
50d93b199 2019-05-03 regenerate tr man pages
a39549a3d 2019-05-03 pull translations from transifex
9adabadeb 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: shell script for downloading and building Sparkle.
61303bfd0 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: The podfile, which describes which 3rdparty libraries to pull at compile time.
e45963dbc 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: main.mm updated to use the new swift main class name.
5f689ccbd 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: project file, workspace file and entittlements file updates.
17bb36dee 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Info.plist update, adding Sparkle pubkey.
0b50c36c8 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: xib UI updates.
feaa82181 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Router / Java wrapper.
803447b4c 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Swift - ObjC/C++ bridge header update.
e93fb5c08 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Reduce amount of compiler warnings under build.
6a418ebca 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Swift 4.2 update in subprocess class.
67ca6e655 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Identifiers file to hold Bundle ID and other static domain data.
540e7c37e 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Cleanup and update in UI classes. Swift 4.2
7cb0c9bbb 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Router management/healthcheck code updates.
66deb5dc7 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Cleaned, updated and renamed main swift class.
3e1074571 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Storyboard and NIB updates. Also moved to resources which they belong.
84419bbf0 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Common code for browser communication/control.
d81f993f8 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: (feature disabled, WIP) new pretty userinterface.
8453c5cce 2019-05-02 merge of '4347aa09448af24e7796c3282763d4a1bfc5c07f'      and '648083ff7dde91e5aa4416e1a9f85989acca9fb6'
b2b047b4a 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Licenses for frameworks/libraries pulled from cocoapods under compile time.
7aa68c0a2 2019-05-02 merge of '884fdac5153dc99fad97b61b1ef1172d8f0c09a9'      and 'c88b4076c5928a0e87d073abc0c0c94a341c921e'
811d1ccf9 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Moving utils classes to common directory between sub-projects + Swift 4.2 update.
2af1f68d8 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Misc metadata updates for the StartupItemApp sub-bundle.
56eb11bc1 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Adding Swift 4.2 support to the preferences UI classes.
214efb8ef 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Moved Objective-C & C++ files to a better location.
d1631643a 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Misc updates related to router management.
315d7728d 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Sparkle License
647f9e728 2019-05-02 merge of '89268c439b2c0098fe4dd039cb032f5c5717a2e5'      and 'de08714d459702cd7ba8c86570c747dca157ed26'
fa2897d2f 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: Delay extension for the DispatchQueue Cocoa/OSX class.
539f880f9 2019-05-02 merge of '4ae3e891f8510b146feae122bacc862468db060e'      and '666d27bab7047baeaa2c753159098eda75635c5e'
9caa7a61b 2019-05-02 Mac OSX Launcher: EditorTableView for the 2019 redesign/UI improvements.
52b14142b 2019-05-02 Android: Catch ISE from PRNG at shutdown (ticket #2077)
7f60ee9f8 2019-05-02 Console: NTCP2 check
b9726a0af 2019-05-02 UPnP: Remove finalize() in HTTPSocket (ticket #2490)
bb86c56e7 2019-05-02 NTCP: Tweak previous fix to prevent leak (ticket #2476)
8cdeff74c 2019-05-02 GeoIP Maxmind 2019-04-29
acf5c314d 2019-05-02 NTCP: Rare EventPumper 100% CPU fix (ticket #2476)
20413f00c 2019-04-28 Build: Fix installers broken by removal of apparmor file
aa551acec 2019-04-27 Console: Remove metadata from new icons
f088ea126 2019-04-26 Build: Fix Precise build
46e31746b 2019-04-25 Build: Drop unmaintained sample apparmor script (ticket #2319) We support apparmor for Debian package installs only.
981737f8e 2019-04-25 i2ptunnel: Force connect delay and bulk profile for most client tunnel types, and hide from UI Reduce delay Set IRC to bulk
5f01796ba 2019-04-25 Travis CI: Run tests against OpenJDK 12
b2575643a 2019-04-25 Transport: Disable NTCP 1 by default
baeaa6582 2019-04-24 update po source for tx
5afa32a39 2019-04-24 Crypto: Catch ProviderException in KeyStoreUtil (ticket #2479)
ca0f12782 2019-04-23 New backup news server
148ed1e3a 2019-04-23 rh.bat fix
6f86522c2 2019-04-23 Build: Add script to edit windows installer resources
5db67f13e 2019-04-23 Util: Dump system properties in SystemVersion
21504f153 2019-04-22 Build:  - Switch to IzPack 5.1.3 for building releases (ticket #1864)  - Use izpack2exe for Windows installer (ticket #2403)
fd311c7e1 2019-04-21 Gradle: Fix getBuiltBy() to work when override.properties does not exist
7c71ff106 2019-04-21 Tests: Fix ministreaming tests after access filtering changes
d13bf0b72 2019-04-21 Gradle: Use tested version of Mockito
9e0934f95 2019-04-21 Build: Fix titles in ministreaming and streaming JAR manifests
1cc330ba6 2019-04-21 Gradle: Generate attributes for JAR manifests
967dde439 2019-04-21 Gradle: Generate reproducible archives
278870606 2019-04-21 Gradle: Fix deprecations
e70a2c765 2019-04-21 Update Jetty and Tomcat versions in Gradle build scripts
31856e889 2019-04-20 Router: Update NTCP checks for NTCP2 Remove old check for and earlier routers
22aefa204 2019-04-20 Console, SusiDNS: New icons from Sadie Source: https://github.com/feathericons/feather Feather is licensed under the MIT License. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/feathericons/feather/master/LICENSE All icons converted from SVG to PNG, brightness adjusted, colourized with #848484 and resized Some are combined and modified
aeded8c49 2019-04-20 Add the blue outproxy to the default proxy list
3248a15d5 2019-04-19 Debian: Update Bionic/Cosmic to include patch for Jetty 9.4
5c81c00a1 2019-04-18 Utils: CoDel minor speedup (ticket #2398)
ea7ddaf6d 2019-04-18 Console: Improve error message when graphs disabled (ticket #2452)
a8ad30b33 2019-04-18 PeerManager API cleanup (ticket #2456)
67570db66 2019-04-17 Transport: More fixes for NTCP when SSU disabled (ticket #1417)
87d8d69a2 2019-04-16 Console: New icons from Sadie Source: https://github.com/feathericons/feather Feather is licensed under the MIT License. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/feathericons/feather/master/LICENSE All icons converted from SVG to PNG, brightness adjusted, colourized with #848484 and resized Some are combined and modified
e967b26f5 2019-04-16 update javadoc
e5540d051 2019-04-16 proper fix for memory bug
7ce81db9a 2019-04-15 forget the known destinations when reloading
e42e04c0f 2019-04-15 Console: Don't display I2CP error during soft restart (ticket #2468)
d32d5b5f2 2019-04-15 NamingService: Fix class selection in app context (ticket #2469)
8d00774b5 2019-04-15 Tomcat 8.5.40
89b38f4ff 2019-04-13 add my certificate for plugins
0dbc80911 2019-04-13 i2ptunnel: Fix saving encrypted LS config Disable registration authentication when encrypted
64c762552 2019-04-12 i2ptunnel: Hide blinded-with-password config
071e702e5 2019-04-11 i2ptunnel: Hide I2CP config in router context
363317fc2 2019-04-11 i2ptunnel: Disallow any encrypted LS for offline keys
f4d7a6d0d 2019-04-11 i2ptunnel: Disallow encrypted LS for offline keys
b5a4f1626 2019-04-11 whitespace
73790e235 2019-04-11 i2ptunnel: Fix NPE creating server tunnel Add Red25519 sigtype option for servers Fix if clause in editClient
dd5f8b45e 2019-04-11 i2ptunnel: jsp whitespace removal
2960156b3 2019-04-11 Blinding: Missed PKF file from last checkin Add to CLI
9a72c4b2d 2019-04-10 encrypt mode checks
7d4acb62d 2019-04-10 i2ptunnel: Display encrypted b32 Blinding: Allow secret flag without attached secret
cddace2a1 2019-04-10 log tweak
859584c2b 2019-04-10 NTCP2: Allow longer padding in msg 1 if NTCP1 disabled
6237fc89a 2019-04-10 Jetty: Hide sizes and dates of directories in listings
cde53537a 2019-04-08 i2ptunnel: Config UI for encrypted ls2
5490de1d6 2019-04-08 Router: Replace GarlicConfig setters with constructor args
488e89a0b 2019-04-08 merge of '42afa0510b2e7c8b0db05507c44b689084606ba9'      and '8109f9041b31355f5e1f788378f43f20a4ef22b3'
4774cf6c3 2019-04-08 Order recorded destinations pt2
7c7b0cb7f 2019-04-08 Util: Fix memory leak in compressor (ticket #2471)
6aeb89ccd 2019-04-08 Order recorded destinations
6cc39a267 2019-04-07 Build: Fix up javadoc targets in sub-build.xml files for maven central
cca68f9b7 2019-04-06 bump -4 for acces filter fix
904bf2a90 2019-04-06 Only inspect the last threshold.seconds when determining if there is a breach.  Otherwise older breaches would be counted as current
8a001adf5 2019-04-06 Move all disk i/o to a single thread to prevent very rare errors when running multiple tunnels
2c602fa46 2019-04-05 access list cannot be defined from ui
1c90985f9 2019-04-04 recorder -> record
3498ab05f 2019-04-04 define thresholds in seconds, not minutes
d809b592c 2019-04-03 display filter definition parsing errors in the UI message box
c3aa45987 2019-04-03 merge of 'cbd8a21f0033ee2af8c73bd2a312059869142c83'      and 'debf8ccdb50ef7789027ba5588aa534a1195f3a9'
d389b3b57 2019-04-03 I2PTunnel: Start/stop POST throttle timer
76ee5774c 2019-04-03 make filter definition text field longer
b7d980df0 2019-04-02 bump -3 for access filter
491cd0aa4 2019-04-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2464' (head 47c50de0eaf4a41d0c0b2df3505ff3b885163791)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a34db176d9f6313db1b8fd16926c8c2ca7e12e09)
e380b2679 2019-04-02 Say that it's an absolute file
4790a1454 2019-04-02 change UI to allow same filter definition to be used in multiple tunnels
194df9d88 2019-04-01 link to format spec
567bccb51 2019-03-31 Debian: Fixes for precise/trusty/jessie (ticket #2470)
0e8e3688f 2019-03-31 Data: Implement Destroyable for private keys (ticket #2462)
d3170de74 2019-03-31 SAM prep for b33
908bf2615 2019-03-31 javadoc fix
e55702b21 2019-03-30 stop the filter in destroy method
c0c95827e 2019-03-29 add logic to start and stop filter timers
fc9ad3287 2019-03-29 Make the config format consistent (threshold rule [target])
7d40dfe1e 2019-03-29 CLI tweak
2304e9b55 2019-03-29 prettier html
944fe4794 2019-03-29 Crypto: new SigContext (WIP) (proposal #148)
7501e3fee 2019-03-29 javadoc fix
eb0920e2c 2019-03-29 NetDB: Persistence for blinding cache
956a714d6 2019-03-29 package.html
3f990b0bc 2019-03-29 html in javadoc
3dbe8f200 2019-03-28 document format
d90fc421f 2019-03-28 javadoc
85db853d7 2019-03-28 use curly braces around one-line for and while loops
440d5571f 2019-03-28 Clear all state if the tunnel is closed
910a0d859 2019-03-28 fix b32 parsing
c5f9aea55 2019-03-28 do not use equalsIgnoreCase
84ea533b1 2019-03-28 use DataHelper.split instead of String.split
fd2819c75 2019-03-28 Use Hash objects instead of Strings representing b32s
fd6cb07e5 2019-03-28 use SecureFileOutputStream
6d2270a1e 2019-03-28 Cancel timers if tunnel is stopped
94bde1d82 2019-03-28 Exception to be thrown in case of invalid filter definition
ba801be24 2019-03-28 Debconf translation update from https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=925515
e91927124 2019-03-28 revert accidental commit
d2bdbcd27 2019-03-28 correct io pattern
97eb5a56a 2019-03-28 add the UI bits of the access rules
473ced4d4 2019-03-27 disable splitting by tabs for now
c7771095d 2019-03-27 hook up loading of filter definitions for server tunnels
ea127d3fd 2019-03-27 NetDB: Fix b33 lookup looping after failure
b35762b4b 2019-03-27 factory to rule them all
3f6fc7c0f 2019-03-27 wip on parser of filter definitions
82eea0a8f 2019-03-27 NetDB: Cache blinding data for lookups and decryption (proposal #123)
670016e79 2019-03-27 wip on parser of filter definitions
14492d726 2019-03-27 log fix
de9d968b7 2019-03-27 DatabaseEntry: Change from volatile to synched
7bb767760 2019-03-27 SelfSignedGenerator: improve previous fix
841b16ef7 2019-03-27 Access list may not exist
0d0dd1e24 2019-03-27 hook up periodic events to ST2
62f7b2cec 2019-03-27 Skeleton architecture of access filter
a5e568ffa 2019-03-26 Hooks into streaming for filtering of incoming connections
64039ee3c 2019-03-23 button style
ce043943d 2019-03-23 SusiDNS: Add import feature (ticket #2447) Box overlap issue remains todo, see ticket #2419
fea5bd4ad 2019-03-23 SelfSignedGenerator: - Fix generation with Ed25519ph keys (ticket #2465) - Increase serial number from 63 to 71 bits
00d452532 2019-03-23 Data: Initial work on b32 format for blinded leasesets (proposal 149, WIP)
f17776ec5 2019-03-22 i2ptunnel: Escape {} in URLs (ticket #2130)
05845481d 2019-03-22 Debian files for 0.9.39
bb5a89219 2019-03-21 0.9.39
c3ebc00a8 2019-03-17 bump for review
a57c277af 2019-03-17 Pull translations
2b00bfa58 2019-03-16 Fix Debian builds with Jetty 9.4.15 (ticket #2457)
8962ea058 2019-03-15 Doc updates, BuildTime update
7511de68a 2019-03-14 Router: Remove unused test support for AES disabled
0b5a36d5e 2019-03-14 GeoIP update 2019-03-11
1f861c14a 2019-03-13 javadoc fix
d7d1dcb53 2019-03-12 Crypto: Ed25519 check for S < L as in RFC 8032
91c59dfb6 2019-03-12 Crypto: Fix Ed25519ph conversion
9d1706617 2019-03-12 Update hyperlinks for forum to point to i2pforum.i2p
7db602d95 2019-03-11 Make I2pTunnel wait for router to reach RUNNING state (ticket #2377)
7e6fd01ee 2019-03-11 New home page icons from Sadie Source: https://github.com/feathericons/feather#license Feather is licensed under the MIT License. License: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/feathericons/feather/master/LICENSE All icons converted from SVG to PNG, brightness adjusted, colourized with #848484 and resized to 32x32 modifications: group_gear - feather icon code layered with message - square. Message- square icon resized. plugin_link - feather icon coffee layered with square. Coffee icon cropped to leave" prongs" plugin. - feather icon coffee layered with plus square. Coffee icon cropped to create "prongs" i2psnark - feather icon underline - layer added, "U" rotated , line cut and copied over, them cut out to create "magnet.
365f5a8c7 2019-03-10 UPnP redundant casts
30dbe2477 2019-03-10 LS2: Allow UTF-8 for blinding secret
e36a3b318 2019-03-10 Mac OSX Launcher: * Fixed startup option so the launcher can start at OSX login/bootup. * Added I2P Browser to the list of "firefox" browsers to detect. * Changed hardcoded path lookup to native "registry" lookup for firefox application. * Made the advanced preferences table editable by the user. * Cleanup of old and/or unused code. * Bugfixes.
5d389c885 2019-03-09 I2CP: Add support for blinding secret
d6a53cc3a 2019-03-09 Data: Consolidate offline key check i2ptunnel: Prevent registration auth if key offline
409207e02 2019-03-07 more selectors
95366c06c 2019-03-07 NetDB: Minor performance improvement in selectors log tweaks
5b1b4acd2 2019-03-06 NetDB: Fix flood version check, add version check for RedDSA
10bae6a07 2019-03-05 Data: Update Encrypted LS2 blinding and encryption to match current proposal 123 Hide b32 in console for encrypted LS2
bfafdd34b 2019-03-04 NetDB: Fix tunnel selection for verify of encrypted ls2 store Fix NPE handling lookup of encrypted ls2
0b2896516 2019-03-04 Console: Fix NPEs displaying encrypted LS2
268a3ee5f 2019-03-04 NetDB: Fix finding tunnels to publish encrypted LS2 log tweaks
ad1600eb5 2019-03-04 log tweaks
f1ed870a4 2019-03-04 Data: Fix NPE in debug logging
5d3b7c1c5 2019-03-04 NetDB: Call fail callback when lookup is negative cached (thx zab)
cd9771868 2019-03-04 I2CP, NetDB: More encrypted LS2 fixes (WIP) Marked encrypted LS hash as local Fix isCurrent() on encrypted LS Fix unpublish of encrypted LS
54d9a2985 2019-03-02 I2CP, NetDB, Console: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes (WIP) log tweaks
7cbb43ab7 2019-03-02 I2CP: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes, log tweaks (WIP) Add number of privkeys field to CreateLeaseSet2 message Check all privkeys, not just the first, on router side
335736b2b 2019-03-02 Fix log strings
f0b9986e6 2019-03-02 Enc LS2 debug logging changes
82d187438 2019-03-01 Streaming: Fix sending messages with expired times (ticket #2451)
d1617dd0b 2019-02-28 Console: Fix router logs not shown if first msg is a dup
21c7a341f 2019-02-28 Console: Change fallback client names to use b32 instead of truncated b64. Anchors remain b64.
302adc2d1 2019-02-27 Console: Drop icons for deleted /home items
c8b7e829d 2019-02-26 Console: Handle zero SSU RTT on /peers (ticket #2443) PeerState minor cleanups
cf1c0cb3e 2019-02-26 SSU: Fix RTT/RTO calculations (ticket #2443)
566df1c27 2019-02-26 SSU: Fix scheduling of peer test at startup (ticket #2441)
16421fa0b 2019-02-25 NTCP: Fix number of SendFinisher threads (ticket #2438)
3c911ee29 2019-02-25 I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options take 2
a12058db3 2019-02-25 I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options
7ce539a81 2019-02-25 NetDB: Fix dup publish of RI at startup Improve locking for checking address change Publish RI after netdb is ready log tweaks
b76b2ef20 2019-02-23 Console: Flip order of router logs
32797dd41 2019-02-23 NTCP: Loop in pumper if more to write (ticket #2440)
e1385a71e 2019-02-23 minor speedup
9cd90b053 2019-02-23 NetDB: Use published date, not earliest lease expiration, for LS2 comparisons Fix earliest LS expiration adjustment when publishing for LS2, so .38 routers won't reject as not newer Don't start new store after verify fail if we've already done so Increase flood candidates for LS2 Version checks for encrypted LS2 FVSJ cleanups log tweaks, javadocs
5440a3402 2019-02-21 I2CP: Force i2cp.leaseSetType option for offline keys
9fafc253b 2019-02-21 Data: Always set unpublished flag for inner LS (Enc LS2) Fix setDestination()
b37160fa8 2019-02-21 Crypto: Keygen for RedDSA, allow RedDSA for unblinded keys (Enc LS2)
7fbe1ced5 2019-02-20 Crypto: Sign/verify/encrypt/decrypt for Encrypted LS2 generateAlpha() method for arbitrary date
17270b150 2019-02-20 Crypto: RedDSAEngine and generateAlpha() for Encrypted LS2
e34b64623 2019-02-19 Crypto: New ChaCha20 wrapper around ChaChaCore, for use with Encrypted LS2
14ac8fe54 2019-02-19 Crypto: Move ChaChaCore from router to core, in prep for use with Encrypted LS2
b3c597469 2019-02-19 Crypto: Implement blinding (proposal 123) Add sig type 11 for blinded keys
af46e4856 2019-02-19 Fix i2psnark-standalone.zip build which broke after themes were removed
2aa093754 2019-02-18 Tomcat 8.5.38
ab7f61d22 2019-02-18 Console: Drop midnight and classic themes (ticket #2272)
2d67d1153 2019-02-18 Transport: Fixes for NTCP when SSU disabled (ticket #1417) Delay port forwarding until after UPnP rescan complete WIP
d244d1736 2019-02-17 Gradle: Optionally include jbigi at runtime for core
e662f0983 2019-02-17 Gradle: Create jbigi configuration
ad5301ae1 2019-02-17 Gradle: Integrate JMH benchmarks
def939284 2019-02-17 Gradle: Disable ScalaTests when TARGET_JAVA_HOME is set
f9c13968a 2019-02-17 Travis CI: Test against JDK 9+
4f6b58e5a 2019-02-17 Gradle: Configure --release compiler flag after project evaluation
2556c7755 2019-02-17 Travis CI: Update config to handle cross-compilation
9731c203b 2019-02-17 Gradle: Improve cross-compilation support
a1b67e372 2019-02-17 Gradle: Parse router version from Java source
56c1739d5 2019-02-17 Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
1ae987927 2019-02-17 Upgrade Gradle wrapper to 5.2.1
51b27bbf0 2019-02-08 Console: Hide disabled transports on /peers
5b78b53fe 2019-02-08 SSU: EstablishmentManager fixes (ticket #2397)
3ba0fcf6d 2019-02-07 SAM: Support offline keys
7544d0a59 2019-02-07 Streaming: Fix exception after sig verify fail log tweaks
636016d10 2019-02-07 NTCP: Add option to disable NTCP1 (ticket #2328) Don't bid for outbound-only NTCP2 addresses Fix NTCP2 cost when transitioning to inbound
b310c6018 2019-02-06 Javadoc fixes
19cb85a74 2019-02-06 i2pcontrol: Javadoc fixes
490b81c1a 2019-02-06 Crypto: Shortcut GroupElement representation conversion
3a30f0748 2019-02-06 I2CP: Prevent use of repliable datagrams with offline keys
61c62424c 2019-02-06 Build: Add targets for alternate debian distros (ticket #2410)
16ccc1bea 2019-02-06 remove exchanged.i2p
b82702393 2019-02-05 NTCP: Speed up allowConnection() (ticket #2381)
8a77db15d 2019-02-05 Transport: Clean up unreachable() methods (ticket #2382)
beb0879f2 2019-02-05 Router: OutNetMessage cleanup (ticket #2386)
6f75680a7 2019-02-05 SSU: PacketHandler cleanup (ticket #2383)
a756c1243 2019-02-04 I2CP: Change format and message type of CreateLeaseSet2 message to match spec changes
ead49256c 2019-02-04 Data: Represent blinding secret as a SigningPrivateKey
0e029f84b 2019-02-03 I2CP: Fix LS2 NPE
bd6cf53d5 2019-02-03 i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers containing "upgrade" (ticket #2422) Server-side change only. Client-side in previous commit.
e20a6a968 2019-02-03 i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers containing "upgrade" (ticket #2422) Client-side change only. Server-side todo.
0e710f878 2019-02-03 Streaming: Support offline signatures (proposal 123) Don't send FROM in RESET, not required since 0.9.20 Send RESET when SYN signature verification fails Use cached buffers for signature verification Move setOptionalFrom() from Packet to PacketLocal Always verify packets with signatures, even if not required AIOOBE checks cleanups, log tweaks
7d11fb269 2019-02-03 I2CP: Remove revocation private key from CreateLeaseset2 message Use correct key to sign SessionConfig with offline keys LeaseSetKeys cleanups
d7808cd16 2019-02-03 Data: Fix length for offline sig verification
f28868243 2019-02-03 Test: Disable NTP in LocalClientManager
19defbe05 2019-02-02 Debian: Fix build of i2pcontrol
175ea0f0c 2019-02-01 i2ptunnel: Update clearnet UA to match current TBB
30015c193 2019-02-01 i2ptunnel: Handle PUT like POST
4f8455040 2019-02-01 i2ptunnel: Caching of outproxy selection, avoid last-failed outproxy
428fb269f 2019-02-01 Debian: AppArmor fix for Oracle JVM (ticket #2319) Allow any JRE or JDK to work
ec5e2dba9 2019-02-01 i2ptunnel: More localhost checks
316011e04 2019-01-31 Debian: Fix version detection of Tomcat 9 required for reproducible builds
68567cb53 2019-01-30 Build: Fix javac.classpath in junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
4eb936883 2019-01-30 I2CP: Fixes for CreateLeaseset2 message with multiple keys
c555bb6c9 2019-01-30 i2cp.leaseSetEncType param: Support comma-separated values, check param in session config, support stored EncTypes in private keys. Show types and multiple keys on LS debug page
1bb57c410 2019-01-29 EdDSA minor cleanup
a51a6d57f 2019-01-29 rename class
8465fe771 2019-01-28 fix build warnings
0801d20fd 2019-01-28 EdDSA: Make more classes serializable (Github PR #68)
9055982cf 2019-01-28 bump after prop
8c9ce5683 2019-01-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head 1334d424003d201aa352cf57a6ba2f61241ef363)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fe8a90fdbdd491e16040e3ed91a35faa72fd78f2)
0a8ab4413 2019-01-28 I2PControl: Add manifest for jar build Stub out socketJar build
24fd48815 2019-01-28 I2PControl: Disable webapp by default Add link in Services section of sidebar Add definition in PortMapper Add stub controller for socket implementation, WIP Javadocs
3fca0f6f9 2019-01-27 LS2: Honor unpublished flag
3cd12ecef 2019-01-27 LS2: Select first supported encryption key from leaseset OCMOSJ: Fail if unsupported crypto or bad ls type
0889a751d 2019-01-27 NDT: Catch exception on DNS lookup failure (ticket #2399) Add support for specifying server in CLI (ticket #2413) Finals and javadocs
efb1b7c24 2019-01-26 Debian: Fix PPA builds for precise and trusty (ticket #2408) Reverts fix for #2329 for these distros
3527f251c 2019-01-24 Debian: Add build option for libtomcat9 (ticket #2364)
6cdc515cf 2019-01-24 Fix Debian control files (ticket #2401)
57de4b180 2019-01-24 Debian files for 0.9.38
609d5944b 2019-01-22 Mac OSX Launcher: 0.1.3 Release commit.
88d9f1d50 2019-01-22 0.9.38
5c0aab419 2019-01-21 Minor fixes after review
33e96d784 2019-01-21 Reseed: Update SSL cert
d00e3c77a 2019-01-20 Debian: Add source param to javadoc target, fixes build on sid
318ebb3fc 2019-01-20 Debian: Replace ttf-dejavu with fonts-dejavu (ticket #2395)
f224a770f 2019-01-18 bump for review
ebcf187df 2019-01-18 Pull translations
b3cfc89fa 2019-01-18 remove old file from test script
e57606a9f 2019-01-18 Mac OSX Launcher: Added Carthage file + shell script bumpInfoPlist.sh
a36777882 2019-01-18 Mac OSX Launcher: Misc changes + xcode project file update
605f9872c 2019-01-18 Mac OSX Launcher: UI code updates, integration of firefox manager.
52125917b 2019-01-18 Mac OSX Launcher: Storyboard updates, added firefox button, preferences changes etc.
ba853a8c9 2019-01-18 Mac OSX Launcher: The firefox manager code
6ad64d5b4 2019-01-18  Mac OSX Launcher: Adding the "launcher launcher" for startup functionality.
272588d82 2019-01-18 Debian: Add Disco files, refresh patch for Jetty 9.4
344c81266 2019-01-18 NTCP: Stop X25519KeyFactory on shutdown (ticket #2388)
b4e2619c3 2019-01-18 Plugins: Fix loading of webapp configuration classes on Jetty 9.4 by whitelisting them as allowed server classes (ticket #2385)
6ca383071 2019-01-16 Debian: AppArmor updates (ticket #2319)
d85163149 2019-01-15 SusiMail: Fix sending mail with attachments (ticket #2373) Fix deleting attachments from drafts Fix dup attachments after clicking add attachment without browsing first Fix update of draft folder after saving as draft Change text of add attachment button for clarity Debug logging
16f4f0409 2019-01-15 change firefox profile installer link
ca86bbe4f 2019-01-14 EncType javadoc update
cf2793898 2019-01-13 fix compilation with Gradle to account for GeoIP2 and systray changes
4283d71b9 2019-01-13 I2CP: Set LS2 unpublished bit, show in debug output
10f2d838c 2019-01-12 SSU: More consolidation of clock().now() calls
f5ca17c84 2019-01-12 NetDB: Use isSlow() in floodfill criteria
b62732b5b 2019-01-11 Console: More LS2 debug output I2CP: Bump min LS2 router version for release
47beb8250 2019-01-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ff155397f79c33f8f6767c2c120e57cb7dd30d88)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head 9e68613e29f1a3bd5a4e2b3d8c5637b48f499e5e)
17228def9 2019-01-10 I2CP: Remove client-side-only options from those sent to router
5ca98022a 2019-01-10 I2CP: Router-side stub for enc. ls2; throw for now
0c15936b5 2019-01-10 I2CP: Router-side fix for meta LS2
e02a0dfc5 2019-01-10 NTCP: Avoid Java 8/9 bootclasspath issue
0d330caf9 2019-01-10 I2CP: Basic router-side handling of meta LS2 Improve error handling of LS2 params client-side Methods to remember blinded key in LS2
8cd7e7de6 2019-01-09 poupdate-source for 0.9.38 Fix poupdate script to not pick up tags in 3rd party libs
671e9dd71 2019-01-09 I2CP: Stub out client-side creation of meta and enc. LS2
4ff9092bd 2019-01-09 Wrapper: Increase default heap to 256 MB
fb8665b9b 2019-01-09 Console: Fix broken image link on /configui
2c7033001 2019-01-09 Console: Remove firefox anchor in link
30ea6f3ff 2019-01-09 Console: Remove test code that forces wizard run on dev builds
5634055d4 2019-01-05 Crypto: Stub out EdDSA blinding (proposal 123)
3b7284c9c 2019-01-04 I2CP: Add support for multiple private keys in CreateLS2Message
74ed97414 2019-01-04 NetDb: Prevent ISJ deadlock (ticket #2366)
478608102 2019-01-04 Build: Check cert validity Reseed updates
150cee9a0 2019-01-02 Data: Add type byte to MetaLease, add EmptyProperties to reduce object churn, undeprecate getSigningKey(), reduce loadProps() buffer size
941a99448 2019-01-02 remove temp wizard text
d10d72276 2019-01-02 Wizard: Styling, fix links, change button icons back.png: Arrow flipped from go.png in Gimp, same license
9951e3467 2019-01-02 Data: More work on Encrypted LS2 (proposal 123)
62fd0497f 2019-01-01 Debian: Split up conffiles into subpackages
a0d2288de 2019-01-01 Debian: Remove obsolete systray.config
149359fdc 2019-01-01 Data: Fix LS2 size(), fix Meta LS2, fix date rouding
4ae57f4f0 2019-01-01 Data: Fix LS2 support for unknown enc. types (proposal 123)
d95d81aea 2019-01-01 Data: Add support for LS2 multiple encryption keys (proposal 123)
92ad4d1ce 2019-01-01 NBI: Add lookup tables for ARMv8
3c0ba5ce9 2019-01-01 Console: Add warning for OpenJDK Zero VM
f221e724b 2019-01-01 Console: New light background (ticket #738) thx Alex
0fdede865 2018-12-30 Fix _isArm
47629bf2c 2018-12-24 Console: Update ARM warning (ticket #2368), remove Java 11 warning
0474876b5 2018-12-24 NDT: Fix deprecation
edae8e3e0 2018-12-23 Sybil: Translate strings that we already have tagged elsewhere
1411d0cff 2018-12-23 Sybil: Change persistence format to prevent errors in some locales
aad80eb2a 2018-12-23 Console: _action cannot be null in processForm() GraphHelper minor cleanup
af49a9030 2018-12-23 Sybil: Add background run form
fa6a4ca1d 2018-12-23 Console: Convert NetDbHelper to a FormHandler, change SybilRenderer forms to POST, only collect RIs on required Sybil tabs
e12239391 2018-12-23 FormHandler: move things around
2d026d5ae 2018-12-23 Console: isAdvanced() cleanup
367e5ac67 2018-12-21 javadoc fix
f3a4b115f 2018-12-21 Console: More links on sybil page
9f64cc7c6 2018-12-21 TLSv1.3 notes
03651292f 2018-12-21 thread name change
94fd60db1 2018-12-21 Transports: Improve banning of routers from wrong network
18b7d9758 2018-12-20 new reseed
021375b5d 2018-12-20 NTCP: More now() calls out of loops
8a0602732 2018-12-19 Get call to system timer out of tight loop when counting connections
20876ff30 2018-12-17 Sybil page date formatting
bf3a7d6ef 2018-12-17 Data: More work on Encrypted LS2 (proposal 123)
35a771c76 2018-12-17 NTCP2: Use new HKDF class
eb8178ea3 2018-12-17 Sybil: Linkify IP reasons Adjust IP points
3867beb19 2018-12-17 GeoIP: Fix NPE (thx parg)
cae5dcd69 2018-12-17 Sybil: Refactoring part 6 Make Analysis class a JobImpl, run on configured frequency Bug fixes and cleanups
2a805dddf 2018-12-16 Sybil: Refactoring part 5 Make Analysis class singleton, hang off ClientAppManager prep for offline scheduling
fa0d63f40 2018-12-16 Sybil: Refactoring to separate analysis and display, part 4 Load/store offline analysis Split up sections into separate tabs
9437e2cb7 2018-12-15 Sybil: Refactoring to separate analysis and display, part 3
3054a240b 2018-12-15 Sybil: More refactoring to separate analysis and display
5d06de860 2018-12-14 Sybil: Class for persisting results, related refactoring
468871f21 2018-12-13 Crypto: Add HKDF class for LS2 and NTCP2 (proposal 123) Minor speedup in HMAC256
6c3c227c1 2018-12-13 Debian: Add alt files for sid (ticket #2098) Fixes compatibility with Jetty 9.4 Patch from Emmanuel Bourg, see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=916177 Briefly tested by mhatta
9738db725 2018-12-12 UrlLauncher: - Use arrays for exec - Randomize temp file name - Require quotes around args containing spaces in routerconsole.browser property - Add debug logging - Add chromium-browser to the default list - Parse and use full command line from Windows registry - Replace %1 with url in registry line and routerconsole.browser property ShellCommand: - Switch to i2p logging
51bf23a34 2018-12-12 DTG: Use UrlLauncher to launch browser
5eda30644 2018-12-12 Util: Add another ShellCommand String[] method to be used by UrlLauncher
2746ed5ce 2018-12-12 Installer: Drop unused systray.config
fd23b23e5 2018-12-11 Crypto: HMAC-SHA256 cleanup Add byte[] key method to reduce object churn in NTCP2 Un-deprecate in context
a63d2dccb 2018-12-11 Transports: Log tweaks
0f6f8f90c 2018-12-11 Utils: Code to simulate IPv6-only
87c97b2a0 2018-12-11 Debian: Add conffiles list Users shouldn't be editing these, they are the site templates that are copied to the config dir on first run, but if they are changed, the user will have the chance to save the changes on upgrade.
6f4d76e87 2018-12-11 editorconfig update
c1850cc4f 2018-12-11 Utils: Enable TLSv1.3 for SSL sockets (available in Java 11)
399899e7e 2018-12-08 NetDb: Allow longer expiration for Meta LS2
bdc4d82eb 2018-12-08 Transport: Don't set status to disconnected if IPv6-only but not configured IPv6-only
2200cf662 2018-12-08 Transport: Don't repeatedly publish RI if IPv6-only but not configured IPv6-only
d382f1214 2018-12-08 merge of 'a2e8a7d9b157e9a7d5ab0e4356b7b046715a4243'      and 'c3ae5fc1d281c2f9c6357dd72bfc2147bae71877'
36a5790b8 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Misc minor updates to Preferences
5d100417c 2018-12-08 Console: Hide I2CP config if disabled
b946bb067 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Webkit header + I2P version inside Info.plist
c3b8317ed 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding optional Dock Icon functionality
f90e2ee65 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Xcode metadata project file update
3bad8f33c 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Remove unneeded entitlement
dfcc616cb 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Misc changes in ObjC, forwarding sendUserNotification to Swift.
a0d356bc5 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Changes in path lookups (many via Preferences), launchd template changes and java arguments for the router itself.
f4496a0c4 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Unfinished experimental code, adding so other people can compile the xcode project.
8841fed1f 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Updated version.h template file to embedd i2p version as NSString in build time.
eca580519 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding selectors for Preferences window launch, and for view of experimental console webview.
b8681ddf9 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Misc updates to the Launchd code, also moved it to a own directory for cleaner source view.
68ad4eec1 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding user interface classes for the different Preferences views so far.
a19267963 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding Preferences class which works as an interface towards apple's "defaults" preferences system
7058bd85f 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding Preferences button to existing storyboard view
92c42db78 2018-12-08 Mac OS X Launcher: Adding Preference storyboard
926bce78a 2018-12-05 I2CP: Set and validate offline sig in SessionConfig
d054c6bc0 2018-12-05 I2CP: Set offline keys in generated LS2 (router side to follow) Propagate error from disconnect message to session listener Refactor RLSMH options
2876da256 2018-12-04 I2CP, Data: Initial support for LS2 offline keys in I2PSession and PrivateKeyFile
177f595f3 2018-12-04 Javadoc fixes NDT log tweaks
7c5162e15 2018-12-03 I2CP: Move the port 7654 definition
5e7a277e9 2018-12-03 I2CP: Consolidate all the port 7654 definitions
af2eea591 2018-12-03 NetDb: Don't send our RI in response to DSM when shutting down reverts change from 2015
633a75e28 2018-12-03 Wizard: Update text
6e053689b 2018-12-02 Transport: Add methods to force-disconnect a peer
ee722b768 2018-12-02 Router: Allow LS2 DSM down a tunnel
e6912453e 2018-12-02 DataHelper: Minor efficiency improvements in Properties methods
7c928f99e 2018-12-01 Router: Only flood LS2 to router that supports it Use same version check in StoreJob for flooding
9efa0eaa4 2018-12-01 Router: Only send/verify LS2 with router that supports it Remove old commented-out code
700d4d3b4 2018-12-01 Console: Don't output tunnel IDs for meta LS Router: Don't try to send to a meta LS in OCMOSJ
026ddb327 2018-12-01 Router: Add preliminary support for more LS2 types (proposal 123) I2CP: Don't require privkeys for meta in CLS2 message
79440f84e 2018-12-01 I2CP: Add preliminary support for LS2 (proposal 123)
922515dfe 2018-11-30 Crypto: Add X25519 keygen support
f1689187a 2018-11-30 Data: Check data length in typed constructors Check for type match in KeyPair Mark placeholder EncTypes 1-3 as unavailable
2487bca47 2018-11-30 Crypto: Change X25519 key classes from Java keys to I2P keys, in prep for new crypto (Proposal 144) Add EncType Fix PrivateKey constructor w/ EncType Add support to KeyGenerator
cc4da1b4d 2018-11-30 Crypto: Move Curve25519 from router to core, in prep for new crypto
a8bacd872 2018-11-27 Data: Change LS2 sign/verify to match proposal changes
b93be8bb4 2018-11-25 Crypto: Define ElG length constants
9badfd07b 2018-11-25 Utils: Catch ProviderException in SelfSignedGenerator (ticket #2344)
dc8a822b0 2018-11-25 GeoIP: Reduce object churn, add test to command line tools
43e0d4f91 2018-11-25 Reseed: Drop manas.ca reseeds as requested
d4caafb59 2018-11-25 Bundle I2PControl 0.12, as a console webapp Includes mods to use org.json.simple package. See licenses/LICENSE-Apache2.0.txt Includes jBCrypt: Copyright (c) 2006 Damien Miller <djm@mindrot.org> See licenses/LICENSE-jBCrypt.txt Includes jsonrpc2 libs: See licenses/LICENSE-Apache2.0.txt http://software.dzhuvinov.com/json-rpc-2.0-server.html Jars from maven central: jsonrpc2-base-1.38.1-sources.jar  22-Oct-2017 jsonrpc2-server-1.11-sources.jar  16-Mar-2015
d6e350184 2018-11-23 Test: Move ElGamalTest from core to router to follow tested class
535f2daab 2018-11-23 Router: Move ElGamalAESEngine from core to router Client end-to-end crypto removed 13 years ago Not used by any client, app, or plugin.
5c0c69c65 2018-11-20 GeoIP: Add MaxMind GeoLite2-Country database 2018113, gzipped Database and Contents Copyright (c) 2018 MaxMind, Inc. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/. This database incorporates GeoNames [http://www.geonames.org] geographical data, which is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/. - Drop old ipv4 and ipv6 data files and build scripts - Build changes for new file
ef44c36f0 2018-11-20 GeoIP: Hook maxmind geoip2 code into transport lookup.
f1297e7c6 2018-11-20 GeoIP2: License and javadocs
21ca75da1 2018-11-20 Modify GeoIP2-java to remove the dependency on the large com.fasterxml.jackson.databind JSON package, and use POJOs instead. Add main() for testing
3923db067 2018-11-20 Modify MaxMind-DB-Reader-java to remove the dependency on the large com.fasterxml.jackson.databind JSON package, and use POJOs instead.
98de1ae40 2018-11-20 This is GeoIP2-java release 2.12.0 2018-04-11 retrieved from <a href="https://github.com/maxmind/GeoIP2-java">github</a>. For reading MaxMind GeoLite2 database files. Contains only the DatabaseReader class from that package. Unmodified as a baseline for future merges. Does not compile. To be heavily modified to remove the dependency on the large com.fasterxml.jackson.databind JSON package, and use POJOs instead, see following revs. Apache 2.0 license.
76921b1e3 2018-11-20 This is MaxMind-DB-Reader-java release 1.2.2 2017-02-17 retrieved from <a href="https://github.com/maxmind/MaxMind-DB-Reader-java">github</a>. For reading MaxMind GeoLite2 database files. Unmodified as a baseline for future merges. Does not compile. To be heavily modified to remove the dependency on the large com.fasterxml.jackson.databind JSON package, and use POJOs instead, see following revs. Apache 2.0 license.
97e7a98ae 2018-11-19 JSON javadoc fixes
d263e42e1 2018-11-19 Debian: Add libjson-simple-java dependency
54184f288 2018-11-19 Util: Switch users of net.minidev.json to com.json.simple Tested with bundled 1.1.1 and Debian/Ubuntu 2.3.0
af9ce6d17 2018-11-19 Change json lib from net.minidev.json to com.json.simple because libjson-simple-java is in Debian (jessie+) and Ubuntu (trusty+). Version 1.1.1 (Feb. 2012) from: https://github.com/cliftonlabs/json-simple https://github.com/fangyidong/json-simple/releases License: Apache 2 (same as minidev) Release info: https://cliftonlabs.github.io/json-simple/ Current version 2.3.0 (in buster/sid/bionic+) is compatible. The 3.x branch is incompatible.
a1baf856f 2018-11-18 Wizard: Fix cancel test button
13d80e604 2018-11-18 Wizard: Ajax fixes for IE (thx zlatinb) (summary bar also) Form notices on results panel Hide results if skipped
09ea40ce8 2018-11-17 bump -5
bbccb476c 2018-11-17 NTCP2 unused code
0526d6fd1 2018-11-17 add bw test to commandline
c5bd0bd07 2018-11-17 NDT: Add support for test over SSL error handling log tweaks
6963d1f74 2018-11-16 NDT: Fix NPE caused by last checkin
a5c38ba6e 2018-11-16 NDT: Remove Swing call
bfb6eba90 2018-11-16 NDT: Thread tweaks
c07f68e62 2018-11-16 NDT: Fix locale, spoof OS, fix log init
9b9810ea1 2018-11-16 MLab: Switch to name server that supports SSL swingemu cleanups
9a254aec5 2018-11-16 NDT: Restore logging removed in last rev
aa11211e5 2018-11-16 Wizard: Improve ajax Drop unused test wrapper Enable first run detection Spelling fix
f1e9bf822 2018-11-15 bump -4
812baf8bd 2018-11-15 NDT log tweaks
5fe201989 2018-11-15 basic XHR
aebf7735f 2018-11-15 NDT: remove unused user-agent code
bdbadcd8a 2018-11-15 Wizard: Warn if trying to start NDT twice
54a160976 2018-11-15 Wizard: Signal bwlimiter after config change Remove debug log in form handler
0369d321d 2018-11-15 Wizard: Hook test results to form More fixes and cleanups
62c712c46 2018-11-15 Wizard: More test results
dc343b05a 2018-11-15 MLab/NDT: Hook test to wizard Make helper the session scope, not handler Reduce whitespace in formhandler.jsi Notes on why FormHandler can't be session scope Ajax still TODO
6462e2a29 2018-11-14 MLab/NDT: Prep for connecting to wizard, fixes, cleanups
a35ad5fc5 2018-11-13 javadocs
d95c284d3 2018-11-13 MLab/NDT: static instance, log fixes, cleanups
84c0aa407 2018-11-13 javadoc
cec94e934 2018-11-13 Console: Remove some config items from home page
b695242da 2018-11-13 Router: LS2 handling for proposal 123
ddfc7c05e 2018-11-13 Data: support non-string values in DataHelper.toString(Map)
9377b57c9 2018-11-13 ElG minor cleanup
2bfbcf1ae 2018-11-13 jsi whitespace removal
f8f637573 2018-11-13 New install setup wizard Work in progress, run on first install disabled. Language and bw settings should work, other panes todo.
c07446716 2018-11-13 MLabRunner, adapted from Vuze/BiglyBT MLabPlugin.java Github rev e927dca, Aug. 18, 2018. From: https://github.com/BiglySoftware/BiglyBT-plugin-mlab License: GPLv2 Work in progress, command line test works, not hooked up to console yet, awaiting wizard Build changes to copy in translation files, and put the javadocs in the right place.
92787f8fc 2018-11-13 swingemu fix to compile Tcpbw100 from
71d8f0e4d 2018-11-13 Vuze/BiglyBT Swing emulation layer for NDT Applet. This is a simple shim to allow running the NDT Applet code with minimal modifications. From BiglyBT MLab plugin: Github rev e927dca, Aug. 18, 2018. From https://github.com/BiglySoftware/BiglyBT-plugin-mlab This is for Tcpbw100 from NDT 3.6.2b; not sufficient to compile Tcpbw100 from, changes to follow. License: GPLv2.
e20401373 2018-11-13 NDT changes adapted from Vuze/BiglyBT, and changes for I2P. Vuze/Bigly is based on NDT 3.6.2b, so their changes are manually merged here. This rev does not compile, requires swingemu package to follow. Changes: - Add external start hook to Tcpbw100 from BiglyBT - Replace all Swing/AWT classes with emulations from BiglyBT   (included in next checkin) - Leave classes in edu.internet2.ndt package rather than   moving to com.vuze.plugins.mlab heirarchy as Vuze/BiglyBT did - Change IPv6 support setting to use I2P class for detection - Change in-progress field to an AtomicBoolean - Change from System to I2P logging - Change JSON library package - Comment out some applet code - Javadoc fixes
6f7881c7e 2018-11-13 Web100 Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) Java Applet Version (May 20, 2015) From: https://github.com/ndt-project/ndt/releases Unmodified, as baseline for future merges. Will not compile, changes adapted from BiglyBT to follow. Copyright 2003 University of Chicago. 3-clause license with requirement that:   Modified copies and works based on the Software must carry prominent   notices stating that you changed specified portions of the Software. See LICENSE.txt and licenses/LICENSE-NDT.txt
e326011a9 2018-10-14 merge of '917225cb79561b9c536091f9c0790633ebbca610'      and 'c9243853a4211ebe92d964f7aa6ba57e624d6ab8'
e9ec043bf 2018-10-13 Data: Encrypted LS2, other LS2 changes
e39199225 2018-10-13 Data: MetaLeaseSet2 data structure, LS2 test enhancements
02f5733ee 2018-10-13 Data: Prop 123 Meta Lease
a9f957504 2018-10-13 Data: Lease2 and LeaseSet2 data structures, prop. 123 store types
f0b381576 2018-10-13 Data: Prep Lease and LeaseSet for subclassing
ee57bd736 2018-10-13 Data: Add encryption types for PublicKey, PrivateKey
4c970fa0a 2018-10-13 Data: SPK log tweaks
0a9978422 2018-10-13 Build: Add javac.classpath to junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
eed801172 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: dmg create script update
f8fb4a66d 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: Remove restart button
4f8af5537 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: Storyboard update
530470972 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: general cleanup, responsibility delegation, and fixes
a9bf9e065 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: make deployer an property so it's not deleted in mid-extract by GC.
e2d22645e 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher:   * UI Bugfixes/features     * restart might work     * open console button should work     * cleanup
5f077891a 2018-10-13 OSX Launcher: Storyboard update
1a00f7319 2018-10-12 OSX Launcher: Extended start/stop/load/unload to be able to set terminationHandler for more reliable execution.
d8cfe21e9 2018-10-12 OSX Launcher: make some string functions inline
ee9976c28 2018-10-12 OSX Launcher: Xcode UI elements update.
10707c6d7 2018-10-11 merge of '1f8e31dab7ed66ddd8f332fca5784b4934d0c9b0'      and '4197dba37e7c738c7b1125b3e407a7bc0b2c972a'
8e988c39e 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Updated build instructions in readme
e3ab9f8e9 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Swift GUI code updates, most related to the new launch method.
96d31995e 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: cleanup and restructuring the main swift file
3988a8645 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: major updates to the glue between 'backend' and GUI. Implemented the use of the new LaunchAgent classes
b25dec12d 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: some changes to the Swift<->Objective-C bridge
f57f8c608 2018-10-11 Some more xcode metadata files
2862be564 2018-10-11 XCode metadata files update
45b4f426a 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Big rewrite of swift code where it now has the capability of creating services. The router management has been much easier with this approach as it uses launchd to do the dirty work. This code also uses java_home as a wrapper instead of locating the java binary by itself. This also contribute to the improvements.
51cbd8ef8 2018-10-11 Dropping unused swift class
8b2c3de79 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Cleaning up DetectJava.swift
969bc2dee 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: String extensions update
77e539a73 2018-10-11 Docs: Add maven doc from str4d via mattermost Update dependencies doc
2de36ee34 2018-10-11 Console: Remove static Server ref, hang off RCR
7dbf56821 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Refactor deployment code to own file, + code cleanups.
7e9d1939b 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Storyboard update
48877079c 2018-10-11 OSX Launcher: Log all events for debugging
e68182a15 2018-10-10 Build: Provide option to prevent Class-Path in manifests (ticket #2317)
06914f9fd 2018-10-09 Sybil: Take HTML out of reason string for easier parsing and storage
8332385f0 2018-10-09 Sybil: More prep and refactor for background analysis Put dest name in too-close reasons
19b1b3cec 2018-10-09 Sybil: Prep for background analysis sort threat points consolidate strings
bdd7c35ab 2018-10-08 Console: Remove static StatSummarizer ref, hang off ClientAppManager
184b6179e 2018-10-08 i2psnark: Sync field access (findbugs)
6fccfc990 2018-10-08 Use Double.compare() in comparators (findbugs)
524c37594 2018-10-08 Data: Drop long-deprecated and unused boolean methods and related tests
5041bb853 2018-10-08 netdb class cleanup
7dfee5f0a 2018-10-07 NTCP2 log tweak
e3d456c73 2018-10-07 Debian: Don't override dh_builddeb (ticket #2329)
e2a41b774 2018-10-07 Console: Sort RAs in Sybil tool
477fa9ef3 2018-10-07 Build: Fix build config with-libtomcat8-java but not with-libjetty9-java, by copying required jetty jar to jetty-apache-jsp.jar
0cd67acd1 2018-10-06 Console: /netdb fixes (ticket #2326): - 'O' cap search won't include P/X - Fix highlighted tab for transport search - Use POST instead of GET
aafccc013 2018-10-06 Console: Fix SSU sort links broken in last checkin
ff1e53a0e 2018-10-06 Console: Fix bw cap display for P/X on /tunnels
b8d33f742 2018-10-06 Console: Tab /peers, fix html errors
8dc3163c7 2018-10-06 flip sections on /confighome
960636c6b 2018-10-06 Console: Sort addresses in RIs, remove note about O cap
e52877576 2018-10-05 debian changelogs
52739165a 2018-10-04 0.9.37
eb1d84837 2018-10-01 bump for review
2a9c39ca6 2018-10-01 missed one
b84b298ec 2018-10-01 pull translations from tx
e59dd3bce 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: LICENSE file for the sbt bash script.
d6fc0adb5 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: Removed dmgconfig.py, added public domain to sharedqueue.h and updated xcode for the dmgconfig.py removal.
5041883d5 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: Update readme regarding Oracle's downlad url.
5ed701dff 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: updates in logging, remove timestamp from Objc's MLog
410f9df4e 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: The launcher will now write the pid of the router to a file like the old wrapper did.
b5497ef72 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: Cancel stream that can cause high cpu load on router stop.
2233f7f47 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher:   * Update readme about event manager   * RouterTask can now detect a running router by scanning processes&arguments for i2p.jar   * The logger will log to OSX's default: ~/Library/Logs/I2P/[whatever].log
36b758f2c 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: Removing unused/change-in-plans files
ae0d420f5 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher:   * Added script to check for latest java via xcode   * Updated xcode project metadata files   * Update dmg create script   * Make xcode write version.h under build   * Added template for version.h
b40b987c0 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher:   * Fixed issue with >> and compilers in C++ in subprocess.hpp   * Added queue for logger   * Misc
e8d371ed9 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: C api of the logger to become available for Swift/Objective-C
5a0017a8f 2018-09-30 Mac OSX Launcher: Adding a logger library I wrote a good while ago, refactored it to work with the launcher.
751f15c1b 2018-09-30 Update .mtn-ignore for osx stuff
d1b2a4e51 2018-09-29 apparmor update
6ef6b3b70 2018-09-29 new geoipv6 data, bump builddate
c069f7632 2018-09-29 Add "clearer" div to Hidden Services Of Interest section in /home so that nested floating divs are displayed properly
9a11165bf 2018-09-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head effa099b40ff593227c59707a33922176dc775b1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 5ddcc0dd19779b78356459bd074f75943d5d42d1)
3a5f020da 2018-09-27 SSL Wizard: Don't put public IP in SAN
d67d501b2 2018-09-27 Data: Don't corrupt hidden RI with addresses
a69aa15ac 2018-09-27 drop zerobin
c391dacf7 2018-09-27 sybil tweaks
69f380f4a 2018-09-26 flip /home sections
22a0f396e 2018-09-26 Mac OS X Launcher:   * Enabled Apple's "Hardened Runtime", however unsecure memory had to be allowed to spawn java etc.   * Updated docs about Event Manager code   * Make the launcher handle cases where extract is incomplete or invalid   * Bugfixes as always
d27000ec0 2018-09-26 Crypto: Avoid java-to-i2p ECDSA privkey conversion when generating CRL, failing on Android for unknown reasons (ticket #2296)
b82ace8a8 2018-09-26 Router: Don't add 'O' cap for P/X anymore
b7ff82eb8 2018-09-26 IRC: Make inbound whitelist static
f7ae67520 2018-09-26 cleanup
39aa2c597 2018-09-26 Utils: Enhance exception message for ticket #2296
34f0d7d7b 2018-09-24 Build: Compile jsps in-order for reproducibility (ticket #2279)
e59d7a821 2018-09-23 Plugins: Blacklist neodatis and seedless for Java 9+ (ticket #2295)
7a72049e2 2018-09-23 Mac OS X Launcher:   * Bugfixes as always   * Added Sparkle (native updater, https://sparkle-project.org/ )   * The launcher will now extract and overwrite older versions if found   * Rewrite of the java extraction part (to enable overwrite)   * Move more functionality to use EventManager as it works quite well   * Added check for updates menu item
3b38f5a16 2018-09-22 Mac OS X Launcher:   * In general bugfixes   * Introduced event manager for better control flow   * Splitted RouterStatusView to own file   * Added shell script to setup and produce dmg file
829eb665e 2018-09-22 NTCP: Fix handling of multiple connections, change termination code for expired RI, log tweaks
4369b7d12 2018-09-22 merge of 'dba1ad61c390f95055923ae1fb35e60552f617c6'      and 'f84ff8b356783cf12619b83a8104e55fe76a7411'
70fa2dae0 2018-09-20 Mac OS X Launcher: Let version detection etc happen even a router is already started.
85ebb2f84 2018-09-20 Mac OS X Launcher: Removed unused header file.
e8decff5c 2018-09-20 Mac OS X Launcher: more cleanup and some bugfixes.
3c0a8cf4a 2018-09-20 Mac OSX Launcher: A lot of bugfixes, refactoring and cleanup.
eb81cadac 2018-09-19 OSX Launcher: Removing script for old build system
0f8a61803 2018-09-19 Remove license for now unused library.
e046418f8 2018-09-19 Cleaning up the code base, remove dead code and failed attempts.
802115e81 2018-09-19 Updating .mtn-ignore file
9b958e442 2018-09-19 Moving replace function to strutil.hpp
46ac00877 2018-09-19 #2298 - Improve formatting to make translation-related activity easier; More details on trac
281c5f579 2018-09-19 Bugfixes, improvements, more error handling and stability to the osx launcher.
01a05f760 2018-09-19 Adding license for forked subprocess code in swift. MIT, ref. https://github.com/marcoconti83/morione
f76874ac1 2018-09-18 Adding XCode workspace & Xcode project, and some files missing from last commit.
7615b9236 2018-09-18 Adding all new code, removed a lot obsolete code and fixed import paths etc. Mac OS X launcher: * UI built on Swift   * Why?     * Apple seems to on purpose make it harder to get into Objective-C these days     * Swift is compiled to native code, but has easiness of Javascript in programming     * Perfect for the OS X UI, many guides & tutorials as well * "Backend" in Objective-C++ / C++14   * Why?     * Originally written in Objective-C / C++14 with C++17 backports     * Only for backend because of the time the development takes     *
1bddf5527 2018-09-18 Commiting XCode's image/resources library alone since it's massive with blobs.
beede9505 2018-09-18 Preparing for XCode project. Removing now obsolete files.
b74abbe4d 2018-09-16 Tomcat 8.5.34
6b53a4fac 2018-09-16 Build: Fix hang with Tomcat 8.5.33+ (ticket #2307)
be4c1afe1 2018-08-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 056bc63e77d33f38fb1644b84f9071693ff754a3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 95a150a83187020444206ec94d48c4e4789b7174)
4ead98283 2018-08-31 Fix port forwarding line in readme.html
4011680fa 2018-08-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f7b28892c564f2b360f9f9dc8a8ad11c760b347a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 0eab0dc27f9269e2791700882ad4b289d566348a)
48c787ba8 2018-08-27 Debian: Prevent dup version (ticket #2300)
c9002b327 2018-08-27 #2293 - Use CachedIteratorCollection in PeerState
873087441 2018-08-27 Use CachedIteratorCollection in PeerState
f6c45355a 2018-08-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fea8e3400c114ad820bf3f0eb7d18336b85027cb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 472429fc9d4d273e0d05de5ae0c075c5ebfca45f)
92cc66ecb 2018-08-27 Update RouterVersion.java to match i2p.i2p to allow for propagation from i2p.i2p
773676075 2018-08-27 Revert PeerState.java temporarily to allow for propagation from i2p.i2p
e64ad7ce5 2018-08-26 More findbugs all over
1f9223225 2018-08-26 Findbugs all over
db54edc36 2018-08-26 NTCP2: Publish outbound address after transition to firewalled Fix exception thrower
3adbea9c7 2018-08-25 Better message on su3 certificate errors
483f043d3 2018-08-25 Bettor error message on covariant fail
819985f3b 2018-08-25 lint
21fbcb874 2018-08-25 NTCP2: Enable by default
4a03b6fcb 2018-08-25 i2psnark: Better comment deduping, fixes rating average
57ddc8ea4 2018-08-25 conversion cleanup
c3881a811 2018-08-25 fix deprecations
ff551b19f 2018-08-23 debian doc update
a45f5374e 2018-08-23 Ubuntu 0.9.36
145352738 2018-08-23 NTCP2 remove unused code
cc2056d4c 2018-08-23 NTCP2 code consolidation, minor changes
6cf84ac5a 2018-08-23 log tweak
e243e0ddb 2018-08-23 streaming minor tweaks
fddaa47de 2018-08-23 whitespace fix
658faf9dc 2018-08-22 0.9.36
68feb080e 2018-08-20 Jetty 9.2.25.v20180606
f4cab090c 2018-08-19 man fixes
d69f078d8 2018-08-19 new man translations
f2e00ca13 2018-08-19 More translation updates GeoIPv6 update 2018-08-16 from Maxmind
ea3ce805e 2018-08-19 log typo
96f7c15e6 2018-08-19 pull from tx
a846271cd 2018-08-19 NTCP2: Catch bad IV exception
da476be75 2018-08-19 Fixed neither's license with including LoopPerfect's license line.
a5830f020 2018-08-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ac85a7ea91b76b247e7987f5baed14167c5a0661)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 5ee52fb5eff362cca2a2bb3a6130aecc2543e734)
a01bfff97 2018-08-18 merge of '412307149f63744814cd43d5df85bc227b8e4667'      and 'cd23f58885590026a755c32f8f2c2f513e22e21c'
8b9e5de9a 2018-08-18 merge of '3985486d761603f3e27f0f9e50fe3ae6d6a022be'      and '7acf152f554c78474ef071ac74ceb6a4889c600b'
aef68eb93 2018-08-18 Remove duplicated file.
4a5708ab7 2018-08-18 merge of 'e44534030f8f27481da60564e03f4b097f032c89'      and 'eea0aed1232ed304fa6ffeaeee28d9399bf3efdc'
7cf79a3a2 2018-08-18 Adding LICENSE file for Boost and MIT.
8bebda2e3 2018-08-18 Remove duplicated file.
42fd4c645 2018-08-17 Revert changes checked-in in revision ec64be9e9faf415091bda0fe3567c6460310f7ad as they were not intended for this branch
211533f55 2018-08-17 Update PeerState to use CachedIteratorCollection as propagation from i2p.i2p appears to have wiped out changes
11945c823 2018-08-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ec664ddfcb1f460b67cfcb0a5be1d162bb361b5a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head c521652f676d8c99cc31916977229cca561dc31b)
26189704f 2018-08-17 Re-add file
5b114f4bf 2018-08-17 Removing files temporarily to allow for propagation from i2p.i2p branch
c455f15b2 2018-08-16 i2ptunnel: Change read timeout defaults now that streaming read timeout works
30fefa44e 2018-08-13 Console: Format part. tunnel rate Make table headers consistent
e310a6ab3 2018-08-13 Add CachedIteratorCollectionTest
a40ff5f52 2018-08-13 Add CachedIteratorCollectionTest - junit tests for CachedIteratorCollection
a7e31f1f2 2018-08-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 28e7fe42a73f3806f0d5f805801039e9b6ba66d3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head d33d35ee38f522ea71205b041f00420405684dbf)
1c73be515 2018-08-10 move return inside sync
8dbc11566 2018-08-10 log level tweaks
8408e9fe2 2018-08-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e6dfc137396019d82f0f6f08216b5b2496366f1c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 8944540a640826823268268cfcc018be8aa1bc3d)
62151ef52 2018-08-08 poupdate-source
f85542190 2018-08-08 tx resource for readme
61d2e3c20 2018-08-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9ad2c13f2722c6d9b6387b333e803df6f58a02c8)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head ec6542c798755f65bc61caf00100a9d49b7d61a0)
9e237b508 2018-08-07 new hosts
f97ec8820 2018-08-07 CachedIteratorCollection - Fix add() function
f9d5d48a4 2018-08-07 Clean up code
733d3496a 2018-08-07 Append "-sl" to version string
5a6ee17f3 2018-08-07 CachedIteratorCollection - Fix bug in add() function Add comments for remove() function
177ef573e 2018-08-06 Update javadocs for CachedIteratorCollection
57fee6255 2018-08-06 Fix PeerState
7084c86e7 2018-08-06 Update CachedIteratorCollection javadocs
68482cab4 2018-08-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 561efd6f3e61619f76be7effbd775178a116007b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' (head 11d4aac5f949cac61aaf08c22e0c2a862f09c91a)
fc22d0fcb 2018-08-06 merge of '5ceba68eb23bd6229800383e7f9e917bff86b83f'      and '9b8562d09e23badb58dadcedb61bb9a6fa446e6a'
da5c922c4 2018-08-06 Rename CachedIteratorAbstractCollection.java to CachedIteratorCollection.java
aaebbdedc 2018-08-06 Debian: Remove old flags dir so symlink gets created
d2b32bc75 2018-08-06 PeerState patched for CachedIteratorAbstractCollection; With branch 'i2p.i2p.slumlord' this time
4aff61568 2018-08-06 Revert changes to PeerState and .idea/ folder in previous commit
0b3abb3b6 2018-08-06 Add CachedIteratorAbstractCollection Update PeerState.java to use CachedIteratorAbstract Add some debugging lines to determine cause(s) of higher udp.sendFailed/sendAggressiveFailed stats
775188a36 2018-08-04 I2NP: Fix DI test
21fe962ab 2018-08-04 I2NP: Remove unused OutputStream methods
9b3eb8d2c 2018-08-04 I2NP: Change DeliveryInstructions internal flags storage from long to int
a5a5f7dbd 2018-08-04 I2NP: Don't call toLong() for 1 byte
30f25de49 2018-08-04 I2NP: Remove unused InputStream parsing methods
2cc362ca7 2018-08-04 javadoc fix
f1df49606 2018-08-04 Data: Check sooner for unknown sig type; minor efficiency improvements in parsing
c0be83fe0 2018-08-03 readme edits
0b2ef3da1 2018-08-03 NTCP2: Fix termination handling log tweaks
526aadb55 2018-08-02 NTCP2: Fix padding calculation for small frames
8d629de23 2018-08-02 readme edits
8fb7bd264 2018-08-02 NTCP2: Remove debug code
2e85c2387 2018-08-02 merge of '2854c97dc4c2cef6d9bd92f80032b60ad86ab030'      and 'df5322d83c1545129c9ed8f3e2dc5378ffb1b4a3'
1b6c00288 2018-08-02 NTCP2: Send termination on idle timeout Use timer to delay close after sending termination Prevent sending more data after termination
7121e3e52 2018-08-01 #2239 - Updating readme.html, work in progress.
726d2f475 2018-07-31 ngettext
75d86727e 2018-07-31 SSU: Pull call out of loop for efficiency
5c3e40877 2018-07-31 i2psnark: Don't disconnect seeds immediately if comments enabled (ticket #2288) Implement variable timeout Hardcode handshake bytes Log tweaks
a51d260a7 2018-07-29 Streaming: More efficient copying in MessageInputStream Log tweaks
b5ed39f10 2018-07-28 Streaming: Throw exception on read timeout (ticket #2292) Log tweaks
f12dbba3d 2018-07-28 SusiMail: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
9b9f96daf 2018-07-28 i2psnark: Tweak 1st column sort order
b8437cd24 2018-07-28 Console: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
63f035568 2018-07-28 Console: Prep for removing themes (ticket #2272)
2586db91c 2018-07-27 Router: Implement router.rejectStartupTime config (ticket #2285)
fc817b0ec 2018-07-26 NTCP2: Defer NTCP 1/2 classifiation until receiving 64 bytes
2f2ff4f18 2018-07-26 Console: Split netdb output into pages
68e8e597e 2018-07-25 i2psnark: Disable gzip for KRPC it's already disabled at the session level, but in case we change it later
e7202e0ee 2018-07-25 javadoc html fix
a70074759 2018-07-25 warning tweak
0bcf9caf7 2018-07-25 doc typo fix
41e20ae70 2018-07-25 Utils: Don't truncate at a ZWJ
a6c506a17 2018-07-25 Utils: Debug code to find double-frees
7338282bb 2018-07-25 merge of '00fccb01d49a6b94638c648438bc4059e5ee0796'      and 'a6dc0bea5ee5569b71fa349be025d6a027d46a09'
f9fbc76dd 2018-07-24 Code changes: * Port check to see if i2p is already running. * All buttons in the menu should work now. * Rewrote some C++ to Objective-C, which fits better with the integration. * Misc cleanup. * Made the launch of router repeatable.
2ee1a212c 2018-07-24 Added BufferedOutputStream to BaseExtractor for better performance.
fe41dec69 2018-07-24 Adding OSX graphics.
2893cbb2e 2018-07-24 Fix typos pointed out by yahoe.001 on transifex
18e24edce 2018-07-23 NTCP2: Fix double-free of buffers after msg3 p2 fails Fix sending termination after msg3 p2 fails
f554ca349 2018-07-22 Console: Add support for IPv6 prefix lookup
03e10835f 2018-07-21 Fix Gradle build
1470ea2d7 2018-07-21 reduce more log levels
292b7e6dc 2018-07-21 NTCP2 (ticket #2286): Fix error sending large message Fix NPE after handshake failure
2800791f0 2018-07-20 Test: Backport EdDSA junit changes from github; fixes NPE in 2 tests
c35d1583d 2018-07-19 NTCP2: Reduce log levels
412fcfb57 2018-07-19 Console: Add netdb search by transport
80973ca21 2018-07-18 Build: Add check for libtaglibs package in debian builds
1b0102bd1 2018-07-18 i2psnark: Enable sequential order option for single-file torrents (ticket #2234)
2a68a01a3 2018-07-16 Console: Fix HTML errors on /configservice w/o wrapper
63f4e0462 2018-07-15 Router: Add CLI tool to generate family keys
6c3cf9bf7 2018-07-15 I2CP: Add option for forcing gzip on/off per-message Use option in streaming SYN and CLOSE packets
4ff62c291 2018-07-15 NTCP: Increase failsafe sleep threshold for busy routers (ticket #2251) Hardcode useDirectBuffers config
d4992936b 2018-07-14 i2psnark: Recreate deleted files on recheck/reopen (ticket #2125)
2a0b92702 2018-07-13 i2psnark: CSS for in-order form (ticket #2234)
17c2a2a58 2018-07-13 merge of '639a99d15ec0e7cbf0b44fd44564a6ae304b8673'      and '6b24962b7b3513e22153068b62922cabebb2dee4'
a92993e05 2018-07-13 Added some more header files, and fixed much of the build system.
3fcef90cc 2018-07-13 merge of '3307710b35da5de0073b4b3e26fb33d180591563'      and '7532ae57e808a03a2c4500c861e320848729cb27'
8c78d4f83 2018-07-13 A functional programming "library" (some headers with some magic love found in scala)
2daeb6d1a 2018-07-13 merge of '54817017a7af30d5a701bb76ce4c5f18479d525c'      and 'b90d952c362ac02ebfadf0049cfdca61e870cd87'
c8490a314 2018-07-13 Starting to get stable and usable. Basically everything is based on callbacks.
818e70d3a 2018-07-13 merge of 'aca699a4227d198b550c8579ebe091a1f5a2578e'      and 'e24559aa0df77c42ee3705237fe35ca3436a1bd5'
6d0f80fa1 2018-07-13 Fixed a load of issues related to my "sync" approach, and Mac OSX's "async" API.
5fd1b6953 2018-07-12 i2psnark: Sequential piece priority within each file (ticket #2234)
e24ebf4bd 2018-07-12 i2psnark: UI config for sequential download (ticket #2234) Sort with Collator CSS TODO
d34087f4d 2018-07-12 i2psnark: Stub out support for sequential download (ticket #2234)
b78870de5 2018-07-11 NTCP2: Remove dup getHash() method
9d2f684ac 2018-07-11 Streaming: Change enforce protocol default to true
6ad1de8d8 2018-07-10 Util: Convert more caches to TryCache (ticket #2263)
f6da5f43a 2018-07-10 CPUID: Recognize Hygon processors
02669fafd 2018-07-10 SSU: Sync/notify improvements (ticket #2260)
30fc9544f 2018-07-10 Installer: Fix Windows 10 64-bit install for IzPack 4/5 (ticket #1864) Add more IzPack 5 build targets
307a68aa5 2018-07-10 Installer: Add support for IzPack 5 (ticket #1864) fix typo in postinstall.sh
2664c417e 2018-07-08 merge of '5a7bb5cbf6a37b5e282620eeb893459dc3ebe4af'      and 'b11d43f037fd0eb4248f7388e26af31209aaf0a2'
21b3864df 2018-07-08 Moved some logic to C++, which will extract i2p if it's not already, and then secondly fire up the router in a second java process when extraction is completed. Gonna use "optional" type in C++ to make global variables a bit less painful to use.
7a0f384db 2018-07-08 merge of '6b3a264a4dddd9667ce22ed517fbfccd5d676f9f'      and '95e2b9f35eac4e0ca2160d2f554bb4cdba5c074d'
27a0d4e51 2018-07-08 Removing some Scala classes for the Mac OSX laucher, since the C++ code replaces it's functionallity.
dfa1470c1 2018-07-08 reinstate cache capacity calculation
d992dbf92 2018-07-08 i2psnark: Add comment icon (ticket #2278)
1c28495fc 2018-07-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2263' (head 5d4d46ea16b13a188d27ff31c81a5362f20b6d68)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3ba7c5b2e24e950c83d6370df3c814fd025add81)
950ca71a3 2018-07-08 NTCP2: Refactor padding size calculation Avoid possible NPEs (ticket #2286) Bundle up to 5 tunnel messages Use read buffer to send RI and termination Temp buf doesn't need 2 bytes for length RI size check Log tweaks
fcf82ea58 2018-07-08 revert imports too
381f39093 2018-07-07 Reverted change related to fatjar. We're using "real" base path in any case.
ab4a8ef16 2018-07-06 reinstate capacity check
998931ffd 2018-07-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 566b1eeda884669d179397966db673e71775debb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2263' (head be0f0d7318f30334dcdbe7d2ef728d9611aff5f7)
67b7febf7 2018-07-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6c6a7520cad38845cee83103c323782b426b3ff5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2263' (head 727b9053d85f58811d1f5e05ccc697bfd9a454a2)
a916c1a22 2018-07-06 NTCP: Read all available data when able (ticket #2243)
1460bec8c 2018-07-06 SSU: Change remaining acks from List to Set (ticket #2258)
7aca1e400 2018-07-05 i2psnark: Fix comments wrapping (ticket #2284)
25e567a12 2018-07-05 NTCP2: Increase max message size OutNetMessage: Change size from long to int
43c201817 2018-07-05 i2psnark: Fix IOOBE when stopping torrent that is allocating (ticket #2273) more sync in PartialPiece
7d9207dc8 2018-07-04 NTCP: Don't advertise interface addresses when configured for force-firewalled log tweaks
f9c3f82bb 2018-07-04 clear context reference when clearing cache
40b30979c 2018-07-04 clear buf before releasing
11e00ba9c 2018-07-04 move TryCache to core
9ac31573b 2018-07-01 Build: Move Jetty/Tomcat version properties to top-level build.xml
a895bcc91 2018-07-01 NTCP2: Adjust padding defaults and size calculation Rekey static after 30 days downtime
eff0cac30 2018-07-01 EdDSA: Backport versions 0.2/0.3 from github: - Change key encoding to match curdle draft - Support key decoding based on curdle draft - Implement true constant-time cmov() - Add handling of X509Key-wrapped EdDSA keys (GitHub PR #47) - Clarify that KeyPairGenerator takes a key size, not strength - Javadocs GitHub PR #58: - Make GroupElement immutable by moving the pre-computed logic to the constructors,   allowing the synchronized checking of whether the pre-computed logic had executed or not   to be removed since it always has when it is used because those code paths   are modified to request it at construction time. - This allows getNegativeA() to be lazy, and doesn't need volatile due to the immutability   (and final fields - this is important part of the contract with the JVM memory model). - Remove synchronized contention from the named curve table get method. - Generally remove use of the named curve table get method with a constant curve name   in hot code paths in favour of using a new static constant for the curve spec. Overall performance changes: - Keygen 46% faster - Signing 39% slower (due to cmov) - Verify 2% faster
c65ce1d3f 2018-06-30 Router: Reselect jbigi lib when processor changes (ticket #2277)
201ef3b06 2018-06-30 private field
3b3458106 2018-06-30 Console: Fix reading flags when symlinked (ticket #2270)
d4dd0ea98 2018-06-30 Adjustments in Scala code to adopt to work with the Obj-C++ code.
0b01cc507 2018-06-30 Adding codebase for the Objective-C++ part of the Mac OS X launcher/wrapper.
3de1fa229 2018-06-30 Minor change in routerconsole and core code for making I2P work great in "portable" mode.
d8cc2a356 2018-06-28 Debian: Add build option for reproducible builds; remove timestamp from manifests and javadocs (ticket #2279)
d42a467c0 2018-06-28 forgot to set context
bc4ee0fc3 2018-06-28 Implement tryLock-based object cache and make ntcp and ssu code use it
9b17b52b3 2018-06-27 Debian: Add dependency for famfamfam-flag-png (ticket #2270)
c02f68530 2018-06-27 Deb updates for 35
ef7b3e0c8 2018-06-26 Core: misc. minor changes
baa11d814 2018-06-26 Console: Move modified flags to new directory, in prep for symlinking original flags dir to package for package installs (ticket #2270)
2d24f2132 2018-06-26 Streaming: Enforce valid port in setters
96c565d48 2018-06-26 Router: Misc. javadocs and debug
3c53dfe62 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Remove static config on router rekey
761affc94 2018-06-26 Console: Move servlet to new package (ticket #2265)
f0f62527d 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Show version on /peers
c826efd3a 2018-06-26 NTCP: Move runDelayedEvents() after the selector (ticket #2237)
ae8779e00 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Establishment and data phase - Address generation and validation fixes to match proposal changes - Fixes for persistence of static s and iv - Add methods for keygen and getters for static s and iv - Add OutboundNTCP2State for outbound establishment - Add support to InboundEstablishState - Add data phase support to NTCPConnection - Refactor NTCPConnection for multiple protocols - Support concurrent pending outbound messages in NTCPConnection NTCP1: Cleanups and performance improvements - EventPumper tweaks and logging - Eliminate extra data copy in NTCPConnection message sending - Remove _meta field in NTCPConnection - Locking changes in NTCPConnection and EstablishState classes - Zero out DH keys when done - Fix read when buffer position nonzero in NTCPConnection - NTCPConnection make more methods package private - Do AES decryption in data phase all at once when possible - Drop expired outbound messages in NTCPConnection before sending - Pass extra data from EstablishState directly to NTCPConnection   to avoid race, remove getExtraBytes() method - Remove getException, getError, getFailedBySkew methods and calls from Reader
49221add9 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Noise library license, javadoc, .editorconfig
da810467b 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Noise library changes: Use key factory for key pair generation Hardcode Noise name and compute first hash in advance Expose mixHash method so we can process message 1 and 2 padding Add method to get chaining key and hash for siphash key generation Remove unused patterns, methods, code Debug and speed test code Finals
70f018eb8 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Noise lib from: https://github.com/rweather/noise-java Revision db4855c on Oct 8, 2016 Copyright (C) 2016 Southern Storm Software, Pty Ltd. MIT license Unmodified, as base for future merges Only classes we need, this rev will not compile
55a8878a6 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Key factory
0f048a7aa 2018-06-26 NTCP2: New FNDF method
435bf8194 2018-06-26 NTCP2: Payload and options classes
1a56d5ab3 2018-06-26 NTCP2: I2NP support, fixes, cleanups
3d21ad0df 2018-06-26 0.9.35
f6a4b0b70 2018-06-23 Pull translation updates from Transifex New Azerbaijani translations
199788495 2018-06-23 Update HTML file list for test Fix HTML error in Chinese eepsite help page
fecd0a9f5 2018-06-23 GeoIPv6 from MaxMind 2018-06-04 No more updates for v4 legacy format, see ticket #2268
1e24523df 2018-06-22 volatile
93c6df7e8 2018-06-21 SusiMail: Fix NPE on logout (ticket #2266)
e33bb2ac1 2018-06-21 Console: Add Azerbaijani, add translated eepsite help pages 48x48 az.png converted from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg Public domain as specified on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg
07f7f2be5 2018-06-21 i2psnark: Unstick the navbar (ticket #1996)
7ddeb0c94 2018-06-21 i2psnark: Remove tracker links unless non-default
00c1fc6ed 2018-06-21 /logs version section tweaks (ticket #1996)
4a211f1bf 2018-06-19 Console: Don't display individual tx/rx graphs if displaying combined graph (ticket #2106)
776c7aeb8 2018-06-19 Console: Restore line breaks in copy/pasted log entries (ticket #2078)
c143a0e80 2018-06-19 i2psnark: Combine strings
6ea0b0530 2018-06-19 /configui: Fix HTML, combine strings
39dfdad0d 2018-06-19 Add imagegen to standard webapps list
4cd9fe725 2018-06-19 fix build
03d430ba7 2018-06-19 SSU: Catch ISE
5592992b7 2018-06-19 SSU: Add volatile (ticket #2260)
d500f6173 2018-06-17 NTCP: Log and fail messages on outbound queue overflow
8eb6dc0ae 2018-06-16 GeoIP: Don't log error message when hitting the end of the geoipv6.dat file
dd5c4af6f 2018-06-15 Console: Less hats and cats
0756306e5 2018-06-15 SusiMail: CSS fixes (ticket #2242)
5e24daafc 2018-06-15 disable NTCP2 code
37bb09ffc 2018-06-15 new irc server
89c9a6d0b 2018-06-13 Push strings to transifex
04bf5157b 2018-06-13 build time debug tweak
790db3735 2018-06-13 update build time
78b2d2400 2018-06-13 Jetty: Add TX config for eepsite help page (ticket #2214) and for testing readme.html for .36
14e4cba7c 2018-06-13 SSL Wizard tweaks
b1541dbf1 2018-06-13 Eepsite help: more edits
da5de2fd4 2018-06-13 NTCP: Fix clearing of write interest ops at inbound establishment, causing latency on first message (ticket #2237)
aa98e540e 2018-06-11 Catch RuntimeException in BuildRequestor
253c157ba 2018-06-11 Don't exclusively use explicitPeers when specified for testing
9c35a5596 2018-06-11 enforce max family name length
a1bf2b865 2018-06-11 console changelog disable horizontal scroll
3361d14f3 2018-06-11 UPnP: Change port names
e687e1d4d 2018-06-11 #2242 - CSS changes for dark theme so that Folder button and drop-down menu have visible text. Could cause problems elsewhere, still testing
56bf84454 2018-06-10 eepsite: More help page updates (ticket #2214) Rename help page background image file, it's not Bulgaria Delete all help page country flag files, we already copy them in build.xml
ee5012311 2018-06-09 #2214 - Update instructions for adding a key/hostname on stats.i2p; Remove external links, add search suggestion and specific warning about apache modules
3f92d92ce 2018-06-09 eepsite: More help page fixes (ticket #2214) Re-enable dir listings, required for help page links
20145333f 2018-06-09 i2psnark: Fix torrent ignoring priority settings when autostart is enabled (ticket #2229)
7b3791627 2018-06-09 Eepsite Help: Updates for translation (ticket #2224) Remove dead links and commented-out text Put each sentence on separate line Clarify and simplify language
98019bb99 2018-06-08 Updates to eepsite help page
5c3f26429 2018-06-03 NTCP: More efficient copying of inbound establish state data More prep for NTCP2
02855a0d9 2018-06-02 NTCP: Fix state lock, should not have been static javadocs
b5117eafc 2018-06-02 NTCP2: Data phase payload generation and parsing
05ffa63dc 2018-06-02 NTCP: Start NTCP2 implementation, all disabled for now
06106c75d 2018-06-02 NTCP: Refactor EstablishState into interface/base/inbound/outbound, in prep for NTCP2
363aaadb1 2018-06-02 Console: Sort tunnels within pools by expiration (ticket #2232)
7713284e6 2018-06-01 SusiDNS: Fix deleting notes (ticket #1433) Hide advanced fields in published entries
cee45e303 2018-05-31 SusiDNS: Add notes form (ticket #1433)
24a1cf713 2018-05-31 Console: Change Java 10 warning to Java 11, since bionic uses 10
481e28750 2018-05-31 Console: Fix CSS preventing ordered lists (ticket #2075)
8b029dbae 2018-05-31 SusiMail: Message button tweaks
484d4e226 2018-05-30 SusiMail: Don't require confirmation to delete from Trash, Clear reallydelete flag when clicking cancel or change folder
a7db82a1f 2018-05-30 SusiMail: Fix dup ConnectWaiter run, no failure message
3f2fe3951 2018-05-30 SusiMail: Don't store loading/fetching/refresh messages in session object, so they go away when done
04a9f5612 2018-05-30 Javadoc fixes
884a42b81 2018-05-30 Build: Remove more files from Debian source tarballs Don't need to both delete and exclude for tarballs Restore commons-logging.jar to build classpath where needed for deb builds Add classpath entries to fix Debian javadoc build
278a8142b 2018-05-29 NTCP: Cleanup, remove commented-out code in prep for NTCP2 Increase max RI size
277a1619e 2018-05-28 Console: Tagged string fixes (ticket #2017) CSS tweaks
d128bab2f 2018-05-28 SusiMail: Send deletions after connect so emails don't come back after a move (ticket #2087) Refactor/consolidate pop3 deletion code Fix loading mails in checker Fix checker thread name Return to inbox, not drafts, after sending draft CSS for select
550ef2ae9 2018-05-27 SusiMail: Remove disk null checks, always non-null
5feeffa55 2018-05-26 ministreaming: Add classpath to jar (ticket #2228)
36c279f23 2018-05-26 i2psnark: Hide peers button if no peers on that page (ticket #2152)
f3207464b 2018-05-26 i2psnark: Hide column 1 icon for peers (ticket #1996)
00acac4b6 2018-05-26 i2psnark: Hide "0 Bps" if no peers (ticket #2152)
e67c750fa 2018-05-26 i2ptunnel: Retry accept after server socket closed (ticket #2003)
2d7f0d35c 2018-05-26 i2ptunnel CLI help tweak
3701f71fc 2018-05-26 Jetty: Skip files with [] in default servlet to avoid throwing exception
3f6482543 2018-05-26 SSL Wizard: Cleanups
5ca319e4b 2018-05-26 /confignet: Reorganize (ticket #2217)
f11104e7b 2018-05-26 Summary Bar: Change header from "I2P Updates" to "Update Status" (ticket #2137) /configsidebar: Tag sections for translation; translate unselected sections; sort unselected sections by translated name
39c0f558c 2018-05-26 Utils: Disable DNSoverHTTPS by default (ticket #2201) Reenable with eepget.useDNSOverHTTPS=true and time.useDNSOverHTTPS=true
c1b9aa966 2018-05-26 Router: Fix wrapper.config path in OOM message when installed as Debian package, but not running as a service (ticket #2223)
9eb3cc591 2018-05-25 i2ptunnel: Fix dup tunnels clicking generate on new tunnel (ticket #2225) remove dup call to processAction()
2fab97fb2 2018-05-25 Console: Fix changes to wrong tunnel on /configtunnels (ticket #2227)
195a2d047 2018-05-06 LICENSE.txt clarifications and updates
288a6b067 2018-05-06 SSL Wiz: Use RSA if EC not available
df7c1c610 2018-05-06 Certs: Change default from RSA to EC for CA certs
598a177e5 2018-05-06 Removed a "ant-" which wheren't supposed to be commited :)
0a1191aa3 2018-05-06 Small patch to make ant use the SBT wrapper script.
5f81a8de5 2018-05-05 Mac OS X Launcher - reborn - ALPHA!
f6273a166 2018-05-05 SSL Wizard: Link fixes Fix lost autostart config Separate messages for bad SSL config vs. no SSL config
e14a4f011 2018-05-05 HTTP Client: Allow SSL to i2p hosts by default
543e5bd21 2018-05-05 Preliminary .editorconfig
d3c28a6b4 2018-05-05 Streaming: Don't send HTTP response to HTTPS request
d85168627 2018-05-05 SSL Wizard: Add links
87329bc32 2018-05-05 SSL Wizard: Page cleanup, message box
c734b84b2 2018-05-03 doc update
6c88eb521 2018-05-03 BOB: Register with port mapper
7b2355a88 2018-05-03 SSL Wizard: Implement Jetty SSL disable
b31ebfe36 2018-05-03 SSL Wizard: Stop and restart Jetty if running Make JettyStart restartable RouterAppManager workaround for JettyStart becoming untracked after stop
9a7b58259 2018-05-03 CLI: Add KeyGenerator
9c52d454f 2018-05-03 Debug: Case-insensitive sort of PortMapper and AppManager tables
a548c307b 2018-05-03 Console: Make Java 10 warning a 10/11 warning
2efd54471 2018-05-03 Tests: Add scala files to UTF-8 tests Make tests less noisy
c9a6fab63 2018-05-02 SSL Wizard: Implement disable-SSL
1c677cd99 2018-05-02 SSL Wizard: Fixes, checks, form improvements
70e994fcf 2018-05-02 Some changes, after much testing I find it best to spawn an sub java process for I2P rather than trying to load Router via reflection or anything runtime fancy stuff. Shell script is implemented in SBT now, and can now link to download JRE script and so on.
c326bb7c6 2018-05-01 Added scala license snippet to LICENSE.txt
f6c8e4432 2018-05-01 Jar deployment, SBT hacking, and more related to launcher code. Some refactoring, bugfixing, and self awareness of launcher jar.
345e7414e 2018-05-01 Change current directory to base directory before starting the router.
3488db38b 2018-05-01 Moved a function to a more logic place.
8957c8548 2018-05-01 Disable debug messages.
6b0a102c1 2018-05-01 Updating code to handle multiple(no limit) recursive levels.
975d8a069 2018-05-01 Cleaned up in SBT build file. Sorted assignments, task definitions and such.
2d15f8e16 2018-05-01 Improved code documentation and readableness in form of syntax cleanup.
a3a8ee132 2018-05-01 Major update for the OSX Launcher code. Now it will bundle installer resources with the fat jar (we add an exclusion list later) which the base directory will be built(or updated if lacking files) upon startup of the I2P router. This is done by the OSXDeployment class which is an extension for the DeployProfile class written for Mac OS X.
4e5a2d00a 2018-04-30 SSL Wizard: Move old keystore before rewriting Fix password setting in XML Add DTD to rewritten XML
ab039b802 2018-04-30 SSL Wizard: Update and save tunnel config
8ed1b96f3 2018-04-29 Console: Fix NPE on /configsidebar (ticket #2220) Don't throw NPE translating null Add note about split() Fix form inside table
c73b5b9ed 2018-04-29 merge of '4d8cced5819f256dd03cd1a845bcb08fe8de9319'      and '76cdc242b9b68e5fef39dfe67cf27baf29872f2f'
e308804cb 2018-04-29 Removing some resources.
cdd58f168 2018-04-29 SSL Wizard: Change cert type, export cert, show in cert helper, relay keystore password via POST
4d09e507f 2018-04-29 SSL Wizard: Move some things to make the classloader happy Rewrite clients.config
d600a2df1 2018-04-28 Build: Remove references to now-empty commons-logging.jar
e31058827 2018-04-28 SSL wizard: Start of POST handling Work around Jetty XML bug classpath fixes to follow
a0fabe5f9 2018-04-28 i2ptunnel: Fix startup deadlock in TCG
780fdfe4f 2018-04-28 Console: Add POST support to the error handler so it doesn't error itself
145730f5b 2018-04-28 SSL wizard: Add missing file, fix form params
624a67221 2018-04-28 i2ptunnel: Initial SSL setup wizard Includes Jetty XML configuration parser Work in progress, doesn't work, not linked from anywhere
16c5252c4 2018-04-28 Jetty: Dir listing time format tweak
50710f806 2018-04-27 Tunnels: Fix and consolidate allow-zero-hop logic, prevent zero-hop client tunnels even when no active peers Remove buildRequestZeroHopTime stat
10c6c428a 2018-04-26 SusiMail: Don't zip encrypted.asc PGP attachment
c34fd76a7 2018-04-25 Proxy: Don't generate footer hidden by CSS
ab9dac882 2018-04-25 Migrate webapp detection calls to PortMapper.isRegistered()
49ba58cb8 2018-04-24 Updated history.txt again.
4f47fab13 2018-04-24 Removed unused resources directory hopefully, And aslo added an IconHelper autoplugin which will generate Mac OS X valid ICNS images.
832e55ddf 2018-04-24 Updated history.txt for today.
8adf55a56 2018-04-24 Still WIP, but I've added a new sbt plugin named sbt-native-packager for future rpm/deb/windows and maybe even OSX packages. Also, the macosx sbt project now has a task named buildAppBundleTask and which will produce an I2P.app and copy over needed directories/jars/wars which later needs to be extracted to an writeable area which would be i2p base directory in runtime.
9307b2765 2018-04-24 Update in the install_i2p_service_osx.command script.
345d07837 2018-04-24 Updating ignore file to ignore sbt build directories.
a4ef4e594 2018-04-24 Update history.txt of yesterdays work.
18b11d2a3 2018-04-24 Reducing the amount of "items" in the root of the repo by moving documents into a own docs directory.
75d681a93 2018-04-23 Clock: Fix early NPE via DoH
0500bbb18 2018-04-23 EepGet: Handle HTTP response line with no status text
a047b91de 2018-04-23 Added a section "SBT Behind proxy"
e941e7983 2018-04-23 Doing it the right way and add license for Scala (BSD-3)
b98254b2b 2018-04-23 Updating README.md making contribution/hacking guide/docs more available, this is specially important for our GitHub impression which I suspect most coders will have their first meeting with I2P on. The documentation is far from done but it should make value for any new developer by this time so I've decided to push them. It losly describes our build systems, and has a monotone cheat sheet which always has an "git equalent" so it's easier to handle for people used to git.
e8ac24bed 2018-04-22 Added some missing files from earlier commits caused by -R stuff in mtn.
38e109db2 2018-04-22 Added new ant targets to the overview of targets.
8c10ec9db 2018-04-22 Realised a better way to handle the build process of both the Browser Bundle i2p launcher, as well as the upcoming Mac OS X i2p launcher. They share some few properties and how code has to be managed for both system's update managers and so on. More details will be documentated in README.md files as well as in those commit messages I now write :)
b9a245931 2018-04-22 Adding missing files since shitty monotone needs an -R in add. :)
86f8d63a6 2018-04-22 WIP: Adding most of the launcher code now to the repo, the one for the browser bundle. Not 100% completely done but ready for commenting/review.
1a27fe185 2018-04-22 SusiMail: Include attachments when forwarding (ticket #2087)
057312346 2018-04-22 SusiMail: Remove draft fields from session object
1e33dac2d 2018-04-22 SusiMail: Reply/fwd immediately saves as draft rather than passing data through session; re-enable P-R-G New StringBuilderWriter util
98663feaa 2018-04-21 SusiMail: Refactor draft compose/save in prep for fixes
ceeacf6a0 2018-04-21 SusiMail: Remove Bcc-to-self feature, replace with copy-to-sent config (ticket #2087)
f04042184 2018-04-19 SusiMail: Fix reply/forward filling in compose form Better formatting of addresses in forwarded mail
9fcddbb6b 2018-04-18 SusiMail: Initial CSS for new buttons
75c20c9b1 2018-04-18 SusiMail: Fix unhandled decoding exception Trim leading whitespace from charset
ea9a3320a 2018-04-17 DNSoverHTTPS for SSLEepGet and NTP (ticket #2201)
d621e1934 2018-04-17 json-smart-v1 lib for DoH and i2pcontrol Copied from i2p.plugins.i2pcontrol. Does not include JSON-RPC2, that stays in the plugin. i2pcontrol checkin notes: Smart Mini files (net.minidev.json) from: https://github.com/netplex/json-smart-v1 commit 51e1641 on Oct 23, 2015 Essentially version 1.3.2 (1.3.1+) Licensed Apache 2.0. Removed as unneeded: JSONNavi.java, JSONStyleIdent.java Not in Debian/Ubuntu Version in Maven Central (1.0.8) is too old
1ba7fb962 2018-04-17 BuildTime: Update, add to cmd line tools
d02b71a39 2018-04-17 SusiMail: Fix error message on login page
f0e0c0151 2018-04-17 Console: Fix sidebar status when updating plugin (ticket #2137)
76999ccb6 2018-04-16 Console: Cleanups when no leases/tunnels
d189c3912 2018-04-16 Console: Add links to bandwidth graphs on /tunnels
b9bc254fd 2018-04-16 SusiMail: Move logging to router logs (ticket #2191)
8c0e82d4f 2018-04-14 i2ptunnel build restructuring: Move Messages class from web to ui package, and from jar to war. Build web package in a separate pass (prep for ssl helper) API notes in javadocs Hopefully doesn't break Android build
844977cca 2018-04-14 SusiMail: Add folders, drafts, background sending (ticket #2087) Use with caution; cleanups and CSS to follow
ffad52e48 2018-04-14 LoadClientAppsJob.parseArgs() minor cleanup
d12b531c5 2018-04-14 Jetty: Fix quote in header line tripping XSS filter (ticket #2215)
941db3aee 2018-04-14 Console: Add built-by to /logs (ticket #2204)
98aafee53 2018-04-14 CPUID: Fix TBM detection (ticket #2211)
abec6ad64 2018-04-14 Debian Buster updates (ticket #2027) As pulled out of http://http.debian.net/debian/pool/main/i/i2p/i2p_0.9.34-1.debian.tar.xz License file update
2f53f2558 2018-04-14 Debian updates (ticket #2027, PR #15)
b374b1136 2018-04-11 Jetty 9.2.24-v201801015, Tomcat 8.5.30
57e21e906 2018-04-11 Debian updates for 0.9.34
a474bd46d 2018-04-10 merge of '3acb036bb44bfe12916742877b1b2298ef6a156a'      and '674ef573b3a8e4620f0e06397e062d86fc87a5a9'
7ae838146 2018-04-10 Fixed mistake + added @since
f00ac6ad1 2018-04-10 merge of '13e60de3d602be3958686f91b450707dda0767b9'      and '7d04d994f5d52eb6e483ee8654f9314ec9997387'
5bef86f45 2018-04-10 Adding initial support to the router for a more slim/portable runtime environment.
4d23e1d38 2018-04-10 Corrected a wrong path, and extended info about i2ptunnel.
c0308526a 2018-04-10 0.9.34
3c7898160 2018-04-10 Updates after review: Fix logic error in snark warning Change Java 9 log warning to Java 10 Fix fallback tunnel pool stat name Don't include geoip in this release Update Russian translations
4ac505959 2018-04-07 merge of 'b1fd7a753b83b73c005bf281fcd7e1e7046d81f6'      and 'c3b63d8b51f340bd41f9f1b8d64b78bec7a7c0c0'
683e0f42b 2018-04-06 Too quick to push, fixed descriptions :)
d67cee5e4 2018-04-06 Added a partially done directory structure cheatsheet thingy.
db72f87b3 2018-04-06 Pull from tx
eb175f554 2018-04-05 sybil: hide families with only one member
43e6bb756 2018-04-05 GeoIP 2018-03-27, GeoIPv6 2018-04-03
4fbfc5d83 2018-04-05 EepGet: Increase max header length SSLEepGet: Set default CLI proxy type to none
8ea3aa859 2018-04-04 Console: Remove home page links as agreed in 2018-04-03 meeting
94c7d840c 2018-04-04 Reseed: Move ReseedBundler from console to router (ticket #2203)
d11c01cc8 2018-04-03 Stats: Clean up per-tunnel bandwidth stat name
1a7e71c5c 2018-04-03 Stats: Enable per-tunnel bandwidth stats by default (tickets #2106, #2145)
4ca12d141 2018-04-02 KeyStore: Fix ConncurrentModificationException (ticket #2196)
9c2994cf3 2018-04-02 build.xml: Dup and typo (ticket #2198)
2550b2c55 2018-03-28 poupdate-source
5435a6584 2018-03-27 merge of 'b68ae0177d4f3bd3ac8cedcb6fbf7aa9e3db6cb8'      and 'cf9e5b3c6634546f3b46b25e53ac47dcedde73b4'
9f11188e8 2018-03-26 Started on scalatests for SU3File and CertUtil.
241ee7174 2018-03-24 i2ptunnel: Fix display of 'tunnels not initialized' message
a1ccd5a20 2018-03-24 i2psnark: Change default sort order for some columns (ticket #2152)
2a30bfedc 2018-03-19 Console: Hide links to i2ptunnel if disabled /configwebapps changes don't require restart
129188f3c 2018-03-19 PortMapper: Add convenience methods
bdff474d9 2018-03-19 i2ptunnel: Rewrite or pass through Accept: header Needed for zeronet
6908616a7 2018-03-19 i2ptunnel: Don't set content-encoding and compress if already set, no matter what the encoding was, can't have two
841bb7555 2018-03-18 Build: Add target to show revs since last release
ca312f5bb 2018-03-17 SusiMail: Move sorters to own class
ef692efc8 2018-03-17 i2psnark: Don't use static field for sort language
e7e5ee1ab 2018-03-15 Console: Hide identicons if disabled on sybil page
f124404dc 2018-03-15 use portmapper
9332d1347 2018-03-15 Console: Add translated descriptions for webapps
afe34c6b7 2018-03-15 Console: Fix logic for when to linkify webapp
24cb0934c 2018-03-15 susidns: Hide identicons if imagegen disabled Fix div ordering on /details
e13971035 2018-03-15 i2psnark: Hide remove/delete buttons if data dir is readonly
144147d85 2018-03-15 Certs: Sort alt names in generated certs
cfd84bdcd 2018-03-15 i2psnark: Don't fail to start if data directory not found (ticket #2166) Try to create dir if doesn't exist Hide add and create sections if dir not writable Remove 403 handler, don't want it for standalone hostname check
1de82a680 2018-03-15 reformat message
1050fc778 2018-03-14 i2ptunnel: Fix controls broken in last commit (ticket #2184)
00dc1ed21 2018-03-14 SusiMail: Change URL from /susimail/susimail to /susimail Remove susi.i2p links on help pages
2aceca5f9 2018-03-14 Console: Add error handler to all webapps (ticket #2155) Fix up default servlet handling in i2ptunnel and susidns
b9d5cdf2b 2018-03-14 Console: Hide links to eepsite if not running (ticket #2161) Show https eepsite link if available (ticket #2159) Use port mapper instead of webapp starter for webapp detection, much faster
948bbae66 2018-03-14 Jetty: Register HTTPS eepsite with port mapper (ticket #2159)
6eb09bd0c 2018-03-14 i2ptunnel: Check port mapper for webapp presence (ticket #2161)
66ee7b563 2018-03-14 Util: Add replace() method for StringBuilders
9b3082be0 2018-03-14 Console: Register all webapps with port mapper (ticket #1749)
74ea45901 2018-03-14 Susimail: Minor string replace fix
030beacf1 2018-03-14 Console: Don't gzip svg files Unused import
b4f3d961e 2018-03-14 SusDNS: Translate svg image text (ticket #1749)
a077245b3 2018-03-14 Console: Hide links to webapps that are not running (ticket #2161) Hide link to /configplugins if disabled
5a13070a5 2018-03-12 Console: More checking in error handlers
4f5e3226d 2018-03-12 Router: Put FULL_VERSION in router.version property
df075ca4f 2018-03-12 SusiDNS: Ampersand escaping
ffc0bcc3a 2018-03-12 Susimail: Fix up compose.js (ticket #2176) Enable for configuration page Version the js
81808d4a6 2018-03-11 Crypto: Add utils for renewing a cert in a keystore
63a8b4668 2018-03-11 UPnP: Detect pegged counter Make public again for CLI
50268de89 2018-03-11 Router: More peer selection fixes for hidden mode Fix excludes after calling SANFP Pick connected OBEP when hidden and paired tunnel is zero-hop
96d7c7364 2018-03-11 Router: Fix state transition to RUNNING in vmCommSystem
2deed1348 2018-03-11 /tunnels: Right-justify zero-hop IB minor cleanups
eb321445d 2018-03-10 Router: Fix rekey after hidden config change
39039b89a 2018-03-10 Console: Fix translated (es) plural Warnings for special cases on /configtunnels
e7c216287 2018-03-10 i2ptunnel: Strip server Date header More efficient header checks Jetty config tweaks
fe808a880 2018-03-10 Console: Fix gzip enable logic Don't compress js Set charset for war resources
fa85c0c50 2018-03-10 NetDB: Wake up FloodfillMonitor when ff setting changes, so it will take effect immediately, and log in event log. Don't queue multiple FloodJobs after changes
4bcb1d27e 2018-03-09 Servlets: Close output stream on redirect, instead of flushing buffer, to force commitment
a2dbb2185 2018-03-09 viewhistory set content-length
44c38dffa 2018-03-09 Console: Enable compression (ticket #2157)
a845d4f22 2018-03-09 Servlets: Add Accept-Ranges headers
9dcf48ea8 2018-03-09 Router: EnumSet for state checking
33b2d834c 2018-03-08 Log: Default level is ERROR if no match
fac4f6c28 2018-03-08 Router: Check for transport compatibility before direct store of RI; send through tunnel if incompatible Fix repeated store of RI when IPv6-only Move connect checker to own class for use by netdb Log tweaks
69aadaa46 2018-03-08 Router: Improve tunnel peer selection of closest hop for routers that are hidden, IPv6-only, or have disabled transports. Don't try to build tunnel if adjacent peers don't have compatible transports. Don't select IPv6-only routers for IBGW or OBEP. Remove old version check in peer selectors Peer selector cleanups Extend peer selection startup time for Android
1412dbd16 2018-03-08 Crypto: Generate non-CA cert for family
c626bb64b 2018-03-08 log flush tweak
c5b6a4ee1 2018-03-07 NetDB: More floodfill checks
7433eeb5c 2018-03-07 Router: Validate tunnel ID in requests Fix max ID
ceac733b6 2018-03-07 log tweaks
665f58d62 2018-03-07 Router: Remove ancient version check in BuildRequestor Add method to get all connected peers from transports, for efficiency Don't try to build non-zero-hop tunnels in VMCommSystem
0eb04face 2018-03-05 Util: Consolidate FileFilters
28923825d 2018-03-04 clarify there are two f-droid repos
195d7dc65 2018-03-04 Console: Show SAM cert on /certs Stub for jetty cert
471fc8ee1 2018-03-04 Console: Fix more forms inside tables
419d411b1 2018-03-04 i2ptunnel: Fix multipart config for /register Fix CSP for /register
c6e401a64 2018-03-04 PortMapper: HTTPS console fallback to HTTP Console port constants
3bc9053a8 2018-03-04 KeyStore: Log expiration of self-signed certs
5a639260c 2018-03-03 Address utils: Skip IPs of down interfaces on Windows Improve identification of temporary IPv6 addresses CLI improvements
67e07d21e 2018-03-02 Console: Use consolidated default keystore password
f0b9894e4 2018-03-01 Util: Warn on dubious split() regex
74dc42732 2018-02-28 Transport: Rescan addresses and UPnP after network reconnection Log network disconnect/reconnect Don't even try to start UPnP if network disconnected Fix UPnP repeatedly decrementing listen ports on failure Make more classes and methods package private Log and javadoc tweaks
d167b5eaf 2018-02-28 LogManager: Don't register runtime shutdown hook in router context. This was causing shutdown() to be called twice, resulting in lost log messages when stopped from i2prouter.
5cd141989 2018-02-28 Util: Add methods to validate IP addresses
f129426ee 2018-02-28 UPnP: CLI fixes Check that Location IP matches Display UDN in HTML output
f3ec5f795 2018-02-28 i2psnark: CSS tweak
2c17fef16 2018-02-28 Addresses: CLI improvements
ab182d08f 2018-02-27 UPnP: Recognize IGD2 schemas Don't use IGD on same host Output last error Preliminary work for IPv6
f869b8a13 2018-02-27 UPnP: Fix event listening, prep for using events
7035db2bc 2018-02-27 UPnP: Improve diagnostics try PPP 2nd other cleanups
27042f993 2018-02-25 i2ptunnel: Add alt names in standard and irc client tunnel certs
4c02c1f58 2018-02-25 JettyStart: Cleanup, replace Resource with File
79baf70f9 2018-02-25 Crypto: Add support for more alt names in certs (tickets #2159, #2160) Set alt names for console cert Use utils to validate console IP addresses
622c6801a 2018-02-24 SusiMail: Set no-cache headers
005f73729 2018-02-24 Console: More validation on URL when installing plugin
5b0680b29 2018-02-24 i2psnark standalone: Add DNS rebinding protection Add context config file to turn it off Console: Mark request handled when rejecting in HostCheckHandler XSSFilter: Catch cascaded ISE
9d989c6a6 2018-02-24 Console: Fix HTML error, forms can't be in tables split table up into two, put forms outside, fixup CSS to match
fa740e827 2018-02-24 Console: Fix HTML error
0ba0f1bde 2018-02-23 SusiMail: Check mail fixes (ticket #2174) Fix overlapping error and info boxes Fix checking mail when apparently connected already Set soTimeout when fetching mail, now that InternalSocket supports it Error message and formatting fixes Debug log tweaks
4321f1345 2018-02-23 i2psnark: Number formatting tweaks (ticket #1913)
e71d1d38a 2018-02-23 Getopt: Add new translations Add instructions in .tx/config for conversion Fix checkutf8.sh for getopt translations
6fe25cda9 2018-02-22 I2CP: Use setSoTimeout() when reading first byte We originally looped because we used InternalSockets, but we don't anymore.
01962754b 2018-02-22 Util: Support setSoTimeout() for InternalSockets to keep susimail server connections from hanging too long
237447180 2018-02-21 cleanup
4b1a357ee 2018-02-21 Certs: Add policy extension
56c17300d 2018-02-21 SusiMail: Add Date header to sent messages, as required Make Loader static
61ae0a597 2018-02-21 Util: Add RFC822Date to CLI
3159c519b 2018-02-21 Console: Hide options on /configupdate if a package (ticket #2172) or if not advanced
f00bf7d2c 2018-02-20 Console: Redirect to HTTPS if available (ticket #2160) Show console links as HTTPS if available Extend blacklisted ports to cover HTTPS console and eepsite
33ea4cf57 2018-02-20 Console: Change sendError() to setStatus() for 3xx responses to avoid unnecessary output
86b3b13d6 2018-02-20 Console: Change all 302s to 303 or 307 Eepget: Handle 308
b77524cfc 2018-02-20 Crypto: Backdate selfsigned cert to allow for clock skew
12c787164 2018-02-19 i2ptunnel, systray: Replace hardcoded console URL in more places (ticket #2160)
88c7abedd 2018-02-19 javadoc note
ad4eef975 2018-02-19 i2ptunnel, I2CP, SAM: Change selfsigned cert cname to localhost (ticket #2160)
935ba77da 2018-02-19 Console: Change selfsigned cert cname to localhost (ticket #2160)
673d765ed 2018-02-19 Crypto: Add IP addresses to selfsigned cert SAN (ticket #2160)
c719410df 2018-02-19 Console: Change trac links (ticket #2014)
ff81b4246 2018-02-19 Console: Number formatting tweaks (ticket #1913)
646fe2072 2018-02-19 Streaming: Don't exceed configured tag settings when overriding
a5ca9364e 2018-02-19 more NTP response sanity checks
826d8ca07 2018-02-18 i2ptunnel: Retry accept after router soft restart (ticket #2003) This sends the router restart indication from I2CP router side to client side to streaming to I2PTunnelServer via a new streaming exception.
acebd2ea6 2018-02-17 Cleanups: Close resources via try-finally
fb6eea248 2018-02-17 NPE fixes
cd3515923 2018-02-17 i2ptunnel: Close sockets in finally{}
509e39b59 2018-02-17 Console: Number format tweaks (ticket #1913)
dd575316b 2018-02-17 Console: Restore:  CSS h1 letter spacing tweak     Revision: d5b621df7264ac5c0ceb4cbede6779cef043ca4b  Date:     10/20/2016
cf7d492e8 2018-02-17 SusiMail: Change size from int to long Fix mail save truncation Don't fetch mail from folder display Version all css
48027fe6f 2018-02-17 i2psnark: folder.js cleanup (ticket #2168, PR #14) (thx Pimp Trizkit)
cabf1aa3c 2018-02-16 Streaming: configurable response when over connection limits (ticket #2145) Drop when way over limits. Default to HTTP 429 for HTTP Server tunnels Increase recently-closed cache size
a1ed4cf3b 2018-02-16 debug tweak
624c38265 2018-02-14 i2psnark: Fix NPE on torrent not found (ticket #2167)
a62c6a8b9 2018-02-14 Add i2pforum.i2p
167839b26 2018-02-14 i2ptunnel, eepget: Capitalize Cache-Control Change POST throttle response to 429
c48796c0f 2018-02-14 change clearnet UA again (ticket #2163)
507c1d55d 2018-02-12 Util: Drop deprecated BigPipedInputStream
6193e487c 2018-02-12 Util: Add sort methods that catch IAE
1826fcee0 2018-02-12 i2ptunnel: Close sockets on error
299963825 2018-02-12 Proxy: Update clearnet user-agent (ticket #2163)
012fb4cac 2018-02-12 SusiMail: Thread the cache loading and email checking (ticket #2087) Set Cache-Control header for attachments Fix rotated attached images Fix excess debug info in message view
f13f4fcb6 2018-02-11 Util: Number formatting tweaks (ticket #1913)
31719d30c 2018-02-09 SusiMail: Improve speed of subject sorter Use ID instead of hashcode for mailparts, so attachments are bookmarkable Recognize fw:
afad22a8c 2018-02-09 SusiMail: Better handling of no subject Better spacing display in text Recognize more re: and fwd: CSS wrap fix
daf7e86b2 2018-02-09 SusiMail: Thread the loading from disk
768921b36 2018-02-09 SusiMail: Handle lower case in q-p and filename decode
ddf7fba03 2018-02-09 SusiMail: - Don't show the 'no charset' warning Filename encoding fixes: - Fix encoding to be hex upper case - Move encoding to new util class - Encode in sent mail - Implement decoding in received mail Error message and debug tweaks Output remainder of header line after decode fail
3d25a9fd6 2018-02-08 SusiMail: Fix case where getHeaderLineAttribute() was fooled Time format tweak in message view Debug tweak
8161f099d 2018-02-08 SusiMail: Error handling fixes More tolerant parsing of Date headers Set a date if we don't get a valid Date header Fix parsing long Base64 encoded headers Fix page count after changing page size Make attribute name parsing case-insensitive Import mail method for debugging Debug and log tweaks
7da3de20a 2018-02-08 Util: Move RFC822Date from router to core for SusiMail
c5ca226ec 2018-02-07 Debian: Put quilt back into the rules for the debian-binary ant target
96185d015 2018-02-07 Set default organization for self-signed certs
65484510c 2018-02-07 SusiMail: Use input streams for reading mail (ticket #2119) Rewrite Base64, HeaderLine, and QuotedPrintable decoders Rewrite and expansion of ReadBuffer class and utilities for streams Rewrite Mail and MailPart to parse the headers only once Rewrite MailPart parser MailPart parser rewrite skips over the data without reading into memory or decoding MailPart decoder rewrite to decode stream-to-stream ReadBuffer becomes Buffer interface with multiple implementations Logging and debugging tweaks
b013173c8 2018-02-06 Util: Allow backslash in XSS filter on Windows
172f0c9d9 2018-02-03 Console: Fix "UnreachableOK" on /profiles (ticket #2148)
a3d3eec70 2018-02-03 log tweaks
8250a8e7f 2018-02-03 Add i2pcontrol service identifiers
e01234c6a 2018-02-03 Update the update URLs
ce484f2eb 2018-02-01 Console: Move LS debug display back to the bottom, can't work at the top as we don't have the data.
38da5cd4e 2018-02-01 javadoc fix
42fa23017 2018-02-01 NetDB: Increase min floodfill version
a021e0d31 2018-02-01 Console: Fix number formatting (tickets #1912, #1913, #2126)
81713a0ca 2018-02-01 i2psnark: Escape chars not escaped by browsers
cccf76cc7 2018-02-01 SusiMail: Don't duplicate Re: and Fwd: final formatters store Message-ID
e2afb72c1 2018-02-01 i2ptunnel: Reset connection if out of threads
40e12b4fb 2018-02-01 Flip the snark erasers too
4a47bea5f 2018-02-01 Debian updates for 0.9.33
23aaefa98 2018-01-29 0.9.33
99b028a4e 2018-01-26 bump for review
fbcaad51d 2018-01-26 translated man page update
64fe2f1b0 2018-01-26 update from transifex
582bab7c0 2018-01-26 minor cleanups
5f903cc7c 2018-01-26 flip eraser business-side down
276d1c907 2018-01-26 i2ptunnel: Fix duplicate tunnels on create Fix null tunnel name Javadoc fixes
c098e5602 2018-01-25 SusiMail: Close POP3 socket on error synch isConnected()
42f8b98b0 2018-01-25 Resources: GeoIP 2018-01-05 blocklist update gostcoin family cert update license.readme.txt Susimail: Don't break words in mail body
d364bba4c 2018-01-24 i2psnark: Prevent commenting without comment name (ticket #2138) Trim name
2df32aa8e 2018-01-24 SusiMail: Fix header corruption (ticket #2139)
709657e2c 2018-01-21 log tweak
6176aaeb4 2018-01-21 Util: Don't throw unsupported on setSoLinger()
d8c3f617a 2018-01-20 Streaming: Consistent exception message on socket close
08dec0e00 2018-01-19 log tweaks
1b25eaca8 2018-01-19 Console: Fix tiers chart on /profiles to match that on /tunnels
2f4ea9c58 2018-01-19 i2ptunnel: Prevent changing sigtype after dest creation (ticket #2128) Fix HTML error in editClient
ae505995a 2018-01-18 Util: Consolidate console URL generation in PortMapper
109ac5b61 2018-01-18 Console: Fix corrupted string, and parameterize
79d8a0ed1 2018-01-18 build: New poupdate-source target
7e4ff0ba8 2018-01-18 poupdate
c4c45f708 2018-01-18 tag fixups
953381ff5 2018-01-17 i2ptunnel: Move more dup edit code to edit.jsp
cae1fe14f 2018-01-17 i2ptunnel: Change include style for edit jsps Move dup edit code to edit.jsp Add headers for register.jsp Remove dup Content-Type
efe3696aa 2018-01-17 i2ptunnel: Set defaults for limits
889b5ae28 2018-01-16 i2ptunnel: Fix NPE stopping TCG
c2bfb8023 2018-01-14 Keyring: Separate local and remote dests on /configkeyring Prohibit local changes on /configkeyring Remove local keys from keyring on tunnel shutdown or encryption disable Ensure subsession encryption setting matches primary session (ticket #2108)
8ef042af6 2018-01-13 Tags: Clean up sessions with excess tagsets Move clearExcess() call to the cleaner task Debug/log tweaks
fcb835da3 2018-01-13 log tweaks for b32
7493134f2 2018-01-13 unused import
c6c61c9e5 2018-01-10 Summary bar: Bounds check on memory info
8d6d1bc75 2018-01-10 i2psnark: Fix infinite loop stopping update torrent (ticket #2125)
541dae36d 2018-01-10 Util: New util to truncate a string that won't split across a surrogate pair
50eb93dee 2018-01-10 /netdb: Note encrypted leasesets
ecb8480b5 2018-01-10 /confignet: Display IP even if firewalled (ticket #2133)
cfbcd54ba 2018-01-10 jrobin: Disable DeallocationHelper for Java 9
1c3fc2bbd 2018-01-10 i2psnark: Fix double-escaping of '&' (ticket #2127)
d55a0c9c3 2018-01-10 i2ptunnel: Additional user-agent check
57e2bb7bc 2018-01-10 Addressbook: Remove finalizers (ticket #2115) Better resource cleanup
eeb2835ca 2018-01-09 fixup dependency list in ant help
823526ae9 2018-01-09 Console: Remove trackers from home page
ce49c0045 2018-01-09 SusiMail: Rewrite/fix subject line encoding
9f7ec398c 2018-01-08 Build: Add buildSusiMailJar target for testing More test targets
25d16b13f 2018-01-06 i2ptunnel: Advanced config in/out tunnels separately
f32d3aaef 2018-01-06 Console: Show and set burst bandwidth on /config (ticket #2123) Better error handling Comment out some unused things, misc. cleanups
b8f17c7ac 2018-01-06 i2ptunnel: Escape chars unescaped by browsers (ticket #2130)
d82499f07 2018-01-06 i2ptunnel, eepget: Better error message on invalid URLs (ticket #2130)
62210c816 2018-01-04 i2psnark: Fix overflow in ratio sorter (ticket #2129)
a827b2f96 2017-12-23 SusiMail: Clean up/simplify HeaderLine encoder loop, in prep for a rewrite for tokenizing
1e30efdb0 2017-12-23 SusiMail: Limit quoted-words to max line length Change HeaderLine encoder to work on chars, not bytes, so multibyte chars aren't split across lines. Fix places where lines were one or two chars too long. More to do, as it isn't tokenizing.
bf193b321 2017-12-23 SusiMail: Don't convert underscore to space after base64 decoding
003d865cc 2017-12-23 SusiMail: Fix filenames for inline attachments Support RFC 5987/6266 for attachment and save-as filenames Add alt tags for images
4b9582464 2017-12-23 SusiMail: Static DateFormatters
70b2dbec5 2017-12-22 SusiMail: Separate recipients by commas
4ee6ae96a 2017-12-22 SusiMail: Use pattern matcher
737964586 2017-12-22 SusiMail: Fix bug sending CC recipients as a 2nd To line - Workaround on receive side for CC bug - Display To and CC lists on show page - Case-insensitive handling of all mail headers - Early return if state is AUTH - Escape leading '-' in q-p encoding
8b8d32e49 2017-12-18 Util: LookaheadInputStream speedups and cleanups
be004cd35 2017-12-18 Util: Consolidate two copies of WriterOutputStream into jetty-i2p.jar
71640590b 2017-12-16 SusiMail: Show result after server check (ticket #2087)
0430323d2 2017-12-16 SusiMail: Sorting cleanups and fixes, only sort when required
c2a1d7956 2017-12-15 SusiMail: Don't store state in session object (ticket #1373) Change state to enum Static redirect method Put current state in form
aca2f5780 2017-12-14 SusiMail: Fix interactions between single-delete and multi-delete, P-R-G for single-delete, don't store single-delete in session, add cancel button for single-delete (ticket #1373)
0ec39e5ea 2017-12-14 SusiMail: Rework search params and preserve across P-R-G (ticket #1373)
52f736a06 2017-12-14 SusiMail: P-R-G to config page (ticket #1373)
0722fd8b1 2017-12-14 SusiMail: P-R-G from login and compose pages (ticket #1373)
b33551d4b 2017-12-14 SusiMail: Put prev/next targets in form, not in session object, and use P-R-G (ticket #1373)
e6251e7cb 2017-12-13 i2ptunnel: Add internal sockets for SMTP and POP3 (ticket #2118)
5f413efc0 2017-12-13 InternalSocket: Implement more methods, add debug output, don't ignore interrupt on accept() Close socket on InternalSocketRunner exception
bd341d4be 2017-12-11 Startup: Raise open files ulimit (ticket #1967) Fixup deb patch to match
34d879a06 2017-12-11 unused imports
789f15f1e 2017-12-11 Java 10 test
b04924d2b 2017-12-11 Jetty: Fix request log showing zero length for static content
ed4dc3310 2017-12-10 Router: Change RI locking to a read/write lock (ticket #2096)
8e51ca7f3 2017-12-09 javadoc tweaks
2e00cec40 2017-12-09 deb doc updates
2a57f62e6 2017-12-09 remove SSL cert for reseed now using CA
cd51c9b3c 2017-12-09 susimail tweaks
46a342180 2017-12-09 Don't compile ScalaTests on Java 7
578656021 2017-12-09 Don't run ScalaTests on Java 7
7dae4eb30 2017-12-09 ScalaTest: Fix deprecation warnings
4512a940f 2017-12-09 Gradle: Run ScalaTest tests in addition to the JUnit tests
a67ea4b2f 2017-12-09 Cleanups: Close resources via try-finally
fe5e4a2c7 2017-12-08 SusiMail: Add tooltips for icon-only buttons - Fix NPE sorting by sender - Make subject bold - Minor prep for folders
5aef5e24e 2017-12-08 SusiMail: Fix handling of requests for unknown messages
4c18e2f05 2017-12-08 SU3File: Flush and sync on extract (ticket #1941)
a3e42c435 2017-12-08 SusiMail: - Put UIDL in attachment links, remove session object UIDL (ticket #1373) - Store UIDL in MailPart - Fix download of attachments without a Content-Transfer-Encoding - Fix escaping inside debug html comments - Fix error return for attachment not found
2c4ecb7b7 2017-12-08 SusiMail: Reference mails by UIDL, not index on page - Add more safe mime types for downloading - Put UIDL in show message form, in prep for removing session object UIDL
28f31ae4e 2017-12-07 Fix .travis.yml syntax
f34b4678b 2017-12-07 Util: Deprecate BigPipedInputStream
1f569b735 2017-12-07 i2psnark: Synch operations on BitField byte array
7f673bb25 2017-12-07 Travis CI: Dynamically add SonarQube plugin to build.gradle
a02cccaa5 2017-12-07 Only use SonarQube with Java 8
bcb07ff3c 2017-12-07 merge of '9aa4b7c5c2c7f8711ef82ceb28fe85ec3bc1e509'      and 'c08cb985b2e34268deff746d3849d707d1ed084f'
479120118 2017-12-07 merge of '3587a0d669980fb559bea3c618bc6515c8133189'      and '8b9bf9d50ce636255f7c5ccb9625671d37697fa8'
0c4f94540 2017-12-07 Console: Don't list aliased tunnels separately on /tunnels and /configtunnels
3291b761e 2017-12-07 SusiMail: Recheck max size if server reports less than default - More javadocs and cleanups
b8d78ac77 2017-12-07 Combine Travis CI Gradle tasks into a single step
e6d97308b 2017-12-07 Only apply sonarcloud addon to the Travis CI job it is used in
71dbc0abe 2017-12-07 Only call SonarQube once per Travis CI build
ff911e37c 2017-12-07 Deduplicate the default Java Keystore password
f9eaf412b 2017-12-07 Enable SonarCloud in Travis CI
19016edcf 2017-12-07 Gradle: Add code coverage reporting, upload from Travis CI to Codecov
75e6539f8 2017-12-06 fix streaming test take 2
956c9607f 2017-12-06 hopefully fix streaming test
a28ddedce 2017-12-06 Susimail: Move duplicated Encoding methods to the abstract class
e13ce467d 2017-12-05 Travis CI: Remove second IRC server after testing
34b204c44 2017-12-05 Travis CI: Tweak IRC notification syntax, add second server for testing
f5dffb072 2017-12-05 Susimail, Console, Jetty: - Adjust multipart size limits - Better handling of errors when multipart limits are exceeded - Fix multipart config for /configplugins - Test for total size limit in susimail
d4bafaeee 2017-12-05 Don't check error messages for JRE-generated errors
2f8249bed 2017-12-05 Remove now-unnecessary Jetty Gradle dependency
5a458822c 2017-12-05 Add IRC notifications for Travis CI builds
692790c4e 2017-12-05 Router: Parameterize bandwidth classes, fix display on /tunnels
7f5f764ab 2017-12-05 SusiMail: Don't store attachments of composed email in-memory, encode them on-the fly (ticket #1668) - Fix bug corrupting sent text and text attachments   larger than about 1000 chars (output line length was not limited) - Fix bug corrupting some sent text and text attachments   containing '.' - Fix handling of unimplemented encoders - Error message improvements - Add test code for encoders
c29997616 2017-12-04 Jetty: Refactor (rather than remove) RequestWrapper to use Servlet 3.0 API. Remove old org.mortbay helper classes copied from Jetty 5, saving about 24 KB. Large attachments will now be written to temp files. (ticket #2109)
14941d0dd 2017-12-03 Deprecate RequestWrapper (ticket #2109)
676e9c932 2017-12-03 merge of '17e445455139cbd0a4d4096e2f6bf673bdf0f868'      and '8c95a90070f2706b8b4d3eb9151e0c614d25663b'
bb38e07e2 2017-12-03 Fix broken I2PSocketEepGet test, add additional case
16282ec5c 2017-12-03 Util: New utility class for UI message queues, for use by i2psnark and i2ptunnel i2psnark: Use new utility, prevent message loss on clear i2ptunnel: - Don't lose messages on refresh (ticket #2107) - New clear messages button - Hide message box if none - javadoc clarifications
5912f7c25 2017-12-03 fix swapped log msgs
89d7a594d 2017-12-02 fix test on Java 9
100d30703 2017-12-02 i2ptunnel: Propagate resets from streaming to Socket and vice versa (ticket #2071)
3d0e15aae 2017-12-02 cleanup
e9de0a14b 2017-12-02 Streaming: Send reset when receiving more data after locally closed, rather than acking (ticket #2071)
5a3f0163b 2017-12-02 Gradle: Ignore streaming integration tests
dd89c4a46 2017-12-02 Exclude BuildMessageTestStandalone from Gradle test suite
a65a498c8 2017-12-02 Segment integration tests in router
10d5a1742 2017-12-02 Migrate net.i2p.data tests in the router to JUnit 4
b6298dc09 2017-12-02 Segment integration tests in core
11da21dd6 2017-12-02 Remove AESInputStreamTest reference
a574fcb68 2017-12-02 Drop historic unused AESInputStream and AESOutputStream
0f757489f 2017-12-02 Migrate DummyNamingServiceTest to JUnit 4, comment out tests requiring a router
b8eeb7204 2017-12-02 Fix net.i2p.data.*Key tests, remove dead code
60efd0b42 2017-12-02 Migrate net.i2p.data tests to JUnit 4
c36905a30 2017-12-02 Travis CI: Use BouncyCastle as a SecurityProvider for OpenJDK 7
1ff9e6eff 2017-12-02 Travis CI: Add Gradle cache configuration
2e888501d 2017-12-02 Core tests: Remove or suppress deprecation warnings Remove unchecked warnings Fix HMACSHA256Test and HMACSHA256Bench?
e6f17ec1a 2017-12-02 Router tests: Remove or supporess deprecation warnings Remove cast warnings Fix RouterAddress.setExpiration() to match javadoc, used only by tests
2becaaa59 2017-12-02 Add a basic Travis CI configuration
f8e871cea 2017-12-01 build dep fix
80e3c96f2 2017-12-01 LeaseSet: Better error messages when decode fails (ticket #2108)
dc13ed6c1 2017-12-01 Console: Move /configkeyring HTML to console, don't truncate hashes, tag for translation, display as b32, trim form data, better form errors, fix removing entries, parameterize form messages (ticket #2108)
17b72dd54 2017-12-01 Streaming: Double the RTO on congestion (ticket #1939) This prevents being stuck at a window size of 1, retransmitting every packet, never updating the RTT or RTO. See RFC 6298 section 5 item 5.5.
9b2a85df3 2017-12-01 Console: Split net.i2p.router.web into two packages, and move the new .helper package to the war
6c56d679a 2017-11-27 Debian: Exclude gradle, IntelliJ, Docker, .tx, gcj files from source tarballs
5c5f5bc68 2017-11-27 Update history after prop
881ff7717 2017-11-27 Remove unneeded dependency
9be53ecb4 2017-11-27 Swap out getopt, gettext, and geoip code in Gradle libs for dependencies
646dbffe6 2017-11-27 Add license details for Gradle wrapper
95f5244fd 2017-11-27 Add Eclipse and IDEA project files to ignores
694aab503 2017-11-27 Drop old Eclipse and IDEA project files
36a313cc3 2017-11-27 Don't make the apps/ dir itself a Gradle Java project
e011d6098 2017-11-27 Add project file generation for IDEA
d76d68ea8 2017-11-27 Update Jetty and Tomcat versions after prop
404fe4f12 2017-11-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d3ba02961713c42005f60442d7816cefa3dcf46a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head fbda38b84fe469dba05367115d2c26dee65fc5f4)
27d8b0ee3 2017-11-27 Make settings.gradle more readable
89f2a7640 2017-11-26 Update README
3acb7a5c2 2017-11-26 Apply java-library plugin to published libraries
03588e764 2017-11-26 Console: Safer processing of changes on /configadvanced
6a4891093 2017-11-26 Build: add xenial release target, it will be our 4th launchpad flavor. build.xml cleanups doc updates
fb4fb47ee 2017-11-26 Context: Hopefully fix rare NPE on Android (ticket #2092)
7a36b07cf 2017-11-25 Debian: Clean up the suggests list
4a59c19ac 2017-11-25 Console: Show full logger.config path on /configlogging Don't say 'Plugin downloaded' when installing from file
51a6f298e 2017-11-25 Debian: Remove libecj-java dependency (ticket #2094) Add taglibs-standard-* to apparmor list (ticket #2093)
752c17ca6 2017-11-25 doc tweaks
a3a17a4f3 2017-11-25 Debian: Replace glassfish-javaee with libtaglibs-standard-* (ticket #2093) Only for stretch and later, zesty and later Copy more files for previous stretch setup to xenial
7f6ba8cd1 2017-11-24 Enable overriding of the gpg binary
6cd5f1d83 2017-11-23 i2ptunnel: Add timeout to header reads for CONNECT, HTTP, and SOCKS client proxies Clean up SOCKS exceptions
2a2795827 2017-11-23 Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.34 All binaries from Tanuki Delta Pack Community Edition, except for armhf (armv6), compiled on Raspberry Pi:   ant 1.8.2   javac 1.7.0_151   gcc 4.6.3-14+rpi1 Windows binaries remain unchanged as we must recompile them ourselves (32 bit just to change the icon; 64 bit is not provided by Tanuki)
700c843b1 2017-11-22 i2psnark: Fix nbsp in logs on config change (ticket #2082)
d28220cd0 2017-11-22 Tomcat 8.5.23 Prior to Jetty 9, we used the Tomcat 6 distribution. As of Jetty 9, we used Tomcat 8.0.33 that was included in the Jetty 9 distribution, but that is old and doesn't get updated. Now use the latest Tomcat 8 distribution, and pick the same packages as Jetty 9 did in their distribution.
ad056bcef 2017-11-22 Streaming: Fix bug causing hangs on loopback and preventing desired ack behavior (ticket #1939)
b2dcf2069 2017-11-21 Transport: Add checks for more Tor ports as invalid
8c7898de1 2017-11-21 Reseed: Add support for reseeding via outproxy or Orchid (ticket #1841) InternalSocket: Add support for some methods needed for reseed to work
07a83bf31 2017-11-21 EepGet: Refuse attempted redirect to HTTPS, won't work
173823695 2017-11-21 HTTP Proxy: Better HTTP status message when no outproxy configured
5000a266c 2017-11-20 i2prouter: Fix echo -n on OSX
14e931526 2017-11-19 Streaming: log tweak to assist in fixing ticket #1939
3abc77706 2017-11-19 Debian: Fix builds for x32 (ticket #2076) Incorporate patches 2 and 3 into build scripts
3ba46f16d 2017-11-19 /configreseed help tweaks
85bb49575 2017-11-19 DTG: On OSX, set dock icon, and enable by default
0ba207cb0 2017-11-18 Reseed: Improve status feedback in logs, summary bar, and /configreseed - Show proxy info, if applicable, in logs - Show status in summary bar for manual reseed (previously hidden if more than 30 routers) - Show status in summary bar after successul completion - Show reseed button in summary bar if less than 50 known RIs (previously 30) - Show current status on /configreseed if already running - Consolidate proxy settings detection in ReseedRunner constructor - Enhance help text on /configreseed (tickets #423, #1130)
33aac1b12 2017-11-17 Reseed: Add SOCKS proxy support (ticket #1130)
d5cc1d83f 2017-11-17 SSLEepGet: Refactor proxy code to new method, in prep for adding more
92a26f6f7 2017-11-17 Addressbook: Fix adding alternates after importing an empty book (ticket #2072)
d04050e6b 2017-11-17 SOCKS: Move constants and client code from i2ptunnel to a new package in core, in prep for use by SSLEepGet (ticket #1130) Make SOCKSException extend IOException, which allows some cleanups. Untested.
80cb62b77 2017-11-17 SSLEepGet, Reseed: Implement HTTPS proxy option (ticket #423)
570dea85f 2017-11-16 Console: Hide Reseed HTTP proxy options if no HTTP URLs (ticket #2007)
86a2e16ff 2017-11-16 Fix pkg build for Jetty 9.2.22 Set next release to include GeoIP
ed39ea408 2017-11-16 Utils: Consolidate user-agent detection code in a new utility class Add some new checks for mobile
e9ff0c288 2017-11-16 i2psnark: Fix bad completion status after recheck (ticket #2046) Only occurred if torrent had previously run, was previously incomplete, and was now complete. Also fixed changed-after-recheck logic to be precise.
e78081f33 2017-11-16 Jetty 9.2.22 Remove patches for 9.2.21
eb04971d5 2017-11-14 Fixed unicode character which fixes "ant javadoc".
43d496a93 2017-11-12 Regenerate the Debian source po file with debconf-updatepo i2p.templates file was changed in 986a85fec8c8fd8fd12a3748163fe80c4eb80b51 03/21/2016 but didn't do the po file at that time. Dutch Debian translation update from https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=879135
8212d68c4 2017-11-09 Summary Bar: Use Rate instead of instantaneous value for used memory
f060287df 2017-11-09 Summary Bar: Fix max memory value
1fbf188d6 2017-11-08 debian updates
c1591983f 2017-11-07 langbox part 2
b726424a3 2017-11-06 increase langbox
e4814a7d0 2017-11-06 bump
2b8f14f70 2017-11-06 Minor fixes and javadocs after review Set 90 day default for event log Format clock skew in summary bar Constant time for password hash check
e28162006 2017-11-06 0.9.32
7a6db4eda 2017-11-06 remove trailing newline
97ad90937 2017-11-03 Update translations, add Indonesian Add missing debian nb translation
718fff945 2017-11-03 translated man page updates
622272758 2017-11-03 translation updates from transifex
19b84aff9 2017-11-03 GeoIP 2017-10-04
3f4daede8 2017-11-03 switch to a single sourceSet.  This fixes the last remaining problem with one-click import in eclipse
5d71fb0b4 2017-11-03 Bump version
73ab3e834 2017-11-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head a782f0bce10ae47d857e9ebadf9b62b967f2c77e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 01ea5b14ea8f5e730d457eca5fd73aec05849902)
8901e3c34 2017-11-03 Theme updates
3b1a1fa02 2017-11-03 Sidebar: limit event logs to last 7 days, to avoid page freezes
91977aaba 2017-11-03 /graphs:
49d970c5b 2017-11-03 Fix compilation without bootstrap classpath set
e34ab0b7a 2017-11-03 Indentation
6cd560ff1 2017-11-03 fix name
d3cdf3c7d 2017-11-03 switch to single source multiple jar approach
ab69fab3e 2017-11-02 add mini-streaming to testCompile dependencies as well
bf639478c 2017-11-02 add mockito to top level
69bd0571d 2017-11-02 add mockito
a3df4a399 2017-11-02 eclipse users rejoice
a715d2b6d 2017-11-02 I2PSnark:
31a52d2ac 2017-11-02 Sidebar:
76629741f 2017-10-31 Add EdDSA test vectors to test resources
3eef793bd 2017-10-31 Add bootstrap classpath JARs if necessary
db17aa048 2017-10-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 01ea5b14ea8f5e730d457eca5fd73aec05849902)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head 0cf1d8a3ab9cde1e942ea8043e64fcb2892a0872)
dc6ab70a6 2017-10-31 I2PSnark: Use reflection to access ConfigUIHelper in standalone build
bf4cb419a 2017-10-31 Update i2psnark Gradle build script
a0b316e56 2017-10-31 Update Jetty version after prop
62d34f51c 2017-10-31 Addressbook has moved from war to jar
113f2c4d1 2017-10-31 Gradle build script for JRobin
2ca658174 2017-10-31 Set Java 7 build target for all projects
c78af828a 2017-10-31 Add missing test dependency
041f5478a 2017-10-31 Use JCenter repository (which pulls from Maven Central)
72081a864 2017-10-31 Upgrade Gradle & wrapper to 4.3
7b221fa23 2017-10-31 Update router version in build.gradle after prop
d95e730d9 2017-10-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 707603fcdd707b7521d213a82287d64520e18d37)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head d44865c44b6a31ff2e3d5bf9a5e98a6f28d80e5b)
670e56ded 2017-10-25 poupdate
20a58a24b 2017-10-25 Use correct shared bandwidth measure in TunnelRenderer
bf42cc159 2017-10-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 396ff40bde06334be0bd26509dc5e31b75f2c2f5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9ba94555553a2d114c9c44022b0ff6e228972d33)
e44fb48ff 2017-10-25 Tag strings for translation
1c6ca5011 2017-10-25 Theme updates
cdd89df98 2017-10-25 /tunnels:
ac833ec47 2017-10-25 /help:
da9c06e66 2017-10-25 /configui: Use larger flags for language selection
df95e29f4 2017-10-25 I2PSnark UI bugfixes
47d354711 2017-10-25 /configui: Add option to embed Susimail and I2PSnark in console
b54a5c592 2017-10-25 SusiDNS:
5ecae1a95 2017-10-25 I2PTunnel: Add hostname / destination (b32) info to server section on index page
0e5b46e7d 2017-10-25 Console sidebar improvements
97267a4d5 2017-10-25 /graphs:
9ae9abd88 2017-10-24 NTCP: Convert configured NTCP hostname to IP address before publishing (proposal #141)
3f4df2317 2017-10-21 UDP: Reduce log level on IP change (ticket #2053)
c7a3e271d 2017-10-11 Console: Validate host header (thx Kevin Froman)
37e0b2ceb 2017-10-11 Router: Honor IPv6 setting when converting configured hostnames to IP addresses (proposal #141)
e3751b36e 2017-10-11 checklist update
cd21cda42 2017-10-11 BuildTime update
5fb6b2c79 2017-10-04 Router: Convert configured hostnames to IP addresses before publishing (proposal #141) NTCP-only config still to do
c4a932b18 2017-10-04 missing paren
30b9f063d 2017-09-29 Debian: Backport fixes from 0.9.30-4 package (ticket #2027) and add buster files
de487411b 2017-09-14 Router: Don't lookup hostnames in addresses (proposal #141)
bcd7b7e6c 2017-09-12 Update history after prop
8f4f7b7b5 2017-09-12 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.bench' (head 61fcef0f1004c55f7b15ba3982173050a952a08c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8374318b8b49df7f47dfa0d2653413ceccab9b52)
10cfa6eea 2017-09-08 Add NativeBigInteger benchmarks
9e2bd4aac 2017-09-08 Fix bench.jarUpToDate
1a493094b 2017-09-08 Add usage info to benchmark script
3d24cc9e9 2017-09-08 Move benchmarks into core
7346ce1c8 2017-09-08 Enable benchmarks.sh to run with everything in one directory
d5e97d239 2017-09-08 Clean up benchmarks dir
2cd9b3442 2017-09-02 Data: Prohibit excess key data in certs (ticket #2035)
94738c139 2017-09-02 new opentrackers
8d89d1eed 2017-09-02 new reseed
8fd354eea 2017-09-02 Startup: Add property to disable output redirect (ticket #2037)
f611f4c96 2017-08-26 Minor cosmetic issues in the default console and snark themes
40642c805 2017-08-26 Remove old benchmarks
2bb0ca97d 2017-08-26 Use I2PAppContext for obtaining instances of AES and SHA256
d828ed434 2017-08-26 Shorten the benchmark names
a06c3fe04 2017-08-26 Add a script for running the benchmarks with or without jbigi
d77cd0406 2017-08-22 Transport: More invalid ports
1efc1677a 2017-08-22 i2ptunnel: Check for RFC 7239 Forwarded header
2071cf859 2017-08-22 more Skylakes
51d482765 2017-08-22 i2psnark: finals for Message class recognize BiglyBT cleanups
6615586a4 2017-08-20 Add benchmarks for ElGamal
3d385228f 2017-08-09 findbugs all over
24414845d 2017-08-09 Package changelogs Fix extra chars in patch 1 Fix javadoc causing build error on Trusty Deb build doc updates
2c76b87fb 2017-08-06 0.9.31
bbe3a71d2 2017-07-31 bump for review
9d1097b46 2017-07-31 merge of '11dcbebf6657486cbeae1d8bfe43ede3f4a5b314'      and '8e065cf86f719138e323815c38f249ed56941327'
8beb75be5 2017-07-31 refresh deb patch
80c55c150 2017-07-31 Console: fix router family page form (ticket #2022)
82806099a 2017-07-31 Console theme tweaks:
903f46f3a 2017-07-31 man page translation updates
d99a69983 2017-07-31 translation updates
9f15ae6e5 2017-07-30 Add a0.png to update files
26bc83c51 2017-07-30 Console theme fixes
5dd5a99de 2017-07-28 Theme fixes
ac75327a7 2017-07-28 Refactor README.md
2f48af517 2017-07-27 Bump -21-rc
e284675e5 2017-07-27 UI fixes
674f523cb 2017-07-27 Add JavaScript snippet to reset dest address scroll position onblur
2bfe27d21 2017-07-27 /jars:
fe2387e4f 2017-07-27 Missing from previous commit
30eb08962 2017-07-26 /debug:
ee1112cca 2017-07-26 SusiMail: Dismiss notifications on click
a39fb3d7c 2017-07-26 I2PSnark:
0feb16d57 2017-07-26 history.txt: Tweak my older entries to fit 80 character per line limit
b8f5c956e 2017-07-25 Console: Move JRobin default color and font changes into SummaryRenderer
f9b8a5ec1 2017-07-25 JavaDoc fix
32968af39 2017-07-25 Add benchmarks for AES and SHA-256
49ed17032 2017-07-25 Add a benchmarks subproject
70393fd2d 2017-07-19 Console: Fixup /imagegen text
d4a139f21 2017-07-15 Console: Fix compile error with Jetty 9.2.22 (ticket #2019)
0b85bffef 2017-07-13 Crypto: Preserve CRT parameters for RSA private keys (ticket #2005)
5ddb4edd1 2017-07-13 fixups after review
d2da26237 2017-07-11 Theme fixes
3c19bb4ec 2017-07-11 Console: Increase displayed changelog lines to show entire release cycle
123c0de70 2017-07-11 Correct some history entries
19fcb9e5b 2017-07-11 Comments
281534b0b 2017-07-11 Fix HTML tags across non-default conditional branches
4fff74793 2017-07-11 I2PSnark: Fix I2PSnarkUtil.getCommentsName() to match its JavaDoc
7d62c4320 2017-07-08 bump -18-rc
00388675f 2017-07-08 new translations
4ddca951f 2017-07-08 translations update
2abaa4a39 2017-07-08 fix html errors in help files
402a2af89 2017-07-08 GeoIP 2017-07-04, blocklist update
4e8ed909e 2017-07-07 Bump -17-rc
5c670fc57 2017-07-07 Show advanced sidebar links by default in advanced mode (ticket #1996)
e83d31f74 2017-07-07 /logs: Correctly format unavailable crypto warnings (ticket #1996)
d8831151f 2017-07-07 Console: Fix log file size config bug on /configlogging bug (ticket #1996)
87d6c302e 2017-07-02 Minor theme tweaks:
afec920be 2017-07-02 Bump -16
873b0b0f1 2017-07-02 SusiDNS: Default to the console theme
96c73e7fc 2017-07-02 i2psnark: ubergine fix for hidpi
56f6a68ef 2017-07-02 Console: Show correct icon for "Firewalled" network status
7cd7f01db 2017-07-02 Console light theme: prevent identicon breaking out of its container
1650cbe8d 2017-07-02 Bump -15
dc46f00a3 2017-07-02 merge of '95d429bc46db23b3e3181caf4e622b763cff51eb'      and 'ca23007c18cf5894a1b6b4efa92207aa025473d2'
d2edce845 2017-07-01 I2PSnark:
bd84ba2d5 2017-07-01 SusiMail: set button widths
bd74b22b0 2017-07-01 Console:
c768b8f8d 2017-07-01 DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress - Job Queue: Make search jobs droppable - Router: Increase JVM DNS cache time - Util: Add negative DNS lookup cache, increase cache size
56c0fbeeb 2017-07-01 Tag "local" strings on /tunnels (tagged for translation elsewhere pre-freeze)
5bc9d0af5 2017-07-01 I2PSnark: Fix unclosed <label>
12cbbfbac 2017-06-19 Bump -13
4aa4ff738 2017-06-19 Console:
3d535a228 2017-06-19 I2PSnark:
36030ae18 2017-06-19 i2ptunnel: consistent tooltips and Destinations for editClient and editServer
e21479a16 2017-06-19 Cleanup & formatting tidyups for welcome page readmes, remove unneeded classes
32efa2e50 2017-06-15 DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress - Job Queue: Make search jobs droppable - Router: Increase JVM DNS cache time - Util: Add negative DNS lookup cache, increase cache size
8216b68ee 2017-06-12 bump -11
3e4318cca 2017-06-12 /netdb: Fix UI bug with unpublished LeaseSets
cf7a6041b 2017-06-12 UI updates
25c709afe 2017-06-11 Reseed updates
58b38b283 2017-06-11 Remove forum.i2p links
931d7a95b 2017-06-05 poupdate source
d771cc6e3 2017-06-05 history
e21a57a1f 2017-06-05 Switch light theme to the same top-nav style as the other themes
1ede0c8b2 2017-06-05 Boost letter spacing and margins slightly
57f3b89ee 2017-06-05 Fix alignment of language flags
9eedb5c73 2017-06-05 Add state classes to network status messages in sidebar
4964b1165 2017-06-04 Hardcode language names in their native language for usability
bd1ccba96 2017-06-04 SusiDNS: Update SVG image to use grouped objects for styling and hotlinks
3334d9f73 2017-06-04 Fix regression in snark CSS
135920a9b 2017-06-04 Updated history
c0742b5cf 2017-06-04 Remove capitalization of SusiDNS config options in light theme
163023ecc 2017-06-04 String tweaks
791bc9a84 2017-06-04 String de-duplication
c91f94219 2017-06-04 /netdb: Fix bug rendering the "Add to addressbook" link for local Destinations
66385c06a 2017-06-04 Minor theme tweaks:
6fe55529d 2017-06-04 i2psnark: Fix bug in status tooltips
4c6af7cdc 2017-06-03 bump -10
5e8730a61 2017-06-03 Console:
6acca2896 2017-06-03 i2psnark:
017f66a34 2017-06-03 i2ptunnel:
ff400c944 2017-06-03 UI feedback
b28cc94a4 2017-06-03 Compress some of the larger image files
4da95af45 2017-06-03 i2psnark:
a9bf1e296 2017-06-03 SusiDNS:
d50c12dc7 2017-06-03 Console:
5361571c1 2017-05-25 Crypto: Fix AES NPE on 4-core RPi 2nd try (ticket #1989)
13d9322d8 2017-05-24 Debian: Update notes on dependencies
d35f260f1 2017-05-24 Console: Don't show add-to-addressbook link for local unpublished clients
7338b79ef 2017-05-24 GeoIP: Fix NPE in Maxmind lookup (thx parg!)
edda87d53 2017-05-22 Snark theme updates, hidpi rating images
de0a5c709 2017-05-21 i2psnark: Fix bencoded scrape response for zzzot (ticket #1994) requires zzzot 0.16.0
008f42137 2017-05-21 Fix a minor alignment issue on the address helper page
6821e1382 2017-05-21 Add images for theme updates
fa73b481e 2017-05-21 i2psnark: Integrate ratings and comments into themes
63581d32d 2017-05-20 SusiMail light theme tweaks
0db637ed5 2017-05-20 Clarify choices on address helper save page (ticket #1940)
62b3e1921 2017-05-20 Add router.hideFloodfillParticipant to advanced settings help
2b82312b7 2017-05-20 I2PSnark changes:
81b8b1858 2017-05-19 i2psnark: Add ut_comment UI and per-torrent configuration Some UI cleanup still to do
769cb40b7 2017-05-19 missed checkin
81026c287 2017-05-19 build fix
dc33ad101 2017-05-19 Console: Move /peers page rendering from router to console (ticket #1879) except UPnP still to do compressed size: appx. 25 KB
b7baeddc7 2017-05-18 Bump to -5
e6b968e48 2017-05-18 History for prop
96bdfb3a6 2017-05-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 247ff5f9bcb20e4aa3ad4aa8702425c315d1d77b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head d4b5b96ff60f7d8b746c8fc5f0f9c533778a9eda)
7002c683a 2017-05-18 Minor i2psnark style fixes
ae7c2f6e5 2017-05-18 Use disabled drop-down in universal theming mode instead of plain text
b8c97a1d7 2017-05-17 AES: More cleanups and javadocs
a5551c1be 2017-05-17 Debian: More fixes for lintian
7d129215c 2017-05-17 Debian: Put the i2prouter-nowrapper man page with the binary
777d2fc0f 2017-05-17 javadoc fix
7f45e9733 2017-05-17 Reseed: Remove expired SSL cert
feee22e38 2017-05-15 Fix escaping of non-breaking space in time string
208372ed9 2017-05-15 Prevent i2psnark DHT debug info breaking out of the table
6fd66c939 2017-05-15 Cleanups:
e8c28ad42 2017-05-14 Add tooltips to shutdown/restart buttons
5caefb5ea 2017-05-14 I2PSnark tweaks:
ac788d973 2017-05-14 Router: New method to get bandwidth class, for efficiency
e973185be 2017-05-14 Crypto: Initialize array earlier (ticket #1989)
040af114e 2017-05-14 i2psnark: Fix HTML double-escape (ticket #1992)
6f60d642a 2017-05-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 098e31ae6c0969990791077264bfd58d8ac3680c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 0cfd439957ebce6c3a71f5b3e11f4e873388b03c)
8a5967f59 2017-05-14 Additional <label>s
a929b5c68 2017-05-14 Theme updates:
e32d4b15e 2017-05-14 String tweaks
67b3c4675 2017-05-14 Shortened button text on /configfamily
7de815bd9 2017-05-14 CSS sort buttons on /peers
0aae97162 2017-05-14 Use new tabs for a couple of links
ac31a1319 2017-05-14 /news updates:
e453ea48e 2017-05-14 /help changes:
8f04aa70c 2017-05-14 /home changes:
d7d13d1a4 2017-05-14 Whitespace
6b056ce6e 2017-05-14 Backend HTML changes:
b340f4a17 2017-05-12 i2psnark: Better handling of read-only i2psnark dir (ticket #1990) Prevent add/create/remove/delete More handling of RuntimeException via Snark.fatal() in SnarkManager
93cb2a051 2017-05-10 Debian: Fix apparmor profile (ticket #1986)
610af51e9 2017-05-10 show suggested paths
efd7d651c 2017-05-10 AES: Cleanups (ticket #1989)
d139892ae 2017-05-10 SusiDNS: Fix display of default subscription when no subscriptions.txt file present
45f3695f9 2017-05-10 Debian: Restore systemd for trusty Fix date in changelogs doc update
3e354f2f1 2017-05-05 Jetty: New default servlet for eepsite, with locale-independent directory listing (ticket #1965)
b0514cc56 2017-05-05 move BFNS test
3718c7334 2017-05-05 Reseed: Fix messages about reseed disabled
cd7645712 2017-05-05 i2psnark: Initial support for ut_comment, no UI yet
f3d931d09 2017-05-05 Blockfile: Move from i2p.jar to addressbook.jar http://zzz.i2p/topics/2274
ffb3e27c0 2017-05-03 launchpad build fixes
8d6ca6431 2017-05-03 fix build.xml XML error
920b14212 2017-05-03 0.9.30
1e9c68859 2017-05-02 fix null check
e390e67ae 2017-05-02 Package I2P servlet classes for Maven Central
d27d06032 2017-04-30 Jetty: Rollover log files at midnight, not noon This is a separate Jetty 9.2.21 bug unrelated to the previous fix
baa314d71 2017-04-29 pull translations
d98c3d8f7 2017-04-29 fix another test
5e497f790 2017-04-29 Tests: Temporarily change cert threshold so Vuze's old cert won't fail
3dbbc2943 2017-04-29 Jetty: backport patch from 9.4.4 to 9.2.21 to fix Timer crash in RolloverFileOutputStream https://github.com/eclipse/jetty.project/commit/1e46576bf4f888656271b0cbd6fd1605b1808730 https://github.com/eclipse/jetty.project/issues/1469
925caccb5 2017-04-29 Jetty: Set up to add patch for RolloverFileOutputStream checked in file is unmodified from 9.2.21 for reference patch in next checkin
a21e02740 2017-04-29 Console: Revert previous checkin, unrelated to the Jetty Timer bug
4dec3657b 2017-04-27 Console: Disable Jetty timer thread consolidation causing log file rollover to stop (ticket #1068)
06f78d7cf 2017-04-26 HTTP Proxy: Add delay before jump page
690191464 2017-04-26 remove reseed
75db7fa19 2017-04-19 geoip 2017-04-06
f8ea882f9 2017-04-14 SSU: Reuse previous introducer expiration if available, so we don't force a republish - Don't run peer test if configured to force firewalled
dd0153e29 2017-04-13 SSU: Publish introducer expiration (proposal 133)
9dd146680 2017-04-13 fix eepget man page formatting
5fa6583a4 2017-04-13 Console: Fix detection of UPnP setting changing
48661361f 2017-04-09 Minor theme tweaks
474717205 2017-04-09 Tweak placement of caps info
f541dbe04 2017-04-09 Add link to /configplugins on /home
a3e146a81 2017-04-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5d56a7eb371dddb9336e596bda69f99c91294b05)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 3aeafcdb5c0ffbc9c77f574558f8438d3e81133e)
fa6fc84bf 2017-04-09 Theme updates:
a0911a43d 2017-04-09 I2PSnark: hidpi navbar images
b6c6a5d69 2017-04-09 Whitespace
5353fd986 2017-04-09 Tidy up /profiles, add definitions for capabilities
3f40af54d 2017-04-09 Add id for for sidebar help & faq h3
9e8d4fbe2 2017-04-09 Reorder sidebar sections for new installs
cb3326fa4 2017-04-09 Minor updates to imagegen page
123473439 2017-04-09 Fix "Advanced" links on sidebar with leading /
c12312f52 2017-04-09 i2psnark: Remove hard-coded topnav image
dd8f7638c 2017-04-06 add bash completion scripts
4edc4077f 2017-04-04 Gentoo: Fix config dir location http://zzz.i2p/topics/2285
0d3b1fa49 2017-04-04 hosts.txt and blocklist update
828b0954a 2017-04-04 add BuildTime note to checklist
ec8291208 2017-04-04 instructions for adding RPC support to i2psnark-standalone
021067dab 2017-04-04 deprecate ZipFileComment
bfc04178a 2017-04-02 i2psnark: Fix standalone configuration for Jetty 9 Context: Fix ClientAppManagerImpl in AppContext, required for transmission.war in standalone i2psnark
f39083183 2017-04-01 Console: Fix stopping of webapps when console stops (ticket #1893) i2psnark: Only rewrite torrent config file if changed (ticket #1893) Util: Don't sync config writes on Android/ARM (ticket #1893)
5eefb8b22 2017-04-01 KeyStoreUtil: Reduce log level of expired cert error
c06e320f9 2017-03-31 SSU: When a IPv6 peer connects, trigger a IPv6 peer test, not a IPv4 one Require two consecutive peer test results for some state transitions, to prevent frequent transitions to firewalled and back
b810b79a4 2017-03-29 New translated man pages: pl, pt_BR, ru, sv updates: it, ko, zh
3cc0122af 2017-03-29 Throttle: Reduce threshold for probabalistic throttling on slow platforms (ticket #1964)
48fb12ebe 2017-03-29 SSU: Refactor PeerTestEvent out of UDPTransport
82554b943 2017-03-27 Build: Suppress JarScanner warning during Debian build (ticket #1975)
04e0cfe02 2017-03-27 Debian: Add missing addressbook.jar to package (ticket #1973)
ed590cd6f 2017-03-27 SusiDNS: Add addressbook.jar to classpath, don't fail to start if it's still not found (ticket #1973) This fix covers: 1) Old wrapper.config without addressbook in the classpath 2) Java 9 together with 1) 3) Completely missing addressbook.jar This does not fix addressbook.jar missing from Debian build.
c1991241e 2017-03-27 Time: Fix crashes on old Androids (ticket #1976)
b503f03bd 2017-03-27 Blockfile: Include authentication strings in exports
cff8eafc4 2017-03-25 Blockfile: Upgrade to Blockfile format 4 on non-Android ARM
a0b2f5738 2017-03-25 i2ptunnel: Allow alt priv key file to be added without restarting I2P Display message requiring tunnel restart if tunnel is running
b335ded1d 2017-03-24 CPUID: Recognize Ryzen
0a2097a23 2017-03-24 Addressbook: Remove static reference, hide implementation Requires Android fix (ticket #1972)
1ab67de67 2017-03-23 Plugins: Blacklist i2pbote and BwSchedule Translate exceptions thrown from PluginStarter
47277063e 2017-03-23 Plugins: Add version number to console messages when downloading/starting, and linkify plugin name
ca6ce37a0 2017-03-21 context: New ClientAppManagerImpl in AppContext, so registration works there (for i2psnark-rpc in standalone)
a00f11d5b 2017-03-21 i2psnark: Add another method to support RPC plugin
13ad5d72a 2017-03-20 SSU: More work on introducer expiration (proposal 133)
b9a7a7617 2017-03-20 dont replace app if a dup
a8ae2ce95 2017-03-20 typo
de5661ef1 2017-03-20 new reseed ssl cert
e4da3b0f3 2017-03-20 dont allow non-GET requests to icon servlet
95b6bd36e 2017-03-20 i2psnark: Enhancements to support RPC plugin
05aef9bd5 2017-03-18 Move "isSlow" detection to SystemVersion
fda673038 2017-03-18 Addressbook build changes (ticket #1966):  - Build as jar, not war  - Put empty war in updater  - Move Servlet starter to SusiDNS  - Skip war in RouterConsoleRunner
24801553d 2017-03-15 i2psnark: Recognize XD client
43c3a1474 2017-03-14 javadoc typo
4b722c9b7 2017-03-14 i2ptunnel: New form to enter private key file for alternate destination    - Use alt destination for registration if set    - Another dup check for alt destination SusiDNS: New button for adding alternate destination    - Fix nonces on details page with multiple destinations    - Fix single dest deletion on details page with multiple destinations    - Set book in all forms to ensure correct book Blockfile: Fix specified-destination deletion from the correct book
1150b4cd7 2017-03-14 NBI: Adjust logging during extraction to use standard format
e7cfb2d6f 2017-03-13 Streaming: Add reset() to I2PSocket API i2ptunnel: Reset I2P socket on TCP socket errors, in standard servers that don't have protocol responses SAM: Reset I2P socket on handler errors
ad810de74 2017-03-13 i2ptunnel: Add subsession support to servers, no UI yet Update subsession javadocs
b57d7c699 2017-03-13 Javadoc: Update Jetty URL and package-list
ba825e61d 2017-03-13 New reseed, delete unused reseed SSL certs
aea20a552 2017-03-11 Fix HashSessionScavenger, class changed in Jetty 9 History for prop, -4
0703a2956 2017-03-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty9' (head 80022f6ef552acd1382d45103969aa7c17b1d794)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3b4b418ae8be95d52228fc7c325fc52e0223e4fe)
db0381d6b 2017-03-11 Add required jetty-9.2.21.v20170120 jars Includes two Tomcat 8.0.33 jars from that, which are: "A rebundling of Apache Tomcat Jasper to remove the tomcat server dependencies, so that the JSP engine can be used by the Eclipse Jetty project."
a9be26d2b 2017-03-11 unneeded casts
db5ab0b9b 2017-03-11 Add commons-logging to list of empty jars
072d99027 2017-03-11 reseed now using CA
6b4f665f3 2017-03-10 Add more markers and protection for xml file migration Add error message for jetty-jmx.xml migration, don't migrate Update non-default files jetty-rewrite.xml and jetty-jmx.xml
48a055d46 2017-03-09 Streaming: Don't change buffer size when max message size is adjusted Only change max message size when buffer is empty
9146f3c7e 2017-03-09 i2psnark: Prevent RuntimeException caused by corrupt i2psnark.dht.dat file http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=12751
1fe9acefe 2017-03-09 Router: Set default sig type to EdDSA for non-Android ARM
359b4570e 2017-03-09 hide destination box on registration page
1c720a0fd 2017-03-09 finals
d1fdf1491 2017-03-08 unnecessary parameter
6fbeef5f8 2017-03-08 remove old ssl cert
6ef610633 2017-03-08 Random: Don't need extra bits if power of two
23ee40d99 2017-03-08 stray semicolon
4e236fc5a 2017-03-08 Put Jetty 9 files in eepsite-jetty9/ directory in updater
d573910b7 2017-03-06 CPUID: Fix saving of libjcpuid.jnifile on Macs, was incorrectly saving as libjcpuid.so (tickets #1865, #1900)  - Try to load libjcpuid-x86_64-osx.jnilib for 32-bit Macs,    because as of 0.9.26 it's a 'fat binary' with 32-bit in it also.    This was broken in the 0.9.26 changes.  - Improve error logging  - Add library search path logging to main() NBI:  - Try to load the "none" architecture for x86, even if    CPUID loading fails (tickets #1865, #1900)    This was broken in the 0.9.26 changes.  - Add library search path logging to main()  - Comment out unused method
da00b9559 2017-03-06 doc updates
e20310d25 2017-03-06 Throttle: Fix disable of probabalistic throttling (ticket #1963) Fixes this checkin:   Revision: c52409bf5d7b422c23a62eecfa50b98d7c74f8df   Date:     01/16/2012   Branch:   i2p.i2p   Don't throttle tunnel creation if using a higher than default router.maxParticipatingTunnels setting.
74151b06e 2017-03-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 600cd73c4b46b7ba8c421149785f6245afa47487)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head d5b54214bfe1bf5203f614600b916346a10f26dd)
de7a4ba55 2017-03-06 Whitespace cleanups
5ddeeec9e 2017-03-06 I2PSnark theme updates
1f7042a68 2017-03-06 I2PSnark fallbacks when JS is unavailable:
a65722f3e 2017-03-06 I2PSnark: clean up RNF/RDNE errors
964dacd90 2017-03-06 I2PSnark:
25b03979d 2017-03-06 I2PSnark backend layout/style tweaks
6151480ee 2017-03-06 SusiDNS theme updates
97fa5d992 2017-03-06 SusiMail theme updates
83c9dc743 2017-03-06 Console theme updates
4bf014719 2017-03-06 Update I2P logos for console themes
d7e5aaf91 2017-03-06 Replace &nbsp; with thin non-breaking space &#8239; for byte sizes
10a021f5f 2017-03-06 Re-layout "Banned IPs" section of /configpeer
20df51140 2017-03-06 "Mark for deletion" tooltip in SusiMail folder list
73708041e 2017-03-06 Spacing tweaks for legibility/consistency
b71aafbb2 2017-03-04 Debian: Add files for jessie with libtomcat8-java Fix missing glassfish dependency in trusty/control
319ce9b06 2017-03-04 Debian: Revert previous checkin for precise, it does not have libtomcat8-java
87cff00b9 2017-03-04 Debian: Revert previous checkin for trusty, it does not have libtomcat8-java
f38ee48ca 2017-03-04 Move setting of InstanceManager to WebAppConfiguration to avoid race Fix up LICENSES.txt Build.xml cleanup Debian: - Add support for with-libtomcat8-java but not with-libjetty9-java for wheezy/jessie - Fix wheezy/precise/trusty build files to use tomcat8 but not jetty9 packages - Remove build dependency on ant-optional, not required - Remove some remaining eclipse-ecj dependencies - Add short README files for wheezy and jessie
ec6c24429 2017-03-03 Debian build fixes
15915afeb 2017-03-03 Remove dup DTDs in javax.servlet.jar Set InstanceManager for webapps Remove InstanceManager log message Resolves ticket #1818
b72085bcf 2017-03-03 Debian builds: - Remove with-libtomcat6-java and with-libtomcat7-java - Replace with-libjetty8-java with-libjetty9-java - Add libtomcat8-java dependency in debian builds - Change libservlet-3.0-java implicit dependency to libservlet-3.1-java - Initial mods for trusty build files, as it does not have jetty 9 - Initial xenial build files - Add link to jetty9-apache-jsp.jar - Add necessary util jars to jsp classpath Non-Debian builds: - Move tomcat runtime from javax.servlet.jar to jasper-runtime.jar,   to be consistent with Jetty 8 - Switch from jetty (glassfish) to apache (tomcat) jsp implementation,   to be consistent with Debian builds - Drop checked-in Tomcat 6 and Jetty 8 jars Code: - Force Jasper initialization in RouterConsoleRunner since we   don't use the Jetty annotation scanner
5f96067c2 2017-03-03 merge of 'bd4c9889786a280f8797cbdc6ca9cddb8c7260a2'      and 'fe4b2b6942b6c0dbe1efda4e2fa555289e74cbef'
61e4e2a05 2017-03-03 Util: Don't depend on DataHelper in FileUtil.copy(), causes Windows installer to fail because DataHelper is not in install.jar. tag i2p-0.9.29-win1
f7cdf221e 2017-03-02 UDPAddress: Add method to get introducer expiration (proposal 133)
69ad95710 2017-03-02 UDPAddress: Fix bug in "Error handling for failed intro packets" cur variable wasn't being incremented. from Revision: 0f0232b342477486c38b51afa3d298285cc8fbcf from Date:     09/15/2005 Simplify error handling code javadocs
920572d3b 2017-03-02 UDPAddress: Make most fields final
d3abbe86e 2017-03-01 Fix eepsite jetty.xml and jetty-ssl.xml files Migration script for eepsite jetty.xml and jetty-ssl.xml files Add exclude protocols
3631efa56 2017-03-01 Fixup for PathMap generics Remove dup returns
a6e62afc1 2017-03-01 Servlet: Catch OOM in MultiPartRequest
8bfb3649d 2017-02-28 Fix webapps and plugins not starting, because the default configurations were not being run. Revert adding JettyJspServlet class, maybe we don't need it after all.
45abf6575 2017-02-27 add missing JettyJspServlet class
7fb82da7f 2017-02-27 Partially revert previous checkin, which was missing some DTDs. Delete previously checked-in DTDs, and in the build, copy all the DTDs out of jetty-schemas-3.1.jar to javax.servlet.jar. Update to Jetty 9.2.21.
e995a4cf9 2017-02-27 i2psnark: Fix disappearing start button
2de25ca45 2017-02-27 addressbook: Add date parameter to authentication strings
8d928eadb 2017-02-27 minor fixes after review
e03c25e39 2017-02-27 debian files update
b69529307 2017-02-27 0.9.29
c09bfa0a2 2017-02-27 i2ptunnel: Fix generation of advanced authentication strings
f420a99b6 2017-02-24 Update translations
33b185131 2017-02-23 PrivateKeyFile: Add option to generate addressbook authentication string fix inadvertent fallthru HostTxtParser: Add -q command line option, enhance return codes
3c735eaf9 2017-02-20 more man pages
3f452c5ac 2017-02-20 GeoIP, blocklist, checklist update GeoIP from Maxmind 2017-02-07
380f55a0e 2017-02-15 I2CP: Return null on decompression failure instead of throwing exception, to reduce the impact, for example in iMule which is apparently closing the session (ticket #1915)
8a89b3da2 2017-02-15 Fix calls to Class.newInstance() deprecated in Java 9
f2ae1bfe0 2017-02-15 Utils: Disable caching of ResettableGZIPOutputStreams, add more checks for compression failure, fix output for zero-length input (ticket #1915)
17b781c1b 2017-02-15 Translations: Update source Fix dependencies for poupdate target
68fb3f42a 2017-02-11 New SSL cert for reseed.i2p-projekt.de
fc8c193f3 2017-02-11 strip more system properties in I2CP
c949d776b 2017-02-11 I2PTunnel CLI: Set connectDelay default for HTTP client tweak clientoptions help messages
e29e3e2fd 2017-02-11 Test: Prevent NPE in LocalClientManager test on client shutdown
e01c443fa 2017-02-10 Test: Add random delay and drop options to LocalClientManager Return failure codes from LCM to client (ticket #1939)
50450ecba 2017-02-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bd037c8b542fe0f6125aa16fb3bff5d257b4e955)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 9bd4080121d8ef662d6a2e4dfe7fae1079b32646)
44c0d9357 2017-02-10 Update snark tile2.png
42ba5fa50 2017-02-10 Fix typo
24b2bb8e3 2017-02-10 I2PTunnel theme tweaks
026a9cf02 2017-02-10 Smooth out heading backgrounds on I2PTunnel edit pages
87c8031e5 2017-02-10 SusiMail theme tweaks
bff3f0436 2017-02-10 Router console theme tweaks
bfe8c6562 2017-02-10 SusiDNS changes:
a22bf6b4a 2017-02-10 I2PSnark changes:
c4e7b1a79 2017-02-10 Open log files in a new tab
232d0b5e7 2017-02-10 More tooltips
82095d978 2017-02-10 Add "NetDB Search" to Advanced sidebar section
f68967c5f 2017-02-10 Alphabetical sorting of sidebar links under "I2P Internals"
9898a4a93 2017-02-10 Min width for config tabs on light theme
092881acc 2017-02-10 Padding for text-dense tables
b1ed295e2 2017-02-10 Rename /configclient button classes
2d8f0c295 2017-02-09 Streaming: Fix optional delay and choking (tickets #1046, 1939) - Don't always send optional delay - Don't overwrite choking delay with non-choking delay - Don't send optional delay of 0 every 8 packets - Don't set options both in CDR.buildPacket() and Conn.sendPacket() - Set or clear optional delay in packet when retransmitting - Move choking state variables from ConnectionOptions to Connection - Move updateAcks() call from PacketLocal to PacketQueue - Fully implement choking and un-choking - Reduce periods for some stats - Comment out some debug logging - Cleanups - Fix javadoc HTML broken in previous checkin
f0241d4a1 2017-02-08 Util: Change logCloseLoop level to DEBUG
a11bd7cbe 2017-02-08 I2CP: Return local delivery failure on queue overflow (ticket #1939)
36ec4de9c 2017-02-05 Console: Consolidate timer threads (ticket #1068) Clear correct property if no users are set
843b66d61 2017-02-05 Streaming: Don't hard fail on expired message error (ticket #1748)
afb87cd75 2017-02-05 NTCP: Don't write to an inbound connection before established, causing NPE (ticket #996)
aa098ac80 2017-02-05 dont log deletion of deletelist.txt
bbbbfe241 2017-02-05 reduce concurrent graph generation for ARM
9ab55ec36 2017-02-05 checklist update
a85546534 2017-02-05 Streaming: Don't always send optional delay (ticket #1046) javadocs
83c786a5f 2017-02-05 more man page translations
50d735b12 2017-02-05 new reseed
da893452e 2017-02-04 HTTP proxies: Pass through relative referer URIs, convert same-origin absolute referer URIs to relative (ticket #1862)
6306799a4 2017-02-04 single-char indexof()
82d812c25 2017-02-04 NTP: Enable IPv6 support (ticket #1896)
890ad257e 2017-01-30 Router: Run shutdown tasks in parallel, increase max time for shutdown tasks (ticket #1893) i2psnark: Remove most delay between announces at shutdown
7cb5dab67 2017-01-30 i2ptunnel: Add support for outproxy plugin to CONNECT proxy (tickets #1364, #1895) Add support for ports to CONNECT proxy
1cf603064 2017-01-28 Utils: Catch Java 9 error in SSLEepGet
36fd93da0 2017-01-28 Utils: Comment out debug logging in SSLEepGet
5483306d2 2017-01-28 Utils: Detect when running as service on Gentoo
1f228a3f8 2017-01-27 Build: Rename translated man pages to be compatible with dh_installman for debian. Add i2prouter-nowrapper man page. Misc. man page fixups (man man-pages for the standard) No ant targets or deb packaging yet.
12cc7b3a3 2017-01-27 bump -4
61fd24293 2017-01-27 Build: Translated man pages for es and zh, and a script to build them. es complete, zh partial, just for testing. No ant targets or deb packaging yet.
78da3b978 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 15 (ticket #1894)
e0e06d73e 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 14 (ticket #1894)
112fa503e 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 13 (ticket #1894)
9dab3b0df 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 12 (ticket #1894)
82064760d 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 11 (ticket #1894)
bd1354f95 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 10 (ticket #1894)
fb74f4169 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 9 (ticket #1894)
5db89d874 2017-01-27 javadoc fixes part 8 (ticket #1894)
b970912cc 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 7 (ticket #1894)
d19604738 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 6 (ticket #1894)
eefb36cb9 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 5 (ticket #1894)
dc5bfb224 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 4 (ticket #1894)
e461e8fb4 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 3 (ticket #1894)
8bb114e9c 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 2 (ticket #1894)
f77fc52ca 2017-01-26 javadoc fixes part 1 (ticket #1894)
1a28a2af2 2017-01-26 Use the EL API and compiler from Jetty, not old Tomcat Bundle the DTDs, as extracted from jetty-schemas-3.1.jar These were in lib/jsp/javax.servlet.jsp-2.2.0.v201112011158.jar in Jetty 8 but are not in any lib/jsp/*.jar in Jetty 9.   GPL v2:   Copyright 2003-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.   Copyright 2004 The Apache Software Foundation   Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
d9c6360e0 2017-01-26 Build: Set up man pages for translation. No ant targets yet.
813766175 2017-01-24 i2prouter: Add root check to restart and condrestart commands (ticket #1770)
c66559ff8 2017-01-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d2e954c054d89a425c9791067ac7998433e95a23)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty9' (head adcba23cab31b88e430ee09bf45fd1b6789a1719)
e47c62889 2017-01-19 jbigi: Update GMP version (ticket #1840)
7b0a5bcd5 2017-01-19 debian doc update
6e7dedba8 2017-01-19 javadoc clarification
83e356140 2017-01-19 i2ptunnel: Change eepsite sigtype to EdDSA for new installs
b66c7802e 2017-01-19 Add new reseed reseed.onion.im
7311cf33b 2017-01-19 Utils: Gzip test code refresh
60c93f1e1 2017-01-17 Client: Don't log error on datagram dissector fail (ticket #1915), let the client do the logging. Throw early if data too short
a36083ab1 2017-01-17 Utils: Java 9 yakkety workarounds
6308038a0 2017-01-15 "Cables? Where we're going, we don't need cables."
e141abb5d 2017-01-15 susimail and susidns theme tweaks
94c6496f9 2017-01-15 Tooltips for /configclients and reseed button
d360ba481 2017-01-15 NedDb advanced lookup layout and theme improvements
cca3f5737 2017-01-15 Presentation tweak on /help
57e51ab8c 2017-01-15 I2PSnark theme tweaks
93511c0e6 2017-01-13 HTML tag validity bugfixes
7cae467b5 2017-01-12 DTG: Don't try to start if headless (ticket #1924)
2df64cd09 2017-01-09 Copy README.txt contents to README.md so the github page is restored.
0a0757a69 2017-01-08 Add 10px border between torrent info and content on details page
14bacc272 2017-01-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 439bb8be3133559026640ebd22fdf93d10ba2cb9)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 83c1a136effdf092093e9af799a138e86da7ec43)
2bc563083 2017-01-07 Final CSS updates
ecb9726ba 2017-01-07 Help: more advanced settings
894186e97 2017-01-07 Updates to /graph
053ebd707 2017-01-07 Disable anti-aliasing and hinting on QR codes to improve quality of display text
fabc57b57 2017-01-07 Second draft of CSS updates
04b9b202e 2017-01-07 Routerconsole CSS hooks
acec99ff4 2017-01-07 Move console links above hidden service links on /home
e81a01d3e 2017-01-07 Typo fix
7101fb099 2017-01-07 Move /configclients sub-links into header
6b7ac9fba 2017-01-07 Move susidns export button to top of UI
0badcf63a 2017-01-07 Theme and forms for imagegen app
bd69499f8 2017-01-07 Add more filetypes to eepsite jetty-dir.css
23f835781 2017-01-07 I2PTunnel CSS hooks
5dd6f2d06 2017-01-07 merge of 'a84cabd267418e1cf436c975915ed5b91e39ae86'      and 'aafd3b9469e494f4f106a5c60c2139947c150679'
7f9a21124 2017-01-07 Adding Dockerfile with support files to build a minimal docker image running i2p.
ca440a50f 2017-01-07 i2ptunnel: Fix NPE on proxy.i2p/add when no params
994b51b5b 2017-01-06 update to Jetty 9.2.20
fc0ddb019 2017-01-06 eepget: recognize more status codes
f0e6baad2 2017-01-05 add package dependency document
6ad4cb092 2017-01-04 Data: No longer sort addresses in an RI by SHA256, it's undocumented, the other router implementations don't do it, and unnecessary since we store addresses in a List, not a Set, as of 0.8.14 2012-05
91163948b 2017-01-04 Router: Replace random tunnel keys when rekeying
e16cf2ce5 2017-01-04 javadoc
307a03f0e 2017-01-04 RouterAppManager: Logging
b63d44b22 2017-01-04 Sybil: Start analysis 3 days before
57be0df85 2017-01-04 Webapps: Remove classpath system log
6843950bd 2017-01-04 DataHelper: Release resources in finally block
134cbd46e 2017-01-04 Crypto: Enforce correct seed and hash lengths in EdDSAPrivateKeySpec From github PR #22 https://github.com/str4d/ed25519-java/commit/747df9f9aa407ba90d34f498c5eab6f304fdd58a
91007735a 2016-12-29 Update tests to use ScalaTest 3.0.1
14ca46349 2016-12-29 Add Maven Central upload to release checklist
a7492269f 2016-12-24 RKG command line tool multiple args
074c630ac 2016-12-24 Utils: Add RKG command line tool
f902a6314 2016-12-23 Console: Add Referrer-Policy header
ffcd2d451 2016-12-22 Clock: Fix duplicate notification of clock shift listeners
dd400bb14 2016-12-22 Update: Fix JVM crash and i2p.jar corruption when updating from -1
63a2a6da0 2016-12-22 Router: Check blocklist when loading RIs Ensure blocklist is initialized before netdb
3846e08e6 2016-12-22 Router: More efficiently check blocklist when receiving new RI
e625e67b5 2016-12-22 Console: Limit age of news entries displayed
0819857b8 2016-12-22 add toopie
fbbfd8acf 2016-12-21 NTP:  - Verify source address and port  - Add to command line  - main() test improvements  - Add KoD support (ticket #1896)  - Add initial IPv6 support (ticket #1897)  - Make some methods private  - Add year 2036 warning
95fb2df60 2016-12-20 Tools: Fix installer compile fail
c1baee64d 2016-12-18 reseed updates
ce47d4ea6 2016-12-16 Profiles: length check on file names
14a839ebb 2016-12-16 synch graceful exit code
636badcec 2016-12-16 reduce buffer size
6093f26fb 2016-12-16 minor cleanup
4615fce28 2016-12-16 Update: Register blocklist version with update manager
328f544de 2016-12-16 minor optimization
0c76201bd 2016-12-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 2447f30ec8d46502041197c3ca0ce85d4da070b0)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 763f037865b6bc798d2db144dc39faa02a09219a)
0a1cd2058 2016-12-15 Debian: Updates - Fix jetty version in build.xml - Make javadoc package priority 'extra' - Beginning of xenial files, Java 8 only, untested - Build doc updates - Add zesty, remove wily in docs
26a9e8bd8 2016-12-12 0.9.28
f5e8220c8 2016-12-12 add java version to manifest
b7c7e0251 2016-12-12 remove reseed serving old files
7eadc3df6 2016-12-12 restore two sites up again
2f3f01c5c 2016-12-09 remove git.repo.i2p
5d7546598 2016-12-09 remove zerobin
434e3badd 2016-12-09 translation updates
541e9e6dc 2016-12-09 Remove DOS line endings in cert (fails ant testscripts)
8a3a72573 2016-12-06 GeoIP: Update from Maxmind 2016-12-06
74cd5cee2 2016-12-05 Router: Revert default family sig type back to ECDSA, as the OIDs are changing, to be deferred to next release. Update blocklist
b78b3cb94 2016-12-04 configpeer: Remove hr at bottom
62b5b49b0 2016-12-04 Console: Sort banlist and floodfills in true binary order, not by base64 string
7734d3dd6 2016-12-04 Consolidate base64 alphabet string
27724a809 2016-12-03 BOB:   - Change NamedDB implementation to HashMap   - Change NamedDB locks to ReentrantReadWriteLock   - All unlocks in finally blocks, remove redundant unlocking   - Remove throw declaration from methods that don't   - Read under write lock when that's simpler   - Use Boolean fields rather than valueOf()   - Fix unlock order inversion in I2PtoTCP and MUXlisten   - Remove unused locking in TCPtoI2P   - Add missing locking in status command   - Remove redundant locking   - Remove unnecessary catch-and-rethrows   - Spelling fix in error message   - Set some methods static   - Blank line removal
1d6fc40d5 2016-12-03 BOB finals
176ecaa9f 2016-12-03 use new copy
42efed578 2016-12-03 Clean up single char indexOf()
f461d4881 2016-12-03 javadoc fixes
5be077e25 2016-12-02 Clean up single char indexOf()
5b31540fe 2016-12-02 Console: Version the css links
ec94a6eca 2016-12-01 NetDb: Peer selection tweaks
04321e6af 2016-12-01 remove jump server
25fd488db 2016-11-27 Blocklist: Read feed file before user-specified file
850f1504f 2016-11-27 NetDb: Add MTU, SSU caps, IPv6 prefix, and cost lookups
2318a2b31 2016-11-27 NetDb: Add same-port check in peer selector Convert FloodfillPeerSelector MaskedIPSet to use the one now in util
8d494ad16 2016-11-26 Lookup by port and sig type
5a87c232e 2016-11-26 NetDb: Add advanced lookup form Fix /16 and /8 lookup Fix tab highlighted for all lookups Add sybil points for banlist
f6778c573 2016-11-25 SU3File: Add types for blocklist (proposal #130)
ffb3a7581 2016-11-25 add converttohash to commandline
e3435dce1 2016-11-25 sybil tweaks
497d08845 2016-11-24 add links
cc6cd9e40 2016-11-24 Sybil tool enhancements
64f5fed05 2016-11-24 blocklist feed tweaks
1d280156a 2016-11-23 Console: Lookup RI by IP with netmask
08f7e5d6a 2016-11-23 ip links
b72b76894 2016-11-23 Console: Lookup RI by IP
89733251d 2016-11-23 Console: Lookup RI by caps stub out lookup by IP
8146f6fdb 2016-11-23 FFPeerSelector: Penalize new and slow peers
625e992c9 2016-11-23 News: Add command line support
62064da08 2016-11-23 News: Support blocklist in the news feed (proposal 129)
86c0fe327 2016-11-21 NetDB: Fix detection of bandwidth class when multiple values are specified
bbb921806 2016-11-20 NetDB: When doing lookups, don't use floodfills too close
fdff5ecd4 2016-11-20 Router: Change default family sig type to EdDSA
97af7d062 2016-11-20 margins on /configlogging
11579b981 2016-11-20 merge of '8bf9850eb3fe4fcfb63053838a188969b7ba9c5b'      and 'a40ea9b5f7545281195f00a80e31ae879197e76b'
01cfb7b24 2016-11-20 merge of '348832602d6528cc162d427742d0910df3db76ef'      and 'd51aa134c2f1b0fe533f79663f1e79dade41bde1'
b0bba18f3 2016-11-17 Build: Add manifest attributes for java version to all jars and wars
70902bd27 2016-11-17 Tomcat 6.0.48
cd4d5a39b 2016-11-17 Console: Add netdb lookup by family
7a1a1d5b9 2016-11-17 NetDB: When verifying store, don't use floodfills too close to the store
66c2664b9 2016-11-17 Blocklist: Add support for IPv6 in blocklist.txt fixup main() test, minor cleanups
68e5fd6d0 2016-11-16 Profiles: Pull same-IP detection into a utility class, for use by netdb
37d3204e4 2016-11-16 Router: Add methods to verify and track members of our family; use on sybil page
784566a7c 2016-11-16 eddsa findbugs
126850626 2016-11-16 socks findbugs
42cbc1e9a 2016-11-16 Console: Remove dead home page links
1a46d9373 2016-11-15 Certs: Add Let's Encrypt ISRG Root X1 cert
cd5d5ee23 2016-11-14 Logs: Fix output of dup message after 30 minutes
16a551f7c 2016-11-13 UPnP: Prevent NPE on socket creation fail (ticket #1681)
75d599e06 2016-11-13 Handle case where it was an emptyList
efd953f3d 2016-11-13 Console: Add initial news to bottom of news page so it doesn't disappear (ticket #1153)
3ac8e5f54 2016-11-13 UPnP: Prevent exception on bad HTTP header (ticket #1480)
0108c1c29 2016-11-13 i2psnark: Periodically DHT nodes (ticket #1328)
a8976d25e 2016-11-12 Profiles: Delete old ones after saving (ticket #1328)
6a72c2957 2016-11-12 Profiles: Periodically save (ticket #1328)
f69c0998e 2016-11-12 Susimail: Fix nonce error on login after logout Fix internal error after cancel button on settings form when not logged in
35548ff9b 2016-11-12 Susimail: Add logout button to more pages (ticket #1374)
6ed329db7 2016-11-12 I2CP: Reduce log level of error when session closed while signing leaseset (ticket #1606)
2c65173be 2016-11-12 Console: Add IPv6 firewalled setting on /confignet
6acc23af0 2016-11-12 Console: Fix inadvertent config save when clicking restart or shutdown on /configstats
d7a84c88c 2016-11-12 JRobin: Move DeallocationHelper logging from wrapper log to router log Fix redundant cast
aeeee0e5c 2016-11-11 Build: Truncate history.txt in installers
c3181d856 2016-11-10 Transport: Use NTCP for some outbound connections even before SSU minimums are met (ticket #1835)
24ecc858f 2016-11-09 Tunnels: Reduce default VTBM records from 5 to 4
e5bcfe420 2016-11-09 Transport: Add stats for inbound v4/v6 connections (ticket #1854)
e614b0996 2016-11-08 Router: Fix low-memory log messages for non-wrapper (ticket #1795) Install: Add max memory option to runplain.sh Build: Fix minimum Java version for Windows
b559b412a 2016-11-08 Crypto: Change serial number in selfsigned certs from int to long Add CertUtil to command line
cd775fa38 2016-11-08 Transport: Improve IPv6 selection logic to skip temporary addresses on linux
ab064fd31 2016-11-08 add upnp to command line
08062aaf6 2016-11-07 service cant be android
e74479317 2016-11-07 Add router.jar to Maven Central target
c9c29520b 2016-11-06 Consistently log authentication failures for all interfaces
81bbf554e 2016-11-06 sort
26a24a98e 2016-11-06 add java 9 log warning
e8de1daf6 2016-11-06 Util: Consolidate linux service detection code
11e86110e 2016-11-05 Build: Add support for using libtomcat8-java package, untested
f42d76b4b 2016-11-05 Console: Add message to ignore InstanceManager warning (ticket #1818)
e379ca6c5 2016-11-05 SusiDNS: Fix jsp EL syntax error with EL 3.0 (Tomcat 8) (ticket #1870)
5d0b35d53 2016-11-04 Console: Improve handling and logging of webapps that fail to start
8c71b883b 2016-11-04 Transports: New config options i2np.udp.minpeers and i2np.udp.minv6peers, for testing (ticket #1876)
843351956 2016-11-04 build fix
7197d22f2 2016-11-04 Transports: New config option i2np.allowLocal, replaces i2np.udp.allowLocal and i2np.ntcp.allowLocal, fixes test networks (ticket #1875)
b77c4c67a 2016-11-04 i2psnark: Add launch-i2psnark.bat (ticket #1871) author is MXPLRS|Kirill, adapted from launch-i2psnark, same license
62bc616ad 2016-11-01 Crypto: Certificate tweaks for email subjects
9e8251fb9 2016-10-30 spelling take 2
6ff9483e0 2016-10-29 Console: Java 9 fixes for classloader (ticket #1870) May not be sufficient for plugins Unlinkify viewmtn links on /jars, site is down
484a3903c 2016-10-28 Build: Fix typo in jcpuid build.sh for Mac (ticket #1865) Doc updates for Mac copied from that ticket
916fc9665 2016-10-28 opus mime type
75345f4da 2016-10-28 Utils: Add Addresses methods for getting multiple results from DNS ticket #1050, work in progress
e60343750 2016-10-28 drop empty wily dir
d49a778b6 2016-10-28 javadoc typo
95ae86d96 2016-10-28 Jrobin: Fix for error in DeallocationHelper on Java version 9-internal
51e35eb57 2016-10-28 Utils: Handle Java version detection for internal or ea versions
4f0cae59c 2016-10-28 Crypto: Remove deprecated Sha256Standalone as scheduled This will break Syndie 1.105 and earlier, users must upgrade to 1.107
886dbf117 2016-10-28 Crypto: Generate more-conforming selfsigned certs (ticket #1853)
04392069a 2016-10-26 JRobin: Fix for Java 9 to remove dependency on Sun private classes https://github.com/OpenNMS/jrobin/issues/3 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1854398/how-to-garbage-collect-a-direct-buffer-java Code from http://sourceforge.net/p/tuer/code/HEAD/tree/pre_beta/src/main/java/engine/misc/DeallocationHelper.java unmodified, GPLv2
78acf707d 2016-10-26 JRobin: 1.6.0-1, 2014-10-28, checked in as source from https://github.com/OpenNMS/jrobin/releases Replaces from 2008-09-05 Needed for Java 9 to remove dependency on Sun private classes. No modifications, but includes only core, data, and graph; cmd, convertor, inspector, and tests are not included. Using source instead of jar because:  - Release jar not available  - Additional change will be needed for Java 9    to remove dependency on Sun private classes, see:    https://github.com/OpenNMS/jrobin/issues/3
08d1ea89b 2016-10-26 Build: Set Java 7 build target for all jars; embedders (esp. Android) targetting 1.6 must set javac.version=1.6 in override.properties and set both bootclasspath variables.
2b6fd49a5 2016-10-26 Update GettextResource.java from GNU gettext 0.19.8 Only change is in comment block. Previous checkin didn't have gettext version, so do this just so we know what version we are on.
3063e37cb 2016-10-25 Systray: Remove old 32-bit Windows implementation, replaced by DTG
d2569fa44 2016-10-25 i2psnark: Don't count unchoked but uninterested peers as uploaders when calculating global uploader limit, to allow more upload slots, especially when some torrents are stalled. Convert some shared fields to atomics for concurrency.
8a8452290 2016-10-25 Zxing 3.3.0
d2f7b6528 2016-10-25 SSU: Increase max IPv6 MTU (proposal #127)
80966d60c 2016-10-23 Crypto: Create keystore directory when making SSL keys (ticket #1866) When we switched to new way of making keys in 0.9.25, we omitted the mkdir step, which broke it.
85223303f 2016-10-22 Jetty 8.1.21.v20160908
0860bd373 2016-10-22 one more gl translation
b53bf7844 2016-10-22 New Chinese (Taiwan) translations for susidns, susimail, debian
75514ddd8 2016-10-22 New Korean translation
35642e266 2016-10-22 New initial news translations: Czech, Galician, Greek
c24ddf5de 2016-10-22 Build: Fix jbigi build for Arch Linux and others when using Java 8 (ticket #1863)
f436fd08e 2016-10-21 Add MTU to command line utils
dc523b78d 2016-10-21 CSS fix for more flags
06a599b4e 2016-10-21 Add Galician language
27cd1a6a6 2016-10-21 Console: Remove calls to deprecated two-arg setStatus()
b6521ed88 2016-10-21 Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.30 All binaries from Tanuki delta pack, except for armhf (armv6), compiled on Raspberry Pi:   ant 1.8.2   javac 1.6.0_38   gcc 4.6.3-14+rpi1 Windows binaries remain unchanged as we must recompile them ourselves (32 bit just to change the icon; 64 bit is not provided by Tanuki)
71f7c712c 2016-10-21 NetDB: Disallow RSA for RI or LS
f5f411b62 2016-10-21 Data: Cache serialized leasesets on floodfills
d36714904 2016-10-21 Tomcat 6.0.47
1bd5ebd8e 2016-10-21 Crypto: Actually use a random nonzero byte in ElGamal, as our specification says
534609e83 2016-10-21 unused import
082a5d3c0 2016-10-21 move siphash test from util to crypto
cee3ebbb2 2016-10-21 less wtf
9b2725147 2016-10-20 SSU: Fix minimum version check for IPv6 peer test (ticket #1861)
022479aff 2016-10-20 Build: Don't include jbigi.jar in next release update
adcee462e 2016-10-20 Build: Add library jars to i2p.jar classpath for Debian builds
7d070e6ca 2016-10-20 i2psnark: Add ids to rows, add to per-torrent show peers link
dcdf3e197 2016-10-20 CSS h1 letter spacing tweak
6b5b3617d 2016-10-20 Debian: Update package descriptions, allow Java 9
be9f7dbf6 2016-10-20 Fix HTML error on /configservice
38c9cb98a 2016-10-18 Updates for Debian builds
d8d0414ec 2016-10-17 Updates for launchpad builds
a7870bbd5 2016-10-17 Fix so installers get the right jbigi
19370a36a 2016-10-16 0.9.27
5998587c5 2016-10-16 Fix test for IPv6 firewalled configuration, javadocs
778ce71ea 2016-10-14 Translations: Update from Transifex
72105e218 2016-10-11 SSU: Set min version for IPv6 peer testing
1af23a410 2016-10-10 Debian: Don't use glassfish-javaee.jar for jstl.jar (ticket #1793)
6b7d22c21 2016-10-06 GeoIP update from Maxmind 2016-10-04 Add geoip to checklist
40b41b0dc 2016-10-06 Add geoipv6 file generation to command line util
db8a3d5b9 2016-10-06 Susimail: Add console translate method so strings don't get tagged in susimail bundle
011d08b17 2016-10-06 poupdate source
124c2b5ce 2016-10-02 i2psnark: Add standalone shutdown method
1e375c6de 2016-10-02 Crypto: EdDSA add private key spec constructor for hash javadocs
cc4f63be1 2016-10-02 SusiMail:  - Show settings button on list page even if no messages  - Add nonce to forms
597231bed 2016-10-02 i2ptunnel registration page layout fixes
98e3ca47e 2016-09-24 Utils: Move SipHashInline from util to crypto
a46a0b1b3 2016-09-24 i2ptunnel: Don't accept default 'mysite.i2p' as a valid spoof host
d4f786c90 2016-09-24 i2ptunnel: Don't wrap destination in status message box for easier readability / copypaste
b123720fa 2016-09-24 DTG: Enable by default on Windows
1376237e0 2016-09-24 Reseed: remove user.mx24.eu as requested
78b738528 2016-09-22 i2ptunnel: Whitelist IRC AWAY inbound
4ab727acb 2016-09-22 SSU: addRateData() cleanup
32e1c9617 2016-09-22 EdDSA: throw IllegalStateException instead of NPE if field not set
fb323cef6 2016-09-22 SipHashInline: Make public for external use with a supplied key (for obfs4)
cc179b488 2016-09-22 DataHelper: Fix read() for nonzero offset, broken since the beginning (2004) but unused by this repo; Throw EOFException on short read rather than returning a smaller value, since the whole point is to guarantee a complete read
2fd0ed1e7 2016-09-10 spelling
afa5a193a 2016-08-21 Console: Add jsps to view entire router.log and wrapper.log files Add links to /logs Add some headers to the history.txt jsp javadocs
b0789d45f 2016-08-19 HostTxtParser: Comment out tests, beginning of a command-line tool
be5fdea5e 2016-08-19 Enable tunnel testing when in hidden mode (ticket #1192) Enable tunnel testing when without addresses (ticket #1835) Use fast peers for inbound tunnels when without addresses (ticket #1835)
268953e19 2016-08-19 CPUID: Add IDs for Kaby Lake (unverified/untested)
8cc03c265 2016-08-19 JettyStart: Fix (now unused) main()
47a0df769 2016-08-19 Router: Fix return code in getShutdownTimeRemaining() when no participating tunnels remain
ff2d5badc 2016-08-19 ReadConfigJob minor optimization
bcaf837da 2016-08-14 i2ptunnel: Register actual listen host with port mapper Register POP and SMTP ports with port mapper
0d46c0684 2016-08-14 Add new 'atomike' reseed
cdab6f8b7 2016-08-12 i2ptunnel: Add outproxy plugin support to SOCKS (ticket #1824) Make some classes package private Move some fields to SocksServer superclass
b21b953ef 2016-08-12 i2ptunnel: Use preferred sigtype for new SOCKS tunnels
0d5cf4662 2016-08-09 Console: Fix UPnP NPE on /peers (ticket #1830)
f7db737c1 2016-08-08 Update i2psnark filetype icons
6512a9eb1 2016-08-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c62904685f0153a5b8cd032e8b3f1c4f64c5bec9)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 2a82ccb644906256af7bd0827725dc83e4c76be2)
9c0ae1460 2016-08-02 Streaming: Fix debug NPE (ticket #1821)
5fcafb643 2016-08-02 i2psnark: Fix SIOOBE on bad announce URL (ticket #1823)
5763d73dd 2016-08-02 SSU: Fix peer test stuck when IPv6-only (ticket #1819)
cd4218e52 2016-08-01 javadoc
f592f2234 2016-07-30 build: include jbigi in next release update
c73a4a798 2016-07-30 i2psnark: Don't warn on failure to delete file if it's already gone
3e96a24fb 2016-07-24 Update default eepsite, add new section about running alternative webservers
01902de20 2016-07-24 Hide JS links on proxy pages when JS disabled
e8e42a0b9 2016-07-24 First draft of theme updates
5368da263 2016-07-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 57f8904e34e39111f13c427cb9fc92eeeb71afcd)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head c4a8676261c7bbfa420927d931398c52f38ed03f)
a1fd8f49d 2016-07-20 SSU: Increase minimum peers if we have a IPv6 address Check for 'B' cap for peer test Fix peer test ip length check logic
a213799da 2016-07-18 bump -6
b925f517d 2016-07-18 i2ptunnel: Block 'Proxy' header
767476ea5 2016-07-18 SU3File: Also look in config dir for signer certificate
37ebf04bb 2016-07-16 Streaming: Kill accept() when session disconnects
7f2bd164d 2016-07-16 Plugins: Add exception for HSQLDB Timer in thread check
77014843f 2016-07-16 I2CP Client: Break out of wait for LS in connect() if disconnect message received first
ddf332e77 2016-07-11 susidns: rework top nav, consolidate filter section, misc markup
e01fe689d 2016-07-11 Encase susimail message nav in div
c58697012 2016-07-11 Migrate i2ptunnel UI to tables, drop duplicate ids
f1d56a488 2016-07-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 67b5bc86a038a01b09ce3118cb12ffc5a63a7465)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head e6ed70b649e8c498444b47918e2396a9602b8fd2)
5f62bf3e6 2016-07-11 Missing i2ptunnel dependency in IDEA
12ced03aa 2016-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e820709c391eb47dd85c43b4ec76d3731e2d653f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head 72c043901a0d9bbff44db975a12f38d6c4127845)
3471950f6 2016-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e820709c391eb47dd85c43b4ec76d3731e2d653f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head d58f7672f47913b858ab8651f9f460ac4a911898)
0333fb6e2 2016-07-10 Add a couple of missing dependencies to IDEA
6d55f5bac 2016-07-10 Update Jetty version after prop
6468e9e31 2016-07-10 Update router version in build.gradle after prop
2270c4744 2016-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 34802d93f1d32368153a6769608d8e1046d0d117)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head 0981aa4b9874c1752456cbf381aadc2fe829d57b)
e34eaa351 2016-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 34802d93f1d32368153a6769608d8e1046d0d117)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head cc830bf1431a74c1944324a7b90349cc9319bd92)
03de374b0 2016-07-10 Project files for IntelliJ IDEA
6d4f8fd47 2016-07-09 Fixes after merge
b38f3b56f 2016-07-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2c491226853de4521d10d68da3a0a8e4db33293d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head bbdfdd2b3941cfa3c2c5cab8f3c78069c865c54d)
3baa08a3b 2016-07-09 Utils: Improve random seed initialization Fallback to Random rather than try SecureRandom twice Fetch from SecureRandom incrementally Remove log warning correction, this is just a simple javadoc fix, original changelog was a dup
896af2c5d 2016-06-25 Utils: Improve random seed initialization Fallback to Random rather than try SecureRandom twice Fetch from SecureRandom incrementally Remove log warning
2c3311b47 2016-06-25 SSU: Add support for IPv6 SSU Peer Testing (ticket #1752; proposal #126) In PeerTestManager, this is simply the removal of v6 restrictions, and the tracking of whether we are testing v4 or v6. In UDPTransport, track v4 and v6 peer tests separately.
2506f6b14 2016-06-25 spacing
c9b4ab5a1 2016-06-22 Prep for IPv6 SSU Peer Testing
08fad3878 2016-06-22 minor speedup
ba8b2df47 2016-06-22 SSU peer test: Only fire a peer test on connection if address has changed Reverts inadvertent change in ccb0029690e8a5921f34289dfc86fe37ef9344c6 2009?
b819c0334 2016-06-22 SSU peer test: Forget the test and don't keep retransmitting to Charlie if we receive the Bob reply after the 2nd Charlie reply.
009f6cce6 2016-06-22 add links from old config page to new pages
4ee66c821 2016-06-18 Back out previous checkin adding override fields to Translate; we can set language and country with System properties in app context. Back out previous checkin bundling countries translations in i2psnark standalone; use Locale to translate country names.
e6f111c5f 2016-06-16 Split up /configclients, add /configi2cp, /configplugins, /configwebappsx (ticket #1804)
e14648040 2016-06-15 More manifest attributes in streaming jars
e7f82c88f 2016-06-15 i2psnark standalone: - hide router link - change javascript down message
9ba8f53ec 2016-06-15 Translate: Add method to set language in standalone app context i2psnark: - add form to set language in standalone context - add Ukrainian and Japanese translations
47f0bbb93 2016-06-13 merge of '65027e70ec9585f6013d97ec88d4f251869e47fd'      and 'c26f9208a0245c8b4b421076479271214ff1d660'
9a9144321 2016-06-13 Add build target for Maven Central
2113946ed 2016-06-11 add snark standalone context and redirect files fix snark standalone build
cad7953ef 2016-06-11 remove dup section
1fea327ef 2016-06-11 more jar manifest attributes
16a529514 2016-06-11 history for prop, -1
d84b0e445 2016-06-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head ee7dbea07e8ad7e01cb8012a1540aca8346ee7d2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2cb447c64ae706c6cead619c9428083fce6f1d46)
bb8e05043 2016-06-11 i2psnark standalone: - Add shutdown hook to delete temp dir - Fix up CSS URL paths to use single quotes - Don't attempt to register with update manager
e27af374b 2016-06-10 i2psnark standalone: - Cherry-pick fixes from psi's github i2psnark_rpc branch - Fix up Jetty XML file for Jetty 8 - Start with JettyStart - Add UrlLauncher to launch browser - Move RunStandalone to standalone/ directory - Fix up paths in CSS files during build - Force startup delay to 0 when in router context - Fix theme selection when not in router context - Adjust CSS and image paths when not in router context - Add hosts.txt so announces work
471ff5b93 2016-06-08 Fix distclean for deb builds Deb build doc updates Checklist updates Deb 8 changelog
bfbd15970 2016-06-07 Release tarball build fixes Precise build tweaks Precise and Trusty changelogs
aa8fd85d6 2016-06-07 Fix eepget Deb classpath via patch 0001 Launchpad doc tweaks
bc6583fe5 2016-06-06 merge of '0bf1803f4554f830aee970415fcd6c9b6c4d2747'      and '98a4dbd3af97e8892dafc24a4ebbcc6b2ff30afe'
249e6f0ee 2016-06-06 0.9.26
7471d0452 2016-06-06 Fix i2pwiki.i2p link (ticket #1803)
389eba23c 2016-06-06 Drop empty file inadvertently checked in two years ago
63272d3cf 2016-06-06 mbuild-all script fixes
78d0a54e9 2016-06-06 Typo
280ca2cf2 2016-06-06 CPUID: Add CLI output for new AMD tests Add @since for new AMD methods
f564d4dc2 2016-06-05 Fixes for a bunch of old unused code to make it compile
126a4d844 2016-06-04 jbigi: Fix GMP version reporting for shared library (ticket #1800)
38b930cd0 2016-06-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head eb2151f9d804ec432bfe97214896ee62da08943e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 2ea50c5f22fe1e24d37dff2f283b77feaa9190ee)
2eb89e938 2016-06-04 i2ptunnel CLI: Don't set the listen host to the I2CP host
34c611d34 2016-06-03 New translations all over
d4ea7dc41 2016-06-03 Update translations Fix i2psnark .pt_BR file name Add i2ptunnel .zh_TW Fix getopt .fi which is coming in from tx non-UTF-8
1583f35fe 2016-06-03 i2psnark: Add psi's open tracker
d7e1f62db 2016-06-01 Build: Fix Debian build on ARM (ticket #1801) - Fix other jbigi/jcpuid build script errors and typos - Nonzero exit code missing on some jbigi/jcpuid build script failures - Refresh patch
e86092b3e 2016-05-30 Consistent back-linking
ed3120956 2016-05-30 Position routerconsole.advanced warning so it is more clearly associated
dbd1ae0df 2016-05-29 toString() for timer debugging
6f0fde092 2016-05-29 more keys to cache
7213be43b 2016-05-29 'volatile' family cert run by 'weekend'
d0594ebc7 2016-05-29 javadoc
faebe8ab7 2016-05-29 Console: Fix /configfamily form (ticket #1797)
5cb285b03 2016-05-29 Bump
e16760d4d 2016-05-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 31a9e968da3ecdf8475137e498ed0145bfd48c5a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head b1b8350768db1eccf4b5939a5add1c5c94410ec3)
326690734 2016-05-29 Dynamically load javax.naming classes to avoid VerifyErrors on some Androids
5439ff219 2016-05-29 Update history
7249b643a 2016-05-29 Differentiate between constructor invocation failure and connection failure
efcf29467 2016-05-29 Require that AndroidLogWriter is a subclass of LogWriter
147a7e446 2016-05-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fc46f2d84625265a3899b5ad50af5e91d396ba01)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head f8d5c7b37f4813b669d8a10f9ff82d0ed2a33282)
e96921345 2016-05-28 Dynamically load Android LogWriter
03e188b57 2016-05-28 Rename LogWriter -> FileLogWriter, LogWriterBase -> LogWriter
8807787b1 2016-05-26 remove alert character output from build script printfs
f653b0328 2016-05-26 Ubuntu: Launchpad precise build fixes - Mods to the trusty debian files for precise - New precise-tarball build target
498280b56 2016-05-26 Ubuntu: Launchpad build fixes - Set BITS in rules to target architecture bits - Remove dh --with quilt as dh clean will unpatch with quilt
6b8cb5446 2016-05-26 Debian: Refresh patch, update docs
0e941625c 2016-05-25 Streaming: Return I2PSocketAddress from StandardSocket methods (ticket #1321)
2a739f593 2016-05-25 Reseed: Require two sources minimum (ticket #1794)
d48f70c2f 2016-05-25 poupdate english po files
f4d4ca0ad 2016-05-24 remove i2psnark message
bb8b3ebe8 2016-05-24 add reseeds requiring SNI
e518e670f 2016-05-23 DTG: Add tray icons for Windows and Mac White icon copied from Android drawable-mdpi/ic_stat_router_active.png for Windows Converted to black in Gimp for Mac
6b7db094a 2016-05-23 Add toggles to i2psnark in preparation for CSS3 collapsible sections
9d3dec857 2016-05-23 Another style tweak
797ee2102 2016-05-23 First pass at tidying up the favourites and services
e48575254 2016-05-23 Add help section for advanced settings
c9728fe2e 2016-05-23 Add an optional Advanced section to the summary bar
206718f1e 2016-05-23 Text tweaks
31b480a68 2016-05-23 Tweak /configstats toggle layout, hide if JS disabled
1a335321b 2016-05-23 Limit file inputs to accepted extensions
96fc02de5 2016-05-23 Layout tweaks
804011d18 2016-05-23 Note about language name length
f95100a1f 2016-05-23 Update links, add tooltips etc.
bbc2454f3 2016-05-23 Remove \n from inside empty <ol>s
62437acf6 2016-05-23 More ids and classes
9cbcf5baa 2016-05-23 Fix repeated ids that should be classes
63260aac5 2016-05-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 198dad192e830f3eaf568af10f308bc98795470e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 24039fce2eef425a63521138774a182aa07fec9f)
c5432a209 2016-05-22 Dynamically load domain socket code
3afe04d5e 2016-05-20 change tracker URL as requested
101d0691f 2016-05-20 DTG: Fix systray menu redraw on Mac; Switch to AWT by default on Mac; Hide DTG enable form on Mac until we fix headless override in i2prouter
18b61e703 2016-05-19 Config files, eepsite help: Add path information for OS X and Windows as a service. (ticket #1495)
86a35f1a1 2016-05-12 SSU: If configured with a hostname, bind to all v4/v6 addresses found for that hostname. Fix binding if more than one IP or host was configured. Log tweaks
d6638f3e0 2016-05-12 NTP: Don't put random data in zeroed fields Increase random data in originate timestamp from 1 byte to 2 bytes Verify originate timestamp to prevent injection Verify received packet size Log tweaks, javadocs, cleanups
f9bd4952f 2016-05-09 release checklist more info on translations
edbeac9c7 2016-05-09 DTG: Add 9 new translations
97fca9686 2016-05-09 DTG: Can't do first-time startup from /configservice, restart required
702e1c5a7 2016-05-09 Console: Fix escaping of search URLs on /confighome
ea3867215 2016-05-09 Console: Fix HTML error on /configui
2d0888997 2016-05-09 DTG swing event handling tweaks
b316315c6 2016-05-09 Use subtable for mail header
ab3dbd588 2016-05-09 I2PSnark: Limit cases when we display tracker errors; include host name of tracker when we do
61be47504 2016-05-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6706bab853107973d7d0ff28212aae65bd098591)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 645f60a4d23af4116ae660b09dfff32d19a65c32)
29befb44c 2016-05-08 Missing files from revision f253b24b4a6d5c841605792653ed57344dade6c4
6b578dfd8 2016-05-08 Console: Fix UTF-8 passwords Partial fix for UTF-8 usernames Better input checking and help messages
8bb6922e8 2016-05-08 Reseed: Reformat reseed list as requested by 'backup' Remove unused certificates
99a5b10ea 2016-05-07 DTG: Add basic network status Hide disabled items in Swing menu
bf1fa061e 2016-05-07 DTG: Use actual console URL Hide browse menu item if not supported
16cee2ad5 2016-05-07 Build: Update javadoc links to Java 7 Refresh package-lists
bb468ad38 2016-05-07 javadoc fix for deb builds
05012a91e 2016-05-07 refresh deb patches
5d93ca19f 2016-05-07 Build: Add back the old, slow way to build bundles for gettext < 0.19
7d11ec2f0 2016-05-07 merge of '52c56a56e3e6addc350299c0f86142760a6fc7cb'      and 'a8e6813e94cbc0bdccb063d140214db36af7ac1f'
0f6336052 2016-05-07 core/buildscripts: Added ARM support to BITS detection.
62296222e 2016-05-06 Console:   - Show systray controls for all OSes on /configservice   - Implement backend for systray control
70f9cb1b1 2016-05-06 Build:   - Add DTG to updater   - Fix and bundle DTG license info   - Remove jstl.jar and standard.jar from updater,     last changed in 0.9   - Fix bundling of Tomcat license info Console:   - Change to new DTG constructor   - Don't attempt to start systray or DTG when running as a service
ecafcdddd 2016-05-06 merge of '1ec1784c6eed4da97d0f3236f9fb46dea17d158b'      and '602d5ca1a488f10859327e19709700a7e1837c7c'
dd50b1487 2016-05-06 DTG: Implement second TrayManager menu implementation in Swing. Use Swing for non-Windows menus because AWT looks terrible on Linux and the button handling there is almost impossible to fix TODO: test on Mac
c2f35c0d2 2016-05-05 core/buildscripts: Added proper uname based BITS detection.
4fd0261ef 2016-05-05 jcpuid/build_jbigi: Default BITS to 64 if unset.
390b2d409 2016-05-05 DTG: Hide restart menu items if no wrapper Add graceful restart and shutdown menu items Add basic adjustment of menu based on shutdown state Disable wrapper notification for now
196cf4837 2016-05-05 DTG: Remove Swing DesktopguiConfigurationFrame as it's completely inconsistent with the AWT SystemTray menus; move to the AWT menu as a submenu. This was the last of the Swing UI elements, mathias ripped out the all of them in Nov. 2010, but then added this one in Feb. 2011. Remove LookAndFeel setting, only works for Swing.
8c1f7a4a3 2016-05-05 DTG: Fix NPE and disable logging in config frame
75d6df778 2016-05-05 DesktopGui: - Remove all static log, context, and instance fields - Make Main class a RouterApp - Remove unused ConfigurationManager class - Translate tooltip, disable tooltip on linux - Use safer exec call to start i2p - Remove all images, use itoopie - Don't start spinner thread in router context - Handle various startup errors better - Synchs, finals, javadocs, cleanups
16ff3e3de 2016-05-05 Debian: Refresh patch after i2prouter change
0839b46c8 2016-05-04 i2prouter: Set JAVA_HOME correctly on Mac OS X 10.5 and later (ticket #1783)
cdafab273 2016-05-04 Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.29 All binaries from Tanuki delta pack, except for armhf, compiled on Raspberry Pi:   ant 1.8.2   javac 1.6.0_38   gcc 4.6.3-14+rpi1 Windows binaries remain unchanged as we must recompile them ourselves (32 bit just to change the icon; 64 bit is not provided by Tanuki) Old 3.5.25 wrapper.jar moved to win-all, use it in windows-only installer so it will be consistent with the old binaries. Fixes wrapper failure on FreeBSD 10 (ticket #1118) Minor i2prouter script fixes for FreeBSD 10, from anonimal (ticket #1118)
13685484f 2016-05-04 Utils: Fix bug in periodic timers triggered by a backwards clock shift, caused graphs to be blank and various router, streaming, and i2ptunnel degradations over time (ticket #1776) Log tweaks
cb2790bc6 2016-05-02 another deb fix
17542400b 2016-05-01 Debian: Back out libhttpclient-java dependency, requires 4.4 which is too recent for most distros
7a49b09b9 2016-05-01 Build: Fix to not clean in imagegen on every build Clarify some release prompts
33629d074 2016-05-01 Build: Compile resource bundles from ant, not msgfmt, speeding up builds with translations by 20x
6bfd39d5c 2016-05-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8e9786b74b0ffb821179c5c60954ab3c00a71250)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head 94e11eaba6bb17c14f4d9ca58547867f34949847)
8e391444b 2016-05-01 Fix mail table layout
a945cabf1 2016-05-01 Ensure users know they are logging into I2PMail
4634debe2 2016-05-01 Adjust truncation limits
d0456098e 2016-05-01 susimail layout tweaks
a3c9887fe 2016-05-01 Add a bunch of ids and classes to susimail HTML for styling
327f36d02 2016-05-01 Disable spellcheck on SusiDNS config editor
8eeb90246 2016-05-01 Rework "Create Torrent" table
61e54cf52 2016-05-01 Rename i2psnark paging control images
50291233a 2016-05-01 Various small i2psnark HTML tweaks
edb3ffcf4 2016-05-01 Rework /configui forms for theming
e34f0443b 2016-05-01 Include bandwidth in minimal sidebar
cb0147a79 2016-05-01 Collate help topics under /help
a7f789f06 2016-05-01 Collate /configtunnels infostrings
66544f41f 2016-05-01 Tweak /stats for theming
82c55e600 2016-05-01 Remove hard-coded styling that will be moved to CSS
1ad69e712 2016-05-01 Improve contrast of graphs
6470f2d98 2016-05-01 Wrap /profiles and /viewprofile info in tables for theming
709ccf6c2 2016-05-01 Use tables for /netdb
2fe1f97ee 2016-04-30 Debian: Add runtime dependency on libhttpclient-java, link to /usr/share/java/httpclient.jar and httpcore.jar. This is 2 MB of dependencies to replace 20 KB of copied code, so may not be worth it, esp. for Tails.
30ecdedf1 2016-04-30 Drop old release checklist doc, current one is in checklist.md
efdb29646 2016-04-30 SAM: Log tweaks (ticket #1778)
43f789702 2016-04-30 Data: Fix NPE calculating the hash of a RI of unknown sig type
d8e15dbbc 2016-04-30 Blocklist: Add RFC 6598 addresses
f3610bc28 2016-04-30 reduce log level of RI sig failure
6bdf25bc3 2016-04-30 Console: Only display cpuid information on x86
a2b2c19cb 2016-04-30 Eepsite: comment out gzip filtering in cgi context, causes hung threads, root cause unknown
3e09413e0 2016-04-30 Console: Readme page link fixes (tickets #1789, #1790)
139f386fb 2016-04-29 Update: Enable libjbigi update for ARM
9128c79e0 2016-04-29 one more deb build fix
7ae1483cb 2016-04-29 Fixes for building with libgetopt-java
c3f5c04be 2016-04-29 typo
2e154881e 2016-04-29 Debian: Add runtime dependency on libgetopt-java, link to /usr/share/java/gnu-getopt.jar, don't build gnu/getopt source
f2239ba7d 2016-04-29 Debian: Add runtime dependency on gettext-base, link to /usr/share/java/libintl.java, don't build GettextResource.java
5067b0005 2016-04-29 javadoc fixes
c2e486f72 2016-04-29 Debian: Refresh patches after jbigi/jcpuid build script changes
fbeca5ed8 2016-04-29 SysTray: Remove systray4j.jar from linux installers Move SysTray.java to SysTrayImpl.java New SysTray.java that instantiates SysTrayImpl by reflection, so the SysTrayImpl.java source is optional Remove systray4j.jar, systray4j.dll, and SysTrayImpl.java from Debian source packages Remove systray4j.jar from Debian binary packages
d885e00c6 2016-04-28 News: Verify received CRL before saving
52c9bf6d8 2016-04-28 News: Parse and store CRLs in news feed
03adda3bd 2016-04-28 CPUID: Add version to /logs
da62a1114 2016-04-28 History for prop, -6
13d3730fd 2016-04-28 Build: Add updaterWithJbigi and updater200WithJbigi targets
fb5ef8300 2016-04-28 fixup jbigi version display
94056f68e 2016-04-28 fixup @since after prop
9f31b1fe9 2016-04-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.gmp6-prop' (head 416ef26df4b91fb9de3e27623551c7f87ec2bfe0)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9466fdeae338d6b0bf049d86975db9b6ddbd3064)
414522f8b 2016-04-27 Added jbigi files ignored from previous commit due to not using --no-respect-ignore
91c8e5cf7 2016-04-27 Updated jbigi/jcpuid binaries.
a2873c42b 2016-04-27 i2ptunnel: Fix can't connect error message for servers when in router context, like we did for clients earlier
967074c2d 2016-04-27 Wrapper: Increase default wrapper.log max size, so a thread dump is more likely to fit in a single file
f35eaaf19 2016-04-27 i2psnark: Add CommandLine to jar
6a71c23fd 2016-04-26 Addressbook: Check inner sig even if old name not found More logging cleanup
fc8b72768 2016-04-25 NamingService, BFNS: Add API methods to lookup all reverse entries Addressbook: Use new API methods to simplify delete-all code i2ptunnel: Output full authentication line HostTxtEntry: More tweaks for i2ptunnel
03887826e 2016-04-25 Use table for transport legend
0ac83bd7c 2016-04-24 i2ptunnel: Enhance registration authentication page - Enable form - Switch to multipart form for getting old private key file - Add advanced authentications PrivateKeyFile: Add InputStream constructor for i2ptunnel
2a34d1c44 2016-04-24 HostTxtEntry: Fixups for use by i2ptunnel i2ptunnel: Add new registration authentication page - Remove old, unused hostname signature generation PrivateKeyFile: Ensure initialization before returning private keys
799d90e1b 2016-04-23 Addressbook: Move HostTxtEntry to net.i2p.client.naming, in prep for use by i2ptunnel
f72753f3e 2016-04-23 Addressbook: Store last-modified date SusiDNS: Display signature validation on details page
d97908b43 2016-04-23 SusiDNS: Add support for multiple dests per hostname
2fb8faa16 2016-04-23 Addressbook: - Enable parsing and handling of 'remove' actions - Logging improvements BFNS: Limit max dests per host HostTxtEntry: Test improvements
e016c87fb 2016-04-22 add routerinfo to command line
75dd22510 2016-04-22 Addressbook: Fix changedest action - Implement adddest action - Logging improvements BFNS: Fix lookupAll() NPE - Fix addDestination() UOE - Support long property values DataHelper: Properties methods cleanup HostTxtEntry: Test improvements
55de82bb5 2016-04-22 Addressbook: Add tests for Daemon to read local subscription file More HostTxtEntry 'remove' methods and tests
4f262f614 2016-04-21 Addressbook: Use new NamingService API methods in action handling - Refactor HostTxtEntry to consolidate properties writing - More HostTxtEntry tests - Start of 'remove' entry handling Blockfile: Cleanup unused code - Add Iterable interface to SkipList
34e390909 2016-04-20 Build: Add some config checks before signed-updater tasks
9b726a896 2016-04-20 BlockfileNamingService: Implement new NamingService API methods for multiple destinations per hostname
a0ba62306 2016-04-20 Drop kytv's router and news certs
9ca8a7752 2016-04-20 drop unused Blockfile classes
a4265a23b 2016-04-20 BlockfileNamingService: Don't upgrade Android/ARM to version 4 for now, too slow
b57b43247 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Fixes for finishing interrupted database migration by tracking version of each list, and catching some exceptions
436fee920 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Add generics, part 4
0067c8d1b 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Add generics, part 3
0d19fe44c 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Add generics, part 2
4d2c227b0 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Add generics, part 1
1a8847d17 2016-04-20 Blockfile: Add method to change serialization schema for a skiplist Fix delIndex() method, broken and previously unused Improve javadocs BlockfileNamingService: New database version 4, allows for multiple destinations per hostname Disallow database version higher than supported
e9cf4c21b 2016-04-19 NamingService: Add new API methods for multiple Destinations per hostname Improve javadocs
25bce1031 2016-04-19 Addressbook: Add sign/verify methods for inner signature Add preliminary handling of incoming actions
909622fbd 2016-04-18 Addressbook: Rename ConfigIterator to HostTxtIterator
2d3d6f73b 2016-04-18 GeoIP: Disable Debian-style files on Android
44a27008d 2016-04-18 Convert various config pages to table layouts
33229a31e 2016-04-18 Use tables for /logs
653047146 2016-04-18 Put /events controls on a single line
423167fdd 2016-04-18 Make /jobs HTML consistent with other pages
4547d5887 2016-04-18 Move name title above name column on /confighome
3790129b3 2016-04-18 Fix bug in /configui lang selector when not in advanced mode
aa95750e1 2016-04-18 Make /configclients plugin links consistent with other details
ac6cd7e4c 2016-04-18 Add a bunch of ids and classes to routerconsole HTML for styling
b69677b70 2016-04-17 Addressbook: Add initial support for signatures in subscriptions More cleanups SingleFileNamingService: Store signature properties on write
0ceb9576b 2016-04-17 PrivateKeyFile: Add method to specify sig type on creation
193ad4306 2016-04-17 Util: Minor optimization in OrderedProperties
4290b1e79 2016-04-17 Addressbook build: - Fix main-class in addressbook.jar - Fix corrupted manifest in addressbook.jar
342899590 2016-04-17 Build: Fix broken build from scratch in jetty build.xml
ca3f9963c 2016-04-16 Addressbook: More cleanups
ebbf7f23a 2016-04-16 Addressbook: Cleanups in advance of new subscription protocol work: - finals - Add Iterable interfaces - Comment out unused methods - public->private methods - Close resources in finally blocks - Javadocs, spelling fixes - Increase max subscription size - LinkedList -> ArrayList - Improve while loops for reading lines
696c2152b 2016-04-16 Tunnel build stat tweak (commented out)
b66bc39db 2016-04-16 log tweak
df16ce6f7 2016-04-16 javadoc note
a438722ee 2016-04-16 TunnelId: Add max value check
4e635aa48 2016-04-16 Console: Add JSTL version to /logs
25fe886e7 2016-04-16 Update version warnings Add OpenJDK check for ARM Uncomment SystemVersion.main()
5a2975ba6 2016-04-13 SOCKS: Fix NPE on lookup failure in SOCKS 4a Remove duplicate lookups in SOCKS 5 Log tweaks Streaming, i2ptunnel: Catch null destination in connect() calls Synchronize Connection.setRemotePeer(); remove _remotePeerSet field
094cf14d4 2016-04-07 Debian: Prep for dependency on libtomcat7 Doesn't work yet, breaks susidns. glassfish-javaee for jstl.jar and standard.jar version 1.2 won't work with tomcat7, it's ancient and not compatible with recent el libs. Add back option to depend on libjakarta-taglibs-standard and libjstl1.1-java which are version 1.1.2, but not clear if they will work with tomcat7 either, even though they are dependencies of libjetty8-extra-java. We switched from JSTL 1.1.2 to JSTL 1.2 when we went from Jetty 5 to Jetty 6 in 2012. 1.2 libs are not available anywhere except for Glassfish, and Debian only has the ancient Java EE 5 Glassfish 2.1. Not clear there's any way to get susidns (and bote) to work with both Tomcat 6 and 7. - Fix wrong jsp-api version - Fix other minor errors in install and links files. - Log stack trace for Jetty warnings if log level is WARN - SusiDNS: Move standard.jar and jstl.jar out of WEB-INF/lib, where Tomcat 7 build refuses to find them
5c8eab9df 2016-04-04 Debian: Add dependency on glassfish-javaee for jstl.jar and standard.jar version 1.2 don't echo comments in debian/rules
ae5828fdb 2016-04-03 history for prop, -1
b79471e0c 2016-04-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.debian' (head c630b2a47f63476018a63783a9ae2a8a58503d87)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 700a07a64359e4f328d1002e559f4585c6f02f19)
18391ac7d 2016-04-03 another fix
c3a1f153c 2016-04-03 another fix
d940aa5a4 2016-04-03 typo
d6b1f813a 2016-04-03 Debian: Fixes for with-libjetty8-java builds
f867a9d4c 2016-04-02 Debian: Update launchpad instructions Add debian build instructions
e2f048b2a 2016-04-01 Debian: Add dependency on libjetty8-java and libservlet3.0-java packages Remove those binaries in debian builds Prep for dependency on libservlet2.5-java package Prep for dependency on libtomcat6-java package Prep for dependency on libtomcat7-java package Prep for dependency on libjakarta-taglibs-standard-java package Prep for dependency on libjstl1.1-java package Add build properties for building with packages Rework of apps/jetty/build.xml for building with packages Redefine debian/ as the files for the jessie build Make debian-alt directories for ubuntu builds Move debian/changelog to debian-alt/trusty/changelog Move debian-alt/jessie/changelog to debian/changelog Add apps/jetty/jettylib/jsp-api.jar to classpath for jsp builds
a834cef1f 2016-04-01 added devscripts to list of needed debian packages
a493a2842 2016-03-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 809274054ef446273ea312a631fe7482fa53c030)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.debian' (head 437e22ee74e32e103bb8475007b1d1a2f995ef28)
f3c679e61 2016-03-31 Debian: Update debian-alt files based on 0.9.25 released packages. Delete files in debian-alt if the current package version is now the same as what's in debian/ debian-alt/precise/ contains fixes for precise builds.
e69f39f6e 2016-03-31 Debian: Add build property to prevent bundling of geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz
b95f30b7d 2016-03-29 build: add missing distclean targets
17b1d524d 2016-03-29 Debian: Delete debian-alt in debian-tarball target Add debian-release-tarball target
66be14016 2016-03-29 Debian: Add alternate debian files for other series
4be46d829 2016-03-28 Debian: Restore --with quilt in debian/rules, inadvertently removed in previous checkin, which broke patch.
2fb0572e0 2016-03-27 updated ant debianhowto to reflect the needed libwrapper package on debian
169fd5652 2016-03-27 Transport: Include Maxmind geoip-api-java library v1.3.1 (LGPL v2.1) Use Maxmind database for geoip lookup if it exists Debian: Don't bundle geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz, depend on geoip-database instead
97a6cbda3 2016-03-26 Debian: Set bootclasspath in override.properties Require openjdk-7-jdk to build hso we have the correct bootclasspath jars
51e04f7c6 2016-03-26 Debian: Remove libcommons-logging-java build dependency mtn-ignore tweak
ee138a2b3 2016-03-26 Build: Don't bundle launch4j licenses in non-windows builds Clarify in LICENSES.txt that launch4j is not bundled in non-windows builds and packages Debian: Change maintainer Remove Debian patch that drops the launch4j licenses
5405792fa 2016-03-26 Debian: Add missing patch with update for .25 Add missing line to require wrapper Add launchpad help document Add .24 and .25 releases to changelog
1da9c21f1 2016-03-23 drop kytv certs
7eed4fa97 2016-03-23 build dependency tweak
49ff78cf0 2016-03-21 0.9.25
c1b6e1be8 2016-03-21 BuildHandler: Fix for leaky counter of outstanding lookups
c84dd527b 2016-03-21 Debian: Updates from the 0.9.24 release, including patch refresh, not checked in at the time. Cherry-picked out of https://launchpad.net/~i2p.packages/+archive/ubuntu/i2p/+files/i2p_0.9.24-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz The files in http://deb.i2p2.no/pool/main/i/i2p/i2p_0.9.24-1~deb8u+1.debian.tar.xz are somewhat different. Note that some files out of that tarball are apparently older than what is in our debian/ directory and were not copied over. Some of the changes may be for Ubuntu and will not work for Debian. Kytv may have had a local debian/ directory for Ubuntu builds that was not checked in anywhere. Untested. Another patch refresh for 0.9.25 may be required. To be fixed up after the 0.9.25 release.
b0aaf64ce 2016-03-21 Console: Use i2pwiki.i2p for plugins directory link
557f16b8d 2016-03-20 NetDB: Improve handling of deferred search result jobs
ed7284737 2016-03-20 Add SystemVersion.isOpenJDK() Add warning for OpenJDK + ARM
645bd3d38 2016-03-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 110585552852c1f9c61a3a2efb4f17d62b0c1b2e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 558ec52091868b7fa66af462f84044df1bede8cb)
2e7a7f26f 2016-03-19 take out code for stats removed in .24
3474b827b 2016-03-19 add raw signing test
25514e984 2016-03-19 tx pull
d00c08dcd 2016-03-18 disable torontocrypto reseed, no ETA for restoration
d64e6bb17 2016-03-16 new backup news url
855215e84 2016-03-15 SU3File: fix bulksign of .xml and .xml.gz files
674a77bac 2016-03-15 SU3File: bulksign .xml.gz files
c9f025a44 2016-03-15 GeoIP update 2006-03-02 add v4 script
a61c44ba4 2016-03-15 remove update.killyourtv.i2p
c869d3adc 2016-03-15 jetty config to disable context listing
387dc98e1 2016-03-15 remove dead kytv sites
319d40146 2016-03-14 Router: Fix corner cases maintaining local leasesets (ticket #1768)
2e3f5d0de 2016-03-12 UPnP: Fix NPE in HTML output on /peers (ticket #1779)
dc36de667 2016-03-12 Home page: Replace pastethis with zerobin
090450039 2016-03-12 Susimail: Fix NPE
74e8cf79b 2016-03-11 Peer selection: Don't truncate data used for random slice
b7498b564 2016-03-11 add reseed
6d40e8703 2016-03-05 tweak for consistent tagging
1f088ff3e 2016-03-01 NetDb: Look in all SSU addresses for introducers in the expiration check
50d038af5 2016-03-01 NetDb: Search for new leaseset before expiration Reduce expiration for router infos with introducers More negative cache checks Log tweaks SSU: Switch introducers less often
ffa4d6580 2016-03-01 i2psnark: Fix handling of HAVE messages received before metainfo
bf2f3762a 2016-02-28 add missing reseed cert
35e4b3c85 2016-02-28 javadoc typo
491041348 2016-02-28 fail javadoc task if it has errors
7ccca9ef3 2016-02-28 EdDSAEngine: one-shot mode tests
6e7f015d4 2016-02-28 Add tests to check that an EdDSAEngine object can be reused with the same key
80860232d 2016-02-27 i2ptunnel: Don't default to a private key file that exists (ticket #1628) Fix build.xml war dependency tracking
d28f983c4 2016-02-26 Utils: Add main classes to i2p.jar and router.jar for simple command line access to utilities
0de1ca161 2016-02-26 CPUID: Restore AES-NI diagnostic output, inadvertently removed
9445690cb 2016-03-12 Fixed OSX include search path.
b3f37db33 2016-02-26 i2ptunnel:  - Fix hostname signature not finding private key file  - Hide hostname signature if not successful  - Null check for hostname signature failure  - Make add-to-addressbook link a button  - Add QR code generation
5f7d63673 2016-02-25 Console: Don't display error after clicking restart on /graph page (ticket #1582)
90a915b8b 2016-02-25 log message clarification
248deaecb 2016-02-25 Console: Add X-Content-Type-Options header everywhere (ticket #1763)
a79b25d7b 2016-02-25 Router: Log full path to wrapper.log when dumping threads
d9a7dc023 2016-02-25 Transports: Increase connection limits for class N and higher
f34a05c35 2016-02-25 i2ptunnel: Fix default shouldBundleReplyInfo setting for non-http servers
8e4b7e384 2016-02-22 News: Set initial news to current date
eb094ba0e 2016-02-22 Console: Improve news CSS (ticket #1710)
87d7e1084 2016-02-22 I2CP: Improve client error message when internal router connection fails
7d35a4e1b 2016-02-21 Transports: Increase default max inbound bandwidth Increase minimum in/out bandwidths
fc1268dd5 2016-02-21 Graphs: Increase font size
abb52331a 2016-02-21 /configfamily tweaks
fa44a952e 2016-02-21 make renderers package private
a3cac88c9 2016-02-21 h1 css tweak
04614ac6f 2016-02-21 add i2pd-dev family cert
bd49b1d4b 2016-02-20 Crypto: Blacklist certificates by SHA1 hash, not by serial/CN/OU
40894663c 2016-02-19 Clock: Add sanity checks to detect invalid system clock
7d6fe011d 2016-02-19 i2ptunnel: Change Content-encoding to Content-Encoding (thx orignal)
451cb2573 2016-02-19 log tweak
238ebc23e 2016-02-19 Crypto: Check for revocation when reading in certificates
910822ecf 2016-02-18 Add utilities for loading CRLs from disk and checking certs for revocation
9fba12519 2016-02-18 Transport: - Implement mayDisconnect() for outbound connections also - Run UDP idle disconnect loop faster if floodfill or near connection limit NetDB: - Call mayDisconnect() after direct netdb store - Fix check to publish RI faster, broken in .24,   we were publishing at every check,   causing increased load on floodfills
3a2868016 2016-02-18 /confignet: Clean up display and form handling for specifying a fixed host name or IP
fa1296787 2016-02-17 Add qr icon, to be used in buttons created by me, public domain
9f0640ca2 2016-02-17 log tweak
c385ad8f1 2016-02-17 OCMOSJ: Don't wait until lease grace period has expired to switch to a different lease
8faafc00b 2016-02-17 set request encoding
8498d7d12 2016-02-17 i2psnark: Increase max files per torrent to 2000
455f32faa 2016-02-17 SAM: Don't log an error on datagram send success! set i2cp.fastReceive=true log tweaks
27d0a81bc 2016-02-17 i2ptunnel: Improve layout of blacklist radio buttons on editServer.jsp
52a37d170 2016-02-13 Imagegen: Add text to QR codes
236155791 2016-02-13 Console: Add translation debug option
8ef593fe9 2016-02-13 Data: New Hash.toBase32() method
e65bd26ad 2016-02-13 I2PTunnel: - Add options to block by referer and user-agent - Increase size of access list field in form - Log blocked destinations in b32, not b64 - Strip X-Runtime header Streaming; - Log blocked destinations in b32, not b64
071769679 2016-02-13 Javadoc fixes in imagegen, sam, crypto package.html files for imagegen
6ab5b8497 2016-02-10 Crypto: EdDSA precedence fix
981b70823 2016-02-09 Crypto: Use new internal key generation instead of calling out to keytool; save CRL for new su3 amd family keys Allow su3 bulksign for xml files (news)
651c1b654 2016-02-09 Crypto: Fix raw (su3) signing, broken in test2 prop (-2)
e402bfaa8 2016-02-08 history for prop, -3
241bb3812 2016-02-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.sam' (head d5c193915251826fe4f5dcd58c36f74714495fd4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5ad07e5b5ef68fddeec919c04c6c49178b6a6b31)
55addfc73 2016-02-08 Fix bug receiving datagrams on v3 sessions with UTF-8 IDs Add test for tag options
84b94368a 2016-02-08 BOB: Fix invalid output after getnick (ticket #1204)
8f667a046 2016-02-07 Use I2CP option names, not SAM option names, for setting tag options in SESSION CREATE/ADD
d962be9d7 2016-02-07 SAM v3.3: - More master session option checks - Add support for SEND_TAGS, TAG_THRESHOLD, EXPIRES, and SEND_LEASESET   (untested) - Consolidate dup code in SAMv1Handler - Change Session to extend SAMMessageSess - Pass options down to v1 handlers in case we need it later
691e274ca 2016-02-06 Linting dep-ann: Added @Deprecated annotations in i2psnark, i2ptunnel, ministreaming, routerconsole, streaming
b1eaa772a 2016-02-06 Linting dep-ann: Added @Deprecated annotations in BOB and i2p_sdk
79bb3f6cc 2016-02-06 Added @Deprecated annotations to router classes/methods
b6deae9b2 2016-02-06 SAM v3.3: Tests and fixes for REMOVE; don't close underlying I2PSession - Don't remove a non-subsession with REMOVE
edde533e1 2016-02-06 SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - More error checking - Better error responses - Fix listen port and protocol for DATAGRAM and RAW - Fix adding sessions with duplicate dests to DB - Add more sessions in SAMStreamSink
ceb779154 2016-02-06 test tweaks
68c617950 2016-02-06 SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - Fix master acceptor - Clean up error message generation - Add basic master session test for SAMStreamSink
62ad7996f 2016-02-06 SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - Set Master properties in handler, not in session, so they take - Create subhandlers for the subsessions - Create socket manager with preferred createDisconectedManager()   so we get exceptions - Fix check for master session - Enhance error messages - Add basic master session test for SAMStreamSend - Add check for DESTINATION in SESSION ADD - Don't return DESTINATION in an I2P_ERROR response Next to do: master support in SAMStreamSink
270bc24b6 2016-02-05 SAM: Add start() to session interface, don't start threads in constructors. Start master acceptor thread. Javadocs, SAMv2StreamSession cleanup
9b004bc61 2016-02-05 SAM v3.3 master sessions. Compiles only. Untested, not regression tested, not complete.
f4abb284e 2016-02-03 Imported Microsoft Visual Studio Comminuty 2015 project files. These were used to create the jcpuid-x86-windows.dll
f9cf6bdc8 2016-02-03 Fix typos, history for prop, -2
ebc4ca869 2016-02-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 70ae5494bd7255a03f80838a2f3d8e7c0ce86634)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 05a201cc5c1bd841f32e9268b3019b3a3447f4f3)
d4d720524 2016-02-03 hashCode() and equals() for ElGamalParameterSpec comments for I2PProvider
6be7c4603 2016-02-03 EdDSA:  - Implement one-shot methods in EdDSAEngine so we don't copy    the data if all the data is available (ticket #1750)  - Use EdDSA one-shot methods in DSAEngine  - Fix API violation if EdDSAEngine object is reused for signing (ticket #1750)  - Javadocs
eb696c899 2016-02-03 Added correct build instructions for jcpuid on windows.
7901784a7 2016-02-03 Add secure.thethinhat.i2p to console home page and hosts.txt Approved at Feb. 2 meeting Icon license: public domain
4e55edc04 2016-02-03 minor cleanup and javadocs for previous checkin
acdaa60de 2016-02-03 Console: Custom icons for non-webapp plugins, from cacapo (ticket #1550)
a70a7a7ed 2016-02-01 Imagegen: - Return 403 if no code specified in QR or RA - Mode parameter for html or text in RA - Set RA text-mode character encoding - Fix up test page
2fb1ad035 2016-02-01 history for prop, -1
28a2b8279 2016-02-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.imagegen' (head 051e08304e7d6d2abaa7eeaf1b57e17bc49c752e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head cd632db729aa84ae0c27c5863cb11820f0adb950)
bf51d5d9c 2016-01-31 CertUtil: Consolidate PEM encoding (DRY)
5d1d8b6d4 2016-01-31 SelfSigned: Add support for CRL generation
129fb973f 2016-01-29 update comments
f094bacd6 2016-01-29 merge of '01b0b5d0f5aae9882a6ada1fd1a9a7414adec7cb'      and 'ad6ebc8a0672f769ddc142886e0ce9e7fb344180'
be97e84d8 2016-01-29 refresh patch
da3086bbe 2016-01-29 EdDSA: - Add hashCode() and equals() everywhere it was missing,   so we can test keys for equality: Curve, EdDSAParameterSpec, EdDSAPrivateKey, and EdDSAPublicKey - Speedup for GroupElement.equals() - Fix public key decode() - Put unknown class name in exceptions - indent fixes Provider: - Add KeyFactory aliases required for cert.verify() - Fix EdDSA signature OID SelfSigned: - Add simple tests after generation using cert.verify() and key equality
8badb609e 2016-01-29 Selfsigned: Add EdDSA_SHA512_Ed25519 support Remove debug output by default
a1a895e46 2016-01-29 Add EdDSA_SHA512_Ed25519ph Fix EdDSA OID
9ed185f3d 2016-01-29 Add synch https://github.com/str4d/ed25519-java/issues/10
7fdfb5cf1 2016-01-29 Put the OID in SigType
b4d4c9304 2016-01-29 New selfsigned key and cert generator, without keytool, BC, or sun private classes. To be hooked in to KeyStoreUtil to replace keytool.
66299cb08 2016-01-29 EdDSA notes
79450bcda 2016-01-29 ElG cleanup
3a72b0cc6 2016-01-28 Crypto: Move I2PProvider initialization Add ElGamal SigAlgo type
f200d5cb0 2016-01-27 checklist fix
3ad1db8d7 2016-01-27 I2PTunnel: Fix exception message choice that was backwards for router/non-router context
bccefb949 2016-01-27 0.9.24
c6136b5cd 2016-01-27 SHA256Generator: Don't fall back to Sha256Standalone, SHA-256 support must now be in the JRE. Deprecate all uses of Sha256Standalone, schedule for removal in 0.9.27. This will require a new Syndie release.
d2d5a464a 2016-01-27 KeyGenerator: Check that dsax is greater than zero
6ab814a64 2016-01-27 bootclasspath doc
df0aceb26 2016-01-27 add another bootclasspath check
ddf056cf1 2016-01-27 Fixups after review: Fix arraycopy argument order in unused SocksHeader Add deleted reseed cert to deletelist.txt Fix minimum version for SSU extended options
c9818e607 2016-01-26 Improved jcpuid build script
305f45fb3 2016-01-26 Added jcpuid build instructions for linux/osx/freebsd/windows
ddb977763 2016-01-25 Add new reseed host, bump build
374996d8b 2016-01-25 merge of '7fbf2343aecc5e4d60cf076b89e7ad999f9b1091'      and 'e0b151c2f0595a79a9580334568d9e9c520ed956'
6192aa691 2016-01-25 Switch reseed host per email from reseed admin
8e47ec325 2016-01-25 Translation updates from TX
ed9d40328 2016-01-24 ElGamal: Implement key encoding
f38cfcc93 2016-01-24 SigUtil: Enhance ASN.1 parser/generator to support signatures up to 64K, needed for ElG Log and javadoc tweaks
649d7122a 2016-01-24 Add ElGamal signature implementation Add ElGamal to provider doesn't work yet, needs key encoding/decoding and SigUtil support for longer signatures
ad2561125 2016-01-24 final all the crypto classes
403044fc6 2016-01-24 DSAEngine: minor cleanup ElG KeyFactory: Use getParameters() instead of getParams() to get the correct class back SigUtil:   Use split() in sigBytesToASN1();   new public ASN1 methods   Javadoc, args checking
e7081491c 2016-01-23 Fix unit tests I broke
594abdee5 2016-01-23 merge of '8511dd159fa291cbf15fc0ea8bde4b331ed44534'      and 'd577249d0bf080d821db013df9a945dd87217a09'
c9063f9d9 2016-01-23 KeyFactory and KeyPairGenerator for ElGamal. Stub out decoding key constructors.
e276febf0 2016-01-23 private, final
592f2449d 2016-01-23 ElGamal classes, from Bouncy Castle 1.53, for I2PProvider. License: BSD Encoding/decoding/sigs: todo.
d08f29d7d 2016-01-23 geoip updates (05-Jan-2016)
4342aa6bc 2016-01-23 Fix erroneous test for equality
207bfb44f 2016-01-22 Add identicons to sybil page.
726adaf2b 2016-01-22 Add identicons to i2ptunnel address helper conflict page. Clean up text on the conflict page for readability.
d16db7b56 2016-01-22 Display qr and id images on susidns details page Don't trim whitespace, messes up title
c4ea50f06 2016-01-22 fix mtn-ignore skipping build.xml files
5004626d7 2016-01-22 Add top-level imagegen to build, javadoc, and licenses Fix zxing build from top
48d32943b 2016-01-22 Add random art class, translated to Java from randomart.c in gnutls, which is BSD licensed. Heavily modified to add UTF box chars, colors, and HTML options. Work in progress. Add random art servlet to the imagegen webapp. Heavily modified from the example in the identicon package, which is MIT licensed.
49d823566 2016-01-22 New imagegen webapp, including servlets for identicon and qr images. Heavily modified from the example in the identicon package, which is MIT licensed.
21e2600c4 2016-01-22 zxing: Add build.xml and i2p notes
bdd6066fc 2016-01-22 Partial zxing package This is a small portion of zxing, including only what's required to generate QR codes. Pulled from https://github.com/zxing/zxing on Jan. 4, 2016, rev 4e3abafe3008e02695f894eccf05f8257fca4ee9 dated Dec. 9, 2015. Contains only the files we need. Unmodified. License: Apache 2.0
04d7c9dfb 2016-01-22 identicon: Add build.xml Add i2p notes Remove commons-logging dependency
cc21de3fe 2016-01-22 Partial Identicon package Pulled from https://github.com/PauloMigAlmeida/identicon on Jan. 4, 2016, rev 96902d3c7c9733d9da4cce9c5ed424557fc2ec3c dated April 10, 2015. Contains only the files we need. Unmodified, changes to follow. License: MIT
cf3accb18 2016-01-22 Random: Reduce number of PRNG buffers
a4f75d7b3 2016-01-22 Random: Don't bother trying to seed from /dev/urandom on Windows
9cdd0fc82 2016-01-21 Crypto: Fix privkey encoding to follow PKCS8, ignore example in josefsson draft, required for keytool to work. Fix pubkey decode typo. (ticket #1723)
f29ed2109 2016-01-21 Crypto: Add OID aliases to provider, required for keytool to work (ticket #1723) not working yet, need to fix privkey encoding
cd5db6328 2016-01-21 Crypto: Add I2PProvider, pass provider args to keytool, add EdDSA keygen support (ticket #1723) not working yet, need sig support
507400232 2016-01-21 Crypto: Implement EdDSA key decoding following the draft at https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-josefsson-pkix-eddsa-04 (ticket #1723)
9067dedcc 2016-01-21 tweak family key explanatory text and file name
179a4a2e5 2016-01-21 Crypto: Implement EdDSA key getEncoded() following the draft at https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-josefsson-pkix-eddsa-04 (ticket #1723)
8243b6922 2016-01-20 Jetty: Add gzip filter to eepsite Jetty (new installs only)
ec2745839 2016-01-20 SusiDNS: Replace image (ticket #1301)
2007e881e 2016-01-20 Crypto: New utils to support private key import/export Console: New /configfamily, /exportfamily
d82591ae7 2016-01-20 add icon to button
9d5e8dd78 2016-01-20 make network ID configurable for testing
07e85e095 2016-01-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 45c85fec6458cd0d1a6a6fa2d34b10ee2b9f215c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 3ee9968e19867bebb063a98da1184ff4426626cd)
9bb1a0032 2016-01-19 ArraySet implementation
f0dc76983 2016-01-17 BuildHandler: Disable removal of tunnel on next-hop timeout, as it isn't reliable cleanup and log tweaks
71c450561 2016-01-16 add locale note
acfb0a1e3 2016-01-15 add opendocument mime types source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDocument_technical_specification
ff66d9db6 2016-01-15 Fix mime type for svg in themes directory
6edd2b97b 2016-01-15 add zh_TW translation
cdfd4ca2f 2016-01-14 Move CachedIteratorArrayList from core to router
308c9da38 2016-01-14 remove unused stats
ca00ea7a7 2016-01-13 Fortuna: Add getByte() method
e2b7f504b 2016-01-13 add i2p-dev family cert
20547238f 2016-01-13 javadoc
9caddc166 2016-01-13 SSU: Don't early-disconnect if we are introducing
c546b283f 2016-01-13 BuildHandler: More early-disconnect cases
c8197b818 2016-01-10 Tunnels: Fix build request Bloom filter (ticket #1746) Change from 60s DHS to 60m DBF Use reply key as filter key, not first part of encrypted data, to match the specs and hopefully reduce dups BuildMessageProcessor cleanups log and stat tweaks remove deprecated methods remove some timing measurements javadocs
35739289c 2016-01-07 Console: Fixed summary bar overflow (ticket #1739)
68d8c6e55 2016-01-06 NetDB: Don't query floodfills if they are too old to support sig types or encrypted replies (ticket #1742)
f85d03085 2016-01-06 Build: Remove big geoip files from release again
691720353 2016-01-06 DataHelper: Optimize checks in storeProps()
144f54eb8 2016-01-06 Console: Properly register listen hosts with PortMapper I2PTunnel: Fixup console links in error pages if console is            on a non-standard host or port, or on https PortMapper: Add method to convert wildcard host to actual host
46af643ca 2016-01-06 Change default source logging from b64 to b32. To change back to b64, add the following to the RequestLogImpl section of jetty.xml:     <Set name="b64">true</Set>
ee1852f3a 2016-01-03 initialization cleanup and finals
a141d5090 2016-01-03 Refactor Session classes out of SAMv3Handler to their own files
ab5d4b59f 2016-01-03 Cleanup to combine checking and removing a property
3dbc8408f 2016-01-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 833ef88c125ba48423bc704701303ba55858336f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.sam' (head 7814184e3e7cb4b819a0d7b4ceeda5befbe536c3)
08a9a01bf 2016-01-03 bump to 3.3
0bfe45beb 2015-12-29 Start of buildscript for generating updates
3c383ca87 2015-12-29 Update router and Java versions in build.gradle after prop
fccd0dad7 2015-12-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 833ef88c125ba48423bc704701303ba55858336f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head 6f21d8d6c6d4cca5b6442f8effb56841e81a07b6)
3e4d77452 2015-12-27 Added support an missing binary for AMD K10 arch.
2698076fb 2015-12-23 distrust Comodo UTN cert
2f09389dd 2015-12-23 netdb minor cleanups
8da325785 2015-12-23 cache new family options
a4546e104 2015-12-21 SSU: Hand all messages pending after establishment to the outbound queue at once, for efficiency. This allows more aggressive combining of fragments in packets, and ensures the priority queue works as designed. Don't sort outbound messages by size, keep priority order instead. Log tweaks
3bce2f5d4 2015-12-21 SSU: Fix sent msg count, broken in last checkin Increase sent threshold from 1 to 2 for mayDisconnect(), because we send both our RI and a DeliveryStatusMessage Log tweak
074c5aa16 2015-12-20 merge of '22cebc21c21e3a101e03165f26a5e9fddc3648da'      and 'e210f94f3d17359b39a6b24f2a5e1221a86abfd0'
879b70617 2015-12-20 Family: Discard old key property so the separator change will happen
cad0ab17d 2015-12-20 SSU: Fix received msg count, broken in last checkin
4250f78dd 2015-12-20 javadoc fix, bump
cc4bf8ea1 2015-12-20 CertUtil: Add methods to export private keys Unused so far, to be used for family key
05b40a220 2015-12-20 Sybil tool tweaks
64f5c662f 2015-12-20 synch
e9146ebc7 2015-12-20 Family: change separator from ';' to ':'
d5990cc0f 2015-12-20 Transports: Add mayDisconnect() advisory which says we don't expect more messages on this connection; use for BuildHandler Rename some dest arguments to peer for clarity UDP: Display messages, not packets, sent/rcvd on /peers Don't count duplicates in received message count Count sent messages when sent, not acked Move some PeerState counters from longs to ints to save space
b6bd497e5 2015-12-20 Replaces instances of getBytes() in apps classes
2246e2134 2015-12-20 Replaces instances of getBytes() in router classes
c60f3970d 2015-12-20 Replaces instances of getBytes() in core classes
0b94d866f 2015-12-19 BuildHandler: Improve handling of null 'from' value when not IBGW (ticket #1738)
fa6643c5a 2015-12-19 Sybil tool: Fix NPE Add old version points Add lookup fail rate points
d0eaf4d89 2015-12-18 BuildHandler: Fix NPE (ticket #1738)
c59496f30 2015-12-18 Console: Consolidate "checked" code
71d4b5f49 2015-12-16 Broadwell/Skylake tweak
31efa7c98 2015-12-16 Recognize Skylake Do the same checks for Broadwell and Skylake that we do for Haswell, and check ADX as well, which will be used in GMP 6.1. Javadocs
89e5e1d30 2015-12-16 Fix class for nativeJcpuidVersion() Add output for nativeJcpuidVersion() Change CPUIDCPUInfo back to package private More @since fixes
1e3e02d1f 2015-12-16 CPUID: Clear ECX register to ensure it will work with EAX=7 Tested on linux only Add nativeJcpuidVersion() Only call getCPUVendorID() once in getInfo() Change all @since to 0.9.25 in hopes it will come true Tab removal Javadoc tweaks
8226e9297 2015-12-16 Profiles: Don't use same family in a tunnel Reduce IPv6 mask from 8 to 6
af26f73f9 2015-12-16 Sybil tool tweaks
1f4a266c2 2015-12-15 Added more checks to Haswell identification..
93fbdcd44 2015-12-15 Made CPUIDCPUInfo non-abstract to support looking for CPU features during CPU identification.
0e6e90baf 2015-12-15 Cleaned up BMI1/BMI2/AVX2/FMA3/MOVBE/ABM support.
2c8179f05 2015-12-14 Added hasBMI2() feature detection and use it to list some Celeron Haswell CPUs as non-Haswell CPUs.
95946606e 2015-12-13 log tweak, bump
3c5f9d0bc 2015-12-13 RouterInfo: Optimize writing to avoid extra copy; eliminate caching previously enabled for routers with high memory limits Log tweak on sig verify fail DataHelper.writeLong() to write(byte) conversion DatabaseEntry: Remove deprecated, unused setRoutingKey()
2155347e4 2015-12-13 another writeLong
db86850d1 2015-12-13 Addresses: Catch a rare (Windows only? IPv6 only?) error when enumerating network interfaces
97ae1e503 2015-12-13 Cleanup: Don't use DataHelper.writeLong() for a single byte
fee755bdb 2015-12-13 Show family cert on /certs; fix HTML
4fe24790f 2015-12-12 RouterInfo: Log the full RI, not the hash of the data (which is useless) on signature verification fail, in an attempt to find the culprit
fe3642edd 2015-12-12 CPUID: Multiple bug fixes:  - Add support for extended feature registers EBX/ECX  - No such thing as EBX for 0x80000001 call; remove getExtendedEBXCPUFlags() method,    replaced with getExtendedEBXFeatureFlags()  - Check for support of 6 required Core i3/i5/i7 instructions to enable Haswell,    since GMP Haswell requires Core i3/i5/i7 support.    There are Pentium/Celeron Haswells that do not support these instructions.  - Fix hasAVX2(), hasAVX512(), and hasADX() using wrong register  - Fix hasAVX512() checking wrong bit  - Define hasAVX512() as supporting AVX-512 Foundation, not the "full"    instruction set as previously specified in the javadocs.  - hasAVX2(), hasAVX512(), and hasADX() need not check hasAVX() first  - Add missing hasADX() to CPUInfo interface Also:  - More diagnostic output in CPUID.main()  - More javadocs
68ecd8275 2015-12-12 minor cleanup
2c1b9c2d3 2015-12-12 Javadoc fixes Better OCMOSJ Javadocs
cddc1b362 2015-12-12 Another deadlock fix: remove sync in Router.isHidden()
89bdbedc0 2015-12-12 Sybil: Add start of profile analysis, use for first-heard-about time Increase pair-distance threat points
3a4e82f02 2015-12-12 Family: Publish pubkey in RI; use it to verify if no cert available
c8aca62d0 2015-12-11 Crypto: Blacklist Verisign G1 roots match by CN or OU
8b9bcbc77 2015-12-11 SSU: Fix outbound IPv6 errors on Windows without a real v6 address when explict host is set. Validate addresses before confirming that we have an IPv6 address. Possibly related to ticket #1538. javadocs
00d6a4965 2015-12-11 Router: Don't let context clock shifts affect calculated uptime
ea9c4a195 2015-12-11 Router, naming, I2CP: Increase lookup cache max sizes (except on Android), reduce max lookup depth, and increase non-floodfill profile bonus to attempt to reduce load on floodfills
7680ecbdc 2015-12-11 Transport: More deadlock prevention (ticket #1722)
00a5d1953 2015-12-11 Limit wait for NTP to 45 seconds (ticket #1725)
2d1ac7b26 2015-12-11 Wrapper: Listen for Windows Service shutdown events and shutdown router hard. As a result, event log will now show "shutdown" instead of "crashed".
2852383e4 2015-12-11 Router: Fix family verification after testing, partially hook into netdb store() Always use our pubkey to verify our family Rework caching strategy
393b59378 2015-12-11 Logs: Windows line ending fixes for event log and duplicate message in router log
32df925fa 2015-12-10 More Sybil tool tweaks
9b2bbe03e 2015-12-10 dont put HTML in Android router logs
7e872088d 2015-12-10 Router:   - Change addCapabilities() to getCapabilities()   - Add netdb family sign/verify utility (ticket #1510)     (verify not yet used) RouterInfo:   - Remove addCapability() and delCapability() StatPublisher:   - Remove Service interface, not required   - Consolidate getCapabilities() and network ID here   - Add family signatures   - Remove unused coreVersion and stat_uptime (as of 0.9.24)
77a6db1ca 2015-12-08 Updated history after prop
bb56a11bd 2015-12-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 53586f73fb813f519cdb6a1f7b1b40efec2e35dc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 628a2c591ca44095e2f93acd026046d4512cf692)
7ea2be387 2015-12-08 Better exception message, so it's in the router log
81cb62fda 2015-12-08 Sybil tool tweaks and enhancements
8b42896cc 2015-12-08 Crypto: Consolidate certificate import methods
5df3f404f 2015-12-08 Fixed support for Atom CPUs.
9ba5ad7bb 2015-12-06 Remove 'l' from example apparmor profile
f7ede4bf6 2015-12-06 Update timestamp
64f231872 2015-12-06 update debian changelog: new pkg uploaded
34202e6c4 2015-12-06 debian: refresh patch
af8b8ecdd 2015-12-06 Startup: Increase rekey probability again
0558bc41a 2015-12-06 Add wrapper deadlock detection to default wrapper.config
d45dc8d0f 2015-12-06 NetDb: Stub out a "family" indicator (ticket #1510)
b6e8431bc 2015-12-06 Console: Don't force profile creation when loading floodfill tab Don't show negative times Sybil tool: tweaks TunnelRenderer: minor cleanup
826bb5498 2015-12-06 minor cleanup
fdc160cf1 2015-12-06 Utils: Move new getSystemTimeZone() from DataHelper to SystemVersion, which is a better place for it.
5a7fc3f7f 2015-12-06 Update debian changelog
a35ecda99 2015-12-06 Debian: java6 can no longer fulfill the requirements
89e60fa8c 2015-12-06 sync debian/changelog
6e2e4ca6d 2015-12-06 allow writing to /tmp/imageio*, needed on some systems to display graphs
eaae06028 2015-12-06 remove 'l' from debian apparmor profiles
997ef73d5 2015-12-05 Sybil tool: Test tomorrow's routing keys also Add netdb stats output Add avg. ff distance output Increase penalty for proximity to our keys Reduce number of RIs output
ff4d57519 2015-12-04 Profiles:   - Change doubles to floats to save memory   - Move fields to top Sybil tool: Tweaks
68c312139 2015-12-04 Console: Fix NPE on /profiles Profiles:   - Fix first heard about to be earliest, undeprecate   - Fixup first heard about at profile readin   - Persist good/bad lookup/store DBHistory stats added in 0.7.8   - Remove unused DBHistory methods and fields to save memory   - Change bonus longs to ints to save memory   - Extend profile expiration time from 3 days to 15   - Consolidate getLong()   - Synch fixes Sybil tool: Tweaks and enhancements
cab69f658 2015-12-03 NetDb: Fix deadlock (ticket #1722)
5bd0041f8 2015-12-03 Console: Add experimental Sybil analysis tool requires routerconsole.advanced=true
53ae4125e 2015-12-02 Add time-sync to the systemd unit created by i2prouter install (#1578)
b53fe37a3 2015-12-01 SAM:   - Don't map keys to upper case in parser, corrupts I2CP options   - Register SSL and UDP ports with PortMapper
348805f01 2015-12-01 i2psnark:   - Consolidate default tunnel length definition   - Increase max peers and uploaders per torrent   - Increase default max total uploaders   - Increase max peers sent and returned in DHT
72527f4d3 2015-12-01 SSU: Allow IP and port in relay request if it matches the source
dfbbe3e92 2015-12-01 Transport: Interrupt DH refiller thread when pool is empty, to speed refilling and reduce pumper stalls Reduces empties by 10x
f778c23f0 2015-11-30 SAM: Timeout for first command after HELLO Better removal of command and opcode from properties Send error message if no NAME key in LOOKUP
3c8cc1627 2015-11-30 SAM: Use the Destination cache Comment out some unused methods SAM client: Add SSL forward support Handle header line in forwarded stream Name some threads, number some others
1c1511267 2015-11-30 after extended downtime, disabling https://i2pseed.zarrenspry.info/ as a reseed host
55f729986 2015-11-29 properly set protocol value
23df32205 2015-11-29 i2ptunnel:    Change preferred sig type to Ed    Set permissions on backup tunnel keys file
d5717ca12 2015-11-29 javadoc
74fac4b1d 2015-11-29 i2psnark: BEP 21 support (upload_only)
a5a702744 2015-11-28 Parser: Allow '=' in values
1db761351 2015-11-28 one more UTF8 fix
68b4ad223 2015-11-28 declare 3.2 complete, bump -5
513e1b9ff 2015-11-28 SAM: Handle UTF-8 in ReadLine (ticket #1488) Allow forever timeout in ReadLine Use ReadLine in v1 and v3 handlers Fix send client closing too fast in v1 stream mode UTF-8 test and fixes in clients
dffd44130 2015-11-28 SAM: Allow backslash escapes in parser (tickets #1325, #1488) remove unneeded escape char in other parsers
87fa1cb1a 2015-11-28 SAM: Fix parser to allow spaces in quoted values (tickets #1325, #1488) Map keys to upper case Catch some other parse errors
38c8e017a 2015-11-28 i2psnark: Increase max pieces to 32K
7b83e2326 2015-11-28 HTML fix
415b51bc4 2015-11-28 i2psnark: Fix NPE caused by URL-to-URI conversion in -2 (ticket #1715) Fix some other similar places
a03339b12 2015-11-27 SAM:  - Use DataHelper to load/store sam.keys  - Move sam.keys file to config dir (ticket #677)
b1668bbc1 2015-11-27 Fixup after prop, history, bump -3
9ce8fced0 2015-11-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.sam' (head b328f0edb961263d7606ea964ecb3f7c319ca1cf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7b4c0525be182722ef2cc7b564691f27d997da3b)
01d23713a 2015-11-27 test javadoc
2849aec3c 2015-11-27 Add v3 FORWARD support to sink
cb979fb68 2015-11-27 Allow multiple simultaneous ACCEPT sockets. Add support for parallel accepts in sink client
bafec1809 2015-11-27 stub out send-with-options
5adbf9050 2015-11-27 Forwarded raw datagrams will include a header line if HEADER=true Add support for raw with headers to sink client
3a25a91c3 2015-11-27 log tweak
0519ea476 2015-11-27 Add v3 datagram and raw to sink
48d7f4969 2015-11-27 Fix PROTOCOL parsing Add PROTOCOL test for raw sessions to send client
ed1567e9f 2015-11-27 short test instructions
9f625a03f 2015-11-27 Fix protocol for V3 datagram and raw sessions Add V3 datagram and raw sessions to send client minor cleanups
e77c5bd05 2015-11-27 add session options
31ace2025 2015-11-27 auth and ssl support
4291450f3 2015-11-26 make method private fix timeout message add client sink pinger
6373c8a9e 2015-11-26 v1 datagram and raw support for sink
bd048b04c 2015-11-26 Fix ReadLine bug that buffered and lost input; can't handle UTF-8 for now. Start support of datagrams and raw in the client
b9ab93355 2015-11-26 client getopt
626f5415c 2015-11-26 add FROM_PORT and TO_PORT to client
9367aca50 2015-11-26 Notes on STREAM STATUS messages when SILENT=true Fix one message for STREAM CONNECT that wasn't honoring SILENT setting PING failure sends a SESSION STATUS message Implement ping/pong in client Delay at end of client send so data gets through in v3 mode log tweaks Exception catch tweaks
e5f186f61 2015-11-26 fix stopping of reader
807e5bf96 2015-11-26 v3 sink working
8d7edaae6 2015-11-26 Block DSDTestProvider CA cert
868e5e988 2015-11-25 More v3 support Convert IDs from ints to Strings Wait for STREAM STATUS Open 2nd socket for sender v3 sender working
612e01cbb 2015-11-25 More SAM client cleanup and fixes, beginning of v3 support v3 unfinished, does not work yet
13fd613bb 2015-11-25 more client test enhancements
6b67a70bb 2015-11-25 update @since
6934599ee 2015-11-25 log tweak
730dea377 2015-11-25 Streaming: Fix recognition of PoisonPacket in ConnectionHandler
5d07294cc 2015-11-25 require Java 7 in installer
6081856dd 2015-11-25 client demo cleanup
92bb2dbda 2015-11-24 Block CNNIC roots also. Only log once.
5c4189abd 2015-11-24 KeyStoreUtil: Implement system cert blacklist Fix creation of empty keystore test enhancements
2400a77e2 2015-11-23 Remove unused USE_FAKE_CRYPTO
110a0a1b7 2015-11-23 Remove singleton SAMv3DatagramServer; hang off of SAMBridge SAMv3DatagramSession whitespace fixes @since change to 0.9.24
302ec7767 2015-11-22 Console: Don't show null port in error message (ticket #1712) History for prop, -2
1215a70aa 2015-11-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 8fa44268a1dd2b7baaf01806e6994281ab031870)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 44afdaa15ce8a95c112c7d58a5908f401c1a0145)
ce96234fd 2015-11-21 SSU ext. options:   - don't ask for intro if he is indirect   - ask for intro if our state is unknown   - debug logging   - change min to 0.9.23 for testing
9a9832cb7 2015-11-21 Console: Fix escaping of plugin description on /configclients (ticket #1711)
d30c1ec31 2015-11-21 EepGet: Fixes after URL to URI conversion
764913225 2015-11-21 OCMOSJ: One more place attempting to update our own profile
9efb3c875 2015-11-21 Blockquote formatting part 3
07c9ddb38 2015-11-21 Blockquote formatting part 2
be498eaab 2015-11-20 Blockquote formatting
9e8597aa0 2015-11-20 Update checklist
5b4a4f6c8 2015-11-20 Comment out update.postman.i2p because of lost key
a468b3e8b 2015-11-19 Build: Remove commons-logging classes from commons-logging.jar (ticket #1679)
c7d68c2a6 2015-11-19 Require Java 7 for SAM separate option javac.compilerargs7 for Java 7
16549aa49 2015-11-19 Update text docs for Java 7
b59a8027b 2015-11-19 Update: Disable sud/su2 updates (ticket #1709) Add constraints for no Pack200 support and no certs
8d9d3fcf9 2015-11-19 SSU: Add option to disable extended options Fix max payload type
1a7bf2a0c 2015-11-19 Rewrite release checklist in Markdown
bb8e6127d 2015-11-19 Add test plan to release checklist
13987b7d5 2015-11-19 Release checklist tweaks
dfb883080 2015-11-19 0.9.23
9483e095d 2015-11-19 build.xml: Stop building SUD and SU2 update files in "ant release" (ticket #1709)
46f42432a 2015-11-18 BOB: change default tunnel length to 3 (ticket #1707)
599989deb 2015-11-18 comment re: SSU timestamps
1e89fac19 2015-11-18 SSU: Add support for requesting a relay tag via Session Request extended options (ticket #1465)
4c72c08d6 2015-11-18 i2psnark: Add skipped length on details page reorder some logging volatile
679fe9b04 2015-11-17 more release checks
6fb0692d5 2015-11-16 Centralize time zone code in DataHelper NewsManager should be a ClientApp, not a RouterApp
38a1a96db 2015-11-16 revert JobTiming being a clock shift listener, not needed
bbaa6f7f8 2015-11-16 Tweaks after review
046ef07ef 2015-11-15 -29-rc
fc7939b40 2015-11-15 Translation updates
dd6a3f14e 2015-11-15 geoip updates based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2015-11-03.
99c9b30e4 2015-11-14 another installer build fix
f5ae9c23f 2015-11-14 fix installer tools compile
23cb4ca76 2015-11-14 ditto
231040ddd 2015-11-14 Profiles: Don't allow creation of our own profile TunnelCreatorConfig:  - locking  - comment out unused code  - don't set bandwidth stats in profile for ourselves TunnelDispatcher:  - don't set tunnel stats in profile for ourselves BuildHandler, TunnelPool: Minor optimizations
7a75e2e66 2015-11-13 up version for interrupt()
e6644236e 2015-11-13 Interrupt when cancelling events
8a1f02aa8 2015-11-13 Console: Fix lifetime participating bandwidth display (ticket #1706) Add locking to HopConfig counts Split participatingMessageCount stat into two stats, participatingMessageCountAvgPerTunnel for throttle (same as old participatingMessagecount) and participatingMessageCount for console (straight total) Fix calculation of stat for throttle by adjusting for new stat coalesce time (50 not 20 seconds)
ded249dd3 2015-11-12 add systray dependency tracking to build
a028bba99 2015-11-12 Console: Fix filtering and escaping on /configclients Fix autostart setting on new client, was inverted
c60978192 2015-11-12 fix compile
51c5da3f7 2015-11-12 lint: don't catch Exception, catch RuntimeException or checked exception. omits SAM, BOB, reflection, commented-out code, and a few other places
37a4fcb46 2015-11-12 i2psnark: Minor details page reformatting
e93e76a36 2015-11-11 Remove netdb.rows.io and its associated certs
c1afbd37d 2015-11-11 SSU: Version check to send extended options
3fa2fb4c8 2015-11-11 Timers: State fix 4th try (tickets #1694, #1705) log tweaks
ffddf415c 2015-11-11 snark add .cue mime type
03a99adaa 2015-11-11 snark increase max pieces
48f294024 2015-11-11 snark log tweak
123b4ca46 2015-11-09 Fix locking on _nextExpire field
c944fcce9 2015-11-09 log if we can't cancel the future
1451dc6ec 2015-11-08 More: Don't use DataHelper.readLong() for 1-byte reads, for efficiency
1aed266f7 2015-11-08 Consolidate increments of offset, for efficiency
e120a8a3a 2015-11-08 Don't use DataHelper.readLong() for 1-byte reads, for efficiency
a3e16614a 2015-11-08 SSU: Prep for extended options
bdde11c0e 2015-11-08 Fix NPE from URL->URI conversion new URL(null) throws MUE new URI(null) throws NPE
63ddf1179 2015-11-08 use float for efficiency
a3b55ccde 2015-11-08 cleanup
8e7718856 2015-11-07 Replace URL with URI where possible URL bad for anon and has traps like equals()
1e5a35c7f 2015-11-07 Use new split()
83b923151 2015-11-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e2aa08a93036bcf0d846b8ff67e9cb74de3e4d0f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head b3d23ed369ba339b9a71dfeb205110458df9ec0d)
e4ebb9a77 2015-11-07 Utils: Add caching string split()
077c4a073 2015-11-07 replaceAll -> replace
f5bf4ec8e 2015-11-07 escape referer
c901010d9 2015-11-07 Make parameters of NegativeLookupCache configurable
9f0f1f5ec 2015-11-07 Make more ISJ parameters configurable
7175b1cdb 2015-11-07 Make the search limit configurable
ca4642e0f 2015-11-06 Reduce the memory footprint of Rate objects by changing longs to ints and doubles to floats
6bb156a43 2015-11-06 Do not expose ISJ lock
19090343b 2015-11-06 add more links in README
b15138dd6 2015-11-06 i2pwiki.i2p icon license: creative commons
5f50f23fe 2015-11-05 Streaming: Split blacklist into one for EC and one for Ed
d5e2defb5 2015-11-05 synch fix
c1d77dfe5 2015-11-05 I2CP: Fix additional connections getting rejected during tunnel open (ticket #1650) State change cleanups State checking consolidation
eca234c18 2015-11-05 i2ptunnel: Add longer tunnel options in advanced mode
1a6074a62 2015-11-05 Add lenta.i2p icon, public domain
9baeedbc2 2015-11-04 merge of '380c87670c1c931cf39e93d5600c4954c6e13d1e'      and '4fe47402bea065caae229256d58d87e60607602a'
3f91e448c 2015-11-04 Add serialization methods to StatManager, FrequencyStat and Frequency for easier collection
3e25ff251 2015-11-04 Console: Add new home page links as approved at meeting exchanged.i2p icon license: WTFPL i2pwiki.i2p and lenta.i2p: Awaiting icons that meet our requirements
f8830a759 2015-11-04 Threads: More conversions to I2PAppThread
b15ea8ba2 2015-11-04 Timers: Improve OutboundMessageRegistry locking SimpleTimer2 cleanups possible fix for ticket #1694
ef428d559 2015-11-04 merge of '7db2f97711361f598cb14aa579cb008ac8438577'      and 'cb9b4af48ca3c515eeddd44aefc040857a109b05'
39d749ba1 2015-11-02 Fixed generation of eepget target filenames for basic page URLs, URLs with query parameters, certain edge cases.
a3a092a45 2015-11-01 Utils: Double IP lookup cache size (ticket #1700)
787921aa8 2015-11-01 spelling
bbb6da2ac 2015-11-01 cleanups, javadoc
b7dc55e32 2015-11-01 checklist update
805979b98 2015-10-31 UPnP: Fix deadlock in callbacks (ticket #1699) possibly more to do
c37cc7ad5 2015-10-31 Convert remaining Threads to I2PThread or I2PAppThread
02c1417cc 2015-10-31 update ancient snark docs
627d0d29d 2015-10-30 Router: Fix cascading I2CP error (ticket #1692) caused by not setting message ID. only happens when serialized (external I2CP)
c59589587 2015-10-21 i2psnark: More consistency and torrent links in messages
6efce31ee 2015-10-21 Increase timer thread priority
f713a1978 2015-10-17 Disable TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA
abc0f4c72 2015-10-17 lint core, console, i2ptunnel, jetty
71bc55b47 2015-10-17 lint core, i2psnark, jetty, susimail
5f175455c 2015-10-17 lint console,streaming
9bddba56a 2015-10-17 lint router
4e6ddfcea 2015-10-17 lint core
3411a7c88 2015-10-17 Crypto: Consolidate duplicate unlimited strength crypto check code
70921a2b0 2015-10-16 i2psnark: Don't balloon files on ARM (ticket #1684)
dd3617699 2015-10-16 big fat Java 6 warning
fe2605218 2015-10-16 add mime type for .mka
ba1488bcc 2015-10-16 i2psnark: Add "smart sort" option, set sort based on language (tickets #637, #1303)
39b218b21 2015-10-16 i2psnark: Fix deadlock (ticket #1432)
b43417bf7 2015-10-15 update jetty javadoc link
eec87bd81 2015-10-15 Removed error print for cases of 'null' primary, where CPU identification has failed.
649a63db6 2015-10-14 Update: Fix persistence of the available dev version Java 7 check at startup with persisted versions
6aa8ed128 2015-10-14 Update: Require Java 7 to download dev builds
9224afb78 2015-10-13 i2psnark: Don't show empty fields on details page
5e879b85a 2015-10-13 fix installer build
2c03b434e 2015-10-13 Startup: Delete our old RI from netDB when rekeying
55a6f4465 2015-10-11 Crypto: Test for broken Gentoo ECDSA support Add SystemVersion.isJava9()
971a2652e 2015-10-10 adjust date in warning
68aa8800b 2015-10-10 increase rekey probability
dd4d12f28 2015-10-10 i2psnark: Increase max piece size to 16 MB, max files to 999, close files faster based on file count (tickets #1626, #1671) Remove dup synchs
7063609f0 2015-10-10 JobQueue: Only adjust timing for negative clock shifts
b32c8d5fa 2015-10-10 NamingServices: Add support for lookups prefixed with "www."
f8163241e 2015-10-09 NBI test improvements: - Try to prevent not-coprime errors - Minor cleanups - Javadoc fix Fix build script typo
843e2a8a0 2015-10-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4a63eba1606a8ba2448352876b4177d9e4c753a1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 051ea486db9f6f5a4327038827763f350369f932)
419d6a8e1 2015-10-08 SimpleTimer2: Additional fix for uncaught IllegalStateException affecting streaming timers (ticket #1672) Minor streaming cleanup
6a0d421ed 2015-10-08 merge of '8e2524075b463bca9f87a992a87b439210abbc96'      and 'b6a391f4f621d58d7d94c1fc3f5b58f8679081da'
c1c3a9233 2015-10-08 Fixed case statement to be independent of case.
1dfc8187c 2015-10-07 merge of '0901b31b94e8472e5578cd5ac685500044fc07de'      and 'c7d6075d6f3c0ea1035d8c839773da25634842e4'
075c4d482 2015-10-05 Changed scripts to be SH compatible instead of bash.
03f9df4ff 2015-10-04 JobQueue: Listen to clock shifts as well as clock changes (ticket #1014). Restarter: Don't restart the JobQueue or PeerManager (ticket #1014)/undo previous commit. More to do.
07fa3eb92 2015-10-04 NBI test improvements: - Output versions - Only warmup crypto once - Add -n option to test native only - Reduce output if only native or only java tested
f4a6cf200 2015-10-03 Show 'none' if no part. tunnels on /tunnels
f93da93cf 2015-10-02 Router: Minor cleanup, remove some deprecated and small methods
b068f9a26 2015-10-02 Router: Don't check config files for reload on Android
489ff65e3 2015-09-30 Added OSX notei
bf76c57de 2015-09-30 Added FreeBSD cross-compilation instructions.
5fa059b4a 2015-09-29 Adding the new reseed server hosted by our friends at TorontoCrypto. Thanks. :)
2f92b2744 2015-09-29 Ticket #1596 - part 2
2bc87662a 2015-09-29 Added 'osx' alias for darwin.
73228a151 2015-09-29 Revamped downloading of gmp files. Revamped cross-compilation support.
5d345f65a 2015-09-28 SusiDNS: Hide table headers and buttons if there are no search results
ccc8c0478 2015-09-28 i2psnark: Support adding plain base 32 hashes convert plain hashes to upper case
58ccfed41 2015-09-28 Addressbook: - Use Patterns instead of replaceAll() - Fix isValidDest() for EC/Ed dests
59b05d421 2015-09-27 Util: Speed up IP address validation by using Apache's implementation (ticket #1198)
f46a90225 2015-09-27 Router: Fix soft restarts for 'massive' clock jumps (over +150s or -61s) and recover from standby/hibernate (ticket #1014). I2P should now recover (better) from a system hibernate/standby and be able to reconnect to peers automatically.
39b810bd7 2015-09-27 Tunnels: Use max of 2 not-failing peers in an exploratory tunnel, use high cap for the rest; change outbound exploratory default length from 2 + 0-1 to 3+0.
22417715e 2015-09-27 javadoc
d21777fbc 2015-09-27 log tweak
b22a6bc16 2015-09-27 log tweak
1c3527e1a 2015-09-27 Console:  - Export SSL cert on creation  - new /certs page to show local SSL certs
4d7ad6ef7 2015-09-27 Console: show 'none' if no leases log timing for /netdb (ticket #1532)
3ea8b477d 2015-09-27 Streaming: Move throttler from context timer to streaming timer
ea4dd12bf 2015-09-27 SimpleTimer2:   - Fix bug in forceReschedule() that caused subsequent uncaught IllegalStateException;     forceReschedule() is only used by streaming timers   - Log uncaught exceptions   - Enforce 5 second minimum delay for periodic events   - atomic count   - de-wtf
a13552dd8 2015-09-25 Fix news (ant poupdate), typos in bundle-*
89c14c2e9 2015-09-25 javadoc
22b9876b6 2015-09-25 Rename _() for translation to _t() for Java 9 compatibility (ticket #1456)
0848e3424 2015-09-24 Replaced 0 with NULL to fix miscompilation on windows.
04690bed9 2015-09-24 close before rename
0faa5ba2f 2015-09-24 i2psnark:   - Rename bad .torrent files instead of deleting them   - Add mime type for .xz
04d653a8b 2015-09-21 comment out main()
3f213cf1d 2015-09-21 register I2CP with the PortMapper
53ae72793 2015-09-21 synch fix
62acfc0ca 2015-09-21 use standard error message
5a2f22b00 2015-09-20 history
7dd438b5f 2015-09-20 bump
6685b8183 2015-09-20 /configreseed: Add 'Reset URL list' button for revert to default hosts (ticket #1554, thanks dzirtt@gmail.com)
c56f686d8 2015-09-20 Fix typo.
b81cbedd5 2015-09-20 format multiplies by 100, so complete is 1.0
02a0ef352 2015-09-20 include man pages in the update
cfc066475 2015-09-19 Don't try to fetch subscriptions, news, or plugin updates while in VM Comm system
2a3b55f3a 2015-09-19 i2psnark: Add check progress output
287f94ad1 2015-09-19 i2psnark: Add recheck/start/stop buttons to details page (ticket #372) remove dup CSS item
462c882f4 2015-09-18 i2psnark: Improve directory listing efficiency (ticket #1079)
b8a909c4c 2015-09-18 Fix eepget man page (ticket #1631) retry default was changed to 0 a while ago
83791b2d1 2015-09-18 i2psnark: Don't display "Tracker Error" if torrent is stopped (ticket #1654)
ff420278c 2015-09-18 only log once
1a385b6dc 2015-09-18 i2ptunnel:  - Pass Accept-Encoding header through HTTP client and server proxies,    to allow end-to-end compression  - Don't do transparent response compression if response    Content-Encoding indicates it is already compressed  - Minor encoding cleanups EepGet:  - Send Accept-Encoding: gzip even when proxied  - Minor cleanups
64889b2bc 2015-09-18 Streaming: Move remaining timers from the context to streaming's SimpleTimer2; these were the ones migrated from SimpleScheduler earlier
bfc6534b2 2015-09-17 Don't delete torrent config file after error on initial startup (ticket #1658)
84abfa019 2015-09-17 Store magnet parameters across restart (ticket #1485)
d5a0d95c6 2015-09-17 news appearance tweaks
1de840ce5 2015-09-16 Profiles: Bias slightly away from floodfills
0f6176b7b 2015-09-16 News: Add author to entry headers
3d533a406 2015-09-16 News:  - Fix retrieval of entry links from feed  - Linkify entry headers
37597b8c7 2015-09-16 Build:  - Include geoip in update files for next release  - Add created-by string to release torrents i2psnark:  - Store torrent added and completed times in config files, display on details page  - Display dates on details page in local time zone  - Add metainfo creation command line support for created-by string
addc9c5ca 2015-09-15 News: connect it all together (ticket #1425):  - Enable new NewsManager to load/store feed items on disk by UUID  - News items are stored forever, not lost when they are removed from feed  - News read in once at startup, not at every summary bar refresh  - Convert old initialNews.xml and news.xml to NewsEntry format  - Limit display to 2 news items in summary bar, /home and /console  - New /news page to show all news
a2e38503f 2015-09-14 News: New /news page and helper to show all news WIP, not yet hooked in
7912d7650 2015-09-14 News: new NewsManager to maintain current news entries. WIP, not yet hooked in.
6f5739b9d 2015-09-14 News: Store/load individual news entries as XML in separate files by UUID. WIP, not yet hooked in.
ed3e444d1 2015-09-13 log tweak
ac1a28e98 2015-09-13 print usage if no arg
7117438b0 2015-09-13 RIP ugha
d5cbccf18 2015-09-13 checklist update
fd606064d 2015-09-12 0.9.22
9d0542420 2015-09-11 Router: Reduce rekey probability from 10% to 5%
157d494de 2015-09-11 bump build to -8-rc
fa792a9d5 2015-09-11 GeoIP db updates from 2015-09-02.
ab134261f 2015-09-11 Translation updates from Transifex
de2431e9e 2015-09-07 Fix auto-start of new .torrents in the Snark folder
c4cbd7d5c 2015-09-06 (hopefully temporarily) disable netdb.rows.io as it's been down for nearly a month.
e978bb81a 2015-09-05 checked in correct file
2c6edf401 2015-09-04 add extra to bumpBuild output after change
fe69d3b8f 2015-09-04 UPnP: Fix "content not allowed in trailing section" (tickets #481, #1653) patch from 'kay" in #1653, dev agreement received
61edd01e3 2015-09-04 Switch URL/certificate for backup's reseed server
483d7c43e 2015-09-01 Router: Change thread name so it truncates better (ticket #1648)
7c703953b 2015-08-31 Data: Cache P256 and Ed255i9 key certificates  - Enable P256 caching  - Create cached Ed25519 cert and enable  - Fix cached P256 hashcode
f577a9401 2015-08-31 i2psnark: Change default sig type to Ed25519
b10b8581c 2015-08-29 Router:    - Change default RI sig type to Ed25519, with a 10% chance od      rekeying from DSA at each restart    - Don't initialize KeyManager before selecting sig type    - Don't log KeyManager error when changing sig type
601376561 2015-08-27 add Closeable/Flushable interfaces
5a11a28a3 2015-08-24 i2psnark:    - Return partial piece to coordinator after reject    - Fix tracking of downloaded portion of piece after reject    - Send reject on receipt of bad request    - Mark piece unrequested after receiving bad data, so it      will be requested again, but not from the same peer    - Fix NPE in Request constructor on error    - Fix stuck before completion due to reject handling (ticket #1633)
b0c3c11bd 2015-08-09 Start work on Jetty 9 targetting 9.2.x for now Requires Java 7
fde0ae834 2015-08-02 sync debian/changelog with packaged version
b5944045f 2015-08-02 sync apparmor rules with the 0.9.21 package
ecd0231cd 2015-08-02 Fix console SSL excluded ciphers (thx lazyg) Fix typo in local address in I2PSSLSocketFactory Another findbugs char encoding fix Add keystore password option to SU3File command line
44b35f328 2015-07-31 0.9.21
f3bb20d75 2015-07-30 minor updates after review
20cb284f9 2015-07-30 update geoip, bump to -23-rc
b4993d42b 2015-07-30 updated i2prouter po files (deb related)
9b466f326 2015-07-30 refresh debian patch so my automated update builds will run again
0bf9cb3bf 2015-07-28 add news cert
9efe60d7a 2015-07-27 Fix processing of translated news
45fe23822 2015-07-27 Refactor SchedulerDead tests
e704baddd 2015-07-27 SchedulerDead tests
db9555dba 2015-07-27 Fix test
4b34b49dc 2015-07-27 More MessageInputStream tests
1652bb39e 2015-07-27 Fix Cobertura exclusions
5eda1e003 2015-07-27 JavaDoc paragraphs
b19866cbc 2015-07-27 Refactor part 2
48bcc031d 2015-07-27 Refactor tests
f1998e637 2015-07-27 Add Mockito libs to streaming tests
6f1bb8539 2015-07-27 Separate out streaming integration tests, make them optional
d848a19ab 2015-07-26 update translations, bump -20-rc
8dcbc9958 2015-07-26 I2PSocketManagerFactory tests
63555acd2 2015-07-26 I2PSocketException tests
c451014ee 2015-07-26 I2PSocketEepGet tests
9fad9347c 2015-07-26 Add Mockito library hooks
841e27f35 2015-07-25 Add tests for I2PSocketAddress
bfde521cf 2015-07-25 NetDB: Fix NPE (ticket #1619)
fea6b8aec 2015-07-25 i2psnark: Fix total_size in metadata message (ticket #1618)
8d3fb0c9a 2015-07-25 Add build harness for ministreaming tests
d662514f7 2015-07-25 Move streaming demo out of tests
44bd14bd4 2015-07-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3a8ae6268555bd2c5d1519c48497677f74e34a76)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 752d5d999986d2a552e695592c82fa659c1f889c)
1681598de 2015-07-23 merge of '30be1cda5a1ad30d33bbd355f4d85785a889c9fb'      and '8ec6b122079156e35f7515afa5eb433a13ce41b0'
809a53357 2015-07-23 Updated history
265e4b58a 2015-07-23 Throw DataFormatException if not enough bytes
93854e93b 2015-07-22 bump -18-rc
f6605d05d 2015-07-22 merge of '1ba9885122d9a9ec69c77342719d8464aae244be'      and 'c61353ade089ac0e1fa83fab661dc6893b51b95a'
c20772702 2015-07-22 I2PSnark: Don't let tunnels start unless we're starting torrents (regression, #766)
ba5af15c6 2015-07-21 Fix KeyCert bug
9af197e59 2015-07-21 Add KeyCert test that fails
2f59a4b3e 2015-07-21 Fix test
8b14afd60 2015-07-20 Add SSLSocketChannel wrappers after review Requires Java 7 to compile
63e934f8f 2015-07-17 Update English PO files
dd5f80415 2015-07-16 Console: Add dates to news headings Spacing for news headings in summary bar
35b0e99ff 2015-07-14 I2PSnark: Fix torrent-stopping (#766)
1ed1e4414 2015-07-12 Findbugs all over #4 char encoding
d087fd674 2015-07-12 Findbugs all over #3 char encoding, remove FileReader/FileWriter Fix TunnelConfig bug
1f9bb046f 2015-07-12 Findbugs all over #2 Mostly char encoding Use StringWriter rather than OSW->BAOS->String
914cc120a 2015-07-12 Findbugs all over
631a0674a 2015-07-08 bump
17d26976d 2015-07-08 lang fixups
dc9d60e26 2015-07-08 I2PSnark: - Fix NPE (#1615, h/t kytv) - Fix start/stop status resumption on restart (#766, h/t backup)
2c191e7bf 2015-07-08 Tunnels: New Bloom filter size, increase bandwidth limit (ticket #1505)
817888c23 2015-07-07 i2psnark: Tweak dest display in footer
1eaf376ee 2015-07-07 Crypto: Check for error return from sign()
6cb3d1d33 2015-07-07 Updates: New news URL
2681c4b42 2015-07-07 Streaming: New config to add to DSA-only list
05959d519 2015-07-05 SSU: Request outbound bandwidth on the way into the sender queue, not on the way out, so that SSU requests bandwidth allocations for each packet in parallel and competes more effectively with NTCP for bandwidth. Inbound stubbed-out only.
113a8a52f 2015-07-05 Transport: Raise bandwidth refiller thread priority   so I/O doesn't stall under high CPU load - Raise DH generator thread priority to keep   DH building out of event pumper thread - Raise PRNG and YK generator thread priorites one notch - Set I2PThread priority in constructor Fixes problems mainly seen on Windows, which seems to be much more sensitive to priority settings
98a4460bd 2015-07-02 fix test compile
3645c906e 2015-06-29 merge of 'a0b025f180c1f7befcc1eb504c24140cf9e3fc0f'      and 'e0773d79a9bc8820024206f39686541ddb393c4a'
fcdd8be7a 2015-06-29 Transport: More fixes for SSU stalling - Don't skip further bandwidth allocations for SSU, since it needs the entire allocation to proceed. Log tweaks More synchronization of requests
34f6f6510 2015-06-29 UPnP main() test tweak
4c516cd2a 2015-06-29 log tweak
8ea6805f8 2015-06-28 Prevent double-save for now and auto start all torrents if autostart is already set (don't make the user restart each one).
23f2261bd 2015-06-28 Apache Tomcat 6.0.44
6e06d326e 2015-06-27 Use ReadLine for SAMHandlerFactory
072e4dc2b 2015-06-27 Add ReadLine with timeouts Implement PING Handle QUIT, STOP, EXIT synch DatagramServer start/stop
f56ac66d6 2015-06-27 Make DatagramServer a Handler, register with bridge
c662f1782 2015-06-27 Move DatagramServer from SAMv3Handler to its own file, javadocs more changes to follow
246b376ed 2015-06-27 tab cleanup
194f20e18 2015-06-27 V3 Stream Session: SSL for STREAM FORWARD better exception handling boolean cleanups
9b2d41615 2015-06-27 Stub out PING and PONG commands. Handle PING and send PONG. No code for sending PINGs yet. Don't drop connection if only one token.
12385f04e 2015-06-26 protocol and ports for outgoing datagrams
49e68bcc8 2015-06-26 ports for CONNECT
b82c1ead7 2015-06-26 Add AUTH commands: ENABLE, DISABLE, ADD, REMOVE Store changes to config file
33672e6a8 2015-06-26 Add authorization New PasswordManager methods for use by SAM
876729c24 2015-06-26 Add protocol and port notification
b6cb074c0 2015-06-26 Add sam.config file support and -c file option Add partial SSL support (will require Java 7 due to SocketChannel changes) won't compile, SSLServerSocketChannel and SSLSocketChannel not checked in, pending decisions on implementation Bump version to 3.2
dd47389ad 2015-06-25 Console: Use registered host/port for eepsite link (ticket #1604) Jetty starter: Register host/port when started PortMapper: Add hostname support
25268e7cb 2015-06-24 Transport: Add failsafe to prevent complete SSU stall waiting for bandwidth limiter, root cause unknown
355b2a152 2015-06-23 I2CP: Don't try to decrypt an LS before it's encrypted (ticket #1608) log tweaks
975149d04 2015-06-23 Router: Increase default outbound bandwidth to 60 KBps; raise class L/M boundary to match so defaulted routers are still L
af394e13a 2015-06-23 GeoIP: Add countries and flags for Asia/Pacific, Bonaire, St. Barts, St. Maarten, South Sudan AP: black flag copied from A1 BL: official flag is France, copied from FR BQ, SX, SS: PNG files generated from public domain SVG files from Wikipedia Shortened some other country names (remove "Republic of", etc.) Change spelling to Macau, Vietnam
e3f64f6ed 2015-06-23 Console: Fix NPE on /configtunnels
2fbbfa388 2015-06-22 NetDB: Partially revert last NetDB change: flood because we don't want to create a hole in the DHT before publisher resends to somebody else.
0b4d4ddcb 2015-06-21 update hardcoded tags
428d89a30 2015-06-21 Update: Add config to disable translated news Rewrite addLang() for efficiency
feff6c003 2015-06-20 bump
699d55099 2015-06-20 NetDB: Don't say we stored, and don't flood, if we're shutting down
c6896c441 2015-06-20 I2PSnark: Auto-start now only starts torrents which were running at shutdown (#766)
1b2d4c75e 2015-06-19 I2CP: Fix simple session lookups, broken in prop
586defc80 2015-06-19 Tunnels: Increase default max tunnels
2499aad51 2015-06-19 I2PSocketEepGet: Do hostname lookups in-session for efficiency
addb142ec 2015-06-18 I2CP: Move client-side implementation classes to new package net.i2p.client.impl, leaving only the factories and interfaces in net.i2p.client
20c796e87 2015-06-18 Update: Add language param to news fetch, to support translated news (ticket #1425)
cd62d7170 2015-06-18 I2CP: Don't send the first LS request to the client until we have at least one OB tunnel, so the client waits until we are ready. This will reduce drops, retransmissions, and failures on new client tunnels. Fixes to prevent multiple pending LS requests.
acc647822 2015-06-18 sync debian changelog in mtn
1cf544f1d 2015-06-18 fix unit test compile
0f4e09500 2015-06-17 javadocs
7c5dfaee2 2015-06-17 I2CP: More fixes after prop, w.r.t. restore after close-on-idle   - When socket is closed, set sessionID and LS to null,     close subsession and set its sessionID and LS to null   - Checks on client side for null session ID   - Check for null session in Destroy Session message   - Don't kill I2CP connection due to a bad session ID     in a SendMessage, just drop the message and send     a MessageStatusMessage   - Log tweaks
8d9cced12 2015-06-17 history for prop, -6
8096e4f65 2015-06-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.multisess' (head 655a0c2bbd50625c804b8de8c809b40ed63f53f4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b977ab50209475c0e74825f361924e05dbd470c7)
5878fae88 2015-06-17 Use getopt for SAM args processing Args processing cleanups Change default host from to Add -s option for SSL (unimplemented) Put help text in a single string
036b77746 2015-06-17 Catch uncaught exceptions in ClientConnectionRunner and stop connection Catch null SessionId in messages and stop connection instead of NPE Wait for LS in SubSession in connect() so we don't send data w/o a session ID and leaseset Log tweaks
233cce831 2015-06-16 remove _args field
bc85543ef 2015-06-15 Fix removal of subsession aliases from tunnel manager on I2CP connection shutdown Sort tweaks for shared clients in summary bar
627f7076b 2015-06-14 debian: Add support for setting open file limits to initscript, add comment to explain how to do it with systemd
863e12020 2015-06-14 Hard-depend on gmp >> 5.
53cfba4cb 2015-06-14 merge of 'cb89dec5190f295ba301666166448929f1b7f3c1'      and 'f13d8499995c44dc76ae61d4b5c4c936e307eb89'
3a774b7c3 2015-06-14 Rename i2p.mooo.com2.crt to i2p.mooo.com.crt, certificate has been switched out on the server
5c56de721 2015-06-14 Add x86 and x86_64 targets.
f33e5c284 2015-06-14 Revert accidental commit to ConsoleUpdateManager
52b362ded 2015-06-13 merge of '3c853434727997386e691eed12478317c5c5b918'      and 'e62ecd3b1887712e2408f2c716873e9433ee2e4f'
ecb28eb48 2015-06-13 Added support for all ARM targets provided in GMP, on platforms running Linux.
69a5f9464 2015-06-13 merge of '2ba51476b19c182b894a5cf98f3fff6befb555a9'      and '51c05045ee9faacb879cfc893db82eaa3db99b4d'
a98474568 2015-06-13 Cleanups after review, part 1: - change crit() to error() and remove crit() - comment out some System.out.println()s - Back out a couple of code moves to minimize the diff for review - Spelling fixes, comment cleanups, spacing tweaks - Tweaks for efficiency - Remove / comment out unused methods - Make ARM architecture have priority over model string,   except for ARMv6 (Raspberry Pi workaround) - Restore check for ARM architecture first char only,   not exact match - Try architecture and model string even if implementer and part are absent - Return null immediately for Windows ARM
0ad34a4b0 2015-06-13 Timestamper: Reduce NTP timeouts to shorten startup time when NTP is blocked
2b9ffc127 2015-06-13 javadoc fixes after review
93c7860d2 2015-06-13 NetDB: Improve routing of DatabaseStoreMessage acks   Send our own RI unsolicited in reply if we aren't floodfill   Don't ack or flood a store of an unknown type PeerTestJob: Don't generate zero reply token Tunnels: More checks of messages received down exploratory tunnels javadocs and comments
25f6c3d9e 2015-06-13 apparmor: tweaks to TMPDIR rules
b9e07bc9a 2015-06-13 i2psnark: Fix NPE (ticket #1602)
09f68e44c 2015-06-10 enable ECDSA by default for shared clients
013b5fd85 2015-06-10 more @since updates
8962bfb6b 2015-06-10 more @since updates
605602e00 2015-06-10 @since updates
f341e5566 2015-06-10 Pass session in connect(); Store the session in Connection; Don't create a new ConnectionManager for a subsession, now that all components track the session properly. @since updates
7b84676f4 2015-06-10 remove session ref from PacketQueue
c666f8a4f 2015-06-09 Javadoc fixes.
e06776194 2015-06-09 Added a new flavour of checkAvailable() to UpdateManager interface.
226bee64e 2015-06-09 Added more variants of isUpdateInProgress to UpdateManager.
1a40e5741 2015-06-09 Added isUpdateInProgress() to UpdaterManager interface.
f73101b01 2015-06-09 Added checkAvailable(), update() and getStatus() to UpdateManager interface.
fef65c996 2015-06-08 Store the session in Packet, so we may more easily and efficiently handle multisession, especially on the incoming side. More refactoring to follow
cbc2f899a 2015-06-08 fixup after prop
099515adf 2015-06-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1de143fff53bb56e6eac926d6293d62200f0c392)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.multisess' (head 70fc07857232668b93ca6ba02c433dffc7639132)
ff2ea9ac3 2015-06-08 Irc{Outbound,Inbound}Filter: - Silence 'no streams' warning when we can't connect to an IRC server. Change to WARN.
97aeecd86 2015-06-08 FloodfillMonitorJob, FloodfillRouterInfoFloodJob: - Directly connect to nearby floodfills to share our RI to speed up integration of new floodfills (#1195). - Called on both non-ff -> ff OR ff -> non-ff. - Create FloodfillRouterInfoFloodJob to do so.
8098d705f 2015-06-08 Make netDb.storeFloodNew graphable for testing (#1195)
fa8c39026 2015-06-08 Language fixups.
e8f4e19ba 2015-06-07 NetDB: Fix early NPE
9041a2c69 2015-06-07 SSU: Possible fix for NPE in establisher
384e9118c 2015-06-07 Logs: Correct wrapper.config location when running as a Linux service
0936a2ee2 2015-06-06 disable  (ticket #1596)
bc6b0c12a 2015-06-06 update debian changelog to reflect the latest release
f6f051cfa 2015-06-06 remove unneeded user-tmp abstraction; tighten tmpdir perms
fb131a040 2015-06-06 fix snark sort by rate of stopped torrents
9f2ded607 2015-06-06 cleanup
55e36ee45 2015-06-06 Console: Add indication of current ff status on /configadvanced, change immediately when config changes, force republish Router: RI rebuild locking
7c13fb2ba 2015-06-06 Android's SimpleDateFormat doesn't support XXX at any API
663ccb72d 2015-06-05 Bump router version
78e0a37fc 2015-06-04 Define I2PTunnelClientBase stats in one place
09cdc0093 2015-06-04 i2ptunnel: Don't call startup() in chained constructor (ticket #1593)
2590e7d4f 2015-06-04 i2ptunnel: Don't connect manager to router in constructor (ticket #815)
27f56776c 2015-06-03 Console: Fix display of n/a for events that never happened on floodfill profiles
657f13af2 2015-06-03 Remove ConnectionManager ref from PacketQueue
e2ca74963 2015-06-03 Console: Click on version or country in /netdb table to get list of those routers
9304cb2bb 2015-06-03 SAM message quoting fix
362086994 2015-06-03 history for props, -1
f57e37d58 2015-06-03 comment fix
d96ddd1a0 2015-06-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.sam' (head 68de14d0053dea374413f9e0419b1c0f7e9ec3af)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 54f5dd288f7c0c5a50f7f63f911aec4008be27e2)
7b711ebba 2015-06-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 47586aa88408845c51ee4c5fce40c617bdb8e398)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bacb6048bc596f064ff237dd8569014a421b4ef6)
076271526 2015-06-02 i2psnark: Don't lose sort param when hiding peers
8a69dc0a9 2015-06-02 only log reseed network disconnected warning once
39dc60cf8 2015-06-02 only log UPnP network disconnected error once
09e867b19 2015-06-02 i2psnark: Don't say 'download finished' unless we downloaded something atomics
dc9256f27 2015-06-02 Console: Prevent bad line-wrap of very long menu items
272f63dbb 2015-06-02 Console: Nicer "move" icons on /configsidebar, add tooltips Icons from silk, rotated, same license as before
06104118d 2015-06-02 EepGet: Recognize 418/420 responses
525ec01c1 2015-06-02 Console: Don't allow unbanning of all-zero hash
f8594c316 2015-06-02 DataHelper: make formatDuration() days to years be monotonic
3c89bd4e1 2015-06-02 0.9.20
1f8408f41 2015-05-31 Stats: Reduce number of rates in required stats to save memory
915b35f0c 2015-05-31 LogWriter: Write dup message to wrapper log and crit buf also
4521156ec 2015-05-31 Fortuna: Catch AIOOBE (ticket #1576)
c58fd8f84 2015-05-30 i2ptunnel: Fix +/- variance config (ticket #1587)
f02b401b7 2015-05-30 SSU: More synchronization in PeerState
4fdcb6ce2 2015-05-30 I2CP: Prevent sending lookup or bw limit messages before handshake with router is complete
94824e4d2 2015-05-30 I2CP: Prevent sending data message before handshake with router is complete
280fc05c9 2015-05-30 susidns, addressbook: Don't attempt to fetch subscriptions if HTTP proxy is down (ticket #1530)
89745f500 2015-05-30 HTTP Client: Greatly simplify decompression by using InflaterOutputStream, available since Java 6. Removes PipedInputStream, PipedOutputStream. Removes Pusher threads. Remove delay workaround for truncated pages, no longer required.
7715e6484 2015-05-30 Router: Add gzip caches to clearCaches()
c807194e9 2015-05-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 07028378508ab46278d193039b97c543d12ee22e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 0074b91cb9fe0ed875457dc0bf1989df03fa9e9a)
3602f7349 2015-05-29 HTTP client: Fix occasional truncation of compressed responses log tweaks
4bf115b5f 2015-05-27 javadoc
7ab85a0a2 2015-05-27 Graphs: prevent NaNs if we are skewed ahead of system time
fba037233 2015-05-27 Banlist: Ban all-zero hash NetDb: Drop all-zero lookups and stores, add stats SSU:  - Fix debug logging of dumped packets  - Drop sessions with bad clock skew, banlist peer, add stats  - Drop sessions with corrupt DSM, banlist peer, add stats Log tweaks
03dfa6515 2015-05-27 SSU: send destroy message in a couple cases where we previously just called dropPeer()
5e33ed116 2015-05-27 log tweaks
11ab7fc56 2015-05-27 add comment
716bff41d 2015-05-27 remove cast
1d8842cfc 2015-05-27 Gunzip: Add tests to main()
042b03d6b 2015-05-27 DataHelper: Add year output to formatDuration()
ab753651b 2015-05-26 Add new reseed server
6076bb3b2 2015-05-26 modPowCT requires GMP 5
1a012dfca 2015-05-26 Removed exec flag from some jbigi libs.
e0fe2439e 2015-05-26 Stripped ARM jbigi binaries.
34d300943 2015-05-25 Added GMP6 compilations of jbigi for Intel CPUs on linux, built on Intel Haswell.
70c283842 2015-05-25 Added GMP6 compilations of jbigi for ARM CPUs on linux, built on Raspberry Pi 2.
63a5b4803 2015-05-25 Added support for ARM A12/A17 using the A15 libs.
67760c8be 2015-05-25 Corrected make clean call
9130d556d 2015-05-25 merge of '6d6ce6e9e717c56881e728cc3b5fad45897d58b2'      and '8fa65646f9dfb055d71d24fc4d3c26510da48a54'
50d46006a 2015-05-25 Added support for ARM Cortex A5/A7/A8/A9/A15.
583a05028 2015-05-25 merge of '6040534dc82b5160fea1d95bec37c98497f0f22c'      and 'e8ebf9b71d96f8107ed295d94502a04dc70d1414'
2185a65de 2015-05-25 Added -j flag to make to use parallel compilation.
4ea99b8a1 2015-05-24 I2CP: Take 2 of fix, so a newly created session isn't destroyed and immediately replaced by i2ptunnel, which caused dup shared clients in a race at startup; Clarify session exception text if not open
3d07e1a10 2015-05-23 I2CP: Revert part of prior checkin, prevented idle tunnel from opening; (treat INIT as CLOSED) better fix to follow
9134d2856 2015-05-23 Don't unpack gmp before every build. Do a distclean instead.
86525e723 2015-05-23 i2ptunnel: Strip top-level supercookies too
195171f9e 2015-05-23 I2CP: Add an INIT state for session, so a newly created session isn't treated as CLOSED and immediately replaced by i2ptunnel, which caused dup shared clients in a race at startup (possible related tickets #642, #650, #815, #1545)
33c4be5b2 2015-05-21 Updates to geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2015-05-06.
fea2c3c6b 2015-05-21 Install the apparmor profiles in complain mode
281686ba5 2015-05-21 clarify comment
0b91fcb63 2015-05-21 sync Translations with Transifex
807f1381f 2015-05-21 sync debian/changelog
ac56a6380 2015-05-21 remove /dev/(u)?random since these are included in the base abstraction
e4798b9ed 2015-05-21 allow user scripts installed to cgi-bin to be executed
7584346c8 2015-05-21 fix indentation of i2p abstraction
68adfa80a 2015-05-20 Added support for new CPUs
29330aa5d 2015-05-19 i2psnark: Another place to send reject; switch to LBQ
65ff2c0af 2015-05-19 i2psnark: Log tweaks and cleanups after testing
de4d47de9 2015-05-19 i2psnark: Add support for fast extensions (BEP 6) untested
ae41a3f31 2015-05-19 SSU: Synchronize UDPPacket methods, possible fix for bad packets and UDP stalls caused by cache corruption? Cleanup unused methods and fields
1e8c299be 2015-05-19 Fixed comments
39cb60e72 2015-05-19 Added AVX/AVX2/AVX512/TBM feature detection
2dc3d6841 2015-05-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d046bffcd4f94b253e1aa2bfc9a90482974363dd)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head d00c6fd9c9aef6c37218a791a12f2da957181cd2)
5eb43b6ae 2015-05-18 Translate: Clear ResourceBundle cache too, available since Java 6 / Android API 9
0c672ecc4 2015-05-16 Update: Fix NPE in initialization
3b6d98fe3 2015-05-15 Translate "Dest" instead of "Dest:", tabbing (thx zzz)
b3472cfe8 2015-05-15 Show the I2PSnark dest on the main page (#1436)
38f2b93c7 2015-05-15 typo
e7af87a98 2015-05-15 Update: Ignore su3 dev build version at startup if older
d698a6766 2015-05-15 Deprecate Router.setConfigSetting() and removeConfigSetting()
b38f2d62a 2015-05-15 bump -23
10556bca7 2015-05-15 merge of '174649506cd8a9665ad798c090e39481af967011'      and '67eb724b7638284d33f1b4997183cc9f197d2883'
1f17d2a14 2015-05-15 add cacapo plugin cert
dc777c8de 2015-05-15 fix on non-full stats routers (thx zzz) doh
1fb964391 2015-05-13 i2psnark: Fix deletion of single-file torrent outside snark dir (ticket #1544)
081f1865a 2015-05-13 Console: Fix URLs caught in XSS filter on /confighome (ticket #1569) Fix name and URL escaping Truncate long URLs in display
0e17c560b 2015-05-13 NTCP: Catch race in Reader (ticket #1534)
a3b132793 2015-05-13 javadoc fixes
e68ca573f 2015-05-13 remove status message
b5455cee6 2015-05-12 SAM: Set keepalive on sockets (ticket #1573) Also on both sides of I2CP. BOB already does it.
cbdc1403b 2015-05-12 remove old check bump
40130a8a6 2015-05-12 SAM: - Close sockets and stop tunnels when router-side SAM stops (ticket #1572) - Better checks for quoting status message strings (ticket #1488) - Set encoding for sam.keys file - Don't throw NPE on rare stream errors - Comment out unused dumpProperties() - Cleanups, log tweaks, thread name tweaks
ca1405597 2015-05-12 fix build
8303016b4 2015-05-12 - Job Queue/stats: add stat/graph for amount of scheduled jobs (router.tunnelBacklog) - FloodfillMonitorJob:   - Use avg of router.tunnelBacklog instead of current backlog - Some language/spelling fixes
287862887 2015-05-11 runplain.sh improvements
f25d2a3d3 2015-05-11 Util: Fix corruption of cached ReusableGZIPInputStreams, caused by calling close() from HTTPResponseOutputStream.Pusher, but close() rendered the underlying InflaterInputStream unusable. Broken in -15. Caused failed HTTP fetches and other flakiness.
7f30f481b 2015-05-09 i2ptunnel: Improve error handling for UDP tunnels, Sink.send() may now throw RuntimeException, converted from IOException or I2PSessionException; interrupt runner threads on error; ignore I2PSessionException in Pinger.close(); logging and javadoc improvements; untested
5ee682624 2015-05-09 Plugins: Add support for custom icons (ticket #1550)
68951c4c6 2015-05-09 remove http in linkify()
5dc749780 2015-05-08 Reseed: Don't reseed while shutting down (ticket #1565)
31cfddc21 2015-05-07 Router: Clear I2CP lookup cache on exit
c1e70ac7d 2015-05-07 SAM: Close datagram or raw session when underlying I2P session closes (ticket #1563)
dd9abd3f0 2015-05-07 set installed dev version
2f5e64e53 2015-05-07 Update: Add support for su3-signed development builds (ticket #1381) Full version is used as the su3 version. Uses same su3 certs as release updates. Users may add additional certs to ~/.i2p/certificates/router/ as necessary. Copy echelon's reseed key for use as a router signer. Unsigned update remains a separate option for now. Various update subsystem cleanups.
b12f98839 2015-05-07 javadoc fixes
9f3d5bf57 2015-05-06 use the full version string (including build number) in the signed-* build targets
7f9e958e5 2015-05-06 Datagram: Convert IOE to DFE and throw on datagram load error rather than failing silently
c4877ea09 2015-05-06 Crypto: Comment out Cryptix debug logging
2aafc2377 2015-05-06 PrintWriter doesn't throw exceptions, so call checkError()
77c9a644a 2015-05-06 Naming services: Export address books with Windows line endings on Windows (ticket #1557)
abd8ca34d 2015-05-06 Transport: Add config to force IPv4 (only) to firewalled (ticket #1541) since we cannot reliably detect DS-lite (ticket #1458) Hide transport status on /peers unless routerconsole.advanced
31435685b 2015-05-05 Added disclaimer about not being a part of the public API.
7337fd067 2015-05-04 i2ptunnel: Add Connection: close headers to errors and proxy.i2p responses where it was missing (ticket #1531)
f7b7a98b9 2015-05-04 i2ptunnel: Close input stream when HTTP client decompressor terminates (ticket #1506) streaming: Minor cleanups, log tweaks
222693673 2015-05-04 i2prouter 'console' bugfix: Don't report failure for INT signal
8b293b219 2015-05-04 symlink instead of copying
94bba8d11 2015-05-04 I2CP: Fix external I2CP SendMessageExpires, broken in previous cleanup
5c2b5075f 2015-05-04 support OpenBSD in `i2prouter`
ca6820a4c 2015-05-04 refresh debian patch
2fafa3337 2015-05-03 Console: Add floodfill configuration form to /configadvanced
b5f75a4bb 2015-05-03 Router: Allow class M to become floodfill; add bandwidth classes P and X (ticket #1447)
707bfbbf8 2015-05-03 Router: Put the GarlicMessageParser in the RouterContext to reduce object churn, we only need one Add DeliveryInstructions.create() to return immmutable local instructions, to reduce object churn Minor cleanups
1eba6c516 2015-05-03 SusiDNS: Add export button
a14208b84 2015-05-02 Move Indonesian po files used by Java om _id to _in, since Locale.getDefault().getLanguage() will only return "in". See Locale javadocs. Same change already made in Android.
83966f9a7 2015-05-02 Switch out the certificate for netdb.i2p2.no, replacing it with a stronger one
d89f06015 2015-05-02 merge of '7cc7b74d018c5e2d5d571000d066e65ad034c114'      and 'd87b6870e67271b703a38f82cb6fc9b753bf9698'
49f786c92 2015-05-02 Transport: Ticket #1458 continued... enum fixes so we don't always force a peer test quickly set reachability status at startup when interfaces are configured prevent firewalled -> OK -> firewalled+OK transition
e8bc0bd5d 2015-05-02 Stats: randomize router count at startup also
8d69b6935 2015-05-02 Switch out the certificate for ieb9oopo.mooo.com
e7b9a230e 2015-05-02 add 'bump' as an alias for the 'bumpBuild' ant target
6385c412f 2015-05-02 Disable https://jp.reseed.i2p2.no:444/ due to extended downtime, unresponsive host (ticket #1422)
bb33b358b 2015-05-02 Change log level for Jetty warnings with exceptions from error to warn (ticket #1551)
572f071cf 2015-05-02 Jetty 8.1.17.v20150415
42cb89f52 2015-04-30 bump -12
1868d2b50 2015-04-30 Transport: Ticket #1458 continued... Implement methods to remove only a single IPv4 or IPv6 address, so that IPv6 addresses will remain when SSU detects that IPv4 is firewalled Summary bar status fixes Fix getIsPortFixed() for more enum cases log tweaks, cleanups
d5d4dbb07 2015-04-29 Added source of CPUID information
815f275d8 2015-04-29 Added source of CPUID information
fdad8f0c3 2015-04-29 Added support for new AMD CPUs
4588f1ec7 2015-04-29 I2CP: Periodically send a SetDate message to external clients so they stay in sync
629f7f05c 2015-04-29 Transports: Track IPv4/v6 reachability separately (ticket #1458) Don't include NTCP conns established too long ago in clock skew vector Hide unestablished outbound NTCP conns from /peers view Add per-transport status to /peers Put status description instead of code into event log reachability changes
0f1868624 2015-04-29 Clock: Make forward slewing work better when now() is not called too frequently
2a2587b13 2015-04-29 fix logic bug
489fdd5e4 2015-04-29 NTCP: Use context time, not system time, in NTCPConnection so that clock skew calculations work right
fe680eb19 2015-04-29 Transports: Fix clock skew calculations - NTCP inbound skew calculation had flipped sign - Include RTT in NTCP skew calulation - Set SSU skew on first packet so it's right from the beginning - Above should fix the "ignoring clock offset" error - Javadocs RouterClock: - Add config to disable clock adjustment for testing - Reduce window in skew vector for slew calculation - Double max slew rate
613440ff6 2015-04-28 CSF: New enums for SNAT/OK and SNAT/UNKNOWN
64121b1e9 2015-04-28 catch OOM in the OOM listener
f16927f31 2015-04-28 JobQueueRunner: Don't call System.exit() on OOM, let the shutdown progress normally; Make it an I2PThread instead of a Runner so we can call fireOOM() for consistent logging (ticket #1549) Router: Don't add OOM listener on Android so we don't hang onto the context
cb50c1bd8 2015-04-28 improve UDP test
921ad8627 2015-04-28 Comm System: More prep for ticket #1458  - Big method to handle status transitions, not yet used  - Status enum tweaks, unknown must be higher code than known
ac7610775 2015-04-28 Transports:  - More transition to status enum  - Don't set TCP keepalive for IPv6
2359b1edd 2015-04-27 Transports: Convert internal state to enums (ticket #1458)
2750681d7 2015-04-27 CommSystem: Stubs for separate IPv4/v6 status (ticket #1458)
eaac4d3de 2015-04-27 NamingService: Add export methods, fill in subclass methods for efficient exporting, fill in getBase64Entires() and getNames() where unimplemented SusiDNS: Add export support, no UI yet
827b7b64d 2015-04-27 merge of '1a475694d7840a7be029691e7ba97ee7afca80d4'      and '3d8d9d506f96418982baac68a992ec62a0278a35'
f243968df 2015-04-26 i2ptunnel: Reduce sleep time in runners to reduce latency greatly improves "loopback" performance minor cleanups
8d9e2bdc7 2015-04-26 log tweaks
6dbbb6b61 2015-04-26 minor cleanup
f89bf3239 2015-04-26 target=_top
ef195aa4e 2015-04-26 re-add fixed reseed
843230a1c 2015-04-26 Fixed MessageInputStreamTest after constructor changes
84e63f3b3 2015-04-26 reseed tweaks for SNI
b90816fdf 2015-04-25 add package.html files
40c4a4292 2015-04-25 I2PSSLSocketFactory: - Add hostname verification using code from Apache HttpClient 4.4.1 (Apache 2.0 license) and one small class from HttpCore 4.4.1, slightly modified to remove additional Apache dependencies and unneeded code. - Includes support for public suffix list; use basic list with standard TLDs, and also support loading the big Mozilla list, but don't bundle the 150KB Mozilla list for now. - For Android, use its default verifier, which should actually work (unlike Oracle) - Java 7 not required, although servers requiring SNI will now fail on Java 6, which does not support SNI SSLEepGet: - Rework recent setSoTimeout code changes, as they broke SNI - Add option to save certs even if no errors - Add option to disable hostname verification
26f89391d 2015-04-25 Mods to remove additional Apache dependencies and unneeded code, now compiles
aaae72cf8 2015-04-25 - Initial checkin of Apache classes from Apache HttpClient 4.4.1 (Apache 2.0 license) and one small class from HttpCore 4.4.1, unmodified as a baseline for future merges. Does not compile. See following checkins for more info
3e55cff15 2015-04-25 Util: Catch and convert OOM in I2PThread.start() to a RuntimeException, to give better message to users and prevent JVM shutdown on what is unlikely to be a heap issue.
bd778a220 2015-04-24 Remove old pre- TunnelCreateMessage and TunnelCreateStatusMessage, moved to junit years ago but not part of any tests
235c196f1 2015-04-24 log tweaks
e475c161c 2015-04-24 i2ptunnel: Don't register port mapper in clients overriding startRunning() if super.startRunning() failed Register as HTTPS proxy also in HTTP client
e5cd33ced 2015-04-24 merge of '7a80d824309a75c1f02df0c50ccddd0f8e65e9dd'      and '874cdc3aa5783e115f79ce6ef7d797ff33bd8ab9'
a07465491 2015-04-24 Reformatted and added support for some Intel architectures
54f9d1eb6 2015-04-24 fix typo
08e96109a 2015-04-24 i2ptunnel: Fix shutdown of client tunnels on server socket errors, broken in fix for ticket #815 TCG still doesn't go back to stopped, to be fixed. Test case: configure low port.
81ad33d9e 2015-04-24 lint unchecked
aecc95825 2015-04-24 Updates: Fail fast if HTTP proxy is not running (ticket #1530) Covers router, unsigned router, plugin, and news updates
37c6ac3a8 2015-04-24 i2ptunnel: Fix Socks and SocksIRC tunnels not starting, broken in fix for ticket #815
772d0beac 2015-04-23 Streaming: Don't wait too long to send a dup ACK, so the other side isn't stuck forever at a window size of 1. Cleanups, log tweaks, javadocs
64fdfd81e 2015-04-23 remove excess logging
1b09b9faa 2015-04-23 Streaming: More efficient checking for input buffer overflow, add additional checks. Fix bug if available buffer calculation is negative Check log level before calling displayPacket() Log tweaks
6f0ebb2d9 2015-04-23 Streaming: Reduce min RTO so that "loopback" connections recover quicker after packet loss; Reduce default initial ack delay; Rename misspelled method
12099753a 2015-04-23 NBI: core2_64 is always a fallback for corei_64
db4e09efa 2015-04-22 jbigi: Drop 32-bit corei libs where they are identical to the core2 lib, since we now have a generic fallback in NBI:  libjbigi-freebsd-corei.so   libjbigi-linux-corei.so     libjbigi-osx-corei.jnilib Remaining corei libs are not identical to the core2 version (although they may have the same size)
8fa1e6ee1 2015-04-22 NBI: remove special case for core2/corei in getMiddleName2() since it's now a fallback in getResourceList()
e7a33dfd6 2015-04-22 NBI: core2 is always a fallback for corei
55c411a49 2015-04-22 Add coreisbr coreihwl coreibwl targets, thx tuna Reorder the builds so the new ones are build first, for easier testing
cbe91e301 2015-04-22 I2PSocketEepGet: Fix i2psnark NPE caused by -6 (ticket #1543)
238501919 2015-04-22 i2psnark: Fix deletion of config files, cleanup orphaned ones at startup (ticket #1498)
ae3a5f7b2 2015-04-22 name tunnel starter threads
638cadc3c 2015-04-22 NetDB: Disable floodfill for non-ARM Android also
da0036581 2015-04-22 thread name tweak
59a58ea31 2015-04-22 NTCP: Reduce min send finisher threads to 1
bebe5f8a4 2015-04-22 PortMapper: Status output for /debug
c3af99685 2015-04-22 log tweak
e1d9e05b8 2015-04-22 i2ptunnel: Fixes and cleanups for command line testing; catch IAE from getInstance() if i2ptunnel.config isn't found in app context; log tweaks; config command tweaks Unit tests: Fix several NPEs in LocalClientManager, implement HostLookup
212f6b472 2015-04-21 i2ptunnel: Catch and log uncaught errors in thread pool
fdada78ed 2015-04-21 Reseed: Disable non-su3 reseeding
638c5429d 2015-04-21 NTP:  - close socket in finally  - really comment out main()
b67bbd706 2015-04-21 improved locking
1caf3e778 2015-04-21 Router timestamper:  - Add country-to-continent mapping  - Add continent pool.ntp.org zones as first fallback,    this will improve time service for countries that don't have a zone  - Don't start threads in constructors  - Fix logging, better prevention of initialization loops  - Log severe errors to wrapper log also continent.txt file from http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/codes/country_continent/ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/ Terms already met in LICENSE.txt
fd82fff07 2015-04-21 Transports: Reduce idle timeouts
a6ac8f8c0 2015-04-20 Blockfile: Unroll recursive initialization of BSkipLevels
19a26f8e2 2015-04-20 Reseed: Prep for disabling non-su3 fetches (ticket #1513)
46e85cf26 2015-04-20 only reset the sotimeout if not proxied
8f321b542 2015-04-20 EepGet: Set soTimeout for non-proxied fetches to enforce header timeout and prevent long reseed hangs
e1f8f1a3f 2015-04-20 Reseed: Remove all default HTTP URLs (ticket #1514)
935a5b573 2015-04-20 Reseed: Better error message if no valid URLs for configuration
8c2636aa9 2015-04-20 Reseed: Honor SSL/non-SSL setting when custom reseed list is set (ticket #1136) patch from "Inondle", cleaned up and tested
03ddb1075 2015-04-20 BuildHandler: Don't enforce conn limits for P or X
72eb2c058 2015-04-20 Streaming: Move Packet.writeSignedPacket() to PacketLocal
a100d2ccf 2015-04-20 javadoc, remove unneeded volatile and initializer in TCG
ecfb3e94c 2015-04-20 javadoc and debug log tweaks for ST2
c31d6b1ac 2015-04-20 javadoc fix
65993e1d5 2015-04-20 add methods to simplify logging
47c4c0d6b 2015-04-19 add all known dsa-only hosts to list
b2872e611 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Start availability notifier in subsession Availability notifier cleanup Various log tweaks added while chasing this down Better subsession state management I2PSocketManagerFull verifies subsession to force connect() Successfully tested
b8c8d5b44 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Accept subclient data message down client's tunnel in IMD
32049d7bf 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Reuse LS encryption keypair from primary LS Log tweaks
f0fdb35ba 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Fix creating subsession LS from primary LS
d8baf6296 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Stub out hardcoded list of DSA-only destinations Tweak client name length in summary bar Force initial leaseset request for subsession Send SessionStatus msg before LS request for subsession
be8f7f967 2015-04-19 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Fix sending CreateSessionMessage for subsession New AliasedTunnelPool for subsessions, don't reuse TunnelPool, so it has its own settings Fix addAlias() Simplify refreshSettings() Send status message on subsession create failure Fix settings for subsession
57b641bf6 2015-04-18 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Fix NPE in receiveMessage()
ff5d29de1 2015-04-18 I2CP Multisession - Work in progress: Fix NPE in addSubsession() by creating key stream Set sigtype for subsession
91e98ba44 2015-04-18 I2CP Multisession Work in progress: Fix NPE in requestLeaseSet() Fix setting new session ID in SessionStatusMessage Fix subsession support detection Streaming: one socket manager, multiple connection managers. Change data structure for subessions in socket manager Subsession cleanup on destroy I2PTunnel: add DSA subsession for non-DSA shared client Javadocs
6a644dd0e 2015-04-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 66743cfb9b4e1c257e4f0a20a318ee7eb1fb607c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.multisess' (head 4533ba250cb8e49044f5144b34014e9bc618cdc7)
7b8239333 2015-04-17 atomics and finals
22993e1ea 2015-04-17 installer/resources/eepsite/jetty-ssl.xml: fix comments
341bd6d7c 2015-04-17 tweak to debian apparmor rules
13d5a36cf 2015-04-17 drop unneeded patch (ty zzz)
f3bb84f2c 2015-04-17 merge of '4cd641356d3ecf443fa79aa64c8ad553a37022da'      and 'b9d4479f7e0f562a5fd47f2d494fe1b2b0925cbe'
1d496404b 2015-04-17 Separate loading and starting of TunnelControllers
51233371e 2015-04-17 history for prop, -5
bc0a7ebbb 2015-04-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head b6de226d1664089488ab2b438fe7457e9fb8e563)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0cf35c87b68a5360bd35257e36dfe7f740e53693)
72c78b387 2015-04-17 config for SSL to eepsite
5555c5237 2015-04-17 Streaming: Locking for next send time, rename shadowing field in inner class
e1842be04 2015-04-17 Don't automatically start TCG on Android
6ceb4fcf4 2015-04-16 history for prop, -4
50b68d4e1 2015-04-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.815' (head 43bce385eecdf95bba08985211b80099d1224462)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1b89427bd2952dc4be08fba14ad1d814d722739f)
3f46228f0 2015-04-16 ISJ: Reduce max search depth to reduce ff load - from 7 to 6 if not ff - from 7 to 3 if ff (we don't need to backtrack much if any, we know most of the ffs)
6c954f0b6 2015-04-16 Transport: Fix NTCP countPeers() O/P conn limit adjustment
69c2ed77a 2015-04-16 recognize Intel model 69
6f09224bd 2015-04-16 sort clients on /configclients
568c90806 2015-04-16 I2CP: Run DistributeLocal jobs inline (ticket #1506)
6e451c8d4 2015-04-16 javadocs
12fd58562 2015-04-16 Transport: Fix active peer count for NTCP, which will make the network-down message in the console consistent. Javadocs for getActivePeers() and getActiveSendPeers() Make getActivePeers() and getActiveSendPeers() abstract in TransportImpl Make getActivePeers() and getActiveSendPeers() more efficient Preliminary conn limits for P/X Log tweaks
997fbb339 2015-04-16 log on failed plugin update check
089626f6b 2015-04-16 increase max i2psnark tunnels to 10
71d2049fe 2015-04-16 OOM log tweak
e5aee3001 2015-04-15 bump -2
ec62bcbf8 2015-04-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.tuna.tmp' (head 73f55ef56c4b4800364bc92d69794a7b6715c5a7)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 20e0a6d51df8fa6918a48ac01c808e56d3540bf1)
a8f013f3e 2015-04-15 merge of '303a05a4ccfb4162f4cca475bca49d77dceb06f9'      and '9c1c14d60b15e3d9eed4b291a7fae39c11d3c993'
037cd78dc 2015-04-15 #1069: Propagate fix into i2p.i2p from i2p.i2p.tuna.tmp
b31ae4bae 2015-04-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.tuna.tmp' (head 1bba286bdb7f8ba879c4db3f356676151674a201)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5698b31632398b8156a3b4cc215fed677cf205bf)
54dba980b 2015-04-15 #1069: Replaced SimpleScheduler with SimpleTimer2 in a few places
dc19d2fab 2015-04-15 SimpleTimer2: Removed debug print
3a57310fb 2015-04-15 SimpleTimer2: Call the 3-arg addPeridicEvenet() from the 2-arg addPeridicEvenet()
749e19a1c 2015-04-14 fixes to apparmor profile for `i2prouter`
de6608f6b 2015-04-14 Streaming: Handle reset packets without a FROM field, validate            signature using connection's destination Log tweaks Remove 0 arg from addRateData() calls
cd6d9cdd9 2015-04-14 Router: Fix NPE on bad share bandwidth config (ticket #1524)
e45413d41 2015-04-14 Update: Don't log an error for the "dummy" updater (ticket #1525)
11c323015 2015-04-14 updates to apparmor profiles
dd99978b1 2015-04-12 0.9.19
dd265bbd5 2015-04-11 Updates after review: Remove meeh.i2p as update host (ticket #1515) Re-add 193.xxx https reseed Fix SocketManagerFactory property handling Restore UPnP locale fix lost in the merge i2ptunnel finals I2NP unique id fixes duplicate done() in ReseedChecker bigger langbox in CSS reformatting Javadocs
f5ba1b1b9 2015-04-09 #1069: Replaced getInstance() with this
7825f0f84 2015-04-09 i2ptunnel: Remove null workaround and stat, testing passed (ticket #335)
69a0324e8 2015-04-09 update debian changelog; bump build
957d3545b 2015-04-09 Translation updates pulled from Transifex; start of Malagasy translation
466348a8c 2015-04-09 Updates to geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2015-04-07.
e5b7e97ff 2015-04-08 Jetty: Set session cookies to HttpOnly in all webapps i2psnark: Remove extra mime types in i2psnark web.xml; added to Jetty's default by now, or in our mime.properties file
4613e5f84 2015-04-08 #1069: Improved patch according to feedback in ticket
44f8154f0 2015-04-08 #1069: Improved patch according to ticket feedback
5486874d1 2015-04-08 Tunnels: Add config to disable Bloom filter for testing
d868ca474 2015-04-08 Tunnels: Add new Bloom filter size, increase bandwidth limit (ticket #1505)
780479be4 2015-04-08 Tunnel: Add bloom filter warning if high bw but low memory
4705f01bc 2015-04-08 Router: Move update extraction code to new class in tasks/
2f5f91a08 2015-04-08 log tweaks
e44fe98c7 2015-04-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6ae35262874a1828d53ddad22e6a6c4db7b031c1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.tuna.tmp' (head 7d48c8e1a01f6c6f6cef802e0436c50785d89716)
d8fbc9c17 2015-04-06 Formatting
facbe8f9a 2015-04-06 #1069: Deprecated SimpleScheduler and moved functionality into SimpleTimer2
4d8e577ff 2015-04-06 findbugs: Added companion equals() and hashCode() methods to existing compareTo()
80eb7635c 2015-04-06 findbugs: Added companion equals() and hashCode() methods to existing compareTo()
e3103762b 2015-04-06 findbugs: Removed synchronization on concurrent object
cce710e37 2015-04-05 IRC Server: Better timeout handling when reading initial lines (ticket #723) Send error responses for timeout, EOF, and bad registration. Only affects "user" mode, not webirc. detab move private fields to top
013c79bc4 2015-04-04 Debian: Refresh patch
1e375886b 2015-04-04 merge of '2cb50c2864d750f33039bdbaeb6c15d2bd636ce4'      and 'cb2fbb74aa4412375fdbc546fe2218ca1704cd7d'
d1ac24c65 2015-04-04 findbugs: Covariant equals() method defined, Object.equals(Object) inherited
6aa128484 2015-04-04 i2ptunnel: Check for total header size too big, log tweaks
bb082c35f 2015-04-04 recognize more error codes
f7577e7de 2015-04-04 i2ptunnel: Return specific error pages to client on errors in HTTP header processing in the HTTP server (ticket #1507)
b5df13d8b 2015-04-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2cb50c2864d750f33039bdbaeb6c15d2bd636ce4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 9775e688503ec47dc12efa860a5571317af5f063)
9d76790cc 2015-04-04 javadoc
706ee243a 2015-04-04 Streaming read timeout fixes: i2ptunnel: - Better timeout handling when reading headers in HTTP server (improved fix for ticket #723)   Enforce total header timeout with new readLine() - Prep for returning specific HTTP errors to client on request timeout and header errors,   instead of just closing socket... further work to be in i2p.i2p.zzz.test2 branch Streaming: - Fix read timeout on input stream - was waiting too long, often twice as long as timeout, or more   Enforce total timeout even when notify()ed - Fix read() returning 0 on read timeout instead of -1 (possible fix for ticket #335)   This prevents passing partial headers to server on timeout - Fix javadocs for read timeout to match current behavior - Fix StandardSocket SoTimeout to account for differences with I2PSocket readTimeout - log tweaks
351a1a8d2 2015-04-04 i2ptunnel: Fix NoSuchElementException processing proxyList caused by 03-31 checkin
6916cd797 2015-04-04 merge of '18f97452ba9fd5a7274ca689084ffe49b55c2cf3'      and 'c9caed8c48615dc740061fd28315ee659e1afe20'
a444c25c2 2015-04-04 silence findbugs: use of uninitialized value
45bc533e3 2015-04-04 findbugs fix: equals() used to compare array and nonarray
03e890b01 2015-04-04 merge of '2e3b52a13c62422d86931cd194870b7e2698f3c2'      and 'fde331f6b10f0ef936a2aa0d68092df22348a581'
0c90162e2 2015-04-04 Copy directly into buffer without intermediate buffer
ddc3ef8db 2015-04-04 Removed unnecessry buffering
fcec43b7c 2015-04-03 i2ptunnel: Fix stopping tunnel on bad args when starting, broken by new state code
edb614d97 2015-04-03 wrapper.config: Remove old mortbay properties, unused by new Jetty
820b99e3d 2015-04-03 Commented out java runtime argument
cf0453cee 2015-04-03 Initialize uniqueId lazily to avoid wasting entropy for messages where it isn't used
75a8d8f6d 2015-04-03 more ssl config tweaks
1ac8d9914 2015-04-03 i2ptunnel: Send HTTP server port 443 traffic to the server transparently, to support HTTPS over the same tunnel, when so configured. Jetty: Add extensive help to jetty-ssl.xml for setting up SSL on the same server.
b7b5512e7 2015-04-02 Formatting
485acd6c8 2015-04-02 Remove all the startRunning() calls in constructors, which duplicated the new ones in I2PTunnel, causing all sorts of trouble. May still need more locking. TBD.
bb68728c8 2015-04-02 Added link to blog post explaining why the flag was added
f3b2eb69d 2015-04-02 Fixed syntax error
168d688fc 2015-04-02 Disable JVM stats being written to file, to prevent long (up to ~400ms) pauses.
ade93ea76 2015-04-02 Added model name for Xeon E3-1230v2
44503af88 2015-04-01 * Job Queue/stats: add stat/graph for amount of scheduled jobs.
eb7693561 2015-04-01 spelling
3ccb03f9b 2015-04-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bf7fc6bb213e734788d6527a4a689184ff73d6ad)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 6a04d890ef0ebf179ec6801d9d96afff26a2e515)
f3a2af8f1 2015-04-01 make job runner quantity configurable
2ef615a3f 2015-04-01 I2CP: Allow larger client clock skew (ticket #1503), better error message to client javadocs
20197fc3e 2015-04-01 i2psnark: Fix changing data directory on Windows (ticket #1503)
fadc624f7 2015-03-31 API: Fix some client-side APIs to honor defaults in Properties; add javadocs to specify where we do and don't (ticket #1491)
22c414935 2015-03-31 fix another split() bug
c770c6bc6 2015-03-31 i2ptunnel: Fix multiple SSL outproxies in HTTP client escape and truncate URL on error page
891408191 2015-03-29 UPnP: Don't rescan when shutting down
9a8fa246a 2015-03-29 I2CP: Prevent NPE when router receives messages without prior session (ticket #1503)
83c3152b5 2015-03-29 JobQueue: Don't start thread in constructor (ticket #973)
956730c5e 2015-03-28 log tweak to help diagnose ServerSocket closed
72b9c92a6 2015-03-28 better 7 bit error message
349255d25 2015-03-28 exit code checks and javadocs
ac902badc 2015-03-28 log tweak to hide i2pd badness
9dc2ae0d7 2015-03-28 fixup after prop
188bd6db7 2015-03-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2ce39645bf3b3b7fc2f083ebcb073f104114e939)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.815' (head 4f0279eb4cf13e547a64913443ff7819a43962c0)
3a8ce64c8 2015-03-27 I2PTunnel client-side locking fixes (ticket #815) Checkin of patches from Oct. 2013, based on Had some issues back then, and not tested recently. Prop from i2p.i2p to follow.
f3d573cab 2015-03-25 i2ptunnel HTTP client: Replace all getBytes() calls with a Writer or getBytes("UTF-8") for efficiency and to avoid encoding issues. Store strings as strings, not bytes. Catch IOEs to prevent cascading error pages. Minor cleanups
9e18c7ea1 2015-03-24 Streaming: Throw I2PSocketException when connection is reset, display new error page in HTTP client (ticket #643) javadocs
a975dc442 2015-03-23 Summary bar: linkify news headings, remove 'show news' link
b875e284a 2015-03-23 merge of '33b368d75d4b7536dd4a29efa35fba64e6dc409d'      and '8eb5a0d367c4b34eadc326e0ba727e998e6f5505'
46fe4298b 2015-03-23 States for TunnelController (#815)
9790d3ba6 2015-03-23 Tweak so TODO is marked in IDEs
2d31f30a2 2015-03-23 ReadWriteLock in TunnelControlGroup (#815)
2fefe9392 2015-03-23 merge of '91e8b79f2d8c4ffd26867eb6ddd0ee63d22b0ca9'      and 'dd39c6a48fec46017ce527d8b8b8208369ecda5e'
399b068a4 2015-03-23 Fixed NPE in test
dcffde6ee 2015-03-22 Javadoc: missing package.html files in applications (ticket #1109)
78074f6a7 2015-03-22 Javadoc: missing package.html files in i2p.jar (ticket #1109)
79dc01f7e 2015-03-22 Javadoc: missing package.html files in router.jar (ticket #1109)
0f6040ecb 2015-03-22 enforce a minimum number of RIs to bundle
a0ab72e36 2015-03-22 more /configreseed help text
2c45378c6 2015-03-22 Console: Better status feedback on manual reseed from URL Reseed: Better status feedback and cleanup in summary bar
44c75187f 2015-03-22 set tunnel name for ping
2609a4d12 2015-03-22 Floodfill: Don't become ff w/o ECDSA support Don't transition to non-ff when shutting down if configured true Set ff for cap P and X
2d58501db 2015-03-21 Plugins: Add form to browse for local plugin file to install, easy since we have multipart in console now Better status feedback from update manager to console
a33718582 2015-03-21 better temp dir fallback and logging
9c0aa0c27 2015-03-21 randomize i2psnark temp dir name
b2e908f09 2015-03-21 add removed certs to delete list
ef32d3707 2015-03-21 TunnelPool: Reduce expl. quantity adder for ff since we're doing mostly direct lookups now, and delay adding them at startup to give client tunnels a chance
f0961a965 2015-03-21 more accurate job stats
876b5714b 2015-03-21 merge of '7c32d2fbb882e6d56cb06fc0e272f05ee2c0b8ed'      and '7e72459b27feb5176e98c5efc843f63e46e8f63d'
825cd7ff4 2015-03-21 Docstring spelling fix
47f347607 2015-03-21 More I2PTunnel UI logic into GeneralHelper
7b10ebc11 2015-03-20 fix previous commit
e5cdfd206 2015-03-20 Re-enable uk.reseed.i2p2.no; it's back up (ticket #1487)
dd4c62b56 2015-03-20 TunnelDispatcher: Start part. tunnel cleanup job sooner since we're accepting tunnels sooner.
aae801efa 2015-03-20 sort config tabs
e02d44433 2015-03-20 missed file from last checkin
590a3c98e 2015-03-20 charset
7f472e4ee 2015-03-20 Console:   - Move multipart form support from susimail to jetty-i2p.jar     so console can use it   - Add multipart form support to formhandler.jsi and FormHandler.java Reseed:   - Fix zip magic number   - Finish manual reseed from local file package.html files for jetty-i2p.jar
a3802d4d8 2015-03-20 javadoc fix
59348f8db 2015-03-19 Reseed:   - Add form to manually reseed from zip or su3 URL     (result status not yet working)   - Add form to manually reseed from local zip or su3 file     (not yet working, needs multipart/form-date moved from susimail)   - Add form to create reseed zip file to share     (working)   - Backend support and refactoring in reseed code
8742a66f2 2015-03-19 fix susimail HTTP headers
a2f027e13 2015-03-18 NetDB: Don't publish non-ff RI on exit if we are coming right back
cb4359cd0 2015-03-18 Streaming: Reduce min RTT again
163c17282 2015-03-18 StatisticsManager: Publish dummy LS count if we just started
80a2d2c1f 2015-03-18 Router: Allow disabling the setting of some System properties, for embedded applications
486f28299 2015-03-18 add CoreVersion.getVersion()
1293dccf3 2015-03-18 I2CP Multisession support and multiple destinations in one tunnel pool. Work in progress. Router-side I2CP mostly done. Client-side I2CP mostly done but undecided on how to handle listeners. Streaming stubbed out but may be wrong, may need multiple socket managers, not clear how to proceed. I2PTunnel not started. Blacklist of DSA-only dests not started. Router leaseset publishing not correct. Not clear whether to have additional tunnel pools with flags, or put the tunnel pools into the client hashmap twice. Client config contains destination, may need to move that to tunnel pool.
91fe62eee 2015-03-18 History for prop, -6: Prop from i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp, containing: Cyberlink for Java v3.0 + (2015-02-15) from github See branch revs for more info and fixups. Previous was Cyberlink for Java v2.1 (2011-09-16) from SVN. From a scan of the 2.1-to-3.0 diff, it's mostly formatting changes, getting rid of DOS line endings, and a couple of new features we don't need. I see very few fixes. And the Device.getAbsoluteURL() "fixes" did not work in my testing, I had to fix them again. Unlikely to fix any of the open UPnP tickets #481 #725 #728 #1194 #1480. But now we're current.
d3f5596cb 2015-03-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head 8719ae9a1473d748947733043f465a4589cc23d5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5ae9785903c4b9452f4241758e8ddc1338e94574)
d7a88db87 2015-03-18 NetDB:   - Send exploratory lookups directly to the floodfill if     we are already connected to him   - Don't encrypt RI lookups when overloaded   - Don't explore when overloaded   - SearchJob cleanups Tunnels: Drop instead of reject requests on high job lag
0af1f67c3 2015-03-17 Router: Revert deprecation; addCapabilities() tweaks
8dde7b70d 2015-03-17 UPnP:  - New fix Device.getAbsoluteURL() once again after merge  - Don't load local files in Service.getSCPDNode()
64faeef6c 2015-03-17 restore previous javadoc fixes after merge
c79e4aeae 2015-03-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 97716ce246bcbee153cf1a28253bac2385ddf7be)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head e508f71db90f382080b98d11efbdb4d88c1bc406)
8b6a86e39 2015-03-17 merge of 'c5e201203713f0fefcdef642ca50597f8936c79c'      and 'fbd68f812db1e891f96e212b3a5938beec0233b5'
92daf4a8d 2015-03-17 Cyberlink for Java v3.0 + (2015-02-15) from github:
819b07a52 2015-03-17 minor refactor
b8f8c6129 2015-03-17 prevent negative sleep
25d1ae195 2015-03-17 New translations from tx: Indonesian, Finnish, Malagasy, Albanian, Korean, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch Note broken translations in TX config file
d22b05e11 2015-03-16 NetDB: Send RI lookups directly to the floodfill if we are already connected to him (from ISJ only; does not affect exploration, verifies, LSes, ...)
db25eff74 2015-03-16 log tweak
c927441d6 2015-03-16 case-insensitive sort of stats
7e4832d5f 2015-03-16 lint
819b35c76 2015-03-16 Router: Increase exploratory tunnel quantity if floodfill
071498c41 2015-03-16 Router: Republish RI early if capabilities change - RI javadoc clarifications WRT caps
7125ed049 2015-03-16 Apache Tomcat 6.0.43
de201bdd9 2015-03-16 Throttle: Reject tunnels based on job lag
4fccd258e 2015-03-16 javadoc fixes
56d705739 2015-03-15 Migrate accessors to GeneralHelper, fix broken outproxyAuth boolean
2a9d61b1e 2015-03-15 merge of '6eb0d9bd5731afaa33fa1a0c82dd08a1d16d104b'      and 'f4fa275a1d6e014c64c5ff063fb890dd05e4ed60'
a9f6839a0 2015-03-15 NetDb: Track flood success
5b555855e 2015-03-15 Clear displayed tracker issues when restarting torrent lint
76cf80a3d 2015-03-15 Job Queue:    - Fix overload dropping    - Add drop count to job stats    - Decrease overload threshold again    - Concurrent tweaks
4c6aaa32b 2015-03-15 Router javadocs, stub out class P, throw ISE instead of exit() if another router running
74ab1bff5 2015-03-15 threshold tweaks for floodfill
b5bba5e3c 2015-03-15 log tweak
7e5bd1771 2015-03-14 Move saveTunnel() and deleteTunnel() from IndexBean into i2ptunnel-ui.jar
ec6207fc7 2015-03-13 Job Queue:   - Drop garlic message decryption jobs on overload   - Decrease overload threshold
36d47a0ba 2015-03-13 minor cleanup
0289cefd8 2015-03-13 lint
521eb2d8f 2015-03-13 Router: create router.integratedPeers (floodfills) stat, and allow graphing of it.
049426664 2015-03-13 i2psnark:   - Auto-reduce tunnel quantity based on peer count   - Increase max tunnels
8fac5c064 2015-03-13 fix i2ptunnel.war
0b6f74e64 2015-03-11 Enable proxy authentication type to be configured
b8b272a5b 2015-03-11 Better multi-mode setters
a570e0916 2015-03-11 Explicit boolean setters in TunnelConfig
1919e36c3 2015-03-11 Move TunnelConfig to .ui, separate it from i2ptunnel.jar
812c00f11 2015-03-10 Move TunnelController config creation logic into class that Android UI can use
419e27cfd 2015-03-09 Disable (jp|uk).reseeder.i2p2.no (tickets #1422, #1487)
d761c0290 2015-03-09 Remove commented out reseed server i2p-netdb.innovatio.no and its associated certificates.
c7d1d2b69 2015-03-08 console: Hide cancel graceful shutdown button unless we are shutting down
0972b6b56 2015-03-08 more test cases
6e3cf7869 2015-03-08 log tweak
f7337b489 2015-03-08 i2psnark: Increase min and default bandwidth Add creation date to created torrents log tweaks more test cases
55161dec1 2015-03-08 Router Throttle: Tweak messages during probabalistic rejection, other cleanup
b65b53b0d 2015-03-08 Transport: Add missing bogons to IP validity check seen out there (RFC 6333)
49e1e1c8a 2015-03-08 minor transport cleanup
9b73fcda4 2015-03-04 Include priority for logged strings
b92e1ee9a 2015-03-02 Split LogWriter to make Android subsititution simpler
04ac54cd3 2015-03-01 Re-enabling host; its su3 files are now properly signed.
d47916f75 2015-03-01 re-enable jp.reseed.i2p2.no (ticket #1422)
b0ea1d691 2015-02-23 log fix, comment fix
ce041dfbc 2015-02-22 0.9.18
4613da093 2015-02-19 log level tweak, bump for review
2d5f7aaae 2015-02-18 year typo fix
5a7a7ac83 2015-02-18 typo fix
f217af2de 2015-02-18 extend checkcerts.sh to print bits and hash information
6d58f9a35 2015-02-18 Updates to geoip.txt and geoipv6.dat.gz based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2014-02-04.
29953ea5e 2015-02-18 Debian: confine daemon with apparmor (ticket #1061)
bb9cef1e4 2015-02-18 Add example apparmor profile (ticket #1092)
ece2f1484 2015-02-18 refresh debian patch
a3c8a4363 2015-02-18 Pulling in translations from Transifex
2f90b5a20 2015-02-17 refresh debian patch
d4bbdc28f 2015-02-16 FloodfillMonitorJob: use the 60 min rate avg instead of lifetime avg, but fallback to the lifetime. SAMStreamSend: fix tabbing from earlier commit.
f41df969b 2015-02-16 merge of '3e2231827648f614c5df325d9904e8d454e9a847'      and 'cddd2e9d2cf6f5c50a7d9948fbb2b3247d9768eb'
f87d006a1 2015-02-15 FloodfillMonitorJob:  - Use lifetime average value for job lag  - Change the job lag limit to less than 25ms  - Consider and set the limit of backlogged tunnels to less than 5
f4fa9a7d8 2015-02-15 New cert for i2p.mooo.com. Will be switched on the server in a future release.
c52047e6c 2015-02-15 Remove reseed host by hoster's request
9163d4122 2015-02-10 * I2PSnark, Jetty, SAM, crypto: findbugs resource leaks.
1be9bb29e 2015-02-08 disabling us.i2p2.no over http
522a89a04 2015-02-08 reseed: remove reseed.info; hoster is discontinuing the service.
06b9b6a7f 2015-02-08 more clock log tweaks
7f9c565cd 2015-02-08 fix early NPE
201afc823 2015-02-07 SSU: Limit range for valid clock skew Reduce log level for ignored clock adjustment
f4c79c885 2015-02-07 Transport: Ban routers if they are too old and we are non-DSA
656202c9d 2015-02-07 debug tweak
72b64072d 2015-02-07 missed file for event log change
b72271f9a 2015-02-06 NTCP: Block IP for a while when incoming connection is dropped before receiving a message. Possible workaround for tickets #551, #1075, #1411. Root cause of problem not yet found. - Increase threshold for loop throttle, this probably isn't the problem. - Log tweaks
b0d09d28f 2015-02-06 SSU: Change peer test log error to warn. This is caused by an i2pd bug, already fixed.
b9197e35b 2015-02-06 NetDB: Reduce max job lag for floodfill, was far too high
e431be2cb 2015-02-06 NTCP minor cleanups, javadocs, atomics
761c883c1 2015-02-06 Add event log for reachability change
60f86f342 2015-02-06 Decrease DH refiller initial delay and increase buffer size to reduce chance of running out on high-bandwidth routers
1234b6b14 2015-02-06 stat tweak
6f45242fc 2015-02-04 Plugin SU3 cert for str4d@mail.i2p
36c45ccb7 2015-02-04 Console: Show UPnP status even if disabled (ticket #1459)
90cf71b5b 2015-02-04 rename headers after review
7165dc786 2015-02-01 NetDB: Don't flood an RI back to itself. While Java ffs self-flood, other implementations may not.
549128793 2015-02-01 OCMOSJ: Pick a OB tunnel at random, not with the OBEP closest to the lease, as that may be reducing the odds of trying a different path and hurting connection reliability. While the change may slightly increase connection congestion, if it helps with reliability then it's worth it.
7256096b8 2015-02-01 Router: Call warmupCrypto() earlier in the initialization, so it actually happens before some other thread needs the crypto
b6008b541 2015-02-01 Crypto: Catch IAE in generateCertificate()
1042d2127 2015-02-01 log tweak
47eff7ee8 2015-01-31 PRNG: Don't hang forever at startup waiting for SecureRandom init
3da850a6b 2015-01-31 bump -17
a1358deda 2015-01-31 private method
df0bbfd61 2015-01-31 Netdb: Encrypt lookups for 32-bit x86 also
0568ac3aa 2015-01-31 javadoc
e63a69170 2015-01-31 Transport: set 4 MBps max bw due to bloom filter
711f8dedd 2015-01-31 console: disable changing log path
09c3737a9 2015-01-31 reduce log level
938442417 2015-01-31 disable floodfill in laptop mode
4936f0821 2015-01-30 Console: Don't display invalid IPv6 addresses as options on /confignet
03f4ebbe3 2015-01-30 add throttle stat
0671785ab 2015-01-30 NTCP: Throttle event pumper if looping too fast (tickets #551, #1075, #1411) This is just a simple workaround, root cause unknown. May need tuning.
381dbc4b4 2015-01-30 Proxy error page tweaks
84cf531f5 2015-01-29 SSU: Fix transition from firewalled to non-firewalled
175806115 2015-01-29 SSU:  - Sort introducers in router address, so we won't force a republish due to a different ordering of the same introducers - Don't publish an address if we need introducers but don't have any, so the user won't see a 'firewalled with inbound NTCP enabled' message
86b45ab1e 2015-01-29 SSU: Fix replaceExternalAddress churn when firewalled, caused by change in 0.9.17 removing IP/port from published address when firewalled. We must now keep a local unpublished address also, containing the detected IP/port.
17939036b 2015-01-29 move comparators to their own class
5bf515441 2015-01-28 Router: Ensure nonzero tunnel IDs
06edb9f2a 2015-01-28 Router: Stub out capabilities P and X (ticket #1447)
33b58f5fa 2015-01-28 UPnP:   - Callback when device removed   - Consolidate callbacks   - Clear ignored devices after primary device removed     to allow one to be promoted on rescan
47a012a4d 2015-01-28 initialize blocklist sooner
e5801be43 2015-01-28 only use valid IP for geoIP
d5a6ac591 2015-01-28 more UPnP locking fixes
59373f9bd 2015-01-28 UPnP:   - Rescan for devices periodically and when reachability changes (tickets #661, #959)   - Don't put "I2P" in registered protocol name   - Add uptime to UPnP info   - HTML escaping   - Remove static log on Android   - Javadocs and cleanups
5da492b9e 2015-01-19 spelling
9bcc951f1 2015-01-11 i2psnark: Skip incompatible welterde tracker if we are ECDSA
3270ba840 2015-01-11 I2PTunnel: Add option for multihoming optimization
45b3e44cc 2015-01-10 NetDB: Stubs for bandwidth estimation during reseed (ticket #935) Incomplete and may not ever be, for evaluation only.
7ed855b2d 2015-01-09 NetDB: Publish RI faster when costs change (ticket #1437) PLRIJ interval was 37-50 minutes. Reduce that by 4x, but for 3 out of 4 times, only publish if something changes, including cost. 4th time, always publish, as before. This will hopefully reduce routers getting slammed to conn limits on a transport.
f08552c2d 2015-01-09 javadocs
9a4c19b24 2015-01-08 reduce log level
690b69537 2015-01-08 remove jisko.i2p, down since 2014-11-08
65348b236 2015-01-08 more renaming
285c13d90 2015-01-07 fix reseed checking at startup, broken in previous checkin
0a938d904 2015-01-07 Router: Don't reset uptime after a soft restart Tunnels: Temporarily increase exploratory tunnel quantity at startup, so that netdb refresh will work better
a02a26580 2015-01-07 trim all xml news data
eeeeef81c 2015-01-07 NetDB: Possible fixes for reseed completion not recognized (ticket #1384)
bcb9fe5f2 2015-01-07 Startup: Accept tunnels after 10 minutes instead of 20 (ticket #1152)
37f34d83f 2015-01-07 Router: Add startup/shutdown state machine Tunnels: Cleanup, catch more cases of zero-hop configuration ClientAppConfig: Start i2ptunnel sooner   Since BuildRequestor won't use a zero-hop exploratory as a paired tunnel   for client builds, it's now safe to start client tunnels   before the expl. tunnels are ready. This will save up to 90 seconds.
b3238079c 2015-01-06 reorder
ee1edb338 2015-01-06 renaming
7767430af 2015-01-05 EepGet: Fix PcapWriter
2e5185aa9 2015-01-05 EepGet: Change command line default to 0 retries
6e847a4cc 2015-01-05 Streaming: Add API for sending/receiving payload in ping/pong
045f6dccf 2015-01-05 Latency reduction all over: - SSU: Reduce ack delay - Streaming: Reduce min RTO and flusher delay - Tunnels: Reduce GW batching time
d7895a456 2015-01-05 minor optimization
7753d05b6 2015-01-05 UrlLauncher: - Configure browser with routerconsole.browser (ticket #1159) - Convert to ClientApp interface
043b4776c 2015-01-05 move port under interface in form
5db764de5 2015-01-05 Blocklist: - Rewrite to read and merge multiple files - Include in update, use version in base dir too - Increase limits - Bug fixes
3ae846a71 2015-01-03 m4b mime type
927e29b8e 2015-01-03 I2PTunnel: Persist leaseset keys I2CP: Use configured leaseset keys if available
d27141155 2015-01-03 Added Dock fix for Mac OSX 10.10
31d98ac4a 2014-12-30 new reseed host
78f4cc8e3 2014-12-22 Add two certs to deletelist (missed in last commit)
cce30a8f4 2014-12-21 reseed changes
a9e928fb4 2014-12-19 Eepsite help: Removed statements requiring dest to end in AAAA. Translations updated also, but may need some further fixup.
60017f7c5 2014-12-17 Crypto: Stubs for encryption key types
eb46f74e2 2014-12-17 I2CP: Don't log full session config on error
5e890bd78 2014-12-15 checkremotecerts.sh: torify was recently deprecated and now is just an alias pointing to torsocks, so let's use torsocks directly
20facf78d 2014-12-15 bump -3
96db43cc8 2014-12-15 unchoke new peer faster
ab4f209c1 2014-12-15 remove xml stats link
fa51a0aef 2014-12-15 enhance logging for inproxy rejections
aa6a5e053 2014-12-15 raise max concurrent tunnel builds
03df6c2ba 2014-12-15 less casting
501f645e6 2014-12-14 disabling reseed host i2p-netdb.innovatio.no: unresponsive hoster + config issues.
23534b31c 2014-12-14 SU3File: Infer SigType from private key when signing,          Change default to RSA 4096 SigUtil: Add conversion methods for Java keys with unknown types
d35363cdb 2014-12-14 SU3File: Fix getContentOffset(); fail on excess data after sig
ba34c90b7 2014-12-13 EdDSA cleanup, another null resource check
94a19171e 2014-12-13 reseed server and comment updates
809959158 2014-12-13 correct certificate line endings
df6bbc59b 2014-12-13 update of reseed ssl certificates:
05a616aa0 2014-12-11 SU3File: Implement 'extract -k'
c84105e78 2014-12-10 add cacert cert to deletelist
262721cc9 2014-12-10 SSU: reduce log level of uncaught errors processing I2NP message
c24168d5c 2014-12-10 remove unused and weak md5 certficate
4e529a68d 2014-12-09 Console: Prevent two-word translations from splitting across lines in summary bar
4f3244e93 2014-12-08 add new, stronger certificate for netdb.i2p2.no
b2e17916e 2014-12-08 HTTP Proxy: Fix parsing of ECDSA address helper, ignore '=' when comparing, reindent test
57ac344e7 2014-12-08 show infohash in upper case
98e275d90 2014-12-08 javadoc typo
8420b6c71 2014-12-08 NetDB: Increase lookup throttle time
3dfcb2d5c 2014-12-07 (temporarily?) disable jp.reseed.i2p2.no (ticket #1422), add a note that netdb.i2p2.no is currently v3 only
540720a91 2014-12-05 unit test fixes
f86200e3a 2014-12-05 history for prop, -1
9e4361802 2014-12-05 Plugins: More thread group debugging for isRunning check; Don't count Jetty RolloverFileOutputStream in the thread group, to fix restart of a plugin
aacdba1bc 2014-12-05 KeyGenerator: main() test improvements Allow specification of sig types on command line
c28d060d5 2014-12-05 Update: Use last-modified instead of last-checked for the next if-modified-since fetch, to fix failing to fetch the latest news
bf3fdbb1a 2014-12-05 Increase default class O conn. limits to 350 NTCP, 1050 SSU
0a7a637d4 2014-12-05 javadocs
e84216526 2014-12-05 more argument checking, javadocs
2db82da91 2014-12-05 cleanup
9953bc302 2014-12-05 javadoc
2ba4992d8 2014-12-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 0feb2e6806927f68c7333aaa0892de185bb2629c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0482fa843cb1e9d7ec281440056eef3a0ab07bdb)
5e67008d2 2014-12-05 I2PTunnel: Reduce i2ptunnel threads, more thread pooling. Big savings is on client side (two less threads per connection)  - Move client pool from static inI2PTunnelClientBase to TCG.  - Use client pool for some server threads  - Run some things inline that were formerly threads  - Client-side I2PTunnelRunner thread used to do nothing but start 2 more    threads; now it runs one inline (like we do for server-side HTTP)  - Javadocs and cleanups Was originally intended to reduce load for high-traffic servers but most of the savings for now is on the client side. Ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1741 Todo: Figure out how to run the HTTP client-side gunzipper inline too Todo: More server-side improvements
e7b50c594 2014-12-02 reduce auto-stop threshold again
78d727729 2014-12-02 show b32 for local leasesets too
fb641187b 2014-12-02 use new getVersion()
4b2715c36 2014-12-02 RouterInfo: Add convenience method getVersion()
f1e9f5d4f 2014-12-02 DatabaseStoreMessage: Mask the unused bits in the type field, in case we ever want to use them for options
2d43d349a 2014-12-02 add more invalid ports
a3c6cc1da 2014-11-30 libjbigi updates:    Added:      nativeJbigiVersion()      nativeGMPMajorVersion()      nativeGMPMinorVersion()      nativeGMPPatchVersion()      nativeModInverse()      nativeModPowCT()    Support negative vaules in conversion functions    Support negative base value in modPow()    Throw ArithmeticException for bad arguments rather than crashing    Switch to GMP 6.0.0    New build targets NativeBigInteger changes:    Test improvements    Version reporting Crypto changes:    Use constant time modPow() for signing and decryption    Use native modInverse()
7ab6708a3 2014-11-30 0.9.17
7010d9b52 2014-11-28 really bump
947a3a218 2014-11-28 bump build (-11-rc)
0ff87ef8c 2014-11-28 merge of '3e6cfe9a01136316f39f1bd294a515e6bc91ff8e'      and 'b4b595d294ace07f7fde583957d8e00e96af347c'
ec20150ff 2014-11-28 geoip updates (2014-11-05)
30876a9cd 2014-11-28 PO files pulled from tx
1773fc0e0 2014-11-28 Add more clues to file locations in default config files
6d6f7fb89 2014-11-28 Data: Disallow duplicate keys in a Mapping
449ce3176 2014-11-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b4b595d294ace07f7fde583957d8e00e96af347c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 90c482d231ea639bff8d37d390dac081e361f48f)
be8832e87 2014-11-27 link to Russian version of ECDSA help page
599969066 2014-11-27 link ECDSA warning to wiki help page
285fa6cbc 2014-11-26 BuildRequestor: Reduce delay when client build can't find a paired tunnel (possible fix for ticket #1412)
9700f30c3 2014-11-26 Tunnels: Disallow changing allowZeroHop setting for exploratory
a38bd0b5c 2014-11-26 Data: Fix NPE on unknown sig type in destination Fix hashcode and equals for typed data
5383f9f09 2014-11-25 Profiles: Change slice selection argument from an int to an enum for clarity
a16d17c42 2014-11-24 SusiMail: Add save-as button Fix encoding for filename in Content-Disposition header New icon from Silk, same license as the others
5f2b62081 2014-11-24 PrivateKeyFile: Don't rewrite file in main() if no options
fd47cb88d 2014-11-24 i2ptunnel: Fix automatic setting of random key
77e7982e7 2014-11-23 Drop i2p.feared.eu ssl cert for reseed
04cd1cedd 2014-11-23 Reseed update from backup@mail.i2p:
3ef89f49e 2014-11-22 SAM: Fix v3 bug accepting incoming connections It was starting both the v3 and v1 acceptors.
2a681608b 2014-11-22 PeerSelector: If non-DSA, don't use incompatible peers for exploratory tunnels or closest-hop in client tunnels
a52c06a6c 2014-11-22 point to Jetty 8 Javadocs
49b8a65ad 2014-11-21 Integer.compare() is 1.7 syntax
9781cb72a 2014-11-21 Bump version
f7e83fb83 2014-11-21 Require at least one update in a release
ce2a2cf68 2014-11-21 Only need one torrent magnet; tighten update type spec
c88fa70f8 2014-11-21 Cleanups
f76744a0c 2014-11-21 Improved SU3 news file specification
31cc0764a 2014-11-18 Logger: Configurable flush interval
15137d9b6 2014-11-17 NetDB: Exclude A1/A2 "countries" from auto-floodfill
8f8adfa39 2014-11-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bde4ef3680071b416b3528bad4c16245964f432a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 183d2a30edd10165451d0cbbf75636f3b1dfda16)
5044f3e58 2014-11-15 I2NP: Move some data structures away from ByteArray; offsets were always zero   - New BuildRequestRecord constructors   - BuildRequestRecord field becomes final byte[222]   - IV becomes byte[16]   - Build record becomes EncryptedBuildRecord Remove extra copy in BuildRequestRecord.encryptRecord() Remove unused BuildRequestRecord.readOurIdentityMatches()
279e102d7 2014-11-15 I2NP: - Set lookup type flags even if no reply tunnel specified - Reduce object churn when writing some messages
7f72830ec 2014-11-14 JavaDoc fixes
2caaad95e 2014-11-14 Comment out not yet implemented tests
09b995aca 2014-11-14 BigIntegerFieldElement.isNonZero() tests
a0bf8433e 2014-11-14 Tests: copy the EdDSA test.data file to where the classloader can find it
9104bd730 2014-11-14 Tests: Copy the new EdDSA test vectors to where the classloader can find them. Throw a better error message if not found.
2f2aa7f5a 2014-11-13 I2PTunnel: - Fix bug that left server acceptor thread running after close - Add destroy() methods to release all resources when closing a tunnel for good,   particularly the streaming timer threads - Use COWAL to prevent concurrency problems - Javadocs Streaming: - Don't return null from accept() any more; actually throw   ConnectException as the javadocs have always specified - Throw ConnectException from accept() if interrupted; previously caught and ignored - Throw exceptions from ConnectionHandler.accept(), not higher up - Close ServerSocket when ConnectionManager is shut down - Synchronize setActive(), clear queue when starting to accept,   better handling of calls that don't change state - Javadocs ConfigClientsHelper: Call isPluginRunning() less often PluginStarter: Simplify detection of active threads
0773a3057 2014-11-12 add hamcrest-all to classpaths and minor formatting fixes
962f5efe6 2014-11-12 merge of '1e0d390eeacce432f968251f1bbbe03ef031a116'      and 'f61d617d9bfd5759366102b0b5ff45effde08e84'
6dc3cd965 2014-11-12 build.xml: signing
397ae536f 2014-11-12 Data: Clear more caches when under memory pressure and at shutdown
f19ec4bd4 2014-11-12 Plugins: Fix bug in stopping a ClientApp plugin with $parameters in the args
fd7e54991 2014-11-12 Added EdDSA tests
7a7ae77c8 2014-11-12 Updated EdDSA code
1a9fb381e 2014-11-11 new su3 reseed cert (bugme/mooo.com)
ae7bfceaf 2014-11-11 snark tweaks
a961843aa 2014-11-10 bump -4
43c6a4dda 2014-11-09 fix some issues with tracker config form
ae1d5648d 2014-11-09 Router, i2ptunnel: Add option for per-pool persistent random key, so peer ordering does not change across restarts
2d3e8e0c4 2014-11-09 disable spellcheck in custom options field
4691fc69d 2014-11-08 SSU: Fix bug preventing inbound connection from non-DSA router (ticket #1408) Transports: If we are non-DSA, check for compatibility before connecting out
cb87f9f30 2014-11-08 ProfileOrganizer: More efficient slice calculation, don't pollute Hash cache
5f1e5bc27 2014-11-08 Data: make getKeysAndCert() public
1c6d5ad2d 2014-11-08 EdDSA: Bump minimum router version to 0.9.17 due to previous bugs
555189f12 2014-11-08 i2psnark: Add support for specifying data dir in add form (ticket #1028)
049044b82 2014-11-08 javadoc fix
cfd9e2c3a 2014-11-06 Fix compile error; history for prop; -2
a0b457b9a 2014-11-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 9dca19f228a66b5ac646c3d97d4f018c733081de)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e7f2b0990f1ff9ab0e0d8633ac2faf35a993b917)
23f24c7d3 2014-11-06 javadoc
6112cc5a3 2014-11-06 i2psnark:   - Add new opentrackers, remove welterde   - Support multiple default opentrackers   - Don't link to opentrackers at the top
7deb8c1bc 2014-11-06 Console: Don't disable updates when restarting from /configupdate Recognize router.newsRefreshFrequency=0 as "never"
76e4b49d9 2014-11-06 Transports: Consolidate port checking code Disallow SSDP port
5ae267a8a 2014-11-06 EdDSA bugfixes
f52435104 2014-11-05 Console: Add ECDSA warning to sidebar
893d1bb45 2014-11-05 Job Queue: Only drop lookup jobs if lagged
945988dfb 2014-11-05 i2psnark: Fix NPE when deleting torrent if the data directory was deleted out from under us (ticket #1407)
62698664a 2014-11-05 SU3 News: Blacklist HTML event-handler attributes in content
0d2892c75 2014-11-04 SSU: Fix corruption of ack-only packets containing bitfields Full acks were included in the bitfield portion, which ran over and appeared to be fragments. Also clean up setting bytes with initial data, for clarity.
ecc72e682 2014-11-04 SU3 News: Add echelon cert, change default URL
531d520ce 2014-11-02 Blockfile:  - Add block size to superblock  - Add span size to skiplist block  - Bump version to 1.2
4e72e150a 2014-11-02 reduce log level of expired certs on android
b28628b8e 2014-11-02 Console: Log warning if no pack200
702830ad0 2014-11-02 Reseed: SSL only by default
6ca0c54ba 2014-11-02 i2ptunnel: ECDSA default for all new server tunnels ECDSA default for streamr client tunnels Fix display of server destination on edit page when not running (privkey file path wasn't absolute) Fix display of persistent client key b32 on edit page when not running Fix display of server sig type on edit page when we have a privkey file Add KeysAndCert.getSigType() Javadocs
634bf5f7e 2014-11-01 0.9.16 Fix history.txt UTF-8 breakage Javadoc fixes after review
2284c963a 2014-11-01 drop dummy crypto stubs
ad2052395 2014-10-31 bump -19-rc
e9a1dbf8f 2014-10-31 merge of '3baf6884e9804b23ac99e38fb031fc6c04b6134a'      and '995a4e27dc6bd096a6eb83acfc9e2e09c9cb61aa'
703b21e89 2014-10-31 Eclipse classpath fix
36ea2cca6 2014-10-31 Removed 20 unnecessary variable definitions from multiply()
8b2cf770a 2014-10-30 bump -18-rc
7d6d80194 2014-10-30 merge of '76a3db43068c5b8578dfad10bf0dad884846f608'      and 'feed7db1184a2b8a06ddf35d45dc0e993895e2be'
d705b43f3 2014-10-30 update en po files before pushing to tx
a18ed194c 2014-10-30 update debian changelog
a3e4293fd 2014-10-30 geoip updates
df144d843 2014-10-30 Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish updates from Transifex
bab1e0523 2014-10-30 Router: Fix rare NPE building garlic message (ticket #1403)
a1fdd41b0 2014-10-29 SU3 News: Tweaks after testing Console /debug: Move DHT section to bottom
60d9c1651 2014-10-29 SU3File: Show content and file types in showversion
ec1380dfa 2014-10-29 i2psnark: Convert '+' to ' ' in magnet dn param
798275608 2014-10-28 jbigi: Save and report extracted library name
0f2affd41 2014-10-28 SSU: Don't publish direct info if introducers are required
7695b51d8 2014-10-28 Make recognition of a hidden router consistent, whether specified in the caps or the cert
fb99122d8 2014-10-28 log Java 6 warning
6d53838e2 2014-10-28 javadoc clarification
ec3fd9a7d 2014-10-28 null check in zip entry name
304f2ebb7 2014-10-28 dont OOM when thread dies
4976e8448 2014-10-28 use recent method
2ebacb1b9 2014-10-28 fix static access
d085f9ea6 2014-10-26 SSU: Fix ACK Sender thread dying on corrupt packet
e27511756 2014-10-24 i2ptunnel: Fix description entered via wizard
eae277fb7 2014-10-24 dont add whitespace to XHTML output
d7130c15c 2014-10-23 SSL: Don't prohibit SSLv3 ciphers if that's all we have
937a17c5d 2014-10-23 SessionKeyManager: - Raise inbound limit - Delete oldest tagsets when limit is hit - Don't delete recent tagsets when limit is hit - Log tweaks
b6234e1d5 2014-10-23 javadoc fixes
7955b8ae7 2014-10-22 SU3 News: Fix parsing of the XHTMl nodes
a36ef6235 2014-10-22 SU3 News:  - Fix SU3File support (tested)  - Finish implementation (untested)  - Output metadata as comments in news.xml  - Support signed HTML  - Copy router certs to news
bcbda3cd2 2014-10-21 SSU: Don't resend ACKS that are too old (ticket #772) untested
239fe518a 2014-10-21 Update: Partial implementation of su3 news with atom feed. No spec yet, just followed str4d's testnews.atom.xml proposal. Atom parsing is tested, su3 part is incomplete and untested. Todo: add spec to http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/spec/updates, finish su3 and test.
44d6e117d 2014-10-20 Console and Eepsite Jetty: Switch back to QueuedThreadPool (ticket #1395) In Jetty 5/6, the default QTP was not concurrent, so we switched to ThreadPoolExecutor with a fixed-size queue, a set maxThreads, and a RejectedExecutionPolicy of CallerRuns. Unfortunately, CallerRuns causes lockups in Jetty NIO. In addition, no flavor of TPE gives us what QTP does: - TPE direct handoff (which we were using) never queues.   This doesn't provide any burst management when maxThreads is reached.   CallerRuns was an attempt to work around that. - TPE unbounded queue does not adjust the number of threads.   This doesn't provide automatic resource management. - TPE bounded queue does not add threads until the queue is full.   This doesn't provide good responsiveness to even small bursts. QTP adds threads as soon as the queue is non-empty. QTP as of Jetty 7 uses concurrent. QTP unbounded queue is the default in Jetty. So switch back to QTP with a bounded queue, which does what we want, which is first expand the thread pool, then start queueing, then reject.
8a12b7cb4 2014-10-18 snark HTML fix
4d4308c48 2014-10-17 NTCP: Deadlock fix 3rd try (ticket #1394)
abcdcf2e8 2014-10-16 log tweaks (SSU)
44b753d1e 2014-10-16 NTCP: Deadlock fix 2nd try (ticket #1394)
83b3f242a 2014-10-15 Console, I2CP, i2ptunnel, SSLEepGet: Set allowed SSL protocols and ciphers
86c43f473 2014-10-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b82e829752729679ee6b9ece7ce8c7279c70aedf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 8e441b5ba1384e499901127e10ab79b96f0f0cb5)
be0cb84f9 2014-10-14 Util: Use write-sync-close-rename for config file writing
3bea7f5ad 2014-10-14 drop unused HarvesterJob
266a20d55 2014-10-14 I2NP: Implement DatabaseLookupMessage search type field, to replace all-zeros hash, and ease implementation for separate LS and RI databases, as documented in i2np spec.
d2c6a80d2 2014-10-13 i2ptunnel: Set default sig type to ECDSA P256 for client tunnel    types Standard, IRC, and Socks IRC, if non-shared.
cd51fbc2a 2014-10-13 doc fix
73256f603 2014-10-10 Move BundleRouterInfos out of router.jar
e081f94d9 2014-10-10 GeoIP:    - Don't rate peers in some countries as high capacity    - Don't enable auto-floodfill in some countries    - Don't prefer floodfills in some countries
e96cc09d7 2014-10-10 Banlist: Remove unused banlist tracking in the profile causing deadlock (ticket #1394)
d87178fec 2014-10-08 UPnP: Comment out unused parsers
28ad95f89 2014-10-07 findbugs all over
8270a92a4 2014-10-07 SSU: Improve handling of socket that gets closed (ticket #1385)
088290c54 2014-10-07 Startup: Delay ReadConfigJob another minute   - code cleanup
6685acfef 2014-10-07 i2ptunnel: Handle named sig types from i2ptunnel.config in the GUI
1d1a05ee7 2014-10-07 log tweak
bbeb429a5 2014-10-07 Graphs: Catch an error caused by missing fonts
55af588c2 2014-10-07 CPUID: Remove Intel model 2 again, this is spoofed in the VM
80d0313fe 2014-10-05 Crypto: EdDSA cleanup  - Remove duplicate load3 and load4 methods  - Change load3 return type to int  - Comment out dead stores  - Re-roll the add, subtract, and negate loops;    there's no speed benefit or timing reason to unroll them  - Check for field already set  - Remove shifts by 0
853d30996 2014-10-04 i2ptunnel: Fix js confirm for delete button
564400597 2014-10-04 i2psnark: Disable changing types for predefined trackers
1c2b6fc00 2014-10-03 CPUID: Fix Intel processor identification
7b6f32e5b 2014-10-03 Console: New add-to-addressbook links on leaseset page
dd4acc88a 2014-10-03 i2psnark: Fix adding magnet links with % encoding (ticket #1391)
6e566f6e3 2014-10-03 log tweak
fff7fbe12 2014-10-03 Base64: Catch NPE on bad input to main() decode
a50afeb5d 2014-09-30 SAM: Fix v3 LS publish, broken in -4 (ticket #1390)  - code cleanup in direction handling
49eeb99d4 2014-09-30 Logs: Fix displayed filename when empty (ticket #1386)  - More synchronization
bfd51097c 2014-09-29 i2psnark: Show subdirectory in table header on details page
a21e3cd84 2014-09-29 CPUID:   - Fix main() model and family calculation   - Add model string fetch from processor   - AMD model string tweaks
0f298cf48 2014-09-27 CPUID:   - Fix model and family calculation   - Fix most AMD family 15 IDs   - Add AMD Llano, Jaguar, Bulldozer 2   - Add Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Penryn, Pineview, Cedarview, Bay Trail, Avoton, and others   - Set best-guess capabilities for most Intel processors   - Supply best-guess model string in most cases   - Processors listed above, and some others, may see crypto speedups as a result   - Code cleanup, reduce number of JNI calls   - Merge dup cases   - Tab removal   - Javadocs
4b074b8dc 2014-09-26 I meant CREATE SAM:  - Don't publish LS for DIRECTION=RECEIVE  - Set default tunnel name
2c79853ff 2014-09-26 i2psnark:    - Increase default to 3 hops (ticket #966)    - Reduce upload threshold for auto-stop    - Revert addition of js mime type, it was already in the default
72f57255f 2014-09-26 Transport: Hooks for pluggable transports (ticket #1170)
1053bc8bb 2014-09-25 go back to release w/o geoip
4835e6fcb 2014-09-25 i2psnark:  - Show info hash on details page  - Null storage check just in case
7ec02a162 2014-09-24 NetDB: Increase max age of RIs to reduce number refreshed after restart
10993cc6e 2014-09-24 EdDSA: Use our PRNG by default for keygen
81409369b 2014-09-24 measure keygen time in test
edb8590da 2014-09-24 move log outside synch
3a7bfd28f 2014-09-24 snark: Don't enable sort-by-remaining link when complete
36fdb4ee2 2014-09-23 Fix junit compile fails due to data structure moves
b06f77264 2014-09-23 history for prop, -2
012cc740d 2014-09-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 6ccd9ca652057494bb2857e87636f18aadcd33f3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 376f751adc13923cdbf4f659c3f23ca957cf47b3)
1407cff49 2014-09-23 fix anonymous proxy flag
3331e1c15 2014-09-22 SSU: Return unused DH to the queue
591f48856 2014-09-22 add sort links for details page fix tooltips on images
479b9691f 2014-09-22 snark sorters for details page no links yet
0e48557b4 2014-09-22  * SSU: Fix 100% CPU after socket failure  * UPnP: Catch reported error on FreeBSD
3fae6f06d 2014-09-21 reduce object churn in ElG decrypt
7639c24bf 2014-09-21 restore dh.calculateSessionTime stat
39fd1c3ab 2014-09-21 center icons in details first column
abf9dbae6 2014-09-21 itoopie for update files
98062f830 2014-09-20 0.9.15
c25934791 2014-09-20 javadoc fixes after review
9c4558d89 2014-09-20 Catch SSU packet read errors in one place IMS PartialBitfield tweaks Log tweaks
9e7e2948e 2014-09-20 dont return next IV to cache
43430da25 2014-09-19 bump for review -21-rc
eca7ac21a 2014-09-18 remove bogus check
bc463f6d0 2014-09-18 NetDB: Don't auto-ff if ARM or ElG decrypt is too slow
ec2708a1f 2014-09-18 Jetty 8.1.16.v20140903
082922de0 2014-09-18 NTCP: Return unused DH keypairs to the pool
ea02a7c70 2014-09-18 Transport DH:   - Add method to return an unused keypair to the pool
ab7e25bd5 2014-09-17 NTCP EstablishState:   - Prep for future enhancements by refactoring to a state machine model   - Reduce object churn; use SimpleByteCache   - Synchronization   - Define some constants   - More finals   - Log tweaks
d4876dd25 2014-09-17 debian: add changelog
89ee0bbab 2014-09-17 translation updates pulled from transifex (cs, es, fi, fr, ja, nb, pl, ro, ru, uk), and English po file updates
06ae88206 2014-09-17 geoip updates:
6517fe751 2014-09-17 set default SSL outproxy
d510aad2a 2014-09-17 fix class
3db297de9 2014-09-17  * i2psnark:   - Forward port from trunk: Don't send HTML-only headers for icons (2nd try)   - Consolidate HTML header code   - Set no-cache headers   - Don't set HTML headers for redirects
8688f26f1 2014-09-16  * i2psnark: Don't send HTML-only headers for icons (2nd try)
85d38e7af 2014-09-15 I2PTunnelGUI: Deleted, moved to i2p.scripts
044834815 2014-09-15 javadoc fix
ceab4f1ff 2014-09-15 improve efficiency of addressbook parser
3781b8db0 2014-09-15 sanity check
7a450c526 2014-09-15 exception tweak
c1e8ea0e4 2014-09-15 RoutingKeyGenerator:   - Move from core to RouterKeyGenerator in router.jar   - Leave RoutingKeyGenerator as a simple abstract class   - DatabaseEntry now uses timestamp instead of mod data     to determine if mod data has changed. Don't expose     mod data to DatabaseEntry any more.   - I2PAppContext.routingKeyGenerator() now returns null;     you must be in RouterContext to get a generator.
f248a33ea 2014-09-14 SSU: - Fix IB ACKBitfield.highestReceived() - More efficient OMS.acked() - Log tweaks
67fb4e700 2014-09-14 SSU InboundMessageState.PartialBitfield, PacketBuilder: - Add ACKBitfield.highestReceived() for efficiency - Only write as many partial bitfield bytes as required,   rather than 10 (for 64 bits) every time. - Don't allow more than 10 bytes when reading in bitfield - Don't send an extra byte if (fragments % 7) == 0 - Don't send a corrupt ack packet if the partial ack got completed (race) - Log tweaks
0a41052f3 2014-09-14 SSU InboundMessageState - Rewrite PartialBitfield for efficiency, less space and object churn SSU ACKBitfield: Add ackCount() PeerState.fetchPartialACKs() improvements
a7763a08d 2014-09-14 SSU OutboundMessageState - Fix SSU Output Queue errors due to races with PacketBuilder:    - Remove all buffer caching as it can't be made thread-safe.      Just allocate buffer in constructor and let GC handle it    - Do fragmenting in constructor and make all fragment fields final    - Don't track per-fragment retransmissions as it wasn't used    - Move ack tracking from an array to a long    - Sync all ack methods    - Entire class now thread-safe (thx dg)
fcfb471a8 2014-09-14 log OS version too
b9e383130 2014-09-14 i2psnark: Sort themes in config form   Don't return null from getThemes()
cd2159b87 2014-09-14 i2psnark: Switch from checkbox to radio for tracker configuration form
e492d5e0c 2014-09-13 fixup remaining field on details page
9a0f6490b 2014-09-13 i2psnark: Consolidate code for creating img entities
5183b44d8 2014-09-13 port new styles to the other two themes
156d86835 2014-09-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 60a9a2297abeaf042645e3f0bc8d106f1ff585bf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 6ff6f0bcee835d32aad62449a37f5171afde915a)
eab4397b0 2014-09-13  * i2ptunnel:    - Fixes for stopping client tunnels    - Fix status display for shared clients    - Log tweaks
d808b999c 2014-09-13 better error message
603b34540 2014-09-12  * i2ptunnel: Fix updating session options on a running delay-open client tunnel
682534f46 2014-09-12  * i2psnark: More escape fixes
42eb43f71 2014-09-12 SSU: Implement bundling of multiple fragments in a single data message. This has always been in the spec and implemented in the receive side since the beginning, so it is compatible with all versions. - Switch preparePackets() return value from a "sparse array" to a list - UDPPacketReader cleanups - UDPPacket javadocs
0817b58b9 2014-09-11 i2psnark:  - Add file type sorter  - Cycle through name/type sorters
9ab766375 2014-09-11 i2psnark: Fix downloaded comparator
6c2799fe5 2014-09-11 i2psnark:  - Cycle through downloaded/size sorters  - Cycle through uploaded/ratio sorters  - Fix ratio comparator  - Display ratio when sorted by ratio, and on details page (ticket #1298)
ef81a575c 2014-09-11 i2psnark:  - Add ratio sorter  - Catch IAE on unstable sort  - Only sort if necessary  - toImg() cleanup
cce0d94fb 2014-09-11  - Conditionally enable sort links
22b520333 2014-09-11 i2psnark:  - Tweak column tooltips  - Tweak status sort
d4be5abe6 2014-09-10 better shutdown message
9985a02ef 2014-09-10 i2psnark:  - Consolidate and clean up parameters code  - Click to sort by column
41c2c60ab 2014-09-10 i2psnark:  - Comment out command-line code  - Clean up ID generation
f285364f4 2014-09-09 icons on buttons when enabled
1c5e9b7fe 2014-09-09 i2psnark:  - More CSS  - .js mime type
12cc501e2 2014-09-09 fixup after prop
49118b8bf 2014-09-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e606c473eb1e461a477e45419f6295b6430a7353)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 6212892778308db10a86e58f9f275c838f604973)
09dfea7de 2014-09-09  * i2psnark: Escape fixes    - fix ':' in name (again)    - Change priority key from file name to file number so we don't hav to escape
00bd469f8 2014-09-09 bump -15-rc
18e7e56a6 2014-09-09 i2psnark:  - Set-all priority buttons (ticket #1376)  - Move icons to resources dir, add js dir  - Todo: more CSS
34d14a720 2014-09-09 atomics
c4d7f9924 2014-09-06 checkcerts.sh: check for extraneous spaces
80d6921a6 2014-09-06 fix certificate line endings
3c95144b8 2014-09-06 close tag
84ad155ab 2014-09-06 remove extraneous trailing whitespace
330a5ddd0 2014-09-05 NetDB:  - Better handling of unsupported encryption in destinations  - Implement handling of unsupported encryption in router identities  - Banlist forever all RIs with unsupported encryption  - New negative cache of all dests with unsupported encryption  - New methods for destination lookup that will succeed even if    the LS is expired or encryption is unsupported  - Use new dest lookup so client will get the right error code    later, rather than failing with no LS when we really got it    but just couldn't verify it.  - Cleanups and javadocs
3b2f1d35c 2014-09-05 I2CP: Fix LS keypair check
0f1036b0e 2014-09-04 better message on EOF reading data
86935f10a 2014-09-04 update link
1078c42a1 2014-09-04 I2CP: Enforce strict authorization when auth is enabled
09cf97371 2014-09-04 BuildHandler: Enforce request record timestamp BuildRequestor: Randomize timestamp to prevent hop ID at top of hour
5af749a22 2014-09-03 NetDB: Encrypt exploratory lookups too SearchUpdateReplyFoundJob: finals
f84b86a75 2014-09-03  * BundleRouterInfos:    - Move to its own class    - Run GeoIP, exclude bad countries    - Exclude class K    - Exclude dup IPs    - GeoIP mods for use in I2PAppContext
ca7873eda 2014-09-03 CryptoChecker: add main()
f87ebaf21 2014-09-02 re-enable i2p.mooo.com (ticket #1351)
a9802eb6a 2014-09-02 NetDB: Encrypt RI lookups and request encrypted reply on faster boxes, as a test, to prevent scraping by OBEPs and IBGWs
5d5a68cb3 2014-09-02  * CryptoChecker: Log tweaks, handle gij
c6b1f5053 2014-09-02 dont bundle IPv6-only RIs
1d2e01c8c 2014-09-02 i2ptunnel filter tweaks
0c5c18a76 2014-08-31  * Build: Add support for bundling router infos in the package
6826ba05e 2014-08-31 stubs for su3 news
053ce8874 2014-08-31  * I2PTunnel: Allow changing of spoof host and target host/port without               restarting server tunnel
4a216c57d 2014-08-31 Updated EdDSA code from upstream
03cec7fd5 2014-08-30 just check availability once
1238001ad 2014-08-30 bump -13
fa1c077fd 2014-08-30  * Console: Show unavailable crypto on /logs  * Router: Log warnings for unavailable crypto at startup
8a7c3390f 2014-08-30 /configclients:  - Re-enable plugin installation by default  - Don't show configuration section or update-all button if no plugins installed
2302aee81 2014-08-30 su3 plugin key
a72866ee6 2014-08-30 RouterInfo: Backport fix for verification of EdDSA RI sig type    from i2p.i2p.zzz.test2
0f7a3dba8 2014-08-30 Catch AIOOB in upnp code (triggered in I2P Android on shutdown)
5decf18eb 2014-08-29 import, @since
c31876039 2014-08-29 javadoc fixes and package.html files
629eff20d 2014-08-28 copy flag icons in preppkg-base target
f6e508ca1 2014-08-28  * Streaming: Fix verify of Ed25519 signatures in CLOSE packets    - cleanup writtenSize()
588ab86ab 2014-08-27  * Streaming: Fix P521 and RSA sig types
387629372 2014-08-27 i2psnark: Don't retry announce if we get back HTML
0a01700e3 2014-08-27 NetDB: Don't abort initialization on an unsupported RI sig type        (backport from i2p.i2p.zzz.test2)
59504deb7 2014-08-27 i2psnark:  - Recognize Vuze tracker rejections  - Don't retry rejected announces unless seeding  - Better UI handling of announces with ports or full destination
8ee660c23 2014-08-27 i2psnark:  - Persist uploaded count (tickets #1034, #1298)  - Show uploaded count even when stopped
176c10642 2014-08-26 I2CP: Catch bad private key
ed4fe56e7 2014-08-26 I2CP:  - Verify crypto key pair in LS  - Verfiy same dest as before in LS Router: Don't try to use an unavailable sig type for the router,    even if it's the default RouterInfo: Work around unsupported raw signatures for    RI Ed25519 sig type
310cd54aa 2014-08-26 remove unused EC curves
3217b4ac9 2014-08-26 move radio buttons closer together thx Shinobiwan
7bf194906 2014-08-26 remove unused method
51f9d6d42 2014-08-25 NTCP RI sig types
ddb32c65f 2014-08-25 add getPadding()
c5c158e98 2014-08-25 PrivateKeyFile: Add validateKeyPairs() Router: Validate router key pairs read in from file
f83007e03 2014-08-25 KeyGenerator: Add support for converting  all signing key types from private to public
2b9a368b1 2014-08-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 695c0048cc8ce28df0574a5e188c77c07c9b42ce)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head c116da02ea4b4d01dd028bc58ea02b43ae9af8cd)
6ad697445 2014-08-24 javadoc warnings about EdDSA raw sigs
308923448 2014-08-24 PrivateKeyFile: New constructor with padding Router:  - Use eepPriv.dat format for router keys file (thx orignal)  - Consolidate router keys readin code  - Update killKeys file list RouterPrivateKeyFile: New extension to add getRouterIdentity()
04ad7de2e 2014-08-24 SSU: Handle RI sig types TransportManager: Banlist unsupported RI sig types
54563b0b4 2014-08-23 catch swapped args
593779b54 2014-08-23 Router: Prep for RI sig types:  - New router.sigType config  - Generate / regenerate router keys based on config  - New router.keys2 file format for sig types and padding  - Fix RouterInfo.readBytes() signature verification with sig types  - Catch unset padding in KeysAndCert.writeBytes()  - Catch key errors in ReadRouterJob  - Show RI sig type on /netdb in console  - Move some things from Router to startup classes  - Startup classes package private  - Buffer readin of key files  - Remove configurability of router.info and router.keys file locations
34d370468 2014-08-23 sig type availability check
613f90bcf 2014-08-23 SSU: Drop peer tests as Bob from unestablished Alices
6ff500f7c 2014-08-23 increase RI publish interval slightly
c79e33896 2014-08-23 SSU intro key checks
68b15aadc 2014-08-23 proxy no LS error pages tweak
819504f08 2014-08-23 console escape fixes and cleanups
e65ec2a58 2014-08-23 i2ptunnel escape fixes
1bc355b8f 2014-08-23 i2psnark escape fixes
d76164679 2014-08-23 move null check to constructor
efebecfc6 2014-08-22 * SigTypes:   - Add isSupportedSince(), use in floodfill selection   - Handle mixed-case 25519 enum   - Fix 25519 type code   - Add dup type code check
7b64586c8 2014-08-22 temporarily disable reseed host (ticket #1351)
0fe15b8e1 2014-08-21 Use DataHelper instead of TestUtils
a1cb00b5a 2014-08-21 Java implementation of Ed25519
5041d819a 2014-08-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b026fe071e77884ef6d104635c793ef16357ec71)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.eddsa' (head 0d928736c4a34d8a337e1f55e095fe90564ea1fb)
02ab6eac6 2014-08-21 javadoc
d7feab116 2014-08-21 Core: Move router data structures, and the deprecated RouterAddress sorter, from core to router. This will break Android and the i2pcontrol plugin but shouldn't affect anything else.
4f9e13d0f 2014-08-21 unit test fix take 2
d0b0e6a58 2014-08-21 fix clock.skew rates
a12f89809 2014-08-21 Corrected Ed25519 SigType name
c921ecca0 2014-08-21 fix unit test
975378b22 2014-08-21 * i2ptunnel:   - Add local SSL support for std. and IRC client tunnels (ticket #1107)     Keystore goes in ~/.i2p/keystore; pubkey cert goes in ~/.i2p/certificates/i2ptunnel   - Escape messages to index page   - Show message for uncaught exception
915e00335 2014-08-21 * i2ptunnel: Use I2PAppThread
51e45d128 2014-08-21 * Tunnels: Debug code and other cleanups
57650ef05 2014-08-21 remove dup conversion
dee6e16e6 2014-08-21  * i2psnark:    - Escape control chars in encodePath()    - Increase max piece size to 8 MB (ticket #1347)
c86067461 2014-08-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e8883e85a7761bbda9df59b3f6b57601cc01bb5a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.eddsa' (head a1cc4ae4a17efaca2825dae64b2cc55aa520ca27)
33b7f08d5 2014-08-19  * i2psnark:    - Don't filter create torrent form, and      fix exception on ':' in file names (ticket #1342)    - Don't remap file names on torrents we created, and      save remap setting in torrent config file (tickets #571, 771)    - Escaping fixes since names may not be remapped    - Use better encodePath() from Jetty    - Don't say create torrent succeeded when it didn't    - Add more sanity checks for torrent creation
66bbe21a8 2014-08-18  * Tunnels: Use consistent tunnel pair for Delivery Status Message    to reduce network connections (ticket #1350)
51995cc42 2014-08-18  * i2psnark:    - Don't send HTML-only headers for icons    - Catch IllegalStateException for icons
a3e3a305c 2014-08-17 removed notification of port 8887
15facc72b 2014-08-15  * Console: Escaping fix (ticket #1348)
3839c8d1c 2014-08-15  * I2CP: Lookup synch cleanups
d5edcbc6e 2014-08-13 * Console, EventLog: Added {BECAME,NOT}_FLOODFILL events. They will now be shown on the console's /events page when the router's ff status changes. * EventLog: Fix a minor typo.
eb97ef4cb 2014-08-13  * i2psnark: Fix add torrent NPE
9c38e1e19 2014-08-13  * Console: Escaping fix (ticket #1346)
7c3d3b412 2014-08-13 fix dependency checking for ministreaming po files
367cea4b1 2014-08-10 new translation files
a63bfeaee 2014-08-10 fix SKM test broken by TSKM move
41672dde6 2014-08-10 include geoip.txt in updater for next release
3b18cb7ec 2014-08-10 history for prop, -3
c9ce1751c 2014-08-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.snarkconfig' (head ad48ab1a9e769c58ea2e286337927f5c0e1568be)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0cd9e265bd38c40839e68de8f51233489acad346)
4ba40b340 2014-08-10 history for prop, -2
e3be1d1a0 2014-08-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head c182b371bc28158dd47262b89e5bd0cdda29e07b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4fc776f7b76b028bb890affccfdcfbefbb932c58)
6fa2a416b 2014-08-10 Console: Hide client delete button too
fdb54c315 2014-08-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b8f5da367cf5d16bc1d91aa2097830c350c9ef8a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.eddsa' (head 6fcc5b5019abb36251e28fe0f7723fd1a046a8e9)
c7de4e46c 2014-08-09
22a775746 2014-08-09 Console: Show share options below 30% (ticket #1329)
0bacbbc55 2014-08-09 SigType: Add static isAvailable() methods SU3File:  - Add -x option to bypass signature verification  - Add -k option to use specified private key cert for verification  - Don't verify signature in showversion
fbdc53528 2014-08-08  * i2psnark: Fix more escaped messages
03d831484 2014-08-08 dir for plugin certs
fe4d98f0d 2014-08-08 javadoc
b1d60122a 2014-08-08 better msg to client on unsupported sigtype
64ec9f6a0 2014-08-07 GeoIP db updates
2d6f71dc1 2014-08-07 debian: changelog update
c9e20c5d2 2014-08-07 log tweak
381f49475 2014-08-07 SU3File: Fix NPE on EOF reading input
506419964 2014-08-07 Plugins: SU3 support in form, type checking, don't require DSA key in SU3
35bb8c534 2014-08-07 Plugins: partial SU3 support
79fe799ae 2014-08-07 Plugins: Stub out SU3 support
2878a6487 2014-08-07 KeysAndCert: Change hashcode to prevent possible collisions caused by apps with zeroed pubkey
d4722e0d2 2014-08-07  * i2psnark: Fix excaped message
9655e79d2 2014-08-06 UPnP: Disable external entities in XML parser
d1a2e24f0 2014-08-06 SSU: Speed up introductions by responding to HolePunch (ticket #1333)
086381d95 2014-08-06 SU3File: Add support for XML and NEWS types
7187f6f71 2014-08-06  * Console: Display full path to config file  * i2ptunnel: More escaping
e10e05166 2014-08-06 refresh patch
b0f8d84a7 2014-08-06 updated debian/po/uk.po
0e9ceba05 2014-08-05  * i2ptunnel: Fix filtering of custom options
fe3059f0a 2014-08-05  * Plugins: Enforce signing key matches that in plugin.config
bd566f52c 2014-08-05 Adding SWAT's reseed(su3) certificate.
b7e0dabe6 2014-08-04 fix manual wrapper URL
2d2348f67 2014-08-03 payload bounds check
b28eb708a 2014-08-03  * Console:    - Fix update buttons    - Don't filter parameter names starting with "nofilter_"    - Re-allow configadvanced, news URL, and unsigned update URL if routerconsole.advanced=true    - Re-allow plugin install if routerconsole.advanced=true or routerconsole.enablePluginInstall=true    - Only allow whitelisted plugin signers, unless routerconsole.allowUntrustedPlugins=true    - Re-allow clients.config changes if routerconsole.advanced=true or routerconsole.enableClientChange=true    - More escaping  * i2psnark: Fix add torrent form
bf9c4b234 2014-07-31 new su3 cert as pwd for old lost, old one not in use till yet
d33aa097f 2014-07-31 bump
8673c232b 2014-07-31 Whitelist of known plugin public keys Compiled by kytv from plugins.i2p todo: implementation
d3ea5d212 2014-07-31 drop ExecNamingService, moving to i2p.scripts
370d2555c 2014-07-31 Notes and logging re: compiling with Java 8
5332cee3e 2014-07-27 update credit as requested
1246e1c49 2014-07-26 0.9.14
d6b0b1b93 2014-07-26 refresh tweaks another escape html
1e0c970c9 2014-07-26 remove add client button
db9f49c7d 2014-07-26 updates after review: Disable clients.config editing in UI Strip single quotes too Fix double-escaping in susimail folder page
1603353ae 2014-07-26 Susimail escaping from psi plus some more
6753d2330 2014-07-26 Add filtering for getParameterMap() Don't return null entries in getParameterValues() array Log in getParameterValues() too static
ca5755b0f 2014-07-26 javadoc move new classes
2c8223274 2014-07-26 filter pattern tweaks
f0dd09cf9 2014-07-26 filter logging
4746d9eb8 2014-07-26 Fix CSP to allow inline style and refresh Add filter to all webapps
99401c563 2014-07-26 fix link
58578d902 2014-07-26 Console:   XSSFilter patch from str4d:   XSSFilter and XSSRequestWrapper were from http://ricardozuasti.com/2012/stronger-anti-cross-site-scripting-xss-filter-for-java-web-apps/   No provided license, but it is clearly intended for public consumption.   But most of it is boilerplate provided by the Servlet Filter system.   In fact, now that I have stripped out his JS-specific patterns and replaced it with the whitelist,   it is effectively identical to what I would have written from scratch.
af575d6c9 2014-07-26 * Console:   - Fix several XSS issues (thx Aaron Portnoy of Exodus Intel)   - Add Content-Security-Policy and X-XSS-Protection headers   - Disable changing news feed URL from UI   - Disable plugin install from UI   - Disable setting unsigned update URL from UI   - Disable /configadvanced * DataHelper: Disallow \r in storeProps() (thx joernchen of Phenoelit) * ExecNamingService: Disable (thx joernchen of Phenoelit) * Startup: Add susimail.config to migrated files
e9c8748c0 2014-07-26 Updated Eclipse settings
08409d016 2014-07-23 translation updates from Transifex
42bfbfc60 2014-07-23 geoip database updates
c7c087d96 2014-07-23 fix poupdate target
89764c12e 2014-07-23 bob finals, synch
bd45d5483 2014-07-22 Added new reseed host, thanks to Backup. Notes: Only HTTPS and SU3 (v2) support.
328d7d000 2014-07-22 SAM:  - Don't spawn a thread for each transmitted datagram  - Set protocol field for raw and signed datagrams  - Enforce a 60s timeout for HELLO  - Use naming service cache to reduce Destination object churn  - Get Log object from the log manager  - Log spelling fixes
cca5bef8c 2014-07-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 79d0ad4538a0adc4ced6ac26cb725abe3d5ccee3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 73032545b42f6f9caffffca08d0a8b97f5cf7e3a)
ce4874d82 2014-07-21 better logging of reseed su3 errors
9b408b67e 2014-07-21 Adding Matt's SU3 reseed key.
c3bf10008 2014-07-21 readme_fr.html thx hummingbird
b282ccd89 2014-07-21 increment error count on exception
f38b74181 2014-07-21 Adding sindu's reseed key. ( i2p-netdb.innovatio.no )
3a899d52d 2014-07-19 Don't grab the ClientApp if we don't need to
a2567b0ee 2014-07-19  * SusiMail: Better error message on decode fail    http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=11469
4b0019c73 2014-07-19  * SAM: Add support for RAW on the bridge socket in v3 (ticket #1334)    log fixes
5d2173841 2014-07-19  * i2psnark: Don't prefer leeches during end game, to    prevent slowdowns or stalls
df81006b4 2014-07-19 javadoc
2c7006e9b 2014-07-19 Streaming; Disable fail-fast for now. It's failing on leaseset lookup far too often. Need to fix that first.
b1caa8d5a 2014-07-15 fix URL in initialNews: It's i2p-projekt not i2p-project (thanks to SeekingFor for the heads-up)
8b2ffada1 2014-07-15 - fix test - final - last week's history
0998738e9 2014-07-15 Updated history
c04062bbd 2014-07-15 Forgot to update @since
0c7a3a3a3 2014-07-15 Stubs for I2CP connections over Unix domain sockets
f364a83f4 2014-07-14 mtn.i2p-projekt.i2p
9dabc7586 2014-07-13  * SU3File: Disable the X.509 CN checking of local certs on Android,    as the javax.naming classes are not available.    Any issues with local certs will be discovered in non-Android testing.
2c185ea76 2014-07-11  * Datagrams:   - Redefine the repliable datagram signature for non-DSA_SHA1 sig types;     was the sig of the SHA-256 of the payload, now the sig of the payload itself.     This is an incompatible change but nobody is yet using the new     sig types for datagram applications.   - Don't pollute the hash cache with hashes of payloads   - Check for too-big datagrams   - Remove assertion check   - Cleanups
39e859c36 2014-07-11 javadoc
2cfe5e678 2014-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e02e6d733a703970e20e732e5156cbabc394e88e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.eddsa' (head 3910d01bed7c5a216f52bfd1d9fd96b59f058745)
bb00e9167 2014-07-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e02e6d733a703970e20e732e5156cbabc394e88e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test2' (head aad766aaf6f0a2563069c6f19c38b33ae6c49ad8)
d48991f71 2014-07-09 Crypto: Move TransientSessionKeyManager from core to router. I2PAppContext will return the dummy SessionKeyManager which is sufficient for non-tag uses (e.g. Bote). Client use of end-to-end encryption using SessionTags was disabled in release 0.6, 2005-07-27.
dfbe3c4eb 2014-07-09 signing key type check
b8170a544 2014-07-09 add reseed cert
4e7f92ec8 2014-07-09 Removing certificate + added it to delete list
292683268 2014-07-09 Thanks for the past support in reseeding pkol! Removing reseed host after request.
dc14abd4d 2014-07-05 BFNS: Trim whitespace from hosts.txt when importing DataStructureImpl: Throw unique exception on bad base 64
dd782f08f 2014-07-05 hosts.txt: Remove trailing whitespace causing test failure
d57dc9a8a 2014-07-05  * Reseed: Check su3 version as date code
4e463d57c 2014-07-05  * Reseed: Send If-Modified-Since in fetches  * EepGet: Fixes for adding etag or lastmod headers before fetch
e0c0cc8b6 2014-07-05 Avoid publishing null IP when using forced address config
cc50d4737 2014-07-05 log warning on very low MTU
4da7548ca 2014-07-05  * Reseed:    - Fix URLs without trailing /    - Cleanups of su3 code
91a676cb3 2014-07-05 public constructors for SKM
48a32fb3b 2014-07-05 spacing
845b45a57 2014-07-05 javadoc
7b7a62099 2014-07-03  * Console: Add event log viewer (ticket #1117)
82217d5eb 2014-07-03 increase default refresh on graphs page
b95ec70d7 2014-07-03 Console: Check wrapper version before calling WrapperManager.getProperties()
aa3d3670a 2014-07-03  * PrivateKeyFile: Check for key type mismatch
8198c8398 2014-07-03  * Base64:   - Catch numerous decoding errors that were previously misdecoded (ticket #1318)   - Improve decoding efficiency, reduce copies   - encode(String) now uses UTF-8 encoding   - decode() now accepts short strings without trailing '='   - whitespace in decode will now cause an error, was previously ignored   - Cleanups
75ff7987b 2014-07-02 re-enable reseed.pkol.de:443 (ticket #1326) as it seems to be working again
9c87685c0 2014-07-02 fix date in history.txt
ce2bb8544 2014-07-02 Update Java Service Wrapper to v3.5.25
43fdff229 2014-07-02 postinstall: remove some redundancy, update comments
06525adf3 2014-06-30 Chinese eepsite help from xkimo
cff4210df 2014-06-29 merge of 'a88d14e53014d9ab4a5d6e156e3abe2e496284c2'      and 'bcf2bb5bf040195d80e26c4bf643ba0df8386f8a'
d855c5de5 2014-06-29  * NetDB: Add more su3 checks  * SU3File: Improve CLI help
f1a738340 2014-06-29 checkcerts.sh: remove unnecessary `echo`s
9827c4852 2014-06-29 checkremotecerts.sh: support for ports
367d68e55 2014-06-29 Adding three reseed hosts, all with reseed-v2 support * uk.reseed.i2p2.no * us.reseed.i2p2.no * jp.reseed.i2p2.no
1498ed361 2014-06-29 Added my reseed key
91bc16ce0 2014-06-29  * NetDB: Fix handling reseed URLs with ports (ticket #1278)    by fixing the dup host check
861a1e26d 2014-06-28 merge of '2542a527f53e4df3896ae26f5b0cf7d0a45128ff'      and '4944f31a9bec7dcacd3a97f6e451fd4eaf5f4096'
a5b2f9a5e 2014-06-28 temporarily disable reseed.pkol.de:443 (ticket #1326)
955048403 2014-06-28 checkremotecerts.sh: fix regex so that commented out hosts are not matched
b33284bb8 2014-06-28 added echelon su3 reseed cert
ce2694e8f 2014-06-28  * NetDB: Add support for reseeding with su3 files (ticket #934)
44073732e 2014-06-28 build.xml: copy built binaries to build/ in the build* targets
fef591412 2014-06-28 SAM: Cherrypick from patch in ticket #1318:    - Add SIGNATURE_TYPE support to GENERATE and CREATE    - Don't NPE checking dest+privkeys    - Simplify HELLO checking    - Don't require two params in HELLO message    - Make MIN parameter optional too    - Version checking fixes    - Bump version to 3.1, only visible if requested    - Cleanups, javadocs
f191e50b1 2014-06-28 Custom target so I2P-Bote can be built against source
3379432e5 2014-06-27 SAM: Cherrypick from patch in ticket #1318:    - Check for extra bytes in private key string    - checkPrivateDestination() returns boolean instead of throws
bb9129b61 2014-06-27 SAM: Cherrypick from patch in ticket #1318:    - Fix empty properties check    - Overrides    - Statics
0fc3029aa 2014-06-27 SAM:   Version handling (ticket #1318)    - MAX param now optional    - 1-digit versions now accepted for MIN and MAX    - Use VersionComparator for version tests    - Don't require a minor version of 0    - Fix empty properties check    - Overrides    - Prep for version 3.1   Throw exception on null option key (ticket #1325)
d8c8586cc 2014-06-27 SAM: No synch needed for finals;      Move fields to top
38a472828 2014-06-27 SAM: Use SAMHandler.writeString() where possible,      Use DataHelper.getASCII() for byte conversion
7888705b0 2014-06-27 final
31938f49d 2014-06-27 SAM: Fix checkPrivateDestination() for key certs (ticket #1318)
c95ed2ea9 2014-06-27 SAM: Rename exceptions, make serialVersionUID private,      add new SAMException constructor
b5ed247a5 2014-06-27 SAM: more Log conditionals, javadocs
22aff4974 2014-06-27 SAM: Log conditionals, javadocs
e4430f05e 2014-06-27 2 more pkg private
1047691c6 2014-06-27 SAM: Make all classes package private except the SAMBridge entry point
f3180b3f6 2014-06-27 SAM client logging cleanup
616866cc9 2014-06-27 Build: Move remaining jars to Java 6, as we will require API 9 in the next Android release.
2ef203246 2014-06-26 Routerconsole build script fixes
58512b823 2014-06-26 build.xml: add new macros for use in the release target
ca4555c49 2014-06-26 lint redundant cast all over
bc99bc720 2014-06-26 javadoc fixes
367ab2870 2014-06-26 Corrected contents of i2p.jar router.jar utility.jar
8de0c0bd8 2014-06-26 Correct Jar/War split for addressbook, snark and i2ptunnel
8f2dc6743 2014-06-25 - Fix files not found in listing at top level of torrent - Fix loading of files outside of snark dir
aa3ac7547 2014-06-25 Gradle test config improvements
f6108b51a 2014-06-25 Missing Gradle wrapper
3c8862763 2014-06-25 Gradle build scripts for remaining apps
bab02a62e 2014-06-24 Gradle wrapper and instructions
d97c9876e 2014-06-24 desktopgui and systray build scripts, fixed routerconsole
61285435e 2014-06-24 Fixed deprecation
8ea4d893f 2014-06-24 BOB and SAM build scripts
593904cc4 2014-06-24 Started build script for routerconsole, broken
1420c773a 2014-06-24  * Streaming; Drop the preliminary channel implementations,    as added by 'dream' in late 2011. Testing couldn't have happened,    as they don't work and can't ever work as designed.    Channels must have underlying file descriptors unless you implement    your own Selector and that would probably require JNI.    See http://zzz.i2p/topics/1229 for details.    Also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/911780/how-do-i-define-my-own-selectablechannel
957eb1f7a 2014-06-24 Jetty build.gradle
7ca735bfb 2014-06-24 Gradle build scripts for ministreaming and streaming
0919fa06f 2014-06-24 Don't set version (so .jars don't contain version)
da777c1d7 2014-06-24 Initial set of Gradle build scripts for core and router
0305274a1 2014-06-24 Updated ignores for Gradle
888ef3780 2014-06-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5a3ad2a39b0e0f06e70cb8b4d4f7b1d6461afc1a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.eddsa' (head b2a13496a248ebfdac0aa3a8528a27ceff091b6b)
690b40ed7 2014-06-23  * Tunnels: Reject participating tunnels when hidden (ticket #1314)
986de4c1d 2014-06-23 Streaming: Fix connection error message
01da32364 2014-06-23 Streaming: Bundle I2PSocketException messages for translation
8b1abc08d 2014-06-23 Add Destination.toBase32()
69e56f8f6 2014-06-23 'Home': (temporarily?) disable salt.i2p.
b611d0238 2014-06-22 build.xml: minor tweaks to comments, indentation
c987a9735 2014-06-21 fixup after prop
3b9549c2c 2014-06-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1f9b91f318a0f2369243844a3cf7f485528492d7)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.snarkconfig' (head 37b27b6d354d62487294fd9276504b98a23f1057)
2dcc9b7a1 2014-06-21 i2psnark:   - Display webapp name in html title (ticket #1311)   - Use tracker from magnet link in display (ticket #1313)   - Clarify auto-start (ticket #1293)   - Include tracker in magnet link on details page (ticket #964)   - Recognize .azw4 extension as ebook   - Cleanups
3e54b5d54 2014-06-19 New Spanish eepsite help page from 'lati2p'
8845ce6e1 2014-06-15 Findbugs all over:  - Serializable  - hashCode()  - Make DataStructureImpl Serializable (removed from DataStructure in 2005)
ff189e796 2014-06-14 slackbuild: minor changes to the comments
89c07ac96 2014-06-14 slackbuild: remove gettext as a run-time requirement as it's not *strictly* req'd
a8e878f89 2014-06-14 SlackBuild: version extraction using awk (thanks 'ihavei2p') (ticket #1310)
1f8f3eb4d 2014-06-13 Fix up the included SlackBuild (ticket #1310)
8fd2a05bf 2014-06-13 duh
002d057c9 2014-06-13 findbugs all over
ab44488e4 2014-06-13 i2prouter: don't use uname -p to determine the arch
653ffbc82 2014-06-13 build.xml: add jbigi-linux-x86-only target
95fd0291e 2014-06-13  * Tunnels: Don't get stuck only building tunnels for an empty pool (ticket #1300)
2a269ff1a 2014-06-13  * Transports: Disallow Carrier Grade NAT (RFC 6598) addresses
83ccfb459 2014-06-13  * i2psnark: Fix NPE when fetching invalid torrent (ticket #1307)
e96882891 2014-06-12 i2prouter: add amdfx* as an x64 CPU / move ldd check
ed85a2b82 2014-06-11 Executables get 755, not 744
e692e21dc 2014-06-11 updates to SlackBuild READMEs
662fe3ebc 2014-06-10  * i2psnark: Fix decoding of negative numbers (ticket #1307)
1bf8fd92e 2014-06-10  * NewsFetcher: Only treat correct status codes as success    The last-modified date was getting updated even when    the server returned e.g. 503, preventing routers from    getting the latest file on a subsequent fetch.
4dd8a6421 2014-06-10 Tomcat: Bundle a stripped tomcat-coyote.jar with the utils required to precompile jsps with tags (SusiDNS and Bote). As of 6.0.39, these utils are required but they are not bundled in the Tomcat deployer package, the main package is required. This checkin has only the classes required from the jar.
884b285bf 2014-06-09  * Jetty 8.1.15.v20140411  * Tomcat 6.0.41
cb340152d 2014-06-09  * i2psnark:    - Linkify all announce URLs on details page    - Sanitize announce URLs
299a44e7e 2014-06-07 i2psnark: display peer version when available
40e5bcbdb 2014-06-07  * NetDB: Reduce negative lookup cache time  * OCMOSJ:    - Increase timeout if we must lookup leaseset  * Streaming:    - Shorter expire time in TCBCache    - Don't fail a connection once it is up    - Log tweaks
d328e7872 2014-06-07  * SusiMail: Extend times on background checker (still disabled by default)
1bcb9b24b 2014-06-07  * Console: Fix NPE in summary bar
3c1c130bf 2014-06-07  * i2psnark: Fix errors when checking read-only files
df3442563 2014-06-07  * Eepsite: Updated French help page (thx hummingbird)
331b1fa74 2014-06-01 fix test breakage
b97a53177 2014-06-01  * i2psnark:    - Store seed/leech status in DHT tracker (ticket #1280)    - Increase max received DHT nodes (Vuze sends more than K)    - Recognize not-registered message from diftracker    - Fix bug in DHT unannounce()
633b71ba1 2014-05-31 history for prop, -2
f3dd42143 2014-05-29 cleanups
7c79f5d5e 2014-05-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 9aee013cf961ba795a6b5333481634c52d43abc5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e439e67c49695a624fabdf6f3cd1a8f7a3fd7ea5)
af5c0bd8a 2014-05-28 Console, i2psnark, susimail: Recognize emacs-w3m as a text-mode browser As reported at http://zzz.i2p/topics/1630 untested
c07bfe34a 2014-05-27 s/www\.i2p2\.i2p/i2p-projekt.i2p/g
49681415e 2014-05-27 Change "view source" link from Trac to Github.
190e8c01b 2014-05-27 update irc servers mentioned in the router console
6ae86f7d8 2014-05-27  * i2psnark: Support ports in announce URLs, 2nd try (ticket #1283)
0aeb3ca75 2014-05-26 s/i2plugins/plugins/ since i2plugins hasn't existed for years
1d3e12abb 2014-05-26 router console: fix links to i2p project pages
5e8428ef6 2014-05-26 router console: s;forum\.i2p2\.de;forum.i2p;g
19e306452 2014-05-26 remove #i2p-help from the router console (merged into #i2p)
f9dbd74ad 2014-05-26 update links to syndie to point to its eepsite
ff837cf66 2014-05-26 i2ptunnel: Define standard tunnel properties and types in one place
e0914c358 2014-05-25 susimail: fix NPE (ticket #1296)
0e9bb23c7 2014-05-25 i2psnark:   - Respond to get_peers with an empty peers list instead of     a nodes list if the requester was the only peer (ticket #1279)   - Fix sendError() (still unused)
7ff5d36f0 2014-05-25 i2psnark DHT tweaks (ticket #1281)   - Extend DHT tracker expire time from 45m to 3h   - Extend DHT announce interval from 10m to 40m   - Increase announces from 1 peer to 4
5a3eab0c7 2014-05-25 i2psnark:   - Change "private" value in infohash from string to number,     to match what everybody else does   - Send seed/leech status in DHT announces (ticket #1280)
c28f707f5 2014-05-25 cleanup
ef96c8871 2014-05-25 HTTP Client:   - Add GUI options for user-agent, referer, accept   - Fix SSL (initial socket data in I2PTunnelRunner)   - Disable SSL to i2p addresses by default, add GUI option   - Fix NPE in error handler
faa2435e3 2014-05-24 checkremotecerts: fail if CN doesn't match
0537a221d 2014-05-24 temporarily disabling uk.reseed.i2p2.no
99c5a1978 2014-05-22 merge of 'be06d7987687efb0d6b027f04a2efbf702218677'      and 'f6541fdc88966f2e0e510c2291b33cf716a3a62a'
d106f483a 2014-05-22 0.9.13
dee84e70a 2014-05-22 Eclipse project for entire routerconsole dir
09995b77b 2014-05-21 Eclipse project for entire installer dir
06894f9f0 2014-05-20 Export jstl.jar and standard.jar in Eclipse
73943b1a0 2014-05-20 javadocs
b573dab05 2014-05-20 javadocs
a766eca28 2014-05-20  Crypto: Don't start YK thread in constructor (ticket #973)
a65edbef9 2014-05-20 SSU: Fix peer test deadlock (ticket #1286)
7479aa235 2014-05-20 fixes after review
4167cd955 2014-05-18  Console: Cheap workaround for old wrappers (ticket #1285)
d1bd893a7 2014-05-18  * I2PTunnel:    - Display custom error pages for I2PSocketExceptions (ticket #788)    - Tag I2PSocketException text for translation (no bundles yet)    - Move methods from superclasses to I2PTunnelHTTPClientBase    - Fix connect client error pages, but they aren't displayed anyway    - Don't start I2PTunnelRunner threads in constructor (ticket #973)    - Synch close() in I2PTunnelServer    - Cleanups and javadocs
246785601 2014-05-18  * Streaming: Cleanup, don't fail hard on no tunnels (ticket #788)
d32b4e9f2 2014-05-18  * I2CP: Per-message status codes back through streaming (ticket #788)    - New I2PSessionException    - Streaming PacketQueue requests status for SYNs on outbound conns    - PacketQueue throws I2PSessionException in streams
1acd5caaa 2014-05-17  * HTTP client: Fix 'connection reset' browser messages    after an error in the first line (ticket #1277)    - A SocketException is an IOE    - out can't be null
f69b75730 2014-05-17  * i2psnark: Support ports in announce URLs (ticket #1283)
d2db41bc8 2014-05-16 remove cert from delete list
f3b4377ee 2014-05-16 re-add netdb.i2p2.no.crt
551a8091a 2014-05-15 GeoIP db updates; Japanese Susimail translation, -21-rc
f994590ad 2014-05-15 Translation updates
8371b8f80 2014-05-15  * I2CP: Client-side prep for asynch status for sent messages (ticket #788)    - Clean up and reuse MessageState for asynch notification    - New I2PSession sendMessage() method and listener    - Move VerifyUsage from SimpleScheduler to SimpleTimer2 for efficiency    - Fix up javadocs
5d04f8db8 2014-05-15 checkremotecerts.sh fix test logic
06de34737 2014-05-14 -20-rc
2bf2eb482 2014-05-14 update outbound UA to match TBB's
a93666cd3 2014-05-14  * I2CP: Prep for per-message reliability settings (ticket #788)    Router side:      Store message nonce in ClientMessage, so we may send      a MessageStatusMessage with a failure code to the client      without sending an ACCEPTED MessageStatusMessage first.      All MessageStatusMessages sent in response to outbound messages will now have a valid nonce.
dbb7eb3d8 2014-05-14  * I2CP: Prep for per-message reliability settings (ticket #788)          Add bounds checks for flags
39169f045 2014-05-14 reveal key cert settings in i2ptunnel
df7130866 2014-05-13 Susimail: Don't let an exception on one mail break others
e393f82eb 2014-05-13  * i2psnark: Escaping fixes on details page
8480a204e 2014-05-13  * BOB, SAM, i2psnark: Fix datagram NPE (ticket #1275)    This could only happen on an extremely overloaded router.
197be5f60 2014-05-13  * SusiMail: AIOOBE fix 3nd try (ticket #1269)
5621e9b39 2014-05-12  * SusiMail: AIOOBE fix 2nd try (ticket #1269)
485d785e0 2014-05-10 merge of 'dcf98ef995380862d3e668685caaa0acd403f068'      and 'f9fdb1592f632ef5de78e3dc7dac3f75ce4e3c39'
8d71d496b 2014-05-10 new self signed certificate which fits to the host name reseed.i2p.projekt.de
738bae46d 2014-05-10  * SusiMail:    - Remove deleted messages from memory too    - Disable delete button when really-delete button shown
d519228ef 2014-05-10 change exception type
72c404c4d 2014-05-10  * NTCP: Fix NPE (ticket #996)    (hopefully)
d2e3547a2 2014-05-09  * Crypto: JVM AES only faster for larger data size
8d9790fd7 2014-05-09  * CPUID:    - Add hasAES()    - Fix bugs in unused hasSSE3(), hasSSE41(), hasSSE42()  * Crypto: Use JVM AES when faster  * SystemVersion: Add isJava7() and isX86()
cd91a6b2a 2014-05-09  * SusiMail: Add more locking (ticket #1269)
e165c1805 2014-05-09 unnecessary cast
292b0a81c 2014-05-09 remove debugging cruft
b9e9c07d9 2014-05-09 checkremotecerts.sh: clean-ups, compatibility updates
837bf9eaf 2014-05-09 add i2pdocs.str4d.i2p to hosts.txt
cfdbef05c 2014-05-08 set GPG key ID in release target
47b10e977 2014-05-08 checkremotecerts.sh: explicit check that cert exists
1b5a2ddef 2014-05-08 updated cert for ieb9oopo per email in ticket #1266
c161649ed 2014-05-08 Add script to check reseeder host certificate validity
c9b5c03e1 2014-05-08 remove certs that are no longer used
c4c04d7ec 2014-05-08 rename i2pproject cert
b4e03fa96 2014-05-08 Removing netdb.i2p2.* certs
1cdcf1cb0 2014-05-07 i2ptunnel: Display warning for duplicate client ports (ticket #1265)
56b6992ca 2014-05-07 i2psnark: Add log message if directory does not exist (ticket #1263)
2beaea4a8 2014-05-07 Tunnels: Revert expl. OB default back to 2 + 0-1 for now
2dc97b160 2014-05-07 i2psnark: Allow click on entire table cell for viewing torrent details
a014918c0 2014-05-07 Transports: Use constant time method for HMAC verification
fb9a4eb87 2014-05-07 SSU: Extend establishment phase retx timeout
cd83c4852 2014-05-07 DSAEngine: Minor cleanup
5b2766ddf 2014-05-07 Data: Use Arrays.equals() directly, same as DataHelper.eq()
f912b0113 2014-05-07 Fix console getting disabled when saving client config (ticket #1260) Router: Add warning at startup if console is disabled
b0db4e4ff 2014-05-07  * SusiMail:    - Don't fetch headers from folder sorters    - Update debug setting when saving config
649f76fb0 2014-05-07 add hiddengate.i2p
91408cbdc 2014-05-05 SigUtil: Catch EdDSA IAE SU3File: Hide EdDSA and unavailable sig types from help text
97c1ba2d0 2014-05-04 merge of '477b2b4e4f6f8a2e406fb9729cd603d8caeadb40'      and 'ef12e90467e2bdbf5e64a9e55230ce56121d7347'
284802bfa 2014-05-04 add caching of EdDSA keys
48b6e0693 2014-05-02 finals
67ea2f371 2014-05-01 SusiMail: Remove dups in war
e9e535cb9 2014-05-01  * SusiMail:    - Move js to resources    - js for delete boxes in folder view
7822b5c3a 2014-05-01 SusiMail: header padding
767bd05ce 2014-05-01 SusiMail: new sorter base class
36ebe19cd 2014-05-01 SusiMail po update for TX
943ea957a 2014-04-30  * Plugins: Retry deletion at restart if it fails (ticket #1257)
04a367336 2014-04-30 remove UTF8 in commented-out test
1dfbe73b7 2014-04-29  * SusiMail:    - Add print css    - Add some divs    - Hide header and footer in mobile css    - Fix 'from' address in compose    - Boolean config parse cleanup    - Config textarea row count
87889bb32 2014-04-27  * UDP:    - Locking fixes on peer testing    - More locking fixes on rebuilding address    - Slow down peer test frequency, esp. when firewalled * Transports:    - Deprecate unused recheckReachability()
aa0616d7c 2014-04-27  * UDP:    - Locking fixes on rebuilding address    - Don't rapidly churn address when we don't have enough introducers
611ff6357 2014-04-27  * NTCP: Remove published NTCP address if SSU becomes firewalled,          to fix the "Firewalled with NTCP enabled" message
91d7a0ab9 2014-04-27  * SusiMail:    - Add locking for disk cache    - Remove cancel button from login page    - New configuration page    - Move set page form to configuration page    - Theme and folder js enhancements    - Wrench icon from Silk, same license as the others
f5661da59 2014-04-27  * Router: Set killVMOnEnd before runRouter() (for azi2phelper)  * RoutingKeyGenerator: Don't assume UTC (for azi2phelper)
d867f9f36 2014-04-27 Fix for SigType.isAvailable()
55d92fc9f 2014-04-26 Support "raw" EdDSA signatures (in reality they are double-hashed)
2e2d3c39e 2014-04-26 Added Ed25519-SHA-512 to I2PTunnel advanced UI
3cd01acb7 2014-04-26 Fixed Ed25519-SHA-512 algorithm name
02c0ddb3d 2014-04-26 Generalized to support any EdDSA parameter spec
ce397f585 2014-04-26 Added EdDSA support (directly, not using Provider)
3f56ce206 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Subject sort enhancements    - Tag Re: and Fwd:
8a2308b41 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Send delete to server for mails already downloaded    - Fix idle closer waiting for deletions    - Add tooltips for icons    - Add new options to properties resource    - Add feedback when reload config button pushed (ticket #1158)    - Reset page size when config reloaded    - Remove max page size limit    - Show page nav buttons on bottom too if page is big    - Set title to subject on message view    - Log tweaks
04cabf40b 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Move delete and confirmation button in folder view to bottom left,      page size form to bottom right    - Attachment finals and cleanup    - Increase max size for full download again    - Fix repeated re-saves of mail to disk    - Enable auto-deletion of downloaded mails    - Consolidate check box processing    - Button spacing tweaks
4e0c4f6f9 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Tweak sort button display based on current sort    - Secondary sort based on date    - Ignore "Re:" in subject sort
75bd235eb 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Add raw attachment download method    - Display image attachments inline    - Don't rezip certain attachment types, just offer link    - Handle attachment sending directly, don't put ref in session
05236b093 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Fix sorting buttons, broken by POST check
260ebe512 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Add icon for new mail      (from Silk icons, same license as others)    - Attachment logic tweak
c2dab16c8 2014-04-25  * SusiMail:    - Add icons for attachments and spam      (from Silk icons, same license as others)    - Add checks for POST for XSS prevention
945d455f3 2014-04-24  * SusiMail:    - Different colors for new mail and spam
c8f8f6ff3 2014-04-24  * SusiMail:    - Add background mail checker, not yet enabled    - Add idle timeout connection closer    - Rely on idle checker for most delayed deletions    - Cleanup resources better when shutting down session    - Don't add deleted mails to folder, caused errors after deletions    - Set socket soTimeouts so things don't hang forever    - Display errors after check mail button pushed    - More IOE debug logging
0d4f597a5 2014-04-24 SusiDNS: Fix subscription edit page, thx bubbles
775047fbc 2014-04-24  * SusiMail:    - Fix HeaderLine decoder going past the headers,      which was causing corruption in forwarded mails    - More efficient output buffer allocation in HeaderLine decoder
1e4b43314 2014-04-23  * SusiMail:    - Fix fetching of new mail    - More Folder cleanup    - Prep for not leaving on server    - Prep for background checker
b365817c9 2014-04-23  * SusiMail:    - Queue deletions for a delayed background thread    - Synch all folder access    - NPE fixes    - Javadoc fixes
bbb04774d 2014-04-22 compile fix
1823e5e64 2014-04-22  * SusiMail:    - Load all mails from disk at startup    - Add offline mode    - MailCache now has the total UIDL view    - Copy silk folder icon from snark to console for use by susimail
4d2dc1c8e 2014-04-22  * SusiMail:    - Show sender name in folder view    - Add support for configured sender name    - Add HTML escaping of '&'    - Fix Folder sorting so UP is up and DOWN is down    - Use replace() instead of replaceAll() where appropriate    - Fix capture by show page after back button
6986f90bf 2014-04-22  * SusiMail:    - Fix encoding in sent mails on non-UTF8 platforms (thx cryptosynthesis)    - Clean up all other getBytes() calls    - Tweak spacing on up buttons
b43ebd248 2014-04-22  * SusiMail:    - Add persistent cache    - Remove ID sorter    - Mail size getter/setter    - Set mail size when setting body    - Only send CAPA once    - Tagged string tweaks
611f991fd 2014-04-22 Added a security provider for I2P-internal crypto
7bf3ea520 2014-04-21  * SusiMail:    - Pipeline all deletes and quit    - Don't reconnect after delete and quit    - Verify connected before each POP3 operation    - Null check in comparators    - Don't clear messages if a reconnection fails    - Use locale-based sorting for strings    - Increase limit for full fetch again    - Increase default page size back again
490727b40 2014-04-21 fix i2ptunnel
49f4f3398 2014-04-21  * SusiMail:    - Add MailPart constructor, make fields final    - Add ReadBuffer constructor, make fields final    - Move decoding to MailPart method    - Setters/getters for Mail header, body, part    - Classes package private    - Finals, constructors
b84682fdc 2014-04-21 * findbugs: mostly stream closure fixes in router, apps, core
b9491b269 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Pipeline initial fetch of messages, huge speedup
b70cbb28b 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Send CAPA    - Pipeline STAT, UIDL, and LIST
673c14287 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Rework in POP3 in prep for more pipelining
b4a0ffdbb 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Don't require an attachment to be "uploaded" to send it    - Move delete attachment button, hide if no attachments    - Icon for delete attachment button    - Fix html error in bccToSelf input
3b2e5bded 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Don't store encoding class names in config    - New susimail.debug setting in config    - Use DataHelper to load config file    - Close any open POP3 socket when session is unbound    - Don't keep returning user to compose page (ticket #1252)    - Add javascript capture of back button from compose page
67eb3cc14 2014-04-20 unblocking USERS (ticket #1249) and various safe Inspircd commands
5a683149a 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - New reply button icon (from Silk, same license as the others)    - Save BCC-to-self preference in the session    - Tweak the BCC-to-self layout    - Fix date format in reply
b75ad1ca5 2014-04-20  * SusiMail:    - Use pipelining in SMTP    - Rewrite SMTP response processing    - Translate SMTP error messages    - Right-justify msg size in folder view    - String.compareTo() cleanup
552ab3155 2014-04-19 Console: Remove the classpath workarounds for SusiMail, since it isn't using the jetty classes any more
4abfde404 2014-04-19 SusiMail:    - CSS padding in inputs    - Flush writes in SMTP    - Don't wait for SMTP response after QUIT    - Translate the "login failed" message    - Show "no messages" in folder view if none    - Message view attachment cleanups    - Fix the message view layout in CSS    - Pipeline USER and PASS to save a round-trip at startup    - Better synchronization in POP3    - Properly de-byte-stuff in POP3    - Flush writes in POP3 for speedup    - Remove unnecessary caching in POP3, this is handled in MailCache    - More efficient handling of POP3 server responses    - Remove 60s timeout for fetching a message,      so retrieval of large messages doesn't fail    - Don't allow line breaks in date/time or size in folder view    - Use DataHelper.formatSize2() for message size    - Identify susimail log messages in wrapper    - Debug log tweaks
6ecfedba3 2014-04-19 SusiMail:    - Increase max size of mails that are fetched in full,      previous limit was so small it never happened.    - Move page nav to top of folder view, hide if only one page    - Put message nav buttons on second line    - Refuse to send mail with no "to"    - Reduce default page size as it slows startup    - Remove unnecessary casts    - Right justify some input fields
43883a90d 2014-04-18 SusiMail: Successfully extend session expiration (ticket #1253) by renaming the cookie, so we don't have a common session ID with the base context and get it expired there.
3930113f0 2014-04-18 I2PTunnel IRC Client: Prevent AIOOBE (ticket #1254)
029198c21 2014-04-18  * SusiMail:    - Don't force reconnection on folder view (ticket #1253)    - Only show logout button on folder view    - Switch subject and date headers on message view    - Button theme tweaks    - Debug logging    - Fix NPE when RELEASE=false    - Synch tweaks    - hellip    - Footer tweak
493788f4f 2014-04-18 merge of '9f159df098940fb0feecf6eae0c990c62736bb9c'      and 'ba82e9e4c57bd8d9f567c9252fe7b5815972e370'
028776de8 2014-04-18  * SusiMail:    - Extend session expiration (ticket #1253)    - Handle non-UTF8 encoding on header lines (ticket #508)    - Display dates in current locale and time zone    - Display sender name on message view    - Remove sort-by-ID buttons    - Hide "reload config" button unless config file is present    - Increase default page size    - Add dependency tracking to build
705de68aa 2014-04-18 allow PROTOCTL and LINKS through the filter.
eb96a74e3 2014-04-18 configclients: Don't allow console disable
614f34c6b 2014-04-17 Stats: clean up addRateData() calls
f77a3c7f5 2014-04-17 NTCP: Log tweaks to help on ticket #996
6de81d41d 2014-04-17 SSU: SessionRequest replay prevention (ticket #1212) NTCP: Just use first 8 bytes of Hx^Hi for replay check
7ac9dc554 2014-04-17 Tunnels: Increase OBEP throttle limit for now
2195c2fe9 2014-04-17 SusiMail:   Button styling for prev,next,list
3f35e927d 2014-04-17 SusiMail:    - Initializer cleanup, finals    - Escape "--" inside HTML comments    - Log errors to router log too    - Notes on ticket #508 header line issues
5ec659513 2014-04-17 SusiDNS:    - Move some methods to BaseBean    - Locking on config file accesses    - Remove static log and context
1039a4b7a 2014-04-17 i2psnark: Randomize announce list order and limit size
88899c123 2014-04-06 clean up unused router stuff
d429514a3 2014-04-06 debian: remove dep on ${misc:Depends}
b2c6fcbb7 2014-04-06 merge of '0c93d925b9ac38f2475b39aa2b80eaa1454214d6'      and '97ec023f8ba85ebdabe5ee0bd3f9e107710f170f'
3b1e030b3 2014-04-06 NetDB: Iterative search improvements - Pass DSRM hashes through IMD to ILJ for client tunnels too - Query unknown DRSM hashes in ILJ without looking up   when using client tunnels; look up after querying   when using expl. tunnels to speed things up - Don't look up banlisted hashes - Check 'from' hash in DSRM against list of peers sent to - Don't query an unknown peer through a zero-hop OB tunnel - Log tweaks Extend expiration of returned message in IMD
e097a1cae 2014-04-06 NetDB: Skip LS verifies when shutting down remove unneeded null check
d6b09f8ba 2014-04-06 don't check launch4j xml
6d4634417 2014-04-06 drop launch4j demos, docs, and source
24e807b23 2014-04-05 Skip key cert LS verifies for floodfills that don't support them Fix continuation after skipping key cert LS stores for floodfills that don't support them; ditto big leasesets
fdf6f5d51 2014-04-05 -2
4b938a02e 2014-04-05 log tweak
44a5740a0 2014-04-05 Add server option for unique local address per-client as suggested in https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2014-March/006576.html
8d73b2e83 2014-04-05 Fix changing outproxy without stopping tunnel (ticket #1164)
e1fc6893b 2014-04-05 SocketErrorListener callback is unimplemented
7487ab884 2014-04-02 i2ptunnel: remove extraneous '>' from editClient
e675416b8 2014-04-01 debian: re-enable javadocs pkgs, bump changelog
24a133fe6 2014-04-01 add .pc/ to .*ignore
0570feda6 2014-04-01  * NetDB: Handle RI response from non-floodfill router down a client tunnel
b206665c7 2014-04-01 TunnelPoolSettings constructor tweak
8a6fb132f 2014-04-01  * Console: Fix summary bar html when displaying an update constraint
6992ca8b9 2014-04-01 build path update
fd916a764 2014-04-01 test script updates
90cd68900 2014-03-31 0.9.12
3f865edb4 2014-03-31 Convert pt_BR getopt translation from ISO-8859-15 to escaped UTF-8
2e8681de2 2014-03-28 getopt translations
2d85b98c2 2014-03-28  * i2ptunnel.config: Remove irc.freshcoffee.i2p  * NetDbRenderer: Adjust debug floodfill estimate  * StatManager: Don't start thread for an empty config  * StatisticsManager: Don't publish client tunnel stats  * Log tweaks
d28d6efb7 2014-03-28 geoip updates
43d84a5f0 2014-03-28 fr, nb, and ru translation updates
e4d57f62b 2014-03-24 merge of '1202f5d3645add930a96dfa77cd2b2ebfb56ca95'      and '5c131297d763f8953029fea257681d55f2103aaa'
a974268e7 2014-03-24 postinstall: fix freebsd x86 wrapper path
1695af701 2014-03-23 belated jisko.i2p
682c4cd0b 2014-03-23 remove extraneous '>' from editServer
0f6d03939 2014-03-23 Console: Handle stopping plugin ClientApps
d6233a879 2014-03-21 add *.torrent to .gitignore
4f12e81db 2014-03-21 build: add -pre-release target, add addt'l files to distclean
ab612d008 2014-03-19 cleanup of *clean targets, remove more generated files in distclean
3fa7bb9dc 2014-03-19 mtn-ignore: ignore .torrent
22b3d4d70 2014-03-16 translation updates
bd6c588c7 2014-03-16  * SSU: Fix corruption of introducer keys
6c202e8f1 2014-03-15 fix router identity test broken by previous checkin
24e675052 2014-03-15 * Certificate: Fix null cert hash code * Hash: Cleanup of cached hash * NetDB: Randomize returned DSM timestamp
af7ce8e18 2014-03-15 remove extraneous <a> tag
c73f0eeeb 2014-03-13 more Jetty classpath cleanup
c68769cf7 2014-03-13 MultiMap: Cleanups, javadocs after review
3e639a319 2014-03-13 SAM:  - Classes static/private  - Fields private/final  - Remove unused fields  - Remove shadowing fields  - Remove dup method overrides  - Remove static Logs  - Remove unnecessary field initialization  - Atomics  - Findbugs
1bbb79f5b 2014-03-13 log tweaks
84e699137 2014-03-13 Add .su3 to .mtn-ignore, create new .gitignore file
5d1796bb6 2014-03-13 Debian: Remove service directory when package is purged
bfba732f7 2014-03-13 Debian: Add systemd support (ticket #1208)
738c5ed14 2014-03-12 Streaming: Workaround for jwebcache and i2phex (ticket #1231)
beed08039 2014-03-12 anoncoin.i2p
3624d66c1 2014-03-12 send message on HTTP Server OOM
2cca2781f 2014-03-12  * Streaming: Track recently closed connections (ticket #1161)    Consolidate and synchronize code for selecting a random stream ID
31d485299 2014-03-12 log tweak
a39f667c2 2014-03-12 set BAOS size
5283fc923 2014-03-12  * Wrapper: Fix failed restarts on ARM (ticket #1230);             extend shutdown timeouts for all archs.
c57552f4e 2014-03-12  * Console: Handle ISO-639-2 language codes (ticket #1229)
96b4c6b21 2014-03-12 findbugs sam/bob
51911bd9a 2014-03-12 fix jetty deprecations
1f5926e4e 2014-03-08  * PeerManager: Restore profileOrganizer.sameCountryBonus advanced config,                 inadvertently removed in 0.9.10
d6a02a13a 2014-03-07  * Router:    - Look for DeliveryStatusMessages beyond the message expiration,      so we don't throw out a tagset that gets acked late    - Allow re-adding of a "failed" tagset to the SKM    - Extend max message age in MessageValidator    - Remove unused and confusing timeout param when registering a selector    - Log tweaks, javadocs, cleanups
e28249179 2014-03-07 merge of '10a291d2283174a7527515a7448d220d5023ffc0'      and '6ace0f7ffbda402db7e1af21a74ca29ad54829c2'
2b0dfed01 2014-03-07 Fixed Android API version detection, load cacerts dir for API >= 14
9d80aff97 2014-03-06  * GarlicClove, CloveSet, GarlicMessageParser:    - Cleanup, reduce object churn, comment out unused code    - Limit max cloves to 32
a0724dc00 2014-03-06  * Router: Encrypt DeliveryStatusMessages sent in garlics (ticket #1217)
8c820bb23 2014-03-06 clean up build classpath (ticket #1165)
3fdc964ea 2014-03-05 javadoc fixes
597662d0d 2014-03-05  * Transports: Don't send a duplicate store of our RI at      start of a connection (ticket #1187)  * NTCP:    - Lower send priority of the RI at exchange    - Bob will now send his RI even if he doesn't have Alice's    - Send RI again sooner on long-lived connections
17c80c29e 2014-03-05 Updated history.txt
5d0bfc63f 2014-03-05 Updated readme.html files for new website paths
0c449f8b8 2014-03-05 susimail: Removed remaining Jetty dependencies in susimail (ticket #1165)
36b6baa33 2014-03-05 Updated .mtn-ignore
2c049878c 2014-03-03 Enable addressbook.jar building (for I2P-Android)
81c58c179 2014-03-01 log tweak
36a3edf61 2014-02-27  - DatabaseStoreMessage: Don't instantiate an ArrayList unless we need it  - Overrides in GarlicConfig/PGC for efficiency and clarity  - Check for valid ID in DeliveryStatusMessage  - Misc. log tweaks, javadocs, cleanups
4b6fd3d38 2014-02-24 format tweak
f777696e1 2014-02-24 finals, volatiles, cleanups
c9c181c14 2014-02-24  * NetDB: Slow down router refresh after startup to reduce load    on exploratory tunnels
a62b7a437 2014-02-24  * Tunnels: Rate-limit connections at the OBEP (ticket #1134)
9d7a9c989 2014-02-24  * NTCP:    - Add check for replayed session requests (ticket #1212)    - Disable inbound check connection    - Reduce object churn in EstablishmentManager    - Don't pollute Hash cache in EstablishmentManager    - addRateData() cleanup
5d6a1c5e3 2014-02-24 reduce log level
c48266fdc 2014-02-24  * Transports: Use SigUtil.rectify() in DH
895d54d36 2014-02-24 minor cleanup
ba0e1a3aa 2014-02-23 * I2PTunnel: add 'irc.dg.i2p' to the default IRC2P tunnel (for more information, see http://echelon.i2p/docs/IRC2p/irc2p_userguide.txt)
6ec665db5 2014-02-23 Br. Portugese, French, Japanese, Polish translation updates
7f4c52cf4 2014-02-23 remove #i2p-help from initialNews
37728e38c 2014-02-22 (hopefully) langbox fixes
18b4a2427 2014-02-21  * I2CP Client: Generate revocation key of same type as signing key  * i2ptunnel: Only offer Sig options that are available in the JVM  * LeaseSet: Add check for SigTYpe mismatch  * SigType: Add isAvailable()
310297054 2014-02-21  * RouterAddress: Restore storage of expiration and use in signature    calculation, broken in 0.9.3, in anticipation of using it someday
c679091af 2014-02-21 target build property
91cdf8577 2014-02-20  * Router: Allow null args to main() (broke Android)
aab8b10ad 2014-02-20  * i2ptunnel: Add inproxy block option to HTTP server
5bcfe1ec7 2014-02-18 don't link to docs.i2p2.de in the router console
4209c291b 2014-02-17 * history for prop, -9 (ticket #1090)
7c5dc7fa5 2014-02-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty8' (head 0a03ce60906c508b08cc84b3044954844a6ee157)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d99392e09883a92b99a316b4deed0586dcf4ea5b)
c6dfb8744 2014-02-17 Jetty 8.1.14 jars
6e0ca9204 2014-02-17 * getopt fix for PrivateKeyFile -t sigtype, busted in prop * history for prop, -8
2f7eb5679 2014-02-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ecdsa' (head e83bcdc842f5995d310a4295147f9326a993e010)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4983f716f8740bc7ddfae5561a562a0d42a815ae)
8c98ef732 2014-02-17 update version
45997fd1d 2014-02-17  * SSU:    - Restrict authentication with Bob's intro key to session created packet
6a3e5ec62 2014-02-17  * SSU:    - Use session key for relay request/response if available (ticket #1206)    - Remove packetAuthTime stats    - Misc. cleanups and logging
18cbf3d25 2014-02-17  * HMAC:    - Replace BC MD5 with JVM version, refactor I2PHMAC to use      MessageDigest instead of BC Digest (ticket #1189)    - Use JVM HmacSHA256 instead of I2PHMAC for Syndie since it is standard
4df6a6f47 2014-02-16 min java version for izpack
5542406f3 2014-02-16 Merge pull request from https://github.com/i2p/i2p.i2p/pull/1
a9fceae18 2014-02-14  * I2CP:    - Add session limit, add new status code for refused    - Ramdomize session ID, prevent dups    - Make session IDs immutable
c79ff0dc0 2014-02-14 minor cleanups
e2fc5c695 2014-02-13  * Tunnels: Change expl. OB default to 3+0
5667a6647 2014-02-13  * Router: Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)
b70d61608 2014-02-12 update links
75fa2b180 2014-02-12 typo fix
66d9017d5 2014-02-11 fix PingTest
53efb7119 2014-02-11 merge of '12c51adcf9862cc57488b27ec00002b1bb399294'      and 'b870e2fda1291f95ae4e6e35cc5ded300578d92b'
8b946bb56 2014-02-11 Remove mention of Pebble in the router console for reasons noted in ticket #865
8ed34e3ed 2014-02-11  * HTTP client proxy: Don't flush after headers for a POST,    so the POST data is included in the SYN packet,    to improve speed and reliability of small POSTs
d8fef53ae 2014-02-11 i2prouter: - note FBSD10 workaround in ticket #1118            - remove tanuki's script version checks
6af82f2a9 2014-02-10 history for prop, -2
36b2547ca 2014-02-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 7db2f2b73bc7c44b4be1077185314201c5b0bfe6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ea9844ecc27e816a09cf5d9b36c10ee2c3d1bcc9)
72e96cdd2 2014-02-10 remove concatentation within appends
a2ba9bbdb 2014-02-10  * Checklist updates  * Console:    - Don't reset graph settings when clicking restart or shutdown on graphs page    - Don't recommend guest login on trac, it's disabled    - Catch and remove corrupt jrb file (ticket #1186)    - Always set default language on /configui  * Readme: Update links  * Transports: Reduce target connection count again to reduce                tunnel reject rate further
f6d9a6917 2014-02-09 Removed a comment line from french translation
2e9189040 2014-02-08  Javadoc fixes to correct release number  Remove unused lock object  Add irc.dg.i2p  0.9.11
195606869 2014-02-08  * Addressbook:    - Rewrite subscriptions.txt to convert to new default URL    - Static method call cleanups
855cae0a4 2014-02-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head eac6caabd2ea6731ee27111f0dbadf5afcd3695b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 911a8782667d878dd7a2976c7fb10d481d80e023)
ef3a12f01 2014-02-07  * UpdateManager:    - Convert to RouterApp and remove update hooks from context      (ticket #1185)
37bf750ab 2014-02-07  * I2PTunnel:    - Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)    - Add more argument sanity checking    - Add a usage output
090a790a9 2014-02-07  * Services:    - Move backup news to psi.i2p    - Move default addressbook subscription to i2p-projekt.i2p    - Remove www.i2p2.i2p from default update lists    - Add psi.i2p to hosts.txt    - Update links on help pages to avoid redirects on new website      and select the correct language  * SusiDNS: Fix whitespace issues
8ef3bb3d8 2014-02-06 version number fix
388019249 2014-02-06 -10-rc
91d136483 2014-02-06 February 2014 geoip db updates
2ec1d8484 2014-02-06 Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
9a01fdf57 2014-02-06  * PrivateKeyFile:    - Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)    - New option -e for hashcash effort, instead of -h with optional arg    - Stub out -t option, to be propped from ecdsa branch    Will require manual merge with ecdsa branch...
deec84713 2014-02-06  * EepHead, PartialEepGet, SSLEepGet:    - Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)  * EepHead, PartialEepGet:    - New option -c for clearnet (no proxy), same as -p:0    - New option -o, same as EepGet    - Proxy option -p with host name arg only (no ':') now allowed    - Add proxy auth support with -u and -x options (ticket #1173)  * EepGet:    - Catch error in -h option    - Cleanups
0d028122a 2014-02-06  * EepGet:    - Support Digest proxy authentication(ticket #1173)    - Move authentication parsing method from I2PTunnelHTTPClientBase
4998f86ef 2014-02-05  * EepGet:    - Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)    - New option -c for clearnet (no proxy), same as -p:0    - Proxy option -p with host name arg only (no ':') now allowed    - Proxy password option is now -x, not the second arg to -u    - Prompt for proxy password if not supplied in options    - Line length option is now -l, not the second arg to -m    - Error on nonproxied .onion hosts    - Update man page, sort options (ticket #1173)
839bd51bc 2014-02-05 javadoc fix
936f2bb31 2014-02-04 combine help strings
0cd774273 2014-02-04  * I2Ping:    - Convert to getopt (ticket #1173)    - Add support for from/to ports
fe391ff29 2014-02-03 Convert all jars and wars to compile to 1.6 target, except for the following which are used by android, to maintain compatibility with very old phones, for now:
001b12725 2014-02-03  * Jetty:    - Update to Jetty 8.x, Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2    - Require Java 6    - Use Servlet and JSP jars from Jetty instead of Tomcat    - Tomcat remains at 6.0.37 supporting Servlet 2.5 / JSP 2.1    - Remove Jetty dependency in console error pages    - Build files for Jetty 8.1.14    - Doc updates    - Delete Jetty 7.6.14    - Jetty 8.1.14 not yet checked in,      waiting to see if a new version is released soon,      but build will download it for testing
7c00a5165 2014-02-03 Build: Honor require.gettext=false for i2prouter translations
e1c3e2c1c 2014-02-02  * Getopt bundle fixes for Java Properties standard:    Fix comment lines    Encoding conversion to UTF-8 with escapes    Add unicode escapes for all chars over 0x7f    Change Transifex type to PROPERTIES    Also:     - Remove BOMs     - Remove \r     - Remove blank lines    Encodings were as follows:      cs: marked ISO-8859-2      pl: marked ISO-8859-2, possibly corrupt, ?? in two strings      de, es, fr: marked ISO-8859-1      hu: detected as ISO-8859-2      it: apparently ISO-8859-1      ja: Unicode escaped already      nb, nl: ASCII      ro: marked ISO-8859-2 but actually UTF-8      zh: detected as GB2312 w/ CRLF      zh_TW: UTF-8 w/ BOM w/ CRLF
e9b3577ee 2014-02-02 snark: cache PeerID.toString()
362250147 2014-02-02  * Streaming:    - Set ports on many packets that were missing them    - Use connection throttling methods on pings too (ticket #1142)    - Add methods to set ports on pings    - Argument checking on ping methods
b7207fd29 2014-02-02 Use getopt lib in SU3File (ticket #1173)
4dc1241d2 2014-02-02 Add lightweight getopt command line parsing lib (ticket #1173) This is Java getopt 1.0.14 (released 2012/02/08) Source was retrieved from https://github.com/arenn/java-getopt Previous version 1.0.13 (released 2006/08/29) is available at http://www.urbanophile.com/arenn/hacking/getopt/ Copyright (c) 1998 by Aaron M. Renn (arenn@urbanophile.com), LGPL v2. Include the small translation files, add to build.xml and to .tx/config Fixes:   Simplified Chinese     MessagesBundle_chs.properties renamed to MessagesBundle_zh.properties   Traditional Chinese     MessagesBundle_cht.properties renamed to MessagesBundle_zh_TW.properties   Norwegian Bokmaal     MessagesBundle_no.properties renamed to MessagesBundle_nb.properties
c59603d31 2014-02-02 fix swapped Dutch and Norwegian on /configui
3ab149a39 2014-02-01 streaming javadoc fixes
99f28519f 2014-01-31  * SOCKS: Remove static logs
05aa88b4e 2014-01-31  * /logs: Fix encoding of wrapper log section (ticket #1193)    - remove a cast in FileUtil
887f953ef 2014-01-31  * NetDB: Fix cases where corrupt RouterInfo files were not deleted (ticket #1190)
5e16c42e4 2014-01-30  * InboundMessageDistributor: Set reply flag on LeaseSets
2cea7cdb3 2014-01-29 fix
e60da8e8f 2014-01-29 Added new https reseed, i2p-netdb.innovatio.no (Sindu)
be1299575 2014-01-28  * Tunnels: Change expl. IB default to 2 + 0-1
c30419107 2014-01-28 * /configclients: Add link to plugins.i2p; don't show delete button for console
2cacded18 2014-01-28 datagram sigtype bugfix
ec22a1daf 2014-01-28   - Only store LS with more than 6 leases to routers that support it
434bf13be 2014-01-28 * I2PSnark: Make 'kitty.png' transparent.
236df32f3 2014-01-28 volatiles
28575dbda 2014-01-28 * Key certs:   - Hide setting in i2ptunnel edit pages unless advanced user   - Only store LS with key certs to routers that support it
5b9d669d7 2014-01-28  * I2CP: Use client tunnels for b32 lookups (ticket #1166)    - convert some calls to use getDestHash()    - javadocs
b2f4fde7e 2014-01-27 history for prop, -6
9eefe1e93 2014-01-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2cp' (head d4ac8162a4ba299ac912640f19076c3c90afdc67)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head adc5102c93383e01c74b87f04449dc9c307f6e75)
b91f041ad 2014-01-27 I2CP:   - Add missing session ID assignments in HostLookup/Reply constructors
ba96f7289 2014-01-27 help tweak
5d322245d 2014-01-27 Ticket #1183 - move message serialization later in the SSU pipeline
47712a39a 2014-01-27 i2psnark:  - Support arbitrary location for torrent data. Save location in    per-torrent config file. TODO: Fix torrent browse pages    (ticket #1028)  - Enhance idle shutdown message  - Javadocs
6b16907e4 2014-01-27  * i2ptunnel HTTP Proxy: Fix default enable for outproxy plugin
18146daad 2014-01-26 i2psnark:  - Add missing nonce protection for file priority setting  - Add torrent mime type  - String append cleanup
0c326f989 2014-01-25 Remove outproxy hook vestiges in context, history for prop, -3
e0a499dd0 2014-01-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.outproxy' (head 02da481346e0bf35b289f00b32f50871da202afb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head eb2820957208e17c76e8c10a2c36e59e0da61895)
0f862124f 2014-01-25 - Tweak display name of HTTP client tunnel - Show outproxy plugin status on i2ptunnel index page
d00be4cee 2014-01-25 update error pages for HTTPS
ec8354860 2014-01-25  * NetDB: Fix NPE after client shutdown (ticket #1174)
f9144f2fb 2014-01-25  * StatisticsManager: Lower frequency for publishing stats again
5d2ff5e64 2014-01-25  * Installer: Update links  * Update release checklist
ce475d2cd 2014-01-25 sort imports
72bd1fe91 2014-01-25  * i2psnark: Lower threshold for auto-stop  * Update: All updates via torrent
747d83339 2014-01-25 Fix
3427464de 2014-01-25 Move OutNetMessage buffer preparation to the Writer threads  (Ticket #1184)  Up version to -1
9ca625a64 2014-01-24 - Fix up the header processing for SSL thru HTTP proxy - Fix the CONNECT line output - Set use-plugin default to true - Log tweaks - rename a variable
9e87fd9b1 2014-01-24 Sync fix for NTCPConnection._currentOutbound
5b6ed48ec 2014-01-22 0.9.10
96f686583 2014-01-21 bump for review
fa50f9f24 2014-01-21 * Adding http(s) uk.reseed.i2p2.no (Meeh) * Adding http i2p-netdb.innovatio.no (Sindu)
538b4b10d 2014-01-20 Translation updates from Transifex
bdb3e26d0 2014-01-20 geoip (v4 and v6) updates
ec87600e8 2014-01-20 Chinese language update
0624f46e6 2014-01-20  * Console: Change www.i2p2.i2p links to i2p-projekt.i2p  * Reseed: Remove netdb.i2p2.de
ece1198dd 2014-01-15 Fixed NPE
a83c88e88 2014-01-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4b264686657ff54a00224313e00de68d37edbd31)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 63cf9916eca4b38ab0707cd781c308312e27d75f)
8bbab3187 2014-01-12  * NetDB: Fix handling of DSM down client tunnels
8c6922ac5 2014-01-12  * NetDB: Fix handling of DSRM down client tunnels           ISJ log tweak
6b67f399f 2014-01-12  * NetDB:    - Reduce min part tunnels for ffs to 35    - Use client tunnels for LS lookups from OCMOSJ (ticket #1166)
a9598633b 2014-01-11 Missing file from BOB logging fix
1fb2672b6 2014-01-11 BOB: Pass through I2CP host/port (ticket #827)
4308ce634 2014-01-11 Fixed logging for BOB-one.jar
32b095efb 2014-01-10 BOB: Implement ClientApp interface (ticket #347)
eb4bdfcef 2014-01-10 add i2pjump
fc6554cab 2014-01-10 typo fix (a03adeb0, part 2)
058590f69 2014-01-10 Fixed language names in routerconsole
576984bad 2014-01-10 I2CP:   - Add SessionID to HostLookup/Reply messages, for future     use when we have multiple sessions   - New SessionID constructor w/ value   - Throw IAE on invalid SessionID values   - Bump all comments from 0.9.10 to 0.9.11
9825fcf97 2014-01-09 update of en source files, bump build
1ed96d72b 2014-01-09 i2prouter translation updates
a29935abb 2014-01-09 New Brazilian Portuguese translation
e92a5da5a 2014-01-09 tx: update hostname in config, add pt_BR
f08e0299e 2014-01-09 Updated translations from Transifex
9757435b0 2014-01-09 NewsFetcher: Delay news fetch on new installs (ticket #1153)
80fadb458 2014-01-09 Kad: Fix NPE when removing yourself
8658c2397 2014-01-09 susimail: Fixed pagination with zero entries (ticket #1168)
0264cc903 2014-01-09 susimail: UTF-8 support from wockenfuss (ticket #508)
bd5b6b32b 2014-01-09 Updated history
dc0a1281b 2014-01-09 Migrated overlap fix from Fux (ticket #773)
c20c69712 2014-01-08 RouterAppManager: Allow registration of untracked ClientApps, required for orchid plugin
44e7110c9 2014-01-08 Fix StandardServerSocket.isClosed() and close() thx cacapo ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1547
c860c49c6 2014-01-08 Add jisko.i2p to home page Icon source: http://jisko.i2p/wiki/File:Jisko_console_icon.png Icon license: Copyleft: This work of art is free; you can redistribute it and/or modify it. ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1539
b16e66d39 2014-01-06 Add GUI outproxy plugin enable setting for all tunnel proxies   (only implemented in HTTP) More SSL support in I2PTunnelHTTPClient   - Add separate config for SSL outproxy
3b06f0b83 2014-01-06 Change the test url to www.i2p-projekt.i2p
0bc6c23ac 2014-01-06 Remove outproxy hook in context, use ClientAppManager:   - Add clientAppManager() to I2PAppContext so it can be used there   - Add routerAppManager() to RouterContext for convenience inside router
17e63b054 2014-01-05 add sigtype to i2ptunnel client gui too
0fae0640d 2014-01-05 missing file
d054e1295 2014-01-05 New interface and context hooks for in-jvm outproxy Support in HTTP client proxy All preliminary, maybe better to use ClientAppManager?
dc60c2b47 2014-01-04 * Console: Change /configclients 'advanced warning' to include 'toopie, no red
b59aa1fb6 2014-01-04 move I2PSocketOptionsImpl from mini to impl
54a21bfa7 2014-01-04 Fix compilation of non-JUnit tests (disabled by default)
50f55877f 2014-01-04 make public method protected
f9ff26231 2014-01-04 Fix junit tests for streaming, thank you zab (and thank you zzz) for helping out.
91ba76f2a 2014-01-04 merge of '1fd43bf251a91d33bb1ea9b06f2b35a40be3b9c9'      and '766a92b57cdf82d3b1d1e3a71ef2a3109e883add'
ec97bc2f8 2014-01-04 Stab at fixing streaming tests. Add javadoc package.html Fix import order
fba209ca7 2014-01-04 restore method used by bote
b91b242a1 2014-01-04 bump
38186c8f7 2014-01-04 TunnelPoolSettings:   Split out the defaults for expl/client IB/OB.   Client default now 3 hops.   Expl default still 2 hops, with OB Expl + 0-1,   en route to 3+0.
1b3aefbbc 2014-01-04 PeerManager: Remove small same-country bonus  This was done back when we were desperate for  build improvement but it's bad for anonymity  and probably a little slow also
c03511b97 2014-01-04 exception causes
78e7599a8 2014-01-04 better wording
dc871cf1e 2014-01-04 XSS
e98b9d0af 2014-01-04 bump for testing
2a09d5baa 2014-01-04 * Streaming: Move streaming to new package (ticket #1135)
41e071efe 2014-01-03 * Key cert GUI support:   - Add setting in i2ptunnel server edit page   - Comment out cert setting on i2ptunnel server edit page   - Show key type on susidns details page   - Show key type on LS debug page
e8e239616 2014-01-03 * Crypto: More implementation for key certs   - Support i2cp.destination.sigType option in TunnelController and     I2PSocketManagerFactory   - Fixup of Destination.create() and Destination.size()   - Add generic off/len methods in DSAEngine, needed for streaming   - Fixup of sign/verify in streaming Packet   - Javadocs
1feb317f8 2013-12-25 typo
09668453d 2013-12-25 * Console: Add 'advanced warning' to /confgiclients * SOCKS5Server: Remove redundant, commented out line from my previous findbugs
5842e2520 2013-12-24 Initial support for key certificates and arbitrary types and lengths of signing keys and signatures in RouterIdentities and Destinations. Untested, not even for regressions, except with command line using PrivateKeyFile. Based on preliminary spec at http://zzz.i2p/topics/1442?page=1#p7524 Not done:  - Transport handshake signing  - Configuration of default type  - Specification of type in options to I2PSocketManagerFactory  - Specification of type in i2ptunnel  - Fix up caching of SigningPublicKey and P256 key cert  - Any non-default crypto type in the key cert  - Documentation
a2e7fa8b7 2013-12-22 another minor dir listing speedup
30ccf1b33 2013-12-22 i2psnark:  - Refactor file deletion in prep for better file name handling (ticket #571)  - Don't use canonical files in directory listings,    for speed and to avoid file comparison problems (tickets #1079, #1148)  - Set base file/dir in Storage constructor, make final,    in prep for arbitrary locations (ticket #1028)
521979167 2013-12-21 I2CP:   - Add support for b64 conversion in destLookup()   - Catch invalid message length sooner I2Ping:   - Extend I2PTunnelClientBase so non-shared-client,     I2CP options, and other features will work   - Fixes for fields and threading Streaming:   - Send LS with ping (broken since 0.9.2)   - Set the NO_ACK flag on pings and pongs
bf485d8bc 2013-12-21 history update and date fixes
cc97a19d3 2013-12-21 I2CP:   - Add support for hostname lookups over I2CP with new     HostLookup and HostReply messages.   - Move username / password from CreateSession     to GetDate for early authentication;     this is an incompatible chage.     Outside router context with authentication enabled,     new clients will not work with old routers.     Early authentication is not yet enforced, enable with     i2cp.strictAuth=true. Will change default to true in a later release.   - Block all actions before authentication.   - Better disconnect messages to clients for diagnostics   - Improve lookup command, add auth command in i2ptunnel CLI for testing   - Don't start ClientWriterRunner thread in constructor   - Don't flush in ClientWriterRunner unless necessary   - Send GetDate even in SimpleSession outside of RouterContext   - Improve SetDate wait logic to reduce locks and break out when     Disconnect received   - Add Disconnect handler to SimpleSession   - I2Ping cleanups   - Javadocs
38c02b44b 2013-12-19 Streaming: final, volatile, logging
04a596899 2013-12-19 NetDB: Fixes for ExpireRoutersJob   - Don't expire if too few routers   - Don't expire if net is disconnected   - Don't run in VMCommSystem
ee1ed1bb8 2013-12-19 Nice message during graceful shutdown May need to tweak the wording
2b39d28e9 2013-12-19 fix comment
01b153488 2013-12-16 i2psnark:    - Move config file and DHT persistence file to a config dir    - Move per-torrent configuration from "zmeta" in the main config file      to a per-torrent config file (ticket #1132)    - Split timestamp and bitfield into separate configs    - Fix misspelling of autoStart config    - Remove two unused SnarkManager methods
8cb503d8b 2013-12-15 EepGet: Allow override of the User-Agent i2psnark: Set User-Agent
efff25a87 2013-12-14 NetDB:  - Just before midnight, flood to new location too so lookups    don't fail after keyspace rotation (ticket #510)  - Refactor RoutingKeyGenerator and UpdateRoutingKeyModifierJob    in support of the above  - Display next key on LS debug page
6e2583ad9 2013-12-13 NetDB:  - Increase new kad size to K=24, B=4  - Fix router count by counting in the data store, not the kbuckets  - Randomize the order we load router infos at startup so we    don't bias the kbuckets
af84bcf94 2013-12-13 i2ptunnel:  - Show destination for persistent client key only if available;    show b32 for the key as well
3dc429415 2013-12-13 use advanced setting to show LS debug
ec9dd2563 2013-12-13 sort i2ptunnel CLI help for sanity
2bda87d5a 2013-12-13 comment out main
a7a816e0a 2013-12-10 wrapper: 3.5.23 updates for win64
3d9d722ce 2013-12-10 history for props, -1
289a8e7b4 2013-12-10 merge of '3f93d2c09c89b5c68487c33fd700ef7c2feeeb61'      and 'b2c58f8462ab5c08682b711436c387b421bdd0c2'
7d3aa33c2 2013-12-10 Fixed type argument problem causing infinite recursion
0db131459 2013-12-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.netdbkad' (head bc7310e940f01e68bd6be0ed0681eb624dada332)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 98569f30891693e6888913f50b88d1f37969fe45)
68641626a 2013-12-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head ec8e362ce8b93280b518c599a3cc075b89085d2b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c9b1eef91f61f4482ad11c4f2b2d01be67a17ad2)
5b9fb403c 2013-12-10 Jetty 7.6.14.v20131031
a4114b96f 2013-12-09 Deprecation warning fixes
de184ed13 2013-12-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.cleanup' (head 736423cc308e964bab55068e625f8a1852932ec5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0ac335d5dc4ccaeb113af4fb5c0e993a6f42fdbe)
04c342ec6 2013-12-09 PrivateKeyFile: Fix ISE (ticket #1145)    broken in 0.9.9
27ce28027 2013-12-09 i2ptunnel: Disable streaming pings for clients (ticket #1142) i2psnark: Disable streaming pings (ticket #1142)
f8a54bde1 2013-12-07 0.9.9
3acfdbe8f 2013-12-06 i2ptunnel IRC client: Do not filter server PING or client PONG (ticket #1141)
d9fed57c8 2013-12-05 more finals
46e7e9be8 2013-12-05 finals
d87d4eb23 2013-12-05 I2CP: Disconnect client on attempt to publish invalid leaseset
88ea451f8 2013-12-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2634e424f06e58231c47f1ec318e9ae21c94a8b3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 68ca880caf69a06c0fd01fc70675df795aef1de2)
822ec4aa5 2013-12-04 Debian: patch refresh
7b0b07933 2013-12-04 finals
7fe8573df 2013-12-04 i2psnark ConnectionAcceptor:   - Fix ConnectionAcceptor not restarting after tunnel     restart, preventing incoming connections   - locking tweaks   - cleaner reschedule tweaks   - don't store server socket locally   - constructor tweaks / finals   - Stop acceptor when tunnel disconnects   - javadocs
c18029235 2013-12-04 Style fix: leave brackets around for() one-liners
a3fa48dcb 2013-12-04 Removed dead code
445e4301d 2013-12-01 bump for review
736da22bb 2013-12-01 update geoip from maxmind's 2013-11-05 db
f29c64cd7 2013-12-01 merge of '37bb29ce149260c55fb90ec8e56262262382fd9d'      and 'c4f7358a50c9982c5d63e9e5201f4e3f9562422f'
aa4b4b9d2 2013-12-01 French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates
1112fc854 2013-11-30 Yes it's deprecated, it should still use proper generics
9b361ac44 2013-11-28 Fixed history. Last commit was actually blocking "X-Powered-By". Oops.
0ff423fc5 2013-11-28 I2PTunnel: Don't send 'X-Forwarded-For' on HTTP server tunnels for anonymity reasons (reported by 'trixie' on IRC).
efe3bd2c0 2013-11-28 Use for each when Iterator not needed
f112baac4 2013-11-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head cbfe85d22c4d0b05c901db3fa751b57889d9b2d6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.cleanup' (head 94fe1764f50b459da18222434034ad46d604c7a1)
707f61649 2013-11-28 Changes from -rc diff review
ed2feb3ff 2013-11-27 Core: findbugs
a17b1b99c 2013-11-27 Moved StatLogSplitter to i2p.scripts/java-utils
27bc32f2f 2013-11-27 Core: findbugs exclusions (for use in Eclipse or Jenkins)
b535054e1 2013-11-27 generics
97a9a6090 2013-11-27 Use copy constructor instead of clone()
8b8e2c88c 2013-11-27 type argument
9d7ee30c1 2013-11-27 More cleanups
4ee144533 2013-11-27 Another warning suppression to be removed at Java6
0f2a983bb 2013-11-27 i2psnark: type arguments, warning suppression (to be removed at Java6)
8fd2f9090 2013-11-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7903431c2a396fceb1e0428b2be3dde03ba24635)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.cleanup' (head cfbae7380c3fa106f578d5de399701cfb72d5747)
8770d7eae 2013-11-26 i2psnark: Comparable type arguments
c59ef24ac 2013-11-26 i2psnark: more type arguments
85aa2fb08 2013-11-26 i2psnark: MetaInfo type arguments (thx zzz)
434b9fa0d 2013-11-26 GeoIP: Thread the periodic lookup so it doesn't clog the timer queue
56116ad8c 2013-11-26 PeerManager: Thread the periodic reorg so it doesn't clog the timer queue
c0ef19a28 2013-11-26 i2psnark: Fix mixed public/private tracker detection           (thx str4d)
9804e5b7d 2013-11-26 i2psnark: more type arguments
2f33186e5 2013-11-26 i2psnark: type arguments, unused imports, for each
0347c56c9 2013-11-25 Deprecation fixes
e77409e57 2013-11-25 Close resources
615ba9455 2013-11-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d12a1fd746cd9314de5de5e1000c02cf4c59100d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.cleanup' (head e20c143dd50a9c802999068a95e12198b07e4c36)
ce0596d5b 2013-11-25 Reseed: Listen to "Require SSL" config option
35b6926e4 2013-11-25 Ticket #1047 : Do not adjust window on receiving dups.
76925fa3b 2013-11-25 console: add debug link if advanced config is set
dbdf36d85 2013-11-25 Update: Increase torrent from 30% to 60%
60aa8c57a 2013-11-24 I2PTunnel: Fix a shared client configured with i2cp.newDestOnResume not restarting correctly, caused by previous checkin
001070f67 2013-11-24 fix setting of BC_AVAILABLE thx str4d
c6f2d4948 2013-11-24 Class generics
8699c8261 2013-11-24 Kad unit tests:   - Port KBSTest from i2p.zzz.kademlia branch   - Fix RandomTrimmer so it always returns true, so it may be used     as the trimmer in the unit tests
1d7eedd46 2013-11-24 Kad unit tests:   - Move KBucketSetTest to new directory   - Fix testSelf() as new implementation will never include myself   - Delete KBucketImplTest, not applicable/useful now   Next todo: port KBSTest from i2p.zzz.kademlia branch
796a231f5 2013-11-24 NetDB:   - Move net.i2p.kademlia package from i2psnark to core, and convert     netdb to use it.   - Delete old implementation in netdb   - Fixups in netdb for generics   - Add debug output to /debug
e1fcad686 2013-11-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 72c44737466e553fec443a79fffa7636894fe383)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.cleanup' (head 5a2425d7523b732840e55039f88cea5699f1aa83)
ffa03f2b8 2013-11-23 IterativeSearchJob:  - Recheck completion status just before sending out a wrapped message  - log tweaks
54fb91ba8 2013-11-23 I2PTunnel: Call destroySocketManager() when replacing   a client socket manager configured with i2cp.newDestOnResume,   or a shared client.   This prevents lots of orphaned StreamingTimer threads.   There are still cases where these threads may stick around,   when a tunnel is stopped but not restarted. We don't know in   some cases when a tunnel could be restarted and when it can't.   destroySocketManager() should always be called when discarding a   SocketManager but i2ptunnel doesn't do that now. More to do,   but this fixes the most common case of leaked threads.   Related tickets: ##642 #961
e498e2113 2013-11-23 Snark: make a set of the default trackers so the config array can be private and the lookup for the form is more efficient.
f42ac71fe 2013-11-23 UDP PeerState findbugs volatile/atomic/synch
74f2fd06c 2013-11-23 Deprecate Signature.FAKE_SIGNATURE
143a0dfc4 2013-11-23 Transport: Reduce target connections from 60% to 45% of limit.    This will improve network capacity.    Apparent problems with lower limits were actually due to    unrelated bugs that were fixed by    This can go lower still; I've been testing 33% without issues.
fdb009793 2013-11-23 Temporarily moved old help.jsp translations back
0dde4162e 2013-11-23 susimail: Fix NPE when deleting last message (ticket #414)
844bae18b 2013-11-22 fixup after prop
9e4d5c0e6 2013-11-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head da40262a8b7685de3877c1d7d6d16a155caa9e7c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 6263bb149b8301059d0471bcc1d47caeca660f4e)
9b8d3eb68 2013-11-22 Startup:     Wait a while and recheck if a recent ping file is there,     so that a crashed router doesn't prevent a restart (ticket #633)
8478bfbdd 2013-11-22 BOB: for each
d6bb5f6a4 2013-11-22 i2ptunnel: type arguments
e9fec9354 2013-11-22 ministreaming: type arguments
f9f0e6d0a 2013-11-22 SAM: for each
3bc0be1cb 2013-11-22 susidns: type arguments, for each
8d826cee9 2013-11-22 susimail: - Generics in Folder - for each - type arguments
e853d9a40 2013-11-22 Router: more type arguments, for each
15bf94b47 2013-11-22 Core: type arguments
6314f33d8 2013-11-22 desktopgui: unused imports
5fa0376f5 2013-11-22 SAM: type arguments, unused imports
552dd189a 2013-11-22 streaming: type arguments, unused imports
57144f3e6 2013-11-22 Added Eclipse projects for SAM and streaming
0454639db 2013-11-21 bump -30-rc
c32b45173 2013-11-21 i2psnark: type arguments, unused imports
2f4765665 2013-11-21 routerconsole: type arguments, unused imports
bff79cdae 2013-11-21 susimail: type arguments
4bddf8ae0 2013-11-21 susidns: type arguments, unused imports
ae79deff3 2013-11-21 net.i2p.jetty.*: type arguments, unused imports
e3aeb267f 2013-11-21 Eclipse classpath consolidation
c5c26c440 2013-11-21 Eclipse Ant builders for core, router and jettylib
77971624b 2013-11-21 Created Eclipse project for installer/resources
f5621c508 2013-11-21 Converted lib Eclipse project to standard folder
3fa7fe973 2013-11-21 Updated routerconsole Eclipse classpath
c97d07e10 2013-11-21 org.cybergarage.*: more type arguments
567c32833 2013-11-21 org.cybergarage.*: type arguments, unused imports
3aa982529 2013-11-21 org.xlattice.crypto.*: type arguments
0c07f9ff9 2013-11-21 More type arguments in UDPTransport
f0055ccbf 2013-11-21 Made type argument for Transport.getClockSkews() consistent
693cc828c 2013-11-21 Type arguments in OutNetMessage
688dd2311 2013-11-21 gnu.crypto.prng.*: type arguments
e38db5eb4 2013-11-20 i2ptunnel: type arguments, unused imports
817f53161 2013-11-20 merge of '743aa294fa15c3243bb6ad56d4de64f5eff15051'      and '85fa37bf6c3090c0d4c10f4b7b2d679549090c37'
53623da2e 2013-11-20 addressbook: type arguments, unused imports
4910266d9 2013-11-20 merge of '63ea1d70b3fd3886a050d7b196cd7ae261844164'      and '6a57f7039fe5697b9770d642ac1d4653e4b9878c'
24ae66df6 2013-11-20 Core JUnit tests: type arguments, unused imports
228bd980d 2013-11-20 Router JUnit tests: type arguments, unused imports
f161a2dfc 2013-11-20 BOB: NamedDB accesses are synchronized, correct findbugs fix is to remove volatile
abe1dc676 2013-11-20 Dead code, type arguments
9de57a5d5 2013-11-20 log tweak; bump -29-rc
2cc742c3e 2013-11-20 Fixed stupid pasting bug
5bcfe025d 2013-11-20 fix build
6dc6ca771 2013-11-20 avoid <? extends Object> generics
eabcc96a9 2013-11-20 remove useless string
28b667597 2013-11-20 findbugs BOB/SAM. more to do.
413ad6b0e 2013-11-20 BOB findbugs
a7a7e9618 2013-11-20 Findbugs in imported core code
796dbc5d2 2013-11-20 Fixed bug hidden by Set<RouterInfo> -> Set -> Set<Hash> unchecked conversion
c86845078 2013-11-20 Reverted change in net.i2p.router.Router
89dcceefe 2013-11-20 Core: type arguments, unused imports
bacce1799 2013-11-20 Router: type arguments, unused imports
e61e95071 2013-11-20 update patch / update debian changelog
244209d3b 2013-11-19 Translation updates, addition of Japanese language
dbe0a8240 2013-11-18 Translations:   - Add support for country variants (ticket #1133)   - Refactor data in ConfigUIHelper Config files: Allow empty values
7e3e08532 2013-11-17 more static atomics
1d4190734 2013-11-16 Findbugs all over  - volatile -> atomic  - unused code and fields  - closing streams  - hashCode / equals  - known non-null  - Number.valueOf  - new String  Still avoiding SAM, BOB, SusiMail
96cf1d60c 2013-11-15 * Jetty: Fix eepsite and webapp cache control directives.   Eepsite fix for new installs only.   Fix i2psnark BasicServlet javadoc about param prefix.   (ticket #1128)
3aa33378c 2013-11-15 i2prouter: s/3\.5\.20/3.5.22/g
747bd0c5a 2013-11-15 Update Java Service Wrapper to v3.5.22
ea7b42810 2013-11-14  * InboundMessageDistributor:    - Put garlicked DSM messages in the InNetMessagePool instead of handling directly,      so the IterativeSearchJob will see the response and declare success.      Only affected LS lookups as we do not request encrypted replies for RI lookups.      Similar to the fix for verifies 6dc5bed94321ae2b290cfe351511d18465e08f91      This bug was causing initial lookups to fail but subsequent ones to succeed.      Broken since 0.9.7 when encrypted replies was introduced.      Ticket #1125
19022baa2 2013-11-14 log tweaks, final
e8248f500 2013-11-14 volatile
f8178b716 2013-11-13 ticket #1125: revert previous change as it is not relevant         to test failure
79b5d9748 2013-11-13 patch refresh
b53ed94e8 2013-11-12 Findbugs:   - Fix several 'increment of volatile is not atomic' all over     Remaining: UDP PeerState.java, to be checked in separately   - Comment out all of unused MessageStateMonitor
df84a2fcd 2013-11-12 save server status text to return to user
25e7dea37 2013-11-11 merge of '4f6d64a50c7c5c27682914984831fc581724659d'      and 'e5def490e4eba793ca0d2bcb739771dcdf8c0242'
90919ebf6 2013-11-11 Make ObjectCounter Serializable
76078deb3 2013-11-11 handle numeric private value in metainfo
1b95a03d2 2013-11-10 merge of '3a7591d75dacb165b1b1d26c6bdd94184076fb03'      and 'ba02b6daf2d660339ff05cfe0479344391e6e34f'
108039de0 2013-11-10 partial revert of 6df9f4e154d148867ee158cbe9e9acf3fb73d680
addd2e6d6 2013-11-10 merge of '3f85581f65aedde0f96729d197aaab223174f2e4'      and '6df9f4e154d148867ee158cbe9e9acf3fb73d680'
5c38d5a6c 2013-11-10 Findbugs: More findbugs fixes. Including but not limited to: null check fixes and some synchronization
69489dd19 2013-11-10 use DataHelper.skip() in a few more places
3fce0e8e4 2013-11-10 xlattice findbugs
35fb332c2 2013-11-10 moar test cases
1b5309be0 2013-11-10 junit test for new DataHelper.skip()
d2a1025b3 2013-11-10 about 20 findbugs fixes all over
0a8f79f0e 2013-11-10 Findbugs: A stab at squashing some issues across the board. Probably more to follow.
18e4c2ac6 2013-11-10 log tweak
90c2e0848 2013-11-10 Streaming:   - Fix uncaught exception when log level = WARN, broken in -23
598ef67c4 2013-11-10 Tunnel fragments:   - more checks, don't allow fragment #0 in follow-on fragment   - Set message ID in constructor
1b9d870b9 2013-11-10 i2psnark: Don't announce more than torrent size as downloaded amount
68f67b7c8 2013-11-10 UPnP:  (ticket #1123)  - Add new config i2np.upnp.ignore to specify UDNs of ignored devices  - Add display of ignored devices on /peers
d2f0c251c 2013-11-09 use four digit umask in wrapper.config
2b2f34b3f 2013-11-08 A better killyourtv.i2p icon    New icon from FatCow, licensed as specified in our docs.    ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1492
4e680479d 2013-11-08 Home page: replace all default eepsite icons.    New icons from FatCow, licensed as specified in our docs.    ref: http://zzz.i2p/topics/1492
d1b93e070 2013-11-08 DeliveryInstructions:   - Comment out unused encryption fields to save space   - New static immutable LOCAL instruction to reduce object churn
4382def62 2013-11-08 log tweak
952a56c53 2013-11-08 JobQueue: Log a warning if a job is scheduled too far in the future,           to catch bugs like the one in -7 where requeue() is called           with an absolute time instead of a delay
67aead214 2013-11-08 Tunnel Endpoints:    - Reject type 3 (undefined) delivery instructions at both OBEP and IBEP,      would be treated as LOCAL    - Reject type 0 (LOCAL) delivery instructions at OBEP, no current usage,      would cause NPE if handled
50f45a50a 2013-11-08 minor optimization
6b326c370 2013-11-07 merge of '15e16e2fd4c5be75a63b28616b413a8d1e13e1d6'      and '2449ac4142097e34b7ad4c4c4cb16c163a786a16'
919ec3af0 2013-11-07 work on failing JUnit test
ca5a301a4 2013-11-07 i2prouter: create i2p.dir.config with umask from wrapper.config
ae76a6ee1 2013-11-07 findbugs correctness fixes, all over the place
5cbecb359 2013-11-07 log IP change in event log
5a34e1de4 2013-11-07  * NetDB: Fix RI publish interval, broken in -7
c810694e0 2013-11-07  * i2psnark: Fix file links, broken in -12 (ticket #1114)
ca866d48e 2013-11-07  * Logging: Track duplicates across flush interval (ticket #1110)
f1e77499e 2013-11-04 allow webapps.config to be 'preseeded' with values
9007db148 2013-11-03 Expire wasUnreachable entries, so inbound tunnel build failures don't escalate and the peer doesn't have a severe penalty in the CapacityCalculator forever. This may fix the tunnel build problems that started in -10. Or not.
85c998e50 2013-11-03 HTTP proxy: Fix addressbook name on redirect page
8296f8229 2013-11-03 + * NetDB: Allow store of leaseset as long as one lease has not expired
059ae3a80 2013-11-03    - Add network status to event log
67e242c44 2013-11-02 Debian patch refresh and readme file update
e23f3b487 2013-11-02 comments
06ea9af73 2013-11-02 i2psnark: Log name of offending file causing IOException (ticket #1099)
884818f51 2013-11-02 log tweaks, generics
3f39bd0f7 2013-11-02 remove unused static log
48cce6435 2013-11-01 routerconsole war dies with .jsp files in a subdir
777e08c8b 2013-11-01  * Transport: Fix GeoIPv6 (ticket #1096)    due to int/long problem, they were being corrupted    and then looked up as IPv4
8c4b0b7c0 2013-10-31 merge of '0af9bde8ae97c3b08f2c934236532121ce135817'      and 'b324a96172089b549e53fb1c0c2a01807fe64699'
dae8b2537 2013-10-31 Transports:  - Increase threshold for idle timeout reduction from 33% to 60%.    This was reduced from 75% to 33% in -10 and it caused significant    tunnel build problems, for reasons that aren't entirely clear.  - Don't change the SSU idle timeout quicker when firewalled.  - log tweaks
2ae293444 2013-10-31 Split routerconsole help into several files (no frontend change)
0f11d3566 2013-10-31 log tweaks
fa70d439c 2013-10-31 minor optimization
001058140 2013-10-31 TunnelPoolSettings:  - Make dest hash final  - Ensure allowZeroHop is always true for exploratory
1d659e4f8 2013-10-31 i2psnark: Always verify file lengths at startup (ticket #1099)
509f00c5e 2013-10-30 Override toString()
aeb3241ab 2013-10-29 * i2psnark: Start torrents by default (ticket #1072)
8909df3c8 2013-10-29  * i2psnark: Fix start and start-all buttons on text-mode browsers    and Opera (ticket #1093)
1cffcae36 2013-10-29 merge of '2c288e0ac5d4a6039b3f08e6bbae9439bb038955'      and 'fa8975b2dbcb60d5f181bc21fc1245d5f82baef0'
d2ee5b96a 2013-10-29 Log tweaks and minor cleanups, -15
0506a5915 2013-10-29  * Tunnels:    - Build a new exploratory fallback tunnel in the BuildExecutor      loop if we run out.    - Don't use closest expl. tunnel as the paired tunnel for a build,      use a random one instead (partially back out change from -12)    - Log tweaks
91ef3fd0b 2013-10-29  * InboundMessageDistributor:    - Don't discard an encrypted DSRM received      down a tunnel, just strip the hashes like we do for unencrypted    - Send a store of our own encrypted LS received down a tunnel to      the InNetMessagePool so the FloodfillVerifyStoreJob will see it.  * NetDB: Fix LS store verifies with encrypted replies    by storing the tagset with the correct SKM for the inbound tunnel used.    Broken since 0.9.7 when it was introduced.
79f5484f8 2013-10-29 Fix history.
6afd2c4b9 2013-10-29 * Adding no.i2p registrar
06b09f89d 2013-10-28 add SU3File bulksign CLI
bd0eee6aa 2013-10-28  * configstats: Page will now always reflect results of a previous    change, by querying the config instead of StatSummarizer to    determine if a stat is graphed.   - Don't append to a string in a loop   - parseConfig() return a Set instead of List to avoid O(n**2) behavior     when deteriming config changes
5bc13c16d 2013-10-28 merge of '40e39576b76cc1261e0eda2c63a052544021f2e3' and '81c0ce21efaae02bbc2b5d3ce4e25b2d315dc2eb'
626daeb86 2013-10-28 * I2PTunnel: Enable persistent keying for SOCKS tunnels (ticket #1088)
a92913da4 2013-10-28  * Streaming:    - Ensure minimum randomized initial conn throttle period    - Change order of throttle checks again    - Don't continue throttle checks if throttled
f0f363e8c 2013-10-27  * Streaming: Fix instantiation failure with blacklist entries,    caused by bad fix for ticket #1070
7839c0fec 2013-10-26  * Tunnels:    - Don't use fallback expl. tunnels as the paired tunnel      for a client tunnel build.      This will cause more client tunnel breakage but it's      really bad to use a zero-hop for this.    - Fix selection of an expl. tunnel close to a hash    - Don't update build generation stat if the generation failed    - log tweaks
4d24d65c1 2013-10-26  * Profiles: Ensure we select random peers even before the first reorganization -    we were picking the not-failing peers in-order for early expl. tunnel builds
ddf761b1f 2013-10-26  * Streaming: Randomize end of first conn limit period    to prevent correlation
2814fe75b 2013-10-26 sort custom options
7316c82ef 2013-10-26  * i2psnark: Display base name, not torrent file name (ticket #985)
e04646bd3 2013-10-26 finals
8f8022347 2013-10-26  * I2PTunnel HTTPServer:    New POST limiter
acc0ab66a 2013-10-26 My RSA 4096 pubkey for update signing
5a6acf1d8 2013-10-25  * Router: Only log pingfile error once (ticket #1086)
ca45194c3 2013-10-25  * Streaming:    - Check blacklist/whitelist before connection limits, so      a blacklisted peer does not increment the counters    - Don't increment total throttle if peer is throttled    - Fix blacklist NPE after config change (ticket #1070)
102506ebe 2013-10-25  * Transports: Reduce connection idle time sooner
d06f1c4a3 2013-10-24 /confighome: Remove config when restoring default so user will again see changes from updates
c732c1c03 2013-10-24 I2PTunnel: Catch unchecked exceptions in server accept loop (ticket #1070)
4aa1bba57 2013-10-24  * NetDB:    - We don't verify RI stores any more, so save RI-last-published time when we store it.
9d3925eb2 2013-10-24  * i2psnark:    - Drop incoming connections on HTTP port    - Define port 6881 in one place    - Don't let random DHT port be 6881    - Exception tweak
80fdf4e91 2013-10-24  * I2PTunnel - fix anonymity characterization in dropdowns    (2 hops is not high anonymity)
35a86e603 2013-10-24  * I2PTunnel standard, HTTP, and IRC servers:    Route connections to specific targets based on incoming I2P port    with custom option targetForPort.xxxx=myserver:yyyy    This allows multiple services on a single server tunnel (ticket #1066)
8f7b31aed 2013-10-23  * I2PTunnel standard and IRC clients:    - Allow host:port targets; set defaults in i2ptunnel.config (ticket #1066)    - Don't fail start if hostname is unresolvable; retry at connect time (ticket #946)    - Output IRC message on connect fail    - Update target list on-the-fly when configuration changes
0f5a0b6b1 2013-10-23  * NetDB:    - Increase RI publish interval to reduce the connection load on ffs    - Save RI-last-published time; check it before publishing    - Minor cleanups
4cf3906ed 2013-10-23  * Home page:    - Add salt.i2p. Icon from efkt, free to use.    - Change icon for stats.i2p. Icon from Fat Cow, see license info in LICENSES.txt
57875586c 2013-10-19 reduce same-country bonus, less countries
ad8ec011d 2013-10-19 more transport categories
0d93b86a5 2013-10-19 sfv mime type
63712002e 2013-10-19 merge of '4eee3780cfb882747ad68e39ac08b721f91c48a7'      and 'cca89ae05036ab7a2fe0080fdd1cfac19968246a'
67af1a17c 2013-10-19 - Don't display UPnP info on peers page in Android   to prevent crash
9cac54654 2013-10-19 add IPv6 categories to /netdb transport chart
3ffb321f4 2013-10-19  * NetDB: Reinstate ExpireRoutersJob
14ea6d8d0 2013-10-19 delay multiple ExploreJobs slightly
8e0dbf31b 2013-10-19  * NetDB (ticket #1076)    - Reduce flood redundancy from 4 to 3    - Reduce min part. tunnels for ff from 100 to 50
5187bf1ea 2013-10-19  * I2PTunnelHTTPServer: Start timer before reading the first line (ticket #1071)
99471d8e1 2013-10-19 css tweak to fix i2ptunnel ssl box layout on firefox
012e99935 2013-10-18 fix unit tests broken by previous checkin
bdd9900d0 2013-10-18  * OutNetMessage: Remove setters, make fields final
c71b48508 2013-10-18 mark ipv6 only as experimental on /confignet
a78d34ab4 2013-10-18  * I2PTunnel SSL cleanup, log SSL exceptions as errors to help find cert problems
255ebe7ef 2013-10-17  * Streaming: Throw IOE if socket is closed (ticket #1077),               never return null from stream getters
5f7a761e4 2013-10-17  * I2CP: Move SSL client socket code to util,    move cert location to certificates/i2cp.  * I2PTunnel: Support SSL for connection to local server    for Standard, HTTP, and IRC server tunnels.    Put server cert in certificates/i2ptunnel if necessary.
09548358f 2013-10-17 increase translate initial map size, clear on exit
df381c37f 2013-10-17 3gp mime type
31e96b416 2013-10-16 Update Trac links: s|http://trac\.i2p2\.de|https://trac.i2p2.de|g
53b0f7b57 2013-10-16 french updates
45deaa3a8 2013-10-14  * open4you icon and text    from hosting@mail.i2p    image free to use
0c8eabcdf 2013-10-14 merge of '2bb222d33ec817b78fcf506c32da44d10b1eff3b'      and '59e86e3176465259a67927b042c1307cd0a94aa4'
f9571740a 2013-10-14 address check cleanup
eb2af2b5f 2013-10-14  * ClientManager: Remove setters, make all fields final
ded00300b 2013-10-14 javadoc fixes
811819af6 2013-10-14  * Tests:    - Fix LogSettingsTest broken by recent LogManager changes    - Remove empty LogSettings.java
1804c852b 2013-10-14 French language translation updates from Transifex
3ec602865 2013-10-14  * Translations: Move country names to a new resource bundle
0c0a25b03 2013-10-13 merge of 'ad0ab5020bb253c5233ac2f036c0cf4f40001d51'      and 'bc7c0fa32e955a7d8185456815652d4baab500ae'
208192f44 2013-10-13  * I2CP: Fix bug in handling external I2CP clients, introduced in -2    by the immutable destination patch
d0f635e30 2013-10-13 ticket #1062 - count duplicate packets towards RTT if we have  never sampled it
20b2f7dcb 2013-10-13 fix date, restore tunnel length changed in previous checkin
cf6695181 2013-10-13 cleanup after prop, history for prop, -2
c6f41cc8f 2013-10-13 crypto cleanup
45a579403 2013-10-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 5c1b78bd78845b0c8b90fbb60412c68e7dc4f3e6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8bdc25c8e6f40491f20b533d94eacab012adba35)
74a57abfb 2013-10-12  Streaming:    - Make I2PSocketFull.close() nonblocking; it will now cause any user-side      writes blocked in I/O (Connection.packetSendChoke()) to throw      an exception (tickets #629, #1041)    - Don't ignore InterruptedExceptions; throw InterruptedIOException    - Back out static disconnect exception    - MessageInputStream locking fixes    - Cleanups  I2PSnark:    - Close socket before closing output stream to avoid blocking in      Peer.disconnect(), and prevent Peer.disconnect() loop
380783c1b 2013-10-09  Snark DHT:    - Combine getPeers and announce into a single method, as we must announce to      the closest from the getPeers, not the closest from the kbuckets    - Stop getPeers when nothing closer is found
c8843a736 2013-10-09 make _ackSinceCongestion atomic
e69fefda6 2013-10-09 cleanup: remove boolean parameter that is always true
513da3b74 2013-10-09 cleanup: remove no-op invocation
7513d42e9 2013-10-09  Snark DHT:    - Increase dest lookup and search timeouts    - Increase max search depth    - Loop tracker client faster when in magnet mode    - Loop tracker client faster if DHT announce fails    - Don't return an empty peers list if we only know about the requestor    - volatiles, log tweaks    - Major fixes of getPeers() to follow
8872437ca 2013-10-08 Another snark refactoring bug, log tweaks
712c77a4b 2013-10-08 add my "su3" certificate
38cef14cf 2013-10-07 synch cleanup thx zab
05c3b0d39 2013-10-07 Fix bug causing writes past end of file, introduced in refactoring, not in trunk
854090e9d 2013-10-07    - Console: Set per-connector acceptors back to 1, Jetty default changed to 2?
f035815f7 2013-10-07    - Don't truncate initial news header if it appears in summary bar      (unlikely as we don't show the "hide news" button for initial news)      Also prevent string IOOBE
df4302dda 2013-10-07  * Update:    - Thread news fetcher so it doesn't clog the scheduler
31f117e74 2013-10-07  * Data Structures:    - Make Destination and RouterIdentity keys and cert immutable    - Add Destination cache
890f40b2a 2013-10-07 more log tweaks
3ac8083fa 2013-10-07 log tweaks
249319f76 2013-10-07  * Disallow 2001:db8::/32 (RFC 3849) addresses
efe87060b 2013-10-06 add missing start.jar thx kytv
afe3ff57c 2013-10-06 history for prop, -1
6bb1505d3 2013-10-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ecdsa' (head 1dd9522809f801ca68dd331cfba1c5c914dc1481)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a1c2ba4663abc7470f427c6a14854707d58b486a)
a1c8e3eae 2013-10-06 reduce search limit
aa171bbaa 2013-10-06 less scary message
845b70fe0 2013-10-06 add missing sidebar
82b1eb7c1 2013-10-06  * Update:    - Check proxy setting before calling runner for method
4bd27ea1d 2013-10-06  * Update:    - Reset found version in update loop so we don't fetch from      the next host too.    - Prevent NPE on version after SSL fetch    - Fix su3 version check  * EepGet:    - Fix non-proxied PartialEepGet    - Prevent non-proxied eepget for an I2P host    - Fail if no hostname in URL
d0f6be316 2013-10-06 fix cert dir
7764257e4 2013-10-06 more synching for coherence
af0e72ac4 2013-10-05  * SSU: More efficient ImboundMessageState    (reduce ByteArray[] size where possible)
053444069 2013-10-05    - Treat 6bone 3ffe::/16 as local
c2fa2d0c5 2013-10-05  * Logging:    - Require strict match of class name component    - parseLimits() cleanup
887017b54 2013-10-05  * Transport: Treat more IPs as local    25/8 - Hamachi (moved from 5/8 Nov. 2012)    2620:9b::/32 - Hamachi    0::/8 - Includes IPv4 compatibility addresses ::xxxx:xxxx
3a4f5a2f1 2013-10-04 jetty 7.6.13.v20130916
3fb464374 2013-10-04  - Add https support for news fetch
a5e3bc9b8 2013-10-04  Update:  - New config for proxying news, separate from proxying update  - Default logic cleanup
8a0c3f10f 2013-10-04  Update:  - Stub out support for clearnet su3 updating  - PartialEepGet and SSLEepGet tweaks to support clearnet update  - Remove proxy, key, and url config from /configupdate  - More URI checks in UpdateRunner  - Add su3 mime type  - Move advanced setting to HelperBase
e1d808a28 2013-10-04 add msg when stopping tunnel on idle
e755051eb 2013-10-04  * i2psnark:    - Add torrent auto-stop support; enable for update file    - Add tunnel auto-close when no torrents are running    - Log/msg tweaks on add/create failures
d7c3ffa4d 2013-10-02
cba3b249d 2013-10-01  * Startup: Fix rekeying on Windows (tickets #1056, 1057)
32f250003 2013-09-30  NBI: Tweak to prevent early context instantiation
e004b0e6e 2013-09-30  Build:   - Generate su3 file in release target   - Add my new RSA 4096 pubkey cert for updates   - Fix checkcerts.sh
a5c5917a5 2013-09-30 add key length to RSA SigType names
cbd24946b 2013-09-30 refresh patch, en po
9b4842931 2013-09-30 0.9.8
e04cf132c 2013-09-29  HTTPServer: Log tweak for better diagnosis of delays
7d237b4cf 2013-09-29  Watchdog: Format messages better
3cbfd0972 2013-09-29  Console: Tag strings on /jobs (ticket #969)
0ae774dd6 2013-09-28 bump for review
2884df873 2013-09-28  * Streaming: Major rework of connection disconnect process. Tickets 1040-1042.    - Prevent multiple calls or reentrancy in disconnect() (ticket #1041)    - Implement processing of close to skip TIME-WAIT, and      wait for all packets to be acked (not just the CLOSE) before      doing so, if possible (ticket #1042)    - Don't call disconnect() or disconnectComplete() from I2PSocketFull.destroy()      so retransmissions and acks can still happen (removes some close loops)    - Don't call disconnect() until we have both sent and received a CLOSE (ticket #1040)    - Don't reset the connection from CPH just because we sent a CLOSE      and it was acked (ticket #1040)    - Ack packets even if we sent a CLOSE  (ticket #1040)    - Retransmit CLOSE if not acked (ticket #1040)    - Send received packets to the MessageInputStream even if we haven't received a SYN    - Don't call MessageInputStream.messageReceived() for ack-only packets, that was pointless    - Don't send a RESET after timeout of an outbound connection    - Work around bugs on other end by limiting retransmission of CLOSE packets    - Make _isInbound final    - More cleanups, javadocs, log tweaks
d4d1424c4 2013-09-27 update debian changelog
33827f9aa 2013-09-27 switch from elipsis to three "."s
30a666c83 2013-09-27  Streaming: Don't queue a message for an unknown connection on the SYN queue             if it has a send ID set, it must be for a recently closed connection
9a00621fa 2013-09-27 log tweaks
46bc47988 2013-09-26 update geoip based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2013-09-03
6ab6abf4d 2013-09-26 French, German, Russian, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
0c6a9ff2a 2013-09-25 proof delimiter tweak
aefc5b531 2013-09-25 javadoc fix
25682fdea 2013-09-25 log tweaks, javadoc
931809984 2013-09-24  * Streaming:    - Cleanups    - Remove setCloseReceivedOn(), unused outside Connection    - OR the isFlagSet parameter instead of multiple calls    - Remove acked packets from _outboundPackets inside synced iterator    - Short-circuit _outboundPackets iterator if empty    - Small optimization if not logging in ConnectionPacketHandler    - Stub out processing of close ack (ticket #1042)
fdf38a952 2013-09-24 atomic default value cleanup
fb40ab1f0 2013-09-24  * Streaming: Atomics for close/reset send/receive    so we only do things once. (Ticket #1041)
3499ed7bb 2013-09-24  * Streaming: Consolidate scheduling of DisconnectEvent, and ensure    we only do it once. (Ticket #1041)
b05906a3c 2013-09-24  SigType: Renumber, comment out all the types that are     too short or for testing. Turn off debug logging.
61d5f4629 2013-09-24  * Streaming: Fix active stream counting so it doesn't count streams    that are closed and in TIME-WAIT state. Also, break out of the    counting loop as soon as we know the answer. (Ticket #1039)
9ebfccd8f 2013-09-23  * Console: Add /proof page which can copied to prove you run a router
4fb3e86e4 2013-09-23 Truncate and linkify magnet link in summary bar update message
837517e94 2013-09-22  Update: Verify and extract su3 files.      untested...
f47ec65b8 2013-09-22  Update: Preliminary work for su3 router updates:    - new ROUTER_SIGNED_SU3 UpdateType    - Add support for torrent and HTTP    - Refactor UpdateRunners to return actual UpdateType    - Deal with signed/su3 conflicts    - unpack/verify stubbed only
6fede7f52 2013-09-22 log tweaks
bd0c18b2e 2013-09-21  * Console: Implement webapp state detection and stop button for webapps    on /configclients (Ticket #1025)
fba596c78 2013-09-21 geoipv6 Sept 19 2013 from Maxmind
61f2b4902 2013-09-20 another extraneous script name
e71a1a5c4 2013-09-20 remove extraneous script name
683ce3254 2013-09-20 testscripts build target: check shell scripts for validity
df555731c 2013-09-20 minor script changes
641fc0cae 2013-09-20 fix langbox alignment, bump build number
5ab1d6896 2013-09-20 jbigi scripts: look in /usr/local (for *BSD)
0ae2d92fc 2013-09-20  * Update: Support notification of updates that cannot be downloaded    due to "constraints". Add constraint checks for java version,    router version, configuration, and base permissions. (ticket #1024)
26c8201e0 2013-09-20 spellcheck off
37521c69a 2013-09-20 look for openjdk6 in OpenBSD if v7 isn't available
43383a5b3 2013-09-20 changes to fix compilation on OpenBSD
bfea3e4dd 2013-09-20 translation updates from Transifex
35b02a52e 2013-09-20 redirect output of which command to /dev/null
8e3e56691 2013-09-20 typo fix
968b9a030 2013-09-20 fix previous check-in
c97f0f3d2 2013-09-20 OpenBSD compilation fix: set JAVAC in bundle targets if javac not found and require.gettext is set to true
65b1124d8 2013-09-19 various updates to `i2prouter`
89034e1f9 2013-09-19  SU3File:    - Fix arg processing again    - Change static fields to avoid early context init    - Reduce PRNG buffer size for faster signing
9f2fa6a8b 2013-09-19 fix arg processing
19cf8787d 2013-09-18    - Allow getRawAlgo() for public keys    - SU3File better arg processing, implement content type arg    - Type checking of Java private key vs. type when signing    - Add unknown content type, make default
a80c34c1d 2013-09-18  * i2psnark:    - Refactor Storage file data structures    - Sort files when creating torrents
ab8900f91 2013-09-18  * I2PTunnelHTTPServer: Don't thread a receiver for GET or HEAD
ce2d0b0e1 2013-09-17    - Revert expl. default back to 2 hops, wait for next release    - Eepsite index.html better help on redirects    - Remove exotrack (again)
87d98781a 2013-09-16    Read back private key to verify after keygen    Validate cert after reading from file    Validate CN in cert    Javadoc fixes
79dc95dd6 2013-09-15    Fix RSA_SHA384    Fix DSAEngine for RSA    Fix KeyGenerator for RSA    New split() and combine() methods in SigUtil    Fix private key conversions for RSA
c6533202f 2013-09-15   Add RSAConstants   Specify RSA parameters   Add RSA sig types   Specify cert signature algorithm when generating keys   Extend keygen max wait   Catch NPE if sign fails in SU3File   Fix signature conversion for RSA   Fix public key conversion for RSA
b5dc9bc0b 2013-09-14   DSAEngine: Add sign/verify methods using Java keys   SU3File: Use Java keys to sign and verify so we don't            lose the key parameters in the conversion to I2P keys
79891c667 2013-09-14 open4you.i2p
68aa1aea8 2013-09-13 stub out RSA
4ffaf4128 2013-09-13   SU3File:   - enum for content type   - fix NPE if private key not found   - use certs instead of public keys for verification   - improve validate-without-extract   - new extract command
801ca47a0 2013-09-13 add Koblitz curves for testing
43f506216 2013-09-12   SSLEepGet: Move all certificates to certificates/ssl, in preparation              for other certificate uses by SU3File
7ab4dd7f4 2013-09-12   KeyStoreUtil:   - Overwrite check in createKeys()   - New getCert(), getKey()   SU3File:   - Store generated keys in keystore   - Get private key for signing from keystore
71c010423 2013-09-12   Add base algorithm type in prep for RSA
a608d2157 2013-09-12   KeyStore: change keygen default to RSA 2048 (ticket #1017)             fix key length setting
935ddaa0b 2013-09-12 fix default expiration
945e7b75f 2013-09-12   Crypto - prep for using certificates in SU3File:   Consolidate KeyStore code from SSLEepGet, I2CPSSLSocketFactory,   SSLClientListenerRunner, and RouterConsoleRunner into new   KeyStoreUtil and CertUtil classes in net.i2p.crypto (ticket #744)
5e9078059 2013-09-11 jbigi/jcpuid build scripts: Look for OpenJDK7 in kFreeBSD (it has landed in Debian testing)
a8a21ea7c 2013-09-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6667c4a9f9fcc0705e407006d1933dd31942ffb2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ecdsa' (head bf746450400fc5ffa0e727ed0cd6a3966f6ce51f)
23444e4b8 2013-09-10  * Router: Log new router hash in event log after rekeying
a3ea1f942 2013-09-10 remove static log
78d4b6d8a 2013-09-09   - Simple DirKeyRing backend for testing
3e3399adc 2013-09-09   - Add Java key import to SigUtil   - Import priv key to SU3File in Java encoded format instead of I2P format   - New KeyRing stub
1e554dd0f 2013-09-08   - Move I2P-to-Java DSA key conversion from DSAEngine to SigUtil   - Add Java-to-I2P DSA key conversion to SigUtil   - Export keys from SU3File in Java encoded format instead of I2P format
388e7088e 2013-09-08 Updating cert for reseed.info
e65289cd0 2013-09-08 Document logCloseLoop() methods
c4d68a835 2013-09-08 minor cleanup
7be0a9325 2013-09-08 Use AtomicBoolean to prevent multiple close()-s
175f47293 2013-09-08 Ticket #1012 - remove nested locking on close() and    finishInboundEstablishment()
27936fce0 2013-09-08 cache key conversion
592680302 2013-09-08 make the logCloseLoop() methods members of the Log class   so they can be used everywhere
55318cf14 2013-09-08 Crypto: Set file modes on written keys; don't overwrite existing files
83ead0c30 2013-09-07  - SU3File: Readahead to get sigtype on verify, as we need the hash type
38ec55bc7 2013-09-07  - DSAEngine: Implement raw ECDSA sign/verify  - SU3File: Implement keygen
c4f97ed65 2013-09-07  - DSAEngine: Start of support for signing hashes with other SigTypes  - KeyGenerator: Measure sign and verify separately in test  - SU3File: Start to support other SigTypes  - SigType: Add getHashInstance(), fix hash length for ECDSA_SHA256_P192  - SHA1Hash: Add no-arg constructor
78a426e9a 2013-09-07  * Crypto: Don't use "short exponent" on faster platforms.    Rebuild router identity if key length doesn't match setting.    This affects RI and LS encryption keys, and DH and YK.    Faster = 64 bit with working jbigi, non-ARM, non-GNU (for now)    Override default with crypto.elGamal.useLongKey=true/false    LS key is built at client startup (Dest key unused)    This will churn most of the RIs at the release.  * SystemVersion: Add isARM()
928b4bbbe 2013-09-06  - genSpec: fallback to BC provider
d27c46537 2013-09-06  - KeyPairGen: Catch ProviderException, fallback to BC provider
4d62f63c7 2013-09-06  * Start of ECDSA branch:    - Add ECConstants which looks for named curves and falls back to      explicitly defining the curves    - Add SigUtil with converters from Java formats (ASN.1, X.509,      PKCS#8) to I2P formats for Signatures and SigningKeys    - Move ASN.1 converter from DSAEngine to SigUtil, generalize      for variable length, add support for longer sequences,      add more sanity checks, add more exceptions    - Attempt to add BC as a Provider    - Add parameters (curve specs) to SigTypes    - Add support for ECDSA to DSAEngine and KeyGenerator    - Add KeyGenerator main() tests    - More javadocs
f4039b085 2013-09-06  * Crypto: SigType tweaks, prep for parameters, show type in toString()  * NativeBigInteger: Don't use native for negative arguments, which aren't supported in jbigi.c
53ed10cfc 2013-09-04 typo fix (s/lt/le/)
0859dbe57 2013-09-04  * i2ptunnel: Reduce buffer size and use cache in HTTPServer  * Jetty: Increase maxIdleTime
42bc4bb1f 2013-09-03 reduce log level
caead8a3a 2013-09-03 consolidate maxMemory() calls
7394c7997 2013-09-03 change pw restart warning to error so people dont miss it
0298e4ab4 2013-09-01 use different sort for floodfill profiles display
e3a5cdbbc 2013-09-01 deprecate most of LeaseSetKeys
6ae46abac 2013-08-31 fix ticket number
615a5f3c3 2013-08-31 update history
6812dc1db 2013-08-31 Ticket #1007 use only non-retransmitted packets in RTT     sampling.  (RFC 6298)
41595cafc 2013-08-31  * Addressbook: Don't write to log file on Android (ticket #859)
d6c4e411b 2013-08-31 highlight snark table rows on hover
6ca797ec1 2013-08-30  * Console: Display "accepting tunnels" instead of "rejecting tunnels" after 20 minutes (ticket #902)
8655988c6 2013-08-30  * NTCP: Handle race where peer's NTCP address goes away
de5f2940c 2013-08-30  * SSU, confignet: Add support for specifiying multiple addresses
1933e6239 2013-08-30  * SusiDNS: Don't require last subscription to be terminated by newline (ticket #1000)
8aec1e2eb 2013-08-30  * Addresses: Treat Teredo addresses 2001:0::/32 as local
def30c590 2013-08-14 javadoc update
193f0bbc4 2013-08-11 More elegant
b7a3b7bf0 2013-08-11 debian: add missing timestamp to changelog
a2bd45fa9 2013-08-11  * Translation updates from Transifex    - French, Portugeuse, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish updates from Transifex    - Start of Romanian translation from Transifex    - Update English POs for sending to TX  * Debian: Update changelog
fd297118f 2013-08-11 fix NPE if stats are not enabled
7171edad2 2013-08-11 Jetty 7.6.12.v20130726
d8466333f 2013-08-11 more snark mime types
a5e4d586e 2013-08-11 dont display jump server msg if we dont know any
28a1c2243 2013-08-11 Update Java Service Wrapper to v3.5.20
74e238322 2013-08-10 bump version for testing
1f3227409 2013-08-10 Reduce initial ack delay to 1000   Rework the logic for acking duplicate packets
afda1da9c 2013-08-10 volatile
f2857e8f9 2013-08-10 bump after prop
4802b1e2c 2013-08-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.0971' (head 6cb629b61e0177deda1e539b2f85a2473f3af7fb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8e86ef70afbbbbdc2db06cec34f17dedd528c7e7)
0328304f0 2013-08-10 dont specify i2p.i2p branch so we can release from a different branch
06d2db004 2013-08-10
053961021 2013-08-09 volatile
170be8f03 2013-08-08 Extend IB tunnel expiration  applied changes from 2f2fc980d396aa295ce972afc4298e8f2e763fea              through c2bc3b29484ec8a689c72f2ab4e823a2a72f6430
ca0bb1ab7 2013-08-08 Plucks from trunk for
cdccb5145 2013-08-07 * Start of branch * i2psnark: Increase update-via-torrent to 30%
870ecb847 2013-08-04 Updated Eclipse files
8ba493c60 2013-08-01 debian: compress package with xz
f3affff5b 2013-07-31 Atomic
5941a52a0 2013-07-30  * Tunnels: Extend local expiration of IB tunnels, to allow for    more clock skew and not drop valid messages at their destination
04e6beb43 2013-07-30 javadoc, log, comment, and su3file help tweaks
1284c7ace 2013-07-30  * i2psnark: Increase max piece size to 4 MB (ticket #993)
63414f034 2013-07-30 Override prepareOutbound() in VerifiedEstablishState
c8f22fdfd 2013-07-29 Adding new reseed host. Thanks to isdf!
7737bf521 2013-07-29  * GeoIPv6: Fix NPE (ticket #992)
4340f70d7 2013-07-29  * Signatures:    - Prep for new signature algorithms; new SigType enum;      Signature, SigningPublicKey, SigningPrivateKey store type    - New Hash384 and Hash512 classes    - Remove length field in SimpleDataStructure    - New SU3File generator/verifier/extractor
6dbd8a6d1 2013-07-28 add mobi mime type
076871fe4 2013-07-28  * NetDB: Disable RI verifies for now
be753d7a1 2013-07-28  * Addresses: Treat RFC 4193 addresses fc00::/7 as local
e3f02553f 2013-07-28 javadoc
767ef8c48 2013-07-28 add webm mime type
482787fbc 2013-07-26  * Transports:    - Really fix IPv6-only option    - Treat RFC 4193 addresses fc00::/7 as local    - Log tweaks, javadocs
b2d72f90c 2013-07-25 merge of '5ad8235a14f2f52799755969e5c877f4f1c159cc'      and 'f5d75b2ebc648c43182d685f30e96242e43caa69'
dd181a90e 2013-07-25 Fix NPE when cancelling PacketLocal's
19faa352e 2013-07-25  * Transports:    - Prefer IPv6 by default    - Fix IPv6-only option    - Don't try NTCP IPv6 addresses unless we have one    - Fix non-%16 SSU padding in data and session confirmed packets; enable by default    - Log tweaks
ffda7f632 2013-07-25  * Tunnels:    - Make expl. default 3 hops  (ticket #966)    - Allow expl. fallback up to -2 hops
8ebacf4c1 2013-07-25 log tweak
a02cc2584 2013-07-24 UPnP Fix for devices that return base URLs with trailing '/' (ticket #986)
8aeca5b43 2013-07-24 catch NPE in main when no state table available
7b4855d7c 2013-07-24  * UPnP: main() tweaks for debugging
803d7ff28 2013-07-24  * GeoIP: Fix lookups, broken in IPv6 branch
a1c724f86 2013-07-23 reduce initialRTO to 9000
96609e917 2013-07-23 change default loglevel for duplicate close()s to INFO
f5518739e 2013-07-23 javadoc fixes
e7c8d28b9 2013-07-22  * HashComparator:    - Don't pollute Hash cache with hashes    - cleanups, less object churn
dff357a65 2013-07-22 unit test compile fix
cc271de7d 2013-07-22  * BuildReplyHandler:    - Make non-static    - Don't pollute Hash cache with build response record hashes    - Use SimpleByteCache    - cleanups
a7485ab5a 2013-07-21  * I2CP:    - Oops, must enforce property length limits even when inside router JVM      as the properties are serialized for signing.
713373670 2013-07-21 Fix more NPEs ticket #984
2313d8236 2013-07-21 toclet #984 : fix deadlock introduced in -4 (ticket #972)
1b42d99e6 2013-07-21  * Console: Fix /peers table summary alignment  * I2CP:    - Don't NPE when loglevel=warn    - Don't enforce property length limits when inside router JVM  * I2PSnark: Log uncaught error in ThreadedStarter to router log  * I2PThread: Log uncaught error to wrapper log
d709f4618 2013-07-20 Update unit test
97c1676bc 2013-07-20 Rework locking and state management of NTCP connections    trac ticket #972    up version to -4
02b92ac3f 2013-07-20 fix compile for test
29eb1d5dc 2013-07-20 fixup after prop; history for prop; -3
a87fc68cf 2013-07-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ipv6' (head 5c147c6e394fae03752dcf497923a90e3f2db529)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7af6987d5546664f76589afe0cbeeb780f4b5d58)
bc1cf64df 2013-07-20 remove extra
b607d7b22 2013-07-20 generic
4e00eaf9a 2013-07-20 checkpo fix; history for prop; -2
90cc71d14 2013-07-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head d80f8632ef0a2aa350eee9a38ba6a4c56471f5bc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e8b712c826e44211217f06eb3a4da2703323a42f)
554a3a6b0 2013-07-19  * PRNG:    - Don't delay the refiller if we need more (don't limit max output)    - Add FortunaRandomSource.main() to output to stdout for testing e.g. with dieharder
8505e8a1c 2013-07-19 fix streaming property
54ec87869 2013-07-19 merge of '90720c051863f44c6386493f3d5df546d988a663'      and 'fa509893effa9445a0833115160aed8fe6fed268'
ea4606fe7 2013-07-18 Prepare for merge
96de87fdd 2013-07-18 compute rttDev in updateRTT
55d571ffe 2013-07-18 Hardcode TCP constants     Various suggestions by zzz
ae347c4fa 2013-07-18 sync getters
e93beb7c6 2013-07-18 Updated .mtn-ignore
018098b8e 2013-07-18 better loading from cache
1e2fb4bea 2013-07-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e301d0499f4c688ed3a5febe30bf8098c7f2cdf9)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.979' (head 2dfdeb022c9495461b2ec1d90f28ef9cd0bd9e22)
171f0d267 2013-07-17 Implement RTT update on first ack
175cb0817 2013-07-17 fix bashim in i2prouter
3b46acc28 2013-07-17  * I2CP client session - improvements after review:    - Move more cleanups to finally block    - Bounded wait    - Don't ignore InterruptedExceptions, wrap in I2PSessionException and throw    - More finals    - Synch tweaks
d31ce49e7 2013-07-17 change resource name
8937c4bf2 2013-07-17 Store stdev of rtt in the TCB cache as per RFC 2140
2902a708f 2013-07-16 debian updates
20e152e79 2013-07-15 0.9.7
c1210b1c0 2013-07-13  * Translations:    - Tag initialNews.xml for TranslateReader    - Drop static translated initialNews pages    - Add new routerconsole bundle for the news alone, shipped in the jar    - Use TranslateReader in HTTP proxy for initial news    - Initial translations created manually from translated xml filesx    - Add translated proxy error pages and initial news to deletelist.txt    TODO: ar translation fails checkpo.sh
71038c311 2013-07-13  * Translations:    - New varargs method in Translate    - New TranslateReader to translate static files on-the-fly using _("") tagging    - Tag proxy error pages for TranslateReader    - Drop static translated proxy error pages    - Add new i2ptunnel bundle for the proxy alone, shipped in the jar    - Use TranslateReader in HTTP proxy for error pages    - Move HTTP proxy strings from the web *war) to proxy (jar) bundle so they will be loaded    - Initial translations created by msgmerge from i2ptunnel and routerconsole po files, un-fuzzied
1cf9ae381 2013-07-13 bump for review
4cb5a27a0 2013-07-11 geoip update from 02-JUL-13
b0b012413 2013-07-11 Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish language updates from Transifex
9e1280150 2013-07-11 susimail: Improvements to layout in mobile browsers
70a8ab1d1 2013-07-10  * DHSessionKeyBuilder: Fix for session and mac keys if DH key is between 32 and 63 bytes.    Was: NPE. Now: mac key is hash of ssession key. Won't ever happen. (Ticket #963)    javadocs
f3c4a2648 2013-07-10  * I2CP/I2PTunnel locking fixes (partial fixes for tickets 650. 815, 946, 947, 953):    - I2PSocketManagerFactory: New createDisconnectedManager(), javadocs    - I2PSessionImpl: Rewrite state management and locking, prevent multiple      connect() calls, but allow disconnect() to interrupt connect()    - I2PSimpleSession: Changes to match I2PSessionImpl    - I2PTunnelServer: Don't connect in constructor, use createDisconnectedManager()      for a final manager, finals and cleanups    Lightly tested.    Todo: I2PTunnelClientBase
9a1e1a92c 2013-07-10 dont use == on doubles
732eddd1b 2013-07-10 toString() fix (NO_ACK)
2caa6ad97 2013-07-10  * Router I2CP:    - Make classes extensible for router-side test stubs    - Add router-side local-only test implementation, no full router required.      Only tested with external clients, probably doesn't work in-JVM.    - Don't start threads in ClientManager constructor    - Remove unused Reader param in ClientMessageEventListener methods    - Cleanups, volatiles, finals, javadocs
d3e0161a6 2013-07-10  * Transports: Consolidate translation methods in super,    ngettext fix for "peers" string
67859f67b 2013-07-09 Make activeResends field atomic
b486ae5c2 2013-07-07 bump for moar testin'
aab4a3ab4 2013-07-07 Change criteria for resending on NACK to match comment
e9e550fb5 2013-07-07 cleanup, sync, more logging
f80ea386a 2013-07-07 Log errors to logger if available
7429762d2 2013-07-06 bump i2prouter-script version
aabbdc1c1 2013-07-06 Hopefully fix SSU NPE (ticket #967)
3af766bd6 2013-07-06  * TunnelPool: Don't reuse peers for exploratory tunnels
614b8b4cd 2013-07-05 Russian and Portuguese translation updates
bec62c1be 2013-07-05 Remove unused field    Use atomics to manage closed state and IOExceptions
7f8efca0b 2013-07-05 minor cleanup, more to follow
76de4faf6 2013-07-05 better sync
dfc4948a6 2013-07-05 cleanup & sync
ba0e58e66 2013-07-05 fix compilation
18531f0c0 2013-07-05 Log close() loops
93df048bd 2013-07-05 Cleanups, make I2PSocket a Closeable
2927382a2 2013-07-04 refresh patch
b4780d16e 2013-07-04 updated en (before pushing to tx) & ru (pulled from tx) pofiles
6f5f4d179 2013-07-04  * Streaming:    - Don't stop timers when session disconnects (tickets #644, #810)    - Throw exception on attempt to use destroyed socket manager    - Clear TCBShare cache when stopped    - Javadocs
b9a5dd48f 2013-07-03 Console: Hide dead tunnel pools on /tunnels
0db7e2873 2013-07-03  * Updater: Fix plugin update checker (ticket #897)  * Utils: Reduce logging in wrapper log when extracting zip files
b84bfd575 2013-07-03 bump
bcfc7630d 2013-07-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 166cedda170ef76decb2d53129cfbbf8eba0b7b9)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 70175d5dae110f7d3efee256c9169e68f4a83d9f)
70bb81bcc 2013-07-02 merge of '3dbb3a0ff30032f71e1ef6dd6d90f3b8117f3cd1'      and 'ccdac8f0911b798c42e9079d47e07c0e7c652815'
7ebb26b73 2013-07-02 refresh patch
fb93609d8 2013-07-02 merge of '7d480c0749394d3ee1b10c1f714a1be3091596f8'      and '9cb464ed9b358b1e9807792b37f703977d6f5f96'
eb051d64c 2013-07-02 disapproval of revision 'fd10b04ca3a6cf66e669bfad32d3011ed9f7e33c'
58bb94a96 2013-07-02 French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish translation updates from transifex
98d932a0f 2013-07-02 build.xml: minor tweak for jenkins
de4b0198b 2013-06-30 javadoc fixes
570f8526b 2013-06-30 getSession() cannot be null
d173b7994 2013-06-30 drop build request with bad flags
67f73d719 2013-06-29 wip
6e36d374e 2013-06-29 wip
740b37b70 2013-06-29 wait until client thread finishes before declaring victory
782e38bdc 2013-06-29 add TODO, make server thread daemon
937404b39 2013-06-29 test seems to be hopelessly out of date
a0bf22303 2013-06-29 return the Thread object for join()-ing
6b15caab4 2013-06-29 drop ancient ministreaming doc
3aafea0d9 2013-06-29 add ipv6 to /confignet
1c68852f4 2013-06-28 Finish rename
4f6065b4f 2013-06-28 refactoring most tests     remove standalone test from junit wildcard
14944982f 2013-06-28 Trying to fix the Jenkins build..
10bf74e04 2013-06-28 add streaming lib tests to the top-level ant targets
a9d9e6b57 2013-06-28 work on test
79f8e88e5 2013-06-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2a2c708bf9fee43e69469bdf896dfe489c32bdea)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ipv6' (head c33552d7026b0a445d1dd7e138bf454144130eb2)
bddfe3ed8 2013-06-28 Convert most streaming tests to JUnit4
a308179d8 2013-06-28 Fix and junit-ify tests
f8648ff4c 2013-06-28 Explicitly check the type of I2PSocketManager
552f91b6b 2013-06-28 dont start thread in constructor
726eb5872 2013-06-28  * i2psnark:    - Show comment metadata on details page    - Fix rar icon    - Escape [] in URLs, chrome doesn't do it for us    - Tweak column spacing
eb5a23fc5 2013-06-28 finals, remove static log
d4c8e03f8 2013-06-28 remove static log
46d13d2b0 2013-06-28 divide by zero check
003dc3781 2013-06-28 merge of 'bde6736c06f94ff24285aeff0a64ec7dc3a52a4b'      and 'f4b18bbf4329a48a182a57db594a58d4a32a9da7'
847a441d5 2013-06-28 disapproval of revision '8611baad56e8e18941721b156256783ba996a3cd'
a5f3220df 2013-06-27 merge of '6844f955ddd2febe54ce677ef19309712f55113c'      and '8611baad56e8e18941721b156256783ba996a3cd'
a5df6d419 2013-06-27 use String.intern() instead of a homebrew equivalent
78a25f0b1 2013-06-27 Updating certificate on Will reload server to use     the new certificate on the next I2P release day.
dc7ea9c12 2013-06-27 Removing the self-signed certificate. cowpuncher.drollette.com uses     a certificate signed by GlobalSign now.
70adc4df3 2013-06-27 debug log the criteria for FF
c47f491e2 2013-06-27 fail if cert expires within 60 days
1d9b89db2 2013-06-26 volatiles, generics warning cleanup
ec70f2420 2013-06-26 more volatiles
f52568576 2013-06-26 volatiles, finals
4970fd22d 2013-06-23 save a little space by avoiding BigInteger when possible
ac9392b9e 2013-06-23  * i2psnark: When receiving a metainfo via magnet and saving it to disk,    preserve all non-standard fields (such as those created by Robert) so the    infohash doesn't change on restart, splitting the swarm.    (http://zzz.i2p/topics/1327 thx 'backup')
5ba86ca25 2013-06-22  * SSU:    - Pad all messages with random data instead of zeros    - Implement non-mod-16 padding, disabled for now
87826daae 2013-06-22 mac static, final
7df52a155 2013-06-22 Run the FloodfillMonitorJob more frequently
d2184f418 2013-06-22  * NetDB: Increase upper limit on ffs again  * SSU: Pad session created message with random data instead of zeros
f91f81158 2013-06-22 * Changing the default connect proxy after h2ik's AWOL. (Last seen 6th March 2013)
bb100de70 2013-06-21 * SSU:   - Ignore padding beyond last multiple of 16 (prep for obfuscation)   - Comment out xor with 0 (version)   - Don't need to zero IV buf before overwriting * AES:   - Decrypt speedup by XOR in place   - Log if decrypt not mod 16
322e76d2a 2013-06-21 speed up XORComparators
1444f1239 2013-06-21 lookup stat tweak
5bd028bff 2013-06-20 i2psnark: Show start-all button even if tunnel is open, if at least one torrent is stopped (ticket #808)
25feb745b 2013-06-18 Volatil-ize some fields
7e0654ae0 2013-06-17  * I2CP: Don't send SendMessageEndMessages from client to router if          in fast receive mode and the router doesn't require them.
00d1b7519 2013-06-17  * Streaming: Flush debug pcap stream after closing connection
faadbf700 2013-06-17 debug log tweak
180d42541 2013-06-17  * NetDB:    - Don't instantiate unused success job for republish LS    - Add debug setting to encrypt RI lookups
bdc4eff1c 2013-06-17  * NTCP: Extend interval for sending time sync messages,    might help expire idle conns
fa0b52fc3 2013-06-17  * Console: Don't display 'unsupported' message on some config pages when restart/shutdown buttons clicked
f9f139105 2013-06-17  * SusiMail: Fix classpath problem when started manually (ticket #957)    - Remove a couple of dependencies    - Add jetty-util.jar to console classpath just in case
34b708130 2013-06-14 change congestion cost increment back to 1 for now
e0cd71069 2013-06-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1acb4077a56ccb4079538caa28648e27f0bf5b8b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ipv6' (head f87d396c445dc58e677a56d8ed69544c7f5ecab1)
36e898d66 2013-06-14  * I2CP: Fix deserialization of new RVLSM; enable by default
a90827c9b 2013-06-14  * i2psnark: Fix bug creating torrent with a single file in a directory    (thx oskar/Nightweb)
dd451d3cc 2013-06-14 po file fix / add i2prouter script's po files to checkpo.sh
937f4f2f4 2013-06-13 parameterize & refresh patch
e7718b1fb 2013-06-13 Threaded the calling of runRouter() to improve startup times.
29b599bc8 2013-06-13 merge of '80aa8cd653ef7ee96cd6603b9646c53b2ff84760'      and 'da25b770e65a36f3056b905cc6b96be431076a6b'
6bbd34eed 2013-06-13 Fixed MultiRouter. Removed MultiRouterBuilder as it no longer serves any purpose. Added the router.rejectStartupTime property to allow for quicker testing with MultiRouter.
f939f689f 2013-06-13 fix flag alignment
a48fba010 2013-06-12  * I2PTunnel: Add advanced quantity options
02923138d 2013-06-12 boom bye bye bad bwoy
87d142bac 2013-06-12 comment out main
933ad5239 2013-06-12  * Console: Add missing jetty jars to classpath (ticket #952)    (tested with classpath from 0.7.4 wrapper.config)  * JettyStart: ditto  * Remove references to now-unused jars in build.xml files
9d52ef5fb 2013-06-11 Explicit check for empty values
34748d23b 2013-06-11 Make TUnnelCreatorConfig._expiration volatile
15dae0fd9 2013-06-10 *REALLY* add the Turkish language
ccf6cf5e2 2013-06-10 TR & FR translation updates from Transifex
36d4b20bd 2013-06-10  * NetDB:    - Let class N routers become floodfill    - Scale max connections for non-O floodfills
a70810ffa 2013-06-10 log tweak
526df4323 2013-06-10  * Transports: Reduce idle timeouts to mitigate conn limit issues
660be7d57 2013-06-10 Installer: Don't install Windows service by default Causes confusion and multiple instances when users start their own copy too.
876109d3a 2013-06-10 Fix bug in unused off/len version of siphash
39493e0f2 2013-06-10 final and null check
62413331d 2013-06-10 Fix bug in last checkin in unused code (thx zab)
68d25afcb 2013-06-09  * NetDB: Prep for leasesets with different expire times    - Add new I2CP RequestVariableLeaseSetMessage    - Send RVLSM if client supports it; handle on client side;      disabled by default for the moment.    - Add LeaseSet.getLatestLeaseDate()    - Check latest, not earliest, date too far in future in KNDF.validate()    - Check latest date too far in past in KNDF.validate()    - Only check gateway and tunnel ID for equality in OCMOSJ lease caching to reduce churn    - Split up KNDF.validate(RI) for efficiency, don't need to check      signature, netid, etc. before lookups, only on store    - Remove enforeNetID config    - Fix major bug causing newer leasesets to be treated as older, and not stored or published    - Increase max adjustment time of earliest lease    - TransientDataStore cleanups    - RouterInfo and LeaseSet equals() speedups
3b7daafad 2013-06-09 Fill in basic datastructure length tests
182fe900b 2013-06-07  * BlockfileNamingService:    - Fix bug that kept reverse index from being updated    - Bump DB version to 3 to trigger repopulation of the reverse index    - Make metaindex final    - Add freelist check to the main() test
0fb4f6ab6 2013-06-07 javadocs
ebc5e7290 2013-06-07 remove commented out setter not supported in jetty 7
081b69273 2013-06-06 debian: refresh patch
e1c68d22a 2013-06-06 - Correct errors in the specification of the BuildResponseRecord.   The first 32 bytes are not random; they are the hash of the following 496 bytes. - Don't waste entropy on bytes we are going to overwrite in the BRR
b7dc8f425 2013-06-05  * DatabaseLookupMessage: Change format for encrypted reply request    to allow multiple bundled reply tags
4a6567673 2013-06-05 throw ISE if LS changed after being signed
000ca7c7b 2013-06-05 finals, javadoc fixes
9386270b5 2013-06-05 Save I2CP client version for future reference
f0886c5f6 2013-06-05 drop unused netdb classes
239cd2b74 2013-06-05 debug setting
db9827779 2013-06-05 minor improvement
905eed664 2013-06-05 cleanups
5711d9674 2013-06-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a89e68077114f79902a76649affe78e8ab709787)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head 11fde36281469d5ac8757bca1d7f93f679e0cb74)
fc2734c48 2013-06-01 compile fix
75261a0ce 2013-06-01  * EepGet: Used cached byte array in uncompressor
7fc2cd9cd 2013-06-01 javadoc
e72a76301 2013-06-01 volatile
ff2017457 2013-06-01  * i2psnark:    - Add idle detector, reduce tunnel count when idle (prep for torrent updates)    - Cancel CoordinatorAcceptor cleaner when halted    - Make PeerCoordinatorSet an Iterable    - Reduce max protocol errors to 1    - Disable unused PeerMonitorTask
7d0818333 2013-05-31 doc fixes
66f7505ba 2013-05-31  * configclients.jsp: Allow more hops and tunnels when routerconsole.advanced=true
e54465b22 2013-05-31  * i2psnark: Fix details page on Windows
78c17ba35 2013-05-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 4af6fe141f9ba20b1b13fc5f3417146bc96aa035)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6edfb2af359351aeb5cf198b9ec4524b2b4a45e6)
bfac9e398 2013-05-31 default the wizard to 3 hops also
eef566100 2013-05-31 * NetDB:   - Fix debug netDb.alwaysQuery setting so it works again, and always     sends to that router first (move from FNDF to IterativeSearchJob)   - Don't reuse DLM reply key/tag   - FloodfillPeerSelector: Note unused kbucket param in javadocs   - Debug logging for encrypted DSRM/DSM
4b9a7323a 2013-05-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 04337e47a38298a4035f48b830f6a2532767bd50)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 052c3194bd75846075a6b64a1f96cdca6eae33b4)
429ccf21b 2013-05-30 merge of '11286a0edca5afcb38a106793f52422247ae66aa'      and 'ac917c8e012d4f9917afce11433faaf1e6f12c10'
4805a77d4 2013-05-30 -2
3a707a143 2013-05-30 update wrapper to 3.5.19
b4264063f 2013-05-30 merge of '57c27fdf450960a6379681666a721f09aadcfbf8'      and 'f99ead1ae78724f35d845623468e9b561d36bf3b'
535c782b7 2013-05-30 Allow normal themes to be used with IE >= 10
3833ad534 2013-05-29 restore exotrack
3d42946ff 2013-05-29  * Console: Remove I2PDigestAuthenticator workaround, as Jetty 7.6.11 has the fix  * Jetty 7.6.11  * Tomcat 6.0.37
a1afa1c1b 2013-05-29  * i2ptunnel: Default to 3 hops (ticket #936)
8fb65292c 2013-05-29 merge of '3adba0cec6f0291ae90747ab22535290e64e6606'      and 'fd10b04ca3a6cf66e669bfad32d3011ed9f7e33c'
29ce84ff3 2013-05-29 disapproval of revision '2fccba5dbe1b538679f15727fd95295842ed8839'
378c5a0d4 2013-05-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fd10b04ca3a6cf66e669bfad32d3011ed9f7e33c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ipv6' (head 6f6e16f14691f359322e665a7ad5ab65cbe1ca5e)
ca569038e 2013-05-28 parameterize
4092eba60 2013-05-28 checkcerts: look for both *.cert and *.crt
63e71d8a3 2013-05-28 nbi: Add override for x86 Solaris
278caf72e 2013-05-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 138d50ea0e969564bef41201439c6a99e2a45fbb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head 74c7169e5d428b5aeaf33a401b27c33d3d37907e)
ff5abfb4b 2013-05-27 0.9.6
4d6b7556c 2013-05-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head dddff6de3cdc4595886d57b5eceb63747b68c7d7)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head b0eb76504d798a791853a6d269795018c853eff9)
e5e7dbbb5 2013-05-26 * TunnelPeerSelector: Cleanups
e394d3d4c 2013-05-26 * DatabaseLookupmessage:   - Add support for requesting an encrypted reply * NetDB:   - Add support for encrypted DatabaseSearchReplyMessage and DatabaseStoreMessage     in response to a DatabaseLookupMessage * PRNG: Cleanups using Collections.singletonMap() * Router utils: New RemovableSingletonSet * TransientSessionKeyManager:   - Support variable expiration for inbound tag sets   - Several efficiency improvements * VersionComparator: Add static method, use most places
370d9dfea 2013-05-25 -24
2a00272ef 2013-05-24 debian: read /etc/default/i2p in /usr/bin/i2prouter
6c62c1f36 2013-05-24 enable IPv6 geoip lookup
3daf287de 2013-05-24 GeoIPv6:   - Handle gzipped input data in merge tool   - Add script to generate compressed data   - Add local additions   - Add compressed data file, generated from Maxmind data fetched 2013-05-24   - Include data in installer and updater   - Update Maxmind license info, now CC-SA 3.0
5c4c02161 2013-05-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fd0e22a44acf6b018c394cdd42d75e2d1bdb4986)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head b5c7b5601c0b0e810ca6d93c1d249fe4e330a352)
1bd4937a4 2013-05-24 geoip.txt update
0ac2abd5e 2013-05-24 debian: bump changelog version to 0.9.6
efe5098f2 2013-05-23 Disabling HH's server for this version because it's down and I haven't got in contact with him.
ba859fc9a 2013-05-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e91e8d2eb4c76d5be04e48de9b678cb39b3d0694)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head c1bf6bf9381192395513aca841d6db507384a9a8)
c73163f52 2013-05-22 merge of '56506455244b72ac03b5a5cb832496e367f454b2'      and '6aeeb6555b2fb4e69f167487ca20b143939c809c'
bf317f61c 2013-05-22 Updating the certificate for reseed.info
9a4cd1174 2013-05-21 * SSU: "rectify" IPv4/v6 MTUs differently due to different header size (mod 16) * Penalize addresses w/o IP in sort
b1b13c41f 2013-05-21 merge of '9f901bf6cca59e5a24595ef80a2fbb586e259281'      and 'e31714127884dc817acde4cf97cb9c7d8cebc92b'
47c3a56ac 2013-05-21 Ticket 928 - prevent a CKE during write
8acf5f307 2013-05-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 879c55c825160c979491a99169a173145cf1d7ad)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head a0ba4c4c989ba71043b9671a56891688be41b50d)
2f3957412 2013-05-21 log tweaks
8b1ab4b8d 2013-05-20 create ./build when "ant jbigi" is run by itself
c0350702f 2013-05-19 * RouterAddress:   - Deprecate some setters   - Add warning about setCost()   - Change cost storage from int to short   - Cost range checks * NTCP:   - Republish even if only changing cost * Transports:   - Sort multiple peer addresses by cost, with adjustment for local IPv6 preference   - Add default IPv6Config for ease of changing later
55880844a 2013-05-19 * SSUDemo: Adapt for NTCP testing too * RouterAddress and RouterInfo toString() cleanups; don't cache RI in _stringified * NTCP: Fix publishing address when host specified but interface is not * log tweaks
729282c0c 2013-05-18 * UDPAddress: Remove dependency in console; make package private
d603c3b5c 2013-05-18 - UDPAddress reduce object churn, check intro key length,   don't look for ihost3, reject ports < 1024, cleanups
5cda1ec70 2013-05-18 - Handle IPv6 in too-close checks
ec3756a69 2013-05-18 * SSUDemo: Use IPv6; don't use System properties
0b49fa98f 2013-05-18 * SSU: Fixes for i2np.udp.allowLocal, log tweaks, sender/receiver thread name tweaks * Limit tunnel GW pumper threads when testing
226c7eb8e 2013-05-18 * SSUDemo: configuration fixes, delete RI on exit, log tweaks
addffcffc 2013-05-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 27ab673e76ed77c38d22c06c807695f792473fb0)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head d03f39c7afc2214ef8c2f81486d4abc64049e825)
be262c6a7 2013-05-17 * NetDb:   - Add floodfillEnabled() to NetworkDatabaseFacade so callers don't     have to cast to FNDF, and Dummy NDF will work   - Remove static FNDF.floodfillEnabled() * SSUDemo: cleanups
a374f0061 2013-05-16 * Fix UDPEndpointTestStandalone:   - init context   - Add unit test buildPacket() method to PacketBuilder   - Fix NPE in MessageHistory * Minor PacketPusher optimization
fcdf837f3 2013-05-16 * New buildTest and prepTest targets * Fix UDPEndpoint usage in unit tests:   - Restore receive()   - Handle null UDPTransport * Fix UDPEndpointTestStandalone compilation
febc0a523 2013-05-16 RouterContext: Fix disabling client manager with i2p.dummyClientFacade=true
2e0a1b9a0 2013-05-15 German translation updates from tx, updated en po files for pushing to tx
4fae18a71 2013-05-15  * UPnP: Detect devices without port forwarding capability (ticket #930)
d9beaa759 2013-05-15  * NetDB: Increase floodfill count for good
2ba5ad558 2013-05-15  * i2psnark:    - Adjust target piece size calculation    - Tweak to make it easier for new peers to connect
de6bb12b9 2013-05-15 debian: refresh patches
aa2715cce 2013-05-15 i2prouter: abort immediately if I2P_CONFIG_DIR cannot be created
b096834a5 2013-05-15 installer/resources/i2prouter: various bugfixes
a19140e18 2013-05-13 GeoIPv6
e0b25cdcf 2013-05-13 remove unused method
e332c8bc2 2013-05-13 FloodfillPeerSelector, ProfileOrganizer: Use 8 bytes for IPv6 check Transports: - Add IPv6 column on /peers - Other minor /peers cleanup
7318632db 2013-05-12 strip scope from returned address strings
1b38a6478 2013-05-12 UPnP:  - Pass device IP back in forward port callback  - Only declare success if forwarded IP is public
6ceea60c9 2013-05-12 addresses: - blocklist 6to4 anycast - invalidate 2002::/16
c1da7f778 2013-05-12 improvements to jbigi scripts
fcaebb441 2013-05-11 * Fix UPnP address received before startListening(),   broken by isAlive() check * log tweakws
0be3beb30 2013-05-11 * SSU fixes for per-address and IPv6 MTU * MTU.main() print all interfaces
3210dd8d3 2013-05-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ea73fc80c4f4d89238aaa52a9189378e40db0b32)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.729' (head 148b359103beb356be4dd6833d4e6325703917d3)
5e51c6abe 2013-05-11 * CSFI compile fix * Start transports in a standard order to make testing easier * When transports learn of interface addresses before being started, save them   and use them at startup * Pick SSU random port before startListening() and have the TransportManager   pass it to NTCP before starting * Only restart NTCP after changing addresses when necessary;   prevent thrashing at startup (ticket #459) * Only call rebuildRouterInfo() once at startup * More checking of min/max SSU port config * Invalid SSU bind config no longer fatal * Allow "true" for ipv6 config * log tweaks * javadocs
5e953b085 2013-05-10 * Fixes for IPv4 and other breakage after basic testing * Catch exception from UPnP callback * Log tweaks
c76c80043 2013-05-09 * NTCP:   - Drop NTCPAddress, just use RouterAddress   - Drop _myAddress field, use super's currentAddress
3a49d6d28 2013-05-09 * NTCP:   Move SSU address notification handling from CSFI to NTCPTransport
94e34ff36 2013-05-08 RouterAddress:  - Add new constructor  - Add add getHost() and deepEquals()  - Compare host string, not IP, in equals()
af27c76b2 2013-05-07 * Only treat IPv6 addresses as valid if we have a public IPv6 address
60336c955 2013-05-07 - Shuffle SSU addresses before picking one - Change address sources to enum
a85b7aa9f 2013-05-07 - Hash IPv6 addresses in IPThrottler - CSFI: Pass TransportManager instead of CSFI to GetBidsJob;         remove unused methods - Add i2np.disable property for testing
dca5e9889 2013-05-07 finals
67beebf85 2013-05-07  * HandleDatabaseLookupMessageJob: Improve efficiency by only looking up    Hash in the netDb once, then casting to correct type.    Log cleanups.
16c8a19be 2013-05-07  * Streaming: Throw chained IOE from streams to get correct location
0c03b6ba8 2013-05-06 i2psnark: More details page fixups;           List directories first
228e6d7d0 2013-05-06 fixup after prop
cd6376e36 2013-05-06 remove DOS line endings in jsps
c26eba969 2013-05-06  * Console: Fix Jetty thread pool policy and thread name
31531ee88 2013-05-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 17371fd6f9ef94bbb60a66c6bacb6828d6a4cde5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ipv6' (head 065a076899a2581b4196e626f2b0654c3d39518a)
b7fca3af4 2013-05-06  * Transports: Clean up internal/external port confusion (ticket #873)    - Bind SSU to configured internal, not external, port at startup    - Use only internal ports for UPnP (getRequestedPort() fixups)    - Don't have NTCP follow frequent SSU port changes    - Don't use external SSU port for internal NTCP port    - Display internal SSU port on /confignet
368c2073b 2013-05-05 - Fix multiple-detection code in externalAddressReceived() - Synchronize tracking of last IP/port - Don't accept IPv6 address changes from peers - Remove unused getLocalAddress() - Pkg private getLocalPort()
7527a02c6 2013-05-04 build.xml: refactor "noExe check" to remove duplication
757df8c72 2013-05-03 prep for multiple address discovery
c6121cb31 2013-05-03 Prep for multiple SSU sockets:  - Change from single UDPEndpoint to a List of UDPEndpoints  - Move (single) receive queue from UDPReceiver to PacketHandler  - Multiple transmit queues (one for each UDPEndpoint/UDPSender),    select queue in PacketPusher  - Throw exception on UDPEndpoint.startup() failure
5e734088e 2013-05-03 reduce severity of CancelledKeyExceptions  trac ticket 928
eecab472e 2013-05-03 IPv6 SSU MTU adjustments
b71631d2e 2013-05-02 Fixes to isPubliclyRoutable() based on IPv6 config
3ec78e27b 2013-05-02 Start new IPv6 branch - Add new TransportUtil for getting/setting IPv6 config - Prep for supporting multiple RouterAddresses per-transport - RouterAddress hashCode/equals tweaks
6265bdf02 2013-05-02 merge of '00acf6715c7e3d5519672b335bb833f2f88f5ca1'      and '4790dff566ce61cb8a5bfefa0c423df44a784fa5'
0d78ddf87 2013-05-01 HTML fixes in readme_ar.html
10efecaa9 2013-05-01  * IRC Server tunnel: Reject bad protocols immediately
689b045a9 2013-05-01 html validation fixes
7692905ba 2013-05-01 fix viewmtn url
0ef3bb1de 2013-05-01 debian: s/UNRELEASED/unstable/ due to updated packages being built
4c279a192 2013-05-01 Switch viewmtn links from zzz's to mine
af7eaf1f0 2013-05-01  * BuildRequestor: Slow down build loop if we have no exploratory tunnels                    (ticket #926)
c198e216f 2013-05-01 susidns css tweak
2325bffbc 2013-05-01 enhance main() for debugging
3d3e05d43 2013-05-01 debian: don't ship jasper-compiler.jar anymore
c62ae69fe 2013-04-30 debian: bump standards version, don't package 'dummy jars'
686aa870e 2013-04-30 Updates to readme_ar and a CSS tweak from hamada (ticket #489)
ecac69134 2013-04-30 param fix
8a99be1db 2013-04-29 move page nav
26f0c98ef 2013-04-29  * Transports:    - Initial prep for multiple addresses per style    - Simplify NTCP send pool
5375e425a 2013-04-29 minor cleanup
650b920e1 2013-04-29 I2PTunnel: break out of frame when using the "test server bypassing i2p" link
7a43bd87c 2013-04-29 remove unused param (javadoc fix)
ebb2f1396 2013-04-29 Meeh's patch for trac ticket 729
3a4ac1fc4 2013-04-29 one more param fix; javadoc fix
188ff3392 2013-04-28  * i2psnark: Support HTTP request ranges so in-browser and other http-aware media players work better.    Single range only; no multipart
0cf7e9147 2013-04-28 baseline class from Jetty 7.6.10
609bbac8d 2013-04-28  * i2psnark:    - Only show lower section on first page    - Hide peer count if not connected    - Dir page CSS tweaks
f4431b8d1 2013-04-27 more parameter fixes
45bf2e071 2013-04-27 more classes pkg private
d7040a23e 2013-04-27 page count fix and cleanups
6f8fe0eca 2013-04-27 add epub mime type
7181e3eb8 2013-04-27  * i2psnark: Ensure current stats and correct event delivered in announce
011e91140 2013-04-27  * i2psnark: Improve page nav
0f1224de9 2013-04-26  * installer: Fix DOS line endings on misc. files (ticket #872)  * SusiDNS:    - Trim and sort config form data    - Fix DOS line endings on config files in Linux (ticket #872)
2e356172d 2013-04-26 document ignored RouterAddress expiration (ticket #832)
c6bf9a7cf 2013-04-26 deprecate isJobActive() ticket 670
0816cfe27 2013-04-26  * Plugins: Track pending plugin clients better, don't hold references,             start delayed clients from SimpleTimer2 instead of Job queue (ticket #670)
1cea18346 2013-04-26  * Console: Show log location on /logs even if not opened yet (ticket #905)
0d4bc500e 2013-04-26  * HTTP proxy: Verify nonce count in digest auth
ff313e030 2013-04-26  * i2psnark: Use smaller piece size for small torrents
85001d262 2013-04-25 process debian/po/es.po with update-po
654b240e9 2013-04-25 translation updates
85f3f5615 2013-04-25 Allow the "AUTHENTICATE" command in IRC tunnels (ticket #904)
813a1981d 2013-04-24  * Console, TunnelControllerGroup: Don't register shutdown hook if ClientAppManager is present  * JettyStart: Fixes for use by plugins  * RouterAppManager: Add shutdown hook
57fd46d3a 2013-04-24 Updated i2p.c default classpath with new Jetty jars, fixed separator
ffbbfdfc0 2013-04-24 merge of 'a58d3f77fd66a83579a9978f954077bc0cd3dfed'      and 'c61f304e5ee2d59c51c4e700ab47e61d479257d2'
31bc67a1c 2013-04-24 Added launch.properties for i2pExe based on i2pstandalone.xml and doBuildEXE target
ec4f2d210 2013-04-24 merge of '3cff53ae6e9e995199ab4c7c4ce5fa78ec417768'      and 'e824a448e5e49d646a33e7be13f648f66b1b6a47'
5b4091455 2013-04-23 Removed some unnecessary code from i2pExe
e8025f09b 2013-04-23 merge of '3c164e606c1ed364a6caf2b5b77abbdf819a2bc7'      and 'ebe0842bec96b1e0ed3b8e0c18d4ea05ba7cb981'
aa547a161 2013-04-23  * i2ptunnel: Block b32.i2p supercookies
22025b0c3 2013-04-23  * Console: Fix Jetty digest auth bug causing repeated password requests    I2P fixes for out-of-order nonce counts.    Based on DigestAuthenticator in Jetty 7.6.10.    Includes the nonce count verification code from Tomcat 7.0.35.    ref: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JETTY-1468 which was closed not-a-bug.    ref: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=336443 in which the    Jetty implementation was introduced.
4358d1119 2013-04-23 Baseline checkin of DigestAuthenticator from Jetty 7.6.10 before mods
5fd63c12a 2013-04-23 remove an ifdef that is not relevant to I2P
37ff4090b 2013-04-22 merge of '97f6b32a68c76e9cbe8832d250144facb6aa729e'      and 'd9b5e2fc62256d9dc0d320fe593d56f0252b7f48'
9550de676 2013-04-22 disapproval of revision '4747eea80e136e04c9a239f0b6ecd9ef134c4d5a'
f5838ffef 2013-04-21 add new jetty7 jars to the i2p.exe classpath
2a374c9b2 2013-04-21 bump to -12 after prop
59ba47eca 2013-04-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.winfix095' (head 7d31b90b87adb2c0cfb837e5b66cc4c223766331)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b004014ccfbca6241a090d5b47f1228702f4dfcc)
60d0b2976 2013-04-21  * AppManager:Add HTML debug output
a44e75201 2013-04-21  * Streaming: Pcap window size fixes
eb3de929b 2013-04-21 Pluck of 48ac112fe938c8e960413ad60f64d313a1e5c9ac and e415e24aca895c5a1f88380b1a3946e3b49749a9
d0fa9f8f1 2013-04-21 And back to HTTP 403 for Bad URI (we are refusing to fulfill the request)
a3886b008 2013-04-21 Use HTTP 404 for Bad URI (c/f jetty, lighttpd)
b87276462 2013-04-21 Use HTTP 400 for Bad URI
075b1fd6f 2013-04-21 Ticket #891 - return "Invalid Request URI" for URIs with illegal characters
2430e180f 2013-04-20 Add EXTRA version "win1" in prep for Windows-only point release. We don't want to bump BUILD as it could cause confusion, and would cause all installs to attempt update via torrent.
0c22af957 2013-04-20 Convert install.xml to use new utility.jar Main.main() (ticket #912)
4976e5238 2013-04-20 Pluck of 40d650b134e48bdb0bb636227381c22217365c47 * WorkingDir: Correctly strip DOS line endings while migrating,               to fix eepsite location on 0.9.5 Windows installs (ticket #919)
88afb23a8 2013-04-20 Backport of b6b65cd637f41758bfd38692772ffade3c8cbbbc Installer: run fixperms.bat all Windows versions except XP/2003. Wasn't being run on Windows 8.
a7a0ca87c 2013-04-20 Branch from 0.9.5 release. Implement new Main wrapper class for utility.jar, to work around izpack ticket #162 http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/IZPACK-162 which prevents us from specifying a main class as it fails on Windows installations when a full path including a drive letter is specified (ticket #912)
7371718af 2013-04-19 Installer: run fixperms.bat all Windows versions except XP/2003.
1e5ffe636 2013-04-19  * Updates:    - Notify manager about all available update methods at once, so the priority      system works and it doesn't only update via HTTP    - Start router update download at startup if available    - Only check plugins when core version increases, not decreases, so we      don't update plugins when downgrading    - Limit length of URL shown on summary bar
ca1e8d09c 2013-04-19 debug log
ddc5e2c23 2013-04-19  * WorkingDir: Correctly strip DOS line endings while migrating,                to fix eepsite location on 0.9.5 Windows installs (ticket #919)
3086fd3ce 2013-04-19  * LogManager: Add support for saving properties added in recent releases
5ea2832ae 2013-04-19  * AppManager: Register jetty, console, and SAM with manager
5cb449efe 2013-04-19  * i2psnark: Disable spellcheck in more form fields
46f8344d3 2013-04-18 Add new *.i2p2.de certificate
b370fe683 2013-04-18  * SusiMail: Fix loading of Jetty classes
d6b28a4eb 2013-04-18  * i2ptunnel: Set target=_top in all external links to break out of console iframe
72ead2bbc 2013-04-18  * i2psnark: Fix params after P-R-G
648701afd 2013-04-17  * Eepsite: Fix jetty.xml configuration of ThreadPool
389f540f4 2013-04-17 less dots
ceda25fb3 2013-04-17 added browser http proxy setup to initial news
c4e201965 2013-04-17  * SusiDNS: Set target=_top in all external links to break out of console iframe
b64b2629b 2013-04-17  * i2ptunnel: Fix default form action (ticket #882)
9443a96f0 2013-04-17  * Systray: Better detection of 64-bit Windows (tickets #756, #912)    - Don't even instantiate systray unless on 32-bit Windows
6af73d087 2013-04-17  * Console: Better handling of missing font for graphing (ticket #915)    - Remove unused imports
c61f2af8b 2013-04-16  * SAM: Implement ClientApp interface (ticket #347)
a3aee79e9 2013-04-16  * ClientAppManager: Add method to look up clients by class and args  * Console: Implement stopping of clients using the ClientApp interface             (ticket #347)
7d0f626fd 2013-04-15 remove mime types already set by jetty
e34a98620 2013-04-15 merge of '186e5e48c613c85b8e11c61ec920a40837bfae8e'      and '3449c389b42e40b9c9a07848a868bb745c5c4540'
6c32a0537 2013-04-15 2nd instance bootstraps DHT from 1st instance
ec4c830c0 2013-04-15 i2psnark:  update mime types
9e5d80965 2013-04-15 trim form values
1746a8123 2013-04-15 update servlet base after changing dir
efe7a7536 2013-04-15  * i2psnark:    - Add data directory configuration to GUI (ticket #768)    - Add page size configuration to GUI
11dd7f6b8 2013-04-15  * Console: Move from deprecated Jetty SSL methods to SslContextFactory
e29bb5b88 2013-04-15  * i2psnark:    - Mime type fixes    - Remove web classes from jar
57b794f72 2013-04-14  * Jetty logging: Fix logging using I2PLogger class;    log ignored messages at debug level
8bfe3f632 2013-04-14  * i2psnark:    - Set unique tunnel nickname for additional instances    - Increase page size to 50    - Restore 1-arg SnarkManager constructor for compatibility    - Add note about DHT file w/ multiple instances, to be fixed    - Log tweak
21e47e61f 2013-04-13  * Console: Add /graph support for bw.combined, consolidate             rendering code (ticket #890)
49cc6b510 2013-04-13  * i2psnark:    - Limit number of torrents displayed; add previous/next page buttons    - Only register one instance with UpdateManager    - New icons from famfam/silk, same license
10a42c8b0 2013-04-13 debian: add new jetty7 jars to package
f59ea790c 2013-04-12 Javadoc fixups for Jetty 7
28f1170d9 2013-04-10 history for prop, -1
8eb7cf7ba 2013-04-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty7' (head 12e512b792594fe6a291ad3ab303fca30228391b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f3775dd82af85ba335258bd9f0fc06131a1daaa9)
1be0695a2 2013-04-10 remove extra semicolon
65480456c 2013-04-10   - I2NP: Ignore unused 7 bits of the Database Lookup Message,           so we can use them later
5962577b5 2013-04-10   - I2NP: Ignore unused 7 bits of the Database Lookup Message,           so we can use them later
1222776da 2013-04-10 tweak proxy error page
13633a053 2013-04-10 remove debug id
1eda9e905 2013-04-10 set ethertype to IPv4
2557a0bd8 2013-04-10 increase threads
e1c533e9d 2013-04-08 Fixed path to start.ico
bb8183d0e 2013-04-08   - Backup up more Jetty 6 config files before migration   - Try to avoid zip file closed exceptions   - Fix jetty.xml, switch from deprecated WebAppDeployer to WebAppProvider
9478a84af 2013-04-07   - Switch from Jetty 7.6.8 to 7.6.10; check in jars   - Re-enable web downloads for easy jetty updating   - Add dependency checking in apps/jetty build   - Other build.xml tweaks
56eba28a5 2013-04-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d30ab8d5835ca55d63913342f0d28169c88e5d77)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty7' (head fdd1d82c4bb26ed934170c34dd803c342a183a91)
f8d323bc7 2013-04-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5737078c5993e2fcf73520cc610a71125b12520b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty7' (head a93a47d79b1db119ec8c62b46a4a4e226043bd17)
8857fe555 2013-04-04 Set defaults based on installer/i2pstandalone.xml and build.xml/doBuildEXE
45a38a542 2013-04-04 Only use original argc/v if there are arguments, otherwise use launch.properties or defaults
7f471910e 2013-04-04 Marked Windows-specific code in preparation for a cross-platform binary
f6190dd82 2013-04-03 Get a simple I2P.exe working
51f072cc7 2013-04-03 Migrated limewireExe to i2pExe
b65898e0d 2013-04-03 Ticket #741 - Added limewireExe source
7b753c9d3 2013-04-02 merge of '48ac112fe938c8e960413ad60f64d313a1e5c9ac'      and 'c4b1087c95c82bb9dde50c078a0c2c0e86c562bc'
dc8d70102 2013-04-02 merge of '185bc62d33224812060d2f68266a029935fb710d'      and '381b15133084a1b3e1c37f66a62a768fedefd3d4'
2cbb157f2 2013-04-02 add lists.i2p2.i2p
2c47c2103 2013-04-01 * Added backup's ressed server. (Thanks backup!)  * Temporary removing h2ik's server since he's been AWOL since 06-03-2013 and he's reseed server is down.
5904d5764 2013-03-31 Debian: update changelog
d5443a34e 2013-03-31 Debian: explicitly set permissions in postinst on /etc/i2p/wrapper.config (fixes #906)
af79b74c8 2013-03-30 checkcerts.sh: cross platform support on *NIX
bfc327833 2013-03-30 checkcerts.sh: add some support for non-Linux systems
427abb081 2013-03-30 remove debug text
6992090cd 2013-03-30 various updates to checkcerts script
9b0c48152 2013-03-08 0.9.5
77cfe0be0 2013-03-03 graphs.jsp: Fix saving settings (ticket #857)
041da814d 2013-03-03 merge of '4482eec8563d6ed220c2042b18fc09164aaa4404'      and 'ce2de3b5c7bc1fcd077ff9d6327eaf24758d2a13'
7b7f3ea02 2013-03-03 update geoip based on the Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2013-02-19
53d5c0854 2013-03-03 removing email address per request
b2f1e78d6 2013-03-03 Temporary removing ju1c3d's reseed server until it's up and working fine on the new system.
9ba17d2e9 2013-02-22 French, German, Norwegian, Polish, and Portuguese translation updates from tx
cc18f62fb 2013-02-13 Add new syndie hostnames
8950cc48a 2013-02-13 Flag of Curaçao, courtesy of David Benbennick, released into the public domain
51edaed61 2013-02-12 NetDB: Randomize delay before floodfill store verify
3a2accdeb 2013-02-10  * Update: Bump torrent update to 3% of routers
6cef4f90e 2013-02-10  * Logs: Again, fix setting log filename (ticket #805)
f5e416d6b 2013-02-10 Wrapper 3.5.17 compiled on Raspberry Pi (ticket #826) GPLv2 binaries stripped
5eba38a24 2013-02-09  * NetDB:    - Encrypt DatabaseLookup messages out exploratory tunnels      when we already have the RI of the ff    - Don't use multiple routers from the same /16 in lookups or stores
7f5d6ca1c 2013-02-09 javadocs
e4318e95a 2013-02-06 German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
eaa86664b 2013-02-04 Fixed SOCKS mapping terminology, bumped history
5a1053e4f 2013-02-04 Allow any domain name to be mapped to an IP
0052ebf33 2013-02-04 Set SOCKS5 addressType to AddressType.DOMAINNAME on a successful mapping
d9f7b24cc 2013-01-31 use short name for diftracker
67ca0a4d2 2013-01-31 Norwegian translations: - enable Bokmål in router - add to tx config - add Bokmål translations from transifex
fea91a35f 2013-01-31 fix Norwegian translation, add to tx config
3214bc4f8 2013-01-31 merge of '4e5a2d2f78b9a7603ece4e4b54720e83e062cbf4'      and '8bbaf8414a2475919844450aad53b325ee0f7e84'
a0befe59c 2013-01-31  * EepGet:    - Fix URL when not proxied to conform to RFC 2616    - Add port to Host header to conform to RFC 2616
5f614db59 2013-01-30 Adding a new reseed host. http(s)://netdb2.i2p2.no Using certificate from cacert.org
cc4b03604 2013-01-29 Adding Norwegian Bokmål translation to i2ptunnel.
573692dbd 2013-01-29  * Console: Catch IllegalStateException storing nonces (ticket #852)
78dcfd830 2013-01-29 * Translations:   - Use JVM language name if available   - Correct Estonian language code from ee to et
95d0dc041 2013-01-28 fix BuildHandler NPE from previous checkin
9247dc898 2013-01-27  * BuildHandler:    - Add early throttler based on previous hop    - Limit concurrent next-hop lookups
bd900d8d5 2013-01-27 increase ff count
a9eb48c4c 2013-01-27 javadoc
8afe7c261 2013-01-27  * RandomSource: Seed from SecureRandom too
543870ff0 2013-01-27 change injection errors to warns
92707efe8 2013-01-24 history bump
42040eb6c 2013-01-24 Added IP -> I2P URL mapping support to SOCKS client tunnels
18e369bcf 2013-01-23   - Use servlet path everywhere, so the war can be renamed   - Use servlet path as base for config file and data directory names,     so we may have multiple instances running together   - Don't override service(), use doGet() and doPost() instead
4ba8f02f5 2013-01-23 * Eliminate Jetty dependencies in i2psnark for good.   Required due to webapp classloader changes in Jetty 7,   we can no longer access or extend Jetty classes.   - Extend javax HttpServlet instead of Jetty's DefaultServlet   - Implement BasicServlet to replace functions of DefaultServlet   - Add MimeTypes implementation to add to servlet's defaults   - Add local mime.properties file, remove checks in I2PSnarkServlet for those     we were missing   - Eliminate all use of Jetty utility classes including MimeType, Resource,     Buffer, Cache, URIUtil, ...
a7fc8bdf5 2013-01-21 Added a link to the summary bar for mobile users on /home
371034676 2013-01-21 history
bb0d2ef17 2013-01-21 Added User Agent string for Opera Mobile
d5a870226 2013-01-21 Added option to /configui to force the mobile console to be used
34aa3ac20 2013-01-19 Updated history.txt
7d38041d2 2013-01-19 Tweak so Android tablets use the normal routerconsole
e643d0a08 2013-01-19 Fixed up mobile view of routerconsole with a mobile.css in each theme
dcd655fa4 2013-01-17 * Translations   - Hungrarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish translation updates     from Transifex   - Refresh of **/messages_en.po
f57f49c3c 2013-01-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f33e0980fd48ba4acda12d2079f2a4834a710ae4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty7' (head bd1a64f7262ad5bbea3529675f1f055b9ad257a8)
4f146772e 2013-01-12  * I2CP: Failsafe check for delivery job requeueing forever (ticket #819)
083dffe8e 2013-01-12 try again to prevent IllegalStateException on Java 5
c43a73e75 2013-01-12 log and javadoc tweaks
0c94680a4 2013-01-12  * NetDB: Split up files into subdirectories
832c0ff68 2013-01-12  * SAM: Force i2cp.messageReliability=None (ticket #819)
95b4fe737 2013-01-12  * jobs.jsp: Add table of pending jobs
ed12bcefd 2013-01-12   * EepGet:   - Fix format of last-modified header to use strictest RFC 822   - Stop immediately if socket connection to proxy fails   - Don't forget lastModified/etag headers after redirect   - Note SocketTimeout API breakage for Syndie
41af00a7d 2013-01-10 don't run gettext if 'require.gettext' is set to false
e34cd0ba3 2013-01-10 merge of '27711f734eca9313f7e0742dc1a6df964b744b86'      and '4d27e2149e5bb50280599426f3884dfcc04f920a'
18664d39f 2013-01-10 add bumpBuild target
680c31b84 2013-01-07 Fix/update/refactor InboundTest
ba5005c46 2013-01-07 Fix OutboundGatewayTest    Refactor as much as possible into GatewayTestBase
7a8fde663 2013-01-06 Refactor common code between Inbound and Outbound Gateway tests in a base class    OutboundGatewayTest still fails, investigating...
973e0e744 2013-01-06 Fix/update InboundGatewayTest
101702552 2013-01-06 re-enable DataHelperTest since the jenkins test was a success
8aa7433a8 2013-01-06 merge of '2246f1b81c19ddc2c058e68870f1445b9cca1598'      and '956cf5bff87f174141628efbad07e028e30fc4c9'
e7d48f1d3 2013-01-06 - s/classpath/javac.classpath/ I'm fairly sure that this must have been added   in error. - add jenkins.cobertura.report target. The jenkins plugin couldn't find the   sources, so I'm hoping this helps it out. - add debug lines cobertura needs
7e7a68a61 2013-01-05 fix BandwidthLimiterTest
c558f5af8 2013-01-05 Update FragmentTest to expect an IAE.  Update {Batched}FragmentTest to JUnit 4     Use a single instance of I2PAppContext
a33457ff7 2013-01-05 Rename BuildMessageTest so it doesn't match the JUnit wildcard.    Add note that the test (most likely) needs to be re-written fom scratch.
16be8deb0 2013-01-05 regex tidying
dfcf1c157 2013-01-05 disapproval of revision '5135b9e8fb88986fdc130971ebe75c3ab0665dcc'
d1dc7cd26 2013-01-05 tidy up version # regexes
88c2b3da5 2013-01-05 merge of '3c30547c23e641e3cc7a7927d956997c0187aa5c'      and 'd0f6b1e4566b9690b60fa0fb686aadc3ad629a31'
0bfd747c9 2013-01-05 Exclude from router cobertura anything that isn't net.i2p.*
d15040339 2013-01-04 Rename a non-junit test so it doesn't fall under the junit wildcard
1939aaca9 2013-01-04 Fix test and make it actually test something
d0cb714f6 2013-01-04 add installer/resources to the classpath for eclipse and junit task    do not use hardcoded filesystem path in junit test  (test still fails for different reason)
54a35df9e 2013-01-04 merge of '3cd63a1366e2ca171fb8c348927047e0c0b7393d'      and 'a461c087d600d3fa0b5da2085d1dd97aff721d44'
b1a29c951 2013-01-04 enable more output for easier debugging of tests
af2109301 2013-01-04 javadoc fixes
cea1b08a9 2013-01-04 Update javadoc to specify non-null payload for datagrams
c7f1329c0 2013-01-04 get rid of two tests that don't make sense
a02f9313f 2013-01-04 fix javadoc-test target
5a7d975ed 2013-01-04 speed up datahelper test (thanks zab)
455618dc2 2013-01-04 merge of '9a6aaa59a51ac9c26f4a1a1a1db90feb17819a22'      and 'b5f4c5514ac1fbd9f7b61180c7874ddcac422c11'
bddfc5b52 2013-01-04 Turn BuildMessageTest into a JUnit TestCase
bcbf7e627 2013-01-04 - Speed up crypto tests, reduce memory usage, use common context
83886cdcf 2013-01-04 merge of '9cd70f6c6a5d8100782f92785a0082b09248e6b0'      and 'e6b29f8caf5730bada39b1296ff3eb3b5f363f0e'
dbfb4cbbb 2013-01-04 Remove test that does nothing anyway
fe477f0a0 2013-01-04 merge of '96801f1975a618da3caa8943bc186ad78449ee94'      and 'fa2d2cb834d3792b816984bc44da70ad903e40e8'
dd24ab6f7 2013-01-04 Create a new RouterContext for net.i2p.router.tunnel tests (can't cast I2PAppContext)
47592377f 2013-01-03 Make test expect an UOE
e3ecc42e8 2013-01-03 - Fix delivery instructions test
999b8d3c6 2013-01-03 merge of '7b3e55d16589c2194327677322fca98e2ce056ad'      and '85eec7bc28af462eca4a83562771af846cb2b91c'
8e5c26270 2013-01-03 cross platform unit test hostname faking not relying on external tools
e67aa430c 2013-01-03 merge of '616d36fc49bb03f28c56540cdd475e2f7e9e3663'      and '7a64fceed49d038439e050a81f45b1e6abb2ad19'
8e57a2e38 2013-01-03 Fix most of the test cases, reduce the runtime of the test         using LogManager.flush()
d28184ce7 2013-01-03 - Test data strucure equals() for everything except I2CP
94827d6d5 2013-01-03 merge of '4e4692d229faefe5a1a891b9e7e89302117d2970'      and '90cf0bde41018fcb22d53d168c8d6f56294d8660'
6c676869a 2013-01-03 change an ant 1.8ism to one supported in 1.7
2c8f2ae40 2013-01-03 Change the Rate.equals(..) method to work for Rates w/o a parent RateStat  Change the RateStat.equals(..) method to work with deserialized RateStats   Update and fix the JUnit tests for both
3eb00c526 2013-01-03 remove extranous reference (that I added) to junit; fix a bit more of the router tests
83e25ef26 2013-01-03 merge of '78c1ef42cf8e75cb54df7c34644855f54428565c'      and 'd37cf6a7b286442b886dbfd6f74ac948eee5b3fc'
8f4f7a677 2013-01-03 - Fix junit path typo - Fix several router unit test compile errors.   They all compile now. - Move SubmitMessageHistoryJob to i2p.scripts, it is not a unit test
b54c5f854 2013-01-03 renable slow tests
17ac0e4b5 2013-01-03 - Fix last three I2CP message junit test failures caused by the removal of equals(). - Fix RouterAddress test failure caused by removal of expiration
473069097 2013-01-03 - Fix most of the I2CP message junit test failures caused by the removal of equals().   Still a few left where the test is overridden. - Fix DestLookupMessage test failure caused by missing data.
9d77cd776 2013-01-03 allow setting hamcrest and junit locations with properties
5b81a1a6d 2013-01-03 catch unset classpath prop
f788ef97d 2013-01-03 remove cobertura.ser when ant clean is called
e4ec04636 2013-01-02  - Add separate top-level junit.test and scalatest.test targets, so    you can run whichever you have the libs for  - Add router to test target (if we don't run it, it won't get fixed)
cdc3682ba 2013-01-02 Fixes to JUnit tests under net.i2p.router.transport
dae66d7f7 2013-01-02 Updated JUnit tests in net.i2p.router.tunnel - almost all bugs fixed
d6d1b5197 2013-01-02 Set up build.xml test harness to run the JUnit4 tests as well
6f301f01d 2013-01-02  * Logs: Fix setting log filename (ticket #805)
71607fff2 2013-01-02 javadoc
6ed602309 2013-01-02    - Local mods and wrapper for SipHashInline    - Convert SessionTag.hashCode() to SipHash to prevent collision attacks      in the SessionKeyManager; cache for speed
20cc48cd8 2013-01-02 SipHash inline implementation and junit test, unmodified.
f2331b060 2013-01-02  * New getASCII() for use in findbugs cleanups for 7-bit strings This code was supplied by zab
8c2ddec40 2013-01-02 add shortcut in equals() for speed
c8e12b9ac 2013-01-02  * Transport: Fix early NPE (ticket #824)
452d1d01b 2013-01-02  * SAM: Synchronize dissector
e375ffe8f 2013-01-02  * I2CP:    - Fix leak if nonce = 0 but reliability != none    - More work on failure codes (ticket #788)    - Fix race with _finished indication in OCMOSJ
2ea9fc5d6 2013-01-02 I2CP: Remove static logs; Fix thread ID counter
912e29f8a 2013-01-02    - Remove unused equals() methods for I2CP message classes,      most did not have hashCode() implementations.      These are never used as keys in a Set or Map or checked for equality.      Fixes findbugs issues (ticket #379)
72054a7d3 2013-01-02 reorder synch and loop
ab2c5ef9b 2013-01-01 postinstall: delete both OSX scripts if we're not on OSX
ab0b4936e 2013-01-01 refresh patch
2dd1aaab6 2013-01-01 Update wrapper to v3.6.17 (ticket #826)
c05cd07ff 2013-01-01 Fixing two potential NPEs found by findbugs
adfc22499 2012-12-31 Remove outdated javadoc reference & explicitly specify locale
44498ca8c 2012-12-31 installer: extra checks & add to findbugs target
a40566eef 2012-12-30 improve installer javadocs; add minimalist package.html
77f0dd653 2012-12-29  - Fix handling of duplicate participating tunnel IDs  - Reduce chance of generating duplicate IDs for our tunnels    (ticket #812)  - Stat cleanup  - Comment out effectively unused countProactiveDrops()
8ed70084d 2012-12-29 catch iterator exception on java 5
2f4e3862e 2012-12-29 cleanups
667393e8c 2012-12-29  * Javadocs: Fix javax links; add installer utils
c6dd7b4cc 2012-12-29  * i2psnark: Redirect after post              Button spacing on config form
db0501f31 2012-12-29 explicitly specify encoding
3be5002f1 2012-12-28 ant debian-tarball target: set .sh to mode 755
4389f277d 2012-12-28 * windows installer fixes / improvements   - move deprecated installer-only classes (Exec, Delete, and Copy) from     i2p.jar into installer/   - replace installer/resources/fixpaths.cmd with an improved method in java   - combine the installer-only utility classes into a single jar and call the     classes from within izpack
cf10cb1c0 2012-12-27 Fixed out-of-date references to wrapper.jar and jbigi.jar so that the justBOB target works
38214cf5b 2012-12-26  * I2CP:    - Prep for delivery of detailed failure codes to the client (ticket #788)    - Store session ID as an int instead of a long    - Clean up some duplicate createRateStat calls (ticket #787 comment 2)    - Other optimizations, cleanups, final
f4740d263 2012-12-26  * Stats: Clean up some duplicate createRateStat calls (ticket #787 comment 2)
48309c0f6 2012-12-26  * NetDB: Split routerInfo files into subdirectories, disabled for now,    enable with router.networkDatabase.flat=false
cf1f42ebf 2012-12-26  * Tunnels: Catch rare BuildExecutor IAE only in Java 7 (ticket #811)
7c8bb0ba6 2012-12-26 comment out main
14eedaa02 2012-12-26  * i2psnark: Create torrent form tweaks
73e25aad7 2012-12-25 * Add EOL modifications   - set eol for certain files in installer targets (since editing *.config and *.xml in windows is practically impossible without an externally installed editor such as vim or notepad++ and of course we want people to be able to read the licenses if they desire...etc.)   - try to prevent user error by ensuring that the proxy/*.ht files have eol set to crlf in the prepConsoleDocs target
f3f4529d8 2012-12-24 use ant features instead of Unix commands where possible in the installer2app target. Also make izpack2app a settable property
5dbe6294f 2012-12-24 debian-binary: don't assume that noAutoDebchange will be set by people that know that debian/changelog needs to be set
91c9bfed3 2012-12-24 add additional arm types to the 'noExe' condition & add reference the cybergarage javadocs revision in history.txt
420ccad91 2012-12-24 javadoc fixes for the upstream cybergarage UPnP library. Upstream ticket #3598391 has been filed for this issue.
1d0f8b4c6 2012-12-23 Add missing shebang lines to bundle-messages scripts
3396626a0 2012-12-23 * new ant targets   - trimMtnRev: create a new property with the revision trimmed to  8 characters.   - getExtendedVersion: create a new property that includes the full version with the shortened MTN revision tacked on   - debchange:  automatically update debian/changelog with the I2P version. Called by the "debian" target unless the property noAutoDebchange is set.   - debian-tarball: export i2p.i2p branch to a new directory, remove the binaries like jbigi and launch4j, and create a tarball. * move packages created by "ant debian" to ${basedir} * add debian/changelog to .mtn-ignore since it is now automatically updated (by default). * add *.deb to .mtn-ignore
8c13d3203 2012-12-23 debian: add repack script and update watch file to use repack.sh
5d523723e 2012-12-22 merge of '2e3c8b51430edfa3ce0e82bc4b49ea7c21c0606b'      and 'c643595f81605fc5534465da3f1655e4c23345a1'
6d2fa690d 2012-12-22 quoting fixups
470b8c59e 2012-12-22 minor console/update cleanups
81975e919 2012-12-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head f33dbe1499b84cf6192b1a7bd494eaf081a047c0)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4e5bd2836592b95e1eff01d8e83f2690da386ef8)
436d8f078 2012-12-22 - Add support for announce-list (BEP 12) to TrackerClient (ticket #778) - Refactor dup tracker detection
fa235d97a 2012-12-22 enable i2prouter translations in the debian package & refresh patch
42f8c71d4 2012-12-22 update .mtn-ignore
9a241af24 2012-12-22 enable translations for 'i2prouter'
69d22b84f 2012-12-22 i2prouter: integrate modifications from upstream (Tanuki)
7ea1bffea 2012-12-22 rename Tracker class for clarity
c1f4155cd 2012-12-21 French language update from transifex + updated EN po files that were uploaded to transifex
85fda3ed7 2012-12-21 minor regex tweak
8998bdec1 2012-12-21 remove another reliance on external UNIX-only tools (and fixing formatting of my earlier commit)
c9b6a3f01 2012-12-21 Instead of deleting the empty directory placeholders, let's just not copy them to pkg-temp to begin with.
05c5f6601 2012-12-21 fix my getBuildNumber regex
7fd59c4f1 2012-12-21 add more excludes to 'sloccount.report' and make the report location configurable
6fe127286 2012-12-20 add armv6 and armv7 to the "do not build EXE" list
406bcbef9 2012-12-20 remove dependencies on external tools for getReleaseNumber and getBuildNumber
9eb25f60c 2012-12-20 add sloccount report target
b7c10d2ad 2012-12-20 remove a few more files with "ant clean"
816149efd 2012-12-19 debian: refresh patches
aa6eefcc7 2012-12-19 debian: add commented entries required for PPA builds & update "debianhowto" target
9ef9e48da 2012-12-19 remove executable bit
166e36aae 2012-12-19 move taskdefs to targets
667b548d3 2012-12-19  * Update: Hide the update buttons when router.updateDisabled=true, as is the case            for Debian packages. Broken in 0.9.4. (Ticket #817)            Remove unused shouldInstall() method.
5dfef6968 2012-12-18 Add dummy placeholder files to empty eepsite directories
c3ae3f289 2012-12-17 build fix
8b4195609 2012-12-17 0.9.4
264e27ab3 2012-12-16 Correct url for forum.i2p
74f6abc97 2012-12-15 bump
8edbfc519 2012-12-15 replace call to Arrays.copyOf(), not in Java 5
8513d1f22 2012-12-15 merge of '482fcb3afd2e52160588dbf9e253ff594e0d5ce3'      and 'a63132b861cf363158a5ac2e1897b4636321d536'
cb75e3dc7 2012-12-14 Documented required and optional test-related properties in build.properties
a8926dae5 2012-12-14 ship all of the *BSD jcpuid files in the installer
c5502737f 2012-12-14 Debian: changelog and minor initscript updates
206cea8b5 2012-12-14 update geoip.txt
003a8b07e 2012-12-14 German and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
c5d69eb23 2012-12-14 jenkins test passed!
78864ab38 2012-12-14 test to see if the jenkins server by skydrome detects broken compilation
ec22a6ec6 2012-12-13 copy armv6 wrapper in preppkg-linux target
b435857e1 2012-12-12 don't try to copy armv7 wrapper in preppkg-linux target
819841915 2012-12-12 build fixup
60718dbf7 2012-12-11 Drop custom-built armv7 wrapper. Tanuki-built arm wrapper works on armv5 and armv7 but not on Raspberry Pi armv6. Wrapper we built for Raspberry Pi does not work on Trimslice armv7.
4e558320a 2012-12-10   - i2psnark: Add announce list support (BEP 12) (ticket #778)     Preliminary. Still todo: TrackerClient
1fa00a573 2012-12-10 Restore javadocs
9f6ebd8e1 2012-12-10 longer tunnel options for servers; fix spacing issue
c4a0fcbf4 2012-12-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 99b582d7fcc9d377341809a5fe580b439b37fea6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head f620dc8ce09657b3bfe0d87b5ee09c1bc33c31d1)
8104cb40c 2012-12-10 Apache Tomcat 6.0.36
d2b2600e5 2012-12-10 VersionComparator w/o object churn, ticket #789    tests
d062db3c1 2012-12-10 Object churn improvements, ticket #787
32a8bb7a3 2012-12-09 more VersionComparator tests
d8417cbf7 2012-12-09 more tests for VersionComparator
863a05b33 2012-12-08  * susimail: Button CSS spacing tweak
3fc3abe7a 2012-12-08 Moved susimail.properties out of the build path, and set build.xml to copy it in
96fcaf938 2012-12-07 javadoc
0b1498116 2012-12-07 fix forum urls
87a56a6fa 2012-12-07  * RouterClock: Reduce log level (ticket #790)
0fa938e09 2012-12-06 merge of '60726592fdfe50d6d8051846e0034b4b40a6761e'      and 'ad92f5811a7ff6ceab5ab09572d716f00f9100ea'
b7e3a60fb 2012-12-05 Ticket #802
653ccaae4 2012-12-05 typo fix + updated UK translation
ca00b3431 2012-12-05  * I2CP: Fix external I2CP apps, including i2ping, caused by 0 nonce value,    broken in 0.9.2 (tickets #799, #801). Allow nonces == 0.    Javadocs and cleanups.
0c5811801 2012-12-05  * SSU: Fix rare NPE (ticket #798)
d9727c901 2012-12-05  * Reseed: Don't go on to the next host if we have enough http://zzz.i2p/topics/1287
63b8e7101 2012-12-05  * GarlicMessage: Fix notes and log in GarlicMessageHandler and HandleGarlicMessageJob,    they are used for netdb messages received by floodfills http://zzz.i2p/topics/1282
4f5da775d 2012-11-28 Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, and Ukrainian translation updates from Transifex.
3464ad6e5 2012-11-28 remove extraneous space
d28480dd9 2012-11-28 bumping build to -12
4902b4ecb 2012-11-28 merge of '32a936bfa4c9048f8d96461990da03f7f35cb676'      and '9c7cae316969219b1f2d74c20dbb4a12a94857a9'
0e0a38460 2012-11-28 Revert to using ArrayList in RouterInfo
4266a10ff 2012-11-26 Added more tests to VersionComparatorSpec to further cover the implementation
31fc55eca 2012-11-25 Added tests for VersionComparator
4d389f75a 2012-11-25 Changed summary bar ordering <input type="image">s to <button>s
abe29e044 2012-11-24 Remove org.mortbay.http.Version.paranoid property not recognized by Jetty 6.
8d2eff76f 2012-11-24 fix jetty system properties
c5a6ed317 2012-11-24 final
99058ee13 2012-11-24  * Codel: Make stats non-required (ticket #786)
b2e335fbb 2012-11-24  * Profiles: Small optimization in coalesceOnly() (ticket #765)    javadoc, detab
1d3bbfd25 2012-11-24  * Addressbook: Disable unused wakeup via http
916e328e1 2012-11-24 javadoc, volatile
fe02145fe 2012-11-24 typo
ad41b25be 2012-11-23 merge of '138eae0135999a3f8e20b08183500a2318287cd4'      and '314f5c9d4fc6b5dd82d6ee09a207686f52e66a2c'
d2b1103e2 2012-11-23 Removed a hard-coded jsp link I missed
0b05cd761 2012-11-23 i2prouter: fix block location (thanks k0e)
28ba7880e 2012-11-23 merge of '15d44385349738e5c84f8efcdb797d98b4fbaed0'      and '586f7a71f1e187cb041d873c013fbe91d0184b08'
4680fd118 2012-11-23 Added remaining .project and .classpath files
9dcfe9843 2012-11-23 Added .project and .classpath Eclipse files to most sections of the source
55c264916 2012-11-23 kill a string allocation hotspot
0ec77f551 2012-11-23 Use the cached iterator list to remove Iterator allocation hotspots
f238d0514 2012-11-23 test removal
d8613d228 2012-11-23 more appropriate junit test
009b0bfdd 2012-11-23 more empty jars not to pack
924963eba 2012-11-22 fix class cast exception
de175b80f 2012-11-22 updates
1e8302870 2012-11-22 An ArrayList that reuses a single iterator
9fc725853 2012-11-22 - Update non-default xml files - Update DTD
50df4b53d 2012-11-22 - Clean up WebAppconfiguration - Fix eepsite xml files - First cut at updating migration code (untested)
e974d3bc5 2012-11-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.782' (head 64415601890b9c494a8f06379f9feefbc855e07c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0e92cf3a3844e7b738ca9c2486112867fc663b6f)
7c96044d1 2012-11-22 javadoc
d5d70f1b4 2012-11-22 Wrapper 3.5.16 compiled on Raspberry Pi: GPLv2 binaries stripped
02ad4d520 2012-11-21 fix NPE
56ae54c2f 2012-11-21 Jetty 7 license info copied from jetty-distribution-7.6.8.v20121106
a70e040e3 2012-11-21 susimail compile fixes for Jetty 7. Untested.
c0d82fe83 2012-11-21 i2psnark compile fixes for Jetty 7. Untested.
34e0b3640 2012-11-21 updates to 'i2prouter' based on changes to Tanuki's example script
2fbe0e8bb 2012-11-21 update wrapper to v3.5.16
f1dd77982 2012-11-21 RouterConsole compile fixes for Jetty 7. Convert LocaleWebAppHandler from extending WebAppContext to extending HandlerWrapper, since handle() is now final in WebAppContext. Untested.
be8697cb9 2012-11-21 jetty 7 first cut
33ee8a38c 2012-11-21 Ticket #765 - optimize locking during profile reorg
5f4562467 2012-11-20  * Transport: Fix bug that inadvertently reduced default max    SSU connections in 0.9.2, cutting network capacity in half and    harming tunnel build success rates
56ef4cda8 2012-11-19 Addi an exception for core2 & corei to NBI on 32-bit kFreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD
5975b69b4 2012-11-19 Add jcpuid binaries for OpenBSD, NetBSD, and kFreeBSD.
d0a3c7256 2012-11-19 Improved support for GNU/kFreeBSD
d94c14967 2012-11-19 move HashDistance to router/util
f15828fa9 2012-11-19  * NetDB: Add negative lookup cache
f64eacefe 2012-11-19  * BuildHandler: Disable CoDel, wasn't helping
c8f2effca 2012-11-19  * Profiles: Split up files into subdirectories
74f4859e1 2012-11-18 explicitly prefer openjdk-*-headless over default-jre-headless.
8c987fc0d 2012-11-18 Add javadocs to getters    Make setters package-private    Small noop tweak to the computeAverages
efc202d2e 2012-11-17 more use of the new methods
3cbca7c0a 2012-11-17 more use of the computeAverages method
82e424447 2012-11-17 more refactoring
836620c37 2012-11-17 javadoc
addfff862 2012-11-17  * Tunnels: Set default priorities for tunnels (ticket #719)    Exploratory: +30    IRC: +15    HTTP Proxy: +10    I2PSnark: -10
3836742e7 2012-11-17 stat cleanup
74fd17113 2012-11-17  * i2psnark: Clear PEX peers set after use, cause of bad peer counts
d511bf2cd 2012-11-17  * error500.jsp: Add servlet version
0cbbedd25 2012-11-17 javadoc fix
4824cae36 2012-11-17 Properly synchronize the Rate class    Add a new class to store results from rate calculations     Add a new method to compute average, last and current measurements  Use the new method in RouterThrottleImpl
b67359aca 2012-11-16 Match *FreeBSD* instead of just FreeBSD*.
99179edae 2012-11-16 add reseed to event log
ae6dad6e4 2012-11-16  * NetDB:    - Implement automatic reseeding (ticket #521)    - Increase minimum routers from 15 to 50
6902a8392 2012-11-16  * i2psnark: Fix rare IOOBE (ticket #777)
4991c5a1a 2012-11-16  * Tunnels: Fix outbound tunnel message priority (ticket #719)     (copy/paste error)
a3e3001d4 2012-11-14 * Sync fixes to Frequency  * Removal of warnings related to generics in StatManager
4fdf1c241 2012-11-13  * stats.jsp: Link to graph page, not single image
ea00c0af5 2012-11-13  * SSU: Fix bug that would drop 512 byte messages    The bug has been there forever but never happened before    0.9.3 because the buffers were all 32KB and the largest    fragment was about 1500 bytes. In 0.9.3, there are multiple    buffer sizes, the smallest is 512 bytes, and a packet    of exactly 512 bytes would be silently dropped.    Thanks zab for finding it.
e6dbd7ddd 2012-11-13  * SOCKS: Reduce log level of connect errors
9741d127a 2012-11-13  * NTCP:    - Fix NPE with more syncing (hopefully) (ticket #770)    - Use ByteCache for 16KB buffers
8efc7e936 2012-11-13  * HTTP Proxy: Store referrer of new addresses in address book
da009f8d2 2012-11-13  * Bandwidth Limiter: Fix stats broken in -1
f8133b7ab 2012-11-13 log tweak
2362862f3 2012-11-09 eepget: If java binary is not found, try to determine where java.exe is located.
f287ed48e 2012-11-07 merge of '6f719ac61e6f1afbd935f3fdab862c2e5cc7f5d8'      and 'fd3c457f0a834ba87fead3cbdf22e31253cd4e7c'
b8a9caeb4 2012-11-06 Cleanup in reseed list, also removed HH's ssl host, since it expires 21-11-2012 22:34:10 GMT+1. And I've failed to get in contact with him for a renewal of his certificate. Errors might appear in logs on installs after that date, just remove https://euve5653.vserver.de from /configreseed in console and you wont get errors.
dccd8445e 2012-11-06 More changes to finish first test in UpdateBehaviors
c5fb009c8 2012-11-05 merge of 'd09201283ea0356bf5b1d3aedc4795a202414930'      and 'e2f50f8cb50f8593ca882e94cb661c54b87d2468'
4d8973b0a 2012-11-05 Assorted fixes to router Junit tests for changes in the source
f57d91ac1 2012-11-05 Added missing DateAndFlagsTest - no errors in core junit tests now
ccc5923ab 2012-11-05 Drop unused DummyPooledRandomSource, moved to i2p.scripts
31debe6bb 2012-11-05 CryptixRijndael_Algorithm._BLOCK_SIZE is private, so specify value directly
40d150723 2012-11-05 Fixed imports on core JUnit tests to use Hamcrest matchers provided with Junit4
ea2be02a2 2012-11-05  * RequestLeaseSetJob: Only disconnect client after multiple dropped    lease set requests; reduce timeout, other cleanups
c21a6a54f 2012-11-05  * PeerManager: Don't reorganize as often if it takes too long (ticket #765)
70a2e330e 2012-11-05  * i2psnark:    - More DHT limits    - Announce to backup trackers if DHT is empty    - Use PEX and DHT info in torrent peer count    - Don't use temp files for announces    - TrackerClient refactoring    - cleanups
d5c70676b 2012-11-05  * Console:    - Fix NPE after restart (ticket #763)    - Move more nonces out of system properties
202c92a42 2012-11-05  * Unsigned Update: Fix notification on failure
3cb4d35ce 2012-11-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head 1ca3b931ebecd4ec80e7e135b634d085934c092b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c917793878189c29441f69133e029cfdfe3c0895)
3d35984cf 2012-11-05 Started filling out UpdaterBehaviors
2217d1ab9 2012-11-04 Moved *streaming and i2ptunnel tests to match convention
75ddc1239 2012-11-02 de, pt, and se updates from Transifex. Updated en po files to push to tx.
d48fab9d9 2012-11-02  * I2CP:    - Better fix for logging dropped messages (ticket #758)    - Implement fast receive to reduce per-message handshakes    - Make messageReliability=none the default
d30aeb390 2012-11-02  * KeyManager: Eliminate races, buffer I/O, eliminate periodic syncing
d479c4ae7 2012-11-02  * configstats: Fix group sorting, translate groups
9c220e08f 2012-11-02  * i2ptunnel:    - Better privkey backup file name    - Revert increment of privkey tunnel name    - Move deleted privkeys to backup dir    - Fix jsp build dependencies    - Fix layout issue on Chrome (ticket #757)
eee38a626 2012-11-02  * i2psnark:    - Split buckets correctly    - More exploration fixes
f29a45a2c 2012-10-31  * PriBlockingQueue: Enforce max size
a5b68d4fb 2012-10-31  * I2CP: Reduce log level when outbound queue is full (ticket #758)
8a7d11996 2012-10-31  * FIFOBandwidthRefiller: Reduce refill interval to smooth output
84a0793a1 2012-10-31  * Streaming: New disableRejectLogging option (default false), enable for snark
2f4eeda39 2012-10-31  * i2ptunnel: Fix NPE in zzzot plugin
96ed7abdc 2012-10-31 javadoc, final, private, volatile
6a91918e6 2012-10-31 Stubbed out Specs for net.i2p.router.update.* in routerconsole
2c3edc050 2012-10-30 merge of '2b4768d9966695ad845dad4e28ef426d781e718f'      and '8489000cfeee5a6aa5a250b48bda4f6e2fb16b03'
f6bac8a08 2012-10-30 redirect output to /dev/null (in case /proc/1/comm doesn't exist)
4ce11a174 2012-10-30  * SSU:    - Adjust RTT/RTO calculations    - Better bandwidth tracking    - Cleanup of OutboundMessageState    - Stat tweaks  * Transports: Increase min peer port to 1024
d92f5e650 2012-10-30 merge of 'b2b4c1ba1f799d81d6d164698cb28aa9b837d390'      and 'c2b60a59c73835b51357a706da377862d8bd5ebc'
513821123 2012-10-30 remove space in javascript urls
f56c804e8 2012-10-30 cleanups as requested
fb50f7adb 2012-10-30 Adding two new reseed hosts. Thanks to h2ik and SWAT * reseed.info - SWAT * i2p.feared.eu - h2ik
a99bf60ce 2012-10-29 Added Mockito to ScalaTest classpath, and removed unneeded entry
40d981df2 2012-10-29  * OutNetMessage: Properly clean up when dropped by codel (but unused for now                   since codel is disabled for ONM)  * Tunnels: Implement per-client outbound tunnel message priority (ticket #719)  * ClientTunnelSettings cleanup
f5165cfae 2012-10-29 log tweak
055bae045 2012-10-29  * StatisticsManager: Publish stats less often
74e5ea6e2 2012-10-29  * Installer: Drop news.xml and old certs
32f3ca056 2012-10-29  * logs.jsp:    - Don't display dup message if last    - Spacing tweaks
fd3423fe0 2012-10-29  * i2ptunnel:    - Create backup privkey files (ticket #752)    - Fix NPE in Android startup
05d299816 2012-10-29  * i2psnark:    - Add kbucket debugging    - Eliminate redundant explore keys    - Add more limits to DHT tracker    - Delay expiration at startup    - Only enable updates for dev builds and 1% of release builds  * Update Manager: Warn on dup registration
2b80d450f 2012-10-29 drop old fortuna build script
9a31115ef 2012-10-29 Classpath change in router build.xml to get routerconsole test harness to work
4baf3b691 2012-10-28 Fixups after props from:   i2p.i2p.zzz.pcap    i2p.i2p.zzz.test    i2p.i2p.zzz.test2   i2p.i2p.zzz.update Javadoc fixes Checklist tweak -1
5e48331ea 2012-10-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head 267311f29e501fcc8b3d674a93e78b5520ac985e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head edeca2ab47e734c2314ff394609292d8bd3d5293)
5766db2c0 2012-10-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.pcap' (head fff5fc864e5905ed77f8d60f7d0892ed5c2447b4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head cc74e6e08096cc7fdb8563b2eae82df2a000ab01)
c4f6f48ee 2012-10-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head a002e8957b5bf3a44149203d6842ef4b35107aa7)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0f6e2b3b8643fe7797e8727329345c1ed4cf741b)
943e2d7fe 2012-10-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 48448fc896d1e0859f481e98d0e80e764cc40736)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head aedb9b8335d6de72dd633e79716fff6ffec263a1)
c4fa8fabb 2012-10-28  - Continue work to use priorities in FIFOBandwidthLimiter  - Log tweaks
6868047ee 2012-10-27  * i2ptunnel:   - Refactor TCG to use ClientApp interface   - Remove 'reload config' button   - Synchronization fixes   - Don't instantiate early, to allow router to hold     a reference. TCG.getInstance() may now     return null when in RouterContext.   - Jsps display message when TCG not initialized
80e7ee46f 2012-10-27 enable pw when adding one
61ee957ad 2012-10-27 pcap:  - Buffer output  - Separate methods for inbound and outbound, so we    don't need to use PacketLocal for inbound  - Cleanups after prop  - Finals etc.
6e66d377f 2012-10-27 changelog/patch updates
99e759a5b 2012-10-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6e6de141ddbaddfcecf8a66ad8cf65f247f41f94)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.pcap' (head ae8977bcc33f75ee36505e739e9e4a194f5d9074)
eafca8471 2012-10-27 0.9.3
0e2fd0c6f 2012-10-27 tweak
0ccf65fcf 2012-10-26 banlist
af06fded7 2012-10-26   - Add password enabled property   - Bypass nonce checking if passwords enabled   - Add message about cookies if nonce fails   - Minor susidns cleanup
0bfe8ff41 2012-10-25  * BuildHandler: Fix "too slow" rejections due to internal clock skew
804f0294b 2012-10-25 Bumped router to -21 for previous commit
7a4430856 2012-10-25 Tweaked default value of lastLine in susimail to make a no-response error clearer to users
6bd40e253 2012-10-24 Bumped router to -20 for previous commit
c2d178efc 2012-10-24 Fixed a very stupid bug >_<
97da508df 2012-10-24  * I2PSnark:    - Fix (again) partial piece avoidance for seeds    - Fix several partial piece (temp file) leaks,      some uncovered by previous rarest-first fixes, some in end game    - Don't lose all DHT peers if we stop quickly (backport from update branch)    - Explore a kbucket if it's less than 3/4 full (backport from update branch)
211128f12 2012-10-24 i2ptunnel: Truncate long client destinations (ticket #581)
2f69d1682 2012-10-23 - Thread magnet start if not connected - Don't lose all DHT peers if we stop quickly - Explore a kbucket if it's less than 3/4 full - Change release torrent file names
bb2363f68 2012-10-23 - Fix DummyHandler - Notes on news.xml enhancements - Fix handling existing torrent - Add dn to magnet link generation - Fix progress info
fc461931b 2012-10-23 Adding a new reseed host.
724f4f9b3 2012-10-23 - Several plugin install fixes - Remove unused UpdateTypes - Only try applicable updaters when updating - Javadoc fixes
6f790d99c 2012-10-22 exit 1 on failure
efb986ffd 2012-10-22 - Handle case where we already have torrent - New Storage.main() for use in the release process - Make torrent files in release process - Stop tunnel after fatal if no snarks are running
bd9ad9982 2012-10-22 - Fix spacing in summary bar - Add start() in UpdateTask so things happen in the right order - Add toString() in UpdateTask for better debugging - Fix getID() for plugin UpdateTasks
e5a8a6aba 2012-10-22 merge of '7ca37d4f5e443834de23ebd2cf306b6fe3aeca87'      and 'f9d82ac84936c56dc92691842757e8cc354511e2'
da835fbd6 2012-10-22 h2ik don't have static ip anymore.
1538e6ec4 2012-10-22 - Fix VersionComparator (thx zab) - Add debug output
95e0c3722 2012-10-22 - Add fail timers - Add progress indication - Listener cleanup
95870df45 2012-10-21  * Watchdog: Don't dump threads too often (ticket #519)
8b2889e31 2012-10-21 - Only fail after all URLs are tried - Move registration from servlet to manager and delay - Fix plugin updates - More logging
0fc452b68 2012-10-21 - Improved parsing of news file - Add magnet links to news file
6e19854e4 2012-10-21 - NPE fix on signed udpates - More work on snark updater - Clean up imports
6331cb237 2012-10-21 stub of a torrent updater
983537b0f 2012-10-21 refactor CompleteListener out of Snark.java
58fd2dddf 2012-10-21 refactor magnet parsing out of servlet
49b2fbd2b 2012-10-20 tweak
68814e31e 2012-10-20  * Console:   - Store form handler nonces in the servlet session instead of system properties,     to prevent cross-session interference
429739837 2012-10-20  * Console:   - Consolidate all the jsp formhandler boilerplate in the new     formhandler.jsi, in preparation for further improvements
fef144086 2012-10-20  * Transport:   - Add a simple network monitor   - Add new reachability state for network disconnected   - Prevent any tunnel building when disconnected (ticket #519)   - Don't unleash watchdog when disconnected
afd29715f 2012-10-20  * Addresses:   - Add methods for connectivity detection   - Remove Hamachi restriction
e329742c8 2012-10-20  * Transport: Back out CoDel for SSU PeerState and NTCP
5695d0e94 2012-10-20 build fix
5a964dacb 2012-10-19  * UDP: Fix peer test NPE (ticket # 748)
fea3bb63c 2012-10-19 - Save available unsigned version across restarts - Fix status display after downloaded - Don't display update buttons unless HTTP proxy is up - Pass the manager down thru the constructors
580c940d4 2012-10-19 More pt trans updates from tx
7ea8cd4a0 2012-10-18 Geoip update
4f936f958 2012-10-18 add the other getProperty(); more tweaks
a6ca962fc 2012-10-18 Portuguese and Spanish updates from Transifex
0b4401e64 2012-10-18 - Lots of fixes for notifying when updates and checks are complete - Fixes for NewsHelper stored timestamps - Add getProperty(String, long) to context for sanity - New methods and types - Logging improvements - Add failsafe TaskCleaner
2b50c5aaf 2012-10-18 comment out test code
da4ea77c2 2012-10-18 more fixes
af4786ce0 2012-10-18 fixes
f9b8f0528 2012-10-17 - Straighten out some confusion on versions, RFC 822 dates,   etc. on news and unsigned updates. Stored versions are always   Long.toString(modtime). Only convert to RFC 822 for eepget or display.
b9d717b9f 2012-10-17 - Split up Updater and Checker interfaces - Update router after check
cbc9165af 2012-10-17   - Add a jetty starter that can be stopped later   - Include jetty-i2p.jar in the updaters
a9e18620b 2012-10-16   - Convert HTTP and CONNECT proxies to MD5 authentication   - Allow multiple users   - Migrate passwords on first save
613dd77d2 2012-10-15 only display tracker error if no peers
9b6d5daee 2012-10-15 more work on proxy digest auth
b816ecc7e 2012-10-15 Italian and Swedish updates from Transifex
d01aae786 2012-10-15 HTTP Proxy:  - Move error page methods to base  - Preliminary code for digest auth
50cb42737 2012-10-15 split out md5Sum for use in i2ptunnel
977cdee04 2012-10-15   - Move MD5 functions to core util where i2ptunnel can use them
4db4010ab 2012-10-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2da3b585b42d058e25909bc303d72277ae2463b5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head ebbad994215dc2822e9a1776399864ed77a0e5a0)
ba37839ad 2012-10-14 fixes while rechecking storage
c9196fda0 2012-10-14 compile fixes after prop
b03b4745d 2012-10-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2da3b585b42d058e25909bc303d72277ae2463b5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 2785f3832a7d1b8adb2f106d049949beb9b88838)
8df2a2d00 2012-10-14  * i2psnark: Fix request tracking bug preventing piece requests
184220f4c 2012-10-14 minor optimization
5d6d27907 2012-10-14  * Console: Use non-nio connector for Java 5 and JamVM/gij             (tickets #715 and #743)  * SystemVersion: Centralize more methods here
5e5dc35a1 2012-10-13 moved i2cp password to PasswordManager
24b7b6fab 2012-10-13   - Don't migrate any plaintext passwords to obfuscated, it's too messy
c5ab6b999 2012-10-13   * Passwords:     - Add remove method     - Add console password form to configui.jsp     - Consolidate multiple setSettings()/getJettyString() in FormHandler     - Some form message tweaks
05740f790 2012-10-13 - Fix MD5 passwords after testing - Remove unused password fallback in FormHandler
fc7f995bd 2012-10-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2ab4ae45aa60b379e85fca378522966c090a1a27)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 220477e37d4df782b9a8bb30d12669d146dc6226)
d99a39e5d 2012-10-13 convert to ClientApp interface. Untested.
0b897fdc9 2012-10-13   * RouterConsoleRunner:     - Prep for ClientApp interface by storing context in a field,       shuffle around what's static and what's not       (ticket #347)     - Remove ports from port mapper on shutdown, other changes to       track actual ports better       (ticket #731)     - Hook in password manager using MD5, untested.       (ticket #731)
a475a912e 2012-10-13   * New password manager for storing passwords in router.config     in consitent ways, including salting and hashing if possible.     Not hooked in to console yet, lightly tested.     (ticket #731)
8f17b7309 2012-10-13 changes due to LoadClientAppsJob changes for ClientApp interface
cb56b76ef 2012-10-13 i2prouter: check /proc/1/comm for systemd (thanks k0e)
d198ae9ef 2012-10-13   * New interface for clients started via clients.config, and a new     manager to track the lifecycle and start/stop clients on demand.     Not hooked in to console yet, untested.     (ticket #347)
eff238e85 2012-10-12 i2prouter: In Slackware, check for existence of /etc/rc.d/rc.i2p when installing as a daemon
a436e60fb 2012-10-12 Italian translation updates / updated EN po files
2c570f8d4 2012-10-11 remove internel I2P link
6f23bdd33 2012-10-11 remove another link to forum.i2p2.de
b797f9e26 2012-10-11 remove link to forum.i2p2.de
2b13973ec 2012-10-10 debian: refresh patches
9331b229f 2012-10-10 addressing a few concerns from #681
ccd0795a4 2012-10-10 turn off executable bit
1f98493db 2012-10-10 i2prouter: add initscript support to Slackware
f20d906b6 2012-10-10 i2prouter: Add systemd support for Arch Linux and SuSE Linux.
65757dee1 2012-10-10  * ShellCommand: Fix launching all browsers at startup (ticket #453)
b259a3ac3 2012-10-10  * stats.jsp: Sort groups by translated name
ca1f816ad 2012-10-10 remove colombo
6f509967b 2012-10-09 Making FIFOBandwithLimiter.Request unidirectional, static, remove logging, other cleanups (ticket #719)
56574c41b 2012-10-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head cbca70618d2083a5fcdead2390e9d30060080e74)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1affab2e83613f326d269370de6e5aed40ecae52)
3cdfc2d33 2012-10-09 Split up NTCPConnection's single _bwRequests Set into inbound and outbound, in prep for making FIFOBandwithLimiter.Request unidirectional and support priorities (ticket #719)
1b154551a 2012-10-09 EventLog: add more events
c419016a1 2012-10-09  * SSU:    - Add peer test throttling    - Peer test packet count fixes    - Adjust peer test timeouts and add backoff    - Reject relays and peer tests from same /16    - More peer test cleanup and log tweaks  * Transports:    - Enforce minimum peer port    - Warn on low router ports
f10478cee 2012-10-09 comment out test
d47777305 2012-10-09  * NetDB: Increase floodfills again
8ed280ebf 2012-10-09  * RouterInfo: Exit 1 on error in main()
762e96b8a 2012-10-09 2 more for cache
23c77fbe4 2012-10-09  * Console, i2ptunnel: Warn on low ports
e99dd72cb 2012-10-08  * SSU:    - Fix relay request handling bug from -10    - Fix peer test reply handling bug from -10    - Fix NPE from -6
b095b7e76 2012-10-07  * i2ptunnel:    - Set default read timeout in standard server    - Reduce header timeout, enforce total header timeout      in IRC and HTTP servers (ticket #723)  * Streaming: Don't ignore option or force connect timeout to 5 minutes  * Streaming javadocs  * SocketTimeout cleanup
6b97e1bfa 2012-10-07  * Logs:    - Flush buffers in logs.jsp    - Add dup message to buffers, was in file only
3ceb83d40 2012-10-07  * I2PAppContext: Improved synching in constructor
d80340f0a 2012-10-07  * UPnP: Workaround NPE (ticket #728)          root cause TBD
3acc2fb16 2012-10-06 - Much improved peer test defenses - Minor improvements to relay defenses
034db1a28 2012-10-06 Validate port/IP in received peer tests
b07b9bf0b 2012-10-06  * SSU:    - Throttle outbound destroys on shutdown    - Limit outbound introduction offers
97460e7d9 2012-10-06  * configlogging.jsp: Fix IAE  * error500.jsp: Fix whitespace
ddc750469 2012-10-06  * i2psnark:    - Add allocating and checking indications    - Add bandwidth message at startup    - More checks at torrent creation
044853750 2012-10-05 make inbound and exploratory settings final
583463ab4 2012-10-05  * configservice.jsp: Add GC button
b20e298f6 2012-10-05  * SSU:    - More synchronization fixes    - Reduce chance of dup acks in a single message    - Reduce max unsent acks to 50    - Use last ack time in ping decision too    - Reduce ack delay
090d59fcb 2012-10-05  * DataHelper: Sanity checks in storeProps(), use                storeProps() for router config again
1d174d679 2012-10-05  * TunnelPoolManager: Fix early NPE (ticket #724)
15a47b561 2012-10-03 import
4d1ea6e4c 2012-10-03  * SSU:    - Increase max outbound establishments based on bandwidth    - Synchronization fix for Java 5    - Use multiple buffer sizes in OutboundMessageState to      reduce memory usage    - Adjust skew calculation, synchronize too    - Ping loop improvements
13ef00cb2 2012-10-03 add hasWrapper()
d2c164156 2012-10-03  * NTCP: Reduce conLock contention
a1873e74e 2012-10-03 cleanup
8be86fe80 2012-10-02 debian: rework oom patch
4dc90ef5d 2012-10-02  * SSU:    - Fix memory leak in _peersByRemoteHost map caused by not      removing peers that change IP or port    - Send keepalives if firewalled    - Handle peers that change ports on an established session    - Synchronize adds and drops    - Don't use peers with high RTTs in clock skew calculation    - Reduce initial RTT/RTO
e13026425 2012-10-02  * NTCP: Only set keepalive if firewalled
93039a681 2012-10-02  * OOMListener: Dump threads on OOM
07b3c8a7b 2012-10-02  * PRNG, LogWriter: Use I2PThread to catch OOM
83fe63543 2012-10-02  * i2ptunnel: Fix log message
3ee96fb66 2012-10-02  * i2psnark: Fix delete download message
6684ba1b1 2012-10-02  * I2CP: Delay after sending disconnect message to          help it get through
466778875 2012-10-02  * SimpleByteCache: Fix ABQ/LBQ selection
a71e8fae0 2012-09-28  * i2psnark:    - Fix bugs in rarest-first tracking    - Fix requesting of partial piece when there are multiple seeds    - Synch fix in BitField
f58bf3028 2012-09-28 javadoc
595556c39 2012-09-28  * SessionKeyManager: Store original tagset size for debugging
eeaa4fbbb 2012-09-28  * peers.jsp: Remove SSU "Dev" column
49b11e1f8 2012-09-28  * Streaming: Don't send RST on globally-blackisted conns
e3133d88d 2012-09-28 javadoc
1a50b6243 2012-09-28 volatile
076558d4f 2012-09-28  * i2ptunnel: Fix wrong server IP in log message
fb5d0cd76 2012-09-28 Boolean.valueOf(x).booleanValue() -> Boolean.parseBoolean(x)
7c8ba61f0 2012-09-26 fix date
20e463e41 2012-09-26  * Streaming:    - Implement changing connection limits on a running session    - Implement global blacklist
5d3984e35 2012-09-26  * Addresses: Reject numeric IPs of the form n, n.n, and n.n.n  * Console, i2ptunnel: More validation of address and port in forms
941aea80b 2012-09-26 javadoc
0533aa7f6 2012-09-26  * RFC822Date: Synchronization fix
568e2d506 2012-09-26 tweak to port field CSS
86c7aa8b8 2012-09-26  * i2psnark: Enable DHT by default
f61e7a193 2012-09-26  * ConvertToHash:    - Add support for b64hash.i2p (output in jetty logs)    - Cleanup and use cache
567dae8ce 2012-09-25 merge of '6ccace0742effd1eaadcc151f428825fa3215e12'      and 'dc06981e777b7e1c191937d6d8190b26a8f6bbc7'
02f483a87 2012-09-25 Modified susimail footer so <hr> is hidden as well
7051e1c5f 2012-09-25  * UPnP: Cleanup & final
87295b4bf 2012-09-25  * URLLauncher: Add xdg-open (ticket #617); minor refactor
23ca6b4fa 2012-09-25  * SimpleByteCache: Concurrent fix
9e3559625 2012-09-25  * OutboundEstablishState: Cleanup (ticket #671)
351d582c8 2012-09-25  * Jetty: Add non-NIO selector option (ticket #715)
5b1ea6187 2012-09-25  * EventLog: Fix IAE on portable
211782fae 2012-09-25  * Context: Make files final
20279d159 2012-09-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 52d5a19210a344e0de43f6fe4d898d34f6c41829)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head d88c6abf9b4988ba892e435594cd74917ab9ab7f)
44466aa76 2012-09-24 Modified susidns footer so <hr> is hidden as well
d27d014eb 2012-09-22 Show susi footer on susimail and susidns when displayed standalone
e884ca54e 2012-09-21 -1
336420cf5 2012-09-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 5dadb7923797a3e6d9ead4d4b17ab7e0e0201b2b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 703251aaf19111efe6fac5a4ae49f00a1aac1e9e)
f16e83f21 2012-09-21 0.9.2
0eedc3aa1 2012-09-19 intern strings
f23277516 2012-09-19 CoDel for build handler
bd57463d4 2012-09-18 fix NTCP backlogged indication
2c4910e9e 2012-09-17   * ByteCache, ByteArray:     - Cleanups and javadocs     - Prevent release of a wrong-sized array
2b14d32be 2012-09-17 use ByteCache for chunks in/out
ee66747de 2012-09-17 Fix after review and install on fresh osx (lession learned: test clean installs)
259c28f8c 2012-09-16 startup/shutdown synchronization in several places
b6a536039 2012-09-16 log/stat tweaks
0b7b94778 2012-09-16 increase flush interval
147e257ce 2012-09-16 comment out main()
ccb848376 2012-09-15  * Build: Fix unpack problem on Java 5: http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=7334
68ccb3a94 2012-09-14 cleanup
b317eca5e 2012-09-14  * SSU: Fix shutdown NPE (ticket #709)
5ffacccdd 2012-09-14 update geoip license
a41936af9 2012-09-14 typo
0991adc29 2012-09-13 GeoIPdb update based on Maxmind GeoLite Country database from 2012-09-05
b9aceb895 2012-09-12   * SSU:     - Increase initial and max RTO     - Don't count ack-only packets in bandwidth allocation     - Unused method cleanup
8633ef951 2012-09-12   * Streaming: Don't send a RST to an hour/day limited peer,     or blacklisted, or non-whitelisted, to not waste outbound bandwidth
7820cef60 2012-09-12 Czech language translation updates from transifex
466645448 2012-09-11 improve dup log message
db42d9ec3 2012-09-11   * FortunaRandomSource:     - Fix bug that wasted entropy in nextInt()     - Improved synchronization
d7b48a225 2012-09-10 change what we call imminent so we dont display ms
50ec27991 2012-09-10 use partial match for dups; add config for dups
e8a8f3c21 2012-09-10   * TunnelGateway: Implement pushback from a backlogged transport     queue to the pre-fragmentation queue
e0fc642fc 2012-09-10 reduce _jobLock contention
835ed6d9b 2012-09-10 boost priority of shutdown thread
378192869 2012-09-10 logging cleanups
cb39006f6 2012-09-10 minor corrections after review
52447096f 2012-09-10 Added a fix for a startup issue in newer versions of launchd. Setting Disabled   in configfile will only work on older launchd version. Ref manpage:   (-w Overrides the Disabled key and sets it to false. In previous ver-       sions, this option would modify the configuration file. Now the       state of the Disabled key is stored elsewhere on-disk.)
2f98d05e7 2012-09-09   * Clock: Synchronization, log large shifts to event log
74e753934 2012-09-09   * SystemVersion: New util, to consolidate duplicate code,     and determine Java version on Android
9bc54f27c 2012-09-08   * ClientManager:     - Concurrent client map for faster lookup     - Add by-hash client map for faster lookup by hash     - More cleanups
d9e6c06b2 2012-09-08   * I2CP: Buffer output streams   * ClientConnectionRunner: More cleanups and edge cases
e02d82981 2012-09-08 - Run HandleJob inline for speed - Remove payload from message map if availability announce fails - Cleanups
98da06cd8 2012-09-08 limit queue size, make nonblocking
0d6226600 2012-09-08   * ClientConnectionRunner: Run MessageReceivedJob inline for speed
1ae0c2e31 2012-09-08 add -test
61629080b 2012-09-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 86f3e7e668b7ec9f2ddf75be7586719944bbc37f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head da9536c250bc4c0b7523ed748574de1cc97f3028)
4cf104720 2012-09-08   * PumpedTunnelGateway:     - Move OBGW queue to CoDelPriority     - Move IBGW queue to CoDel     - Reduce max pumped per cycle for IBGW
2c866e205 2012-09-08   * NTCP: Move NTCPConnection outbound queue to CoDelPriority   * SSU:     - Separate PeerState outbound message list into a queue for unsent messages       and a list for sent messages awaiting ack     - Implement PeerState outbound queue as CoDelPriority     - Implement backlogged indication like in NTCP
ca91ad318 2012-09-08   * SSU: Move MessageReceiver queue to CoDel
33de6beab 2012-09-08   * SSU: Move UDPSender and UDPReceiver queues to CoDel
871f04675 2012-09-08 adjust target and interval, and backlogged indication
aef021dcd 2012-09-07   * I2CP: Limit router/client queue sizes and queue wait times
489f43529 2012-09-07 booleanValue() -> parseBoolean()
78203aac9 2012-09-07   * i2psnark:     - Implement blacklist for unreachable DHT peers     - Reduce threshold for unreachable     - Log tweaks
3c95f0b66 2012-09-07   * LogWriter: Duplicate log message removal
334778871 2012-09-06 add isBacklogged()
0c5b4c05c 2012-09-06 minor cleanups
505670674 2012-09-05 Added command scripts for osx to install i2p as a daemon in launchd. .command extension make it possible to double click on it like bat files in windows. Daemon is runned as the user who executes the command file.
b8949eafe 2012-09-05 Non-codel version of priority blocking queue, so we can implement priority queues without necessarily committing to codel.
9286d6a7b 2012-09-04   * IP Lookup:     - Add caching in RouterAddress with secondary caching       in Addresses; use caches to speed up transport bids,       blocklist checks, geoip lookups, and profile organizer checks       (ticket #707)     - Limit IP cache size in TransportImpl     - Clear caches at shutdown   * RouterAddress: Remove unused expiration field to save space
9fd2f1e6a 2012-09-04 SSU: Fix some issues with queueing outbound establishments
b98474880 2012-09-04 OutNetMessage: Speedup after profiling (ticket #707 - thx dg, kytv, zab)
5347d296d 2012-09-04 log tweak
666a387d1 2012-09-04 log fix
bb66e16b6 2012-09-04 I2PTunnelServer: Clean shutdown after session exception
2cddf1405 2012-09-04 log tweaks
857543762 2012-09-03   * LHMCache: New util, replacing several private versions
c965a3dca 2012-09-02 add drainAllTo()
c48aca8d5 2012-09-02 ByteCache: Move all 16/32 byte users to SimpleByteCache; increase SimpleByteCache default size.
436028435 2012-09-02 stat and log tweaks
f44eeaf7d 2012-09-01 TunnelGateway: Refactor TunnelGateway.Pending to its own file PendingGatewayMesasge
a0418bec5 2012-09-01 OutNetMessage:   - Centralize priority definitions   - Raise netdb store and reply priority GarlicMessage:   - Add notes about GarlicMessageHandler and HandleGarlicMessageJob     being unused in practice
5eff26e40 2012-09-01 add minimum priority check
4e7851765 2012-09-01 TunnelGateway:   - Limit queue sizes   - Add stat for overflow   - Remove some stats   - Change pumper to LinkedHashSet for efficiency     (like NTCP Reader/Writer)   - Limit messages pumped per cycle to increase     round-robin fairness   - Comment out some unused code   - Javadoc
10d9eb70c 2012-09-01 CoDel:   - Add logging of drops   - Set drop stat to delay of dropped item   - Add no-drop priority
0ba3aad66 2012-09-01 Disable i2jump.i2p from the tunnel wizard since it's been disabled elsewhere
8bfbe855a 2012-09-01 one last SimpleTimer
3fbf60ee2 2012-09-01 Codel:   - Override poll() and drainTo()   - Tweak stats   - Add PriorityBlockingQueue version
6bfd916fe 2012-09-01 SimpleTimer (ticket #653):     - Move all remaining uses to SimpleTimer2     - Deprecate
a5e4b1534 2012-08-31 add irc.killyourtv.i2p
94f370e76 2012-08-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 871765966dc474b763ff0d5c017bed7535981c1e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 096242c22aa550274cb383a6a0c984cef07ae08c)
7cc353ab0 2012-08-31 javadoc
506626d6b 2012-08-31 i2psnark: Remove * from magnet and download names
26898f38a 2012-08-31 Startup: Don't complain about clients.config missing on Android
4fdff1bf1 2012-08-31 Router: Lengthen shutdown spinner life
7d4a6e74d 2012-08-31 Report no bugs in Android BitSet
b33a01cf2 2012-08-31 use index instead of upper and lower, it's the same thing, but makes more sense.
0689b0360 2012-08-30 - Prevent crashes at update caused by event log starting timestamper thread
ee8cd29da 2012-08-30 New AQM blocking queue using CoDel reference implementation - untested.
c4a3159b3 2012-08-30 Replace ident log with new, general-purpose event log. Use for stops, starts, and updates, and others. Mark all restarts on graphs using the event log.
a4511ca2a 2012-08-29 typo fix
17b4ab615 2012-08-29 message cleanup
d2a7af288 2012-08-29 refactor trimmers to their own files
d05f1ca2c 2012-08-29 RandomIterator: Workaround for Android bug (ticket #703)                 Include test case
832d66bfb 2012-08-29 NTCP: Reduce lock contention (ticket #697)
c8a46dac5 2012-08-29 i2psnark:    - Add new flood-resistant KBucket trim policy    - Limit received MsgID size
700537606 2012-08-29    - Fix NPE on destroy() if init() failed
ab213f45e 2012-08-29 cleanups
fa504ae8a 2012-08-27    - Fix cases where we weren't using the session for b32 lookup
d305eb6a9 2012-08-27  * SSU:    - Limit UDPSender queue size    - Increase UDPSender max packet lifetime    - Clear UDPSender queue before sending destroys to all    - Increase PeerState queue size so large streaming windows      don't get dropped right away, especially at slow start    - Various improvements on iterating over pending outbound      messages in PeerState
f8bc6f861 2012-08-27  * Streaming: Limit amount of slow-start exponential growth
909993711 2012-08-27  * Reseed: Remove forum.i2p2.de
b827468e2 2012-08-27  * i2psnark: Notify threads awaiting DHT replies at shutdown
587795552 2012-08-27   Wrapper files for armv7.   Compiled on trimslice:     gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4)     java version "1.6.0_18"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.13) (6b18-1.8.13-0ubuntu1~11.04.1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)     Wrapper 3.5.15 GPLv2     All binaries stripped.
0a1ff9b6b 2012-08-27 Update Java Service Wrapper to v3.5.15.
b01cf3232 2012-08-26  * SendMessageOptions: Increase tag fields to 4 bits and use                        table lookup for more flexibility  * Streaming: Use packet type and current window size to adjust               number of tags sent and tag threshold, to improve               efficiency and reliability
9ba6c293e 2012-08-26  * DataHelper: Trim trailing whitespace when loading properties
99681e1d1 2012-08-26  * NetDB: Increase floodfills, decrease flood redundancy
96775acf5 2012-08-25 Dutch and German translation updates from TX
ba992067a 2012-08-25 typo fixes (ticket #701), thanks vz
2552d9930 2012-08-25  * Other object churn cleanups (ticket #699)
e99e25b3b 2012-08-25 minor cleanup
70820d7be 2012-08-25  * SDSCache: Reduce min and increase max size  * SimpleByteCache: Change from LBQ to ABQ to reduce object churn
38fda46d4 2012-08-25 javadoc
9d383d6ae 2012-08-24  * i2psnark:    - Use extended I2CP options for datagrams    - Fix timeout for sent datagrams    - Reduce token timeout    - Check token age before use    - Limit incoming token size
ba0408a74 2012-08-24  * I2CP:    - Add methods for sending a message with extended options    - Fix cases where the efficient sendNoEffort() wasn't being used  * OCMOSJ:    - Implement per-message overrides for tag threshold,      tags to send, and bundle leaseset    - Fix bug adjusting timeouts    - Warn on client expiration time bugs
07c21c3bf 2012-08-24 - Add link for local torrent file on details page - Show totals line even if only one torrent
5ffefd2a1 2012-08-23  * Crypto: Rename bouncycastle HMAC libs so they don't conflict    with older Android versions which bundle them
e3e15850b 2012-08-23  * SSU:    - Don't relay or introduce to/from privileged ports    - Various spoof detections
54b367b15 2012-08-23  * NTCP: Reduce lock contention
b61127270 2012-08-22  * SSU:    - Fail establishment immediately on SessionCreated      validation fail    - Defer outbound DH generation until required    - Validate address/port in RelayIntro messages    - Throttle hole punches    - More cleanups
1d41c2fd1 2012-08-22 SSU: Workaround for Android ICS bug
7c7e131dc 2012-08-22  * SimpleTimer2: Synchronization improvements (ticket #653)
85fbbf898 2012-08-22  * NetDB: Add hash collision detection
612fab1b2 2012-08-21  * SSU:    - Use external, not internal port to sign SessionCreated message.      Together with previous fix to allow external port change, this      should fix session establish fails when NAT changes our port    - Track outbound establishments by both Hash and IP/port,      to improve lookups of establishments in progress    - Fix expiration of outbound establishments    - Validate address/port in RelayResponse messages    - Change RemoteHostID to store Hash instead of byte[] for the peer hash    - Log tweaks
fbd8c69ee 2012-08-21  * NetDB: Decrease stat publish probability
8fcac04aa 2012-08-21 javadoc
7d902cca1 2012-08-21 log tweak
ddc1d7c6b 2012-08-20 disapproval of revision 'acc7942148f44d32fc600d2f5784d1a43496eada'
5bb90c618 2012-08-20 * Fixed the FIXME in createInstance where the method failed to ensures that there will be only one naming service instance.
945254720 2012-08-20  * SSU: Allow port change if firewalled  * UPnP:    - Prep for UPnP returning different external port    - Better logging of errors
34c09583b 2012-08-20 do not use 8887 default in UI
38b0927d0 2012-08-20  * I2CP: MessageStatus cleanup
715bde5ec 2012-08-20  * Streaming: Increase max connection timeout
6c2eb317f 2012-08-20  * I2PTunnelRunner: Remove unnecessary lock (ticket #690)
05516f326 2012-08-20  * i2psnark: Add minimum tracker and DHT announce intervals
264df8394 2012-08-18 fix hang during uninstallation (#656)
3a546612d 2012-08-17  * SSU:    - Use remote MTU when published (ticket #687)    - Queue outbound msgs during inbound establish    - IntroManager cleanups    - More synchronization    - More log tweaks
3cac01ff2 2012-08-17  * i2psnark:    - Adjust DHT timeouts    - Add max peers per-torrent in tracker    - Remove duplicate clean task for nodes    - Fix another DHT warning message
e01521618 2012-08-17 BOB: just some cleanup
ee63f3b86 2012-08-16 minor NTCP cleanup
a900511d5 2012-08-16  * Utils: Drop unused BufferedRandomSource, PooledRandomSource,    EepGetScheduler, EepPost and HTTPSendData, moved to i2p.scripts
3fe092d78 2012-08-16 tab cleanup
e2fe5004e 2012-08-15 javadoc fixes
442af031e 2012-08-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head fbd68f812db1e891f96e212b3a5938beec0233b5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a8d4956565f7c58736c2a3001f2b08ecff59ab57)
e22882bd0 2012-08-15 - More fixups from merge - Remove local address from thread names for thread dump anonymity
523d39b3b 2012-08-15  * i2psnark:    - Fix bug preventing completion announcement, broken in 0.9.1    - Fix setting short retry time after initial announce failure    - Fix DHT announce and getPeers    - Fix DHT warning message    - log tweaks
65efefb09 2012-08-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 51b3351f42e7ff6e2f2bd8512e4b4402e08631f4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head d28cfe73c2741ea264f73a7317f8a9919e108170)
44edf7084 2012-08-13  * SSU EstablishmentManager: Fix bug with OB establishment via introducers    - log tweaks
16a46b321 2012-08-13  * SSU EstablishmentManager:    - Remove use of outbound timers in EstablishmentManager; drive all events in Establisher thread    - Don't change nonces when retransmitting intro packets    - More synchronization in EstablishmentManager    - Increase establishment timeouts and implement timeouts for individual phases (ticket #669)    - Fix bug where InboundEstablishState.createdPacketSent() wasn't being called,      so SessionCreated packets weren't retransmitted    - Increase retransmission timeout for SessionCreated and implement backoff    - Send destroy if establishment times out in the middle    - Fix code that pulls outbound states off a deferred queue    - Improve UDPPacket.toString() for debugging    - More logging of packets dropped in EstablishmentManager    - Change establish states to enums
e9cc85141 2012-08-13 comparator cleanups
cfcafd2ba 2012-08-12  * SSU:    - Reject some packet types if they came in via fallback introKey    - Increase retransmission timeout for SessionRequest, SessionConfirm,      and RelayRequest; implement backoff    - Move UDPFlooder to test    - More volatiles, finals, cleanups, stat removals, log tweaks
e67dd1530 2012-08-12  * PeerManager: Fix NPE on Android (ticket #687)
a76f840ff 2012-08-12 remove finalize
269a36c54 2012-08-12  * Jetty: Don't use direct byte buffers that may be leaking (ticket #679)
36bf24838 2012-08-12 Removed unnecessary <p></p> around <img> on /graph
046135f8e 2012-08-11 merge of '8027b8544962ebd34af3edfe73bbc8195f8c1e90'      and '871249c3be5c8d8ce83a539ba8c5409876ef3a44'
97e469da7 2012-08-11 command safari does not exist. using command "open" instead.
01beb015d 2012-08-11 merge of '52c0538bb3404f46ac4fde538794a547852d5d44'      and 'e40ee84836983c85a8985c0a76e9e5a7635002cd'
50d569288 2012-08-11 snark build fix sorry
0ea6513e9 2012-08-11 Changed my reseed url to contain a subpath, /netDb/. also updated the certificate (forgot to copy out of conf folder when i changed webserver and deleted config).
e2b683556 2012-08-11 merge of '15095538e7b5c72468863e969541571ade1796f9'      and '39af5d31a13c5d5b71107e2caa0c234b84827c03'
14587ebb5 2012-08-11 dash six
be3cf4460 2012-08-11 get rid of one more UnsupportedOperationException
1538cd84a 2012-08-11  * DataHelper: toString(byte[]) cleanup and javadoc
f5b808b99 2012-08-11 OSX: Fixed a bug in OS_VER variable. the old version (grep -o '[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*') won't detect versions as 10.8, or 10.7 added cut -d: -f2 | sed -e 's/[^0-9]*//' , matching both 10.8, 10.7.4, etc.
f92d8aed3 2012-08-11 make context list concurrent
f6c769187 2012-08-11 fix
c70e3727b 2012-08-11  * SSU MTU (ticket #682):    - Use local MTU detection    - i2np.udp.mtu now sets max MTU, not initial MTU    - Put local MTU in netDb    - Fix receive MTU calculations    - Track remote MTU based on actual received packet size    - Display local MTU on peers page
a6a0228ef 2012-08-11  * i2psnark: Fix DHT nodes not being saved at shutdown              Log infohashes in hex              Don't write out nodes if we don't have any
d2a5595df 2012-08-11 Added new reseed host, and a self signed certificate for that host.
e9c07a123 2012-08-11 German and Greek translation updates from Transifex
1e8e2a197 2012-08-10 A fix for ticket #684
39d9d3f5b 2012-08-09  * SAM: Don't use direct byte buffers for streams (ticket #679)    DatagramServer one stays as it is a singleton.
8bada7f88 2012-08-09 merge of '01c1a5c0e70a460534e66dd487aa8676d666168d'      and '441b352d1cef1c64ee96f55692be67cfc4b4abf1'
a94006225 2012-08-09 add ')' missing from str4d's checkins
93efd31a5 2012-08-09 merge of '62c3f266fd9443e9d7b3f71be8f4b36b4952f96b'      and 'd71795fa9a3d5fa0349f46eef4062670755b2cff'
2e9fdc6d9 2012-08-09 Updated history.txt
b9f5f230a 2012-08-08 stub out local MTU detection (ticket 682)
0a751a303 2012-08-08 post-0.9 cleanup
b2da62903 2012-08-08  * Datagrams: Remove static logs
37a542c00 2012-08-08 NTCP stat cleanup
0451ee7f0 2012-08-08  * SSU: More cleanups; don't send a packet that exceeds the MTU
d8dd76c6e 2012-08-08  * SAM: Volatiles and finals
9cee0ee50 2012-08-08  * i2psnark:    - Remove static SnarkManager instance    - Allow DHT-only torrents    - DHT debugging
b464ef0ac 2012-08-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 58a62605ce8542f7e5d5daf0c2e171ed0c7e1a74)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head 269547972f0e02fe545296823602995465bb0691)
7f09206a4 2012-08-08 Fixed jarScalaTest targets to actually package all classes
65573eafa 2012-08-07 Use ScalaTest jars in routerconsole tests
58a545d30 2012-08-07 Snark: explicitly check if universal theme is "classic", and use "light" if so
dfb0b7801 2012-08-07 Updates to classic console theme from dr|z3d
aab2c0601 2012-08-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head fb681c6fa25bcf9f7287a661b3ce626fd5a280bb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head f3c8cb8ad1d68cc6a66d544f1e287eead786c5ce)
a21175d90 2012-08-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b1fe8f8037e6dd8a1f6be6e30151ad0ca92e6689)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head 723929af49930ca764fe4befb3621a036a3f99b8)
9c7f4cc60 2012-08-07 merge of '6014a9321bb2362ffc628a351c1db19922384f76'      and 'd68b6ad6b4308d8dbe27d1faac089cb15358bfa2'
3017e4f51 2012-08-07 Fixed .mtn-ignore to ignore build dirs properly
5355e5bbf 2012-08-07 Added targets to build i2p.jar and router.jar with ScalaTest classes included
5ed1ec681 2012-08-07 Updates to classic console theme from dr|z3d
0a4031cd7 2012-08-07 Updates to midnight console theme from dr|z3d
31ea4a709 2012-08-07 Changed universal theming prop key (so not mistaken as a theme name by routerconsole)
0ca2d33ee 2012-08-07 New midnight theme for susidns from dr|z3d
48bcd3a8c 2012-08-07 Updates to console and snark themes from dr|z3d
1ab8200c7 2012-08-06  * Clone System properties before iterating to avoid    ConcurrentModificationException (ticket #680)
91e61dbd5 2012-08-06 fix flag links so language selection returns to the same page
fb4ef5714 2012-08-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head d4f16babae7cb0156609b211f5bb0310b03aaf57)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7bcd2f192b0f571374cc9882eca407095eb97c17)
ced0129e0 2012-08-06   * libjbigi.so for ARMv6     GMP 4.3.2     Compiled on Raspberry Pi with gcc version: gcc (Debian 4.6.3-8+rpi1) 4.6.3     java version "1.6.0_24"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.11.3) (6b24-1.11.3-2+rpi1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode)     Stripped.     Had a report that the ARMv5 jbigi worked on the RPi but it didn't for me.     See NativeBigInteger for more info.     /proc/cpuinfo:
740b6501c 2012-08-06 Updated history.txt
07e18c07a 2012-08-05 Added ScalaTest support to routerconsole build.xml
67f16b0de 2012-08-05 javadocs
fd3d92d3b 2012-08-05 merge of '1045fe48c576267959eae499a22776d9f9acafc3'      and 'bed1572eff55282ffcb5a2b92d02813eb04c0548'
5ba5d537b 2012-08-05  * UDP:    - Limit PacketHandler threads to 1 (ticket #660)    - Limit queue sizes between UDPReceiver and PacketHandler,      and between PacketHandler and MessageReceiver, to prevent OOMs      and/or excessive queue delays    - Increase UDPPacket cache size based on max mem    - Remove more stats
4efa87d6b 2012-08-05  * i2ptunnel, I2CP, EepGet: Buffer socket input streams (ticket #666)  * I2PSessionImpl: One more volatile (ticket #659)
442897ba5 2012-08-05 merge of '48ea7675889a36bfb253833a66c22275abcee355'      and '925b1411e60b0e76e2421becd84d6c63832b69bb'
2b79da5c3 2012-08-04 Debian: update patch to compensate for last commit
cc3a8e5d6 2012-08-04 have izpack expand %USER_HOME in i2prouter
280a708af 2012-08-04 - Change secure Node ID requirements again - Protect against null DHT races - Add message about restarting tunnel when DHT config changes - Add DHT size to table totals
f5a348a86 2012-08-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.test' (head 190d9be59620f8c6f80e0cb2fc4d9fa839edbb4f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c884db74f90a9d1c33deca6e2fd2e29f6c1ac8fa)
85a4e9cb5 2012-08-03 Clarified purpose of the default IRC tunnel (it's not a "proxy")
4715dbdbd 2012-08-03 fixup after prop
afad77af1 2012-08-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d2198c4bc21a9d06194cdb2dce24945ebc9d1542)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 59fc0206608a5d1323a0acfbcb151d862fe95f95)
94d51bd56 2012-08-03 log tweaks
72ed1bc1a 2012-08-03 fixups after prop
4a1b83961 2012-08-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d2198c4bc21a9d06194cdb2dce24945ebc9d1542)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.update' (head 88ac67dc4e166b7e9dec0d3224e58bec4894440d)
b4a50ed03 2012-08-03 replace SimpleScheduler.getInstance() calls
00f9fea98 2012-08-03 replace SimpleTimer2.getInstance() calls
501651125 2012-08-03  * UDP:    - Catch some cases where UDPPackets were not returned to the cache (ticket #675)    - Fix inverted logging logic (ticket #663)    - Remove check in UDPPacket.getLifetime() (ticket #664)    - RemoteHostID cleanup, cache hashcode    - Remove udp.fetchRemoteSlow stat    - Remove some time stamping in UDPPacket    - Other cleanups - see http://zzz.i2p/topics/1198
18e8d3591 2012-08-03  * LogManager: Add logger.logBufferSize and logger.dropOnOverflow options (ticket #662)
9e4d23128 2012-08-03 final
2972e79f9 2012-08-03  * OutNetMessage: Fix NPE when log level = INFO (ticket #676)
4d32eaa03 2012-08-03  * JobQueue: Synch fix (ticket #670)
e4f141b94 2012-08-03  * build.xml: Add buildI2PTunnelJar target for Android
ccf36abd3 2012-08-03  * i2psnark: Finish migration to I2P logging to reduce object churn (ticket #673)
d147db338 2012-08-03 Only call SaveConfig once in ConfigUIHandler
9d29dc6b6 2012-08-01 Fixed bugs introduced while reverting
6562b33bb 2012-08-01 Removed readConfigFile and writeConfigFile from I2PAppContext (unnecessary now)
f58f297cd 2012-08-01 Reverted susimail to storing theme itself, but checking routerconsole for universal theming
376b991b6 2012-08-01 Reverted i2psnark to storing theme itself, but checking routerconsole for universal theming
120d31244 2012-08-01 Reverted i2ptunnel to reading theme from routerconsole
679549cbf 2012-08-01 Reverted susidns to storing theme itself, but checking routerconsole for universal theming
a623d924f 2012-08-01 Reverted routerconsole to storing theme itself, also store universal theming boolean
95fb141ad 2012-08-01 0.9.1 debian changelog
fad6f5479 2012-07-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 0c5ea65761d9127f160bccb3d1d157f8947ca050)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e36d5669f32ad1a0f66ab84f7f9ff8fa2937680b)
e1525d98c 2012-07-31 Fixed paths to JUnit tests in javadoc targets
3d69d2bf6 2012-07-31 If the theme set for susidns doesn't exist, use the default instead
cb2dd03e7 2012-07-31 Refactored writeConfigFile to use DataHelper.storeProps, tidied up logging
3253f8290 2012-07-31 Added ScalaTest support to router build.xml
33a00efd8 2012-07-30  * RoutingKeyGenerator: Cleanups (ticket #672)
8bcbf2471 2012-07-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 5474e1a513fc8144a3d855e9c85d8b235f7f9816)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5932d3923108572b22a8a7a600f0f9e62ecac347)
52ba72766 2012-07-30 line ending fixes
a1cfacd8d 2012-07-30 merge of '3347c631d86a2ccf634321b74e24b9a58e490a15'      and '95d885a94cdde7ad40bbef11ec76f86d1ea7b798'
5b6e7ba91 2012-07-30 Added some skeleton Spec tests for various I2P data types in net.i2p.data
77a19a0b1 2012-07-30 0.9.1
7ecb90640 2012-07-30 fixes after review
691ce6fec 2012-07-30 The first ScalaTest specification: a Hash must be 32 bytes long
618f214a4 2012-07-30 Added ScalaTest support to core build.xml
48df91f79 2012-07-30 Moved existing JUnit tests to junittest/ in preparation for ScalaTest
d27d0bd2e 2012-07-30 A couple more specific excludes for JUnit tests
39d954d56 2012-07-28 merge of '00209f1054786667de66adbd6038fccf8825260f'      and '180794b6e2aad94450e102b4ac346f8172811ba1'
78b1922dd 2012-07-28 "11th hour" de & es translation updates from TX
639253e9b 2012-07-28 Fixed a bug in a console_big.css override in light and dark themes
f8fe2a295 2012-07-28 Fixed icon column width being too large in snark filemanager
9d2831f52 2012-07-28 Updated history and bumped build number
c2438a750 2012-07-28 Fixed an i2ptunnel button regression in the dark console theme
429895895 2012-07-27 comment out tests
54a80d6bd 2012-07-27 javadoc
aba655a9c 2012-07-27 move default properties from build.xml to build.properties
b6eef9438 2012-07-27 Tweaked console themes so console error pages look alright in iframe
7526db9e6 2012-07-26 minor update to reflect the other systems that we support
c853337d4 2012-07-26 merge of '3b6726af78088f84c156c7d5cb40aa0b73946465'      and '5b76774cf78d7a3537006860fc78c00c191c9cb0'
00dd72e28 2012-07-26 July 2012 GeoIP db update
05850371a 2012-07-26 Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Swedish translation updates from TX
c285cb84b 2012-07-26 BOB Fix static references to Log
a4a0e1def 2012-07-25 Replaced a few more /home icons
fea7a42ec 2012-07-24 Reset spin flag in BOB
72f74b7f6 2012-07-24 Disabled the iframe fallback for the summary bar
a92456e14 2012-07-24 Updated history.txt
7f7a82802 2012-07-24 Added CC attribution for Creative Commons Cat
93097ab63 2012-07-24 Moved RestartStatus back above LocalDestinations in default /home summary bar
d3d22a8f4 2012-07-24 Added license for new /home icons
7a1b08221 2012-07-24 Updated /home icon for git.repo.i2p
0e907c5ad 2012-07-24 Replaced 16x16 /home icons with 32x32 ones
59b8dc4f4 2012-07-24 Update to dark console.css - more space efficient on /home, "0px" -> "0"
299109433 2012-07-23 merge of '03b8e025ba8c54efe24644ee68500ae2ff0ea2de'      and 'b45f7b28764f452bbd5f58ebd598f465565cab5c'
9823d761d 2012-07-23 dont create router.ping file on Android to reduce flash wear
db6b8d3b6 2012-07-23 debian: minor improvements to the build script
c61a18545 2012-07-23 Debian: Use our Jetty/Tomcat libs instead of the ones from Debian/Ubuntu (for now at least).
c1181f855 2012-07-23 remove unused dirs
e2aa2affd 2012-07-23  * LookaheadInputStream: Fix bug causing gunzip fails, esp. on Android  * SSLEepGet: Fix on Android (ticket #668)
7f18d25d0 2012-07-23 Re-add alt="" to some icons in snark to prevent double text in text browsers
314817242 2012-07-23 If the theme set for susimail doesn't exist, use the default instead
945a0f30a 2012-07-23 If the theme set for snark doesn't exist, use the default instead
a7c8a7201 2012-07-22 When fetching a theme, if theme config key is not found, write out the default
6be94658a 2012-07-22 Use router console theme setting from themes.config in i2ptunnel
490dcc502 2012-07-22 Bugfix: update SnarkManager._theme each time getTheme() is called
8e6bade42 2012-07-22 Added checkbox to console to set theme universally across all apps
c145e4267 2012-07-22 Fixes to light/console_ar.css
a4064190d 2012-07-21 merge of '5aab7ebb6f496024fff1cc4b87e39475a7277db0'      and 'b2e508dbe3e9c7c67bb38d3f573481ae3fb8c9b3'
f97213630 2012-07-21 Reverted susimail and snark links in /home and summarybar to point directly at app
6a21e22bf 2012-07-21 Moved dark snark theme out of bundled themes dir due to an image issue
77f872925 2012-07-21 new cowpuncher cert
39d4e1be7 2012-07-21 SSU: Remove excessive exception creation (ticket #665)
ebe55aba6 2012-07-21 remove dark as requested
3c4f1b781 2012-07-21 Store susimail theme setting in themes.config
ce024ff00 2012-07-21 Store susidns theme setting in themes.config
e603b120c 2012-07-21 Store snark theme setting in themes.config
b17af505c 2012-07-21 Replaced a hard-coded string that was missed in previous commit
5d5a3b80e 2012-07-21 Store router console theme setting in themes.config
c8a73b63f 2012-07-21 Added methods to read and write properties in arbitrary config files
ce7a46bbe 2012-07-20 Open Previewed http dests with target="_parent" in i2ptunnel
eee67f09e 2012-07-20 en PO files updated and pushed to tx
ab7246565 2012-07-20 Reverted alt tags in status column of snark
096d067d6 2012-07-20 Updated history and bumped build version
9d2709be1 2012-07-20 Update to light theme to increase top margin of iframes
3cce978e2 2012-07-20 New light snark theme from dr|z3d (integrates well with light console theme)
8f30a74c7 2012-07-20 Split up status and show/hide peers headings into separate columns
a86a2ba04 2012-07-20 Moved text from headings in snark filemanager into tooltips (in line with main page)
f4ffb3015 2012-07-19 Added iframed fixes to default.css in classic, light and midnight console themes
ecdaa6f2b 2012-07-19 Removed text headings and status text from main snark page to reduce visual clutter
2b8b406f9 2012-07-19 Added title and alt tags to Status and Torrent columns in snark main view
212a794c6 2012-07-19 Give div.app fixed height for classic and midnight console themes
0e2dede16 2012-07-19 Replaced itoopie with a dedicated icon for eepsite links on /home with no favicon
c1f3fa600 2012-07-18 Updates to dark susi themes and new light newsbullet from dr|z3d
e2be19039 2012-07-18 Added missing git.repo.i2p and id3nt.i2p entries to hosts.txt
846f6f219 2012-07-18  * Home page: Add colombo-bt.i2p, remove keys.i2p    Icon created and contributed by colombo-bt.i2p
37716f34d 2012-07-18  * i2psnark: Clear rate stats when restarting torrent
f01ccf979 2012-07-18 Update to dark susimail theme from dr|z3d
074baa63f 2012-07-18 Fixed /home tooltip to not break page
763eb08da 2012-07-17 Added git.repo.i2p and id3nt.i2p to /home eepsite list
1d40a8816 2012-07-17 Fix snark Ajax JS (wrong level of escaping of quotes)
5766b36b3 2012-07-17 Give the summary bar sections string names (some already translated)
4cea0b609 2012-07-17 US spelling
43fd5caf3 2012-07-17 Fixed snark initAjax method so it runs (I'm SURE it did before...)
5c1a1b13f 2012-07-17 Update to dark susimail theme from dr|z3d
109e1a75b 2012-07-17 Improved alignment of news headings in classic and midnight themes
99f838412 2012-07-17 merge of '9fdbbb81553e767812b7a8634edd867cb1ca8438'      and 'cc04809f72ea9e8f0e0427484d65f613838f65d7'
f3cb39960 2012-07-17 Update to dark susidns theme from dr|z3d
c94ce79e6 2012-07-17 Added links inside <iframe> tags on iframed pages to corresponding apps
744930a09 2012-07-17 Consolidated Ajax calls for summary.jsi into a single summaryajax.jsi
be7aa991d 2012-07-16 Consolidated the common iframing JS into /js/iframed.js
c815bc299 2012-07-16 Removed spurious UTF8 chars from dark/console_ar.css
924520955 2012-07-16 merge of '369340479baf15d01ba95519145edddba22634ca'      and '3b7088110cf55db67e72b7e9bfbf8cd832daac06'
0bff0a499 2012-07-16 Removed backup favicon.ico from css.jsi (all current themes have favicons)
691c003e9 2012-07-16 merge of '762f90d57bd57a4e0b122dff85484774b0105d93'      and 'd02235b886c4e596e3c980dcb0b8df9d3547d103'
a28dab9bd 2012-07-16 Bumped build number to -22
c33c0259a 2012-07-16 Only set extraversion in Unix since Windows doesn't have awk available
77d40f8d3 2012-07-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head 48cafeb29fb3408078a8b93c0bab0fc9d766a8bc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 47f04ff21e8edd00134a0fd68219f86fd3caba36)
619b766c8 2012-07-16 Removed CSS hiding susimail Cancel button (it might be hiding other buttons)
693ffed9b 2012-07-16 Updated history.txt
c175d5470 2012-07-16 Updates to dark console theme from dr|z3d
42e6d0655 2012-07-16 Whitespace fixes to dark susimail theme
25da127d0 2012-07-16 Whitespace fixes for light susimail theme
00b88675e 2012-07-16 Whitespace fixes in light susidns theme
c552db59e 2012-07-16 Whitespace fixes in dark susidns theme
763116fb2 2012-07-16 Updates to dark susidns theme from dr|z3d
f3531f1c2 2012-07-16 Updates to dark console theme from dr|z3d
a2a67d82a 2012-07-16 Some updates to ieshim.css in classic theme to fix some IE console regressions
69cdcc822 2012-07-15  * XORComparator: Reduce object churn (Ticket #658)
5e11e51f6 2012-07-15 Added "theme" to list of susidns config options
a419347eb 2012-07-15 Added preliminary dark susimail and susidns themes
ab42e4738 2012-07-14 Added iframing pages for susimail and susidns
50cfd52c2 2012-07-14 Moved susidns CSS into themes dir (required moving loadConfig into BaseBean.java)
e0ff0c63c 2012-07-14 Moved susimail CSS into themes dir
a123def96 2012-07-14 Inter-browser fixes for dark snark theme from dr|z3d
8360a2f4e 2012-07-14 Console theme hacks from dr|z3d to target specific Opera oddity
f13a1b2ae 2012-07-14 Tweak to snark dark theme from dr|z3d
cec583864 2012-07-14 Added newsbullets from dr|z3d to the other themes
2c0de05e9 2012-07-14 Updates to dark console and snark themes from dr|z3d
f782afef8 2012-07-14 Add scrollbar width to iframe height, so vertical scrollbar doesn't appear
a45688867 2012-07-13 Add README.Debian to the package
6104cfa56 2012-07-13 el & nl after poupdate
6869ed937 2012-07-13 Translation updates from tx
945cc55b5 2012-07-12 move check for binary down since osx binaries are no longer 'fat'
7e7cabfdc 2012-07-12 Added getElementsByClassName shim for IE
cbd61e2fc 2012-07-12 Tweak to get rid of iframe scrollbars in dark snark theme
ffdac3ce2 2012-07-12 Added some non-breaking spaces to error.jsp where JSP was eating the spaces
eaa64cb02 2012-07-12 Removed superfluous "Updating:" from update status (section has a heading now)
b36a418df 2012-07-12 More changes to dark snark theme from dr|z3d - close to RTM
46ca3ab51 2012-07-12 Used JS changes to fix iframed i2ptunnel scrollbar issue in CSS
0deaab7c1 2012-07-12 Improvements to resizing JS in iframed app container pages
c6d45b22b 2012-07-12 Added links to iframed pages to open them in new tabs (as per old console)
69bcc9d01 2012-07-11 Dark snark theme updates from dr|z3d
182409ce3 2012-07-11 Corrected titles of iframed pages
c45dc0c83 2012-07-11 Moved add and delete buttons into sidebar config table, and removed unnecessary ones
7d175678a 2012-07-11 CSS for the sidebar config table from dr|z3d
dd86515d2 2012-07-11 Tweaks to dark snark theme from dr|z3d
b1a4b8bfe 2012-07-10 Rearanged columns of summary bar config table
ac9bdab78 2012-07-10 Added class to summary bar config table
177b6e2d4 2012-07-10 Link both icon and text for tracker and magnet entries in snark torrent info
b48014f8e 2012-07-10 Use favicon from theme in I2PTunnel if it exists
f1881352c 2012-07-10 Further tweaks to ubergine and vanilla themes by dr|z3d for new layouts
d6572fd02 2012-07-10 Give update status section a heading to draw attention to it, display total size
7e5edc2f6 2012-07-10 Changes to snark themes from dr|z3d to work with new layouts
709c75c51 2012-07-10 Reordered torrent info section in snark filemanager - reduced to 4 info lines
ebc4d53fa 2012-07-10 Corrected output of message to notice instead of error on summary bar config page
dbd95c5c6 2012-07-10 Added extra column to keep ordering buttons in line
42565f19f 2012-07-10 Use image buttons for ordering summary bar sections (images courtesy of dr|z3d)
8d9909acf 2012-07-09 To improve themability, make torrent info table in snark filemanager  a single column
9c7f9a935 2012-07-09 Only add new summary bar sections to the bottom
c9fc3f11a 2012-07-09 Replaced text fields for ordering summary bar with movement buttons (CSS styling needed)
75046d11f 2012-07-09 Separated disabling of iframe refresh from the refresh time
bb39d9ddc 2012-07-08 Integrated summary bar preset buttons into main edit form as restore buttons
fb629404c 2012-07-08 Split torrent info and dir info on snark filemanager into two separate tables
78691ba34 2012-07-08 Updates to dark console theme from dr|z3d
f41fde847 2012-07-08 Updates to dark snark theme from dr|z3d
319d217dc 2012-07-05 Slight simplification of class injection for iframed app pages
ec8050197 2012-07-05 Remaining size in snark filemanager reads GB instead of Gbyte etc (consistency)
4a0319389 2012-07-05 A few more newlines to improve HTML readability
ebcc30464 2012-07-05 Fixed a few colspans that were missed when adding icon/thumbnail td
c695a5188 2012-07-05 Tidy up layout of rendered HTML for one row of snark filemanager
3cc447c5f 2012-07-05 Put icon/thumbnail for snark filemanager in separate td
52742ceec 2012-07-05 Moved "View or change bandwidth" link inline to tidy up vertical alignment
08d86019e 2012-07-05 Uncommented input.default CSS (to hide extra Add button) in dark snark theme
582a62d75 2012-07-05 Added classes to and removed hard-coded layouts from snark config page (stubbed in CSS)
8ebadf523 2012-07-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5b24a07e8a843d03ea45e664c59b93937c5efc42)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head 0bfff6086d6f72df836909ae379a95ebbe4b6933)
814f5ca19 2012-07-05 Arabic-specific console theming for dark from dr|z3d
3da63182c 2012-07-05 Updates to dark snark theme from dr|z3d
029a903d7 2012-07-04 Expanded resizeFrame() to prepare for more intelligent iframe-sizing
e2588a537 2012-07-02 move DecayingBloomFilter, DecayingHashSet, and xlattice filters from core to router
0d8bcd5da 2012-07-01  * i2psnark:    - Don't send a keepalive to a peer we are going to disconnect    - Disconnect peer when idle a long time    - PeerCheckerTask cleanup    - Static ref cleanup    - Don't show a downloaded torrent file as "seeding"    - Better torrent file download icon (from Silk, same license as the others)
63f22a54e 2012-06-29 fix unsafe initialization of super constructor calling override
ab1855071 2012-06-29  * Update: Increase eepget timeouts to reduce retries
4092f6189 2012-06-29  * Streaming:    - Allow at least 3 packets and up to half the window to be active resends      instead of just 1, to reduce stall time after a packet drop    - Increase fast retransmit threshold back to 3 to reduce retransmissions    - Don't fast retransmit if we recently retransmitted it already    - Allow double the window as long as gaps are less than the window    - Don't set the MSS in a resent packet (saves 2 bytes)    - Remove redundant calls to updateAcks()    - Update activity timer when resending a packet    - Reset unackedPacketsReceived counter at all places where acks are sent      so it isn't wrong    - Fix some places where the activeResends count could become wrong    - Prevent storm of CLOSE packets    - Never resend the whole packet in ackImmediately(), just send an ack    - Cancel flusher timer in MessageOutputStream when closed    - Move some createRateStats to ConnectionManager to reduce repeated calls    - Cleanups, javadocs, logging, volatile, finals
ebb6609a2 2012-06-29 fix SimpleTimer logging
820345f84 2012-06-29 Changes to dark theme from dr|z3d to improve look of tunnel wizard
5a1d52d82 2012-06-29  * HTTP Proxy: Change the error code for unknown host from 404 to 500.
9adb97d30 2012-06-28 Tweak to dark console theme .iframed .panel margins
eae4d704a 2012-06-27 Copied body.iframed CSS from dark i2ptunnel.css to dark snark.css
84cc6711b 2012-06-27 Dark theme for i2psnark from dr|z3d - for better integration with router console
5be02b159 2012-06-27 Fixed JS for iframed apps so the CSS class is injected on page change
255894e24 2012-06-27 Embed /i2psnark/ in an iframe like /i2ptunnel/
6c8c87b2d 2012-06-25 javadocs
dba3fee47 2012-06-25 - Concurrent PeerCoordinatorSet - final infoHash in Snark
50fba8fc8 2012-06-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head db152f1a9e08e80c7bd3b87735b51800e8f4c46f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 9b08b2f47961167d0fee52b6481895c494d410d6)
5eab41713 2012-06-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head db152f1a9e08e80c7bd3b87735b51800e8f4c46f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 5fd7a423338073ff81f5118cde74317b567846a6)
ff0bfb9f1 2012-06-24  * i2psnark: Don't create a new PeerCoordinator after restart, as the              TrackerClient holds on to the old one and that causes it              to not get peers. Possibly fixes ticket #563.
1671e3b12 2012-06-24 Fix bad size estimate when tags are included in the AES block, resulting in trailing zeros after the random padding in the unencrypted AES data block. The number of zeros equaled the number of tags included (typ. 6 or 40). As the data size is rounded up to the next multiple of 16, this increased the size of the data by 0, 16, 32, or 48 bytes when tags were included. Bug introduced 2004-10-30.
fe5350199 2012-06-24 * GarlicMessage:   - Put data clove last to speed acks and leaseset store on far end   - Change release target   - Javadocs and cleanups
e49785958 2012-06-24 * ElGamal/AES/SessionTag:   - Increase TX expire from 10 to 12 min, while keeping RX expire at 15 min.     3 minutes should be plenty of clock skew + delay.   - Move tags-to-send and low-threshold values to be per-SKM   - New session config options crypto.tagsToSend and crypto.lowTagThreshold   - Prep for per-packet override of tags and thresholds   - Cleanups and Javadocs * I2PTunnel: Add some defaults for the new session config options * OCMOSJ:   - Don't bundle LeaseSet just because we're requesting an ACK   - Changed session config option shouldBundleReplyInfo to default to true     and be used to disable bundling altogether when set to false.     Was previously an undocumented option to force bundling with a certain probability.   - Don't send tags unless we've already generated a reply token (race)   - Cleanups and Javadocs
97b05b1db 2012-06-24  * I2PTunnel: Fix NPE on shared client creation, thx kytv  * Transport: Add Ethiopia to hidden mode list  * Log and javadoc tweaks
588799a2f 2012-06-24 Update to dark theme from dr|z3d
d5a1e0b1c 2012-06-22 - Add kad lib, from i2p.zzz.kademlia branch (without the history),   which is a rewrite of the netdb kad - Drop now-unused SHA1Comparator - Efficiency tweak to NodeInfoComparator
5883b7344 2012-06-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 80aed456e1c6e4b17906153c9ee6dc9bc45e0eec)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head dbf88ff4c1429f26656ad34fe0b9ba94305d726a)
8522779df 2012-06-22 - Switch to real kad with lib from i2p.zzz.kademlia (not checked in yet) - Bootstrap only once in explore thread - Add exploring to explore thread - Don't store default DHT setting in config file, so we can switch default to true later - Add new enforce-protocol streaming config, sorry locks out < 0.7.1 peers - Log tweaks
7976ba1df 2012-06-22 Only display summary bar "Show news" link on /home (/console already has one)
e88ca3048 2012-06-22 Removed unnecessary extra sentences from summary bar tooltips
8412bafc5 2012-06-21 Use JS injection to allow iframe-specific I2PTunnel styling
2a8adcb89 2012-06-21  * IRC Client: Don't flush output unless out of input, so the                streaming messages don't get split up unnecessarily
829e3f47f 2012-06-21 Store context in the PeerSelector so we don't have to pass it around
4e4634496 2012-06-21  * TunnelPool: Fix bug where a tunnel was marked as reused when it wasn't
d148efd45 2012-06-21  * TunnelPoolManager: Use one ClientPeerSelector for all pools
f7656b040 2012-06-21  * TunnelInfo: Change msg counter from long to int
6635448bd 2012-06-21  * I2CP: Make separate message ID counters per-destination, use atomic,          increase max (could have caused "local loopback" problems)
baa89c5bb 2012-06-21  * OCMOSJ, ElG, Streaming: log tweaks
ab1144865 2012-06-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 204c786941e233e9ed0e447499049f5c21103f40)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head 5bc2b4f4713087086e44eca6678d880651fa717a)
4348ff268 2012-06-21 Added custom bullet to newsheadings li
33c4b321d 2012-06-20 Fix up alignment of news headings in other themes
39d9a25e1 2012-06-20 log tweak
b5dad73f6 2012-06-20  * I2PSession:    - Greatly simplify the VerifyUsage timers    - Constructor cleanup
99eb49e34 2012-06-20 Added favicons to resident themes (dr|z3d's dark favicon for dark and midnight themes)
11f111790 2012-06-20 Use a theme-specific favicon.ico if it exists
f8e470c7f 2012-06-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a38c8874bc61e9bf11c4d43666ad72cd5eecbf8a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 028e93195ce28c8b6fbe573e6c660d5c329df42a)
d8a2e3900 2012-06-20 from last checkin - fix enforce proto default, fix http client delayed start
c6d1c552f 2012-06-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9ca94e960929c6af5dea1085105278d2f33217f2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 1f23a71b0fa5169c220f3f21dd705e1fcfbb1b5d)
e383477b0 2012-06-19  * Socks: Pass remote port through  * I2PTunnel: More javadoc warnings on default options
129b16d93 2012-06-19  * Streaming:    - Listen only on local port if set    - Listen only for streaming protocol if configured (new option)    - Javadocs re: ports
48f29ff1b 2012-06-19    - Hide buttons while stopping all
e62b76d2c 2012-06-18 Big refactor of the router console update subsystem, in preparation for implementing out-of-console updaters like i2psnark.
d368937bc 2012-06-18 dash sixteen
4b3ccabb4 2012-06-18    - Thread task to open tunnel and improve UI feedback while open is pending
4dcfe3e43 2012-06-18  * i2psnark:    - Improve torrent shutdown handling to maximize chance of      announces getting to tracker    - Clean up delete-torrent messages    - Remove redundant shutdown hook    - Avoid NPE in PEX message handling    - Log tweaks
273d7399a 2012-06-15 jump table tweak
5ce047926 2012-06-15 tweaks
de3ce6cdb 2012-06-14 handle jump servers with ports
3e192cc57 2012-06-14 remove text about restart
6c5902837 2012-06-14  * NetDB: Only publish stats every so often, to improve           anonymity while preserving the ability to monitor           the network (effective next release)
e522ffad4 2012-06-14  * I2PTunnel:    - More client options cleanups    - Options changes now propagate to running      socket managers and sessions, and through to the router  * SocketManager:    - Simplify factory, use 4-arg constructor,      make fields final, deprecate 0-arg constructor    - Improve how options are updated    - Javadocs
64221fb3f 2012-06-14  * I2PSocketEepGet: Use specified port  * I2PTunnel:    - Don't strip port from an I2P URL
c73044b6b 2012-06-13  * Streaming:    - Channel cleanups and comments    - New I2PSocketAddress
ad1b35687 2012-06-13  * i2psnark: Possible fix for piece-after-choke
07caf2e31 2012-06-13  * I2PSocketEepGet: Set port to 80  * I2PTunnel:    - Pass port through HTTP client proxy    - HTTP server proxy sets host header to      the value of "spoofedhost.xx" option for port xx    - Set client options more efficiently
c2137a2a8 2012-06-12 - Add explore thread - More checks for stopping - Add xor of port to secure NID
44da37f00 2012-06-12 - Timeout if can't find b32 - Refactor ReplyWaiter
d0b967388 2012-06-12 rework DHTNodes to hide the CHM implementation, in prep for real Kad
41096c7f2 2012-06-12 - Add heardAbout() and call for receive peers - Move last-seen tracking from NodeInfo to NID, add fail tracking - Make NodeInfo fields final - Remove nodes on consecutive failures - Only persist nodes heard from recently - Implement NID verification for security
4f6fb6993 2012-06-12 Pass requestURI through to xhr1.jsp so forms work and correct summary bar is chosen
fa3e3e076 2012-06-11 Enforcing minimum refresh rate better, and reducing it to 3 seconds
fe2b97c94 2012-06-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 27fc588723d201c76ea9c18a6c715b11efcb5b0e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head cae6d265415ba9ed4242b3fc888ffcf2a1c1b2f2)
6e52ae307 2012-06-11  * Router: Don't let shutdown tasks hang the shutdown
6e077ee62 2012-06-11  * i2psnark:    - Reduce TrackerClient threads    - Reduce delay between peer adds for faster startup    - Thread the announces and reduce timeout when stopping
30e2f73d5 2012-06-11  * i2psnark:    - Display torrent file downloads in torrent area    - Sort magnets and downloads first    - Fix sorting problem when torrent dir is a symlink    - Reduce max file idle time    - arrow_down icon copied from console css
7469e9c63 2012-06-11  * NativeBigInteger: Workaround for Raspberry Pi to load the correct lib
296ddbe93 2012-06-11 Removed some unnecessary <hr>s
e20f2d0bf 2012-06-11 Summary bar for /home defaults to reduced preset, everywhere else to full preset
cc61f4eb6 2012-06-09 Some changes to enable per-page sidebar configuration from the config file
0a61b8052 2012-06-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 44d553e8644f01d5e5af3c3145210bdb0a923d3c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head 51022349e906bd393602b558861bcaaac4d56c89)
cbcbfea6e 2012-06-09 Shorten /i2ptunnelmanager to /i2ptunnelmgr (/i2ptunnel is surplanted by  /i2ptunnel/)
57abfe765 2012-06-09 Set position: absolute for div.routersummaryouter so /home app icons don't clear past it
e0313814b 2012-06-08 disable private config for default trackers
59df524a9 2012-06-08  * i2psnark:    - Move private tracker config from create box to torrent config    - Refactor private and open tracker configuration    - Add private indication on details page
b304393bc 2012-06-08  * netdb.jsp: Don't show our info on summary page since there's a tab for it now
f6304ccd4 2012-06-08 Commented out "All times are UTC" blurb because all graphs are labeled UTC
9d241cc0d 2012-06-07 Added tooltips to the various sections of the summary bar
a46ca210f 2012-06-07 Added some spaces to notification messages on /configsidebar
328857f97 2012-06-07 Tweaks to config nav bar in dark theme from dr|z3d
b00fbfa23 2012-06-07 Centre box for order of new section, and add default value
3a75f8d7d 2012-06-07 Modifying section addition to show an option list
84344b678 2012-06-07 Added a config page for summary bar
b75d28fd0 2012-06-05 Added /i2ptunnelmanager which wraps /i2ptunnel/ in an IFrame
a8424e59b 2012-06-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ab5f37b28e499d49e108e8e6869164d107c7049e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.fux' (head fb4425cd3e38762f211f73d91c7a173972e7145c)
420bf851b 2012-06-05 Added Ajax script to every routerconsole page that includes summary.jsi
83c823381 2012-06-05 Insert routerconsole.summaryRefresh config value into Ajax script
52a386071 2012-06-05 Rearrange summary bar code to consolidate Ajax and IFrame, and /home and /console
531c6c0f4 2012-06-05 Implementation of customisable summary bar via routerconsole.summaryBar property
5699b4515 2012-06-05 Preparations for making the summary bar customisable
6a1b90f8f 2012-06-05 hash caching
ceedc9c64 2012-06-04 Moved rendering of news headings into SummaryBarRenderer
3f40487c9 2012-06-04 - Add persistent local DHT storage - Shutdown now closes tunnel - Delay after sending stop announces at shutdown - Stub out using Hash cache - Implement stop for all cleaners - Log tweaks
a6f776154 2012-06-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ab5f37b28e499d49e108e8e6869164d107c7049e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head afa1bbfb0882c9c1946ec32b87300e127c9928b2)
e1c9cd6cd 2012-06-04  * i2psnark: Take tracker out of opentracker list when removed
d5cb44392 2012-06-04 - Switch back from storing NID to full NodeInfo for outgoing tokens so they don't get expired early - Announce only to the single closest DHT peer - Increase random port range - Decrease max local tracker and DHT size
9333cd56f 2012-06-04 Moved calls to external renderers into separate methods to match the rest
910001e3a 2012-06-04 Split HTML rendering of summary bar into separate methods
121491a3b 2012-06-03 - B32 lookup if required for non-announce queries only - Token timeout tweaks - Most classes package private
152b2152c 2012-06-03 - Fix node ID / node info confusion - Fix updating node ID when receiving pong - Fix getting DHT enable setting from config file - Fix handling of get_peers replies - Fix sending and receiving announces without signing - Fix incoming/outgoing token handling - Set cleanup timer for all queries - More debug logging
0abbe45a6 2012-06-03 correct flag country (I copied the line and changed all but the flag)
403d6a322 2012-06-03 Italian language updates from tx & debconf updates
4ec20ef79 2012-06-03 typo fix (*facepalm*)
3b7eaa107 2012-06-03 s/$ENGLISHNAME/$NATIVENAME/g
8375e9129 2012-06-03 enable Hungarian in another spot
53fbece6b 2012-06-03 Hungarian language translation by AdminLMH from TX
69d909d3e 2012-06-03 Added <hr>s to separate the various logs on /logs
4346c90aa 2012-06-02 lower log level
f8c185d09 2012-06-02 prep for merging
558bb2f4f 2012-06-02 select proto on UDP send
7b07eb89a 2012-06-02 - Uncomment DHT - Change DHT from option bit to extension message - Add DHT start/stop code - Add UI for DHT enabling - Add raw datagram protocol type and use for response port
bec33cad8 2012-06-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f005cd64cce03cf3a301359f94380bc20eaa7c61)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 0562e4f429dcebf3f623d0975bd3a63d7645c0b7)
eb6217add 2012-06-02 add failsafe check for job queue sort order
7d94f9fb1 2012-06-02 improve opentracker configuration
324e9c960 2012-06-01 fix partially-complete torrent not announcing
96575e61f 2012-06-01  * Console: Tab the netdb and profile pages
8d57cba76 2012-06-01  * NetDB: Reduce flood redundancy from 8x to 6x
e1823ece6 2012-06-01 whitespace fix
b23414eab 2012-06-01 Reordered /home summarybar, added <hr> after update download button
38a4f0500 2012-05-31  * i2psnark:    - Close connection immediately if bad protocol,      this makes blacklist work better too    - Stop adding peers when we hit the limit    - Lower limit for outbound connections so we give      new peers a better chance in large swarms
041c87a2c 2012-05-31  * i2psnark:    - Add per-hour conn limit    - Blacklist peer after two bad handshakes    - Reduce connect timeout
ef06fc758 2012-05-31 Show news headings in the /home sidebar when the main news div is hidden
9f1c95c82 2012-05-30 rework patch to deal with my earlier changes to jcpuid's build.sh
f14ff31a2 2012-05-30  * Timestamper:    - Move from core to router, leave stub in core      so it doesn't break compatibility. This removes a      thread in app context and prevents any app context from      running NTP; external clients must use the time      received from the router.    - Increase query interval
ddc329e8f 2012-05-30    Handle URI encoding, UTF-8, and multiple trackers in magnet links
8453c34bf 2012-05-30 Improve rarest-first behavior by not favoring a partial piece held by multiple peers when requesting from a seed
c6fcdf967 2012-05-30 increase per-minute conn limit from 6 to 8
1427c502c 2012-05-30 Reduce log level to warn for normal EofException when generating graphs
4e8437012 2012-05-30 Increase max upstream form field to 4 digits (9999) ticket #645
5314d886b 2012-05-28 merge of '539c9ff2992eb584e2c311924370437f167f0b99'      and 'b355f1862601a6a192c42f1f50743f2a4f0b4c22'
829af21c4 2012-05-28 javadoc fix
c9406b8f9 2012-05-28 document changes for Arch
af398632f 2012-05-28 Add initscript support to i2prouter for ArchLinux
e574b5e61 2012-05-28 minor updates to jbigi/jcpuid scripts
d946fda85 2012-05-26 Replace reseed host i2pbote.net with euve5653.vserver.de (http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/445)
df3771e79 2012-05-25 merge of '60890b0ffbf109b297bd6dd66a28d8179322331a'      and '7e63908db8b78229f8f0c963050b062ce0f6dd96'
df0072507 2012-05-25 compile fixup after merge
26846d592 2012-05-25 merge of '10bd7656ab9a474e3bb2d405d50261f147690ce4'      and 'c3f96ef85962a5e9a3896e117036cc83b37fe3a8'
21466e017 2012-05-25 explicit merge of 'dd3f93f7ec59e6a7f967945a75c5d4d7b53539ed'               and 'e99d32aef6da4112890ebe09c3f7d8fcb8b647e5'
b033db969 2012-05-25 Revert all changes to the org/cybergarage library in the 2009-08-11 whitespace cleanup at ef1c23821d433903124f7612cbc46ac096fc985b to make merging with the newer library easier.
d18e4d430 2012-05-25 explicit merge of '59eae97dbb470d8c4a1e4dba3a9763e134bb0c53'               and 'aeec86a504a5fd67dff12d6775411a9c865d42ad'
14ac5ac03 2012-05-25 Cyberlink for Java v2.1 (2011-09-16) from SVN, with extra parsers in xml/parsers removed. Diverging from original v1.7 checkin in prep for merging.
464279ca1 2012-05-25 German, Spanish, and Swedish translations from Transifex
6014de9cd 2012-05-25 Italian translation updates from Transifex (thanks colombo-bt!)
e7c3e0762 2012-05-25 A few more CSS changes to finish tweaking /home.jsp for the other themes
c4057bb5a 2012-05-25 A few trivial CSS changes to get /home.jsp looking better with the other themes
34f042075 2012-05-25 Changes to dark theme - improve /home.jsp - general theme tweaks and fixes
10bd1343c 2012-05-25 Changes to structure of /home.jsp to bring it back in line with /console.jsp
4979f8dac 2012-05-23    - Custom tracker map AIOOBE fix, thx kytv
b2846de94 2012-05-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8066e0ff00b526c6971e77de44ff2d322f25069a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head f857dd921a7c806c85eb80419f4f9fdd3b6428a2)
501f2f85d 2012-05-23  * jobs.jsp: Add more queue diagnostics
580bb5a6f 2012-05-23  * i2psnark:    - Fixes when complete except for skipped files      (ticket #447) status in UI, don't connect outbound,      disconnect seeds when done    - More classes pkg private
e27df771a 2012-05-22    - Fix deadlock when changing file priorities
0f321f159 2012-05-22    - Refactor tracker map
10872f751 2012-05-22    - Prevent torrent shutdown when changing file priority to skip
20567ae75 2012-05-22  * RoutingKeyModifier: Update after large clock shift
f06d99480 2012-05-21 javadoc fixes
c2e39687e 2012-05-20  * RoutingKeyModifier: Several changes to ensure the routing key                        is correctly changed just after midnight.
6972d9d02 2012-05-20 change stat name, log tweak
d8b3d2c50 2012-05-20  * i2psnark:    - Create sparse files at torrent creation and delay      "ballooning" until first write (ticket #641)    - Redo clear messages button    - Concurrent message queue
1da1dce98 2012-05-20  * Profiles: reduce same-country bonus
c4f9485e1 2012-05-20  * Console: Add full file path to thread dump message
9cff4d5a4 2012-05-20 final
6ca4b519b 2012-05-19  * i2psnark:    - Store received chunks in temp files    - Don't allocate from heap for unneeded chunks    - Remove peer count restriction for torrents with large pieces    - Use priorities and rarest calculations to sort partials    - Preserve p parameter in clear messages link
3685bf04d 2012-05-13 add X-Frame-Options to console headers
fc5e30e6a 2012-05-09 better throttle log msgs
047c668ee 2012-05-09 dont include wrapper .txt files in installer
e55a1f608 2012-05-09 comment out unused text summaries
cbbf82a4a 2012-05-09 Stricter match by matching 'Version:'
81d9e2f16 2012-05-06 update changelog
839729628 2012-05-06 Add 'graceful' / comment out stanza not needed on Ubuntu
06d041255 2012-05-05 Spanish & German translation updates from transifex
ffde067c5 2012-05-05 s/Reunion/Réunion/
c4a05ec49 2012-05-02 add missing wrapper.jar to installer-nowindows
ed92411df 2012-05-01 installer target fixes
7a690b245 2012-05-01 rename windows installer; 0.9
7af65f434 2012-04-29 Update russian translation
c89e127d8 2012-04-27 Added missing test classes to net.i2p.data.i2cp
104bfa878 2012-04-27 Exclude TestSuite classes from testing
3013b56d1 2012-04-26 Fixed server tunnel wizard bug - pass a value for privKeyFile
188316132 2012-04-26 refer to translation updates
53c7f7d60 2012-04-26 use our jstl.jar instead of glassfish
3ccc10241 2012-04-26 German, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
e99749097 2012-04-26 Moved tests for net.i2p.data.i2cp into the correct subdirectory
9d1995125 2012-04-21 xml fix
b18f654e3 2012-04-20 look for ^# so there aren't surprises later (thanks for pointing it out, darrob!)
a70d9394d 2012-04-20 pushed to tx after fixing the bundle-messages script
6eff7be49 2012-04-20 Avoid catching comments in countries.txt
01efcd315 2012-04-20 merge of '4f47546a7fcac5e20d0d9ac04bcae904bb155cc9'      and '71ed1d74f02291ae56a495e97fae65970bfbdd30'
112b88a7f 2012-04-20  * Fix i2psnark dir when started from Windows no-wrapper   (ticket #627)
c61b73c28 2012-04-20 use <os family="unix"> instead of just <os = 'unix'>
79a7c14fd 2012-04-20 remove search box
e4513d18b 2012-04-19 manpage updates
7870ededc 2012-04-19 Updated en locale files pushed to tx
195a4e971 2012-04-18 merge of '06de0d416fefcfbd6ce12716ce5fed4eefe8a711'      and 'e78c33c88a31edac9e53dd6cdf973886ecabd996'
aa02358b1 2012-04-18 disapproval of revision '78927d1f7087f93dca9a96ac375d05d01596fb74'
18fe05b9e 2012-04-18 merge of '06b8a711c60dbb6a9d628c4c5ffd8b205176271a'      and 'c1edfeadb75181e65ad8d4c0005b861f3563dd5b'
5b5b3b203 2012-04-18 s/unix|mac/unix/
49cee5bf5 2012-04-18 disable the 'convenience links' in /etc/i2p.
ac1b51c9a 2012-04-18 Fix installer-windows build target
746b91f25 2012-04-18 Since it was suggested, I'm adding my eepsite
77d970fd5 2012-04-17 debian: initscript: reorder, change some exit statuses
678c87d0f 2012-04-17 bump version to -27 (debian package fix and people can get the new wrapper & geoip)
f352a3883 2012-04-15 revert back to linking to glassfish-javaee.jar (fixes susidns and i2pbote in Debian)
d402f0c93 2012-04-14 history update
7093a57a0 2012-04-14 update GeoIP using Maxmind's April 2012 db
6a9432d62 2012-04-14 Update the Tanuki Java wrapper to v3.5.14
7440e64eb 2012-04-14 dropping FAT osx wrapper before adding new 'non-FAT' one
97436e835 2012-04-14   Wrapper files for armv7.   Compiled on trimslice:     gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4)     java version "1.6.0_18"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.13) (6b18-1.8.13-0ubuntu1~11.04.1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)     Wrapper 3.5.14 GPLv2     All binaries stripped.
f9ff90eb7 2012-04-12 update comments
6acece85a 2012-04-12 German, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
2d24f0183 2012-04-12     - Non-default theme cleanups     - Theme and translate home page logo
f2b228561 2012-04-12 strip DOS line endings to make diffing to other themese easier
ce9cae4ff 2012-04-12 fix whitespace issues
c3a387d64 2012-04-12  Try again to fix console on Windows w/o IPv6 by starting connectors individually
b24085bbe 2012-04-12 prevent very early NPE
41419738c 2012-04-09 add keys.i2p
dd65f174e 2012-04-08 Debian: Explicitly create the home directory in the postinst
d888d4834 2012-04-03 Debian: update symlinks
ce8cd91d7 2012-03-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3002b47d5d20180f84fb6a4f161823bc751989be)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 97dc8de19916c3d0c7ec42790800c1e23f9ce9e8)
0cefaba92 2012-03-30 More excess whitespace removed
565807126 2012-03-28   * RouterInfo: Fix fatal NPE in last checkin
bed548d5a 2012-03-27 24
fbd230f21 2012-03-27   * RouterInfo: Add method to validate sig during read-in for speed
dc402acd4 2012-03-27   * FloodfillVerify:     - Fix verifies stuck on one peer by blamimg the verify peer on failure     - Follow DSRM in response to RI verifies, to help integration     - Increase floodfill verify timeout
e3dab56e7 2012-03-27   Delay router down message until two consecutive fails
d3578e2a2 2012-03-27 graphs CSS tweak
7a6e7baf1 2012-03-27 generics and final
97f23286d 2012-03-27 allow SHOUTcast/icecast to work over the http proxy + cleanups
11ff89fef 2012-03-26     - Try again to fix console on Windows w/o IPv6 (ticket # 621)
764a7f2e1 2012-03-26 remove unused private items (eclipse)
1db58dee8 2012-03-25 remove unused local variables (eclipse)
f13956d38 2012-03-25 remove unused imports (eclipse)
522ae4eb4 2012-03-25 fix fallthrough
3e889d274 2012-03-25 remove unnecessary casts (eclipse)
ed1342491 2012-03-24     - Move oldconsole rendering from Router to OldConsoleHelper
bdfca0762 2012-03-24     - Fix dup torrent msg with magnets (tickets #433 and #504)     - Fix state when storage dies during transition out of magnet mode     - Fix NPE in magnet mode     - Error logging improvements     - Support add-torrent with infohash alone     - CSS tweaks
ba3bc9e2e 2012-03-24 Uncommented two Datagram tests that currently throw NullPointerExceptions
f16495184 2012-03-24 Actually test something in DatagramTest.testBadagram, remove excess whitespace
bfaf72a54 2012-03-24 Added a couple of tests for net.i2p.client.naming
008c79e74 2012-03-23 comment out unused GarlicConfig methods
0d565818d 2012-03-23 final
c1a7f9086 2012-03-23 test cleanup
c2e36453b 2012-03-23 undeprecate for syndie
675e8a91a 2012-03-22   * RetransmissionTimer: Instantiate per-destination
cae94320b 2012-03-22 remove FlushTimer
bafef846d 2012-03-22   * SimpleScheduler, SimpleTimer, SimpleTimer2: Replace static instances     with I2PAppContext-rooted references
db42a46c7 2012-03-22 home page CSS
adcd1e8d9 2012-03-22   * Reseeder: Get rid of static instance, root in netDB,               don't use system properties for status
ca57b7126 2012-03-22   * Router: When removing a config setting, remove from context also
e3da181ce 2012-03-20   * NetDB:     - Don't reread RI if netdb date is recent     - Prevent LS/RI overwrites     - Disallow hash mismatches in RI files     - Reseed won't fetch our own RI     - Reseed won't overwrite recent RIs
3da6ccfbb 2012-03-20 make runRouter() public
444ba4746 2012-03-20   * i2psnark: Message area tweaks and clear link
377aa9bca 2012-03-20 In core build.xml, tell junit to look for the hamcrest libraries
4ffbfce51 2012-03-19 Plugins: Order and reverse order plugin names for start/stop all cases.
d1ed30e79 2012-03-19 Plugins: less confusing message, fix CNFE by catch and ignore on delete.
8ca559193 2012-03-18 fix check aliases override
7d9db7961 2012-03-18 fix build
508533b83 2012-03-17 -17
0a521b745 2012-03-17   * BuildHandler: Implement restart and shutdown to stop the thread
0c348ec17 2012-03-17   * FileUtil: Better logging of weird unpack200 errors
df8bab6b7 2012-03-17   * Streaming: Scheduler cleanup
f6fb4b4be 2012-03-17 news header
0f74ccd44 2012-03-17 add servlet version
02bde8072 2012-03-17   * Jetty: Don't extract wars
e2a39a3eb 2012-03-17   * I2PTunnel: Make CLI-only methods private, and static where possible
3a2fe5e86 2012-03-16   * OCMOSJ: Refactor cache to its own class, make non-static
fb8244ee1 2012-03-16 javadoc
045627a58 2012-03-16 throw ISE on attempt to change peer value
e7898b5b8 2012-03-16   * FragmentHandler: Zero-copy read of unfragmented messages                      for speed and to reduce object churn   * FragmentedMessage cleanup
080f43570 2012-03-16   * TransportManager: Fix fatal exception on soft restart caused by DHSKB refactoring
f2a3d597d 2012-03-16   * Jetty: Add I2P mime types to default eepsite config
74743357d 2012-03-16   * TrustedUpdate: Preserve default key names even when keys are set                    in advanced config
1de88909e 2012-03-16   * Home page: Tag tooltip; CSS tweaks; news tweak
f7dc55f08 2012-03-16   * HTTP Proxy: Jump and addresshelper page tweaks
67da35ab3 2012-03-16 Commented out test for net.i2p.data.Lease.getNumSuccess() / getNumFailure
136d77a8a 2012-03-16 Fix YKGenerator test - methods no longer static
bf0b59b3b 2012-03-16 Remove DHSessionKeyBuilderTest from CryptoTestSuite
f19bc6a4b 2012-03-16 Moved DHSessionKeyBuilderTest to net.i2p.router.transport.crypto
79ab06550 2012-03-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e1c79060790ae24b2a96aff2857477d6528ae7c6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.unittests' (head 357abd51672dd9950cbac6dd30ded117fe5695e0)
9d07bc241 2012-03-16 Replace hostname included by junit in reports with "i2ptester"
d9ba62aa2 2012-03-15 Update paths, add new files
1f407bc34 2012-03-15 Plugins
1aa636751 2012-03-14 orb->org
2436d8600 2012-03-14   * DHSessionKeyBuilder:     - Move from core to router/transport     - Make non-static, instantiate in TransportManager     - Generate keypair in constructor and make final       to move more processing to the precalc thread       and eliminate races     - Synchronize getSessionKey() to eliminate races     - Comment out unused methods   * UDPTransport:     - Make key builder final in InboundEstablishState to       eliminate rare NPE (ticket #406)     - Remove unused static instance
17f9280b3 2012-03-14   * Jetty:     - Set default cache-control for webapps and eepsite     - Disable dir listing for console webapps   * WebAppStarter: Remove static log
326b9998f 2012-03-14 make YKGenerator non-static; control from ElGamalEngine
3b64ce740 2012-03-14 remove static logs
7c88180b8 2012-03-14 remove static logs
7d0741bd7 2012-03-13 Add plugin site
65612a1c8 2012-03-13 merge of '7bb8bf1ecf9084d263f4d9a764330dd19faf6102'      and 'bd10ddbf34b82a92bfbca38cefbba707a709c251'
a408a43d9 2012-03-13 Add plugin site host key
bc0a38b40 2012-03-13 Fix grammar error, thanx user
913994f31 2012-03-13 Add sponge.i2p :-D bump version.
0fabbc903 2012-03-13 Plugins: bugfix and defer update.
92c3d33ce 2012-03-13 Plugins: Handle 'file://' URLs for installation and updates.
d29da5597 2012-03-12 merge of '4db3befef542b29ac21bba7ed51b609b6e9223ea'      and 'fe5447c647ccadee0d67aa5db36f5ed785520a1b'
2415091a2 2012-03-12   * Console:     - Better IPv6 test, hopefully will work on Windows     - Hide home page flags once language is selected     - Home page shrinkage and other CSS tweaks
05537ba1b 2012-03-11 Slackware package script updates
703f28e87 2012-03-11   * Build:     - Include old commons logging classes in commons-logging.jar     - Preserve manifests in Jetty/Tomcat jars   * Jetty Logger: Promote warns to erros when a Throwable is the second arg
f91f83fae 2012-03-11 fix broken comment in jetty.xml
d598396bb 2012-03-11 Add 'unsignedbuild' id
fdb1f9dd3 2012-03-10 IPv4 check
9e3b49d67 2012-03-10 -10
f6bda355b 2012-03-10   * Build: Add new jetty jars to router.jar classpath so it works     on very old installs with individual jars specified in the     wrapper.config classpath
a34b674f7 2012-03-10 more comment updates
307826c4d 2012-03-10 move the update-all button
9faba9fd3 2012-03-10   * Console: Test if IPv6 addresses will work before instantiating              connectors, so Jetty will still start without them
87c04bf00 2012-03-10   * configloggging: Fix clearing log overrides
7bd83f83e 2012-03-10   * Jetty Logger: Put a note in wrapper log saying where the logs went
528ef4dd1 2012-03-10   * HTTP Proxy: Fix generation of jump links (ticket #616),                 broken by refactoring in -1
5ab17da73 2012-03-09   * Simplify default eepsite base and CGI contexts to use a Context     instead of a ContextHolder, ServletHandler, and ServletHolder.     This also fixes / which returned a zero-length file,     broken in the last checkin.
0c55af262 2012-03-09 new i2p-projekt.de reseed SSL certificate. Sorry.
e33180089 2012-03-09   * Update default eepsite base context to use DefaultServlet     instead of ResourceHandler, to provide resume, directory     indexes, caching, etc.
e4257f28c 2012-03-09 Add note about 32bit libs
97f402be0 2012-03-08   * SessionKeyManager:     - Don't use unacked tagsets after consecutive ack failures       and revert to full ElGamal if necessary (ticket #574)     - Synchronize creation of new sessions to prevent dups     - Don't remove an unacked session until it's really out of tags     - Failsafe removal of old unacked tagsets     - Cleanups, final, comments, log tweaks, debug.jsp tweaks, synchronization tweaks
1e978ea43 2012-03-08 javadoc
629c7862c 2012-03-08 log tweak
7006ffb75 2012-03-08 remove calls re-setting defaults
b42993b49 2012-03-08   * GarlicConfig: Remove unused reply block methods
a9935cb60 2012-03-07 Spanish and German translation updates from TX.
05be39d28 2012-03-06 minor updates
0c77f7a82 2012-03-06 update comments to reflect that we're now using jetty6
18f113d8e 2012-03-06 add pkg200 target, fix dist200 target
175e464c1 2012-03-06 merge of '6719c390f50bba07ed4913fa1578249050506422'      and 'd766ba05d9b2db6d6f7c0ea14b5ad0252c274c2d'
0cea3e03a 2012-03-06   * Webapp class loader: Fix dup classes in classpath     caused by last checkin (symptom: i2psnark in wrong directory)
de2b20464 2012-03-06   * viewstat.jsp: Properly close the ImageOutputStream to fix     NPEs in the finalizer, probably was the root cause of     what we blamed on Jetty
e1c3979af 2012-03-06   * Jetty logger: Fix stack trace logging
46438b741 2012-03-06   * i2psnark: Fix NPE on magnet link addition
6a103a149 2012-03-05 minor changes to some targets/descriptions
a24937b7f 2012-03-05 improve display of dark, classic, and midnight on the new homepage and center the search box under the news
d7c1e9724 2012-03-05 merge of 'c09b40fe67ffc403c484ac4b14d896de48d37d9c'      and 'c269d35a60d164027bb1d1fbb6d30c06ffd2292d'
224405d73 2012-03-05 Allow EXEs to be built on AMD64
6c2d4ded1 2012-03-05 add time interval to graph legends
ee22244b5 2012-03-05 merge of '166d63ea25334cf53075e0d418ececcb1d8bc6ca'      and 'e42352d45c2c9304562eed404c9c2dd8120becc5'
537685817 2012-03-05 Add WithJavadoc targets that also include Jetty
910f60031 2012-03-05 html fix
3240dacfe 2012-03-05 remove dup utility jar building, build win and non-win installers for release
76c0f56be 2012-03-05   * Plugins: Fix setting webapp classpath on Jetty 6
d85ae48f4 2012-03-05 specify action so that the user will go to the top of the page to see the result even if an anchor was specified
e99b2064e 2012-03-05 log tweaks
57f4ede10 2012-03-05 increase floodfills to 250
0c55de7fc 2012-03-05   * viewstat.jsp: Send Connection: Close to work around Jetty bug     http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JETTY-1346
af1a49e5f 2012-03-04 s|update\.killyourtv\.i2p/javadoc|i2p-javadocs.i2p| for homepage
28e3ab913 2012-03-04 Minor tweaks so that debs can be built again
60f35bdd5 2012-03-04 history for prop, -4
44db814de 2012-03-04 remove old jetty 5 classes in case you forgot to distclean after updating
349a01265 2012-03-04 backwhacks
a0a9c23bc 2012-03-04 fixups after prop
2b81cee65 2012-03-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head b2ad0d72311d5ec26270cfcbbc79d128b268869b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b05b73d4740740f306a665e4b354d412eab2f328)
140ffc5c5 2012-03-03   - /confighome validation fixes   - AJAX fixes   - Translate 'router is down' message
8cd9fb80b 2012-03-03 history for prop, -2
21ce36db9 2012-03-03 merge of '20d8216d0354a2fa3dbd14fa595ebe0ee080a9d8'      and 'b97f3cabaa528502fd5728f44345cc09348b74a6'
f010b27b1 2012-03-03 Home page:   - Convert ajax to use shared script   - CSS tweaks   - Add missing icons     Silk icons: See licenses/LICENSE-SilkIcons.txt
b0a682f60 2012-03-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.homepage' (head 27c8ea684056ce34ea81acdfd18571776ca63641)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 83f37b19742045fa42ed71a0abd8e90d080c2c05)
e2acc9fdd 2012-03-03   * i2psnark:     - CSS tweaks     - Ajax fixes     - Move js to console in prep for merging w/ homepage
0e8d3d186 2012-03-03 remove bw stats from netdb effective next release
a0f714097 2012-03-03 css tweak
15e182809 2012-03-03 html fix
7673d2ba0 2012-03-03 Susimail: HTML fixes
7a765757d 2012-03-03 Proxy pages: HTML validation fixes for the proxy pages
2db086ee3 2012-03-03 Add Updater200WithJetty target
366d79dda 2012-03-03 Adding missing HTML tags
2bff0d6bc 2012-03-02 HTML validation fixes
1aa24a38a 2012-03-02 Various HTML fixes
f62c3047b 2012-03-02 history for prop, -1
0cdff150f 2012-03-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 44ecb300f6f5655b9b8699049d2fba046822deed)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5120d6c371d7cba9f201b48a142b0e0ead028cdd)
75eda7e1b 2012-03-01 log tweak
f22ac28e4 2012-03-01 search param encoding
33964fac4 2012-03-01 Fixes for:     IPv6 addresses     Reject all hostnames w/o dots except IPv6     http://i2p/b64dest Log tweaks Add nicer ahelper-notfound error page
5e5e4f6f2 2012-03-01 HTML fix
4a74bd0fe 2012-03-01 HTML fixes
e7bcff5e7 2012-03-01     - Refactoring to use Jave URI parser to better handle       escapes, IPv6 addresses, ports     - Rewrite i2paddresshelper scanning/removal
cadedeb06 2012-03-01   * Build: Add built-by to jars; check for corrupt jars on debug page
5af6c97be 2012-03-01 log tweaks, final
cf41068fe 2012-03-01 SDK message
81bd0fcbf 2012-03-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 237102a8f647caf98bf0491af5de6f636e254722)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d9f6d9555224cc3277ca10fd9409c83422758eb)
b6f732149 2012-03-01 Fix the UTF8 POSTing issue
538427c26 2012-02-29     - Synchronize StoreJob.sendNext() to avoid dups     - StoreState finals
f61183d2d 2012-02-29   * DataStructures:     - Remove static logs     - Sort addresses in RouterInfo at initialization only;       change from Set to List to save space     - Remove unused counters in Lease to save space     - Increase max leases to 16
48551f061 2012-02-29 NetDB: Reenable RI store verifies. Was disabled in 0.7.9; checkin comments claim it was reenabled in 0.7.10 but it didn't actually happen, probably due to bad merge.
6f682c1e7 2012-02-29 change console link
f747febd0 2012-02-29 home page updates
1f9ab5d88 2012-02-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d9f6d9555224cc3277ca10fd9409c83422758eb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.homepage' (head 0657f1e52c859e06b78e55fe04656567bfba3bf0)
f43b0be5b 2012-02-29 Check in the 840 KB of jars we need from Jetty 6.1.26 (Apache 2.0 license) instead of downloading a 25 MB zip
bb46535e7 2012-02-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d9f6d9555224cc3277ca10fd9409c83422758eb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head 0212d710e5a4eb30249201015f045d43f44650cb)
2bc70b53c 2012-02-29 debug log
786a261a7 2012-02-29 Fixed usage of assertEquals - should be assertEquals(expected, got)
a226d25dc 2012-02-29 Test getters etc. in RateStat
ede1b1954 2012-02-28 remove static logs
17f726486 2012-02-28 remove unused counters and methods
d6d8c0d11 2012-02-28 remove static logs
4f6ed7004 2012-02-28 remove static logs
cf5d7d2f0 2012-02-28 remove dtg from updater
d0dca206f 2012-02-28 release script tweaks
382dd3405 2012-02-27 merge of '19c723e9710a494c2745c7a6e9476faf11f19fe1'      and '9f02425e8331315552436375df61b3dd03e6ef56'
a655a7848 2012-02-27 debian: changelog update, policy update
9ac0a91f1 2012-02-27 html fix (selected=true isn't valid)
49d7dace3 2012-02-27 s/mbuild/build/
bda3fbbe6 2012-02-27 add icon to installer exe
e2e578a66 2012-02-27 merge of '228c3961aed59e47a5cbc291817fc7c41ffeb54e'      and '55bddb9107328a5d5a3fd697e0599dda7d3ff2e3'
ef1447a81 2012-02-27 0.8.13
d436c846a 2012-02-27 Temporarily exclude slow core tests for dev purposes
24268c513 2012-02-27 Exclude classes from code coverage report that aren't in net.i2p.*
6ebd1f121 2012-02-26 installer build fixups
394943c36 2012-02-26 debug output of LS encryption key to correlate with SKM debug page
6ee9b79e4 2012-02-26 generics, final
da482c373 2012-02-26 new single graph page
22900a0d9 2012-02-26 Fixed RouterAddressTest.testToString to actually test the returned String
e7922c4de 2012-02-26 Added some tests of setOptions to RouterAddressTest
f19ef3e48 2012-02-26 Fix test that would always pass
5b6a23b13 2012-02-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 382a93d72f9ae55f3e251a6f3cbf6e35df2e560d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 36eae7cbb8817fb68bb042e8207c6c955264f393)
ce1e05584 2012-02-25 Removed WizardBean - it does nothing extra over EditBean
f72e16f57 2012-02-25 Close line break tags properly
fc3343270 2012-02-25 fix LS count
e1c9402d3 2012-02-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 36eae7cbb8817fb68bb042e8207c6c955264f393)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 33f78a361bfef38b120fdf55d9e9535f3be96d6e)
4148aa54f 2012-02-25 Need to run clean and prepareTest before test in router build.xml
204440b06 2012-02-25 Run full test reports with fulltest target, not just junit report
6a26c0b62 2012-02-25 Edited router build.xml to match core build.xml (inc. clover, cobertura stuff)
c955adf7f 2012-02-25 Set up report targets properly in main build.xml
c68d53faf 2012-02-25 Removed fullclovertest target from main build.xml
ceda7c9ca 2012-02-25 Fix jbigi.jar path in test target of router build.xml
54f0cae2f 2012-02-24 refactor proxy.i2p server to its own class
eeb9ee085 2012-02-23 snark conn limits
87da4b78a 2012-02-23 add negative cache to BFNS
141ad6765 2012-02-23 ajaxify the refresh
a288fc52e 2012-02-23 Move icon URL from _icons to .icons
7e8de0602 2012-02-23 dont include i2prouter.mo files in updater or installer for now
45b0df7a1 2012-02-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head eb8d45bf3d7e0adb2cb08558756a524b6be3c684)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head db81006fcc97016540591cb5cb555f7092e5de4b)
8a4bbe157 2012-02-22 Translation updates for de, es, it, sv, and uk from Transifex
5d8a71801 2012-02-22 fix html tags
667bd4664 2012-02-22 hide stat log config unless already enabled
b29a9f43c 2012-02-22   * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Use fast peers if hidden for     inbound tunnels to improve success   * NetDB:     - Don't publish our RI if it has no addresses     - Publish our RI sooner after startup       to facilitate our IB tunnel builds
51c73fa85 2012-02-21 build.xml: Rename build.number property so it doesn't conflict with ant buildnumber target in other projects
849c40771 2012-02-21 Added clover targets to core build.xml as well, so either will work
b8a1ab013 2012-02-20     - Don't delete privkey file for a non-persistent client tunnel       (ticket #599)
939329a96 2012-02-20 i2ptunnel: Fix streamr session registration
409bc7fd9 2012-02-20 even up flag rows
ad8ce9554 2012-02-20 Streaming: Fix race NPE (thx echelon)
3131e65b6 2012-02-20 fix redirection; change header
a314b2acc 2012-02-20 Added a missing quotation mark in a <div>
a2217b2b3 2012-02-20 Fiddle with cobertura definitions a bit in core build.xml
a15e4c6c2 2012-02-19 Revert the last check-in and correct my earlier addition of Czech.
e407c046d 2012-02-19 Add the correct flag for the Czech Republic
13731e7b3 2012-02-19 add b64 hash
3fbd8b8d1 2012-02-19 - Fix custom tracker list - Add tracker config form - Remove custom tracker from create form - More icons in buttons
3876f74f6 2012-02-18 tooltip
b47aa34d6 2012-02-18 add private option in UI
295242316 2012-02-18 Disable PEX/metadata extensions and open trackers for private torrents Handle announce URLs with parameters correctly
274e37b28 2012-02-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0a3db5b65f8fdc3e91000c9dff9e679401b52f72)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head da78bc5726f3715ec8083aa86bcaa6c05896b8d6)
1997be371 2012-02-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0a3db5b65f8fdc3e91000c9dff9e679401b52f72)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.homepage' (head 73d71bde13883d204e50f497efe264d8643fb8fa)
c957577e7 2012-02-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0a3db5b65f8fdc3e91000c9dff9e679401b52f72)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8648a7d67ffff19124cafdd14648c13dedccd2ba)
cf463100c 2012-02-18 stub out private mode
c7d473a7e 2012-02-18 Shuffle round mkdirs and deletes in router build.xml to match core build.xml
ab1ee3707 2012-02-17   * netdb.jsp: Fix debug median calculation
85a61e616 2012-02-17 escape fixes
8e275e926 2012-02-17 New Czech translation for Debconf from Transifex
051bc9c46 2012-02-17 Add Czech language from Transifex
aaf425be9 2012-02-17 Enable Czech language
01c5a05c8 2012-02-17 Final English source PO update for 0.8.13
6a034b961 2012-02-17 merge of '8a72dbc075a7d66522d8947ad10d675f76540e4d'      and 'f12cc6a9028cdd515cfc68c809da1feb914a2d5e'
3e8b7a7f2 2012-02-17 Added a table summarising the chosen options on last wizard page
af02a2f7f 2012-02-17 updated English source po files (and pushed to tx)
8df576b39 2012-02-16 A few fixes to k0e's patch
0cdc69bcb 2012-02-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 65be70e72b08757d3aa0bb0cdfc525f49c3b5443)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head e4d5122533595faf0e371cd917d4bae1244c3ada)
4e1239ab5 2012-02-16 Patch from k0e to improve the description strings
d1a03f500 2012-02-16 Moved mkdir above delete in core build.xml and removed mkdir from base build.xml
8a32aad6c 2012-02-16 Shuffled build targets around to group together ones related to unit tests
a3597e45f 2012-02-13 Bumped build number to -13 so tunnel wizard gets tested
7d0d7e027 2012-02-12 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5d3776cd03c44f2a7eeb6d844eda8799e35aee99)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 4c2122ea2c66216b219c66b829ff5c05f8af0157)
8846691c4 2012-02-12 Set the default wizard value for targetHost to
0f72dfea0 2012-02-12 Added some descriptive text for page 7
77bb9f144 2012-02-12 Added some descriptive text for page 6
ef9fe8d19 2012-02-12 Added some descriptive text for page 4
56e00199a 2012-02-11 Fix descriptive text on page 1
3a4447cd0 2012-02-11 Added some descriptive text for page 2
c7b7f4744 2012-02-11 Added some descriptive text for page 1
29c85254e 2012-02-10 WorkingDir: Fix detection of migrated directory
4cea4514a 2012-02-10 merge of 'bbec2c1856866ea026d683727faa703fcb1275fe'      and 'd1e9a819d9ee4ac855f6ced8fc36033c629f0ff8'
2f685d53a 2012-02-10 Redirect "which" output to /dev/null
b23f0ee5a 2012-02-09 escape semicolons
0932f77fa 2012-02-08 pidfile is now set via i2prouter, not wrapper.config
05860a5b5 2012-02-07 Fiddled with wizard's button logic to make the workflow clearer
317aade5e 2012-02-04 patch refresh needed because of changes to wrapper.config
4ccb06f28 2012-02-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0f4af64e64536c467b623286bce659dd2dfe9342)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 04d0fee1e4638d20909ab34c3100f21933b9c15c)
45ba9e1bd 2012-02-04 fixup after prop
6107e38e5 2012-02-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0f4af64e64536c467b623286bce659dd2dfe9342)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head d525108d8e9ecb842a99bb81c1138c43b5e39653)
3af2577c1 2012-02-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0f4af64e64536c467b623286bce659dd2dfe9342)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.homepage' (head dde6a3d7db54894a2ac30a2af6cbb04cbb92296a)
d93805eb9 2012-02-04   * ProfileOrganizer: Add profileOrganizer.sameCountryBonus config
4bd869f5f 2012-02-04   * WorkingDir: Reset dates of eepsite files while migrating                 to avoid exposing install time (thx Z6)
2c8f426e3 2012-02-04 non-x86 update of build instructions
37bb7ac8c 2012-02-04   * Wrapper files:     - Move PID and status files to config dir in i2prouter     - Don't set PID files in wrapper.config as Windows doesn't need them       and the wrapper won't start if the dir doesn't exist     - Move wrapper.log to config dir using override in i2prouter,       Windows stays in system temp dir     - Move wrapper.log to config dir for no wrapper     - Move wrapper.log setup for no wrapper from RouterLaunch       to WorkingDir     - Redirect stderr too when no wrapper     - Create config dir in i2prouter for Linux/Mac
c0e0994bb 2012-02-04 deprecate util classes used only by installer
8a33ee207 2012-02-04 Added link to tunnel wizard on main i2ptunnel page
81d9ed176 2012-02-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 98f389d40c983a02e3b0803401896e2b1104b44d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 9f44bb9e4efa0f9ed76f4988bdd3ebef7ac6b3a7)
7461d8c1f 2012-02-03 Added "@since 0.8.13" tags to the only two methods in WizardBean
8cbf94f9e 2012-02-03 Added placeholder blurbs for explaining the various wizard options
9141aa1d2 2012-02-02 updated en source POs (from push to tx)
8ef9009e4 2012-02-02 Ukrainian and Polish translation updates
973dbe6fb 2012-02-02 Don't display page 4 for server tunnels (tunnel destination)
7c7037839 2012-02-02 Remember startOnLoad checked-ness
27e14e7f3 2012-02-02 Remember reachableBy selection
30bdf871a 2012-02-02 Fill in wizard fields with POSTed values if present
5a0190ddc 2012-02-01 CORRECTLY create client tunnels by default in the wizard
98e7a6d2b 2012-02-01 Change pagination to use POSTed variable instead of query parameter
3af2f2973 2012-02-01 Create client tunnels by default in the wizard
f7207689d 2012-02-01 Added missing close brackets
1a01f59d5 2012-02-01 Make Cancel button a link instead so it works correctly
7dd03fda8 2012-02-01 Added a Previous page button
c62254da1 2012-02-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4ff82dc25fcfc71f44d093b2c164b89fc34d07f3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 9922f642f87c3e2b8fca2703011fcfa7af3a447e)
621f13206 2012-02-01 Change Finish action on wizard to "Save changes"
467d21257 2012-02-01 Added default values for other required variables on page 7 of wizard
482a63c99 2012-01-31 unit test javadocs
252f9ccee 2012-01-30   * SusiDNS: Reduce listings to 50/page
0f356892b 2012-01-30   * LogWriter: Don't rotate and open file until first message
fae3492dd 2012-01-30   * i2psnark: More illegal chars
f6babeecd 2012-01-28 Add quotes around path variables
d9f3e9e2e 2012-01-28 try to parse the pidfile location from wrapper.config
ed357b1a3 2012-01-28 fix broken links
ee8901cf0 2012-01-28 merge of '8ae45b0b8c2c4098bf33654401163d37f73a1bd4'      and 'e6dc64fe412c386b3f3ae59bcbc6b5a53cf1d554'
d10825d4a 2012-01-27 Remove I2PFox recommendation from the router console
b54c9fd2c 2012-01-27   * confignet: Add UDP disable option
65504e866 2012-01-27   * Build: Repack release jars with pack200 -r, saves about 1% and            might save a little memory at runtime too
c902d4c21 2012-01-27 remove SAM client classes from sam.jar
39953b692 2012-01-27 Fix condition for including targetHost
c81c4cb87 2012-01-27 Fix autostart hidden input to not appear if checkbox not ticked
4be3f1680 2012-01-27 Added missing label for targetPort
c9f1f69c1 2012-01-27 Fix isClient to get passed through properly
b3f3a60ca 2012-01-26 comment out unescapeHTML() until we need it
fc18b44a5 2012-01-26   * SusiDNS: Make UI 1-based
d3cb42d44 2012-01-26   * Plugins: Fix updated count
4120fc6f0 2012-01-26   * NetDB: Increase min ff to 200
adba42d11 2012-01-26   * configclients: Fix form action default
9a5ea6868 2012-01-26 Subclass WizardBean from EditBean to get access to the interfaceSet() method
6d0514b45 2012-01-26 Get wizard to step through pages correctly
ac493d7bc 2012-01-26 Show Next and Finish buttons the right way round
9e446f9ae 2012-01-26 Use request.getParameter() to fetch POSTed parameters
e1b53a63f 2012-01-25 Undo revision 126c1c30c0c02fd95719ffeae6d4709abb7bf18d
776a8c5a6 2012-01-25 Undo revision 30dba6c75dcd43c7c67112558dad7b36504ba5a7
f7dee0160 2012-01-25 fix form default on chrome
6e44710b9 2012-01-25 - escape html for adds and queries - change config separator char - fix enter in add boxes - fix alt and title tags
0d494c50a 2012-01-25 add firewall and reseed status on /home
00b8e14ad 2012-01-25 /confighome: - config search engines - add icons - restore defaults button
61290dfbc 2012-01-25   * Old console to /console, new redirect script at /index
fbca6ac1f 2012-01-25   * New home page, including basic AJAX, home page config and search
abe83bc5b 2012-01-25   * Addresses: Fix NPE if no interfaces found http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=6365
fb8deb327 2012-01-25   * Addresses: Fix NPE if no interfaces found http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=6365
e43182b84 2012-01-25 Added inputs for page 6 of wizard
12ee1a70b 2012-01-25 Added comments to clarify page boundaries, and removed extra </div>
c9a453309 2012-01-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ce3040d00c42e384f3fc62d018c9bdade01df033)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 6259f71c23cbb08c8b1de472632d8efb1b016d29)
0a4d6c0bd 2012-01-24   * susimail: add icons to buttons     arrow_left, arrow_up, email.png from Silk icons: See licenses/LICENSE-SilkIcons.txt
a617dc3e2 2012-01-23 two more buttons
63d2e1976 2012-01-23   * susidns: add icons to buttons     magnifier.png from Silk icons: See licenses/LICENSE-SilkIcons.txt
97e5bc87e 2012-01-23 i2ptunnel: fix white-on-white buttons on hover
0aa9e39ee 2012-01-23   * Plugins: Add completion message after all-update check
061f96ad8 2012-01-23 Use ${ant.home}/lib/ant.jar instead of pulling ant.jar from Jetty
d4804c2b7 2012-01-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 156f8e6137be3c25aa70176fe0a78218b898a684)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 126c1c30c0c02fd95719ffeae6d4709abb7bf18d)
745e2952f 2012-01-23 Added getters for the hidden variables needed by wizard.jsp
9a5430bee 2012-01-23 Added inputs for page 5 of wizard
1486d83ec 2012-01-22 Swap around nesting of page 3 to make it clearer
221499c1a 2012-01-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 156f8e6137be3c25aa70176fe0a78218b898a684)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head 960f416b20e26662b1b5b30468a85dbb25f09ffd)
c3bf470a8 2012-01-22 -7
04544ac9e 2012-01-22   * Transports: Bind only to a single interface if specified                 as the host address and it's available (ticket #591)
669bcbd19 2012-01-22 move VMCommSystem to dummy directory
9252d6f9c 2012-01-22 tweak
3793e2c4e 2012-01-22 Added inputs for page 4 of wizard
a09205441 2012-01-22 Formatting and comments in JSP code
e0b70375a 2012-01-22 Added inputs for page 3 of wizard
77c217342 2012-01-22 Added in a hidden input for "tunnel" set to "null"
17e8cf777 2012-01-22 Flesh out some more of wizard.jsp
eda2ac510 2012-01-22 Make getType() a public method so can be accessed from wizard.jsp
256b05531 2012-01-21   * Build: Fix Windows build, version checking for release
b003ee874 2012-01-21 move some summary bar code around
5d46e922e 2012-01-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5d0ae36d90db71fcbaa3e7ffda7720ca2659e2ed)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.i2ptunnel' (head 790aee747df3e6eff3ef9742965a88fd3b03a75b)
c31cb0c05 2012-01-21 Initial beginnings of a tunnel creation wizard as per ticket #502
b234ce3f5 2012-01-20 Fix too short of delay for http. It is up to the browser to time out , not the proxy.
0e5fc8eb1 2012-01-20 Revert the use of the unescape function in ConfigClientsHandler - unnecessary
7ee40e58c 2012-01-19 merge of '7e9829897ed454bcb4a8e64b029060f7e90cbbfa'      and 'b1a1e2e4c3f77f38c7c7f6ebe23d5225c4e42873'
ba0145103 2012-01-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7e9829897ed454bcb4a8e64b029060f7e90cbbfa)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head b9984717e63b03b3b5fcf3a9729d55411aa65e89)
5b285db16 2012-01-18 -5
0da70caf7 2012-01-18   * I2PTunnel: Register ports with the PortMapper   * Update: Find the proxy port in the PortMapper
a4a1ed435 2012-01-18     - When a peer is shitlisted, fail all our tunnels where       that peer is the adjacent hop. In particular this       will remove outbound tunnels when we can't contact       the first hop, and enable quicker recovery.
6e5d53dbd 2012-01-18 one more saveConfig change
95329803a 2012-01-18     - Use new synchronized change-and-save-config methods       to eliminate races with ReadConfigJob
e18396648 2012-01-18 Simplify the HTML escape/unescape functions to use static arrays
9755338f7 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 part 6: Don't convert nulls to empty strings
dafd722f2 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 part 5: Undo escaping of description when just displaying it
38dba5d19 2012-01-17 merge of 'a5d2fae48cf001c84ff5cea42466e1f3ed7d5f0a'      and 'c52409bf5d7b422c23a62eecfa50b98d7c74f8df'
bafdaebc4 2012-01-17 merge of 'a3d362477b328c80ac2cd052f635d3ddd3b39c81'      and 'c21005b174cec3b4ae419318758f1a9c2071cf64'
fc292cd29 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 part 4: Pull out escaping of & separately first
553201db2 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 part 3: Escape & character FIRST so other escapes aren't broken
452096b97 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 part 2: moved escape/unescape functions to net.i2p.data.DataHelper
1e8c968bd 2012-01-17 Fix for #588 - HTML escape and unescape descriptions on configclients page
b1878d602 2012-01-16 Don't throttle tunnel creation if using a higher than default router.maxParticipatingTunnels setting.
47876d613 2012-01-16 prevent stale build version on logs.jsp
6198739f7 2012-01-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 899a1923586f3d7d622bd02e03c87717566617c4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head cb3e33be282b6002f6790609f4a3eef7f42069d3)
23de1e6db 2012-01-16 -4
1591ddca2 2012-01-16 merge of '282f1c5000f3f53bbfb346b4ae93c13b5bb3db8b'      and 'e4e2cade8df8374791936c5ea060df6d4cd9a65e'
0a5e08382 2012-01-16 Fix up use of <p> tags in a few routerconsole config pages, remove extra </div>
83480e456 2012-01-16   * NetDB: Hopefully fix rare NPE (ticket #589)
da2cd9288 2012-01-15 shorten the other timeout
0cee758dc 2012-01-15     - Only stop a plugin at shutdown if it was running
fc6f4ecc7 2012-01-15   * Plugins:     - Auto-update plugins after a router update     - Add update-all button
2253ad13c 2012-01-15 Use bzip2 to compress debian packages
9acabfb20 2012-01-15     - Add synchronized change-and-save-config methods to avoid races
3d2d60469 2012-01-15   * Plugins:     - Only stop a plugin before update if it was running     - Don't start a plugin after update if it was disabled     - Disable plugin if it fails version checks at startup
b5d77685b 2012-01-15   * Router: Save previous version in config so we know when we updated
557cb30fe 2012-01-15 echo tweak
59ba19b96 2012-01-15   * Transport: Revert change from -2, put addresses back in RouterInfo                when hidden, broke inbound tunnel building
7213ff0c7 2012-01-15   * Build: Put Implementation-Version in manifests
404578515 2012-01-14 bundle jmx
9e068b392 2012-01-14 refresh patch due to wrapper.config changes
fd6fcda78 2012-01-14 fixup after prop
23ca49ea8 2012-01-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b3d611a1fe034bc89963c54179d5bef3a3147950)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head c83bf7bd62d0e07be0d965f062f01b01864be4d2)
7df881442 2012-01-14 remove comment since we can now find the wrapper log
eb2830b8f 2012-01-14   * jars.jsp: New debug page
c54b3a08b 2012-01-14 save a few bytes
7874488a6 2012-01-14   * logs.jsp: Use wrapper method to find wrapper log if available
07957409c 2012-01-14   * Stats:     - Cleanups     - Remove some locking     - Change some longs to ints to save space     - Remove static logs
fc0706541 2012-01-14   * i2ptunnel: Partial fix for dest formatting (ticket #581)
50f270fd7 2012-01-14 i2prouter: look for external gettext in the path
ba5be7449 2012-01-13 translation infrastructure for i2prouter script
edf5ef588 2012-01-10 remove dup docs from tomcat jars
405c24b0e 2012-01-10 Add JSP 2.1 trim white space directive to all jsps to save a few KB
1b85c22ff 2012-01-10 escape quotes
8e20e7a5b 2012-01-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 96b4e09e85e0947d0b9df188f4861664073f07a6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head 4024ef4f6e6c5e4ca6a7803614dc769ca654ac5f)
3024b3fd3 2012-01-10 * Move from Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 to Servlet 2.5/JSP 2.1   - Replace Jasper 2.0 from Jetty 6 with Apache Tomcat 6.0.35 (CDDL 1.0 + GPLv2)   - Replace JSTL 1.1.2 with JSTL 1.2 (CDDL 1.0 + GPLv2)
51f7f3a37 2012-01-10 log all jetty warns as errors
4ad6d699e 2012-01-10   * Router:     - Auto-hidden mode for bad countries     - Don't put addresses in our RouterInfo when hidden
c6e6a9d36 2012-01-10     - Add indication on summary bar when in VM comm system
ad4d73ea0 2012-01-09     - Fix class error on wrapper 3.1.1
352c6ba4b 2012-01-09   * i2prouter: Don't attempt to translate strings from script
ce27d69e3 2012-01-09     - Add info to error 500 page
5fd6698d0 2012-01-08 Refresh patch due to wrapper.config additions
0f62383ae 2012-01-08 Reference /etc/i2p/wrapper.config when OOM when using Debian packages
b09071f20 2012-01-08 update of jbigi scripts
f5b6d5648 2012-01-08 Added support for AMD Bulldozer CPUs. Fixed issue with last commit.
527c4b58c 2012-01-08 Added support for i7 Extreme Edition processors.
430ac8323 2012-01-08 Really send HUP signal when called with the graceful parameter
8c70af56a 2012-01-08 refreshed patch
7feaadbd7 2012-01-08 fixup after prop
69bbb8840 2012-01-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b7ee04ecc7a594239e977b25a52ebdabadce558e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty6' (head 2cd4a4dae8b87b9ed2128d83aff1b39e3a818556)
59bd51a41 2012-01-08 move ReadConfigJob
b34ae8f05 2012-01-08 more fixups from RouterAddress changes
5a4f2069f 2012-01-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1959049922a17635226170bf3309e281d8e02e43)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a06bf8c92a0e1195b6f98dbad3e8898339bc6053)
f6ca6a5e0 2012-01-08   * Router shutdown:     - Fix failsafe shutdown hook broken in 0.8.8;       HUP, INT, and TERM signals should now shut down cleanly.     - Shutdown hook no longer prevents other hooks from running     - Trap HUP, if router.gracefulHUP=true, and do graceful shutdown.       Only under wrapper, non-Windows.     - i2prouter stop now uses SIGTERM     - Implement i2prouter graceful using SIGHUP (ticket #580)     - Configure wrapper to ignore SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 as they will shut down       or crash the JVM
56a67729e 2012-01-08 Fix compilation with gmp 5.0.1
0c81d519b 2012-01-07 Debian: Fix postinst script
5067499fa 2012-01-06 fix typo (s/exit/exist/)
c155c4b60 2012-01-06 Return 1 if eepget transfer fails (fixes #576)
cc1683445 2012-01-06 0.8.12
708e943c4 2012-01-06 updates after review
43ec87e41 2012-01-04 - i2ptunnel: Move bean classes from the jar to the war.   External usage was deprecated about a year ago.   This will break old seedless plugins.
a14643f71 2012-01-04 fix eepsite migration in packages
a2d6dd2c5 2012-01-04 disable i2psnark retry link until it can be fixed (ticket #575)
7d6ab5ca4 2012-01-04 Updated geoip.txt from 2011-12-08 Maxmind database
a9e03504d 2012-01-04 Updated debian changelog
3b59af11f 2012-01-04 Suggest itoopie
3a2286f87 2012-01-04 Debian: EXTRA is now assigned dymanically
ab0e8d94a 2012-01-03 Update geoip country list
be7770e67 2012-01-02 Add EXTRAVERSION to the build number, custom installers, javadocs
60c5f0668 2012-01-02 Add Isle of Man flag
b391ed15e 2012-01-02 Update wrapper to 3.5.13
88cf74289 2012-01-02 fixup after prop
f0eb5663f 2012-01-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d289b6cafae6b23ce699dca11dbb3e993c8f827f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head e2c6210696c78c54650ff345f18ad62b4543a18b)
d8e297dde 2012-01-02  * Fix webapp PortMapper lookup for SSL-only console
f956539b4 2012-01-02   Wrapper files for armv7.   Compiled on trimslice:     gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4)     java version "1.6.0_18"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.10) (6b18-1.8.10-0ubuntu1~11.04.1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)     Wrapper 3.5.13 GPLv2     All binaries stripped.
0ad4789ff 2012-01-02 Add jetty-rewrite-handler.jar to the Debian packaging
dd9cae57a 2012-01-02 merge of '83079d347b764886d77d9d9de902011f09f5dcce'      and 'c76215859aa3b76a04c4a83a1ded20548a8773a6'
84e4558d7 2012-01-01 Updated packaging scripts to work with Debian's (and Ubuntu's) Jetty packages.
2dcc75ad2 2012-01-01 set /var/log/i2p to group i2psvc instead of adm
6409f07c9 2012-01-01 debian initscript: move I2PTEMP to /tmp/i2p-daemon
33b25b578 2012-01-01 - Fix jetty.xml migrate quote handling - Fix I2PRequestLog javadoc - Rename jetty-threadpool.jar to jetty-java5-threadpool.jar to match ubuntu symlink - Bundle jetty-rewrite-handler.jar (20KB) and .xml config to   make it easier to do rewrites (unused by I2P)
b38f6606c 2012-01-01 0.8.12 will be released with v3.5.13 of the wrapper
0a239e1d4 2012-01-01 Remove the mention of GMP 4.1
30e298d98 2012-01-01 Convert extraneous tabs to spaces
3729aa31f 2012-01-01 Add Estonian to Transifex (and upload the router console translation to tx)
3f4d15441 2012-01-01 Brief instructions on lipo.
4c76a93ad 2011-12-31 Add CPU type check for OSX
ce0e0b200 2011-12-31 Fix typo (s/stip/strip/), thanks k0e
fa0b7d9ac 2011-12-31 merge of '3e30b7ad2af5190cd2d124656e272700c53b8219'      and '554846d3fd4ebcdbfaccb3a001098626e0b26ca0'
c82dbd82b 2011-12-31  * Fix log NPE when saveConfig() fails at startup, thx kytv   (backport from jetty6 branch)
b5f97d088 2011-12-31 - Fix jetty.xml copy bug - Fix NPE logging error when Router.saveConfig() fails early - Log readConfig() and saveConfig() errors to wrapper log if   router log not yet available - Handle non-split configuration in MigrateJetty - Better logging of migration errors - Handle existing backup files during migration better
b3e162e70 2011-12-31 s/libwrapper.dll/wrapper.dll/
f6d821c93 2011-12-31 linux-ppc specific wrapper notes
45fb0ad9f 2011-12-31 Small wrapper-building HOWTO for BSD
beb6d1f43 2011-12-31 I2PLogger fix; better log init
c0662bc11 2011-12-31 license update
327f38b53 2011-12-30 fix JettyFixes target
87008f3fe 2011-12-30 make jetty version comparable
4d1736eaf 2011-12-30 jetty logging tweaks
03e86fcb2 2011-12-30 make jetty use I2P logging
5346dc1a9 2011-12-30   * Estonian router console translation     thx "ajutine" - public domain
be7623a46 2011-12-29 - Start webapps after console for faster startup - Add delay in systray port checker to ensure console is up - Move I2PRequestLog to net.i2p.jetty package
f92edb44b 2011-12-29 how to update the wrapper
2250ce642 2011-12-27 Remove mention of mtn repository that hasn't been active for nearly a year
f4b52b7cc 2011-12-27 Remove tino's freenet proxy as it has been shut down
59f80086d 2011-12-27 Translation updates (es & sv) from Transifex
8e7bd9280 2011-12-27 Spanish and Swedish debconf translation updates from Transifex
daca27ea4 2011-12-27 loosen exit statuses
7b4949392 2011-12-26 Redo existing account handling
848f30955 2011-12-26 initscript improvements
07162b56c 2011-12-25 escape quotation marks in jsp files
d9e4c4d7f 2011-12-25 refresh patch
ec7ec564b 2011-12-24 - Fix Console concurrent ThreadPool - Uncomment eepsite concurrent ThreadPool and fix arguments - Reduce eepsite acceptors to 1 - Add jetty-ssl.xml example - jetty.xml cleanup
0fb909609 2011-12-24 - Fix help.jsp mapping to language - Fix nowebapp.jsp for non-started webapps - Fix nowebapp.jsp for url /foo for non-started webapp foo
bb7a88ffc 2011-12-24   * Plugins:     - Enforce min and max Jetty versions at plugin installation     - Enforce I2P, Java, and Jetty versions at plugin startup too
5a4becba6 2011-12-23 updater200WithJetty target
8fa720539 2011-12-23 RouterInfo, RouterAddress: Optimizations and integrity checks     - Remove synchronization     - Do not allow contents to change after being set, throw IllegalStateException     - Do not copy contents out in getters     - Make options final     - Add getOption() and getOptionsMap() methods
2083d8c6a 2011-12-23 basic jetty.xml migration tool
36cb07b0c 2011-12-23 Router: No longer check for updates or start any threads in the Router constructor,         for ease in building multiple routers in the JVM,         and also because starting threads in a constructor is bad practice.         All threads now start in runRouter().         Installation of updates now only happens via Router.main().
ebad5ad61 2011-12-23 tweaks
8ea587acc 2011-12-23 fix up-to-date check
d976b5973 2011-12-23 fix getWebApp()
41ea29209 2011-12-23 eepsite:   - fix cgi-bin   - enable WebAppDeplyer   - add webdefault.xml
bbcd6243e 2011-12-23   * Logging: Eliminate LogWriter/LogManager deadlock (thx kytv)
95eabfaaf 2011-12-23 javadoc fix
fbbab0d81 2011-12-23 mods to compile with Jetty 6
56901e5ff 2011-12-23 base files from Jetty 5.1.15 for reference
04cbcf275 2011-12-23 reapply I2P mods
99ad70e80 2011-12-23 6.1.26 base for reference
92b9d0a99 2011-12-23 First cut at migrating to Jetty 6 and prep for using an external Jetty 6 package.
0874b3e46 2011-12-21 Add updater200WithJavadoc build target
ac8d65ad7 2011-12-20 Debconf: clarify account existence warning
bd14dc311 2011-12-19 i2prouter: set locale environment variables if LANG not set
cefe20f11 2011-12-19 Switched itoopie to a brighter version.
78229227d 2011-12-18   * Router: Cleanup startup jobs and router.config reading; javadocs
61810b721 2011-12-18 tweaks
fb4d85ff8 2011-12-18   * Blocklist: Buffer input to speed lookup   * PersistentDataStore: Buffer file writes and reads
937d2c54c 2011-12-18   * Addresses: Add utility toString() methods   * Transport: Log tweaks
5b37df5bc 2011-12-18 ...and now that my key is added, let's set it to trusted status
add3bcedf 2011-12-18 -23-rc
7284af932 2011-12-18 Add my signing key
959932b82 2011-12-18 reference UK updates
f9b2100d7 2011-12-18 Updated Ukrainian translation from Transifex
a2454e8e7 2011-12-17 tiny regression fix
4322cb3ee 2011-12-17 merge of '0035c4f64c2b0f23c9e007363b634f360e2f10cb'      and '0c2d5fea1f036773ef51ce22d9d8c4e9203ee5f3'
a7311a575 2011-12-17 Minor css fixes (fixing validity not style)
b18e7c783 2011-12-17 add some line feeds
18b8ddc41 2011-12-17 misc. log tweaks
48841481f 2011-12-17   * ProfileManager: Make some profile update methods non-blocking to reduce                     stalls in the transports during profile reorg     - Make isFailing() non-blocking since it's always false
bf45e31c6 2011-12-17   * GeoIP: Reduce thread priority during lookup
1488cd0f4 2011-12-17   * i2psnark:     - Replace file name characters not supported in default charset     - Add torrent file name to local details page
5b05d86ec 2011-12-16 merge of '577418047ed3ead63f9f7dc4211cf4ac7e19d251'      and 'c5d321a2c838422c5e813359c2e86f9b98561cf9'
212981dfe 2011-12-15 Add hooks so the new PortMapper lets i2p plugins not fail when the router console is not on port 7657. Also raise an exception when requesting unregistered ports so as to encourage swift adding of the registration hooks when those ports are taken.
7864404a8 2011-12-15 Swedish language translation updates from Transifex
51e400308 2011-12-14 merge of 'db5a04b2f4ebd4869d162a3bfa48221dec583b7e'      and 'e82c7db57396b2f2057f46c000a688200c4d12ea'
6da32a1cc 2011-12-14 -21
eb32e2e23 2011-12-14 merge of '581e8c75800b84404730c41f6eb904fbc4e43804'      and 'fda7a0fe63b4cda793b7c15d5d263c211b2a0903'
5673a6554 2011-12-14 Update Oracle's javadoc URL
fe5c34eba 2011-12-13 Minor Javadoc fixes
6ce5e8bd0 2011-12-13 Don't require that full stats need to enabled in order to graph high capacity peers. (closes #450)
27f05879b 2011-12-13 note that these will be moved to router.jar at some point
60297f56d 2011-12-13   * GeoIP: Buffer input to speed lookup by 10x
c92c664d3 2011-12-13 used cached cert; generics
24c1473b1 2011-12-13 disable debug double-check
9e88fdeec 2011-12-13 public
69e5760b3 2011-12-13 javadoc clarifications
5a715f385 2011-12-13   * ResettableGZIPInputStream: Better footer log errors
f9818a2b1 2011-12-13   * DataHelper:     - Speed up heavily used long/byte[] converters     - Add little endian versions of the converters     - Cache common properties keys   * RouterAddress: Cache transport names
900defcd4 2011-12-13   * MessageHistory:     - Flush at shutdown     - Fix file location, only delete if enabled     - Cleanups, concurrent
15cbb6bb7 2011-12-13 add charset, which is not necessarily the same as file.encoding
a0c6287d2 2011-12-13 log tweak
14f61bbbb 2011-12-13   * TransportBid: Remove unused stuff
cd30545c0 2011-12-13   * BuildHandler: Increase next hop timeout again
00c0171d3 2011-12-12 English po updates (pushed to Transifex)
1e5afa856 2011-12-12 German and Spanish translation updates from Transifex
e117e3310 2011-12-11   * ReusableGZIPInputStream: Fix 3 major bugs, all present since 2005:     - Payloads an exact multiple of 512 bytes failed to decompress     - Data at the end of the stream could be lost     - read() returned -1 when the data was 0xff
8448001a1 2011-12-11   * I2NP:     - Deprecate unused stream methods and I2NPMessageReader since       all transports provide encapsulation.     - Don't throw IOE from byte array methods     - Use cached null cert in GarlicClove     - Add method to limit size of buffer to read     - Don't check checksum at input, in most cases     - Reuse checksum at output, for unomodified pass-through messages       (but recalculating it now and logging on a mismatch for testing)     - Fix DatabaseLookupMessage to internally store the don't include peers as       a List, not a Set, so it doesn't get reordered and break the checksum     - Log cleanup   * NTCP:     - Zero-copy and limit size when handing buffer to I2NP     - Log hex dump message on I2NPMessageException, like in SSU     - Don't close connection on I2NPMessageException
032b7d823 2011-12-11 merge of '0fc24e38cf763d87b57238415416a162be39e1ad'      and 'eb56602a5a6fb7a1d5b54be0a0618c0e861da10f'
6caa1c3e8 2011-12-11 HTTP server tunnel, use log.WARN for 3 first minutes. (closes #460)
b47deadc9 2011-12-11 log tweak
60e25b98b 2011-12-11 dont use stream method to avoid data copy
474909ae6 2011-12-11 - Don't set the DatabaseLookupMessage dont-include collection until   it's complete, as DLM now makes a copy - SearchState generics and cleanups
caada2bfa 2011-12-11 better logging of corrupted I2NP msgs
ec460794e 2011-12-11   * PortMapper: New service for registering application ports in the context
929d471aa 2011-12-11 uname -s is sufficient
6c4dbc545 2011-12-11 Redo functions to remove the dependency on bash
f8a3afd67 2011-12-11 Enclose the tr parameters in quotes.
5f81e923c 2011-12-11 Change my earlier tests to something POSIX compliant
d9f5a8621 2011-12-11 Enclose "tr" parameters in quotes
27d961612 2011-12-11 Remove the GNU-only -r parameter to sed
50e3cdba0 2011-12-11 Replace eepget's whitelist of allowed characters with the blacklist from i2psnark. (closes #562)
6fa01a3b2 2011-12-10 Better command to determine JAVABINARY
fc7d8f72b 2011-12-10 merge of '20dbef275b439ce677bcad2e5044fbe2c3f2699b'      and '63fb5d00844b9465a8c7bfdece6a16946dd0085e'
03ff4dc0f 2011-12-10 Add wrapper.java.maxmemory to debconf
1d842f024 2011-12-10 If dpkg -P i2p is run, remove /etc/default/i2p
1c4b0335a 2011-12-09 move error check to a better place
50606a682 2011-12-09 javadoc fix
25b0603fd 2011-12-09   * I2NP:     - Earlier detection and better logging of       truncated TunnelGatewayMessage and DatabaseStoreMessage     - Fix and enhance UnknownI2NPMessage implementation     - Don't deserialize or verify the checksum of the       embeddedI2NP message in the TunnelGatewayMessage       at the IBGW, just use UnknownI2NPMessage and pass it along,       except if zero hop; Still to do: similar thing at OBEP     - Round expiration times when converting to/from seconds for SSU     - Cleanups and javadoc
937ae8ad6 2011-12-09   * UDP:     - Round expiration times when converting to seconds     - Zero-copy of single-fragment messages in MessageReceiver     - Optimizations, log tweaks, comments
6d4a9abd3 2011-12-09     - Fix major bug from 2005 that corrupted outbound messages       that were an exact multiple of the fragment size.
533f7620a 2011-12-09 bounds check
49d88f006 2011-12-09   * Console, i2psnark: More button CSS tweaks
1c4d1e9a6 2011-12-09   * LeaseSet: Fix size calculations
51f20c2c3 2011-12-09   * Base64: Add decodestring command in main()
258effcc8 2011-12-07   * UDP PacketBuilder:     - Again allow transmitting all new acks if there is room;       only limit resend acks     - Sanity checks to limit to 255 acks
3bd641abd 2011-12-06   * UDP: Fix major MTU bug introduced in 0.8.9.     - Change large MTU from 1492 to 1484 and small from 608 to 620       for encryption padding efficiency     - Enforce sent MTU limit     - Increase receive buffer size from 1536 to 1572 so that excessive-sized       packets sent by 0.8.9-0.8.11 routers aren't dropped     - Limit the max acks in a data packet     - Limit the duplicate acks in successive data packets     - Only include acks that will fit in the mtu in a data packet     - Correctly remove acks from the pending set after they are sent,       so they aren't sent repeatedly     - Don't pad data packets unless necessary     - Debug logging and javadocs
be1d95e99 2011-12-06 form size increase to match future hq.postman.i2p limits
bd82a0c43 2011-12-06 increase next hop send timeout; log tweaks
0f384c86f 2011-12-05   * Router:     - More refactoring tasks to their own files     - Adjust some thread priorities
5362e7cf1 2011-12-05 comment out some stats
4c2c198c0 2011-12-05 cleanup
51899e9ea 2011-12-05 CSS
3fc312a66 2011-12-05 locking tweaks
e9d0d7980 2011-12-04   * Tunnel RED:     - Complete rework of participating traffic RED.       Implement an accurate bandwidth tracker in FIFOBandwidthRefiller.     - Fix drop priority of VTBM at OBEP     - Lower drop priority of VTBRM at IBGW     - Raise threshold from 95% to 120%     - Remove unused things in HopConfig ...needs more testing...
69cae1a05 2011-12-04 cleanup
cc71e3a5c 2011-12-04 useless null check removal
c5f98a04f 2011-12-04   * Console:     - Less icons on configclients.jsp     - Fix some browsers breaking line on negative numbers     - Tab CSS tweaks
489a0ead1 2011-12-04   * UDP: Fix i2np.udp.allowLocal operation (thx Quizzers)
88e7d60e3 2011-12-04   * IRC Client: Lower log level for connect error to warn (thx echelon/sponge)
0d145fc77 2011-12-04   * i2psnark: Fix directories not always deleted when torrent is deleted
b2e4ab4a3 2011-12-02 merge of '400a5244d9222e3fa5b59c06d1d1e2aff96bc0ad'      and 'cd21f20ad4b02cde232d083cca6b68b8c3097edc'
c9cccd758 2011-12-02   * Console:     - Summary bar tweaks     - Config nav CSS tabs     - CSS cleanups from last checkin
58f562d1b 2011-12-02 added irc.echelon.i2p to list of IRC servers
0a76a0db2 2011-12-02   * Susimail:     - Login screen tweaks     - Cleanups, generics, static
080cc962f 2011-11-30   * Console:     - Split up config network page     - CSS tweaks and cleanups     - Change some form notices to errors     - Spiff up the buttons
b3fcdb8e4 2011-11-30   * Throttle: Update throttle status immediately on shutdown request;               clear starting-up message after 20 minutes
f6cff7852 2011-11-30   * IRC Server: Fix IOOBE (ticket #559)
5fd20fc77 2011-11-30   * i2psnark:     - Retry link on torrent download fail     - Clear URL after clicking 'add torrent'     - Message tweaks     - CSS tweaks
9ae07688a 2011-11-29 move dummy implementations to their own directory
9a2a51518 2011-11-29 -12
c0b9fe034 2011-11-29   * Router: Refactor periodic tasks to their own files
d3564dfcb 2011-11-29   * Random: Use new nextBytes(buf, off, len) for efficiency
848078885 2011-11-28 -11
6bcf40b41 2011-11-28 merge of '31dc69e6816f5a08d4183272f46d23e9c397f9c6'      and 'da86088817442e065e854274adbd896a92ee148f'
6b811b36b 2011-11-28 replace more equalsIgnoreCase() calls
8619fd2c0 2011-11-28 dont use equalsIgnoreCase() for booleans
d9dcb1e58 2011-11-28   * Specify locale in all toLowerCase() and toUpperCase() calls to     avoid "Turkish four i problem"
bf461ee77 2011-11-28   * Update: Files listed in deletelist.txt will be deleted
2537f48d0 2011-11-28 Add (more) IRCop (and other safe) commands to the IRCfilter whitelist
1339209fa 2011-11-27   * Reseed:     - Restore i2pbote (ticket #516)     - Remove r31453 (cert expiring, host soon to be shut down permanently)
8744c83ff 2011-11-27 optimize outbound whitelist
09731ffd3 2011-11-26 NPE fix tweak
6d5678c14 2011-11-26 pumper NPE fix
e4004e6f8 2011-11-26 socket error log fix
17773a2de 2011-11-26 merge of '0df36c67913504a966d734f799d1bb39bf358396'      and '220f8941ffde39c665c1213cbc27037defb3527f'
97ead4cdd 2011-11-24 -7 (b/c of irc filtering changes)
18c850c08 2011-11-24 commands that are commonly used by IRCops. Should be harmless.
6b49c03eb 2011-11-24 Add MOTD and ADMIN to the "do not filter" list
95dd34f00 2011-11-24 Since they're harmless, add default unrealircd aliases to the "don't filter" list.
f630d2dd2 2011-11-23   * NTCP:     - More optimizations in recvEncrypted()     - More efficient XOR     - Reduce bandwidth stat update frequency     - Check for repeated zero-length reads
f69f06b03 2011-11-23   * Tunnel encryption: More efficient XOR
5a934050d 2011-11-23   * CryptixAESEngine: Fix bogus bounds checks
df8cd90b8 2011-11-23   * RandomSource: Add new method getBytes(buf, offset, length)
85d7cfb9e 2011-11-21 Remove broken if statement
f97779bed 2011-11-21 fix stupid typo by adding a missing ! (*facepalm*)
f4f587369 2011-11-21 minor HTML fixes, trailing space removal
f3e2dfacd 2011-11-21 stat cleanups
9d0bafb8f 2011-11-21 comment out debug code in initialization
111961268 2011-11-21   * NTCP Pumper:     - Ensure failsafe pumper code gets run on schedule     - Don't copy the read buffers     - Adjust minimum read buffers based on memory     - New i2np.ntcp.useDirectBuffer option (default false)     - Mark peer unreachable when read failure is during establishment     - Change some Reader Lists to Sets to avoid linear search     - Log tweaks, debugging, new loop stats
dc6c568e9 2011-11-21 equals optimization
bef8fe0c8 2011-11-21 spacing
3e9795810 2011-11-18   * NTCP:     - First cut at improving EventPumper performance (ticket #551)     - Establishment timeout cleanup/concurrent     - Remove some logging and stats     - Switch some Queues from LBQ to CLQ     - Static ByteBuffer cache
cac1ad35b 2011-11-18 reorder susidns xml changes
579af7e3a 2011-11-16 build fix
e4ee5e301 2011-11-16   * NTCP: Reduce log level for race (ticket #392)   * NTCPConnection: Concurrent PrepBufs   * OutNetMessage: Remove some fields and methods used only in NTCP debugging
caaa8daca 2011-11-16 cleanup
ff499844a 2011-11-16   * Router: Move router.ping file from temp directory to config directory
97fe1baf6 2011-11-16   * Console: Add Jetty version to logs page
7aff01ea8 2011-11-14   * SusiDNS: Remove .jsp suffixes
7f467dbdc 2011-11-14 cleanups
0675c4cae 2011-11-14   * Profiles: Only use same-country metric for countries with     lots of I2P users
66f25e845 2011-11-14   * Console: Remove % chart at bottom of tunnels.jsp
fcbee9d9c 2011-11-12   * Installer: Fix Ukrainian translation (ticket #550) thx rndnick
624badfb5 2011-11-11   * Console:     - Less magic and fix img sizes, for speed and less artifacts while rendering     - CSS tweaks
4677b27e4 2011-11-10 Minor and maybe pointless change: We use monotone to manage the i2p source. Any other DVCSes that I2P may be managed in aren't official.
f9c3d58b4 2011-11-09 -1
5b5c39bf4 2011-11-09 merge of '95d0c51104a5fdcaa83228fbf9016b66b6227600'      and 'fb96ae6d12deead2b45984e33fcfeedb4641b3ac'
37e3e9e2c 2011-11-09   * Console: Add ability to hide news
af42b9e9a 2011-11-09   * Router: Clean up config map methods and uses
3fbe8e70e 2011-11-09   * wrapper.config: Increase shutdown timeout
6a234759d 2011-11-09   * I2PTunnel IRC Client: Don't filter PASS (ticket #549)
85a8b587c 2011-11-09 License corrections that should make things more compatible:     Jetty and commons logging are now Apache 2.0 (not 1.1)     systray4j.jar is LGPL (not GPL)     Note where a later GPL version is allowed
6849427b4 2011-11-09 *Sigh* The WRAPPER_CONF variable exists and I don't know why I didn't use it before with my 'gentoo hack'.
bb1b9d63d 2011-11-09 <br/> is XHTML not HTML
5efd19e4e 2011-11-08 Add doctype, <title>, <p> tags.
c0a63bcd7 2011-11-08 fix stupid packaging error brought about by my tweaks for Gentoo.
6fc0e0fe2 2011-11-08 ticket #490
ef3f18423 2011-11-08 Minor cleanups to the css files (no actual theme changes)
20733d3bd 2011-11-07 to DOS line endings
530b481ff 2011-11-07 0.8.11
8ecf423df 2011-11-07 javadoc
67cc3ad5b 2011-11-05 -7rc
e6dcd3a89 2011-11-05 merge of '01e66d36ba6e97474a6a11980be54d55d4897219'      and '6bdb396ca63eea516f2f5ada93d4d8d94ad76b77'
e257cc8b0 2011-11-05 updated & pushed to tx
26d364663 2011-11-04 Added an "accepting" channel for I2PServerSockets that is really low brow, but should work for now. Compiles, runs.
668df37d2 2011-11-03 becoming an upgrade hosting host
9e6885d9b 2011-11-03 updated patch due to gentoo related changes to i2prouter and wrapper.config
2a57c24e9 2011-11-02 spelling fix
e53290db1 2011-11-02 proxy error page tweaks
96d5d75d5 2011-11-02   * Reseed:     - Add new host i2p.mooo.com thx "bugme" (wii.torproject -at- gmail dot com)     - Handle % escaping in file URLs     - Do basic validation of router hash     - Add some more sanity checks
32a4ccc57 2011-11-02 Gentoo compatibility
1c0554ab6 2011-11-01 Ukrainian translation updates from Transifex
347c579da 2011-11-01 Ukrainian debconf translations from transifex
835db4341 2011-11-01 enable more resources in Ukrainian from tx
bf0947ee8 2011-10-31   * Tunnels:     - Restore and implement lengthOverride()     - Adjust quantity override
a3a1110b4 2011-10-31   * ProfileOrganizer:     - Fix rare NSEE thx sponge
fc074234a 2011-10-31   * ProfileOrganizer:     - Fix expiration of old profiles     - Don't exceed high cap limit between reorgs     - Reduce max reorg cycle time     - Reduce new bonus values
1e8e067a8 2011-10-31 micro-optimization
fd25ead0b 2011-10-31   * NetDB: Reduce max RI publish interval
6892469e0 2011-10-31   * SSU: Increase threshold for incremented cost
8f31713f6 2011-10-29   * CapacityCalculator: Small adjustment for XOR distance to     break ties and encourage closeness
a9698dd89 2011-10-29 -3
223de5606 2011-10-29   * SSU: Limit max peers to use as introducers
e4b5b9726 2011-10-29 negative duration cleanup
669b26a17 2011-10-29 lower min profile expire time
e3723d7c9 2011-10-29 build handler threads advanced config option
33d566be3 2011-10-28   * Tunnels:      - Reduce exploratory tunnel quantity if build success rate        is very low, but may disable this later      - Try rebuilding same tunnel (some of the time)
e8fe115ff 2011-10-28   * BuildHandler: Move inbound request handling to its own thread(s)     (ticket #542, see also http://zzz.i2p/topics/996)
d7a5e3ef5 2011-10-28   * CapacityCalculator: Small boost for connected peers, new peers, and     same-country peers; deduct for recently-unreachable peers
042da4d92 2011-10-28 max conns
05522addb 2011-10-28 javadoc
f4fa5d115 2011-10-28   * SSU:     - Increase default max connections again     - Reduce min idle time     - Separate out introducer pinger from introducer selection       so it can be run separately and more often     - Only ping introducers if we need them
b7ba42298 2011-10-28   * DecayingBloomFilter: Whups fix NPE from previous checkin if log=INFO
7f1c5b2e1 2011-10-28   * NTCP: Reduce min idle time
157a78857 2011-10-25   * Tunnels:     - Make most classes package private     - Final, static, logs, cleanups     - Consolideate createRateStat calls     - Add getTotalLength()     - Remove unused lengthOverride()
ef93532c9 2011-10-25 dont require restart after changing router.publishPeerRankings
fe6fd13a6 2011-10-25 unused and javadoc
05cd98f9b 2011-10-25 util cleanups
1a2bd800d 2011-10-25 checklist cleanup
661604dd4 2011-10-25   * BloomSHA1, DecayingBloomFilter:     - Refactor for concurrent, at some small risk of false negatives     - Optimizations to cache objects and reuse offsets
1fc6d0ad5 2011-10-25   * UDP: Mark only first fragment as a duplicate
1a6e9257f 2011-10-25 cleanup
1cd0177f8 2011-10-25 handle negative durations better
c90097eca 2011-10-19 0.8.10
a01c11ca1 2011-10-19 checking in updated Debian changelog
a57b57f30 2011-10-19 restore Serbia & Montenegro
10e412d49 2011-10-19 updated before push to tx
6a798fb7b 2011-10-19 Italian update from tx (ty danimoth)
23ad96933 2011-10-19 merge of '9c2afc5c3b2920c5284346d3b93a8075fc9d2f37'      and 'cba0dcc238e5631aff5850f49d9cb07ec70e8f65'
b475e31f7 2011-10-19   * I2PTunnel: Fix timeout message on POST (ticket #   )
fda3ef2cf 2011-10-19 Update russian translation
892ef4abe 2011-10-19 reduce RI expiration again
81093d134 2011-10-18   * StoreJob: Ensure nonzero token   * Tunnels: Connection limit mitigation:     - Disable tunnel testing     - Implement closest-to-the-key tunnel selection     - Use closest-selection in NetDB lookups, stores, and verifies;       OCMOSJ; and in BuildRequestor
abd823ab9 2011-10-17 dash two
3bc284b52 2011-10-17 hide tunnel lag if testing is disabled
5f7c97134 2011-10-17 return unmodifiable collections
46a1506c5 2011-10-17 log tweak
0202faf7f 2011-10-17   * SSU: Increase max concurrent outbound attempts;     fix udp.establishRejected stat
bff518a03 2011-10-17 more efficient empty check
0b293c517 2011-10-17   * NetDB: Fix rare NPE from netdb.jsp (ticket #539)
afd9c2b2c 2011-10-17   * Router: Change all shutdown CRITs to ERRORs; shutdown     the stat manager last to reduce chance of NPEs     (similar to that in tickets #534,535)
331da7f4f 2011-10-17 javadoc
25a257b6f 2011-10-16 Even though the country no longer exists, re-add Serbia and Montenegro to countries.txt. zzz: thanks for reminding me that most users will have an old geoip file.
82ac0db33 2011-10-15   * BuildExecutor: Add tunnel.buildConfigTime stat   * FloodfillMonitorJob: Log tweak (ticket #533)   * I2CP: Improve error message (ticket #533)   * JobQueue:     - Log error when queue is out of order     - Log tweaks   * FloodfillPeerSelector: Fix stat NPE (tickets #534,535)   * RouterThrottle:     - Fix stat NPE (tickets #534,535)     - Increase max tunnels and max delay again   * OutNetMessagePool: Log tweak (ticket #533)   * Router:     - Add OOM help (ticket #533)     - Prevent parallel shutdowns after multiple OOMs (tickets #534,535)
3dbefa8d0 2011-10-15   * SSU: Fix concurrency errors (ticket #536)
e8712a3a1 2011-10-15   * EepGet:     - Add gunzip support (nonproxied only)     - Clean up progress formatting   * SSLEepGet:     - Add gunzip support     - Increase buffer size
104594ed5 2011-10-15 log cleanup
a6ce41fac 2011-10-15   * Stats: Add API methods for zero duration, for efficiency
a97834d2b 2011-10-15   * configupdate.jsp:     - Fix setting to 'never' (ticket #523)     - Fix always saying trusted keys changed     - Parameterize tags
485a3ee11 2011-10-13 updated translations (fi & sv) from Transifex
b835dbcf4 2011-10-13 Add Swedish Debconf translation from Transifex
6a13d2255 2011-10-12 Updated English po files to push to Transifex
a296dedeb 2011-10-12 Add new countries from Maxmind's geoipdb
161e7ca8b 2011-10-12 Add flag for Guernsey from the Open Clip Art Collection, released into the public domain
90a70eb24 2011-10-11 dont create messages.mo file
0898b8ee6 2011-10-11 fix TCP default
ab4de7b39 2011-10-10 0.8.9
f39e20106 2011-10-10   * Lower max netdb RI expiration again   * Increase default max tunnels   * Cleanups after review   * Exorcism (ticket #476)
c884cfe6f 2011-10-08 Debian: Add Polish debconf translation from Transifex
02219f737 2011-10-08 merge of '0cba2bb826dad461c044d43aa12e6e3ad69f6ce1'      and 'ae0b80d9420ce8dcb103095523b98072eada7fa0'
834054958 2011-10-08 Black flags created by me, public domain
66ba36753 2011-10-08 Debian: Disabling build-dep on tor-geoipdb (since our geoipdb is more current)
7652c1969 2011-10-07 Abort if bash is not being used
39b741fae 2011-10-07 Add partial Ukrainian debconf translation from Transifex
9493bedb0 2011-10-07 update email address and package version in debconf PO files
1647da0ab 2011-10-07 transifex: enable Ukrainian translation for debconf
921591e61 2011-10-07 merge of '126e1ac0cf5610a8cd45831d729d531b8c1d8845'      and 'f9376186d4f489e9726b6750637385b0450f8957'
dec5af96b 2011-10-07 Update russian translations
39ba08138 2011-10-07   * Reseed:     - Restore ovh reseeds, thx mathiasdm   * Tunnels:     - For expl. tunnels, fall back to high cap sooner     - Tweak build rejections for class N
c270e147c 2011-10-07 translation updates from Transifex
98bfadb76 2011-10-07 Update geoip (-28rc)
bae011da1 2011-10-07 Re-adding MessageChannel to I2PSocketFull
6d621d5eb 2011-10-07 Checking in MessageChannel, nothing to see here moving on...
fa1c18ce2 2011-10-07   * Add https reseed thx h2ik
f77999300 2011-10-06 Add diftracker.i2p to I2PSnark and hosts.txt
73c195eb6 2011-10-06 -26
774814763 2011-10-06 fix for final in super
e193d8964 2011-10-06 increase default SSU conn limit
de71286f3 2011-10-06   * Throttle: Increase max message delay
0f094da34 2011-10-06   * RepublishLeaseSetJob:     - Out-of-order JobQueue 3nd try to fix     - Lower timeouts
0c3f84c2d 2011-10-06   * Reseed:     - Update host lists     - Switch back to https by default
2332ac2a6 2011-10-06   * Transport: Add per-style send processing time stat
a670100ba 2011-10-05   * UDP: Catch address without key sooner
979825b07 2011-10-05 build fix
648ea64b2 2011-10-03 Add debconf to transifex
4fdb9084a 2011-10-03 update due to my changes to jbigi scripts
9fbc7aef2 2011-10-01 Taking StandardSocket back since an I2PSocket cannot act like a SocketChannel.
3dd79269b 2011-10-01 merge of '7d548bccfc01d30a554dbd176d113a9419be2665'      and 'ccb7faa39e604a125e398cc347f1d5d4da6ac230'
d3999991d 2011-10-01 merge of '4f86a13e5f3de7eb4aae8a1f0f3402e46f262ca2'      and 'ecd077c360b4af5597166def49e62d6a82e57937'
00b9864db 2011-10-01 merge of '1ffee552dec6b7d41faffb34cab1771773dc0bcd'      and '528475be65a5b99629fadd09c3d2f42bbc907914'
c76b098fb 2011-10-01 move the info panel to the end of the installation
863fb08fa 2011-10-01 Added rudimentary channel support.
f1ae06ab4 2011-09-30 merge of 'c5f06d8a1bcc7468b9b73ccc14f6e8be55b69c64'      and 'cf0a3831f7749e70c42ef5fb231319eebdec2206'
14c305a49 2011-09-30 -24
4c9023f7c 2011-09-30 merge of '2eddbf584c44e72288f74d0f19e716e2a49a847f'      and '45a8f320f0562000d9fb5cb009885b921ab79fdf'
4244b048f 2011-09-30 remove executable attribute
6a15d8c79 2011-09-30 update notes about compiling the wrapper in x86_64 Windows
7afa63ce1 2011-09-30 add wrapper version
66391da1f 2011-09-30     wrapper files for armv7.     Compiled on trimslice     gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4)     java version "1.6.0_18"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.8) (6b18-1.8.8-0ubuntu1~11.04.1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)     Wrapper 3.5.12 GPLv2     All binaries stripped.
a8746e478 2011-09-30 updates to i2prouter based upon changes from 3.5.9 -> 3.5.12 in tanuki's src/bin/sh.script.in
af81681be 2011-09-30 shorten shitlist time
2926b1734 2011-09-30 stripping wrapper binaries
5d4328218 2011-09-29 Remove note about the misc/compat6x port; it is no longer required
b96ee4efa 2011-09-29 wrapper upgrade to 3.5.12 / 23-rc
6b0fe8398 2011-09-29 merge of '435003672b465687f7fa47e037c7f35fb18f84e2'      and 'a61539431697aa07248b384c791007439c38a167'
1c5a9ed04 2011-09-29 Added Swedish version of initialNews.
efaafea78 2011-09-29   * Bandwidth refiller: Reinitialize at restart, avoid     issues from clock skews
273e940fa 2011-09-28 findbugs
7bac7aaaf 2011-09-28 save space
9f430bf11 2011-09-28 final
c7f5178b9 2011-09-28 alignment tweak
cb3a8b6ea 2011-09-27 remove accidental cruft leftover from testing
0406b52c9 2011-09-27 Disabling exotrack.i2p; it doesn't look like it's coming back...
b62b668d1 2011-09-27 Debian: rework j(cpuid|bigi) patches
40d3aa9d4 2011-09-27 Don't call uname -sr, instead call "uname -s". After all, we don't use the kernel version...
b0ce25892 2011-09-27 jcpuid build scripts:
57b30df4e 2011-09-26 enable Russian locale for susimail and upload to Transifex
78a8952f5 2011-09-26 Russian translation for susimail
c1558b206 2011-09-26 merge of '80e2cfeb00b445ea1b638c1c14373c69b98baa9a'      and 'ec02a6ada1c5c1248468085a7158cd0a00a47461'
f9b987749 2011-09-26 Fix "shebang"
bbd34be21 2011-09-24 javadoc
cc7a8028d 2011-09-24   * HTTPClient: Fix error page not appearing, broken by                 StreamForwarder change
ce5acb490 2011-09-24 add some convenience methods
4822e4715 2011-09-24 more mime types not to compress
a2c867c22 2011-09-24 cleanups
fd1c8c45a 2011-09-24 cleanup
05a92cd8e 2011-09-24 Changed compability flags for Intel Family-6 Model-11 to not be Pentium M compatible. Beefed up CPUID.Main ot output more info. Formatting.
1fe8dbb00 2011-09-23 source po files pushed to transifex
24fdc4d75 2011-09-23 Update Italian, Spanish, and Swedish translations from Transifex
17b19c972 2011-09-22 merge of '45749cb3c6faddac278c7503b3694d2b1dd252e2'      and '6cd04829204378535f6c3836c26dd1b697c2e2e6'
6e236f753 2011-09-21 remove a.netdb.i2p2.de
a45c3336a 2011-09-21 merge of '38aa5e61a00e452e95fd63b1a395757595e6ddc1'      and '7683fcc8ce03e5028e6c0b20ab2e4a2acf5c4707'
57523f11c 2011-09-21 added https://netdb.i2p2.de/ as reseed host
597fc5504 2011-09-21 rebase patch due to (my) recent changes in core/c/jbigi/mbuild_jbigi.sh
3df7ef036 2011-09-20 -20
6e5c9a3a8 2011-09-20 merge of '4f9e4125cd99ad55d386c416b659389a6a85a901'      and 'e68b93db0d4031a11910fd17c01edee5d6cd4a96'
3d91fac2f 2011-09-20   * JobQueue, RepublishLeaseSetJob: Out-of-order JobQueue 3rd try to fix
aec397689 2011-09-20   * I2PTunnel, NTCP: Catch unchecked exceptions from GNU NIO (ticket # 519)
8a78de2b8 2011-09-20 limit max explore queue
a139d915b 2011-09-20 clogged job queue fix 2nd try
450a5e14a 2011-09-20 add more platforums for (open|net)bsd
e6d44a619 2011-09-19   * I2PTunnelHTTPServer: Don't compress small responses or images
6630c2907 2011-09-19     - Close output stream in StreamForwarder to prevent lost data,       existing bug but made worse by larger pipe
8ee6503e5 2011-09-19 allow x86_64 or amd64 for the X86_64 systems
f186076fb 2011-09-19   * i2ptunnel HTTPResponseOutputStream: Use reusable gunzipper     and a larger pipe for efficiency
49eeed6ac 2011-09-19   * Crypto: Comment out some main()
35e89b76c 2011-09-19 javadoc
23e262b0b 2011-09-19   * i2psnark: File allocation cleanup to use less heap
47d2b80aa 2011-09-19   * ClientMessage: Remove unused MessageReceptionInfo   * RouterContext: Remove unused MessageStateMonitor
8aaf9a1c5 2011-09-19 Add OPENBSD_PLATFORMS variable (that I missed in the previous commit)
6760d2a5f 2011-09-19 Add (Net|Open)BSD support, clean-ups
d71b71f2b 2011-09-19 Don't prompt to move the wrapper on NetBSD or OpenBSD.
04785e25b 2011-09-19 document installing as a service
2e1692cf0 2011-09-18 Add OpenBSD to NBI and CPUID
e92c23c94 2011-09-18 typo fix
f2fe5140e 2011-09-18 Add NetBSD support
2261039a7 2011-09-18 NetBSD support
2461b9525 2011-09-18 Add NetBSD support to NBI and CPUID
7f6c4faeb 2011-09-18 Add "uninstall" as an alternative option for "remove"
a48ed65b3 2011-09-17 the arguments to install_i2p_service_winnt.bat aren't required and in some cases cause the installer to hang
03c24ef14 2011-09-17 query the status of the service before doing anything
93d3710f5 2011-09-17 Don't show "1 file(s) moved" when moving the temporary wrapper.conf in place. Redirect output to nul.
c7385e5e6 2011-09-17 *headdesk* I forget to add the wrapper.pid variable.
b1d7df8a8 2011-09-17 remove all *.cmd files (they'll never be used in *NIX)
ff601f9cc 2011-09-17 change fix_logfile_path's name
2fc0160c4 2011-09-17 fix paths to flags (thanks zzz & sorry zzz)
398d26431 2011-09-17 rename script to a more appropriate name
7ce82617d 2011-09-17 adjust comment
4e52b9c8d 2011-09-17 fix paths to pid files (setting them to explicitly point to %TEMP%)
dc04414e9 2011-09-16 cleanups, logging, javadoc
a7f8560ac 2011-09-16   * JobQueue:     - Add warning to setStartAfter() as queue is no longer       continuously sorted     - Fix StartExplorerJob not calling requeue()     - More pumper cleanups
217cb1f66 2011-09-16   * Reseed:     - Add HTTP proxy authorization support     - Stub out SSL proxy support     - Disable i2pbote reseed   * EepGet: Add some new command line options
1d1798132 2011-09-16   * Console: Home page flag spacing
ba9754ac5 2011-09-16   * Router: Fix router changing client-side tunnel options,     causing original tunnel quantity to not be restored     (ticket #513)
9a45ba187 2011-09-16 toString() improvement for debugging
46481fb73 2011-09-14 javadoc fix
87439e19c 2011-09-14   * i2psnark:     - Add refresh time option     - Add public file permissions option (ticket #501)     - Fix configuration of tunnel parameters (ticket #524)     - Allow changing I2CP parameters while tunnel is open     - Remove duplicated options in I2CP options string     - Don't open tunnel when saving config
bd06a4470 2011-09-14   * Router: Set permissions on router.ping file
c54dd79b3 2011-09-14   * IRC DCC: Fix conn limit options
e249b2231 2011-09-14   * Console: Verify valid host/IP before saving on net config form
667b6b69b 2011-09-14 refreshing patch due to wrapper.config changes
2fa63f8b3 2011-09-14 Explicitly setting the umask in wrapper.config
22cb45ac4 2011-09-13 Add explicit "install as a service" support for Debian and its derivatives
8ddc34da4 2011-09-13 Refresh patch
667e4345a 2011-09-13 Fix "bashisms" in tanuki's script
98c44f1bb 2011-09-13 Abort by default if I2P is attempted to be started as root; allow setting ALLOW_ROOT to override.
b0718f6b5 2011-09-13 Also set a trap on signal 2 so that the failure message isn't displayed if I2P is shutdown while running as a console application.
57afc4cd5 2011-09-13 Advise to set RUN_AS_USER when installing as a daemon
3a8a8c425 2011-09-13 -17 (i2prouter script update)
3fe50e1d4 2011-09-12 fail gracefully when trying to install as a daemon in Arch Linux
c8395df51 2011-09-12 update of the i2prouter script based upon Tanuki's 3.5.9 script
2307fed62 2011-09-12 switch to tar'ing the osx installer
fd2c83f05 2011-09-12 Change eepget.bat to be parsed when os=windows
0018ac040 2011-09-12 run test scripts at release time
61831b11d 2011-09-12   * i2psnark: Fix inaccuracy in the completed bytes display
540172117 2011-09-12 cleanups and comments
16640722d 2011-09-12   * Build Executor:     - Limit max parallel builds on really slow machines (ticket #519)     - Slow down build loop when network is apparently disconnected (ticket #519)
e0c8eb764 2011-09-12   * NetDB: Disable floodfill at shutdown time if enabled
435bc826d 2011-09-12 Add the path to $I2P to eepget.bat
d084d18cf 2011-09-10 Update of Windows service installation/removal scripts
690f62b3b 2011-09-10 Update i2prouter.bat
3aa7f1953 2011-09-09   * TunnelDispatcher: Fix bug in -13 preventing participating     tunnels from being expired and causing high CPU usage
0a8351069 2011-09-08   * Blocklist: Include IP in shitlist reason
f3521228e 2011-09-08   * Blocklist: Include IP in shitlist reason
ab38e35bc 2011-09-08   * NTCP: Hopefully fix race NPE, thx devzero
b64eff9bb 2011-09-08   * Ministreaming: Drop old classes replaced by streaming     years ago.
4b989eb09 2011-09-07   * JobQueue: Change queue from a HashSet to a TreeSet for more efficiency
8dc1c4fcf 2011-09-07   * Console: Limit max displayed participating tunnels
8233c4f9e 2011-09-07 cleanups
e71d2012c 2011-09-07   * TunnelDispatcher: Change participant expire List to a Queue for     efficiency and to remove global lock. Also remove separate     time List for space savings.
b062d3b3d 2011-09-06 Adding Jersey and EU flags to the updater
406278201 2011-09-06 Add EU (it's in Maxmind's GeoIP data)
0cc490d28 2011-09-06 Add license for Jersey and EU flags
72abe9da1 2011-09-06 Add missing country flags
1e5fe1f60 2011-09-06 merge of '4f61b159a4d39db3c8eddf2539e9012f5bb375a2'      and '57a19829917d3dc2ad19e95c7b3bafd3673c3903'
29ef11619 2011-09-06 format
640782ae0 2011-09-06   * Console: Move configservice.jsp rendering code from the router to the console
3882e4923 2011-09-06   * JobQueue: Change queue from a List to a Set for efficiency
b64cb1445 2011-09-06 cleanup
d3950bdcf 2011-09-06 comment out main
73901f6e2 2011-09-06 log fixes
70d9415ba 2011-09-06 more constructors
d9b37ac6f 2011-09-06   * I2PTunnel: Save keys to privkey file when enabling     persistent key after tunnel creation (ticket #480)
dc2198d3f 2011-09-06 Debian: Add ability to dump threads to the initscript
fdc3af97a 2011-09-06   * SDSCache: Use weak refs; increase size for pub keys
5030a8631 2011-09-06 field cleanup
3d5beece8 2011-09-06   * Crypto: Rework use of SHA256 for efficiency and     to avoid clogging the Hash cache with one-time hashes,     and avoiding the global cache lock.     This also greatly increases Hash cache hit rates.     Also use SimpleByteCache for temporary byte buffers.
19905e99b 2011-09-06 removing extraneous trailing space
f79138b35 2011-09-05 Fix typo
a40a2df97 2011-09-04 merge of '979c520630f94a6647a547535d276e187b753bca'      and 'fb1eccf1532a765266448fe4a13c6f833539a37b'
ebf012818 2011-09-04 merge of '8fb2860840677716bb46ff433868654c31722d3c'      and 'd49c39f3e1dd314595a8608df8761f77520c6550'
7a135b9fa 2011-09-04 merge of '8fb2860840677716bb46ff433868654c31722d3c'      and '929973e4fe14793240e998315d396a19461655ee'
331fb2781 2011-09-04 updated en locale, pushed to transifex
0c319aa18 2011-09-04 Add susimail configs for Italian
2c502c5e2 2011-09-04 shorten netdb expiration again
63958df99 2011-09-04   * NetDB: Try again to fix ISJ deadlock, thx devzero
42fc22eec 2011-09-04 Remove one global lock in OutboundMessageRegistry. This isn't the cause of the ISJ deadlocks though.
b39ba06d9 2011-09-04 log tweak
baa92b4ed 2011-09-04 Change developer channel
070d3ee65 2011-09-03 Removing the description of non-existent options (#431)
6364f142f 2011-09-03   * UDP Inbound:     - Hopefully fix race NPE, thx dream     - Catch some more fragment errors     - Exception and log tweaks     - Cleanups and javadocs
7b974e7e0 2011-09-03   * i2psnark: Fix "eject" button in certain browsers (ticket #511)     (fixed on 12/29/10, accidentally reverted in 12/30/10 propagate)
454c7f14a 2011-09-02 Debian: get locale information by sourcing /etc/environment and /etc/default/locale, if found. This prevents a problem with the encoding being set to ANSI_X3.4-1968 when I2P is started at boot.
3d3352438 2011-09-02   * NetDB: Hopefully fix ISJ deadlock, thx dream
b2263efaf 2011-09-02 cache user-agent processing
5f7983ca1 2011-09-02 I2PSnark: Fix GUI html tag for adding a torrent, it was missing a space.
f4e64d9df 2011-09-02 -8
30702e9b2 2011-09-01 sent relay tag cleanup
1bd71abf6 2011-09-01 cache country codes
d7a4e0357 2011-09-01 explore more aggressively if hidden or K
cdb6313c3 2011-09-01 cleanup
b3711e31a 2011-09-01 color by default
aff250ff1 2011-09-01 javadoc
a69267dc8 2011-09-01 UDP cleanups
c9687649a 2011-08-31 The Izpack utility "izpack2exe" doesn't work with 64bit jvms so it's essentially useless. Perhaps later I'll add a target using launch4j.
9e6f993af 2011-08-31 De-fuglify the service path in Windows
b328b47bf 2011-08-31   * OCMOSJ: Remove some global cache locks, other cleanups
bd7e65578 2011-08-31 cleanup
a928f5ef1 2011-08-31 javadoc fixes
d73eb16ae 2011-08-30   * I2CP: Cache b32 lookups client-side   * I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Use existing session for b32 lookups                          rather than a new SimpleSession   * Naming: Increase b32 lookup timeout to 15 sec.
a6728a33d 2011-08-29 cleanups
20855c9c4 2011-08-29   * Tunnels:     - Increase timeouts on all deferred netdb lookups to 15s; add lookup stats     - Cleanups, javadocs, log tweaks
92ffea223 2011-08-29   * NetDB:     - Replace the old parallel lookup method with a true       Kademlia lookup that iteratively queries additional floodfill       peers returned in DatabaseSearchReplyMessages. This is a more       efficient and reliable lookup that will work much better       when not all floodfill peers are known, and it removes a serious       limitation to network growth.     - Limit max number of DSRM entries to look up     - Cleanups, javadocs, log tweaks
81240a524 2011-08-29 revert change causing ConcurrentModificationExceptions
f8df35713 2011-08-28 -2
5b1141820 2011-08-28 merge of '35b2e734af9d2aff8fae586fccef3cd66e57e23a'      and 'fb0d6216234531927837fe7b886eb1feab790ecb'
8b05b16c8 2011-08-28   * Log: Fix level stuck at DEBUG when called from constructor
d4bf3403e 2011-08-28 log tweak
0c661b373 2011-08-28 javadocs
c8a9d8ef3 2011-08-28 cleanups and javadoc
e768b3584 2011-08-28 fix log issue
5e507c029 2011-08-28 log tweaks
948de5462 2011-08-28   * Stats: Restore pre-0.8.8 API to not create a new Rate if it does not            exist in RateStat.getRate()
035829f33 2011-08-27 reworking because of additions to wrapper.config
115f3e1fb 2011-08-27 adding a few new options from the 3.5.9 config file
6a73dffda 2011-08-27 Clicking the router console shortcut resulted in a minimized browser window opening. This change causes the window to not be minimized.
100f6dac3 2011-08-27 simple test script
c67114802 2011-08-27 merge of '1f42bc4bfde6612fcb7769fb57d50a224f6bef7e'      and 'ed8df353e5da4216524aa5bc5df052dffe6608dd'
c243f21bf 2011-08-27 Added reseed.i2p-projekt.de as https:// link
489276483 2011-08-26 changelog update
b9dc7ec12 2011-08-26 Set permissions to a SID not to the group Users, fixing a bug that is triggered on localized versions of Windows. ---- Non-English versions of Windows do not have a Users group; instead they use a localized group name. As a result, when installing I2P on a non-English Windows box, the installer will show an error when trying to run the fixperms.bat script.
ab58875b1 2011-08-26 The comment is no longer accurate (the file still has UNIX line endings) since we're using findstr
c67404e74 2011-08-26 remove firewalled and fast message
5f6efbf6d 2011-08-26 lower some log levels added in last release
f674b78ed 2011-08-25 Fix ticket #514 (debconf values are overwritten upon installation)
bb5f3a92b 2011-08-25 history for props, -1
546b66850 2011-08-24 fix NPE after corruption ticket #515
f6d2ac7fb 2011-08-24   * Blockfile DB: Add reverse lookup table; bump DB rev to 2
f22865acb 2011-08-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head a1d80c1c396eaa49c7b46a69397b36fe9717ff2e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7d00d6f11ce1172c218ce44b0a8ac28e4addf03d)
f99f9e41e 2011-08-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 0f2e109194f1fcc94e8a3f37cbf804446abddeff)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7bb99f9e0d436cf9923ed17465f15e73c78e7b13)
3849a96ed 2011-08-24 initial reverse/firewall support
69701ab50 2011-08-24 increase large MTU to 1492
2654ada22 2011-08-23 Switch from ant call target
e72853295 2011-08-23 copy.jar, delete.jar, etc., aren't used by anything but Windows
2aee4376c 2011-08-23 merge of '804bb87106b8e0129d06020ddf5f77ddc242d622'      and 'ebb90f58c9b8363abd9b1f7d8f61c81ca478d811'
010399d86 2011-08-23 0.8.8
73aade4fb 2011-08-23 Proper handling of implied "/" paths
20c77e152 2011-08-22 fixes after review
5fd799766 2011-08-21 fix encoding issues
363a3e57f 2011-08-21 cleanups and javadoc fixes
5283b8d12 2011-08-21 0.8.8 debian changelog
13545fdd7 2011-08-21 ant build now works again on winows
4c988f076 2011-08-21 spell the language right
dc3f540a6 2011-08-20 changing the pastebin on the router console to one that may prove to be more stable.
6d064270f 2011-08-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 793ca7c46f5d8b51c5880fc538dea7874e62f63b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head d39f17fe601b6ae514111b07092de820668015d7)
d20ac3994 2011-08-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 793ca7c46f5d8b51c5880fc538dea7874e62f63b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 2ccff1385a7d79f6be7079af73036510667578b7)
c90ac9ee6 2011-08-20 I created this script for my own convenience. It isn't used by the Debian packaging in any way.
67d608a1f 2011-08-20 checkpo fixes
ed7fd9783 2011-08-20 checkpo fixes
994aa72d7 2011-08-20     - New Danish and Ukranian translations from transifex     - Update Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Swedish,       and Vietnamese translations from transifex     ** po files contain errors, to be fixed in next checkin
28ed69e57 2011-08-20 Add new entries for It, uk, and da.
b874ff7e8 2011-08-20   * Translations: update .tx/config, add Danish and Ukranian
9c0c73358 2011-08-20 Add non-x86 target for Linux.
2159862d1 2011-08-20 Removing mention of Atalk, which was removed in revision d07ed83f441d4c357e009e25aa4b55aee518dea3
c5e74fefe 2011-08-19   * Soft restart:     - Allow NTP to reinitialize clock after the comm system       in the first minute of uptime     - Fix i2ptunnels not restarting     - Increase minimum forward clock shift for soft restart     - Reduce minimum backward clock shift for soft restart     - Signal the I2CP client with a different message when restarting     - I2CP client reconnects when receiving restart message
26c744ca4 2011-08-19 cleanup
10f333790 2011-08-19 cleanups
de094433d 2011-08-19 cleanup
0dee248f8 2011-08-18 debian/changelog clarification
674c202e8 2011-08-18 Better: Instead of depending on ttf-dejavu, move to recommends and add a note about TrueType fonts to the description.
c7b567891 2011-08-18 -6 (will wait for 0.8.8 to upload this change to the PPAs)
2f5020e29 2011-08-18 Add dependency on ttf-dejavu-(core|extra). Fonts are needed so graphs can be built with a headless jre. This font will be installed if a non-headless jre is installed, so this shouldn't be a controversial change.
3f979b159 2011-08-17 Bugfix: Don't load the systray in a 64bit JVM in Windows (closes #506)
a9f943154 2011-08-17 merge of 'bfd1fde175d4c3de1a107725991aa1b1d611d298'      and 'eb7a90b602d939a3257fb42ab3d826b54ea4da1b'
b3cfe6532 2011-08-17 Update russian translation
77e1bf61c 2011-08-17 merge of '04def94f04c224d4161392af3cc9147021594fbf'      and '3b0ab08a92774922d853db0303ca405df568a711'
746d440ce 2011-08-17 better NBI logic
aeccbc975 2011-08-17 privkeyfile tweak
1bf651b88 2011-08-17 final
b25a16f17 2011-08-17 Now i2ptunnel will generate certificates instead of failing with a permission denied error for trying to write to /i2ptunnel17.privKeys.dat
421559c26 2011-08-16   * Console: Delete corrupt rrd file (ticket #483)
336e50e94 2011-08-16 debug log
f7c31950b 2011-08-16 UPnP: Fix bug causing failure when the PC has multiple interfaces
dc02f9cd8 2011-08-16 logs page css tweak
095f018fb 2011-08-16 Add pastethis.i2p to hosts file. Will add to the router console after the release of 0.8.8.
9c7533bb5 2011-08-16 change build target to point to preppkg-unix
a29fd1e90 2011-08-16 Add ant targets for custom installers (BSD only, Windows only, etc).
7343e0ff0 2011-08-10 fix getBuildNumber target (sometimes the buildNumber would have a leading space, such as " 19" instead of "19"), using "tr" to strip it.
915755b34 2011-08-09 By request: Tighten package dependencies so that the -headless packages are installed by default if a JRE isn't installed yet. Since the packages previously depended on "default-jre|java5-runtime|java6-runtime", an already-installed headless package would have satisfied the dependency.
255ccdcbc 2011-08-07 Allow some variables to be changed by end-users during build by use of a properties file.
2973b4097 2011-08-06 remove osid and postinstall.sh when the installation is complete
9abf7d6ae 2011-08-06 Don't try to build an EXE on arm systems.
2e6912ed4 2011-08-06 Actually copy the script checked-in at bc78eca6ebdc1df6d5d46f197c8e78d320638c15
93d41be5e 2011-08-06 As of -3 (debian revision 3) the javadocs are installed to /usr/share/i2p/docs/javadoc and /usr/share/doc/i2p-doc/api is a symbolic link to this location. To ensure the link can be created, we check to see if /usr/share/doc/i2p-doc/api is a folder. If it is, it gets removed.
f428a372c 2011-08-06 Correct the path to wrapper.logfile in Windows (see comments in the script for much more info). Fixes #473
d3861b991 2011-08-06 Remove files from Windows that aren't used in Windows
2fc09679a 2011-08-01 fix path to initialNews for target portable-pkg-win32
2679aefb4 2011-08-01 Don't set the location of the service's I2P profile to %APPDATA%\I2P.
453b8a962 2011-08-01 Debian packaging changelog updates
ecd629f97 2011-07-31 Add armv5 (armel) jbigi for Linux
ee82a6196 2011-07-31   * Netdb: Add a job to refresh all the old router infos at startup,            to speed integration
43afe7b1a 2011-07-31 cleanups
29ce3c7c8 2011-07-31   * Crypto: Implement and then comment out an alternate             AES-256/CBC implementation using the JVM crypto libs,             and tests, it isn't faster
1bf86aff0 2011-07-31 javadoc
c502c2179 2011-07-30 -18 (version bump for linux PPC and OSX jbigis)
3a70a5a62 2011-07-30 Add target to build an "osx only" jbigi.jar
3eafe4c76 2011-07-30 Add wrapper for Linux on PPC arch
9d3acf98f 2011-07-30 Add Linux PPC support
18ee23960 2011-07-30 Add jbigi support for Intel Macs
3d64df57a 2011-07-30 Fix hang in Linux on armel and ppc architectures by removing unused (per zzz) lock
71804173f 2011-07-29 add Cryptix license
dcc186139 2011-07-29   * Netdb Search:     - Follow all DSRM's, not just the last one, by moving the code       from the match job to the selector     - Update peer profile after SingleSearchJob     - Cleanups, javadocs, log tweaks, final
e7f449472 2011-07-29 fast tier size increase
b37813257 2011-07-28   * TunnelPoolManager: Reduce race window for restarting a tunnel pool
59e1fbd0d 2011-07-28 cleanups
0d212f647 2011-07-28 dont throw when setting to the same value
3a1cd51bc 2011-07-28 split up big lock to avoid deadlocks
18db940d5 2011-07-27 Add armel wrapper
543e0b0d6 2011-07-26 Debian: Minor changes so the jbigi-jni package can be built on non-x86 systems.
38281ba61 2011-07-26   * NativeBigInteger: Move libjbigi-linux-arm.so to libjbigi-linux-armv7.so,                       do ARM version detection in NBI.
a98d52100 2011-07-26   * Installer: The previous wrapper files only work on armv7
b0c201232 2011-07-26 dummy!
1061e86fa 2011-07-26   * NetDB:     - Explore even more aggressively at startup     - Increase SingleSearchJob timeout     - Increase time at startup for processing DSRM     - Cleanups, final, javadoc, concurrent
164b0e546 2011-07-26   * Watchdog: Improve the way it calls for a thread dump
02bc228d6 2011-07-26 log tweak
a61f113cd 2011-07-26 cleanup for OutNetMessage
afb643610 2011-07-26 cleanups
22dd5b8ad 2011-07-26 add note
fc353ee0b 2011-07-25 I added a more sensible error response when a name/b32 won't look up. Also support for "alias" links, as dubiously useful as those may be. (Perhaps allowing absolute paths on eepsites without b32?)" Also it now replaces the aHelperKey with the b64 instead of stupidly leaving the lookup completely unused and pointless.
734444e18 2011-07-24   * UDP:     - Implement destroy message sending       (receiving was implemented in 0.8.1)     - More cleanups at shutdown     - Log tweaks
89d32e3be 2011-07-24   * UDP:     - Revert change in UDPPacket that caused massive corruption     - Reduce buffer sizes from 2048 to 1536     - Discard too-large received packets sooner     - More cleanups     - Notes on MTU
ec061eb3e 2011-07-24 more final and cleanups
702da0a92 2011-07-24   * UDP:     - Don't delay in OutboundMessageFragments at the end       of the loop if we have more to send now, this should       speed things up     - More cleanups
49bba109a 2011-07-23   * UDP:     - Complete rewrite of OutboundMessageFragments for       concurrent and for efficiency to avoid O(n**2) behavior     - Queue a new send immediately after a packet is acked     - Cleanups, log tweaks, javadocs, final
ddec4f88f 2011-07-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 083b9b289063fdcac54734fe782626f5d2be03b1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head ac597f2218ef1bab8816e1a3d36be95fd7bd79d0)
3466dc109 2011-07-23 cleanups and comments
bf8f1508c 2011-07-22 Changed the equals method to rely on the protected ConcurrentHashMap.equals().
0235c5ef4 2011-07-22 merge of '155618ea1e5d1088da55cc657cc6b6d95e44e862'      and '6060c1530835d871f99ceba7209ed4031c582573'
661325af5 2011-07-22 Removed the last Set.entrySet(), sorry zzz.
c716071e9 2011-07-22 -14 adds x64 support to the OSX wrapper. With 0.8.7 the wrapper became fat (i386 & ppc). With this check-in, the wrapper becomes quad-fat (i386, ppc, x86_64, ppc64).
370be4822 2011-07-22 Remove extraneous whitespace
395173613 2011-07-21   * Console: Use capability method for counting integrated peers   * Netdb: Speed up collection of all the floodfill peers by using            PeerManager.getPeersByCapability()   * PeerManager: Capability cleanups
046175d86 2011-07-21 merge of 'c0d12629a875b5dddde9fd729e05353d54a1bfc7'      and 'd07ed83f441d4c357e009e25aa4b55aee518dea3'
a731c890c 2011-07-21 merge of '6eb926f98c7348ee0979a7252be716e39205bb5e'      and '7a278a1855c16bd22e91f85da2b5167e4a3c3e7e'
66b19326d 2011-07-21 Dropping apps/atalk demo, which was an awful example as it was apparently written before streaming existed, so it's trying to do chat and file transfer with datagrams and no error detection / correction.
23c30a99c 2011-07-21 Changed all iterators using entrySet() to values(). Removed debug from main() Recommented main out.
f4ce89981 2011-07-20 merge of '67c0378bd8bbb541f96066910744b28a190bbf44'      and '6826e4301891ae52880ee2533838cc952c7a9118'
164f6603f 2011-07-20   * i2psnark: Don't let connection problem crash the DirMonitor (ticket #495)
88b86333f 2011-07-20 merge of '72d7d8df8b0c2a79750e7f71fcc97cac4728d6b8'      and 'eb9435041f1c76de404d2b6ac10c1219730c9e16'
2669ae099 2011-07-20 add project info to .po
7c4f088b3 2011-07-20 Removed unneeded import.
a67adba71 2011-07-20 merge of '0274eda1c4130faa95a34ea1d5e468bad761308b'      and '72d7d8df8b0c2a79750e7f71fcc97cac4728d6b8'
73f9b72d6 2011-07-20 Sort output of RateStat.getPeriods().
6e98cf4fe 2011-07-20 merge of '4b9010e6402c729654f8a4766a63e65eeb88df2c'      and 'b768f0483dce793b4654191c2e649de04172087e'
085ca76bc 2011-07-20 Added support for adding/removing periods to already existing RateStats.
150270b14 2011-07-20 merge of '13af6dbeb49a0ab1855da31595ba3c141e54bc59'      and '6b869c4d924c79a0f7695feaa15a002a061bce06'
9a6888d7f 2011-07-20 Removed double ;;.
6c182ba4b 2011-07-20 tweak debian translations
42cffea07 2011-07-20 partly update de translation
3834403c7 2011-07-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e014bb054baa0d8e844e9a97ad6f5b04ed7c0e56)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1e0af137b9c4c873fea72d661f2ee351a640734f)
d397eaaa0 2011-07-19   - Cleanups, concurrent   - Basic b32 verification
56d8b72b0 2011-07-19   * Tunnel TestJob:     - Don't continue testing after the pool is dead     - Tweak test intervals   * TunnelPool: Make more methods package private
c78719bfe 2011-07-19 cleanup
91f2206a4 2011-07-18   - Set real local address on client side   - Put in some reasonable conn limits
6d6799b99 2011-07-18   * Netdb:     - Add reseed hosts thx matt .at. drollette.com     - Remove https://a.netdb.i2p2.de/, bad cert for months     - Remove https://c.netdb.i2p2.de/, no data for months
3f8df84a4 2011-07-18   * Streaming: Improve conn limit log message
127aebead 2011-07-18 merge of '5985a037ecd49475ed49c120a5ab9d898f058fe6'      and 'adba1e5ca6162b93d450aee8fd7e723bac51abf0'
dbaa65991 2011-07-17 Now you can ?i2paddresshelper=<b32>.b32.i2p and the address helper will look up the b32 for you. (Can't/shouldn't add b32s to your addressbook). Tested and it works for me.
8034dc3ca 2011-07-17 concurrent, final
0a8abad72 2011-07-17 remove code by extending instead of implementing
a8378d041 2011-07-17   * I2PTunnel: Rename privkey file when deleting tunnel to prevent inadvertent reuse
7fbb3b12d 2011-07-17   * FileUtil: Add a rename method and a new copy method
1ced60435 2011-07-17   * UDP: Lower max port below 31000 since wrapper uses that
8a9882c90 2011-07-16 generic
f87e3b52e 2011-07-16 more on resume/accept, untested
c826f7fb4 2011-07-16 cleanups
59424a899 2011-07-16 stub out resume/accept; allow xdcc
a4ec6a536 2011-07-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2072db743073a703da2f4be9707e7edd696c2925)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head cc952c7db4822bb6c49c8e6fb6df02a62c6cbe63)
7ba6f5a75 2011-07-15 add gui option
7fa874f62 2011-07-15   - Tracking, expiration, closing of DCC tunnels   - I2PTunnelRunner cleanups
55bfd6aa2 2011-07-15 concurrentify
41021e1ab 2011-07-15 Fix Arabic CSS routerconsole
65656b333 2011-07-15 eliminate max
0bf0715ad 2011-07-15   * Shutdown:     - Cancel our JVM shutdown hook when shutting down     - Run a spinner task so shutdown always completes     - exit() instead of halt() so other JVM shutdown hooks run     - Prevent duplicate wrapper notifier hooks     - Notify the wrapper twice, once for stopping and once for stopped
857f0a044 2011-07-15 javadoc links for wrapper
79ac955b3 2011-07-14   * I2PTunnelIRCClient:     - Big refactoring into multiple class files     - Allow AWAY and CAP messages     - First cut at DCC support - not for SOCKS (yet)
252f1047e 2011-07-14 javadocs and final
9f433b2e6 2011-07-14   * Streaming:     - Hook I2CP ports through to I2PSocket     - Javadocs, init cleanups, final
dfbf01dad 2011-07-13   * Blocklist:     - Fix delayed lookup of reason from file     - Tag strings for translation     - Sort IPs on configpeer.jsp correctly     - Cleanups
688634695 2011-07-13 javadoc
3380ecfa2 2011-07-13   * SummaryHelper: Fix NPE at startup (ticket #493)
48896568c 2011-07-13 added link to translated picture in susidns messages_fr.po
4ad2cf91d 2011-07-13 added link to translated picture in susidns messages_fr.po
15f7981dd 2011-07-13 added link to translated picture in susidns messages_fr.po
30a0ddc3f 2011-07-12 upd i2ptunnel & susidns messages_fr.po
526c42b24 2011-07-12 merge of '04b92dda3c1b3fa598f3f58762e44e3646c98d80'      and '4b8d5fe248604e47e00c2e674ad30d9678389f80'
0ca035dc4 2011-07-10 merge of '49bba51653177b041a98b902ac624c8feae61698'      and 'f2281f98637dc74181e14a40f3b346436e95be88'
3455d3f94 2011-07-10   * Message Registry: Clear pending messages at restart / shutdown   * OCMOSJ: Clear caches at restart   * UPnP:     - Fix device rediscovery and port opening after restart
42acdc314 2011-07-10   * Router Clock: First cut at recognizing and reacting to large system     clock shifts by partially restarting the router. Also improve     restarts initiated from config.jsp     Tickets #465, #468, #494   * UPnP: Wait for a while to ensure port removal at shutdown or restart
4fd180094 2011-07-09 log tweaks
dccdb9963 2011-07-09 prevent log error at shutdown
94af227b7 2011-07-09   * DH, YK:     - Improve YK speed test     - Shut down thread faster     - Refiller keeps going until full     - Cleanups
fdd0d6ceb 2011-07-09 remove static log refs
5402bd0dc 2011-07-09 javadoc
9d2816f4a 2011-07-09 - Use a different lock for the executor than for shared clients   so shutdown doesn't hang - Javadocs
2eab528af 2011-07-09 merge of 'f2281f98637dc74181e14a40f3b346436e95be88'      and 'f452317ba7735d99e285e2c580491a100bea305b'
b41c58341 2011-07-08 another NPE from ticket 493
90b8aa781 2011-07-08 concurrent
56650ebfb 2011-07-08 more misc. findbugs
44f4e551b 2011-07-08 more misc findbugs
9d4cc2689 2011-07-08 misc. findbugs fixes
f173e8878 2011-07-08 kill a debug log
ef4028208 2011-07-08   * I2NP: Consolidate common code from TunnelBuildMessage and           TunnelBuildReplyMessage into a common base class
32d9204e4 2011-07-08   * Sha256Standalone:     - Use system SHA-256 MessageDigest instead of Sha256Standalone in PRNG     - Deprecate DataHelper functions using Sha256Standalone arguments;       used only by Syndie     - Note deprecation in javadocs
dd4906258 2011-07-08 javadoc
c4b355124 2011-07-08 upd
15165aa9a 2011-07-08   * NetDB: Fix NPE at startup (ticket #493)
c7fcef209 2011-07-08 drop file used only by dropped naming service
2b4f8ed55 2011-07-07   * Blockfile:     - Log error on out-of-order spans     - Log error on corrupt level and discard     - Fix SkipSpan non-flush bug causing null levels     - Add level fixer that repairs nulls and out-of-order levels     - Fix bug on backwards span construction, not hit in practice     - Lots of log level changes
681890780 2011-07-06 Don't delete debian/copyright during "ant clean".
49b39008c 2011-07-06 -5
98b14158e 2011-07-05 fix error on HTTP Proxy shutdown
476caf3f5 2011-07-05 catch exception on dup entry
4f3c15eb0 2011-07-04 use HostsTxtNamingService if default fails to initialize
c83979902 2011-07-04 increase min floodfills again
b7ff4fe87 2011-07-04   * Netdb exploration:     - Remove floodfills from dont-include list in exploration       DatabaseLookupMessage, as the dont-include-floodfills flag       has been supported since release 0.7.9.       This will make exploration work better, as there is room for       non-floodfills in the don't-include list now.     - Reduce min and max exploration intervals     - Explore aggressively at startup and if known routers is low     - Explore slowly if known routers is high
435683c5d 2011-07-04   * Tunnels: Use exploratory tunnels to help maintain a minimum number              of connected peers
1f3f17c8e 2011-07-04   * PeerManager: Load profiles in separate thread to avoid slowing                  down the context initAll()
d4b28058a 2011-07-04   * EepGet: Add method to add extra headers to request
43044586d 2011-07-03   * AppContext: Add hasWrapper() method   * Shutdown:     - Clear more resources in peer manager, netdb, stat manager,       session key manager, naming service, tunnel dispatcher,       OCMOSJ (result of testing with jvisualvm)     - Don't call wrapper on shutdown (starting two threads) if we       were started with runplain
6074a02cf 2011-07-01   * I2PThread: Remove logging, too many issues with extra contexts
57d196edd 2011-07-01   * Router, console, i2psnark: Change three errors to warns (tickets #479, #482, #487)
bf832a407 2011-07-01   * EepGet:     - Fix error output bug     - Output error data for 504 too
5ae41521a 2011-06-30 Set Blockfile as default naming service
d53737979 2011-06-30 back to normal-sized updater
4f5e3401f 2011-06-30 change default news fetch to 36 hours
81beb6391 2011-06-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.android' (head cbf2d39e1944b9d601558761d0eedcdebfd2f589)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c2393e50afccfd5682a9086f0eec2a0700cda2c9)
3a2e9ad5d 2011-06-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 50c95d70238ff224e57acfca3d8797990ff3d01d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1fa62c230eba5af7849024338fecf51bb2719c4e)
01b4b227a 2011-06-30 small optimization
f854ac031 2011-06-29 change old host name from mixed case to lower case
14e7a8eb1 2011-06-28 Debian: If the i2p-doc (javadoc) package is installed, add a javadoc link on the router console.
133904988 2011-06-28 build_jbigi.sh: make dynamic library build compatible with --as-needed GNU linker flag
73bd8c851 2011-06-28   * EepGet:     - Add method to get response code     - Add method to write error data to the output     - Increase buffer size to 8 KB
e2c731575 2011-06-27 merge of '4016f0b3372bfe07d914506d696a999c20d4c02c'      and '66ef156941e22ca82de6bf0b9ec70dd74c7a130b'
7a9b1297c 2011-06-27 Debian: Add -deb1 to router's extra version field
7c255d6cb 2011-06-27 merge of 'a4b347fba401e0a80981d93f36f07b5146665bec'      and 'c25ab2c347bca5e3c4157389ecb6f68c35ce5a6f'
54aff53af 2011-06-27 0.8.7
2f10cca40 2011-06-26   * Fixes after review:     - Fix Polish po file     - Install as a service by default on Windows again     - Change CPUID getters to package private     - Split new jbigi install messages into two lines     - Javadocs
ae428394a 2011-06-26 The debian/ directory for 0.8.7-1 (debian revision 1)
81dd267e2 2011-06-24 throw IOE if uncompressed data too big, instead of silently truncating
4ec4013a4 2011-06-24 merge of '8a8371472757453d5667080f0ba7a288ff139e5f'      and 'd48e528757ae7b1384eacca6ea802cebfd728841'
46c78ca4a 2011-06-24 debian debconf translation es and de
50bd1c05a 2011-06-24 merge of '59d72ad41332fbcf2829c85f6b3e38aaca9ee528'      and 'eff7849dc937d5c853a2fbfb1811eab5f7300296'
36a666764 2011-06-24 update Castillian from transifex plus corrections
225f6a57b 2011-06-24 update Castillian
1fdeba074 2011-06-24 max not min
f6f748217 2011-06-23 allow outbound IRC INVITE
3f39cea89 2011-06-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 59d72ad41332fbcf2829c85f6b3e38aaca9ee528)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.android' (head f7e9a993c660229cca575d26a0ba06eea36cea8e)
bda6d7819 2011-06-23   * BlockfileNamingService:     - Support readonly blockfiles     - Open blockfile readonly if not in router context     - Log warning if blockfile is locked
5a64a866d 2011-06-23 -30rc
67fd074f0 2011-06-23 * Add note about the versioned lsb-base package dep being dropped. * Remove the anchor option since we're not using it.
163e748f9 2011-06-23 The XInfoPanel was shown twice on OSX because <os family=unix> covered OSX as well.
8f84481d4 2011-06-22 Debian: Drop versioned dep on lsb-base so that the I2P package can be installed in GnewSense.
229f0d1cf 2011-06-22 public for android, who isnt starting via Servlet
c1c21e55b 2011-06-21 refresh patch to work with the recent changes to i2prouter
dfd36070e 2011-06-21 Setting wrapper.ntservice.interactive=false so that a browser isn't opened at startup in Windows.
43ed1aa32 2011-06-21 Make i2prouter fail more gracefully if the wrapper cannot be loaded (either wrong architecture or i2psvc is just plain missing) and give a more useful error message.
51282da51 2011-06-21 Add russian translation for debconf
aaf50c6e7 2011-06-21 routerconsole, susidns: update russian translation
40cd6fd88 2011-06-20 merge of '53ab9aa78fdc17db47e5ce39aadcee9cee73cd29'      and 'ec72b34db00b2e5880f02e321a040b625907cc27'
14494e4aa 2011-06-20 i2psnark, i2ptunnel: update russian translation
d4e8517e9 2011-06-20 Add Arabic translation of susimail
526e0cda2 2011-06-20 Fixed RTL bug in console: Arabic is displayed with right aligned text using a custom console_ar.css
e46863340 2011-06-20 trim content type
6d59a64ee 2011-06-19 Adjust the alignment of the langbox's flags
94e5aafa1 2011-06-18 javadoc and more clearing at shutdown
0fa5fa40e 2011-06-18   * Shutdown:     - More job queue cleanups     - RouterInfo readin job checks for quick shutdown     - Note that we should improve profile read job
4caf48bd8 2011-06-18 Fix broken executor initialization
66aec13ed 2011-06-18 final
67825a766 2011-06-18   * Shutdown:     - Add final shutdown hook
facbb8c95 2011-06-18   * IRC Server: Send a message back if the tunnel is up but the server is down
95c88881d 2011-06-17   * Shutdown:     - Stop I2PThread from starting a new App context at shutdown     - Stop LogWriter from starting a new App context at shutdown     - Have router kill any leftover App context at startup
9ad8f35bc 2011-06-17   * Shutdown:     - Kill the global app context     - Recognize multi-router case     - Fix RandomIterator, YKGenerator, DHBuilder, NTCPConnection       hanging on to old context -       probably other offenders not yet found     - Fix DHBuilder thread not stopping
4f722947e 2011-06-17 bump + rc
5420604ef 2011-06-17 Dropping 0004-configure-updates.patch as it's no longer necessary
47381686b 2011-06-17 Change text to "News updates" instead of "I2P updates" when install location is set to read-only
df793193a 2011-06-17 take3
3bbe3ba70 2011-06-17 typo fix
eeb03766b 2011-06-17  client executor kill take 2
f8ab2c144 2011-06-16 execute the executors
32793ac12 2011-06-16 i2ptunnel shutdown hook
83ee57adc 2011-06-16   * Shutdown:     - Implement and call shutdown for RouterWatchdog     - Fix i2psnark DirMonitor not stopping     - Fix UPnP-Disposer not stopping quickly     - Implement and call YKGenerator and DHSessionKeyBuilder shutdown
4cff55dac 2011-06-16 old TimerTask cleanup
cb72bb042 2011-06-16   * Shutdown:     - Implement and call shutdown for BandwidthRefiller     - Implement and register shutdown hook for Timestamper     - Implement and register shutdown hook for Jetty console server     - Fix UPnP-SSDPNotifySocket thread not stopping     - Fix all but one UDP PacketHandler threads not stopping
d2d2b1e25 2011-06-16 Prepare debian/ in preparation for 0.8.7
d56f9c7e6 2011-06-16 Add another commented example to wrapper.config for those instances in which bindipv6only causes problems
518fdd8c0 2011-06-16    AsyncFortunaRandomSource: Refactor refiller for concurrent and shutdown    Add shutdown hook for FortunaRandomSource
20ad7a44a 2011-06-15 clear profiles out of memory on shutdown
c655d2381 2011-06-15   * Updates:     - Add the router version to the zip file comment in the updater     - Add a class to extract the zip file comment     - Require the sud version header to match the zip file comment       to prevent spoofing of the version number, since the version       number in the header is not covered by the sud signature.
ba3f46724 2011-06-14 Windows Uninstall the service if I2P is installed, whether the service was enabled by the installer or not.
1a5236321 2011-06-14 Attempt to remove the service before trying to install it.
336ecda7e 2011-06-14 GOTO lines refer to the non-existent EOF label. Adding the :eof to the end.
89191f401 2011-06-14 bump
399a05a5b 2011-06-14   * Router: Delete old libjbigi.so and libjcpuid.so at startup if jbigi.jar is newer.             This will force a reextraction by CPUID and NBI.
3c88c854b 2011-06-14 more cleanup at shutdown
21b76f1ca 2011-06-14 concurrentify
d50cf1308 2011-06-14 Register shutdown hooks for caches, in the first step of cleaning up resources on shutdown, which is important in Android as the JVM isn't going away. More to do.
620ec536c 2011-06-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ea4e5cdef1ba51f6eb24828f05dd7ef66d5188ae)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.android' (head 03199a42adae7400f4627e7391fe3768493fd65f)
d4ca9ca36 2011-06-14 shutdown hook logging
932f01df0 2011-06-14 flag box tweak for two rows
19fd865e6 2011-06-14 new targets for including jbigi in the updater
09fbc91d3 2011-06-14 recognize ktorrent
38537de75 2011-06-14   * NetDB: Increase floodfills and better adjustment based on available memory
bb8b42859 2011-06-14   * jbigi / NBI / wrapper / installer:     jbigi and wrapper files for arm.     Compiled on trimslice with gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu5)     Log postinstall errors to postinstall.log.     java version "1.6.0_18"     OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.7) (6b18-1.8.7-0ubuntu2.1)     OpenJDK Zero VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode)     GMP 4.3.2 (half the size of 5.0.2, and no speed difference) LGPLv3     Wrapper 3.5.9 GPLv2     All binaries stripped.
730965812 2011-06-14 final
c0801297f 2011-06-14 merge of 'e1f6b2db3a1f0f1cf4df67f63cf6becd41f534f4'      and 'edb2bfcff621cb4739bdf41520580e3f57bb1b2a'
959f7bf30 2011-06-14 Arabic translation update of susidns
a07fb68e1 2011-06-14 Windows: Don't install as a service by default.
3c45f57b9 2011-06-13 Add gettext to the build-deps for making debian packages
9e5651a9b 2011-06-13 Add translation notes
41fa06e87 2011-06-13 merge of '9d48efc47a48fc445a045f37222713b42a698153'      and 'a9936ae0cadad0b2bb646c9af046b32f3c497188'
51722821e 2011-06-13 Make Finnish, Italian, Polish and Vietnamese translation configurable
a385f0bab 2011-06-13 Fix trailing newline
6623616c8 2011-06-13 - Fail build if gettext fails. Change property at top of build.xml if   you don't have gettext and want the build to continue.
fcf61377a 2011-06-13 * Really Clear the execute permissions on *.dll/*freebsd*so/*.jnilib like I meant   to do the first time that I noticed I added these files with those unneccesry   attributes. * Set the "manual merge" attribute on these files.
c8ac7bf8f 2011-06-12 Remove "Working Directory" from the Uninstaller shortcut in Windows. With the working directory set to $INSTALL_DIR, C:\Program Files\I2P is not removed in XP.
20d0221f5 2011-06-12 We will install a copy of the 32 bit version of the wrapper libs when on x64 for use with a 32 bit JRE.
ffffd2deb 2011-06-12 Add jcpuid binaries for Intel macs
796d104b8 2011-06-12 add support for osx
654aa591c 2011-06-12 add isx86 check for x86_64 too
0a3bbb23e 2011-06-12 Preliminary jbigi support for osx. jcpuid will be coming later.
462d4fb8b 2011-06-11 Add support for OSX to jcpuid's mbuild.sh
eb17390b0 2011-06-11 removing \n from the end of three lines to eliminate warnings during build
550bb1aaa 2011-06-11 fix the other gzip direction on android too
20f67ae8e 2011-06-11 Polish i2psnark translation from polacco@mail.i2p. Fixed single quotes. Email follows:
67f351bd5 2011-06-11 Susidns in Polish
a87bd3ac5 2011-06-11 update country names (some with the help of wikipedia)
e2627f175 2011-06-11 Polish (partial) translations
66a2f88da 2011-06-11 Italian (partial) translations
3c9ac0e04 2011-06-11 Chinese susimail translation
1bdf97d93 2011-06-11 Finnish (partial) translations
08155939c 2011-06-11 Vietnamese (partial) translations
03a022c4f 2011-06-11 Add transifex config for new chinese, finnish, italian, polish and vietnamese translations
13b9e42dc 2011-06-11 Update source strings
949d59487 2011-06-11 Update with x64 windows info
3d695dac9 2011-06-10 merge of '71a5174ccd130a08639b5c4a72382975747c7b43'      and '9591822ae7297e11b8efacb8456758babb1c6505'
4fedb3fb5 2011-06-10 javadoc thx kytv
25876ffa2 2011-06-10 fix formatting
dba92b0c4 2011-06-10 actually use the 64 bit cpu detection
631741802 2011-06-10 New compile using x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc
59b969418 2011-06-10 Re-add to make sure jbigi-windows-none_64.dll is 'good'
47632a3c4 2011-06-10 Windows: Don't copy 32bit wrapper if installed via a 64bit jvm.
50578b34d 2011-06-10     * Profiles: Skip and delete a corrupt profile read from disk
c8afe4bca 2011-06-10     * Random: Add config setting prng.bufferSize to override the default 256 KB
3f5022cbe 2011-06-10 log tweak
f7751de1c 2011-06-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.cpuid' (head be49d2042be9311c16ec5cc4b5accd1366b93556)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0d92feaa69315781a8e98190c6d11b6b91355f8b)
194bd25e7 2011-06-10 jbigi for 64bit Windows (jcpuid was checked in earlier).
8677a3e56 2011-06-10 jcpuid for x64 Windows
4e99c459c 2011-06-10 all arch wrapper is handled by build.xml
2c0e6a33a 2011-06-10 merge of '14e8f430d97e8e6a9926d59299775ca98d590c8d'      and '2b3daf42c48bc7b83cfa015b1dba87538ee2f8db'
cbaa62dd7 2011-06-10 Added debug loggin of .war path.
162c5bca4 2011-06-09 New: 64-bit wrapper for Windows.
3d9f68acc 2011-06-09 remove reference to postinstall.bat
7f96e279d 2011-06-09 Since postinstall.bat isn't used any longer: - removing from /build.xml - moving recent changes from installer/resources/postinstall.bat to installer/install.xml - dropping installer/resources/postinstall.bat
0b4e430c7 2011-06-09     * NativeBigI: Add support for atom, core2, corei, nano, pentiumm, geode
747d1f45a 2011-06-09 Added Geode support.
6cf159168 2011-06-09 Large but simple refactor of CPUInfo interfaces and CPUInfoImpl classes. Added interface and class for VIA cpus. Added support for VIA c5 cpus and some Via nano cpus (a few might be missing).
562cabfbd 2011-06-09 Fixed bad merge, re-added CPU flags hex output.
4033361f1 2011-06-09 Added support for PentiumM where applicable. Added P4Compatability for a few processors.
032faaeb7 2011-06-09 run identifyCPU() on static for cleaner code.
fd178f6ce 2011-06-09 Removed typos.
28030dd47 2011-06-09 Only run identifyCPU() once.
11fb32167 2011-06-09 Completed isXXXCompatible support for Bobcat/Atom/Core2/Corei Added hasX64 for all CPUs.
3d18255eb 2011-06-08     * LogManager: Use DataHelper methods for loading and storing config
c5f04ee9c 2011-06-08       - Don't do 'mtn list changed' if not in a workspace or not needed
366ed2b66 2011-06-08 Formatting, tabs->spaces
26899e488 2011-06-08 Added more fine grained compatability for cpus in CPUID. Not implemented in NativeBigInteger yet.
d57925e84 2011-06-08 bump version to -19 to reflect the upgraded wrapper and jcpuid/jbigi binaries for windows and freebsd
b03f75367 2011-06-08     * Build: Add standard manifest to jbigi.jar     * Update wrapper license
2cebe8652 2011-06-08 Added support for AMD Bobcat APUs
0a900088c 2011-06-08 Formatting
cdb1284e9 2011-06-08 Added method for getting extended EBX CPUID flags.
3a5347f88 2011-06-08 Remove doCPUID caching, to due to having to much overhead compared to acutally just doing the doCPUID every time.
e18080c4d 2011-06-08 clean the jbigi/jcpuid intemediate binaries (core/c/jbigi/{bin,lib} and core/c/jcpuid/lib)
831848e93 2011-06-08 Added caching for doCPUID
54ed70ae4 2011-06-08 Diable launch-i2psnark (not used)
e3abc25c6 2011-06-08 New jbigi/jcpuid compiles for Windows.
9f9e44bad 2011-06-07 Improved toString() and formatting.
ff4b6504a 2011-06-07 Formatting
55c6cdcae 2011-06-07 Formatting
00f275093 2011-06-07 Wrapper upgrade, part two. With this checkin I'm adding the new files that I missed in revision 97672ae2bf487e93c095bb1d142c3df1a2f3d7d7
9c41bfeaa 2011-06-07 Added support for loading Atom,Core2 and Corei jbigi.
3f4346910 2011-06-07 Formatting
89c3f894d 2011-06-07 Added support for most AMD cpus.
33ec7babf 2011-06-07 Added support for a few more intel i3/i5/i7
f5026a9cb 2011-06-07 merge of '97672ae2bf487e93c095bb1d142c3df1a2f3d7d7'      and 'a81e35f3ea0e85227f834ec3bd4c40c7c18291f8'
b2e8d3ced 2011-06-07 Here is the long awaited upgrade of the wrapper.
6121ccc46 2011-06-07 Support additional platforms and processors.
37ce3305e 2011-06-07 Drop libjbigi-freebsd-viac32.so, dup of libjbigi-freebsd-pentium3.so, case already handled in NBigI.
f02e44bf9 2011-06-07     * Drop andorid/ directory; further development will happen in       an android-only branch.
57fc896e5 2011-06-07 Remove leftover debugging "echo" statement
46b4ec481 2011-06-07 Compiled with gcc (GCC) 4.2.1 20070719  [FreeBSD] linked against openjdk6
83ccc0ff0 2011-06-07 Change attr execute to false. Files were added with mode 755 in error.
6d70224da 2011-06-07 Add x64 for FreeBSD
7b04c7e21 2011-06-07 FreeBSD: Updated jbigi/jcpuid compiles.
95189c8f5 2011-06-06 Android:   - Move the classes around   - Split into Activity and Service   - Add status bar notification   - More config changes
7e84451ac 2011-06-05 Android:   - Import the main_rules file and remove the copied rules   - Set the version code and name in the apk badging   - Build target is 8 to allow SD install, MIN-SDK is still 3   - Fix NPE on new install   - Remove some debug code from NBigI
15b9615a1 2011-06-05 Debian: update path of installed javadocs
4dc9cfb45 2011-06-05 Debian: re-work patch to compensate for recent runplain.sh & wrapper.config changes
1250617d6 2011-06-05 Make runplain.sh even more shell agnostic
ca5f35aea 2011-06-05 merge of '7f219c63dd48ba4ae26ad87603df4cb41ada2c59'      and 'afa8f9152e731dd11cd6a3649d45caaeb65b1b82'
3dfa982b3 2011-06-05 Missing swedish translation and fix of html tags by digitalmannen
b2a5a94ce 2011-06-05 -18
d834c8063 2011-06-05 merge of '90dce8fafc543f94a2aefe704bf4b3e63b24eab9'      and '9d726cbaf7d1591c47b4dd7e6aed864d2c09e25d'
d28f4bd24 2011-06-05     * JBigI:       - Replace old non-PIC 62-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.4 built in 2005)         with PIC libs built with GMP 5.0.2. License is LGPLv3.         Built by sponge with GCC 4.4.4, downloaded from         http://sponge.i2p/files/jbigi/gmp-5.0.2/         For 64-bit processors, both performance testing and         the GMP changelog led us to use 5.0.2 for both the 32- and 64-bit versions,         even though the files are twice as big.         See http://zzz.i2p/topics/306 for discussion and test results.         libjbigi-linux-athlon64.so was a 64 bit file; by the new naming standard         supported by NativeBigInteger, it is now a 32-bit file and the         64-bit one is libjbigi-linux-athlon64_64.so.         All new 64-bit libs will have _64 appended.       - Update build docs
48f4c7286 2011-06-05       - Remove libjbigi-windows-athlon64.dll which was a duplicate of libjbigi-windows-athlon.dll;         NBI now tries athlon as a fallback for all 64-bit processors.
d9f80e9de 2011-06-05 GMP is not in core lib
d1e42233a 2011-06-05     * DSAEngine: Add code for alternate implementation using Java libs;                  disabled by default. Add test code to verify identical results                  and compare speed.
611095792 2011-06-05 Fix html tags in swedish translation
d308d7da9 2011-06-05 remove unnecessary zeroing code, javadoc
4d3407867 2011-06-05     * Data: Remove duplicate signature verification code             in RouterInfo and LeaseSet
8d42ebc2f 2011-06-05     * Console: Tag stat descriptions at declaration rather than in Strings.java
87cad7eae 2011-06-05     * JBigI: Replace old non-PIC 32-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.3 built in 2004)              with PIC libs built with GMP 4.3.2. License is LGPLv3.              Built by sponge with GCC 4.4.4, downloaded from              http://sponge.i2p/files/jbigi/gmp-4.3.2/              The 4.3.2 files are half the size of those built with GMP 5.0.2, and there was              little or no performance difference between the two versions for 32 bit processors.              See http://zzz.i2p/topics/306 for discussion and test results.
b1f1c28c5 2011-06-05 Swedish translations (thanks 123hund123, hottuna and digitalmannen)
b612e925d 2011-06-05 merge of 'b87fbef6393383ccfe6d24286dbbf9ffc79fdd29'      and 'c0bbd3c3725889c45887d4cdce900908d8918df8'
af629d244 2011-06-05 minor change to i2psnark l10n es 'n pt
e232a641a 2011-06-05 android: fix gmp configure args
35495e4d5 2011-06-04 Android:   - Add a version update script   - Disable NTP   - Disable external I2CP
597416080 2011-06-04     * Router:       - Add a lock for reading/writing the router.info file       - Check our RouterInfo validity after reading and before saving,         to catch fatal errors sooner
4e16ef35a 2011-06-04     * KeyGenerator: Restore old return type to not break ABI (thx kytv)
885d549e8 2011-06-04     * NBigI: Recognize Android
173343e04 2011-06-04 Android:   - More efficient build of i2p.jar and crypto.jar   - More build fixes   - Merge package configuration resource with configuration file on device if it exists   - Add launcher icon, resized from installer/resources/eepsite.help/help/lib/itoopie.png   - Start of a libjbigi build script   - Increase min API to 3 so we can use JNI
c3bcb8d02 2011-06-03 fix misspelled file causing build dependency problems
d7de8ae63 2011-06-03 Android:   - Fix up build.xml to work with tools version 11   - Get rid of dot at front of project name   - README.txt updates   - logger_config additions
d5f529819 2011-06-03 merge of '6ad44c8ad61fa5a65207491cab744ddfa8f0f3ca'      and 'db7c4479731f94687d64bea76eafeb4c62e14f1a'
d2093444a 2011-06-02 update i2psnark pt
3f15c4324 2011-06-02 update i2psnark one string in es and de
219d7fd8c 2011-06-02 fix ElGamalTest compile; fix jbigi.jar path to speed up the test
c5c6a9fa1 2011-06-02 update routerconsole Deutsch
78779fe92 2011-06-02 update Castillian
b37a64905 2011-06-02 fix/merge
675ac7944 2011-06-02 merge of '65af54c284a3e8def1740b26114d3ed42ccae172'      and 'd805aad2dab23264b9c386c8ffabea464fece871'
14ea9c292 2011-06-02 fix/merge
ec6084cd3 2011-06-02 merge of '468d5271753b5b44fff6890ecd33d03b684d8e18'      and 'cd4b79fe5aae3f17a3def305c7a3494a8db5dc74'
b65cbb0f7 2011-06-02 Remove txt file in BOB.jar as per zzz's request.
fe15db51d 2011-06-02 - Logging tweaks inspired by Android - Disable reusing Deflater on Android
761ad38bc 2011-06-02     * HMAC:       - Javadocs and cleanups       - Use SimpleByteCache       - Comments and speculation
2a5ed938b 2011-06-02 update generateKeyPair() return type to make it easier
c5c4e3c7c 2011-06-02     * ElGamalAESEngine: Fixups required after SessionKey enforcement     * SessionKey: Enforce data size and prevent reuse like the other SimpleDataStructures
94af6550f 2011-06-02 HMAC256 is used by Syndie
c767644c8 2011-06-02 typo
a3ee593d0 2011-06-02 give up on a reseed host after 90% errors
733d6db56 2011-06-02 one more illegal character
6d938a12f 2011-06-02 android build fixes
8a56531c9 2011-06-01 Don't prefer IPv4 but add the option commented out to wrapper.config. Make the option configurable in runplain.sh
43332bb6d 2011-06-01     * Crypto:       - Use java.security.MessageDigest instead of bundled GNU SHA-256 code         if available, which it should always be.         5 to 20% faster on Oracle JVM; 40 to 60% on Harmony;         5 to 15% on JamVM; 20x (!) on GIJ.       - Use java.security.MessageDigest instead of bundled Bitzi SHA-1 code         if available on non-Oracle JVMs, which it should always be.         Not faster on Oracle JVM; 30 to 60% faster on Harmony;         15 to 20% on JamVM; 10-15x (!) on GIJ.
5990dd587 2011-06-01 add description for debian-clean target
030a95cdd 2011-06-01 reference debianhowto
18d3536ff 2011-06-01 ConfigClients stopClient stubbed out.
3b80f53b8 2011-06-01 There is more than one way to peel a pineapple...
5912c6069 2011-06-01 Remove the one little html file that ends up in BOB.jar. The file is NOT a javadoc file, it is a package file. Still, it is zapped.
f8dc8a298 2011-06-01 Debian: refactor patch
a3dd538af 2011-06-01 typo fix
a90b8aa03 2011-06-01 Prefer IPv4 connections
313ee79ba 2011-05-31 hide syndie from "all" target and disable syndie target
97f97448d 2011-05-31 Clean up debian options in build.xml
3677cadcc 2011-05-31     * jbigi: Add support for solaris
455b5529b 2011-05-31 jbigi: Add support for SunOS/Nexenta/Solaris to the build*.sh scripts
60204fef2 2011-05-31 Debian: initscript: Don't spew warnings when chown'ing files that don't yet exist
45064ec37 2011-05-31 libjcpuid for Solaris x86
4ecacc760 2011-05-31     * HTTP Proxy: Don't send redirect for POST (thx kytv)
43ba27126 2011-05-31 Debian: Refactor jcpuid & jbigi patches to deal with SunOS support
527c9ba5d 2011-05-31 Add support to jbigi/jcpuid for Solaris/SunOS
d4bf2523a 2011-05-30     * I2CP:       - Append I2CP Version information to the Get/Set Date Messages,         so that both the router and client are aware of the other side's version,         and future protocol changes will be easier to implement.         Previously, router version information was not available to the client,         so when router and client were in different JVMs,         old clients would work with new routers         but new clients would not work with old routers.         After this change, we can design future changes so that new clients         will work with old routers.         This is an enhancement to the old protocol version byte sent by the client,         which we have never changed and probably never will.       - Prevent a client from setting the router's clock       - Javadocs
acb4bac5e 2011-05-30     * netDb: Don't refetch expiring router infos if we have enough
cbef38ac1 2011-05-30     * i2psnark: Restrict swarm size for small torrents
f9ffab62f 2011-05-29 Debian: Refactor jcpuid patch
656292e1b 2011-05-28 Debian: Since jetty-i2psnark.xml has been disabled, there are no xml files dumped to pkg-temp.
ed8a065da 2011-05-28 Debian: Rework patch to work with the updated runplain.sh
9834a3678 2011-05-28 merge of '5b0e335af7a9ce35cb7e40cd550b7e65af923218'      and 'd25f86bdd190afae59745e22e4fd0c2d8911a8ac'
33b9a5c2c 2011-05-28 Make runplain shell agnostic
1eb58a84d 2011-05-28     * i2psnark: Fix bug preventing Robert from connecting to snark (thx sponge)
c9c35a3e5 2011-05-28 jcpuid: minor edits so that compilation will work with Debian kFreeBSD
e0dd52a4d 2011-05-28 build.xml: Don't copy jetty-i2psnark.xml to pkg-temp
393d813d0 2011-05-27 Don't re-append the query string to the redirect URL, which caused eepget to repeatedly retry the new redirect of an i2paddresshelper query by the HTTP proxy.
0000e4f28 2011-05-27 Debian: Ship custom router.config to disable updates via the I2P router. Updates, to keep with Debian policy, must be done via the package manager.
e3a3a9931 2011-05-27 add cpuid
6a9f73bd6 2011-05-27 quick jbigi test script
2c3be2901 2011-05-27     * JBigI:       - Refactor to handle 64 bit libs and a list of fallback libs       - Logging tweaks       - Only check for one file name in library path
8eb10872b 2011-05-27     * CPUID:       - Recognize amd64 as x86       - Only check for one file name in library path       - Log tweaks
d5fd68298 2011-05-27     * Console: Fix router.updateThroughProxy being set to false after saving                change on /configupdate when install dir is read-only.                (ticket #466)
8f861f7ba 2011-05-27 javadoc
efe53c831 2011-05-27 Debian: Since browser launch is disabled within the I2P codebase for the i2psvc user,  removing patch to disable it
0dba0a1d6 2011-05-27 typo fix
89c01696c 2011-05-27 Debian: Remove cruft that remained in debian/rules from the times in which cpuid couldn't be build for i386.
164f060a4 2011-05-27 Debian: Creating a new fourth package by splitting the i2p package in two
e347ee588 2011-05-26 Debian: debian/README.Debian updates to reflect packaging changes
a4ea70b33 2011-05-26 Debian: Move scripts/ to doc/i2p/examples
4433a3db0 2011-05-26 Debian: Install runplain.sh as /usr/bin/i2prouter-nowrapper
e019d3b8d 2011-05-26 Debian: create symlinks in doc/licenses that point to existing licenses in /usr/share/common-licenses
1f497e171 2011-05-26 Debian: Add certificates directory to $I2P
cd8c95451 2011-05-26 Debian: Drop junit from Build-Depends-Indep
d08d5ffd6 2011-05-26 Debian: add debian/copyright to ant clean target
8744eab46 2011-05-26 Debian: drop dynamically created copyright file
5d7e936ae 2011-05-26 Remove legacy standalone i2psnark from package
e786da260 2011-05-26 Remove information from debian/README.Debian that is no longer applicable
b6fab829c 2011-05-25 Debian packaging fixes
150cb3033 2011-05-25 minor NBI tweaks and comments
724d8de9a 2011-05-25 call the 64 bit cpuid, even if we dont use it yet
ddcd8cbb1 2011-05-25 prep for new 32 bit cpus
f5f4f14b7 2011-05-25 Drop libjbigi-linux-k63.so and libjbigi-freebsd-k63.so that were identical to k62 versions; add mapping in NativeBigInteger.
6616ccd3b 2011-05-25 cleanup in prep for more changes
075f89f43 2011-05-25 Update jetty version number--we use version 5.1.15.
9a836ed07 2011-05-25 merge of '0ab9435836f60e748b89344771eea555219e6262'      and '13180c845a0d2cce619be3b9b139295f2ff49ece'
552608744 2011-05-25     * CPUID: If the 64 bit extract worked but the load failed, try 32 bit
2accbdcf0 2011-05-25 Operation close #354 part one of ??:  Make the router console's help pages valid html. We *LOVE* valid HTML.
ab17bd315 2011-05-25 Built using gcc (Debian 4.4.5-8) 4.4.5 in Debian Squeeze within clean chroot jails.
d201a29d0 2011-05-25     * HTTP Proxy: Address helper refactoring, address book add form
c4bbcc461 2011-05-25     * CPUID: Load 64-bit libcpuid if available
82a0ac16f 2011-05-25 increase min floodfills again
27b48034c 2011-05-25 b32 cleanups
641e71c14 2011-05-24 close tags in eepsite help files
4fd8da804 2011-05-24 Fix errors that tests/scripts/checkxml.sh found
68dccdfe2 2011-05-23 try to fix RrdGraph GIF exception
592361b1a 2011-05-23     * Console:       - Disable zh translation in graphs on windows due to font issues       - Fix NPE at startup       - Graph tweaks
6e4df8830 2011-05-23       - Force news refetch after URL change
7ab95d014 2011-05-23 javadoc
4ea562284 2011-05-23 mbuild.sh fixups : add new jcpuid/mbuild.sh, edit jbigi/mbuild-all.sh -- pedantic naming
606300a04 2011-05-22     * GeoIP: Read countries.txt in UTF-8
96cf59869 2011-05-22 javadoc
6b923c725 2011-05-22         Fix build error that omitted local jetty patches from org.mortbay.jetty.jar;         affected 0.8.4 and 0.8.6 installers. Include jar in the updater for the next release.         Thx KYTV.
18e57d19d 2011-05-22 doc update
45f302092 2011-05-21 mbuild.sh document and fixes, mbuild-all.sh add cpu types
d8a3cb0d5 2011-05-21 change build script to GMP 4.3.2
b5dc9b6f5 2011-05-21 Update geoip database and country list
38a6e6b21 2011-05-20 restore old cpuid assembly for x64
627519e69 2011-05-20 disable debug
2f2e0e539 2011-05-20 history for props, -1
e42b78e17 2011-05-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.naming' (head 9626e0df682c8d5f706d2c814158ba451f3ebeb5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a3969e6c9c4fd5bfd69cd716ce0df191ad2af634)
4b19801cd 2011-05-20 try to prevent out-of-order logging at shutdown
3d76354cb 2011-05-20 fixup after prop
e2c98ac13 2011-05-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jrobin159' (head 08df645290d8e156d88930ddaf71b3f3d8af419d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 69c9e6bd0c6894c335f7d9892aa28ac7d6389907)
d4fe76afe 2011-05-20 hide graph link in summary bar when disabled
3352c4551 2011-05-20       - Rewrite cpuid.c so it builds with PIC (source only, binary not updated yet)
0e719b8eb 2011-05-20 fixup after prop
ff520b74d 2011-05-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.libgmp' (head 41a57954f7e78e57f8eb5e30e8ebde7fd75b15dc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d174e772ebd4f3e3eac5c9b5abd7f736c2527eb2)
48bf618ae 2011-05-20 final
d6c1202e4 2011-05-20 summary bar tweak
20452c938 2011-05-20     * Certificate: Fix creation bug; improve router cert generation
64a753116 2011-05-20     * i2ptunnel: Fix server-side stripping of X-Accept-encoding
5ce439ffc 2011-05-19 merge of '97f5690455a3a74e68056739ea7145c8059454c6'      and 'e01e159c9825a36e8e640bb3cf8d0f1200b1be2f'
00f272164 2011-05-19 upd
454a310bb 2011-05-18 make translation more castillian
18952f510 2011-05-18 upd routerconsole messages_fr.po
7377086aa 2011-05-16 0.8.6
9f7cc9d88 2011-05-13 add update host
ffa9ea9cd 2011-05-13 Increase min floodfills; decrease min routerinfo expiration
f9654661b 2011-05-11     * Use partitions of fast tier for various hops of client tunnels; minor cleanups
5ce06d02b 2011-05-06 the rest of -2
c356792d0 2011-05-06     * Tunnels and profiles:       - Increase max fast and high-cap tier sizes       - Slow profile eval cycle after sufficient uptime       - Fix bug which started a new build after a successful build       - Misc. cleanups
90642a8ab 2011-05-05 warning
0ae798d84 2011-05-04 added simple release checklist file
6199e7b74 2011-05-03 oops fix path to newly tagged files
1e9ac05b6 2011-05-02 merge of '83e7567c0dbdabe57c21a0bfdc9d70acbbc71463'      and 'f783d7f664254691074c1542a6d8937731e2b503'
ed338d9cf 2011-05-02 minor tweak to es
a84e6f785 2011-05-02 typos
fe21748b2 2011-04-28 -1
8b184f8c0 2011-04-28 one more zero-length torrent check
5ed22d5c1 2011-04-28 cleanups
525e0b451 2011-04-28 tag peers.jsp UPnP text
e8d94982e 2011-04-28     * Console: Try to prevent cascaded IllegalStateExceptions in .jsp code;       add logging for original error
38db0b0ff 2011-04-28     * UPnP: Strip trailing nulls from incoming XML to prevent       "content not allowed in trailing section" exceptions       from stupid routers
e4a8b9621 2011-04-25 site (plugin)
66ea1c060 2011-04-24 merge of 'aee566a8e2250d2461203b83c7a3434b29f771f9'      and 'f6410ea071e6b154e0c14deea8ef6eaa35cb7faa'
50dabfec8 2011-04-24 typo typo
a8722e033 2011-04-20 tweaks es
1cec98d18 2011-04-20 tweaks es
97bb2d81b 2011-04-18 0.8.5
9c4d107b5 2011-04-16 update de
eaccd029c 2011-04-16 merge of '9f3e70c07e90831996f4a09177d29015e02d03a1'      and 'bfdfec0ecf3dfe56d93ab5835b3c6887743e50ac'
b2c90b063 2011-04-16 update es
1152e117b 2011-04-13 routerconsole: update russian translation
9f3cdeb29 2011-04-11 typo
699bfb398 2011-04-11 typo
069575308 2011-04-11 typo
ef0e9ca36 2011-04-11 typo
3e9e56ed2 2011-04-11 typo
b16cfb9df 2011-04-11 typos
18c343065 2011-04-11 typos
94298c367 2011-04-11 missinfo
a3d22e829 2011-04-11 encore une
63ecc10c5 2011-04-11 typos
937ef0ea4 2011-04-11 typo
428db0227 2011-04-10     * Console: Hide iframe on mobile browsers     * DataHelper: Speed up eq() (Ticket #437)     * HTTPServer: Strip inbound X-Accept-Encoding header     * netdb.jsp: HTML fixes     * Plugins: Log error when console server not found     * Reseed: Log tweak
960f12d66 2011-04-09 final tweaks
aea618061 2011-04-09 final tweaks
3995d2b12 2011-04-09 merge of '3ef57a4333ea11a79d106a471afe2014124dc520'      and '41944e5ee9caea1445633a41c9e0f3474aefea7e'
891f9b2e8 2011-04-09 final tweaks
47efafa72 2011-04-08 changes to es
b19006690 2011-04-08 tweaks es
6acef9008 2011-04-07 final tweak
5b7896d16 2011-04-07 final tweaks after tests
8a74eceac 2011-04-07 final tweaks after tests
a5f576d91 2011-04-07 final tweaks after tests
e0c0f2a35 2011-04-07 final tweaks after tests
1ca63be42 2011-04-07 final tweaks after tests
eaee55e3a 2011-04-07 fix the damned apostrophe and some better translations for other strings
1fbaf24d5 2011-04-07 fix the damned apostrophe
1ada55f01 2011-04-07 add how_fr.png
bcbd5bbda 2011-04-07 fix the damned apostrophe and some typos
2a982a4c4 2011-04-07 fix the damned apostrophe
2061640cb 2011-04-07 fix the damned apostrophe and other typos
a4ff83c0d 2011-04-06 fix the damned apostrophe
e766202a2 2011-04-06 fix in panel: congestion->tasks list
0da9c606f 2011-04-06 remake duck's change
398984009 2011-04-06 remake duck's change
3e00866bd 2011-04-06 remake duck's change
ac3c2bd87 2011-04-06 remake duck's change
281c2f5b5 2011-04-04 tweak
2e9e2e20e 2011-04-04 tweak
ed131f47d 2011-04-04 tweak
853e5ac60 2011-04-04 tweak
1cffcdb67 2011-04-04 ttweak
a9b1603f9 2011-04-04 ttweak
aee08287e 2011-04-04 tweak
131e8f6d6 2011-04-02 translation es update
c8544d016 2011-04-02 merge of '51802b6d77791cf157cb9ef16097495772c68d12'      and '7a7f3283a6a2a69e8ed4df36c0e5a9850c8bb248'
8198e61ac 2011-04-02 tweaks transl8ion desktopgui
b41ed69b0 2011-04-02 Adding Arabic to Transifex
5b2cf8b67 2011-04-01 German translation for DesktopGUI, thanks blabla
5d9116965 2011-04-01 Spanish translations, thanks punkibastardo
07e61d499 2011-04-01 Fix French quoting, add to Transifex
9f010d80f 2011-03-30 checked against console
660ba64ce 2011-03-30 little fixes
29c731d66 2011-03-30 little fixes
df4714e62 2011-03-30 little fixes
a7d604874 2011-03-30 mini tweaks
1a40178e8 2011-03-30 fix
49ac0278f 2011-03-30 redo
4c7431541 2011-03-30 redo
f992a07df 2011-03-30 redo
e62d9dfa4 2011-03-30 more cleanups, clickable logo
6dd7431cc 2011-03-30 message cleanup
7020bfd52 2011-03-30 display cleanups
0fcf13ef7 2011-03-29 * susidns: - IDN toASCII improvements (old bean) - Add 'other' filter - Fix jsp 500s
9e37a5a4a 2011-03-29 * susidns: - Enforce basic rules on host name additions - Split up form - IDN toASCII improvements - Log message improvements
9e4e9c197 2011-03-29 typo
172541a36 2011-03-29 implement delete on details page
9f475c03c 2011-03-29 fix details for published book
fbfffa998 2011-03-29 - SusiDNS cleanups - Logging cleanups
8ea721696 2011-03-29 readme_fr.html
3e5713e47 2011-03-29 readme_fr.html
b7072d48b 2011-03-28 messages_fr.po & readme_fr.html
7feefc049 2011-03-28 readme_fr.html
8ae398d78 2011-03-28 - Isolate span read failures to that span - Don't keep separate count of spans and levels, use BSL HashMap sizes - Fix SkipList counts when read in
a818e84dc 2011-03-28 - Cleanups, logging, checks and javadocs
33780ef35 2011-03-28 - Fix FLB full check - Cache FLB - FLB logging, cleanups, checks
516216730 2011-03-28 readme_fr.html
7a69024fb 2011-03-28 messages_fr.po & readme_fr.html
9fcb20a7b 2011-03-28 - Free unused span continuation pages (big space savings) - Less data copying during on-disk searches
991acd391 2011-03-27 fix level count init
f4905d274 2011-03-27 - Use new UTF8StringBytes - Track number of SkipLevels in a SkipList - More double-checks - Caching cleanups - Cleanups, logging, generics
b7b7283ff 2011-03-27 - Use new UTF8StringBytes - Track number of SkipLevels in a SkipList - More double-checks - Cleanups, logging, generics
22d50dd15 2011-03-27 require router.activePeers stat (ticket #450)
bc231b51b 2011-03-27 - Fix several bugs in removal of first or second span - Fix bugs in flushes - Add magic numbers for free pages and free list - More bounds checking - Lots of checks for double-kill / double-free - Make some freelist errors non-fatal - Cleanups, logging, javadocs, test code
4d1764306 2011-03-27 messages_fr.po
0b510cdc2 2011-03-27 fignolage help_fr & console messages_fr.po
a18827560 2011-03-27 revert trac #450: need enable all stats to enable active & fast peers statsgrphs, text added in help, comments removed
0617ee99c 2011-03-27 Fix: Wrong working dir when running as a Windows service
4fbde3a0b 2011-03-26 better
9911d22ac 2011-03-26 transl
b14c17c88 2011-03-26 add news_fr.xml .... feel free to use for tests or mtn delete
3fe232a53 2011-03-26 typo
52a0ab548 2011-03-26 same for highCap
b3dec96e1 2011-03-26 see trac #450
b639482c4 2011-03-26 tweak
d68e59fb0 2011-03-26 tweak
d97f99123 2011-03-26 fix
cc780c23f 2011-03-26 merge of 'c8e4037205cbf60c898d6f6e7acaf03eec0a04ab'      and 'e596e8b965b583853015d99b62798865654e4806'
a7fceb644 2011-03-26 javadoc
312534b63 2011-03-26 - Change disk format to add magic number to all pages - Change blockfile magic number to reflect new format - Cleanups and javadocs
8f9f102ba 2011-03-26 - Fix several bugs with BSkipLevels persistence - Logging and debug code - New serializers - Cleanups and javadocs
26cc6a26b 2011-03-26 add
bcf9d59c8 2011-03-26 fix
cf7e922dc 2011-03-26 merge of '71dfdcd2d4d32f1ab1d0f8aa795af4e2520362dc'      and '98c75b36461d2528cd3135f43f759440d3183acc'
ba67bb941 2011-03-26 fix
1271e0319 2011-03-25 fix
cdd986c56 2011-03-25 update translation de
ea86b6880 2011-03-25 fix
d47de894a 2011-03-25 fix
109bd978d 2011-03-25 fix
25d2ce65e 2011-03-25 add
07b3ebefc 2011-03-25 '->\'
e255de6f7 2011-03-25 '->\'
76bbc604a 2011-03-25 ?
103bde8a3 2011-03-25 ?
57140d265 2011-03-25 add
f61108bba 2011-03-25 add
05a3738fd 2011-03-25 refilled
ceb631719 2011-03-25 purged
078056f16 2011-03-24 implement last-modified
1adb3d19c 2011-03-24 - Better serializer error handling and logging - Automatic corruption repair in blockfile - Automatic removal of bad entries in BFNS - Use unsigned shorts to extend max lengths to 65535 - Check max length - Throw IOE on negative ints - Tweak fromProperties() exceptions - Fix DataHelper encoding issues (ticket #436) - CSS tweaks
b5cfe00ba 2011-03-24 new
46b2fd274 2011-03-24 new
f1d1a80f4 2011-03-24 new
f3a30276f 2011-03-24 new
a9579cdd8 2011-03-24 new
2d4c3453b 2011-03-24 new
1f58125ee 2011-03-24 new
fb36da766 2011-03-24 new
fa1820786 2011-03-24 new
655d0ad77 2011-03-24 new
009881686 2011-03-24 new
6e08fd614 2011-03-24 after antpoupdate
068072558 2011-03-24 upd
0cb10f9bb 2011-03-24 upd
7751661f3 2011-03-24 basic IDN support
ca5484a98 2011-03-24 - Add details page in susidns - Add source in Daemon - Honor list property in BFNS.lookup()
f7beb5d68 2011-03-24 initial trsl
d6999a332 2011-03-23     * DataHelper:       - Undeprecate fromProperties() and toProperties()       - Undeprecate BOOLEAN_FALSE and BOOLEAN_TRUE       - Fix fromProperties() and toProperties() to correctly throw DataFormatExceptions       - Add sort option       - Efficiency improvements in writeProperties(), toProperties(), storeProps(), and toString()
541ff01fd 2011-03-23 merge of '6467dc867b03e6be51ac21be14d7f8cbdadc2bd2'      and 'b30b38d7e36009a6ffcdbc0c6405a97703d29128'
c85931cbc 2011-03-23 log tweaks
7e0d0e2b0 2011-03-22 - Implement getNames() - Use getNames() for merging to hosts.txt naming services to avoid O(n**2) - Fix naming service selection - Don't merge from master book unless publishing - Add naming service and direct config options
f289be908 2011-03-22 added UNanted susidns messages_fr.po. Please jdk guru initialize, aka antize it so I can translate. I just changed one header line
42e9fd943 2011-03-22 upd snark_fr.po
5dc921429 2011-03-22 - Iterate through eepgetted subscription file instead of loading the whole thing into memory
086bad4b4 2011-03-22 upd messages-fr.po
22d66131f 2011-03-22 upd messages-fr.po
311bb7a4b 2011-03-22 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6467dc867b03e6be51ac21be14d7f8cbdadc2bd2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.naming' (head ed37752523387104764b68a1deaaedb5e707e827)
8b10720b2 2011-03-22 upd messages-fr.po
6f296a6f7 2011-03-22 -8
61590d39e 2011-03-22 merge of '60c5cb17c0406b6e6e547489f9ea8ef3c290e262'      and 'ea425725295fb82fd45d0a93ba521f8695fa88a5'
c7a574fe0 2011-03-22 final
1b2519cfb 2011-03-22     - Improved error handling     - Disable graphs on JVMs that crash
9c02aab4f 2011-03-21 oops remove newline
c89f752cc 2011-03-21 Update Dutch translation for routerconsole
40fd4ccd1 2011-03-21   Stats:     - Refactor handling of required stats     - Shorten description of required stats     - Improve save messages on configstats.jsp     - Change bw.sendBps and bw.receiveBps stats to bytes, not Kbytes     - Expires directive for graphs
4c0a4a229 2011-03-21 Update english routerconsole tags
ddddc686f 2011-03-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 60c5cb17c0406b6e6e547489f9ea8ef3c290e262)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jrobin159' (head 330a4f9652fe5f67e6e9998f5c0a87c7ef163764)
642376b0b 2011-03-21 HTML fixes
3ba9f872e 2011-03-20 fix manifest error
bfb4560dc 2011-03-20 maxMemory() fixes for silly GNU returning Long.MAX_VALUE
fa8f2290a 2011-03-20 set firstHeardAbout; tweak dump order
c0422134f 2011-03-19     * i2psnark: Fix peers stuck at uninteresting after magnet fetch
b11516f75 2011-03-19 remove cache directives
14986fbfa 2011-03-19     * Profiles:       - Nicer profile dump       - More efficient profile lookup for display       - Fix dumpprofile NPE       - Change file suffix from .dat to .txt.gz
34d951aa6 2011-03-19 recognize links as a text browser
f96342d33 2011-03-19 backport equals() fix
5eb6bf1b1 2011-03-19 change i2ptunnel clients to 3 hops for new installs
295e1daa2 2011-03-19 test scripts update
cf0d2197b 2011-03-18 - Persistent option on GUI - Fix HTML errors - Refresh improvements - Fix Rate.equals() bug - More cleanups
79358f427 2011-03-18 notes and tweaks
12f3634f9 2011-03-17 more rows when persistent
033dee021 2011-03-17 - Persistent RRD - Restart line in graphs - Restore zh fonts in graphs
1324eaf05 2011-03-17 cleanups and javadoc
2e5e3b9d4 2011-03-17 better error messages, fix NPE, comment out template handling
ef26accde 2011-03-17 jrobin sha1sum 7d76f5cdec625fd1ce21acc0e46d286fbd6d307f Released 2008-09-05 Downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jrobin/files/jrobin/1.5.9/ License: LGPL 2.1
8461beba1 2011-03-17 1st cut
b93e3dfb5 2011-03-16 cleanups and permissions
5ef1dd87a 2011-03-16 javadoc fix
07860d018 2011-03-16 add b32 links to susidns; add source property for additions via susidns
ce5ce12e3 2011-03-16   * Naming services:     - Refactor caching     - Logging, caching, shutdown cleanup and fixes
02c4bbfc5 2011-03-16 fix filtering
bf613448d 2011-03-16 susidns/hoststxtNS compatibility fixes
5095e8a1d 2011-03-16 naming service shutdown stuff
0352ca3ef 2011-03-15   * Naming service, addressbook, susidns:     - Replace img hack for susidns requesting addressbook update       with registration and request through the NamingService
12c5b9c21 2011-03-15   * Naming services, addressbook, susidns:     - Fix search capability     - Fix result count and view within results     - Fix published address book     - Fix ngettext     - Cache size     - Fix 0-9 filter     - Addressbook updates via API, except for published
be4be9716 2011-03-13 readme tweaks
ac5785c79 2011-03-13 update susimail de translation
e6b24277b 2011-03-13 readme tweaks
dca9f32d3 2011-03-12 Make the actual installation the last step before the "Done" screen
21a3657da 2011-03-12 Add NT service as an installer option on Windows
3f141e72b 2011-03-12 ngettext fixes thx duck
e3a81f609 2011-03-12 Susimail: use ngettext, fix typo (thanks m1xxy)
3ecc38cc9 2011-03-12 -6
b23f278c3 2011-03-12 ngettext cleanups
e47afffd0 2011-03-12     * Console: Fix HTML errors in                configpeer.jsp, configtunnels.jsp, configupdate.jsp
0f91899aa 2011-03-12     * Console: Fix HTML errors in form message box,                logs.jsp, netdb.jsp, profiles.jsp, stats.jsp
8e672ea54 2011-03-12     * LogWriter: Prevent NPE after permissions fail
cfc17d59b 2011-03-12     * BuildHandler: Loop double-check
46e8add16 2011-03-12     * Blocklist: Add bogons since they won't change any more
7f616f20a 2011-03-12 Susimail fix typo
133017d2d 2011-03-12 Susimail translation de
ee6a05860 2011-03-12 merge of '2800e8520ddd9ac3f56053467ccfb76cde381974'      and '5c35adb4725a7a6f8145b1f5ee552729a691706d'
6bbdb4fc0 2011-03-12 merge of 'ca5b19055e887994435b0eb35978484f2489bb6e'      and 'f2d5735e0701a2b5b380f0967281811b26e26de4'
5def26ab9 2011-03-11 Add Susimail to Transifex config
1657f151f 2011-03-11 Update history
a5b55728b 2011-03-11 I18N for susimail, including dutch translation.
8b737b4ad 2011-03-11 static
f4e92572e 2011-03-11 more generics
b048b016a 2011-03-11 generics
41fc9cf4c 2011-03-11 reverseLookup improvements
7edbd3ad0 2011-03-11   * HostsTxtNamingService:     - Add getEntries() and size() support
de815e271 2011-03-10   * Blockfile:     - More query options     - More exception logging     - Fix lookup infinite loop     - Fix lookup NPE   * SusiDNS:     - Refactoring for new NamingService API     - Initial conversion to new NamingService API       (still needs work)     - Fix lots of HTML warnings     - Some Java 5 cleanup
ad24f1438 2011-03-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ca5b19055e887994435b0eb35978484f2489bb6e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.naming' (head e71d7dc813c07bb2b6798ab74099efdfc1754f47)
b6a042647 2011-03-10     * logs.jsp: Fix NPE (ticket #430)
f71dfe50f 2011-03-09     * eepget: Don't set X-Accept-Encoding header (ticket #422)
6b6aaab88 2011-03-09     * configui.jsp: Fix lang setting broken by previous nonce change     * Console: Consolidate nonce handling
8bbcb0b33 2011-03-09 split up form, fix HTML warnings
a1032abc9 2011-03-09 align tables
380c1e505 2011-03-09 efficiently use entropy in padding
21dbee03f 2011-03-08 history for prop
f4ca3976d 2011-03-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 7b50b6c3d48da68078a86a53e55e2c18f55685e8)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ebce577e19b70c281daacc5277f98e9bb2bb9630)
b02fe536b 2011-03-08     * Console:       - Parameterize download button tags (ticket #425)       - Clean up summary bar HTML warnings       - Just display a summary bar link for text browsers       - Move welcome div from the readme files to index.jsp       - Require a nonce to change language
f9b2c0bc6 2011-03-08     * i2psnark:       - More efficient metainfo handling, reduce instantiations       - Improved handling of storage errors       - Improved handling of duplicate file names       - More metainfo sanity checks       - Metadata transfer error handling improvements       - Code cleanup, remove dead and duplicated code
6e607e6bf 2011-03-04 s/bit/bytes
0e854623c 2011-03-04 Last update of Arabic translation
21c65475f 2011-03-03 Update Arabic translation
97c36cc54 2011-03-02 Update Arabic translation of router console
b30e1f5ba 2011-03-02 two more simple test scripts
b2d4a799d 2011-03-02 fix reversions after merge
9030b64dc 2011-03-02 merge of 'ae690eef1560c4b0cbabfd7f75a663bac6b6ee99'      and 'd88d323de60e5ba66e1c96e2d11f91de9029b27d'
cb707785c 2011-03-02     * OutNetMessage: Remove dead code     * Tunnel cleanups, final, javadoc
f938cc7b0 2011-03-02     * BuildHandler:       - Limit request queue size       - Concurrent request queue       - Remove dead code for queued rely handling
28bd1802b 2011-03-02 0.8.4
35a0be6d1 2011-03-01 cleanup/fix console build dependencies
7b2948112 2011-03-01 updates after review
cacd0f898 2011-02-27 merge of '2e344d5a40af5ff5f653e5bb911a2a693430d887'      and '7d56ae866ee2ea98e7bd34a9877f002821b4c407'
f8fffb5d2 2011-02-27 merge of '1128186f23d4c02c548fa9253638806164f51256'      and '4abd29865b0fb8d04e5374f13c7d659c3d6939d4'
9cd0e53d0 2011-02-27 update Arabic translation
b0daab601 2011-02-27 merge of '3e32ba6e66f58b4ac347c39ab58f626c9b917f38'      and 'c68baba7320228bca1a46b463158f09ed6535aea'
291b70036 2011-02-27 explicit merge of 'e6c9327ff1ba8469394ea059c363542418c60e8f'               and '3e32ba6e66f58b4ac347c39ab58f626c9b917f38'
bfad5889a 2011-02-27 update de translation, small change to pt snark by user
bb8736f2c 2011-02-27 drop obsolete docs
a3fb49adc 2011-02-27 add missing files; new API in blockfile NS
21f14ac22 2011-02-27     * Console:       - Fix numerous readme HTML errors       - Fix flag locations in readmes       - desktopgui.enable now defaults to false; run systray if false       - Start icon app before console       - Restore systray form in configservice.jsp       - Only save lang when clicking on flags if desktopgui is running       - Only allow two-letter lang code from cgi parameter
30373bf6d 2011-02-27     * Reseed: Disable HTTPS until we have enough working hosts again
e990d98da 2011-02-27 rollback the readme I commited accidentally to hamada's version. fix flagbox
5beb73991 2011-02-26 fix message
6e84ee836 2011-02-25 Add full Arabic translation of susidns
dedb139fb 2011-02-25 merge of '426f3701e6aff730cff1ccf9bf0812c6b66dc07a'      and 'c11fe68b816f89dba74a19921645984ecb370946'
d7f5f2c3d 2011-02-25 multi-lang support for building is optional
bb7d0287d 2011-02-24     * i2psnark:       - Fix delete and remove buttons for Opera and w3m (thx xiake)       - Stop torrent if no valid trackers       - Fix war build dependencies
f8e647796 2011-02-24 Add Arabic translation of i2psnark
fde783b15 2011-02-24 Fixed router console flag problem
f03064ac7 2011-02-23     * BuildHandler: Cleanups and loop checks
7bf8b4604 2011-02-23 fix html error
6789df50f 2011-02-23 lower the max limit
f0eb74eeb 2011-02-23 merge of '0cc0ed981fc84e39ef190f1540ab82ca067e4c3e'      and '2581256cd4f76cdfe7499610c52b41f6450d88a4'
da4109611 2011-02-23 Added susidns arabic and removed french entry from Arabic translation file
61f6ecd72 2011-02-23 merge of '8defd07dc628523d87035c507798143df23f7c39'      and 'dbd17e12f35cee94207abc66c7b10c9741fadb9b'
102d9183d 2011-02-23 desktopgui: update russian translation
c269546c0 2011-02-22 stub out new API, needs testing
79c68c563 2011-02-22     * BuildHandler: Prelmiinary participating tunnel throttler
4967f8de3 2011-02-22       - Add spellcheck=false to textareas
99f3969b5 2011-02-22       - Fix HTML error in server-side 503 error page
d131c4bfe 2011-02-22 merge of '77b7b8bdb82c499d69c7c8fae6d87b6824bc97d1'      and 'b39e8584ce620f381c8b887e7644ff1f08f0510c'
e93a3ed90 2011-02-22 Used Arabic language flag as requested and fixed language name
bfb74f718 2011-02-22 reveal the secret protable target
9b77f5e81 2011-02-22 Fixed translation bug and updated routerconsole Arabic translation
36cbae2d7 2011-02-22 merge of '13ca0f2216adf3e66f114ceb036d6b9c296a1619'      and '659ccd1cc2f49106cdea175ce29c0542e5fd94e7'
632f34e11 2011-02-22 Fixed my translation bug in proxy files
bb31be231 2011-02-22 Add Arabic flag and fixed display problem of the language list in router console
258c26060 2011-02-21 fix SkipIterator
0c1bbb349 2011-02-21 Cancel and OK should work every time now (before, they only worked if the mouse did not move while clicking).
2dca305c3 2011-02-21 revert the half finished translation that's accidentally commited. (pls rename before commit next time)
8af15e01a 2011-02-21 translation update fix readme <div>
93be3cbdd 2011-02-20 Update Dutch translation
ce103d58a 2011-02-20 Update english labels
b406c6c51 2011-02-20 Fixed tests for i2ptunnel.
50e22b614 2011-02-20 merge of 'af76c48b3494f94a988fd96021bc5855e50d7e84'      and 'cdbfd85082605354db8dc98dee56d49ad42994ba'
7c3af2cdd 2011-02-19     * Plugins: Fix signature verification if router.config specifies                trustedUpdateKeys (ticket #416)
fbe3a488e 2011-02-19 routerconsole: update russian translation
fde7b21ca 2011-02-19     * I2PTunnel: Fix standalone server tunnels                  http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=5376
72692840a 2011-02-19 merge of '37c901026218772a834490f3a1f7b4f3f97f8540'      and 'e0bd7f50374a8accafb4dfa872318cff7fc59d12'
edb976bce 2011-02-19 minor
3d30e142c 2011-02-18 fix LogSettingsTest hang on fail
aaf2fe994 2011-02-18 -14
d4fce3b98 2011-02-18 merge of '2695182df34f8500e1b5d93d7337a46b8a4656f4'      and '2ef560b013d5341eefa6cee116c1f6d06161e9b1'
bd28397f8 2011-02-17 fix LogSettingsTest
0c7b9a137 2011-02-17 merge of '0a27a0cd7dd97fb82efc3aca6f06794769a50365'      and '0b536ca980b0338b2088c0586e9009d64ca138c9'
f9b2c7716 2011-02-17 fix RateTest; includeAntRuntime=true for router tests
6885f9674 2011-02-17 Arabic translation of error messages
ef50c122f 2011-02-17 Added the option to disable desktopgui.
6c7e913d5 2011-02-17 fixed formatting
b208295cd 2011-02-17 fix ant test thx welt
5027b6ce3 2011-02-17     * i2ptunnel: outproxy2 -> outproxyng (Ticket #394 take 2)
d59e3f920 2011-02-17 - Add Arabic
fd91927c1 2011-02-17     * Build:       - Add includeAntRuntime=false to all javac targets       - Add build date, mtn rev, and changed file list to all manifests       - Add unless=uptodate to all jar and war targets         (bob and dtg still todo)
a3d466eea 2011-02-17 merge of '3455cef3331839269d5b10fa09f5ce185042060b'      and 'e69eca8c91b11f3dce6b6bbaa98db4d7f657045c'
bec1b4a8e 2011-02-17 merge of '2640744244f35bbe1cfa2738209238b69696c3aa'      and 'a9276b7c162ada9a117bde0a54aa4da8fdc05773'
84990d9d4 2011-02-17 minor changes
e1b40d492 2011-02-16 Add Arabic version of readme and initialNews
8a71ab444 2011-02-16 Added Arabic l10n for router console
ecadbba98 2011-02-15 Add russian desktopgui to Transifex config
d468a3a8e 2011-02-15 i2psnark: update russian translation
e22746474 2011-02-15 merge of '2f361aff8dd74139e94c6f92e575638347b28b0a'      and 'c095a7e88a112095206c8abb3db82789c620a5e4'
6c61b39f6 2011-02-15 desktopgui: add russian translation
ce634d4f4 2011-02-15 i2psnark: update russian translation
3d1312d16 2011-02-15 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
e75d0b765 2011-02-15 routerconsole: update russian translation
4d59570df 2011-02-15     * Timers: Log cleanup
8fa49968e 2011-02-15     * i2psnark: Details link shuffle, mostly restore 0.8.3 behavior
eb7e1d24c 2011-02-15     * Profiles: Punish rejections more, in an attempt to spread the                 load more through the network
c1d7182b0 2011-02-15 swap constructor param order
81411601d 2011-02-15 merge of '36411afd84e961f271fd1d09a2d7f227f633af4c'      and 'a441ad8880324b5e5e9deb63487986976daf06a8'
b2433d0e5 2011-02-15 properly deprecate stuff
2c6984ab9 2011-02-14 even more tests
c91d2bf27 2011-02-14 minor adjustments to RouterAddress testcase
4c1f3a314 2011-02-14 exclude test classes from coverage
a6686cbed 2011-02-14 Fix headless issue without reboot.
581cd7203 2011-02-14 merge of '0d9093cdc66fad9b4827931caa079ad00f2a76f7'      and '8aecdabbd225a6ea26a3c20725aeabfedf2dbe1d'
271f330cd 2011-02-14 add another totally useful test
33701195b 2011-02-14 minor changes to some tests
289c7d6c3 2011-02-13 merge of 'b5d2a1759a243f1d66cec0bc09016324eb6e0286'      and 'dae0a00fe84fa6972a8c42237b2b57ec8e4d689d'
d15f682b1 2011-02-13 #348 i2psnark french typo
854998832 2011-02-13     * NetDB: Prevent ExpireLeaseJob NPE (thanks sponge)
38bfca1d6 2011-02-13     * GeoIP: Prevent startup NPE (ticket #413, thanks RN)
1f702f1eb 2011-02-13     * JobQueue: Prevet NPE at shutdown (thanks liberty)
41d817734 2011-02-13     * Connect Client: Minor NPE fix cleanup
2e8413493 2011-02-13 Update Dutch translations
a75b2ccf1 2011-02-13 Don't create an english bundle. Add missing desktopgui dependency.
0fef251ef 2011-02-13 Transifex translation configuration Project URL: http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/I2P/ This is an evaluation of using this open translation platform.
5e96b8628 2011-02-13 Add source language (English)
3c7aa6fca 2011-02-13 Add missing plural forms for Dutch and French I2PSnark translation files. Use the real apostrophe (single quote) character U+2019 to resolve msgfmt -c errors.
6aaa6cd95 2011-02-12 just spoted something that went really wrong
50cb4074d 2011-02-12 changed to utf8
8781f8982 2011-02-12 update translation
93010923f 2011-02-12 minor wording
bf6b81f85 2011-02-12 translation fix
1d1472c1e 2011-02-12 merge of '47f3a51a7017f1141b9ba7ea01faa1e621324955'      and 'fab379ac654f8f643b8b29203a50cb68c76c181b'
93045c2a8 2011-02-12 make windoz msg bundling suck less
2d260a80f 2011-02-12 fix msgbundle under windows
f11a54323 2011-02-11     * Clock: Cleanups and javadocs     * EepGet: Cleanups and javadocs     * Reseed: Use the reseeder as a clock source
f97402b14 2011-02-11 merge of 'a6e9aa4eede6931f8bd627a7b6feb3902c8b5113'      and 'd8b436ffeb6b54ba576de5b3caea5f713efdedee'
447156734 2011-02-11 Fixed headless issue, added -8.
dd2c5067a 2011-02-11 I2PTunnel: fix my own stupid bug in I2PTunnelConnectClient
8ec3e58e2 2011-02-11 I2PTunnel: fix NPE in I2PTunnelConnectClient
1ad005ec6 2011-02-10 Minor spelling corrections in comments, no new code.
8d15bb4a3 2011-02-10 I2CP: fix NPE in QueuedClientConnectionRunner
d8cff6c3e 2011-02-10 merge of '710537602a9f16aa4235ee5d50f9062658827469'      and 'ebeebe3477f791c404683923ccfaf075de781391'
b43faceba 2011-02-10 merge of '484cb64d4b1b58d9f8ecb38e7502a128e18c030b'      and '9f73ccf73ff6b692ea790e91358cbd23bf8ac992'
ae9c16073 2011-02-10     * i2psnark:       - Improved magnet link parsing, use tr parameter if present
03bc4fc13 2011-02-10 change shared client default to false for newly created clients
29028342b 2011-02-10 Extra test to check if headers with the same key are maintained.
e68fbc024 2011-02-10 remove debug nulling, was causing NPE at session close
fc38d54bc 2011-02-10     * I2CP: Correctly close internal connections on the router side             when closed by the client, was causing massive memory leak             for internal clients using lots of sessions (thanks sponge)
5eb511b0b 2011-02-10     * Streaming: Don't use iter.remove() on a COWAS
59a16cb68 2011-02-10 tweak
2db136b42 2011-02-10 * minor revise on some wording. * updated translation.
c8866bebc 2011-02-10 Added tests to fix HTTPTunnelServer header fix.
99ebad303 2011-02-09 BOB config fix, I2CP fix some leaks, see history.txt for details
467de344b 2011-02-09 * fix typo in bat script * fix build script poupdate target on windows * change messages_nl.po's encoding to UTF-8 (desktopUI) * add message_zh.po for desktopUI - POs not translated yet, just updated
c2871e151 2011-02-09 Use multimap instead of map, to allow multiple headers with the same key.
ad3342aef 2011-02-08 exception cleanup
54fdfd823 2011-02-08     - Drop deprecated NamingServices     - Add caching and b32 support to DummyNamingService     - BlockfileNamingService Cleanups
ba9c7015f 2011-02-08 blockfile naming service
208db9a67 2011-02-08 initial blockfile mods
7f10a6780 2011-02-08 BlockFile as downloaded
3f3385fdd 2011-02-07 message tweak
6c1f5dd5a 2011-02-07     * i2psnark:       - Check for dup magnet torrent when adding torrent file       - Add exotrack.i2p (ticket #403)       - Disable spellcheck in textarea
86e663b2b 2011-02-07     * i2ptunnel: Generate error message when i2ptunnel.config save fails (ticket #404)
33c5e14f9 2011-02-07 fix SessionEncryptionTest
7c0e82fa4 2011-02-07 merge of '5bf3578b311b1d7c5fb2c2dec8dd60e414a7c983'      and '8b3e48e1cca08c942ee3ab576b77af9e2f1a585a'
005fe48e1 2011-02-07 merge of '1826c4597d79220a8ad045a63055ac6e75b8a545'      and '6d9e17c19dd9ab91772e21a74fdfe371037b7717'
dcacfb281 2011-02-07 increase maxmemory when running junit tests, directly write reports to reports directory instead of moving them later
6c8cacfaa 2011-02-06 updated some core tests to cope with the recent datastructure changes
9bf90c54e 2011-02-06 removed broken duplicated test
f9d43a8a5 2011-02-06     * i2psnark: Fix maggot links, and magnet links with trailing parameters (thx user)
d8080278b 2011-02-06 initial DHT code, needs work
c38d72d17 2011-02-05     * i2ptunnel:       - IRCClient: Use tunnel log instance       - Server: Full queue log tweak
b08efb670 2011-02-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 2e0aa840a2872848da7e91b53396aa8584cdf122)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 00bac2c43b65761ddcdf22effe769c8e25da4929)
6a54aa7e4 2011-02-05 cleanups
e398c036a 2011-02-05 outproxy2
6b852afe1 2011-02-05 new ignore file; drop build dir
121c81726 2011-02-04 Fix for headless.
c979d65ee 2011-02-03       - Add UTF-8 test script       - Fix non-UTF-8 comment in Jetty source File
b502fd0e9 2011-02-03 merge of '3bd1963d77675d6b8db1e811e37bf7671f602040'      and 'baffe70898c078da88fedac8e7d10e5301d8b25e'
b8ab14b7d 2011-02-03     * Build:       - Remove dup flag files (ticket #316)       - Remove BOB dependency on i2ptunnel
041e19447 2011-02-03     * Reseed: Limit time spent downloading from a single source
ee6730fda 2011-02-03     * RandomSource: Fix seeding from /dev/urandom
db9342159 2011-02-03     * I2PTunnel: Fix NPE
9257cbb0e 2011-02-03     * Console: Add DTG to classpath for old installs
daac11d2d 2011-02-03 simplify code(and deduplicate)
85d5a8542 2011-02-03 replaced clover with opensource alternative
fa6e60da8 2011-02-02 merge of '54d4dff4f475a95dfa8e7c7878c5e6321036b988'      and 'c8ddd603cd6b832a3d5320ada590613a7b2e5c34'
004d7874c 2011-02-02 Core tests build fix.
051fdb2f2 2011-02-02 history.txt
ddc895358 2011-02-02 Revise lookup code
4dc686736 2011-02-01 Removed http reseed destination b.netdb.i2p2.de and replaced it with forum.i2p2.de/netdb/
0ccbe818c 2011-01-31 Added https://forum.i2p2.de/netdb/ to the list of ssl reseeder urls
be9225333 2011-01-31  Added public ssl cert for forum.i2p2.de so we can use it as a secure netdb resource (http://forum.i2p2.de/netdb/)
97f93c64e 2011-01-31 Fix context properties initialization; history for test4 prop, -1
e721ddd3a 2011-01-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 592b7d2b980e8cba19167fa064f25251296ed8bb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0ba672eaca7076092389d2277dba231fdd34423b)
07b2e3e09 2011-01-31 merge of '5f4e1d5a5191ff6bd9063e019fc2b2be471e5e39'      and '86fb452a9d8592dad08f34af6d6517f6e18e3af8'
71dcbec10 2011-01-31 disapproval of revisions 'a74d2ef75dd2d96cca222c96b5f51154a536ac25'..'dbe319d674d6a6a53491762262978f53caaaa58a'
37fc44867 2011-01-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head dbe319d674d6a6a53491762262978f53caaaa58a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head fced1e04334ef1c18bc6ae8a31984e627310b14c)
a440358e6 2011-01-26 merge of '48e0ea7fd7688afa736e2ea34205af6f8b4449c0'      and '7d28abec87645e7ef5c5bbbc1120f1ab862842ae'
89e0e6638 2011-01-25 I2PTunnel: Update h2ik proxy details.
232ba5612 2011-01-25 Whitespace cleanup, while we're not yet merged into trunk yet.
fa1571045 2011-01-25 Console: light theme: restore truant dropshadow to h1 class.
fbac92831 2011-01-24 Console: revert light theme regressions.
656670919 2011-01-24 0.8.3
bf99b04e0 2011-01-24 cleanups after review, ticket 390
cf1cf9e73 2011-01-22 New trayicon image (thanks, dr|z3d).
4191eb98b 2011-01-22 Dutch translation updated (thanks KwukDuck)
1eec4484f 2011-01-22 Light consistency tweak.
dc0c97c0a 2011-01-22 Multifarious light tweaks.
a71372c67 2011-01-22 TUnnel Manager: light button consistency fix.
cb2ce5ea2 2011-01-22 Classic adjustment.
b3f802539 2011-01-22 TUnnel Manager light festooneries.
809bb59c9 2011-01-22 Tunnel Manager light tweaks.
f046eb79b 2011-01-21 javadoc
6981db4fa 2011-01-21 comment out main()
e924052fd 2011-01-21 final
9ee8e045b 2011-01-21 small optimization in TunnelID
b80c0546a 2011-01-21 standard socket cleanups
d2adbfdf2 2011-01-21 dont spec thread pool name, to prevent sharing
61456ba57 2011-01-21 merge of '02fcc2f7749bae7a3ec47e06df2e87b744f859d9'      and '2a04fb3507bc56975b251f740976304cb2801283'
d05b02de1 2011-01-21 Light Chinese finessing.
a4d270fa6 2011-01-21 Light consistency tweaks.
a946af721 2011-01-21 Light tabulatory tweaks.
568f24299 2011-01-21 i2ptunnel: remove dup in russian translation
9338196c3 2011-01-20 Update Dutch translations
587dd3041 2011-01-20 - Added version check needed before starting desktopgui. - Added correct 'stop I2P' functionality in desktopgui.
90fc3b0e5 2011-01-20 fix XML comment-in-comment thx KillYourTV
4c8493024 2011-01-20 adjust eepsite thread limits
08de93e7e 2011-01-20 Light relief.
96593c728 2011-01-20 Light spice.
471ddaa20 2011-01-20 Light chinese bite.
17946fbfa 2011-01-20 Light tweak, consistency fix.
22108f2c5 2011-01-19 Light tweak.
2a7bb5b55 2011-01-19 Midnight and light cleanups/tweaks.
da2f4cb91 2011-01-19     * Console: Put all socket handlers in same thread pool,                set min/max threads and idle timeout
653abbcc7 2011-01-19 transport cleanups: final, init, pkg private
84d86834b 2011-01-19 Added desktopgui to installation, updater and startup.
8da1e9022 2011-01-19     * RouterContext: Clean up clock overrides     * PeerManager: Make calculators static, take out of router context
0d52399b1 2011-01-19 tweak
96de505b5 2011-01-19 OCMOSJ: dont send an already-expired msg
7b9f98721 2011-01-19 cleanups - final, init, pkg private
7538766c8 2011-01-19 DBF/DHS cleanups and speedups
7a7889b59 2011-01-19 clean up OCMOSJ init
08d24b059 2011-01-18 remove nativeDoubleValue(), update jbigi README
ae00ec5dd 2011-01-17 routerconsole: update russian translation
f9384d627 2011-01-17 readme_ru.html: fix link to anchor
bbb731af6 2011-01-17 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
2ea05f01e 2011-01-17 Fix typo
99405b7df 2011-01-17 readme_ru.html: sync with english version
5a1027c5e 2011-01-16     * UPnP:       - Change all log errors to warns (tickets #76, #95, #120)       - Double socket soTimeout to 2 seconds
0ed88c568 2011-01-16     * UDP: Prevent rare startup NPE
32b817f9b 2011-01-16 allow editing of console args
04d04d016 2011-01-15 add some HTTP headers in the view servlets
d4a717e6b 2011-01-15 Console themes: Fix for http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/359
394dd3cd5 2011-01-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head dc55b0e10a8da0fb3b9571a30bee6d96d2b1b271)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head b246a3f2df80018875eafca6be6d5d2096c804fd)
f7df15fd5 2011-01-15 Light tweaks.
29dfa77bc 2011-01-15 Tunnelmanager light finesse.
02fbd7f9d 2011-01-15 Light touch.
c453dd0e3 2011-01-15 Console/tunnelmanager: light theme adulteration.
f679ef250 2011-01-14 stub out flags support in I2CP SMES
8b8a3a4a6 2011-01-14 Light tweaks.
8b664fe2a 2011-01-14 merge of '0c3129e1443b3c155a4e5e06e008fa40a89776a3'      and 'fe23acdcae4f7bace1f6ceb4823a13271fe37207'
50a6a8170 2011-01-14 Light tweaks.
9944dc069 2011-01-14 Console: light theme, borderline tweak.
65387def1 2011-01-14 Light relief.
19f1f7c38 2011-01-14 Console: Enhanced support for webkit/opera in light theme.
c36aaa62b 2011-01-13 Readme (eng): decombobulation.
dc120847e 2011-01-13 Readme (en): Clarify "rejecting tunnels".
1aea5b3de 2011-01-13 Additional light tweaks.
9ea41b6e6 2011-01-13 More light tweaks.
4a85f30bf 2011-01-13 Light tweaks.
c1c4e50b5 2011-01-13 - Finish PEX send/rcv - Disable KRPC - Shorten tracker string
461e3b65f 2011-01-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 7c43589775312e84d2fed75f07f03e11b1608bc4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 92f01c300d8392f0bb53715b44db8d0d7fb114a4)
c92a8851b 2011-01-13 whoops 2 un-singletons
b55bfd034 2011-01-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 1b67209a056b1c17df560e857ee8b114a59254a3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 463d86d9ccc9ed8c2faa79f2cf959effa8f92089)
65c618647 2011-01-13 Cleanups: Collections.singleton(), COWAS - includes ticket #388
c4445143f 2011-01-13 merge of '6100fa1118decc83a309c2ccf8d128db2e9c2ef8'      and 'd804fb6b50abf7968a0198674912906c60ec9ff0'
9e2c06346 2011-01-13 Console:  tunnelmanager a:link color consistency fix.
4dd78ed31 2011-01-12 merge of '9d97a97ab57669b6ed2c246c966df9d4afcda899'      and 'bc18ab31728be1d004b18d113343c50f25f0a678'
330f1f341 2011-01-12 Fixes to Atom identification.
b4e0fe121 2011-01-12 dont update globals until end of storage check
79bd5f1c1 2011-01-12 fix log init problem
1ad1883d5 2011-01-12 fix hashCode
4c1050b93 2011-01-12     * Router:       - Add new RandomIterator, use in UDP, peer selector,         profile organizer       - Add a stat to monitor peer selector run time
4b85c5690 2011-01-12 Console themes: fix news headings.
dfcb81c32 2011-01-11 use context random()
7289c8917 2011-01-11 merge of '52a34b607bb02c92ab1dac1ef16a3ce64462e39e'      and 'e6920b673f432050c4d56a74a2ff2074a2959e6a'
c6a2e99a0 2011-01-11 Added Intel Atom as (pentium3) as prescribed by the libgmp configure scripts.
1757a2cc0 2011-01-11 merge of '4e478ff8494e308808d6df2c47e368ac3aeb61aa'      and '51ae655150adb03f61e4ead408e1e7d827661dc7'
181198908 2011-01-11 unbundle jbigi.jar, create at build time
1ae6c2859 2011-01-10 Don't expire outgoing piece messages, since we no longer prefetch the data
6670209cb 2011-01-10 i2psnark:   - Update session options when max bandwidth changes   - BufferedStream cleanup and comments   - torrent name display tweak   - findbugs
537148100 2011-01-10 - Shutdown change in desktopgui. - Brainstorming about the best way to make desktopgui autostart in I2P.
c29d0917e 2011-01-10 findbugs tunnel
e4bb053a6 2011-01-10 findbugs netdb
f15ad2348 2011-01-10 findbugs, use context random()
0c5d88d23 2011-01-10 findbugs router, router/client
f68c09522 2011-01-10 findbugs util (includes ticket #370)
2a8526325 2011-01-10 findbugs udp
b963e2a85 2011-01-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1b82a3bfd792b71321bcbd8f3b8344664db2dc45)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head 4e485a19a83a3e30425e1b1a03836f35fa4ebb50)
a51ae64e4 2011-01-09 build tweak
fd4e4fbc6 2011-01-09     * Data Structures: More caching improvements, don't cache where we shouldn't
9a63be8f6 2011-01-09     * NetDB: Don't rescan netDb directory unless changed,              to reduce Hash cache thrash (backport from test4)
212c87ffd 2011-01-09     * DataHelper: Speed up and annotate sortStructures()     * RouterInfo:       - Don't cache byteified data by default, to save ~1.5 MB       - Don't create empty peers Set, to save ~100KB
16509e592 2011-01-08 Better comments
4c172760c 2011-01-08 Corrected some identification code.
7330e5fef 2011-01-08 Added support for new Intel family/model names. Added proper support for using Core2 machines as P4. Added support for identifying SSE 3/4.1/4.2/4A support on CPU.
7710b22cf 2011-01-07 Moved I2PProperties callback to the RouterContext.
6cfb2baad 2011-01-07 -9
158063658 2011-01-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 8dcdde2b4d8eec6e6832866f70995392b52aa23d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head fb155ffe63e76eaa33cd79c9604a555b11a27989)
0e1d97877 2011-01-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 687bab4d9de8e6686e2734069dfb72f6f2134124)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 9580436bb581971920ea96e58861142c546c861b)
3870924fb 2011-01-07     * i2psnark: Improve request tracking to reduce memory usage
087c7b86d 2011-01-07 findbugs core,client,crypto,data,stat,i2np
012905106 2011-01-06     * Reseed, peermanager, transport, ntcp, udp, tunnel, tunnel pool       - Findbugs       - Replace "ghetto" mark/reset       - Remove dead code in TrivialPreprocessor       - More efficient UDP peer sort       - finals
a087c82db 2011-01-06 cleanups
a692ab42f 2011-01-06 add missing hashCode()
05a290cdd 2011-01-06 more caching
3867e6144 2011-01-06 simple cleanups and final
f8a2befbc 2011-01-06 add getProperties()
9bbcdadd0 2011-01-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 915df7d6afddd7473a7db7fd1f499d350611db62)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 4c10a9396745b20a517c9822cf1454aca752ea94)
ea29c961e 2011-01-05 log tweak
4005bd680 2011-01-05 reseed form button tweak
e826ce723 2011-01-05     * i2psnark: Refactor request tracking to prevent possible deadlocks
226cb7fdb 2011-01-05     * Streaming:       - Add new real sockets for easier porting of apps.         See http://zzz.i2p/topics/792 for info.         Untested.       - de-SpongeCase       - Javadoc
6822bf797 2011-01-05 findbugs high-rank issues
e2c3ea3ff 2011-01-05 log tweak thx ech
2e51577f3 2011-01-04 fix up findbugs target
976544bd1 2011-01-04 stub out PEX
9b0c42ca6 2011-01-03 - Added support for on-the-fly routerconsole.lang changes to desktopgui and routerconsole (routerconsole now commits changes to the I2PAppContext). - Added desktopgui support for detecting if it's running in the same JVM as I2P (without commandline arguments).
2a6c763c3 2011-01-03 Added support for callbacks when changes in I2PAppContext properties occur.
3305f1790 2011-01-03 details page for single-file torrents
8d59fd1cb 2011-01-03 some more defines
532c9d3fc 2011-01-03     * I2CP:       - Add experimental bandwidth limiter       - Add I2PSession API method to update tunnel and bandwidth         configuration on an existing session       - Filter more system properties before passing them to the router
1a3b0d381 2011-01-03     * I2PAppContext: New getProperties() method     * i2ptunnel:       - Use context properties as defaults
b92ba5edb 2011-01-03 concretization in lang=es
aeb1d4065 2011-01-03 minor tweaks and accomodation in lang=es
bb39d8c6f 2011-01-02 disable spell check in textareas
bb74bc33d 2011-01-02 fix bw limits handling in standard session
af90121b4 2011-01-02 cache tweak
f015ce1f0 2011-01-02 log tweak
378490886 2011-01-02     * NetDB, DatabaseeStoreMessage:       - Convert everything from DataStructure to the         new DatabaseEntry superclass       - Optimizations made possible by DatabaseEntry       - Don't rescan netDb directory unless changed
785d18467 2011-01-02 corerection on eespite de
ca5ed9d1b 2011-01-02 merge of '36bd43007b45f4b59b1dc14a2cb02b06c9e7fa84'      and '82c6b46d2891bdaf3043f85ea25fd9f3bf5ab3e5'
8fdc4bc9b 2011-01-02 routerconsole de add ;
7d2bbaad9 2011-01-02 actualizar -> actualización
0eebfbacd 2011-01-01 generics
4d4bfa00b 2011-01-01 add dht stub
ffcff54c9 2010-12-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 36bd43007b45f4b59b1dc14a2cb02b06c9e7fa84)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 2960be09b366cb629d254d72f0654ff9ecc0133b)
ed8197f6d 2010-12-31     * Data Structures: More caching and cleanups
e0f77731c 2010-12-31 generics
3b51f420c 2010-12-31 better logging
cd1ed6390 2010-12-31 javadoc
a64d0a54b 2010-12-31     * Datagram Dissector: Fix RuntimeException caused by reuse,                           preventing iMule from connecting on UDP                           (thanks devzero)
1b74b49e0 2010-12-31 remove missing img
95cf30652 2010-12-31     * i2psnark: Send cache directive for in-war icons
a18197dbd 2010-12-31       - Add console request logging, enable with routerconsole.log=filename
dcb9d3811 2010-12-31       - Make theme files and history.txt return 403 on error,         not 500, to avoid the new error page
544563672 2010-12-31       - Link to full history.txt on help page
0de6c932f 2010-12-31     * OCMOSJ: Refactor cache keys for efficiency
ba8c8aa90 2010-12-31 merge of '21a58b4579e454d8f04032726ab182a3176653da'      and 'a1a6a2d409864f97efb7af374431e7214c5a7976'
f9cc72e89 2010-12-31 tweaks
751134f5d 2010-12-31 merge of '6ac923b4b6f858e909094ff3d0fbfbbfba7ff9d4'      and '8b279c27b4d263a1c9cc02ab7fe2e448e652f469'
4025a5752 2010-12-31 grammar fix
bad27e648 2010-12-31 fix typo
5a4af0eeb 2010-12-30 fixup after prop
5ee08c4b9 2010-12-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8b279c27b4d263a1c9cc02ab7fe2e448e652f469)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 0ce68fac84f881ae27f66c7552bd21d24afaba6f)
8ab189256 2010-12-30 history for prop, -5
6ec1772c8 2010-12-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 544002db2f75a06bbd19571f24692055c41b3290)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 18c56774615023acadd46474b890350cd02a08c9)
08a3165c4 2010-12-30     * Data Structures:       - New SDSCache for SimpleDataStructures       - New SimpleByteCache for byte[]       - Cache Hash, PublicKey, and SigningPublicKey       - Remove global lock in ByteCache
5d6edad9d 2010-12-30     * I2CP:       - Include the Hash in the DestReplyMessage on a failed lookup         so the client may correlate replies         (file omitted from previous checkin)
01f9be462 2010-12-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 764616dd0b3539990a05edb329ece0afd35261cb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 871752bfdd3d262d0fde193cf787e2705418936a)
5615b1302 2010-12-30 Fix buttons on Firefox 4.0b
cc4158a7e 2010-12-30     * i2ptunnel:       - Use dropdown box to select interface for clients       - Warn on index page if required fields not set
80ee0a3b5 2010-12-29 merge of '4db34be5448beb1eab5ca54e2e417437a591d8e4'      and '6f964a29ceb436cab5b25b2a74cc225a8e53e88b'
f21b079e2 2010-12-29 mods to pt
8a4745a46 2010-12-29 merge of 'af0d307e46e94ee1a32100b7ba28e243e8f82e74'      and 'e23be5b3f87b826c3e0d02aa479df283ad906489'
7bd978e56 2010-12-29 Fix typo
563e1f97e 2010-12-29     * DSAEngine: Restore variants of methods using a Hash argument,                  required by Syndie, removed in 0.8.1
fc589db9b 2010-12-29 fix validation errors
3309b5340 2010-12-29 fix validation errors
a61183303 2010-12-29 add configreseed page
cd58dfdf9 2010-12-29 add 500 error page
45f3a35fa 2010-12-29       - Add StartCom CA cert required for www.i2pbote.net
9919a4143 2010-12-28 fix a typo spotted by user
01b67acfa 2010-12-28 - Catch OOM when creating torrent (tickets #364 and #366) - Fix changing 'use open trackers' config setting (old bug) - More TrackerClient fixes for no primary announce - More BEValue.toString() improvements for debugging
42ea77df7 2010-12-28 minor translation updates
2ae91a980 2010-12-27 listing info tweaks
71043c41f 2010-12-27 - Hide I2CP settings when in router context - Better BEValue.toString()
ab4a5d15a 2010-12-27 history for prop, -2
f225c1cca 2010-12-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 56ba5c9f8d0779f91259df05b7be0826fe08cd84)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0ba2cc80363f5c7086bce7a43f43a9b095ed2d9e)
6ee162002 2010-12-27 fix console jetty temp file names when in ssl-only mode
fefcb6c2c 2010-12-26 prevent leak after exception
cdcbc8024 2010-12-26 Addresses cleanup
965b2611b 2010-12-26 Evolve, document how the URI path fix works. Fix 302 redirects so they URL encode properly. bump to -1
bebd6b202 2010-12-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head cd6f8d7166795ee12ac0b24b7e0e26fb2e404151)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 1dfd7ad10e6b9ec23db5722a5a024a96659c57a3)
443abce64 2010-12-26     * I2CP:       - Move BWLimits and DestLookup message support from         I2PSimpleSession to I2PSessionImpl       - Include the Hash in the DestReplyMessage on a failed lookup         so the client may correlate replies       - Add support for parallel lookups and BWLimits requests       - Add support for specifying the timeout for DestLookups         (can only be smaller than the router timeout for now)       - Extend dest lookup router timeout from 10s to 15s
923c3d8b4 2010-12-26 Fix 302 redirect so that it encodes the URI path properly.
925f9d0a2 2010-12-26 Add virgin ResourceHandler.java file
49b11bb49 2010-12-26 refactor Addresses
5d494ba89 2010-12-26 Move Addresses class from router to core so we can use it in i2ptunnel
7e229ccea 2010-12-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head bf9ef6aabb549475a41e936e7074ef625ab194e0)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dhtsnark' (head 0a6fe29cd1c9fc357ad2c973be4f1a2a752b52b7)
cd0d062fc 2010-12-26 Fix last piece length calculation for torrents > 2GB (ticket #361)
b3d1a7614 2010-12-26 Prep for caching by making SimpleDataStructures immutable after data has been set.
824d5a0d3 2010-12-26 javadocs
34973371a 2010-12-26     * Update:       - Change the UpdateHandler to try all sources in a loop, rather than one,         so the user need not retry manually       - For each source, fetch the first 56 bytes and check the version         before downloading the whole thing, so we need not wait for every         host to have the latest before updating the news.
7ee7cbf66 2010-12-26     * Stats: Change stat.full default.to false (saves ~ 1MB)
66f348450 2010-12-26     * i2psnark: Backport TrackerClient NPE fix
c54b40288 2010-12-26     * Addresses: Add listing capability for internal interfaces
ff0c168d6 2010-12-26     * Certificate: Fix fatal null cert error
12fae6694 2010-12-26 - Fix about 9 NPEs - Fix numwant in magnet mode - Send metadata size in extension handshake - Open trackers are primary if we don't have primary trackers - Add missing break in port message handling - Increase max msg size to account for metadata msg - Remember magnets across restarts - Drop peers w/o extensions if we need metainfo - Fix DATA messages - Fix tracker transition to non-magnet - Fix infohash for non-magnet - Fix up peer transition to non-magnet - More logging
82e344055 2010-12-24     * Certificate: Use a single static null cert in place of                    tens of thousands of them
63c661326 2010-12-24     * configclients.jsp:       - Add form for I2CP options       - Fix HTML errors
15a8d39ef 2010-12-23 router's index ru: multiple fixes
85629aca8 2010-12-23 routerconsole: fix typo in russian translation
5069bebe9 2010-12-23 merge of '28858996311a6bf5c6a1e8f6558502527f1ea9e9'      and 'f251674b3b5b8f06caee32cc5abca12103115022'
b81ff3243 2010-12-23 routerconsole: small update of russian translation
5d2f5c7a1 2010-12-23 merge of '04a2d141a4d20a86027b0345820c081a8460a671'      and '0c71002f6fde035669ce69ce9f263e9c231917f2'
b862d14ec 2010-12-23 Sync russian translation of router's index page with english version
b97ad6c5f 2010-12-22 generics
97f0c13c1 2010-12-22 - Protection against modifying metainfos - Announce peers to local tracker - Ping node on port reception - More info on directory pages - Cleanups
973407498 2010-12-22 Magnet icon from http://findicons.com/icon/178214/magnet Courtesy led24.de Freeware
4e3effa7e 2010-12-22 merge of '878149500938c6886eb9e0274ba0901e8fe3a3bb'      and 'deab42b1e2bfe970ba51a868ab2b8c47181fdd15'
a82513296 2010-12-21 Readme (eng): typo fixes.
690aea255 2010-12-21 - Rework traffic counters - Record the metadata bandwidth - More null announce handling - Callbacks for got MetaInfo event - Cleanups
f02a0d96d 2010-12-21 fix initialNews files in wrong place in installer
eefa73281 2010-12-21 fix reseed fallback to http
299c1bd67 2010-12-21 0.8.2
1f22ae6a0 2010-12-21 tweaks after review
f15b32987 2010-12-21 - Move some torrent file creation code from the servlet to the manager,   to allow locking and prevent interference by the DirMonitor - More checks for whether torrent is already running - Consistent filename filtering in all cases - Allow null announce string - Move snarks map to a CHM - Remember last tracker selection - Add callback for reception of metainfo
bb637eb75 2010-12-21 merge of 'be5741c3c94c1e0719f55180856bbdeecca4d5e2'      and 'cf23c2bccd1b205a714663148e4591cc09e9617c'
94f8b81bd 2010-12-21 TunnelManager css tweaks (light/dark/classic).
8e40b3521 2010-12-21 metadata handling - untested, still some stubs
867286b47 2010-12-20 - Replaced RouterContext with I2PAppContext. - Detect I2P location using I2PAppContext.
845161073 2010-12-20 Several connect-to-self checks
ad00c16f8 2010-12-20 fix NPE
ebe7f3b12 2010-12-20 UI adjustments when no metainfo yet
760299927 2010-12-20 more prep and stubs for no metainfo
4899a6d30 2010-12-19 Refactor fields to private and replace with getters, and lots of prep for lack of metainfo and storage.
1d89e136b 2010-12-19 translation: routerconsole es stub fixup
e247e959f 2010-12-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f41d2dbeb0c32c0adc31c610f50c8f6d9feaf65d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head f5a63128d67798eb6910fb9b12599589adb1711c)
a3644ccaa 2010-12-19 pluck of 43243e8d732573e9609515178f9a30080395334c
5e7bad2af 2010-12-19 explicit merge of 'e340ab5e817eb0ed7bb8058e3677aaea268d180a'               and '2c3eb1b692122c7c96b2c547532274f1068fc7f5'
de112fd63 2010-12-19 explicit merge of 'daa35ac8b482063c4db4b6205ca5dacc045080a4'               and 'cde8ce662bee407206b7fea94beaa230f052f501'
afe57512a 2010-12-19 PORT msg support; port and extension listener stubs
91f1ece75 2010-12-19 adjust runner count based on max mem
6725ce096 2010-12-19 routerconsole es stub
a568ad2bb 2010-12-19 i2psnark es tweaks
8e7244527 2010-12-19 merge of '2c3eb1b692122c7c96b2c547532274f1068fc7f5'      and 'ed99c2a20da18fdc068fa77418f54a1857152a16'
c3f43bc63 2010-12-19 add leading space &nbsp; before &hellip; k
f1fe29e4b 2010-12-19 add Portuguese translation of i2psnark
086004879 2010-12-19 translation update i2psnark es
8ded0392b 2010-12-19 translation changes de
58cacd88e 2010-12-19 proxy error translation changes de
3c4994c0e 2010-12-19 Fix script so the proper encodeing is used in the JVM.
0802b9a8d 2010-12-19 version bump, history.txt
ed5c61725 2010-12-19 merge of 'daa35ac8b482063c4db4b6205ca5dacc045080a4'      and 'e19c106344aa97ad1765e79df75f96182f89d102'
4622080e0 2010-12-19 Fix FileResource.java
8d6a12552 2010-12-19 Fix URI.java, add FileResource.java
360d96d08 2010-12-19 de-thinsp until we can check UA for opera
f8ed3c561 2010-12-18 Add original URI.java source
da8661526 2010-12-18 Fix missing </A>
0d20d95cc 2010-12-18 merge of '8ea404af31d0c1c0c9355425f6c880df4e763cea'      and '8edfe96d16e0a77f05f6370cc3e6436c6745303f'
578188070 2010-12-18 Classic & Midnight proxy error tweaks; favicon_light.ico (awaiting logic!).
59e5ec742 2010-12-18 fix 1 sec tag causing po error
7944065e3 2010-12-18 cleanups and URL fixes
d3498138a 2010-12-18 Classic filagree.
2302545a0 2010-12-18 Classic futzage.
5531b4be5 2010-12-18 Midnight & Dark mumblings.
3b4007f8f 2010-12-18 Dark disturbance.
5a567705c 2010-12-18 Midnight mod.
0a5818e1c 2010-12-18 Midnight tweak.
6c6609c93 2010-12-18 Midnight manouevres.
7e3c347ac 2010-12-18 merge of '094945b98d69169e985ac8068256fec4ee5515f0'      and 'abb387ef4b4418e0e202272f5535a9f076f9da1d'
c09664c57 2010-12-18 Dark 404 fixup.
73f5eed45 2010-12-18 Light tweaks.
112f3736f 2010-12-17 Readme (eng) space insertion.
c55778ea1 2010-12-17 Dark polish.
7c8e5c6d6 2010-12-17 retrofit SimpleDataStructure over SHA1Hash
d699eaaec 2010-12-17 change map class
60e57ec29 2010-12-17 add some types
03f58d188 2010-12-17 shorten thread name
8a1fab0c2 2010-12-17 merge of 'a5db72a1d84bd8d00d11acfbd2cd21ad6281e8ef'      and 'cd559af7f771ba5ff6933d3b1315f2836b3fe411'
65c623a9c 2010-12-17 Mods to light, dark & midnight console themes (mostly news tweaks).
4e4165e30 2010-12-17 Update Dutch translations
ef340e6b3 2010-12-16 merge of '83219c8a9d6734e695b300d9eefc8786b82671a1'      and 'c5b24b88c7bba734c5412f4dd03d8dce069c5ba9'
cab63efac 2010-12-16 routerconsole: update russian translation
6bab0e725 2010-12-16 Added https support for r31453.ovh.net
0bd75f0e5 2010-12-15 comment out mains
df3fc6e05 2010-12-15 Random cleanup
fe575a38a 2010-12-15 fix up DH like YK
cb7e6cfb3 2010-12-15 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
aca0ae210 2010-12-15 i2psnark: update russian translation
ed9b0bbdd 2010-12-15 routerconsole help_ru.jsp: small fix
97bb51c67 2010-12-15 dnf-header_ru.ht: fix typo
4c9558c58 2010-12-15 adjust limits to reduce chance of running out; adjust limits based on max mem
a85f931c1 2010-12-15 Fixed r31453.ovh.net reseed url (small change). SSL still needs to be added for this url.
2deee2b1b 2010-12-15 AES cleanups and javadoc
8e709eec2 2010-12-15 fixup after prop
c7c7731f9 2010-12-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d405c867f6903bf1d69b04c1daebf3146882525)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head bfd85b10fdd1542526a4b9c53e5d4a733087f317)
77f910ee3 2010-12-15 add max conns to form
d000d2047 2010-12-15 clean up jump host verification
9d41e8686 2010-12-15 add jump list to form
c15c97f69 2010-12-14 put blacklist mode on form
5ed8be246 2010-12-14 add conn limits to form
6826c1eb6 2010-12-14 disable I2CP auth in-JVM
46b8befda 2010-12-14 drop non-country flags
2082feeaa 2010-12-14 one more log error to a warn (ticket #356)
f9c2624b2 2010-12-14 disable log priority override for now
8bcfdc3c6 2010-12-14 i2ptunnel ui fixes
e772107c5 2010-12-14 trivial cleanup
c44c22255 2010-12-14 minor
8efefeeb5 2010-12-14     * I2CP over SSL, enable with i2cp.SSL=true
ceb9bfcc0 2010-12-14 Refactoring and splitting logic from interface.
1a41334e3 2010-12-14 Dark & Classic tweaks.
311f295f2 2010-12-14 I2PTunnelManager "Midnight" polish.
194abc791 2010-12-13 Readme (eng): no leading space before %hellip;
30145ff29 2010-12-13 License typo fix.
f8bf32e05 2010-12-13 Update license.
35feab3da 2010-12-13 Classic tweaks.
7f3650650 2010-12-13 Classic tweakery.
57edfbbc1 2010-12-13 Classic massage.
7e1a5d5cb 2010-12-13 Light touch.
59af763dc 2010-12-13 do it the easy way
2880d61c1 2010-12-13     * Pack200: Find and use either Oracle or Apache library at runtime;                neither required at compile time.
af8751a3a 2010-12-13 new translation update for de and es
f194f7895 2010-12-12 use base 64 for temp dir name
a5354f64a 2010-12-12 more classes pkg private
6d41aadc2 2010-12-12     * I2CP:       - New option i2cp.disableInterface to turn off external I2CP port         (7654) and allow internal clients only       - Disallow internal connect when shut down
9a993c00e 2010-12-12     * graphs.jsp:       - Show selected refresh delay       - Translate refresh delays       - Fix setting delay to 'Never'
114c39805 2010-12-12 shorten TrackerClient thread name
384f1bd17 2010-12-12 update jetty.xml SSL comments
653a68b8a 2010-12-12 Disable I2CP host/port options when in router context
7c63866c5 2010-12-12     * i2psnark:       - Fix end-game deadlock       - Fix last-modified check for multifile torrents, causing         apparent loss of data after abnormal exit       - UI Tweaks
d4b0bfda7 2010-12-11 merge of '4be12c91831cc6b24ef6fcf16af9cbb9fa32069d'      and 'c578a1847c62244cfc8308021014c94afef01606'
c3597cfd9 2010-12-11 Readme (eng) typo fix.
5f91be1b4 2010-12-11 -36rc.
50caf108c 2010-12-11 Midnight twickery.
dea69fee7 2010-12-11 Midnight tweaks.
0be2ca8be 2010-12-11     * I2CP: Change a log error to a warning (ticket #353)
eec96ff67 2010-12-11 Midnight logo tweaks.
8c4298167 2010-12-11 Midnight header logo refresh.
2ca8fc6e6 2010-12-11     * i2psnark:       - Restore text (ticket #273)       - Fix several HTML errors (ticket #273)       - Fix HTML error causing info links to be unclickable in dillo (tiicket #273)       - Fix alt text duplicated or looking bad in text browsers (ticket #273)       - Fix Opera button errors (ticket #332)       - Fix POST resubmission errors (ticket #334)       - Catch FetchAndAdd copy error (ticket #352)       - Set permissions on downloaded torrent files       - Hide some columns when not running       - Lots of spacing cleanups       - Rename images so users don't end up with unused files       - Remove ~15 unused images       - Clean up theme selection speed-coding exercise       - Indent fixes
89b3e3bcb 2010-12-11     * TunnelPoolManager: Fix rare startup NPE (http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=5192)
b55b552e0 2010-12-11     * Plugins: Better handling of signing keys (Ticket #351)
3098d6ef8 2010-12-11     * News: XML fixes (ticket #350)
036e36f61 2010-12-11 Light tweak.
11de31583 2010-12-11 Dark tweak.
638e04beb 2010-12-11     * Log: Don't double-timestamp CRITS in wrapper.log
10f674a78 2010-12-11     * Build: Fix 'ant distclean poupdate' again
8d54dbac9 2010-12-11 merge of 'ba7a210d3d3729205c9f020868e4830f34d74e19'      and 'baae7f79d6af8cd227c59257a3a5ec11c4179c3d'
198280eea 2010-12-11 Midnight under the moon.
6644bb0f5 2010-12-11 Midnight perspectives.
99ebcb5e1 2010-12-11 Classic doublebyte glyph polish.
624aff645 2010-12-11 Classic changes, sotto voce.
b0ac5d3bd 2010-12-11 Classic smoothness.
3887b0c4e 2010-12-11 Readme (eng): more clarifications.
1abf447f8 2010-12-11 Dark twiddle.
587b7861c 2010-12-11 Light touch.
4833b68fc 2010-12-11 Midnight top 'n tail.
a29277041 2010-12-11 Classic enhancements.
b77bcd469 2010-12-11 Readme (eng) finessing.
ec9238c99 2010-12-11 Readme (eng): make or <br> time (removals division).
a9f1f1bc1 2010-12-10 Readme (eng) detailing.
ceb45dd17 2010-12-10 Classic polish.
b0564a8ae 2010-12-10 Classic ie shimming.
b7d89a979 2010-12-10 Classic load balancing.
49a03bdde 2010-12-10 More classic finessing.
173e03a05 2010-12-10 Classic ieshim tweaks.
651e258de 2010-12-10 Classic <code> tweaks.
4e7b013ce 2010-12-10 Classic css tweakery.
60b60f20c 2010-12-10 Classic polish.
f196ec885 2010-12-10 Classic gloss.
507dc44b1 2010-12-10 Classic ieshimmery.
36305db76 2010-12-10 Readme (eng): minor futzage.
ea3f88659 2010-12-10 Readme (eng): typo fixes and clarfications.
698338066 2010-12-10 Fixed up security fix, so it filters correctly for clients and servers.
36d555523 2010-12-09 Added translation support + first language (nl).
59343b589 2010-12-09 Readme (eng): s/severs/servers
6df27b273 2010-12-08 Vanilla/Ubergine tweaks.
1a3076a16 2010-12-08 Dark updates.
e46d5c665 2010-12-08 Dark news reversion to radar.
0fdb10940 2010-12-08 -35rc.
29b8788fc 2010-12-08 Readme (eng): typo fixes.
6996c60a4 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: vanilla/ubergine status line tweaks.
7d5cfecb6 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Status spacing tweaks.
6fe4477cc 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Don't forget our priority tooltip!
e349e13ef 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Status updates!
020da9d0b 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Priority tweaks.
022e77d58 2010-12-08 merge of '271d5fa6e5479cee64f70863f31de61f79fa2e03'      and '79a880c604fbbd9dfc56596d8d9c9009b233ca9d'
7280110c7 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Long awaited changes to file and size header icons.
03ff26acc 2010-12-07 Hide HTTP server name (replace by I2PServer) to avoid server detection (flaw successfully tested by Adrian Crenshaw -- thanks!).
26356ce35 2010-12-07 -34rc.
1ddf19c7f 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: follow through with vanilla header images.
f9e05f5e5 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Add bittorrent logos to head_torrent.png.
001e5a081 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Footer icon spacing adjustment.
7e00d830a 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: header graphic tweaks.
c1f992f21 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Lose the motorcycles!
510b4e295 2010-12-07 Light tweaks.
eeb7669c2 2010-12-07 Light tweaks.
2486ebbbd 2010-12-07 Ubergine screenlog tweaks.
a1698b8ea 2010-12-06 Light, ubergine & snark changes.
274272111 2010-12-06 Light finessing.
a723bce18 2010-12-06 Light blue adjustment.
5a0fcc779 2010-12-06 -33rc.
b4d2eda02 2010-12-06 Ubergine lovefest.
6360fba8f 2010-12-06 Vanilla refinement.
e7426f727 2010-12-06 Vanilla essence.
51ba6c16f 2010-12-06 I2PSnark resolutions.
674993145 2010-12-06 de translation update for 0.8.2
43e09b00b 2010-12-06 I2PSnark: More overflow fixes.
bd11011d0 2010-12-06 I2PSnark: downloading subsisnark arrows.
a31e3a2a1 2010-12-06 Ubergine tweaks.
6ae3d8ed0 2010-12-06 Snark tweak.
e6c4d2340 2010-12-06 Snark refinements.
f054663b1 2010-12-05 -32rc
78b990880 2010-12-05 I2PSnark: Wrap fixes.
6a11c472e 2010-12-05 I2PSnark: seeding.png tweak.
c8d9dee46 2010-12-05 Dark enhancer.
e4417c358 2010-12-05 ScarfAce tweak.
55d1bf353 2010-12-05 Tweaks.
4a9f7b740 2010-12-05     * Console:       - Add SSL support - To enable, change clients.config. Examples:             ## Change to SSL only - just add a '-s'             clientApp.0.args=-s 7657 ::1, ./webapps/             ## Use both non-SSL and SSL - add '-s port interface'             clientApp.0.args=7657 ::1, -s 7667 ::1, ./webapps/             ## ...and change URLLauncher args further down for the browser to open https:// at startup if you like.
3d0394e63 2010-12-05 Readme tweaks.
a00845ce4 2010-12-05 ScarfAce refreshes.
57963c9c1 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more futzage!
c13d2c2df 2010-12-05 Readme: add missing futz (absence spotted by Mathiasdm).
26fda3944 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): futzinger (noun). an zealous partaker of futzing.
bbad4dd5f 2010-12-05 Readme tweaks.
b411de7bf 2010-12-05 Light tweaks.
9664ac2a8 2010-12-05 Classic&Midnight link.png refresh.
0bab0ae21 2010-12-05 merge of '354d421d8e1f234007967cec4461aedb532ae89e'      and '56635df32be529c80a40a3d84e01ef858c7346ec'
b5be73a15 2010-12-05 Dark tweaks.
1531fde19 2010-12-05 Muffing about with dark iconography.
c94fa6ef1 2010-12-05 tweaks
3872cad2f 2010-12-05     * DataHelper: Have readLong() and readString() throw an       EOFException instead of a DataFormatException on EOF,       which should lower the log severity in I2CP and I2NP       when a client or peer disconnects.
9c9d91c5d 2010-12-05 ScarfAce vectorizations.
44d5dd65b 2010-12-05 Light tweaks.
e57737951 2010-12-05 Mostly theme graphics cruft removal.
5b0a9fd28 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more clarficatory amendments.
aa7e1cf72 2010-12-05 Dark rumblings.
bf9ce6e82 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): adjustment.
2403d82a7 2010-12-05 ScarfAce muscles in on the dark news.
225cd17cf 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more finessing.
6efec491c 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more elucidcation.
589f4ba29 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): clarifications, qualifications & enhancements.
11f0259b3 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): more finessing and clarificationary tweaks.
86de25169 2010-12-04 fix QueuedI2CPMessageReader not stopping; javadocs
0b2bc726d 2010-12-04 fix SimpleSession NPE
b42967848 2010-12-04 javadoc
04af25504 2010-12-04 SimpleSession doesnt need a notifier thread
3d759d76c 2010-12-04 javadoc, start notifier only after success
7c583fb1e 2010-12-04 convert mark router liveliness thread to SimpleScheduler
9aaf95ca9 2010-12-04     * Threads:       - Reduce thread pool sizes based on memory and/or bandwidth limits       - Tweak some thread names for clarity
6dfd9bca6 2010-12-04 log tweaks
eadf472dd 2010-12-04     * I2PTunnel:       - For clients, use a common thread pool that expires idle threads         rather than keeping 5 accept() threads for each client.         This also removes the configurable (30s default) max wait time         for a socket, this may have to be restored.       - Use pool for HTTP decompression also.
04ea1fb9c 2010-12-04 javadoc
947010ad0 2010-12-04 I2PThread -> I2PAppThread
3a05abe55 2010-12-04 add a stat to see if getBids() is taking too long
a1c69082e 2010-12-04 LBQ -> SynchronousQueue so it will expand the pool
3d5a42658 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): clarification(s).
8f104223d 2010-12-04 Dark news.
c713ff6ac 2010-12-04 ScarfAce goes underground.
2b11267b4 2010-12-04 Light webskit/shopera fixes.
9fbeca08e 2010-12-04 -30
b23abfb8f 2010-12-04 Light enhance.
e88a1d2a4 2010-12-04 Scarface bling.
62be1bf1c 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): Troubleshoot kickbacks.
ab29e1e56 2010-12-04 Readme troubleshooting massage.
176f54023 2010-12-04 Readme (eng) edits.
c36d2409a 2010-12-04 Dark tweaks.
333e015a5 2010-12-04 merge of '0053ae5e6e0a984e8e8876549da6851de16970d5'      and '23394c79d24fe3cfcdf8b59caf2a707175a60e4f'
d0ac53fa5 2010-12-04 ScarfAce downsizing.
d2a1a6d11 2010-12-04 ScarfAce puts his stash away.
d236a3c72 2010-12-04 readme typos and order
5474646fb 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): enhance troubleshooting section.
8b75b3c77 2010-12-04 Dark stirrings.
36a7fa1b6 2010-12-04 Dark nuance.
46dcba12e 2010-12-04 Dark polish.
6d3b09a7a 2010-12-04 -29. (ScarfAce Special Edition).
e9aca5dac 2010-12-04 Dark undertones.
467b082e8 2010-12-04     * I2PTunnel:       - Limit server blockingHandle threads       - Run standard server blockingHandles inline
6b8f420ad 2010-12-04 -28
42753be69 2010-12-04 Light embellishments.
1054080cf 2010-12-04 merge of '2dfae8b7197d2abdca4c46244533b97fede046c0'      and '3742a97ed79b29cb38f0ef3919dcf036c126efe2'
a6946803e 2010-12-04 Light adjustment, please remain seated. Refreshments will be served shortly.
3f3c44d43 2010-12-03 More Light meddling.
f23b1880f 2010-12-03 Light shift.
133093086 2010-12-03 Dark rumblings.
5c3e5cf1e 2010-12-03 Dark dealings.
d60da1bf6 2010-12-03 Light&Dark Opera/Webkit enhancements.
26d423ff6 2010-12-03 readme_es s/P/p
5ab813179 2010-12-03 dont update stats after failure
92254f429 2010-12-03 Light psychoacoustic adjustments.
e59797e66 2010-12-03 Light spatial reordering.
c7f6e7280 2010-12-03 Light frolics in the snow (reported by postman).
897674686 2010-12-03 mindless history.txt servlet
f4ceb163b 2010-12-03 host.txt: add planet.i2p; more light tweakage.
e3f267391 2010-12-03 Light touches.
4a1235a03 2010-12-03 proxy error tweaks.
33dde2b44 2010-12-03 -27
3f63633b4 2010-12-03 Light spruce.
fabbda659 2010-12-03 I2CP internal mode tweaks
2b87eb86e 2010-12-03 Light embellishment.
e9e1890b1 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel:       - Extend header timeouts for HTTP and IRC server tunnels
61f6ac56e 2010-12-03 -26
5c73a6055 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel:       - Better logging of server errors       - Return 503 to client before closing i2p socket if server is not there
cfc69c22b 2010-12-03 Light hors d'oeuvres, served on a bed of caramelized pig liver (snaffled by postman).
a20ed8aa1 2010-12-03 Light logo, salad on the side (spotted by postman).
b4fce55ae 2010-12-03 Readme (eng): typo police.
19fb2877d 2010-12-03 -25
9906fc4bd 2010-12-03 Light console_big.css finesse. In memory of Bruce Lee.
ae6a6a1d9 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel: Get Log from the logManager instead of instantiating,                  so we may adjust the levels on the fly
94620d6ac 2010-12-03 Light logo phasers set to stun.
1442fd68f 2010-12-03 light/console_big.css added to the workspace manifest.
90e87046a 2010-12-03 Light logo adulteration.
f088302b0 2010-12-03 More light spiff, extra yoghurt (spotted by postman).
24839d9b0 2010-12-03 -24 ftw!
ef028005b 2010-12-03 Light spiff.
240642803 2010-12-03 Light finesse.
efd11d195 2010-12-03 Light sleight.
2f49575ad 2010-12-03 Light table magic.
e7dc90907 2010-12-03 light magic table tweakery.
56fbb5458 2010-12-03 trip the light fantastic.
cf236deec 2010-12-03 Light adjustment.
594765dd4 2010-12-03 Light futz.
17526f435 2010-12-03 -23
b649d8424 2010-12-03 Light magic touch.
faf3d0816 2010-12-03 proxy error logo refresh.
e4281cfba 2010-12-03 classic ieshim tweaks.
1b36b3efe 2010-12-03 Light manoeuvring.
336f57649 2010-12-02 merge of 'c824ff0c12a4b616407365fc175b161e7c3736df'      and 'dede80d3699065f495e330c8bb8e9e579882757c'
3e0da23b4 2010-12-02 Readme (eng) futz.
acf09bb3d 2010-12-02 merge of '1cf0e4a5d377da8d3a8a8bd80a184c589fab1238'      and 'd95ca1deac504336bf9a646b4a6753b35ca6b40b'
5ba101063 2010-12-02     * I2NP: Allow message to be written more than once,             instead of throwing an IllegalStateException
8f8fb0e5c 2010-12-02 log tweak
c1e56cd05 2010-12-02 hosts.txt: add i2plugins.i2p & i2pbote.i2p
2126b5156 2010-12-02 format refresh time
3d6a5bd9e 2010-12-02 fix extension messages
2c8421d8a 2010-12-02     * Transport: Hamachi address block 5/8 assigned by IANA
d226d6047 2010-12-02 javadoc
9a6a66d70 2010-12-02     * Streaming: Restore I2PSocketManagerFull as public                  (broke jwebcahe ticket #345)
3c5172591 2010-12-02 Readme (eng): Attribute Complication as I2Phex maintainer, noting that I2Phex is looking for new devs.
6eee69835 2010-12-01 Light tweak.
19c6760ea 2010-12-01     * I2CP: Change from the internal pseudo-socket that was       implemented in 0.7.9 to an internal Queue that directly       passes I2CPMessage objects. For in-JVM clients,       this eliminates two writer threads per client and       avoids the serialization/deserialization of I2CP messages.
e3bb912d0 2010-12-01 translation tweaks de & es
28ee1d1f1 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: trackererror.png update.
5fa17238e 2010-12-01 Console: Midnight i2plogo refresh.
2f044f134 2010-12-01 Dark updates.
17afef63f 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: Ubergine subisnark love.
8d6263294 2010-12-01 -19
35a72e8a9 2010-12-01 merge of 'c4649554b77db6d5f9d4e4c7aaa8e6830c9f4937'      and 'ca22cd7740376a68a2a9b094458abb2b5dc897d5'
9f3bcc20f 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: Update subisnark images. Console: Midnight theme tweakage.
a2a406fb7 2010-12-01 Console themes: rework ieshim.css for classic/ie; Classic & Light tweaks; I2PSnark vanilla/ubergine edits.
293eea9e3 2010-11-30 try to fix log flush error at file rotation
6de6fb1b5 2010-11-30 es tweaks by user
ac74befd8 2010-11-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 13a52cb132e9cd1eb7e7a0813081a95e3c73153e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head 2562b1a0e40c669587761eebf9c9430396f23bda)
620128a76 2010-11-30 Cleaned up RouterManager, should now be crossplatform.
e04252f2e 2010-11-30 merge of '758ffc5607f3a32a8aeaa7dd5a1d1b839629d33d'      and 'c366ec63b4c58df5f6fd47dcf1bddd1eb48f43c8'
578d656f9 2010-11-30 change port change message from error to info
c97e72d05 2010-11-30 formatSize tweak
ad5482238 2010-11-30     * i2psnark: Move PeerCheckerTask from Timer to SimpleTimer2 to save some threads
243bd412e 2010-11-30     * I2CP: Try to hide Pipe closed messages (several tickets)
45b8d8b6b 2010-11-30     * Logging:       - Limit buffer size; block and wakeup writer when full       - Limit errors written to system log       - Add method to force a log below the current level
f7ed34126 2010-