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 project  : i2p.itoopie
 repo age : vor 18 Jahren
 active   : 1383 days
 commits  : 5806
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ac845dd0f 2022-02-18 0.0.4
d5b5e7283 2022-02-18 translation updates from Transifex
ea6951696 2022-02-01 poupdate-source
80d74fd59 2022-01-20 Clear the tracker data point also when clearing graphs
dc389b654 2022-01-12 Disable reseed monitor for standalone too
d7865d233 2022-01-12 Fix stopping threads again
cdcc40e87 2022-01-12 Can't use removeNotify
bef498caf 2022-01-12 Don't start forever loop or reseed timer in plugin
c3ad93752 2022-01-12 Stop some of the threads on frame destroy
e62edc04a 2022-01-11 Prep for stopping threads
aa71e8895 2022-01-11 Fixup plugin start/stop
eca5a1560 2022-01-11 Un-static part 4: Logs
5e3878f9a 2022-01-11 Un-static part 3: CertificateManager
d8c85586b 2022-01-11 Un-static part 2: ConfigurationManager
25dd896d2 2022-01-11 Un-static part 1
0498ea69e 2022-01-10 IPv6 address fix
153922c14 2022-01-10 Conf file location override for plugin
8aa7d5181 2022-01-10 Spacing on settings tab
32baafb1f 2022-01-09 Start of a plugin version
1f83e692c 2022-01-09 Don't clear graph when user closes the window
7003bcbd2 2022-01-09 Simplify ObjectRecorder
b554c5b64 2022-01-09 Clear graphs when changing router hostname/port
211583154 2022-01-08 overview tab multiline alignment fixes
ab1121440 2022-01-08 Layout fixes to make more room for translations
1ca0be715 2022-01-08 Fix constants
bbfdbc2c2 2022-01-08 Layout tweaks overview tab
0475a5fe4 2022-01-08 Multiline labels on overview tab to make more room for translations
0a1a9285c 2022-01-08 Type fixes for i2pd
680d8a931 2022-01-05 installer: Update app version and min JRE
6da991c5a 2022-01-04 Make tunnel status multiline
e18c811b6 2022-01-04 Add about tab text to README
5f9d9f385 2022-01-04 Spacing on tab headers
cbc8852b9 2022-01-04 Set graph values to 0 when router is gone
c40315413 2022-01-04 Fix NPE saving settings
1291874d3 2022-01-04 Add tab icons
5c7f1e12e 2022-01-04 Set version as 0.0.4-beta1
e07a9a91c 2022-01-04 Remove "Settings read from I2P router" message
2625f4247 2022-01-04 Move Settings from a popup frame to a new tab
6ec9fff61 2022-01-02 README and history updates
3956e5769 2022-01-02 Update to jchart2d 3.2.2 2011-09-25
7ae965100 2022-01-02 Charts: Localized time format
1a23735d8 2022-01-02 Charts: Reduce max to 1 hour, remove seconds from x axis
cc4f27601 2022-01-02 Layout fixes
2c3db1eff 2022-01-01 Fix target for console webapp
0f6dc2293 2022-01-01 Use HTTP for port 7657
9fc4c2b82 2022-01-01 Change build target to Java 8 Change translation tag from deprecated _ to _t Add support for faster translation bundle generation Change bundle format from java to java2
c1e156968 2022-01-01 fix source file permissions
b2f1bb65c 2021-12-31 Pull translations, add new translations
7f831c476 2018-02-07 Add translations: el, id, it, pt, tr Update translations
6b7342dc8 2018-02-07 update readme
731fbab0d 2015-03-02 Pulled new translations
624efe208 2015-01-24 new translations from tx
de85970af 2015-01-19 more string fixes
68c9c72ae 2015-01-12 string fixes
4bd29be8a 2015-01-11 Cleanup translation tags - parameterize, remove whitespace, grammar fixes Add .tx/config file
3061c87a2 2015-01-08 doc fix
4e25f2286 2015-01-08 spelling fix
a252444fa 2013-02-06 s/forum\.i2p2\.de/forum.i2p/
a84e5f4de 2012-02-29 Formatting..
e9e493d43 2012-02-29 Formatting.
0342146bc 2012-02-29 Added new  signature disclaimer.
ce8890684 2012-02-29 ..
1c02ddd89 2012-02-29 Punctuation.
d772138b2 2012-02-29 Added history :)
541d89531 2012-02-29 Clarified some stuff.
c170903ea 2012-02-29 Updated site.
625e029b1 2011-10-01 call tar directly when making osx bundle
77e10946b 2011-09-30 merge of '29d9feebd954d4a4b3f73de4b90cda695c78d93a'      and '45b2eb2d933088a4ec317b44021b3101b2c7e0cd'
030b34ad0 2011-09-13 stripping extraneous trailing whitespace
52faab32e 2011-08-22 I accidentally checked this in. Sorry tuna
a1a1c03d8 2011-08-10 Add new ant target: makeOSXBundle (with an alias of "osx") to make a self-contained OSX bundle (which is how apps are normally distributed on OSX).
2a129c462 2011-08-10 I added this to the I2P repo (it simply calls i2prouter start in osx) and isn't very useful for itoopie. Removing.
94129327d 2011-08-05 Improved stylesheet.
1a455b4c8 2011-08-04 Fix installer target. Re-add missing itoopieinstaller.xml
51d3a3e40 2011-08-04 Fixed uninstaller icon. Bumped version to 0.0.2.
d863cdbdd 2011-08-04 Wrote the 'Technical' section.
fad0f8cb3 2011-08-04 Renamed installer.
b303edd6e 2011-08-04 Began merge work. DEFECT BUILD.
07bde46d2 2011-08-04 merge of '96728e07a35ecae37f739925252232161ec47483'      and 'a5512874bd35743a25296acf85babd4e45cc2c1b'
9f0f7c240 2011-08-04 Improved troubleshoot section of site. Reduced text shadow of article section in site. Further work on windows icons.
8d524810d 2011-08-04 Added support for thrash-can uninstall icon on windows.
3e5849433 2011-08-04 Added icon for itoopie on windows.
43bc26ba6 2011-08-04 Tested on WindowsXP, UI tweaks accordingly.
8817f3b32 2011-08-03 clean .jar, .exe, and .sha512 when running the clean target
01603441a 2011-08-03 move checksum to doInstallerEXE so the checksumming is really done after the installer is created.
67e8bfe0e 2011-08-03 Selectively install files depending upon the OS. - Only install the .exe and .ico if installed in windows. - Only install the .jar and .png if installed in *NIX.
a9b42a463 2011-08-03 Set the .exe icon to be the same as in UNIX
305067fca 2011-08-03 Fix shortcut icon in Windows.
b04e6fd89 2011-08-03 Add missing launch4j files from the i2p.i2p branch. Without these files, the task "ant installer" fails (unless the property "noExe" is set)..
39ed45adf 2011-08-03 move checksum task to underneath the installerexe task; if the installerexe task isn't run, there's no exe to run sha512sum on
d1a45e2c1 2011-08-03 Switched from setBackgroundColor to setOpaque(false) in some instances.
0beeefb26 2011-08-03 Tweaked build.xml to include history.txt and LICENSE.
bfa63a82c 2011-08-03 Spelling.
e09750acc 2011-08-03 History.
a3e66d4f7 2011-08-03 Added gradient to all panel to improve looks somewhat.
adb80db83 2011-08-02 Getto hacked buttons in SettingsFrame to be wider.
d525a8b59 2011-08-02 Fix NPE in Reseeder. Tried to make style more portable across defaultLookAndFeels.
3ff64337d 2011-08-02 Added a thankyou section thanking to the readme.
3b7fa0d38 2011-08-01 Moved info boxes 5px to the left. Might be an issue during translation.
8a2cc403e 2011-08-01 Changed graphs to be non-static. Updated itoopie.i2p to reflect actual version.
6159f7390 2011-08-01 Added history.txt.
a9f759e53 2011-08-01 Added support for changeng which IP I2PControl listens to. For now only Revised layout in SettingsFrame.
ea9695996 2011-08-01 Added I2PControl method for getting I2PControl info.
39811fa53 2011-08-01 Added reseed support via periodic thread that reseeds if deemed necessary. Changed 'Apply' button size in ConfigurationTab.
e6253a47d 2011-07-31 Tweaked parameters of SetRouterManager. Tweaked apply button size in configuration tab.
c3b61418d 2011-07-31 Removed 'Logs' tab.
ddc3518c7 2011-07-27 Removed unnecessary dialog preventing boolean/check.
5dfe3f905 2011-07-27 Try to force equal look and feel across platforms. Default font type: Sans Serif, Plain, 12pt.
3929c6c4b 2011-07-27 Remove styling crud from Main ui class.
89f36e311 2011-07-27 Formatting. Thanks ReturningNovice for the certificate accepted -> no new connection report.
9b44b6283 2011-07-27 Formatting.
46f0456d8 2011-07-27 Fixed issue with connections after accepting/overwriting a certificate for a host. Synchronized the ItoopieHostnameVerifier.verify(). Beware of potential performance issues.
91ced2363 2011-07-27 Fixed translations with plurality. Thanks KillYourTV for the bug report.
effc513a6 2011-07-26 Removed comments.
8d9c77cc4 2011-07-26 Directions in the BW graphs were mixed up. Fixed. Thanks ReturningNovice.
ef96fa818 2011-07-26 merge of '4f6ac18e6c1fd556520e2eb83946e4e7aee173a6'      and '8d3b0833fe0feef199464e796c09d2ac769fbde9'
7bee72c20 2011-07-26 Disabled a line of debug.
87029a5af 2011-07-26 merge of '5b83c417cf56cb0fc39368baed38bb958395cb4f'      and '98d3e5346970c5ab07af370a6b1ead02a63a78cb'
b7cfcccf5 2011-07-26 Changed Transl._ to allow for plurality via Translate. Changed method and classname to be more descriptive. Recieve RouterInfo netstatus via enumerator rather than strings for increased translatability.
ec3d810b9 2011-07-26 Don't add the .exe to the menu for *NIX but add the .jar
a29f11566 2011-07-25 Removed debug variable.
c615def9e 2011-07-25 Disabled forced swedish locale.
b7188f0fe 2011-07-25 Added more translateable strings and their translations.
fb9f6f640 2011-07-25 Swedish translation completed.
c93977bbc 2011-07-25 Stole bundle-messages from desktopgui
7073bd191 2011-07-25 Translation work...
5140b9769 2011-07-25 Changed error message of saves failing due to connection errors to reflect that.
2899018c9 2011-07-25 Changed itoopie to write configuration files to ./itoopie/ or AppData/Roaming/itoopie/.
f46b1e696 2011-07-25 Fixed issue with multiple 'Overwrite stored cert' popups.
0f64c4d40 2011-07-25 Fixed spelling.
ad35b93e4 2011-07-25 No more binary files. Dropped to prevent reliance on them.
0043e1ab0 2011-07-22 Added thankyou note to about section. Corrected version in install.xml.
bf26c7e55 2011-07-22 Added checksums. Updated files.
1603db335 2011-07-22 Moved API to only exist in the Authenticate message. Added new graph trackers for using the new RouterInfo features for more resent bw/part. tunnels stats. Added class handling versions.
581f27314 2011-07-22 Added support for new features in the RouterInfo API method. Added support for API versioning.
b2caa5c64 2011-07-22 Added an about tab, containing a thank you note to relakks&ipredator as well as Jan-Erik Fiske & Peter Sunde.
26cba32a9 2011-07-21 Added missing class.
4d0911eff 2011-07-21 Added missing class. D'oh!!!
93e151b52 2011-07-21 Clarified that I2PControl is needed.
48aa2a1ce 2011-07-21 Changed the misreferences to the installer to the correct filename.
f5ee5e77a 2011-07-21 Removed misplaced .po file.
a1b07a640 2011-07-21 Added more contact info to the news section.
0868aa027 2011-07-21 Added a news section asking for feedback.
7f6034a63 2011-07-21 Clarified a few lines.
40cf10ab1 2011-07-21 merge of '0561d249c1fe12c3afaa55b58964955a92661188'      and '6b40d61163f120b492739ecfaace595e9969ac39'
37c38e273 2011-07-21 Updated I2PControl xpi2p files.
9b4552461 2011-07-21 merge of '51e7e38e489151da6002c20bdc7a99c51502483d'      and 'f7be3b59725df682cbb4f20cbb6cb66ffae548a3'
682caafbc 2011-07-21 Added itoopie.i2p website, a simple static non-js using site. I'll be setting up itoopie.i2p to sync with this mtn.
90d6c2c1f 2011-07-21 merge of 'cbb991142ee9628de222184b569ce1483045744c'      and 'dd2971de8f47281811faf428e55f527829f100ed'
4f6e5b367 2011-07-21 Added support for creating an IzPack installer.
78531485e 2011-07-20 Corrected README.
a3c578eba 2011-07-20 Fixed license.
c3c01004b 2011-07-20 Changed graph update intervals.
e9071b5cf 2011-07-20 Implemented support for changing password and port of I2PControl in the settings frame.
d1ea42932 2011-07-19 Implemented support for new I2PControl API features. Password/Port of a remote I2PControl server can now be set.
10b91cd5a 2011-07-19 Moved RegisteredFrame. Fixed ssl certificate ui to only be shown once. Added a special rate tracker for bandwidth (rate / 1024). Fixed some repaint() issues with labels and buttons. Enabled updating router info.
6592ae110 2011-07-16 Imported MultiLineLabel, Swing Component. Added static general information labels to the overview tab.
6b398fcd1 2011-07-15 Added support for the RouterInfo API call. Added support for the RouterRunner API call.
e6a9514bd 2011-07-15 Added a Base64 implementation as to not rely on the one provided by Sun as it was marked 'internal'.
2a704af52 2011-07-15 Refactoring.
5a88b7b41 2011-07-15 Changed name of the settings frame to SettingsFrame.
d2d3e1ba4 2011-07-15 Changed Main window to popup on start.
891c40e40 2011-07-15 Changed MouseListener into MouseAdapter.
d4209a3ae 2011-07-15 Moved TrayManager to appropriate package.
988541e73 2011-07-15 Added support to update tabs when selected. Completed current revision of the ConfigurationTab.
664dc83d7 2011-07-14 Added an initial and pre alpha implementation of the the configuration panel.
c6d1e3f0e 2011-07-14 Added a few interesting classes for recording the state of objects.
3872802ed 2011-07-14 Changed GUI to do some of the heavy lifting in seperate threads. Fixed LogoPanel not loading a logo on first paint(), by issuing JPanel.validate() after logo has been loaded.
865f76285 2011-07-14 Changed WindowHandler methods to have consequent method names.
a52a71164 2011-07-14 Changed Main frame to force a repaint, preventing images in LogoPanels to stay hidden. Changed Settings GUI to remove separator.
255e67f01 2011-07-14 Removed unnecessary private exception class.
c33b6c118 2011-07-14 Changed certificates to be specific not only to host but also to port. Rewrote settings dialog to verify settings in a more sane way.
568d2ab38 2011-07-13 Changed border colors for graphs.
c58e21b61 2011-07-13 Added graphing support. Complete (?) but disabled and replaced by mocked data.
1bceb433d 2011-07-13 Renamed JSONInterface to the more correct JSONRPC2Interface.
a2bd2409b 2011-07-13 Restructured JSONRPC2 Methods
15b4d572e 2011-07-12 Removed for the time being.
971235272 2011-07-12 Rebased art assets away from dr|z3d's art. Major gui work.
3fa6f3dda 2011-07-08 Rewrote JSONInterface to reflect new features provided by the I2PControl API. Added new API test to Main, maybe time to extract them to testclass. Refactored JSONInterface to (more) gracefully handle connection issues.
dd5481f21 2011-07-05 Enabled saving of config files.
24f819796 2011-07-05 Removed debug.
9ede0ad2c 2011-07-05 Implemented supprto for authorization tokens in the client.
dfadb0c9d 2011-07-01 Improved ConfigurationManager.
587622405 2011-07-01 Moved the configurationManager. Added support for reading/writing conf to file. Change how config queries without values are handled. Now the defaultValue provided will be saved if no value existed before.
22931dc3d 2011-07-01 Improved TrayManager to always read icon (even if not run from jar).
a1546b702 2011-07-01 Renamed translator ItoopieTranslator -> Transl. Changed http into https. Added support storing ssl certs. Added a GUI for confirming/denying/overwriting certs.
a3d5cefb3 2011-06-30 Added support for reading certificates from Base64 encoded strings.
7862f7fc8 2011-06-30 Added initial support for handling of server certificates.
40d8b4a04 2011-06-28 Removed accidental commit from Removed more traces of
4d23b839b 2011-06-28 Forgot old try-catch block. Removed.
3061a512e 2011-06-28 Dropped
95d4982a1 2011-06-28 Removed all non itoopie sources and changed root directory to that of itoopie.
dd0f0c577 2011-06-28 Added icons of vrious sizes.
6aa418267 2011-06-28 Addud support for multiple sizes of icon files.
6677780cf 2011-06-28 Fixed build.
e58dd334f 2011-06-27 Removed source of Apache Commons Logging in favor of jar.
2d8d1545f 2011-06-27 Ant changed jar import inte source import for Apapche Commons Logging. Added various new source files.
74d8cf619 2011-06-27 Added new imports to build.xml
62b4426ca 2011-06-27 Further removed old imports.
929e4fd98 2011-06-27 Updated translation. Removed old imports.
a41069643 2011-06-27 Removed unecessary libs.
bac03d79a 2011-06-27 Removed legacy TrayManager subclass. Added integer functionality to the configuration manager. Added partial support for config files to ConfigManager.
d6804d5bd 2011-06-20 Removed bad imports.
cf989ccd6 2011-06-20 Broken import. Fixed.
2219834dd 2011-06-20 Cleanup, imported i18n support from I2P and GNU gettext. Imported high res/svg version of itoopie from dr|zed.
6e86a911e 2011-06-20 Branched MathiasDM's DesktopGUI into what will perhaps become itoopie.
37fc44867 2011-01-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head dbe319d674d6a6a53491762262978f53caaaa58a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head fced1e04334ef1c18bc6ae8a31984e627310b14c)
a440358e6 2011-01-26 merge of '48e0ea7fd7688afa736e2ea34205af6f8b4449c0'      and '7d28abec87645e7ef5c5bbbc1120f1ab862842ae'
89e0e6638 2011-01-25 I2PTunnel: Update h2ik proxy details.
232ba5612 2011-01-25 Whitespace cleanup, while we're not yet merged into trunk yet.
fa1571045 2011-01-25 Console: light theme: restore truant dropshadow to h1 class.
fbac92831 2011-01-24 Console: revert light theme regressions.
656670919 2011-01-24 0.8.3
bf99b04e0 2011-01-24 cleanups after review, ticket 390
cf1cf9e73 2011-01-22 New trayicon image (thanks, dr|z3d).
4191eb98b 2011-01-22 Dutch translation updated (thanks KwukDuck)
1eec4484f 2011-01-22 Light consistency tweak.
dc0c97c0a 2011-01-22 Multifarious light tweaks.
a71372c67 2011-01-22 TUnnel Manager: light button consistency fix.
cb2ce5ea2 2011-01-22 Classic adjustment.
b3f802539 2011-01-22 TUnnel Manager light festooneries.
809bb59c9 2011-01-22 Tunnel Manager light tweaks.
61456ba57 2011-01-21 merge of '02fcc2f7749bae7a3ec47e06df2e87b744f859d9'      and '2a04fb3507bc56975b251f740976304cb2801283'
d05b02de1 2011-01-21 Light Chinese finessing.
a4d270fa6 2011-01-21 Light consistency tweaks.
a946af721 2011-01-21 Light tabulatory tweaks.
568f24299 2011-01-21 i2ptunnel: remove dup in russian translation
9338196c3 2011-01-20 Update Dutch translations
587dd3041 2011-01-20 - Added version check needed before starting desktopgui. - Added correct 'stop I2P' functionality in desktopgui.
90fc3b0e5 2011-01-20 fix XML comment-in-comment thx KillYourTV
08de93e7e 2011-01-20 Light relief.
96593c728 2011-01-20 Light spice.
471ddaa20 2011-01-20 Light chinese bite.
17946fbfa 2011-01-20 Light tweak, consistency fix.
22108f2c5 2011-01-19 Light tweak.
2a7bb5b55 2011-01-19 Midnight and light cleanups/tweaks.
84d86834b 2011-01-19 Added desktopgui to installation, updater and startup.
ae00ec5dd 2011-01-17 routerconsole: update russian translation
f9384d627 2011-01-17 readme_ru.html: fix link to anchor
bbb731af6 2011-01-17 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
2ea05f01e 2011-01-17 Fix typo
99405b7df 2011-01-17 readme_ru.html: sync with english version
5a1027c5e 2011-01-16     * UPnP:       - Change all log errors to warns (tickets #76, #95, #120)       - Double socket soTimeout to 2 seconds
0ed88c568 2011-01-16     * UDP: Prevent rare startup NPE
32b817f9b 2011-01-16 allow editing of console args
04d04d016 2011-01-15 add some HTTP headers in the view servlets
d4a717e6b 2011-01-15 Console themes: Fix for http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/359
f7df15fd5 2011-01-15 Light tweaks.
29dfa77bc 2011-01-15 Tunnelmanager light finesse.
02fbd7f9d 2011-01-15 Light touch.
c453dd0e3 2011-01-15 Console/tunnelmanager: light theme adulteration.
8b8a3a4a6 2011-01-14 Light tweaks.
8b664fe2a 2011-01-14 merge of '0c3129e1443b3c155a4e5e06e008fa40a89776a3'      and 'fe23acdcae4f7bace1f6ceb4823a13271fe37207'
50a6a8170 2011-01-14 Light tweaks.
9944dc069 2011-01-14 Console: light theme, borderline tweak.
65387def1 2011-01-14 Light relief.
19f1f7c38 2011-01-14 Console: Enhanced support for webkit/opera in light theme.
c36aaa62b 2011-01-13 Readme (eng): decombobulation.
dc120847e 2011-01-13 Readme (en): Clarify "rejecting tunnels".
1aea5b3de 2011-01-13 Additional light tweaks.
9ea41b6e6 2011-01-13 More light tweaks.
4a85f30bf 2011-01-13 Light tweaks.
c4445143f 2011-01-13 merge of '6100fa1118decc83a309c2ccf8d128db2e9c2ef8'      and 'd804fb6b50abf7968a0198674912906c60ec9ff0'
9e2c06346 2011-01-13 Console:  tunnelmanager a:link color consistency fix.
4dd78ed31 2011-01-12 merge of '9d97a97ab57669b6ed2c246c966df9d4afcda899'      and 'bc18ab31728be1d004b18d113343c50f25f0a678'
330f1f341 2011-01-12 Fixes to Atom identification.
79bd5f1c1 2011-01-12 fix log init problem
1ad1883d5 2011-01-12 fix hashCode
4b85c5690 2011-01-12 Console themes: fix news headings.
7289c8917 2011-01-11 merge of '52a34b607bb02c92ab1dac1ef16a3ce64462e39e'      and 'e6920b673f432050c4d56a74a2ff2074a2959e6a'
c6a2e99a0 2011-01-11 Added Intel Atom as (pentium3) as prescribed by the libgmp configure scripts.
1757a2cc0 2011-01-11 merge of '4e478ff8494e308808d6df2c47e368ac3aeb61aa'      and '51ae655150adb03f61e4ead408e1e7d827661dc7'
537148100 2011-01-10 - Shutdown change in desktopgui. - Brainstorming about the best way to make desktopgui autostart in I2P.
b963e2a85 2011-01-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1b82a3bfd792b71321bcbd8f3b8344664db2dc45)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head 4e485a19a83a3e30425e1b1a03836f35fa4ebb50)
a51ae64e4 2011-01-09 build tweak
fd4e4fbc6 2011-01-09     * Data Structures: More caching improvements, don't cache where we shouldn't
9a63be8f6 2011-01-09     * NetDB: Don't rescan netDb directory unless changed,              to reduce Hash cache thrash (backport from test4)
212c87ffd 2011-01-09     * DataHelper: Speed up and annotate sortStructures()     * RouterInfo:       - Don't cache byteified data by default, to save ~1.5 MB       - Don't create empty peers Set, to save ~100KB
16509e592 2011-01-08 Better comments
4c172760c 2011-01-08 Corrected some identification code.
7330e5fef 2011-01-08 Added support for new Intel family/model names. Added proper support for using Core2 machines as P4. Added support for identifying SSE 3/4.1/4.2/4A support on CPU.
7710b22cf 2011-01-07 Moved I2PProperties callback to the RouterContext.
6cfb2baad 2011-01-07 -9
3870924fb 2011-01-07     * i2psnark: Improve request tracking to reduce memory usage
a692ab42f 2011-01-06 add missing hashCode()
05a290cdd 2011-01-06 more caching
ea29c961e 2011-01-05 log tweak
4005bd680 2011-01-05 reseed form button tweak
e826ce723 2011-01-05     * i2psnark: Refactor request tracking to prevent possible deadlocks
6822bf797 2011-01-05 findbugs high-rank issues
e2c3ea3ff 2011-01-05 log tweak thx ech
2e51577f3 2011-01-04 fix up findbugs target
9b0c42ca6 2011-01-03 - Added support for on-the-fly routerconsole.lang changes to desktopgui and routerconsole (routerconsole now commits changes to the I2PAppContext). - Added desktopgui support for detecting if it's running in the same JVM as I2P (without commandline arguments).
2a6c763c3 2011-01-03 Added support for callbacks when changes in I2PAppContext properties occur.
b92ba5edb 2011-01-03 concretization in lang=es
aeb1d4065 2011-01-03 minor tweaks and accomodation in lang=es
bb39d8c6f 2011-01-02 disable spell check in textareas
bb74bc33d 2011-01-02 fix bw limits handling in standard session
af90121b4 2011-01-02 cache tweak
f015ce1f0 2011-01-02 log tweak
785d18467 2011-01-02 corerection on eespite de
ca5ed9d1b 2011-01-02 merge of '36bd43007b45f4b59b1dc14a2cb02b06c9e7fa84'      and '82c6b46d2891bdaf3043f85ea25fd9f3bf5ab3e5'
8fdc4bc9b 2011-01-02 routerconsole de add ;
7d2bbaad9 2011-01-02 actualizar -> actualización
ed8197f6d 2010-12-31     * Data Structures: More caching and cleanups
e0f77731c 2010-12-31 generics
3b51f420c 2010-12-31 better logging
cd1ed6390 2010-12-31 javadoc
a64d0a54b 2010-12-31     * Datagram Dissector: Fix RuntimeException caused by reuse,                           preventing iMule from connecting on UDP                           (thanks devzero)
1b74b49e0 2010-12-31 remove missing img
95cf30652 2010-12-31     * i2psnark: Send cache directive for in-war icons
a18197dbd 2010-12-31       - Add console request logging, enable with routerconsole.log=filename
dcb9d3811 2010-12-31       - Make theme files and history.txt return 403 on error,         not 500, to avoid the new error page
544563672 2010-12-31       - Link to full history.txt on help page
0de6c932f 2010-12-31     * OCMOSJ: Refactor cache keys for efficiency
ba8c8aa90 2010-12-31 merge of '21a58b4579e454d8f04032726ab182a3176653da'      and 'a1a6a2d409864f97efb7af374431e7214c5a7976'
f9cc72e89 2010-12-31 tweaks
751134f5d 2010-12-31 merge of '6ac923b4b6f858e909094ff3d0fbfbbfba7ff9d4'      and '8b279c27b4d263a1c9cc02ab7fe2e448e652f469'
4025a5752 2010-12-31 grammar fix
bad27e648 2010-12-31 fix typo
8ab189256 2010-12-30 history for prop, -5
6ec1772c8 2010-12-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 544002db2f75a06bbd19571f24692055c41b3290)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 18c56774615023acadd46474b890350cd02a08c9)
08a3165c4 2010-12-30     * Data Structures:       - New SDSCache for SimpleDataStructures       - New SimpleByteCache for byte[]       - Cache Hash, PublicKey, and SigningPublicKey       - Remove global lock in ByteCache
5d6edad9d 2010-12-30     * I2CP:       - Include the Hash in the DestReplyMessage on a failed lookup         so the client may correlate replies         (file omitted from previous checkin)
01f9be462 2010-12-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 764616dd0b3539990a05edb329ece0afd35261cb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 871752bfdd3d262d0fde193cf787e2705418936a)
5615b1302 2010-12-30 Fix buttons on Firefox 4.0b
cc4158a7e 2010-12-30     * i2ptunnel:       - Use dropdown box to select interface for clients       - Warn on index page if required fields not set
80ee0a3b5 2010-12-29 merge of '4db34be5448beb1eab5ca54e2e417437a591d8e4'      and '6f964a29ceb436cab5b25b2a74cc225a8e53e88b'
f21b079e2 2010-12-29 mods to pt
8a4745a46 2010-12-29 merge of 'af0d307e46e94ee1a32100b7ba28e243e8f82e74'      and 'e23be5b3f87b826c3e0d02aa479df283ad906489'
7bd978e56 2010-12-29 Fix typo
563e1f97e 2010-12-29     * DSAEngine: Restore variants of methods using a Hash argument,                  required by Syndie, removed in 0.8.1
fc589db9b 2010-12-29 fix validation errors
3309b5340 2010-12-29 fix validation errors
a61183303 2010-12-29 add configreseed page
cd58dfdf9 2010-12-29 add 500 error page
45f3a35fa 2010-12-29       - Add StartCom CA cert required for
9919a4143 2010-12-28 fix a typo spotted by user
42ea77df7 2010-12-28 minor translation updates
ab4a5d15a 2010-12-27 history for prop, -2
f225c1cca 2010-12-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 56ba5c9f8d0779f91259df05b7be0826fe08cd84)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0ba2cc80363f5c7086bce7a43f43a9b095ed2d9e)
6ee162002 2010-12-27 fix console jetty temp file names when in ssl-only mode
fefcb6c2c 2010-12-26 prevent leak after exception
cdcbc8024 2010-12-26 Addresses cleanup
965b2611b 2010-12-26 Evolve, document how the URI path fix works. Fix 302 redirects so they URL encode properly. bump to -1
443abce64 2010-12-26     * I2CP:       - Move BWLimits and DestLookup message support from         I2PSimpleSession to I2PSessionImpl       - Include the Hash in the DestReplyMessage on a failed lookup         so the client may correlate replies       - Add support for parallel lookups and BWLimits requests       - Add support for specifying the timeout for DestLookups         (can only be smaller than the router timeout for now)       - Extend dest lookup router timeout from 10s to 15s
923c3d8b4 2010-12-26 Fix 302 redirect so that it encodes the URI path properly.
925f9d0a2 2010-12-26 Add virgin file
49b11bb49 2010-12-26 refactor Addresses
5d494ba89 2010-12-26 Move Addresses class from router to core so we can use it in i2ptunnel
cd0d062fc 2010-12-26 Fix last piece length calculation for torrents > 2GB (ticket #361)
b3d1a7614 2010-12-26 Prep for caching by making SimpleDataStructures immutable after data has been set.
824d5a0d3 2010-12-26 javadocs
34973371a 2010-12-26     * Update:       - Change the UpdateHandler to try all sources in a loop, rather than one,         so the user need not retry manually       - For each source, fetch the first 56 bytes and check the version         before downloading the whole thing, so we need not wait for every         host to have the latest before updating the news.
7ee7cbf66 2010-12-26     * Stats: Change stat.full false (saves ~ 1MB)
66f348450 2010-12-26     * i2psnark: Backport TrackerClient NPE fix
c54b40288 2010-12-26     * Addresses: Add listing capability for internal interfaces
ff0c168d6 2010-12-26     * Certificate: Fix fatal null cert error
82e344055 2010-12-24     * Certificate: Use a single static null cert in place of                    tens of thousands of them
63c661326 2010-12-24     * configclients.jsp:       - Add form for I2CP options       - Fix HTML errors
15a8d39ef 2010-12-23 router's index ru: multiple fixes
85629aca8 2010-12-23 routerconsole: fix typo in russian translation
5069bebe9 2010-12-23 merge of '28858996311a6bf5c6a1e8f6558502527f1ea9e9'      and 'f251674b3b5b8f06caee32cc5abca12103115022'
b81ff3243 2010-12-23 routerconsole: small update of russian translation
5d2f5c7a1 2010-12-23 merge of '04a2d141a4d20a86027b0345820c081a8460a671'      and '0c71002f6fde035669ce69ce9f263e9c231917f2'
b862d14ec 2010-12-23 Sync russian translation of router's index page with english version
4e3effa7e 2010-12-22 merge of '878149500938c6886eb9e0274ba0901e8fe3a3bb'      and 'deab42b1e2bfe970ba51a868ab2b8c47181fdd15'
a82513296 2010-12-21 Readme (eng): typo fixes.
f02a0d96d 2010-12-21 fix initialNews files in wrong place in installer
eefa73281 2010-12-21 fix reseed fallback to http
299c1bd67 2010-12-21 0.8.2
1f22ae6a0 2010-12-21 tweaks after review
bb637eb75 2010-12-21 merge of 'be5741c3c94c1e0719f55180856bbdeecca4d5e2'      and 'cf23c2bccd1b205a714663148e4591cc09e9617c'
94f8b81bd 2010-12-21 TunnelManager css tweaks (light/dark/classic).
867286b47 2010-12-20 - Replaced RouterContext with I2PAppContext. - Detect I2P location using I2PAppContext.
1d89e136b 2010-12-19 translation: routerconsole es stub fixup
e247e959f 2010-12-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f41d2dbeb0c32c0adc31c610f50c8f6d9feaf65d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head f5a63128d67798eb6910fb9b12599589adb1711c)
a3644ccaa 2010-12-19 pluck of 43243e8d732573e9609515178f9a30080395334c
5e7bad2af 2010-12-19 explicit merge of 'e340ab5e817eb0ed7bb8058e3677aaea268d180a'               and '2c3eb1b692122c7c96b2c547532274f1068fc7f5'
de112fd63 2010-12-19 explicit merge of 'daa35ac8b482063c4db4b6205ca5dacc045080a4'               and 'cde8ce662bee407206b7fea94beaa230f052f501'
91f1ece75 2010-12-19 adjust runner count based on max mem
6725ce096 2010-12-19 routerconsole es stub
a568ad2bb 2010-12-19 i2psnark es tweaks
8e7244527 2010-12-19 merge of '2c3eb1b692122c7c96b2c547532274f1068fc7f5'      and 'ed99c2a20da18fdc068fa77418f54a1857152a16'
c3f43bc63 2010-12-19 add leading space   before … k
f1fe29e4b 2010-12-19 add Portuguese translation of i2psnark
086004879 2010-12-19 translation update i2psnark es
8ded0392b 2010-12-19 translation changes de
58cacd88e 2010-12-19 proxy error translation changes de
3c4994c0e 2010-12-19 Fix script so the proper encodeing is used in the JVM.
0802b9a8d 2010-12-19 version bump, history.txt
ed5c61725 2010-12-19 merge of 'daa35ac8b482063c4db4b6205ca5dacc045080a4'      and 'e19c106344aa97ad1765e79df75f96182f89d102'
4622080e0 2010-12-19 Fix
8d6a12552 2010-12-19 Fix, add
360d96d08 2010-12-19 de-thinsp until we can check UA for opera
f8ed3c561 2010-12-18 Add original source
da8661526 2010-12-18 Fix missing </A>
0d20d95cc 2010-12-18 merge of '8ea404af31d0c1c0c9355425f6c880df4e763cea'      and '8edfe96d16e0a77f05f6370cc3e6436c6745303f'
578188070 2010-12-18 Classic & Midnight proxy error tweaks; favicon_light.ico (awaiting logic!).
59e5ec742 2010-12-18 fix 1 sec tag causing po error
7944065e3 2010-12-18 cleanups and URL fixes
d3498138a 2010-12-18 Classic filagree.
2302545a0 2010-12-18 Classic futzage.
5531b4be5 2010-12-18 Midnight & Dark mumblings.
3b4007f8f 2010-12-18 Dark disturbance.
5a567705c 2010-12-18 Midnight mod.
0a5818e1c 2010-12-18 Midnight tweak.
6c6609c93 2010-12-18 Midnight manouevres.
7e3c347ac 2010-12-18 merge of '094945b98d69169e985ac8068256fec4ee5515f0'      and 'abb387ef4b4418e0e202272f5535a9f076f9da1d'
c09664c57 2010-12-18 Dark 404 fixup.
73f5eed45 2010-12-18 Light tweaks.
112f3736f 2010-12-17 Readme (eng) space insertion.
c55778ea1 2010-12-17 Dark polish.
7c8e5c6d6 2010-12-17 retrofit SimpleDataStructure over SHA1Hash
d699eaaec 2010-12-17 change map class
60e57ec29 2010-12-17 add some types
03f58d188 2010-12-17 shorten thread name
8a1fab0c2 2010-12-17 merge of 'a5db72a1d84bd8d00d11acfbd2cd21ad6281e8ef'      and 'cd559af7f771ba5ff6933d3b1315f2836b3fe411'
65c623a9c 2010-12-17 Mods to light, dark & midnight console themes (mostly news tweaks).
4e4165e30 2010-12-17 Update Dutch translations
ef340e6b3 2010-12-16 merge of '83219c8a9d6734e695b300d9eefc8786b82671a1'      and 'c5b24b88c7bba734c5412f4dd03d8dce069c5ba9'
cab63efac 2010-12-16 routerconsole: update russian translation
6bab0e725 2010-12-16 Added https support for
0bd75f0e5 2010-12-15 comment out mains
df3fc6e05 2010-12-15 Random cleanup
fe575a38a 2010-12-15 fix up DH like YK
cb7e6cfb3 2010-12-15 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
aca0ae210 2010-12-15 i2psnark: update russian translation
ed9b0bbdd 2010-12-15 routerconsole help_ru.jsp: small fix
97bb51c67 2010-12-15 fix typo
4c9558c58 2010-12-15 adjust limits to reduce chance of running out; adjust limits based on max mem
a85f931c1 2010-12-15 Fixed reseed url (small change). SSL still needs to be added for this url.
2deee2b1b 2010-12-15 AES cleanups and javadoc
8e709eec2 2010-12-15 fixup after prop
c7c7731f9 2010-12-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d405c867f6903bf1d69b04c1daebf3146882525)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head bfd85b10fdd1542526a4b9c53e5d4a733087f317)
77f910ee3 2010-12-15 add max conns to form
d000d2047 2010-12-15 clean up jump host verification
9d41e8686 2010-12-15 add jump list to form
c15c97f69 2010-12-14 put blacklist mode on form
5ed8be246 2010-12-14 add conn limits to form
6826c1eb6 2010-12-14 disable I2CP auth in-JVM
46b8befda 2010-12-14 drop non-country flags
2082feeaa 2010-12-14 one more log error to a warn (ticket #356)
f9c2624b2 2010-12-14 disable log priority override for now
8bcfdc3c6 2010-12-14 i2ptunnel ui fixes
e772107c5 2010-12-14 trivial cleanup
c44c22255 2010-12-14 minor
8efefeeb5 2010-12-14     * I2CP over SSL, enable with i2cp.SSL=true
ceb9bfcc0 2010-12-14 Refactoring and splitting logic from interface.
1a41334e3 2010-12-14 Dark & Classic tweaks.
311f295f2 2010-12-14 I2PTunnelManager "Midnight" polish.
194abc791 2010-12-13 Readme (eng): no leading space before %hellip;
30145ff29 2010-12-13 License typo fix.
f8bf32e05 2010-12-13 Update license.
35feab3da 2010-12-13 Classic tweaks.
7f3650650 2010-12-13 Classic tweakery.
57edfbbc1 2010-12-13 Classic massage.
7e1a5d5cb 2010-12-13 Light touch.
59af763dc 2010-12-13 do it the easy way
2880d61c1 2010-12-13     * Pack200: Find and use either Oracle or Apache library at runtime;                neither required at compile time.
af8751a3a 2010-12-13 new translation update for de and es
f194f7895 2010-12-12 use base 64 for temp dir name
a5354f64a 2010-12-12 more classes pkg private
6d41aadc2 2010-12-12     * I2CP:       - New option i2cp.disableInterface to turn off external I2CP port         (7654) and allow internal clients only       - Disallow internal connect when shut down
9a993c00e 2010-12-12     * graphs.jsp:       - Show selected refresh delay       - Translate refresh delays       - Fix setting delay to 'Never'
114c39805 2010-12-12 shorten TrackerClient thread name
384f1bd17 2010-12-12 update jetty.xml SSL comments
653a68b8a 2010-12-12 Disable I2CP host/port options when in router context
7c63866c5 2010-12-12     * i2psnark:       - Fix end-game deadlock       - Fix last-modified check for multifile torrents, causing         apparent loss of data after abnormal exit       - UI Tweaks
d4b0bfda7 2010-12-11 merge of '4be12c91831cc6b24ef6fcf16af9cbb9fa32069d'      and 'c578a1847c62244cfc8308021014c94afef01606'
c3597cfd9 2010-12-11 Readme (eng) typo fix.
5f91be1b4 2010-12-11 -36rc.
50caf108c 2010-12-11 Midnight twickery.
dea69fee7 2010-12-11 Midnight tweaks.
0be2ca8be 2010-12-11     * I2CP: Change a log error to a warning (ticket #353)
eec96ff67 2010-12-11 Midnight logo tweaks.
8c4298167 2010-12-11 Midnight header logo refresh.
2ca8fc6e6 2010-12-11     * i2psnark:       - Restore text (ticket #273)       - Fix several HTML errors (ticket #273)       - Fix HTML error causing info links to be unclickable in dillo (tiicket #273)       - Fix alt text duplicated or looking bad in text browsers (ticket #273)       - Fix Opera button errors (ticket #332)       - Fix POST resubmission errors (ticket #334)       - Catch FetchAndAdd copy error (ticket #352)       - Set permissions on downloaded torrent files       - Hide some columns when not running       - Lots of spacing cleanups       - Rename images so users don't end up with unused files       - Remove ~15 unused images       - Clean up theme selection speed-coding exercise       - Indent fixes
89b3e3bcb 2010-12-11     * TunnelPoolManager: Fix rare startup NPE (http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=5192)
b55b552e0 2010-12-11     * Plugins: Better handling of signing keys (Ticket #351)
3098d6ef8 2010-12-11     * News: XML fixes (ticket #350)
036e36f61 2010-12-11 Light tweak.
11de31583 2010-12-11 Dark tweak.
638e04beb 2010-12-11     * Log: Don't double-timestamp CRITS in wrapper.log
10f674a78 2010-12-11     * Build: Fix 'ant distclean poupdate' again
8d54dbac9 2010-12-11 merge of 'ba7a210d3d3729205c9f020868e4830f34d74e19'      and 'baae7f79d6af8cd227c59257a3a5ec11c4179c3d'
198280eea 2010-12-11 Midnight under the moon.
6644bb0f5 2010-12-11 Midnight perspectives.
99ebcb5e1 2010-12-11 Classic doublebyte glyph polish.
624aff645 2010-12-11 Classic changes, sotto voce.
b0ac5d3bd 2010-12-11 Classic smoothness.
3887b0c4e 2010-12-11 Readme (eng): more clarifications.
1abf447f8 2010-12-11 Dark twiddle.
587b7861c 2010-12-11 Light touch.
4833b68fc 2010-12-11 Midnight top 'n tail.
a29277041 2010-12-11 Classic enhancements.
b77bcd469 2010-12-11 Readme (eng) finessing.
ec9238c99 2010-12-11 Readme (eng): make or <br> time (removals division).
a9f1f1bc1 2010-12-10 Readme (eng) detailing.
ceb45dd17 2010-12-10 Classic polish.
b0564a8ae 2010-12-10 Classic ie shimming.
b7d89a979 2010-12-10 Classic load balancing.
49a03bdde 2010-12-10 More classic finessing.
173e03a05 2010-12-10 Classic ieshim tweaks.
651e258de 2010-12-10 Classic <code> tweaks.
4e7b013ce 2010-12-10 Classic css tweakery.
60b60f20c 2010-12-10 Classic polish.
f196ec885 2010-12-10 Classic gloss.
507dc44b1 2010-12-10 Classic ieshimmery.
36305db76 2010-12-10 Readme (eng): minor futzage.
ea3f88659 2010-12-10 Readme (eng): typo fixes and clarfications.
698338066 2010-12-10 Fixed up security fix, so it filters correctly for clients and servers.
36d555523 2010-12-09 Added translation support + first language (nl).
59343b589 2010-12-09 Readme (eng): s/severs/servers
6df27b273 2010-12-08 Vanilla/Ubergine tweaks.
1a3076a16 2010-12-08 Dark updates.
e46d5c665 2010-12-08 Dark news reversion to radar.
0fdb10940 2010-12-08 -35rc.
29b8788fc 2010-12-08 Readme (eng): typo fixes.
6996c60a4 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: vanilla/ubergine status line tweaks.
7d5cfecb6 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Status spacing tweaks.
6fe4477cc 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Don't forget our priority tooltip!
e349e13ef 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Status updates!
020da9d0b 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Priority tweaks.
022e77d58 2010-12-08 merge of '271d5fa6e5479cee64f70863f31de61f79fa2e03'      and '79a880c604fbbd9dfc56596d8d9c9009b233ca9d'
7280110c7 2010-12-08 I2PSnark: Long awaited changes to file and size header icons.
03ff26acc 2010-12-07 Hide HTTP server name (replace by I2PServer) to avoid server detection (flaw successfully tested by Adrian Crenshaw -- thanks!).
26356ce35 2010-12-07 -34rc.
1ddf19c7f 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: follow through with vanilla header images.
f9e05f5e5 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Add bittorrent logos to head_torrent.png.
001e5a081 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Footer icon spacing adjustment.
7e00d830a 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: header graphic tweaks.
c1f992f21 2010-12-07 I2PSnark: Lose the motorcycles!
510b4e295 2010-12-07 Light tweaks.
eeb7669c2 2010-12-07 Light tweaks.
2486ebbbd 2010-12-07 Ubergine screenlog tweaks.
a1698b8ea 2010-12-06 Light, ubergine & snark changes.
274272111 2010-12-06 Light finessing.
a723bce18 2010-12-06 Light blue adjustment.
5a0fcc779 2010-12-06 -33rc.
b4d2eda02 2010-12-06 Ubergine lovefest.
6360fba8f 2010-12-06 Vanilla refinement.
e7426f727 2010-12-06 Vanilla essence.
51ba6c16f 2010-12-06 I2PSnark resolutions.
674993145 2010-12-06 de translation update for 0.8.2
43e09b00b 2010-12-06 I2PSnark: More overflow fixes.
bd11011d0 2010-12-06 I2PSnark: downloading subsisnark arrows.
a31e3a2a1 2010-12-06 Ubergine tweaks.
6ae3d8ed0 2010-12-06 Snark tweak.
e6c4d2340 2010-12-06 Snark refinements.
f054663b1 2010-12-05 -32rc
78b990880 2010-12-05 I2PSnark: Wrap fixes.
6a11c472e 2010-12-05 I2PSnark: seeding.png tweak.
c8d9dee46 2010-12-05 Dark enhancer.
e4417c358 2010-12-05 ScarfAce tweak.
55d1bf353 2010-12-05 Tweaks.
4a9f7b740 2010-12-05     * Console:       - Add SSL support - To enable, change clients.config. Examples:             ## Change to SSL only - just add a '-s'             clientApp.0.args=-s 7657 ::1, ./webapps/             ## Use both non-SSL and SSL - add '-s port interface'             clientApp.0.args=7657 ::1, -s 7667 ::1, ./webapps/             ## ...and change URLLauncher args further down for the browser to open https:// at startup if you like.
3d0394e63 2010-12-05 Readme tweaks.
a00845ce4 2010-12-05 ScarfAce refreshes.
57963c9c1 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more futzage!
c13d2c2df 2010-12-05 Readme: add missing futz (absence spotted by Mathiasdm).
26fda3944 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): futzinger (noun). an zealous partaker of futzing.
bbad4dd5f 2010-12-05 Readme tweaks.
b411de7bf 2010-12-05 Light tweaks.
9664ac2a8 2010-12-05 Classic&Midnight link.png refresh.
0bab0ae21 2010-12-05 merge of '354d421d8e1f234007967cec4461aedb532ae89e'      and '56635df32be529c80a40a3d84e01ef858c7346ec'
b5be73a15 2010-12-05 Dark tweaks.
1531fde19 2010-12-05 Muffing about with dark iconography.
c94fa6ef1 2010-12-05 tweaks
3872cad2f 2010-12-05     * DataHelper: Have readLong() and readString() throw an       EOFException instead of a DataFormatException on EOF,       which should lower the log severity in I2CP and I2NP       when a client or peer disconnects.
9c9d91c5d 2010-12-05 ScarfAce vectorizations.
44d5dd65b 2010-12-05 Light tweaks.
e57737951 2010-12-05 Mostly theme graphics cruft removal.
5b0a9fd28 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more clarficatory amendments.
aa7e1cf72 2010-12-05 Dark rumblings.
bf9ce6e82 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): adjustment.
2403d82a7 2010-12-05 ScarfAce muscles in on the dark news.
225cd17cf 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more finessing.
6efec491c 2010-12-05 Readme (eng): more elucidcation.
589f4ba29 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): clarifications, qualifications & enhancements.
11f0259b3 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): more finessing and clarificationary tweaks.
86de25169 2010-12-04 fix QueuedI2CPMessageReader not stopping; javadocs
0b2bc726d 2010-12-04 fix SimpleSession NPE
b42967848 2010-12-04 javadoc
04af25504 2010-12-04 SimpleSession doesnt need a notifier thread
3d759d76c 2010-12-04 javadoc, start notifier only after success
7c583fb1e 2010-12-04 convert mark router liveliness thread to SimpleScheduler
9aaf95ca9 2010-12-04     * Threads:       - Reduce thread pool sizes based on memory and/or bandwidth limits       - Tweak some thread names for clarity
6dfd9bca6 2010-12-04 log tweaks
eadf472dd 2010-12-04     * I2PTunnel:       - For clients, use a common thread pool that expires idle threads         rather than keeping 5 accept() threads for each client.         This also removes the configurable (30s default) max wait time         for a socket, this may have to be restored.       - Use pool for HTTP decompression also.
04ea1fb9c 2010-12-04 javadoc
947010ad0 2010-12-04 I2PThread -> I2PAppThread
3a05abe55 2010-12-04 add a stat to see if getBids() is taking too long
a1c69082e 2010-12-04 LBQ -> SynchronousQueue so it will expand the pool
3d5a42658 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): clarification(s).
8f104223d 2010-12-04 Dark news.
c713ff6ac 2010-12-04 ScarfAce goes underground.
2b11267b4 2010-12-04 Light webskit/shopera fixes.
9fbeca08e 2010-12-04 -30
b23abfb8f 2010-12-04 Light enhance.
e88a1d2a4 2010-12-04 Scarface bling.
62be1bf1c 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): Troubleshoot kickbacks.
ab29e1e56 2010-12-04 Readme troubleshooting massage.
176f54023 2010-12-04 Readme (eng) edits.
c36d2409a 2010-12-04 Dark tweaks.
333e015a5 2010-12-04 merge of '0053ae5e6e0a984e8e8876549da6851de16970d5'      and '23394c79d24fe3cfcdf8b59caf2a707175a60e4f'
d0ac53fa5 2010-12-04 ScarfAce downsizing.
d2a1a6d11 2010-12-04 ScarfAce puts his stash away.
d236a3c72 2010-12-04 readme typos and order
5474646fb 2010-12-04 Readme (eng): enhance troubleshooting section.
8b75b3c77 2010-12-04 Dark stirrings.
36a7fa1b6 2010-12-04 Dark nuance.
46dcba12e 2010-12-04 Dark polish.
6d3b09a7a 2010-12-04 -29. (ScarfAce Special Edition).
e9aca5dac 2010-12-04 Dark undertones.
467b082e8 2010-12-04     * I2PTunnel:       - Limit server blockingHandle threads       - Run standard server blockingHandles inline
6b8f420ad 2010-12-04 -28
42753be69 2010-12-04 Light embellishments.
1054080cf 2010-12-04 merge of '2dfae8b7197d2abdca4c46244533b97fede046c0'      and '3742a97ed79b29cb38f0ef3919dcf036c126efe2'
a6946803e 2010-12-04 Light adjustment, please remain seated. Refreshments will be served shortly.
3f3c44d43 2010-12-03 More Light meddling.
f23b1880f 2010-12-03 Light shift.
133093086 2010-12-03 Dark rumblings.
5c3e5cf1e 2010-12-03 Dark dealings.
d60da1bf6 2010-12-03 Light&Dark Opera/Webkit enhancements.
26d423ff6 2010-12-03 readme_es s/P/p
5ab813179 2010-12-03 dont update stats after failure
92254f429 2010-12-03 Light psychoacoustic adjustments.
e59797e66 2010-12-03 Light spatial reordering.
c7f6e7280 2010-12-03 Light frolics in the snow (reported by postman).
897674686 2010-12-03 mindless history.txt servlet
f4ceb163b 2010-12-03 host.txt: add planet.i2p; more light tweakage.
e3f267391 2010-12-03 Light touches.
4a1235a03 2010-12-03 proxy error tweaks.
33dde2b44 2010-12-03 -27
3f63633b4 2010-12-03 Light spruce.
fabbda659 2010-12-03 I2CP internal mode tweaks
2b87eb86e 2010-12-03 Light embellishment.
e9e1890b1 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel:       - Extend header timeouts for HTTP and IRC server tunnels
61f6ac56e 2010-12-03 -26
5c73a6055 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel:       - Better logging of server errors       - Return 503 to client before closing i2p socket if server is not there
cfc69c22b 2010-12-03 Light hors d'oeuvres, served on a bed of caramelized pig liver (snaffled by postman).
a20ed8aa1 2010-12-03 Light logo, salad on the side (spotted by postman).
b4fce55ae 2010-12-03 Readme (eng): typo police.
19fb2877d 2010-12-03 -25
9906fc4bd 2010-12-03 Light console_big.css finesse. In memory of Bruce Lee.
ae6a6a1d9 2010-12-03     * I2PTunnel: Get Log from the logManager instead of instantiating,                  so we may adjust the levels on the fly
94620d6ac 2010-12-03 Light logo phasers set to stun.
1442fd68f 2010-12-03 light/console_big.css added to the workspace manifest.
90e87046a 2010-12-03 Light logo adulteration.
f088302b0 2010-12-03 More light spiff, extra yoghurt (spotted by postman).
24839d9b0 2010-12-03 -24 ftw!
ef028005b 2010-12-03 Light spiff.
240642803 2010-12-03 Light finesse.
efd11d195 2010-12-03 Light sleight.
2f49575ad 2010-12-03 Light table magic.
e7dc90907 2010-12-03 light magic table tweakery.
56fbb5458 2010-12-03 trip the light fantastic.
cf236deec 2010-12-03 Light adjustment.
594765dd4 2010-12-03 Light futz.
17526f435 2010-12-03 -23
b649d8424 2010-12-03 Light magic touch.
faf3d0816 2010-12-03 proxy error logo refresh.
e4281cfba 2010-12-03 classic ieshim tweaks.
1b36b3efe 2010-12-03 Light manoeuvring.
336f57649 2010-12-02 merge of 'c824ff0c12a4b616407365fc175b161e7c3736df'      and 'dede80d3699065f495e330c8bb8e9e579882757c'
3e0da23b4 2010-12-02 Readme (eng) futz.
acf09bb3d 2010-12-02 merge of '1cf0e4a5d377da8d3a8a8bd80a184c589fab1238'      and 'd95ca1deac504336bf9a646b4a6753b35ca6b40b'
5ba101063 2010-12-02     * I2NP: Allow message to be written more than once,             instead of throwing an IllegalStateException
8f8fb0e5c 2010-12-02 log tweak
c1e56cd05 2010-12-02 hosts.txt: add i2plugins.i2p & i2pbote.i2p
2126b5156 2010-12-02 format refresh time
3d6a5bd9e 2010-12-02 fix extension messages
2c8421d8a 2010-12-02     * Transport: Hamachi address block 5/8 assigned by IANA
d226d6047 2010-12-02 javadoc
9a6a66d70 2010-12-02     * Streaming: Restore I2PSocketManagerFull as public                  (broke jwebcahe ticket #345)
3c5172591 2010-12-02 Readme (eng): Attribute Complication as I2Phex maintainer, noting that I2Phex is looking for new devs.
6eee69835 2010-12-01 Light tweak.
19c6760ea 2010-12-01     * I2CP: Change from the internal pseudo-socket that was       implemented in 0.7.9 to an internal Queue that directly       passes I2CPMessage objects. For in-JVM clients,       this eliminates two writer threads per client and       avoids the serialization/deserialization of I2CP messages.
e3bb912d0 2010-12-01 translation tweaks de & es
28ee1d1f1 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: trackererror.png update.
5fa17238e 2010-12-01 Console: Midnight i2plogo refresh.
2f044f134 2010-12-01 Dark updates.
17afef63f 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: Ubergine subisnark love.
8d6263294 2010-12-01 -19
35a72e8a9 2010-12-01 merge of 'c4649554b77db6d5f9d4e4c7aaa8e6830c9f4937'      and 'ca22cd7740376a68a2a9b094458abb2b5dc897d5'
9f3bcc20f 2010-12-01 I2PSnark: Update subisnark images. Console: Midnight theme tweakage.
a2a406fb7 2010-12-01 Console themes: rework ieshim.css for classic/ie; Classic & Light tweaks; I2PSnark vanilla/ubergine edits.
293eea9e3 2010-11-30 try to fix log flush error at file rotation
6de6fb1b5 2010-11-30 es tweaks by user
ac74befd8 2010-11-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 13a52cb132e9cd1eb7e7a0813081a95e3c73153e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.mathiasdm.desktopgui' (head 2562b1a0e40c669587761eebf9c9430396f23bda)
620128a76 2010-11-30 Cleaned up RouterManager, should now be crossplatform.
e04252f2e 2010-11-30 merge of '758ffc5607f3a32a8aeaa7dd5a1d1b839629d33d'      and 'c366ec63b4c58df5f6fd47dcf1bddd1eb48f43c8'
578d656f9 2010-11-30 change port change message from error to info
c97e72d05 2010-11-30 formatSize tweak
ad5482238 2010-11-30     * i2psnark: Move PeerCheckerTask from Timer to SimpleTimer2 to save some threads
243bd412e 2010-11-30     * I2CP: Try to hide Pipe closed messages (several tickets)
45b8d8b6b 2010-11-30     * Logging:       - Limit buffer size; block and wakeup writer when full       - Limit errors written to system log       - Add method to force a log below the current level
f7ed34126 2010-11-30 requested changes to de
9147fddb8 2010-11-30     * Streaming: Change some log errors to warnings (tickets 76, 341 and others)
db23534e3 2010-11-30 merge of '0e94b0f3b3818b53b029fcce7e9ca64680dd4391'      and '5d73bb2f881c3ef24f74af899f7451da1e5f42d4'
4efeecdab 2010-11-30 minor de tweaks
59b53eb6f 2010-11-29 Console translation (de): s/Router-Einstellungen/Einstellungen (sidepanel).
298079464 2010-11-29 Console translation (fr): s/I2P Configuration Interne/Configuration (sidebar).
f12556714 2010-11-29 -16
0f288ed72 2010-11-29 Console: "light" theme refresh.
e06ce250a 2010-11-29 * Switch to I2P logging. * Add javadoc where necessary. * Add javadoc build target. * Some code cleanup.
e243f90b3 2010-11-29 Readme tweaks; Dark manoeuvres.
601abdce6 2010-11-29 Lock down streaming classes not in the API. Holler if this breaks any external apps.
b5f652ef0 2010-11-29 tweak
671f48e77 2010-11-29 -14
174c22266 2010-11-29     * UDP:       - Fix bug causing PacketPusher to loop quickly instead of sleeping       - Fix udp.sendCycleTime and sendCycleTimeSlow stats       - Fix speed values on peers.jsp       - Try to fix rare NPE (ticket 298)
d31113255 2010-11-29     * Logging:       - Use System locale and time zone for default date/time format,         so it matches the wrapper log time (we can't set the wrapper log time zone).         (existing installs must remove logger.dateFormat line          in logger.config to get system default format)       - Force RuntimeExceptions to CRIT level       - Don't have log() count buffer size
a86fef2a2 2010-11-29     * i2psnark: Don't timeout queued piece messages
213859956 2010-11-29 I2PSnark: Vanilla edits.
8d2ea460c 2010-11-29 I2PSnark: Vanilla finessing.
054eae871 2010-11-28 Readme tweak; dark tweaks.
c23116bca 2010-11-28 Readme: add planet.i2p to our list of I2P resources.
47ce7b24f 2010-11-28 Console: Add console_big.css to "dark" theme to accomodate doublebyte glyphs better.
4a94d48ef 2010-11-28 More readme tweakage.
d2afaa458 2010-11-28 Readme tweaks 'n fiddles.
140d89336 2010-11-28 Readme futzes.
693945a47 2010-11-28 I2PSnark: s/Ignore/Skip
f3fc28ff7 2010-11-28 Readme tweaks.
3480f8e82 2010-11-28 tiny reformulation in fr (user)
de85a8d3f 2010-11-28 merge of 'ac50d73893f7b61e4c91b21080551261aaf0858d'      and 'cb91ed6dab8fa6b20f179c822df7402805e853a6'
77221de70 2010-11-28 tiny reformulation in es/pt (user)
26d5390e8 2010-11-28 merge of '8f40f2b7ad2272ecedca14c17598ecaf409340e8'      and 'da96c40b16f6e3f2e4e044f0f48cb53f1e9f2264'
1ddea5c13 2010-11-28 fix initial news pt
48adefca2 2010-11-28 merge of '5f806c16d9ddce033dc0527c22c5559e00f692e5'      and '893000f2731ec12111a70dbb912005b82642fcaa'
609a17f43 2010-11-28 Light tweak.
e37f831ce 2010-11-28 Dark&Vanilla tweaks.
b9413d540 2010-11-28 -13
a52fb65c6 2010-11-28     * i2psnark:       - Fix NPE and other partials bugs       - More extension message stubbing       - Log tweaks
9ba86e86a 2010-11-28     * I2PTunnel: Deprecate destFromName()
612d06bd5 2010-11-28     * Build: Move all dependencies to top-level build.xml,              so each sub-build.xml is only executed once (true DAG)
a59e52bff 2010-11-28 Dark tweak.
5b5459f6e 2010-11-28 Readme edits.
86bbb8578 2010-11-28 Classic tweak.
0e19f4586 2010-11-28 More readme edits.
8f3d4e8e6 2010-11-28 Readme edits.
bcf199934 2010-11-28 merge of '72b051da2fb0f5215c2c90ba63559876f8909937'      and 'd34a77db6375e8df16bb5fdf76aaa43ab630c704'
ab80fafa6 2010-11-28 Readme tweaks and edits.
0d3f85a2c 2010-11-27 more br->pt conversions
6a9ea5a13 2010-11-27 Snark control button tweak.
48419588c 2010-11-27 Vanilla tweaks.
8aaa2ebb3 2010-11-27 History.txt typo fix.
0ea55cbcb 2010-11-27 History.txt
9158ce9ae 2010-11-27 merge of '0f2ea1b227d59edae92a0450663f0ac1418bd153'      and '846a3cf81acf27ff8da92e611833e5651af94496'
fdf2b5f7d 2010-11-27 -12
ce332a407 2010-11-27 I2PSnark: tiles for vanilla theme.
8e98f58f6 2010-11-27 merge of '2b0329ad66b84d90d1b7e6e1a6247c6d826321f9'      and '77a4e2e18ab0e48d6f102388838e1367c1d56ebd'
fdb19bb67 2010-11-27 I2PSnark: Vanilla theme - theme specific control buttons.
b61f564d3 2010-11-27 merge of '6c704c4130747ce7d75627bcdf68f1b5195fb0bb'      and '73917249645c8c29f9d46f7ed097290016161e15'
b805bc7a5 2010-11-27 New snark theme: "vanilla".
3c45b038c 2010-11-27     * i2psnark:       - Drop queued outbound requests when choked       - Redo some data structures and locking to hopefully prevent deadlock       - Memory reduction part 3: Return partial pieces to PeerCoordinator when choked
8c5fd2923 2010-11-27 Plugin: ticket 336 fix NPE
ff828e641 2010-11-27     * Build:       - Add man pages to package       - New updaterWithJavadoc target     * Console:       - Add link to javadocs if installed
28b4239d0 2010-11-27 linkify message
5b951b5b4 2010-11-27 javadoc
df4f40f6f 2010-11-27 log cleanup
595b56246 2010-11-27 prep for another config option
daa4ff630 2010-11-27 fix race NPE at stream close
2d0e8b6ec 2010-11-27 fix configstats NPE
f7c85a474 2010-11-27 merge of '83099cd337dd977a73da45025dd3e2fbff708cee'      and 'a69c4ee8775f64e852719b159c9fc5091405d8cf'
bcf27dbe1 2010-11-27 I2PSnark: Echo themename in screenlog when changed (thanks to sponge); readme tweaks.
8eef3808a 2010-11-27 Slackware: bump i2p-base version, so that it can be upgraded with the new base code fixes.
49a946d0f 2010-11-27 Readme (eng) futzing.
64999e7f0 2010-11-27 Readme (eng): more futzing.
be7609bae 2010-11-27 Readme: s/anonymity network/invisible internet.
d57988fbb 2010-11-27 Readme: s/darknet/anonymity network.
a034a8c4f 2010-11-27 Readme (eng) finessing.
cb99f4191 2010-11-27 Readme: clarification.
56cf29c62 2010-11-27 Readme type fix (spotted by user).
f6ad9be8e 2010-11-27 Dark tweak.
f56992e8e 2010-11-27 More readme tweaks.
6aa4baa2b 2010-11-27 Readme (eng) typo fix.
f0f6aeaea 2010-11-27 Dark tweaks.
31f315999 2010-11-27 merge of '55a577eea2afce7c3027ebe2eb4ad0032b40f9df'      and 'b48269d2804fffb770351d55a37643c0dcc508ec'
bf0af8571 2010-11-27 Readme (eng) finessing.
c4424b423 2010-11-27 merge of '80ee287e0046c4751abaf3d29d9cd9e8ae26aefe'      and 'bc909db8c63cb08ea501f98b8d389496859c09b8'
17f062726 2010-11-27 - fixed wrong mail selection
eac4613ce 2010-11-27 Light tweak.
c16ea7b05 2010-11-27 yet more readme fiddles.
4690ce453 2010-11-27 Yet more readme tweaks; update "dark" sidepanel logo.
14bb8bf37 2010-11-27 Readme tweaks.
537ef93eb 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) finessing.
2160608a2 2010-11-26 Readme tweaks; fix (thanks to sponge for new snark themer!)
ccecd72dc 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) typo fix.
25b9ce107 2010-11-26 merge of '0800868fb9e71ed7990ac34d125b266d4bfbe2fc'      and '3f4014962c62bb98789453c6bd7ad84da007de14'
0e7385a77 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) finessing.
c79f0caa6 2010-11-26 i2psnark: Don't save theme parameter if it has not changed.
bbfb8583c 2010-11-26 i2psnark: Add theme change and theme selection storage abilities.
b54598e9b 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) finessing.
08372be34 2010-11-26 -9
df55494c5 2010-11-26 merge of 'b002d4a942128fdd4994a2cfba1c554ba9cb81d8'      and 'e6547920e2da9f540c79fcafc7ca7c82d25eae23'
b902656dd 2010-11-26 explicit merge of '1788f8361f67967c724d35db872b088e28c985d5'               and '31616535107305cf8195a51302e2b52b165f061c'
a0a3622f1 2010-11-26 remove unneeded initializers
78a588af0 2010-11-26 reduce UDP clock bias by rounding clock and adjusting for RTT
558d0284e 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) typo fixes.
e1e6db2b3 2010-11-26 Round NTCP timestamps to reduce clock bias
f66fbfd0f 2010-11-26 More readme & theme tweaks.
d7128b4db 2010-11-26 more changes by user
15382478f 2010-11-26 Readme tweaks.
b21f7f7a8 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) finesse; Dark tweaks.
b9567f1e5 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): encore finesse.
3c256bbd3 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): More finessing.
a82c50fa5 2010-11-26 Readme (eng) finessing; Dark tweaks.
505d2cd46 2010-11-26 Dark finesse.
8b3c072c3 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): more textual finessing.
66e0a6d79 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): more finessing.
bf21c28ec 2010-11-26 Readme: jiggle service ordering.
5642529cc 2010-11-26 -8
06400a56a 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): finessing.
d49c4f465 2010-11-26 Readme (eng): Tidy up layout, update text. Theme tweaks.
7f1ace4db 2010-11-26     * i2psnark: Clean up and enhance the PeerCoordinator's partial piece handling,                 in preparation for more improvements
d37944e08 2010-11-26 javadoc
358846ab0 2010-11-26     * LogManager: When not in router context, delay creating log file until required
c3a298215 2010-11-26     * Router: Prevent NCDFE after unzipping update file
1197a5c8c 2010-11-26 reduce RouterInfo expiration again
9e250bc07 2010-11-26 fix hashcode and javadocs
ec51ea651 2010-11-26     * Console: Split initialNews.xml into a file for each language;                don't copy to config dir at install.
02c3abfc4 2010-11-25 Added desktopgui documentation.
ab57b55e6 2010-11-25 Classic tweaks.
b885046c6 2010-11-25 - Added README - Added configuration - Added option to start I2P from desktopgui - Cleanup
949f933f0 2010-11-25 More classic tweaks.
8e996cd09 2010-11-25 Console theme tweaks.
bab97bfbe 2010-11-25 Dark tweak.
35db17fa5 2010-11-25 Light tweak.
c66b78700 2010-11-25 Classic tweaks.
00aa884a7 2010-11-25 -7
fc7b1ea15 2010-11-25 merge of '60987f4b854cedf353de8adef7747f79ca24b941'      and '8760d93a324f2eb837d218bc3b7450c80bb83b70'
0a5ffe665 2010-11-25 merge of '30bd40aa8c1637256a775b418e15d0e636cc96c6'      and 'abd4faae60790075a5dd79142e3c7f8cfb15ea40'
e7272fce5 2010-11-25 Console themes: Overhaul of classic and dark; fix langbox glitch on homepage.
b9c36e436 2010-11-25 some changes to portuguese readme
a8a608c5c 2010-11-24 br and es readme tweaks
ef92123e0 2010-11-24 0.8.1-6
58da5d794 2010-11-24 * Don't use bash explicitly * Don't put the signer's name into the SignWith field, use the email address instead to avoid problems with spaces
838da762f 2010-11-24 -6
9c96c07f3 2010-11-24 merge of 'bbaea7567520aced60f19b571f63c11cbb3b1d76'      and 'e7bbb1ca66df6fb49b2f1fcb554e8077dd488fb2'
9053a86eb 2010-11-24 br->pt
d5b079faa 2010-11-24 Message cleanup
8228365d4 2010-11-24     * Router:       - Remove global lock on accessing config       - Add global lock on reading/writing config file
a8b602bc5 2010-11-24     * SimpleDataStructure: Fix problem in fromBase64() that       manifested itself as a configtunnels.jsp bug
0b59af655 2010-11-24     * i2psnark:       - Prevent dup requests during end game         (ticket 331 - thanks sponge and Oct!)
90490cb65 2010-11-24 cleanup; limit concurrent renderings to conserve memory
af519732c 2010-11-24 save some info we might need later
868f5b1c3 2010-11-24 remove dup log
55db8bf3f 2010-11-24 save p param across posts
18a90516b 2010-11-24 javadoc
5f3834d39 2010-11-24 Slackware, fix rc.i2p, bad logic.
4dfac0846 2010-11-24 add pt, move readme_br to _pt
ffee32535 2010-11-24 add more info about trac
1b59135b4 2010-11-24 javadoc, and comment out a test method
8b5c0a2db 2010-11-24 Plugin: ticket 104 Fix webapp isRunning to check ALL webapps.       The only defecency is that if one is running, that it considers the       entire pliugin to be running. I'm not sure if that is a good thing       or a bad thing, but the other code checks threads that way.
dec1a9d77 2010-11-23 Readme.html: Remove links to tino/perv's eepsite status sites (requested by zzz); more tuneups.
b39d1c732 2010-11-23 Readme.html: finessing.
19696e1ec 2010-11-23 Readme.html: Add perv and tino eepsite lists; add i2plugins; add target="_blank" to all external links.
d6a6836d9 2010-11-23 merge of '3b6c4d6af6fae83cc9b7d42e8515804ae48ec675'      and '799a00a4929a59478c534a56cce350cdb9a042e0'
53efb4e04 2010-11-23 changes to spanish snark by user
fa4379aef 2010-11-22 Portuguese, thx to user
591e531ab 2010-11-22 Kleinschreibung
c41a0c49b 2010-11-22 merge of '09a1ef8a35181c9ebdca5244237767f3eedc3ac0'      and 'ff29f16d54e144a5bdc987ddb29a1b9063742e40'
7c3759080 2010-11-22 
e4e0697ea 2010-11-22 -4
ee831106b 2010-11-22 merge of 'c6ad7f9d5bc5afefd248c4fc8fa5266642e18143'      and 'cbd2b39bbf04f7e25bcea99f213cbad1c323e445'
502f247d0 2010-11-22 update trac message
ad96c8498 2010-11-22 more conversion to POST
705598d66 2010-11-21 quote=user: holding back further work until dr|z3d complies with his promise
3e52d6959 2010-11-21 require POST where we can
76bc6f5ae 2010-11-21 two missing spaces in i2psnark
6c19e7e39 2010-11-21    * i2psnark:       - Defer piece loading until required       - Stub out Extension message support
b5ae62642 2010-11-21 sort tweak
d710da5c1 2010-11-21 add note
883fb2cb4 2010-11-21 log tweak
2a34ea835 2010-11-21     * Console:       - Convert GraphHelper to a FormHandler       - Require POST for all forms       - Change the way we store the Writer to prevent problems       - Fix bonus setting on configpeer.jsp       - More ".jsp" removal
9e8af7367 2010-11-21     * Addressbook: Fix rename error on Windows (tkt 323 - thanks RN!)
106af9967 2010-11-21     * SSLEepGet, Reseeder:       - Implement additional CA loading       - Provide facility to reuse SSL state for speed       - Provide facility to store previously untrusted certificates       - Add SSL reseed hosts, prefer them by default       - Reseed message cleanup     * build.xml:       - Add cert to the installer and updater so         SSL on and will work       - Cleanup, fix distclean error in older ants.
c8cad6ab7 2010-11-21 fixed a few typos
d8139cb19 2010-11-21 further changes to eepsite, e.g. s/link drücken/link klicken
7a469b048 2010-11-20 merge of '1ab0d0ba04d993e3f1101e599cecbcdc3950a26d'      and '26e69d318672e267117c74a736c1ab3d38215c20'
b23d6c9db 2010-11-20 insert a missing space
d23fdd6b4 2010-11-19 -3
49325d491 2010-11-19 merge of '50335c064a9992f4ba8707d62d35bbbbe752d231'      and 'b93c1c7b2b01fc43af5bc07470d9997f3edba6da'
635b53c32 2010-11-19 fix ant distclean javadoc
72d2137e9 2010-11-19 javadoc fix
c06198491 2010-11-19 always have as many recent as active
9b69dad06 2010-11-19     * Addressbook       - Store last-fetched time so we don't always fetch subscriptions after restart       - Randomize first fetch time       - Make most classes package private
1a8406e0f 2010-11-19 merge of 'cdf6b7afd6c4244142f0a24fda0a9603ea117767'      and 'f5d8fb56c10dc0007901ed64a84a5cba32a3ca92'
509befc91 2010-11-19 removed some strange-looking strings in French router console translation that stroke my eye, have not read through all of it tho; change some capitalizations in de and de eepsite
e73439d87 2010-11-19 Console: New favicon.ico
729aedee5 2010-11-19     * News:       - Store news last-fetched time so we don't always fetch news after restart       - Don't include news in the updater
765d4b856 2010-11-19 update languages
6b0c93120 2010-11-19 change buttons from GET to POST
dd39f3f24 2010-11-19 i2ptunnel jsp cleanup
af4a285e5 2010-11-19 fix small confignav problem
166f378f2 2010-11-19 clean up more urls and POST self-references
9d037911d 2010-11-19 Eepsite Help: Add some new flags, tweak layout, finesse German.
73baec853 2010-11-19 merge of '7665dfe8f38eaf14d608493cb893b2dffaba49aa'      and 'edc923fb03834a90710c72b8a3fb206cfb904e86'
118872ab6 2010-11-19 merge of '75fac120e4d13f521c4a863604f331b845a2d7e4'      and 'f0fab315b6a44d956c29a25bb527e7974ea62088'
f0ac96cab 2010-11-19 Increase i2ptunnel nonce queue size again
4545a9896 2010-11-19 More work on error propagation and improving log messages in i2ptunnel and I2CP client
0ba629965 2010-11-19 Readme: Insert missing </div> to fix positional issues with langbar.
e32e31614 2010-11-19 convert period to exclamation mark
e940f5159 2010-11-19     * SecureFile: New class, catch places that were missed,                   add i2p.insecureFiles option to disable (default false)
50d9080e2 2010-11-19 add note
6836b548a 2010-11-18 Comments
457e1d293 2010-11-18 update
11807df8b 2010-11-18 merge of '09e7a6657a746f06face3afe1374efc8179d9739'      and '21d86fc1f8deb605adc6f6a7022e644e1f4c8b00'
96ff36c15 2010-11-18 fix a line break and too long seconds
da782c07a 2010-11-18 Add debian/source/format (lintian: missing-debian-source-format)
b32399ac6 2010-11-18 0.8.1
f1e36f7fd 2010-11-18 Create Debian packages in debian/packages/ instead of ../
b434a475a 2010-11-18 Thrown away additional libraries and code, started something simpler to build on.
1cad02c46 2010-11-18 remove jrandom signing key as it may no longer be secure
b56563dee 2010-11-18 new router console strings, leaving 'rolling avg' for next round
81d885c5a 2010-11-18 postman b32 take 2; recognize oga and ogv
ad3039390 2010-11-18 more proxy translation
365e0f093 2010-11-18 
138be42aa 2010-11-17 bye .jsp part 2
8a385ffc3 2010-11-17 recognize postman b32
995c736a7 2010-11-17 peers.jsp fixups
a9801766e 2010-11-17     * PrivateKeyFile: Speedups and better messages
6544e135b 2010-11-17 add red clock
a71b379ff 2010-11-17 comment out distclean deb files again
2f880f7b5 2010-11-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 3569f7d0608498cadafc88e87a0ad2b18c44dfb6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ddc9be27c47878e472d5b6c281cccb6094c42c9a)
f698ef93e 2010-11-17     * I2PTunnel SOCKS and SOCKS IRC clients:       - Add SOCKS 5 outproxy support, with username/password authorization     * I2PTunnel       - Index page outproxy display cleanup
bf0275ddc 2010-11-17     * I2PTunnel: Improve messages when starting and stopping tunnels, add some tags
e68a3fb85 2010-11-17     * Streaming: Fix bug causing read() to incorrectly return EOF
b9a6dfbcd 2010-11-17 a missing comma in i2psnark, prolly others still missing
28f790bbe 2010-11-16 further tiny de tweaks
1becd4269 2010-11-16 changes to spanish by user
d6f80a7b7 2010-11-16 tweaks to French i2psnark translation by albat and user
bdbbe30c2 2010-11-15 bump to -1 after merge of stuff that missed the release
b0ae907a8 2010-11-15 merge of '1d65e621dc6cf1d3558c33ec81ac8dc5820c210e'      and '9572100b83b95246d97f9879011be63898ac1e52'
4078c70ca 2010-11-15 news header fix
fb6560db4 2010-11-15 merge of '2eb6f45d531fc66bce57696bd27ae4d2ea9cd2a0'      and '84303e0952347926ec08fcea629bb0b27f9b95dd'
10aed35b0 2010-11-15 0.8.1
cbf0239c2 2010-11-15 Fix lintian error: no-standards-version-field
a7c50fcfd 2010-11-15 Make maintainer in debian/changelog the same as in debian/control (lintian: changelog-should-mention-nmu)
a598d9019 2010-11-15 strip binaries in debian package (lintian: unstripped-binary-or-object)
a91d9bc68 2010-11-14 proxy Err pages translation de
355ca7b2f 2010-11-14 tweaks after review
e963c3d3a 2010-11-14 Add binary-arch and binary-indep targets (lintian: debian-rules-missing-required-target)
3b4371ad4 2010-11-14 Replace libc6 dependency with shlibs:Depends (lintian: package-depends-on-hardcoded-libc)
2121b04f3 2010-11-14 merge of '1e02b9123df580c44b0fa30918003bc8cf8030a4'      and 'c65ae88fa8b668ccd972d6a0bafe7843ea487285'
242037338 2010-11-14 language names consistency fix
235f6e038 2010-11-14 merge of '582904768901629443730b9763abb65e8ac8dd74'      and '8e94fe72b25ee4167620078c94890ca496fba9ad'
3f7d432f9 2010-11-14 routerconsole: update russian translation
894e649be 2010-11-14 routerconsole: russian translation fixes
388767258 2010-11-14 i2psnark: update russian translation
f3307d650 2010-11-14     * Addressbook:       - Try to save files safely       - Catch bad B64 lengths
c29a27596 2010-11-14 summary bar spacing cleanup
c890f61d0 2010-11-14 javadoc
1e0e24826 2010-11-14 concurrent
d6ea9cb0a 2010-11-14 i2ptunnel: update russian translation
dc6fc0185 2010-11-14 final
1d627371c 2010-11-14 todo comment
d3b05f44d 2010-11-14 cleanups
581b91574 2010-11-14 Call session.propogateError() on reception of SessionStatusMessage with bad status or DisconnectMessage
e293b25bb 2010-11-14 I2CP username/pw auth (client side)
23005a82b 2010-11-14 I2CP username/pw auth (router side)
d47dcddb9 2010-11-14 send I2CP DisconnectMessage at router shutdown
cd621f2b4 2010-11-14     * I2PTunnel SOCKS and SOCKS IRC clients:       - Add local proxy username/password authorization
7cbf74d3f 2010-11-14     * I2PTunnel HTTP and Connect clients:       - Shim in a new abstract superclass I2PTunnelHTTPClientBase for common code       - Add local proxy username/password authorization       - Add outproxy username/password authorization       - Filter hop-by-hop Proxy headers appropriately
7967653dd 2010-11-14     * DataStructures:       - Shim in 3 new abstract classes         SimpleDataStructure, KeysAndCert, and DatabaseEntry
ad060c5d5 2010-11-14 remove unused TunnelId methods
9af33974e 2010-11-13 merge of '9e5fa2ede2d44dd05b58b29796cb86a510628fa2'      and 'd0a4b4ea6faa776eb1e35049ffdc0fb0beee9135'
fdbfa00d9 2010-11-13 fix missing </a>
e844cf25c 2010-11-13 routerconsole: update russian translation
4df05f69b 2010-11-13 merge of '3aff7e5f43f96e1909cffca3b9c608bb6b02af53'      and '9dc9aae56898fbe4bb03c860f00dac9b8a5552b5'
c52693d2a 2010-11-13 little translation tweaks in i2psnark
8d2a75bc0 2010-11-13 Add man pages for eepget and i2prouter
5fe654e7e 2010-11-13 Abort if any command in the script exits with an error (lintian: maintainer-script-ignores-errors)
cd741439d 2010-11-13 merge of '83f0017029b25b67b4d90694eba5ceefb9f006f9'      and 'ae9bcaf1a7c197b462162c4513161894de6c658a'
bdff919d3 2010-11-13 only updating a flag on readme
f4b49f742 2010-11-13 change low mem error to warn
db7e4a273 2010-11-13 static
42f6b9e24 2010-11-13 merge of 'b6f941cc4c3eb51d9106dfdf35abdd7f3d1199af'      and 'ed834a4da30a6a913ab0145cd76519e5eaa969d2'
ad3ae8408 2010-11-13 French translation Nachtrag
a4c9397db 2010-11-13 French translation of i2psnark done by Redzara. Thx, redzara\!
5380879ab 2010-11-13 I2PSnark: Update stopped.png
eda1f8d64 2010-11-13 merge of '89b2dc0430e50fd1ce78ab07cd3545aded81fee9'      and 'dcba57e8260ad530685ca665724566533964a7b4'
88e98f0f6 2010-11-13 Don't call the init script directly, use invoke-rc.d (lintian: maintainer-script-calls-init-script-directly)
2faa60ee5 2010-11-13 update eepsite help
b614d1403 2010-11-13 merge of '4fff03e3acecbfb131a884b6c151967978058c49'      and '7ec0520d4bb67df2b9c378aab53bffbf8dcb222b'
d9bf826ba 2010-11-13 initialNews.xml fix; i2psnark translation tuning
2152c5f6c 2010-11-13 Use a variable for /tmp to make lintian happy (possibly-insecure-handling-of-tmp-files-in-maintainer-script)
0d23e3712 2010-11-13 Add shebang to script
fddf32a6c 2010-11-13 * Stop service at runlevels 0 and 6 (lintian: init.d-script-possible-missing-stop) * Add force-reload option, same as restart (lintian: init.d-script-does-not-implement-required-option)
a07339e1f 2010-11-13 Remove rc.d files in postrm, not in prerm (fixes lintian errors prerm-calls-updaterc.d and postrm-does-not-call-updaterc.d-for-init.d-script)
c5a6c5d41 2010-11-13 merge of '963a4636469adb55ac3981048b32011865bb4faa'      and 'cdac59d49a839e82c626130a576b12a1297f981e'
7e17ac989 2010-11-12 adding stub
7b5e33103 2010-11-12 Put a name and email in the Maintainer field
ae101f6ca 2010-11-12 Reorganize the Debian directory structure to conform to their packaging policy. This brings the number of Lintian errors+warning s down from 383 to 16.
98f559c9c 2010-11-12 I2PSnark: More width futzing. Please report any layout breakage (wrapping lines in main torrent table).
d368bb8ae 2010-11-12 I2PSnark: More width futzage.
33932eb37 2010-11-12 I2PSnark: TorrentName width tuneup.
7d6e23718 2010-11-12 merge of 'bc9f7e74001104c203687a91535b414228b5184b'      and 'f0ebb51ab350759843e67cdc74a8ec8158fe5ac6'
056fb5ea8 2010-11-12 I2PSnark: Indentation cleanups.
92d013752 2010-11-12 merge of 'c51af7655557d0a98ec7561a4f434c63d5f26f41'      and 'e42b35ff366e0c56916caaeec4a14f17ac95a0eb'
a9daf8fc8 2010-11-12 bump bote to router console start page
c3aa84f96 2010-11-12 Run includedeb and include on each file individually, reprepro can't do multiple files
b4524c67d 2010-11-12 Make separate i386 and amd64 packages, this fixes the arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object lintian error
11b69ee12 2010-11-12 disapproval of revision '7c7c3832c57db0fee96000f6cf612d1443b0fc85'
be3330d84 2010-11-12 bump bote to readme.hmtl
943947779 2010-11-11 merge of '3643017f592675aa1170acb97e64ad78fbe9405c'      and 'ca29fd016d218f636d2cc844d46d6a25ca9ff5c6'
826efdf76 2010-11-11 translation of dr|z3d's newly added stuff and more consitency fixes
7ef35e028 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Do our level best to prevent stuff from wrapping and breaking the table layout; bump to -18rc.
0324bc4ee 2010-11-11 Bump to -17rc.
f157471ac 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Increase min-width for status column to prevent column header from wrapping.
416e7825a 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Remove thinspaces for download column.
6b12d2638 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Css tweak.
0adac224f 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Parent dir icon (up.png) tweak.
6935d7361 2010-11-11 Bump to -16rc.
05409bae6 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Revert the regression, hopefully cunningly sidestepping conflicts.
283e91551 2010-11-11 merge of '9ef5f8dbdf741e0d3f6f88061efff16e14d9182a'      and 'b44b28fa2d4279996e0adbc143968ec132faed8d'
676d84a08 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: CSS whitespace/tab cleanups.
9f6e6cd54 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Add details_nolink.png icon for trackers that don't work with infohash extraction.  Mousever should provide minimal info, eg: tracker id.
dc51d694d 2010-11-11 Bump to -15rc.
0f63158f5 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Main torrent table tidyups and tweaks.
903d27ec0 2010-11-11 Bump to -14rc.
5d9ed45cb 2010-11-11 I2PSnark: Tweak details.png
7c0ef0ab8 2010-11-10 I2PSnark: Tidyups.
bda00e18f 2010-11-10 * Fix build dependencies for Debian * Add dependency on libc6 which fixes the lintian warning missing-dependency-on-libc
49fb6c59d 2010-11-10 Bump to -13rc.
224aa5fd9 2010-11-10 I2PSnark: File manager cleanups.
25e21ffb1 2010-11-10 I2PSnark: Screenlog padding fix.
0165c6068 2010-11-10 Bump to -12rc.
585339e0d 2010-11-10 I2PSnark: All the goodness from the disapproved branch + visual fixes.
83ae568d3 2010-11-10 I2PSnark: Fix Rate tag. Spotted by mixxy.
b323408ce 2010-11-10 merge of '285a9a021659672b12861eea3c150d47b5025275'      and 'a90a0715f156a732cf039bd2df9bbc3d90e82693'
71707bf0c 2010-11-10 disapproval of revision 'ffe706fb236d2cd14241d22dc6e6203964f8bc31'
7db534015 2010-11-10 merge of '96b28bcad599dea550230cc8cba4d7bce7f5fa68'      and 'a396094617a5124882fc16e11466375fcc4f3047'
dee2f2431 2010-11-10 cinsistency fix
0b0fa0421 2010-11-10 merge of '3dfa2ea9f44e204ca76d700e01ae09cda54c6b6a'      and 'a90a0715f156a732cf039bd2df9bbc3d90e82693'
18374fe42 2010-11-10 German translation cleanups
ab432e14e 2010-11-09 Fail if repository cannot be created
5d9a7b945 2010-11-09 Add changelog to .deb
e9af7406c 2010-11-09 Update changelog
20e2e2021 2010-11-08     * I2CP: Fix NPE caused by null session options (seen in i2pbote)
7897df554 2010-11-08 Improve the Debian copyright file, see
0e9f0a741 2010-11-08 Print destination in b64
31ff9b274 2010-11-07 update javadoc links and titles
dcd915457 2010-11-07 minor javadoc fix
454a5c528 2010-11-07 explicit merge of '14597ede957582a9ca29df867f1565479c64888b'               and '6c0d71283dd65aea1fe1baad14ca57855808dad8'
168a4ca6f 2010-11-07 minor translation corrections #3
6e48ecb9c 2010-11-06 I2PSnark: Fix syntax errors; tweak css.
959e57e75 2010-11-06 RIP crstrack
0e53445e9 2010-11-06     * logs.jsp: Format multiline messages better
3ee85fed3 2010-11-06     * Stats: Improve Frequency, enable coalescing; cleanup and javadocs     * stats.jsp: Cleanup, more tagging, hide obscure stuff unless ?f=1
010a1fde3 2010-11-06     * Console: Display durations with new formatDuration2()
c2349662e 2010-11-06 Minor things
43c7cc089 2010-11-06 Auto download jetty in the debian and debian-source targets
d64a2b030 2010-11-06 * Add debianrepo target * Change the debian target to build binary and source, add a debian-binary target
1bc563832 2010-11-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7f26a3df7f04d3c069c63b4633871bd7676f6167)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head 91572937612227b99f41e7e170ae38574a001e7b)
1f48c6c03 2010-11-05 deprecate unused toDate(Date)
50aca8843 2010-11-05 corrections of translation, mainly capitalization, ß and white spaces, some grammar fixes
be5bd4319 2010-11-05 Debian package: Fix purge with no prior remove (rev. 9a8fca24502aa8933793f2bad48e327596a2c0d4 only fixed remove, then purge)
8894aa7d3 2010-11-04 minor translation corrections #2
092d29fe5 2010-11-04 minor translation corrections
859393117 2010-11-04 If the working directory contains only a plugins/ subdir, initialize it like it is empty
77e0cb94d 2010-11-04 merge of '01966a37ff4e50e48ab6eeb9d215baa8b75fc46d'      and '85cbdd70a9896ae9b2257bfe8f25f045b1cd0b2d'
2b2c3cf11 2010-11-03 snark tweaks
be308a044 2010-11-03 merge of '398a24f487b61ef778a2e849660e953ef7e43b39'      and '598d00efae4c9b675b64fd626bc2eab2b921e0c5'
9b39f02ce 2010-11-02 I2PSnark: Relocate errant "."
7109061ee 2010-11-02 merge of '4dfe5728ed4951d32f89e2fddbdcdfc3b4755cad'      and '62005c74e58b5fdbaf4659ffb65392ecfbd8bc0a'
f71dd25b3 2010-11-02 I2PSnark: Relocate a pesky \n.
012fbe3a4 2010-11-02 I2PSnark: Relocate </code> to its rightful place.
853f941d8 2010-11-02 merge of '598d00efae4c9b675b64fd626bc2eab2b921e0c5'      and 'd38686d88680521e54d7bcb8be24e21d252eb946'
c03abb50d 2010-11-02 merge of '8c4c57f191c33a31bc69564888c9851f9042438c'      and '9c5d0b4cdfa76234e6ac9fbfd0ce753748104f47'
94bc3c350 2010-11-02 merge of '1da5a6b3f2f42d9ddbe6b0a64e3c27313d61d86a'      and '5784df5facdf6e194dc3c052b2527a8c63c96c0f'
252473d7c 2010-11-01 merge of '5784df5facdf6e194dc3c052b2527a8c63c96c0f'      and '9c5d0b4cdfa76234e6ac9fbfd0ce753748104f47'
6eb8cbfac 2010-11-01 I2PSnark: CSS refinements.
ddc86b54c 2010-11-01 fix snark rates 3x too low
3678aa157 2010-11-01     * i2psnark:       - Limit number of parallel requests of a single piece when in the end game       - Shorten and weight the speed tracker so the display is more         reflective of current speed
4d7a77d31 2010-11-01 I2PSnark: Bug fix.
8d13bcbac 2010-11-01 discourage b32
2f54ec61b 2010-11-01 logging tweak
af541662f 2010-10-31 Add get-orig-source rule as required by Ubuntu, see
3e2c53028 2010-10-31 Fix error message with dpkg --purge
ff5b7950f 2010-10-31 Debian package:  * Make eepget, i2prouter, and i2psvc world-executable  * Auto-start I2P after installation
148ce25af 2010-10-31 Print an error if /etc/init.d/i2p is run as non-root so Ubuntu users aren't asked for a non-existing root password
56ef38459 2010-10-31 Make /usr/bin/eepget and /usr/bin/i2prouter symlinks
ea24f3ba6 2010-10-31 Fix dependencies for Ubuntu
ba4f6608e 2010-10-31 update nbsp comment
07aa07981 2010-10-31     * logs.jsp: Add message if wrapper log not found                 (ticket #103)
0afabbd60 2010-10-31 Add synch to fix race causing AIOOBE http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=5061
2ea3f9b9b 2010-10-31 parse log limit with current locale (ticket 118)
35a8c703a 2010-10-30 I2PSnark: Unitalicize remaining download amount.
d0855ee89 2010-10-30 I2PSnark: Status icon updates.
e95b41511 2010-10-30 I2PSnark: Add status icons, refine css.
30a5c4907 2010-10-30 -6; history for this head
f170baab3 2010-10-30 - Delay during StopAll so we don't close the tunnel before the   stopped announces go out and reopen it - Logging tweaks
643687472 2010-10-30 - Only add wanted pieces to wanted list at startup - Make sure lastRequest is null when it should be - Logging tweaks
c76058efc 2010-10-30 send &compact=1 to keep opentracker happy
502cf7265 2010-10-30 fix nbsp screwing up POST
9baa6e7bc 2010-10-29 update requests after changing priorities
7efb0fa7e 2010-10-29     * i2psnark:       - Priority mapping bugfix       - Close files as we go when creating/checking         so we don't run out of file descriptors
571ad83e0 2010-10-27 use nbsp in formatSize2()
983e7683f 2010-10-27     * i2psnark:       - Don't stay interested if we run out of pieces         to request (thanks sponge)       - Enhance debug mode to show requests
b9af4a8cf 2010-10-27 avoid rare transport NPE at startup
f239d4f35 2010-10-26 * Tiny readability fix: separate value and unit with a space.
4d77f62e3 2010-10-25 I2PSnark: Fix alignment issue in file viewer filesize column.
ac3e6e27d 2010-10-24 add note
4f9c442d5 2010-10-24 fix disconnect race NPE
adab0cc3d 2010-10-24     * NTCP: Catch a race after stop()
b1f172550 2010-10-24     * Router: Set permissions on wrapper.log when not called by RouterLaunch
4bb902a8b 2010-10-24     * FileUtil: Make it easier to compile without Pack200, or with                 Apache Harmony's Pack200, add unzip to main()
ed399a07d 2010-10-24 systray short doc and main()
4db38b9ba 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Fix some showstopping whitespace issues.
22934545e 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Nuke the old copy of our snark theme in /themes/console/snark
7fe6b3535 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Tabs into spaces exercise. Release the kraken!
cfd2ad9a1 2010-10-22 LICENSE.txt: Attribute I2PSnark's "Man with hat over face" graphic.
74a30aeee 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Render unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar, namely some fixed tags. Enjoy!
1bff62e3c 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Relocate theme to /themes/snark/ubergine/; update build.xml
31032cd79 2010-10-22 merge of '42f7898ab54db310e16aa6fbedb1b078afe0ae18'      and '9d4166108eac930384ccb9c5859eede93f4d63ed'
8ccad2935 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Fix minor tag issue; add missing navbar bg graphic.
7ff873bbc 2010-10-22 merge of '6cf2d1b2af6daa4fffc59fede3407d3e10c09095'      and '9afc46edd20c72064eb24b5c1f6a4a8540e35799'
a55a46469 2010-10-22 I2Psnark: Ensure our css uses the new path to our theme resources.
c14760c29 2010-10-22 I2PSnark: Unbutcher tags; relocate our snark theme to /themes/snark; more css updates.
e6bf1af98 2010-10-22 Sanity and some fixs for slackware package
3998ce311 2010-10-22 Fix rc.i2p for slackware package
e6c45ae5f 2010-10-20 Added package files for router.
e8abe1439 2010-10-20 Fixed susimail javadoc errors.
466128c17 2010-10-19     * replaceAll() -> replace() when not using regex     * ampersand escaping (lots more to do)
8c7a39f00 2010-10-19     * JobImpl: Deprecate getAddedBy() and addedToQueue()       to reduce LogManager records
1400c4d4d 2010-10-18 added plurals to fr, de and nl po file
24dd78394 2010-10-15 priority persistence
9afff4f80 2010-10-15     * i2psnark: Add file priority feature;       Use context random for shuffle; other cleanups
1aba32448 2010-10-15     * I2PSocketEepGet: Set connect delay to save a RTT, will       speed announces in i2psnark
3daa6b964 2010-10-14 -Added package-file for time. -Modified susi javadoc to remove more warnings (and non-javadoc '@see' to base class).
8cda5104e 2010-10-14 - Added package doc for crypto and net.i2p - Got rid of some susimail javadoc warnings
8db45ffaa 2010-10-13 merge of '01c6aeb6ee46c7795e83553f40e16b5bdae08aac'      and '56ee4b01df5de86f0fdc98cdc4ed1197104584b5'
b41e714a1 2010-10-13 merge of '0738aeef8a1d4e9ca82dc5ba0077d83a57c47f81'      and '9625ea3e96d57df74bc62018bf64230a22c49ce0'
6cd645b34 2010-10-13 I2PSnark: Tighten up navbar, color tweaks.
772c1d4fb 2010-10-12 explicit merge of '33c6e246dc934cddc886b50df2570c0caf122701'               and '4ef1d99f924ee431587d6f85241540e031fecbc1'         to branch 'i2p.i2p'
5a782cca4 2010-10-12 Add HungryHobo as a signer
647b8f7fa 2010-10-11 default tweak
798bdf32c 2010-10-11     * Streaming:       - Make flush() block less, by waiting only for "accept" into the         streaming queue rather than "completion" (i.e. ACK from the far end).         This prevents complete window stalls when flushing, and should help performance         of apps that use flush(), like i2psnark (and SAM?).         close() still does a flush that waits for completion, as i2ptunnel         doesn't like a fast return from close().       - flush/close javadocs and comments     * i2ptunnel:       - Now that streaming flush() is fixed, use it in IRCClient, and         for initial data in I2PTunnelRunner, to avoid the 250 ms         passive flush delay
fbc20da60 2010-10-11 more header blocking
0820b2c13 2010-10-10 Bump version, add history
5f2361fe7 2010-10-10 merge of '4ef1d99f924ee431587d6f85241540e031fecbc1'      and '56c6ae6a06651a05025a2e4f76ba35985a8ff372'
6e6142a91 2010-10-10 Fulfill Request for name lookup feature.
500f6cf89 2010-10-07 use context field
a23ea5e5f 2010-10-07     * configlogging.jsp:       - Add easy way to add an override       - Make file size specifier more flexible
86a7d68f0 2010-10-07 one more mime type
373fce298 2010-10-07 change perms on append too
8ac5d5d5f 2010-10-06 add some missing mime types
3841e92d5 2010-10-06 remove unused web-*.xml files from wars
e5f53ed5e 2010-10-06 revise and fix
5ef9d46d0 2010-10-06 dont sort in debug mode
5389ee056 2010-10-06 sort snark peers by completion %
e2b7f93d1 2010-10-06 fixup
09d1eb17d 2010-10-06 reset eepget length variable after a redirect
895c9a33a 2010-10-05 pluck build.xml javadoc changes from main branch
ab91d3533 2010-10-05 comment
2d601099f 2010-10-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 128a31611abc6a88e58133f3bf6a577fe6dd5b1c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test4' (head fa9a871892517271eb2531b433fe80a2a713be9c)
48ccf85e9 2010-10-05 try again to fix the i2ptunnel nonce problem
6cf7bc798 2010-10-02     * i2ptunnel:       - Add hostname DSA signature field, to be used for addkey forms.         Experimental, may be commented out later.
3d9b6061c 2010-10-02     * NetDB:       - Expire unreachable routers quickly, even if they don't have introducers,         so we don't have old data on routers that ran out of introducers.       - Fix rare NPEs at shutdown
042cde295 2010-10-02     * UDP:       - Try to avoid running out of introducers by relaxing selection criteria         and increasing minimum number of potential introducers
3b2aa946a 2010-10-02     * I2CP:       - Add new option i2cp.messageReliability=none, which prevents the         router from sending MessageStatusMessages back in reply to an         outbound SendMessageMessage. Since the streaming lib always ignored         the MSMs anyway, make it the default for streaming.         This will reduce the I2CP traffic significantly.         MSM handling now avoided, but it is still fairly broken, see         comments in I2PSessionImpl2.       - Cleanups, javadoc, rate reduction
a687180d9 2010-10-02     * TransportManager: Convert _transports from a List to a CHM                         to prevent a rare concurrent exception
b1fd835f5 2010-10-02 update irc description
53847dc3a 2010-10-02 Sort RouterAddress options on peers.jsp and netdb.jsp
ec0c678cc 2010-10-02     * i2psnark:       - Add link to finished torrent in message box       - Don't let one bad torrent prevent others from         starting or stopping
b83184e89 2010-10-02 initializer cleanup
f0f1a6f52 2010-10-02 initializer cleanups, reduce rates, javadoc
333f80680 2010-10-02     * UDP:       - Avoid rare AIOOBE       - Comments       - Logging cleanup       - Comment out a main()
3489512a5 2010-10-02 client cleanups
6100c799b 2010-10-02 LogConsoleBuffer cleanup
4a96e8811 2010-10-02     * Hash: Throw IAE if data length is not 32 bytes,             now that DSAEngine abuse is gone
ed4c09b45 2010-10-02     * Tunnels:       - Don't use peers < 0.7.9 for tunnels due to the old         message corruption bugs       - Javadoc       - Cleanups
939dcee53 2010-10-02     * GeoIP: Fix locking bug causing lookups to stop
7424fdd62 2010-10-02 javadoc
4456048e7 2010-10-02     * HTTPResponseOutputStream       - More caching       - Stats cleanup       - Max header length check       - Catch OOM       - Initializer cleanup       - Javadoc
4c31c7029 2010-10-02 Startup hint in installer for non-x86
c10a4f51b 2010-10-02 I2CP: cleanups to replace method calls with fields
53dd0c765 2010-10-02     * Crypto:       - Convert all ArrayList caching to LBQs in YKGenerator,         HMACGenerator, and AESKeyCache.       - Change DSAEngine params from Hash to new SHA1Hash, since         these were really 20 byte hashes, not 32 byte Hashes.       - Add stats to track YKGenerator caching success       - Fix YKGenerator precalculation to be much more useful by         increasing the cache size and dramatically shortening the delay       - Option cleanups       - YKGenerator cleanups       - Mark HMAC256Generator unused
6f449aa4f 2010-10-02 Naming:   - Increase cache size and expiration time   - Add clearCache() method   - Don't use EepGet or Exec for b32   - Javadoc updates
171e3abe3 2010-10-02 cleanups
2bffeea7e 2010-10-02 comment out main
90288202e 2010-10-02 I2PSnark: Include missing add.png, spotted by xyz123. Bump to -3.
a4d24c61b 2010-09-29 I2PSnark: Tweak the size of our writeable fields in add/create sections for better visual coherence.
307559376 2010-09-27 I2PSnark: Activity icons refresh.
8ab134ffe 2010-09-27 I2PSnark: Positional CSS tweaks 'n fiddles.
4800e73a4 2010-09-27 I2PSnark: Add buttons for start/stop/delete torrents.
3bd97646a 2010-09-23 I2PSnark: Add favicon to file browser page; version bump to 0.8-02.
059e4176a 2010-09-23 I2PSnark: Rationalize file browser layout.
57b627fb7 2010-09-22 I2PSnark: Add some icons to our file manager columns.
528186293 2010-09-20 I2PSnark: Kludge to fix extraneous space under message log on config page.
0fe231375 2010-09-20 I2PSnark: Configuration section tweaks.
f62dfb0ab 2010-09-20 I2PSnark: Invert show/hide peer icon functionality, tooltip change to "toggle peers"; fix alignment of "No torrents loaded" message with new css class; Replace brackets on Totals with &raquo;.
750728288 2010-09-20 I2PSnark: css tidyup.
9db5dd36b 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: alt tags, display filelength tweak.
9ce54d803 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: show/hide peer icons.
7e7d36f0d 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: Table column header positional tweakery.
82323cd80 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: Add icons for status and torrent columns.
511182f14 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: status display tweakage.
e9b1db7ac 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: Update image references to point to our new snark theme directory.
9795334f1 2010-09-19 build.xml: ensure we copy snark's directory, and remove the file copy for snark.css
321d88e79 2010-09-19 I2PSnark: Add icons to relevant parts of the UI; rejigging of UI to minimise space wastage; create new snark directory in console/themes/ .. snark dir will need to be ignored when router scans directory for theme dirs.
99d2e2d0d 2010-09-18 I2PSnark: Fix alignment issue with snark_add.png
3fb1fbe1b 2010-09-18 I2PSnark: space savings!
d4f330439 2010-09-18 I2PSnark: Tweaks 'n fiddles.
4865373b4 2010-09-18 I2PSnark: UI/theme tweaks.
5378b0ad5 2010-09-18 I2PSnark: Transition from gray to puce.
7de357df9 2010-09-17 Version bump.
27808012d 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: Reduced label lengths in preparation for icon substitution and tooltip; more colorification; Opera kludges.
dc22949b4 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: more css polish; now with more color!
3d7ad215d 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: CSS Spit 'n polish.
67994d7e9 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: snark.css fontsize tweaks.
deab6b40e 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: Fix text alignment issues.
0205fa638 2010-09-17 I2PSnark: snark.css finessing.
69b3343f4 2010-09-16 Can't remember what. css stuff.
9c5b8419a 2010-09-16 I2PSnark: Add favicon.
fedf6d753 2010-09-16 I2PSnark css edits: log text visibility.
21306dbf5 2010-09-16 merge of '1e79fc27bda464359d20795eaa33ed2ad61c9741'      and '7c6c62e901e75230e3a39e578f8fcbcf4cd2dd00'
9b69f2266 2010-09-16 I2PSnark "faze to gray" theme: graphics and css futzing.
161f86b6b 2010-09-15 improve and sort javadoc titles, put classes in the right places, add susi*
7f24dc5f0 2010-09-15 Cross-browser tweaks to snark.css
6423c92b8 2010-09-15 merge of '5e59656352811b3ccce9a2817417de1065ee9641'      and '8110890364bb45accd3016e90611f626e305b10e'
f7ea95896 2010-09-15 Update history.txt to reflect Snark theme change.
8262048ed 2010-09-15 New default I2PSnark theme: faze to gray.
73d956462 2010-09-07 Fixed: recoded to UTF-8, cyrillic and chinese labels repaired.
db0bc1a61 2010-09-07 Fixed: missing links to the new Swedish help page.
91bcf947d 2010-08-30 * Javadocs * Base64: comment out some unused methods * Remove huge whitespace in CryptoConstants * ElGamalAESEngine:   - Reduce rates   - Check number of tags earlier
c035ef6eb 2010-08-22 merge of '87f2562a0893b175a9b369e97b8413726f61935a'      and 'b1416986cd60fc129af81122324997fe0584472d'
4f31691c8 2010-08-20 Add Swedish translation for eepsite help and update other help pages accordingly. Thanks to olleolleolle.
2244142bd 2010-08-14 javadoc, comment out some main()s
432303699 2010-08-10 javadocs
8eeabe440 2010-08-08 merge of '85a542c53d910dffbf34cdcefb8a2faeee96adc4'      and 'c92f2bcd662936f16d539ea5e98b0d4496556384'
6add722a2 2010-08-08 Javadoc fix - thanks, duck!
87abc1d6b 2010-07-31 CryptoConstants update from draft to RFC.
6ddac9a47 2010-07-30 Fix typo (trac #32)
38169b6d7 2010-07-26 small fixes to _de
8cc561775 2010-07-12 0.8
0634154b2 2010-07-11 final compact response format
c08f79f71 2010-07-10 Unfuzzy susidns translation, typo fixes for eepsite help. (thx _4get)
7532276a0 2010-07-10 Dutch eepsite help page
ee29074a3 2010-07-10 Dutch proxy translations, we missed a couple.
870ace55e 2010-07-09 version bump just to add -rc
05ac2594b 2010-07-09 more shouldLog()
8353b623d 2010-07-09 SSU PacketBuilder: Refactor header generation, add destroy msg support
c19af4dbc 2010-07-09 i2psnark:   - Rework PeerID class so it depends only on peer desthash, since     peer ID is not available with compact format. Implement deferred     lookup of destination.   - Implement compact tracker requests and response handling     (may not be the final format)   - Fix Peer hashCode()   - Java 5
ad7447f8a 2010-07-09 merge of '6471243b39d38669b029124571adc47ad6417db4'      and 'a24bf3a898b6310d05bf2ee9ce99b3a52f067205'
4f827a5b1 2010-07-09 Dutch help page
be75455b8 2010-07-08 More i2ptunnel error propagation fixes - key file - thx echelon
96d3f6743 2010-07-08 Dutch translation for RouterConsole sidebar labels
906bce637 2010-07-08 new strings, corrections in german translation
3c0d0dfee 2010-07-07 Russian translation updated (help & faq link, local identity link)
2ca5802e4 2010-07-07 Include logo in updater now that it is themeable. (thanks RN!)
f4b06e586 2010-07-07 RouterConsole: Add Help & FAQ link, minor label improvements.
525806d77 2010-07-07 merge of '798de678af324027c003163c81c1b6169a487992'      and 'a75a75901ecc2b8caa1b97cd0693f491063826ba'
01ef6baa5 2010-07-07 beginnings of SSU destroy msg handling
ed0474751 2010-07-07 snark css fix for Opera 10.60 thx i2pn00b http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=4712
e13d336f2 2010-07-07 Dutch translation of proxy error pages
5accdd24f 2010-07-06 RIP
5c61c2877 2010-07-06 Dutch news
3a767d84d 2010-07-06 concurrentify with LBQ
d04ce7a2b 2010-07-06 launch browser sooner
a1524241c 2010-07-06 Set permissions on directories and files when they are created
b312fdeac 2010-07-05 susidns: Dutch translation (thanks do monkeybrains)
30c8cf7b9 2010-07-05 merge of 'c6af0acc022d4fc8e24488a86ab869d7cb561f57'      and 'fafee42899e7efa42942bc451a888bf77be69ac9'
50bda941a 2010-07-05 make most classes package local; stub out a session destroy message; javadoc
fc6306575 2010-07-05 new classes, requires Java 1.6 to build
c43ca7de8 2010-07-05 - removed one useless line of code
826951536 2010-07-05 - anged user agent for outproxy from Wget/1.11.4 to Firefox 3.6.6 on WinXP to avoid getting blocked as a crawler
5f52edf83 2010-07-05     * I2PTunnelIRCClient: Filter PART messages like we do for QUIT
29bc53d61 2010-07-05     * i2psnark: Fix transition to end game
378c85590 2010-07-05 cleanup
546a588aa 2010-07-05 I2PTunnel & I2PSnark: Dutch translation (thanks to monkeybrains)
6e517c4a1 2010-07-04 RouterConsole: Fix typos in Dutch translation
30d3f52f3 2010-07-04 RouterConsole: Dutch translation (thanks to monkeybrains)
5dee6cb3d 2010-07-03     * I2PTunnel: More error propagation fixes
2a96c9a14 2010-07-03 static
6435514e0 2010-07-03     * I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Don't use BufferedReader
cd7a41924 2010-07-03 cleanup
b9452546c 2010-07-03 fix ant distclean poupdate
4fa89d5e8 2010-07-03 javadoc
63ece7e1a 2010-07-03 cleanup
480805505 2010-07-02 merge of '02b40376f4c34b45e4f77deb70bd24bdef34f867'      and '2365aee6776961ebaa1ca862ffa21e0457ece0a6'
115016e75 2010-07-01 add trac.i2p2.i2p (linked from logs.jsp)
ee09bfac6 2010-07-01 translation fix
530a3fcd1 2010-06-30     * I2PTunnel: Don't start a tunnel if no valid destinations;       cleanups, logging, and error propagation fixes
001022936 2010-06-30 unused icon
d241afcbd 2010-06-30     * EventDispatcher: Minor cleanups and comments
615257831 2010-06-30     * Transport: Fix NTCP address generation when host is specified but port is auto
b9b737f4c 2010-06-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 08b1e0356e38567d4632bdc0269506b5d89f7a7c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 181daec1a6229c188282645875162287879cbbc6)
36a032d24 2010-06-29 25%-50% cpu savings in BOB. The remainder of the fix is in streaming lib, which aparently keeps running and does not sleep according to profiling.
726079e0b 2010-06-29 CapacityCalculator cleanup and comments - no changes to formula
66421858e 2010-06-29 formatSize cleanups
df7b3dd86 2010-06-29     * Scale prng.buffers based on max memory, reduce default from 16 to 9
22ea79a4f 2010-06-29     * Jetty: Disable TRACE and OPTIONS in console and eepsite
2025fe7c2 2010-06-29     * SOCKS: Better HTTP error message
a11c52955 2010-06-29     * I2PTunnel: Add default HTTPS outproxy
edaa2fba1 2010-06-29     * RouterInfo: Add main() to dump RI files
110f01a55 2010-06-27 I2P logo in routerconsole sidebar is now themed.
ada39a970 2010-06-26 Russian translation updated (i2psnark startup delay option)
8c2641703 2010-06-26      - Move connection profile and delay connect to advanced config section      - Add persistent client key support to SOCKS IRC
9fcb07250 2010-06-26 explicitly set shared client for POP (defaults true anyway)
47f39d076 2010-06-26 stripHTML on form params
bcba5af8a 2010-06-26 static
aec1b3aee 2010-06-26     * jbigi, jcpuid: Suppress log messages when not in router context
a979ed770 2010-06-26     * logs.jsp: Add more JVM version info so we can distinguish OpenJDK from Sun
548556876 2010-06-26     * jetty.xml: Add info on how to configure for following symlinks
6f3597cc8 2010-06-26 fix display of interactive setting
1202d0996 2010-06-16     * FileUtil: Try to handle lack of unpack200 support more gracefully     * Update: Select old update URL if no unpack200 available
266eb8307 2010-06-16 sort countries using collator for locale for current language
8843cc294 2010-06-16 cleanups
2c4acce0f 2010-06-15 finally i2ptunnel messages_de
87beb2ea1 2010-06-15 updated susidns messages_de, fix kbit/kbyte in i2psnark messages_de
9c5b7760b 2010-06-14 mentioned path of jetty to be put in
696478655 2010-06-14 plural fixes. hope thats all
d755756ee 2010-06-14 routerconsole messages_de.po updated
fbc970e4a 2010-06-14 updates i2psnark messages_de
364b90579 2010-06-13 UDP fix and comments
34a108560 2010-06-13 use a different user agent for outproxy traffic
c460ac8ad 2010-06-13     * Console: Add some divs for languages to news and readmes
49a09f61a 2010-06-13     * i2psnark:       - Move config to separate page       - Icon tweaks
08b4563f4 2010-06-13 zh fix
026f62f18 2010-06-13 i2ptunnel .de
2307ac5a2 2010-06-13 SusiDNS .de and i2psnark .de translations
2b186421a 2010-06-13 change more
1dc471e07 2010-06-13 router console messages_de.po 100 percent done
db1fb7ccf 2010-06-12 minor style change
e5071a3b7 2010-06-12 update history
e6bfe0c10 2010-06-12 fixed possible race-condition and improved code style
919a97d4c 2010-06-09 really fixed #49 now.. use Context->routerHash instead of calculating it everyt time
61216b638 2010-06-09 fixed #49: missing calculateHash()
e065d2b01 2010-06-08 merge of '8c5085970b330a592129aa2da5a473d318426bbb'      and 'f11c600b339d0742fb91a87df7322ec4b84eee4d'
746bad3c3 2010-06-07 remove jetty fixes from release target
5bbd61b75 2010-06-07 0.7.14
27eb7e46d 2010-06-06 tweak 2
c20bef373 2010-06-06 tweaks after review
d5aaff7f0 2010-06-06 merge of '9ec612b8794a44b9337b7743afef8ccbb2fc904e'      and 'ec741e25082ea0a9d1fd530f613b2282edefc1d9'
fc60768a6 2010-06-06 prevent an NPE in case the connection is gone already(but that should not happen?)
8ef1dac95 2010-06-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 45d9fab2e437a2acf99febfab1c50b28c342c694)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 946c3527d4481d3dcf0b8ab163d1e248673c1733)
2024fb1b6 2010-06-05     * Netdb:       - Use new receivedAsReply flag in LeaseSet to mark         those received as response to a query       - Mark which methods in FloodfillPeerSelector may return         our own hash       - Redefine selectNearest() so it may return our own hash,         so it can be used for closeness measurement       - Redefine findNearestRouters() to return Hashes         instead of RouterInfos       - Fix LeaseSet response decisions for floodfills, based         on partial keyspace and closeness measurements       - List only count of published leasesets in netdb
617ca79b8 2010-06-05 conn throttler fix when only total configured
5081755d0 2010-06-04 - integration of dynamicly configurable startup delay of i2psnark - i2psnark webfrontent configuration of startup delay - default startup delay 3 minutes - new config variable in i2psnark.config: i2psnark.startupDelay
7bfb5b1bf 2010-06-04 readme cleanup
8d73529fa 2010-06-04 po revise
a19d04d3b 2010-06-03 merge of '4002ce96746459cd6ab6f91f16795bdbe3165644'      and 'db4aaff4718328041f29e6166333139f845406cd'
a9c7748a5 2010-06-03 minor code style updates to ntcp EventPumper
41e4e952b 2010-06-03     * Update: Fix multiple updates after manually       starting update - caused by refreshing summary bar       (thx 'backup'!)
c0b0b5e4c 2010-06-03 Add min delay after startup before fetching news
e424479e7 2010-06-03 peers.jsp:   Show definitions panel if any transport is enabled (was: only for UDP).   Use div.wideload for the whole page (was: only for transports and broken if only one of them enabled).
a8804f309 2010-06-03 merge of 'bdef8183da2c97dd55e2c2fad915537640e0f404'      and 'f908793c77bb4bd3d5fa3dd71bed704f32404fd0'
6479a24bb 2010-06-03 merge of '0bd9edccbe59dc0c8dddee2b45cde1af0f8551f2'      and '779311c9e2df158049abc2e0f56e4e9fcb071142'
8b372ad30 2010-06-03 Fixed
86791a2f1 2010-06-03 Russian translation updated (descriptions for the stats that are graphed by default)
7cf0aad38 2010-06-02     * UDP: Fix a bug from a blank config       causing frequent RouterInfo updates and incorrect       addition of introducers, caused by config.jsp handling
c5ea51bee 2010-06-02     * graphs.jsp: Tag some more
7cc8e51d7 2010-06-02     * Update: Change default update URLs to .su2 for pack200
75ba58d68 2010-06-02     * Translation: Set xgettext add-comments option
cd35b219d 2010-06-01     * i2psnark:       - More listing fixes (more thanks to 'backup')       - Start end game a little sooner
4a863f8ce 2010-06-01 comment
24264548a 2010-06-01     * Installer: Disable pack200 in updater again, doesn't work       on Java 1.5     * Remove jetty from updater - it's been in for a few       releases, and i2psnark now has its own listHTML method
f9e4b1a56 2010-06-01 snark css tweak
13b54b864 2010-06-01     * i2psnark:       - More listing fixes       - Revert choker change       thx 'backup' !
05d45fe94 2010-05-29 po update
2781f6035 2010-05-27 Russian translation updated for ngettext (plural forms) strings
dc3378d08 2010-05-27     * Translate: Add GNU ngettext (plurals) support
9132e9414 2010-05-26     * i2psnark: Listing fixes and cleanups; icons on front page; tweak bw choker again
b61e2aa73 2010-05-26 Russian translation updated
7fdbae3b0 2010-05-26 Tagged "bytes remaining"
4dc6fc3b5 2010-05-25 merge of '20f5a25a77de641ddf49c4d47d4ede923b59bfa3'      and '7dfc6bc466e7b6ee3212af949a08c51d4e3dd3db'
618275b1f 2010-05-25 merge of '13c351b9c26b147632b40df8c0e8d9ca7d2d4485'      and 'b281a23e2f1719a388abed362ec3653f63e6769b'
7a1111d84 2010-05-25 updated history
3af356840 2010-05-25 -11
911a27892 2010-05-25 snark listing icons and cleanups
014063700 2010-05-23 merge of '82b66240733c560b038d4874d1630bf59f5fbe1a'      and 'd6f8e674646687b5efb03d09b6cdca57c6bd8f50'
f7c0db045 2010-05-23 -10
a534d25d8 2010-05-23 -10
bcf3e4a2d 2010-05-23 merge of '200dbdfc1dba31eb7abc6bb3403ac77cc9072c94'      and '56425d32b819bb74fe3abb999e7e3763814533ac'
0cdfbd980 2010-05-23 merge of '01deefdd2f5a2b8f21fd3e97d1a6bd0dd66fecab'      and '1a75d8e703883bde472616a9def0b27bb64b7815'
a3e5654d8 2010-05-23 merge of '03e8a3d066ce112bb4ddaa98c0387dfefde94a0e'      and '751ff97c62634ee13a8f8baf3d7947e373d5368a'
2f9364db2 2010-05-23 fixed a major bug in the datagram dissector, improved performance a little bit and added a utility method to get the already calculated hash of the payload
5d7c9ebf8 2010-05-23     * i2psnark:       - Choke slower when at bandwidth limit       - Fix completion % for small files       - Use Random from context
48da98d0e 2010-05-23     * NewsFetcher:       - Add backup URL       - Change to 0 retries (was 2)
55e994ac3 2010-05-23 merge of '751ff97c62634ee13a8f8baf3d7947e373d5368a'      and 'ddc06f282f1b88e164c208509d818e3ed701143e'
6d46a21f9 2010-05-23 implemented WEBIRC support in the I2PTunnel IRC server
fdc83484f 2010-05-22 NTCP bind interface
6786817ff 2010-05-21 -9
b77cd0db1 2010-05-21 show completion status in listing
20bef7687 2010-05-21     * i2psnark:       - Spiff up dir listings       - Urlify some messages       - Only go into end game at the end       - Bye Bart Bye
7a3049048 2010-05-19 more validation
3bc2e469c 2010-05-16 remove unnecessaary initializers from constructors
d770d3c6d 2010-05-16 border-radius thx dr.
339a00159 2010-05-16 never used
ace57a96a 2010-05-15 translate log priorities
2c26b8d42 2010-05-15     * Hash: Move caching XOR methods only used by KBucket into netdb
e1eafa239 2010-05-15     * Eepsite: Set no-cache in redirecting page
39cb51c9e 2010-05-15 snark css tweaks
fa5016ab0 2010-05-15 javadoc fix
b134ef1a7 2010-05-15     * Console:       - Tag text in graphs       - Move SummaryRenderer to its own file
234dff888 2010-05-13 Try to prevent ZipErrors after plugin update
a08c15a3e 2010-05-13 leaseset debug tweak
cfa894e7b 2010-05-13 peer id tweak
d6c8e6457 2010-05-10 throttle fix
dc91580e3 2010-05-10 fixes from DataHelper.eq() deprecation
7ec1dd7a9 2010-05-10 netdb.jsp leaseset debug
82f3f7506 2010-05-10     * NetDB:       - Handle old and duplicate stores more efficiently       - Have DataStore put() return success
e26df1c26 2010-05-10     * LeaseSet: Add receivedAsReply() methods in preparation for       some netdb changes
aea77cf22 2010-05-10     * NetDB: Move getDistance() to its own class
a1e3ef9c5 2010-05-10 cleanup fail output on peers.jsp
7aece7134 2010-05-10 cleanup
bdbde54f0 2010-05-10     * Router: Add router.forceBandwidthClass advanced config for testing
157e03571 2010-05-10 summary bar tweaks
97d9a3a4e 2010-05-10 show monthly bw estimate
cb7f111ad 2010-05-10     * UDP: To help limit connections, don't offer to introduce       when floodfill
35f670706 2010-05-10     * TunnelPoolManager: Concurrent
3fac888fe 2010-05-10     * DataHelper: Deprecate inefficient eq() methods
d843646b4 2010-05-10     * Streaming: Add support for connection throttling
c2b73d9fb 2010-05-10     * i2psnark:       - Add tunnel config dropdowns       - Comment out old proxy stuff
9da95b816 2010-05-10 PluginStarter: If there is some delay, there may be a really good reason for it.     Loading a class would be one of them!     So we do a quick check first, If it bombs out, we delay and try again.     If it bombs after that, then we throw the ClassNotFoundException.
5bcd8efe1 2010-05-06 2 transport test classes out
027a1d748 2010-05-06 merge of '19b2cad8459bddf9473031504b0f30aa3aad97e3'      and '5fc11615066ab7c27262a8670b7713405d25424c'
6d6e012c1 2010-05-06 adapt to the change in build.xml
a8db6b007 2010-05-05     * Plugins:       - Set classpath for specific client only, not for the whole JVM       - Use ConfigDir() not AppDir()
f3576e54c 2010-05-05 throw IllegalStateException rather than NPE if no context
0325f6c4d 2010-05-05 more isEmpty and a static
8225ce063 2010-05-05     * Console: Print stack trace if exception on startup
c2c379c99 2010-05-05     * i2psnark: Skip 'the' when sorting snarks
7344c2af4 2010-05-05     * I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Reject 192.168.*
f484ea8c6 2010-05-05     * EepGet: Limit max times to fail completely even if numRetries is higher
ac790492e 2010-05-05     * build.xml: Create packed sud in release
9ac5fb489 2010-05-05     * RouterInfo: Clean up use of sortStructures()
2baee7413 2010-05-05     * Replace size() <= 0 with isEmpty() everywhere, ditto > 0 -> !isEmpty()
16bec08f0 2010-05-03 merge of '03068a89c26b0986a8bf2b6f36cb478f565664eb'      and 'c3c31953c884c3aafb142e05c2dbef2809516d9c'
afb3c7692 2010-05-03 - rewrite portable targets     pkg-portable-clean  preppkg-portable-win32-jbigi    preppkg-portable-linux-jbigi    preppkg-portable-basic  preppkg-portable-win32  pkg-portable-win32 - add windoz support to target pack200
2f526b35e 2010-05-02 merge of '77299d7d613df0c3d1308d1056facc243ef693bb'      and 'a088711b406a5c062940ebbdd1709aa891283d74'
2dc32aa31 2010-05-02 fix name "preppkg-linux-only"
10e669165 2010-05-02 Fix plugin version check bug
b6cb90d73 2010-05-02     * ByteCache:       - Add a per-cache stat       - Limit each cache based on max memory       - Disable in UDP MessageReceiver       - Add clearAll() method to be called when under         severe memory pressure; call from Router
949a8901f 2010-05-02 comment out mains
d608f450a 2010-05-02 return what is taken a way ;)
e0a134190 2010-04-30 Adjust dimensions of installer splash graphic: was 171x275, now 171x270.
2cfb03f17 2010-04-30 New installer splash graphic.
4dd0f51da 2010-04-30 merge of '6b54027d89ac66a5b395118365de13f5ab61bcaf'      and 'b915692e91863a7122937dbd0bad366bf38a7dfc'
d65a3e54a 2010-04-28 update checklist
c212eacf1 2010-04-27 - add new target: pkg-portable-win32 (must run buildSmall first) - add configs/win batchfiles to installer/resources/portable
46f341d78 2010-04-27 peers.jsp: cleanup and tag
ab4ff5548 2010-04-27 fix reseed tips links
d4713e1e6 2010-04-27 every body needs some <body>
8a3a1466c 2010-04-27     * i2psnark: Serve downloaded files from the servlet rather       than with a file: link
a5af9dc97 2010-04-27     * Jetty: Backport directory listing bugfix from jetty 6
049a083e4 2010-04-27 0.7.13
9683a110d 2010-04-23 plugin cleanups
c44698f61 2010-04-23 comments
106bccda0 2010-04-21 log compress errors
b1aafa5aa 2010-04-21 increase buf size for extraction
e2e43cd53 2010-04-21     * EepGet: Don't convert a MalformedURLException into       an IOE so we recognize it when it's throuwn
43b4fe830 2010-04-21     * ReusableGZIPStreams:       - Concurrent       - Workaround for Apache Harmony 5.0M13 Deflater bug
7c3e4fd94 2010-04-18 reduce floodfill max conns slightly; fix clients start button
9916ef4d3 2010-04-18 IRC links on readmes and initialNews
ad4da54bc 2010-04-18 I2PTunnelServer: Log incoming connections with net.i2p.i2ptunnel.I2PTunnelServer=INFO
2415c5a38 2010-04-16 * BOB early session destroy to speed up tunnel tare-down.
ecbc0a2a2 2010-04-16 Show the start button when a plugin is not running, and the stop button when a plugin is running.
10d37a9be 2010-04-15 log tweaks
590d2e463 2010-04-15 Floodfills: Increase max to 100 (was 60) and min to 60 (was 45)
806a07acc 2010-04-15 Limit max length in readline()
8258cdd6c 2010-04-15 Limit max header lines
2fcee6e87 2010-04-15 I2PTunnelHTTPClient: Test for "http://:/" and output error page. This avoids an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, which can eventually cause the eepproxy to stop functioning.
04efbc881 2010-04-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2c845f47f9323817088f27c61390558ad723b84a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 97a16a11a0fa27c0fa44df062573a51af938e068)
1fc288917 2010-04-14 back to updater
27587e83c 2010-04-12 add test
a0d6741ff 2010-04-12 fix wrong prefix for startOnLoad in plugin webapps.config
63562ddd4 2010-04-12     * i2ptunnel: Implement access lists for TCP servers.       Enter b32 or b64 hash or dest into list box, and       check enable for whitelist. Uncheck enable and enter       i2cp.enableBlackList=true in advanced i2cp options for       blacklist. Todo: make black/whitelists radio buttons.
aac96b15b 2010-04-12     * configstats.jsp: Fix full stats checkbox default
0f502b422 2010-04-12     * LogManager: Concurrent
a916f970b 2010-04-12     * i2psnark:      - Concurrent, limit, display, log tweaks
7f2d0acc3 2010-04-10 merge of 'b12b7f42f59f400abd7032f3f2bffba289f3ec7a'      and 'b5a86744c2877d9d738a2fdd2b99970a0160e062'
8b6751f41 2010-04-10 Streaming: Fix the window size increment logic so it does it much more often. The code increased the window size by MSS * MSS / N, like in RFC 2581, but it did it only once every N, so that was like MSS * MSS / N**2. Now do it all the time, except for isolated packets like keepalives that aren't using more than one message of the window. Seems to speed up outbound significantly, without any noticable increase in stream.sendsBeforeAck.
70e9cf583 2010-04-10 add comments about the null privkey bug
24020302f 2010-04-10 cleanup
d7e2f39d2 2010-04-10     * Startup:       - Don't die horribly if there is a file         but no router.keys file         http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=4424       - Log tweaks
89d0d7b26 2010-04-10 Disconnect seeds that connect to a seed
e3c222b5c 2010-04-10 Lower per-torrent conn limits for large pieces
a199015bc 2010-04-08 Russian translation updated (trac.i2p2.i2p link)
23617f7b3 2010-04-07 dont set stats off, defaults to off anyway
f5f02236d 2010-04-07 toString() for logging
ad76bc378 2010-04-07     * OCMOSJ:       - Increase min timeout       - Logging tweaks
570d8d15a 2010-04-07     * Key Manager: Hopefully avoid some races at startup       http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=4424
e254c5f31 2010-04-07     * Streaming:       - Detect and drop dup SYNs rather than create         a duplicate connection - will hopefully fix         "Received a syn with the wrong IDs"       - Send reset for a SYN ACK with the wrong IDs       - Don't send a reset to a null dest       - Logging tweaks       - Cleanups
2a92be594 2010-04-05     * Console:       - More HTML transitional fixes       - Standardize on 'save' to the right of 'cancel'
caab86035 2010-04-05       - Add tooltip support for plugin links       - Make target=_blank for plugin links
32861b7ce 2010-04-05 merge of '44418e8f7048de3ac06833176b607d55afc94bdd'      and '6cd2f8bb60720e3aeeb500d67b3f162f2831c3fa'
a08802c4b 2010-04-04 Fix the errant horizontal rule in the console news section (classic/midnight).
6b51be6fa 2010-04-04 Fix the errant horizontal rule issue in the console news section (classic/midnight).
5b5c97588 2010-04-02 turned the knob the wrong way before
605dfec5e 2010-03-31 dont call exit
71aa0cfba 2010-03-31     * FloodfillPeerSelector: Adjust rankings to try to       improve LeaseSet lookups
55e45c427 2010-03-31     * HostsTxtNamingService: Don't load the whole hosts.txt       into memory for every lookup
8c880b251 2010-03-29 prep for a windows-only pkg
c43b16cfb 2010-03-29     * configclients.jsp:       - Always show start button for webapps and plugins     * configclients.jsp, configupdate.jsp:       - Fix submission when entering CR in a text box     * Plugins:       - Stop all plugins at shutdown       - Log tweaks     * WebApps:       - Remove the WAC after stopping it       - Stop a WAC before starting it to prevent dups
394903a8f 2010-03-29       - Implement destroy() in i2psnark to prevent dups
e31c0636a 2010-03-29       - Implement destroy() in addressbook to prevent dups
e9fe80f8e 2010-03-29     * HTTPResponseOutputStream: More static
7671550a9 2010-03-29     * EepGet: Don't retry after a MalformedURLException
83d24fa90 2010-03-25 -2
3e2956da3 2010-03-25     * netdb.jsp: Tag transport properties
cf3fd0101 2010-03-25     * Plugins: Remove final check and install console       messages after a while
319071c73 2010-03-25 Add new reseed host thx merd@mail.i2p
ab8d9bb79 2010-03-25     * PrivateKeyFile: Add b32 output
25eaf8cad 2010-03-25 fix dup anchor
c8f97d9c7 2010-03-25     * i2psnark:       - Send numwant=0 if we don't need peers       - Report returned complete and incomplete counts         if higher than peer count       - Allow missing peer list       - Log tweaks
d3f1fe1c3 2010-03-25     * Console: Sort plugin links in summary bar
5fb01a01a 2010-03-18 history for prop, -1
617d1cd64 2010-03-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head c295ab421dd719cfe0e273268b5b4e48505e4f61)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 995914d8e049d9bb695fd25e4cf5be860cd4e487)
f672193fc 2010-03-18 enable VTBM
d3c490e9d 2010-03-18 bold the rest of the update msg
2e8fd23f2 2010-03-18 concurrent
3eef403b0 2010-03-18 concurrent
f3b78fc82 2010-03-17 post-release cost cleanup
80654b273 2010-03-17 Discard at IBGW based on router clock not system clock
05597ae91 2010-03-17 disable i2ptunnel nonce checking if console password is set
0f1eb464e 2010-03-17 add reseed host thx mathiasdm
8745ffd42 2010-03-17     * config.jsp: Set burst to +10% for 20s by default,       to fix bug where the burst stays high when limits       are reduced.
db99e9865 2010-03-17 display transport cost
9f1a663f6 2010-03-16 typo fix thx duck
db0b3da44 2010-03-16 snark up bw tracking tweak
5d22d4120 2010-03-16 pack200 for installer (-3.3MB)
b397de1d5 2010-03-16 link to trac
4bda79b26 2010-03-15 merge of '7e9ec9156e65514e00e0d9f82be002cf9aadac5f'      and '9df57c2abc8e859828f9edf80e9d104fd6bf6729'
697a9dbd0 2010-03-15 merge of '59ab6afe6ba2e217124fe55e8d854d0e04b965c4'      and '6cf70779bcd05bcf782d6d7bb8d131ce8d71426f'
accaabcfd 2010-03-15 added to the reseed sites
5026cbdc8 2010-03-15 0.7.12
16a14d4eb 2010-03-15     * Clients:       - Negative delay means run immediately and inline       - Add methods to test class and run inline,         to propagate errors to the console       - Add javadoc for clients.config format       - Use new methods for plugins
c15135291 2010-03-15 cleanup
52e2aaa20 2010-03-15 javadoc cleanup after review
9df87ba16 2010-03-13 partial fix for i2ptunnel nonce troubles
b80f70fc5 2010-03-13 dont yell so loud
939cdb019 2010-03-13 log tweak
fde36fe23 2010-03-13 flip backwards arraycopy args
116be9316 2010-03-13 Russian translation updated (snark file open error message, reseed messages, SOCKS IRC proxy)
40e820cab 2010-03-09     * UDP:       - Big refactor of several classes for concurrent,         elimination of several locks       - Reduce max number of resent acks in a packet to         lower overhead       - Take incoming messages from the head of the queue,         not sure why taking them from the tail "reduces latency"       - Java 5 cleanup
d79387bd9 2010-03-09     * TunnelGatewayPumper: Refactor for concurrent
05f2a62cb 2010-03-09     * Job Queue:       - Replace some locks with concurrent       - Change job ID to a long so it won't wrap       - Remove some unused stats       - Java 5 and debug cleanup
78a965dc9 2010-03-09     * FIFOBandwidthRefiller:       - Replace global counters with atomics       - Use lockless shortcut methods to grant         requests if we can satisfy immediately
5b603d662 2010-03-08 cleanups and comments
e93d2046d 2010-03-08 Remove some unused stats
995871db8 2010-03-08 more java 5 cleanups
501535f19 2010-03-08 Java 5 cleanups
91e854e99 2010-03-08     * Peer Manager:       - Replace some locks with concurrent       - Switch back to fast version of getPeersByCapability()       - Java 5 cleanup
9b05d8e77 2010-03-08     * ByteCache:       - Remove some locks with concurrent
e70793c3b 2010-03-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b7a8a00272124eec0d149224af58bd144358c009)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head a4d67a357c36f4e94718bf237a7af96b8617a4a7)
abb2603be 2010-03-08 one more unused class
c91218be2 2010-03-08 Add to the list of reseed hosts
9eab44128 2010-03-08     * Random: Remove and deprecate some old classses
f98101afa 2010-03-08     * i2psnark: Better track outgoing bandwidth by incrementing       counter before the blocking write
4fae7a8cb 2010-03-08     * Floodfills: Increase max to 60 (was 28) and min to 45 (was 20)
26cf1922d 2010-03-08     * Reseeder: Reduce max response size to 1MB (was 8MB)
c087b0695 2010-03-06 An update of the network configuration page in the messages_fr.po file.
16930d200 2010-03-05 merge of '18a87911d2a41f5a1fa0f5019d9bcd7249731338'      and '1d260b764d0fde4b8df67bdb23320b85e6944721'
33939e7cf 2010-03-05 translate country names on flag popups
e759ef586 2010-03-05 tag console reseed messages
2be1b1ece 2010-03-05 couple of tags
1820a29ae 2010-03-05 translation update
ee9f85d53 2010-03-05 rename getString() since it was getting tagged
afbb1dbe8 2010-03-05 compile fix
9244bd6b0 2010-03-05     * I2PSOCKSIRCTunnel:       - New, for filtering IRC client traffic when using SOCKS     * I2PTunnelIRCClient:       - Make filter classes static and public for use by SOCKS       - Eliminate redundant case conversion       - Pass ISON message through (jIRCii uses it for pings)       - Switch back to StringBuffer since it's used by 2 threads       - Set daemon on filter threads     * SOCKS5Server:       - Fix handling of multiple authentication methods
6bb440320 2010-03-05 updates after trying SDK 2.1
24ebd503d 2010-03-05 susidns translation
285a5eed3 2010-03-04 Russian translation updated (job queue link, address helper conflict message)
26aebe6a0 2010-03-02     * Console:       - Add link to jobs.jsp on configservice.jsp       - Add plugin disableStop support
ca9f17417 2010-03-02     * Context: Add boolean getProperty methods
ffbced22b 2010-03-02     * LoadClientAppsJob:       - Fix unquoted arg after quoted arg       - Logging cleanup
45ca459ce 2010-03-02     * HTTP Proxy:       - Fix address helper conflicts caused by last checkin       - Use B32 instead of random hostname for conflict link
5a539f061 2010-02-27 merge of '98497fef229d3e37922d4c09cb52e043b01647ee'      and 'de5aa1476c5d447deb031032dbfbc921114dfbd6'
c6cef72cb 2010-02-27 Fix: webapps keep asking for the router console password even after the user entered it
8081d053c 2010-02-27 Prevent UDP startup NPE http://zzz.i2p/topics/571
efdc8e5df 2010-02-27     * HTTP Proxy:       - Put B32 instead of B64 in Host: header, saves 450 bytes       - Eliminate some redundant lookups       - Fix http://i2p/b64/ and /eepproxy/site/ requests       - Disallow a port specified for an i2p address       - Cleanup and comments
b4911a2b2 2010-02-26 support plugin themes
7b70210c9 2010-02-26     * UDP Transport:       - Replace the unused-since-2006 TimedWeightedPriorityMessageQueue         with DummyThrottle       - Don't instantiate and start TWPMQ Cleaner and OutboundRefiller         threads, part of priority queues unused since       - Don't instantiate and start UDPFlooder, it is for testing only
e3353df8b 2010-02-26     * NTCP Transport:       - Replace lists with concurrent queues in EventPumper         and NTCPConnection to remove global locks       - Java 5 cleanup
25285fc05 2010-02-26 remove jobs link from summary bar
7720f71e4 2010-02-26     * eepsite: Add some help to index.html
1657ac535 2010-02-26     * netdb: Fix NPE after OOM http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/38
299214aa1 2010-02-26     * i2psnark:       - Fix NPE after create file failure       - Sanitize more characters in file names
5fd4488e0 2010-02-23 Russian translation updated (delete confirmation, non-i2p trackers warning)
87fcaf265 2010-02-23     * Unzip: Any files in the zip with a .jar.pack or .war.pack extension       will be transparently unpacked with unpack200. Savings is about 60%.       Someday we will do this for suds, but we can do it for xpi2ps now.     * build: Add updater200 target
f6b9cf6f2 2010-02-22     * configclients.jsp:       - Add js delete confirm       - Remove delete button for webapps     * i2psnark:       - Ignore a non-i2p tracker in a torrent rather than deleting         the torrent, thus "converting" a torrent to in-netowrk use         via the open trackers       - Add js delete confirm
eae18e61b 2010-02-19 unhide plugins, fix d/l status display
96735f254 2010-02-19 make file box bigger
54459d3b5 2010-02-18 Russian translation updated (plugin support)
82444f9e7 2010-02-18 move getConsoleServer() method
3d8365a47 2010-02-18     * HTTP Proxy: Fix blank page instead of error page for eepsite unreachable
e2dc9715d 2010-02-18     * Transport:       - Fix recognition of IP change when not firewalled       - Require consecutive identical results from two peers before changing IP
d4f1230b3 2010-02-17 better error message when finding HTML instead of metainfo
7701693d3 2010-02-17     * Plugins:       - Fix plugin start button       - Change signer prop to match docs       - Tweaks
b6704fce4 2010-02-17 javadoc fix
39a68d4a2 2010-02-17 slew tweak
94633899d 2010-02-17 CLI exit 1 on error for ease of use in scripts
c45bc1554 2010-02-17 move to i2p.scripts
789c8edc4 2010-02-15 Russian translation updated (plugin support)
e0b44f43e 2010-02-15 history for 3 props, -1
b45069e37 2010-02-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.VTBM' (head fb6ef5bc51e18536bc1611a483e9be804084e37b)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c9f5d7378a6028393fe560739ec02f5f87f50f80)
c3a156ce4 2010-02-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.plugin' (head fafcd8c8c41873b4d106a9e06504dd7b48109ad8)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7eafbe18b0a1e26f09b9488d374f5fed4c278a78)
ee5cc099e 2010-02-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 0914f799641c6ec04dbe40f325f8368403167885)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f3d096929c21753a2117f93d7550b751b021c2a7)
f18958715 2010-02-15 log tweak
a1fb5ef6e 2010-02-15 verify that signing key name matches
8c2550c39 2010-02-15     * Streaming: MessageOutputStream logging tweaks
abd96a920 2010-02-15 0.7.11
1d3f0fe96 2010-02-15     * Transport:       - Update addressses before publishing       - Increment address cost if near capacity       - Synchronize notifyReplaceAddress()
49a6cdbda 2010-02-14       - Clear the geoip negative cache periodically
2700028da 2010-02-13     * Transport: Adjust bids based on address cost       - More finals
51a156456 2010-02-13 Fix addWebApplications API goofup, Bump BOB version, which I forgot to do.
bd068058c 2010-02-13     * Floodfills: Increase max to 28 (was 15) and min to 20 (was 10)
4591f7792 2010-02-13 A few minor updates
4f70a7d0f 2010-02-13     * Clock:       - getFramedAveragePeerClockSkew() now returns a long (ms);         was a Long (s)       - Implement NTP-style clock slewing so the clock is adjusted         gradually       - Implement clock strata so we prefer better clocks       - Implement a timestamper in the transport so we will periodically         update the clock even if NTP is not working         This allows the router to converge the clock instead of simply         hoping the first connected peer is correct.       - Slow down NTP attempts after several consecutive failures
6d6784809 2010-02-12 org.mortbay.jetty.Server modified method to accept Attributes for batch webapp launches via addWebApplications().
c145ed103 2010-02-11 merge of '5a88275dbd49dfde016676939fb28b1387447216'      and 'b4afc02ff8ecaf95f621169763cfa99e3f309102'
f265db403 2010-02-11 fix stop button; catch and log exceptions better
62308f26b 2010-02-11     * Plugins:       - Fix classpath setting for webapps       - Implement uninstall args in clients.config
2b4b47eff 2010-02-10 Russian translation updated (readonly install directory message)
04ae0e261 2010-02-10     * I2PTunnelRunner: Flush initial data, for some reason it wasn't       getting flushed ever in some cases.
cada9fae4 2010-02-10 flush requests in I2PTunelRunner
949aea951 2010-02-10     * Plugins:       - Hook up update/delete/check/save buttons       - Implement delete       - Hide unless router.enablePlugins=true
cfc49ab26 2010-02-10     * Plugins:       - Check plugin key against all installed plugins       - Reword some error messages     * VersionComparator: add '-' and '_' as valid separators       to better support plugin and java version checking
0e853a311 2010-02-10 fix missing readme files in debian
a0cad7e8e 2010-02-10 -10
880f1866d 2010-02-10 take version number off jrobin jar so we can overwrite if we upgrade
05d22344b 2010-02-10     * Izpack: Add 64-bit windows dll so installer doesn't die trying to add shortcuts
7212f855d 2010-02-09 Upgrade to launch4j 3.0.1 2008-07-20. The license is BSD for launch4j and MIT for the wrapper code in head/
54171e4be 2010-02-08 ... and more
a820c01ba 2010-02-08 strip HTML from fields
9d1ae891b 2010-02-08 check for mismatched versions
2df7247e8 2010-02-08 fix start webapp, add stop webapp
a109ebef2 2010-02-08 stop button
c0135b592 2010-02-08 plugin stopper
b7a0aeea3 2010-02-08 plugin buttons
66375e25c 2010-02-08 start of a plugin version checker
85482a67f 2010-02-08 plugin description on configclients
d7e90969d 2010-02-07 delete jettylib on distclean to ensure we get the new jetty
9012baf51 2010-02-07 plugin links
3c8355790 2010-02-07 load translation bundles in plugins
e9f1da85e 2010-02-07 classpath for plugins
58adccfd4 2010-02-07 start of a plugin starter
040f3e016 2010-02-06 move jrobin from routerconsole.jar to its own jar
505d5f5ca 2010-02-06     * Plugins: New plugin downloader/installer     * configclients.jsp: Use new WebAppStarter so webapps that are       started later also get the temp dir, password, and classpath       configuration just like if they were started at the beginning     * configupdate.jsp: Delay after checking for update so the       summary bar will have buttons.
2a99e2a29 2010-02-06 -9
49fae646e 2010-02-06 merge of '9e658a1b1e62b486a399a162ceb27fe3461a9eb0'      and 'fe3561146f8172bdb86292eade40a031b7dee4fb'
f7780b674 2010-02-06     * TrustedUpdate:       - Allow method to check if we know about a key       - Add method to extract without verifying
7a59d15e9 2010-02-06       - Pull jstl.jar and standard.jar out of susidns.war (-300KB someday)       - Remove duplicate classes from i2psnark.war (100KB)
9b141bd9d 2010-02-06     * Webapps: Allow additions to a webapp classpath. This will let us:       - Pull jstl.jar and standard.jar out of susidns.war       - Remove 100KB of duplicate classes from i2psnark.war       - Add classpaths for plugins
d0d062b6f 2010-02-06 No more port 8887 in de troubleshoot
375118fe0 2010-02-05 Refactor and tag update status messages
7b59ceb4a 2010-02-05 Add transmission ID
3aebe45a7 2010-02-05 refactor the storage of signing keys
7c236c0fa 2010-02-05 Console: Fix saving update keys, was broken in 0.7.10
7a7e650ca 2010-02-05 news.xml: Wrap i2p version tags in XML comment
7a32f8efd 2010-02-05 Try yet again to prevent two NTCP pumpers
2f8b55ced 2010-02-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d84bac5f340fb1f9f4826a3326847a84cf32b1a1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head c055e344e2d86aa417bb248bb0a6c54ba3b2f52d)
b77be20cc 2010-02-05 set up transport cost constants
101135a99 2010-02-04 fix sending of stopped events to the tracker
746c1bd62 2010-02-03     * NetDb: Lower min RouterInfo expiration to 2.5h (was 3h)     * i2psnark debug logging tweak
b0502b187 2010-02-03 Fix several VTBM read/write bugs after testing
6801fc667 2010-02-02       - Hide update buttons and update config if install dir is readonly or if configured
794db19b6 2010-02-02 javadoc
d4637818b 2010-02-02       - Show yellow star if no outbound tunnels
33b7dca78 2010-02-02     * i2psnark: Don't prefer to opportunistically unchoke unchoking peers when not interested
d7015cf2e 2010-02-01 disable sending VTBMs
5689fa851 2010-02-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2b1a99ea78270f80514ced3860a7d54cc3f2e309)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.VTBM' (head 155eea7b96fa5ce48faec385242e0b6eb232b0dd)
25e51a945 2010-02-01       - Fix first hop expiration for Build Messages, was way too long       - Randomize Build Message expiration to make it harder to guess hop position       - Save expired tunnel build configs for a while, so that we will still use the tunnel         and update peer stats if the reply comes in late       - Don't update our own profile for Tunnel Build Replies
bfd1306a5 2010-01-31 fix for missing tgz build error
839986db2 2010-01-31     * I2NP: Add UnknownI2NPMessage so we can route unknown message types
ed443fe0d 2010-01-31 jetty 5.1.15
390981e10 2010-01-30 Fix NPE in TCPtoI2P when a lookup fails, report the error to the stream. Fix setkeys bug in DoCMDS, forgot to create the object before calling t's methods, which threw an NPE.
56b3e6a99 2010-01-29     * Tunnel Building:       - Add getRecordCount() to TunnelBuildMessage and TunnelBuildReplyMessage         so they can be extended.       - New I2NP Messages VariableTunnelBuildMessage and VariableTunnelBuildReplyMessage,         which contain the number of request slots in them.       - Convert all static assumptions of 8 slots to getRecordCount()       - Use the new VTBM if all hops in the tunnel and the OBEP or IBGW of the reply tunnel         support it, and the tunnel is 4 hops or shorter.       - Reply to a VTBM with a VTBRM of the same size       - Make BuildReplyHandler static       - Convert the currentlyBuilding List to a ConcurrentHashMap to speed reply lookups         and eliminate a global lock; don't put fallback tunnels in there       - Add new tunnel.corruptBuildReply stat       - Various cleanups and javadoc
f86f2701f 2010-01-29       - Speed up some hashcode() and equals()       - Cleanup and javadoc
63d368565 2010-01-29     * Jetty: Turn on checkAliases
0a9346699 2010-01-29       - Add basic DOS prevention for lookups       - Move flood throttle check so we don't throttle ourselves
81664bc77 2010-01-29       - Don't update unused lease fail stats
6d60a6f83 2010-01-29       - Don't store over client tunnels to pre-0.7.10 floodfills
4186894a3 2010-01-29     * build.xml: Add a debian-source target     * Startup: Disable browser launch for debian daemon
cfeafacd0 2010-01-29 update the pos
9c2edf5c6 2010-01-28 update history
72396f0f9 2010-01-28 merge of '3679ca64eea825719eb0d26b285091a9e81107f3'      and '36fc8877438b0f8fa6220cd52459497af5a2eed6'
45388b0d4 2010-01-28 added an getTargetAddresses(transportStyle) method to the RouterInfo structure
a8ae36c40 2010-01-26 fixup
164b39d8d 2010-01-26     * I2NP: Various cleanup and bulletproofing
ccc95087a 2010-01-26 shrink the stats.jsp dropdown
b97f4f8bd 2010-01-26 try to silence log errors at shutdown
76c1f47b2 2010-01-26     * Profiles: Fix lack of profiles at router startup, especially for new routers
ce74e4923 2010-01-26     * Clock: Don't refuse to update because of peer skew the first time
977d39aeb 2010-01-26 minor license updates
a821ea275 2010-01-26 take non-linux stuff out of debian jbigi.jar
b97197c0f 2010-01-26     * Debian: Fixup, update, enhance dream's scripts     * build.xml: Speed up sponge's distclean additions
474691927 2010-01-24 fix date
81dcbedd1 2010-01-24     * Transport clock skews:       - Store and report UDP clock skews even for large values, so         a badly skewed local clock will be reported to the console       - Don't shitlist for NTCP clock skew if we don't know what time it is       - If NTP hasn't worked yet, have NTCP or SSU update the clock one time       - Include failed clock skew in NTCP skew vector if there aren't many connections       - Don't include NTCP clock skews for non-established connections       - Fix framed clock skew frame size       - Report framed clock skew even if for only one peer, if NTP hasn't worked yet       - Don't log RRD errors after clock adjustment       - Reduce min skew for console warning to 30s (was 45s)       - More Java 5 cleanups
4f5cfdee5 2010-01-24 adjust welt reseed hostname
2c7725a8e 2010-01-24 cleanups
0ba6482da 2010-01-24 -1
4c1fd6792 2010-01-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 9b243b031d937eaefcd4c15ae61bb4fa280d78f3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9383c447b12abf45f80bd0059f719acfce4c70a3)
25683cc0d 2010-01-24 merge of '338745763da1ce77c8adc9f889449dc14451f3fb'      and 'ba40565ead71f8ce02500978ca95ca90340a294d'
087fd5a90 2010-01-24     * NetDb:       - Move stat initialization, reduce number of rates       - Add basic DOS prevention by not flooding if stores are too-frequent
fdfbab850 2010-01-24 minor cleanups
f1c50b7fc 2010-01-24     * Clock:       - Don't let a client update the router clock       - Restore and enhance vanished clock error log message
959bf4a7f 2010-01-24 limit max graph size
5dda91546 2010-01-23     * Startup:       - Enable multiple parallel job runners much sooner to speed startup       - Rearrange the startup order to get the long jobs started sooner       - Don't allow the netDb readin job to clog the job queue
66d8fd6c2 2010-01-23     * ProfileOrganizer:       - Limit High Cap to 75 max       - Reduce max lock wait time       - More cleanup
06efe306c 2010-01-22 Deutsch eepsite help text updated to the latest version by zzz (October'2009). Fixed i2host.i2p url typo.
15d1b005f 2010-01-22 merge of '120e01fdee48c2f8652e8314f3dcfb5655a3b7b1'      and 'e30d2f11dde010812b8a5607e5407e37d745700d'
7efab75c3 2010-01-21 0.7.10
a9e4248c9 2010-01-21 Increase ff count; -6
5338dc554 2010-01-21     * Properties: Don't play games with \r and \n on load/save,       it was causing fatal issues on DOS if your username started       with r or n
09d3dc8e9 2010-01-21     * Logs: Don't be quite so noisy in the wrapper log if we       can't open the router log
3bf95e566 2010-01-21     * I2PTunnelServer: Fix bug preventing connection retries       at startup from working
958a5a3c4 2010-01-21     * eepget.bat: Add to pkg
7b48f6387 2010-01-21 build.xml tweaks for batch copying the
fcd2cdb13 2010-01-21 merge of '4755aa75bada4925580e70471d2cbe82d52f4e1e'      and 'af16732f69734b702b887071df3348e77d3c7c97'
6b59356bc 2010-01-21 disapproval of revision 'df747c3515cd167431e6e003a732943e35aef79d'
1c7f098d9 2010-01-21 Add missing index_na.html to our eepsite stash.
103c15f00 2010-01-21 Russian translation updated to dr|z3d's template, links to the Russian page moved to the alphabetically sorted position
0fd55f8b0 2010-01-21 Added: missing non-translated welcome page from dr|z3d's template.
511c1e7b9 2010-01-21 Re-added: docroot location on Windows (from October'2009 version by zzz)
7df3bde2c 2010-01-21 Add Russian to the eepsite index; prettify the Russian index with the new css. Minor tweaks to the css.
25e6b6e6c 2010-01-21 Add a note to history.txt re eespite changes.
cb81f2c9b 2010-01-21 Updated eepsite indexes with the new layout + pagetemplate.html
6c25f0fd1 2010-01-21 Build.xml mods to accomodate new eepsite structure.
934f3d181 2010-01-21 Move robots.txt to dir; add redirecting index.html
e883fd6b1 2010-01-21 Let's mirror the actual eepsite contents in the installer..
e3b300e97 2010-01-21 Add graphical resources to eepsite.
03a9f6973 2010-01-21 Move Russian eepsite index to our new dir.
be2dca8ee 2010-01-19 merge of '6dbc656c7ca49810cd09d02d8ddafdc9e083d12e'      and 'efdeefc134243f15d893f98dcbe275657fcc807a'
5c595ef28 2010-01-19     * Firewall fix for NTCP, where firewalls will forget a NAT relationship       on a stream... AKA setting keepalive. This should fix the stuck NTCP       issue that has been bothing zzz for years.     * Set keepalive on BOB connections too, since this will assist closing       the connections in the event of a crash on a client.
d9534e5f2 2010-01-18 First stage of eepsite starter page rejig.
00fa3806d 2010-01-18 Russian translation update (Share ratio, HTTP bidir, Add Client, ...)
6c5ef9acd 2010-01-18 Added: Russian translation
2db5914ba 2010-01-18 Save graph settings when changed
35a0dafb8 2010-01-18     * Reseed: Support SSL and proxies
5f12688a9 2010-01-18     * Console: Add a tunnel share ratio estimate
f8d9af871 2010-01-18 javadoc
08a2b4bbf 2010-01-18     * graphs.jsp: Remove jrobin sig, set lower limit to 0
27a5793fd 2010-01-18     * configclients.jsp: Fix add-new-client feature     * Translate: Catch empty string
b1151f82b 2010-01-17 Messages_fr.po update
b6332f831 2010-01-17 history for prop, -3
e036cd433 2010-01-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head dc29b32afe515f704985a4f92cda6e28a65ccdc5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fb38016f22528778128e22269b8f256c8c640466)
174fedc2e 2010-01-17 - Flood even if the entry was received via a garlic message - Encrypt stores only if floodfill supports it
4803e60db 2010-01-16 Limit fast tier to 30 max
abb62b93e 2010-01-16 store to a different ff after verify fail
95bb322cd 2010-01-16 Clock: Change a CRIT to an ERROR, lower threshold for changing from 10s to 5s
670b4033c 2010-01-16 Add a small number of ms (0-300) that increases as we approach the expire time. Since the earliest date functions as a version number, this will force the floodfill to flood each new version; otherwise it won't if the earliest time hasn't changed.
715ae1399 2010-01-16 dont log a RI DSM down a client tunnel as an error, just silently drop, as probably the result of a FVSJ
77b88ab59 2010-01-15     * NetDb Stores and Verifies:       - Do LS stores and verifies through client tunnels         to prevent correlation by the OBEP or FF       - Encrypt LS stores to prevent snooping by the OBEP       - Encrypt LS and RI verifies to prevent snooping by the OBEP       - Extend verify delay and timeout       - Reenable RI verifies       - Disallow simultaneous verifies for the same key       - Don't resend on verify timeout; try a different peer instead       - Adjust ff selection criteria
64235bd74 2010-01-15     * NetDb Lookups: Don't try to send a RI lookup to itself through a zero-hop tunnel
0a1960461 2010-01-15 Fully clean up I2PTunnel. No more lint issues, should compile 100% clean. Dropped unused class BufferLogger from I2PTunnel as it is not used anylonger.
11249657a 2010-01-14 Clean up reverse connection ability, remove some annoyingly redundent code. Place all settings in the console. It works!
188ac4f73 2010-01-13 SSLEepGet
865116b3f 2010-01-13 merge of '1f636df6ff10db350d6b020b2e06daf842fb23e1'      and '5e5df32501efc3a7548958249e5bd99acf8edd8f'
9f28c06e9 2010-01-12 0.7.9, and:     * I2CP: Clean up resources on 5-minute leaseset timeout at startup     * Increase max floodfills to 9 (was 6)     * Temporarily disable routerInfo floodfill verifies     * Fix .fr eepsite index css     * Javdoc tweaks
3cd652075 2010-01-10 logging and javadoc tweaks
da1a50bfe 2010-01-10     * VersionComparator: Move from to util
9ec79f50f 2010-01-10     * I2CP: Clean up resources on 5-minute leaseset timeout at startup
b15392ea8 2010-01-10 Insert reverse connection ability into the http server code so that seedless can start to get worked on. It's disabled by default.
b8339e72b 2010-01-09 tweaks; include new translated eepsite pages in pkg; -18-rc
6eaec7fd4 2010-01-09 Russian translation update
9e8f2ce77 2010-01-09 Russian translation: Router console (969/969), router help page, eepsite help page
e8e6f6f53 2010-01-08 Tagged missing strings.
f16ba8ee0 2010-01-08 Tagged missing strings. Retagged (merged) couple strings to have 1 string per sentence instead of translating them chunk by chunk while their internal punctuation marks were outside of the translation scope.
76f11859b 2010-01-06 hide add button when editing
5be21a19d 2010-01-06 support add, delete,edit of clients
043359dd4 2010-01-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head dbcd208a02bbecfe924e13a7d71297ece3f01ef3)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 9eee20312852c80ca6c8e079174578a335edbe6d)
1b95b00b4 2010-01-06 prevent more than one zero-hop tunnel in a leaseset
eaaf6af31 2010-01-06 javadoc and logging tweaks; bring back i2ptunnel link to summary bar
d8d50aaf4 2010-01-03 Snark font color fix
5fcddd581 2010-01-02 Fix one last stupid mistake in build.xml, my fault.
f1a9613a9 2010-01-02 merge of '4259744a4e2a56c50c62c34ecc3340120b48a427'      and 'd548b2a3c95f98dd3296cdd891e03e7c2936e61e'
a2ce10759 2010-01-02 po update
5065aec77 2010-01-02 Fix NB 6.8 goofyness... 'till ant 1.7.1 or > is needed, stay with NB 6.5, as the newer ones place a check for 1.7.1. We require 1.7.0
25fc64933 2010-01-02 Fix build.xml target for justBOB and fix Main build.xml so that it actually deletes backup files and add a few extra types that should be commonly needed... atleast by me.
bbdd54efc 2010-01-02 Russian translation: Error pages (9/9)
92597baab 2010-01-02 Russian translation updated: I2PTunnel (138/138)
62786dcc0 2010-01-02 Tagged couple of messages required for error pages (previously marked as fixme's)
c012e5bf1 2010-01-02 tagging and translation
5ed29b6c2 2010-01-02 laptop mode
2d5decd94 2010-01-02 save refresh setting
9d167dc83 2010-01-02 path fix
afe839465 2010-01-02 optimize URL encoder
72db6d1a0 2010-01-02 alignment fix
9d0e30092 2010-01-02 css update for readability
4f548b7b2 2010-01-01 Added a target to generate a stand-alone BOB jar file.
cbd50372e 2010-01-01 Fixed: braceless if (where it proved to be harmful)
3caee8bc7 2010-01-01 i2ptunnel java tagging and fixups
6c64faf0b 2010-01-01 translation
65290f1ed 2009-12-31 Russian translation update/reworded
498af5d20 2009-12-31 i2ptunnel\jsp tagging and translation
883b53de0 2009-12-30 cleanups, javadoc
cefc1f130 2009-12-30     * NetDb: Fix exploration by adding a null hash to mean       "don't give me floodfills"     * PeerSelector: Downgrade floodfills with high fail rate
b2a137c5b 2009-12-30 make BuildResponseRecord static
62f056f88 2009-12-30 remove more unused logs
3944ea53d 2009-12-30 make the message box big enough that we dont need a scrollbar
d372ea753 2009-12-30 fallback to external socket
2528cd205 2009-12-30 javadoc
afd54fc21 2009-12-30 logs.jsp tweak
8e7a9fc51 2009-12-27 update translation
acb75f421 2009-12-26 oops
c40b56c19 2009-12-26 -12
98027a06e 2009-12-26 javadoc
d92dfec1b 2009-12-26     * UDP: Bid lower than NTCP when we need introducers and don't       have enough; was preventing firewalled routers from       being reachable
72a588bfb 2009-12-26     * Tunnels       - More code to detect improper reuse of cached objects         after release       - Don't pass a msg with a failed IV on to         the FragmentHandler at the OBEP       - More cleanups and comments
213bc4bb7 2009-12-26       - Prevent release of TunnelDataMessage cached ByteArray,         as it may be reused if retried in another transport;         a nasty bug causing corrupt messages       - Lots of code to detect improper reuse of cached objects         after release
1a01aa0ae 2009-12-26       - Code to detect improper reuse of cached objects         after release       - Prevent race with released resources in UDP OutboundMessageState;         a nasty bug causing corrupt messages       - More cleanups and comments
0b0e3fffe 2009-12-26 various cleanups, javadocs, logging
1fc32c5e6 2009-12-26 more logs.jsp tagging
ba9f05ca0 2009-12-26 translation update
629d12ade 2009-12-22     * Tunnels:       - Do RED dropping before the IBGW fragmenter, not after       - Change batch time to 250ms for IBGWs (was 100ms)       - Change batch time to 150ms for exploratory OBGWs (was 100ms)       - Start a new message in the fragmenter if almost full       - Fix a major, longstanding synchronization bug in the FragmentHandler         which led to corrupt messages at the endpoints       - More cleanups and comments
08929752a 2009-12-22 move SubmitMessageHistoryJob to test
aaa5b4ca8 2009-12-20 oops
8d7e84494 2009-12-20 -10
99df95697 2009-12-20 merge of '5cbdacfbeb8f09f9ac497016e429eaf6fe7225c6'      and 'dae5a2b76e24fc3215d46d5b96ea0f547c83f63c'
a877b2183 2009-12-20 more comments and cleanup
3f267693d 2009-12-20 Russian translation update/reworded: I2PSnark, SusiDNS
30b7dbf1f 2009-12-19 Tunnel fragmenter cleanup, prep for enhancements
f32d162b6 2009-12-19 Russian translation update: SusiDNS (83/83)
126fa320e 2009-12-19 susidns UTF-8 fixes for POST requests (yep, blame tagged 'action' parameters)
ecae0b055 2009-12-19 schedule the outbound rather than sleep the thread for 3 seconds
9bf22fb0d 2009-12-19 stats.jsp tagging
2a1d35814 2009-12-19     * Profile, DBHistory:       - Tweak the rate periods       - Add a global fail rate stat       - Increase the HashMap sizes
579b45002 2009-12-19 clean up context usage
72eafe092 2009-12-19     * Tunnels: Reduce the drop probability for TunnelBuildMessages at the OBEP
f226392c9 2009-12-19 static access fix
2cd5c209f 2009-12-19 unused cleanup
f0d444b32 2009-12-19 add to javadoc and adjust logging
4baff9fba 2009-12-19     * Router: Move some more threads to I2PAppThread so an OOM won't crash the router
8e656427d 2009-12-19     * Console:       - Fix status to show a disconnected network error rather than         clock skew or UDP error when disconnected       - Use peer clock skew rather than clock offset for determining         whether to display clock skew error, i.e. display what matters     * Transport: Rework peer clock skew method to always return a value       by falling back to router clock offset;       Fix possible AIOOBE and divide by zero; remove logging;       reduce min number of peers
aaa7302e8 2009-12-19 clarify table headings
33407fd5b 2009-12-19 reduce delays (cuts 10s from router startup
513b93f78 2009-12-19 no room for cows
08e54c515 2009-12-19 add isRouterContext() method
55682810b 2009-12-19 doc updates
ec893d09d 2009-12-18 as promised. translation done. Snark still needs review.
f9b745a67 2009-12-18     * Log:       - Close old file on rotate       - Buffer writes       - Write in UTF-8
43b71a263 2009-12-17     * Tunnel building:       - Increase timeout to 13s (was 10s)       - Fix tunnel.buildReplyTooSlow stat       - Tweak logging       - Prioritize expl. builds over client builds       - Code cleanups
5c4672d1e 2009-12-17 drop another unused class
7ca8e0c3a 2009-12-17 fix spacing in update section
b53031685 2009-12-17     * I2CP:       - Move client-side writes to their own thread       - Reenable InternalSockets
fa92beae5 2009-12-16 more cleanup and tagging; remove untranslatable button images; add button css
f58f703ec 2009-12-16 add some newlines to the source
6b83fc6b3 2009-12-16 InNetMessagePool cleanup
cdb390f7c 2009-12-16 fix bundle script
7b1caac9a 2009-12-15 cleanup and tag susidns jsps
cec75fa60 2009-12-15 fix i2ptunnel bundles
eb23306b1 2009-12-15 configurable jump list
43f681360 2009-12-15 snark start/stop fix, action cleanups
ea36b7b15 2009-12-15 susidns UTF-8 fixes
448ff4d39 2009-12-15 better error msg on sud copy fail
e16227211 2009-12-15 remove unused logs
e07e329c2 2009-12-15 Tunnels: static fix, synchronization fix, deprecate setPairedTunnel()
a3d79aaa4 2009-12-14 Russian translation: I2PSnark (140/140), SusiDNS (1/1), I2PTunnel (3/3)
3fa9ae0b8 2009-12-13     * Find ResourceBundles in wars     * Fix restart from config.jsp if no wrapper     * i2psnark: Elaborate popups
7feed50af 2009-12-13 -5
0c0eb5765 2009-12-13 merge of '306029c0c1bb9b7d62fcfdaeddd47bff7db82f66'      and 'c14952061dd61ddd6638f0a3655dd818f0a3db8e'
e87ff25ef 2009-12-13 fix NPE
21e09cb0a 2009-12-13 no more 8887
04d54607a 2009-12-13 merge of '63c4c4c5586988695f01b6e845851bad2196b89a'      and 'db28ef1a2085d0585cc3606f1e614467913f758b'
ad8bfbdaa 2009-12-13 merge of 'afee8fe3ed03c61266ad369b5ce5408382948977'      and 'cec49ea3b0b9120ba6e58435852fb18c06912c55'
aca815c4a 2009-12-13 snark rough translation (i am not a bt guy, so need review and refine)
24683c19a 2009-12-12 Added messages_ru.po with 100% fuzzy translations. Awaiting review by native.
6b8dffc40 2009-12-12 -4
c4bb84058 2009-12-12 sort peers per country
c3dc76e35 2009-12-12 disable internal sockets until I can fix the borkenness
993fa5c21 2009-12-11 fix all summary bar relative links
1cec79321 2009-12-11 add missing file, prop history, -2
6029e1a29 2009-12-11     * Fragmenter: Pull the new comments, new stats, and       debug log fix from i2p.i2p.zzz.batch in - but not the       batching mods, which need a fresh look.
7cc75c0cb 2009-12-11 html fix
e5248b09a 2009-12-10 add 2-param method, tag the java messages, fix the buttons, clean up add and create forms
c39f04770 2009-12-10 pretty much the last of the tags
456225486 2009-12-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f672021bb9871a728005be3bd9581710738b9e5f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head e115e218dbb666839e69fa1e1ba7378554b9874f)
8116d88aa 2009-12-10 translation build fixups
14362630d 2009-12-10 translation support
9af796a10 2009-12-10 translation support
eeb884e8c 2009-12-09 more tags
02baf905c 2009-12-09 more tagging
df7029d2c 2009-12-09 translation support and initial tagging
c22b7568b 2009-12-09     * Translation: Move code from routerconsole to core,       to support translation of other webapps
73537d27d 2009-12-08 bump as requested
449d7ab58 2009-12-08 typo
0ddef91e1 2009-12-08 more last-minute tweaks
b205af5a0 2009-12-08 0.7.8
1e32170df 2009-12-08 move hosts.txt; do distclean in apps/jetty
f446a5f1f 2009-12-08     * Misc. cleanups after review, prep for release
fb21fb25e 2009-12-07     * I2PTunnel:       - Switch all I2PThreads to I2PAppThreads       - Run an InternalSocket as well for the HTTP Proxy     * EepGet: Use InternalSocket     * Console: Change "depth" to "length"
deae0e885 2009-12-07 truncate the history in the updater
1cd54dc12 2009-12-06     * netdb.jsp: Fix bug caused by XSS fix     * Translations: drop ru until after release
8ebc8bd20 2009-12-06 merge of '07a757695fb1dc6eb2cfda52c8fc38aee4e61f53'      and 'a85053bedf64d2793ad1f55f396390baf09edcc1'
9d11866f8 2009-12-06 Removed Russian .po file. A native Russian speaker is working on a translation of the router console for the next version of I2P. Update the readme files to include a Russian flag.
2c456c291 2009-12-06 remove jsps from war
c5b3c2f43 2009-12-06 add restart msg as requested by dr|z3d
e46e747ac 2009-12-06 add the anchor
e1a88c942 2009-12-06 drop 6 unused classes
23d3c33a1 2009-12-06 Update to german console translation
ec8130f44 2009-12-06 Improved readme_ru.html translation. All strings in messages_ru.po translated roughly. A few words in messages_ru.po edited for excessive length.
4b7aeb841 2009-12-05 update to german translation, need more work
18a0f01f8 2009-12-05 corrected typo
df2e63969 2009-12-05 first rough translation into german
708b3a662 2009-12-05     * Build: Fix poupdate dependency     * Console: Add Russian option
4fee7844f 2009-12-05 merge of 'd34b6676e413f6e88f9e145f8ddde79a66ce6bb1'      and 'da507e67b02527a43e8cca4b5b20c2de18a3142c'
891416e6b 2009-12-05 Added Russian localization files
978cd2c48 2009-12-05 * BOB: fix a critical bug causing ghosts on probes and remove unused code.
c88c90592 2009-12-04 rev
bda4eb830 2009-12-04 prevent accept() hang on internal socket
f5c1acc74 2009-12-04 Fix potential XSS holes
c4e6148b9 2009-12-04 config cleanup, more HTML transitional fixes
43029de2f 2009-12-04 point to translated pages on www.i2p2.i2p
7262c014c 2009-12-04     * I2CP: Implement an internal "socket" class that       allows clients in the same JVM to connect to the       router without going through the kernel
9f7bd9905 2009-12-02 fix popup based on torrent type
9e4f04cc1 2009-12-02 fix exception text
454b2c894 2009-11-30 An updated (yet incomplete) version of messages_fr.po
4c812c7bf 2009-11-29     * HTTP Proxy: Don't send proxy.i2p to the naming service,       it was making the error pages load slowly
f95b5324e 2009-11-29 profiles.jsp: Hide non-ff from ff table
64ee1b313 2009-11-29 Comment out unused stuff better
1ca651e80 2009-11-29 Fix an error message
f3a88398f 2009-11-29 Fix the default inbound burst
412d641eb 2009-11-29 fix pathspec
d7d058e77 2009-11-29 addressbook servlet cleanup
278b91749 2009-11-29 net.i2p.router.transport.udp deadwood code cleanup. documented rare NPE in
4b6989ef7 2009-11-28     * Addressbook, susidns: Rework addressbook into a       HttpServlet, so susidns can kick it when the subscription       list changes
c10ea84ad 2009-11-28     * NamingServices       - Move default reverseLookup to base class       - Deprecate unused services
0642fa809 2009-11-28     * Improvement to BOB's TCPio to hopefully lower load average. It seems       to be helping a little when stress-tested with Robert.
2db7c2bdd 2009-11-28 new
8682e7deb 2009-11-27 cache the hash of the Hash
ea0747171 2009-11-27     * NetDb:       - Switch from ArrayList to ConcurrentHashSet in         KBucketImpl to reduce chance of deadlock;         remove periodic shuffling of the bucket,         needs to be addressed elsewhere
13349777a 2009-11-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f42d02067d4fb58b86ffb79222a285f26c3a2628)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 2ceb319557032e54cc8ace070515c6d540e0a7a4)
ab0a5a06a 2009-11-27 add basic no-webapp handler
6371f6667 2009-11-27 Midnight console theme tweaks.
105524d9c 2009-11-24 remove another 8887 reference
95e0492b3 2009-11-24     * Profiles: Record successes in the DB fail rate       too, so we can calculate a percentage     * profiles.jsp:       - Change fail rate from count to percent       - Hide standard profiles by default
234c084c2 2009-11-24     * OrderedProperties: Vastly implify, use in i2psnark
94faf74aa 2009-11-24     * Streaming:       - When an "immediate" ack is requested, do it within         250 ms (was 2000)       - Request immediate acks when < 1/3 of window remains,         or when < 3 packets remain in window,         and every 8 packets (was when < 2 packets in window remain)       - Change requested delay to RTT/2 (was RTO/2)       - Log cleanup and javadoc
e78dd1fdc 2009-11-24 remove unused Logs from DataStructures
38045d876 2009-11-22 fix paths so poedit source viewer works
843372445 2009-11-21     * Netdb Floodfill rework part 4 of N: Search closest-to-the-key
e9f9e0dab 2009-11-21       - Adjust response time limit
6bdf750c1 2009-11-21 javadoc
647a09b5b 2009-11-21       - Put closest-to-the-key in explore don't-include-list       - Use facade's peer selector for exploration rather than         instantiating a new one
6144bfb43 2009-11-21 Comment out test code
88dbd7710 2009-11-21     * Routerconsole build: rename include files so they aren't       compiled and bundled separately (~15KB)
26a71232f 2009-11-21 add popups on flags
f58a1768b 2009-11-21 Nov 17 09 geoip
125e6581e 2009-11-20 moved the file to the i2p.scripts branch
54105086a 2009-11-18 pass the first following parameter as PARAS add messages_{langcode}.only support to only update for a specified language
3674ac292 2009-11-18 rev
18c023e6f 2009-11-18 merge of '6c2ef00502207c28f02c90cef00b19d75f09d9a4'      and 'de35fdcdc8943537c71571c5c9d8320a24768cdf'
312ba2599 2009-11-18       - Note failed floods in the profile       - Reduce max flood
746dc6f88 2009-11-18       - Adjust criteria for following DSRM
edd4d4c11 2009-11-18       - Floodfill rework part 3 of N: Send closest-to-the-key in DSRM replies
56e0c3e04 2009-11-18     * Build: Don't update the po files by default, add new       target "poupdate" to do that.
1e83d1b30 2009-11-18 small revision
74aa84b18 2009-11-17 merge of '369305db0cea95e8bd0990de7462340cac75a1f9'      and 'f58179e91c798b6d06faf4fbcf2ee6bf106475de'
168c21328 2009-11-17 Some string mods and tagging and so forth; "midnight" console theme futzage.
d268a3852 2009-11-16 A first incomplete French version of the router console translation file messages_fr.po
01e87438c 2009-11-16 merge of '18a7dd067a56c2552cf30f4a045628f91c360c80'      and 'd6b8e99c4aee82652446fe759f45f27e0da9fbc0'
060f4e663 2009-11-16 disapproval of revision 'd07b92fb678f4dc87b62eaaeab002820b25583b6'
3df5540a9 2009-11-16 Tweaks to client.config tunnel descriptors; more "midnight" theme adjustments.
30dec5b9f 2009-11-16 merge of '3d1905aaefa398767d0df1945eaaf6d923767405'      and 'd07b92fb678f4dc87b62eaaeab002820b25583b6'
43b437fc5 2009-11-16 Initial checkin of apps/i2pbote/**
8e889cd29 2009-11-15 bye TPB
eceac6def 2009-11-15 Shitlist: Fix bug from two checkins ago, all were forever
1e3d6776a 2009-11-15 Take two test scripts out of the installer
784ca67dd 2009-11-15 Move class to net.i2p.addressbook
0f6b49cc3 2009-11-15 A new French version of eepsite_index.html
8cede2a2b 2009-11-15 term: Adresses => Transports
38ed04bbd 2009-11-15 trans
c393e70ca 2009-11-14     * HTTP Proxy:       - Add support for error page translations       - Add support for external pages for all errors       - Fix lack of \r in error page headers       - HTML transitional fixes       - Cleanups
1c25c0f40 2009-11-14     * UDP PeerTestManager: Throw in some synchronization to try to fix stuck tests
b7ebce48e 2009-11-13 the only tool that once successfully resume a download from an eepproxy ;-)
d6814a048 2009-11-13 merge of '177b5d58442cfa7d68c6a9adce7f40e681c6cd41'      and 'd1762684a780fa61d199e583bd9442b1e2a2af6e'
6f24c74f8 2009-11-12 More "midnight" theme finessing.
d8389dcc4 2009-11-12 stop duplicating, use "source"
9f939553e 2009-11-12 rev
529988f39 2009-11-12 merge of '1dad9833f19c3370d3f1db58bc580c5b8c21c961'      and 'aaedb6e8d35bd3cca935c418a7fdcd2895bf2067'
9f46aa1e1 2009-11-12 Fixes and tweaks for "midnight" console theme.
418c1b6f9 2009-11-12 shared tunnels for _(name)
8056fb950 2009-11-12 rev
ab2e21147 2009-11-12 Tweaks to "midnight" console theme.
6c00bb20b 2009-11-11     * Console: Some colon cleansing     * Shitlist: Move HTML renderer to router console,       add cause parameter for ease of translation,       tag all causes
573ac357d 2009-11-11 ff ranking tweaks so they arent all bad
5b139f924 2009-11-11 more translation and possiblely all has been done.
76d75b712 2009-11-11 Updates to "midnight" console theme.
8bc2fd7e4 2009-11-10 3rd time...
4533a8671 2009-11-10 -15
a6239e2ce 2009-11-10 merge of '2232dc91d5c2e9f60934f66bc11519f49399cc5b'      and 'a831cd0f05f3dcf5d877ff68b14fef2497cde44a'
1f8e61f48 2009-11-10 verify using closest-to-the-key
c40f84527 2009-11-10 fix good/bad calculation
aa7496226 2009-11-10     * DataHelper: Fix broken byte[] compareTo() used by XORComparator,       was not doing unsigned comparisons!     * Floodfill rework part 2 of N:       Store closest to the key, subject to last failed       lookup and store stats.     * FloodfillPeerSelector: Use standard XORComparator       instead of messing with BigInteger     * FloodfillVerifyStoreJob: Set correct timeout for       requeued store job     * KNDF: Rework getPeerTimout() to use 1 day averages,       and lower the min, max, and multiplication factor.     * Publish jobs: Lengthen timeout to 90s (was 30s for       routerinfos and 60s for leasesets)     * StoreJob: Limit max peer timeout to 15s for direct stores
42cbd6c12 2009-11-10 console tweaks
ee51f69a5 2009-11-10     * Addressbook, NamingService: Allow 516 byte dests       that end with AA but not AAAA, so we can permit       non-null zero-length certs.
0fb6e9cf6 2009-11-10 Minor tweaks to console_big.css in classic & midnight following feedback from "walking".
e02845076 2009-11-10     * Netdb StoreJob, FloodfillVerifyStoreJob:       - Fix bug where reply selector wasn't registered for         routerinfo stores, so we didn't get stats, and         we kept retrying. This also prevented verification         and profile updates for routerinfo stores.         This bug was introduced 4 years ago by the change to         store routerinfos directly.       - Add dbStoreSuccessful() to profile, and have FVSJ         call it or dbStoreFailed() as appropriate to give         credit or blame to the floodfill we stored to.       - Don't let FVSJ verify using the peer we stored to
2dc379811 2009-11-10 drop 2 extra lines only in the iframe
fa252f5e8 2009-11-09 Retrofit "dr|z3d" to history.txt for latest updates.
580b9b450 2009-11-09 Add "midnight" theme to the installer manifest; bump to -14.
f0730cd1c 2009-11-09 Introducing a new console theme, "midnight". Lightweight midnight blue theme, IE compatible.
b045fb3a4 2009-11-09     * FloodOnlySearchJob:       - Fix up field hiding and duplicate overrides       - Other javadoc and java 5 improvements
6c64111d7 2009-11-09 Further tweaks to console_big.css for the classic theme.
37a2ccca9 2009-11-09     * Streaming: Fix unused resend delay field in the packet header,       it is defined as seconds and we were not dividing by 1000,       so we were truncating 1000 to one byte which equals 232.
b4615edfc 2009-11-09     * UDP:       - Better handle a test reply from bob with a 0-length IP       - Add config options for min and max random port
6019cf814 2009-11-09     * Console:       - Tag tunnel status
e3d945201 2009-11-09       - Add transport table to netdb.jsp
05b17e5a0 2009-11-09     * i2psnark:       - Reject torrents with too many pieces       - Reject torrents with a single file named *.torrent       - Increase max piece size to 2MB (was 1MB), but reduce         max number of connections to lessen ooms
13b3edfb0 2009-11-09 merge of '8c614ff109c2cc345b90363355950ab46989dab8'      and 'e635717562ad75828dfc6ca42abf1f5593d71ba0'
f61372b2f 2009-11-09 Streamlined & tweaked console_big.css for our Chinese friend(s).
f85d8f706 2009-11-08 tag a link in confstathandler update zh.po
a0b4b7db8 2009-11-07     * Console:       - countries.txt: Convert to mixed case, include in update       - netdb.jsp: Hide all routers by default, sort and tag country names       - oldstats.jsp: Move to stats.jsp       - profiles.jsp: Show new DBH times instead of counts     * Profiles:       - Track last good and bad lookup times         and last good and bad store times,         to prep for floodfill changes       - Don't reset last-heard-about at router startup     * Checklist and Android readme fixups
827a92ef2 2009-11-05 bundle-messag windows hack
625d76b91 2009-11-05 + --from-code=UTF-8
a1de894b6 2009-11-05 zh.po regenerate/rev
413ab6d7e 2009-11-04 -12
a3b1c7900 2009-11-04 merge of '0d58ec9e2b160029e92a584b0c707ffdf4f25c7e'      and 'd4e270a4df0c8134d7bac1585e30ef8ddef37f85'
5a7d3ba4c 2009-11-04 move things to installer/resources; fix initial news
8a1db3118 2009-11-04 reduce max msg delay
5190b2db1 2009-11-04 Fixups to Slackware scripts
820c57347 2009-11-03 tags
ab40454bc 2009-11-03 reduce the routerinfo expiration a little
b65865b85 2009-11-03 tagged "Redraw" two translation revision
a5772e62c 2009-11-02 flags
9976bea03 2009-11-02     * Profiles:       - Remove the almost-unused send and receive size RateStats;         this also reduces the effective time for isActive()       - Only store DB history on-demand to save space;         fix up resulting NPEs
7997aeaca 2009-11-02 adjust the help due to random port
ba95084d2 2009-11-02 bold the transport
e952e91b5 2009-11-02 tagging
da21c0ddb 2009-11-02     * UDP: Pick a random port on first install or bind failure -       No more port 8887 to prevent easy state-level blocking
0133711c3 2009-11-02 code cleanup
6eae2cd46 2009-11-01 Console_big.css tweaks.
9314eebc4 2009-11-01 trans rev
428cbdce2 2009-10-31     * Console:       - More tagging       - Show user-installed themes on configui.jsp       - Fix reseed button spacing     * GraphHelper cleanup     * Susidns: add link to subscription faq
7594c4383 2009-10-31 tagged one more string
e2f6911e9 2009-10-31 closed an open <a> tag
9cdae0306 2009-10-30 evict another test class
06946f026 2009-10-30 merge of '6416a3499b7666362959e13c5996a3c925a80b60'      and 'd36896148eb8067f68c653029fe60c09564a2bd8'
d43dac5c0 2009-10-30 more tagging and trans term rev [not failing] -> [Standard] 1 string(notice) with link still left in confstats
b4d83b18f 2009-10-29 tag and script fixups
f9424dbd6 2009-10-29 tag and trans convert append(""+""+"") to append().append().append()
e5212937a 2009-10-28     * Console:       - Remove limiter status from peers.jsp       - Fix UPnP status header
aeb6635e7 2009-10-28     * Console:       - Rewrite TrustedUpdate version comparator, use for netdb version table         so 0.7.10 will be sorted correctly       - Reduce netdb.jsp memory usage       - More tagging fixups       - configclients.jsp fixup for "Web console"
e94b47831 2009-10-28     * NetDb:       - Generate new RI immediately at startup       - Try again to not publish RI until we have been up a few minutes
88216de42 2009-10-28 revise pos. and button names in readme
1fcf707bb 2009-10-28 revise v1
5101486fe 2009-10-27 Tweak to classic theme, somewhere.
7ae4d0e98 2009-10-27 merge of '54ec7a68eb12d95085a669bc5320e332f98f95b9'      and 'c145f6f7910b49e65fbbd9ab94a06893d620dbba'
c644c128c 2009-10-27 merge of '41f3b25fb9d92bf586913d80bc8174fd07567236'      and 'aaac66c060e4f5e3892662cb387e4f0bc6b67ce8'
2603f6fe4 2009-10-27 summarybar tagging
957a296ca 2009-10-27 Correct the misalignment of the local destinations list in dark theme.
e4f44fa1e 2009-10-27 Classic theme override for Chinese and other "big" charactersets (sidepanel).
2b469567b 2009-10-27 more tag and more translate
a2d90eebe 2009-10-26     * Console:       - Don't save config when checking for updates on configupdate.jsp       - Rework ConfigRestartBean and tag       - More tag fixups       - Add lang=xx for testing       - Add file for additional tagged strings
850a8da0a 2009-10-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 16046dc1b2fd2a8b10de465cf238233f5d6954af)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f222777c65da9e465bbf717582b4384d31848e07)
ac6d711a9 2009-10-26     * Console:       - Add parameterized tag       - Refactor confignav.jsp to java and tag       - Start tagging profiles.jsp
5aa254a17 2009-10-26 add comments
ad396adf3 2009-10-26 merge of 'a45e1691786f0464f669fdeaa493cf76601879e4'      and 'bc220af9e0a1d5d674d89c215300b311a77e6ab6'
05cce164f 2009-10-26 all tagged all java except : - summerbar related files since drz is working on it - string requiring word reordering - string with link in the middle - string which looks unusual - string found not in router console source update the POs
935b69bc7 2009-10-26 Tagged buttons and message on conf- Net,Service,Update,Client update Translation
61f800999 2009-10-25 some more updates to the code_swarm script
9833743eb 2009-10-24 clean up codeswarm script
ac65bc730 2009-10-24 merge of '42bb0b558f03e9a0de9116377c2e229d57da8ef3'      and 'e14fbe535deef3e6b734ad65bfb4ea32b58b85fe'
b36f207bb 2009-10-24 small utility script for codeswarm
e87a7c7bb 2009-10-24 add classic\console_big.css for reference only :) add tag several missing strings in config.jsp update the POs.
7e5128bb8 2009-10-24 ConfigServices.jsp fix, update the POs
0a178ec35 2009-10-24 keep tagging tagging tagging t.. plus updated pos
a5cd0bdd3 2009-10-23       - Rename cssHelper to intl for ease of tagging       - configui.jsp post-prop fixup
9cbf9d042 2009-10-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 2baf6dba31abb4ce4b51c8eba75b9338ee7c4998)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ef05271bc6288f9ea7a52c966c8a238c9f4bdfe3)
097a05aab 2009-10-23 static content tagging (not finished yet)|update zh.po
0e5b2598f 2009-10-23 Update the POs
4f492e33e 2009-10-23 Tagged ConfigKeyring/ConfigAdv (<input> not touched, Keyring needs word reordering not fully tagged)
1828b2bd1 2009-10-23 tagged Configupdate/Tunnels (code inside <input> not touched!)
0c74e640d 2009-10-22     * Console:       - Don't hide link to configui.jsp for IE any more       - Add lang selection on configui.jsp       - Tag strings in configui.jsp       - Load console_big.css if lang == zh       - Add _x() tag for static iniitializers       - HTML transitional input tags
ffd272162 2009-10-22 javadoc
f6ce4cb29 2009-10-22     * Update: Better error message when .sud file not found or truncated       http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3979       The bug with the file going to the wrong place was fixed a couple months ago.
4863ef336 2009-10-22     * Certificate: Fix the (apparently unused) readBytes(byte[], int) method       for a null certificate - http://zzz.i2p/topics/388 - thanks HungryHobo
9f7807ee1 2009-10-22 Classic theme: div.joblog h3 tweak to avoid breakage in logs and jobs pages.
b2285b0be 2009-10-22 merge of '4cf77c9e1533ff7c4920a9d18ace7575a99d0bbc'      and '4e2465fc8dfc40cf276310eb917c3cef184db5cb'
8e4f4f82a 2009-10-22 UI layout cleanups and finessing.
db2158d4c 2009-10-22 translation revision
1c461bbed 2009-10-22 Catch an errant <hr> in jobs.jsp; "backport" vertical sidebar space savings to classic theme.
0757f4f30 2009-10-22 merge of '14fd58d7e574b7ae755514ce48508d9080b269d8'      and 'b09bd2e70d37e27a7f6e51afa4f1ae2d2298d30c'
a2f287cdf 2009-10-22 Tidyups & more vertical spatial effiencies in the sidebar.
1ef448d51 2009-10-21 chinese translation for the zh.po
f44b1a35b 2009-10-21 Sidepanel space efficiencies; "paperclips" for index.jsp links; fix news.xml link.
26f02a477 2009-10-20 -4
dc3c73093 2009-10-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head efc35e19029b7d92265f25eb024114737b6545e1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bbf149917e39bdd2f53246c238d440369498ae09)
77d45e7a3 2009-10-20 stub for windows gettext script
45a59f009 2009-10-20 add a common method for title formatting and translation
dc6d6ead6 2009-10-20 fix bundle caching
27693826a 2009-10-19 summary bar post-refactor fixups
8a647b42d 2009-10-19 javadoc update
eba9f3c03 2009-10-19 drop msgs expiring too far in the future
eacf46b36 2009-10-19 remove some remnants of the pre- tunnel build method
83cacaad0 2009-10-19     * summarynoframe.jsp:       - Refactor to SummaryBarRenderer (saves 100KB)       - Add translate tags       - Use context RNG for nonces       - Transitional HTML style for input tags
cf10451d1 2009-10-19 po script update, dont include java files in war
44069645d 2009-10-19 New formatting for news.xml;  elliptical UI enhancements.
449746377 2009-10-18     * Router Console translation infrastructure:       - Persistent lang setting with routerconsole.lang=xx       - Loading any page with ?lang=xx changes the persistent setting       - Add a custom Jetty handler to load foo_xx.jsp if it         exists for language xx. This is for jsp files with lots         of text in them. Otherwise use inline translate methods.         Not for included jsps.       - Add a script to create and update messages_xx.po translation         files, and create ResourceBundles from them       - Add class to translate strings from cached ResourceBundles       - Add translate wrappers to HelperBase, FormHandler, and *Renderer,         so calls can be made from both jsp and java files       - Add two example translations on configupdate.jsp - one in         the jsp itself and one in the helper.       - This is for strings in routerconsole only. Will be expanded         to other webapps and the router later.
10b84418c 2009-10-17 move TunnelPoolManager renderStatusHTML to routerconsole
fadda4cee 2009-10-17 More UI whitespace cleanups and other miscellaneous UI goodness.
011a32f74 2009-10-17 move NetDb renderStatusHTML() to routerconsole
10bb3c100 2009-10-17 Add some link bullet point graphics.
2738d5851 2009-10-17 More UI whitespace removals and optimizations.
219095404 2009-10-17 dont dump the whole JVM if we cant open the log file
001c36133 2009-10-17 MessageHistory cleanups
e21a172e9 2009-10-17 javadoc fix
4651b7007 2009-10-16 Bump to -2.
5b4be5ba1 2009-10-16 merge of '74266b0afe4ef1abef923c8389fb47263b9a39e1'      and '9a62d1aa11b74d835ec795c0a303bf5c2ebc2793'
9c2c90c0b 2009-10-16 Whitespace removals.
bdd0c3f96 2009-10-16 -1
b7013361c 2009-10-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 584fab1afc347099ea2fcbdcafa4a3dc4214d7dc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head eb7f635432246f567a88babf08323105f364c80e)
f73b3e522 2009-10-16     * NetDb: Rework part 1 of N:       - Flood only to those closest to the key       - Java 5 fixups
fa6d17a1b 2009-10-15     * ProfileOrganizerRenderer:       - Move to routerconsole       - Write directly to Writer for speed
c3e646ca2 2009-10-14 Bump to -1, belatedly; more aesthetic nudges.
fdc9e11fb 2009-10-14 add TPB to i2psnark
a1ec83828 2009-10-14     * oldconsole.jsp: Remove almost all of it, tweaks for tino     * Router: add router.hideFloodfillParticipant option for testing
7da46517a 2009-10-14 slow down the volunteers again
d8e293930 2009-10-13 post-release cleanup
8cad72c65 2009-10-13 two more test classes out of the lib
2cfc2bb60 2009-10-13 merge of '11e1fae0346ea92d16925d6766a3d161ea7285c7'      and 'ca71a7d5f75cc879cfd2ba742bcc1d9baa6f9099'
1811e3b9c 2009-10-12 Whitespace rationalization; theme enhancements; draft itoopie graphic for proxy errors.
960cd18d0 2009-10-12 0.7.7
405b85c4b 2009-10-11 Cleanups after review and prep for release
92e323df5 2009-10-10 merge of 'd203ac237f3507d4d4e4ac35692ac8e1c7afbd2c'      and 'f9fb6fe4c42fe93b267d23014e9277aec85820be'
3f2c34903 2009-10-10 Updated readme_zh.html, thanks to "walking".
3c260aa33 2009-10-09 fix rare ElGamal AIOOBE
da41f3a93 2009-10-09 fix NTCP rate formatting
aeb711acd 2009-10-09 merge of 'd14138bee147039ed42a30254eb29e75c42c1ae2'      and 'f513d5843ba7ec1c5fb1de267d196ed59df37018'
a46ee9a5b 2009-10-09 Increment version to 0.7.6-25.
088f9558e 2009-10-09 fix persistent client key on split directories - thanks user!
376d61c15 2009-10-09 docs
285a2b92e 2009-10-09 Drop unused ConfigConsole*. Password implementation should merge code into ConfigUI*.
8939c573e 2009-10-09 Update readmes to include pastebin and echelon's software archive; minor layout tweak for English readme.
3839d9873 2009-10-09 Minor theme updates; lose whitespace in config.jsp; add license for SilkIcons.
116762ebc 2009-10-07 doc and eepsite index updates
7dd8f00e9 2009-10-07 remove UDP port number from thread names for better thread dump anonymity
29a3db4b5 2009-10-07 merge of '10cb3e6e3bbb0dac3121e53e10232efe27200229'      and 'd5b1ef74ebfbd8e8c1cd1d51c74e6ec542940ca3'
5d9590799 2009-10-05 Near invisible to the naked eye tweak to dark theme; modest aesthetic tweak to debug.jsp, with apologies to zzz. :)
2f940d01b 2009-10-05 Modify build.xml to remove reference to defCon1.
517e170b8 2009-10-05 Lose the defunct defCon1 theme, remove the rogue i2plogo.png.
b27fbb9b8 2009-10-04 More minor theme embellishments.
9b97d32ea 2009-10-04 fix snark npe caused by last checkin
d4f3952a9 2009-10-04 merge of 'de249007f709f415ccb2f090ef084b27be21cbec'      and 'e922f8bd0916c3caf7c241cc5950083486a1ef97'
f7840652e 2009-10-03 Flag adjustment for homepage in classic theme.
08634c1ff 2009-10-03 merge of '054daeda4eca6a485cd4de94e3ab4b59c93e3a08'      and 'b0854af170b1973f5dd1fb73c7266f35942cfc41'
dec420589 2009-10-03 * added paste.i2p2.i2p to readme[LANG=EN] * added paste.i2p2.i2p to readme[LANG=DE]
b49ab59e3 2009-10-03 merge of '1e5ca44c3d69e2a7712396e0ea4f43f05a201f14'      and 'afad15f1e34ff7456efc1b53fb8d8b11df49e57e'
7e1171ec9 2009-10-03 merge of '6199603651b9fab5b9659f927bce9edfff2221d8'      and 'aff8790819defcbd74113acc5dc7e024daad5462'
3eae78795 2009-10-03 merge hosts.txt with i2p.www
9ecba4fc5 2009-10-03 Drop i2psnark.png
4fb9eef19 2009-10-03 Light theme tweaks.
49ecfd822 2009-10-03 Theme tweaks.
09a2854b8 2009-10-03 Theme stuff and lose excess.
82976e609 2009-10-02 merge of '41b07fbbaf6d101843800351ffbd1ec5628d4667'      and 'd4ad945d65ad61b0d56ec3cfd1d5f03c6d023002'
b2d6b6030 2009-10-02 Make spaces between divs in dark theme more consistent.
90737493e 2009-10-02 -21-rc
fe3abc79d 2009-10-02 fix changing opentracker list
993111238 2009-10-02     * Tunnel IVValidator: Increase size of bloom filter       for high-bw routers (>= 512KBps share bw) to reduce       false positive rate. Adds 2MB heap for >= 512KBps routers       and 6MB for >= 1536KBps.
1cd646afe 2009-10-02 SusiDNS: HTML transitional fixes, might help opera
0d262d28b 2009-10-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head a6c2e5692419553edb1079eb25feee51bdd0e3fa)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 70c7015adc1e76f29e33788e2e262f0db5fd91a0)
f33e95078 2009-10-01 comment cleanup
709448953 2009-10-01 fix OCMOSJ SKM NPE
2dd650df0 2009-10-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head 459a56e53d8d694591071574e87474b5e95d6494)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ffa1aab7aa8e75d75c183fd6f76140f7d840a6ae)
7e8037979 2009-09-21     * fixups to SlackBuilds. requiredbuilder does the wrong thing, and       thinks that java is perl! This isn't really a big deal,       the file format is simple enough and the requirements are known.
3a1c042cd 2009-09-16 gcj makefile fixups
ca81c35b3 2009-09-16 static tweaks
6a2dfff34 2009-09-16 one more test class out of the lib
5eccc01de 2009-09-13 merge of '1d77e0a89198e422acfb66d9310fad7b0b290e38'      and '5271eb82ac21ebc1a96dd31c462a14e2aaa0c89e'
1850e893e 2009-09-07 removes a bug in SAM v1 and v2 (introduced when merging with v3)
234179354 2009-09-06 writeString(String str): synchronize using socket write lock to prevent split SAM messages
1f1d089fd 2009-09-04 Move FloodSearchJob to its own file, history for two props, -19
5372a50bc 2009-09-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head f18425568ef4ef20f5054f6fb133cf217bfab485)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 36f4774eb9dd538b3a7c314de79a6fb3bc4df813)
83588d9b9 2009-09-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 350d5a26c305a3178c851c60451ad9e72d7d82a7)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 869d178de23c9945a98da66013e642b9aa435e28)
58e960ceb 2009-09-04 Fix inbound tunnel tests by using the correct SKM
de0770567 2009-09-02 deliver more tags as the available number gets low
49ff3cfbf 2009-09-02     * Small logic fix for dr|z3d
e39246983 2009-09-01 TunnelDispatcher cleanup
7745bd89a 2009-09-01     * configkeyring.jsp: Add delete and cancel buttons
01bed932c 2009-09-01     * Logging: Fix directory for rotated log
157190757 2009-09-01     * SessionKeyManager:       - Fix TagSet hashCode       - More synchronization
e0f1047d7 2009-08-30     * SessionKeyManager, OCMOSJ, Garlic:       - Enable per-client SessionKeyManagers for better anonymity       - tagsDelivered() now means tags are sent, not acked.       - OCMOSJ uses the new TagSetHandle object returned from tagsDelivered()         to call tagsAcked() or failTags() as appropriate.       - Assume tags delivered on an established session to         reduce streaming lib stalls caused by massive tag deliveries;         should increase throughput and window sizes on long-lived streams       - Unacked tagsets on a new session are stored on a separate list       - Don't kill an OB Session just because it's temporarily out of tags       - Increase min tag threshold to 30 (was 20) due to new speculative         tags delivered scheme, and to increase effective max window       - More Java 5 and dead code cleanups, and more comments and javadoc,         debug logging cleanups
15f0cda41 2009-08-30 cleanup of things moved to GarlicMessageReceiver long ago
9a95122c7 2009-08-30 new disable tunnel tests option
d868f7c02 2009-08-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5b1c8cca17ce959d164a3d3d95453124211fb41d)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head e118104e3601f3c56d3a84594fb35de6d902da8f)
5ca2f306b 2009-08-30 consume sessiontag after failed tunnel test
c714c1a0c 2009-08-30 instantiate per-client SKM
e6e6c0049 2009-08-30 tostring updates for debugging
62a3da2fa 2009-08-30 javadoc updates for SKM changes
f1f97e8ec 2009-08-28 New default light header logo until we rig them by theme.
6c361679c 2009-08-28 merge of '1b1c377c45e8746e4e04afc47cde55a03b859f32'      and '6869519b0cd38f4bc366d0277c5dc4e924348e66'
ae89d2f2a 2009-08-28 Rejig netdb.jsp into tables; sidepanel logo refresh.
8053fb5ea 2009-08-27 prop history, -18
ebf5eb6e2 2009-08-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head 75804c9355329ab942a5e2e8ecc91e2ec1eb9d33)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 33e55422045b9b3c8ae410162f5cca3eb9baae49)
2e2bff3f0 2009-08-27 fix the favicon again
a3f290e4d 2009-08-27     * Tunnel:       - Adjust the random drop probability for the message size
e0dd1f13e 2009-08-27 keep publishing leaseset if we are restarting, to minimize downtime
787def6a1 2009-08-27     * Tunnel:       - Adjust the random drop probability for the message size
1f5d7d7b5 2009-08-27 dont reopen tunnel to say goodbye to tracker
4bc521583 2009-08-27 fix /i2p/B64 handling
7736545f5 2009-08-27 speed up data hashcodes
1ecf4377c 2009-08-27     * Client:       - Fail if no date handshake after 30s or no leaseset         after 5m, rather than hanging forever.
593d4dc50 2009-08-26     * DecayingBloomFilter:       - Replace with new DecayingHashSet for 3 of 4 uses,         and also in the 4th if the router is low-bandwidth.         Saves 8 MB heap.
93d366fea 2009-08-26     * Tunnel: Concurrentify HashSetIVValidator
7973f2e8b 2009-08-26     * DataHelper: Fix byte array hashcode for small arrays
bb14fa0b4 2009-08-26     * Console: Prevent OOMs in NewsFetcher or StatsSummarizer from       killing the router
95aba0c53 2009-08-26     * EepGet, I2PSnark:       - New I2PSocketEepGet fetches through existing tunnels         rather than through the proxy       - Use new eepget for i2psnark       - Add a fake user agent for non-proxied fetches       - Cleanups
df4143f03 2009-08-25     * NetDb:       - oops, store leaseset locally even when shutting down         (fix -16)       - Java 5 cleanups     * PRNG:       - Rename config option to prng.buffers (was router.prng.buffers)       - Change the default from 16 to 2 for I2PAppContext (saves 3.5MB)     * TunnelPool:       - Don't test tunnels when shutting down       - Less rates       - Java 5 cleanups
ed0575e93 2009-08-24 update launchpad and freshmeat too
456ed0aab 2009-08-24 history for 2 props, -17
47c838941 2009-08-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head e19da9b978ed2ec03adb0e326fff6870746cc4fc)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 179b9a7974d64853c0c91924a5ad86e8b04ee7ba)
51fd4d70d 2009-08-24 cleanup
79e32231f 2009-08-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head b1e81b14fbaafdc188ae4d312f843c38b65cc310)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 010351f9470b0e699e17447c87daf6c67e5e5dcc)
80f9f857e 2009-08-23 more HTML fixup
5a4c2de42 2009-08-23     * Message, I2PSession, SessionKeyManager, Console:       Prep for SessionKeyManager work in the router -       Fix up SKM renderStatusHTML(); add debug.jsp to see it;       Redefine getClientSessionKeyManager();       More cleanups
7e547743c 2009-08-23     * Message: Move 2 unused classes out of the router lib (~15KB)       (more SKM prep)
3f3d43df4 2009-08-22     * Streaming, I2PSession:       Prep for SessionKeyManager work in the router -       Comment out, deprecate, and javadoc for unused keys and tags,       they are vestiges of end-to-end crypto
0cc72a49c 2009-08-22 "page or resource" indication on 404 console error page.
35c9e9991 2009-08-22       - Throw 403 instead of 404 from flags.jsp and viewstat.jsp         so we don't render error.jsp
2e4bd1e44 2009-08-22 Polish the console 404 error messages.
22c0b8e52 2009-08-21     * profiles.jsp: Bulletproofing, less memory usage     * Updates: Verify zip at startup before extracting     * Wrapper: Take a couple fields out of the log so it's narrower
faeb58f7e 2009-08-21     * ClientManager:       - Prevent client destination theft by rejecting duplicates       - Java 5 cleanups
cdc184c5e 2009-08-21     * HTTP Proxy: Get mime type right for .ico     * DataHelper: Cleanup
2f9a4f0fa 2009-08-21 Slight margin adjustments for the light theme.
37437da34 2009-08-20     * I2CP: Fix the SessionConfig serializer in DataHelper,       so that UTF-8 tunnel names are not corrupted by       I2CP and can be displayed on the console     * Fix UTF-8 form submission on console and i2ptunnel
6d3a5856b 2009-08-20 options cleanup on configtunnels.jsp
4d4538a34 2009-08-20 Space efficiency drive for light console theme.
327102a25 2009-08-20     * Console:       - Put favicon on every page       - Make every page UTF-8
3602eb14f 2009-08-20 kill deprecation warnings
cf82b51a1 2009-08-20 Rename I2PTunnel Webmanager to I2P Tunnels Manager on edit client/server tunnels pages.
412d3bc2f 2009-08-20 merge of '1a3fcced1ae28b24a35236271c526379db98613f'      and 'a95bd8209bbd14b8c0a590ba071ecf5a0191644d'
4735508a0 2009-08-20 I2PSnark.
9225d01b2 2009-08-20     * Fix broken 'check for update' button on configupdate.jsp     * history for prop from test3, -16
7782970d5 2009-08-19 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head d65e8465671ba0b8f6f013b56045bf867e10a78e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e2ee75916f2ff6bd698585808a81071b44c978b1)
6f053287d 2009-08-19     * Update:       - Fix problems where a requested unsigned update would actually         kick off a signed update       - Fix problem when policy set to notify, and clicking         check for update, incorrectly causing unsigned update download         and bad messages       - Verify zip integrity of unsigned updates       - Move zip files to router dir, not base dir       - More tweaks and cleanup
7a88f59f0 2009-08-19 Optimize space layout on i2psnark ui.
d56aae891 2009-08-19 Minor changes to the I2PSnark UI.
a309a1439 2009-08-19 Fixes for config page ui issues.
b80cbbdd4 2009-08-19 Return of the mia <hr>'s.
5bc2dab1d 2009-08-19     * profiles.jsp:       - Rename the Failing column       - Reduce the time cutoff again to 90m (was 2h)
8bbe7fabb 2009-08-19 Java code to set Router Console password for dr|z3d
c537d160a 2009-08-18     * XmlPull: Remove, unused.       Somehow, when I implemented UPnP, I thought it was required,       but it isn't. ~50KB
475187fcb 2009-08-18     * Stats:       - Fix BufferedStatsLog so it works at all       - Don't instantiate BufferedStatsLog unless stats.logFilters         property is defined (restart now required to enable logging)         This eliminates the StatLogWriter thread and a decent         amount of memory.       - Move two CLI classes out of the lib       - Commment out places where getStatLog() isn't checked for null       - Cleanups
a379e36e2 2009-08-18 more UTF-8 configs
a9054a3ca 2009-08-18     * Transports: Lower conn limit factor to 50 (was 60)
ea7a9c259 2009-08-18 Remove extra whitespace in English readme; fix a couple of validation errors.
2cba48d4d 2009-08-18 Update history.txt to reflect latest changes.
42b79c5a2 2009-08-18 Work on the classic theme i2ptunnels look and feel, mostly.
be9523f1e 2009-08-17     * Config files: Add some encoding help     * DataHelper, Router:       - Save config files in UTF-8 rather than the default encoding,         since we read them in UTF-8     * jetty.xml: Change encoding to UTF-8     * logs.jsp: Add system encoding     * NTCP: Clean up clock skew shitlist message     * Shitlist: Clean up expire message     * WorkingDir: Ensure modified files are processed with UTF-8 encoding
6a8dd0f05 2009-08-17 Revert xhtml regressions in i2ptunnel code; fixes for various validation issues.
1b63aa411 2009-08-17 Replace all <hr /> and <br /> with <hr> and <br> whilst we're in html4 transitional.
33a7f3351 2009-08-17 Start of validation cleanup.
f7af5e132 2009-08-17 Remove right justification on status stars.
3a9a029d7 2009-08-17 Sidepanel fixes. Bumped to -14.
0aaacc86e 2009-08-16 Dark theme and ieshim.css tweaks; minor sidepanel mods.
1b8b7b741 2009-08-15 Revert <br>'s to <hr>'s in sidepanel, remove tunnel status from table; fixes Opera display issue. Reported and partially fixed by sponge.
66831c619 2009-08-15 cleanups
30628fb5f 2009-08-15 more clean targets
064ff8a7d 2009-08-15 2009-08-15 sponge     * Merge in dr|z3d and my own html fixes for router console java and jsp       files so that Opera (and now IE?) doesn't puke anymore on the missing       and misplaced HTML tags.     * Optimized all jsp files so that they are shorter to save space, which       is then used to fix the broken HTML. We should break even space-wise.     * Bump to -13.
9a18955de 2009-08-15 merge of '522de7791fdad000d42bb5a01f139d913e74d7ef'      and 'ef33b50138594ef55a1dbcd6c77a3d3afeb22ff6'
35da3f333 2009-08-15 HTML bugfixes in routerconsole pages.
335d45f03 2009-08-15 Fix borked before anyone notices.
c466cd77a 2009-08-14 Add some <centre> tags to our router restart/shutdown event notices.
d998e2e9b 2009-08-14 Theme tweaks, minor textual edits and a whole lot less.
0a2031528 2009-08-14     * configpeer.jsp: Limit max displayed banned IPs     * jobs.jsp: Cleanup     * eepsite_index_de.html: localhost ->     * readme*html: localhost ->
01753f5ae 2009-08-14     * Ministreaming: Cleanups, deprecation, move demos out of the lib
bcd22cfbf 2009-08-14     * Console cleanups     * Router: Don't do some things when we are shutting down     * VMCommSystem fixups
7e039d033 2009-08-13 tweak
ab08ac70a 2009-08-13     * I2PTunnel:       - Make IRC Proxy non-shared, delayed-start, close-on-idle         for new users, for the anonymity benefits (see "Shared Clients,         Correlation and Collusion" http://zzz.i2p/topics/217 )       - Remove "experimental" flag on new client options     * configclients.jsp: Add full path to config file     * Add some path help in some config files
5decf3cd7 2009-08-13 Dont show firewall warning unless its for real
5c6d757e3 2009-08-13 add size total
4b75be804 2009-08-13 flags for leases
6515e6ee1 2009-08-13 merge strings for efficiency
55e858366 2009-08-13 unused code out
3fbff7186 2009-08-11 2009-08-11 sponge     * Code Janitor time! Many fixes and documenting fixes that should be       done in the future. for the most part, this is a general code cleanup.     * On smaller/embedded systems, the "final" keyword cleanups will have       more of an impact than on larger systems.     * Document missing hashCode() methods.     * Unhide more variables to make code easier to read.
e5eea47b6 2009-08-11 Lose the _blank targets on integrated console pages; yellow/green indicators in sidepanel.
b10b0e8f5 2009-08-11 client/server icon selection, history for triple prop, -11
631a367b1 2009-08-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head d847100f901613ad765312ac9fed6d578d08d907)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 63ce4ace08b7b7ba01531f0951ffc47ed57411a6)
8ea279fbe 2009-08-11 post-prop fixup
089572bef 2009-08-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 63cdcb547c0d33cd3c3c899b168ffab9f7ed2ebe)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 52964ce47701fd8838e3f9c84af29d2463c83bc7)
0f96b9569 2009-08-11 propagate from branch '' (head ad3a2f8952b533fbbae2868097f6a20d525e07bf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2c89302763aa8dcb1a59e3e1f83fd653e01c15a5)
d1114666d 2009-08-11 fix comment
f676abc0d 2009-08-11 Fix regression in classic theme that broke the proxy error pages.
3492b7219 2009-08-11 .10
a12ae6e39 2009-08-11 Ongoing overhaul of the sidepanel.
9b2e18a65 2009-08-10     * NetDb stats: Hide part. tunnel total events, effective next release
c52ccf7ee 2009-08-10 comment out dead oldconsole code
128243468 2009-08-09     * Move StatsGenerator from router to routerconsole     * Move the unused AdminManager from router to the apps directory
4e844187f 2009-08-09 revert another change from when this branch had reseed changes
ccd67d658 2009-08-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 12e0efc6ee1b41bd216403b5ac11facb9c70b1fb)             to branch '' (head a519611a2637a052eff6b9b8d9363b3fe0550840)
62383819c 2009-08-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6ab0f64b9f4992591ed989f8d89a859fc3ceaeaf)             to branch '' (head e02886e19d254dac40a7f775e102e60560efe5e5)
3febcf604 2009-08-09     * Updater:       - Add new unsigned update option, triggered by         last-modified date, using the new EepHead.         Buttons still are not hidden after download complete.       - Make the .sud updater use the temp dir when proxied       - Several cleanups
a431137f4 2009-08-09 comments
5a6e14b9d 2009-08-09 Add a static image to the local destinations list to indicate server/client status of local destinations; zzz to add server/client logic. ;
536bc3112 2009-08-08 add comment
81b2e6b78 2009-08-08 Fix a sidebar regression.
4cf376ec1 2009-08-08 Rename the shitlist and blocklist
d3a0c9139 2009-08-08 more possible bork prevention
43140d3ef 2009-08-08 Overhaul of sidepanel layout, with concommitant tweaks and fudges to the css.
3dd3bf829 2009-08-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6ab0f64b9f4992591ed989f8d89a859fc3ceaeaf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 3e85c6cfff244d09df42d967d3a3cdf77053890d)
bdcad06ec 2009-08-08 EepHead
69fdfb063 2009-08-07 -8
55a8002b9 2009-08-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head 1f086d33dd3479afceb025d2da7956d7470fb3e5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6959293ce260b9da4d61776717c02e20a0c7b2dd)
e36f9b227 2009-08-07 UI enhancements.
70ae99f31 2009-08-07 fix broken persistent key storage
15565ca09 2009-08-07 more hellips
f188e02a5 2009-08-07 move css include up to possibly reduce servlet borkage
4d005349a 2009-08-06     * I2PTunnel:       - Move the privkey files from the app dir to the         config dir, in preparation for splitting the two         dirs by default
c65a97882 2009-08-05     * Eepsite:       - Quote the jetty.xml path in clients.config,         and adjust the migration function, to fix the         eepsite-won't-start bug on windows
cf880548d 2009-08-05     * HTTP Proxy:       - Restore the localhost error message       - Catch addresses too
b5876e7f0 2009-08-05     * Router: Move the WorkingDir class from i2p.jar to router.jar
2436ea113 2009-08-03 More classic/ieshim futzing.
5395b6829 2009-08-03 Ongoing betterment of the classic theme.
c3af134a5 2009-08-03       - Remove UTC time from summary bar       - Increase skew warning threshold to 3s (was 100ms)
cce72a5f1 2009-08-03 More classic manoeuvres
32c143f8d 2009-08-03 More classic tweaks.
895cb1f2e 2009-08-03 More ieshim.css goodness.
7986f5646 2009-08-03 truncate long dest names
59a5776f9 2009-08-03 More Classic theme tweaks.
fc8c0ccfe 2009-08-03 Minor classic theme tweakage.
0930ead81 2009-08-03 Ongoing Classic theme renovations.
b5a17637c 2009-08-03     * Wrapper:       - Extend timeout to 20s (was 5s)       - Shorten ping interval to 5m (was 10m)
460c8a319 2009-08-03 Extensive overhaul of the classic theme; css hacks for IE!
7aa051ef4 2009-08-02 add custom error page
c7c132c0a 2009-08-02 More classic theme tweaks, I2PSnark UI fixes, and enhanced proxy error messages for classic.
d84b1125e 2009-08-02     * Timestamper: Don't start thread if not enabled
8d4a1899f 2009-08-02     * Streaming: New option i2p.streaming.answerPings (default true)
3a0cdf138 2009-08-02 More IE overflow fixes; remove max-width from i2psnark css.
d8d76fd32 2009-08-02     * Ministreaming:       - Make getInt() static       - Move the big TestSwarm class out of the lib
abf7296de 2009-08-02 Fix for IE overflow issue; classic theme enhanced; more UI enhancements.
316c20ee4 2009-08-02 Dont count yourself as a known peer
13e8c9566 2009-08-01 Hide update button when shutting down
a14ad423a 2009-08-01 formatDuration tweak
e1a5d5e19 2009-08-01 post-release cleanup
6e29eddaa 2009-08-01 More UI layout tweak & fixes to config page(s).
65ae26a96 2009-08-01 More UI layout enhancements to the config pages.
1afd946a9 2009-08-01 Close quotes on div to ensure buttons align to the right in configui.jsp.
d6820634a 2009-08-01 Further enhancements to the configuration pages.
95dd74463 2009-07-31 Give the radio and checkbox icons some breathing space.
219af3609 2009-07-31 Ensure all buttons in dark theme have consistent font size.
24e83398b 2009-07-31 UI fixes: text boxes, buttons, radio/checkbox width. Enhanced /peers.jsp.
4172ed21a 2009-07-31 take jetty back out of the updater
1cba7b8ec 2009-07-31     * Core:       - Catch unzip fd leaks on error       - Move 2 test classes out of the lib
0bef85277 2009-07-31 try to automate the release process
2f4c42831 2009-07-30 merge of '2cffbafe300f5dce55a82db20e2bf8f61ae8717f'      and 'b4f1b960a7d1bf1a3d5baaf9ddea72625177726a'
4de0b73cd 2009-07-30 Ongoing UI enhancements; peers.jsp gets some love.
7ffb3f46b 2009-07-30 0.7.6
ad6cd0529 2009-07-30 last minute fixes
6e7ad3ecd 2009-07-29 Internet Explorer fixes and kludges for the classic console theme.
a6243d14c 2009-07-29 IE classic theme fix.
b0a477c5c 2009-07-29 Internet Explorer fix for classic console theme.
1d655c7ab 2009-07-29 Mostly last-minute enhancements to the classic theme.
abf2bead3 2009-07-29 I2PTunnels CSS tweaks.
f1103bec7 2009-07-29 I2PTunnels theme css tweaks.
fb1a6534d 2009-07-28 Give the stats page some consideration.
22b1d5fe7 2009-07-28 new reseed url
d2c939bc0 2009-07-28 typo
73f8cb481 2009-07-28 Remove redundant html markup and refashion table display a la fois.
256bb771e 2009-07-27     * Add flag dimensions to speed up profiles.jsp rendering     * Fix typos in proxy error files     * Catch i2psnark create torrent with no data entered error       http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3763
cc533b043 2009-07-26     * Add wrapper.config and i2prouter comments for 'portable'     * Recognize same base and config dir in WorkingDir     * Reformat XInfoPanel in installer for clarity
3c76fda8d 2009-07-25 Ensure that both timed and event based graphs are suitably div'd up.
c5555350a 2009-07-25 Get /graphs.jsp looking a bit more presentable.
22744084d 2009-07-25 Theme fixes, minor graphical tweaks, fixed max-width for i2psnark console.
e4b212ec9 2009-07-25 Add 'missing' reflection effect to I2PSnark logo.
4be0af5de 2009-07-25 I2PSnark UI refinements, mostly, and some tunnels page enhancements.
d77174598 2009-07-24     * Throttle: Decrease default max tunnels to 2500
7628842b0 2009-07-24 Version bump to -21rc.
6bcdb7fd9 2009-07-24 I2PSnark: Revert to 60 seconds refresh, replace red panel with dark blue, revert centering of torrents table centering; fix susimail centering issues (thanks postman!)
27561fb63 2009-07-24 merge of '84672f771b3eea3cded1e752ce188c22ce8e6eed'      and 'aac7937e34b380e2cade781fda5e2bff4b58439f'
f6ec3f66f 2009-07-24     * Router: Support i2p.dir.base and i2p.dir.config passed in via properties
2f0b9a8f9 2009-07-24     * Eepsite: Add Deutsch index page and css (thanks sperrbezirk!)
3fb1a4ebc 2009-07-24 Console and I2P tunnels tweaks: more stealth, less color clash!
9abb0a158 2009-07-24 I2PSnark: Fix bad button behaviour.
e60e29b70 2009-07-24 Tidy up jobs.jsp a little and other to various ui elements.
d84352896 2009-07-23 I2PSnark: Modify border decoration on messages pane.
ee419454f 2009-07-23 Remove superfluous and slightly irritating display:inline from orderered lists in light theme.
68445fe19 2009-07-23 I2PSnark: Fix mouseover image margin discrepancy.
12b2d4c00 2009-07-23 I2PSnark: Lose 10 whitespace vertical pixels from header.
fbb4d3a63 2009-07-23 I2PSnark: Hither and yon tweaks.
ca415376c 2009-07-23 I2PSnark: Opacity fade on header logo etc.
718f73ebb 2009-07-23 I2PSnark UI changes: add a splash of color! Fix for light i2ptunnels theme.
fb47eef21 2009-07-23 merge of '6a60796453a654fe4227ac80133b8d78ceea2119'      and 'ee3198caba6a88f9c23e82ba3fc5100e339803c2'
87dd47314 2009-07-23 2009-07-23 sponge     * Add bob.i2p and sponge.i2p keys to hosts.txt
9bbbccee1 2009-07-23 Add header graphic to i2psnark and fill out the panel colors a touch.
0088750b1 2009-07-23 2009-07-23 sponge     * Fix jdk 1.6izm in BOB as per zzz
0aae2deb5 2009-07-22 Swap over margin to bottom of section div lose (some of the) header whitespace.
0d62b37c1 2009-07-22 Bump to 0.7.5-18 with history.txt doodle.
64ece1080 2009-07-22 Ensure links don't revert to underlined and unbold after visitation in dark theme.
b4256e484 2009-07-22 I2PSnark layout, themes, tunnel tables..
b0ea204be 2009-07-21 Add a couple o' lines to history.txt to indicate updates to webapps ui's, mostly.
118d7fce0 2009-07-21 Remove redundant table generation code for header links in i2psnark. (Thanks zzz!) Also, add snark.css to the file manifest.
5e498e0bd 2009-07-21     * Console: Drop top-level css, unused now     * Eepsite: Add default robots.txt (thanks v1v4)
c312fa869 2009-07-21 merge of '98b80575def2548ebf853a03d8029a40e9546ec8'      and 'e7693976cb5a07bd0477aa2d8fef1ecc9c56c3d8'
fe394b0b4 2009-07-21 Add a preliminary undercoat to I2PSnark UI.
6039f3931 2009-07-20 additional proxy.i2p defenses
71d72b426 2009-07-20 close anchor
7d5042c50 2009-07-20 add geoip license (thx Arsene)
e2b0e1477 2009-07-20 drop unused class
0e9bfba84 2009-07-20 Mostly cosmetic tweaks to SusiMail UI.
99f53413a 2009-07-20 More SusiDNS css and layout tweaks.
f46600d7f 2009-07-20 merge of '536c1f34e7cf7013b6721728eba84470c550d50d'      and 'eed8cd82284703473ad336f20ed84fd2d22e549d'
0607a8751 2009-07-20 More CSS tweaks and an intial stab at taming susidns' unruly layout!
1658690b9 2009-07-20 -16
eae0f3273 2009-07-20 merge of '2ecacf99140948d67649a417e7df4e2069254a43'      and 'ca7c2c0a050c4fe7bedb305b9dba557d0e2a6e69'
508beb2fc 2009-07-20     * Transports: Reduce the number of Rates
0de2f492d 2009-07-20 console.css fixes and fiddles for all 3 themes.
72a739384 2009-07-20       - Delay start of PeerTestJob
99f8468f6 2009-07-20     * Stats: Increase coalesce time to 50s (was 20s) to reduce CPU use     * Peer Profiles:       - Increase reorganize time to 45s (was 30s) to reduce CPU use         and lock contention       - Remove some stat rates
a9e8fc2f1 2009-07-20     * Peer Profiles:       - Reduce max age for display to 2h (was 3h)       - Drop unused Persist classes       - Dynamically adjust expire time to control memory use
e22524488 2009-07-20     * BuildHandler: Increase threshold for dropping instead       of rejecting to 81% (was 75%)
cbde15b00 2009-07-19 cleanup
8e38047d4 2009-07-19 add a msg for IE ppl
dc1d0195e 2009-07-19 drop dup png
7d7f264bc 2009-07-19     * I2PSnark: Remove Postman tracker
b3c30b4fd 2009-07-19     * HTTP Proxy: Fix proxy.i2p "home page" (thanks dr|z3d)
6c87005ee 2009-07-19     * graphs.jsp: Reduce refresh time to eliminate double iframe load
8d2a51604 2009-07-19     * GeoIP: Fix minor bugs (thanks Arsene)
dc0cc49db 2009-07-19     * Console: Hide configui.jsp from IE
497bc5a41 2009-07-19 Add some horizontal rules underneath I2P logo on proxy error pages.
2a71baef9 2009-07-19 Proxy Error page tweaks
49a74e861 2009-07-18 merge of '65fd23854899b035bddfc78ab8f0ac486d264400'      and '6d0877ff05f02660f738c81627789087bc813cc7'
6340fbb3d 2009-07-18 Proxy Error visual enhancements, mostly. And a version bump we go, to -15!
748203f4e 2009-07-18 Intitial proxy error tweaks, readme alt tag fixology. <b>(Blame the French!)</b>
a91cc9422 2009-07-18 After much ado, fix the borked i2ptunnels page.
029ac71e5 2009-07-18 close anchors
e830b4617 2009-07-17 Remove nasty file:// references inserted by overeager editor.
a4d053f55 2009-07-17 Revert i2ptunnels main page to previous version in attempt to fix borkage.
b29879606 2009-07-17 Attempting fixage of borked i2ptunnels main page.
895490df3 2009-07-17 Insert some <h3>'s into various config pages and minor meddling with the css.
a09c06849 2009-07-17 Introducing tr:last-child {} for last table row color differential.
37c494bf0 2009-07-17 Possibly inconsequential light console.css prod.
d6fccc07b 2009-07-17 Prettify graphs.jsp a little.
819efc132 2009-07-17 merge of '4e512b2f1429925fa1e4151b3a78ab25a74fce03'      and 'dea62f5479c0cfbb6bde3b6de73cf71b38e22304'
8ffdae418 2009-07-17 More work on the config pages.
efd6dcc8d 2009-07-17 drop nav.jsp
70a17ecfa 2009-07-17 provide a refresh link since the refresh button brings up a POST dialog
15dbf6798 2009-07-17 Config page(s) tweaked.
a43df3005 2009-07-17 merge of 'c2d95c40c32ee34dcd02be699ef6ebf6f36ce971'      and 'd6b0769149a1fa18328e86f05dd4bf97d8a3ef4d'
1bff5a7b9 2009-07-17 Visual overhaul of config pages.
ec49d9bec 2009-07-17 configstats.jsp layout tweak.
bc49f51db 2009-07-17 use custom toolbar.html in the summary bar if it exists
b869860a8 2009-07-17 Restore accidentally reverted <h3> styling. Apply some polish to <code>configtunnels.jsp</code>.
2772a0e5e 2009-07-17 More I2Ptunnels page surgery. Not out of the woods yet!
46970f5a4 2009-07-17 I2P Tunnels shakeup.
ccf9cd3f7 2009-07-17 Dark I2PTunnels cross-browser css tweaks.
b9c464f8c 2009-07-17 Light I2PTunnels theme compatibility enhancements & cosmetic tweaks.
48510c115 2009-07-17 Just when you thought it was safe. Light I2Ptunnels css jiggle..
3035fcf08 2009-07-16 Reduce wrapper.restart.delay from 60 to 15 seconds.
930f402eb 2009-07-16 merge of '024eee796b3a4a68a0e55c63997c0d76bd2cfcea'      and 'ecb5fa93e45ec4c0635cd5665d81767627da1279'
4e9319131 2009-07-16 Cherry on the Chinese cake. Add an <hr> to the end of the document.
9bc4f6bac 2009-07-16 Themes for HTTP Proxy error pages
9b42129fe 2009-07-16 Add some newlines to the Chinese readme to enhance legibility.
0650137e3 2009-07-16 Minor theme tweaks.
a13e52897 2009-07-16 Moderate layout changes to news.xml and initialNews.xml, customary css tweaks, and zzz's fix for the Chinese readme issues.
82f8dd563 2009-07-16 Insert a <h2>Welcome to I2P!</h2> in the Chinese readme, in the abssence of a native translation.
7f93cb22c 2009-07-16 Apply some css love to the light theme I2P tunnel dropdowns. Insert flags into Chinese readme.
e6738053b 2009-07-16 Fix button hover colors on Opera/webkit.
b74ab5143 2009-07-16 Tidy up I2PTunnels default.css, more Konqueror compliant now. Also ensure we're using Bitstream Vera family where possible.
d7a591ce3 2009-07-16 Ensure border-radius and variants employed consistently in default.css
cfe33a8bb 2009-07-16 Ensure border-radius and variants are universally applied.
ca7593cdf 2009-07-16 merge of '23804a4a389ba2bddf86a2f90989489059f43d23'      and 'c75933fb2ffbc2e40dd422af605cff9e0703d689'
b185d11da 2009-07-16 Lose <h4> for confignav, and replace -webkit- with -khtml- for provisional css3 classes.
5106c37ac 2009-07-16     * ministreaming:       - small pedantic fix     * streaming:       - Fix a deadly race condition.       - Some small pedantic fixes.     * core:       - Fix a deadly race condition.     * BOB:       - Fixed some races that occured from fixing races in streaming and core.       - Some badly needed code refactoring to depend less on the database.
5d40ad174 2009-07-16 Add <code> tags to location(s) for logs.
24edce3da 2009-07-16 Whitespace removal team in effect.
cfd1ab7d7 2009-07-16 Refresh successful theme change message; make more context specific, indicate page refresh needed .
bfaa648ed 2009-07-16 Whitespace removal service.
fd19210bc 2009-07-16 merge of '190d75864ece264849a59ab577e727896beef958'      and 'eacae4019ad4aa25c458d7757ba38cee4ea2aaa4'
9a3b10332 2009-07-16 Reduce size of log level overrides writeable area so it dosen't overflow the page.
0ee5c905e 2009-07-16 merge of '5f552b9cd9f53addefd86c744aa05bd620028649'      and '7bf5ea7cfe5da14f19ed0be2af63fcad3e2e54c1'
5f22a226c 2009-07-16 fix compile error
56b3144c5 2009-07-16 Cosmetic tweaks to configui and config pages.
dad4bef70 2009-07-16 merge of '3b23dcff9410a7f2e8443cdaa410ead6d9694f29'      and 'fd87a1b95a60a0e5c18d75aed057344e8ce5aa87'
13a04dba7 2009-07-16 Upgrade <h4> to <h3> in logs.jsp.
ab66dfcb6 2009-07-15 Cosmetic tweaks and under the radar flag sabotage.
ab349a530 2009-07-15 Return of the nth-child!
53a68ff5a 2009-07-15 Make light the default theme
29f13868b 2009-07-15     * Console: Convert readme_zh.html from GB2312 to UTF-8
8ce71d724 2009-07-15     * Installer: Don't launch the router from the script       on linux anymore; add a panel to the installer to provide launch instructions.
e3de3dcc1 2009-07-15     * Slackware SlackBuild fixes.
fa6a6fa4e 2009-07-15 Remove redundant indents in English readme.html.
e78e4c93c 2009-07-15 Override left justify for links in config.jsp. Tame the beast!
0173f5877 2009-07-15 More .jsp meddling.
32e829da7 2009-07-15 Layout tweaks to config.jsp & help.jsp & customary css updates.
68e81fa8c 2009-07-15 Slight reordering of config.jsp content, and promotion of help sections to <h3>.
9f84d1354 2009-07-15 Formatting tweaks to help.jsp & theme mods.
48f591eea 2009-07-15 Add some <hr>'s in some places.
cb6dce4e0 2009-07-14 Help page tweaks, css fiddlery, and a version bump to -10!
e5e7f01e8 2009-07-14 Mostly layout updates to the readme files.
f90a320d9 2009-07-13 Mods to the configupdate table, throw in a couple of <hr>'s for good measure.
96c94a294 2009-07-13 Bash the textarea sizes about a bit and tidy configupdate.jsp table.
ab8188713 2009-07-13 merge of '12cc77e1d7d2318fa071cb9fa3741d9f64abf475'      and '7b7931f18c15ffa3b7afb35470d5d0dfd5714f30'
d13e3d95d 2009-07-13 The taming of the textarea. Part 1.
64f1fe0b5 2009-07-13 Minor tweaks to make Opera experience more enjoyabale.
0a77f8822 2009-07-13 <h1> and <h2> dark theme letter spacing tweak (to match light theme +-).
12d34a50f 2009-07-13 Modest cosmetic enhancements to dark/light console themes.
92daa920d 2009-07-13 add dependency to get the version number right in the wrapper log
091d03b9d 2009-07-13 More theme spit 'n polish. Remove redundant themes from configui.jsp for now.
f7ee11cb4 2009-07-13 More enhancements to the css.. also, let's try to use Bitstream Vera fonts on Linux where available..
6226b8ae6 2009-07-13 -9
a6a61421d 2009-07-13 merge of '1d3fdcc1394982ef7bc5c12b7aa163919c533096'      and '7069e4dcedf5578597d00177dd220e02ded3634e'
5c2057404 2009-07-13 add readme files to the updater
aca006253 2009-07-13     * Build Handler: Don't reject for conn limits if class O,       under the assumption that they are already talking       to most of the routers, so there's no reason to reject. This may drive them       to their conn. limits, but it's hopefully a temporary solution to the       tunnel build congestion. As the net grows this will have to be revisited.
7a752cc7a 2009-07-13     * Throttle: Increase default max tunnels to 3000,       to give us more capacity during congestion
de7dc2c1f 2009-07-13     * Tunnels: Change the default variance from 1 to 0.       Under the one-packet-enough theory, and the fact that most       tunnels in a x+1 pool are of length x, variable lengths       don't really help that much. Also, a default of 1 led       to all sorts of problems with iMule/SAM, who was not       setting the variance properties.       This will affect exploratory tunnels for new users,       and those that have never saved a change on configtunnels.jsp,       and iMule users 1.4.5 and earlier.
35b5bf187 2009-07-13 Those pesky critters keep messing with mah code!
efbc4c518 2009-07-13 Red line removals.
711c2b7df 2009-07-12 Add some tinsel to the css.
a4adb4709 2009-07-12 Commencement of tidying up of css phase.
7121b5fa3 2009-07-12 merge of 'c9f62429ff1da5dab2645a23c311297bb5060a5a'      and 'd3f05848c1bb55868499e9e7d65fbf878b731f1a'
c944648b9 2009-07-12     * Add configui.jsp     * orange flash remove take 2
45cdd556c 2009-07-11 Remove extraneous "other".
429bd0a4e 2009-07-11     * netdb.jsp: Fix bad tag causing orange mouseovers     * Merge as -7
135f8c1be 2009-07-11 merge of '565f0421784f8f71177ebf0bd682750f98bce67b'      and 'e9067362adb090ff1e3d8ae327fb313ded00e9c6'
7b7a590e2 2009-07-11 Version bump to 0.7.5-6.
95728ef29 2009-07-11 More console tweakage.
021b44724 2009-07-11 Cosmetic enhancements to the router console.
ba0efe64c 2009-07-11 Minor I2Ptunnels page tweakage..
1a247d8d3 2009-07-11 -6
21b03e8e8 2009-07-11 fix comment
03790e3e4 2009-07-11 Remove notes about editing readme*.html, since we're probably going to start including them in the updates
9af239aa6 2009-07-11 merge of '5e3805e16ba810425b936134bb3ea92c08a8b0eb'      and 'f232d5bc50d8723d65c9fcb1092ebcb8333a83e4'
02fc700ac 2009-07-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head 20e0d7777d70412d2787ea16c8eb1ddc5fcfceae)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a3189032197fadc3ecba67c5568b8841e8a6105e)
1fb523864 2009-07-11     * I2PSnark:       - Bring back details links for Postman2 B64 torrents
461af7d0a 2009-07-11 Increase SSU conn limits a little more
cf3efc11b 2009-07-11     * Profile Organizer:       - Allow NTCP-only peers in inbound tunnels
b6e24b509 2009-07-11     * I2PTunnel:       - Make reduce-on-idle the default for all the shared clients         for new installs (15m)
0b590763f 2009-07-11     * Transports:       - Move from a single connection limit threshold (80%) to         two (75% and 87%), and only start rejecting tunnels         at the higher threshold, to increase build success       - Move some limit methods from the transports to TransportImpl       - Add limit methods with a threshold argument
3cc4ee719 2009-07-11 More enhancements to the console themes.
4828cd2f1 2009-07-11 Increase <h4> bottom margin.
45da7e870 2009-07-11 More spit 'n polish for the I2PTunnels page.
e00b88ca3 2009-07-11 Updates to the I2PTunnel themes, mostly.
e497680ca 2009-07-11 I2PTunnels updates to dark theme, start of enhancements to "service not found" dialogs.
dbb9eefe7 2009-07-10 Comment out link to zzz's domain addkey page.
7388fdf82 2009-07-10 Let's add some flags to the various translations to the console homepage readme.
0c46d561e 2009-07-10 Add some alt tags to the flags on the readme.html (English only for now).
4248ab936 2009-07-10 Dark console theme tweaks.
e5139113b 2009-07-10     * Build Handler: Drop rather than reject requests when near       conn limits and the next hop is not connected, to reduce       connection congestion
0f1a4ad4c 2009-07-10     * Console: Force IE to the classic theme
00d99fb1a 2009-07-09 Enhancements to the dark blue I2P tunnel theme.
ee8dc4af2 2009-07-09 Remove <centre> tags from sidepanel content to restore left justification to classic theme, whilst retaining centering for new themes.
d7b4be1e7 2009-07-09 Minor futzing with the dark console theme.
7ed509b76 2009-07-09 Reorder panel slightly, bring I2P services to top.
c616f66e8 2009-07-08 Modifications to readme.html to include country flags; also add link to http://stats.i2p/i2p/addkey.html
e8bfac27a 2009-07-08 Tweak button css to ensure visited links don't change color (IE-fix).
df3b3bfc8 2009-07-08 Light theme update, bg textures for I2PTunnel config page.
ac358502c 2009-07-08 Consolidate confignav, remove extraneous title and <hr>.
2b905d2ed 2009-07-08 Dark theme updates for I2Ptunnel page.
49c55ae12 2009-07-07 Move reference to i2plogo to themes/console/images/i2plogo.png (sidepanel).
d280d7a38 2009-07-07 Tweaks to classic theme css to hide navbar and logo, now they're residing in the side panel; iframe size tweaks.
19ccdcd95 2009-07-07 Tweak help.jsp layout some more. *tweak tweak*
cac9b2e1f 2009-07-07 Correct <h1> oversize that crept in, somewhow.
e0e42a0f8 2009-07-07 Remove tabs, replace with spaces for history.txt. Should fix formatting issues.
1d845dab0 2009-07-07 Layout tweak to help page, and clarification of volunteers request.
71b9bb67a 2009-07-07 Modify visited link color to be better legible in dark console theme.
06be25103 2009-07-07 Bump to 0.7.5-5
454a6ab17 2009-07-07 0.7.5-5 updates.
1e1c3cdff 2009-07-07 Tweaks to light router console css.
52de5e569 2009-07-07 Tweaks to dark router console css.
2f9794228 2009-07-07 *facepalm* Drop pkg-temp accidentally :/
4b1eabf1f 2009-07-07 merge of '8a3fab47a669f61548d9807e8e047b19248a23ab'      and 'a3189032197fadc3ecba67c5568b8841e8a6105e'
6c7f1cbf8 2009-07-06 Tidy up help page a 'lil.
ffc582093 2009-07-06 Light and dark themes added.
cc833f3ca 2009-07-06 Uhoh, "ah.,". Removed.
00d0aa783 2009-07-06 Fix some glaring typos on the help page.
54f649a4b 2009-07-06 Tweaks to help page. Replace apology for sparse docs with request for voluntary contributions.
1c2cd4dcb 2009-07-06 Overhaul console layout. Add <h1> header to most pages. Etc.
43d685119 2009-07-06 -4
9527684cf 2009-07-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head d4461db52b7de97b89dafa6d6a2b18d9dc075b38)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5529edcb3dd730aa750302bb4267116c56c354da)
1965815d7 2009-07-05 fix postman2 details link
cc2be105a 2009-07-05     * I2PTunnel:       - Add edit text       - Fix broken favicon
e4c599b75 2009-07-05     * I2PSnark:       - Change postman2 announce URL to use hostname rather than B64       - Shorten torrent name to fit better on one line
a8a21ddb7 2009-07-05     * Transport: Implement NTCP auto-transition from an       address to no address, so that inbound NTCP is disabled       after SSU detects a firewall. When UPnP was apparently successful       but the router is still firewalled (due to an additional       software firewall or a bad UPnP indication, for example)       the router will now remove the NTCP address.
942c31621 2009-07-05 2009-07-05 sponge     * Added X-I2P-DestB64 and X-I2P-DestB32 http headers
ca14002bd 2009-07-04     * Startup: Log clients.config problems
5eec098e2 2009-07-04     * Reseed:       - Fix console status messages broken by global replace       - Remove tino, add
37043195b 2009-07-04 merge of '25ef664ae94fb608b457b601780f6774ede7b39a'      and 'c71ada3c23327bd4f17070d019a448c0289bae63'
ab8e2cf34 2009-07-04 Router console updates. Opening shots.
882e08fc4 2009-07-04 Start on the console update.
2e5caac8b 2009-07-03 - Update to Android 1.5 SDK - Fix RouterContext problem
714fe82d2 2009-07-02 Dont send X-Accept-Encoding when not proxied
1724e5b49 2009-07-02 Fix small textareas on Opera
a5fa6acf5 2009-07-01     * SSUDemo: Move to the router/java/test directory
59105a9ad 2009-07-01     * HTTP Proxy: Limit proxy.i2p to /themes/ directory
abc23e9a4 2009-07-01     * Move almost all uses of StringBuffer to StringBuilder,       for efficiency (thanks Arsene for the suggestion)
72071566e 2009-06-30 javadoc fix
055cd99dd 2009-06-30 -2
d2c52e5c9 2009-06-30 merge of '44eff3cb8553cf29a7e4eb6c02f624648f91b124'      and 'f400e9b73f924edf556205f9f75b4e2c58e92998'
c7541f819 2009-06-30 2009-06-30 sponge     * General cleanup on streaming and ministreaming.       This fixes some compile warnings, and prepares for a larger fix.       There is no code-flow changes, just lint. One warning remains as I am       unsure exactly how to solve the problem yet.
7972c0c86 2009-06-29 - Fix another Mac class problem - Change to RouterLaunch main so we get a wrapper.log
3fee5a378 2009-06-29 more cleanup, set dirs
db45e74fc 2009-06-29 Cleanup after prop from i2p.i2p: - Remove I2PFile, FileStreamFactory hacks - Remove custom reseed stuff
206e45b9e 2009-06-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 44eff3cb8553cf29a7e4eb6c02f624648f91b124)             to branch '' (head 66bd014debdd51906e18555d12906ee20c016ef6)
a9345953f 2009-06-29 remove complication as update source
eb324d765 2009-06-29 remove trailing newline (again)
85adfc40f 2009-06-29 build fixup, history for prop from test branch
f1bb8910c 2009-06-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 104b5c1cea8683af30650a55d5b63141e988bb4c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8d35e0858095b3eed3fb6d8f4ecee23cbdadfbb1)
8ca794dc5 2009-06-29 history for prop from test2 branch
fe3cd65c6 2009-06-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 91f7c17a08ea873ff7bb40835a43ba857ee7fe46)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 3d86e500d1550fccc2ac29371555a1a5af2c5c2b)
9e1181900 2009-06-29 * Update versions, package release * Remove the last reference to my eepsite as a "news.xml" source,   and likewise stop my public key from being included   among valid release signing keys.
256c5356f 2009-06-28 Add router log location to logs.jsp
0bc6fd246 2009-06-28     * HTTP Proxy:       - Take CSS out of the error pages; use internal server         for CSS, image, and favicon
77ce768cb 2009-06-28     * Console: Move favicon.ico and i2plogo.png out of the .war       so that the HTTP proxy can use them directly;       proxy error pages must be updated next
b23256dc4 2009-06-27     * HTTP Proxy:       - Add simple web server for "proxy.i2p" to serve         images and CSS for the error pages z
5906fb713 2009-06-27     * Console CSS: Move css file, make a classic theme to prep for CSS changes
060605023 2009-06-27     * NetDb stats: Normalize tunnel build stats for increased anonymity,       effective in 0.7.6
56a700e82 2009-06-25 2009-06-25 sponge     * Summary frame layout change so it makes sense.
47cd9beef 2009-06-24 Change table headings to th tags to prep for css changes
b93aada21 2009-06-23 -4
0ce687269 2009-06-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head 42f7b1b8a91a44aed4bcc09170bbcdc52be5ff74)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 84f8e11c39666abc7fac5c6cd14ab1f9532d721c)
1c9d84771 2009-06-23 configupdate.jsp cleanup
669936659 2009-06-22     * Browser Launch: Add sensible-browser, x-www-browser, defaultbrowser, and       www-browser in an attempt to launch the user's preferred browser
5d0d7aca5 2009-06-22 minor cleanup
29d0c19b0 2009-06-22 Update: increase max retries
917e1023e 2009-06-22 Catch AIOOBE reported by tuna http://zzz.i2p/topics/332
1fd5a2037 2009-06-22 Include console.css in new installs!
abc83362e 2009-06-22 Try again to prevent two EventPumpers
9792336b3 2009-06-21 -3
4a6d0e4ba 2009-06-21 Fix wrapper.config installs on windows
bc38ca4f9 2009-06-21 Pluck of revision 45a25185236e38606e761060427ee8fa60144a8c from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.test ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     * netdb.jsp: Add country chart at bottom, clean up version chart
306b3017e 2009-06-21 Pluck of revision 493986d03c43bac019996ea0b10b8a6a40e92a32 from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.test ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     * Browser Launch: Wait until the routerconsole is up before launching the browser
ce92b6cb6 2009-06-21 Pluck of revision 0dc8693b99a852b0183ffc6cd06804878f37ec89 from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.test --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treat (Hamachi) as local
8e2df567d 2009-06-21 Pluck of revision 546257906e9b26c3a35e38967ebcaa54098d969f from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.test ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     * ReseedHandler:       - check for upper case HREF to be compatible with apache indexes
4622f369c 2009-06-21 Pluck of revision aad5b15235be51189b696e6cabb7cc04e1b5e89f from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.test --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- post-0.7.4 cleanup
1eb4473e9 2009-06-19     * News Fetcher:       - Change default news URL, use it instead of the old one even if         the old one is saved in the configuration, to assist in the transition
22c282971 2009-06-17     * desktopgui:       - Added client and server tunnel view         (saving does not work yet)
a87f8e868 2009-06-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 6fddab77462a92759305edee8fe5a944d6865375)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 45a25185236e38606e761060427ee8fa60144a8c)
c89fb9ad7 2009-06-17     * PeerSelector:       - Limit exploratory tunnels to connected peers when over         half the connection limit (was 80%)       - Have the high capacity tier fall back to a new connected tier         before moving on to the not failing tier         so that tunnel build success doesn't collapse     * PeerTestJob:       - Limit to connected peers
978de7335 2009-06-16     * netdb.jsp: Add country chart at bottom, clean up version chart
a1ec01ec2 2009-06-16     * Browser Launch: Wait until the routerconsole is up before launching the browser
7aa994933 2009-06-15     * Reseeding / NetDb:       - Move reseeding from the routerconsole app to         the router, so that we can bootstrap an embedded router lacking a routerconsole         (iMule or android for example), without additional modifications.         This allows better integration between the reseeding function         and the netDb.       - Call reseed from PersistentDataStore, not from the         routerconsole init, and start seeding as soon as the netdb has read         the netDb/ directory, not when the console starts.       - Wake up the netdb reader as soon as reseeding is done,         rather than waiting up to 60s.       - Don't display the reseed button on the console until the         netdb initialization is done.     * NetDb:       - Fix an NPE on early shutdown     * RouterConsoleRunner:       - Catch a class not found error better
71f3cd648 2009-06-15 Fix wrapper.config issues on windows
7f379027c 2009-06-15     * i2psnark build:       - Put the duplicate classes back in the war, because         the jar is not in the wrapper.config classpath in existing         installs. We could take them out of the jar, but then         they won't be available for standalone snark and future         updates via snark.       - Delete the dist/ dir in distclean
279f3e493 2009-06-15 dont make the new dir unless we are going to move there
bdd75793b 2009-06-15 cleanup
58660bed3 2009-06-15 fix webapps path
2ca0ae752 2009-06-15     * i2psnark build:       - Move FetchAndAdd to static inner class       - Remove duplicate classes from i2psnark.war (120KB);         fixes sporadic FetchAndAdd IllegalAccessError       - Fix standalone build to include i2psnark.jar since classes         aren't in the .war anymore       - Have standalone jetty use I2PAppContext temp directory       - Replace launch-i2psnark.jar with launch-i2psnark script,         since RunStandalone is in i2p.jar       - Clean up jetty-i2psnark.xml, turn off jetty logging       - Remove standalone build from the pkg target in the main build.xml
3ee09df6c 2009-06-15 Treat (Hamachi) as local
9b866b8e0 2009-06-14     * I2PTunnel:       - fix i2ptunnel.config save location
4d4954c5b 2009-06-14     * ReseedHandler:       - check for upper case HREF to be compatible with apache indexes
17751ffd5 2009-06-14     * news.xml:       - move from base to router dir
e8773f6a9 2009-06-14 fix NPE for non-router invocations
112ddc715 2009-06-14     * jbigi, cpuid:       - Extract files from jar to temp dir, load from that dir, then         copy to the base dir if we have permissions (and failing silently         if we don't), so we have optimized libs and no complaints         when we have a read-only base dir.
e5ec72b09 2009-06-13     * ConsoleRunner:       - Fix webapps file path     * SusiDNS:       - Fix addressbook file path     * Systray:       - Fix NPE if no config file       - Fix config file path     * WorkingDir:       - Modify clients.config so jetty can find the jetty.xml file       - Rip out all the existing-installation migration code       - Rip out migration code now done by izpack parsable       - Fix copy of empty directories
24daf0061 2009-06-13     * i2prouter:       - Don't cd to script location, no longer required     * RouterLaunch:       - If no wrapper, put wrapper.log in system temp dir         unless specified with -Dwrapper.logfile=/path/to/wrapper.log         or it already exists in CWD (for backward compatibility)       - Append rather than replace wrapper.log       - Pass wrapper log location to router as a property, so that logs.jsp can find it     * logs.jsp:       - Get wrapper log location from a property too     *       - Add path substitution to on install       - Pass I2P base dir to the router as a property     * wrapper.config:       - Put wrapper.log in system temp dir for new installs       - Pass I2P base dir to the router as a property     * WorkingDir:       - Don't migrate an existing install by default       - Never migrate the data (too hard)
718375419 2009-06-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.dir' (head a871493662f67163f823576ba26e98322d3f896f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1168ac4132d737382bf24ba8458a53a9db002ffa)
a16bcf8e5 2009-06-13 pid dir defaults to system temp dir
5c2812535 2009-06-13 add install path to eepget
937de87db 2009-06-13 post-0.7.4 cleanup
cadbe2c2c 2009-06-13 back to updaterWithJettyFixes
7c646f869 2009-06-12 -1
1479ef9a6 2009-06-12 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1d4b529f1b52692195f1547338e186819dbd0cab)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 1b8226cb70a7d72f0f674908d8213f8d29eb64eb)
daf078d4d 2009-06-12     * Installer:       - Add install and temp path substitution to wrapper.config and         i2prouter on install
c0fd1dbcb 2009-06-12 * Update versions, package release
821dcddda 2009-06-11     * Installer:       - Change the wrapper.config classpath to one line: lib/*.jar         This means we lose control of classpath load order, so move the windows installer         jars copy.jar, delete.jar, and exec.jar to a new installer/ directory so         these jars won't be in the classpath or potentially conflict, since         copy.jar and delete.jar include FileUtil.class, and we don't want to have         to remember to add them to the updater if we ever change FileUtil.class.         Delete the installer/ directory in since it is windows-only.
d9cb4e262 2009-06-11     * Console:       - Move the console css from default.css in the .war to docs/themes/console/console.css,         and support console themes in the main console with routerconsole.theme=foo
290af4c18 2009-06-11 fix typo
11ad98e7b 2009-06-11 Remove unused NoticeHelper
ce50a9ca4 2009-06-11 Upgrade to izpack 4.3.0 and add a short script to fix Vista install problems. (previous izpack was 3.7.2 from 2005-04-22)
b7d581b41 2009-06-11 Dont try to dump threads unless there is a wrapper and we arent on windows
a08dd4aef 2009-06-09     * NTCP: Fix startup race NPE
be52b5930 2009-06-08 2009-06-08 sponge     * Last commit for this cycle. All debugging except for WARN removed.       I can use the visit command to debug now anyway.
038212036 2009-06-08 2009-06-08 sponge     * Removed BOB debugging as-per zzz
7151590ab 2009-06-08 2009-06-08 sponge     * Fixed NPE and some other goofups in BOB.     * BOB bump version
51faed2c4 2009-06-07 -15
c1a8c8a3f 2009-06-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head ff346bd41de699648bb66488ec9c0f1f4b5300b1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2914d3356f892de25a745f061129704f8b943fc5)
4975d3071 2009-06-07     * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Limit to connected peers when near connection limit
45d9f9d07 2009-06-07 -14
9b0e553ec 2009-06-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head f92f40cceea44a063e48db07d10fd8cf7df3e348)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c497aec52c49d2e03430b88d8d73148ee73e59a5)
dcaa0594f 2009-06-07 Add updaterWithJettyFixesAndGeoIP, use it for pkg for one release
1202a303b 2009-06-06 Fix UPnP deprecation
ed8fd0bde 2009-06-06 Fixed bug causing congestion-avoidance code to not get executed.
834bfde45 2009-06-06     * Timestamper: Use locale country if geoip unavailable
fd4e57aaf 2009-06-06     * Console:       - More conversions to getBaseDir()     * Router:       - Improve installUpdates() error handling     * BrowserLauncher:       - Use temp dir
4c4b3b776 2009-06-06 Try to alleviate connection-limit network collapse:     * Transport:       - Lower min NTCP idle time to 3m (was 5m)       - Increase SSU conn limit by 33%     * Watchdog:       - Defang him again
eee160503 2009-06-06 2009-06-06 sponge     * Added BOB's liscense to liscenses     * Janitorial javadoc fixes *sigh*     * bump to -13
bef55b25e 2009-06-06 Javadocs cleanup *sigh*
623f972e8 2009-06-06 Branching
7e651d53a 2009-06-05 netdb.jsp cleanup
5d212d3ce 2009-06-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 06964a7526a814c5adc7baf4d273f57fe832afc2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 177659fa31e4f1807874564c921152601bbf420f)
3e31de160 2009-06-05 tunnels.jsp cleanup
245b7168a 2009-06-05 2009-06-05 sponge     * Merge and bump to -12
4a9b567eb 2009-06-05 merge of 'ba538963b768e5137d3807a155360420640806bd'      and 'e10df19521ce47ba4fa825a910fdd0aef26892e2'
2f6ae9945 2009-06-05 2009-06-05 sponge     * BOB now cleans up tunnels, although they can take up to 5 minutes to       disapear. This is due to the fact that the streaming lib doesn't       actually remove the connections properly and kill them off when the       manager is destroyed. I'm not certain if this is a bug, or a feature,       but it sure is annoying, and you have to wait for the connections to       time out. What should happen is the streaming lib should cause an IO       error to the pending read or write.
1538ba0cc 2009-06-05 16x11 transparent flags for ch and np, thanks anonim!
06a341712 2009-06-05 Add some licenses for launch4j includes, clean up build.xml some more
524a25eb2 2009-06-04 Big directory rework.
8ff272421 2009-06-04 Update geoip files from the June 3 release
a9a2d2deb 2009-06-04 -11
0070abc04 2009-06-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head be1a2452acf68a8a0137f98f5aeb797055321d6e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head bd6b02d1ae8a99afcea7fdffedf699a6e5c85fbf)
936a338e0 2009-06-04 watchdog logging tweaks, allow disable by property
6c349d0ec 2009-06-04 Add standby indication to i2ptunnel page
7e1e3c3c3 2009-06-04     * I2PTunnel:       - Fix bug where delayed-open and close-on-idle tunnels would         use a different tunnel pool instead of building their own
ce23d76c7 2009-06-04 If we dont know any good floodfills, try to connect to one
cb488ebf7 2009-06-03 merge of 'cb50ec528ada3d7afd3bf8353d474599872fe931'      and 'd64f30fdfc808f4fa609db468a497e8fc005f116'
7931451a4 2009-06-03     * Reseed: Limit to 200 per URL, shuffle selection, add some logging
59449cf51 2009-06-03 change startup no-ff errror to warn
39e5ff7ea 2009-06-02 add checklist step to look for untrusted revs
b430b0202 2009-06-01 make default bw 96/40
0bc67f5a8 2009-06-01 Rename install*txt files
56dc96de1 2009-06-01 Report average tx and rx rates, effective in next release
3ccbf37b4 2009-06-01 hide some things if no wrapper
7725b9e8a 2009-05-30 -10
f511c9bc9 2009-05-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 177f3f7dbb937e60486cb90da7bbcdf9987ffced)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d2424406b9f3877644a1334df71313b6cba018e4)
56b768fe1 2009-05-30 cleanup
f8901e94a 2009-05-30 cleanup
ec5cc7e4d 2009-05-30 cleanup
2413bcd99 2009-05-30 configadvanced cleanup, clarification
1838ad4ae 2009-05-30     * UPnP:       - Retry port forward if it fails       - Make peers.jsp display faster       - Lengthen POST timeout       - More comments
26c4f983d 2009-05-29     * added big fat start/stop lock into BOB     * added zap command to shut down BOB... now we need a way to start it       after it stops. :-)
22609bbfd 2009-05-29     * SessionKeyManager:       - More stubs for per-destination managers.         No functional changes yet.
0a8cbcbfb 2009-05-29     * LoadTestManager: Delete, unused     * SendGarlicMessageJob: Delete, unused     * config.jsp: Comment out unused burst config code
7f33051fe 2009-05-29 Add Serbia
e65c2e279 2009-05-29     * Session Keys:       - Don't instantiate unused SessionKeyPersistenceHelper       - Use TransientSessionKeyManager instead of PersistentSessionKeyManager       - Add generics to TransientSessionKeyManager to help understand it       - Change initial session map size to 64 (was 1024)       - Prepare for per-destination SessionKeyManagers in ElGamalAESEngine
b43338bd6 2009-05-28     * Transports:       - Adjust bids when near conn capacity       - peers.jsp HTML fixes
65ae9138e 2009-05-28     * Console:       - config.jsp now cause graceful restart     * UPnP:       - Tweak to help startup problems    * UDP:       - Only save IP when it changes
665b69171 2009-05-28 UPnP: Prevent NPE after ParserException
87953c4b9 2009-05-27     * Peer Selector: Make strict order opaque to hash value
be480d577 2009-05-27 more peers.jsp and profiles.jsp cleanup
32566a43b 2009-05-27 remove some unused UDP stats and test code
fd598dea5 2009-05-27     * Increase sendProcessingTime some more, add a property to configure.       Configure with 'router.defaultProcessingTimeThrottle'.
8fef5d9a0 2009-05-27     * Increased sendProcessingTime limits and added testSuccessTime       to avoid unwanted throttling
2f1d6e3f9 2009-05-26     * Console:       - Use CSS for form messages       - Goodbye nonce spoof message       - tunnels.jsp improvements
53f62bd8d 2009-05-26     * Throttling extension by looking at sendProcessingTime
e6c87c54b 2009-05-26 -7
ee3edc966 2009-05-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head dc817d70812b80e35a7c37eaa881e4b866435838)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5551e9b0487e14e901cd1081ce3e1ffd33c4a354)
32dddac75 2009-05-26     * Streaming:       - Fix infinite loop through the SYN queue caused by race,         resulting in high CPU, OOMs, etc.
906482823 2009-05-26 Flags fixup
91c389777 2009-05-26 clean up configlogging.jsp
042a08b90 2009-05-25     * NetDb:       - Don't send our own hash in the don't-include list when exploring       - Remove any pending write when removing a RouterInfo       - Cleanup to use routerHash()
7f4c23a03 2009-05-25 -6
e7b069111 2009-05-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head ea09c1bd1791674541854e77592153db6678aabb)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7ea5131c7a02f28ac2d3e23a8bf22558effb30ee)
235058eab 2009-05-25     * NTCP:       - Increasse routerinfo send frequency to every 90m (was 9h)       - Don't send 3 floodfill infos at startup or with routerinfo
85963a5c7 2009-05-25 more fast peers when more local dests
c639525c1 2009-05-24     * Timestamper:       - Use GeoIP to query a closer ntp source if available       - Lengthen query time if well-synced       - Cleanup
de18ebbb7 2009-05-24 save our own geoip location in the config
47e32c82f 2009-05-24 fix geoip scan of all routerinfos at startup
71b708b0f 2009-05-24 -1 -5 merge of '8dc3dbded4d489ddca319052bf3cdb0c4d5a13cc'      and 'afcd808741bf31d75eee2639e19d5e8946b62756'
ab9fee260 2009-05-24 -5 SAMv1 and SAMv3 : logging some exception at INFO level
e86e42818 2009-05-24 SAMv1 and SAMv3 : logging some exception at INFO level
067e76c1b 2009-05-24 -4
13b3bb449 2009-05-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 4f0b8b8bb59f1a8e2181123c16c4099ea223e527)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b977f0e1e1ca57e78d599943dcbf492e474c631a)
e82898c98 2009-05-24     * Console - add readme_zh.html:       - Submitter (walking) reports encoding as GB2312, and tested on windows         with ff, IE6, chrome and opera. UTF-8 doesn't work. Still don't know why.
f4fdbceb3 2009-05-24     * SSU: Don't offer to introduce when near connection limit
c75ff538a 2009-05-23 a little peers.jsp cleanup
7e71ead3e 2009-05-23     * Connection limits / throttle:       - Better limits when no inbound TCP         (limit inbound and outbound separately)     * GeoIP:       - Check netDb SSU IP too       - Check whole netDb at startup
29489ad19 2009-05-23 Error in the geoip html.
eac45256a 2009-05-23     * Router netDB:       - Added flags to the netDB page
7feb97e41 2009-05-23 more info than just nuh uh
695752629 2009-05-23 Move upnp logging from wrapper log to router log
c3c20ceca 2009-05-22 fix comments
aa04820fd 2009-05-22 move icons/ to docs/
3208b7289 2009-05-21     * desktopgui:       - Updating works in general config       - Switched to Swingworker threads for improved responsiveness       - version increase to 0.1.3
b4336fdec 2009-05-21 -3 w/ watchdog changes
e0652a460 2009-05-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 326752c8c7ce00bc6787fe25e315448ce7124aff)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b73ed9af5ee4f058a2b84f96de92f7cdc7ee0196)
4ab46b1de 2009-05-21     * Watchdog:       - Log memory stats       - Dump threads on linux       - Restart after 20 minutes (give the dog his teeth back)
d7122cdad 2009-05-21 -2
9c3eac58f 2009-05-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 97efbce521018c26030e229181a53adce5774ab6)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e9c81b8ce06374554965eacae3ae64df995b26df)
79954cec6 2009-05-21 increase eepsite hops to 3+0 for new installs
d927f8bcb 2009-05-21 message tweaks if no wrapperr
4426cc359 2009-05-21     * ExpireRoutersJob:       - Rewrite, not enabled yet     * TunnelManager:       - Remove now-unused isInUse()
b1465b7df 2009-05-20     * Console:       - Add a little color to confignav       - Remove 'no skew' indication
438ea1b26 2009-05-20 fix db writes to disk broken in last checkin
f10bfda11 2009-05-20     * General configuration enabled by default     * General configuration speed tab works completely
b7e2d3a10 2009-05-20 add some comments
846c5fcfc 2009-05-20     * Console:       - Use flags for shitlist and peers.jsp too       - Tweak tunnels.jsp to show class letters       - Hide in-progress details on tunnels.jsp
31cd726b7 2009-05-20     * UPnP:       - Fix up port handling, add some logging on bind fails       - Force IPv4 only for binds
3ba43a77f 2009-05-19 Add geoip support and flag icons
cb5390b2f 2009-05-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 31ab45aaed880aa1d8295541b813adb312582f17)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8f1820175b7df8fc1f880c4fe1104f1b0e633483)
fae7262d3 2009-05-18     * DataStore:       - Adjust interface to have persistent and non-persistent methods,         to prepare for partial storage in RAM     * PersistentDataStore:       - Cleanup, simplify, and concurrentify       - Tweak stats       - Remove write limit       - Flush to disk on shutdown       - Don't write out what we just read in
9b6abc1e1 2009-05-17 add all the languages izpack has to the installer
631cd37f8 2009-05-17 -1
b59a38ffa 2009-05-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head 348acc252da725bc621791ef811a43943e889833)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 264d0119a37e276dce2996f360f9c8e065b30008)
9a6a993a8 2009-05-17 history for prop
9234a94da 2009-05-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head f402c08d0b2796653b559711cb1ea8c3c0204372)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 4d0babb75e3c5237b10ff49f57599c53c581bb83)
aa2f9e34c 2009-05-17 - Rework UDP peers.jsp table a little - Don't let UDP bid on messages that are too long - Clean up the max fragments code in UDP
87eafa30d 2009-05-16 * Update versions, package release
287eff50b 2009-05-16 dont bundle unneeded ant.jar (900KB)
8514e7962 2009-05-16 stop build on jsp compile errors
9bed2bde3 2009-05-15 disable button disabling
9e003a9f9 2009-05-14 bye nibble
86f02691a 2009-05-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9044c668fe6fdfcca38a20b557b870c993852c52)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 88a5133b796e83cd8d5864a0a16bcd75e8e34ab5)
3ad398893 2009-05-13 Add warning for 1-hop tunnels
757855a5c 2009-05-13 logs.jsp: Add link to config
ccab73ff6 2009-05-13     * FloodfillVerifyJob: Don't consider an older search resulthi* as verified
9df04724c 2009-05-13 Reduce routerinfo expiration again
94c2ba7fc 2009-05-13     * SusiDNS:       - Reduce displayed entries from 300 to 100       - Add ability to go forward or back       - Make textareas bigger       - Clean up file names       - Clarify messages about filter and search
a267fcc9c 2009-05-12 merge of '476489c04057318947e2947393aa6a10aa382af8'      and 'd38ab82268c3643119e5c226a3f97c23fb794e93'
66a292a9c 2009-05-12 2009-05-12 sponge     * BOB clean up, change println's to _log.warn, bump BOB version     * changes as per zzz, and they test OK for me.
7cd011221 2009-05-12 SAM: fix: warnings when generating javadoc
9195e754c 2009-05-12 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 790894dc16c840512c99302fbb75136042cbeb65)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.sam3' (head 66136bbdb44136e3756944cb7d8147d2ab07ff23)
965b183d9 2009-05-12 fix: warnings when generating javadoc
7372a18ce 2009-05-11 Give the clients friendlier names
c5ba5f3a5 2009-05-11 -13
90251b854 2009-05-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head eaf123d687259d0dee558845508cfeec05f55915)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 16158c16ac8422809a9bf3919831e5700ed74a51)
a8c97053c 2009-05-11     * logs.jsp: Put critical log at the top
117d3a561 2009-05-11     * NetDb: Don't accept stores of our own LeaseSets or RouterInfo
70a2e48a7 2009-05-11 Dont instantiate unused AdminManager
a6f106ed6 2009-05-11 update history.txt
47dd1b616 2009-05-10  * SAMv3 : correct a null pointer exception check before it gets caught and logged as an error
bc7a963f5 2009-05-10 correct a null pointer exception check before it gets caught and logged as an error
47fc3b0d0 2009-05-10 - Don't start UPnP if we have a public interface address - Fix setting IP to a local interface address - Work on the configuration help some more
3d7b9560c 2009-05-09 Connect client: fix NPE when used with advanced i2ptunnel features
9bd3bea90 2009-05-09     * merged branches
9541abc0a 2009-05-09 merge of '4ad028f436647b957e6531243fb3348156d5eb51'      and 'ef760639d59a6ab522ec50a95cc848e09bf11bd8'
0be28c170 2009-05-09 2009-05-09 sponge     * fixed OOM on lock (woops! my bad!)
8bb28ea82 2009-05-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.sam3' (head fa9e8f7d5cacabb84eaae8cc6b569b334f2e0238)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9cdab8e186f77c375fd81913d3b3c20e5ca69ca2)
85382863d 2009-05-08 merge of '38d57079bc08f5efdaccfb785e39789a7e6f1969'      and 'a0a87038370fb791c619419d56a3133ee7ccec5f'
ef737415c 2009-05-08 SAMv3: bug corrected: sending datagrams through the datagram session socket works (like in v1 and v2)
72e4dabd3 2009-05-08     * desktopgui: moved files to stop polluting the namespace           (everything now in net.i2p.desktopgui)     * desktopgui: some variable renaming in general configuration
6bcd547ca 2009-05-07     * SAM: version 3 added     * SAM: blocking case corrected on simultaneous client connection (v.1-3)
283f7a3f3 2009-05-07 merge of '4238d44d0006a302c8a1fedf06a3789061b71672'      and '44b9f7b1bcd59acc89551681bfab2709ab5e9972'
d9a2e024e 2009-05-07 add nibble
fe4e76a7f 2009-05-07 -9
9c4a7c02f 2009-05-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 29f20f786fbf565798b094a46ac9036dc39fb606)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 622324a8f0f863b7b4eaaa26385228a65c71edf0)
a516d6474 2009-05-06     * Improvements to popup menu rightclick action     * Added general configuration options (still not available by default)     * General fixes     * Added ant build options (irc says eche|on would like that ;))
eba6ca543 2009-05-06 2009-05-06 sponge     * Hopefully the last fixes for BOB.     * Fixes to prevent race in client-side I2CP and Notifier.
ee7e70b98 2009-05-06 more config ui tweaks
0b7fb2126 2009-05-06 - Simplify config.jsp some more - No longer use i2np.udp.forceIntroducers - Tweak UDP port qualification - Fix allowing low ports again - Add option to completely disable NTCP, for those behind nasty firewalls - Use SSU reachability rather than global reachability for determining NTCP reachability,   since we are now reporting NTCP reachability too
95a38779d 2009-05-05     * Console: Disable idle options for streamr client, it will never be       idle because it pings the server
e7913061e 2009-05-05     * Console: More IE button fixes, try harder to not 404 the iframe
7d91bdba1 2009-05-05     * Throttle: Throttle at 90% so we throttle before we WRED
29fe221fe 2009-05-05 name the addressbook thread
30b73ffe6 2009-05-05 changed samv3 because of reverted streaming and mstreaming libs
fceec5c12 2009-05-05 reverted changes to mstreaming and streaming
e42f7ab8f 2009-05-05 apps/sam/java/build.xml reflects dependancy upon streaming.jar
54b80d672 2009-05-05 merge of '40606168f4086dbe122e96b533df4f24b5e4d87d'      and '44a775450f24ec5d2e921ab01b94546968f81851'
e82f173f8 2009-05-04 - Don't notify for non-changed options on config.jsp
b45dfb85f 2009-05-04 - Change UPnP listener port defaults, allow configuration option
3db244f5d 2009-05-04 - Detect UPnP start failure - Sort local addresses - Store last IP for future laptop mode - Subscribe to device service, doesn't seem to do anything though,   need to test it more
65a41908e 2009-05-03 - Make short timeouts for the XML parser so we don't hang when   the UPnP device goes away - same as for HTTP POST - Stuff the port mapping requester into a thread so it doesn't   delay everything for several seconds - Handle UPnP devices that return IP = - Better HTML output when no IP found - Tweak logging - Set Disposer thread name - Keep the control point running after we find an IGD,   so that we get notifications of it leaving or   coming back or replaced.
7e3bda9d4 2009-05-03 2009-05-03 sponge     * More hopeful fixes for BOB.     * Added new Robert ID to snark
c6b2492e7 2009-05-03 - Make short timeouts for UPnP HTTP POST so we don't hang when   the UPnP device goes away - Fix a bug in UPnP HTTP Server, but we don't use it anyway
d41afc0c4 2009-05-02 - UPnP defaults to on - I didn't do all this for nothing - Set Status to OK for local public addresses or UPnP port open - Allow UDP address changes after we transition to firewalled - Have NTCP start reporting reachability status, this will   get OK on the console more often and mask UDP problems,   which might be good or bad... - Fix UDP port configuration - Reword and rearrange configuration options again - Rearrange configuration help - More right-alignment on config - Prevent Concurrent modification exception in UPnP - UPnP HTML output tweaks - remove "plugin" references - Move UDP message failed log from WARN to INFO - Short-circuit message history call in UDP
40637e0f2 2009-05-02 slow down the ff volunteers
0e4c84694 2009-05-01 - Simplify bw form - Add config link to UPnP status
6dc5d0f8d 2009-05-01 add postman2
7688df6fe 2009-05-01 -6
32b6c7715 2009-05-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head eb755dae363d71808cb93ae1c6c976c1ec5df5d2)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 25097fabfedcbe372d42dcddaf89b5279e9285e4)
a8a0e2a91 2009-05-01 * I2PTunnel:   - Try to fix locking to prevent duplicate destinations when using     the new option new-dest-on-resume. Still not right for shared clients     but should be better for non-shared.
4c396e5b9 2009-05-01 Console: fix ERR-UDP Disabled and Inbound TCP host/port not set
d3181e53c 2009-05-01 prevent race NPE
4139b36ea 2009-05-01 fix race NPE
becc6dc0f 2009-05-01 extend browser launch delay from 5s to 15s
79a963fca 2009-05-01 - Implement config save of new IP address options - Implement local address and UPnP configuration of UDP address - Limit received port to 1024 minimum
b21e01120 2009-04-30 - i2np.ntcp.autoip=true redefined to enable inbound only if   SSU reachability is OK. i2np.ntcp.autoip=always for the old behavior.   autoip default is now "true".   i2np.ntcp.hostname=xxx now trumps i2np.tcp.autoip. - SSU always tells NTCP when status changes.
5a6b65d20 2009-04-30 * URL Launcher:   - Launcher on linux was stopping after trying opera, whether it succeeded or failed.     Now it keeps going to try firefox, etc. as designed.
5b44bcb44 2009-04-30 - NTCP Port must now be either auto or configured;   now defaults to auto; and configured now trumps auto.   Port configuration now does not affect whether inbound   NTCP is enabled - the host configuration alone can do that.
c3bafcab0 2009-04-30 put jbigi info on logs.jsp
9ae4fce0d 2009-04-30 new consoleDocs target
4929a7e63 2009-04-29 - Add getRequestedPort() to transports
b61861f84 2009-04-29 - Tweak UPnP warning messages - Remove unused verifyupdate.jsp - Start of callbacks from UPnP to transports - Tell UDP local addresses at startup
35b5eb74f 2009-04-29 start of new address configuration
fc10031ff 2009-04-28 - Start to rework inbound configuration
accf3dbf3 2009-04-28 - Implement UPnP enable/disable
c2fedf853 2009-04-28 - Add UDP Port configuration to config.jsp - Don't restart router when configs change on config.jsp;   simply rebuild router info. - Clean up some port config code in UDP
3b19afe7e 2009-04-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 25097fabfedcbe372d42dcddaf89b5279e9285e4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head d994c7d73b83aa689c3538efd7ebb6981ea33ba5)
64ada538f 2009-04-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5401181de2088780f15a018566a65ee35a25c92e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head 223e91cc8e45fd22a53e30e839059e0ec4060e02)
a0c4e79c8 2009-04-28 allow an extra part appended to the router version
34249e3dc 2009-04-28 merge of 'a41cc279bb8c70c8beb8b372e306affba56317a1'      and 'f59c86f21a1941949b9797e766708900eed053a6'
f5bd10207 2009-04-28 log before a hang maybe (SWAG)
9cc151186 2009-04-27 fix up susidns build file so it will work with gcj
c1d756233 2009-04-27 2009-04-27 sponge     * more BOB fixes, complete with warnings when things go wrong, and       success messages when things turn around and go right. Terminates       early so that applications wait no more than 10 seconds or so.     * Reversed a few earlier patches that caused some odd behavior.     * Changed some core println()'s to debugging messages.
542e0f2ed 2009-04-27 -4
ab33b52f2 2009-04-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 28f0df7ddfdda1df49f30016359dcb77836b06df)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 40618503ea9748aedee73aaf002482424adc1f72)
a223c7ac7 2009-04-27 reduce bundled tags from 100 to 40
c32c9a239 2009-04-27 noob warning
798e1422c 2009-04-27 postman2 supports details link
e05b46002 2009-04-27 add postman2 tracker
fa6aa44a8 2009-04-27 quiet the ghost of jrandom
4f0013e8d 2009-04-26 Consolidate the details and config links to shrink the summary bar a little
b2e5e14bc 2009-04-26 extend the min expiration a little
e15b46983 2009-04-26 * NTCP:   - Correct the meanings of the i2np.ntcp.autoip and i2np.ntcp.autoport     advanced config. If you have one of these set but not the other, you     will have to adjust your configuration on config.jsp.
c9b6d72c5 2009-04-26 * Tunnel Pool:   - Clean up some tunnel removal code   - Don't try to build a LeaseSet with more than 6 leases,     no matter what the setting
a279f8d53 2009-04-26 add some jetty help
89f0f09b8 2009-04-26 new updaterWithJettyFixes target, build it for pkg
157b85b11 2009-04-26 pass compiler args down from top build.xml
7b15cc811 2009-04-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 982dc8adf7d5c10608e572f285c2eb196d25a64e)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.sam3' (head a455f4d173b9c8c18698ed182407e152848dc8de)
8d4c33298 2009-04-26 merge of '40618503ea9748aedee73aaf002482424adc1f72'      and '81ec1b16687e7276a752db7f600a525a6e289458'
4ffa2450c 2009-04-26 * SAMv3 : doc/sam.3.0-protocol.txt updated * SAMv3 : thread naming for debugging purpose
d670d98e6 2009-04-26 stats cleanup
33b276200 2009-04-25 more reachability help
507b6d45d 2009-04-25 longer iframe
f331dad72 2009-04-25 2009-04-25 sponge     * I2PSessionMuxedImpl atomic fixes     * BOB fixes. This should be the final bug wack. Good Luck to everybody!
5b41827a7 2009-04-24 allow spaces in dest and proxy lists
178b5996a 2009-04-23 * NetDb:   - Adjust RouterInfo expiration down to control memory usage   - Display LeaseSets and RouterInfos on separate console pages
8054078b9 2009-04-23 -2
452adfa86 2009-04-23 logs.jsp: fix layout problem on IE, move version info to the top
833ebd071 2009-04-23 Jetty: Fix temp dir handling, which was causing susidns not to start on windows. Jetty forms the temp directory name from, among other things, the bound address. The patch in 0.7.2 to bind to IPV6 addresses led to ':' in the directory name, which is not allowed on windows. Change these to '_'.
b430abf17 2009-04-23 add i2p version for easy cut-n-paste
939311d2d 2009-04-23 css fixes from badger
0c738e2c6 2009-04-23 SAMv3: stream session stop listening when the forwarding session closes. Doc has to be changed to reflect this.
48e544c01 2009-04-23       RouterConsole: Make summary bar a refreshing iframe
08b186aa2 2009-04-23 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 28b73161ea8915467ac9a4a8eb910d8fef1d42cd)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 4470e8eb34649523d9f0055e754d90226f0d7bcb)
2f46efe78 2009-04-23    * Blocklist: cleanup    * PeerProfile:      - Replace a hot lock with concurrent RW lock      - Rewrite ugly IP Restriction code      - Also use transport IP in restriction code    * Transport: Start the previously unused CleanupUnreachable
3ddd5f2a5 2009-04-22 * Fragmenter: don't re-throw the corrupt fragment IllegalStateException,   to limit the damage - root cause still not found
29a58cb03 2009-04-22 * NTCP: Hopefully prevent this:    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to serialize the message ( Invalid key type     at  at net.i2p.router.transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection.bufferedPrepare(    at net.i2p.router.transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection.send(   at net.i2p.router.transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection.enqueueFloodfillMessage(    at net.i2p.router.transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection.enqueueInfoMessage(     at net.i2p.router.transport.ntcp.NTCPTransport.outboundMessageReady(     at net.i2p.router.transport.TransportImpl.send(       ...
0bcbe6ae0 2009-04-22     * i2psnark: (http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3317)       - Change file limit to 512 (was 256)       - Change size limit to 10GB (was 5GB)       - Change request size to 16KB (was 32KB)       - Change pipeline to 5 (was 3)
394468882 2009-04-21 merge of '2fe56e848564fc4e006771a6cb807c8dec370bab'      and 'a2a447dc9fe4d0a9bdefccc5263eed665bedb84f'
e126233fb 2009-04-21 hope i have fixed that bug, where the "download $version" kept showing, while already having downloaded it
ae83b4202 2009-04-21 recognize -h, --help, etc
7cdfe45ac 2009-04-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 81ec1b16687e7276a752db7f600a525a6e289458)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.sam3' (head bf43c21d57d97df61e863a41783aaae968381d00)
eae436218 2009-04-21 SAMv3: NAMING ME request now work on stream sessions
f2e9e2cc2 2009-04-21 2009-04-21 sponge     * Code janator work, basic corrections involving @Override, and       appling final where it is important. Also fixed some equals methods       and commented places that need fixing.
311ec4eb5 2009-04-19 merge of '401f2e769d7507a315783ec22c880a0e866194bd'      and 'eba7e55d7a69ed23fcce7f004a39fb2847ab66f5'
f4254659e 2009-04-18 * Fix typo in "news.xml", no build number increase.
fc9e3ee77 2009-04-18 * Update versions, package release
b542f1719 2009-04-18 removed code unused since 75fadec23097a196f56cd8d7932dca0de5da5583 (
ddf5cf80b 2009-04-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e26fa9cbcc023c4c1d8bdc4eb8dbd4a964bb6148)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head b712f92f4dce03ce1f7d1b2ffc95b559b9b66140)
e6cecab0b 2009-04-17 2009-04-17 sponge     * fixed setIP, just be sure to distclean before building :-)     * more lint taken care of as well.
c3f9e2024 2009-04-17 2009-04-17 sponge     * setIP wants to be a static method in the class, but it produces       warnings about it being static from other code.
d0376f82a 2009-04-17 2009-04-17 sponge     * Catch NPE in NTCP.       This possibly augments fix 2009-04-11 welterde below.     * Various LINT on NTCP sources, and removal of space-wasting       spaces at end of lines in sources touched.
834fdfe9b 2009-04-13     * Bugfix on tray icon updating     * Some more work on the general configuration menu       (currently not added to the tray icon menu yet, needs more work)     * Tweaked the desktopgui logo
8eedcb039 2009-04-13     * Added I2P version and GUI version to desktopgui     * Tweaks to the tray icon menu     * Some starting work on a GUI general configuration menu     * Bugfix allowing spaces in directory structure
fc9c479ed 2009-04-13 merge of '227107019f384da18e4670a405831faa8ba32555'      and 'a089ba5e81e51182c61fd5a1db8ac057001a24dc'
12978ba4f 2009-04-13 fixed the fix..
548efed8d 2009-04-13 -18
24b012a84 2009-04-13 don't send somehost.i2p:8080 requests to outproxy
d493addf9 2009-04-11 added netbeans freeform project files for core and router
d8e502722 2009-04-11 -17
0835c05e8 2009-04-11 merge of '3534b3e357a365476c2deeb8470ae794595cf1a8'      and 'c06ed6aab297ea837746dfa5dacb1a8f78d8d3dc'
429280e41 2009-04-11 fix a NPE
879404f7e 2009-04-11 2009-04-11 sponge     * i2ptunnel janitorial work and fixes on most locks.       Some locks still need work, and are marked with LINT in the comment.       Just grep for "LINT" to see where the remaining places are.
56c6f4113 2009-04-11 merge of '7298248358ee266b5c8c7383cd1ef06e343fe42a'      and '8aacbbbacb79ee5a65534a5601eea1246c51866c'
305fc7314 2009-04-11 Added text explaining the different speeds. Tray icon colours indicates active peers (and tooltip indicates reachability). The menu now uses Swing instead of Awt, so it looks a lot better.
384d655b1 2009-04-10 2009-04-10 sponge     * More BOB threadgroup fixes, plus debug dump when things go wrong.     * Fixes to streaminglib, I2CP, which are related to the TG problem.     * JavaDocs fixups.
2a2d3c0fb 2009-04-10 Added log viewer. Added shutdown informational messages.
977d6eec8 2009-04-09 Dropdown available for kb versus kB issues. Bandwidth calculation available from 2 directions (added from GB -> kbps). Layout manager switched for easier development.
0f1f33eaa 2009-04-09 merge of '798b531efac76d62154df2a99a91a32ccd97ab47'      and '9b73a50d356f49e9aadaae4cf86681b718c0d56b'
8f690a8f6 2009-04-08 2009-04-08 sponge     * More hopeful fixups to the infamous orpahned tunnel problem. *Sigh*
f9f9aa449 2009-04-08 Added distWithDesktopgui target, to build everything at once.
18a475eff 2009-04-08 merge of '9666f5fdfc24a7fc2ca3a99a95ea5dfef5583b1b'      and 'e76b1962963aa7cadb74aacc32f90adf31db3761'
ed259ac94 2009-04-08 -13
bb7884ca3 2009-04-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 589c4b0b77bdcbb49a965e39ec971c9b4bdd98c5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 32ebd10f2f86f14b3739dc699e016349a85bb8e4)
0cfbe9c28 2009-04-08     * IPV6/localhost:       - Enable IPv6 stack in the JVM, hopefully won't break anything       - Patch Jetty to support binding to IPv6 addresses       - Allow multiple bind addresses for the router console         in the clients.config file; for new installs the         default is now ",::1"       - Change most instances of "localhost" to ""         throughout the code     * Router:       - Move some classes to private static inner
85e5013db 2009-04-07 Fixed overflow problem when calculating monthly usage. It now works well (without getting too wide for the window) up to 1 Tbps.
bf50695c9 2009-04-07 Patching build.xml so it's possible to build an installer and updater with desktopgui.
0764e1944 2009-04-07 New build file for desktopgui. Should work fine for anyone using java 1.6.
2f1d93756 2009-04-07 merge of '4e3d0e106395f9bbb24c33d6a980c707831ad40e'      and '578c30cf4a84f25eb899ab6d4278207bddeba259'
91de39682 2009-04-07 added echelon.i2p to readme of I2P router
f9efabba1 2009-04-07 Fixed build.xml (removed desktopgui for now).
54255cab4 2009-04-07 merge of '91bd86329a458a5e064af7aa5abf3662aec61dab'      and 'a09513bb83b827232b24950613986dcb6d5e713c'
c03b51984 2009-04-07 2009-04-07 sponge     * BOB prevent jvac from optimizing out thread-group code from -10
98617723a 2009-04-07 -11
8c8a2deef 2009-04-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 1b0258b9825aa2952987c3221b8c45aa06b8c3b1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 2dc7a484f328618103dca0f5a9510e15e19f98c7)
2c84cddda 2009-04-07 2009-04-07 sponge     * SimpleTimer2, SimpleScheduler fixed so that the threads all run from       The main threadgroup, not in the current possible child threadgroup.       So long as any SimpleTimer2/SimpleScheduler is started *BEFORE* any       child threadgroups, the constructors are threadgroup safe. What would       be super cool is if they were to be all jailed within thier very own       threadgroup too, but, I2P isn't up to the task of this yet.     * Fixes to BOB to ensure the above is true.
37667247c 2009-04-06 2009-04-06 sponge
f5614c8a4 2009-04-06 synchronize datagram maker in I2PSinks
9e7dd238a 2009-04-06 prevent NPE
495558a94 2009-04-06 New application for I2P: desktopgui. Should eventually replace systray, and have more functionality.
bc831d3c3 2009-04-06 Changelog: SAM : big bug in SAMv1Handler corrected
d54695e54 2009-04-06 add dependency to streaming lib to apps/sam/java/build.xml
12625a46c 2009-04-06 comment added in net.i2p.client.streaming.ConnectionHanler
ab84a5ce8 2009-04-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head ac3b23a1d65017e99af5231a8248590c278c136f)             to branch 'i2p.i2p.sam3' (head e257c0c2a8456c229d12a8de2c5339b2e981fd80)
fcbfd7554 2009-04-06 SAMv3: alternate form of calling SAMBridge.main. Usage message updated.
4d27f1871 2009-04-06 SAMv3: rawTests Demos scripts updated
1bc4cb382 2009-04-05 SAMv3 : protocol better specified, and small changes in the code reflecting the new protocol
6b825fbe2 2009-04-05 SAMv3 : protocol better specified, and small changes in the code reflecting the new protocol
884663d07 2009-04-04 Forgot the history.txt entry, oops!!
bd489cf43 2009-04-04 2009-04-04 sponge     * Hopeful fixups to the infamous orpahned tunnel problem.     * BOB now 0.0.5
a4b5c6370 2009-04-04 -7
b1bedb565 2009-04-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8eb14086613c349e9f2e820ca3ffdca924dbf1bd)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a4b03a4320a1bf09574f0b338a89f2bd3819ca81)
3dd5950bd 2009-04-04 Don't let NTCP bid on msgs too big to handle
2cf522162 2009-04-04 minimize differences with mainstream apps/streaming
de6edc6a9 2009-04-04 
fe9b891b3 2009-04-03 -6
780447569 2009-04-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 6cf4504f7338b177bfd4a0ceef7d3549bfeec6fe)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d78bd9f06c2779f8bcf2f713dbb8679004aef101)
8de560981 2009-04-03     * Update:       - Change default to "Download and verify"       - Change news fetch default to 24h (was 12h)
bb0531053 2009-04-03 Console: Fix bug with IE buttons not working, because it sends the label instead of the value
e5b1450e8 2009-04-03 2009-04-03 sponge     * Router build version incremented to 5 now that the build succeeds.
0c7cb9d78 2009-04-03 put java version on logs.jsp
25d5883a0 2009-04-03 2009-04-03 sponge     * Fix broken dependencies for BOB.jar
c7d815b5b 2009-04-02 -4 (-3 didnt build)
8c4800309 2009-04-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head ef7e2c611e0eaa2f92b31c0b364d39ec023eb135)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 928500dd1439f4cf359ea90cb5349bfaa7d2194b)
1aa7fbbba 2009-04-02 -3 didnt build
d2fc39729 2009-04-02 -3
a8e43ab55 2009-04-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8f379e4e28d926cbde0cad8f11274b8ae1fcd820)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head fc678c3fcf2b704921a3b8f4d8c35b5d68397f3b)
3a1218283 2009-04-02 Transport:   - Maintain a router hash -> IP map in transport,     to support additional IP checks     (unused for now)   - Catch error on pre-2.6 kernels   - Some concurrent conversion   - Fix an HTML error on peers.jsp
49c7fc30c 2009-04-02 cleanup
f6bc9e870 2009-04-02 Profiles:   - Remove unused calculators and RateStats:     CapacityCalculator, StrictSpeedCalculator, IsFailingCalculator;     sendFailureSize, processSuccessRate, processfailureRate, commErrorRate,     tunnelTestResponseTimeSlow   - Reduced number of Rates in these RateStats:     sendSuccessSize, receiveSize, rejectRate, failRate   - ~5KB/profile savings total   - Deflate speed calculation once an hour instead of once a day,     to improve fast tier selection
53cb80636 2009-04-02 remove dup comment in persisted profiles
bc086a78e 2009-04-02 explicit merge of '7bae8d314209ec279a4da918dc3255e31bda7e45'               and '3b133e76d8124df27791cb78006e7c2b9a8b6430'
e0dccb597 2009-04-02 
a4d16af95 2009-04-02 SAM version 3 :       - Raw and Datagram sessions implemented       - option "SILENT=true" added to the stream protocol       - java 6 warnings removed    ministreaming :       - java 6 warnings removed    ministreaming and streaming :       -  added functions :         I2PServerSocket.waitIncoming(long timeout)          I2PServerSocket.accept(boolean block)
0b89171ab 2009-04-01 StatisticsManager - effective in 0.7.2:     - Spoof uptime to 90m for all     - Change tunnel stats from 10m to 60m
f81a24a0c 2009-04-01 I2PTunnel: Fix tunnel close http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3231 broken in 0.7-8
58fc3a501 2009-03-30 -1
7b373743a 2009-03-30 propagate from branch '' (head e89194f845a2a74dbf00f0f9e3c25a8f96ec36e4)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 9cb2795f19efeae08b9ecffa5137fd944de120c7)
e692e18d4 2009-03-30 Peer Selection:      - Limit peers to a max % of all tunnels with        router.maxTunnelPercentage=nn, default 33      - Add chart to tunnels.jsp to see results
0c98d1843 2009-03-30 Sponge fixes and additions patch:     * 3 New jbigi build scripts and old ones fixed to work properly.     * Some trivial BOB work.
4a9543be7 2009-03-29 * Update versions, package release
fe0d0d673 2009-03-27 -11, catch rare AIOOB
0343e8ffc 2009-03-26 readme_fr - thanks Narya and Mathiasdm
6a6cd1439 2009-03-26 checklist update
29df53416 2009-03-26 update license splash text
5414d41de 2009-03-25 I2PSnark: Use new BW Limits message, remove router.jar dependencies
2695461bd 2009-03-24 -10
186f2bc22 2009-03-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head c92ec83848e87e27921bada8ee24fd108050a50a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head efebdaa0f53b9bc0234d18a7a934cc0f4fa6231e)
41718b47c 2009-03-24 increase default bw to 64/32
bb51bf49b 2009-03-24 - Suppress log error on manual stop - Prevent NPE when closing a delayed-open tunnel
6c365bef8 2009-03-24 add links to enable graphing
e9063a22d 2009-03-24 add anchors
47edc3c85 2009-03-24 add warnings for some new features
09d700e1d 2009-03-24 fix encrypted leasesets
e5f19c98a 2009-03-24 change common corrupt errors to warns
0da964e47 2009-03-16 -9
98fda81b7 2009-03-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 4e891e40ee2919859df7b3ae04ecec6af4f47a35)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 15f093fdaa28a510bd45965dc849c8d04e0d42f7)
d0a969ca3 2009-03-16 fix NPE on delayed open http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3189
91b3889cb 2009-03-15 catch a rare AIOOB
33f4fac48 2009-03-14 summary bar help
f70adf8da 2009-03-14 disapproval of revision '3ae245c48c0f90b0e70cf800de354e012801f6cd'
66eae60c4 2009-03-14 removed some hosts
502257542 2009-03-13 - Deal with conflicting bouncycastle libs take #2 - Disable NTCP - Shuffle the startup/shutdown tasks some
b8f22bf3b 2009-03-13 - Add FileStreamFactory and I2PFile to deal with the problems from   the code CWD is / but the only writable directory is   /data/data/net.i2p.router/files/ - still a ton of places to be   fixed, will be fixed up as things get working - Load some config files from resources at startup - Fix up logging - Add reseed capability, by copying some code over from routerconsole - Deal with conflicting bouncycastle libs
5a8b3eb8f 2009-03-13 Move HMac to I2PHMac, as jrandom implemented changes that make it incompatible with the HMac in the android libraries.
cf02abd19 2009-03-13 allow .onion addresses for testing
ca3b6eb00 2009-03-13 catch a reported NPE ?
ae2f48f55 2009-03-13 remove some text so it looks better
d26ac8412 2009-03-12 two memory savers
82045b3fd 2009-03-10 android logging
5eda7c30f 2009-03-10 bw limits msg
14ce5a243 2009-03-10 hello world
f2bfa2e15 2009-03-09 -8
ee0aada89 2009-03-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8926fc63796bf18b615460f036598090e038462c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a0a51ce09fc12b75238432d8926103af46696820)
7179a64fe 2009-03-09 I2PTunnel: Add delay-open option for clients
f3ddf3fa9 2009-03-09 remove http from add torrent box
91b8f7c2a 2009-03-09 fix typo in comment
54f1c0ec6 2009-03-04 add some comments on peer profile size
1d690f46a 2009-03-03 click to add dest to addressbook
ca783caff 2009-03-02 prevent configpeer.jsp oom
c4fa0d894 2009-03-02     * Client:       - Clean up retry code       - Bring I2CP listen error to the summary bar         http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3133
03f16565f 2009-03-02 tweak
5785f500e 2009-03-02 complete regenerate-dest-on-reconnect
8f5257d5d 2009-03-01 make persistent client dests work
c455fa630 2009-03-01     * OCMOSJ:       - Change from 5% reply requests to at least         once per minute, in hopes of reducing IRC drops       - More clean up of the cache cleaning
59b624a4a 2009-03-01 add reasonable privkey file name default
bfa02f3b8 2009-03-01     * I2PTunnel:       - Add persistent key option for clients (not hooked in yet)       - I2PSink: Send protocol byte
60ab94689 2009-02-28 fixed i2ptunnel ircserver
7f33eb495 2009-02-28 broke i2ptunnel ircserver again
467095f85 2009-02-27 -7
1fc890c6f 2009-02-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head f19c9c4ae55d6ae82d6c028a06c0fae886da2527)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 78d8ece1514216315644bbef224c62e1e9fbe370)
3733b78cc 2009-02-27     * I2PTunnelUDPClientBase: Fix client close, client target host     * I2CP Mux: Fix UDP sends
6648e182a 2009-02-26     * I2CP Client: Add support for muxing
56473c6b6 2009-02-25 add reverse lookup by hash
d222c7a99 2009-02-25 move dest-to-hash conversion to new helper class
84bd8274a 2009-02-25     * Router: Move addShutdownTask from Router to I2PAppContext       so that apps can register more easily
0d2812db5 2009-02-24 add standard logging to NativeBigInteger
648400556 2009-02-24 I2PTunnel: First cut at SOCKS UDP (untested); also some streamr and UDP tweaks
559653f0a 2009-02-24 clean up OCMOSJ cache cleaner
7a684c160 2009-02-24     * Routerconsole:       - Thread hard shutdown and restart requests from the routerconsole,         and add a delay even if no tunnels, to allow time for a UI response
7e21afe6a 2009-02-24 sort the summary bar destinations
720aa704c 2009-02-23 port streamr to i2ptunnel
532077a4c 2009-02-22 BOB version bump. Router Build bump.
8bce2fd7a 2009-02-22 Hopeful BOB fixes for orphaned tunnels. Additional comments in TCPio addressing performance.
3603cc23e 2009-02-22 add socks 4/4a support
f4c3607c4 2009-02-22     * I2PTunnel:       - Add new IRCServer tunnel type       - Catch OOMs in HTTPServer       - Name the IRCClient filter threads
06aeff9a3 2009-02-20 drop file accidentally checked in
78075cb3a 2009-02-20 Add upnp html output, fix up logging
fbe7e42f4 2009-02-20 fixed a NPE
312e6071d 2009-02-19 upnp first cut
f3143d8b3 2009-02-18 case insensitive sort on stat groups
fd32d7797 2009-02-16 -5
39e8e93bf 2009-02-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head c25c24d91060673157085b8c6edeb35e35e57900)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a28a9a5e42fadc0ad8780ec708f17928cfdf2e66)
e151ef74e 2009-02-16     * Streaming lib: Plug timer leak, don't send keepalives       after close, don't disconnect hard after close
609e70692 2009-02-15 -4
c5ac0981b 2009-02-15 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 0bb4b6c8acec3e78fe1d79924fef7186cfe31973)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b13b20bc5c20fd4ce45a91cacd483bc9fdea7118)
129fc5b83 2009-02-15 Backport rev 1c20e222438c8098ed49a4e5a5a609f0d2cf14c5 before the prop forward
775ab9a7b 2009-02-15     * I2PTunnel:       - Display destination even when stopped       - Enable key generation, dest modification, and         hashcash estimation in the GUI       - Add new CONNECT client
374360c7b 2009-02-15 save a little space
cc3165bf7 2009-02-15     * Streaming lib:       - Move ConEvent from SimpleTimer to SimpleScheduler       - Move RetransmissionTimer (ResendPacketEvent)         from SimpleTimer to new SimpleTimer2       - Move ActivityTimer and Flusher from SimpleTimer to RetransmissionTimer       - SimpleTimer2 allows specifying "fuzz" to reduce         timer queue churn further
6b0a2464d 2009-02-14 Add licenses to all packages
7b12f700d 2009-02-12 plug a tunnel build leak
806e2f88c 2009-02-12 Dont buffer all the POST data so we wont OOM on huge POSTs. Use unbuffered read for the first line, and for all the headers if POST
8591dfe71 2009-02-10 i2psnark tmp files take 3
7756e20b8 2009-02-09 enforce max leaseset publish frequency
39a1958bf 2009-02-09 fix dest save broken in 0.7
f9d8a2d79 2009-02-09 allow smaller leasesets
cdab99bd2 2009-02-09 concurrentify _availableMessages
f344c9e0b 2009-02-09 plug connection leak
7acaa964a 2009-02-07 -3
08deabb26 2009-02-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head f45f828cb1f4e2ea944d18a2aa23d9fac3f828fa)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 282b48a00cfb053c488aa75519723c001f2ca5a1)
6504e1f91 2009-02-07 export symbol
b125276be 2009-02-07 correct comment
dc9607024 2009-02-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 8424049f1510c378ac5c6d74a51fcc914f6082f5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head d14d24978b11daeff7d37002b7ac3ec5b5535475)
06e1305df 2009-02-06 prevent race NPE http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3066
28a14782a 2009-02-06 debian package instructions
e7bccb2f4 2009-02-06 fix idle property names
bdf7dda3b 2009-02-06 Use the right error msg when a b32 address fails to resolve
a7d4b3d6b 2009-02-06     * I2PTunnel & I2CP:       - Fix tunnel reduction/restore, hook in the GUI       - Hook leaseset encryption into the GUI       - Implement saves for all the new stuff       - Add cancel button       - Add b32 display for non-http servers       - Prep for CONNECT       - Fix error msg when connection goes away
a82de3d1c 2009-02-04 Netdb: Remove all DataPublisher stuff
a6dc27ada 2009-02-04 Bound and concurrentify SYN queue to hopefully prevent explosion
69f051da4 2009-02-04 concurrentify TunnelDispatcher
5946c35a8 2009-02-04 avoid illegalstateexception
3d8cb3b90 2009-02-04 print torrent and peer count
3b9fec185 2009-02-03 save a little space
ececf5407 2009-02-03 concurrentify shitlist
d236b9b44 2009-02-02 more concurrent
7ec29b0c5 2009-02-02 use concurrent
8d7340500 2009-02-02     * I2CP: Implement optional reduce tunnels on idle - not hooked       in to i2ptunnel GUI yet - still needs tweaks
1ee2b5e89 2009-02-02 one more static
6f948df08 2009-02-02 remove dup
b6b149136 2009-02-02 Final Slackbuild cleanups, ant slackpkg target added.
f70be2965 2009-02-01 small change so that the version number makes more sense
c48700216 2009-02-01 SlackBuild!
45a215929 2009-02-01 -2
ac7ea4ac4 2009-02-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head ff7193c72f9811a641627eb08d5183b3f7af9306)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b71194946fd76128f523e88f918a5c3a9b2c12e1)
2a96dde20 2009-02-01 merge of 'cc72fab39f44fab34741eaed2d2565a6db5b757e'      and 'd6901f35bd88f633d566f597f0c10904a853a37d'
78d5080d7 2009-01-31     * Tunnel Pool:       - Remove tunnel from participating if can't contact next hop       - Fail outbound build faster if can't contact first hop
395baf027 2009-01-31     * Convert some inner classes to static (findbugs)
951f08288 2009-01-31     * i2psnark: Increase tunnels and pipeline to 3
a5ab6f576 2009-01-31     * SimpleScheduler: New replacement for SimpleTimer when events       will not be rescheduled or cancelled, to reduce SimpleTimer       lock contention
f7f93fda0 2009-01-31 Discarded int fix.
7365ca849 2009-01-30 preliminary debian package support
d75e1deae 2009-01-30 Fix readLong() bug where it wasnt throwing an exception on EOF
4aa9c7fdc 2009-01-29     * NTCP: Use a java.util.concurrent execution queue instead of       SimpleTimer for afterSend() to reduce lock contention
69e639344 2009-01-29     * Routerconsole:       - Move common methods to new HelperBase class       - Make reseed link a button
9d9d4093b 2009-01-29 simple readme for the source pkg
37f9d3afe 2009-01-29     * Remove source from susimail.war, susidns.war, i2ptunnel.war (85KB)
82180592f 2009-01-25 -1
d88cfae80 2009-01-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head f4edeaaf6cd647f4a69847a09272b54cb51ef758)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 0d7e18b693718b5924035d7a6f638ff0689af589)
6235b4930 2009-01-25 cleanup of lease stuff
4682bb414 2009-01-25 * Removing duplicate end tag from news.xml
baebd1fdd 2009-01-24 * Update versions, package release
6ed17c1a5 2009-01-24 prevent null spoofhost
ae0bcc492 2009-01-24     * netdb.jsp: Don't show stats by default     * RebuildRouterInfoJob: Don't run it     * PublishLocalRouterInfoJob:       - Delay for 5m at startup       - Run every 20m (was 7.5m)
d8298c63a 2009-01-24 http error message
9a089b7da 2009-01-24     * Build files:       - Don't bundle unneeded XML parser xercesImpl.jar for Jetty (1MB)       - Don't include unneeded stuff in Copy, Delete, Exec.jar (300KB)
e5d76a5a7 2009-01-23 beginnings of outproxy configuration and routing
f7170aa00 2009-01-23 Move getDestinationI2PSocket from SocksServer to Socks5Server so we can do better error handling
c02711cca 2009-01-23 Fix socks so it uses existing tunnels rather than building a new one for every request. Now works with or without 'shared clients' enabled.
9885779ca 2009-01-23 Add socks to gui, prevent NPE on socks 4 request, general cleanup
e105ca92f 2009-01-22 Bundle a reply when we switch tunnels, to detect failure sooner
28cfd8cff 2009-01-22 sv back in the updater
a4468219c 2009-01-22 sv take 4
70f07e5bc 2009-01-22 sv encoding take 3
173e8a043 2009-01-22 console css tweaks
10e2c3832 2009-01-22 Move SummaryHelper.getTransferred() to DataHelper, rename to formatSize(), use on tunnels.jsp
c620420a6 2009-01-20     * I2PTunnel Edit Pages:       - Change default length to 2+0       - Cleanup helper code       - Stub out the following new options (C=client, S=server):         + Access list (S)         + Certificate type (S)         + Encrypted LeaseSet (S)         + New dest on idle restart (C)         + Tunnel closure on idle (C)         + Tunnel reduction on idle (C,S)
6be54942e 2009-01-20      * Streaming, I2CP, Client Message sending:        Pass message timeout through new I2CP message        SendMessageExpiresMessage, so that the router        uses the same expiration as the streaming lib.        Should help reliability.      * I2CP:        Implement new I2CP message ReconfigureSessionMessage.        Will be used for tunnel reduction.
ab92206b7 2009-01-20      * Streaming: TCB control block sharing        also tweak ResendPacketEvent to prepare for PacketQueue sending timeout to I2CP
0e2a4227e 2009-01-20      * LeaseSet: Add encrypt/decrypt methods
8d891b99d 2009-01-20      * Router: Add a keyring for decrypting leases      * Routerconsole: Add configkeyring.jsp
72fd42ef9 2009-01-17 -11
ba7dbf906 2009-01-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head d4e23b124489f9a3dd9410aa941e88823702b950)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7a54e1c58b8cf2ad43830ddec6d404229e3e6e60)
807f0665b 2009-01-17 tweak
416b0e454 2009-01-17 Prevent two NTCP Pumpers
011ded2ee 2009-01-14 -10
f9faf3c70 2009-01-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 4bd16d213231d7bd4373d4b57c449b358389f568)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head c7655ab1094ca15b4485ea2ac66085e87e28b0d6)
0ea532c72 2009-01-14 reduce initial RTT to 8s
104cf8346 2009-01-13 add .de thx echelon
3e7e5d611 2009-01-13 dont build sam tests by default
0275c5e13 2009-01-13 crstrack
1c76d240e 2009-01-13     * i2psnark:       - Fix double completion message       - Add crstrack
366da1b37 2009-01-13 add b32 config for mosfet
bdcb625e6 2009-01-13 fix rare NPE
829672353 2009-01-13     * HTTPClient: Fix per-tunnel settings for i2cp.gzip and i2ptunnel.httpclient.send* (thx tino)
957c80977 2009-01-12 drop more syndie files
70b99cf4f 2009-01-12 prevent possible latency-measuring attack
05a635314 2009-01-12 .b32.i2p
85615b972 2009-01-12 noobhelp
e3abea1ad 2009-01-11 add netdb links on tunnels.jsp
bc54908a2 2009-01-10 cleanups using getProperty(String, int)
60bd9803f 2009-01-10 fix burst seconds display
c3360cc3d 2009-01-10 remove 1m fail column
aa7172515 2009-01-08 -9
574713e60 2009-01-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 27dec7ffd064f6ecb40189c0438e4aee9f887a9c)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 5aa9ccf6d6abec74c2d0d92ca02bc807463be93b)
0aaae0b0d 2009-01-08 robt4
ed3496474 2009-01-08 reduce fast retx threshold to 2
7b758d89d 2009-01-08     * ExploreJob/SearchJob - more fixes:       - Disable ExploreKeySelectorJob completely, just have         StartExplorersJob select a random key if queue is empty       - Add netDb.alwaysQuery=[B64Hash] for debugging       - Queue results of exploration for more exploration       - Floodfills periodically shuffle their KBuckets, and         FloodfillPeerSelector sorts more keys, so that         exploration works well
1c7111eca 2009-01-07 alternate base32 check
831f09c91 2009-01-05 fix corruption of update urls
4f836a20e 2009-01-05     * ExploreJob/SearchJob - fix brokenness:       - Give each search a minimum of time even at the end       - Fix ExploreJob exclude peer list       - Always add floodfills to exclude peer list       - Don't queue keys for exploration or run ExploreJob         if floodfill       - Allow floodfills to return non-floodfills in         a DSRM msg so exploration works
8faeaaa1a 2009-01-05 Transport: Don't shitlist a peer if we are at our connection limit
7271289c1 2009-01-05 Shitlist: Reduce max time to 30m (was 60m)
8421ae1ed 2009-01-05     * Streaming: Reduce default initial window size from 12 to 6,       to account for the MTU increase in the last release
d042c6b92 2009-01-05 recognize robert 0.3
e2e4516a8 2009-01-05  Fix display of outbound backup count
efc604a25 2009-01-05 Remove readme_xx.html from updater
5c1864ed5 2009-01-05 addressbook: Prevent Base32 hostnames
debf92fd9 2009-01-03 history for prop., -8
9477b139b 2009-01-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head 014db28e7b42a25a02de0c0eee5f2fc57352e268)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head e4d9945a49c24434a8eaf34d142e033a3a6e0828)
53ce3c480 2009-01-03 sort torrents with a locale-based sort
d61af1286 2009-01-02 clean up and fix the possibly broken browser launcher config
908c542b4 2009-01-02 move buttons
ef998349c 2009-01-01 require router.memoryUsed stat
44446d76e 2009-01-01 convert db to concurrent
a616a5f1c 2009-01-01 prep for upcoming torrent updater
c0b616e51 2009-01-01 revert core version, -7
b4d398600 2008-12-31 router and core version bump
ba9108f93 2008-12-30 bump revision to 0.0.3
161379f00 2008-12-30 Removed debug line.
841feaedf 2008-12-30 Bugfix for getting Properties to actually work.
ba8de6c56 2008-12-22 Spelling error correction.
d6148db45 2008-12-21     * NetDb:       - Expire routers with introducers after 90m.         This should improve reachability to firewalled routers         by keeping introducer info current.       - Expire routers with no addresses after 90m.
33b43f40b 2008-12-20 try again to kill the i2psnarkurl files
4336dc441 2008-12-20 Remove spurious UDP warning on startup
2d86e7cf6 2008-12-20 add router.memoryUsed stat
219e96d41 2008-12-15 Remove apps/ bogobot jdom pants q rome stasher syndie
0c72fe738 2008-12-14 history for prop -5
369599fed 2008-12-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head c021d3213ed91036828c43f1e93916e319d47bc1)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f571e6566b12cd0ae93fd57157b849d5a963612f)
847c9dafc 2008-12-14     * I2CP, HostsTxtNamingService, I2PTunnel:       Implement Base32 Hash hostnames, via the naming service.       Names are of the form [52-characters].i2p, where       the 52 characters are the Base32 representation of our       256-byte hash. The client requests a lookup of the hash       via a brief I2CP session using new I2CP request/reply       messages. The router looks up the leaseset for the hash       to convert the hash to a dest. Convert the I2PTunnel       'preview' links to use Base32 hostnames as a       demonstration.
734818f65 2008-12-14     * Transport:       - Cleanup max connections code       - Add i2np.udp.maxConnections       - Set max connections based on share bandwidth       - Add haveCapacity() that can be used for connection         throttling in the router       - Reject IBGW/OBEP requests when near connection limit       - Reduce idle timeout when near connection limit     * Tunnel request handler:       - Require tunnel.dropLoad* stats       - Speed up request loop
dae6fd47d 2008-12-13 javadoc fixes
0956393cf 2008-12-10 add int getProperty(String prop, int default)
d16f18739 2008-12-10 change restart/shutdown/update links to buttons
962a8f6f4 2008-12-10 more splitting classes
9aa870764 2008-12-08 Prepended log LVL to messages, added INFO LVL
1fdd228a9 2008-12-08 constructor fix
819d85755 2008-12-08 Do not build tests
04fb12932 2008-12-08 prop history, -4
703b6ed19 2008-12-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head eac1d36c16cf82b0d98167c58e1562aa443ee5e5)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head b1fa07e8a4dabc26e731f7d486677abb165d975c)
bd6c63cc7 2008-12-06 add findbugs target
7dbb13d6d 2008-12-05 move atalk from core to apps
ebdc69cbc 2008-12-05 remove PRNG from summary bar
868fe90d7 2008-12-05 increase max files to 256
9e39f3447 2008-12-05 BOB: removed debugging (oops!) BUMP: BOB to 00.00.02 BUMP router to -3
45ed74421 2008-12-05 BUMP to -2 for bug reporting.
701904d11 2008-12-05 BUGFIX: streaming lib blocking on a write() will now fail when the socket  is closed from under it. Enhancement: BOB can now clear a destination in under 1 second with the above fix.     BOB also will do a thread dump when something really aweful happens,    so that developers/users can help in debugging.
dcf4bb595 2008-12-04 split classes into their own files
e9f27c60d 2008-12-04 avoid two NPEs on corrupt fragments
321f11c05 2008-12-03 robert + xl
85cebc799 2008-12-03     * Transport:       - Fixes and cleanups when NTCP and/or UDP transports disabled       - More TCP removal cleanup       - Clean up bandwidth limiting, centralize defaults       - Force burst to be >= limit       - Increase default bw to 48/24, burst 64/32
8e5c4a3e2 2008-12-03 error to warn
dff75de97 2008-12-03 tweak
f1fd35265 2008-12-03 enable blocklists by default
b73b3fc5a 2008-12-03     * i2psnark:       - Add default i2psnark.config for new installs       - Remove wishlist link
13d4ccf2e 2008-12-02 remove restart button if no wrapper
8c9ac941b 2008-12-02 fix NPE on early shutdown
3fc698c7d 2008-12-02 disable eepsite webapps by default
15596c923 2008-12-02 add textareas to susidns
7fdbe9b87 2008-12-02 post-0.6.5 netdb stats cleanup
5acc56c18 2008-12-02 increase standalone to 128MB max mem
c524231c6 2008-12-01 history for the propagate of the snark rewrite
5d4a7967c 2008-12-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2psnark' (head 738b0ee2a3e938f83c8524d7ee1cbd66c83d7d56)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 7bc276bf13158ca72d687031fdf5e9921efc5050)
01101f986 2008-12-01 * Fix typos in news.xml
c93ccd15e 2008-12-01 * Update versions, package release, fix typo in comment
73280ab83 2008-11-28 amiga->echelon
6a3c52b7f 2008-11-28 Added verify command to check that a destination's BASE64 is correct for external applications that need it.
90983c876 2008-11-27 added inital version of a deploy script
daac598bd 2008-11-26 fix windows url launcher
41d98acc9 2008-11-26 minor style changes
c8970c0fc 2008-11-26 changed some of the URL's
4e5825c64 2008-11-21     * Cache DNS and negative DNS for 5m (was 1m and forever)     * Delay shitlist cleaner at startup     * Strip wrapper properties from client config     * Define multiple cert type     * Prohibit negative maxSends in streaming     * HTML fixup on configtunnels.jsp     * Increase wrapper exit timeout from default 15s to 30s
93f009243 2008-11-20 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test' (head fa1d7d3151cb0b03dde308766d3d350afda8f14a)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head 8cb6295e6a3492fd3b93366bfb0ebf231115fa85)
bad4c4a13 2008-11-20 SAM: Convert from I2PThread to I2PAppThread so it won't      shutdown the whole router when ooming.
da9a4ce55 2008-11-20 EepGet:    - Better handling of 504 gateway timeout      (keep going up to limit of retry count rather       than just one more partial fetch)    - Add -t cmd line option for timeout    - Better handling of 403, 409, 503 errors    - Don't keep going after unknown return code    - Don't delay before exiting after a failure
0ff816742 2008-11-18 i2psnark:     - Don't create SnarkManager instance until first call,       so it doesn't create the i2psnark dir, read the config,       etc., for single Snark instances.     - Don't read i2psnark.config twice; fix setting       i2psnark.dir     - More Snark constructor changes for calling from router     - Make max connections per torrent configurable
9ae589449 2008-11-16 tweak
134764b15 2008-11-16 i2psnark:     - Use new I2PAppThread that does not call global listeners on OOM,       so that OOMing apps will not shutdown the whole router.
23699e46e 2008-11-16 i2psnark:     - Remove static instances of I2PSnarkUtil, ConnectionAcceptor,       and PeerCoordinatorSet     - Convert static classes in Snark to listeners     - Fix Snark to work in single torrent mode again     - Should now work with multiple single Snarks
fa23a7b06 2008-11-15 i2psnark:   - Refactor to allow running a single Snark without a SnarkManager again,     by moving some things from SnarkManager to I2PSnarkUtil,     having Snark call completeListener callbacks,     and having Storage call storageListener callbacks.     This is in preparation for using Snark for router updates.     Step 2 is to allow multiple I2PSnarkUtil instances.   - Big rewrite of Storage to open file descriptors on demand, and     close them when unused, so we can support large numbers of torrents.
de21a5ec4 2008-11-15 drop old tcp transport and old tunnel build sources
b1a9dcf77 2008-11-15 move dummy to his own file to help the build dependencies
15e778347 2008-11-15 handle missing fields in i2ptunnel edit pages better
afa17a8c0 2008-11-15     * I2CP Compression:       - Add i2cp.gzip option (default true)       - Don't bother compressing if really small
c7bb2e8f7 2008-11-14 * build files:    - Don't die if depend not available    - Only verify Jetty hash once    - Add streaming lib tests to depends task
b4d299804 2008-11-13 update history before propagate
77f5dd2d1 2008-11-12 Fix blocklists with hashes only
c941d7bfa 2008-11-12 HTTPClient: Add config options to pass Via, Referer, and User-Agent through
049d6b2fa 2008-11-12     * Streaming:       - Add more info to Connection.toString() for debugging       - Fix lifetimeMessages{Sent,Received} stats       - Reduce RTT damping to 0.875 (was 0.9)       - Add a stream.con.initialRTT.{in,out} stats
98038e928 2008-11-12     * Build files:       - Use the depend task with caching for more accurate dependencies       - Make sure the routerconsole gets the latest router version       - Fix addressbook repeated builds
6169904c7 2008-11-11 oops remove extra stuff in IndexBean
04509f593 2008-11-11  * Streaming: Enforce a minimum MTU of 512
875dd65dc 2008-11-11  * I2PTunnel: Change "interactive" max window size to 16 (was 1)
b0ec6a087 2008-11-10     * Streaming - Fix several bugs and improve performance       when the initial data is larger than one MTU,       e.g. HTTP GETs with large URLs, CGI params or cookies,       or large HTTP POSTS:       - Don't reject additional packets received without a         send stream ID (i.e. sent before the SYN ACK was received)       - Put unknown non-SYN packets on the SYN queue also         so they won't be rejected       - Reduce flusher delay to 250ms (was 500)       - Flush unless window is full (was window is non-empty)
6ce276751 2008-11-10     * NetDb: Fix a deadlock caused by last checkin
5271838a1 2008-11-09 -9
9ec45bbcf 2008-11-09 provide a link when starting a webapp
c9cef19a6 2008-11-09     * Tunnel BuildHandler: add config router.participantOnly,       set to true to refuse OBEP and IBGW roles, should       reduce connections significantly if set.
9f57be5f0 2008-11-09     * Jetty: Add a I2PRequestLog class to log request dest hash
1793b0578 2008-11-09     * NetDb: Don't drop routerInfos if we have connectivity issues or other problems
f95c32483 2008-11-09     * configtunnels.jsp:       - Code cleanup       - Add 4-hop option       - Remove +/- 0-2 option
016c843ad 2008-11-09     * I2PTunnelHTTPServer: Put the requestor's dest hash       in the request headers
e52526b25 2008-11-09     * NTCP: Lower idle timeout to 10m (was 15m)
7722ab5f6 2008-11-09     * Routerconsole: Replace wtf msg w/ something nicer
c024398b9 2008-11-09 Add some javadoc files
2e72ece38 2008-11-09     * build.xml: Build speedups:       - Don't distclean in the updaterRouter target       - Don't make prepUpdate and prepupdateSmall depend         on distclean       - Don't make susimail build always clean       - Make pkg depend on distclean to be sure       - Clean out more routerconsole and susidns files in 'ant clean'       - i2ptunnel, routerconsole, susidns:         Only build WEB-INF when necessary       - systray: Only build jar when necessary       - Don't build i2psnark standalone for the updater target
2b8d59d9f 2008-11-09 more override removals
28b4c9224 2008-11-09 should compile on 1.5 again now
c9d9a83f7 2008-11-09 finished core
7bf57870d 2008-11-09 and again some more ;)
d41b68438 2008-11-08 and another bunch
c634e5005 2008-11-08 cleanup: annotated a bunch of files
e0926b8cc 2008-11-08 minor update to the checklist
5ea7adb85 2008-11-08 updated style of PrivateKeyFile to conform (more or less) to sun coding standards
bf12c5f9b 2008-11-02     * Certificates:       - Add a signed Certificate type       - Add a main() to PrivateKeyFile to generate         Destinations with various Certificate types       - Add a VerifiedDestination class to check Certificates         of various types       - Add a HashCash library from         (no distribution restrictions)       - Allow non-null Certificates in addressbook
47d5e44b1 2008-11-02     * Throttle: Reduce default max tunnels to 2000 (was 2500)
f6996c7d8 2008-11-02     * NamingServices: Implement caching in the abstract class
fb7f4f2d1 2008-11-02     * clients.config: Disable SAM and BOB by default for new installs
d89f97acd 2008-11-02     * I2PTunnel: Move some wayward stats to the I2PTunnel group
f3c9343c7 2008-11-02     * NewsFetcher: Fix last updated time
16ec09120 2008-11-02     * Streaming: Increase MTU to 1730 (was 960);       see for analysis
0b599c45e 2008-10-31 Refactored code. Piles of pedantic lock checks to ensure we don't get deadlocked, it's ugly.
7f3f6dfde 2008-10-30 Patches to (hoefully) fix deadlock in BOB and revision bumpped to B SusiMail JavaDoc additions.
d736b75dc 2008-10-29 merge of '146998571b0b88243eb67af215b740f504fbcc50'      and 'ee93f3940b59255ddab5fa4aafd6f567f46783f7'
fa2f06b1d 2008-10-29 JavaDoc fixes
421285840 2008-10-28 fix english link in readme_nl.html
33221ce7f 2008-10-26 More findbugs cleanup
fd5fcebae 2008-10-26     * NetDb:        - Fix behavior when router.isHidden=true        - Delay StartExplorersJob for 10m at startup        - More findbugs cleanups     * netdb.jsp: Indicate if hidden
b74344971 2008-10-26     * NetDb:        - Update dbLookup profile stats in FloodOnlySearchJob          and FloodfillVerifyStoreJob        - Fix response time store in profile in SearchJob     * profiles.jsp: Don't override locale number format,        clean up the response time output for floodfills
2a08fc7a3 2008-10-26     * FloodfillMonitor:        - Fix ff count (we forgot ourselves)        - Don't become ff if hidden
0c520de6e 2008-10-26     * HandleFloodfillDatabaseLookupMessageJob:        - Send back your routerinfo with the DSRM if not ff to          spread the word that you aren't ff anymore        - Fix behavior when router.isHidden=true
09b868e24 2008-10-26     * Blocklist: Change logging from ERROR to WARN
83801c9fe 2008-10-26     * Stats:        - Remove unused tunnel.buildSuccess and tunnel.buildFailure        - Remove tunnel.buildRequestTime and 5m rate stats from          netDb, effective in next release
152f82477 2008-10-26     * config.jsp: Add more help     * summary.jsp: Indicate if hidden
68256930b 2008-10-26     * UDP:        - Don't do peer tests when hidden        - Don't offer to introduce when hidden        - Don't continually rebuild routerInfo when hidden        - Don't continually rebuild routerInfo when          i2np.udp.internalPort is set but i2np.udp.port is not        - Remove some unused functions
622951c79 2008-10-26     * tunnels.jsp: Indicate if pool is dead
baa70299f 2008-10-26     * I2Ping:        - Add -n count option        - Add rtt output        - Enhance help        - Fix option handling
47856f312 2008-10-26     * i2ptunnel/edit.jsp: Disable word wrap in textarea
b4c808918 2008-10-26     * peers.jsp: Clean up 'Listening on' formatting
e6e4c60a2 2008-10-22 BOB version bump to 0xA
2dc699b38 2008-10-22 Better handling of listening sockets.
22454a06d 2008-10-21 UTF-8 readme_sv.html
0e0459f88 2008-10-19 more findbugs
20effe3a7 2008-10-19 Big findbugs cleanup
8a756a6e8 2008-10-19     * FloodOnlySearchJob: Recover better if the floodfills       you know are no longer floodfill or are gone
a7e876da1 2008-10-19     * FloodfillMonitor:        - Don't become ff if clock skew is high        - Rebuild routerinfo immediately when ff status changes
06be4515e 2008-10-19     * ShellCommand: Fix main()
af630e955 2008-10-19     * configclients.jsp: Handle clients with no args
50c93e25c 2008-10-19     * Installer: Bump min JRE to 1.5
2d6007cf4 2008-10-19 readme_sv.html
7aaed8e68 2008-10-19     * Client: Prevent a race causing session reconnect
e2a183514 2008-10-15 readme_nl.html
078256da8 2008-10-14 change to _de links
4f8d84e9e 2008-10-14 Add multilanguage support for index.jsp
ae967d6ef 2008-10-14 Disable word wrap in textareas
3b46b1603 2008-10-14 Remove failing count from summary bar
25bf6e59b 2008-10-14 Update install.txt files for 1.5
c4030f8da 2008-10-13 Fixed one javadoc problem in snark. This patch completes the javadoc fixups. Additions are pending.
e103f33c2 2008-10-12 Addressbook javadoc fixes Addressbook now JDK5 build.xml fixed to remove annoying javadoc warnings.
1c6b78a8d 2008-10-12 SAM davadoc cleanups JDK5 compliance
8117d0465 2008-10-11 BOB fixes: Default Properties work, files are properly closed.
0ff846dee 2008-10-11 Added package details for BOB
87a992bd3 2008-10-11 Patched java docs to remove sam and bob from the SDK;        SAM and BOB are not part of the SDK in the first place.
41c38e64c 2008-10-11 Added JDK5 lint fixes Streaming lib javadocs
ca5c15d4d 2008-10-11 Added more complete javadocs to ministreaming and cleaned up overrides so the code is JDK5 compliant. There remains some unchecked warnings, but these aren't important at this juncture.
f3f7537ec 2008-10-11 Set BOB source/target to JDK 5 (AKA 1.5) Minor bugfixes/code cleanup on BOB Add/Cleanup some documentation to streaming lib javadocs
855293d67 2008-10-10     * Tunnels: Implement random discard to enforce share limit
4c2d4144d 2008-10-10     * i2psnark: Change default tunnel length from 1+1 to 2+0
387587b0b 2008-10-10     * Throttle: Change reject to BANDWIDTH from CRIT on shutdown       for improved anonymity
43e95a70d 2008-10-10     * configpeer.jsp: Table cleanup
ad56eb722 2008-10-10     * UDPPacketReader: Adjust logging
d2d32f0ad 2008-10-10     * peers.jsp: Change <,> to in,out for UDP
0428726e3 2008-10-10     * Profiles: Reduce reject penalty in       capacity calculation to avoid a congestion collapse
2eb154c24 2008-10-10     * Tunnel Tests: Add time for outbound delay, to avoid       congestion collapse
4ec82beec 2008-10-10     * build files: Change to source=1.5, target=1.5
224ebb16d 2008-10-09 Bugfixes for BOB, Important database locking to prevent thread collisions.
cb17fb880 2008-10-08 Made BOB 1.4 java compliant.
2c048d746 2008-10-08 Revision/history changes
00d537e5e 2008-10-08 Added new command to BOB, and made API a little better.
5eef43d23 2008-10-08 BOB "option" added, next small push will have an API fix.
caaf0ccfc 2008-10-08 Additional BOB fixes. Added BOB to clients.config and wrapper.config for new installs.
18d42ec92 2008-10-07 A few fixes to make BOB a little more quiet, there is possibly a little left, though.
872d2c48c 2008-10-07 Added demos for BOB
a3b9345ff 2008-10-07 Patch to reflect build version
eae67a44f 2008-10-07 merge of '07188d6eb4d52af5bdde5cbb23dc6facea726ad0'      and 'be6f83df49d5f766fd655b9ca0388bb30d68dfeb'
a988358eb 2008-10-07 history.txt additions
bb32672c1 2008-10-07 NEW BOB, a replacement for SAM, added It does have a different API. See it's java-doc.
ae0a51669 2008-10-06 * Update versions, package release
f1c4a8599 2008-10-06 Code cleanup in I2PSocketManagerFull and I2PServerSocketFull BUGFIX ConnectionHandler had a comparason bug that caused it to block when infact it was asked NOT to block
0a5eeed37 2008-10-04 merge of '2f46bb4293a808d63ad2494aaebced5cf2227f52'      and '702d19f746dabc901ebadec705ce42950c124f55'
bf07a6a3c 2008-09-29     * checklist update     * i2psnark: Add codevoid link, remove mastertracker     * hosts.txt: add echelon, codevoid
5913d9ee4 2008-09-28 ADDED SimpleStore, cuz I forgot to add it
61749aaaa 2008-09-27 Added Simple true/false storage class to the utilities Added socketSoTimeout CHANGED RetransmissionTimer is now public FIXED SimpleTimer has a way to be stopped, and reap it's children CLEANUP A few javadoc additions, where I could figgure out bits CLEANUP all code that needed to catch the timeout exception for socketSoTimeout
b0313bd6b 2008-09-27 disapproval of revision '7ed18fd4c3a5430150a2d76bfe202bc491115974'
dd7d99363 2008-09-25 Added Simple true/false storage class to the utilities Added socketSoTimeout CHANGED RetransmissionTimer is now public FIXED SimpleTimer has a way to be stopped, and reap it's children FIXED Lots of javadoc additions, where I could CLEANUP all code that needed to catch the timeout exception for socketSoTimeout
ee2fd32a9 2008-09-25 disapproval of revision 'bd09bb36a90e766b3a406d78055d427a6200dd41'
fa5c7219d 2008-09-25 Added {get,set}SOTimeout() to the ServerSocket API, and fixed all the broken mainstream applications depending on it. Fixed a grave bug in SimpleTimer. Fixed Steraming Timer to be public. Fixed a pile of JavaDoc comments, and reformatted the files I touched.
8d78a77a8 2008-09-24 Allow SimplerTimer to die. Still needs some methods to be able to reap it, and it's children.
52d38e045 2008-09-23     * config.jsp: Add some reachability help     * configpeer.jsp: Add blocklist info     * help.jsp: Add link to German FAQ     * tunnels.jsp: Fix inactive participating count
fbad8a1e8 2008-09-23     * SearchReplyJob: Don't look up references to shitlisted peers
f49277087 2008-09-23     * TunnelPeerSelector: Avoid a peer for 20s after a reject or timeout
e5c7b79cf 2008-09-20     * NetDb: Fix the totally broken "check new routers against blocklist"       code from 3 checkins ago     * tunnels.jsp: Sort participating tunnels by usage, display rate
6b1224b23 2008-09-19 2008-09-19 zzz     * Tunnels:       - Add missing message accounting for inbound gateways,         we were underestimating participating traffic because of it,         and the tunnels were classified "inactive"       - Add participating tunnel role on tunnels.jsp
0bbc94f43 2008-09-18     * Throttle:       - Correctly check inbound and outbound total bw limits separately       - Fix up and actually use the tunnel.participatingMessageCount stat,         favor it if lower than the total bw stat, so that         client traffic isn't included for throttle decisions       - Reduce min message count from 60 to 40     * Tunnel Dispatcher:       - Add tunnel.participatingBandwidth stat       - Remove all 3h and 24h stats
7c083ed33 2008-09-15     * logs.jsp: Remove unused connection log, cut wrapper log output in half     * configlogging.jsp: Increase box width
50f10e8cf 2008-09-15     * FloodOnlySearchJob:       - Ask non-floodfill peers if we don't know any floodfills       - Lookup hashes in the DatabaseSearchReplyMessage if we         don't know enough floodfills
69d9c054d 2008-09-15     * Tunnel Pool:       - Prevent excess zero-hop tunnels       - Always wait before looping in BuildExecutor
fcfe4397c 2008-09-15     * NetDb: Check new routers against blocklist
e734a5587 2008-09-15     * Router: Shutdown clients first     * Throttle:       - Use 60s rather than 10m tunnel.participatingMessageCount stat       - Fix a summary bar message     * Tunnel Dispatcher: Update tunnel.participatingMessageCount       every 20s, rather than at tunnel expiration, to maintain       a more current stat
825af3e6c 2008-09-12     * HarvesterJob: Don't instantiate if disabled     * NetDb: Add netDb.exploreKeySet stat     * netdb.jsp: Add parameter ?r=xxxxxx to view a single routerinfo,       and ?r=. to view our own; change links on other pages too
cf54dd159 2008-09-12     * Blocklist: Fix a log message format
6b1fb674e 2008-09-12     * i2psnark:       - Add config i2psnark.linkPrefix to enable access to completed         torrents from a different machine - examples:            i2psnark.linkPrefix=file://///localserver/path/to/files/            i2psnark.linkPrefix=http://localwebserver/path/         Stop i2psnark, add to i2psnark.config, restart       - Remove Galen and NickyB trackers
97366824d 2008-09-12     * Transport: Make and private
2ac536193 2008-09-06 fix compile error
9a2792e64 2008-09-06     * EepGet command line: Fix byte counts after a failed resume     * UpdateHandler: Cleanup, clarify failure message
1091a289d 2008-09-06     * NTCP: Mark unreachable on outbound connection timeout
536f5d0c7 2008-09-06     * Shitlist: Fix partial shitlisting (still unused though)
a3108ead4 2008-09-06     * Throttle: Combine current and last bw measurement,       reduce default max tunnels to 2500 (was 3000)
808557d24 2008-09-06     * Summary Bar: Warn if firewalled and floodfill
6501d403a 2008-09-06     * Tunnel BuildHandler: Logging cleanup
ef328ed3c 2008-09-06     * DataHelper: Prepare for 999 day uptime :)
62bf269c4 2008-08-29     * Profiles: Penalize capacity when tunnel build request times out     * Tunnel BuildExecutor: Debug cleanup
ee4d68cf6 2008-08-29     * Stats: Remove tunnel.Bps.* stats when the tunnel pool is closed
e064b0a0e 2008-08-29     * Shutdown: Call the shutdown hooks before the router shutdown       rather than after
c321251bb 2008-08-28 Add galen.i2p and tracker.mastertracker.i2p
896ba7ae1 2008-08-27     * Floodfill Peer Selector: Prefer already-connected floodfill       peer for direct RouterInfo stores, to mimimize floodfill       connections     * Peer Profiles: Classify connected peers as "active",       which will help improve the fast pool     * Transport Manager: Add isEstablished(Hash)
2c4883160 2008-08-27 ntcp reduce idle timeout
9d70a5293 2008-08-27 netdb stats cleanup
bf5174113 2008-08-24     * Update versions, package release
33e8abfc3 2008-08-20     * Persistent data store: Increase write limit from 300 to 600       so floodfill routers don't get backed up
258d01f0d 2008-08-20     * Blocklists: Handle blank lines and \r\n in blocklist.txt     * NTCP: Add connection limit, set by i2np.ntcp.maxConnections,       default is 500 (very high for now)
49af13a3c 2008-08-13     * i2psnark: Fix OOM vulnerability by checking incoming message length       (thanks devzero!)
719ba3f66 2008-08-04     * Floodfill Peer Selector:       - Avoid peers whose netdb is old, or have a recent failed store,         or are forever-shitlisted
9652db962 2008-07-30     * Blocklists:       - New, disabled by default, except for blocking of         forever-shitlisted peers. See source for instructions         and file format.     * Transport - Reject peers from inbound connections:       - Check IP against blocklist       - Check router hash against forever-shitlist, then block IP
481af00ba 2008-07-16 -9
11d267bc9 2008-07-16     * configpeer.jsp: New
40f0cb65a 2008-07-16     * SSU:         Don't proactively reconnect until 30m idle, so         we don't lose introducer tags prematurely
2ba992927 2008-07-16     * PRNG: Move logging from wrapper to router log
616abba32 2008-07-16     * i2psnark: Open completed files read-only the first time
14a6352d9 2008-07-16 Corrected UTF-8 encoding
5782c42d2 2008-07-16 Cleaned up all 'imports' in all applications, core and router.
f261deaf1 2008-07-14 made code more 1.5 compatible
522854323 2008-07-07     * SSU:       - Try to pick better introducers by checking shitlist,         wasUnreachable list, failing list, and idle times       - To keep introducer connections up and valid,         periodically send a "ping" (a data packet with no data and no acks)         to everybody that has been an introducer in the last two hours       - Add a stat udp.receiveRelayRequestBadTag, make udp.receiveRelayRequest only for good ones       - Remove some 60s and 5m stats, leave only the 10m ones       - Narrow the range for the retransmit time after an allocation fail       - Adjust some logging
e173a47e0 2008-07-07 * Streaming lib - adjust some loggging, cleanup Connection.toString()
07b895a06 2008-07-07     * Router console: Flag placeholder pages as noncacheable
4d8ffc85e 2008-07-07     * LoadTestManager: Don't instantiate, it's disabled
53e2e0d1c 2008-07-07     * KeyManager:       - Don't write router key backup when leaseSet keys are updated       - Synchronize to prevent concurrent writes (thanks Galen!)       - Backup keys every 7 days instead of every 5 minutes
e0dcf8269 2008-07-07     * HTTP Proxy: Don't show jump links for unknown jump hosts
0cfac58ad 2008-07-07     * i2psnark:       - Repair corrupted files with wrong length rather than die       - Register shutdown hook to properly shutdown torrents when         the router shuts down, hopefully will reduce corruption       - Add Galen tracker       - Add a note about how to chane directory
2768bef99 2008-06-30     * NTCP:       - Try to fix 100% CPU, caused perhaps by JVM NIO bug...       - Fix failsafe stats
bae712ad9 2008-06-30     * i2psnark:       - Fix NPE caused by race (thanks echelon!)       - Add mastertracker, remove de-ebook
49cb4c13b 2008-06-30     * PersistentDataStore: More leaseSet code cleanup
28da17276 2008-06-30     * configstats.jsp: Fix NPE when no stats checked (thanks nothome27!)
14099ace6 2008-06-30     * SimpleTimer: Change congestion message from error to warn
9289799c9 2008-06-24     * FloodfillMonitorJob: Change range from 5-7 to 4-6
f057666ac 2008-06-24     * PersistentDataStore: Don't try to remove nonexistent leaseSet files
a11b74b2d 2008-06-24     * NTCP: Remove getIsInbound(), duplicate of isInbound()
0e018c5b4 2008-06-24     * Router console: add placeholder pages for i2psnark, i2ptunnel,       susidns, and susimail for use when the .wars are not running
107a90fa3 2008-06-24 increase max window size to 128
01259cc07 2008-06-22 merge of '5c7631359fea237f6aa916acd4f76a8a00d519fb'      and '88d299913d4aeb0ef7e8adabb5c39255e9cca0d2'
4d955f3be 2008-06-22 minor optimization in I2PDatagramDissector(only verfy signature once)
49e429c16 2008-06-20     * PRNG: Add two stats     * Summary bar:       - Display Warning for TCP private IP address       - Display PRNG stats
53c5b1446 2008-06-20     * OutNetMessage: Change cache logging from WARN to INFO
dc68ebbae 2008-06-20     * configclients.jsp: Add start button for clients and webapps.
f3d73a6c1 2008-06-17     * configclients.jsp: Implement saves for clients and webapps.
91950a37f 2008-06-17     * Comm System: Add new STATUS_HOSED for use when UDP bind fails     * Summary bar: Display helpful errror message when UDP bind fails     * UDP: Don't bid when UDP bind fails
a8c266402 2008-06-16     * configclients.jsp: New. For both clients and webapps.       Saves are not yet implemented.
d78fb4df3 2008-06-16     * RouterConsoleRunner: Use a new config file, webapps.config,       to control which .wars in webapps/ get run. Apps are enabled       by default; disable by (e.g.) webapps.syndie.startOnLoad=false       Config file is written if it does not exist.       Implement methods for use by upcoming configclients.jsp.
fb5a8ee0d 2008-06-16     * Refactor, move some functions to new, to make them easily available to       a future configclients.jsp
7b8106281 2008-06-16     * UDP: Prevent 100% CPU when UDP bind fails;       change bind fail message from ERROR to CRIT
c3a2adc97 2008-06-13 minor updates
bff685f7c 2008-06-10     * Throttle: Use BANDWIDTH rather than CRIT as the rejection reason at       startup, so peers don't list us as failing.
7e51c86c3 2008-06-10     * Floodfill: Add new FloodfillMonitorJob, which tracks active       floodfills, and automatically enables/disables floodfill on       Class O routers to maintain 5-7 total active floodfills
df069ec9d 2008-06-10     * NetDb Stats:       - Remove several more stats       - Don't publish bw stats in first hour of uptime       - Publish floodfill stats even if other stats are disabled       - Changes not effective until to provide cover.
eb3164d0e 2008-06-10     * graphs.jsp: Fix a bug where it tries to display the combined       bandwidth graph when it isn't available
5a69de365 2008-06-09 0.6.2-1
87b933fd3 2008-06-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.i2p-' (head 8b23a248995e5c57ccef1c2620a47929f4b257cf)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f65d1f225d8700ea812e1c3cbc0ee9e7a5bbaf98)
2404078bf 2008-06-09 2008-06-09 zzz     * Reachability: Restrict peers with no SSU address at all from inbound tunnels     * News:       - Add display of last updated and last checked time         on index.jsp and configupdate.jsp       - Add a function to get update version (unused for now)     * config.jsp: Add another warning
6b33378a0 2008-06-08 fix date in the xml
c46c9b2b7 2008-06-07 * Fix version in news.xml so it could be published
acf22bf8f 2008-06-07 * Write announcement and prepare for release
f3b8c73e9 2008-06-07     * NetDb: Tweak some logging on lease problems     * Shitlist:       - Add shitlistForever() and isShitlistedForever(), unused for now       - Sort the HTML output by router hash     * config.jsp: Add another warning     * netdb.jsp:       - Sort the lease HTML output by dest hash, local first       - Sort the router HTML output by router hash
a8e625072 2008-06-06 add de-ebook-archiv.i2p
88e26224c 2008-06-06     * LeaseSet:       - Sort the leases by expiration date in TunnelPool.locked_buildNewLeaseSet()         to make later LeaseSet comparisons reliable. This cleans up the code too.       - Fix broken old vs. new LeaseSet comparison         in ClientConnectionRunner.requestLeaseSet(),         so that we only sign and publish a new LeaseSet when it's really new.         Should reduce outbound overhead both in LeaseSet publishing and LeaseSet bundling,         and floodfill router load, since locked_buildNewLeaseSet() generates         the same LeaseSet as before quite frequently, often just seconds apart.
db9db18bd 2008-06-05     * LeaseSet - code cleanup:       - Add exception to enforce max # of leases = 6, should be plenty       - Rewrite TunnelPool.locked_buildNewLeaseSet() so it doesn't add lots of         leases and then immediately remove them again, triggering         the new leaseSet size exception       - Remove the now unused LeaseSet.removeLease(lease) and         LeaseSet.removeLease(index)       - Store first and last expiration for efficiency
9c06bb3fc 2008-06-05     * HTTP Proxy error pages: Don't say eepsites are 'temporarily' down since we don't know
8edfa746e 2008-06-04     * configtunnels.jsp: Add warnings for <= 0 and >= 4 hop configurations
5729b34f8 2008-06-04     * Peer Profiles - Preparation for using bonuses:       - Use CapacityBonus rather than ReachablilityBonus in the Capacity calculation       - Persist CapacityBonus rather than ReachabilityBonus       - Include SpeedBonus in the Speed calculation       - Prevent negative values in Speed and Capacity when using bonuses       - Clean up
2f80f7fa6 2008-06-04 Add some config files for a future small distribution
592e60929 2008-06-01 .33-2001
3396a8813 2008-06-01     * Add some compiler flexibility to two obscure SAM makefiles
6345e669b 2008-06-01     * summary bar: Add a warning if you are firewalled and class O
74a5abbc1 2008-06-01     * ProfileOrganizer: Restrict !isSelectable() (i.e. shitlisted) peers from the High Capacity tier,       not just the Fast tier, since we don't use them for tunnels anyway
19992b1d1 2008-06-01     * Logging: Move common WARN output to DEBUG so we can ask users to       set the default log level to WARN without massive spewage
02e7a19f6 2008-06-01     * i2psnark: Change displayed peer idents to match that shown by bytemonsoon
c6a697df5 2008-06-01     * Client Apps: Add new parameter for clients.config,         clientApp.x.startOnLoad=false, to disable loading         (for SAM for example). Defaults to true of course.
26bb47995 2008-06-01     * summary bar: Hide ident, provide a tooltip and a link
0c42e7e4b 2008-05-30 make a nicer initialNews.xml, add clarification to config.jsp
699a62a9b 2008-05-27 Dont bid on private IP addresses in transports
ffc67d1e5 2008-05-26 add a updaterRouter target, containing only i2p.jar and router.jar
2f72f5ca6 2008-05-26     * Throttle: Set a default router.maxParticipatingTunnels = 3000 (was none)     * Stats: Add a fake uptime if not publishing stats, to get participating tunnels     * build.xml:       - Add an updateSmall target which includes only the essentials       - Clean up the build file some       - Remove empty eepsite/ and subdirs from     * configtunnels.jsp: Add warning     * i2psnark: Catch a bencode exception (bad peer from tracker) earlier     * i2psnark-standalone: Fix exception http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?p=12217
955e7823a 2008-05-22 replaced jetty download-url
7e3800a5c 2008-05-20     * Reachability:       - Call the previously unused profile.tunnelTestFailed()         (redefined to include a probability argument)         and severely downgrade a peer's capacity upon failures,         depending on tunnel length and direction.         This will help push unreachable and malicious peers         out of the High Capacity tier.       - Put recent fail rate on profiles.jsp     * ProfileOrganizer: Logging cleanup     * eepsite_index.html: Update add-host and jump links     * HTTP Proxy: Remove trevorreznik jump server from list
6c7691cec 2008-05-20 updated history
760c31648 2008-05-20 merge of '883c453307272eee439471d4e9da1e120804dac1'      and 'c60598471c5f08b7d7e12e38d39f7a1d4c8ccf63'
5d9d82879 2008-05-20 implemented PrivateKeyFile(implements #3)
9b8772a47 2008-05-18     * Throttle: Reject tunnels for first 20m uptime (was 10m)     * TunnelPeerSelectors:        - Re-enable strict ordering of peers,          based on XOR distance from a random hash        - Restrict peers with uptime < 90m from tunnels (was 2h),          which is really 60m due to rounding in netDb publishing.     * i2psnark:        - Limit max pipelined requests from a single peer to 128KB          (was unlimited; i2p-bt default is 5 * 64KB)        - Increase max uploaders per torrent to 6 (was 4)        - Reduce max connections per torrent to 16 (was 24) to increase          unchoke time and reduce memory consumption        - Strictly enforce max connections per torrent        - Choke more gradually when over BW limit     * help.jsp: Add a link to the FAQ     * peers.jsp: Fix UDP direction indicators     * hosts.txt: Add update.postman.i2p
bc5d87e6f 2008-05-12     * i2psnark:       - Randomize the PeerCheckerTask start times to make global limiting         work better       - Calculate bw limits using 40s rather than 4m averages to make         bw limiting work better       - Change default bw limit from uplimit/3 to uplimit/2 due to         overhead reduction from the leaseset bundling change
d81bff267 2008-05-12     * Outbound message:       - Tweak the cache key for efficiency
042399f29 2008-05-12     * Stats:       - Require two udp stats when stats.full=false, caused NPE on peers.jsp
5be7ea1fc 2008-05-12     * libjbigi:       - Add documentation on dynamic build option       - Add two speed tests to the build script       - Clean up the build script, make it easier to build dynamic
db34665bb 2008-05-12     * Update Handler:       - Add postman to the list
ed9a03ebc 2008-05-12     * Summary bar:       - Add messages when dropping tunnel requests due to load
619b5c0e4 2008-05-10     * Update Handler:       - Add option to download and verify only       - Add distinct error message if version check fails
4c2c5ca23 2008-05-10 Simplify oldstats.jsp if no events in a stat
3a203c301 2008-05-10 Fix the hosed inNetPool.droppedDeliveryStatusDelay stat (caused by an SSU hack)
3e86ee974 2008-05-10 Dont write out the file
d0855e1fc 2008-05-09 added http://www.i2p2.i2p/_static/i2pupdate.sud as another update-site
0bde8a24e 2008-05-07     * Reachability:       - Restrict peers requiring introducers from inbound tunnels,         since it's slow and unreliable... and many of them advertise         NTCP, which seems unlikely to work       - Provide warning on summary bar if firewalled with inbound NTCP enabled     * Stats: Remove the bw.[send,recv]Bps[1,15]s stats unless       log level net.i2p.router.transport.FIFOBandwidthLimiter >= WARN       at startup (you didn't get any data unless you set the log level anyway)     * oldstats.jsp: Don't put 2 decimal places on integer event counts     * Remove the Internals link from the menu bar     * i2psnark: Extend startup delay from 1 to 3 minutes
4049ff516 2008-05-06 -2
89389ccc1 2008-05-06 added i2jump.i2p as jump-site
959e30857 2008-05-05 Add router version to profiles.jsp
8d4cbd855 2008-05-05 I2PTunnel: Change default outproxy to false.i2p
99b9c9363 2008-05-05 -1
47c666c58 2008-05-05     * Summary bar:       - Add reachability status       - Add participating tunnel acceptance status     * Throttle: Reject tunnels for first 10m uptime
a3c330fd9 2008-05-05       - Restrict <= .32 SSU-only peers from inbound tunnels,         since they don't know if they are unreachable
a6f3478db 2008-05-05     * Outbound message:       - Fix a couple of tunnel cache cleaning bugs       - Cache based on source+dest pairs rather than just dest       - Send the reply leaseSet only when necessary,         rather than all the time (big savings in overhead)       - Enable persistent lease selection again       - Logging tweaks
b1af22a15 2008-05-05       - Have SSU bid aggressively when it has less than 3 peers, so         we can determine our IP address and do peer testing.         Otherwise a router may never determine its IP address or reachability status.
65ec41c48 2008-05-05 NetDb Stats: Cleanup of commented out stats
aebf16add 2008-04-25 version and news
1de0563c9 2008-04-25 update forum link on susidns page
c6059b9d8 2008-04-20 merge of '20e06eb5e2ee39991682cae68511fca1944cd5b0'      and '8adc3b02e35ce3275e813ca9c64d75d02a0d9310'
f68c9242a 2008-04-20 added news-entry for trac
51838ba05 2008-04-20     * Outbound message/Reachability:       - Fix a bug from -19 causing the persistent lease selection         removed in -17 to be back again       - Use netDb-listed-unreachable instead of detected-unreachable         for exclusion of unreachable peers from selected leases,         as there are potential anonymity problems with using         detected-unreachable       - Tweak logging some more     * NetDb stats: Remove a couple more including the inefficient stat_identities
cf50b7eac 2008-04-17     * Reachability:       - Track unreachable peers persistently         (i.e. separately from shitlist, and not cleared when they contact us)       - Exclude detected unreachable peers from inbound tunnels       - Exclude detected unreachable peers from selected leases       - Exclude detected unreachable floodfill peers from lookups       - Show unreachable status on profiles.jsp
2edd84e08 2008-04-16     * SSU/Reachability:       - Extend shitlist time from 4-8m to 40-60m       - Add some shitlist logging       - Don't shitlist twice when unreachable on all transports       - Exclude netDb-listed unreachable peers from inbound tunnels;         this won't help much since there are very few of these now       - Remove 10s delay on inbound UDP connections used for the transition       - Track and display UDP connection direction on peers.jsp       - Show shitlist status in-line on profiles.jsp
5ba1e458c 2008-04-15     * SSU Reachability/PeerTestManager:       - Back out strict peer ordering until we fix SSU       - Back out persistent lease selection until we fix SSU       - Fix detection of UDP REJECT_UNSOLICITED by recording status on expiration       - Increase known Charlie time to 10m; 3m wasn't enough       - Don't continue retransmitting peer test if we know Charlie       - Don't run multiple peer tests at once       - Tighten test frequency range to 6.5-19.5m, was 0-26m
0b600669c 2008-04-12     * Addressbook: Disallow '.-' and '-.' in host names     * NTCP: Don't drop a connection unless both directions are idle;             Fix idle time for outbound connections     * Outbound message: Make sure cached lease is in current leaseSet     * Stats: Put all NetworkDatabase stats in same group     * TunnelPool: Stop building tunnels and leaseSets after client shutdown     * i2psnark: Add locking to prevent two I2CP connections
215eb14d3 2008-04-07 no need anymore to set I2P-Home when using eepget
20ff2f5bd 2008-04-07 Minor cleanups, -15
edc02e5ef 2008-04-07 Implement outbound bandwidth limiting for i2psnark
d57356f80 2008-04-07 Reduce priority of participating traffic
a7a6c75ac 2008-03-30     * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Try NonFailing even more     * HostsTxtNamingService: Add reverse lookup support     * Outbound message: Minor cleanup     * i2psnark TrackerCLient: Minor cleanup     * checklist.txt: Minor edit     * hosts.txt: Add perv.i2p, false.i2p, mtn.i2p2.i2p     * i2ptunnel.config: Change CVS client to mtn     * netdb.jsp: Show leaseSet destinations using reverse lookup     * profiles.jsp: First cut at showing floodfill data
b9e2def55 2008-03-27     * Send messages for the same destination to the same inbound       lease to reduce out-of-order delivery.     * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Back out the floodfill peer exclusion       for now, as it prevents speed rating of those peers
4d7417401 2008-03-26     * ReseedHandler: Support multiple urls,       add as a 2nd default
40a9e959e 2008-03-25     * i2psnark:       - Add support for secondary open trackers       - Refactor and simplify the TrackerClient code       - Add welterde's tracker to the default list       - Don't have eepget retry announces       - Slow down tracker contacts if they've failed for a while       - Add some debug support showing connections (?p=2)
42bbb4a9f 2008-03-22     * NewsFetcher: Fix bug causing fetch every 10m
9500a5553 2008-03-22     * Tunnel Testing:       - Fix counting so it really takes 4 consecutive failures         rather than 4 total to remove a tunnel       - Credit or blame goes to the exploratory tunnel as well         as the tunnel being tested       - Adjust tunnel test timeout based on tunnel length     * ExploratoryPeerSelector: Tweak logging     * ProfileOrganizer: Adjust integration calculation again     * build.xml: Add to help     * checklist.txt: Tweak     * readme.html: Fix forum links     * netDb: Remove tunnel.testFailedTime
0556f1506 2008-03-21 remove corrupt sex0r.i2p from hosts.txt
6e981874a 2008-03-19     * ExploratoryPeerSelector:       - Exclude floodfill peers       - Tweak the HighCap vs. NonFailing decision     * i2psnark: Increase retries for .torrent fetch     * IRC Proxy: Prevent mIRC from sending an alternate DCC request       containing an IP     * readme.html: Reorder some items     * Stats: Add some more required stats     * Streaming lib: Fix slow start to be exponential growth,       fix congestion avoidance to be linear growth.       Should speed up local connections a lot, and remote       connections a little.
8886d61ca 2008-03-16 forum news
b6fe81a98 2008-03-14 Floodfill Search: Prefer heard-from, unfailing, unshitlisted floodfill peers
e7cdb965b 2008-03-13     * ProfileOrganizer:        - Use more recent stats to calculate integrationory.txt        - Show that fast peers are also high-capacity on profiles.jsp     * readme.html: Update Syndie link     * TunnelPool: Update comments     * netDb: Report 1-2h uptime as 90m to further frustrate tracking,       get rid of the 60s tunnel stats       (effective as of .33 to provide cover)
4fa4357bf 2008-03-13     * Floodfill Search:        - Fix a bug that caused a single FloodfillOnlySearchJob          instance to be run multiple times, with unpredictable          results        - Select ff peers randomly to improve reliability        - Add some bulletproofing
46307c60d 2008-03-11     * ProfileOrganizer:        - Don't require a peer to be high-capacity to be          well-integrated (not used for anything right now,          but want to get it right for possible floodfill verification)        - Don't fall back to median for high-capacity threshold          if the mean is higher than the median, this prevents          frequent large high-capacity counts        - Fix high-capacity selector that picked one too many     * Console: put well-integrated count back in the summary
e6a0c2f4f 2008-03-10     * EepGet: Fix byte count for bytesTransferred status listeners       (fixes command line status)     * UpdateHandler:        - Fix byte count display        - Display final status on router console        - Don't allow multiple update jobs to queue up        - Increase max retries        - Code cleanup        - Don't show 'check for update' button when update in progress        - Enhance error messages
cb41bf602 2008-03-10 NetDb: Comment out published netDb stats disabled for .32
d23c8a833 2008-03-09 -2
b1beb46ca 2008-03-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.i2p-' (head adbe93ae091c4ca78306ef94968a0c1d788e2c01)             to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head f541ec6c1ca7ffae49e31ee75559695d64152fa1)
6606c83cb 2008-03-08 2008-03-09 Complication     * Give the Jetty build file ability to ask permission       before downloading the Jetty archive from the web,       and to verify its SHA1 + MD5 hashes. Adjust the main build file       in accordance with this change.     * Improve the release checklist.
5998f5c9b 2008-03-07     * ClientPeerSelector: Implement strict ordering of peers,       based on XOR distance from a random hash       separately generated for each tunnel pool
cffcbe5f9 2008-03-07 update news and version numbers to .32
0c75725f5 2008-03-07     * ProfileOrganizer, TunnelPoolSettings, ClientPeerSelector:       - Prevent peers with matching IPs from joining same tunnel.         Match 0-4 bytes of IP (0=off, 1=most restrictive, 4=least).         Default is 2 (disallow routers in same /16).         Set with router.defaultPool.IPRestriction=x       - Comment out unused RebuildPeriod pool setting       - Add random key to pool in preparation for XOR peer ordering
5ef325408 2008-03-07 Optimize naming lookups for a destkey
d957712e8 2008-03-06 Change a common wtf error to a warn
9233c2ed4 2008-03-06 Add create account link in susimail
7ad54eb74 2008-03-05     * Stats: Add code to disable most stats to save memory.       Set on configstats.jsp or set stat.full=false to disable the stats.       (true by default for now)
5740e20c6 2008-03-05 -3201
0a9114fc2 2008-03-05 add a i2psnark StartAll button
71ddfa42e 2008-03-05     * i2psnark: Don't do a naming lookup for Base64 destkeys
1ecb84f3f 2008-03-05     * Naming: Make HostsTxt the sole default NamingService       (was Meta = PetName + HostsTxt)     * Naming: Add two new experimental NamingServices, EepGet and Exec,       not enabled by default -       see source comments in core/java/src/net/i2p/client/naming       for configuration instructions
c46b06fb8 2008-03-01 Fix netdb.knownLeaseSets count reported by floodfill routers
a7397879a 2008-02-29 correct instructions
9b86da7ce 2008-02-29 upcoming .32 news
c68977ca8 2008-02-27     * i2ptunnel: Add 3-hop option to edit.jsp to match configtunnels.jsp     * i2psnark: Remove orion and gaytorrents from default tracker list     * Remove orion from jump list and from eepsite_index.html     * Jbigi: Change jbigi version to 4.2.2 in build scripts - tested by amiga     * Capitalize OutboundMessageDistributor job name     * TunnelPool: Add a warning if all tunnels are backlogged
bc7bd628d 2008-02-26     * Reintroduce NTCP backlog pushback, with switch back to       previous tunnel when no longer backlogged     * Catch an nio exception in an NTCP logging statement if loglevel is WARN     * IRC Proxy: terminate all messages with \r\n (thanks TrivialPursuit!)
bc7ab3913 2008-02-21 +x the c build files
100163e03 2008-02-21     * Raise inbound default bandwidth to 32KBps     * Fix config.jsp that showed 0KBps share bandwidth by default
49c02f13b 2008-02-19 -5
40f072e25 2008-02-19 Display capabilities on profiles.jsp
918b1acb8 2008-02-19     * Tunnels: Enforce max tunnel length of 8, catch an index error       http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=2561
bc16078e3 2008-02-19 Remove some stats from netDb, effective in .32
4a8dbd063 2008-02-19     * Addressbook: Disallow '--' in host names except in IDN,       add some reserved host names
38c0184f9 2008-02-19 clarify the i2ptunnel edit page dropdowns
68829ddb9 2008-02-19 merge of 'cc7dee6f711dd10db6c1f42af8dc7ba6f6b0002d'      and 'dc2fa2d01da4c7b3733d4dadb85d757d592c1fa6'
19089bd6a 2008-02-16     * Fix race in TunnelDispatcher which caused       participating tunnel count to seesaw -       should increase network capacity     * Leave participating tunnels in 10s batches for efficiency     * Update participating tunnel ratestat when leaving a tunnel too,       to generate a smoother graph     * Fix tunnel.participatingMessageCount stat to include all       participating tunnels, not just outbound endpoints     * Simplify Expire Tunnel job name
69cc0afd1 2008-02-13     * PersistentDataStore: Write out 300 records every 10 min       rather than 1 every 10 sec;       Don't store leasesets to disk or read them in     * Combine rates for pools with the same length setting       in the new tunnel build algorithm     * Clarify a log message in the UpdateHandler
d2f3a262d 2008-02-13     * Make graphs clickable to get larger graphs     * Change SimpleTimer CRIT to a WARN, increase threshold     * Checklist update
c1703b872 2008-02-11 probably fixed a bug in udp-transport
f7b0e8181 2008-02-11 merge of '1d753ff05fc1c942cf6ce8feeadfaa577bff27ab'      and 'e20c0075f57440edcebaac0009a0ef0327d563cc'
43f269590 2008-02-10     * Add new tunnel build algorithm (preliminary)     * Change NTCP backlogged message from error to warning     * Checklist updates
ea0d4ffd7 2008-02-10 * 2008-02-10 released
0ed29573a 2008-02-09 minor
1365d3e3b 2008-02-08 Remove orion reference in dnfh error page
40befb5a9 2008-02-08 remove comments from hosts.txt
9c16eec36 2008-02-08 checklist updates, +x some files
093c69637 2008-02-06     * build.xml: Add some apps to javadoc     * checklist.txt: Add some things     * news.xml: Minor edit     * Add some comments
134ec7ace 2008-02-05 * news.xml: make links relative * wrapper.config: Add some comments * checklist.txt: Add some things
0802a5ae4 2008-02-04 2008-02-05 Complication     * Change the dates too (sorry for such forgetfulness!)
14ddfb360 2008-02-04 2008-02-04 Complication     * Also use the new key for checking, and add it into news.xml
78ad83102 2008-02-04 2008-02-04 Complication     * Added my release signing key into
22f168426 2008-01-31     * NewsFetcher: Change fetch failed from error to warning     * installer: Fix URL and "email"     * checklist.txt: New release checklist
83f51b4a6 2008-01-29 2008-01-29 zzz     * Addressbook: Change default subscription     * ConfigUpdateHandler: Change default news URL     * initialNews.xml: Update version to .31     * news.xml: More updates     * hosts.txt: Add i2p-projekt.i2p     * readme.html: More URL updates     * SusiDNS: Change references to default subscription
9c28de070 2008-01-28 2008-01-28 zzz     * news.xml: Updates, still preliminary     * ReseedHandler: Change default URL     * i2ptunnel.config: Change default outproxies     * readme.html: Change * URLs     * help.jsp: Change * URLs     * eepsite_index.html: Change stats.i2p addressbook subscription URL     * hosts.txt: Add krabs.i2p, true.i2p, www.i2p2.i2p
c69fda229 2008-01-27 Drop unused directories
cabb22331 2008-01-27 Drop unused directories
5b3aca29a 2008-01-09 replace orion.i2p with perv.i2p/stats.cgi
f35cbf59d 2008-01-09     * NewsFetcher: add last-modified support, reduce number of retries     * Error pages: add icon and logo,         clarify 'destination not found' and 'proxy not found' pages
a96119d09 2008-01-09 2008-01-08 zzz     * addressbook: Limit size of subscribed hosts.txt,         don't save old etag or last-modified data     * EepGet: Add some logging,         enforce size limits even when size not in returned header,         don't return old etag or last-modified data,         don't call transferFailed listener more than once
2711294ae 2008-01-09 (zzz) sign my update signing key
f838b1828 2008-01-07 2008-01-07 zzz     * profiles.jsp formatting cleanup     * NTCP: Reduce max idle time from 60m to 20m     * NTCP: Fix idle time on connections with zero messages,       correctly drop these connections
fbf6282c1 2008-01-04 2008-01-03 zzz     * addressbook: Do basic validation of hostnames and destkeys     * susidns: Add support for the private addressbook,       update the text and links somewhat
5195a5c1f 2008-01-02 2008-01-02 zzz     * Add stats.i2p to the jump list     * Impose 20MB limit on POSTs and catch OOMs in POST     * eepsite_index.html: add stats.i2p services     * addressbook: log source of new keys; disallow dests > 516 bytes     * addressbook: convert hostnames to lower case to prevent duplicates     * susidns: generalize references to orion
62b18b18b 2007-12-30 2007-12-29 zzz     * Tweak IRC inbound PONG filtering to fix xchat/BitchX lagometers
7c8f519b3 2007-12-29 2007-12-29 zzz     * Allow commas in router.trustedUpdateKeys and router.updateURL again
d6fb97961 2007-12-29 2007-12-29 zzz     * Change default news host from to dev.i2p
f568d2196 2007-12-29 2007-12-29 zzz     * Change jetty timeout from 30 to 60 sec (thanks sponge!)
7fe9d590f 2007-12-28 2007-12-28 zzz     * Add zzz's update signing key
0a1240ebf 2007-12-26 2007-12-26 Complication     * Improve reseed handler (less repetitive code,       avoid reporting errors when less than 10% of fetches fail)
4e68f2a15 2007-12-26 2007-12-26 Complication     * Escape both CR, LF and CR LF line breaks in Router.saveConfig()       and unescape them in DataHelper.loadProps() to support       saving and loading config properties with line breaks     * Change the update URLs textbox into a textarea like keys have,       so different URLs go on different lines     * Modify TrustedUpdate to provide a method which supplies a key list       delimited with CR LF line breaks     * Modify DEFAULT_UPDATE_URL to supply a default URL list       delimited with CR LF line breaks     * Modify selectUpdateURL() to handle URL lists       delimited by any kind of line breaks     * Start saving trusted update keys     * Improve formatting on configupdate.jsp
e9bd6907d 2007-12-22 2007-12-22 zzz     * Add support for multiple update URLs     * Change default for update to use i2p proxy,       add several URLs as defaults     * Enable trusted key form on configupdate.jsp
b20495c39 2007-12-22 (zzz) Clarify the 'destination not found' error page
0ecbc4c27 2007-12-17 (zzz) remove anonymitytracker from default tracker list, not seen in over 6 months
4d5b1d4c3 2007-12-10 2007-12-10 zzz     * Fix NPE in CLI TrustedUpdate keygen
17b719f3f 2007-12-03 2007-12-02 Complication     * Commit SAM v2 patch from mkvore (thank you!)     * Minor reformatting to preserve consistent whitespace       in old SAM classes (new classes unaltered)
979a3e98d 2007-12-02 2007-12-01 Complication     * Separate the checks "does Jetty .zip file need downloading"       and "does Jetty .zip file need extracting" in the Jetty buildfile.       First download (unless already done), then extract (unless done).
c6a1112f0 2007-11-26 2007-11-26 zzz     * i2psnark: add timeout for receive inactivity
4ebcc95d9 2007-11-24 2007-11-24 zzz     * i2psnark: increase streaming lib write timeout to 240 sec and change       timeout action from "ping" to "disconect", as the fix in .30 to       honor options on outbound connections led to hung outbound connections       (bitfield never transmitted, connection never dropped)
7e59ce27f 2007-11-06 (zzz) i2phost.i2p => i2host.i2p
22345a264 2007-11-06 (zzz) fix new jump server typo
03739996d 2007-11-06 2007-11-06 jrandom     * add i2phost.i2p to the jump list
819a72d4f 2007-10-11 2007-10-11 zzz     * IRC Proxy: Fix several possible anonymity holes:       - Block CTCP in NOTICE messages       - Block CTCP anywhere in PRIVMSG and NOTICE, not just at first character       - Check for lower case commands     (Thanks sponge!)
e480931e2 2007-10-08 2007-10-07  jrandom     * back out the NTCP backlog pushback, as it could be used to mount an       active anonymity attack.
3f01d0a69 2007-10-08 (zzz) .30 details
f67f47f0c 2007-10-08
5ad6ee60e 2007-10-08
5accba6cd 2007-10-08 2007-10-07  Complication     * Fix an issue in EepGet whereby sending of "etag" and "lastModified" headers       broke retrying.
313e1704d 2007-09-27 2007-09-27  zzz     * Implement pushback of NTCP transport backlog to the outbound tunnel selection code     * Clean up the NTCP and UDP tables on peers.jsp to be consistent,       fix some of the sorting
cf4d2b17c 2007-09-23 2007-09-22  zzz     * Send messages for the same destination out the same outbound       tunnel to reduce out-of-order delivery.
9145eedc3 2007-09-20 2007-09-19  zzz     * i2psnark: Fix broken multifile torrent Delete;         cleanup Storage resources in AddTorrent;         don't autostart torrent after Create
b77217907 2007-09-18 2007-09-18  zzz     * eepsite_index.html: Add links to trevorreznik address book     * streaming lib: Fix SocketManagerFactory to honor options on outbound connections     * streaming lib: Fix setDefaultOptions() when called with a ConnectionOptions parameter     * i2psnark: Don't make outbound connections to already-connected peers     * i2psnark: Debug logging cleanup
9054a196c 2007-09-15 2007-09-14  zzz     * eepget: Increase header timeout to 45s     * HTTP proxy: Return a better error message for localhost requests     * tunnels: Fix PooledTunnelCreatorConfig memory leak
d28a96ac7 2007-09-09 2007-09-09  zzz     * eepget: Add support for Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since     * addressbook: Finish incomplete support for Last-Modified
9c73f80ac 2007-09-08 (zzz) Copy over file from syndie for
20c46cff0 2007-09-08 synced up with the eepget from the syndie source tree (allowing better control of timeouts and transparent redirection).  the users of eepget in this source tree don't necessarily use the timeout controls, though they can be updated to do so
f33251375 2007-09-02 added trevorreznik.i2p
cb69a6649 2007-08-24 (zzz) .29 announcement
1c6654393 2007-08-24 released
53ab3c472 2007-08-13 2007-08-13  zzz     * readme.html - Add inproxy.tino.i2p, replace search.i2p with eepsites.i2p,       tweak the eepsite and troubleshooting sections
a4b221fa7 2007-08-11 2007-08-11  zzz     * Add stats for individual tunnel rates (nice when graphed)     * i2psnark: Fix outbound tunnel nickname
e3e1d0842 2007-08-06 2007-08-05  Complication     * Update the sharing calculator on config.jsp       and explain the trade-off even more thoroughly.
99b5bf960 2007-08-05 2007-08-04  Complication     * Lower the threshold between the K and L bandwidth class,       so that K is now < 12 KB/s, instead of <= 16 KB/s.       Hopefully this lets people with 128 kbit/s (16 KB/s) upload lines       participate in routing, if they keep the default share percentage.
da10fe0df 2007-07-19 (zzz) ask for bandwidth
9fd5ba7b2 2007-07-16 2007-07-16  zzz     * i2psnark: Add tooltip info for choked/uninterested
05b5df9d7 2007-07-16 2007-07-16  zzz     * Make selection of graphed data configurable via configstats.jsp,       remove most of the default graphs to save some memory
5c1dc7976 2007-07-15 2007-07-15  zzz     * Add current values to graph legends     * Fix up previous Rate fix to check for divide by zero
4acd2996c 2007-07-15 2007-07-14  Complication     * Take the post-download routerInfo size check back out of ReseedHandler,       since it wasn't helpful, and a lower limit caused false warnings.     * Give EepGet ability to enforce a min/max HTTP response size.     * Enforce a maximum response size of 8 MB when ReseedHandler       downloads into a ByteArrayOutputStream.     * Refactor ReseedHandler/ReseedRunner from static to ordinary classes,       change invocation from RouterConsoleRunner accordingly.     * Add an EepGet status listener to ReseedHandler to log causes of reseed failure,       provide status reports to indicate the progress of reseeding.     * Enable icon for default eepsite, and the index page       of the router console (more later).
16fa6a89b 2007-07-14 2007-07-14  zzz     * Clean up graphs.jsp - set K=1024 where appropriate,       output image sizes in html, catch ooms, other minor tweaks     * Fix current event count truncation which fixes graphs with low       60-sec event counts displaying high values       (bw.* and router.* graphs for example were 1.5x too high)       Affects all "events per period" (non-lifetime) counts.
2a72e8574 2007-07-10 2007-07-09  zzz     * i2psnark: give a better error message for a non-i2p torrent
d4a1bcf28 2007-07-07 2007-07-07  zzz     * Add auto-detect IP/Port to NTCP. When enabled on config.jsp,       SSU will notify/restart NTCP when the external address changes.       Now you can enable inbound TCP without a static IP or dyndns service.
409b71def 2007-07-04 2007-07-04  zzz     * Display calculated share bandwidth and remove load testing       on config.jsp
2dc5fbda0 2007-07-01 2007-07-01  zzz     * Replace broken option i2np.udp.alwaysPreferred with       i2np.udp.preferred and adjust UDP bids; possible settings are       "false" (default), "true", and "always".       Default setting results in same behavior as before       (NTCP is preferred unless it isn't established and UDP is established).       Use to compare NTCP and UDP transports.
71aaf03d0 2007-06-28 2007-06-27  jrandom     * fix for a streaming lib bug that could leave a thread waiting       indefinitely (thanks Complication!)
30c99e630 2007-06-16 2007-06-16  Complication     * First pass on EepGet and ReseedHandler improvements,       please avoid use on routers which matter!     * Give EepGet ability of downloading into an OutputStream,       such as the ByteArrayOutputStream of ReseedHandler.     * Detect failure to reseed better, report it persistently       and more verbosely, provide a link to logs       and suggest manual reseed.
445b39171 2007-05-06 2007-05-06  Complication     * spelling correction to history.txt
571c2d604 2007-05-06 2007-05-06  Complication     * Fix the build.xml file, so the preppkg build target won't try copying files       which became deprecated with the old Syndie (thank for alerting, itsu!)
42ff76393 2007-04-11 (zzz) 4-10
727edc3ff 2007-04-08 (zzz) add 204 log link
82a4758a0 2007-04-05 (zzz) 3-27 and 4-3
915914ebb 2007-03-31 2007-03-31  zzz     * Add trevorreznik jump server to the http proxy error page     * Add anonymity to the trackers supporting details links in i2psnark
c438b5637 2007-03-25 (zzz) 3-20
307ccfb1b 2007-03-24 2007-03-24  zzz     * Remove Syndie from build targets and navbar
34e23259b 2007-03-22 2007-03-22  zzz     * i2psnark tracker handling tweaks:     -   Add link to tracker details page (Postman only for now, requires bytemonsoon patch)     -   Add Base URL to tracker list configuration     -   Web page links built from tracker list Base URLs     -   Only build and sort tracker list once     -   Add anonymityWeb tracker to default list     -   Add tooltip info for TrackerErrs     -   Stop torrent if not registered with tracker     -   Mark temp files as delete on exit
036802d66 2007-03-18 2007-03-18  zzz     * i2psnark: Cleanup some handling of saved partial pieces     * i2psnark: Put bit counting in for efficiency     * i2psnark: Save torrent completion state in i2psnark.config
6a7dbc8e3 2007-03-18 (zzz) i2psnark: Save torrent completion status in i2psnark.config
cf4a9ffc2 2007-03-18 (zzz) i2psnark: Put bit counting in for efficiency
6ef4adf31 2007-03-18 (zzz) i2psnark: Remove saved partial when halted, don't save partial when halted
f84c9bf3b 2007-03-18 (zzz) .28 news
da0837bd5 2007-03-18 ugh, jrandom sucks.
9094a6227 2007-03-17 oops
026183a65 2007-03-17 * 2007-03-17 released
b033c7945 2007-03-15 (zzz) i2psnark: clarify that total uploader value is peers on UI. (thanks jadeSerpent)
0c2dcf084 2007-03-15 (zzz) 3-13 mtg
b6e597e5b 2007-03-14 2007-03-13  zzz     * i2psnark: Make max total uploaders configurable (thanks Amiga4000!)
ae402baa7 2007-03-12 2007-03-12  jrandom     * dodge a race on startup (thanks zzz!)
d6c8a4d9e 2007-03-10 2007-03-10  zzz     * Streaming lib: Change initial RTT deviation from RTT to RTT/2       to reduce early RTO values
8e2849b7e 2007-03-08 2007-03-08  zzz     * i2psnark changes to improve upload performance:     *  Implement total uploader limit (10)     *  Don't timeout non-piece messages out     *  Change chunk size to 32K (was 64K)     *  Change request limit to 64K (was 256K)     * i2psnark: Disconnect from seeds when complete
0aa0cd330 2007-03-07 (zzz) take dynamic router keys off the config page
0960cafaf 2007-03-07 2007-03-07  zzz     * Streaming lib changes to improve upstream performance during congestion:     *   Change min window size from 12 to 1     *   Change max timeout from 10 to 45 sec     *   Change initial timeout from 10 to 15 sec     *   Change intial window size for i2psnark from 12 to 1     *   Change slow start growth rate for i2psnark from 1/2 to 1
2088a2805 2007-03-04 (zzz) Mar. 04 - More tweaks to the default eepsite start page to help                 people start up the tunnel which is now stopped by default
a5c4ba3bf 2007-03-03 2007-03-03  zzz     * Upgrade from Jetty 5.1.6 to 5.1.12 which fixes spaces in URL     * Add a updaterWithJetty build target
1bbd2cf52 2007-03-03 2007-03-03  zzz     * Implement priority sending for NTCP     * Disable trimForOverload() in tunnel BuildExecutor which       was preventing tunnel builds when outbound traffic was high       (i.e. most of the time when running i2psnark)
ce50efa60 2007-03-01 (zzz) 02-28 i2psnark file reopen cleanup
a3c64a9ba 2007-03-01 (zzz) 02-28 add peer details to i2psnark web page
1447164a8 2007-02-24 (zzz) 2-20
bc0bf8d7f 2007-02-22 (zzz) Fix Syndie URL typo
9f346f488 2007-02-17 (zzz) add links
760d7d970 2007-02-16 (zzz)
77310e17d 2007-02-15 * 2007-02-15 released
e54b96492 2007-02-14 2007-02-14  jrandom     * Don't filter out KICK and H(ide oper status) IRC messages       (thanks Takk and postman!)
809f3e847 2007-02-14 2007-02-13  jrandom     * Tell our peers about who we know in the floodfill netDb every       6 hours or so, mitigating the situation where peers lose track       of floodfill routers.     * Disable the Syndie updater (people should use the new Syndie,       not this one)     * Disable the eepsite tunnel by default
f4beebe60 2007-02-14 (zzz) 02-13
827e427f0 2007-02-12 added trac.i2p
c02125511 2007-02-08 (zzz) 02-06
1aa1069b6 2007-02-02 (zzz) 01-30
91d281077 2007-01-30 2007-01-30  zzz     * i2psnark: Don't hold _snarks lock while checking a snark,       so web page is responsive at startup
f339dec02 2007-01-30 2007-01-29  zzz     * i2psnark: Add NickyB tracker
2aeef44f8 2007-01-29 2007-01-28  zzz     * i2psnark: Don't hold sendQueue lock while flushing output,       to make everything run smoother
0fd41a949 2007-01-28 2007-01-27  zzz     * i2psnark: Fix orphaned Snark reader tasks leading to OOMs
58f10d14b 2007-01-21 2007-01-20  Complication     * Drop overlooked comment
46ca42ddf 2007-01-21 2007-01-20  Complication     * Modify ReseedHandler to query the "i2p.reseedURL" property from I2PAppContext       instead of System, so setting a reseed URL in advanced configuration has effect.     * Clean out obsolete reseed code from ConfigNetHandler.
e6e6d6f4e 2007-01-21 2007-01-20  zzz     * Improve performance by not reading in the whole       piece from disk for each request. A huge memory savings       on 1MB torrents with many peers.
8a87df605 2007-01-21 2007-01-20  zzz     * i2psnark: More choking rotation tweaks     * Improve performance by not reading in the whole       piece from disk for each request. A huge memory savings       on 1MB torrents with many peers.
8ca085bce 2007-01-19 (zzz) 1/16
df47587db 2007-01-18     * Add new HTTP Proxy error message for non-http protocols
d705e0ad0 2007-01-17 2007-01-17  zzz     * Add note on Syndie index.html steering people to new Syndie
40d209dd7 2007-01-16 2007-01-17  zzz     * i2psnark: Fix crash when autostart off and       tcrrent started manually
7f2a0457b 2007-01-16 2007-01-16  zzz     * i2psnark: Fix bug caused by last i2psnark checkin       (ConnectionAcceptor not started)     * Don't start PeerCoordinator, ConnectionAcceptor,       and TrackerClient unless starting torrent
f4749f248 2007-01-15 2007-01-15  jrandom     * small guard against unnecessary streaming lib reset packets       (thanks Complication!)
9c4283007 2007-01-15 2007-01-15  zzz     * i2psnark: Add 'Stop All' link on web page     * Add some links to trackers and forum on web page     * Don't start tunnel if 'Autostart' unchecked     * Fix torrent restart bug by reopening file descriptors
53ba6c2a6 2007-01-14 2007-01-14  zzz     * i2psnark: Improvements for torrents with > 4 leechers:       choke based on upload rate when seeding, and       be smarter and fairer about rotating choked peers.     * Handle two common i2psnark OOM situations rather       than shutting down the whole thing.     * Fix reporting to tracker of remaining bytes for       torrents > 4GB (but ByteMonsoon still has a bug)
61b3f21f6 2007-01-13 (zzz) 01-09
506fd5f88 2007-01-03 (zzz) Jan. 2
d538f888b 2006-12-28 (zzz) 12-19,12-26
976c5fdd4 2006-12-16 new syndie httpserv
b63f3437f 2006-12-13 (zzz) 12-12 mtg
e760f2e53 2006-12-06 (zzz) 12/5 mtg
17c8fca77 2006-11-29 (zzz) 11-28 mtg
87fda382c 2006-11-22 (zzz) 11/14 and 11/21 mtgs
1e404cd7a 2006-11-10 2006-10-29  zzz     * i2psnark: Fix and enable generation of multifile torrents,       print error if no tracker selected at create-torrent,       fix stopping a torrent that hasn't started successfully,       add eBook and GayTorrents trackers to form,       web page formatting tweaks
098f99d80 2006-11-10 (zzz) 11/7 mtg
da93f9603 2006-11-02 (zzz) 10/31 mtg
ead39cc87 2006-10-29 2006-10-29  Complication     * Ensure we get NTP samples from more diverse sources       (,, etc)     * Discard median-based peer skew calculator as framed average works,       and adjusting its percentage can make it behave median-like     * Require more data points (from at least 20 peers)       before considering a peer skew measurement reliable
e4e3c4445 2006-10-25 (zzz) 10/24
af151e32e 2006-10-21 (zzz) 10/17 mtg
12819a2a1 2006-10-15 added mtn.i2p
87eedff25 2006-10-09
4c59cd762 2006-10-09 * 2006-10-10 released
ef707e795 2006-10-08 2006-10-08  Complication     * Update comment to reflect current status
73cf3fb29 2006-10-08 2006-10-08  Complication     * Add a framed average peer clock skew calculator     * Add config property "router.clockOffsetSanityCheck" to determine       if NTP-suggested clock offsets get sanity checked (default "true")     * Reject NTP-suggested clock offsets if they'd increase peer clock skew       by more than 5 seconds, or make it more than 20 seconds total     * Decrease log level in getMedianPeerClockSkew()
80b0c97d7 2006-10-04 (zzz) 10/3 status notes
5cf85c1d7 2006-09-29 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Second try at synchronization fix - synch addRequest()       completely rather than just portions of it and requestNextPiece()
c14e52ceb 2006-09-27 2006-09-27  jrandom     * added HMAC-SHA256     * properly use CRLF with EepPost     * suppress jbigi/jcpuid messages if jbigi.dontLog/jcpuid.dontLog is set     * PBE session key generation (with 1000 rounds of SHA256)     * misc SDK helper functions
32a579e48 2006-09-27 2006-09-26  Complication     * Take back another inadverent logging change in NTCPConnection
0a240a443 2006-09-27 2006-09-26  Complication     * Take back an accidental log level change
9325b806e 2006-09-27 2006-09-26  Complication     * Subclass from Clock a RouterClock which can access router transports,       with the goal of developing it to second-guess NTP results     * Make transports report clock skew in seconds     * Adjust renderStatusHTML() methods accordingly     * Show average for NTCP clock skews too     * Give transports a getClockSkews() method to report clock skews     * Give transport manager a getClockSkews() method to aggregate results     * Give comm system facade a getMedianPeerClockSkew() method which RouterClock calls       (to observe results, add "net.i2p.router.transport.CommSystemFacadeImpl=WARN" to logging)     * Extra explicitness in NTCP classes to denote unit of time.     * Fix some places in NTCPConnection where milliseconds and seconds were confused
ef2e24ea1 2006-09-26 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Paranoid copy before writing pieces,       recheck files on completion, redownload bad pieces     * i2psnark: Don't contact tracker as often when seeding
373934c6e 2006-09-24 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Add some synchronization to prevent rare problem       after restoring orphan piece
e8e8bac69 2006-09-20 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Eliminate duplicate requests caused by i2p-bt's       rapid choke/unchokes     * i2psnark: Truncate long TrackerErr messages on web page
23e8a558c 2006-09-16 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Implement retransmission of requests. This       eliminates one cause of complete stalls with a peer.       This problem is common on torrents with a small number of       active peers where there are no choke/unchokes to kickstart things.
46f264583 2006-09-14 2006-09-14  Complication     * news.xml update
232943903 2006-09-14 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Fix restoral of partial pieces broken by last patch
6d400368b 2006-09-13 (zzz) changelog date fix
26c13b40f 2006-09-13 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Mark a peer's requests as unrequested on disconnect,       preventing premature end game     * i2psnark: Randomize selection of next piece during end game     * i2psnark: Don't restore a partial piece to a peer that is already working on it     * i2psnark: strip ".torrent" on web page     * i2psnark: Limit piece size in generated torrent to 1MB max
9fd0e95fe 2006-09-13 (zzz) 9/12 status
7e21f2c92 2006-09-10 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Add "Stalled" indication and stat totals on web page
c9d8e796c 2006-09-09 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Fix bug where new peers would always be set to "interested"       regardless of actual interest     * i2psnark: Reduce max piece size from 10MB to 1MB; larger may have severe       memory and efficiency problems
e7203f5d4 2006-09-09 (zzz)
22d76a1b6 2006-09-09 * 2006-09-09 released
0903dc46c 2006-09-09 2006-09-08  jrandom     * Tweak the PRNG logging so it only displays error messages if there are       problems     * Disable dynamic router keys for the time being, as they don't offer       meaningful security, may hurt the router, and makes it harder to       determine the network health.  The code to restart on SSU IP change is       still enabled however.     * Disable tunnel load testing, leaning back on the tiered selection for       the time being.     * Spattering of bugfixes
0f56ec807 2006-09-07 (zzz) oops remove duplicate
70ee1df2b 2006-09-07 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Increase output timeout from 2 min to 4 min     * i2psnark: Orphan debug msg cleanup     * i2psnark: More web rate report cleanup
61a6a29be 2006-09-07 cCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
678f7d8f7 2006-09-06 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Implement basic partial-piece saves across connections     * i2psnark: Implement keep-alive sending. This will keep non-i2psnark clients       from dropping us for inactivity but also renders the 2-minute transmit-inactivity       code in i2psnark ineffective. Will have to research why there is transmit but       not receive inactivity code. With the current connection limit of 24 peers       we aren't in any danger of keeping out new peers by keeping inactive ones.     * i2psnark: Increase CHECK_PERIOD from 20 to 40 since nothing happens in 20 seconds     * i2psnark: Fix dropped chunk handling     * i2psnark: Web rate report cleanup
b92ee364b 2006-09-04 (zzz)     * i2psnark: Report cleared trackerErr immediately     * i2psnark: Add trackerErr reporting after previous success; retry more quickly     * i2psnark: Set up new connections more quickly     * i2psnark: Don't delay tracker fetch when setting up lots of connections     * i2psnark: Reduce MAX_UPLOADERS from 12 to 4
aef19fcd3 2006-09-04 (zzz) i2psnark: enable pipelining, set tunnel length default to 1 + 0-1
3b01df1d2 2006-09-03 (zzz) Add rate reporting to i2psnark
4aed23b19 2006-09-03 2006-09-03  Complication     * Limit form size in SusiDNS to avoid exceeding a POST size limit on postback     * Print messages about addressbook size to give better overview     * Enable delete function in published addressbook
03e8875c2 2006-08-21 2006-08-21  Complication     * Fix error reporting discrepancy (thanks for helping notice, yojoe!)
48921a087 2006-08-04 2006-08-03  Complication     * news.xml update
633fabb09 2006-08-03 2006-08-03  jrandom     * Decrease the recently modified tunnel building timeout, though keep       the scaling on their processing
bc42c26d9 2006-08-01 2006-07-31  jrandom     * Increase the tunnel building timeout     * Avoid a rare race (thanks bar!)     * Fix the bandwidth capacity publishing code to factor in share percentage       and outbound throttling (oops)
3c09ca335 2006-07-30 2006-07-29  Complication     * Treat NTP responses from unexpected stratums like failures
1e9e7dd34 2006-07-29 (zzz)
034803add 2006-07-29 * 2006-07-28 released
b25bb053b 2006-07-29 2006-07-28  jrandom     * Don't try to reverify too many netDb entries at once (thanks       cervantes and Complication!)
9bd0c7944 2006-07-29 2006-07-28  jrandom     * Actually fix the threading deadlock issue in the netDb (removing       the synchronized access to individual kbuckets while validating       individual entries) (thanks cervantes, postman, frosk, et al!)
06b867041 2006-07-28 * 2006-07-27 released
6577ae499 2006-07-27 2006-07-27  jrandom     * Cut down NTCP connection establishments once we know the peer is skewed       (rather than wait for full establishment before verifying)     * Removed a lock on the stats framework when accessing rates, which       shouldn't be a problem, assuming rates are created (pretty much) all at       once and merely updated during the lifetime of the jvm.
54bc5485e 2006-07-27 oops, thanks bar!
84b741ac9 2006-07-27 2006-07-27  jrandom     * Further NTCP write status cleanup     * Handle more oddly-timed NTCP disconnections (thanks bar!)
c48c419d7 2006-07-27 quick prng workaround
fb2e795ad 2006-07-27 2006-07-26  jrandom     * When dropping a netDb router reference, only accept newer       references as part of the update check     * If we have been up for a while, don't accept really old       router references (published 2 or more days ago)     * Drop router references once they are no longer valid, even if       they were allowed in due to the lax restrictions on startup
ec215777e 2006-07-27 2006-07-26  jrandom     * When dropping a netDb router reference, only accept newer       references as part of the update check     * If we have been up for a while, don't accept really old       router references (published 2 or more days ago)     * Drop router references once they are no longer valid, even if       they were allowed in due to the lax restrictions on startup
d4e0f27c5 2006-07-26 2006-07-26  jrandom     * Every time we create a new router identity, add an entry to the       new "identlog.txt" text file in the I2P install directory.  For       debugging purposes, publish the count of how many identities the       router has cycled through, though not the identities itself.     * Cleaned up the way the multitransport shitlisting worked, and       added per-transport shitlists     * When dropping a router reference locally, first fire a netDb       lookup for the entry     * Take the peer selection filters into account when organizing the       profiles (thanks Complication!)     * Avoid some obvious configuration errors for the NTCP transport       (invalid ports, "null" ip, etc)     * Deal with some small NTCP bugs found in the wild (unresolveable       hosts, strange network discons, etc)     * Send our netDb info to peers we have direct NTCP connections to       after each 6-12 hours of connection uptime     * Clean up the NTCP reading and writing queue logic to avoid some       potential delays     * Allow people to specify the IP that the SSU transport binds on       locally, via the advanced config "i2np.udp.bindInterface="
e1c686baa 2006-07-18 2006-07-18  Complication     * URL and date fix in news.xml
d57af1aef 2006-07-18 remove 1.5ism
a52dd5721 2006-07-18 * 2006-07-18 released
65138357d 2006-07-16 2006-07-16  Complication     * Collect tunnel build agree/reject/expire statistics       for each bandwidth tier of peers (and peers of unknown tiers,       even if those shouldn't exist)
f6320696d 2006-07-14 2006-07-14  jrandom     * Improve the multitransport shitlisting (thanks Complication!)     * Allow routers with a capacity of 16-32KBps to be used in tunnels under       the default configuration (thanks for the stats Complication!)     * Properly allow older router references to load on startup       (thanks bar, Complication, et al!)     * Add a new "i2p.alwaysAllowReseed" advanced config property, though       hopefully today's changes should make this unnecessary (thanks void!)     * Improved NTCP buffering     * Close NTCP connections if we are too backlogged when writing to them
900d8a202 2006-07-07 oops, test method.  thanks cervantes
ccc9a87e8 2006-07-07 unnecessary
208634e5d 2006-07-04 2006-07-04  jrandom     * New NIO-based tcp transport (NTCP), enabled by default for outbound       connections only.  Those who configure their NAT/firewall to allow       inbound connections and specify the external host and port       (dyndns/etc is ok) on /config.jsp can receive inbound connections.       SSU is still enabled for use by default for all users as a fallback.     * Substantial bugfix to the tunnel gateway processing to transfer       messages sequentially instead of interleaved     * Renamed GNU/crypto classes to avoid name clashes with kaffe and other       GNU/Classpath based JVMs     * Adjust the Fortuna PRNG's pooling system to reduce contention on       refill with a background thread to refill the output buffer     * Add per-transport support for the shitlist     * Add a new async pumped tunnel gateway to reduce tunnel dispatcher       contention
3d07205c9 2006-07-01 2006-07-01  Complication     * Ensure that the I2PTunnel web interface won't update tunnel settings       for shared clients when a non-shared client is modified       (thanks for spotting, BarkerJr!)
f0a424a93 2006-06-15 (zzz) .21, 6-13 mtg
f9b59ee07 2006-06-14 2006-06-14  cervantes     * Small tweak to I2PTunnel CSS, so it looks better with desktops       that use Bitstream Vera fonts @ 96 dpi
b92b9d261 2006-06-14 * 2006-06-14 released
a3db9429a 2006-06-13 2006-06-13  jrandom     * Use a minimum uptime of 2 hours, not 4 (oops)
291a5c957 2006-06-13 2006-06-13  jrandom     * Cut down the proactive rejections due to queue size - if we are       at the point of having decrypted the request off the queue, might       as well let it through, rather than waste that decryption
0a3281c27 2006-06-11 2006-06-11  Kloug     * Bugfix to the I2PTunnel IRC filter to support multiple concurrent       outstanding pings/pongs
23f30ba57 2006-06-10 2006-06-10  jrandom     * Further reduction in proactive rejections
f3de85c4d 2006-06-10 2006-06-09  jrandom     * Don't let the pending tunnel request queue grow beyond reason       (letting things sit for up to 30s when they fail after 10s       seems a bit... off)
a3a4888e0 2006-06-09 2006-06-08  jrandom     * Be more conservative in the proactive rejections
6fd7881f8 2006-06-05 thanks bar
381f71676 2006-06-05 2006-06-04  Complication     * Stop sending a blank line before USER in susimail.       Seemed to break in rare cases, thanks for reporting, Brachtus!
f2078e152 2006-06-04 * 2006-06-04 released
f2fb87c88 2006-05-31 2006-05-31  jrandom     * Only send netDb searches to the floodfill peers for the time being     * Add some proof of concept filters for tunnel participation.  By default,       it will skip peers with an advertised bandwith of less than 32KBps or       an advertised uptime of less than 2 hours.  If this is sufficient, a       safer implementation of these filters will be implemented.
fcbea1947 2006-05-31 2006-05-30  Complication     * weekly news.xml update
92f25bd4f 2006-05-19 2006-05-18  Complication     * news.xml update
85c2c1121 2006-05-18 * 2006-05-18 released 2006-05-18  jrandom     * Made the SSU ACKs less frequent when possible
de1ca4aea 2006-05-18 2006-05-17  Complication     * Fix some oversights in my previous changes:       adjust some loglevels, make a few statements less wasteful,       make one comparison less confusing and more likely to log unexpected values
a0f865fb9 2006-05-18 2006-05-17  jrandom     * Make the peer page sortable     * SSU modifications to cut down on unnecessary connection failures
2c3fea560 2006-05-16 2006-05-16  jrandom     * Further shitlist randomizations     * Adjust the stats monitored for detecting cpu overload when dropping new       tunnel requests
ba1d88b5c 2006-05-15 2006-05-15  jrandom     * Add a load dependent throttle on the pending inbound tunnel request       backlog     * Increased the tunnel test failure slack before killing a tunnel
2ad715c66 2006-05-14 2006-05-13  Complication     * Update the build number too
5f17557e5 2006-05-14 2006-05-13  Complication     * Separate growth factors for tunnel count and tunnel test time     * Reduce growth factors, so probabalistic throttle would activate     * Square probAccept values to decelerate stronger when far from average     * Create a bandwidth stat with approximately 15-second half life     * Make allowTunnel() check the 1-second bandwidth for overload       before doing allowance calculations using 15-second bandwidth     * Tweak the overload detector in BuildExecutor to be more sensitive       for rising edges, add ability to initiate tunnel drops     * Add a function to seek and drop the highest-rate participating tunnel,       keeping a fixed+random grace period between such drops.       It doesn't seem very effective, so disabled by default       ("router.dropTunnelsOnOverload=true" to enable)
2ad5a6f90 2006-05-12 2006-05-11  jrandom     * PRNG bugfix (thanks cervantes and Complication!)
092046206 2006-05-10 2006-05-09  Complication     * weekly news.xml update
870e94e18 2006-05-09 * 2006-05-09 released 2006-05-09  jrandom     * Further tunnel creation timeout revamp
6b0d50764 2006-05-08 2006-05-07  Complication     * Fix problem whereby repeated calls to allowed() would make       the 1-tunnel exception permit more than one concurrent build
70cf9e4ca 2006-05-06 2006-05-06  jrandom     * Readjust the tunnel creation timeouts to reject less but fail earlier,       while tracking the extended timeout events.
2a3974c71 2006-05-04 2006-05-04  jrandom     * Short circuit a highly congested part of the stat logging unless its       required (may or may not help with a synchronization issue reported by       andreas)
46ac9292e 2006-05-03 2006-05-03  Complication     * Allow a single build attempt to proceed despite 1-minute overload       only if the 1-second rate shows enough spare bandwidth       (e.g. overload has already eased)
430709747 2006-05-03 2006-05-02  Complication     * Correct a misnamed property in       to avoid confusion     * Make the maximum allowance of our own concurrent       tunnel builds slightly adaptive: one concurrent build per 6 KB/s       within the fixed range 2..10     * While overloaded, try to avoid completely choking our own build attempts,       instead prefer limiting them to 1
ed3fdaf4f 2006-05-03 2006-05-02  Complication     * Fixed URL in previous update, sorry
378a9a8f5 2006-05-03 2006-05-02  Complication     * Weekly news.xml update
4ef618045 2006-05-01 2006-05-01  jrandom     * Adjust the tunnel build timeouts to cut down on expirations, and       increased the SSU connection establishment retransmission rate to       something less glacial.     * For the first 5 minutes of uptime, be less aggressive with tunnel       exploration, opting for more reliable peers to start with.
d4970e23c 2006-05-01 2006-05-01  jrandom     * Fix for a netDb lookup race (thanks cervantes!)
0c9f16501 2006-05-01 fix typos
be3a899ec 2006-04-28 2006-04-27  jrandom     * Avoid a race in the message reply registry (thanks cervantes!)
7a6a74900 2006-04-28 2006-04-27  jrandom     * Fixed the tunnel expiration desync code (thanks Complication!)
17271ee3f 2006-04-26 2006-04-25  Complication     * weekly news.xml update
99bcfa90d 2006-04-24 2006-04-24  Complication     * Update news.xml to reflect
eb36e993c 2006-04-23 * 2006-04-23 released
e5eca5fa4 2006-04-22 zzz update
8cba2f423 2006-04-19 2006-04-19  jrandom     * Adjust how we pick high capacity peers to allow the inclusion of fast       peers (the previous filter assumed an old usage pattern)     * New set of stats to help track per-packet-type bandwidth usage better     * Cut out the proactive tail drop from the SSU transport, for now     * Reduce the frequency of tunnel build attempts while we're saturated     * Don't drop tunnel requests as easily - prefer to explicitly reject them
40d5ed31a 2006-04-15 2006-04-15  Complication     * Update news.xml to reflect
181275fe3 2006-04-15 * 2006-04-15 released
23d8c01ce 2006-04-15 2006-04-15  jrandom     * Adjust the proactive tunnel request dropping so we will reject what we       can instead of dropping so much (but still dropping if we get too far       overloaded)
de8394448 2006-04-14 2006-04-14  jrandom     * 0 isn't very random     * Adjust the tunnel drop to be more reasonable
90cd7ff23 2006-04-14 2006-04-14  jrandom     * -28.00230115311259 is not between 0 and 1 in any universe I know.     * Made the bw-related tunnel join throttle much simpler
8d0a9b4cc 2006-04-14 2006-04-14  jrandom     * Make some more stats graphable, and allow some internal tweaking on the       tunnel pairing for creation and testing.
230d4cd23 2006-04-13 * 2006-04-13 released
e9b6fcc0a 2006-04-13 2006-04-12  jrandom     * Added a further failsafe against trying to queue up too many messages to       a peer.
8fcb87140 2006-04-12 2006-04-12  jrandom     * Watch out for failed syndie index fetches (thanks bar!)
83bef43fd 2006-04-11 2006-04-11  jrandom     * Throttling improvements on SSU - throttle all transmissions to a peer       when we are retransmitting, not just retransmissions.  Also, if       we're already retransmitting to a peer, probabalistically tail drop new       messages targetting that peer, based on the estimated wait time before       transmission.     * Fixed the rounding error in the inbound tunnel drop probability.
b4fc6ca31 2006-04-10 2006-04-10  jrandom     * Include a combined send/receive graph (good idea cervantes!)     * Proactively drop inbound tunnel requests probabalistically as the       estimated queue time approaches our limit, rather than letting them all       through up to that limit.
ab3f1b708 2006-04-09 2006-04-08  jrandom     * Stat summarization fix (removing the occational holes in the jrobin       graphs)
c76402a16 2006-04-08 2006-04-08  jrandom     * Process inbound tunnel requests more efficiently     * Proactively drop inbound tunnel requests if the queue before we'd       process it in is too long (dynamically adjusted by cpu load)     * Adjust the tunnel rejection throttle to reject requeusts when we have to       proactively drop too many requests.     * Display the number of pending inbound tunnel join requests on the router       console (as the "handle backlog")     * Include a few more stats in the default set of graphs
a50c73aa5 2006-04-07 2006-04-06  jrandom     * Fix for a bug in the new irc ping/pong filter (thanks Complication!)
5aa66795d 2006-04-06 2006-04-06  jrandom     * Fixed a typo in the reply cleanup code
ac3c2d2b1 2006-04-05 * 2006-04-05 released
072a45e5c 2006-04-05 2006-04-05  jrandom     * Cut down on the time that we allow a tunnel creation request to sit by       without response, and reject tunnel creation requests that are lagged       locally.  Also switch to a bounded FIFO instead of a LIFO     * Threading tweaks for the message handling (thanks bar!)     * Don't add addresses to syndie with blank names (thanks Complication!)     * Further ban clearance
1ab14e52d 2006-04-05 2006-04-04  Complication     * weekly news.xml update
9a820961a 2006-04-04 2006-04-05  jrandom     * Fix during the ssu handshake to avoid an unnecessary failure on       packet retransmission (thanks ripple!)     * Fix during the SSU handshake to use the negotiated session key asap,       rather than using the intro key for more than we should (thanks ripple!)     * Fixes to the message reply registry (thanks Complication!)     * More comprehensive syndie banning (for repeated pushes)     * Publish the router's ballpark bandwidth limit (w/in a power of 2), for       testing purposes     * Put a floor back on the capacity threshold, so too many failing peers       won't cause us to pick very bad peers (unless we have very few good       ones)     * Bugfix to cut down on peers using introducers unneessarily (thanks       Complication!)     * Reduced the default streaming lib message size to fit into a single       tunnel message, rather than require 5 tunnel messages to be transferred       without loss before recomposition.  This reduces throughput, but should       increase reliability, at least for the time being.     * Misc small bugfixes in the router (thanks all!)     * More tweaking for Syndie's CSS (thanks Doubtful Salmon!)
764149aef 2006-04-03 2006-04-01  jrandom     * Take out the router watchdog's teeth (don't restart on leaseset failure)     * Filter the IRC ping/pong messages, as some clients send unsafe       information in them (thanks aardvax and dust!)
1b3ad31bf 2006-04-01 2006-04-01  jrandom     * Take out the router watchdog's teeth (don't restart on leaseset failure)
15e6c27c0 2006-03-30 2006-03-30  jrandom     * Substantially reduced the lock contention in the message registry (a       major hotspot that can choke most threads).  Also reworked the locking       so we don't need per-message timer events     * No need to have additional per-peer message clearing, as they are       either unregistered individually or expired.     * Include some of the more transient tunnel throttling
8b707e569 2006-03-29 2006-03-28  Complication     * weekly news.xml update
e4c4b24c6 2006-03-27 2006-03-26  Complication     * announce
031636e60 2006-03-26 * 2006-03-26 released
b5c0d77c6 2006-03-25 2006-03-25  jrandom     * Added a simple purge and ban of syndie authors, shown as the       "Purge and ban" button on the addressbook for authors that are already       on the ignore list.  All of their entries and metadata are deleted from       the archive, and the are transparently filtered from any remote       syndication (so no user on the syndie instance will pull any new posts       from them)     * More strict tunnel join throtting when congested
d489caa88 2006-03-24 2006-03-24  jrandom     * Try to desync tunnel building near startup (thanks Complication!)     * If we are highly congested, fall back on only querying the floodfill       netDb peers, and only storing to those peers too     * Cleaned up the floodfill-only queries
2a24029ac 2006-03-22 2006-03-21  Complication     * Weekly news.xml update
c5aab8c75 2006-03-21 2006-03-21  jrandom     * Avoid a very strange (unconfirmed) bug that people using the systray's       browser picker dialog could cause by disabling the GUI-based browser       picker.     * Cut down on subsequent streaming lib reset packets transmitted     * Use a larger MTU more often     * Allow netDb searches to query shitlisted peers, as the queries are       indirect.     * Add an option to disable non-floodfill netDb searches (non-floodfill       searches are used by default, but can be disabled by adding       netDb.floodfillOnly=true to the advanced config)
343748111 2006-03-20 2006-03-20  jrandom     * Fix to allow for some slack when coalescing stats     * Workaround some oddball errors
c5ddfabfe 2006-03-20 2006-03-20  jrandom     * Fix to allow for some slack when coalescing stats     * Workaround some oddball errors
1ef33906e 2006-03-19 2006-03-18  jrandom     * Added a new graphs.jsp page to show all of the stats being harvested
f3849a22a 2006-03-18 2006-03-18  jrandom     * Made the netDb search load limitations a little less stringent     * Add support for specifying the number of periods to be plotted on the       graphs - e.g. to plot only the last hour of a stat that is averaged at       the 60 second period, add &periodCount=60
b03ff21d3 2006-03-17 2006-03-17  jrandom     * Add support for graphing the event count as well as the average stat       value (done by adding &showEvents=true to the URL).  Also supports       hiding the legend (&hideLegend=true), the grid (&hideGrid=true), and       the title (&hideTitle=true).     * Removed an unnecessary arbitrary filter on the profile organizer so we       can pick high capacity and fast peers more appropriately
52094b10c 2006-03-16 aych tee emm ell smells
fc927efaa 2006-03-16 2006-03-16  jrandom     * Integrate basic hooks for jrobin ( into the router       console.  Selected stats can be harvested automatically and fed into       in-memory RRD databases, and those databases can be served up either as       PNG images or as RRDtool compatible XML dumps (see oldstats.jsp for       details).  A base set of stats are harvested by default, but an       alternate list can be specified by setting the 'stat.summaries' list on       the advanced config.  For instance:       stat.summaries=bw.recvRate.60000,bw.sendRate.60000     * HTML tweaking for the general config page (thanks void!)     * Odd NPE fix (thanks Complication!)
65dc803fb 2006-03-16 2006-03-16  jrandom     * Integrate basic hooks for jrobin ( into the router       console.  Selected stats can be harvested automatically and fed into       in-memory RRD databases, and those databases can be served up either as       PNG images or as RRDtool compatible XML dumps (see oldstats.jsp for       details).  A base set of stats are harvested by default, but an       alternate list can be specified by setting the 'stat.summaries' list on       the advanced config.  For instance:       stat.summaries=bw.recvRate.60000,bw.sendRate.60000     * HTML tweaking for the general config page (thanks void!)     * Odd NPE fix (thanks Complication!)
349adf669 2006-03-16 2006-03-15  Complication     * Trim out an old, inactive IP second-guessing method       (thanks for spotting, Anonymous!)
2c843fd81 2006-03-15 2006-03-15  jrandom     * Further stat cleanup     * Keep track of how many peers we are actively trying to communicate with,       beyond those who are just trying to communicate with us.     * Further router tunnel participation throttle revisions to avoid spurious       rejections     * Rate stat display cleanup (thanks ripple!)     * Don't even try to send messages that have been queued too long
863b511cd 2006-03-15 2006-03-15  jrandom     * Further stat cleanup     * Keep track of how many peers we are actively trying to communicate with,       beyond those who are just trying to communicate with us.     * Further router tunnel participation throttle revisions to avoid spurious       rejections     * Rate stat display cleanup (thanks ripple!)     * Don't even try to send messages that have been queued too long
c417e7c23 2006-03-15 2006-03-14 zzz update
1822c0d7d 2006-03-09 2006-03-07 zzz update
94c1c32b5 2006-03-06 2006-03-05  zzz     * Remove the +++--- from the logs on i2psnark startup
deb35f4af 2006-03-05 2006-03-05  jrandom     * HTML fixes in Syndie to work better with opera (thanks shaklen!)     * Give netDb lookups to floodfill peers more time, as they are much more       likely to succeed (thereby cutting down on the unnecessary netDb       searches outside the floodfill set)     * Fix to the SSU IP detection code so we won't use introducers when we       don't need them (thanks Complication!)     * Add a brief shitlist to i2psnark so it doesn't keep on trying to reach       peers given to it     * Don't let netDb searches wander across too many peers     * Don't use the 1s bandwidth usage in the tunnel participation throttle,       as its too volatile to have much meaning.     * Don't bork if a Syndie post is missing an entry.sml
883150f94 2006-03-05 2006-03-05  Complication     * Reduce exposed statistical information,       to make build and uptime tracking more expensive
717d1b97b 2006-03-04 2006-03-04  Complication     * Fix the announce URL of orion's tracker in Snark sources
e62135eac 2006-03-04 2006-03-03  Complication     * Explicit check for an index out of bounds exception while parsing       an inbound IRC command (implicit check was there already)
2c6d95335 2006-03-01 2006-03-01  jrandom     * More aggressive tunnel throttling as we approach our bandwidth limit,       and throttle based off periods wider than 1 second.     * Included Doubtful Salmon's syndie stylings (thanks!)
2b79e2df3 2006-03-01 2006-02-28 zzz update
fab6e421b 2006-02-28 2006-02-27  zzz     * Update error page templates to add \r, Connection: close, and       Proxy-connection: close.
589cbd675 2006-02-27 * 2006-02-27 released 2006-02-27  jrandom     * Adjust the jbigi.jar to use the athlon-optimized jbigi on windows/amd64       machines, rather than the generic jbigi (until we have an athlon64       optimized version)
c486f5980 2006-02-27 * 2006-02-27 released 2006-02-27  jrandom     * Adjust the jbigi.jar to use the athlon-optimized jbigi on windows/amd64       machines, rather than the generic jbigi (until we have an athlon64       optimized version)
eee21aa30 2006-02-26 2006-02-26  jrandom     * Switch from the bouncycastle to the gnu-crypto implementation for       SHA256, as benchmarks show a 10-30% speedup.     * Removed some unnecessary object caches     * Don't close i2psnark streams prematurely
a2854cf6f 2006-02-25 2006-02-25 zzz spelling fix
62b7cf64d 2006-02-25 2006-02-25  jrandom     * Made the Syndie permalinks in the thread view point to the blog view     * Disabled TCP again (since the live net seems to be doing well w/out it)     * Fix the message time on inbound SSU establishment (thanks zzz!)     * Don't be so aggressive with parallel tunnel creation when a tunnel pool       just starts up
7b2a435aa 2006-02-24 2006-02-24  jrandom     * Rounding calculation cleanup in the stats, and avoid an uncontested       mutex (thanks ripple!)     * SSU handshake cleanup to help force incompatible peers to stop nagging       us by both not giving them an updated reference to us and by dropping       future handshake packets from them.
3d8d21e54 2006-02-23 2006-02-23  jrandom     * Increase the SSU retransmit ceiling (for slow links)     * Estimate the sender's SSU MTU (to help see if we agree)
8b7958cff 2006-02-23 2006-02-22  jrandom     * Fix to properly profile tunnel joins (thanks Ragnarok, frosk, et al!)     * More aggressive poor-man's PMTU, allowing larger MTUs on less reliable       links     * Further class validator refactorings
7bb792836 2006-02-23 2006-02-22  jrandom     * Fix to properly profile tunnel joins (thanks Ragnarok, frosk, et al!)     * More aggressive poor-man's PMTU, allowing larger MTUs on less reliable       links     * Further class validator refactorings
03f509ca5 2006-02-22 2006-02-22  jrandom     * Handle a rare race under high bandwidth situations in the SSU transport     * Minor refactoring so we don't confuse sun's 1.6.0-b2 validator
5f0563193 2006-02-22 2006-02-21  Complication     * Reactivate TCP tranport by default, in addition to re-allowing
5cfedd4c8 2006-02-22 2006-02-21 zzz update
269fec64a 2006-02-21 2006-02-21 zzz       announce
f63c6f471 2006-02-21 * 2006-02-21 released
b4c495531 2006-02-21 2006-02-21  jrandom     * Throttle the outbound SSU establishment queue, so it doesn't fill up the       heap when backlogged (and so that the messages queued up on it don't sit       there forever)     * Further SSU memory cleanup     * Clean up the address regeneration code so it knows when to rebuild the       local info more precisely.
9990126e3 2006-02-21 2006-02-20  jrandom     * Throttle the outbound SSU establishment queue, so it doesn't fill up the       heap when backlogged (and so that the messages queued up on it don't sit       there forever)     * Further SSU memory cleanup
ac8436a8e 2006-02-20 2006-02-20  jrandom     * Properly enable TCP this time (oops)     * Deal with multiple form handlers on the same page in the console without       being too annoying (thanks blubb and bd_!)
dee79dfb1 2006-02-20 2006-02-20  jrandom     * Reenable the TCP transport as a fallback (we'll continue to muck with       debugging SSU-only elsewhere)
9b4e6f475 2006-02-20 no need to include this stuff in the updates (they havent changed)
7672ba23d 2006-02-20 2006-02-20  jrandom     * Major SSU and router tuning to reduce contention, memory usage, and GC       churn.  There are still issues to be worked out, but this should be a       substantial improvement.     * Modified the optional netDb harvester task to support choosing whether       to use (non-anonymous) direct connections or (anonymous) exploratory       tunnels to do the harvesting.  Harvesting itself is enabled via the       advanced config "netDb.shouldHarvest=true" (default is false) and the       connection type can be chosen via "netDb.harvestDirectly=false" (default       is false).
4b77ddedc 2006-02-20 2006-02-20  jrandom     * Major SSU and router tuning to reduce contention, memory usage, and GC       churn.  There are still issues to be worked out, but this should be a       substantial improvement.     * Modified the optional netDb harvester task to support choosing whether       to use (non-anonymous) direct connections or (anonymous) exploratory       tunnels to do the harvesting.  Harvesting itself is enabled via the       advanced config "netDb.shouldHarvest=true" (default is false) and the       connection type can be chosen via "netDb.harvestDirectly=false" (default       is false).
222af6c09 2006-02-20     * Added pruning of suckers history (it used to grow indefinitely).
8e879cb64 2006-02-19 2006-02-19  jrandom     * Moved the current net's reseed URL to a different location than where       the old net looks ( vs .../i2pdb/)     * More aggressively expire inbound messages (on receive, not just on send)     * Add in a hook for breaking backwards compatibility in the SSU wire       protocol directly by including a version as part of the handshake.  The       version is currently set to 0, however, so the wire protocol from this       build is compatible with all earlier SSU implementations.     * Increased the number of complete message readers, cutting down       substantially on the delay processing inbound messages.     * Delete the message history file on startup     * Reworked the restart/shutdown display on the console (thanks bd_!)
65975df1b 2006-02-19 2006-02-19  jrandom     * Moved the current net's reseed URL to a different location than where       the old net looks ( vs .../i2pdb/)     * More aggressively expire inbound messages (on receive, not just on send)     * Add in a hook for breaking backwards compatibility in the SSU wire       protocol directly by including a version as part of the handshake.  The       version is currently set to 0, however, so the wire protocol from this       build is compatible with all earlier SSU implementations.     * Increased the number of complete message readers, cutting down       substantially on the delay processing inbound messages.     * Delete the message history file on startup     * Reworked the restart/shutdown display on the console (thanks bd_!)
c94de2fbb 2006-02-19 2006-02-18  jrandom     * Migrate the outbound packets from a central component to the individual       per-peer components, substantially cutting down on lock contention when       dealing with higher degrees.     * Load balance the outbound SSU transfers evenly across peers, rather than       across messages (so peers with few messages won't be starved by peers       with many).     * Reduce the frequency of router info rebuilds (thanks bar!)
5aa335740 2006-02-19 2006-02-18  jrandom     * Migrate the outbound packets from a central component to the individual       per-peer components, substantially cutting down on lock contention when       dealing with higher degrees.     * Load balance the outbound SSU transfers evenly across peers, rather than       across messages (so peers with few messages won't be starved by peers       with many).     * Reduce the frequency of router info rebuilds (thanks bar!)
120275135 2006-02-18 2006-02-18  jrandom     * Add a new AIMD throttle in SSU to control the number of concurrent       messages being sent to a given peer, in addition to the throttle on the       number of concurrent bytes to that peer.     * Adjust the existing SSU outbound queue to throttle based on the queue's       lag, not an arbitrary number of packets.
34fcf53d8 2006-02-18 2006-02-18  jrandom     * Add a new AIMD throttle in SSU to control the number of concurrent       messages being sent to a given peer, in addition to the throttle on the       number of concurrent bytes to that peer.     * Adjust the existing SSU outbound queue to throttle based on the queue's       lag, not an arbitrary number of packets.
9ddc632b9 2006-02-17 2006-02-17  jrandom     * Properly fix the build request queue throttling, using queue age to       detect congestion, rather than queue size.
941b65eb3 2006-02-17 2006-02-17  jrandom     * Disable the message history log file by default (duh - feel free to       delete messageHistory.txt after upgrading.  thanks deathfatty!)     * Limit the size of the inbound tunnel build request queue so we don't       get an insane backlog of requests that we're bound to reject, and adjust       the queue processing so we keep on churning through them when we've got       a backlog.     * Small fixes for the multiuser syndie operation (thanks Complication!)     * Renamed modified PRNG classes that were imported from gnu-crypto so we       don't conflict with JVMs using that as a JCE provider (thanks blx!)
8c9167464 2006-02-17 2006-02-17  jrandom     * Disable the message history log file by default (duh - feel free to       delete messageHistory.txt after upgrading.  thanks deathfatty!)     * Limit the size of the inbound tunnel build request queue so we don't       get an insane backlog of requests that we're bound to reject, and adjust       the queue processing so we keep on churning through them when we've got       a backlog.     * Small fixes for the multiuser syndie operation (thanks Complication!)     * Renamed modified PRNG classes that were imported from gnu-crypto so we       don't conflict with JVMs using that as a JCE provider (thanks blx!)
5b9496598 2006-02-16 * 2006-02-16 released
3226ea5bf 2006-02-16 (1.188) added downloads.legion.i2p, politguy.i2p, ninja.i2p
84a24784e 2006-02-16 so old its not funny
71d3fa6b8 2006-02-16 disable by default
9e00dbaaf 2006-02-16 2006-02-16  jrandom     * Add a new toggle to the web config to enable/disable the load testing
2e9e0c64d 2006-02-16 2006-02-16  jrandom     * Dropped much of the abandonware from the apps/ directory
fde3f1ce7 2006-02-16 not used
321c56064 2006-02-16 drop most of the abandonware
d2ddca7d6 2006-02-16 *cough*
fb17e70f1 2006-02-16 2006-02-16  jrandom     * Bugfix to the I2PTunnel web config to properly accept i2cp port settings     * Initial sucker refactoring to simplify reuse of the html parsing     * Beginnings of hooks to push imported rss/atom out to remote syndie       archives automatically (though not enabled currently)     * Further SSU peer test cleanup
79f934fe1 2006-02-16 2006-02-16  jrandom     * Bugfix to the I2PTunnel web config to properly accept i2cp port settings     * Initial sucker refactoring to simplify reuse of the html parsing     * Beginnings of hooks to push imported rss/atom out to remote syndie       archives automatically (though not enabled currently)     * Further SSU peer test cleanup
3d76df6af 2006-02-16 thanks zzz
d5c36f7f4 2006-02-15 2006-02-15 zzz fix release #
41ac62874 2006-02-15 2006-02-15 zzz update
41e5e1a09 2006-02-15 "&amp;amp;" sucks
74edc3fa7 2006-02-15 2006-02-15  jrandom     * Add in per-blog RSS feeds to Syndie     * Upgraded sucker's ROME dependency to 0.8, bundling sucked enclosures       with the posts, marking additional attachments as Media RSS enclosures       (, since RSS only supports one enclosure       per item.     * Don't allow the default syndie user to be set to something invalid if       its in single user mode.
3a26218b5 2006-02-15 just for clarity
687abd942 2006-02-15 2006-02-15  jrandom     * Add in per-blog RSS feeds to Syndie     * Upgraded sucker's ROME dependency to 0.8, bundling sucked enclosures       with the posts, marking additional attachments as Media RSS enclosures       (, since RSS only supports one enclosure       per item.     * Don't allow the default syndie user to be set to something invalid if       its in single user mode.
113fbc1df 2006-02-15 2006-02-15  jrandom     * Merged in the i2p_0_6_1_10_PRE branch to the trunk, so CVS HEAD is no       longer backwards compatible (and should not be used until is       out)
1374ea0ea 2006-02-08 2006-02-07 zzz update
424e55d3b 2006-02-02 2006-02-01 (zzz) 1-31 update
fde4f579f 2006-02-02 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_6_1_10_PRE.
2d651a41f 2006-01-26 2006-01-25  jrandom     * Run the peer profile coalescing/reorganization outside the job queue       (on one of the timers), to cut down on some job queue congestion.  Also,       trim old profiles while running, not just when starting up.     * Slightly more sane intra-floodfill-node netDb activity (only flood new       entries)     * Workaround in the I2PTunnelHTTPServer for some bad requests (though the       source of the bug is not yet addressed)     * Better I2PSnark reconnection handling     * Further cleanup in the new tunnel build process     * Make sure we expire old participants properly     * Remove much of the transient overload throttling (it wasn't using a good       metric)
1eebd5463 2006-01-26 2006-01-25  jrandom     * Run the peer profile coalescing/reorganization outside the job queue       (on one of the timers), to cut down on some job queue congestion.  Also,       trim old profiles while running, not just when starting up.     * Slightly more sane intra-floodfill-node netDb activity (only flood new       entries)     * Workaround in the I2PTunnelHTTPServer for some bad requests (though the       source of the bug is not yet addressed)     * Better I2PSnark reconnection handling     * Further cleanup in the new tunnel build process     * Make sure we expire old participants properly     * Remove much of the transient overload throttling (it wasn't using a good       metric)
f22601b47 2006-01-26 2006-01-25  jrandom     * Run the peer profile coalescing/reorganization outside the job queue       (on one of the timers), to cut down on some job queue congestion.  Also,       trim old profiles while running, not just when starting up.     * Slightly more sane intra-floodfill-node netDb activity (only flood new       entries)     * Workaround in the I2PTunnelHTTPServer for some bad requests (though the       source of the bug is not yet addressed)     * Better I2PSnark reconnection handling     * Further cleanup in the new tunnel build process     * Make sure we expire old participants properly     * Remove much of the transient overload throttling (it wasn't using a good       metric)
ab8e11657 2006-01-25 2006-01-25  dust     * Fix IRC client proxy to use ISO-8859-1.
17eb7fa98 2006-01-25 2006-1-24 zzz update
d1134f970 2006-01-23 added hidden.i2p, bk1k.i2p, antipiracyagency.i2p
13fe45b48 2006-01-23 2006-01-22  jrandom     * New tunnel build process - does not use the new crypto or new peer       selection strategies.  However, it does drop the fallback tunnel       procedure, except for tunnels who are configured to allow them, or for       the exploratory pool during bootstrapping or after a catastrophic       failure.  This new process prefers to fail rather than use too-short       tunnels, so while it can do some pretty aggressive tunnel rebuilding,       it may expose more tunnel failures to the user.     * Always prefer normal tunnels to fallback tunnels.     * Potential fix for a bug while changing i2cp settings on I2PSnark (thanks       bar!)     * Do all of the netDb entry writing in a separate thread, avoiding       duplicates and batching them up.
cd235e590 2006-01-20 2006-01-19  Complication     * Explain better where eepsite's destkey can be found
b727d868f 2006-01-18 2006-01-18  cervantes     * Add title attributes to all external links in Syndie, so we can rollover       and quickly see if it's worth clicking on.     * Fixed a minor compiler warning.
cd2609b34 2006-01-18 (zzz) 1-17 update
a12ede096 2006-01-17 2006-01-17  jrandom     * First pass of the new tunnel creation crypto, specified in the new       router/doc/tunnel-alt-creation.html (referenced in the current       router/doc/tunnel-alt.html).  It isn't actually used anywhere yet, other       than in the test code, but the code verifies the technical viability, so       further scrutiny would be warranted.
eb3442823 2006-01-16 2006-01-16  cervantes  * Dragged I2P kicking and screaming into 2006 (Oops)
211f37c20 2006-01-14 2005-01-14  cervantes  * Removed entirely misleading memory status from the console summary.
d60d0923c 2006-01-13 2005-01-13  cervantes  * Further Syndie layout hardening and typeface balancing.
0448203ed 2006-01-13 (zzz) spelling fix and tweaks
00c97dbf9 2006-01-13
d07342e3e 2006-01-12 * 2005-01-12 released
205d8de28 2006-01-12 2005-01-12  jrandom     * Only create the loadtest.log if requested to do so (thanks zzz!)     * Make sure we cleanly take into consideration the appropriate data       points when filtering out duplicate messages in the message validator,       and report the right bloom filter false positives rate (not used for       anything except debugging)
a638301b5 2006-01-12 2005-01-12  cervantes     * Syndie CSS tweaks to removed some redundant declarations, improve font       scaling and layout robustness. Improved cross browser compatibility       (in other words "kicked IE"). Tightened the look of the blog template       a little.
4f51ad492 2006-01-11 2005-01-11  Complication     * CSS comment fixes
c3a9f72d4 2006-01-11 (zzz) 1-10-06 update
79476d360 2006-01-11 2005-01-11  jrandom     * Include the attachments/blogs/etc for comments on the blog view     * Syndie HTML fixes (thanks cervantes!)     * Make sure we fully reset the objects going into our cache before we       reuse them (thanks zzz!)
97a206fcd 2006-01-11 (zzz) add step-by-step eepsite announce instructions
f783e65a4 2006-01-10 added decadence.i2p, freedomarchives.i2p, closedshop.i2p
dbd1f6586 2006-01-10 2005-01-10  jrandom     * Added the per-post list of attachments/blogs/etc to the blog view in       Syndie (though this does not yet include comments or some further       refinements)     * Have the I2P shortcut launch i2p.exe instead of i2psvc.exe on windows,       removing the dox box (though also removes the restart functionality...)     * Give the i2p.exe the correct java.library.path to support the systray       dll (thanks Bobcat, Sugadude, anon!)
5c78d8108 2006-01-10 2005-01-09  jrandom     * Removed a longstanding bug that had caused unnecessary router identity       churn due to clock skew     * Temporarily sanity check within the streaming lib for long pending       writes     * Added support for a blog-wide logo to Syndie, and automated the pushing       of updated extended blog info data along side the metadata.
1b273bdf4 2006-01-09 2005-01-09  jrandom     * Removed a longstanding bug that had caused unnecessary router identity       churn due to clock skew     * Temporarily sanity check within the streaming lib for long pending       writes     * Added support for a blog-wide logo to Syndie, and automated the pushing       of updated extended blog info data along side the metadata.
934f4082f 2006-01-09 2005-01-09  jrandom     * Removed a longstanding bug that had caused unnecessary router identity       churn due to clock skew     * Temporarily sanity check within the streaming lib for long pending       writes     * Added support for a blog-wide logo to Syndie, and automated the pushing       of updated extended blog info data along side the metadata.
002aed145 2006-01-09 2005-01-09  jrandom     * Bugfix for a rare SSU error (thanks cervantes!)     * More progress on the blog interface, allowing customizable blog-wide       links.
1ca27ffd3 2006-01-09 2005-01-09  jrandom     * Bugfix for a rare SSU error (thanks cervantes!)     * More progress on the blog interface, allowing customizable blog-wide       links.
66e6dbec3 2006-01-08 2006-01-08  jrandom     * First pass of the new blog interface, though without much of the useful       customization features (coming soon)
894caaa63 2006-01-08 2006-01-08  jrandom     * First pass of the new blog interface, though without much of the useful       customization features (coming soon)
97dae94b4 2006-01-05 (zzz) update
c00488afe 2006-01-05 2006-01-04  jrandom     * Rather than profile individual tunnels for throughput over their       lifetime, do so at 1 minute intervals (allowing less frequently active       tunnels to be more fairly measured).     * Run the live tunnel load test across two tunnels at a time, by default.       The load test runs for a random period from 90s to the tunnel lifetime,       self paced.  This should help gathering data for profiling peers that       are in exploratory tunnels. 2006-01-03  jrandom     * Calculate the overall peer throughput across the 3 fastest one minute       tunnel throughput values, rather than the single fastest throughput.     * Degrade the profiled throughput data over time (cutting the profiled       peaks in half once a day, on average)     * Enable yet another new speed calculation for profiling peers, using the       peak throughput from individual tunnels that a peer is participating in,       rather than across all tunnels they are participating in.  This helps       gather a fairer peer throughput measurement, since it won't allow a slow       high capacity peer seem to have a higher throughput (pushing a little       data across many tunnels at once, as opposed to lots of data across a       single tunnel).  This degrades over time like the other.     * Add basic OS/2 support to the jbigi code (though we do not bundle a       precompiled OS/2 library)
23723b56c 2006-01-01 2006-01-01  jrandom     * Disable multifile torrent creation in I2PSnark's web UI for the moment       (though it can still seed and participate in multifile swarms)     * Enable a new speed calculation for profiling peers, using their peak       1 minute average tunnel throughput as their speed.
76f89ac93 2005-12-31 2005-12-31  jrandom     * Include a simple torrent creator in the I2PSnark web UI     * Further streaming lib closing improvements     * Refactored the load test components to run off live tunnels (though,       still not safe for normal/anonymous load testing)
0f8611e46 2005-12-30 2005-12-30  jrandom     * Close streams more gracefully
8e87ae08f 2005-12-30 2005-12-30  jrandom     * Small streaming lib bugfixes for the modified timeouts     * Minor Syndie/Sucker RSS html fix     * Small synchronization fix in I2PSnark (thanks fsm!)
5b1a6391f 2005-12-30 2005-12-30  jrandom     * Replaced the bundled linux jcpuid (written in C++) with scintilla's       jcpuid (written in C), removing the dependency that has bit       some distros (e.g. mandriva)
728f17747 2005-12-29 2005-12-29  jrandom     * Minor fix to the new ERR-ClockSkew to deal with people whose clocks are       actually correct
1d0d0d9c6 2005-12-27 2005-12-27  jrandom     * Add a new Status: line on the router console - "ERR-ClockSkew", in case       the clock is too skewed to do anything useful (check the year and month,       not just the hour and minute).     * Fixed the read/write timeouts in the streaming lib (so that it actually       honors them now)     * Minor I2PSnark cleanups (no read timeout, more careful shutdown and       torrent closing)     * Handle an oddball tunnel creation failure (thanks Xunk)
9b7e5d181 2005-12-27 2005-12-26  Complication     * Fix some integer typecasting in I2PSnark (caused >2GB torrents to fail)     * HTML readability cosmetics on "Peers" page
dc0485b52 2005-12-23 fix ugliness in release history of help.jsp
784d465d1 2005-12-22 * 2005-12-22 released 2005-12-22  jrandom     * Bundle the standalone I2PSnark launcher in the installer and update       process (launch as "java -jar launch-i2psnark.jar", viewing the       interface on http://localhost:8002/)     * Don't autostart swarming torrents by default so that you can run a       standalone I2PSnark from the I2P install dir and not have the embedded       I2PSnark autolaunch the torrents that the standalone instance is running     * Fixed a rare streaming lib bug that could let a blocking call wait       forever.
327089c9d 2005-12-22 4matting
148dd99c8 2005-12-22 2005-12-22  jrandom     * Cleaned up some buffer synchronization issues in I2PSnark that could        cause blockage.
98277d3b6 2005-12-21 2005-12-21  jrandom     * Adjusted I2PSnark's usage of the streaming lib (tweaking it for BT's       behavior)     * Fixed the I2PSnark bug that would lose track of live peers
702e5a5ea 2005-12-21 2005-12-19  cervantes     * Silly RDF syntax     * Oops...
54c91731c 2005-12-20 rdf updates for easier fire2pe/xul handling
3bfc10947 2005-12-20 (cough.  not often a problem though)
3989638f2 2005-12-20 2005-12-19  jrandom     * Fix for old Syndie blog bookmarks (thanks Complication!)     * Fix for I2PSnark to accept incoming connections again (oops)     * Randomize the order that peers from the tracker are contacted
4a65fd4f4 2005-12-19 2005-12-19  jrandom     * I2PSnark logging, disconnect old inactive peers rather than new ones,       memory usage reduction, better OOM handling, and a shared connection       acceptor.     * Cleaned up the Syndie blog page and the resulting filters (viewing a       blog from the blog page shows threads started by the selected author,       not those that they merely participate in)
d525c49d4 2005-12-18 2005-12-18  jrandom     * Added a standalone runner for the I2PSnark web ui (build with the       command "ant i2psnark", unzip somewhere, run       with "java -jar launch-i2psnark.jar", and go to http://localhost:8002/).     * Further I2PSnark error handling 2005-12-17  jrandom     * Let multiuser accounts authorize themselves to access the remote       functionality again (thanks Ch0Hag!)     * Adjust the JVM heap size to 128MB for new installs (existing users can       accomplish this by editing wrapper.config, adding the line       "", and then doing a full shutdown and startup       of the router).  This is relevent for heavy usage of I2PSnark in the       router console.
c287bace0 2005-12-18 2005-12-18  jrandom     * Added a standalone runner for the I2PSnark web ui (build with the       command "ant i2psnark", unzip somewhere, run       with "java -jar launch-i2psnark.jar", and go to http://localhost:8002/).     * Further I2PSnark error handling
ee0951b5b 2005-12-17 2005-12-17  jrandom     * Use our faster SHA1, rather than the JVM's within I2PSnark, and let       'piece' sizes grow larger than before.
1eb3ae5e1 2005-12-17 2005-12-16  jrandom     * Added some I2PSnark sanity checks, an OOMListener when running       standalone, and a guard against keeping memory tied up indefinitely.     * Sanity check on the watchdog (thanks zzz!)     * Handle invalid HTTP requests in I2PTunnel a little better
7d234b197 2005-12-16 2005-12-16  jrandom     * Moved I2PSnark from using Threads to I2PThreads, so we handle OOMs       properly (thanks Complication!)     * More guards in I2PSnark for zany behavior (I2PSession recon w/ skew,       b0rking in the DirMonitor, etc)
6f424fa75 2005-12-16 2005-12-16  jrandom     * Try to run a torrent in readonly mode if we can't write to the file, and       handle failures a little more gracefully (thanks polecat!)
7726bd1a5 2005-12-16 2005-12-16  jrandom     * Refuse torrents with too many files (128), avoiding ulimit errors.     * Remove an fd leak in I2PSnark     * Further I2PSnark web UI cleanup
2a922098d 2005-12-16 refresh link (good idea Complication)
3ec92c8b6 2005-12-16 2005-12-15  jrandom     * Added a first pass to the I2PSnark web UI (see /i2psnark/)
b37bb9372 2005-12-15 2005-12-15  jrandom     * Added multitorrent support to I2PSnark, accessible currently by running       "i2psnark.jar --config i2psnark.config" (which may or may not exist).       It then joins the swarm for any torrents in ./i2psnark/*.torrent, saving       their data in that directory as well.  Removing the .torrent file stops       participation, and it is currently set to seed indefinitely.  Completion       is logged to the logger and standard output, with further UI interaction       left to the (work in progress) web UI.
369b6930e 2005-12-14 2005-12-14  jrandom     * Fix to drop peer references when we shitlist people again (thanks zzz!)     * Further I2PSnark fixes to deal with arbitrary torrent info attributes       (thanks Complication!)
5033a22a9 2005-12-13 2005-12-13  zzz     * Don't test tunnels expiring within 90 seconds     * Defer Test Tunnel jobs if job lag too large     * Use JobQueue.getMaxLag() rather than the jobQueue.jobLag stat to measure       job lag for tunnel build backoff, allowing for more agile handling       (since the stat is only updated once a minute)     * Use tunnel length override if all tunnels are expiring within one       minute.
6e5114a4c 2005-12-13 multihop load tests (testing everyone with a fixed set of fast other peers). not for general purpose use, so you can probably safely ignore this code, but its useful for testing
77c818a0b 2005-12-13 toolbar.html isn't in cvs yet (polecat - please check this diff :)
7ac673cea 2005-12-13 2005-12-13  jrandom     * Fixed I2PSnark's handling of some torrent files to deal with those       created by Azureus and I2PRufus (it didn't know how to deal with       additional meta info, such as path.utf-8 or name.utf-8).
e5fa7e0ae 2005-12-13 Navbar is now customizeable via docs/toolbar.html.  There is a default should that file not be there.  And... wtf, didn't my syndie thumbnail patch take? Well, no conflicts reported so, here it goes again.
ab4f3008c 2005-12-09 2005-12-09  zzz     * Create different strategies for exploratory tunnels (which are difficult       to create) and client tunnels (which are much easier)     * Gradually increase number of parallel build attempts as tunnel expiry       nears.     * Temporarily shorten attempted build tunnel length if builds using       configured tunnel length are unsuccessful     * React more aggressively to tunnel failure than routine tunnel       replacement     * Make tunnel creation times randomized - there is existing code to       randomize the tunnels but it isn't effective due to the tunnel creation       strategy. Currently, most tunnels get built all at once, at about 2 1/2       to 3 minutes before expiration. The patch fixes this by fixing the       randomization, and by changing the overlap time (with old tunnels) to a       range of 2 to 4 minutes.     * Reduce number of excess tunnels. Lots of excess tunnels get created due       to overlapping calls. Just about anything generated a call which could       build many tunnels all at once, even if tunnel building was already in       process.     * Miscellaneous router console enhancements
f738a0276 2005-12-08 link to the filtered blog, not to the current viewBlogs page
7d64ecb62 2005-12-08 2005-12-08  jrandom     * Minor bugfix in SSU for dealing with corrupt packets     * Added some hooks for load testing
7beacff02 2005-12-08 2005-12-07  jrandom     * Added a first pass at a blog view in Syndie
952bcc696 2005-12-07 2005-12-07  jrandom     * Expand the thread we're viewing to its leaf     * Bugfix on intraday ordering (children are always newer than parents)
19bba048f 2005-12-05 2005-12-05  jrandom     * Added an RDF and XML thread export to Syndie, reachable at       .../threadnav/rdf or .../threadnav/xml, accepting the parameters       count=$numThreads and offset=$threadIndex.  If the $numThreads is -1, it       displays all threads.
5966fcf5f 2005-12-04 2005-12-04  TLorD     * Patch for the C SAM library to null terminate strings on copy (thanks!)
fbd7feee6 2005-12-04 2005-12-04  jrandom     * Bugfix in Syndie for a problem in the threaded indexer (thanks CofE!)     * Always include ourselves in the favorite authors (since we don't       bookmark ourselves)
5faca9817 2005-12-04 I am such a useless bitch.
99951bf81 2005-12-04 Adding a schema for [link] to handle if you want to display links directly to your attachments within the context of the blog itself.  Some redundant code here (3 files modified with cut & paste) so we may want to further abstract the External links: HTML generation code.
024b1a04e 2005-12-04 no message
a4cc18df7 2005-12-04 2005-12-03  jrandom     * Use newgroup-like tags by default in Syndie's interface
fef578973 2005-12-03 no message
35b75a730 2005-12-03 2005-12-03  jrandom     * Added support for a 'most recent posts' view that CofE requested, which       includes the ability to filter by age (e.g. posts by your favorite       authors in the last 5 days).
1c6c39791 2005-12-03 2005-12-03  jrandom     * Adjusted Syndie to use the threaded view that cervantes suggested, which       displays a a single thread path at a time - from root to leaf - rather       than a depth first traversal.
c96965d36 2005-12-03 2005-12-03  jrandom     * Package up a standalone Syndie install into a "",       buildable with "ant syndie".  It extracts into ./syndie/, launches with       "java -jar launchsyndie.jar" (or javaw, on windows, to avoid a dos box),       running a single user Syndie instance (by default).  It also creates a       default subscription to syndiemedia without any anonymity (using no       proxy).  Upgrades can be done by just replacing the syndie.war with the       one from I2P.
12900ca70 2005-12-01 * 2005-12-01 released 2005-12-01  jrandom     * Add a new criteria to the tunnel join throttle, backing off people if we       are failing to talk to our peers more than usual.
f5b829a12 2005-12-01 2005-11-30  jrandom     * Cleaned up the build process to deal with Jetty 5.1.6 and rename the       new commons-logging-api.jar to commons-logging.jar, which it replaces.       Jetty 5.1.6 is pushed with all updates.  Also, no need to push a       separate jdom or rome, as they're inside syndie.war.
f62a6d3ce 2005-11-30 2005-11-30  jrandom     * Don't let the TCP transport alone shitlist a peer, since other       transports may be working.  Also display whether TCP connections are       inbound or outbound on the peers page.     * Fixed some substantial bugs in the SSU introducers where we wouldn't       talk to anyone who didn't expose an IP (even if they had introducers),       among other goofy things.     * When dealing with SSU introducers, send them all a packet at 3s/6s/9s,       rather than sending one a packet at 3s, then another a packet at 6s,       and a third a packet at 9s.     * Fixed Syndie attachments (oops)
3d18bf870 2005-11-29 2005-11-29  zzz     * Added a link to orion's jump page on the 'key not found' error page.
d8071296e 2005-11-29 2005-11-29  jrandom     * Further Syndie UI cleanup     * Bundled our patched MultiPartRequest code from jetty (APL2 licensed),       since it hasn't been applied to the jetty CVS yet [1].  Its packaged       into syndie.jar and renamed to net.i2p.syndie.web.MultiPartRequest, but       will be removed as soon as its integrated into Jetty.  This patch allows       posting content in various character sets.       [1]     * Upgraded new installs to the latest stable jetty (5.1.6), though this       isn't pushed as part of the update yet, as there aren't any critical       bugs.
c66e3256a 2005-11-29 2005-11-29  jrandom     * Added back in the OSX jbigi, which was accidentally removed a few revs       back (thanks for the bug report stoerte!)  New installs will get the       full jbigi, or you can pull the jbigi.jar from CVS by going to       and clicking on the first "download" link, saving that jbigi.jar to       lib/jbigi.jar in your I2P installation directory.  After restarting your       router, it should load up fine.
686742a67 2005-11-28 2005-11-27  jrandom     * Inlined the Syndie CSS to reduce the number of HTTP requests (and       because firefox [and others?] delay rendering until they fetch the css).     * Make sure we fire the shutdown tasks when regenerating a new identity       (thanks picsou!)     * Cleaned up some of the things I b0rked in the 'dynamic keys' mode     * Don't drop SSU sessions if they're still transmitting data successfully,       even if there are transmission failures     * Adjusted the time summarization to display hours after 119m, not 90m     * Further EepGet cleanup (grr)
cdf94295f 2005-11-26  (1.185) added TheBreton.i2p adab.i2p awup.i2p china.i2p davidkra.i2p                comwiz.i2p dust.i2p eepsites.i2p jmg.i2p kuroneko.i2p                mywastedlife.i2p squid2.i2p striker.i2p                tracker.awup.i2p zzz.i2p
fbf1705c4 2005-11-26 * 2005-11-26 released
453ecc420 2005-11-26 Further improvements, and works fine for ubergeeks, but not yet for normal geeks (aka no router console)
d1f2b447a 2005-11-26 2005-11-26  jrandom     * Update the sorting in Syndie to consider children 'newer' than parents,       even if they have the same message ID (duh)     * Cleaned up some nav links in Syndie (good idea gloin, spaetz!)     * Added a bunch of tooltips to Syndie's fields (thanks polecat!)     * Force support for nonvalidating XML in Jetty (so we can handle GCJ/etc       better)
70c4560f0 2005-11-26 2005-11-26  jrandom     * Be more explicit about what messages we will handle through a client       tunnel, and how we will handle them.  This cuts off a set of attacks       that an active adversary could mount, though they're probably nonobvious       and would require at least some sophistication.
9089fdd2d 2005-11-26 2005-11-26  Raccoon23     * Added support for 'dynamic keys' mode, where the router creates a new       router identity whenever it detects a substantial change in its public       address (read: SSU IP or port).  This only offers minimal additional       protection against trivial attackers, but should provide functional       improvement for people who have periodic IP changes, since their new       router address would not be shitlisted while their old one would be.     * Added further infrastructure for restricted route operation, but its use       is not recommended.
ef82cc4f2 2005-11-26 2005-11-25  jrandom     * Further Syndie UI cleanups     * Logging cleanup     * Fixed link to fproxy.tino.i2p (thanks zzz!)
f2c2a5b38 2005-11-25 2005-11-25  jrandom     * Don't publish stats for periods we haven't reached yet (thanks zzz!)     * Cleaned up the syndie threaded display to show the last updated date for       a subthread, and to highlight threads updated in the last two days.
fc858bc95 2005-11-24 replaced the old nonfunctional perl SAM lib with postman's new implementation (thanks postman!)
dbb4b3d0c 2005-11-24 2005-11-24  jrandom     * Fix to save syndication settings in Syndie (thanks spaetz!)
2b841ad66 2005-11-23 2005-11-23  jrandom     * Removed spurious streaming lib RTO increase (it wasn't helpful)     * Streamlined the tunnel batching to schedule batch transmissions more       appropriately.     * Default tunnel pool variance to 2 +0-1 hops
5e094b43b 2005-11-21 2005-11-21  jrandom     * IE doesn't strip SPAN from <button> form fields, so add in a workaround       within I2PTunnel.     * Increase the maximum SSU retransmission timeout to accomodate slower or       more congested links (though SSU's RTO calculation will usually use a       much lower timeout)     * Moved the streaming lib timed events off the main timer queues and onto       a streaming lib specific set of timer queues.  Streaming lib timed       events are more likely to have lock contention on the I2CP socket while       other timed events in the router are (largely) independent.     * Fixed a case sensitive lookup bug (thanks tino!)     * Syndie cleanup - new edit form on the preview page, and fixed some blog       links (thanks tino!)
33d57dd54 2005-11-21 2005-11-21  jrandom     * IE doesn't strip SPAN from <button> form fields, so add in a workaround       within I2PTunnel.     * Increase the maximum SSU retransmission timeout to accomodate slower or       more congested links (though SSU's RTO calculation will usually use a       much lower timeout)     * Moved the streaming lib timed events off the main timer queues and onto       a streaming lib specific set of timer queues.  Streaming lib timed       events are more likely to have lock contention on the I2CP socket while       other timed events in the router are (largely) independent.     * Fixed a case sensitive lookup bug (thanks tino!)     * Syndie cleanup - new edit form on the preview page, and fixed some blog       links (thanks tino!)
61f75b5f0 2005-11-20 2005-11-19  jrandom     * Implemented a trivial pure java PMTU backoff strategy, switching between       a 608 byte MTU and a 1350 byte MTU, depending upon retransmission rates.     * Fixed new user registration in Syndie (thanks Complication!)
3f65e5359 2005-11-17 2005-11-17  jrandom     * More cautious file handling in Syndie
99ae3ee45 2005-11-16 2005-11-16  jrandom     * More aggressive I2PTunnel content encoding munging to work around some       rare HTTP behavior (ignoring q values on Accept-encoding, using gzip       even when only identity is specified, etc).  I2PTunnelHTTPServer now       sends "Accept-encoding: \r\n" plus "X-Accept-encoding: x-i2p-gzip\r\n",       and I2PTunnelHTTPServer handles x-i2p-gzip in either the Accept-encoding       or X-Accept-encoding headers.  Eepsite operators who do not know to       check for X-Accept-encoding will simply use the identity encoding.
f7236d7d5 2005-11-16 * 2005-11-15 released
5182008b3 2005-11-16 more stuff
9d030327e 2005-11-15 put rome and jdom in the syndie.war, and fix some deprecation warnings
a15c90d2c 2005-11-15 add in a basic limit on the attachment size (trivially circumvented, but for now it'll do) fixed some links
84c2a713e 2005-11-15 update the post
7db9ce6e5 2005-11-15 update the default syndie post, and add in some html hooks for it only allow 40 chars in the subject within the thread tree
da42f5717 2005-11-15 logging cleanup
5241953e5 2005-11-15 logging
b1a5f61ba 2005-11-15 cleanup and logging
024a5a1ad 2005-11-15 deal with spaces in filenames cleanly
b031de540 2005-11-15 more cleanup
dceac7395 2005-11-15 2005-11-14  jrandom     * Migrate to the new Syndie interface
8f9514348 2005-11-15 more syndie cleanup
a8f3043aa 2005-11-14 * move over the rssimport, and default it to the proxy @ localhost:4444
6c91b2d4a 2005-11-14 migrate to the new system
ddd438de3 2005-11-13 protect against spoofing in syndie with a per-jvm-instance nonce (which should prevent the spurious "are you being spoofed" things) fixed the syndie previewing
16fd46db2 2005-11-13 move the admin page over to the new system
1159c155a 2005-11-13 * migrate the post/preview over to the new system * honor the "force new thread" and "refuse replies (from everyone but me)" functionality
30b4e2aa2 2005-11-13 change one's password
ae46fa2e6 2005-11-13 allow the user to change their password
9fc34895c 2005-11-13 more careful ops
08be4c7b3 2005-11-13 migrated the syndie addressbook
7443457af 2005-11-12  * Ignore <ul>. Add <strong>, <p> and <li>.  * change to make [ and ] use their &#n;.
979a4cfb6 2005-11-12 migrate the switchuser and register
ed285871b 2005-11-12 migrate the profile page to the new format, and refactor the new format's servlets
8c70b8b32 2005-11-12 ircclient too :)
14134694d 2005-11-12 2005-11-11  jrandom     * Add filtering threads by author to Syndie, populated with authors in the       user's addressbook     * When creating the default user, add       "http://syndiemedia.i2p/archive/archive.txt" to their addressbook,       configured to automatically pull updates.  (what other archives should       be included?)     * Tiny servlet to help dole out the new routerconsole themes, and bundle       the installer/resources/themes/** into ./docs/themes/** on both install       and update.
807d2d350 2005-11-12 2005-11-11  cervantes  * Initial pass of the routerconsole revamp, starting with I2PTunnel and       being progressively rolled out to other sections at later dates.    Featuring abstracted W3C strict XHTML1.0 markup, with CSS providing     layout and styling.   * Implemented console themes. Users can create their own themes by    creating css files in: {i2pdir}/docs/themes/console/{themename}/    and activating it using the routerconsole.theme={themename} advanced    config property. Look at the example incomplete "defCon1" theme.    Note: This is very much a work in progress. Folks might want to hold-off    creating their own skins until the markup has solidified.     * Added "routerconsole.javascript.disabled=true" to disable console       client-side scripting and "routerconsole.css.disabled=true" to remove       css styling (only rolled out in the i2ptunnel interface currently)    * Fixed long standing bug with i2ptunnel client and server edit screens       where tunnel count and depth properties would fail to save. Added       backup quantity and variance configuration options.   * Added basic accessibility support (key shortcuts, linear markup, alt and    title information and form labels).   * So far only tested on IE6, Firefox 1.0.6, Opera 8 and lynx.
b222cd43f 2005-11-12 2005-11-11  cervantes  * Initial pass of the routerconsole revamp, starting with I2PTunnel and       being progressively rolled out to other sections at later dates.    Featuring abstracted W3C strict XHTML1.0 markup, with CSS providing     layout and styling.   * Implemented console themes. Users can create their own themes by    creating css files in: {i2pdir}/docs/themes/console/{themename}/    and activating it using the routerconsole.theme={themename} advanced    config property. Look at the example incomplete "defCon1" theme.    Note: This is very much a work in progress. Folks might want to hold-off    creating their own skins until the markup has solidified.     * Added "routerconsole.javascript.disabled=true" to disable console       client-side scripting and "routerconsole.css.disabled=true" to remove       css styling (only rolled out in the i2ptunnel interface currently)    * Fixed long standing bug with i2ptunnel client and server edit screens       where tunnel count and depth properties would fail to save. Added       backup quantity and variance configuration options.   * Added basic accessibility support (key shortcuts, linear markup, alt and    title information and form labels).   * So far only tested on IE6, Firefox 1.0.6, Opera 8 and lynx.
7f6aa327f 2005-11-11 allow the user to override what login/pass is used for the default user in single user mode
49564a387 2005-11-11 2005-11-11  jrandom     * Default Syndie to single user mode, and automatically log into a default       user account (additional accounts can be logged into with the 'switch'       or login pages, and new accounts can be created with the register page).     * Disable the 'automated' column on the Syndie addressbook unless the user       is appropriately authorized (good idea Polecat!)
12ddaff0c 2005-11-11 ..
a8ea239dc 2005-11-11 *cough*
ca391097a 2005-11-11 onwards, christian soldiers
4297edc88 2005-11-11 wait until we build the tree before sorting the threads, so we can have the most recently updated thread first
6de4673e9 2005-11-11 2005-11-10  jrandom     * First pass to a new threaded Syndie interface, which isn't enabled by       default, as its not done yet.
f6979c811 2005-11-11 2005-11-10  jrandom     * First pass to a new threaded Syndie interface, which isn't enabled by       default, as its not done yet.
bd8648320 2005-11-06 2005-11-06  jrandom     * Include SSU establishment failure in the peer profile as a commError,       as we do for TCP establishment failures.     * Don't throttle the initial transmission of a message because of ongoing       retransmissions to a peer, since the initial transmission of a message       is more valuable than a retransmission (since it has less latency).     * Cleaned up links to SusiDNS and I2PTunnel (thanks zzz!)
53cf03cec 2005-11-05 no need for ant's IgnoreBlank (and its not in the classpath anyway)
e284a8878 2005-11-05 2005-11-05  jrandom     * Include the most recent ACKs with packets, rather than only sending an       ack exactly once.  SSU differs from TCP in this regard, as TCP has ever       increasing sequence numbers, while each message ID in SSU is random, so       we don't get the benefit of later ACKs implicitly ACKing earlier       messages.     * Reduced the max retransmission timeout for SSU     * Don't try to send messages queued up for a long time waiting for       establishment.
14cd469c6 2005-11-05 2005-11-05  jrandom     * Include the most recent ACKs with packets, rather than only sending an       ack exactly once.  SSU differs from TCP in this regard, as TCP has ever       increasing sequence numbers, while each message ID in SSU is random, so       we don't get the benefit of later ACKs implicitly ACKing earlier       messages.     * Reduced the max retransmission timeout for SSU     * Don't try to send messages queued up for a long time waiting for       establishment.
9050d7c21 2005-11-05 2005-11-05  dust     * Fix sucker to delete its temporary files.     * Improve sucker's sml output some.     * Fix Exception in SMLParser for weird sml.
0ad18cd0b 2005-11-04 2005-10-31  jrandom     * Fix for some syndie reply scenarios (thanks identiguy and CofE!)     * Removed a potentially infinitely recursive call (oops) (forgot to commit this file before.  oops)
ca0af146b 2005-11-04 2005-11-03  zzz     * Added a new error page to the eepproxy to differentiate the full 60       second timeout from the immediate "I don't know this base64" failure.
a2d2b031f 2005-11-02 2005-11-01  jrandom     * Added a few more css elements (thanks identiguy!)
2f36912ac 2005-10-31 2005-10-31  jrandom     * Fix for some syndie reply scenarios (thanks identiguy and CofE!)     * Removed a potentially infinitely recursive call (oops)
53e32c8e6 2005-10-30 *** empty log message ***
10dde610d 2005-10-30 2005-10-30  dust     * Merge sucker into syndie with a rssimport.jsp page.     * Add getContentType() to EepGet.     * Make chunked transfer work (better) with EepGet.     * Do replaceAll("<","&lt;") for logs.
f7c2ae9a3 2005-10-30 adjust the exe build filter to only run on linux or windows
ac3b88b9e 2005-10-29
60124cdcd 2005-10-29 * 2005-10-29 released
e7d228177 2005-10-29 2005-10-29  jrandom     * Improved the bandwidth throtting on tunnel participation, especially for       low bandwidth peers.     * Improved failure handling in SSU with proactive reestablishment of       failing idle peers, and rather than shitlisting a peer who failed too       much, drop the SSU session and allow a new attempt (which, if it fails,       will cause a shitlisting)     * Clarify the cause of the shitlist on the profiles page, and include       bandwidth limiter info at the bottom of the peers page.
52ace2d69 2005-10-29 2005-10-29  jrandom     * Improved the bandwidth throtting on tunnel participation, especially for       low bandwidth peers.     * Improved failure handling in SSU with proactive reestablishment of       failing idle peers, and rather than shitlisting a peer who failed too       much, drop the SSU session and allow a new attempt (which, if it fails,       will cause a shitlisting)     * Clarify the cause of the shitlist on the profiles page, and include       bandwidth limiter info at the bottom of the peers page.
b5a25801b 2005-10-28 2005-10-26  jrandom     * In Syndie, propogate the subject and tags in a reply, and show the parent       post on the edit page for easy quoting.  (thanks identiguy and CofE!)     * Streamline some netDb query handling to run outside the jobqueue -       which means they'll run on the particular SSU thread that handles the       message.  This should help out heavily loaded netDb peers.
3fc055881 2005-10-28 added ttc.i2p
bd9c6ff46 2005-10-25 oops (allow cwin=1 for interactive streams)
a0c822af9 2005-10-25 2005-10-25  jrandom     * Defer netDb searches for newly referenced peers until we actually want       them     * Ignore netDb references to peers on our shitlist     * Set the timeout for end to end client messages to the max delay after       finding the leaseSet, so we don't have as many expired messages floating       around.     * Add a floor to the streaming lib window size     * When we need to send a streaming lib ACK, try to retransmit one of the       unacked packets instead (with updated ACK/NACK fields, of course).  The       bandwidth cost of an unnecessary retransmission should be minor as       compared to both an ACK packet (rounded up to 1KB in the tunnels) and       the probability of a necessary retransmission.     * Adjust the streaming lib cwin algorithm to allow growth after a full       cwin messages if the rtt is trending downwards.  If it is not, use the       existing algorithm.     * Increased the maximum rto size in the streaming lib.     * Load balancing bugfix on end to end messages to distribute across       tunnels more evenly.
4de302101 2005-10-25 2005-10-24  jrandom     * Defer netDb searches for newly referenced peers until we actually want       them     * Ignore netDb references to peers on our shitlist     * Set the timeout for end to end client messages to the max delay after       finding the leaseSet, so we don't have as many expired messages floating       around.     * Add a floor to the streaming lib window size     * When we need to send a streaming lib ACK, try to retransmit one of the       unacked packets instead (with updated ACK/NACK fields, of course).  The       bandwidth cost of an unnecessary retransmission should be minor as       compared to both an ACK packet (rounded up to 1KB in the tunnels) and       the probability of a necessary retransmission.     * Adjust the streaming lib cwin algorithm to allow growth after a full       cwin messages if the rtt is trending downwards.  If it is not, use the       existing algorithm.     * Increased the maximum rto size in the streaming lib.     * Load balancing bugfix on end to end messages to distribute across       tunnels more evenly.
84383c3da 2005-10-25 * Enforce delay >= 1 in BlogManager.getUpdateDelay()
a94abb13a 2005-10-25 * Factor archive fetching into a seperate method from the update loop.
ad59ab691 2005-10-24 (sun.* is sun specific)
ee9ac31c8 2005-10-24 * Instantiate new RemoteArchiveBean for each archive fetched by the updater, to prevent weirdness if the index fetch for archive n+1 fails.
788998307 2005-10-24 * Fixed bugs preventing the use of fetchSelectedBulk in the updater
2f8a2879b 2005-10-22 no more -Di2p.weakPRNG :)
c7b9525d2 2005-10-22 2005-10-22  jrandom     * Integrated GNU-Crypto's Fortuna PRNG, seeding it off /dev/urandom and       ./prngseed.rnd (if they exist), and reseeding it with data out of       various crypto operations (unused bits in a DH exchange, intermediary       bits in a DSA signature generation, extra bits in an ElGamal decrypt).       The Fortuna implementation under gnu.crypto.prng has been modified to       use BouncyCastle's SHA256 and Cryptix's AES (since those are the ones       I2P uses), and the resulting gnu.crypto.prng.* are therefor available       under GPL+Classpath's linking exception (~= LGPL).  I2P's SecureRandom       wrapper around it is, of course, public domain.
3fbc6f41a 2005-10-21 first pass gcj makefile I have no idea what I'm doing, this just shows you how to do it ;)
6534c8457 2005-10-21 Cought a few places where peers could be taken off the list but not removed for the purposes of rarest-first calculations.
3816c7919 2005-10-21 Clean up some possible thread safety issues.
8458e4e0a 2005-10-20 Don't count peers we can't connect to for rarest-first calculations.
0b9e4967a 2005-10-20 The rarest-first sort is stable, so randomize the wantedPieces list to ensure a healthy swarm when you have mostly seeders.
05e2da7c2 2005-10-20 Request pieces in rarest-first order, instead of randomly.
13bda1f6d 2005-10-20 2005-10-20  dust     * Fix bug in ircclient that prevented it to use its own dest (i.e. was       always shared. (thx for info Ragnarok)     * Fix crash in Sucker with some bad html.
ea22c73a7 2005-10-20 2005-10-20  jrandom     * Workaround a bug in GCJ's Calendar implementation     * Propery throw an exception in the streaming lib if we try to write to a       closed stream.  This will hopefully help clear some I2Phex bugs (thanks       GregorK!)
aa5f1cb18 2005-10-19 2005-10-19  jrandom     * Ported the snark bittorrent client to I2P such that it is compatible       with i2p-bt and azneti2p.  For usage information, grab an update and run       "java -jar lib/i2psnark.jar".  It isn't currently multitorrent capable,       but adding in support would be fairly easy (see     * Don't allow leaseSets expiring too far in the future (thanks postman)
ab9c6d59c 2005-10-19 remove jbigi.jar from the classpath so we don't mistakenly extract & overwrite the  Yeah, this means that i2psnark uses pure java modPow, but it doesn't do any real heavy lifting anyway, except a DSA signature every 5-10 minutes.  whoop de do.
76655d01d 2005-10-19 2005-10-19  jrandom     * Ported the snark bittorrent client to I2P such that it is compatible       with i2p-bt and azneti2p.  For usage information, grab an update and run       "java -jar lib/i2psnark.jar".  It isn't currently multitorrent capable,       but adding in support would be fairly easy (see     * Don't allow leaseSets expiring too far in the future (thanks postman)
138f7d3b8 2005-10-19 This is an I2P port of snark [], a GPL'ed bittorrent client
df4b998a6 2005-10-19 2005-10-19  jrandom     * Bugfix for the auto-update code to handle different usage patterns     * Decreased the addressbook recheck frequency to once every 12 hours       instead of hourly.     * Handle dynamically changing the HMAC size (again, unless your nym is       toad or jrandom, ignore this ;)     * Cleaned up some synchronization/locking code
2d70103f8 2005-10-18 2005-10-17  dust     * Exchange the remaining URL with EepGet in Sucker.     * Allow /TOPIC irc command.
731e26e7d 2005-10-18 2005-10-17  jrandom     * Allow an env prop to configure whether we want to use the backwards       compatible (but not standards compliant) HMAC-MD5, or whether we want       to use the not-backwards compatible (but standards compliant) one.  No       one should touch this setting, unless your name is toad or jrandom ;)     * Added some new dummy facades     * Be more aggressive on loading up the router.config before building the       router context     * Added new hooks for apps to deal with previously undefined I2NP message       types without having to modify any code.     * Demo code for using a castrated router for SSU comm (
f9d3b157f 2005-10-15 Emergency patch to I2PTunnelIRCClient, not sure why zero length strings are getting passed to it.  Oh, and my first patch\!
12775c416 2005-10-14     * Don't filter IRC "MAP" messages (not critical, but it doesn't hurt)
2ca4e6321 2005-10-14     * Fixed Syndie's Sucker to not explicitly reference something only found       in sun's JVM (thanks cervantes!)
918d8f851 2005-10-14 2005-10-14  jrandom     * More explicit filter for linux/PPC building (thanks anon!)
20ea680ff 2005-10-14 * 2005-10-14 released 2005-10-14  jrandom     * Added a key explaining peers.jsp a bit (thanks tethra!)
cabb60721 2005-10-14 2005-10-13  dust     * Bundled dust's Sucker for pulling RSS/Atom content into SML, which can       then be injected into Syndie with the Syndie CLI.     * Bundled ROME and JDOM (BSD and Apache licensed, respectively) for       RSS/Atom parsing. 2005-10-13  jrandom     * SSU retransmission choke bugfix (== != !=)     * Include initial transmissions in the retransmission choke, so that       if we are already retransmitting a message, we won't send anything       to that peer other than that message (or ACKs, if necessary)
00a4761b5 2005-10-13 2005-10-13  jrandom     * SSU retransmission choke bugfix (== != !=)     * Include initial transmissions in the retransmission choke, so that       if we are already retransmitting a message, we won't send anything       to that peer other than that message (or ACKs, if necessary)
351670127 2005-10-13 2005-10-12  jrandom     * Choke SSU retransmissions to a peer while there is already a       retransmission in flight to them.  This currently lets other initial       transmissions through, since packet loss is often sporadic, but maybe       this should block initial transmissions as well?     * Display the retransmission bytes stat on peers.jsp (thanks bar!)     * Filter QUIT messages in the I2PTunnelIRCClient proxy
c4d785667 2005-10-11 2005-10-11  jrandom     * Piggyback the SSU partial ACKs with data packets.  This is backwards       compatible.     * Syndie RSS renderer bugfix, plus now include the full entry instead of       just the blurb before the cut.
123e0ba58 2005-10-11 2005-10-11  jrandom     * Piggyback the SSU explicit ACKs with data packets (partial ACKs aren't       yet piggybacked).  This is backwards compatible.     * SML parser cleanup in Syndie
197237aa3 2005-10-10 2005-10-10  dust     * Implemented a new I2PTunnelIRCClient which locally filters inbound and       outbound IRC commands for anonymity and security purposes, removing all       CTCP messages except ACTION, as well as stripping the hostname from the       USER message (while leaving the nick and 'full name').  The IRC proxy       doesn't use this by default, but you can enable it by creating a new       "IRC proxy" tunnel on the web interface, or by changing the tunnel type       to "ircclient" in i2ptunnel.config. 2005-10-10  jrandom     * I2PTunnel http client config cleanup and stats     * Minor SSU congestion tweaks and stats     * Reduced netDb exploration period
f30dc2b48 2005-10-10 2005-10-10  dust     * Implemented a new I2PTunnelIRCClient which locally filters inbound and       outbound IRC commands for anonymity and security purposes, removing all       CTCP messages except ACTION, as well as stripping the hostname from the       USER message (while leaving the nick and 'full name').  The IRC proxy       doesn't use this by default, but you can enable it by creating a new       "IRC proxy" tunnel on the web interface, or by changing the tunnel type       to "ircclient" in i2ptunnel.config. 2005-10-10  jrandom     * I2PTunnel http client config cleanup and stats     * Minor SSU congestion tweaks and stats     * Reduced netDb exploration period
d4ff34eac 2005-10-09 * Treat petname names as being case insensitive.
978769a05 2005-10-09 * Finished syndie address auto-import.  If syndie.importAddresses=true in syndie.config, then new addresses will automatically be imported to the router's petname db.  If importaddresses=true in a user's config file, then new addresses will automatically be imported to that users pername db, when they're logged in.
993c70f60 2005-10-09 2005-10-09  jrandom     * Syndie CLI cleanup for simpler CLI posting.  Usage shown with       java -jar lib/syndie.jar     * Beginnings of the Syndie logging cleanup     * Delete corrupt Syndie posts
5dfa9ad7f 2005-10-09 2005-10-09  jrandom     * Now that the streaming lib works reasonably, set the default inactivity       event to send a 0 byte keepalive payload, rather than disconnecting the       stream.  This should cut the irc netsplits and help out with other long       lived streams.  The default timeout is now less than the old timeout as       well, so the keepalive will be sent before earlier builds fire their       fatal timeouts.
f282fe385 2005-10-09 * Fix probable NPE.
929756455 2005-10-09 * getName, getLocation -> getByName, getByLocation
e7ad51668 2005-10-09 * Beautify PetNameDB API. * Start of syndie auto address export.
ad574c850 2005-10-08 2005-10-08  jrandom     * Use the OS clock for stat timing, since it doesn't jump around (though       still use the NTP'ed clock for display)     * Added new DH stats
38617fe0a 2005-10-07 fixed link (thanks Jazzy)
cdee5b2c3 2005-10-07 * 2005-10-07 released 2005-10-07  jrandom     * Include the 1 second bandwidth usage on the console rather than the       1 minute rate, as the 1 second value doesn't have the 1m/5m quantization       issues.
7f6e65c76 2005-10-07 2005-10-07  jrandom     * Allow the I2PTunnelHTTPServer to send back the first few packets of an       HTTP response quicker, and initialize the streaming lib's cwin more       carefully.     * Added a small web UI to the new Syndie scheduled updater.  If you log in       as a user authorized to use the remote archive funtionality, you can       request remote archives in your address book to be automatically pulled       down by checking the "scheduled?" checkbox.
4dd628dbc 2005-10-05 2005-10-05  jrandom     * Allow the first few packets in the stream to fill in their IDs during       handshake (thanks cervantes, Complication, et al!)  This should fix at       least some of the intermittent HTTP POST issues.
3b5b48ad8 2005-10-05 more cleanup (thanks bar)
c4cac3f3f 2005-10-05 we dont need no grammar
4a49e98c3 2005-10-05 caps (thanks bar)
0c0e269e7 2005-10-05 youspell (thanks bar)
70b6f97ab 2005-10-04 2005-10-04  jrandom     * Syndie patch for single user remote archives (thanks nickless_head!)     * Handle an invalid netDb store (thanks Complication!)
0013677b8 2005-10-04 v2mail, not v2mail2
a98ceda64 2005-10-04 postmans changes for i2pmail stuff
91ea1d039 2005-10-04 include two specific issues with freenet
4aa65c3bb 2005-10-04 2005-10-04  jrandom     * Further reduction in unnecessary streaming packets.
0a1f59940 2005-10-04 2005-10-03  jrandom     * Properly reject unroutable IP addresses *cough*
f540dc798 2005-10-04 * Changed default update delay to twelve hours, and enforced a minimum       delay of one hour.
30f6f26a6 2005-10-03 * Implemented a Syndie auto-updater.
ea3bf3ffc 2005-10-03 might as well commit this draft
831d5ac70 2005-10-03 not used
1962867ad 2005-10-03 * Actually implement the bit that returns a 304 if archive.txt hasn't changed.
6019a0302 2005-10-01 * 2005-10-01 released
df5736f57 2005-10-01 * Add a notModified flag to Eepget and Eepget status listeners.
9a73c6def 2005-09-30 * Support conditional get for remote archive imports.
9dfa87ba4 2005-09-30 2005-09-30  jrandom     * Killed three more streaming lib bugs, one of which caused excess packets       to be transmitted (dupacking dupacks), one that was the root of many of       the old hung streams (shrinking highest received), and another that was       releasing data too soon.
934a26975 2005-09-30 2005-09-30  jrandom     * Only allow autodetection of our IP address if we haven't received an       inbound connection in the last two minutes.     * Increase the default max streaming resends to 8 from 5 (and down from       the earlier 10)
1c0dfc242 2005-09-30 * Fix history.txt formatting.
3bc3e5d47 2005-09-30 * Export petnames from syndie to the router's petname db instead of userhosts.txt.
55869af2c 2005-09-30 2005-09-29  jrandom     * Support noreseed.i2p in addition to .i2pnoreseed for disabling automatic       reseeding - useful on OSes that make it hard to create dot files.       Thanks Complication (and anon)!     * Fixed the installer version string (thanks Frontier!)     * Added cleaner rejection of invalid IP addresses, shitlist those who send       us invalid IP addresses, verify again that we are not sending invalid IP       addresses, and log an error if it happens. (Thanks Complication, ptm,       and adab!)
9f336dd05 2005-09-30 Provide a store method on PetNameDB that takes no arguments, and writes the db back to where it was loaded from.
411ca5e6c 2005-09-30 Ignore case when checking network name.
c528e4db0 2005-09-29 * 2005-09-29  0.6.1 released 2005-09-29  jrandom     * Let syndie users modify their metadata.     * Reseed the router on startup if there aren't enough peer references       known locally.  This can be disabled by creating the file .i2pnoreseed       in your home directory, and the existing detection and reseed handling       on the web interface is unchanged.
848ead768 2005-09-29 * 2005-09-29  0.6.1 released 2005-09-29  jrandom     * Let syndie users modify their metadata.     * Reseed the router on startup if there aren't enough peer references       known locally.  This can be disabled by creating the file .i2pnoreseed       in your home directory, and the existing detection and reseed handling       on the web interface is unchanged.
1b8419b9b 2005-09-29 added tracker-fr.i2p
900420719 2005-09-28 2005-09-28  jrandom     * Fix for at least some (all?) of the wrong stream errors in the streaming       lib
ef7d1ba96 2005-09-27 2005-09-27  jrandom     * Properly suggest filenames for attachments in Syndie (thanks all!)     * Fixed the Syndie authorization scheme for single user vs. multiuser
ab1654c78 2005-09-27 ; (1.181) added syncline.i2p, cerebrum.i2p, news.underscore.i2p, ;               onionforum.i2p, frostmirror.i2p, ptm.i2p, gloinsblog.i2p ;               underscore.i2p, mac7.i2p, wiht.i2p, jazzy.i2p, trwcln.i2p
24bad8e4b 2005-09-27 2005-09-26  jrandom     * I2PTunnel bugfix (thanks Complication!)     * Increase the SSU cwin slower during congestion avoidance (at k/cwin^2       instead of k/cwin)     * Limit the number of inbound SSU sessions being built at once (using       half of the i2np.udp.maxConcurrentEstablish config prop)     * Don't shitlist on a message send failure alone (unless there aren't any       common transports).     * More careful bandwidth bursting
f6d8200bc 2005-09-27 oops (thanks Complication!)
aef33548b 2005-09-26 2005-09-26  jrandom     * Reworded the SSU introductions config section (thanks duck!)     * Force identity content encoding for I2PTunnel httpserver requests       (thanks redzara!)     * Further x-i2p-gzip bugfixes for the end of streams     * Reduce the minimum bandwidth limits to 3KBps steady and burst (though       I2P's performance at 3KBps is another issue)     * Cleaned up some streaming lib structures
56ecdcce8 2005-09-25 2005-09-25  jrandom     * Allow reseeding on the console if the netDb knows less than 30 peers,       rather than less than 10 (without internet connectivity, we keep the       last 15 router references)     * Reenable the x-i2p-gzip HTTP processing by default, flushing the stream       more aggressively.     * Show the status that used to be called "ERR-Reject" as "OK (NAT)"     * Reduced the default maximum number of streaming lib resends of a packet       (10 retransmits is a bit much with a reasonable RTO)
b9b59ff95 2005-09-25 2005-09-25  Complication     * Better i2paddresshelper handling in the I2PTunnel httpclient, plus a new       conflict resolution page if the i2paddresshelper parameter differs from       an existing name to destination mapping. 2005-09-25  jrandom     * Fix a long standing streaming lib bug (in the inactivity detection code)     * Improved handling of initial streaming lib packet retransmissions to       kill the "lost first packet" bug (where a page shows up with the first       few KB missing)     * Add support for initial window sizes greater than 1 - useful for       eepsites to transmit e.g. 4 packets full of data along with the initial       ACK, thereby cutting down on the rtt latency.  The congestion window       size can and does still shrink down to 1 packet though.     * Adjusted the streaming lib retransmission calculation algorithm to be       more TCP-like.
aa9dd3e5c 2005-09-24 mention syndie bug stuff (good idea jnymo)
30bd65914 2005-09-21 2005-09-21  redzara     * Use ISO-8859-1 for the susidns xml
3286ca49c 2005-09-21 2005-09-21  susi     * Bugfix in susidns for deleting entries 2005-09-21  jrandom     * Add support for HTTP POST to EepGet     * Use HTTP POST for syndie bulk fetches, since there's a lot of data to       put in that URL.
7700d1217 2005-09-20 damn thee, syntax
557b7e3f2 2005-09-20 only build exe files on ant dist or ant installer
3e1e9146e 2005-09-20 don't build the exe files on x86_64 or osx
40d8d1aac 2005-09-19 * Made MetaNamingService the default naming service.
1457b8efb 2005-09-19 include the lib64 wrapper (thanks mule)
3821e80ac 2005-09-18 2005-09-18  jrandom     * Added support for pure 64bit linux with jbigi and the java service       wrapper (no need for jcpuid if we're on os.arch=amd64).  Thanks mule       et al for help testing!     * UI cleanup in Syndie (thanks gloin and bar!)
d40bb459e 2005-09-18 * Get the PetNameDB for the PetNameNamingService from the router context.
edf04f07c 2005-09-18 * Implemented a MetaNamingService.
2bdea2398 2005-09-18 * Updated history.txt.
6be0c4b69 2005-09-18 * Moved PetName and PetNameDB to core. * Implement PetNameNamingService.
2a272f465 2005-09-18 * 2005-09-17 released 2005-09-17  jrandom     * Clean up syndie a bit more and bundle a default introductory post with       both new installs and updates.     * Typo fixes on the console (thanks bar!)
a8ecd32b4 2005-09-17 2005-09-17  jrandom     * Updated the bandwidth limiter to use two tiers of bandwidth - our normal       steady state rate, plus a new limit on how fast we transfer when       bursting.  This is different from the old "burst as fast as possible       until we're out of tokens" policy, and should help those with congested       networks.  See /config.jsp to manage this rate.     * Bugfixes in Syndie to handle missing cache files (no data was lost, the       old posts just didn't show up).     * Log properly in EepPost
20c42a175 2005-09-17 2005-09-17  jrandom     * Bugfixes in Syndie to handle missing cache files (no data was lost, the       old posts just didn't show up).     * Log properly in EepPost
d6c3ffde8 2005-09-17 2005-09-17  jrandom     * Added the natively compiled jbigi and patched java service wrapper for       OS X.  Thanks Bill Dorsey for letting me use your machine!     * Don't build i2p.exe or i2pinstall.exe when run on OS X machines, as we       don't bundle the binutils necessary (and there'd be a naming conflict       if we did).     * Added 'single user' functionality to syndie - if the single user       checkbox on the admin page is checked, all users are allowed to control       the instance and sync up with remote syndie nodes.     * Temporarily disable the x-i2p-gzip in i2ptunnel until it is more closely       debugged.
177e0ae6a 2005-09-16 2005-09-16  jrandom     * Reject unroutable IPs in SSU like we do for the TCP transport (unless       you have i2np.udp.allowLocal=true defined - useful for private nets)
dab1b4d25 2005-09-16 2005-09-16  jrandom     * Adjust I2PTunnelHTTPServer so it can be used for outproxy operators       (just specify the spoofed host as an empty string), allowing them to       honor x-i2p-gzip encoding.     * Let windows users build the exes too (thanks bar and redzara!)     * Allow I2PTunnel httpserver operators to disable gzip compression on       individual tunnels with the i2ptunnel.gzip=false client option       (good idea susi!)
3aba12631 2005-09-16 use the logger, not stdout/stderr
cfee6430d 2005-09-16 xml
6b96df1ce 2005-09-16, not
deecfa504 2005-09-16 no message
6ca3f0103 2005-09-16 launch4j
d89f589f2 2005-09-16 2005-09-16  jrandom     * Added the i2p.exe and i2pinstall.exe for windows users, using launch4j.     * Added for *nix/osx users having problems using the java       service wrapper (called from the install dir as: sh     * Bundle susidns and syndie, with links on the top nav     * Have I2PTunnelHTTPClient and I2PTunnelHTTPServer use the x-i2p-gzip       content-encoding (if offered), reducing the payload size before it       reaches the streaming lib.  The existing compression is at the i2cp       level, so we've been packetizing 4KB of uncompressed data and then       compressing those messages, rather than compressing and then packetizing       4KB of compressed data.  This should reduce the number of round trips       to fetch web pages substantially.     * Adjust the startup and timing of the addressbook so that susidns always       has config to work off, and expose a method for susidns to tell it to       reload its config and rerun.
8c1895e04 2005-09-16 imported fixed susidns
c3d0132a9 2005-09-15 test cvs again...
d955279d1 2005-09-15 minor news (and test cvs...)
76266dce0 2005-09-15 2005-09-15  jrandom     * Error handling for failed intro packets (thanks red.hand!)     * More carefully verify intro addresses
5694206b3 2005-09-13 2005-09-13  jrandom     * More careful error handling with introductions (thanks dust!)     * Fix the forceIntroducers checkbox on config.jsp (thanks Complication!)     * Hide the shitlist on the summary so it doesn't confuse new users.
4293a1872 2005-09-13 2005-09-12 comwiz     * Migrated the router tests to junit
9865af417 2005-09-13 2005-09-12  jrandom     * Removed guaranteed delivery mode entirely (so existing i2phex clients       using it can get the benefits of mode=best_effort).  Guaranteed delivery       is offered at the streaming lib level.     * Improve the peer selection code for peer testing, as everyone now       supports tests.     * Give the watchdog its fangs - if it detects obscene job lag or if       clients have been unable to get a leaseSet for more than 5 minutes,       restart the router.  This was disabled a year ago due to spurious       restarts, and can be disabled by "watchdog.haltOnHang=false", but the       cause of the spurious restarts should be gone.
c8c109093 2005-09-13 2005-09-12  jrandom     * Bugfix for skewed store which could kill a UDP thread (causing complete       comm failure and eventual OOM)
b5784d602 2005-09-13 2005-09-12  jrandom     * More aggressively publish updated routerInfo.     * Expose the flag to force SSU introductions on the router console     * Don't give people the option to disable SNTP time sync, at least not       through the router console, because there is no reason to disable it.       No, not even if your OS is "ntp synced", because chances are, its not.
31bdb8909 2005-09-12 tino.i2p and fproxy.tino.i2p
ee921c22a 2005-09-12 use the low level rates (thanks bar / complication)
172ffd043 2005-09-11 use the OS time, since it doesn't skew as much (especially on startup)
d9b4406c0 2005-09-11 2005-09-10  jrandom     * Test the router's reachability earlier and more aggressively     * Use the low level bandwidth limiter's rates for the router console, and       if the router has net.i2p.router.transport.FIFOBandwidthLimiter=INFO in       the logger config, keep track of the 1 second transfer rates as the stat       'bw.sendBps1s' and 'bw.recvBps1s', allowing closer monitoring of burst       behavior.
8ac0e85df 2005-09-11 updated to hq.postman.i2p
249ccd5e3 2005-09-10 now that its all implemented...
727d76d43 2005-09-10 deal with posts containing no tags by using the implicit tag "[none]" (thanks ardvark!)
44770b7c0 2005-09-10 2005-09-09  jrandom     * Added preliminary support for NAT hole punching through SSU introducers     * Honor peer test results from peers that we have an SSU session with if       those sessions are idle for 3 minutes or more.
b5d571c75 2005-09-10 2005-09-09  cervantes  * New build due to change in build number :P (thanks ugha!)
da56d8371 2005-09-09 First pass at a new naming system.  Probably the last as well.  So sad :).
f777e213c 2005-09-08 search.i2p
79906f5a7 2005-09-08 added search.i2p
54074e76b 2005-09-07 2005-09-07  BarkerJr     * HTML cleanup for the router console (thanks!) 2005-09-07  jrandom     * Lay the foundation for 'client routers' - the ability for peers to opt       out of participating in tunnels entirely due to firewall/NAT issues.       Individual routers have control over where those peers are used in       tunnels - in outbound or inbound, exploratory or client tunnels, or       none at all.  The defaults with this build are to simply act as before -       placing everyone as potential participants in any tunnel.     * Another part of the foundation includes the option for netDb       participants to refuse to answer queries regarding peers who are marked       as unreachable, though this too is disabled by default (meaning the       routerInfo is retrievable from the netDb).
c2ea8db68 2005-09-07 Look for names in privatehosts.txt as well as userhosts.txt and hosts.txt.
744671a51 2005-09-07 Adjusted wording on the bandwidth limiter controls to reflect new router defaults
7f5b127bb 2005-09-06 fix0rz.
89eff0c62 2005-09-06 tyop
177aeebb1 2005-09-06 stuff
e0e6bde4a 2005-09-06 throw css around like mad (very minimal stylesheet in place)
e6b145716 2005-09-06 allow publishing to a remote archive automatically when posting (optionally) with 0 additional clicks allow transparently attaching any 'public' pet names in your addressbook to a blog post (with a checkbox)
f95834270 2005-09-05 admin page - no more editing config props manually (w3wt)
5a1f73850 2005-09-05 2005-09-05  jrandom     * Expose the HTTP headers to EepGet status listeners     * Handle DSA key failures properly (if the signature is not invertable, it       is obviously invalid)
8147cdf40 2005-09-05 2005-09-05  jrandom     * Expose the HTTP headers to EepGet status listeners     * Handle DSA key failures properly (if the signature is not invertable, it       is obviously invalid) also, syndie now properly detects whether the remote archive can send a filtered by examining the HTTP headers for X-Syndie-Export-Capable: true.  If the remote archive does not set that header (and neither freesites, nor apache or anything other than the ArchiveServlet will), it uses individual HTTP requests for individual blog posts and metadata fetches.
6afc64ac3 2005-09-05 deal with locations that have : in them (aka http://glog.i2p/archive/archive.txt)
61b8e3598 2005-09-05 added rss2.0 support via rss.jsp rss.jsp can in turn receive all the filters that index.jsp can - e.g. ?blog=blah or ?selector=group://foo, and by default returns the latest 10 values (overridden with ?wanted=15).  If you want it to pull with a user's blog's preferences (filters, groups, etc), you can specify ?login=user&password=password
3bb445ff4 2005-09-05 better filtering/ignoring ui improvements (per isamoor's suggestions) more petname integration
59a803759 2005-09-05 allow exporting eepsite destinations from the syndie database into userhosts.txt (so the eepproxy can get it)
09cb5fad5 2005-09-04 allow you to bookmark syndie archives and later recall those bookmarks on the remote page
ee8e45ecf 2005-09-04 allow web based control of who gets to access remote repositories. if the prop "syndie.remotePassword" is set, users can enter it while viewing their metadata
339868838 2005-09-04 thanks BarkerJr :)
c5579fa34 2005-09-04 (the filtered blogs may be out of order)
d4a859547 2005-09-04 2005-09-04  jrandom     * Don't persist peer profiles until we are shutting down, as the       persistence process gobbles RAM and wall time.     * Bugfix to allow you to check/uncheck the sharedClient setting on the       I2PTunnel web interface.     * Be more careful when expiring a failed tunnel message fragment so we       don't drop the data while attempting to read it.
779aa240d 2005-09-03 added glog.i2p
9aaad0038 2005-09-02
6422f7ef7 2005-09-02 2005-09-02  jrandom     * Don't refuse to send a netDb store if the targetted peer has failed a       bit (the value was an arbitrary amount).     * Logging changes
3e51584b3 2005-09-01
4ff8a5308 2005-09-01 2005-09-01  jrandom     * Don't send out a netDb store of a router if it is more than a few hours       old, even if someone asked us for it.
ccb73437c 2005-09-01 2005-08-31  jrandom     * Don't publish leaseSets to the netDb if they will never be looked for -       namely, if they are for destinations that only establish outbound       streams.  I2PTunnel's 'client' and 'httpclient' proxies have been       modified to tell the router that it doesn't need to publish their       leaseSet (by setting the I2CP config option 'i2cp.dontPublishLeaseSet'       to 'true').     * Don't publish the top 10 peer rankings of each router in the netdb, as       it isn't being watched right now.
b43114f61 2005-09-01 2005-08-31  jrandom     * Don't publish leaseSets to the netDb if they will never be looked for -       namely, if they are for destinations that only establish outbound       streams.  I2PTunnel's 'client' and 'httpclient' proxies have been       modified to tell the router that it doesn't need to publish their       leaseSet (by setting the I2CP config option 'i2cp.dontPublishLeaseSet'       to 'true').     * Don't publish the top 10 peer rankings of each router in the netdb, as       it isn't being watched right now.
9bd87ab51 2005-08-31 make it work with any host charset or content charset
b6ea55f7e 2005-08-30 more error handling (thanks frosk)
5f18cec97 2005-08-30 2005-08-29  jrandom     * Added the new test Floodfill netDb
3ba921ec0 2005-08-30 2005-08-29  jrandom     * Added the new test Floodfill netDb
e313da254 2005-08-27 2005-08-27  jrandom     * Minor logging and optimization tweaks in the router and SDK     * Use ISO-8859-1 in the XML files (thanks redzara!)     * The consolePassword config property can now be used to bypass the router       console's nonce checking, allowing CLI restarts
8660cf0d7 2005-08-27 2005-08-27  jrandom     * Minor logging and optimization tweaks in the router and SDK     * Use ISO-8859-1 in the XML files (thanks redzara!)     * The consolePassword config property can now be used to bypass the router       console's nonce checking, allowing CLI restarts
e0bfdff15 2005-08-25 TZ asap
c27aed360 2005-08-25 fix up the entryId calc
cdc6002f0 2005-08-25 no message
4cf3d9c1a 2005-08-25 HTTP file upload (rfc 1867) helper
0473e08e2 2005-08-25 remote w0rks
346faa3de 2005-08-24 2005-08-24  jrandom     * Catch errors with corrupt tunnel messages more gracefully (no need to       kill the thread and cause an OOM...)     * Don't skip shitlisted peers for netDb store messages, as they aren't       necessarily shitlisted by other people (though they probably are).     * Adjust the netDb store per-peer timeout based on each particular peer's       profile (timeout = 4x their average netDb store response time)     * Don't republish leaseSets to *failed* peers - send them to peers who       replied but just didn't know the value.     * Set a 5 second timeout on the I2PTunnelHTTPServer reading the client's       HTTP headers, rather than blocking indefinitely.  HTTP headers should be       sent entirely within the first streaming packet anyway, so this won't be       a problem.     * Don't use the I2PTunnel*Server handler thread pool by default, as it may       prevent any clients from accessing the server if the handlers get       blocked by the streaming lib or other issues.     * Don't overwrite a known status (OK/ERR-Reject/ERR-SymmetricNAT) with       Unknown.
5ec6dca64 2005-08-23 2005-08-23  jrandom     * Removed the concept of "no bandwidth limit" - if none is specified, its       16KBps in/out.     * Include ack packets in the per-peer cwin throttle (they were part of the       bandwidth limit though).     * Tweak the SSU cwin operation to get more accurrate estimates under       congestions.     * SSU improvements to resend more efficiently.     * Added a basic scheduler to eepget to fetch multiple files sequentially.
1a6b49cfb 2005-08-23 2005-08-23  jrandom     * Removed the concept of "no bandwidth limit" - if none is specified, its       16KBps in/out.     * Include ack packets in the per-peer cwin throttle (they were part of the       bandwidth limit though).     * Tweak the SSU cwin operation to get more accurrate estimates under       congestions.     * SSU improvements to resend more efficiently.     * Added a basic scheduler to eepget to fetch multiple files sequentially.
c7b75df39 2005-08-22 Added announcement about the new Irc2P server at irc.freshcoffee.i2p
f97c09291 2005-08-21
8f2a5b403 2005-08-21 * 2005-08-21 released 2005-08-21  jrandom     * If we already have an established SSU session with the Charlie helping       test us, cancel the test with the status of "unknown".
ea41a90ea 2005-08-21 sanity checking
b1dd29e64 2005-08-21 added syndie.i2p and syndiemedia.i2p
46e47c47a 2005-08-21 ewps
b7bf431f0 2005-08-21 [these are not the droids you are looking for]
7f432122d 2005-08-20 added irc.freshcoffee.i2p  (new IRC server on the irc2p network)
e7be8c609 2005-08-20 Added references to the new irc2p server:  irc.freshcoffee.i2p
adf56a16e 2005-08-17 2005-08-17  jrandom     * Revise the SSU peer testing protocol so that Bob verifies Charlie's       viability before agreeing to Alice's request.  This doesn't work with       older SSU peer test builds, but is backwards compatible (older nodes       won't ask newer nodes to participate in tests, and newer nodes won't       ask older nodes to either).
11204b8a2 2005-08-17 2005-08-17  jrandom     * Revise the SSU peer testing protocol so that Bob verifies Charlie's       viability before agreeing to Alice's request.  This doesn't work with       older SSU peer test builds, but is backwards compatible (older nodes       won't ask newer nodes to participate in tests, and newer nodes won't       ask older nodes to either).
cade27dce 2005-08-17 added surrender.adab.i2p
5597d28e5 2005-08-16 Removing references to, adding references to irc.arcturus.i2p, and replacing current ircProxy default destination string with "irc.postman.i2p,irc.arcturus.i2p"
0502fec43 2005-08-15 added terror.i2p
a6714fc2d 2005-08-14 Adding irc.arcturus.i2p, a new server for the soon-to-be Irc2P network
1219dadbd 2005-08-12 2005-08-12  jrandom     * Keep detailed stats on the peer testing, publishing the results in the       netDb.     * Don't overwrite the status with 'unknown' unless we haven't had a valid       status in a while.     * Make sure to avoid shitlisted peers for peer testing.     * When we get an unknown result to a peer test, try again soon afterwards.     * When a peer tells us that our address is different from what we expect,       if we've done a recent peer test with a result of OK, fire off a peer       test to make sure our IP/port is still valid.  If our test is old or the       result was not OK, accept their suggestion, but queue up a peer test for       later.     * Don't try to do a netDb store to a shitlisted peer, and adjust the way       we monitor netDb store progress (to clear up the high netDb.storePeers       stat)
77b995f5e 2005-08-10 2005-08-10  jrandom     * Deployed the peer testing implementation to be run every few minutes on       each router, as well as any time the user requests a test manually.  The       tests do not reconfigure the ports at the moment, merely determine under       what conditions the local router is reachable.  The status shown in the       top left will be "ERR-SymmetricNAT" if the user's IP and port show up       differently for different peers, "ERR-Reject" if the router cannot       receive unsolicited packets or the peer helping test could not find a       collaborator, "Unknown" if the test has not been run or the test       participants were unreachable, or "OK" if the router can receive       unsolicited connections and those connections use the same IP and port.
2f53b9ff6 2005-08-09
d84d04584 2005-08-08 deal with full windows without *cough* NPEs (how many times can I cvs rtag -F before going crazy?)
d8e72dfe4 2005-08-08 foo
88b9f7a74 2005-08-08 "ERROR [eive on 8887] uter.transport.udp.UDPReceiver: Dropping inbound packet with 1 queued for 1912 packet handlers: Handlers: 3 handler 0 state: 2 handler 1 state: 2 handler 2 state: 2" state = 2 means all three handlers are blocking on udpReceiver.receive()) this can legitimately happen if the bandwidth limiter or router throttle chokes the receive for >= 1s.
6a1950121 2005-08-08 2005-08-08  jrandom     * Add a configurable throttle to the number of concurrent outbound SSU       connection negotiations (via i2np.udp.maxConcurrentEstablish=4).  This       may help those with slow connections to get integrated at the start.     * Further fixlets to the streaming lib
ba30b56c5 2005-08-07 2005-08-07  Complication     * Display the average clock skew for both SSU and TCP connections 2005-08-07  jrandom     * Fixed the long standing streaming lib bug where we could lose the first       packet on retransmission.     * Avoid an NPE when a message expires on the SSU queue.     * Adjust the streaming lib's window growth factor with an additional       Vegas-esque congestion detection algorithm.     * Removed an unnecessary SSU session drop     * Reduced the MTU (until we get a working PMTU lib)     * Deferr tunnel acceptance until we know how to reach the next hop,       rejecting it if we can't find them in time.     * If our netDb store of our leaseSet fails, give it a few seconds before       republishing.
a375e4b2c 2005-08-07 added more postman services (w3wt)
44fd71e17 2005-08-05 added i2p-bt.postman.i2p
b41c378de 2005-08-05 Removed reference and link to Invisiblechat/IIP from the router console greeting page (because IIP's dead, Jim... how many times does it need to be said?) and added irc.postman.i2p.
4ce6b308b 2005-08-03 * 2005-08-03 released 2005-08-03  jrandom     * Backed out an inadvertant change to the netDb store redundancy factor.     * Verify tunnel participant caching.     * Logging cleanup
72c6e7d1c 2005-08-02 2005-08-01  duck     * Update IzPack to 3.7.2 (build 2005.04.22). This fixes bug #82.
7ca3f22e7 2005-08-02 2005-08-01  duck     * Update IzPack to 3.7.2 (build 2005.04.22)       This fixes bug #82
59790dafe 2005-08-01 2005-08-01  duck     * Fix an addressbook NPE when a new hostname from the master addressbook       didn't exist in the router addressbook.     * Fix an addressbook bug which caused subscriptions not to be parsed at       all. (Oops!)
7227cae6e 2005-08-01 2005-08-01 duck     * Fix an addressbook NPE when a new hostname from the master addressbook       didn't exist in the router addressbook.     * Fix an addressbook bug which caused subscriptions not to be parsed at       all. (Oops!)
03bba51c1 2005-08-01 * Fixed some issues with the merge logic that caused addressbooks to be written to disk even when unmodified. * Fixed a bug that could result in a downloaded remote addressbook not being deleted, halting the update process.
0637050cb 2005-08-01 No real reason for eepget to retry, addressbook will try again in an hour, and it makes updates take an absurdly long time.
7f58a68c5 2005-07-31 Whoops!  Forgot the new build file.  I broke cvs!
8120b0397 2005-07-31 Move addressbook off URL and on to EepGet.  Should no longer leak dns lookups, but now only supports conditional GET with HTTP 1.1.  If that's a big problem, it can be fixed in future.
fbe42b7dc 2005-07-31 Added HTTP 1.1 conditional GET support to EepGet.
def24e34a 2005-07-31 2005-07-31  jrandom     * Adjust the netDb search and store per peer timeouts to match the average       measured per peer success times, rather than huge fixed values.     * Optimized and reverified the netDb peer selection / retrieval process       within the kbuckets.     * Drop TCP connections that don't have any useful activity in 10 minutes.     * If i2np.udp.fixedPort=true, never change the externally published port,       even if we are autodetecting the IP address. (also includes most of the new peer/NAT testing, but thats not used atm)
593253e6a 2005-07-31 update compilation target
56dd4cb8b 2005-07-30 * added luckypunk.i2p to hosts.txt
10c6f6750 2005-07-28 oops
5c1f968af 2005-07-27 no message
aaaf437d6 2005-07-27 skip properly ( confusion)
a8a866b5f 2005-07-27 * 2005-07-27  0.6 released 2005-07-27  jrandom     * Enabled SSU as the default top priority transport, adjusting the       config.jsp page accordingly.     * Add verification fields to the SSU and TCP connection negotiation (not       compatible with previous builds)     * Enable the backwards incompatible tunnel crypto change as documented in       tunnel-alt.html (have each hop encrypt the received IV before using it,       then encrypt it again before sending it on)     * Disable the I2CP encryption, leaving in place the end to end garlic       encryption (another backwards incompatible change)     * Adjust the protocol versions on the TCP and SSU transports so that they       won't talk to older routers.     * Fix up the config stats handling again     * Fix a rare off-by-one in the SSU fragmentation     * Reduce some unnecessary netDb resending by inluding the peers queried       successfully in the store redundancy count.
aeb8f0226 2005-07-23 2005-07-22  jrandom     * Use the small thread pool for I2PTunnelHTTPServer (already used for       I2PTunnelServer)     * Minor memory churn reduction in I2CP     * Small stats update
45767360a 2005-07-21 2005-07-21  jrandom     * Fix in the SDK for a bug which would manifest itself as misrouted       streaming packets when a destination has many concurrent streaming       connections (thanks duck!)     * No more "Graceful shutdown in -18140121441141s"
3563aa2e4 2005-07-20 2005-07-20  jrandom     * Allow the user to specify an external port # for SSU even if the external       host isn't specified (thanks duck!)
843d5b625 2005-07-19 2005-07-19  jrandom     * Further preparation for removing I2CP crypto     * Added some validation to the DH key agreement (thanks $anon)     * Validate tunnel data message expirations (though not really a problem,       since tunnels expire)     * Minor PRNG threading cleanup
0f8ede85c 2005-07-16 2005-07-15  cervantes  * Added workaround for an odd win32 bug in the stats configuration    console page which meant only the first checkbox selection was saved.
9267d7cae 2005-07-13 more n3ws
dade5a981 2005-07-13 2005-07-13  jrandom     * Fixed a recently injected bug in the multitransport bidding which had       allowed an essentially arbitrary choice of transports, rather than the       properly ordered choice. (getLatency() != getLatencyMs().  duh)
f873cba27 2005-07-13 2005-07-13  jrandom     * Fixed a long standing bug where we weren't properly comparing session       tags but instead largely depending upon comparing their hashCode,       causing intermittent decryption errors.
108dec53a 2005-07-12 * mixing a revert and some logging updates... (crosses fingers)
e9592ed40 2005-07-12 2005-07-12  jrandom     * Add some data duplication to avoid a recently injected concurrency problem       in the session tag manager (thanks redzara and romster).
4c230522a 2005-07-12 typo *ahem*
16bd19c6d 2005-07-11 added bash.i2p, stats.i2p
b4b6d49d3 2005-07-11 ssu testing
9d5f16a88 2005-07-11 2005-07-11  jrandom     * Reduced the growth factor on the slow start and congestion avoidance for       the streaming lib.     * Adjusted some of the I2PTunnelServer threading to use a small pool of       handlers, rather than launching off new threads which then immediately       launch off an I2PTunnelRunner instance (which launches 3 more threads..)     * Don't persist session keys / session tags (not worth it, for now)     * Added some detection and handling code for duplicate session tags being       delivered (root cause still not addressed)     * Make the PRNG's buffer size configurable (via the config property       "i2p.prng.totalBufferSizeKB=4096")     * Disable SSU flooding by default (duh)     * Updates to the StreamSink apps for better throttling tests.
51c492b84 2005-07-09 no message
d3380228a 2005-07-09 * you mean 3f != 0x3f?  [duh] * minor cleanups
ad47bf5da 2005-07-07 * moved the inbound partial messages to the PeerState itself, reducing lock contention in the InboundMessageFragments and transparently dropping failed messages when we drop old peer states
76e8631e3 2005-07-07 included IV tagging info
f688b9112 2005-07-05 2005-07-05     * Use a buffered PRNG, pulling the PRNG data off a larger precalculated       buffer, rather than the underlying PRNG's (likely small) one, which in       turn reduces the frequency of recalcing.     * More tuning to reduce temporary allocation churn
18d3f5d25 2005-07-04 2005-07-04  jrandom     * Within the tunnel, use xor(IV, msg[0:16]) as the flag to detect dups,       rather than the IV by itself, preventing an attack that would let       colluding internal adversaries tag a message to determine that they are       in the same tunnel.  Thanks dvorak for the catch!     * Drop long inactive profiles on startup and shutdown     * /configstats.jsp: web interface to pick what stats to log     * Deliver more session tags to account for wider window sizes     * Cache some intermediate values in our HMACSHA256 and BC's HMAC     * Track the client send rate (stream.sendBps and client.sendBpsRaw)     * UrlLauncher: adjust the browser selection order     * I2PAppContext: hooks for dummy HMACSHA256 and a weak PRNG     * StreamSinkClient: add support for sending an unlimited amount of data     * Migrate the tests out of the default build jars
440cf2c98 2005-06-23 2005-03-23  Comwiz     * Phase 1 of the unit test bounty completed. (The router build script was modified not to build the router  tests because of a broken dependancy on the core tests. This should be fixed in  phase 3 of the unit test bounty.)
adeb09576 2005-06-03 util/
fd52bcf8c 2005-05-26 added archive.i2p,, romster.i2p, marshmallow.i2p, openforums.i2p
c2696bba0 2005-05-25 2005-05-25  duck     * Fixed PRNG bug (bugzilla #107)
fef9d5748 2005-05-10 removed duplicate manveru.i2p
c250692ef 2005-05-04 added bittorrent.i2p - new home for brittanytracker
2a6024e19 2005-05-03 end of first round of ssu testing
835662b3c 2005-05-02 2005-05-01  jrandom     * Added a substantial optimization to the AES engine by caching the       prepared session keys (duh).
6b5b880ab 2005-05-01 * replaced explicit NACKs and numACKs with ACK bitfields for high congestion links * increased the maximum number of fragments allowed in a message from 31 to 127,   reducing the maximum fragment size to 8KB and moving around some bits in the fragment   info.  This is not backwards compatible. * removed the old (hokey) congestion control description, replacing it with the TCP-esque   algorithm implemented note: the code for the ACK bitfields and fragment info changes have not yet been implemented, so the old version of this document describes whats going on in the live net. the new bitfields / fragment info should be deployed in the next day or so (hopefully :)
3de23d420 2005-05-01 2005-05-01  jrandom     * Cleaned up the peers page a bit more. more udp stuff: * add new config option: i2np.udp.alwaysPreferred=true to adjust the bidding   so that UDP is picked first, even if a TCP connection exists * fixed the initial clock skew problem (duh) * reduced the MTU to 576 (largest nearly-universally-safe, and allows a   tunnel message in 2 fragments) * handle some races @ connection establishment (thanks duck!) * if there are more ACKs than we can send in a packet, reschedule another   ACK immediately
ea82f2a8c 2005-05-01 oops (thanks newkid!)
b5ad7642b 2005-05-01 2005-04-30  jrandom     * Added a small new page to the web console (/peers.jsp) which contains       the peer connection information.  This will be cleaned up a lot more       before 0.6 is out, but its a start.
0fbe84e9f 2005-04-30 2005-04-30  jrandom     * Reduced some SimpleTimer churn * add hooks for per-peer choking in the outbound message queue - if/when a   peer reaches their cwin, no further messages will enter the 'active' pool   until there are more bytes available.  other messages waiting (either later   on in the same priority queue, or in the queues for other priorities) may   take that slot. * when we have a message acked, release the acked size to the congestion   window (duh), rather than waiting for the second to expire and refill the   capacity. * send packets in a volley explicitly, waiting until we can allocate the full   cwin size for that message
8063889d2 2005-04-30 udp updates: * more stats. including per-peer KBps (updated every second) * improved blocking/timeout situations on the send queue * added drop simulation hook * provide logical RTO limits
6e1ac8e17 2005-04-29 added elf.i2p, de-ebooks.i2p, i2pchan.i2p, longhorn.i2p
1b0bb5ea1 2005-04-29 2005-04-29  jrandom     * Reduce the peer profile stat coallesce overhead by inlining it with the       reorganize.     * Limit each transport to at most one address (any transport that requires       multiple entry points can include those alternatives in the address). udp stuff: * change the UDP transport's style from "udp" to "SSUv1" * keep track of each peer's skew * properly handle session reestablishment over an existing session, rather   than requiring both sides to expire first
4ce51261f 2005-04-28 2005-04-28  jrandom     * More fixes for the I2PTunnel "other" interface handling (thanks nelgin!)     * Add back the code to handle bids from multiple transports (though there       is still only one transport enabled by default)     * Adjust the router's queueing of outbound client messages when under       heavy load by running the preparatory job in the client's I2CP handler       thread, thereby blocking additional outbound messages when the router is       hosed.     * No need to validate or persist a netDb entry if we already have it And for some udp stuff: * only bid on what we know (duh) * reduceed the queue size in the UDPSender itself, so that ACKs go   through more quickly, leaving the payload messages to queue up in   the outbound fragment scheduler * rather than /= 2 on congestion, /= 2/3 (still AIMD, but less drastic) * adjust the fragment selector so a wsiz throttle won't force extra   volleys * mark congestion when it occurs, not after the message has been   ACKed * when doing a round robin over the active messages, move on to the   next after a full volley, not after each packet (causing less "fair"   performance but better latency) * reduced the lock contention in the inboundMessageFragments by   moving the ack and complete queues to the ACKSender and   MessageReceiver respectively (each of which have their own   threads) * prefer new and existing UDP sessions to new TCP sessions, but   prefer existing TCP sessions to new UDP sessions
6e34d9b73 2005-04-28 added amobius.i2p
6e0163740 2005-04-27 added google.i2p
9a96798f9 2005-04-27 added mrplod.i2p
c9db6f87d 2005-04-26 2005-04-25  smeghead     * Added button to router console for manual update checks.     * Fixed bug in configupdate.jsp that caused the proxy port to be updated       every time the form was submitted even if it hadn't changed.
567ce84e1 2005-04-25 * randomized the shitlist duration (still with exponential backoff though) * fail UDP sessions after two consecutive failed messages in different minutes * honor UDP reconnections
cde7ac7e5 2005-04-24 2005-04-24  jrandom     * Added a pool of PRNGs using a different synchronization technique,       hopefully sufficient to work around IBM's PRNG bugs until we get our       own Fortuna.     * In the streaming lib, don't jack up the RTT on NACK, and have the window       size bound the not-yet-ready messages to the peer, not the unacked       message count (not sure yet whether this is worthwile).     * Many additions to the messageHistory log.     * Handle out of order tunnel fragment delivery (not an issue on the live       net with TCP, but critical with UDP).
b2f0d17e9 2005-04-24 2005-04-24  jrandom     * Added a pool of PRNGs using a different synchronization technique,       hopefully sufficient to work around IBM's PRNG bugs until we get our       own Fortuna.     * In the streaming lib, don't jack up the RTT on NACK, and have the window       size bound the not-yet-ready messages to the peer, not the unacked       message count (not sure yet whether this is worthwile).     * Many additions to the messageHistory log.     * Handle out of order tunnel fragment delivery (not an issue on the live       net with TCP, but critical with UDP). and for udp stuff: * implemented tcp-esque rto code in the udp transport * make sure we don't ACK too many messages at once * transmit fragments in a simple (nonrandom) order so that we can more easily   adjust timeouts/etc. * let the active outbound pool grow dynamically if there are outbound slots to   spare * use a simple decaying bloom filter at the UDP level to drop duplicate resent   packets.
dae6be14b 2005-04-23 I removed those dumb platform specific makefiles.  They weren't doing what they ought anyway.  If there are platform specific issues, someone please tell me and I'll provide support for it here.  Or patch it yourself. And this is the big "Fix the Parser" patch.  It turns the sam_parse function in src/parse.c into something that actually works.  Generating the argument list from an incoming SAM thingy is a bit memory churn-y; perhaps when I have time I'll replace all those strdups with structures that simply track the (start,end) indices. Oh and also I moved i2p-ping to the new system.  Which required 0 change in code.  All I did was fix the Makefile, and add shared library libtool support.  Anyway, so enjoy folks.  It's rare I'm this productive - polecat
20cec857d 2005-04-21 signed with the latest
739f694cf 2005-04-21 Node shutdown now uses halt()
84779002f 2005-04-20 now builds a working Q console
df926fb60 2005-04-20 * 2005-04-20 released
a2c7c5a51 2005-04-20 2005-04-20  jrandom     * In the SDK, we don't actually need to block when we're sending a message       as BestEffort (and these days, we're always sending BestEffort).     * Pass out client messages in fewer (larger) steps.     * Have the InNetMessagePool short circuit dispatch requests.     * Have the message validator take into account expiration to cut down on       false positives at high transfer rates.     * Allow configuration of the probabalistic window size growth rate in the       streaming lib's slow start and congestion avoidance phases, and default       them to a more conservative value (2), rather than the previous value       (1).     * Reduce the ack delay in the streaming lib to 500ms     * Honor choke requests in the streaming lib (only affects those getting       insanely high transfer rates)     * Let the user specify an interface besides or on the       I2PTunnel client page (thanks maestro^!) (plus minor udp tweaks)
1861379d4 2005-04-20 needed for QConsole
408a344aa 2005-04-20 added QConsole
e9c1ed70d 2005-04-18 added sirup.i2p
916dcca2b 2005-04-18 * build with reference to the i2p.jar/mstreaming.jar/i2ptunnel.jar inline (building as necessary) * removed unnecessary references to i2ptunnel (though i2ptunnelxmlobject still references i2ptunnelxmlwrapper)
31e81bab1 2005-04-18 fixed build failures
6a5170c34 2005-04-18 oops, forgot to add earlier
42bff8093 2005-04-18 removed obsolete ref to MiniHttpRequestHandlerBase, changed to MiniHttpRequestHandler
d1df94f28 2005-04-18 added needed html template files
9cf174429 2005-04-18 restored images in binary mode
f0545c8c9 2005-04-18 removed images which were not checked in as binary
ef9ed87d3 2005-04-18 binary mode this time
58ffd92a3 2005-04-18 dammit, forgot binary mode
418facc7e 2005-04-18 Added apps/q - the Q distributed file store framework, by aum
7f3c953e1 2005-04-18 2005-04-17  sirup     * Added the possibility for i2ptunnel client and httpclient instances to       have their own i2p session (and hence, destination and tunnels).  By       default, tunnels are shared, but that can be changed on the web       interface or with the sharedClient config option in i2ptunnel.config. 2005-04-17  jrandom     * Marked the net.i2p.i2ptunnel.TunnelManager as deprecated.  Anyone use       this?  If not, I want to drop it (lots of tiny details with lots of       duplicated semantics).
addab1fa2 2005-04-17 2005-04-17  zzz     * Added new user-editable eepproxy error page templates. 2005-04-17  jrandom     * Revamp the tunnel building throttles, fixing a situation where the       rebuild may not recover, and defaulting it to unthrottled (users with       slow CPUs may want to set "router.tunnel.shouldThrottle=true" in their       advanced router config)
39343ce95 2005-04-17 2005-04-16  jrandom     * Migrated to Bouncycastle's SHA256 and HMAC implementations for efficiency
7389cec78 2005-04-17 2005-04-16  jrandom     * Migrated to Bouncycastle's SHA256 and HMAC implementations for efficiency (also lots of udp fixes)
9e5fe7d2b 2005-04-16 * fixed some stupid threading issues in the packet handler (duh) * use the new raw i2np message format (the previous corruptions were due to above) * add a new test component (UDPFlooder) which floods all peers at the rate desired * packet munging fix for highly fragmented messages * include basic slow start code * fixed the UDP peer rate refilling * cleaned up some nextSend scheduling
a7dfaee5a 2005-04-13 added connelly.i2p
7beb92b1c 2005-04-12 First pass of the UDP transport.  No where near ready for use, but it does the basics (negotiate a session and send I2NP messages back and forth).  Lots, lots more left.
5b56d22da 2005-04-12 2005-04-12  jrandom     * Make sure we don't get cached updates (thanks smeghead!)     * Clear out the callback for the TestJob after it passes (only affects the       job timing accounting)
e6b343070 2005-04-09 removed copy/paste error
8496b8851 2005-04-09 2005-04-08  smeghead     * Added NativeBigInteger benchmark to scripts/
aa542b787 2005-04-08 for implementation simplicity, include fragment size in the SessionConfirmed packets
3f7d46378 2005-04-08 * specify exactly what gets in the DSA signatures for the connection establishment * include a new signedOnTime so that we can prepare the packet at a different moment from   when we encrypt & send it (also allowing us to reuse that signature on resends for the same   establishment)
b36def1f7 2005-04-08 2005-04-08  smeghead     * Security improvements to TrustedUpdate: signing and verification of the       version string along with the data payload for signed update files       (consequently the positions of the DSA signature and version string fields       have been swapped in the spec for the update file's header); router will       no longer perform a trusted update if the signed update's version is lower       than or equal to the currently running router's version.     * Added two new CLI commands to TrustedUpdate: showversion, verifyupdate.     * Extended TrustedUpdate public API for use by third party applications.
5a6a3a5e8 2005-04-08 oops, forgot to add new eepget script to build
c3bd26d9b 2005-04-07 added wspucktracker.i2p
967e106ee 2005-04-07 fixed one last javadoc err
7c73e5948 2005-04-07 Fixed more javadoc errors
03dfa913d 2005-04-07 Removed erroneous @author tag from methods
348e84579 2005-04-06 *cough* thanks cervantes
80827c3aa 2005-04-06 * 2005-04-06 released
3b4cf0a02 2005-04-06 added 55cancri.i2p
941252fd8 2005-04-05 2005-04-05  jrandom     * Retry I2PTunnel startup if we are unable to build a socketManager for a       client or httpclient tunnel.     * Add some basic sanity checking on the I2CP settings (thanks duck!)
bc626ece2 2005-04-05 2005-04-05  jrandom     * After a successfull netDb search for a leaseSet, republish it to all of       the peers we have tried so far who did not give us the key (up to 10),       rather than the old K closest (which may include peers who had given us       the key)     * Don't wait 5 minutes to publish a leaseSet (duh!), and rather than       republish it every 5 minutes, republish it every 3.  In addition, always       republish as soon as the leaseSet changes (duh^2).     * Minor fix for oddball startup race (thanks travis_bickle!)     * Minor AES update to allow in-place decryption.
400feb3ba 2005-04-05 clarify crypto/hmac usage for simpler implementation
756a4e399 2005-04-04 added a section for congestion control describing what I hope to implement.  what /actually/ gets implemented will be documented further once its, er, implemented
578301240 2005-04-04 Added constructors to PrivateKey, PublicKey, SigningPrivateKey and SigningPublicKey, which take a single String argument and construct the object from the Base64 data in that string (where this data is the product of a .toBase64() call on a prior instance).
9b8f91c7f 2005-04-04 Added 'toPublic()' methods to PrivateKey and SigningPrivateKey, such that these return PublicKey and SigningPublicKey objects, respectively.
c7c389d4f 2005-04-03 added eepget wrapper script for *nix
68f7adfa0 2005-04-03 *** keyword substitution change ***
c4ac5170c 2005-04-03 2005-04-03  jrandom     * EepGet fix for open-ended HTTP fetches (such as the news.xml       feeding the NewsFetcher)
32e0c8ac7 2005-04-03 updated status blurb
c9c1eae32 2005-04-01 2005-04-01  jrandom     * Allow editing I2PTunnel server instances with five digit ports       (thanks nickless_head!)     * More NewsFetcher debugging for reported weirdness
33366cc29 2005-04-01 2005-04-01  jrandom     * Fix to check for missing news file (thanks smeghead!)     * Added destination display CLI:       java -cp lib/i2p.jar privKeyFilename     * Added destination display to the web interface (thanks pnspns)     * Installed CIA backdoor
083ac1f12 2005-03-31 n3wz0rz
80c6290b8 2005-03-30 oh five oh five
6492ad165 2005-03-30 Added
f0d1b1a40 2005-03-30 added v2mail.i2p, complication.i2p
17f044e6c 2005-03-30 if using numACKs, use a 2 byte value (to handle higher transfer rates)
63f3a9cd7 2005-03-30 * 2005-03-29 released 2005-03-29  jrandom     * Decreased the initial RTT estimate to 10s to allow more retries.     * Increased the default netDb store replication factor from 2 to 6 to take       into consideration tunnel failures.     * Address some statistical anonymity attacks against the netDb that could       be mounted by an active internal adversary by only answering lookups for       leaseSets we received through an unsolicited store.     * Don't throttle lookup responses (we throttle enough elsewhere)     * Fix the NewsFetcher so that it doesn't incorrectly resume midway through       the file (thanks nickster!)     * Updated the I2PTunnel HTML (thanks postman!)     * Added support to the I2PTunnel pages for the URL parameter "passphrase",       which, if matched against the router.config "i2ptunnel.passphrase" value,       skips the nonce check.  If the config prop doesn't exist or is blank, no       passphrase is accepted.     * Implemented HMAC-SHA256.     * Enable the tunnel batching with a 500ms delay by default     * Dropped compatability with and earlier releases
b8ddbf13b 2005-03-28 added lazyguy.i2p
be9bdbfe0 2005-03-27 * simplify the MAC construct with a single HMAC (the other setup was an oracle anyway) * split out the encryption and MAC keys
bc74bf140 2005-03-27 added confessions.i2p, rsync.thetower.i2p, redzara.i2p, gaytorrents.i2p
5c2a57f95 2005-03-26 minor cleanup
9cd8cc692 2005-03-26 added replay prevention blurb, minor cleanup
ebac4df2d 2005-03-26 2005-03-26  jrandom     * Added some error handling and fairly safe to cache data to the streaming       lib (good call Tom!)
0626f714c 2005-03-26 speling (thanks cervantes)
21842291e 2005-03-26 *cough*
d461c295f 2005-03-26 first draft of secure semireliable UDP protocol
85b345052 2005-03-25 2005-03-25  jrandom     * Fixed up building dependencies for the routerconsole on some more       aggressive compilers (thanks polecat!)
75d7c81b7 2005-03-24 Oops, forgot the DataFormatException
1433e20f7 2005-03-24 Added Destination constructor which accepts/uses a base64 string arg
e614a2f72 2005-03-24 * 2005-03-24 released
32be7f1fd 2005-03-24 grr
66e1d95a2 2005-03-24 *cough* oops
ff03be217 2005-03-24 2005-03-23  jrandom     * Added more intelligent version checking in news.xml, in case we have a       version newer than the one specified.
a52f8b89d 2005-03-24 2005-03-23  jrandom     * Added support for Transfer-Encoding: chunked to the EepGet, so that the       cvsweb.cgi doesn't puke on us.
21c7c043b 2005-03-24 Fixed Bugzilla Bug #99
45e6608ad 2005-03-24 Added 'Unit test passed' log message and made test check that Bug #99 is fixed.
28978e368 2005-03-24 Fixed Bug #99: Data pending to be sent is still sent even if STREAM CLOSE is issued.
904f755c8 2005-03-24 2005-03-23  jrandom     * Implemented the news fetch / update policy code, as configurated on       /configupdate.jsp.  Defaults are to grab the news every 24h (or if it       doesn't exist yet, on startup).  No action is taken however, though if       the news.xml specifies that a new release is available, an option to       update will be shown on the router console.     * New initialNews.xml delivered with new installs, and moved news.xml out       of the i2pwww module and into the i2p module so that we can bundle it       within each update.
a2c309ddd 2005-03-23 2005-03-23  jrandom     * New /configupdate.jsp page for controlling the update / notification       process, as well as various minor related updates.  Note that not all       options are exposed yet, and the update detection code isn't in place       in this commit - it currently says there is always an update available.     * New EepGet component for reliable downloading, with a CLI exposed in       java -cp lib/i2p.jar net.i2p.util.EepGet url     * Added a default signing key to the TrustedUpdate component to be used       for verifying updates.  This signing key can be authenticated via       gpg --verify i2p/core/java/src/net/i2p/crypto/     * New public domain SHA1 implementation for the DSA code so that we can       handle signing streams of arbitrary size without excess memory usage       (thanks P.Verdy!)     * Added some helpers to the TrustedUpdate to work off streams and to offer       a minimal CLI:           TrustedUpdate keygen pubKeyFile privKeyFile           TrustedUpdate sign origFile signedFile privKeyFile           TrustedUpdate verify signedFile
677eeac8f 2005-03-23 changed existing 'decodeToString' to public
b232cc0f2 2005-03-23 D'oh, .decodeToString was already there, eliminated my vers
18bbae1d1 2005-03-23 changed 'String decode(String raw)' to 'String decodeToString(String raw)' to eliminate name clash.
08ee62b52 2005-03-23 Added convenience methods:  - String encode(String raw)  - String decode(String raw)
5b83aed71 2005-03-22 * Added basic trusted update creation/verification
b5875ca07 2005-03-22 2005-03-21  jrandom     * Fixed the tunnel fragmentation handler to deal with multiple fragments       in a single message properly (rather than release the buffer into the       cache after processing the first one) (duh!)     * Added the batching preprocessor which will bundle together multiple       small messages inside a single tunnel message by delaying their delivery       up to .5s, or whenever the pending data will fill a full message,       whichever comes first.  This is disabled at the moment, since without the       above bugfix widely deployed, lots and lots of messages would fail.     * Within each tunnel pool, stick with a randomly selected peer for up to       .5s before randomizing and selecting again, instead of randomizing the       pool each time a tunnel is needed.
3f9bf2838 2005-03-22 2005-03-21  jrandom     * Fixed the tunnel fragmentation handler to deal with multiple fragments       in a single message properly (rather than release the buffer into the       cache after processing the first one) (duh!)     * Added the batching preprocessor which will bundle together multiple       small messages inside a single tunnel message by delaying their delivery       up to .5s, or whenever the pending data will fill a full message,       whichever comes first.  This is disabled at the moment, since without the       above bugfix widely deployed, lots and lots of messages would fail.     * Within each tunnel pool, stick with a randomly selected peer for up to       .5s before randomizing and selecting again, instead of randomizing the       pool each time a tunnel is needed.
a2bd71c75 2005-03-18 * 2005-03-18 released 2005-03-18  jrandom     * Minor tweak to the timestamper to help reduce small skews     * Adjust the stats published to include only the relevent ones     * Only show the currently used speed calculation on the profile page     * Allow the full max # resends to be sent, rather than piggybacking the       RESET packet along side the final resend (duh)     * Add irc.postman.i2p to the default list of IRC servers for new installs     * Drop support for routers running 0.5 or while maintaining       backwards compatability for users running
89509490c 2005-03-18 2005-03-18  jrandom     * Eepproxy Fix for corrupted HTTP headers (thanks nickster!)     * Fixed case sensitivity issues on the HTTP headers (thanks duck!)
a997a4604 2005-03-17 2005-03-17  jrandom     * Update the old speed calculator and associated profile data points to       use a non-tiered moving average of the tunnel test time, avoiding the       freshness issues of the old tiered speed stats.     * Explicitly synchronize all of the methods on the PRNG, rather than just       the feeder methods (sun and kaffe only need the feeder, but it seems ibm       needs all of them synchronized).     * Properly use the tunnel tests as part of the profile stats.     * Don't flood the jobqueue with sequential persist profile tasks, but       instead, inject a brief scheduling delay between them.     * Reduce the TCP connection establishment timeout to 20s (which is still       absurdly excessive)     * Reduced the max resend delay to 30s so we can get some resends in when       dealing with client apps that hang up early (e.g. wget)     * Added more alternative socketManager factories (good call aum!)
538dd07e7 2005-03-17 2005-03-16  jrandom     * Adjust the old speed calculator to include end to end RTT data in its       estimates, and use that as the primary speed calculator again.     * Use the mean of the high capacity speeds to determine the fast       threshold, rather than the median.  Perhaps we should use the mean of       all active non-failing peers?     * Updated the profile page to sort by tier, then alphabetically.     * Added some alternative socketManager factories (good call aum!)
046778404 2005-03-16 added arkan.i2p, search.i2p, floureszination.i2p, antipiratbyran.i2p            asylum.i2p, templar.i2p
766f83d65 2005-03-16 added feedspace.i2p
b20aee675 2005-03-15 2005-03-14  jrandom     * New strict speed calculator that goes off the actual number of messages       verifiably sent through the peer by way of tunnels.  Initially, this only       contains the successful message count on inbound tunnels, but may be       augmented later to include verified outbound messages, peers queried in       the netDb, etc.  The speed calculation decays quickly, but should give       a better differential than the previous stat (both values are shown on       the /profiles.jsp page)
f9aa3aef1 2005-03-14 added
d74aa6e53 2005-03-11 (no, this doesnt fix things yet, but its a save point along the path) 2005-03-11  jrandom     * Rather than the fixed resend timeout floor (10s), use 10s+RTT as the       minimum (increased on resends as before, of course).     * Always prod the clock update listeners, even if just to tell them that       the time hasn't changed much.     * Added support for explicit peer selection for individual tunnel pools,       which will be useful in debugging but not recommended for use by normal       end users.     * More aggressively search for the next hop's routerInfo on tunnel join.     * Give messages received via inbound tunnels that are bound to remote       locations sufficient time (taking into account clock skew).     * Give alternate direct send messages sufficient time (10s min, not 5s)     * Always give the end to end data message the explicit timeout (though the       old default was sufficient before)     * No need to give end to end messages an insane expiration (+2m), as we       are already handling skew on the receiving side.     * Don't complain too loudly about expired TunnelCreateMessages (at least,       not until after all those 0.5 and users upgrade ;)     * Properly keep the sendBps stat     * When running the router with router.keepHistory=true, log more data to       messageHistory.txt     * Logging updates     * Minor formatting updates
ea6fbc783 2005-03-09 added septu.i2p
536e604b8 2005-03-08 2005-03-07  jrandom     * Fix the HTTP response header filter to allow multiple headers with the       same name (thanks duck and spotteri!)
49d6f5018 2005-03-07 * Properly expand the HTTP response header buffer (thanks shendaras!)
4a830e422 2005-03-07 added music.i2p, rotten.i2p, wintermute.i2p, kaji2.i2p, aspnet.i2p, gaming.i2p, nntp.i2p
df6c52fe7 2005-03-07 * 2005-03-06 released 2005-03-06  jrandom     * Allow the I2PTunnel web interface to select streaming lib options for       individual client tunnels, rather than sharing them across all of them,       as we do with the session options.  This way people can (and should) set       the irc proxy to interactive and the eepproxy to bulk.     * Added a script to new installs which simply calls       "sh i2prouter start".  This should make it clear how people should start       I2P.
01979c08b 2005-03-05 2005-03-04  jrandom     * Filter HTTP response headers in the eepproxy, forcing Connection: close       so that broken (/malicious) webservers can't allow persistent       connections.  All HTTP compliant browsers should now always close the       socket.     * Enabled the GZIPInputStream's cache (they were'nt cached before)     * Make sure our first send is always a SYN (duh)     * Workaround for some buggy compilers
7928ef83c 2005-03-04 added cowsay.i2p
10afe0a06 2005-03-04 2005-03-03  jrandom     * Loop while starting up the I2PTunnel instances, in case the I2CP       listener isn't up yet (thanks detonate!)     * Implement custom reusable GZIP streams to both reduce memory churn       and prevent the exposure of data in the standard GZIP header (creation       time, OS, etc).  This is RFC1952 compliant, and backwards compatible,       though has only been tested within the confines of I2P's compression use       (DataHelper.[de]compress).     * Preemptively support the next protocol version, so that after the       release, we'll be able to drop protocol=2 to get rid of 0.5 users.
ef230cfa3 2005-03-03 2005-03-02  jrandom     * Fix one substantial OOM cause (session tag manager was only dropping       tags once the critical limit was met, rather than honoring their       expiration) (duh)     * Lots of small memory fixes     * Double the allowable concurrent outstanding tunnel build tasks (20)
2d15a4213 2005-03-01 big code cleanup to reduce number of compiler warnings
57d6a2f64 2005-03-01 2005-03-01  jrandom     * Really disable the streaming lib packet caching     * Synchronized a message handling point in the SDK (even though its use is       already essentially single threaded, its better to play it safe)     * Don't add new RepublishLeaseSetJobs on failure, just requeue up the       existing one (duh)     * Throttle the number of concurrent pending tunnel builds across all       pools, in addition to simply throttling the number of new requests per       minute for each pool individually.  This should avoid the cascading       failure when tunnel builds take too long, as no new builds will be       created until the previous ones are handled.     * Factored out and extended the DataHelper's unit tests for dealing with       long and date formatting.     * Explicitly specify the HTTP auth realm as "i2prouter", though this       alone doesn't address the bug where jetty asks for authentication too       much.  (thanks orion!)     * Updated the StreamSinkServer to ignore all read bytes, rather than write       them to the filesystem.
469a0852d 2005-02-27 2005-02-27  jrandom     * Don't rerequest leaseSets if there are already pending requests     * Reverted the insufficiently tested caching in the DSA/SHA1 impl, and       temporary disabled the streaming lib packet caching.     * Reduced the resend RTT penalty to 10s
7983bb149 2005-02-27 1.3 here too
2e7eac02e 2005-02-27 2005-02-26  jrandom     * Force 1.3-isms on the precompiled jsps too (thanks laberhost)
238389fc7 2005-02-26 2005-02-26  jrandom     * Further streaming lib caching improvements     * Reduce the minimum RTT (used to calculate retry timeouts), but also       increase the RTT on resends.     * Lower the default message size to 4KB from 16KB to further reduce the       chance of failed fragmentation.     * Extend tunnel rebuild throttling to include fallback rebuilds     * If there are less than 20 routers known, don't drop the last 20 (to help       avoid dropping all peers under catastrophic failures)     * New stats for end to end messages - "client.leaseSetFoundLocally",       "client.leaseSetFoundRemoteTime", and "client.leaseSetFailedRemoteTime"
4cec9da0a 2005-02-24 2005-02-24  jrandom     * Throttle the number of tunnel rebuilds per minute, preventing CPU       overload under catastrophic failures (thanks Tracker and cervantes!)     * Block the router startup process until we've initialized the clock
00f27d440 2005-02-24 2005-02-24  jrandom     * Cache temporary memory allocation in the DSA's SHA1 impl, and the packet       data in the streaming lib.     * Fixed a streaming lib bug where the connection initiator would fail the       stream if the ACK to their SYN was lost.
f61618e4a 2005-02-23 2005-02-23  jrandom     * Now that we don't get stale SAM sessions, it'd be nice if we didn't       get stale tunnel pools, don't you think?
265d5e306 2005-02-23 * 2005-02-23 released
10ed058c2 2005-02-23 2005-02-22  jrandom     * Reworked the tunnel (re)building process to remove the tokens and       provide cleaner controls on the tunnels built.     * Fixed situations where the timestamper wanted to test more servers than       were provided (thanks Tracker!)     * Get rid of the dead SAM sessions by using the streaming lib's callbacks       (thanks Tracker!)
8a21f0efe 2005-02-22 2005-02-22  jrandom     * Temporary workaround for the I2CP disconnect bug (have the streaminglib       try to automatically reconnect on accept()/connect(..)).     * Loop check for expired lease republishing (just in case)
b8291ac5a 2005-02-22 2005-02-22  jrandom     * Temporary workaround for the I2CP disconnect bug (have the streaminglib       try to automatically reconnect on accept()/connect(..)).     * Loop check for expired lease republishing (just in case)
c17433cb9 2005-02-22 2005-02-22  jrandom     * Adjusted (and fixed...) the timestamper change detection     * Deal with a rare reordering bug at the beginning of a stream (so we       don't drop it unnecessarily)     * Cleaned up some dropped message handling in the router     * Reduced job queue churn when dealing with a large number of tunnels by       sharing an expiration job     * Keep a separate list of the most recent CRIT messages (shown on the       logs.jsp).  This way they don't get buried among any other messages.     * For clarity, display the tunnel variance config as "Randomization" on       the web console.     * If lease republishing fails (boo! hiss!) try it again     * Actually fix the negative jobLag in the right place (this time)     * Allow reseeding when there are less than 10 known peer references     * Lots of logging updates.
35fe7f820 2005-02-21 2005-02-20  jrandom     * Allow the streaming lib resend frequency to drop down to 20s as the       minimum, so that up to 2 retries can get sent on an http request.     * Add further limits to failsafe tunnels.     * Keep exploratory and client tunnel testing and building stats separate.     * Only use the 60s period for throttling tunnel requests due to transient       network overload.     * Rebuild tunnels earlier (1-3m before expiration, by default)     * Cache the next hop's routerInfo for participating tunnels so that the       tunnel participation doesn't depend on the netDb.     * Fixed a long standing bug in the streaming lib where we wouldn't always       unchoke messages when the window size grows.     * Make sure the window size never reaches 0 (duh)
21f13dba4 2005-02-21 2005-02-20  jrandom     * Allow the streaming lib resend frequency to drop down to 20s as the       minimum, so that up to 2 retries can get sent on an http request.     * Add further limits to failsafe tunnels.     * Keep exploratory and client tunnel testing and building stats separate.     * Only use the 60s period for throttling tunnel requests due to transient       network overload.     * Rebuild tunnels earlier (1-3m before expiration, by default)     * Cache the next hop's routerInfo for participating tunnels so that the       tunnel participation doesn't depend on the netDb.     * Fixed a long standing bug in the streaming lib where we wouldn't always       unchoke messages when the window size grows.     * Make sure the window size never reaches 0 (duh)
0db239a3f 2005-02-21 added irc.postman.i2p
4745d61f9 2005-02-21 added subrosa.i2p
b9a4c3ba5 2005-02-20 *cough*
cbf6a70a1 2005-02-20 2005-02-20  jrandom     * Only build failsafe tunnels if we need them     * Properly implement the selectNotFailingPeers so that we get a random       selection of peers, rather than using the strictOrdering (thanks dm!)     * Don't include too many "don't tell me about" peer references in the       lookup message - only send the 10 peer references closest to the target.
7d4e093b5 2005-02-19 2005-02-19  jrandom     * Only build new extra tunnels on failure if we don't have enough     * Fix a fencepost in the tunnel building so that e.g. a variance of       2 means +/- 2, not +/- 1 (thanks dm!)     * Avoid an NPE on client disconnect     * Never select a shitlisted peer to participate in a tunnel     * Have netDb store messages timeout after 10s, not the full 60s (duh)     * Keep session tags around for a little longer, just in case (grr)     * Cleaned up some closing event issues on the streaming lib     * Stop bundling the jetty 5.1.2 and updated wrapper.config in the update       so that 0.4.* users will need to do a clean install, but we don't need       to shove an additional 2MB in each update to those already on 0.5.     * Imported the susimail css (oops, thanks susi!)
d27feabcb 2005-02-18 clear the old precompiled .java files (thanks duck!)
0d9efa17d 2005-02-18 bah, fuck it.  we can deal with a little shitlisting
b125b04c8 2005-02-18 0.5 released
0539f1d79 2005-02-18 updated for the new props
a4b6709f0 2005-02-18 added moxonom.i2p
f2db143a6 2005-02-18 Refuse to load 0.4 routerInfo (to help weed out the old ones)
b615f54d4 2005-02-18 *cough*
db2328e03 2005-02-18 * actually reseed properly * hide the susimail deprecation warnings * dont push hosts.txt in the update (people can subscribe if they want to)
e2071935a 2005-02-18 added sex0r.i2p flock.i2p cneal.i2p www.nntp.i2p wallsgetbombed.i2p       thedarkside.i2p legion.i2p manveru.i2p books.manveru.i2p bt.i2p
1c40ff773 2005-02-18 fproxy.i2p and www1.squid.i2p are back (yay!)
37a364566 2005-02-18 Default subscriptions shouldn't rely on a pre-existing hosts.txt.
eb8accd1e 2005-02-17 damn those copyright laws
3af97894b 2005-02-17 tyop
15a0dcf4d 2005-02-17 (not yet tagging this 0.5, but I don't think there's anytihng left) 2005-02-17  jrandom     * If the clock is adjusted during a job run, don't act as if the job took       negative time.
aa3a44c42 2005-02-17 2005-02-17  jrandom     * Included the GPL'ed susimail 0.13 by default (thanks susi23!)
40f4b47b8 2005-02-17 initial vanilla import of susimail 0.13 (no build script yet)
dca09d96b 2005-02-17 logging
dd1074746 2005-02-17 2005-02-17  jrandom     * Fixed the braindead tunnel testing logic     * If a large number of tunnels are failing (within the last 5-10 minutes)       and the current tunnel pool's configuration allows it, randomly build a       zero hop tunnel to replace failed tunnels.     * Enable postman's POP3 and SMTP tunnels by default
77176162a 2005-02-17 2005-02-16  jrandom     * Added some error handling when the number of session tags exceeds the       realistic capacity, dropping a random chunk of received tag sets and       conducting some minor analysis of the remaining ones.  This is a part       of a pretty serious error condition, and logs as CRIT (if/when people       see "TOO MANY SESSION TAGS!", please let me know the full log line it       puts in the wrapper.log or /logs.jsp)     * Update the addressbook to only write to the published hosts location       if the addressbook's config contains "should_publish=true" (by default,       it contains "should_publish=false")
8b9ee4dfd 2005-02-17 updated to reflect what was implemented
6e8e77b9e 2005-02-16 0.5 merging
7ef9ce8cc 2005-02-16 0.5 merging
9646ac291 2005-02-16 continuing 0.5 merges
566a713ba 2005-02-16 2005-02-16  jrandom     * (Merged the 0.5-pre branch back into CVS HEAD)     * Replaced the old tunnel routing crypto with the one specified in       router/doc/tunnel-alt.html, including updates to the web console to view       and tweak it.     * Provide the means for routers to reject tunnel requests with a wider       range of responses:         probabalistic rejection, due to approaching overload         transient rejection, due to temporary overload         bandwidth rejection, due to persistent bandwidth overload         critical rejection, due to general router fault (or imminent shutdown)       The different responses are factored into the profiles accordingly.     * Replaced the old I2CP tunnel related options (tunnels.depthInbound, etc)       with a series of new properties, relevent to the new tunnel routing code:         inbound.nickname (used on the console)         inbound.quantity (# of tunnels to use in any leaseSets)         inbound.backupQuantity (# of tunnels to keep in the ready)         inbound.length (# of remote peers in the tunnel)         inbound.lengthVariance (if > 0, permute the length by adding a random #                                 up to the variance.  if < 0, permute the length                                 by adding or subtracting a random # up to the                                 variance)         outbound.* (same as the inbound, except for the, uh, outbound tunnels                     in that client's pool)       There are other options, and more will be added later, but the above are       the most relevent ones.     * Replaced Jetty 4.2.21 with Jetty 5.1.2     * Compress all profile data on disk.     * Adjust the reseeding functionality to work even when the JVM's http proxy       is set.     * Enable a poor-man's interactive-flow in the streaming lib by choking the       max window size.     * Reduced the default streaming lib max message size to 16KB (though still       configurable by the user), also doubling the default maximum window       size.     * Replaced the RouterIdentity in a Lease with its SHA256 hash.     * Reduced the overall I2NP message checksum from a full 32 byte SHA256 to       the first byte of the SHA256.     * Added a new "netId" flag to let routers drop references to other routers       who we won't be able to talk to.     * Extended the timestamper to get a second (or third) opinion whenever it       wants to actually adjust the clock offset.     * Replaced that kludge of a timestamp I2NP message with a full blown       DateMessage.     * Substantial memory optimizations within the router and the SDK to reduce       GC churn.  Client apps and the streaming libs have not been tuned,       however.     * More bugfixes thank you can shake a stick at.
36f7e98e9 2005-02-16 added riaa.i2p
4da755816 2005-02-15 added mpaa.i2p
3ef0258fa 2005-02-14 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
293ceaee9 2005-02-11 2005-02-10  smeghead     * Initial check-in of Pants, a new utility to help us manage our 3rd-party       dependencies (Fortuna, Jetty, Java Service Wrapper, etc.). Some parts of       Pants are still non-functional at this time so don't mess with it yet       unless you want to potentially mangle your working copy of CVS.
7b58d0fa0 2005-02-09 Allow an unneeded newline in the SAM client protocol without disconnecting.
bd68c1e05 2005-02-09 file configtunnels.jsp was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
200162d97 2005-02-09 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
4b37a53f1 2005-02-09 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
2d41de7ae 2005-02-09 Restore original method of filtering names with non .i2p tlds
bc5bc62c1 2005-02-08 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
a0d680024 2005-02-08 added pants.i2p
45013feea 2005-02-08 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
2abbe992d 2005-02-08 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
d7081b3ee 2005-02-07 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
a2f5289bd 2005-02-07 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
b366a4b94 2005-02-07 2005-02-07  jrandom     * Fixed a race in the streaming lib's delayed flush algorithm (thanks anon!)
27e92653f 2005-02-06 2005-02-06  Sugadude     * Added a filter to the addressbook to remove entries that dont end in ".i2p" (thanks Sugadude!)
80120b7b7 2005-02-06 added entropy feeding interface, and hooked it up to the end of the DH exchange (source=DH) as well as the end of the ElGamal/AES decrypt (source=ElG/AES).  the default RandomSource ignores this data
af8a61882 2005-02-04 added irc.carambar.i2p
af0e55456 2005-02-04 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
382cbb18d 2005-02-03 2005-02-03  smeghead     * Added Ant buildfile in apps/fortuna for creating a custom Fortuna PRNG jar       library from GNU Crypto's CVS HEAD sources.
252b52315 2005-02-01 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
4303b3b71 2005-02-01 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
87715dc21 2005-02-01 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
8552494fc 2005-02-01 file was initially added on branch i2p_0_5_pre_branch.
1c2290b61 2005-01-28 added general.i2p
5f6060b80 2005-01-27 2005-01-26  smeghead     * i2pProxy.pac,, and are now shipped with the dist       packages and installed to $i2pinstalldir/scripts.     * Added command line params to and --gij to run them       using gij + libgcj, and --sourcedir to run them from the source tree       instead of the installation directory.     * Fixed unreachable for() statement clause in the KBucketImpl class that was       causing gcj to toss a compilation warning (jrandom++).
b39958604 2005-01-27 added smeghead.i2p
22ca1491b 2005-01-27 2005-01-26  smeghead     * Added a couple of scripts, and, to manage the core       tests and benchmarks.     * Routerconsole now builds under gcj 3.4.3.     * Corrected divide by zero error in TunnelId class under gcj (jrandom++).
690d7e30c 2005-01-26 added (w00t)
4fac2f109 2005-01-26 2005-01-25  smeghead     * Tweaked some classes to enable gcj 3.4.3 to compile the router and       supporting apps (except for the routerconsole which is still being       investigated).
eb0935d57 2005-01-26 added deadgod.i2p
425fedf55 2005-01-25 outbound tunnels passing tests, now to start hacking on the tie-in
a33de09ae 2005-01-25 * implemented fragmentation * added more inbound tests * made the tunnel preprocessing header more clear and included better fragmentation support (still left: tests for outbound tunnel processing, structures and jobs to integrate with the router, remove that full SHA256 from each and every I2NPMessage or put a smaller one at the transport layer, and all the rest of the tunnel pooling/building stuff)
5018e5610 2005-01-24 oops, moving README and out of the source directory
de2c975ac 2005-01-24 2005-01-24  smeghead     * C#-ification of sam-sharp: interface greatly simplified using delegates       and events; SamBaseEventHandler provides basic implementation and helper       methods but is now optional.     * NAnt buildfile and README added for sam-sharp.
d86e2c0f5 2005-01-23 2005-01-23  smeghead     * Port the java SAM client library to mono/C# and released into the       public domain.  The 0.1 version of this port is available in CVS as       i2p/apps/sam/csharp/src/I2P.SAM.Client.  The other nonfunctional C#       library has been removed.
14023163b 2005-01-23 added manveru.i2p
d85dc8213 2005-01-22 2005-01-21  Jhor     * Updated jbigi build scripts for OSX. 2005-01-21  jrandom     * Added support for OSX to the NativeBigInteger code so that it will look       in the classpath for libjbigi-osx-none.jnilib.  At the moment, that file       is not bundled with the shipped jbigi.jar yet though.
f6a34055a 2005-01-21 removed the tunnel.html-style tunnel encryption and implemented the new tunnel-alt.html style still much to be done beyond this, but this stuff turned out quite trivial (w00t)
3beb0d9c1 2005-01-20 added fr.i2p
60968fe6f 2005-01-20 added imhotep.i2p
517c3101c 2005-01-20 added
998f03ba6 2005-01-19 killed the loops and the PRNGs by having the tunnel participants themselves specify what tunnel ID they listen on and make sure the previous peer doesn't change over time.  The worst that a hostile peer could do is create a multiplicative work factor - they send N messages, causing N*#hops in the loop of bandwidth usage.  This is identical to the hostile peer simply building a pair of tunnels and sending N messages through them. also added some discussion about the tradeoffs and variations wrt fixed size tunnel messages.
f3b0e0cfc 2005-01-19 we want to use E on the preIV, not HMAC - must be invertible (duh, thanks Connelly) adjusted preIV size accordingly, and definitely use a delivered layerIVKey
a65e6c888 2005-01-19 2005-01-18  jrandom     * Increased the max # session tags maintained and decreased slightly the       period over which they are gathered.
cd939d337 2005-01-18 speling mistaces
29e5aeff5 2005-01-18 include the preIV in the verification hash
0e5cf81fc 2005-01-18 updates with new alternative crypto, including Connelly's suggestions for the IV
61f217c61 2005-01-17 2005-01-17  jrandom     * Added meaningful support for adjusting the preferred message size in the       streaming lib by setting the i2p.streaming.maxMessageSize=32768 (or       whatever).  The other side will mimic a reduction (but never an increase).     * Always make sure to use distinct ConnectionOption objects for each       connection (duh)     * Reduced the default ACK delay to 500ms on in the streaming lib     * Only shrink the streaming window once per window     * Don't bundle a new jetty.xml with updates     * Catch another local routerInfo corruption issue on startup.
ccb1f491c 2005-01-16 use the first 16 bytes of the SHA256 for the columns & verification block, rather than all 32 bytes. (AES won't let us go smaller.  oh well)
49fdac9b4 2005-01-16 added ttp.i2p
6b6a9490f 2005-01-16 include blurb explaining tunnelIDs and replay prevention (thanks Connelly!)
2c783e987 2005-01-15 2005-01-15  cervantes     * Added support to the eepproxy for URLs such as       http://localhost:4444/eepproxy/foo.i2p/bar/baz or even       http://localhost:4444/eepproxy/foo.i2p/?i2paddresshelper=base64
ecd971c0e 2005-01-15 2005-01-15  jrandom     * Caught a series of (previously unhandled) errors caused by requeueing       messages that had timed out on the TCP transport (thanks mae^!)     * Reduce the barrier to dropping session tags on streaming lib resends -       every fourth send should drop the tags, forcing ElGamal encryption.  This       will help speed up the recovery after a disconnect, rather than the drop       every fifth send.
c48875a6f 2005-01-15 cbc, nimwit
a245ccb8b 2005-01-15 added, tracker.i2p, photo.i2p
75a18debc 2005-01-15 forgot to update the processing xor
1a15d3bb5 2005-01-15 filled in the tunnel building alternatives, throttling techniques, and mixing (meta)details
ffdcae47e 2005-01-14 add some whitening to the IV as it goes down the path
34a2bc859 2005-01-13 added hopekiller.i2p, microsoft.i2p, jhor.i2p, badtoys.i2p
8ae4d00cc 2005-01-13 added mindspore.i2p
9ed6d5e7f 2005-01-13 added irc.ircbnc.i2p (connect to it as an irc client, pass 'testpass' (may be changed/removed), and outproxy to irc servers)
c9243b241 2005-01-13 added dvdr-core.i2p
9c364a64e 2005-01-13 more arm waiving wrt the tunnel building
b34306205 2005-01-12 lets just get some visual versioning clues
77f778dbf 2005-01-12 Updated the crypto so that peer0 is the gateway (meaning max hop length is 8, not 9). This prevents the first peer after the gateway from looking at the encrypted data received and seeing "hey, none of the checksum blocks match the payload, they must be the gateway".
23fa4e416 2005-01-12 Made userhosts.txt the default master addressbook, and hosts.txt the default router addressbook (mostly just testing if this will commit properly)
5b6fd0b82 2005-01-12 dont wannit
8fa8d7739 2005-01-09 work in progress, but i want it in cvs so i dont lose it again
dc552c7a2 2005-01-07 html fix (just to clarify that K[i] isn't actually *transmitted*)
cf84f453d 2005-01-07 Initial implementation of the new tunnel encryption code.  Still much more work to be done (e.g. *what* gets encrypted, modifying the tunnelCreate messages, the tunnel building process, and the new tunnel pooling).  I seem to have lost much of the typed up docs describing this too, so I'll be hitting that next.
daf32a24b 2005-01-06 * 2005-01-06 released 2005-01-06  jrandom     * Added a startup message to the addressbook, printing its version number       to stdout (which is sent to wrapper.config) when it loads.     * Updated the addressbook to reread the config file periodically     * Added orion.i2p to the list of eepsites on the default homepage
34ecfd985 2005-01-06 added j.i2p
483856446 2005-01-06 2005-01-05  jrandom     * Handle unexpected network read errors more carefully (thanks parg!)     * Added more methods to partially compare (DataHelper) and display       arrays (Base64.encode).     * Exposed the AES encryptBlock/decryptBlock on the context.aes()     * Be more generous on the throttle when just starting up the router     * Fix a missing scheduled event in the streaming lib (caused after reset)     * Add a new DisconnectListener on the I2PSocketManager to allow       notification of session destruction.     * Make sure our own router identity is valid, and if it isn't, build a new       one and restart the router.  Alternately, you can run the Router with       the single command line argument "rebuild" and it will do the same.
3dd2f67ff 2005-01-05 added bl.i2p
0ccec3dde 2005-01-04 Added log entry for and removal. Fix typo in numbering of previous log entry.
ad77879ca 2005-01-04 removed and (obsolete)
27999983c 2005-01-03 added chat.i2p
48b039940 2005-01-01 added phonebooth.i2p
84dc7d9d8 2005-01-01 2004-12-31  ragnarok     * Integrated latest addressbook changes (2.0.3) which include support for       deploying as a .war file with no existing addressbook configuration.     * Updated main build process to bundle the addressbook.war in the       i2pinstall.jar and
70d6332ba 2004-12-31 2004-12-31  jrandom     * Speling fxi (thanks digum!)     * Bugfix for the I2PTunnel web interface so that it now properly launches       newly added tunnels that are defined to be run on startup (thanks ugha!)
aec0b0c86 2004-12-30 2004-12-30  jrandom     * Revised the I2PTunnel client and httpclient connection establishment       throttles.  There is now a pool of threads that build the I2PSocket       connections with a default size of 5, configurable via the I2PTunnel       client option 'i2ptunnel.numConnectionBuilders' (if set to 0, it will       not throttle the number of concurrent builders, but will launch a thread       per socket during establishment).  In addition, sockets accepted but       not yet allocated to one of the connection builders will be destroyed       after 30 seconds, configurable via 'i2ptunnel.maxWaitTime' (if set to       0, it will wait indefinitely).
099f6a88c 2004-12-29 2004-12-29  jrandom     * Imported Ragnarok's addressbook source (2.0.2) which is built but not       deployed in the i2pinstall.jar/ (yet).     * Don't treat connection inactivity closure as a connection error.
00a5d42d3 2004-12-29 forgot to import these...
28f4a2cb6 2004-12-29 imported ragnarok's MIT licensed addressbook-2.0.2
1ac18ba10 2004-12-29 2004-12-29  jrandom     * Add in a new keepalive event on each TCP connection, proactively sending       a (tiny) time message every minute or two, as well as killing the       connection if no message has been fully sent within 5 minutes or so.       This should help deal with hung connections from IP address changes.
1503ee2df 2004-12-29 2004-12-28  jrandom     * Cleaned up the resending and choking algorithm in the streaming lib.     * Removed the read timeout override for I2PTunnel's httpclient, allowing       it to use the default for the streaming lib.     * Revised ack triggers in the streaming lib.     * Logging.
484b528d4 2004-12-21 * 2004-12-21 released 2004-12-21  jrandom     * Track a new stat for expired client leases (client.leaseSetExpired).
758293dc0 2004-12-21 2004-12-21  jrandom     * Cleaned up the postinstall/startup scripts a bit more to handle winME,       and added windows info to the headless docs. (thanks ardvark!)     * Fixed a harmless (yet NPE inspiring) race during the final shutdown of       a stream (thanks frosk!)     * Add a pair of new stats for monitoring tunnel participation -       tunnel.participatingBytesProcessed (total # bytes transferred) and       tunnel.participatingBytesProcessedActive (total # bytes transferred for       tunnels whose byte count exceed the 10m average).  This should help       further monitor congestion issues.     * Made the NamingService factory property public (thanks susi!)
6cb316b33 2004-12-20 2004-12-20  jrandom     * No longer do a blocking DNS lookup within the jobqueue (thanks mule!)     * Set a 60s dns cache TTL, instead of 0s.  Most users who used to use       dyndns/etc now just use IP autodetection, so the old "we need ttl=0"       reasoning is gone.
1d31831e7 2004-12-20 added up.i2p
ee32b0799 2004-12-19 2004-12-19  jrandom     * Fix for a race on startup wrt the new stats (thanks susi!)
81f04ca69 2004-12-19 2004-12-19  jrandom     * Added three new stats - router.activePeers, router.fastPeers, and       router.highCapacityPeers, updated every minute
175699760 2004-12-19 2004-12-19  jrandom     * Added a new i2ptunnel type: 'httpserver', allowing you to specify what       hostname should be sent to the webserver.  By default, new installs will       have an httpserver pointing at their jetty instance with the spoofed       name 'mysite.i2p' (editable on the /i2ptunnel/edit.jsp page).
ec11ea4ca 2004-12-19 * Convert native jcpuid code from C++ to C. This should alleviate build   problems experienced by some users.
a1ebf85e1 2004-12-18 added dm.i2p
4b2a734cd 2004-12-18 * 2004-12-18 released
97ae8f78a 2004-12-18 added piespy.i2p
834665c3b 2004-12-16 2004-12-16  jrandom     * Catch another oddball case for a reset connection in the streaming lib.     * Add a dumpprofile.jsp page, called with ?peer=base64OfPeerHash, which       dumps the current state of that peer's profile.  Instead of the full       base64, you can pass in however many characters you have and it will       return the first match found.
d969dd2d8 2004-12-16 2004-12-16  jrandom     * Catch another oddball case for a reset connection in the streaming lib.     * Add a dumpprofile.jsp page, called with ?peer=base64OfPeerHash, which       dumps the current state of that peer's profile.  Instead of the full       base64, you can pass in however many characters you have and it will       return the first match found.
3cb727561 2004-12-16 uugly stat dumper.  call via /dumpstats.jsp?peer=routerIdentHash
cbc89376d 2004-12-16 2004-12-16  jrandom     * Remove the randomized factor in the tunnel rejection by bandwidth -       we now accept the request if we've allocated less than our limit       and reject it if we've allocated more.     * Stick to the standard capacity scale on tunnel rejection, even for       the 10m period.     * Build the time message at the very last possible moment
66aa29e3d 2004-12-16 2004-12-15  jrandom     * Handle hard disconnects more gracefully within the streaming lib, and       log unmonitored events more aggressively.     * If we drop a peer after connection due to clock skew, log it to the       /logs.jsp#connectionlogs with relevent info.  In addition, toss it in       the stat 'tcp.disconnectAfterSkew'.     * Fixed the formatting in the skew display     * Added an ERROR message that is fired once after we run out of       routerInfo files (thanks susi!)     * Set the connect timeout equal to the streaming lib's disconnect timeout       if not already specified (the I2PTunnel httpclient already enforces a       60s connect timeout)     * Fix for another connection startup problem in the streaming lib.     * Fix for a stupid error in the probabalistic drop (rand <= P, not > P)     * Adjust the capacity calculations so that tunnel failures alone in the       last 10m will not trigger a 0 capacity rank.
5c72aca5e 2004-12-15 added sciencebooks.i2p
8824815d6 2004-12-14 2004-12-14  jrandom     * Periodically send a message along all I2NP connections with the router's       current time, allowing the receiving peer to determine that the clock       has skewed too much, and hence, disconnect.  For backwards compatability       reasons, this is being kludged into a DeliveryStatusMessage (ewww).  The       next time we have a backwards compatability break, we can put in a proper       message setup for it.
ad72e5cbd 2004-12-14 2004-12-14  jrandom     * Reenable the probabalistic drop on the TCP queues to deal with good old       fashioned bandwidth limiting.  However, by default the probability is       rigged to reserve 0% of the queue free - meaning we just aggressively       fail messages in the queue if we're transferring too slowly.  That       reservation factor can be increased with 'tcp.queueFreeFactor=0.25'       (or whatever) and the drop code can be disabled with the parameter       'tcp.dropProbabalistically=false'.     * Still penalize a peer on tunnel failure, but don't immediately drop       their capacity to 0.     * More aggressively ACK duplicates     * Randomize the timestamper period     * Display the clock skew on the connection logs when a peer sends it.     * Allow the timestamper to fix skews of up to 10 minutes     * Logging
b2f183fc1 2004-12-14 2004-12-14  jrandom     * Reenable the probabalistic drop on the TCP queues to deal with good old       fashioned bandwidth limiting.  However, by default the probability is       rigged to reserve 0% of the queue free - meaning we just aggressively       fail messages in the queue if we're transferring too slowly.  That       reservation factor can be increased with 'tcp.queueFreeFactor=0.25'       (or whatever) and the drop code can be disabled with the parameter       'tcp.dropProbabalistically=false'.     * Still penalize a peer on tunnel failure, but don't immediately drop       their capacity to 0.     * More aggressively ACK duplicates     * Randomize the timestamper period     * Display the clock skew on the connection logs when a peer sends it.     * Allow the timestamper to fix skews of up to 10 minutes     * Logging
9e16bc203 2004-12-13 2004-12-13  jrandom     * Added some error checking on the new client send job (thanks duck!)     * Implemented tunnel rejection based on bandwidth usage (rejecting tunnels       proportional to the bytes allocated in existing tunnels vs the bytes       allowed through the bandwidth limiter).     * Enable a new configuration parameter for triggering a tunnel rebuild       (tunnel.maxTunnelFailures), where that is the max allowed test failures       before killing the tunnel (default 0).     * Gather more data that we rank capacity by (now we monitor and balance the       data from 10m/30m/60m/1d instead of just 10m/60m/1d).     * Fix a truncation/type conversion problem on the long term capacity       values (we were ignoring the daily stats outright)
83c6eac01 2004-12-13 added, fedo.i2p, and pastebin.i2p
d5b277a53 2004-12-13 test to verify that a closed socket is propogated to the client
77ce6c33e 2004-12-11 2004-12-11  jrandom     * Fix the missing HTTP timeout, which was caused by the deferred syn used       by default.  This, in turn, meant the I2PSocket creation doesn't fail       on .connect, but is unable to transfer any data in any direction.  We now       detect that condition for the I2PTunnelHTTPClient and throw up the right       error page.     * Logging
60f8d349c 2004-12-11 2004-12-11  jrandom     * Use a simpler and less memory intensive job for processing outbound       client messages when the session is in mode=bestEffort.  We can       immediately discard the data as soon as its sent the first time,       rather than wait for an ack, since we will never internally resend.     * Reduce some synchronization to avoid a rare deadlock     * Replaced 'localhost' with in the i2ptunnel config, and special       case it within the tunnel controller.     * Script cleanup for building jbigi/jcpuid     * Logging
f539c3df7 2004-12-11 added frosk.i2p
fe1cf1758 2004-12-11 added theland.i2p
8c71c2648 2004-12-11 added dox.i2p
2ce39d1fd 2004-12-10 added amiga.i2p
88a994b71 2004-12-10 cleaned up paths
24c8cc1a0 2004-12-10 reference the new gmp 4.1.4
caf684394 2004-12-10 crypto unit test to allow cross-architecture testing of jbigi and the crypto code
4b7451045 2004-12-10 added source instructions (thanks bens\!)
0ddcfc423 2004-12-09 *** empty log message ***
b4ac56e20 2004-12-09 added frooze.i2p
3b19ac394 2004-12-09 use the standard I2CP port (7654) not jrandom's local I2CP port (duh)
af52cad4e 2004-12-08 * 2004-12-08 released
d88396c1e 2004-12-08 2004-12-08  jrandom     * Revised the buffering when reading from the SAM client and writing       to the stream.  Also added a thread (sigh) so we don't block the       SAM client from giving us more messages for abnormally long periods       of time.     * Display the router version in the logs on startup (oft requested)     * Fix a race during the closing of a messageOutputStream
4c5f7b945 2004-12-08 aliased gott.i2p as jrandom.i2p (ed. note: no, i am not gott)
e601cedbb 2004-12-07 2004-12-06  jrandom     * Don't do a 'passive flush' while there are already outbound messages       unacked.     * Show the reseed link if up to 10 peers profiles are active (thanks       dburton!)
fa12dc867 2004-12-07 2004-12-06  jrandom     * Don't do a 'passive flush' while there are already outbound messages       unacked.     * Show the reseed link if up to 10 peers profiles are active (thanks       dburton!)
acfb6c457 2004-12-06 Added sonax.i2p
e52d63709 2004-12-06 2004-12-06  jrandom     * Don't propogate streaming connection failures out to the SAM bridge as       fatal errors.     * Dont barf on repeated I2CP closure.
2fba05569 2004-12-06 2004-12-05  jrandom     * Explicitly use "" to bind the I2CP listener, not the JVM's       getLocalhost call
88bb176f3 2004-12-06 2004-12-05  jrandom     * Default the I2CP listener to localhost only, unless overridden by       i2cp.tcp.bindAllInterfaces=true (thanks dm!)     * More SAM fixes for things recently broken (whee)
499eeb275 2004-12-05 added 1.fcp.freenet.i2p and copied fcp.i2p to 2.fcp.freenet.i2p
61a8d679b 2004-12-05 2004-12-05  jrandom     * Fix the recently broken SAM bridge (duh)     * Add a new pair of SAM apps - net.i2p.sam.client.SAMStreamSink and       net.i2p.sam.client.SAMStreamSend, mirroring the streaming lib's       StreamSink and StreamSend apps for transferring files.     * Make the passive flush timer fire more frequently.
2bbde9162 2004-12-05 2004-12-05  jrandom     * Fixed some links in the console (thanks ugha!) and the javadoc       (thanks dinoman!)     * Fix the stream's passive flush timer (oh, its supposed to work?)
9ce098ee0 2004-12-05 added asciiwhite.i2p
927ae57d2 2004-12-05 added fcp.i2p
d65c2d353 2004-12-05 added installation instructions
2d9d8f32d 2004-12-04 2004-12-03  jrandom     * Toss in a small pool of threads (3) to execute the events queued up with       the SimpleTimer, as we do currently see the occational event       notification spiking up to a second or so.     * Implement a SAM client API in java, useful for event based streaming (or       for testing the SAM bridge)     * Added support to shut down the SAM bridge on OOM (useful if the SAM       bridge is being run outside of the router).     * Include the SAM test code in the sam.jar     * Remove an irrelevent warning message from SAM, which was caused by       perfectly normal operation due to a session being closed.     * Removed some unnecessary synchronization in the streaming lib's       PacketQueue     * More quickly clean up the memory used by the streaming lib by       immediately killing each packet's resend job as soon as it is ACKed (or       cancelled), so that there are no longer any valid pointers to the       (potentially 32KB) packet.     * Fixed the timestamps dumped to stdout when debugging the PacketHandler.     * Drop packets that would expand our inbound window beyond our maximum       buffer size (default 32 messages)     * Always read the ACK/NACK data from the verified packets received, even       if we are going to drop them     * Always adjust the window when there are messages ACKed, though do not       change its size except as before.     * Streamlined some synchronization in the router's I2CP handling     * Streamlined some memory allocation in the SAM bridge     * Default the streaming lib to disconnect on inactivity, rather than send       an empty message.
1a30cd5f4 2004-12-04 2004-12-03  jrandom     * Toss in a small pool of threads (3) to execute the events queued up with       the SimpleTimer, as we do currently see the occational event       notification spiking up to a second or so.     * Implement a SAM client API in java, useful for event based streaming (or       for testing the SAM bridge)     * Added support to shut down the SAM bridge on OOM (useful if the SAM       bridge is being run outside of the router).     * Include the SAM test code in the sam.jar     * Remove an irrelevent warning message from SAM, which was caused by       perfectly normal operation due to a session being closed.     * Removed some unnecessary synchronization in the streaming lib's       PacketQueue     * More quickly clean up the memory used by the streaming lib by       immediately killing each packet's resend job as soon as it is ACKed (or       cancelled), so that there are no longer any valid pointers to the       (potentially 32KB) packet.     * Fixed the timestamps dumped to stdout when debugging the PacketHandler.     * Drop packets that would expand our inbound window beyond our maximum       buffer size (default 32 messages)     * Always read the ACK/NACK data from the verified packets received, even       if we are going to drop them     * Always adjust the window when there are messages ACKed, though do not       change its size except as before.     * Streamlined some synchronization in the router's I2CP handling     * Streamlined some memory allocation in the SAM bridge     * Default the streaming lib to disconnect on inactivity, rather than send       an empty message. this still doesnt get the BT to where it needs to be, or fix the timeout problem, but i dont like having so many commits outstanding and these updates are sound
f54687f39 2004-12-03 added greenflog.i2p
9f4b4c5de 2004-12-03 Still trying to get this to compile under VS.NET
33bfa9422 2004-12-02 Added session to naming callback
61e5f190a 2004-12-02 Updated examples
a4946272d 2004-12-02 get rid of stdint.h stuff because it confuses the microsoft compiler
8abd99d13 2004-12-02 2004-12-01  jrandom     * Fix for a race in the streaming lib as caused by some odd SAM activity
97e8ab7c5 2004-12-02 * 2004-12-01 released 2004-12-01  jrandom     * Fixed a stupid typo that inadvertantly allowed persistent HTTP       connections to work (thanks duck!)     * Make sure we override the inactivity timeout too
cb930a7ab 2004-12-02 * 2004-12-01 released 2004-12-01  jrandom     * Fixed a stupid typo that inadvertantly allowed persistent HTTP       connections to work (thanks duck!)     * Make sure we override the inactivity timeout too
610f1f7dd 2004-12-01 * 2004-12-01 released 2004-12-01  jrandom     * Strip out any of the Accept-* HTTP header lines, and always make sure to       include the forged User-agent header.     * Adjust the default read timeout on the eepproxy to 60s, unless       overridden.     * Minor tweak on stream shutdown.
516d0b4db 2004-11-30 2004-11-30  jrandom     * Render the burst rate fields on /config.jsp properly (thanks ugha!)     * Build in a simple timeout to flush data queued into the I2PSocket but       not yet flushed.     * Don't explicitly flush after each SAM stream write, but leave it up to       the [nonblocking] passive flush.     * Don't whine about 10-99 connection events occurring in a second     * Don't wait for completion of packets that will not be ACKed (duh)     * Adjust the congestion window, even if the packet was resent (duh)     * Make sure to wake up any blocking read()'s when the MessageInputStream       is close()ed (duh)     * Never wait more than the disconnect timeout for a write to complete
df61ae5c6 2004-11-30 duh.  thanks clayboy :)
9f6584b55 2004-11-29 2004-11-29  jrandom     * Minor fixes to avoid unnecessary errors on shutdown (thanks susi!)
e4b41f5bb 2004-11-29 2004-11-29  jrandom     * Reduced contention for local client delivery     * Drop the new code that munges the wrapper.config.  Instead, updates that       need to change it will include their own wrapper.config in the, overwriting the existing file.  If the file       "wrapper.config.updated" is included, it is deleted at first opportunity       and the router shut down, displaying a notice that the router must be       started again cleanly to allow the changes to the wrapper.config to take       effect.     * Properly stop accept()ing I2PSocket connections if we close down the       session (duh).     * Make sure we cancel any outstanding Packets in flight when a connection       is terminated (thanks susi!)     * Split up the I2PTunnel closing a little further.
8d0cea93e 2004-11-29 2004-11-29  jrandom     * Reduced contention for local client delivery     * Drop the new code that munges the wrapper.config.  Instead, updates that       need to change it will include their own wrapper.config in the, overwriting the existing file.  If the file       "wrapper.config.updated" is included, it is deleted at first opportunity       and the router shut down, displaying a notice that the router must be       started again cleanly to allow the changes to the wrapper.config to take       effect.     * Properly stop accept()ing I2PSocket connections if we close down the       session (duh).     * Make sure we cancel any outstanding Packets in flight when a connection       is terminated (thanks susi!)     * Split up the I2PTunnel closing a little further.
d294d0791 2004-11-29 added bdl.i2p
153eea2bd 2004-11-29 you mean i'm supposed to *test* it?
571e3c5c1 2004-11-29 2004-11-28  jrandom     * Accept IP address detection changes with a 2-out-of-3 minimum.     * As long as the router is up, keep retrying to bind the I2CP listener.     * Decrease the java service wrapper ping frequency to once every 10       minutes, rather than once every 5 seconds.
a2d268f3d 2004-11-29 2004-11-28  jrandom     * Accept IP address detection changes with a 2-out-of-3 minimum.     * As long as the router is up, keep retrying to bind the I2CP listener.     * Decrease the java service wrapper ping frequency to once every 10       minutes, rather than once every 5 seconds.
02d456d7a 2004-11-28 added bacardi.i2p and guttersnipe.i2p
b3626ad86 2004-11-28 should've tested it first
9b6eab451 2004-11-28 partial raw handling
72be9b5f0 2004-11-27 2004-11-27  jrandom     * Some cleanup and bugfixes for the IP address detection code where we       only consider connections that have actually sent and received messages       recently as active, rather than the mere presence of a TCP socket as       activity.
35e94a7f6 2004-11-27 added evil.i2p
8e02586cc 2004-11-27 2004-11-27  jrandom     * Removed the I2PTunnel inactivity timeout thread, since the new streaming       lib can do that (without an additional per-connection thread).     * Close the I2PTunnel forwarder threads more aggressively
0b5a64089 2004-11-27 2004-11-27  jrandom     * Fix for a fast loop caused by a race in the new streaming library (thanks       DrWoo, frontier, pwk_, and thetower!)     * Minor updates to the SimpleTimer and Connection to help track down a       high CPU usage problem (dumping debug info to stdout/wrapper.log if too       many events/tasks fire in a second)     * Minor fixes for races on client disconnects (causing NPEs)
64b508990 2004-11-26 * 2004-11-26  0.4.2 released 2004-11-26  jrandom     * Enable the new streaming lib as the default.  That means, for any       substantial definition, it is NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE.
e0e09bfa4 2004-11-26 (please wait until the release announcement before updating) * 2004-11-26  0.4.2 released 2004-11-26  jrandom     * Enable the new streaming lib as the default.  That means, for any       substantial definition, it is NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE.
8c7f9f2c6 2004-11-26 added bdsm.i2p
aff5cea94 2004-11-25 2004-11-25  jrandom     * Revised the installer to include start menu and desktop shortcuts for       windows platforms, including pretty icons (thanks DrWoo!)     * Allow clients specified in clients.config to have an explicit startup       delay.     * Update the default install to launch a browser pointing at the console       whenever I2P starts up, rather than only the first time it starts up       (configurable on /configservice.jsp, or in clients.config)     * Bugfix to the clock skew checking code to monitor the delta between       offsets, not the offset itself (duh)     * Router console html update     * New (and uuuuugly) code to verify that the wrapper.config contains       the necessary classpath entries on update.  If it has to update the       wrapper.config, it will stop the JVM and service completely, since the       java service wrapper doesn't reread the wrapper.config on JVM restart -       requiring the user to manually restart the service after an update.     * Increase the TCP connection timeout to 30s (which is obscenely long)
8bd99f699 2004-11-25 2004-11-25  jrandom     * Revised the installer to include start menu and desktop shortcuts for       windows platforms, including pretty icons (thanks DrWoo!)     * Allow clients specified in clients.config to have an explicit startup       delay.     * Update the default install to launch a browser pointing at the console       whenever I2P starts up, rather than only the first time it starts up       (configurable on /configservice.jsp, or in clients.config)     * Bugfix to the clock skew checking code to monitor the delta between       offsets, not the offset itself (duh)     * Router console html update     * New (and uuuuugly) code to verify that the wrapper.config contains       the necessary classpath entries on update.  If it has to update the       wrapper.config, it will stop the JVM and service completely, since the       java service wrapper doesn't reread the wrapper.config on JVM restart -       requiring the user to manually restart the service after an update.     * Increase the TCP connection timeout to 30s (which is obscenely long) ------------------------------------------------
b0513fff8 2004-11-25 javadoc
f10db9d91 2004-11-23 added eschaton.i2p
9b5fb1706 2004-11-23 added blog.curiosity.i2p
608d713dc 2004-11-23 2004-11-22  jrandom     * Update to the SAM bridge to reduce some unnecessary memory allocation.     * New stat to keep track of slow jobs (ones that take more than a second       to excute).  This is published in the netDb as jobQueue.jobRunSlow
6d5fc8ca2 2004-11-22 2004-11-21  jrandom     * Update the I2PTunnel web interface to include an option for the new       streaming lib (which is ignored until the 0.4.2 release).     * Revised the I2PTunnel web interface to keep the I2CP options of client       and httpclient tunnels in sync, as they all share the same I2CP session.
8c3145b70 2004-11-21 2004-11-21  jrandom     * Only allow small clock skews after the first 10 minutes of operation       (to prevent later network lag bouncing us way off course - yes, we       really need an NTP impl to balance out the network burps...)     * Revamp the I2PTunnel web interface startup process so that everything       is shown immediately, so that different pieces hanging don't hang       the rest, and other minor bugfixes.     * Take note of SAM startup error (in case you're already running a SAM       bridge...)     * Increase the bandwidth limiter burst values available to 10-60s (or       whatever is placed in /configadvanced.jsp, of course)
12a6f3e93 2004-11-21 2004-11-21  jrandom     * Only allow small clock skews after the first 10 minutes of operation       (to prevent later network lag bouncing us way off course - yes, we       really need an NTP impl to balance out the network burps...)     * Revamp the I2PTunnel web interface startup process so that everything       is shown immediately, so that different pieces hanging don't hang       the rest, and other minor bugfixes.     * Take note of SAM startup error (in case you're already running a SAM       bridge...)     * Increase the bandwidth limiter burst values available to 10-60s (or       whatever is placed in /configadvanced.jsp, of course)
2c5943576 2004-11-21 2004-11-21  jrandom     * Allow end of line comments in the hosts.txt and other config files,       using '#' to begin the comments (thanks susi!)     * Add support to I2PTunnel's 'client' feature for picking between multiple       target destinations (e.g. 'client 6668,irc.baffled.i2p')     * Add a quick link on the left hand nav to reseed if there aren't enough       known peers, as well as link to the config page if there are no active       peers.  Revised config page accordingly.
7336bf5c5 2004-11-21 oops, forgot to commit this one.
2b21b9727 2004-11-21 * make sure we send the close message even if the I2PSocket is closed directly (rather than the outputStream) * only fail the session tags as a last resort for the last resend, rather than on every resend after the 1st
603bc99a2 2004-11-21 2004-11-21  jrandom     * Destroy ElGamal/AES+SessionTag keys after 15 minutes of inactivity       rather that every 15 minutes, and increase the warning period in which       we refresh tags from 30s to 2 minutes.     * Bugfix for a rare problem closing an I2PTunnel stream where we'd fail       to close the I2PSocket (leaving it to timeout).
426ede1c9 2004-11-20 * handle con b0rkage more gracefully * close the session on socket manager destroy (the old lib does, and SAM wants it to)
21506c1d1 2004-11-20 handle poorly formatted packets more gracefully (in case someone uses the wrong streaming lib *cough*)
0b48b18e7 2004-11-19 2004-11-19  jrandom     * Off-by-one fix to the tunnel pool management code, along side some       explicit initialization.  This can affect clients whose lengths are       shorter than the router's default (thanks duck!)
c8f6d9c7a 2004-11-19 improved logging
ed8eced9d 2004-11-19 * stats if you want to get this data and you're running outside the router, just toss on a "-Dstat.logFilters=* -Dstat.logFile=proxy.stats" to the java command line.  the resulting file can be parsed w/ java -cp lib/i2p.jar net.i2p.stat.StatLogSplitter proxy.stats, then fed into gnuplot or whatever
4a029b785 2004-11-18 * if we timeout connecting or otherwise need to cancel tags that we've sent, go one step   further and cancel all of the tags we're using for that peer so that we can react to their   potential restart / tag loss quicker. * use the minimum resend delay as the base to be exponentiated if our RTT is too low   (so we resend less) * dont be such a wuss when flushing a closed stream
6bd9e58ec 2004-11-18 * fix a reordering bug that can trim the end of a stream under heavy lag (thanks duck!) * fix a pair of races on router crash
cd075fc8a 2004-11-17 2004-11-17  jrandom     * Fix to propogate i2psocket options into the SAM bridge correctly (thanks       Ragnarok!)
e73342792 2004-11-17 2004-11-17  jrandom     * Minor logging update.
107da0ae2 2004-11-17 i suppose i should commit this, 'eh?  (thanks mule)
3629d7a32 2004-11-17 *** empty log message ***
71e1152cd 2004-11-17 if we've already sent our close packet but we still want to send something, send an ack packet
d01ab7fd2 2004-11-16 *cough* (lets not have everyone think they're the resend with a packet in the air...)
f46d0a720 2004-11-16 * fix up the propogation of client options to the streaming lib * add new back-off logic to reduce payload resends during transient   lag - only let one packet be resent at a time, even if the window size   allows it (and the packet timers request it).  this should make   congestion less painful, and reduce the overall number of messages   resent (as the SACKs for the one packet actively resent should clarify   what made it through)
d943b4993 2004-11-16 2004-11-16  jrandom     * Clean up the propogation of i2psocket options so that various streaming       libs can honor them more precisely
4a4f57d6a 2004-11-16 2004-11-16  jrandom     * Minor logging update (toss net.i2p.router.JobQueueRunner=WARN in /configlogging.jsp to see wtf is hanging your router)
085da1626 2004-11-15 run multiple connections
306f6b003 2004-11-15 various tweaks to make sure we release appropriate references ASAP
3780d290f 2004-11-15 2004-11-14  jrandom     * Fix a long standing leak in I2PTunnel (hanging on to i2psocket objects)     * Fix a leak injected into the SimpleTimer     * Fix a race condition in the tunnel message handling
ad7dc66f9 2004-11-13 2004-11-13  jrandom     * Added throttles on how many I2PTunnel client connections we open at once     * Replaced some buffered streams in I2PTunnel with unbuffered streams, as       the streaming library used should take care of any buffering.     * Added a cache for some objects used in I2PTunnel, especially useful when       there are many short lived connections.     * Trimmed the SimpleTimer's processing a bit
258244fed 2004-11-13 * ack packets with a payload, even if they have ID=0 (duh) * properly implement the connection timeout * make sure we clear the outbound packets on close * don't b0rk on repeated close() calls
5f7982540 2004-11-13 2004-11-13  jrandom     * Added throttles on how many I2PTunnel client connections we open at once     * Replaced some buffered streams in I2PTunnel with unbuffered streams, as       the streaming library used should take care of any buffering.     * Added a cache for some objects used in I2PTunnel, especially useful when       there are many short lived connections.     * Trimmed the SimpleTimer's processing a bit
b1c0de4b7 2004-11-12 (oops forgot to commit before passing out)
45b3fecff 2004-11-11 allow throttles on the number of streams participated in, as well as how a timeout + queue for overflow
9774ded4d 2004-11-11 added slacker.i2p
7ec027854 2004-11-11 update connection options specification tweak around with the connection delay and timeout activity to test delayed vs. immediate syn
b457001b4 2004-11-11 timeout gracefully even if the socket is stopped in odd places
6fc6866eb 2004-11-10 *cough*
299e5528b 2004-11-10 * deal with nondeferred connections (block the mgr.connect(..) until either success or failure) * allow loading the connection options from the env (or another Properties specified)
881524a5e 2004-11-10 2004-11-10  jrandom     * Allow loading the (mini)streaming connection options from the       environment.     * More defensive programming in the DSA implementation.
ffc405138 2004-11-10 added pdforge.i2p and ses.i2p
f6ff74af1 2004-11-09 oops, properly choke the congestion detection for resend
73a12d47d 2004-11-09 * you mean we should implement congestion *avoidance* too? * ack properly on duplicates * set the message input stream buffer large enough to fit the max window (duh)
83165df7e 2004-11-09 * delay the ack of a syn * make sure we ack duplicate messages received (if we aren't already doing so) * implement a choke on the local buffer, in case we receive data faster than its   removed from the i2psocket's MessageInputStream (handle via packet drop and   explicit congestion notification)
30074be5a 2004-11-09 logging
16715aa30 2004-11-08 * synchronize around the buffer used in the packet queue (duh) * dont increment # unacked packets artificially * dont try to push data after closing * cleanup the packet serialization * logging
53f3802a8 2004-11-08 dont keepalive if we're in the closing process (duh)
07626b5cc 2004-11-08 two new tests - inactivity (seeing how we stay alive) and timeout (contacting someone who doesnt exist)
9ea603caf 2004-11-08 * hang around for 5m (er, 2.5msl, i suppose) after connection closure no matter what, so we   can respond apropriately * optional inactivty timer with three possible results:   disconnect, send a (blank) message (to be ACKed), or do nothing.
18ab9b80d 2004-11-08 testStaggered - read what we can while writing randomly
71c1cb4e1 2004-11-08 * min resend delay = 20s * rework the messageInputStream to implement read(byte[], off, len), and fix some fencepost   bugs in the byte retrieval
0c049f39d 2004-11-08 2004-11-08  jrandom     * Remove spurious flush calls from I2PTunnel, and work with the       I2PSocket's output stream directly (as the various implementations       do their own buffering).     * Another pass at a long standing JobQueue bug - dramatically simplify       the job management synchronization since we dont need to deal with       high contention (unlike last year when we had dozens of queue runners       going at once).     * Logging
096b807c3 2004-11-08 2004-11-08  jrandom     * Make the SAM bridge more resiliant to bad handshakes (thanks duck!)
9018af476 2004-11-07 Leave it up to the client application whether to poll or not
323f28e30 2004-11-07 Now it works??
e9dbd00f4 2004-11-07 *** empty log message ***
98b5252a2 2004-11-07
8abf42023 2004-11-07 removed fproxy2, added postman
b792238f3 2004-11-07 added my ping everyone script
2486e5e75 2004-11-07 on some resends, drop our session tags for the peer and revert to ElGamal, since they may have restarted or otherwise lost the tags delivered to them.
5f113f161 2004-11-07 2004-11-06  jrandom     * Expose a drop down on the /configclients.jsp to enter the outbound       tunnel depth.     * Improved *hosts.txt loading     * Explicitly override the JVM's timezone settings to use GMT so that       any client applications which use timezones won't leak sensitive       data (thanks gott!)     * Bundle sam.jar in the update (thanks duck!)
592e9dc3f 2004-11-06 * limit the resend delay to a max of 60s between resends * reduce the max # resends to 5 * if the session.sendMessage fails, we're fucked, so kill the socket
314316cee 2004-11-06 2004-11-06  jrandom     * Fix for a long standing synchronization bug in the SDK that in rare       instances can add a few seconds of lag.
9cf663063 2004-11-06 added orion and protokol
9ea9210a4 2004-11-05 2004-11-05  jrandom     * Bugfixes and unit tests for the SAM bridge to handle quoted message       parameters, verify proper operation after multiple session lifetimes,       as well as some synchronization problems.     * New properties method on the DataHelper class.     * Address a race on fast disconnecting clients
2bf1a9460 2004-11-05 added blog.polecat.i2p
7a0236ad2 2004-11-05 2004-11-05  jrandom     * Bugfixes and unit tests for the SAM bridge to handle quoted message       parameters, verify proper operation after multiple session lifetimes,       as well as some synchronization problems.     * New properties method on the DataHelper class.     * Address a race on fast disconnecting clients
4341a0c19 2004-11-05 added ciaran.i2p
8071612c1 2004-11-05 added polecat.i2p
ea9cc3da0 2004-11-05 added susi.i2p
0df588fff 2004-11-04 blackdown workarounds
a622311db 2004-11-04 make the updater clean things (thanks nickster\!)
1c95ac247 2004-11-03 Dont need no authentication
6ef22166f 2004-11-02 2004-11-02  jrandom     * Fix for a long standing synchronization bug in the JobQueue (and added       some kooky flags to make sure it stays dead)     * Update the ministreaming lib to force mode=guaranteed if the default       lib is used, and mode=best_effort for all other libs.
1107e5010 2004-11-02 2004-11-02  jrandom     * Fixed up the configuration overrides for the streaming socket lib       integration so that it properly honors env settings.     * More memory usage streamlining (last major revamp for now, i promise)
c19355a7b 2004-11-01 2004-11-01  jrandom     * Increase the tunnel test timeout rapidly if our tunnels are failing.     * Honor message expirations for some tunnel jobs that were prematurely       expired.     * Streamline memory usage with temporary object caches and more efficient       serialization for SHA256 calculation, logging, and both I2CP and I2NP       message handling.     * Fix some situations where we forward messages too eagerly.  For a       request at the tunnel endpoint, if the tunnel is inbound and the target       is remote, honor the message by tunnel routing the data rather than       sending it directly to the requested location.
65d415fad 2004-10-30 javadoc fixes
b37313d3f 2004-10-30 a chunk of streaming lib updates (cwin calc & timed win, pings influencing rtt, etc)
58fcbad20 2004-10-30 (mmMMmm profiling) 2004-10-30  jrandom     * Cache the temporary objects used in the AES encryption/decryption       process so that AES doesn't require any memory allocation to process       data.     * Dramatically reduce memory usage within various crypto implementations       by avoiding unnecessary (though simplifying) buffers.     * If we specify some tags to be sent in an I2CP message explicitly, use       only those, not those plus a new set (otherwise we aren't sure on ACK       which set was delivered)     * Allow configuration for the partial send timeout (how long before       resending a message down a different tunnel in a lease).  This can be       updated with the "router.clientPartialSendTimeout" router config prop.     * Logging
b571f331e 2004-10-30 removed duplicate beyond.i2p, added edge.i2p
2547d4b3e 2004-10-30 *** empty log message ***
892786bf0 2004-10-30 2004-10-29  jrandom     * Strip the Referer, Via, and From headers completely, rather than       inserting a bogus value ("i2p").  This should help with the use of       SnipSnap and Geeklog (thanks nickster and DrWoo!)
0c51f2b58 2004-10-28 2004-10-27  jrandom     * Fix a strange race condition on i2cp client disconnect.     * win98 startup fixes (thanks tester-1 and ardvark!)     * include build scripts for the new streaming lib (which is NOT ready       for use yet, but you can hack around with it) (enjoy, duck)
d5607ca19 2004-10-28 * updated output stream test to match new API * new paired stream server and client helpers
48cdf17a4 2004-10-28 * revamped locking to block on flush and close until all of the   packets through that point have been ACKed, throwing an   InterruptedIOException if there was a writeTimeout or an IOException   if the con failed * revamped the ack/nack field settings to ack as much as possible * handle some strange timeout/resend errors on connection * pass 1/2rtt as the packet 'optional delay' field, and use that to   schedule the ack time (the 'last' messages in a window set the   optional delay to 0, asking for immediate ack of all received) * increase the optional delay to 2 bytes (#ms to delay) * inject random failures and delays if configured to do so in   PacketHandler.choke * fix up the window size adjustment (increment on ack, /= 2 on resend) * use the highest RTT in the new RTT calculation so that we fit more   in (via SACK) * fix up the SACK handling (duh) * revise the resend time calculation
669a8fae1 2004-10-27 iterate through the dict values (thanks dinoman)
d59293687 2004-10-25 * mark the input stream as closed after receiving the packet's data * properly close the source file in StreamSinkSend * always adjust the rtt on ack, not just for packets with 1 send * handle dup SYN gracefully * revamp the default connection options * logging
87898dd2f 2004-10-25 added shiftfox.i2p
15c227f56 2004-10-25 * sliding windows w/ additive increase / multiplicitive decrease * immediately send an ack on receiving a duplicate payload message   (unless we've sent one within the last RTT) * only adjust the RTT when there have been no resends * added some (disabled) throttles - randomly injecting delays on   received packets, as well as randomly dropping them * logging
8de41acfe 2004-10-24 * if we send a blank ACK message (that will not in turn be ACKed) and it   has session tags within it, send an additional ping to the peer,   bundling those tags a second time, ACKing those tags on the pong. * handle packets transferred during a race after the receiver ACKs the   connection but before the establisher receives the ACK. * notify the messageInputStream reader on close (duh) * new stream sink test, shoving lots and lots of data down a stream   with the existing StreamSinkServer and StreamSinkClient apps * logging
9680effb9 2004-10-24 2004-10-24  jrandom     * Allow explicit inclusion of session tags in the SDK, enabling the       resending of tags bundled with messages that would not otherwise       be ACKed.     * Don't force mode=guaranteed for end to end delivery - if mode=bestEffort       no DeliveryStatusMessage will be bundled (and as such, client apps using       it will need to do their own session tag ack/nack).     * Handle client errors when notifying them of message availability.     * New StreamSinkSend which sends a file to a destination and disconnects.     * Update the I2PSocketManagerFactory to build the specific       I2PSocketManager instance based on the "i2p.streaming.manager" property,       containing the class name of the I2PSocketManager implementation to instantiate.
40df846e3 2004-10-24 logging
eee94fbf8 2004-10-24 * deal with writes > the packet size limit * deal with window size > 1, especially before receiving the first ACK * disable congestion control for the moment (aka unlimited window size)
813679ba2 2004-10-24 2004-10-23  jrandom     * Minor ministreaming lib refactoring to simplify integration of the full       streaming lib.     * Minor bugfixes to data structure serialization.
2b9e16c9c 2004-10-24 very basic tests pass (ping, open then pause then close, open then echo back and forth a few times then close)
f9bb7f7cf 2004-10-22 added underground.i2p
41e956909 2004-10-21 renamed newsbytetest to newsbyte
336ee0719 2004-10-20 added newsbytetest.i2p
81e0a145f 2004-10-18 foil evil typo plot
a95a968fa 2004-10-18 * 2004-10-18 released 2004-10-18  jrandom     * Allow sending messages with a section of a byte array.     * Reduced stats published.
6c08941d8 2004-10-18 updated curiosity.i2p
e13a5b386 2004-10-17 added blueheron.i2p
9011d5604 2004-10-17 2004-10-17  jrandom     * Don't b0rk on whitespace in the router address.
78aa4ca13 2004-10-17 updated files.i2p
93111842d 2004-10-17 clarify history - we reduce the capacity calc, not the 'isFailing'.     * More aggressively reduce the capacity of peers if their tunnels are       failing so that we move off them quicker.
88693f8ad 2004-10-17 2004-10-16  jrandom     * More aggressively fail peers if their tunnels are failing so that we       move off them quicker.     * Simplify some data structure serialization for reuse in the streaming       lib, as well as add support for signing and verifying partial byte       arrays.     * Logging updates
f904b012e 2004-10-17 initial impl for the new streaming lib (saying this isn't done should be obvious, but the packet spec is at a save point)
cebe0a151 2004-10-16 added utansans.i2p
8fffad089 2004-10-16 2004-10-16  jrandom     * Increased the default minimum tunnel test time to 5 seconds, since we       still see the occational message processing time spike to 2 seconds.     * Update the SimpleTimer to allow rescheduling a task thats already       queued (useful for the new streaming lib).
fb1263dad 2004-10-15 2004-10-15  jrandom     * Replaced old minimum tunnel test timeout of 1s with a configurable       value (router.config property "router.tunnelTestMinimum", with the       default of 2s).
28c5d6c10 2004-10-15 2004-10-14  jrandom     * Tunnel rejection is no longer a sign of an overwhelmingly loaded       peer, so don't use it as a key point of the IsFailing calculator.       We still use it as a key point of the Capacity calculator, however.
e7a6f6836 2004-10-14 added irc.orz.i2p
f8ffe016d 2004-10-14 2004-10-14  jrandom     * Allow for a configurable tunnel "growth factor", rather than trying       to achieve a steady state.  This will let us grow gradually when       the router is needed more, rather than blindly accepting the request       or arbitrarily choking it at an averaged value.  Configure this with       "router.tunnelGrowthFactor" in the router.config (default "1.5").     * Adjust the tunnel test timeouts dynamically - rather than the old       flat 30s (!!!) timeout, we set the timeout to 2x the average tunnel       test time (the deviation factor can be adjusted by setting       "router.tunnelTestDeviation" to "3.0" or whatever).  This should help       find the 'good' tunnels.     * Added some crazy debugging to try and track down an intermittent hang.
ec322f096 2004-10-13 added nano.i2p
0674709fc 2004-10-13 added ragnarok.i2p
d91ac7ef2 2004-10-13 2004-10-13  jrandom     * Fix the probabalistic tunnel reject (we always accepted everything,       since the docs on java.util.Random.nextDouble() are wrong..)     * Fixed a race on startup (thanks Quadn!)
2f0c3c7ba 2004-10-13 added marcos.i2p
be6840770 2004-10-12 duh (oops)
f799a25ae 2004-10-12 2004-10-12  jrandom     * Disable the probabalistic drop by default (enable via the router config       property "tcp.dropProbabalistically=true")     * Disable the actual watchdog shutdown by default, but keep track of more       variables and log a lot more when it occurs (enable via the router       config property "watchdog.haltOnHang=true")     * Implement some tunnel participation smoothing by refusing requests       probabalistically as our participating tunnel count exceeds the previous       hour's, or when the 10 minute average tunnel test time exceeds the 60       minute average tunnel test time.  The probabilities in both cases are       oldAverage / #current, so if you're suddenly flooded with 200 tunnels       and you had previously only participated in 50, you'll have a 25% chance       of accepting a subsequent request.
8329d045f 2004-10-11 confirm removal
503b28924 2004-10-10 * 2004-10-10 released
35e3bbb86 2004-10-10 2004-10-10  cervantes     * Update the I2PTunnel HTTP proxy to strip out the i2paddresshelper from       the request.
8dc261da7 2004-10-10 2004-10-09  jrandom     * Added a watchdog timer to do some baseline liveliness checking to help       debug some odd errors.     * Added a pair of summary stats for bandwidth usage, allowing easy export       with the other stats ("bw.sendBps" and "bw.receiveBps")     * Trimmed another memory allocation on message reception.
65676f898 2004-10-08 2004-10-08  jrandom     * Revamp the AESInputStream so it doesn't allocate any temporary objects       during its operation.
730da3aa2 2004-10-08 2004-10-08  jrandom     * Don't kill the establisher threads during a soft restart.     * Attempt to validate the peer's routerInfo earlier during handshaking.     * Revamp the AESOutputStream so it doesn't allocate any temporary objects       during its operation.
ff8674bca 2004-10-08 2004-10-07  jrandom     * Reimplement the I2NP reading with less temporary memory allocation.       There is still significant GC churn, especially under load, but this       should help.     * Catch some oddball errors in the transport (message timeout while       establishing).
c7cfef3b6 2004-10-07 2004-10-07  jrandom     * Expire queued messages even when the writer is blocked.     * Reimplement most of the I2NP writing with less temporary memory       allocations (I2NP reading still gobbles memory).
32188b1cc 2004-10-07 expose some direct byte formatting methods allow SHA256 to be run against a partial array append to the stats.log instead of overwriting it
37479d8c0 2004-10-07 logging
f5c7d6576 2004-10-07 no need to double b0rk
38c422bbc 2004-10-06 2004-10-06  jrandom     * Implement an active queue management scheme on the TCP transports,       dropping messages probabalistically as the queue fills up.  The       estimated queue capacity is determined by the rate at which messages       have been sent to the peer (averaged at 1, 5, and 60m periods).  As       we exceed 1/2 of the estimated capacity, we drop messages throughout       the queue probabalistically with regards to their size.  This is based       on RFC 2309's RED, with the minimum threshold set to 1/2 the       estimated connection capacity.  We may want to consider using a send       rate and queue size measured across all connections, to deal with our       own local bandwidth saturation, but we'll try the per-con metrics first.
39d4e5ea8 2004-10-06 list the shutdown time w/ the clock fudge factor included
4191ad1cb 2004-10-06 2004-10-06  jrandom     * Enable explicit disabling of the systray entirely for windows machines       with strange configurations: add -Dsystray.disable=true to the java       command line.  (thanks mihi!)
29287da37 2004-10-06 2004-10-05  jrandom     * Allow peers on the same LAN to communicate with each other safely even       when they cannot talk to each other through the external address.
98c780415 2004-10-05 2004-10-05  jrandom     * Display how much time is left before the graceful shutdown is complete.     * Debug some improperly failed messages on timeout or disconnection.
756af9c69 2004-10-05 oops
7f9076bb1 2004-10-05 updated beyond.i2p (after verification)
2404f1ab9 2004-10-05 added b.i2p
64bcfd09e 2004-10-05 2004-10-05  jrandom     * Don't go into a fast busy if an I2PTunnel 'server' is explicitly killed       (thanks mule!)     * Handle some more error conditions regarding abruptly closing sockets       (thanks Jonva!)
6251d22c6 2004-10-05 added tinyurl.i2p
de1b4937a 2004-10-04 2004-10-04  jrandom     * Update the shitlist to reject a peer for an exponentially increasing       period of time (with an upper bounds of an hour).     * Various minor stat and debugging fixes
d092dd79b 2004-10-04 get rid of the really really frequent temporary object creation
a3ba96838 2004-10-04 24h time
5ca2b9712 2004-10-04 24h time
c9daad1cf 2004-10-04 added detonate.i2p
0526d5b53 2004-10-03 cli to splot the stat log
34163fb8e 2004-10-03 dont overwrite index.html anymore ( wont)
98d2d661a 2004-10-03 2004-10-03  jrandom     * Add a new stat logging component to optionally dump the raw stats to       disk as they are generated, rather than rely upon the summarized data.       By default, this is off, but the router property "stat.logFilters" can       be set to a comma delimited list of stats (e.g. "client.sendAckTime")       which will be written to the file "stats.log" (or whatever the property       "stat.logFile" is set to).  This can also log profile related stats,       such as "dbResponseTime" or "tunnelTestResponseTime".
d9f0a0fd7 2004-10-03 dont list an explicit webdefault.xml (use the default)
d20d043e0 2004-10-02 2004-10-02  jrandom     * Assure that we quickly fail messages bound for shitlisted peers.     * Address a race on startup where the first peer contacted could hang the       router (thanks Romster!)     * Only whine about an intermittent inability to query the time server once
ce186e187 2004-10-02 2004-10-02  jrandom     * Command line utility to verify a peer's reachability - simply run       net.i2p.router.transport.tcp.ConnectionHandler hostname port# and it       will print out whether that peer is reachable or not (using a simple       verification handshake).
a14da92e1 2004-10-01 * 2004-10-01 released
2b54d850e 2004-10-01 logging
a63c1b19f 2004-10-01 2004-10-01  jrandom     * Handle partial reseeds, caused by seeds going away before the download       completes (thanks Sugadude!)
34f74cd6e 2004-10-01 2004-10-01  jrandom     * Explicitly refuse IPv6 addresses, since only some peers support       them and we want fully reachable peers.
c0b8e6213 2004-10-01 2004-10-01  jrandom     * Additional error handling for a variety of transport layer errors.
ea24166b8 2004-10-01 added identiguy.i2p
178b229d6 2004-09-30 *cough* (oops)
276493da6 2004-09-30 * 2004-09-30  0.4.1 released (not backwards compatible) 2004-09-30  jrandom     * Bundle the configuration necessary to run an eepsite out of the box       with Jetty - simply edit ./eepsite/docroot/index.html and give people       the key listed on the I2PTunnel configuration page, and its up.     * Router console cleanup, and some (off by default) tunnels -       smtp.postman.i2p (port 7659), pop.postman.i2p (port 7660), and       irc.baffled.i2p (port 7661)
e85dadfef 2004-09-30 added jabber-2.i2p
1c70efb35 2004-09-30 added eepsite info
6804a0c56 2004-09-30 * always flush the console output (duh) * deal with some degenerate situations with identities changing and auto IP detection * some catch-alls for cleaning up the registry on degenerate tunnels * lots of logging
6eb7ecc2d 2004-09-30 2004-09-30  jrandom     * Bundle the configuration necessary to run an eepsite out of the box       with Jetty - simply edit ./eepsite/docroot/index.html and give people       the key listed on the I2PTunnel configuration page, and its up. plus minor bugfixes / refactoring / logging
f4956b06b 2004-09-30 be more careful on startup
9a2f7c266 2004-09-30 include the timeouts due to inability to find the leaseSet
b6017c558 2004-09-29 * updated stats: - sendsPerFailure: how many partial sends we make when they all fail - timeoutCongestionInbound: describes how much faster than our average speed we were receiving data when each partial send timed out (in Bps) - timeoutCongestionMessage: our send processing time when each partial send timed out (in ms) - timeoutCongestionTunnel: our tunnel test time when each partial send timed out (in ms) - participatingMessagesProcessedActive: # of messages more than the (most recent) average that a tunnel we were participating in transmitted (for tunnels with more than the average) * updated to use Writer for rendering the console, so we can do partial writes (and hopefully help debug some kooky threading bugs on kaffe)
62ed6c6a5 2004-09-29 * updated stats: - sendsPerFailure: how many partial sends we make when they all fail - timeoutCongestionInbound: describes how much faster than our average speed we were receiving data when each partial send timed out (in Bps) - timeoutCongestionMessage: our send processing time when each partial send timed out (in ms) - timeoutCongestionTunnel: our tunnel test time when each partial send timed out (in ms) - participatingMessagesProcessedActive: # of messages more than the (most recent) average that a tunnel we were participating in transmitted (for tunnels with more than the average) * updated to use Writer for rendering the console, so we can do partial writes (and hopefully help debug some kooky threading bugs on kaffe)
24966c812 2004-09-29 javad0c
ea8dc2e0a 2004-09-29 *nix daemon scripts are gone
010b285e6 2004-09-29 2004-09-29  jrandom     * Always wipe the Jetty work directory on startup, so that web updates       are reflected immediately (Jetty does not honor the cache across       multiple executions) in addition, refactor various file ops out of the DataHelper into FileUtil
774231f34 2004-09-28 * started reducing the temporary buffers created within various crypto methods , as we've got some pretty heavy GC churn when under load.  rough estimate is we allocate 5-8x as much data as we need, copying it all over the place before forwarding it (or processing it). this should cut down a few of those copies, but not enough yet.  it'd be great to get that down to 2x. * lots of logging
ff1dfd8f2 2004-09-28 let the algorithm handle writing the output to various places in the output array (so we can cut down on temporary memory allocation)
2741ac195 2004-09-28 * protocol doc & impl cleanup * more defensive programming * more javadoc updates
cf780e296 2004-09-27 bugfixes for autodetection/update of IP address
0361246db 2004-09-27 2004-09-27  jrandom     * Limit the number of connection tags saved to 10,000.  This is a huge       limit, but consumes no more than 1MB of RAM.  For now, we drop them       randomly after reaching that size, forcing those dropped peers to use       a full DH negotiation.     * HTML cleanup in the console.
63355ecd5 2004-09-26 more tcp transport updates (getting closer to the old functionality) * avoid bad peers * shitlist appropriately * include the bandwidth limiter * add socket timeouts * deal with *cough* closing connections * javadocs
0f54ba59f 2004-09-26 die phttp die
b67b243eb 2004-09-26 the following isn't the end of the 0.4.1 updates, as there are still more things left to clean up and debug in the new tcp transport, but it all works, and i dont like having big changes sitting on my local machine (and there's no real need for branching atm) 2004-09-26  jrandom     * Complete rewrite of the TCP transport with IP autodetection and       low CPU overhead reconnections.  More concise connectivity errors       are listed on the /oldconsole.jsp as well.  The IP autodetection works       by listening to the first person who tells you what your IP address is       when you have not defined one yourself and you have no other TCP       connections.     * Update to the I2NP message format to add transparent verification at       the I2NP level (beyond standard TCP verification).     * Remove a potential weakness in our AESEngine's safeEncrypt and safeDecrypt       implementation (rather than verifying with E(H(key)), we now verify with       E(H(iv))).     * The above changes are NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE.     * Removed all of the old unused PHTTP code.     * Refactor various methods and clean up some javadoc.
4c29c2061 2004-09-26 javadoc fix
4c2619d94 2004-09-24 minor changes
ea5662a4a 2004-09-23 another minor semantic jikes warning
7c1ce777a 2004-09-23 cleanup per jikes' whining (overloaded var names, val overflow, etc)
3bb85f2d6 2004-09-23 add some logical exit values (useful for scripting).thanks xolo!
93e36b311 2004-09-23 added jake.i2p
932fb670e 2004-09-22 added anonymnet.i2p sasquotch.i2p orz.i2p microbleu.i2p www/smtp/pop3.postman.i2p
54dce61a9 2004-09-22 2004-09-21  jrandom     * Have two tiers of hosts.txt files - the standard "hosts.txt" and       the new "userhosts.txt".  Updates to I2P will only overwrite the former,       but values stored in the later take precedence.  Both are queried on       lookup.
e686c0e0a 2004-09-17 added curiosity.i2p
05acf32f3 2004-09-16 2004-09-16  jrandom     * Refactor the TCP transport to deal with changing identities gracefully,       and to prevent some wasted effort by keeping track of what host+port       combinations we are connected to (rather than just the identities).  Also       catch a few configuration errors earlier.     * Removed no longer relevent methods from the Transport API that were       exposing ideas that probably shouldn't be exposed.     * Removed the specific files from (relating to script       updates)
67064012c 2004-09-16 added freeciv.nightblade.i2p
10e93c3b1 2004-09-16 rename (wtf was i thinking "Calculator"...)
5b2ec1cbb 2004-09-14 moved udp transport to 0.4.4 instead of 1.1
972f701c5 2004-09-14 based plan
51285efbc 2004-09-13 2004-09-13  jrandom     * Update for the SDK reconnection to deal with overflow.     * Web improvements (@ not # on the /logs.jsp [thanks ugha!] and fixed the       rounding on lifetime bandwidth used [thanks gott!]).
e2635705f 2004-09-11 added xolotl.i2p
776210754 2004-09-10 added modulus.i2p
9123ad89c 2004-09-09 added links to www.i2p and dev.i2p (thanks pseudonym)
39f3d6cc8 2004-09-09 (release in the next hour or so) 2004-09-08  jrandom     * Updated the "Active:" peer count to display the # of connections as well       as the number of recently active router identities.     * Implement some basic updating code - on startup, if there is a file named       "" in the I2P installation directory, extract it, delete it,       then restart.     * Added an ugly little script to allow launching the router on win9x       machines without a dos box (using javaw to run a .bat file).     * Logging updates.     * Updated VERSION constants to
af5665f67 2004-09-08 revert the last 2 changes
c2175cc69 2004-09-08 corrected submission date
1ef371a46 2004-09-08 reversing accidental reversion
58461ff5b 2004-09-08 * Bugfix: Running the installer as a non-privileged user on Red Hat (and    hopefully any other affected *nix systems) now properly discards non-    essential directories after installation. * Support for Win9x in the installer and postinstall.bat. * Changed the name of the default installation directory on all platforms    from "I2P" to "i2p" in the installer. * Changed "wrapper.conf" to "wrapper.config" for naming consistency with the    other configuration files.
665959da9 2004-09-08 added eepdot.i2p
8e63974f9 2004-09-08 removed datagram_test.i2p
eae86f54b 2004-09-08 Updates by cervantes:     * Proxy recursion disabled by default (strict)     * Password Authentication for session commands     * Support for http://path?i2paddresshelper=BASE64     * Support for http://i2p/BASE64/path syntax
30128a122 2004-09-08 added socks1.tor.i2p
56e22a39a 2004-09-07 added sugadude.i2p
6ceb330ba 2004-09-07 2004-09-07  jrandom     * Make sure that peers placed in the 'fast' group are ones we both know       how to reach and have been able to reach recently.  These peers may       still be placed in the 'high capacity' group however (though that group       is only queried if the 'fast' group is too small)     * Include some updates to the ProgileOrganizer's CLI.
f30509c7b 2004-09-07 if i only had a brain... (thanks duck)
9489136bd 2004-09-07 fix the build (thanks duck)
05cd3d736 2004-09-07 2004-09-07  jrandom     * Disable the timestamper by default for all applications except the router       (enable via -Dtime.disabled=false)     * Simplify the retrieval of the full destination with text based browsers.     * Bundle the updated wrapper.config and hosts.txt in the i2pupdate.tar.bz2
29b17772e 2004-09-07 dup entry
6151d63ea 2004-09-07 2004-09-07  jrandom     * Write the native libraries to the current directory when they are loaded       from a resource, and load them from that file on subsequent runs (in       turn, we no longer *cough* delete the running libraries...)     * Added support for a graceful restart.     * Added new pseudo-shutdown hook specific to the router, allowing       applications to request tasks to be run when the router shuts down.  We       use this for integration with the service manager, since otherwise a       graceful shutdown would cause a timeout, followed by a forced hard       shutdown.     * Handle a bug in the SimpleTimer with requeued tasks.     * Made the capacity calculator a bit more dynamic by not outright ignoring       the otherwise valid capacity data for a period with a single rejected       tunnel (except for the 10 minute period).  In addition, peers with an       equal capacity are ordered by speed rather than by their hashes.     * Cleaned up the SimpleTimer, addressing some threading and synchronization       issues.     * When an I2PTunnel client or httpclient is explicitly closed, destroy the       associated session (unless there are other clients using it), and deal       with a closed session when starting a new I2PTunnel instance.     * Refactoring and logging.
e57aa6885 2004-09-07 added files.i2p
73fa6d9bd 2004-09-06 added beyond.i2p
da3c4b87c 2004-09-06 (oops, forgot to up the build # on the last round)
0eedc1b12 2004-09-06 2004-09-06  jrandom     * Address a race condition in the key management code that would manifest       itself as a corrupt router identity.     * Properly clear old transport addresses from being displayed on the old       console after soft restarts.     * Properly refuse to load the client applications more than once in the       same JVM.     * Added support for a graceful restart (a graceful shutdown followed by a       full JVM restart - useful for restarting client apps).     * More defensive programming, HTML cleanup, logging     * wrapper.config cleanup of duplicate lines
db339d40d 2004-09-04 2004-09-04  jrandom      * Added some basic guards to prevent multiple instances from running.        Specifically, a file "" in the install directory which is        written to once a minute - if that file exists and has been modified        within the last minute, refuse to start up.  In turn, adjust the        service wrapper to wait a minute before restarting a crashed JVM.      * Create a "work" directory in the I2P install dir which Jetty will        use for all of its temporary files.      * Tell the browser not to cache most of the router console's pages.
f72aa7884 2004-09-04 added gott.i2p
1434f1bb4 2004-09-04 added linuxagent.i2p
6bc92b26a 2004-09-04 2004-09-04  jrandom     * Update the SDK to automatically reconnect indefinitely with an       exponential delay on retries (capped at 5 minutes).
63937d0fb 2004-09-03 2004-09-03  jrandom     * Updated default wrapper.config to deal with the hard restart option     * Include the history.txt in the /help.jsp page     * HTML updates (wrapper.log, and no more unix scripts)     * Updated VERSION constants to 0.4
7b86edaf7 2004-09-03 2004-09-03  hypercubus     * Bugfix: Installer launches postinstall.bat on WinNT/2K properly.     * Temporarily removed install_i2p_service_unix and       uninstall_i2p_service_unix from distribution packages.     * postinstall.bat/ cleans installation directory of all files       not applicable to the host OS.
49d4e565c 2004-09-03 2004-09-03  oOo     * Added some filters to the HTTP request, replacing the User-Agent,       Referrer, Via, and From headers, which helps until we have a more       comprehensive filtering system. 2004-09-03  jrandom     * Disabled the old listener on port 7655.
44c54ecc1 2004-09-02 2004-09-02  jrandom     * Cleaned up the base build.xml, adding a new target ("updater") which       builds the file i2pupdate.tar.bz2 which can be safely extracted over       existing installs.
6e543f825 2004-09-02 new history file and RouterVersion.BUILD (displayed on the web console and in the published stats) (see soon-to-be-posted email to the list about this stuff)
591800a28 2004-09-02 *cough*
3340d74e3 2004-09-02 * added www.i2p, dev.i2p, and cvs.i2p (pointing at,, and, respectively) * default the i2ptunnel listen interface to, not * add a client tunnel listening on port 2401 pointing at cvs.i2p (but *not* started by default)
446d86310 2004-09-02 use the new .jsp filenames (i'm not quite ready to drop support for this old admin console... yet)
8b2d27a91 2004-09-02 the client tunnel settings are "tunnels.depthInbound", not "tunnel.depthInbound"
9b31f2257 2004-09-02 file was renamed
252ec98e2 2004-09-02 default to publish rankings & stats (disable via router.publishPeerRankings=false)
77dde5711 2004-09-02 more aggressively delete the temp lib file
94e891880 2004-09-02 keeping in pace with the wrapper logs
c414b3fad 2004-09-02 if the wrapper will write a wrapper.log in the current directory anyway, might as well use it there.
c0b63ee7a 2004-09-02 bournification
6fbbfbaa4 2004-09-02 bourne-ified (damn borne agains)
4d663e450 2004-09-02 antialiasing & cleanup (thanks $anonDesigner!)
88ba2436c 2004-09-02 headless install instructions
bfda22ad5 2004-09-02 * persist and honor the configuration option "visible" (default=true) * every 30s check to make sure the icon is [not] visible (useful for broken OSes that do stupid things when you start systray4j before logging in) * go to "/index.jsp" rather than just "/" (avoids a silly redirect)
b888f1767 2004-09-02 within the installation, move readme.html to docs/readme.html
8aa07e6f1 2004-09-01 synchronized on (and .wait/notify against) the ShellCommand, not the Thread. in general the old way worked often, but would sometimes cause a race, this should be a bit safer
79e973af6 2004-09-01 cleaned up a bit (thanks $anonDesigner!)
83c6fd43e 2004-09-01 * corrected: unix service install scripts erroneously pointed to 'i2psvc' instead of 'i2prouter' * pid file naming fixed once and for all, using '' ;-) ('' did not work)
1323d8991 2004-09-01 last revision inadvertently launched the router console every time the router was started
6b89996b0 2004-09-01 the return of Ignatious Toopie (freshcoffee.i2p's logo is definitely cool, but imho brings too much of a "java" connotation.  perhaps we can use it on the "prerequisites: get java" page?)
8a9a60410 2004-09-01 more PIDs (one for the JVM, one for the service) the i2prouter script has some kooky naming dependencies, and the stop doesnt seem to work right, but its got pid files now... :)
09e867836 2004-09-01 pid file (not sure why the wrapper doesnt create one by default)
2ff7efadc 2004-09-01 put logs in the console buffer even if we're not sending anything to the console (since this console buffer is shown as the /logs.jsp)
5f3fcd2f3 2004-09-01 some url cleanup (thanks nicktastic!)
7dffae462 2004-09-01 workaround a bug in libtool (which Kaffe uses) that b0rks on native libraries that aren't named "typically" for the OS (, etc) (sun, however, works fine with randomly named libraries)
ce2e7305d 2004-09-01 if we're doing ugly jsp taglets to filter by OS, might as well do it for both systray and service
4783b09f0 2004-09-01 fixed bug in IE launch
15c089ca9 2004-09-01 now opens browser to http://localhost:7657/ in all cases
e93a2ddd9 2004-08-31 now directly reading the default browser from the registry on Windows
57b9c4060 2004-08-31 need the jettylib to build the war
caaadd63e 2004-08-31 cleaned up a little for the future revs
ca1b707fa 2004-08-31 note about how uninstalling the service kills the router...
a0499451a 2004-08-31 let windows users install/remove the service through the /configservice.jsp page
bbdf1a0b3 2004-08-31 removing some annoying spaces on blank lines
bcd523085 2004-08-31 added 'port' preference for specification of the router console's listening port
5ec3d2a58 2004-08-31 systray now reads router console port number from systray.config
9cb2be6ec 2004-08-31 erg, this should have been in the last commit... (help stuff, license stuff)
4e90ca0b2 2004-08-31 * revamped (rewrote, htmlized) readme * wrote basic license stuff
8c4c72c8b 2004-08-30 * in the multirouter (sim), give each router a randomly distributed clock skew (within the acceptable period) * in the multirouter (sim), disable the timestamper (so the clock skew 'sticks') * logging
8690d4d7a 2004-08-30 allow explicit overriding any logical constraints on the clock skew (useful for simulating strange things)
d5d9c9b48 2004-08-30 get thee gone, extraneous comment!
0de812945 2004-08-30 * installer no longer hangs on Windows waiting for the spawned shell process to return * shell process spawned by the installer on Windows will not create a visible command window
13f70ad42 2004-08-30 systray now launches router console in config.jsp upon first launch after installation
49d7b568d 2004-08-30 * removed some failsafe code that had been preventing any messages from being sent down alternate tunnels in a leaseSet [oops] this may have unintended consequences, as we need to deal with messages received from skewed clocks, but I believe the two pathways used here are safe (we leave the larger timeout thresholds intact for dealing with remotely generated message times)
93afcd5c0 2004-08-30 * removed unwanted systray window on *nix * removed 'Shutdown I2P router' from systray menu; preferred method of shutdown is now router console
07ef3582f 2004-08-29 clarify the nextInt/nextLong boundaries (thanks oOo)
53c7ff14d 2004-08-29 code reuse++ (digest authentication works, nice find oOo!)
6b993688f 2004-08-29 poke the systray (so that on startup, it may show the icon and/or launch the browser)
b9e667e15 2004-08-29 if a netDb refetch of a lease we were able to fetch is going slowly, short circuit it by reinjecting the old (dropped) one after 10 seconds so we can attempt a resend
3cd26781b 2004-08-29 'The I2P Project' is redundant - just 'I2P', and switched version #
2d20ac6f2 2004-08-29 removed unintentional duplicate copy of 'i2psvc' from 'lib/'
944d46765 2004-08-29 changed deprecated 'tail -1' to 'tail -n 1'; the Java Service Wrapper team will probably change it soon, but we need this for 0.4
f68271c3d 2004-08-29 set mode_paranoid=true
4eb507075 2004-08-27 clear another possible thread leak
f57adc9cc 2004-08-27 don't fail the tunnels used to send/receive a request on a lost reply, as the potential that they're to blame is only 1 out of 5. (and if other people's tunnels suck, that leads us to kill all of our tunnels.  which is Bad)
3e0b7bfef 2004-08-27 cleaned up peer selection so we don't have to repeatedly ask the profileOrganizer the same thing over and over (instead, have the profileOrganizer check the netDb to see if the profiled peer is reachable) cleaned up the threshold calculation a bit more
faa78c67d 2004-08-27 router console opens automatically upon first launch (i.e. if router.config is not found)
a5ed02eb1 2004-08-27 fixed some foolishness w/ booleans (thanks oOo!)
bfe11110a 2004-08-27 Trying to get around CVS stupidity
d8b1d2382 2004-08-27 Junking this for now.. use Stasher instead
7881a1361 2004-08-27 moved some files around
aaa328950 2004-08-26 invalid style error
d8eb1a0a4 2004-08-26 more path woes solved, scripts launch properly from installer (yay!)
e3379b31c 2004-08-26 only base the thresholds on peers who are not in recovery
f36ce3d24 2004-08-26 drop the links to install/uninstall the service from this page.  not worth the effort atm (they can just run the shell scripts)
c73f3385c 2004-08-26 don't ask the bandwidth limiter to authorize reading an EOF ;) (this fixes the longstanding "-318 bytes read" bug)
2eb8b84bb 2004-08-26 update to build.xml to reflect name change of 'postinstall' to ''
b31378ad1 2004-08-26 local scripts are now made executable by
53213bb55 2004-08-26 fixed relative path problem so 'i2psvc' can be found
36b446c01 2004-08-26 * never drop the threshold under the baseline (the peer selection algorithm can handle there being no fast peers, etc) * revert some of the overly zealous peer distribution code - select randomly from the fast peers, not according to a strict LRU (which was causing lots of queued up tunnel requests, as well as tunnel failures when they all failed) need to think some more thunks about how to address this right now.  a few different algorithms available to deal with different scenarios and #s of users, but nothing that by itself strikes me as 'ideal', yet.   perhaps its time for another trip to the pub to see what inspiration can be found there ;)
ca70fc8dc 2004-08-26 load the body of the index.jsp from ./readme.html (so we can put in some intro crap w/ links and the user can change it later)
18ff889b5 2004-08-26 crazy paranoia to deal with errors referencing bad dll/.so files for the service wrapper / systray / etc
fab3c0df3 2004-08-26 take care of another scenario where a thread can leak
7e7f97d72 2004-08-25 * add a new simplified version of java.util.Timer/TimedEvent * removed all of the "temporary" threads used for adding timeouts to blocking socket operations:  - use the ConnectionEstablisher's thread + a SimpleTimer.TimedEvent callback to timeout socket create  - added a pool of socket handler threads (size=3 atm) for receiving any inbound sockets, which are    pulled off a queue, after which a handshake occurs to verify the other side is I2NP (along side    another SimpleTimer.TimedEvent callback in case that blocks) this should get the last of the temporary threads (Jetty has its own thread pool for dealing with HTTP requests, so we can ignore that thread created in the AdminRunner).  The only significant reduction in threads left is to go with either NIO or UDP, but neither are happening in the immediate future.
3a1fcf286 2004-08-25 oh, you mean we should actually stop waiting for something on a thread that has nothing left to do?  what a concept! (this should kill the leaking thread issue)
fd8541608 2004-08-25 service wrapper is now fully integrated
18a6a9e96 2004-08-25 arrggggh, 1.4-ism that kaffe supports (but sun-1.3 users havent complained about). (thanks frontier)
eed8d9c61 2004-08-25 fixed dangerous comparison (== != .equals) [thanks mihi!]
cbe12adbe 2004-08-24 cervantes' web browser auto-proxy script
84f8931dd 2004-08-24 oOo's timestamper fixes (wtf was i thinking with those web params?  !thwap)
db135e502 2004-08-24 renumber libs
6f205f8ad 2004-08-24 systray has its own singleton
e81c1df19 2004-08-24 * helper to read the last few lines of a textfile * use that to render the last few lines of the wrapper log on /logs.jsp (for the on demand stack trace) * thread creation / finalization logging * support a hard restart (stop immediately and restart the JVM) - useful for rerunning clients.config (etc) * systray when not supported
71577c9b0 2004-08-24 adding provisional support for i2p launching from installer
c88c24509 2004-08-24 * moving wrapper scripts to installer/resources * added wrapper files to the 'installer' target of the global build.xml
30ce04bc8 2004-08-24 * added systray jars back to wrapper.conf * moving wrapper.conf to installer/resources
205d8f7db 2004-08-24 initial commit of ServiceManager class; API is complete, so integration with routerconsole can proceed, but return of error messages is not yet implemented, meaning returned exit values will all be null for now
d70c22d73 2004-08-24 * systray now fully integrated into global ant build * removed two unneeded test files i2psystray.bat,
920161bc0 2004-08-24 * more code formatting * forgot to make constructor private for singleton (d'oh!)
cdafefebd 2004-08-24 the shutdown detector is a daemon
f22030021 2004-08-24 code cleanup
a2b86acc2 2004-08-24 clear up a race where the timestamper might be fired when it shouldnt be
8e53028d7 2004-08-23 * html cleanup * classpath during javadoc
852dfa4ab 2004-08-23 removed timestamper
5d6845a58 2004-08-23 added jbigi.jar, remoed systray jars
be846e69c 2004-08-23 * control the on_exit so we can shutdown gracefully (except OOMs, when we auto-restart) * other minor wrapper details
eef8c06b3 2004-08-23 new shutdown(exitCode) usage
54aa0fdb1 2004-08-23 * add "dump threads" * hook in to the service manager and let it know we're exiting gracefully (when appropriate) * commented out but generally functional systray integration.  i cant get it to build sometimes though, something is b0rking up
3c62a5d2b 2004-08-23 * drop (for now) * add some more targets (cleandep and distclean)
0fe70b660 2004-08-23 expose as a singleton so we can .show() and .hide()
4f787ddb0 2004-08-23 * moved non-source files out of the source tree * added dependency on core to the build script (for ShellCommand)
be33752eb 2004-08-23 reformatting ( remove excess newlines ) (no logic changes)
a88dbbe5b 2004-08-23 * added in the systray jars * added loggerFilenameOverride * removed --quiet parameter (it was bogus anyway ;)
9b4144b81 2004-08-23 add support for using the '@' character in place of the rotation #, for situations where stupid config files treat '#' as the end of the line and beginning of a comment...
bce5b4427 2004-08-23 standardized the spoof prevention: - set the nonce and noncePrev for the handler when rendering the form - include the current nonce in the hidden parameter "nonce" - include an "action" parameter (so we know we want to execute something and hence, validate the nonce, rather than just display the page) - if the nonce submitted doesnt match what is set in the nonce or noncePrev when validating, its invalid.  refuse to process
9f7320fa6 2004-08-23 * new configservice.jsp page that shuts down the router (and has hooks for a few other things) * new safer way of shutting down the router per discussions with oOo (dealing with a graceful shutdown where the user updates their config before the shutdown is complete, etc) * graceful shutdown implemented in the router - shutdownGracefully(), cancelGracefulShutdown(), shutdownInProgress()
e9310ee8d 2004-08-23 updated lucky.i2p
be93db51f 2004-08-23 fixed a bug w/ mode=best_effort - we were returning false excessively
8e3e8ada3 2004-08-23 * refactored and revamped the capacity threshold calculation to take into account various skew situations and the capacity growth constant with the intent of producing a higher quality threshold whenever possible * increased the minimum # of fast peers from 4 to 8 (yay), which means we'll try to have at least some peers to choose from * added a new router config option - "router.maxParticipatingTunnels".  This is useful for gracefully shutting down the router (aka set it to 0 and wait until the router is no longer participating in tunnels, then shutdown).  You can probably also come up with other situations where this is useful, but I don't want to spoil all the fun ;)
4564a6e8f 2004-08-23 added firerabbit.i2p
240190fa8 2004-08-23 oOo's patch to get the console not looking toooo bad on IE, and clean up some ugliness on firefox/moz w/ larger fonts
4ca7c0d97 2004-08-23 * moving ShellCommand class to the net.i2p.util package
190d0f930 2004-08-22 never ignore a (potential) tunnel failure, even though the tunnel may not have failed (e.g. test outbound through A with a reply inbound through B.  if the message is lost, which tunnel failed?  both!)
b8d2a363f 2004-08-22 added I2P website URL to header comments
238278524 2004-08-22 changed some filenames and updated credits in comment headers
476994595 2004-08-22 adding the service wrapper install and uninstall scripts for *nix
287969f16 2004-08-22 simple build script
ca93c5216 2004-08-22 new CLI for creating signed NameReference files from a destination's private keystream    e.g. java -cp myi2p.jar;i2p.jar net.i2p.myi2p.address.CreateNameReferenceCLI eep.ref eepPriv.dat jrandom.i2p 1 eep new CLI for importing / updating a signed NameReference into an address book    e.g. java -cp myi2p.jar;i2p.jar net.i2p.myi2p.address.CreateEntryCLI addressbook.dat  C:\eep.ref jrandom.r00lz.i2p 0 logging / toString
b126b19e0 2004-08-22 shut down the node on, er, shutdown
2c907060d 2004-08-22 forgot to add a SysTrayMenuListener for the new menu option 'Open router console'
e28c0d0b4 2004-08-22 * removed systray support for KDE as it remains buggy; win32 is the only supported systray platform for now * added an 'Open router console' option to the systray menu, for people who can't bring themselves to double-click the icon
918df735e 2004-08-22 v0.  it builds, and the core MyI2P framework is there, plus the skeleton for the MyI2P address book service it doesn't do anything beyond compile and connect/disconnect, so no need to even bother looking at this. but its a savepoint (iterative and incremental, 'eh?)
294936d13 2004-08-22 added trailing '/' to router console url
115da03a2 2004-08-21 * fixed another thread blocking problem * made ConfigFile behave more appropriately with missing config files * SysTray now behaves correctly when a file dialog has been canceled without any choices being made
cc085755a 2004-08-21 oOo's patch to add support for temporary name<-->destination assignment (w00t!) to use this, make a link going to e.g. this is better than the existing http://i2p/base64Destination/ since images at that page will now resolve the name is resolved only if/when the hosts.txt doesn't have a matching entry (aka no spoofing duck.i2p), but the name is *not* persisted to hosts.txt - if you restart your tunnel (or router, if they're in the same JVM), the address helper is lost
cb5e3efd8 2004-08-21 don't force start the tunnels too early - only instantiate the tunnelControllerGroup when the CLI is run (aka after 2 minutes whem TunnelControllerGroup.main is called from clients.config)
274fd0b52 2004-08-21 drop the package prefix from the search path - e.g. just load instead of freenet/support/CPUInformation/
1431d1fec 2004-08-21 toss the new precompiled & self detecting jbigi/jcpuid code into cvs and packaged in the new installer as lib/jbigi.jar
dc3d6bfc4 2004-08-21 removing unused service wrapper libs
c9d4745a5 2004-08-21 one less lib (duh)
921aef7f2 2004-08-21 fixed a silly thread blocking problem
3c772f197 2004-08-21 backwards compatibility - first check for jbigi.dll /, then do the new stuff ("jbigi" in a jar, followed by "net/i2p/util/", etc)
bee9c7ee1 2004-08-21 *cough*
75ca438f2 2004-08-21 import Iakin's public domain mods plus some additional ones (support for the resource 'jbigi' anywhere in the classpath, java 1.3 support, docs)
9ea6eed22 2004-08-21 added support for local build (saving as jbigi)
56f13c53c 2004-08-21 bz2
fbc63c957 2004-08-21 g++ 2.95.4
6052a9382 2004-08-21 moved jbigi source into jbigi subdir (in parallel with other c native libs, like jcpuid)
f7f05cfc8 2004-08-21 imported Iakin's public domain jcpuid library allowing the detection of CPU types from java imported Iakin's modifications to jbigi to use the jcpuid library in detecting what jbigi implementation to load imported and slightly updated Iakin's scripts to build jbigi for lots of architectures (yay iakin!)
f4754d748 2004-08-21 * a missing systray.config file is now handled gracefully * fixed javadoc warnings
7dc8d0cfe 2004-08-21 * systray now uses its own config file * added config file handler class * UrlHandler's browser launching behavior is now more sophisticated for Win32 using rundll
846c39316 2004-08-21 giving systray client its own config file
78b7f228f 2004-08-20 * dropped httptunnel.jar and phttprelay.war from the dist (neither are used) * automate the building of {lib,weblib,webapps}.tar.bz2 (even if i only run this one more time)
84e03f8b1 2004-08-20, backwards compatible, to be released later today
288580aed 2004-08-20 be more accepting in what router references we receive (let them be up to 6h old before throwing a hissy fit)
de63bbcc8 2004-08-20 adding clientApp parameter to pass the user's preferred browser into systray
80b8c284b 2004-08-20 * fixed a bug causing the systray to hang upon exit on Linux * various nips and tucks all around
ffff6d701 2004-08-20 added browser selection dialog
0b084ece0 2004-08-20 * added ant build file * systray is functional
28855d3fd 2004-08-20 * adding systray client to clients.config * updating installer readme (the public domain 'license')
f7d356dc9 2004-08-20 adding systray libs
104b33290 2004-08-20 initial commit of systray code; not yet integrated
8b3085263 2004-08-20 might as well link 'em to the netDb like the shitlist
bdaa14c25 2004-08-20 formatting fix
0234fb62f 2004-08-19 properly clean up the temp files (thanks oOo)
687ca781a 2004-08-19 the DoS isn't CRIT and we log instances and publish the stat appropriately
3053c797e 2004-08-19 handle removal and addition (duh)
62d670994 2004-08-19 * include prepWEB as part of buildWEB (prepWEB checks to see if we've already downloaded it) * include buildWEB as part of build (so everyone builds everything by default) * have clean include pkgclean * new i2ptunnel.config and clients.config for the pkg
410abaf92 2004-08-19 handle the tunnels being instantiated prior to the CLI being inoked (aka someone went to /i2ptunnel/ before the 2 minute delay passes)
5e07c478f 2004-08-19 a little tidying up
3eda53a97 2004-08-19 ugly pages to display the old console and stats info, linked to off the top nav also link to the i2ptunnel from the top nav (in a new window).
4e2538290 2004-08-19 * load clientApp.* lines from clients.config by default, falling back on reading the router's props only if that file doesn't exist. * by default, only log CRIT messages to the screen (the rest are sent to the log file).  this will be useful with the upcoming service controller * refactor a common Properties helper to DataHelper.loadProps
fccb172e2 2004-08-19 * Display both the hash and the full destination associated with each tunnel on the /i2ptunnel/ page so they can easily be shared. * By default, try to create any needed private key files (for server tunnels only) * keep track of the I2PSession objects used by the I2PTunnel instances (only needed for exposing the associated Destination)
5a761242f 2004-08-19 adding the wrapper binaries
aaaf1e14a 2004-08-19 removed the unnecessary launch parameter piping to /dev/null
3dcb9f642 2004-08-19 Added datagram_test.i2p
04621ff64 2004-08-19 * service wrapper fully functioning under Linux and WinXP, should also be working for the other *nix platforms but this isn't tested yet * renaming wrapper binaries to 'i2psvc' for *nix and 'I2Psvc.exe' for win32
505380805 2004-08-19 initial commit of service wrapper files moving standalone-compiler.jar into the izpack subdir
9912c673b 2004-08-19 * allow 2 failures in a tunnel before killing the tunnel.  this is useful because much of our tunnel failure detection code itself uses tunnels - send out tunnel 1 and get the reply through tunnel 2.  If it fails, which one "broke"? * we now add a failure mark to both in all situations, including during tunnel creation * properly check the tunnel expiration 2-2.5 minutes prior to completion, rather than the old 0.5-1.5 minutes.
4636f7be7 2004-08-18 oops, we need to mark the peer we don't send to as failed (otherwise we wont send any more requests out, since there will be 'too many pending')
0ffc0a195 2004-08-18 Oops
e86032b12 2004-08-18 Ver 0.9.1
87941a097 2004-08-18 Removed reference to stasher
3d6a40a68 2004-08-18 don't do the netDb store of the peer's routerInfo until after we validate what they tell us (so we can shitlist them for the right reason) [thanks duck!]
9753470dc 2004-08-18 handle a situation that would otherwise cause a search to block indefinitely rather than complete properly
a45e1b478 2004-08-18 made installer window resizable to compensate for some buggy *nix window managers
54f52d37c 2004-08-18 * don't allow concurrent requests for the same key - add them to a list of deferred requests which are notified on completion * query peers who are sending us bad references, just don't follow their suggestions. this is necessary since the peer may actually have the data (and other people may not be getting shitty references from them)
6e295a7af 2004-08-17 added the new GUI installer and associated build tasks
692cd7ada 2004-08-17 * reduced the period used to detect / avoid peers who send invalid data (60m instead of 120m) * expose the reason for a dbStore rejection more cleanly
7794547d3 2004-08-17 .cvsignore evidently didn't ignore itself
35eaaee62 2004-08-17 added -l flag for local-only put/get
8029901ed 2004-08-17 fixed error (.i2pstasher) in help output
342c55043 2004-08-17 accept w/ skew (duh)
3cf363667 2004-08-17 added targets for .tar.bz2 package creation
2f8993995 2004-08-17 enforce diversification of tunnel participants. when picking peers to participate in a tunnel, we still select from the 'fast' tier, except now we pick the ones that have least recently agreed to participate in a tunnel. (they're already in the fast tier, so they're reliable [ish]). the diversification has been pretty good so far, but i'm going to leave 'er running and monitor it overnight
8e9c541eb 2004-08-17 * new simple 'invalid reply rate' tracking the number of replies a peer sends that Suck. (e.g. we can't find the referenced peer or the data they send back is corrupt/expired). This is like the old invalidReplies, except its a rate that decays. * if we receive more than 5 invalid replies from a peer in a 1-2 hour period, stop verifying any subsequent replies, and also stop asking them for keys. * cleaned up the store validation even further
7ed310ffd 2004-08-17 update ardvark.i2p (after checking ID)
bc1b020e9 2004-08-17 put the timestamper in the background by default (so Base64 completes, thanks duck!)
5fdff16b1 2004-08-16 removed shitlist ref
43e22a902 2004-08-16 javadoc fix (thanks oOo)
e102bf9ee 2004-08-16 lots of bitchin' oOo patches (woot, thanks oOo!), plus some cleanup * apply oOo's patch for beautifying the new console w/ links to a shitlisted peer's netDb entry * apply oOo's patch to clean up the peer shitlist count more aggressively * apply oOo's patch to allow removing lines via /configadvanced.jsp * apply oOo's patch to clean up the memory usage display * apply oOo's patch to include log messages on /logs.jsp most recent first, rather than last * get rid of the netDb key shitlist (its a bad idea, better solution coming soon)
bf3ee5c15 2004-08-16 added code.leo, to aid with editing the code via the wonderful Leo structural literate editor
2e99e3d9c 2004-08-16 added beginnings of splitfiles handling code might not work yet for files > 28k
3d7029493 2004-08-16 avoid a rare busy loop (thanks lucky)
a6ad2bbc5 2004-08-16 added files.nickster.i2p
4dc17773c 2004-08-15 added brittanyworld.i2p
e5d66f46c 2004-08-15 deal with a race on close more zealous bc synchronization make sure we always close the streams explicitly logging
d2fc24e79 2004-08-15 deal with no proxy available more carefully retrieve a proxy logging (w/ unique requestId)
ec52c81f4 2004-08-15 Eliminated incorrect truncation of retrieved keys
0eb0c4cc8 2004-08-15 fixed getref bug
b54e6bc93 2004-08-15 *** empty log message ***
83f891138 2004-08-15 *** empty log message ***
c621940b0 2004-08-15 *** empty log message ***
a27b0a0a1 2004-08-15 *** empty log message ***
23a52dbc9 2004-08-15 first scripted commit
f8a57c788 2004-08-15 Pulled another n bugs
a295d0ad1 2004-08-15 cleanup the shitlist code logging
190a2147c 2004-08-15 Handle the netDb DoS problem at the root.  The DoS was basically old peers telling us about expired peers that we would crawl the entire netDb looking for (always failing, since there aren't any current netDb entries for that peer that we would accept). * keep a shitlist of keys we have recently searched for but were unable to find so we don't flood * if our in-memory data store won't accept the data, its not helpful, so delete it on disk * no need to do the preemptive refetching of a leaseSet, since we already garlic wrap it with payloads * logging
49573b9e7 2004-08-15 changed Windows-corrupted line endings back to UNIX
e60b30ed4 2004-08-15 Fixed n bugs, particularly relating to store
5c10ddf54 2004-08-15 removing bogo.config, replaced bogobot.config
600ece819 2004-08-15 config file implemented (thanks oOo) NickServ capability (thanks oOo)
6bc7a3d8a 2004-08-14 handle errors initializing, and deal with logFilePatterns that don't include a full path (e.g. log-#.txt instead of logs/log-#.txt)
0af07e535 2004-08-14 *** empty log message ***
8732f54c6 2004-08-14 corrected invalid noderef aum.stasher
437d5d76e 2004-08-14 added -f option for running stasher in foreground reduced timeouts to 60secs
7378be05d 2004-08-14 *** empty log message ***
75febe4b7 2004-08-14 Relocated from i2p/apps/sam/python
f6d8d93a1 2004-08-14 Removed all stasher-specifics, relocated them to i2p/apps/stasher
130310fdd 2004-08-14 Will suffice for doco for now
8bd312046 2004-08-14 First alpha release of stasher, a python-based Kademlia DHT implementation specifically created for I2P.
9cc96f45d 2004-08-14 * add a main() to TunnelControllerGroup which can be used as a clientApp.* * new config property to have a tunnel start on load (default=true), so tunnels, er, start on load * use i2ptunnel.config instead of i2ptunnel.cfg (for consistency) * minor refactoring
c18fc1984 2004-08-13 *cough* i knew there was a reason i left that test running...
3b651076d 2004-08-13 added stasher.i2p
352396bdc 2004-08-13 > Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 15:58:30 +1200 (NZST) > Message-ID: <1776.> > From: > To: > > [...] > > I hereby authorize my and code to be > redistributed under the BSD license for the purpose of integration with > the I2P project, providing that I am credited as the original author of > the code. > > [...] w00t!  adam++ code migrated into core/java/src/net/i2p/time, integrated with Clock, dropping that whole ugly pass-the-time-through-URL, and hence dropped support for :7655/setTime. New router.config properties to control the timestamper:,,   time.queryFrequencyMs=300000   time.disabled=false So, to disable, add time.disabled=true to your router.config.  It is enabled by default. Default router.config and startup scripts updated accordingly (since timestamper.jar is now gone)
3c9b0273d 2004-08-13 only count locally generated lookup messages for detecting local DoS (duh)
5122f9989 2004-08-13 track more info
8ebd22da9 2004-08-13 hmm i thought i already committed this.  well, anyway, cleaner stats wrt searching
c2d55013a 2004-08-13, backwards compatible, release pretty soon
25eda1378 2004-08-13 * do DoS detection in constructor, so we get useful "why are we doing this" stack traces (rather than "oh, we're doing it when... uh... writing to the socket") * increase the throttle max, since we want to be able to send a few concurrent
dfac7bde9 2004-08-13 * track searches more carefully * detect situations where we may be inadvertantly flooding the netDb and log them as CRIT with a stacktrace, as well as publish the count of those events in the netDb * detect potential netDb DoS situations by checking to see if we have received more than 20 netDb lookups in 10 seconds, and if so, probabalistically drop subsequent netDb messages (P=1-(10/numReceived)). This is also published in the netDb.
348168d6c 2004-08-13 made the log less verbose for duck ;)
a1c772c8d 2004-08-12 changed quadn.i2p to library.i2p
f1ce1b536 2004-08-12 if we reach this point, bump up the expiration if necessary (otherwise the fast expire will occur with small clock skews)
ebdc7d70a 2004-08-12 shitlist appropriately (continued)
c5947c23b 2004-08-12 include the shitlist summary
eeb1852d9 2004-08-11 take note of the reason each peer is shitlisted and display that on the console (good idea oOo) cleaned up the shitlisting process within the TCPTransport so that we don't shitlist twice (clobbering the detailed cause with a general "uh, couldn't contact 'em" cause)
2f28a635a 2004-08-11 integrated oOo's memory usage patch (the % shown is unfortunately % of peak, not % of max) [thanks oOo!] cleaned up build script to make sure we always build fresh JSPs and xml [thanks oOo^2!]
d524c7756 2004-08-11 *cough* (oops)
0025d94aa 2004-08-11 if the message has expired but hasn't exceeded the fudge factor, we still need to give it some time to be processed (we receive and validate it first, and if it reaches these jobs, we should let it continue) logging
bb5ae2922 2004-08-11 added freshcoffee.i2p
fbe9fe1ba 2004-08-11 new method for sanitizing content to be rendered on a web page (specifically, the routerInfo options can be hacked to contain evil html) thanks for finding and suggesting the fix oOo!
007194d67 2004-08-11 Check mallocs for NULL return
cdd74505d 2004-08-11 optional flag to allow using the standard base64 charset on decode/encode, rather than the (filename friendly) i2p charset
0aa023189 2004-08-11 shitlist the old idents of peers who change idents be sure to fire any onFail jobs if we aren't going to pass a message off (duh) take clock skew into account when determining whether a message is expired (duh^2)
79aa10dfc 2004-08-10 just a test
9ecfda011 2004-08-10 added basic HTTP authentication for accessing the router console (if a consolePassword is specified in the router.config) unfortunately, this password setting is only read on router startup...
b89e26c46 2004-08-10 cleaned up the validation of leaseSet/routerInfo elements being accepted so we validate only in one place (in the facade instead of both the facade and the dataStore) don't accept entries created (too far) in the future
97e595254 2004-08-10 another oOo catch (not sure if this is ever run - it shouldn't be, but now it'll display the silly statement more clearly :)
862732804 2004-08-10 set the nextHopId whenever we know the nextHopInfo (duh) [thanks oOo!] this should fix the deserialization errors from tunnels.dat
ec0c912c6 2004-08-10 oOo's updates: * properly describe expired leaseSets (e.g. "30s ago" instead of "in -30s") * add a little table at the end of the netDb HTML summarizing the versions people claim to be running
953de3f1f 2004-08-09 Indentation
e1264de51 2004-08-09 Magically fixed itself
5abd2b400 2004-08-09 Updated wiki text sources
2c2a10367 2004-08-09 Some more Makefile updates
44af799b6 2004-08-08 reverting previous commit; realized it would hammer Mort Bay's servers
ec22ba324 2004-08-08 'dist' target broken, fixed by adding prepWEB as a depend before buildWEB
7fcc05c03 2004-08-08, backwards compatible, release later today, blah blah blah
edf17d0a4 2004-08-08 drop the arbitrary wait during creation (but not during startup) only relevent to simulations, obviously
9cccd0bfc 2004-08-08 rather than flush any/all log messages 10 times a second, flush log messages once there are 100 of them or 10 seconds have passed, whichever comes first
e57c010e3 2004-08-08 reduced context switches by removing the timeout val that was redundant
4dfcf1c1c 2004-08-08 updated boundary condition (thanks mule/oOo)
8d7786e97 2004-08-08 bad jrandom, test first
2cb519cd0 2004-08-07 updated implementation to match the RandomSource javadocs (inclusive of both 0 and n, unlike SecureRandom, which is inclusive of 0 and exclusive of n)
bc46ad433 2004-08-07 only block adding more *outbound* data, not handling data received from I2P.  The data has already been received by the router and delivered to the streaming lib (and is sitting in RAM anyway...) logging
be08e8f23 2004-08-07 use the env defaults when no i2cp info is specified
f93780990 2004-08-06 have a write() timeout after 60s instead of blocking forever by default (also used when injecting data into an input stream)
c0f32c942 2004-08-06 more checking for timeout
39c5c830b 2004-08-06 Added py2exe example
83c8953d1 2004-08-06 Removed debug print statements
4b100a5a6 2004-08-06 Replaced time.clock() -> time.time() (Bug on Unix)
b7e50e0b3 2004-08-06 Replaced time.clock() -> time.time() (Bug on Unix)
6933052de 2004-08-06 Minor improvments to the build system
22d945f7b 2004-08-05 allow remote harvesting by specifying a URL to read routers from (e.g. --netDbURL )
b81c5628c 2004-08-05 fixed harvest of rankings (capacity vs reliability thing)
cdb4576bd 2004-08-05 per mule's patch, added support for a round robin across multiple outproxies instead of the standard 'httpclient 4444' or 'httpclient 4444 squid.i2p', you can now specify a comma delimited list of outproxies: 'httpclient 4444 squid.i2p,www1.squid.i2p,www2.squid.i2p' and each individual http request goes through a randomly selected proxy there are a few general issues with this, such as a lack of affinity (web applications that require a session to always come from a single IP address will break) but it should work most of the time.
4859cd7dc 2004-08-05 new job to aggressively fetch the most up to date routerInfo from peers by, er, asking them for it disabled by default (enable through router.config 'netDb.shouldHarvest=true'). useful if you want to harvest the published router stats, since otherwise you could have data from a few hours back
3f70593ca 2004-08-05 precompile all of the JSPs so that people with JREs instead of JDKs can load this up
676288e6c 2004-08-05 added ems.i2p
1aa3e0cc5 2004-08-04 Fixed bug in select
b0f8064d0 2004-08-04 Add unit test
e5e85732d 2004-08-03 Oops, fixed one more bug
f97c1ef0d 2004-08-03 Fixed bug in recvfrom()
83cf81516 2004-08-03 * add new and generally ugly components to allow web based control of tunnels * build an i2ptunnel.war
fea62a529 2004-08-03 * don't use static props on the I2PTunnel for I2CP / etc so that we can safely keep multiple instances alive * propogate errors (if the I2CP host isnt reachable, the socket manager won't be created) and handle appropriately
2cff5ae2b 2004-08-02 added ooo.i2p
8aa29f534 2004-08-02 Update Python I2P library version 0.91 by sunshine
8051bfef1 2004-08-02 remove generated doc
85bc79ab1 2004-08-02 removed generated doc
97e558818 2004-08-02 Update Python I2P library version 0.91 by sunshine
e622fdc88 2004-08-02 removed
4f81e1deb 2004-08-02 Update Python I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
9ccfd852d 2004-08-02 Updating I2P Python version 0.91 by sunshine
9df57a47d 2004-08-02 Updated Python I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
f2cadb727 2004-08-02 bugs.txt
3f6e7cb84 2004-08-02 Updated Python I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
4ed4ce824 2004-08-02 Updated Python I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
4373956a3 2004-08-02 Updated Python I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
36fb99a00 2004-08-02 Updated Python-I2P version 0.91 by sunshine
8f5d325c4 2004-08-02 Updated Python-I2P library 0.91 by sunshine
8d8b6da0b 2004-08-01 updated to handle operation without a logger.config (reasonably)
3a61d260d 2004-08-01 cleanup wrt multiple app contexts
5bc433d1c 2004-08-01 fixed ^C^V errors
a0e4bbac6 2004-08-01 updated defaults
d44d8cc53 2004-08-01 penalize peers whose tunnels probably fail, but still dont kill those tunnels quite yet logging
130596924 2004-08-01 requeues aren't absurd in a live net where connectivity sometimes fails (duh)
94becebaf 2004-08-01 increase the (essentially) arbitrary choke on message send times (which has caused some reliability problems under load)
8add43396 2004-08-01 javadoc
c5b289fb1 2004-08-01 javadoc fixes
f85ce180e 2004-08-01 * added a way to control how large we let the buffers grow before we block, or even whether to have the blocking action timeout and close the socket after a certain delay * refactored the I2PSocketOptions to be more actively used * added a pair of ministreaming lib demo apps: - StreamSinkServer listens to a destination and dumps any data it receives on a socket to a per-socket file - StreamSinkClient sends a destination a specified number of random bytes, then disconnects
8101fa1c9 2004-08-01 excluding Eclipse-specific project files
8a091e020 2004-08-01 fixed for ant 1.5 compat
edc3a54ad 2004-08-01 changed _botShutdownCommand to _botShutdownPassword for clarity
a3cd7d106 2004-08-01 Initial commit, bogobot version 0.3.1.
337441b8d 2004-08-01 Time for a new release
bd78a66bd 2004-08-01 updated build proc to conditionally fetch the jetty libs from now the main ant 'dist' will build the web stuff as well (but ant 'build' wont)
96f961808 2004-08-01 expose more data and let the settings be overridden during runtime (and saved to disk)
cf7be2d60 2004-08-01 Fixed stupid bug when pinging multiple hosts
598732915 2004-08-01 Added ref to HTTPServer I2PCGIHTTPServer and I2PSimpleHTTPServer to save users having to unnecessarily import i2p.I2PBaseHTTPServer
99c18396a 2004-08-01 Some improvements to i2p-ping
6d5dd8106 2004-08-01 added i2p-ping
7cd9451a2 2004-08-01 fproxy2.i2p
29b5a7c5c 2004-08-01 Removed broken examples and added some more comments to warhammer
393a04165 2004-07-31 honor some updates correctly
e97e834a5 2004-07-31 Updated warhammer example, and fixed a bug on FreeBSD
bec685682 2004-07-31 logging
34f119ca2 2004-07-31 moved the router config reading code into the, er, router
09ed1b1f9 2004-07-31 logging
fcb109f46 2004-07-31 made the last of the config pages support dynamic updates (w3wt)
f30823e4a 2004-07-31 removing my lost key
c04885449 2004-07-31 Replaced these files with:  -  -  -  - difference being that these new modules are not hacks of the original python server modules, rather, they subclass the python server modules; this overcomes the Fear and Loathing expressed by some regarding multiplicity of licenses, and apart from that, is a better idea anyway. Only danger being if the modules in later Python releases change substantially, these modules could get broken.
8c31e47ee 2004-07-31 Fixed example to import correct modules
d8ee5c180 2004-07-31 Replaced hacked Python server modules with ones which subclass the python modules.
823f4a26b 2004-07-31 patch was unnecessary.  kept docstrings.
a05e8a446 2004-07-31 update the default tunnel settings dynamically (adjusting the pool size accordingly)
21126f766 2004-07-31 put the adminManager in the context so we can control it (and in turn, restart it)
8f46ead75 2004-07-31 added the handler component to deal with arbitrary changes
75652fc2c 2004-07-31 config clients handler implemented
7cdc46f00 2004-07-31 added thetower.i2p (he denies being thetower from TFEE fame)
ed9f9625a 2004-07-31 added actual form handling to the main config.jsp page dropped the old notice.jsp style result notification display destination info on the left nav
7b60d3dab 2004-07-31 Add session to callbacks too
a6993fa48 2004-07-31 now allow restarting within the same jvm (loading all the config options again, rebinding sockets, etc - it does NOT fire up all the clientApp tasks though - those aren't part of the router)
bc2774bde 2004-07-31 Added multi-session support
d10dc1e8d 2004-07-31 Doing something different this time -- but only to core I marked all the empty statements with //nop I removed unneccessary elses (ie, the if returns or throws) I took out some casts (integral promotions/some didn't need to be there) -- Love, shendaras (2 in one day, w00t)
48556de92 2004-07-31 added fproxy.i2p and mrflibble.i2p
7f6b477d2 2004-07-30 Fixing up imports (I've been falling down on my job). Note:  I didn't touch routerconsole since it isn't done (I believe) -- Love, shendaras
11d8c67d1 2004-07-30 added some client info (e.g. 2 clients w/ 2 1 hop tunnels each expiring in 8m)
fd2a4029e 2004-07-30 html cleanup for the new console
446792884 2004-07-30 pmd pointed out a few unnecessary things (well, a lot more than just this, but these are the ones i'm fixin ;)
cc85a00bf 2004-07-30 Added 'dontResolve' keyword to Socket.connect, which if set to True, will prevent the hostname lookup. This gives the caller the option of passing in a physical destination base64, instead of being limited to known hosts.
15d58ecdc 2004-07-30 Noting that all files here are in public domain, except from the files src/i2p/*, which are derived from the Python standard library counterparts, and therefore inherit the Python license.
08d93b9a7 2004-07-30 added module docstring indicating changes
a75a999e3 2004-07-30 README file for adapted python server modules
684ef709f 2004-07-30 Added python server modules to __all__
2e98dd09e 2004-07-30 These modules are taken verbatim from python 2.3 standard library, and have been hacked to work with sunshine's I2P SAM Socket module.
6635425bb 2004-07-30 - demo of I2P-ised Python server classes
5d4bdc569 2004-07-29 0.3.4 NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE (0.3.4 and not since its got some major revamps) to be released later today.  dont upgrade until the release announcement comes out
0fdb28600 2004-07-29 added some comments wrt rate limiting and getting the proxies to be reachable remotely
59a8493aa 2004-07-29 fixed some URLs, and the irc proxy is loaded on startup
25378e894 2004-07-29 less aggressive removal of peer references logging
3b9fea20b 2004-07-29 added files.hypercubus.i2p
c6bb8f09c 2004-07-29 avoid the race that could corrupt local transfers by using a single thread to receive notifications of message availability (and in turn fetch that data) the old way fired off a new (very short lived) thread for each message received, and if two happened really really quickly, they'd both lock on the mutex and the order would be undefined this avoids that.  thanks to oOo et al for pestering me and sending in logs :)
4a9bd84bf 2004-07-29 check the delivery order and call out an error if a pong comes back in the wrong order
c02522b0f 2004-07-29 * track the message progress through the send process more carefully * drop the outbound message as soon as it expires rather than transferring an expired message * drop hard any outbound message that takes us over 5 seconds to process (if we have a 5s message processing time, we do no one any good) * don't try to resend (only useful when dealing with multiple transports - aka insufficiently tested code) * don't republish netDb messages as often
c2a71ef75 2004-07-28 include stats on bytes wasted (overflow from the buckets)
e669110cf 2004-07-28 be sure to allow for clock skew
f4cf31c13 2004-07-28 less aggressive passive publishing
7b23a5dcc 2004-07-28 keep track of wasted bytes (overflow from the bucket)
b2fda0c79 2004-07-28 catch errors earlier
5af96f5cc 2004-07-28 when we really need tunnels, always build them
ca445ac17 2004-07-28 when we need tunnels, always build 2, not the exact quantity required (so that its a bit smoother)
16fb31b6e 2004-07-28 doc update
a1ff325b7 2004-07-28 Improve sendq to always send big packets for better network performance
5eaec4c84 2004-07-28 only recurse one time
ffcc34c4f 2004-07-28 heh, if it expires, we probably don't want to forward it (duh)
2dbe33e76 2004-07-28 * cleaned up the tunnelCreate reply timeout * reduced the number of tags passed when garlic routing a tunnelCreate * catch timeout on a tunnel message quicker * give a tunnel message a new messageId per hop * added some more infrastructure for per-hop tunnelId
60c7db073 2004-07-27 if I'm making this backwards incompatible, I might as well clean up the rest, 'eh?
0ed95bbdf 2004-07-27 new helper to read/write
c901bcf9b 2004-07-27 javadoc warning fix
0ccf915a1 2004-07-27 ewps
52b1c0a92 2004-07-27 * netDb searchReply and lookup messages now contain H(peer), not the peer's full RouterInfo (making a searchReply message ~100 bytes, down from ~30KB, and the lookup message ~64 bytes, down from ~10KB) * when we get the netDb searchReply or lookup message referencing someone we don't know, we fire off a lookup for them * reduced some excessive padding * dropped the DbSearchReplyMessageHandler, since it shouldn't be used (all search replies should be handled by a MessageSelector built by the original search message) * removed some oddball constructors from the SendMessageDirectJob and SendTunnelMessageJob (always must specify a timeout) * refactored SendTunnelMessageJob main handler method into smaller logical methods
399865e6c 2004-07-27 increase the replenish frequency to occur every .1s logging
54aeab152 2004-07-27 send the full RouterInfo in the STS validation, not just the RouterIdentity (and in turn, store that RouterInfo in the local netDb) logging
91f83277e 2004-07-27 made incompatible with previous releases - the remaining commits before the next rev are NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE do NOT update until the next release
c937cb2f0 2004-07-27 no need to test a peer that we already know is up
ebd150e47 2004-07-27 we don't need to build a tunnel so often (just enough to keep things fresh) cleaned up rebuild / verification process so that the select*TunnelIds will always return what is necessary for the moment, don't automatically kill all tunnels of a peer who fails just once (they can recover) logging
9218f7b82 2004-07-25 deal with not having tunnels a bit earlier
edaf7aee5 2004-07-25 * for the moment, remove the 'isFailing' check for peers who have failing tunnels (we need a more sophisticated algorithm than the one in place for it to be effective) * fix for the profileOrganizer to work safely in the sim
43c18d0f4 2004-07-25 (techincally) reduced the minimum bandwidth rate to 1KBps, but NO ONE SHOULD SET IT THAT LOW.  do not reduce your limits below 6KBps until More Stuff Gets Done. logging
65d85f747 2004-07-25 the vast majority of messages on the live net are under 2KB
476e23db5 2004-07-25 new stat monitoring the netDb search reply message sizes
abaa5d87f 2004-07-25 more efficient mem alloc & usage
ce3e7e623 2004-07-24 handle disconnect while there are still requests pending
3fd35a9c1 2004-07-24 *** empty log message ***
f170ae741 2004-07-24 0.3.3, backwards compatible, to be released Real Soon
03562b037 2004-07-24 added (commented out) hooks for the 0.4 web arch
472312709 2004-07-24 added ref for the 0.4 routerconsole stuff, but its not ready for use, so, er, dont use it
b68463249 2004-07-24 first pass at the 0.4 architecture.  not ready for use or integration yet, but is functional with some manual build/config work
740a2da70 2004-07-24 more consistent html
85c8e5641 2004-07-24 fixed a strange bug when the .wait delay is really accurate (too accurrate..).  thanks ZeroCool for help debugging this!
481ef56e7 2004-07-23 added www1.squid.i2p
008795770 2004-07-23 allow the timestamper to be started up while disabled
834fb7e31 2004-07-23 allow the timestamper to be controlled by env properties (and, in turn, safe to always run) if/when the property "timestamper.enabled" is set, the timestamper will query the sntp server(s) and update the clock accordingly if/when it is not set (or set to something other than "true"), it will pause with its standard delay before checking again in addition, it has a guard to help running the timestamper multiple times in the same JVM
da4827f28 2004-07-23 expose some data for the router console to query
9f4439583 2004-07-23 expose some data points for the new console, and cleaned up some html new piece of data exposed and maintained is a list of router contexts - shown as a singleton off RouterContext - allowing an app in the same JVM to find the routers (and chose between which one they want)
69981e4d7 2004-07-23 *** empty log message ***
a857c6a88 2004-07-23 *** empty log message ***
e8d19439f 2004-07-22 *** empty log message ***
56216250a 2004-07-21 Added doc sources (public domain)
bea331db2 2004-07-21 Fixed typo (public domain)
bc4e833a4 2004-07-21 Fix install path
83f399fff 2004-07-21 hopefully i'll have time to work on this socket stuff tomorrow
5214436d1 2004-07-21 initial import of Connelly's public domain I2P python lib
8603250d7 2004-07-21 updated the readme to reference the current specs and implementations removed the old out of date jython and python code
9a8a09970 2004-07-20 javadoc fix
a5a0c8c83 2004-07-20 moved minimal I2CP info to the I2PSession docs (since it is the one that implements it)
604bcd587 2004-07-20 initial impl
d29f9409b 2004-07-20 include some basic I2CP info
b5a0f5910 2004-07-20 first pass
ccb2600e6 2004-07-20 when measuring capacity, consider data updated within the last hour as good, not just the last 5 minutes
f06e21ff5 2004-07-20 null check (oops)
bb0817a2e 2004-07-20 erg, expose the capacity calculator (the last Router commit is a mod that ugha requested, but i think its ugly so its disabled atm)
6911f865c 2004-07-20 expose the capacity calculator
fe28b2732 2004-07-20 simple error condition check
e8e8c3749 2004-07-20 * implement new 'capacity' concept, which replaces the old 'reliability'   one for peer selection and organization.  reliability is kept around   for the moment and shown on the router console, but only to provide a   comparison (it is not used in any way) * new stat in the TunnelHistory: failRate * coallesce TunnelHistory stats (duh!) * new ProfileOrganizer CLI ("ProfileOrganizer[ filename]*" * implement reasonable 'failure' logic - if they are actively rejecting   tunnels or tunnels they've agreed to are failing, mark them as failing * when choosing peers to test, exclude all fast ones
ef0f1ca1e 2004-07-20 include a lil more eye candy on the console (how active each tunnel is and last test time)
31ca34b95 2004-07-20 rate.getAverageValue returns the average of the last fully completed period, but we want to include the current partial period as well
c4e6a2f0a 2004-07-19 if the log pattern/path referenced doesn't exist, create all necessary parent directories (killing the JVM if it fails, rather than silently gobble the log messages to /dev/null)
b56845e20 2004-07-18 added quadn.i2p
d7a1fee78 2004-07-18 closing a stream multiple times shouldn't kill the SAM session (thanks for the bug report Connelly)
b1f802c42 2004-07-17 Add id tag to strl
5f022e6e1 2004-07-17 minor code cleanup
392cbb817 2004-07-17 cleaned up time class
130399a1e 2004-07-16 (coming soon to a hard drive near you)
37d553173 2004-07-16 logging, including replacing the scary monster with its true self (we had data queued up, but were unable to get an ACK on our last write)
f0b6cbaf8 2004-07-16 logging
707b173e7 2004-07-16 differentiate between an explicit tunnel rejection (due to overload, etc) and an implicit one (the request timed out, the tunnels delivering the request failed, etc) also, within the implementation of the profile, only mark the explicit rejections as a rejection
4381bb502 2004-07-16 don't rip the peer's head off after multiple tunnel rejections - penalize them *once* for the instance (not once *per* instance)
5850ad121 2004-07-15 typo fix, thanks Connelly (duck)
806d598a0 2004-07-15 _context/getContext() (missed one)
e737e5c95 2004-07-15 * work around the disagreement between different versions of sun's compiler and JVM: Some of them think that its ok for an inner class of a subclass to access protected data of the outer class's parent when the parent is in another package. Others do not. Kaffe doesn't care (but thats because Kaffe doesn't do much for verification ;) The JLS is aparently confusing, but it doesnt matter whether its a code or javac bug, we've got to change the code. The simplest change would be to just make the JobImpl._context public, but I loath public data, so we make it private and add an accessor (and change dozens of files) whee
bbcde2f52 2004-07-15 (a lil installation testing and then i'll push)
f6ef77429 2004-07-15 some boundary cases for the queue pumper's wait time
44491c151 2004-07-14 added nickster2.i2p and irc.nickster.i2p (pointing at iip)
71a6cf4ee 2004-07-14 * adjust the algorithm to deal with IO bound requests:   if more tokens become available while the first pending request is still blocked on   read/write (aka after allocation and before next .waitForAllocation()), give the tokens   to the next request * refactor the satisfy{In,Out}boundRequests methods into smaller logical units
744ce6966 2004-07-14 add a new throttle (and stats) based on send processing time high send processing time and low job lag means the latency is coming from outside the jobQueue - aka bandwidth throttling
d25cec02c 2004-07-14 clean up sorting for peer reliability increase penalties for tunnel rejection, and keep track of the 10 minute rate as well as 1 and 60
f02bf37fd 2004-07-14 stats and stats and stats track the total allocated bytes correctly (even if we're throttled)
304b9d41d 2004-07-13 on kaffe i've periodically seen some hangs in the jobqueue, so lets try being a bit more conservative with the synchroniation, and include some debugging output in the router console to help track it down (if this doesnt fix it)
2d6af89f6 2004-07-13 safer operation (for use in the sim where some things aren't always availble)
d6425973e 2004-07-13 include an objectId flag for use in the logging
d5ad56c4d 2004-07-13 use smaller writes to make it look more normal
4f1f2cc99 2004-07-13 since people are using small buckets, the 10s replenish frequency is a really really bad idea (so default to 1s)
da439dd12 2004-07-12 sanity checking for a kooky race condition
1375d01bd 2004-07-12 new bandwidth allocation policy and usage to include support for partial allocations (and in turn, partial write(...)) while still keeping the FIFO ordering this will give a much smoother traffic pattern, as instead of waiting 6 seconds to write a 32KB message under a 6KB rate, it'll write 6KB for each of the first 5 seconds, and 2KB the next this also allows people to have small buckets (but again, bucket sizes smaller than the rate just don't make sense)
7b9db07f1 2004-07-12 target=1.3 and source=1.3, not target=1.1 and source=1.3 (this is what caused the runtime errors on sun jvms but not on kaffe) ((aka i slacked and didn't test sufficiently.  off with my head)) this now builds and runs fine in sun 1.3-1.5 jvms, as well as kaffe
f2f26136c 2004-07-12 Minior cleanups -- removed commented out debugging code, wrote better comments. (ugha)
0f60ac5ac 2004-07-11 (backwards compatible blah blah blah)
c28f19fe8 2004-07-11 less painful and/or redundant penalties for failures
09a6dbc75 2004-07-11 FreeBSD port
3bc0e0fc8 2004-07-11 added source and target declarations for the javac commands so we can build with the 1.5^W5.0 JDK (also added deprecation, since, well, we can :)
eb0e187a5 2004-07-10 throttle tunnel participation based on whether we've had to throttle our network connection > some number of times in the last 10-20 minutes (rather than a simple "are we throttled *right now*?")
a788d30f3 2004-07-10 added support for new 'clientoptions' command which alters the properties passed when creating subsequent I2CP connections e.g.: -e "clientoptions tunnels.depthInbound=0" -e "httpclient 6666" this updates so many files because they all need a reference to an I2PTunnel object on construction so they query tunnel.getClientOptions() instead of System.getProperties
591dfc961 2004-07-10 give the reliability more positive influence so it doesn't go negative so easily update the peerProfile's CLI to make the resulting stats easier to read
809e12b03 2004-07-10 logging
1669d174e 2004-07-10 use mihi's template engine to set a random timestamper password so people dont need to think about that stuff don't use the dyndns anymore for seeding (use
3cfd28de4 2004-07-10 add a new unit test for repeated fast reconnections
4888207ec 2004-07-10 if a client reconnects, we always want to get a new leaseSet ASAP (even if the pool hadn't been marked as stopped yet) logging
294cb9610 2004-07-10 if the job's startAfter is changed, tell the jobQueue to go through the timed jobs again in case the new time changes the scheduling
b648fa2b7 2004-07-10 send the stats page out in chunks (more mem efficient, blah blah blah)
ab9912221 2004-07-09 render status HTML in pieces (continued)
dd014fee8 2004-07-09 send the router console out bit by bit rather than building it all up and sending it (thereby reducing its memory footprint dramatically)
c81f864de 2004-07-09 reduce the throttle threshold from 5s lag to 2s lag
90fe7dcee 2004-07-09 include the expiration in the error message if its dropped
3a568096f 2004-07-09 new throttling code which rejects tunnel create requests, networkDb lookup requests, and even tells the I2NP components to stop reading from the network (it doesnt affect writing to the network) the simple RouterThrottleImpl bases its decision entirely on how congested the jobQueue is - if there are jobs that have been waiting 5+ seconds, reject everything and stop reading from the network (each i2npMessageReader randomly waits .5-1s when throttled before rechecking it) minor adjustments in the stats published - removing a few useless ones and adding the router.throttleNetworkCause (which is the average ms lag in the jobQueue when an I2NP reader is throttled)
94e694fc6 2004-07-09 reduce the job pipeline to send a message by fetching the bids and adding the message to the connection queue synchronously these had been broken out into seperate jobs before to reduce thread and lock contention, but that isn't as serious an issue anymore (in these cases) and the non-contention-related delays of these mini-jobs are trivial
bdfa6e4af 2004-07-09 dont penalize send failures (beyond what we already do for comm errors) keep a rate for tunnel rejection, rather than a simple 'last' occurrance, and penalize the reliability with it
8e64ffb4f 2004-07-09 keep the relay message size rate data for the 10 minute period (so we can throttle on logical periods)
6c162643c 2004-07-09 expose stat for throttling (# tunnels we're currently participating in)
ff7742bca 2004-07-09 expose some stats useful for throttling (# ready & waiting jobs and the max lag of those jobs)
968588427 2004-07-07 deal with null peer (used by the SubmitMessageHistoryJob to bw limit the history) current 0.3.2 throws an NPE which causes the submitMessageHistory functionality to fail, which isn't really a loss since i send that data to /dev/null at the moment ;) (but you'll want to router.keepHistory=false and router.submitHistory=false) this'll go into the next rev, whenever it comes out (thanks ugha!)
a8b0d7f99 2004-07-07 pull out no longer relevent config parameters start the irc proxy by default within the router dont package up the startIrcProxy script
dd8423308 2004-07-07 0.3.2 for release later today
fe3eac07f 2004-07-07 migrate the queue pumper thread to scheduled activity (instead of waking up every 500ms,  check the job timings to see when we should next wake up.  we also wake up whenever a new timed job is added, or the clock skew changes) pull out some of the old unused vars/flags
094868698 2004-07-07 don't mark failing due to sendFailed (since that can be caused by a message that was about to expire anyway)
4c8297031 2004-07-07 get rid of the whole slice concept dont time out for too many messages (just time out individual ones) however, if any of the messages that time out have been there for a minute, kill the con (since its hung) kaffe workaround for fast closing sockets
fe2fede8e 2004-07-06 removed maxWaitingJobs param
b23b1e5f1 2004-07-06 instead of the maxQueuedMessages limit, use the rule 'if any of the messages time out on the queue, its going too slowly' (this helps in situations where we've got a flash flood of small messages to send)
dca66c8de 2004-07-06 leave all threads at base priority (except the client runner, where we push at max) don't consider a connection valid until it has been up for 30 seconds (so people who are simply establishing connections but whose nats are still messed up get the error) when dealing with expired after accepted, dont drop unless it expired outside the fudge factor increase the default maxWaitingJobs to 100, since we can get lots at once (and we dont gobble as much memory as we used to) also, don't wake up the jobQueueRunner in getNext once a second, instead just let the threads updating the queue notify
49090014c 2004-07-06 placeholder for overload detection
fa4f10070 2004-07-04 new limiter, pull slow and not too useful tests (uncomment 'em to run 'em)
bbf68cd9a 2004-07-04 implemented the FIFO bandwidth limiter which, suprisingly, chokes read/write operations if they would exceed the currently available # of tokens, letting through those operations in the order they are called.  like the old trivial bandwidth limiter, this uses a token bucket approach (keeping a pool of 'available' bytes, decrementing on their use and periodically refilling it [up to a max limit, to prevent absurd bursts]).  on the other hand, it doesn't have the starvation issues the old one had, which would continue to let small operations go through (e.g. 8 byte write) and potentially block large operations indefinitely (e.g. 32KB write).  However, this new version is, how shall I put it, context switch heavy?  :)  We'll revise with a scheduling / queueing algorithm once we're away from transports that require threads per connection The two directions (input and output) are managed on their own queues, and if/when things are backed up, you can see the details of what operations have been requested on the router console. Since we still need better router throttling code (to reject tunnels and back off more accurately), I've included a minimum KBps on the limiter, currently set to 6KBps both ways.  Once there is good throttling code, we can drop that to 1-2KBps, and maybe even less after we do some bandwidth usage tuning. There were also a few minor touch ups to handle message data being discarded earlier than it had been before (since write/read operations can now take a long period of time in the face of contention) The five config properties for the bandwidth limiter are: * i2np.bandwidth.inboundKBytesPerSecond * i2np.bandwidth.outboundKBytesPerSecond   (you can guess what those are) * i2np.bandwidth.inboundBurstKBytes * i2np.bandwidth.outboundBurstKBytes   the burst KBytes specify how many bytes we'll let accumulate in the bucket, allowing   us to burst after a period of inactivity.  excess tokens greater than this limit are   discarded. * i2np.bandwidth.replenishFrequencyMs   this is an internal setting, used to specify how frequently to refil the buckets (min   value of 1s, which is the default) You may want to hold off on using these parameters though until the next release, leaving it to the default of unlimited.  They are read periodically from the config file however, so you can update them without restart / etc.  (if you want to have no limit on the bandwidth, set the KBytesPerSecond to  a value <= 0)
bbc5f6588 2004-07-04 *** empty log message ***
b3632a6a3 2004-07-04 duh
3943c51bb 2004-07-04 Hmm
4c19ddde6 2004-07-03 a couple locking changes
d8f0f1a1d 2004-07-03 Added test for Logger and debugged it
121c0d89f 2004-07-03 Fixed test
badfb9088 2004-07-03 logging / debugging and formatting (no functional changes)
ff392fee1 2004-07-03 properly fake-encrypt the data (this class is only used by the simulator or anything else w/ -Di2p.encryption=off)
a13693161 2004-07-03 -- studies show charming women love computer programmers......
4b8ac8166 2004-07-02 minor refactoring, javadoc dont add an arbitrary extra Router.CLOCK_FUDGE_FACTOR to the expiration
219a704ee 2004-07-02 bugger it, for consistency, always include the reply leaseSet with a message (later, when we want to optimize the bandwidth requirements, we can revisit)
3996cd1f0 2004-07-02 make the client writer thread run at max priority, since it is very time sensitive and only executes for very brief periods
c636b0a0e 2004-07-02 minor rewrite to make timing more precise (keeping a map of message add times, not just the 'last' add time)
aae9f671f 2004-07-02 added jdot.i2p (duck)
aec6e901e 2004-07-02 And I thought I was dyslectic. (duck)
f49be2528 2004-07-02 <Nightblade> hmm
f9a96126e 2004-07-02 I don't know how I missed this stuff before
8c9f58b93 2004-07-02 Misc. stuff:  javadoc, UNUSED... shendaras
8a7e787f4 2004-07-01 logging
148dcc084 2004-07-01 factor out the clientWriterRunner and have it deal with multiple i2cp messages being enqueued really fast  (at least, more efficiently, by pulling them all off at once and handling them in one pass)
15b1cbd76 2004-07-01 synchronize the available() call, and made explicit some other synchronization
e9b7ca369 2004-07-01 dont accept outrageously long delays when building a tunnel (aka now each peer only gets the timeout to respond, instead of the full # peers * timeout to respond) this will cause more dropped messages to show up, but in turn it will avoid slower peers (since they'll be marked down as rejecting the tunnel)
1b03e9a3e 2004-07-01 Who was the idiot who came up with the idea that booleans should be numbers?
2b951e3f6 2004-07-01 Change throws to asserts.  If any of this stuff happens it means a code logic error or a retarded computer, so throwing it is just a waste of time.
f51e064cf 2004-07-01 *** empty log message ***
9640e9389 2004-06-30 imports shendaras
d5bd22040 2004-06-30 Crappy fix for incorrect Total Bytes Sent/Total Bytes Received via BandwidthLimiter.... ah.. just read the FIXME there. shendaras
dcdcb7521 2004-06-30 dont kill the context, we may need it when tearing down the runner (e.g. to get the time)
4058c6388 2004-06-30 dont be such a prude
dd34548cc 2004-06-29 publish the tunnel congestion stat
a6b5211fa 2004-06-29 congestion is only a warning, not an error
4e89b9c36 2004-06-29 reliability threshold = median of active and nonfailing (inactive nonfailing can be a large number of 0 reliability peers)
f3e267d2d 2004-06-29 active peer testing - every minute, grab two reliable peers, throw a db store at them, and measure their response time the db store sent is their own, and we use tunnels both ways, so they wont know who we are.  we also mark the success/failure of the tunnels accordingly
2fd87dc1f 2004-06-29 when we select peers to test, lets use all of the reliable peers, not just well integrated peers
40b6b77cf 2004-06-29 use the median reliability value of nonfailing peers for the reliabilty threshold, and simplify determining them for the speed and integration
d0c61dbf4 2004-06-29 use the explicit max ID values (I2NPMessage.MAX_ID_VALUE and TunnelId.MAX_ID_VALUE) logging
1cd5a3fcf 2004-06-29 include the "addedBy" if we're debugging the job, not if we're debugging JobImpl
af81cf2c5 2004-06-29 explcitly define the max I2NP message ID value and validate against it
04373c5d1 2004-06-29 just to be explicit about the max tunnel id
e9cdb0f78 2004-06-29 new library
021b933ad 2004-06-28 new library
9fd067c9d 2004-06-28 Putting socks/threads/logger/misc in a separate library
d3f3f3bdf 2004-06-28 use the socketManager's new setName function (to let us log more easily)
72727dacd 2004-06-28 javadoc
caeb2bc4e 2004-06-28 the actual fix for the local eepsite problem (if getRemoteID was called *after* the remoteID was set, it would wait for 60s then fail.  now we check for that) synchronization cleanup (never get two locks) logging
13974b601 2004-06-28 added some stats (viewable on the router stat page when the i2ptunnel is run in the router's VM) lots of logging
cbc6aea8b 2004-06-27 logging
290a2f7cc 2004-06-27 (ok this is a little silly)
349e80f20 2004-06-27 allow sending ASAP and remove any artificial delays
5c1e001a7 2004-06-27 logging
f312318fa 2004-06-27 Finished winsock code cleanup
dc04b7cf0 2004-06-27 Some winsock improvements
77a8a46d8 2004-06-26 lets try to reduce creating new objects during finalization
95c7cd55c 2004-06-26 logging
5f0ef5e0e 2004-06-26 lets not crap on the secondary tunnel too (even though doing so isn't wrong) this helps avoid catastrophic failures, at least a little, since a failure doesnt kill two sets of tunnels
1f26c603e 2004-06-26 for now, lets disable the tunnel pool persistance.  this means that after a router crashes, tunnels it was participating in will fail even if the router comes back up before they expire. disabling this saves us some IO contention (though this may only be relevent on my kaffe box... dunno)
7e2227ad4 2004-06-26 lets keep track of how many messages die on our queue due to us being slow
9b4899da0 2004-06-26 always use the cached host/port rather than grabbing the socket's InetAddress (in case it disconnects and throws NPEs) use the NativeBigInteger as part of the session key negotiation (oops, forgot this one last time) logging
83c88ac0c 2004-06-26 minor fixes
44623065b 2004-06-26 Threads (untested)
47c7c8177 2004-06-25 Mutex code (untested)
bde7a5ff5 2004-06-25 Mutex code (untested)
a8ad8644c 2004-06-25 (backwards compatible) lots of bugfixes.  still no rate limiting, but, uh, lots of bugfixes (release will be packaged and deployed later today)
4e91bb88a 2004-06-25 workaround an aggressively up-to-spec kaffe implementation (the spec says Socket.getInetAddress() is null if not connected, but sun lets the getInetAddress() return a value if it had connected then disconnected, while kaffe buggers off and NPEs)
f60a90e2d 2004-06-25 added forum.i2p
784dc0f6a 2004-06-25 boot up quicker
e80e627fb 2004-06-25 more tests with the real TCP transport, not just the VM comm system (and for larger sims, dont keepHistory)
d5987c51c 2004-06-25 yet another deployment option - the user can define a jbigi.ref environmental variable to specify a file from which the name of the resource to be loaded should be found (default is "jbigi.cfg") if that file exists, the NativeBigInteger will act as if jbigi.impl was set to the contents of that file. For instance, a jbigi.cfg containing "win-p4" would have the NativeBigInteger search the classpath for the "win-p4" file and use it as a native library. The jbigi.ref preempts the jbigi.impl property (only if the file exists and is not empty), but the external platform specific jbigi preempts this (e.g. jbigi.dll or, as does the jbigi.enable flag. This option lets us have the admin console write to a file to choose which jbigi to use, rather than have to parse some shell script, etc
5ced441b1 2004-06-25 dont fail the peer based on tunnel activity (it may not be their fault) we *do* still penalize the peer based on tunnel failures, but thats in the reliability calculator, not this one.
57801202f 2004-06-25 flush the protocol flag explicitly make the tcp connection handler nonblocking by adding another (very short lived) thread - this prevents a peer connecting to us that is very slow (or unconnectable) from forcing other cons to timeout completely ripped out the fscking bandwidth limiter until i get it more reliable gave threads more explicit names (for the sim) logging
a019399c3 2004-06-25 reduce synchronization on static (instead use per context objects, for large sims)
e6f610a86 2004-06-25 dont synchronize on statics, instead use a seperate format object per context (so large sims dont get bogged down on synchronization)
7ef528bbd 2004-06-25 add some minimal security to the admin console, requiring a passphrase to be entered when updating the clock offset this works by a simple substring match of the URL - if the router.config contains the adminTimePassphrase=blah, the time update will only succeed if the URL contains "blah" in it if the router.config does NOT contain an adminTimePassphrase, the time update WILL BE REFUSED. aka to use the timestamper, you MUST set adminTimePassphrase AND update the clientApp.0.args= line to include the passphrase in the URL! e.g.  clientApp.0.args=http://localhost:7655/setTime?blah
a351a29bf 2004-06-25 if it expired waiting on the queue for processing, kill 'er
983d258bc 2004-06-25 logging
f6d38dd5e 2004-06-25 reduce SimpleDateFormat usage (implicit in Date.toString())
d51245aad 2004-06-25 logging
56cf51f0f 2004-06-25 New configuration system
eb40fb9c5 2004-06-24 typo
085da0cea 2004-06-24 Started work on a configuration options object
5539b1993 2004-06-23 Added a new example program (which actually works)
94feb762c 2004-06-23 keep detailed info for the sim
40b59d5a5 2004-06-23 more valid display of bw usage (but not as fresh)
9ffd14747 2004-06-23 handle writing the stats before the period has been reached
3fea4ad2b 2004-06-23 we dont need to use this fudge in this fashion (its done on the receiving end)
1ab553687 2004-06-23 la la la (yeah, this is what broke cvs HEAD, causing transmission failures, disconnects, encryption errors, etc.  oops)
9690a89a6 2004-06-23 sliices are only too slow if there's something pending logging mods i really need to rewrite the tcp transport - the code is all functional, but the design sucks. with the FIFO bandwidth limiter we could get away with a single 'send' thread rather than each TCPConnection having its own writer thread (but we'd still need the per-con reader thread, at least until nio is solid enough) but maybe the rewrite can hold off until the AMOC implementation.  we'll see
8f895f434 2004-06-23 just starting this (backup)
980c0aa1d 2004-06-23 Added PRNG code
52fd6ca51 2004-06-22 Get rid of Debian-specific Makefile -- gcc < 3.0 is obsolete
eb5dd2ff2 2004-06-22 Now it compiles on Cygwin
7ca35452e 2004-06-22 new target - buildclean (== distclean build) useful for my ide so i dont have to run two targets sequentially (and 'dist' goes one step further to include javadoc, which i dont need)
dd781e256 2004-06-22 new constructor
551a7ab82 2004-06-22 benchmarking large messages doesnt make much sense when we can compress the payload really really well, now does it?
2901287d9 2004-06-22 new command line flags to harvest from an explicit file list rather than using all files in a single directory (this lets us specify lots of references to make sure we harvest fresh data, rather than depending upon stat propogation) usage: NetMonitor [configFilename] [--routers filename[,filename]*]
2b714967a 2004-06-22 14yyp error
e8734ef1e 2004-06-22 more logging for shutdown info
14b9f9509 2004-06-22 * allow the client subsystem to tell the clientMessagePool that a message is definitely remote (since the client subsystem should know).  this reduces the churn of the message pool asking all over again * add a new ClientWriterRunner thread (1 per I2CP connection) so that a client application that hangs or otherwise doesn't read from its i2cp socket quickly doesn't hang the whole router (since we've previously used the jobQueue for pushing I2CP messages).  This may or may not clear the intermittent eepsite bug, but I'm not counting on it to (yet). * update various points to deal with the client writer's operation (aka doSend won't throw IOException) * logging * lots and lots of metrics (yeah i know some of them vary based on the compiler)
b1f973d30 2004-06-22 during initial router startup, we may try to publish "" before the netDb/ dir is created, so lets make sure
2f17bfd71 2004-06-22 minor refactoring.  i hate how large that method is, but beyond the essential stuff, its pretty much just logging and benchmarking. plus, yeah, this method still takes too long in some situations.  working on identifying why...
b6670ee23 2004-06-22 lets see how fast this can theoretically go (leaving simulated delays to other components)
f1036df1f 2004-06-22 new debugging data point
5c3e81575 2004-06-22 dummy DSA (for sim - dont run on live net)
55e780d88 2004-06-22 logging and doc of a todo (wrt bestEffort)
d502df7d5 2004-06-21 Make this compile straight out of CVS (you have to have libtomcrypt compiled in a libtomcrypt-0.96 directory in your home directory)
beb6cc8c0 2004-06-21 the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step :-)
c99db5e75 2004-06-21 change preprocessor conditional to check for 1/0 instead of true/false
65cd70a85 2004-06-20 LibSAM
5166eab5e 2004-06-20 replaced double check locking ( with the actual logic - prepare the cache prior to use if you want to have the hash cache. also fix the ejection policy to not clear the cache, but merely to remove sufficient values. though maybe clearing the cache is the right thing to do so as to avoid ejection churn... hmm. both of these fixes brought to you by the keen eyes of the one called mihi
232f6f158 2004-06-20 removed (likely already ignored by the compiler) op.  force of habit from dealing with i suppose. thanks mihi
2a07ceba6 2004-06-20 a message send failure is no reason to drop the SAM session for style=stream, tell the client the stream failed, and kill the virtual connection.. for raw and repliable datagrams, just carry on our merry way
3e4b8c7dd 2004-06-20 more stats
26138e213 2004-06-20 new method - processingComplete(), which functions much just like OutNetMessage's discardData() so drop the data when called, updating the MessageStateMonitor (and also telling the monitor on finalization, just cuz)
d82796e3a 2004-06-20 note that we've successfully processed a message (and as such drop its payload) ASAP, and only use safely cached snippets of it afterwards
cdcb81c86 2004-06-20 dont be so aggressive about waking up more jobs, since this just causes excess locking when we dont need it
5669e8f06 2004-06-20 deal with discarded payloads and use the cached version
d84a40b4d 2004-06-20 add some randomization to the startup time, so we're not too synchronous also don't shut down so quickly, as the routers may dump some useful stats when they die a horrible death
591be4376 2004-06-20 default to building more tunnels, because tunnels r k00l (and fix the arg parsing)
97d068635 2004-06-20 new method: discardData() to be called as soon as we dont need the payload of a message anymore (but may still need the associated jobs/etc) check in with the MessageStateMonitor, and cache some key attributes from the message (type, unique id, size, etc)
e2da05b19 2004-06-20 more accurrate (but less lively) bandwidth rate calculation (since we dont necessarily calculate exactly on the edge of a measurement period, we use the data from the last full period) logging on OOM
4f0052043 2004-06-20 /me waves to our new friend, the MessageStateMonitor, which keeps track of how many messages we're dealing with in memory (and whether they've been processed & discarded yet)
cfc1d1a2d 2004-06-20 publish some new stats, including the bandwidth usage (as always, routers can chose not to publish these stats)
9957e6ef1 2004-06-20 keep track of how many messages are processed in the tunnel
6a02c8383 2004-06-20 the data is hopefully discarded by now, so dont try to get at it
bc0a4ee68 2004-06-20 discard the data ASAP, and make sure we access only the safely cached snippets of it as necessary
1ca615da7 2004-06-20 InNetMessage gets a context
7da0cee29 2004-06-20 turned BandwidthLimiter into an interface, removed some of its teeth, and cleaned up TrivialBandwidthLimiter
f25bccd19 2004-06-20 add some stats for the simulator (data doesnt seem that interesting, so i havent moved them to the CommSystemImpl) use the .discardData() functionality
4e5a2e012 2004-06-20 update since bw limiter interface changed (but dont bother to use it anymore here) i wonder if i should remove the phttp transport now or keep it around in case it gets revived...
c9ee2a92a 2004-06-20 dont buffer the reads, since we dont want that buffer to interfere with either the bandwidth limiting or the AES decryption logging
95a793832 2004-06-20 reduce the max slice time (aka max time to pump out a message + some cleanup) to 60 seconds close connections to peers who are so slow that they leave messages on the queue to expire reduce the default max queue size per connection to 10 messages (as always, this is a configurable param, via "i2np.tcp.maxQueuedMessages" in router.config)
baedcdb2c 2004-06-20 handle situations where people dont specify a client name for a client app
bc06b3671 2004-06-20 whenever a tunnel completes, log how many messages we passed through it in the stats: tunnel.inboundMessagesProcessed tunnel.outboundMessagesProcessed tunnel.participatingMessagesProcessed (for the various tunnel types)
a9172811c 2004-06-20 reduce the grace period from 5 to 2 minutes, which will cause us to test peers more often also add some logging (log level == debug will display why we mark a peer as failing)
91b1fd6d0 2004-06-20 InNetMessage now needs a reference to a context, so give it one
bab7b8b9e 2004-06-20 discard the payload of a message ASAP (even though we may need to hang on to the message for a while, for its replyJob, etc) take note of the fact that the tunnel had activity minor logging and formatting updates
1b7fb96ca 2004-06-20 dont expose a method we dont need to expose
6d84b8c02 2004-06-20 1) use cachedXor to cut down on the, uh, xor-ing (which involves at least one new byte[32]) 2) implement an optimized 'should contain' algorithm, rather than being a wuss and building + comparing a BigInteger of the xor. 3) more unit tests this stuff is called a *lot*, since we need to pick what bucket things go in all the time.
3e3749f01 2004-06-20 added some unit tests (adding the local key (delta == 0x00) and adding 1000 random keys, all making sure nothing b0rks)
52384fb3a 2004-06-20 persist the local router's info @ netDb/ in addition to under netDb/routerInfo-$hash.dat this makes it easy for harvesting with simulations
e40167008 2004-06-20 i like logging, dont you like logging?
ae0b4c59c 2004-06-20 include the port # in the thread name, and logging
0a8dc8afc 2004-06-20 logging, its whats for dinner
d59b94df6 2004-06-20 logging, deal with times when a client doesnt have a destination yet
e28502454 2004-06-20 include the port in the thread name (useful for the sim)
bbf73f093 2004-06-19 enforce some sanity checks on the payload size.  see recent rant in DatabaseSearchReplyMessage commit for why this is necessary.
592519c45 2004-06-19 somehow some people are getting situations where the payload doesnt decompress.  wtf? do i need to wrap the Input/Output streams we use to pipe data over the net with a verification wrapper for the messages? e.g. prefix the serialization of all I2NPMessages sent on the wire with the SHA256 of that serialization and verify on read? Ho hum, dunno.  maybe its something else, but the ElG/AES+SessionTag already has integrity verification so the only thing I can think of is a checksum error that got past TCP's checking and corrupted the AES stream.
cc904ba9d 2004-06-19 use new SessionConfig constructor
1679ba671 2004-06-19 so this String.getBytes(), its inefficient?  you don't say... (yeah, i know, this optimization takes advantage of the fact that the data in question uses single byte charsets)
07fadd4a6 2004-06-19 avoid string.getBytes like the plague
57e1ff39e 2004-06-19 new method: cachedXor which, suprisingly, determines the xor of a hash against another hash, caching up to a certain number of values currently uses an essentially random ejection policy, but this saves a lot of temporarly memory churn, since we xor many hashes against a router/destination's key
51e259c19 2004-06-19 avoiding the String.getBytes() since its a bitch on gc (measured for this situation)
de334b003 2004-06-19 for safety, always create a session config with a destination
a61ff1239 2004-06-19 more microoptimizations, whee!
f4697be15 2004-06-19 just a simple catch all for OOM while handling an OOM (naw, we dont recurse too much (just a little))
3835fe396 2004-06-19 give the shutdown hook thread a name
76c374ef0 2004-06-19 more accurate memory usage to reduce gc churn
57d24bd94 2004-06-19 read the logger.config when its been updated, even if we dont have any log messages to write out (duh) also, a micro-optimization for charset handling identified through profiling
deff14dfd 2004-06-13 lets see if this fixes bug 66 (
0a479be37 2004-06-13 include NAME=val in failed lookup replies (per spec - thanks nightblade) fixes
ba6a2e3fd 2004-06-13 unit test for the bandwidth limiting functionality (TrivialBandwidthLimiter, BandwidthLimiter, BandwidthLimited{In,Out}putStream)
c3a395a41 2004-06-13 update the bandwidth limiter config properties
a3136a19e 2004-06-13 big ol' rewrite, requiring new config settings and, er, it works pretty well. see router.config.template mods and the new unit tests. this implementation can cause starvation -   e.g. lots of 1KB writes will go through before a 32KB write if the queue is low and the bwlimiter only replenishes say, 16KBps   another impl would enforce a FIFO through thread wait/notify, etc, but would have the related overhead. i dont know whether starvation situations will be the norm or the exception.  i'm running this on a few routers so we'll see.
b63156800 2004-06-13 deal with null routers
1d0c03eca 2004-06-13 use the router context's properties (which now include the config settings)
eb30525a2 2004-06-13 deal with null routers (useful for testing)
3e66ea3f5 2004-06-13 include the router's config in the property settings
9f1189e60 2004-06-13 use a bandwidth limited stream instead of asking for the allocation of the entire buffer at once (since, uh, its not likely that the bandwidth limiter will ever have hundreds of KBytes available for use)
698927bed 2004-06-13 logging
8fd02ee8d 2004-06-13 allow the stream to optionally pull from the output stream's bandwidth limit queue (useful in very strange situations)
f3154e8f5 2004-06-13 buffer between the bandwidth limiter and the raw stream
878af163a 2004-06-13 handle null boolean value (legal, but not in this context), fixes bug reported by nickster
da8341d01 2004-06-13 reduced buffer size and updated domain name reference (, not
95c33e88e 2004-06-13 handle decompress error by propogating the IOE (thanks nickster for bug report)
fed8369a5 2004-06-12 big rewrite of how we load the native implementation: - the old method is default: it looks for jbigi.dll / in the current dir (and library path) - otherwise, you can specify -Djbigi.impl=blah and if there is a file called "blah" in the classpath (including any jar file), it will load that file as a native implementation there are lots more javadocs now as well, and the dependency upon Log was removed (so anyone else who wants to use this just needs and the jbigi implementation)
d85806e3d 2004-06-09 added ferret.i2p (duck)
097660ce5 2004-06-09 Round-robin DNS NTP pool makes sense as default Discussed at (thanks Nightblade) (duck)
b08cfbbb3 2004-06-09 we now have a website & eepproxy is launched automatically (duck)
97ee3c47a 2004-06-01 added anonynanny.i2p (duck)
05918de6a 2004-05-26 fix bug #75 the databuffer is reused so it might contain junk, therefore only use the available amount of bytes (duck)
8d7abd829 2004-05-24 added hypercubus.i2p
727f4c3bb 2004-05-24 Another rfc2068 fix.
7372ad0cc 2004-05-24 A few changes to make proxy return the proper rfc2068 status codes instead of 404 for everything.
ca6884dbc 2004-05-24 imports (sorry, includes alphabetizing, wee) (shendaras)
1ebb0ac5f 2004-05-23 (backwards compatible) i'll package & push later this evening
bf0e53f13 2004-05-23 i'll swallow your soul! er... make it queue up to 20 messages (in case of bursts), and do some more verbose logging
8888a960c 2004-05-23 logging
04be41aac 2004-05-22 if the send queue to the peer is too large, fail the message but also mark it as a comm error (since either their net con is insanely saturated, or disconnected) logging
fd1313d49 2004-05-22 bugger the speed estimate - always use the measured values, and if there aren't enough measured values, use 0.
3599dba5c 2004-05-22 javadoc
67edc437d 2004-05-22 properly !LART on comm error, and initialize the log correctly
7a39d9240 2004-05-22 logging
6d2d9aed7 2004-05-22 correctly handle no reachable NTP servers
3c2e5f22b 2004-05-21 added ogg.baffled.i2p (duck)
ddb6348bf 2004-05-20 type safety?  we dont need no stinkin' type safety! (aka expiration vs timeoutMs, as shown by tunnel test messages that don't expire for another 30 years) this'll leak memory for failed tunnels, so we'll push this in a new rev in the next day or two, or maybe later today if it gets really bad.
d70c5df5a 2004-05-20 (not backwards compatible, yadda yadda yadda)
b2799d198 2004-05-20 add (commented out) router.shutdownPassword
f2fa2038b 2004-05-20 * made dbStore use a pessimistic algorithm - requiring confirmation of a store, rather than optimistically considering all store messages successful (NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE) * when allocating tunnels for a client, make sure it has a good amount of time left in it (using default values, this means at least 7.5 minutes) * allow overriding the profile organizer's thresholds so as to enforce a minimum number of fast and reliable peers, allowing a base level of tunnel diversification.  this is done through the "profileOrganizer.minFastPeers" router.config / context property (default minimum = 4 fast and reliable peers) * don't be so harsh with the isFailing calculator regarding db lookup responses, since we've decreased the timeout.  however, include "participated in a failed tunnel" as part of the criteria * more logging than god * for dropped messages, if it is a DeliveryStatusMessage its not an error, its just lag / congestion (keep the average delay as the new stat "inNetPool.droppedDeliveryStatusDelay")
bfd59e64e 2004-05-20 refactored the cleanup job logging
60e05e270 2004-05-20 cleaned up slice processing reduced max queued messages per connection to 10 (additional ones are immediately marked as failed) update the I2P_FLAG byte to '*' making this NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE formatting
242b9a6af 2004-05-20 fix the reread short circuiting algorithm
e7e8ad9bd 2004-05-19 add the socketErrorListener interface (sorry duck)
0e5d164a8 2004-05-19 support shutting down the router from the web console:   specify a "router.shutdownPassword" value in the router.config (or in the environment [ala -D]),   then specify that password on the shutdown form in the web console and hit submit.  after 30 seconds, it'll kill the router (and unless you're running the sim, it'll kill the JVM too, including clientApp.* started tunnels / etc) if we had some sort of ACL for accessing the web console, we could avoid the password field altogether, but we dont, so we cant.
7293a8d3c 2004-05-19 more logging than your mom
097a4647a 2004-05-19 handle i2ptunnel server connection .accept()s asynchronously so we don't refuse lots of requests, causing intermittent "failures" use the new async error listening interface of the ministreaming lib truckloads of logging
0942a7f3f 2004-05-19 truckloads of logging new async interface for error notification (e.g. you can get notified of an error prior to it throwing the IOException). This async is useful since the IOException can be delayed for up to a minute while waiting for the close packet to be delivered. The alternative is to fire off a new thread to do the closing, and we may want to go there later, but i'm not sure.
2df437047 2004-05-19 Some changes to make the SAM module never block if called on a socket which select() says is safe to read/write or called in any case on a socket which is O_NONBLOCK
724396310 2004-05-18 removed the insane explicit GC
9f1765405 2004-05-18 tuned to avoid expensive biginteger operation (well, not "expensive", but a lot more expensive than a few shifts) when we need to debug, essentially assert the validity of the new tuned op, losing the performance benefit by duplicating the effort (to verify)
1a65d7061 2004-05-17 added morph.i2p
292363eb6 2004-05-17 imports (sorry, includes alphabetizing, wee) (shendaras)
07e79ce61 2004-05-17 * do a db store after a successful db search (healing the netDb) * timeout each peer in a db search after 10 seconds, not 30 * logging
1cf7dac82 2004-05-16 test
6003b2902 2004-05-16 Preliminary checkin of (mostly useless) Net::SAM perl module.
ff0023a88 2004-05-16 big ol' memory, cpu usage, and shutdown handling update.  main changes include: * rather than have all jobs created hooked into the clock for offset updates, have the jobQueue stay hooked up and update any active jobs accordingly (killing a memory leak of a JobTiming objects - one per job) * dont go totally insane during shutdown and log like mad (though the clientApp things still log like mad, since they don't know the router is going down) * adjust memory buffer sizes based on real world values so we don't have to expand/contract a lot * dont display things that are completely useless (who cares what the first 32 bytes of a public key are?) * reduce temporary object creation * use more efficient collections at times * on shutdown, log some state information (ready/timed jobs, pending messages, etc) * explicit GC every 10 jobs.  yeah, not efficient, but just for now we'll keep 'er in there * only reread the router config file if it changes (duh)
8c6bf5a1c 2004-05-16 added nickster.i2p
61c97ab94 2004-05-13 (backwards compatible, etc)
b0a1b3b5c 2004-05-13 added some harvest options dont use javaw, since its a bitch to kill multiple jvms (yeah, this leaves a dos box.  we'll deal until we've got the shutdown admin control)
4c7af01ed 2004-05-13 allow dynamic update to the reliability threshold factor (e.g. rather than the top 2/3rds being considered "reliable", allow that to be the top 1/3, or 1/2, etc) the router.config var "profileOrganizer.reliabilityThresholdFactor=0.75" (or environment property -DprofileOrganizer.reliabilityThresholdFactor=0.5) etc
0d431213c 2004-05-13 include the previous period in the measurements (since they're discrete, not rolling) also include the other elements as necessary by default
ad9dd9a2e 2004-05-13 Lots of updates.  I'm not calling this, still need to "burn it it" some more, but its looking good. * test all tunnels we manage every period or two. later we'll want to include some randomization to help fight traffic analysis, but that falls into the i2p 3.0 tunnel chaff / mixing / etc) * test inbound tunnels correctly (use an outbound tunnel, not direct) * only give the tunnels 30 seconds to succeed * mark the tunnel as tested for both the inbound and outbound side and adjust the profiles for all participants accordingly * keep track of the 'last test time' on a tunnel * new tunnel test response time profile stat, as well as overall router stat (published in the netDb as "tunnel.testSuccessTime") * rewrite of the speed calculator - the value it generates now is essentially "how many round trip messages can this router pass in a minute".   it also allows a few runtime configurable options:   = speedCalculator.eventThreshold:     we use the smallest measurement period that has at least this many events in it (10m, 60m, 24h, lifetime)   = speedCalculator.useInstantaneousRates:     when we use the estimated round trip time, do we use instantaneous or period averages?   = speedCalculator.useTunnelTestOnly:     do we only use the tunnel test time (no db response or tunnel create time, or even estimated round trip times)? * fix the reliability calculator to use the 10 minute tunnel create successes, not the (almost always 0) 1 minute rate. * persist the tunnel create response time and send success time correctly (duh) * add a new main() to PeerProfile - PeerProfile [filename]* will calculate the values of the peer profiles specified.  useful for tweaking the calculator, and/or the configurable options.  ala:      java -DspeedCalculator.useInstantaneousRates peerProfiles/profile-*.dat
c7895ed90 2004-05-13 oh, you mean we're supposed to be at least a /little/ resiliant?
57d7979d5 2004-05-12 removed obsolete code minor reorganization to help track down whats intermittently b0rking my kaffe instance logging
61f6871cd 2004-05-12 logging and a catastrophic try/catch (no situations have called for this yet, but its worth testing for)
406048f7b 2004-05-11 ugly tests to see if the minimal RAW side of SAM works (it does, w00t)
6dd5b0fe4 2004-05-11 basic datagram tests (that work now :)
fd4bc5e3c 2004-05-11 keystream fixes
3bab2d895 2004-05-11 only append the client's config properties to the SESSION commands (since some of the rest get confused with unknown tags...)
af2f5cd2e 2004-05-11 kaffe shits a brick if you want the socket's address after .close() (grumble)
d4bb32da8 2004-05-11 fix per  (thanks duck!) this may have caused some clock skew problems on the deployed, so we'll get this deployed asap
08aca6ca6 2004-05-09 while (true) { m00; }
697b3c677 2004-05-09 SAM .net lib work in progress - dm and firerabbit
878525ced 2004-05-09 handle corrupt files more gracefully
418531736 2004-05-09 imports Did you miss me? (shendaras)
6c175440c 2004-05-08 added mush.zeit.i2p
723a2f200 2004-05-07 include timestamper in installer
ea9b9fbf1 2004-05-07 (tastes like chicken) backwards compatible but some config changes necessary
303e25784 2004-05-07 synchronization reduction and keep track of the 'last' job for each runner (to help debug something i see once a week on kaffe)
07b6a8ba9 2004-05-07 if we lose our I2CP connection to the router, die hard and fast. (only relevent for people whose socket manager / i2ptunnel / etc are located remote from the router)
e216e1836 2004-05-07 update the clock more liberally (since we've got the new ntp code)
e57c5b4bc 2004-05-07 log to CRIT for jbigi load failure
f772d6dde 2004-05-07 /me reboots brain, understands, and thanks mihi
cd37c301d 2004-05-07 if (log.shouldLog()) yeah, aspect oriented programming sure would be nice.
f5fa26639 2004-05-07 minor html cleanup
45ec73c11 2004-05-07 include a unique request id in the client runner thread name minor cleanup
13952ebd8 2004-05-07 include the expiration and messageId in the toString (shown on msg drop due to "unknown tunnel")
2df0007a1 2004-05-07 logging
89bc5db3e 2004-05-07 increase the bundle probability to yet another arbitrary value add the jobId to log messages to simplify tracing individual parallel sends logging cleanup
4021deec7 2004-05-07 poke jrandom's eyes into the semantic of an "else" clause
a3977f37f 2004-05-07 javadoc, no functional changes
766c12242 2004-05-07 logging, javadoc
a82b951af 2004-05-07 made private things that don't need to be public remove semantic inconsistency wrt getRemoteId(false) - it shouldn't ever timeout, since it always returns immediately javadoc (though i wish i understood the close/close2/sendClose more clearly so i could javadoc that process)
997a94eec 2004-05-06 removed PHTTP lines since they were only used for time sync added more info wrt NTP entry added filename for the SAM bridge
635535aac 2004-05-06 implement keyfile persistence (storing name=privKeyDataBase64\n for each name) filename specified on the command line: SAMBridge [keyfile [listenHost] listenPortNum [ name=val]*]
25314fd91 2004-05-06 make sure we mark the send as *failed* if we need to reconnect
9a06a5758 2004-05-06 check shouldBundle only when its ready to be checked (duh)
e5a2a9644 2004-05-05 *cough* [d'oh]
e0e721185 2004-05-05 lets default the read timeout to 5 minutes for clients (that hanging irc disconnect / not disconnected thing)
cdaeb4d17 2004-05-05 track and publish two new stats: * netDb.failedPeers (how many peers didn't reply to a lookup in time) * netDb.searchCount (how many searches we send out in a 3 hour period) probabalistically include the leaseSet of the sender in the garlic sent to a peer if the client requests it to be included (aka if they want replies).  By default, this is enabled (disable by setting the I2CP prop "shouldBundleReplyInfo=false").  Also, by default the probability is 30% (w00 h00, arbitrary values!), which can be overridden via the I2CP prop "bundleReplyInfoProbability=80" (or =10, or =100, etc).  The tradeoff here is quicker replies in exchange for bandwidth (the dbStore). Yeah, it'd be nice if there were something keeping track of which leaseSet each client sent to each peer so that it could explicitly include it only if it were necessary, but for now that's probably overkill.
07aa2e280 2004-05-05 strip the Connection, Keep-Alive, and Proxy-Connection headers, and always inject Connection: close (this is the cause of the intermittent "view $page through squid, try to view eepsite, end up requesting through squid" bug)
6c4bc67ff 2004-05-05 simplistic streaming test (w00t, the streams worked - no mods necessary. go human, its your birthday, go human, its your birthday)
d9f0cc27e 2004-05-05 formatting
59aec9d28 2004-05-05 expose the read timeout for the client and put the default read timeout back to -1 for the server (override via command line, etc)
451f4c503 2004-05-05 fixed typo on timestamper, keep NetMonitor off by default
cd82089d4 2004-05-04 upgrade deprecated argument fix ze german (duck)
3db8b63cd 2004-05-04 by default, set the readTimeout to 3 minutes, NOT infinity.  Overridable as before (setting the timeout to -1) add a unique id to the server thread
6edf5d1e4 2004-05-04 add a unique id to the thread names
a23fa6fad 2004-05-04 allow multiple concurrent connections to be created added a unique ID to more threads
51eb77e40 2004-05-04 logging
691326cea 2004-05-04 make sure we kill the threads that failed to ACK, rather than leave them sitting there, waiting forever logging
3cac1238e 2004-05-04 handle reclose, logging, more clear notification
b04512a4f 2004-05-04 add unique IDs to the threads for easier tracing
3a4d0549a 2004-05-04 add accept timeouts (default is that if the server doesnt .accept() in 5s, refuse the con) add unique IDs to the various threads for logging / tracing purposes
d7467f5dc 2004-05-04 disconnect isn't an error
141902b86 2004-05-04 parseParams throws exception on bad formatting, and its perfectly valid to have params with 0 values (e.g. DEST GENERATE\n)
5aa680fc9 2004-05-04 simple test of whether DEST GENERATE works
a790117f5 2004-05-04 test the naming commnads (fetching ME, a known host, and an unknown host)
2a5a52c81 2004-05-04 added xilog.i2p
2156f4c2f 2004-05-03 * more verbose errors (include MESSAGE data on the I2P_ERROR reply, not just in the log) * don't create excess I2PAppContexts (if any old context will do, use the global) keep track of keys per spec (when DESTINATION=blah, create (or reuse) the destination private keys).  we still need to persist this data though. * the DESTINATION in the SESSION STATUS is now the same as the one sent in the SESSION CREATE, /not/ the base64 of the private key, per spec * enum is a reserved word in 1.5, so s/enum/names/ for future compatability * logging
258546028 2004-05-03 initial tests for HELLO and create session (style=stream).  covers the basics, but doesn't cover a single normal scenario yet
1b4af6698 2004-05-03 flag as closed /after/ we send the disconnect message *cough*
0324bac04 2004-05-03 added lucky.i2p, removed lp.i2p
2bfbe1ca2 2004-05-03 logging (toss a unique ID onto the handler / inactivity threads)
60584228d 2004-05-03 refactored packet handling into type specific methods removed nested synchronization (which had been causing undetected deadlocks) made sync blocks smaller, though this may have opened holes related to resent ACK/SYN/CLOSE packets that are delivered in a race.  I'm not as fluent in the ministreaming lib code as i should be (yet), but duck's thread dumps were showing hundreds of threads waiting on a lock that'll never get released (since the only way to release it would be to receive another packet, and no more packets can be received until the lock is released, etc) also, I2PSession is threadsafe - i can see no reason to synchronize on it (and it was being synchronized on only part of the time?) also, refactored the charset encoding stuff and minor log tweaking i've been testing this for the last hour or so, on eepsites and squid (large and small files), as well as irc, and there haven't been any glitches.  but it needs more testing before it can be released, obviously.
44e34f7b1 2004-05-02 trim the request line (StringTokenizer w/ " " as a delim doesn't include \n as a delim, etc)
791205064 2004-05-02 allow overriding the I2CP port/host
2231abd40 2004-05-02 default the DIRECTION to BOTH for streams
8d17ba4d6 2004-05-02 added sungo.i2p
8244bdb44 2004-05-02 include the timestamper (and fire the client on startup, using a pair of arbitrary NTP hosts - to be configured later)
bc3b7ffd8 2004-05-02 start the admin listener ASAP (right after reading the config) fire the LoadClientAppsJob right after the admin listener is booted, which now includes support for the onBoot property (which causes the client to run immediately, instead of waiting 2+ minutes) (yeah, it'd suck if all routers started up, tried to connect to people, got shitlisted, then 2 minutes later got the right NTP time, 'eh?)
e22cb6249 2004-05-02 handle /setTime?blah&now=yyyyMMdd_HH:mm:ss.SSSS (updating the router's clock) yes, we'll want to filter the access to the admin manager ;)
e923aa1f7 2004-05-02 add the timestamper
68a21f1fb 2004-05-02 NTP client, GPLed
74209e260 2004-04-30 0.3.1 (backwards compatible, still testnet, release later this evening)
1a3827110 2004-04-30 made the event name more consistent
e5ab5d6a5 2004-04-30 new stat: client.sendAckTime containing the average time to get an ack for a client message send this stat is published in the netDb, but the quantity fields (how many acks the stat is averaged over) is h4x0red (it always reads "666", since otherwise it'd be fairly easy to identify what routers run servers, and i can live without knowing the quantity)
2745ff727 2004-04-30 don't include a peer by default
24ea38393 2004-04-30 don't harvest so much data
9cb11d4d5 2004-04-30 allow some overrides that the ExploreJob needs logging
7202ea334 2004-04-30 dont dieFatal() if the first leaseSet lookup fails (this was the cause of those "fast fail" errors [bugId=69]) try up to 6 times to search (or until the expiration, etc) logging
d234ea01d 2004-04-30 logging
e246cd37d 2004-04-30 simple exponential decay on the exploration (min/max frequency=1m/30m, doubling every time we don't find something new) reduce the bredth and duration of explorations republish less often (every 60s send out one random one [or however many explicit ones]) logging
0a4ddedac 2004-04-30 be more forgiving of slow connections (and fix my math in the comments)
0e4b80b00 2004-04-30 make sure we only try to request from people we know about (*cough*)
a460a0dc4 2004-04-30 logging, and be more forgiving if the guaranteed/failed comes back before the ack does
f7212112b 2004-04-30 mark the ping datapoint before actually sending it, for those instances where a reply can be sent back faster than the ACK of the send
86d55b32a 2004-04-30 include the (redundant) rtt in the output file to let tools that dont know how to combine columns do so *cough*
4b0d1aac1 2004-04-27 only read from or write to disk if necessary
fb7c06aa0 2004-04-27 throw in a 10 second pause between starting up each router to try and avoid too much synchronicity
5c41be347 2004-04-27 only read from or write to disk if there is new data to transfer (and set the file modification date to the 'published on' date in the netDb object)
a78df1a15 2004-04-27 logging (reduce gc churn)
34e8db0fe 2004-04-27 logging & formatting to reduce gc churn
70faecb8b 2004-04-27 handle the UnsignedInteger's new "IllegalArgumentException on negative" policy
237f27847 2004-04-27 we only need to reread it if its been updated, dimwit.
e766a00a1 2004-04-27 dont be such a reuse zealot and just fscking optimize the use case (aka shift instead of creating heavyweight BigInteger objects) plus some good ol' caching and gc churn reduction
ea03637ec 2004-04-27 cache the hashCode and getBytes data, significantly reducing the contention on these objects
d0f6d47b1 2004-04-27 logging (reduced temporary object creation by _log.shouldLog)
5bf1658d9 2004-04-26 dont go into an infinite loop if we shut down before the log manager was fully created (since the appContext creates a log manager if one doesn't exist, and that create will fail if we're shutting down, and it'll create a log manager to log the fact that its failing, etc)
4ce9fb5b5 2004-04-26 new MultiRouter (allows you to fire up mutliple routers in the same JVM) new VMCommSystem (useful for running large multirouter instances) new MultiRouterBuilder (helper app for setting up a MultiRouter simulator) updates to the router to handle multiple routers in the same VM, as well as deal with the multiple OOM listener stuff see the javadocs for info on the MultiRouter and MutliRouterBuilder (yeah, its not ready for prime time, and its really just for the simulator, so I'm not sure if anyone else is going to use it anyway ;)
f80f02da7 2004-04-26 use the context to find a location for the sessionKeys.dat file (router.sessionKeys.location=filename in router.config)
52ece833a 2004-04-26 logging
1ad6dde14 2004-04-26 allow a whole set of OOM listeners on threads, not just one cache the hash's base64 value too use the context's logging more logging updates
64bcfd23b 2004-04-24 expose the way to specify context env properties remove unused lazy load code (we actively load components in the RouterContext)
d65944787 2004-04-24 allow overriding the env props
e73eb55d7 2004-04-24 don't create two contexts just for this I2PTunnel (one implicit from the static new Log(I2PTunnel.class) and one explicit)
a52cea29f 2004-04-24 Class.getConstructor pulls the public ones...
3d91e5938 2004-04-24 la la la
393b1d767 2004-04-24 big ol' update to strip out the singletons, replacing them with a rooted app context.  The core itself has its own I2PAppContext (see its javadoc for, uh, docs), and the router extends that to expose the router's singletons.  The main point of this is to make it so that we can run multiple routers in the same JVM, even to allow different apps in the same JVM to switch singleton implementations (e.g. run some routers with one set of profile calculators, and other routers with a different one). There is still some work to be done regarding the actual boot up of multiple routers in a JVM, as well as their configuration, though the plan is to have the RouterContext override the I2PAppContext's getProperty/getPropertyNames methods to read from a config file (seperate ones per context) instead of using the System.getProperty that the base I2PAppContext uses. Once the multi-router is working, i'll shim in a VMCommSystem that doesn't depend upon sockets or threads to read/write (and that uses configurable message send delays / disconnects / etc, perhaps using data from the routerContext.getProperty to drive it). I could hold off until the sim is all working, but there's a truckload of changes in here and I hate dealing with conflicts ;) Everything works - I've been running 'er for a while and kicked the tires a bit, but if you see something amiss, please let me know.
c29a6b95a 2004-04-23 Increased logging priority for connection timeouts (human)
567a4e836 2004-04-22 so this is why we're not harvesting the dropped jobs/messages (d'oh) if you update your harvester.config and rerun the router, it'll start paying attention to it (no, unfortunately the NetMonitor doesn't periodically read this file)
4d3e4c1a1 2004-04-22 d'oh
afeecdf4a 2004-04-22 logging, formatting
4fe7105e2 2004-04-21 Implemented timeout handling to I2PTunnelServer
d7c3a53f2 2004-04-21 Initial implementation of read() timeout on I2PSocket.  Let's see whether it could solve duck's problems with dangling threads... (human)
58e7574a6 2004-04-20 pull from the right field for netDb lookups sent
94ab703c7 2004-04-20 added prepareGUI, buildGUI,. distGUI targets
90350786e 2004-04-20 s/InterruptedException/InterruptedIOException/ (human)
8038e1ee7 2004-04-20 I2PSocketManager.connect() should have thrown InterruptedIOException, and *not* InterruptedException (oops!) (human)
65f1a5fed 2004-04-20 write out the public dest every time we connect, /including/ the first time.  (thanks duck)
64b94ab12 2004-04-20 (backwards compatible, release info / docs / etc coming later today [is today tuesday already?]
c03cb1de5 2004-04-20 revised GUI fetch/build/dist process - at the top level, run 'ant prepGUI' to fetch and prepare the jfreechart code 'ant buildGUI' to build the jars necessary 'ant distGUI' to build a that contains the jars and a license notice related to the LGPL and APL software linked within it. ("installing" the GUI == unzip into the I2P install dir)
f0004290b 2004-04-20 oops, pulled the wrong entry
7e1b49a74 2004-04-20 fixed up some of the cleanup code to handle out of order responses minor refactoring, formatting
d26c56e46 2004-04-20 verbose4life
a51e0c26e 2004-04-20 added the eepProxy and harvester as part of the default clientApps run on startup (with a commented out set of lines for a heartbeat client/server) updated -cp lines accordingly use javaw for windows users (so they can close the damn dos boxes) toss the default logger logs into logs/ (say that three times fast) formatting
180d39534 2004-04-20 include the harvester & heartbeat monitor (but not their GUIs)
203d0e870 2004-04-20 allow the user to override the I2CP options (exposed on the command line, ala SAMBridge [[listenHost ]listenPort[ name=val]*] where listenHost defaults to localhost, listenPort defaults to 7656, and name=val can be the I2CP options to override (e.g. i2cp.tcp.port=4001)
bed7d0976 2004-04-20 delete that stupid 'interactive' mode where we dump things to stdout on command (hello, we have an admin console now, duh) formatting touchups.
3c762c9a0 2004-04-20 short circuit some handling when building custom length tunnels if a client only wants 0 hop tunnels, give them 0 hop tunnels (rather than wasting a 2+ hop on it) make inNetPool.dropped and inNetPool.duplicate rate stats, not frequency stats formatting, minor refactoring
ba5f0fb70 2004-04-20 correctly differentiate between handled & matched requests logging and some minor refactoring
ebc3e05f2 2004-04-19 * Made the SAM bridge aware of the new exceptions thrown by   I2PSocketManager.connect(), with better error reporting to SAM clients; * made SAMStreamSession destroy the associated I2PSocketManager when being   closed. (human)
674ad899f 2004-04-19 Made HTTPTunnel aware of the new exceptions thrown by I2PSocketManager.connect() (human)
d945eb6fc 2004-04-19 Made all the ministreaming-based apps aware of the new exceptions thrown by I2PSocketManager.connect() (human)
fb170e3c4 2004-04-19 * Made I2PSocketManager.connect() throw several kinds of exceptions, for   better error reporting; * Added an I2PSocketManager.destroySocketManager() method, that closes all   the managed sockets and destroys the associated I2PSession. (human)
3658cca3e 2004-04-19 Further simplified I2P repliable datagram format: they now contain senderPubDest + S(H(payload)) + payload (human)
5e78a41b7 2004-04-18 remove unnecessary scrolls and packs
c23d8efe0 2004-04-18 publish the new data points (crypto.garlic.decryptFail, tunnel.unknownTunnelTimeLeft)
0d3d4b60c 2004-04-18 added stat - crypto.garlic.decryptFail formatting / logging
38091c3c2 2004-04-18 added stat - tunnel.unknownTunnelTimeLeft which gathers the time until expiration of  tunnel messages we're dropping because we dont know about the tunnel Id. formatting / logging
f0cd04ebc 2004-04-18 increased the delay to 2 minutes after startup before running client apps tabs/spaces
3295c1882 2004-04-17 * Added DATAGRAM supprt; * refactoring of, to make it derive from (parent class for, too); * removed unuseful cruft; * some fixes; * M-x untabify. (human)
ccb309fd9 2004-04-17 I2P repliable datagrams
8206a2626 2004-04-17 sample harvester.config (defining what stats we want to harvest from the netDb)
8c7b91bd7 2004-04-17 load what stats we want to monitor from a config file (harvester.config)
061460f97 2004-04-17 insane error handling
a47c7b8f2 2004-04-17 always send as a guaranteed message (but block as before) - this lets udp-esque users get transparent sessionKey/sessionTag management.  we'll probably refactor mode=guaranteed/best_effort into two concepts later, dealing with blocking and encryption seperately. logging and formatting fixes
a859908e8 2004-04-17 handle repeated attempts to close() gracefully logging, formatting
86759d2f9 2004-04-16 DatabaseLookupMessageHandler:  added stat - netDb.lookupsReceived  fixed formatting HandleDatabaseLookupMessage:  added stat - netDb.lookupsHandled  added stat - netDb.lookupsMatched  fixed formatting HandleDatabaseStoreMessage:  added stat - netDb.storeHandled  fixed formatting StoreJob:  added stat - netDb.storeSent  fixed formatting  removed old unused code (we do dbStore through tunnels, not garlics)  logging SearchJob:  fixed formatting  logging HandleTunnelCreateMessageJob:  fixed formatting  logging PoolingTunnelManagerFacade:  added stat - tunnel.participatingTunnels  fixed formatting  logging TunnelPool:  added getParticipatingTunnelCount()  fixed formatting  logging StatisticsManager:  revamped whats published  fixed formatting  logging  fixed formatting
58c145ba0 2004-04-16 Oops!  Added missing file... (human)
c0bb3da22 2004-04-16 * Added support for SESSION CREATE STYLE=STREAM DIRECTION={CREATE|RECEIVE|BOTH} * M-x untabify (human)
031338d84 2004-04-16 First step for the "connection refused" concept: incoming connections won't be accepted until the server app actually requires an I2PServerSocket from the I2PSocketManager. It allows both to add a little bit of functionality, and to fix a nasty bug: it was possible to hang an app that connects through the I2PSocketManager but actually doesn't accept() connections (if 2 connection requests were sent to the app, the I2PSocketManager got stuck waiting forever on I2PServerSocketImpl.getNewSocket()).
2a619f3fb 2004-04-16 Slightly updated specs (human)
1c145cbc0 2004-04-16 handle corruption / race during update of the peer's routerInfo data
5d71fde51 2004-04-16 allow a third parameter - # seconds between fetch this lets you periodically refetch the seeds (I'm using this to fetch the live netDb & run the netmonitor/viewer)
eec29f5c6 2004-04-16 include the netmonitor (but not the GUI) delete **/*.class and **/*.java~ (my IDE builds in place and backs up there)
8fbd7acf2 2004-04-16 initial impl (public domain, yadda yadda yadda)
7b824e617 2004-04-14 kill long lines
24c69a26e 2004-04-14 untabify
7b03c95cf 2004-04-14 * Added STREAMing support; * added NAMING LOOKUP NAME=ME support; * various cleanups & fixes; * what else? (human)
d2b09ecfd 2004-04-14 * Fixed race that (maybe) caused the problems reported by aum on   <>; * slightly revised locking; * made accept() throw a ConnectException when the I2PServerSocket is closed. (human)
4cdd42f39 2004-04-13 Fixed build.xml to detect os, and launch 'jythonc' or 'jythonc.bat' according to whether we're running on *nix or windoze. build.xml should now work on your platform, as long as you have jython installed and jython is on your execution path.
4d0b3b287 2004-04-13 SAM bridge integration in the I2P build & packaging system (human)
0d7f78477 2004-04-13 Pure-java implementation of the SAM bridge.  It actually supports the HELLO, DEST and NAMING commands, plus SESSIONs with STYLE=RAW. It works with aum's client-side Python library (modulo a small change in the HELLO command, required to allow protocol versioning, not yet implemented in the client lib). (human)
66ad54fbf 2004-04-13 Made logs actually go through I2P logging system (human)
33782859b 2004-04-13 the heartbeat engine and gui are good 'nuff for now (while i want to spend another few days on it, there are more pressing things and this will meet my needs for testnet).  the engine works as before, and the gui now actually plots out and follows the chart over time. The gui does have a lot of things left to be done before it can be adopted by joe sixpack -  * load/store the URLs being monitored so you don't    have to reenter them on each startup  * clear out the x axis on refetch (now it just keeps    growing, which is good and bad)  * adjustable refresh rate  * implement snapshots (saving all the current state    files to a dir, and allowing that dir to be loaded    all at once)  * beautification (override the colors, etc) the net.i2p.heartbeat.** code is all public domain, BUT net.i2p.heartbeat.gui.JFreeChart* classes depend on the LGPL'ed jfreechart code, which in turn depends on apache licensed code (log4j).  for the time being, this code doesn't include the jfreechart code (and dependencies), but the ant task in apps/heartbeat/java 'fetchJfreechart' downloads it and places it under apps/heartbeat/java/lib, after which you can build the GUI by running the ant task 'buildGUI' (buildGUI / etc are NOT in the standard build process). once we figure out all the details to comply with the requirements of log4j's license we'll do so.  but for now, the above works.
3d294d577 2004-04-12 fix javadoc warning:  no @return on void functions (shendaras)
c889a8370 2004-04-12 More update ant tidy-up
6a55af195 2004-04-12 Fixed paths
a85cf2c2a 2004-04-12 Makefile and build.bat removed since we've switched to ant README moved up to parent
4c0e3f92d 2004-04-12 Created build.xml for SAM Moved README out of build dir
e3354a805 2004-04-12 javadoc, imports (shendaras)
ceb9a935d 2004-04-12 import stuff (alphabetizing, etc.) (shendaras)
d3ad111b8 2004-04-12 change - now goes to root build dir and does 'ant build' to ensure the required jars are present
de740b1d9 2004-04-12 started adding STREAM support
7c155545a 2004-04-12 partial impl of the gui, still a few things left to do: - implement some validation on the state files loaded - reenable delete and updates to refresh - integrate the real chart code (currently just plain text instead of the graphs) - gui updates i wont spend more than another day on this during the testnet, but i want to get it plotting before continuing.
a7597b2a6 2004-04-11 Tested build process on windows. Updated README, and fixed build.bat, so windows build of i2psam.jar works.
22916c190 2004-04-11 Corrected Makefile:  - removed relative path for jython.jar, replaced with a def    which developer must edit
a72e479e5 2004-04-10 scoping so the test classes are reachable outside the current package
60c177699 2004-04-10 fix up packages
fbddb2472 2004-04-10 license incompatible with i2p license policy - section 2 requires application developers to use the software in a particular way (to have the software display "Copyright \xa91996-1999 Corporation for National Research Initiatives; All Rights Reserved") section 3 has a similar problem.
e716f9e63 2004-04-10 format (shendaras)
51c49d7c1 2004-04-10 format (shendaras)
17a1b11f6 2004-04-10 beginning of format, updated imports.  (shendaras)
8a8e68146 2004-04-10 beginning of format, updated imports.  (shendaras)
dbe5dea52 2004-04-10 120 code, 160 comments (shendaras)
604af822a 2004-04-10 see how that looks (shendaras)
435759c21 2004-04-10 indent on column, update javadoc (shendaras)
847f09497 2004-04-10 @seeRoutine -> @see (shendaras)
b939d8697 2004-04-10 once more to fix newline after @param (shendaras)
3e5f56b19 2004-04-10 final? (shendaras)
d81f42e3e 2004-04-10 again? Longer wrapping (shendaras)
4fb3d3478 2004-04-10 see how that looks (shendaras)
9a0a527b2 2004-04-10 try with different settings...
ba8fb23b9 2004-04-10 editor testing (ignore for now)
99790695a 2004-04-10 Javadoc, imports, and (potentially) some indentation.  Maybe it won't do anything....  who knows? (shendaras)
e3a86bb15 2004-04-10 code.leo is an xml-format file that holds the I2P SAM server and client sources in a dissected XML form.
0ac1e885b 2004-04-10 Description of what lives here and how to build it
36aca1d39 2004-04-10 is a Python API allowing Python apps to access I2P via SAM. File contains a demo function, which both tests the library, and shows simple examples of how to use the API. Run epydoc on this file to get good doco.
d0192b4ca 2004-04-10 Implements the I2P SAM server, in Jython (
a3a7a585d 2004-04-10 Added Makefile for building i2p SAM server jarfile
b437d858f 2004-04-10 Added Jython license document, copied verbatim from website
06f78178d 2004-04-10 removed jython.jar from this dir, should have gone into lib (which I've already done)
06412cc5c 2004-04-10 Ahh, this time for real Added jython.jar in lib directory, in binary mode.
1b86b9170 2004-04-10 Added in binary mode this time, so should be ok
6e71d3439 2004-04-10 Oops, forgot to add jython.jar as a binary
0e880f247 2004-04-10 Added jython.jar, into a directory of its own, because it is likely that two or more I2P facilities will need it.
400a35de1 2004-04-10 Make the variable's purpose a little more obvious (shendaras)
c47bfce01 2004-04-10 Some crappy, half-assed attempt at javadoc stuff;  removed (commented out, rather) the fromProxy stuff for *  Feel free to put it back in if it's really needed.... (shendaras)
73db7b399 2004-04-10 added the heartbeat to the build (but not in the installer, yet)
f8a47c3c6 2004-04-10 initial impl (heartbeat ping/pong works, no gui yet, but the stats generated are pretty readable)
ee119de6c 2004-04-10 javadoc fix
f37c0ed61 2004-04-09 name all threads, and (nearly) always use I2PThread (in case we add some pooling/throttling/monitoring or whatnot later)
6b1d671ae 2004-04-09 Little restyle of output text (duck)
44bbcd703 2004-04-08 make build process "a bit" faster
e56dcba9d 2004-04-08 update protocol (formal things)
e8a213009 2004-04-08 updated for new paths / mingw setup
be13c1437 2004-04-08 javadoc cleanup to remove those damn warnings
6f0d0bed0 2004-04-08 yall dont need these
2e3fd0abf 2004-04-08 great renaming (cont.)
e40b94c87 2004-04-08 great renaming (cont.)
77bd69c5e 2004-04-08 beginning of branch i2p.i2p.i2p```

## Files

.tx/config README build.xml history.txt installer/doc/COPYING installer/doc/LICENSE.izpack.txt installer/doc/readme.license.txt installer/installer.xml installer/itoopieinstaller.xml installer/itoopiestandalone.xml installer/lib/izpack/standalone-compiler.jar installer/lib/launch4j/LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/README-i2p.txt installer/lib/launch4j/bin/COPYING.LIB installer/lib/launch4j/bin/ld installer/lib/launch4j/bin/ld.exe installer/lib/launch4j/bin/windres installer/lib/launch4j/bin/windres.exe installer/lib/launch4j/build.xml installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/ConsoleApp.jar installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/build.xml installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/l4j/ConsoleApp.ico installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/lib/readme.txt installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/readme.txt installer/lib/launch4j/demo/ConsoleApp/src/net/sf/launch4j/example/ installer/lib/launch4j/demo/LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/SimpleApp.jar installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/build.xml installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/l4j/SimpleApp.ico installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/l4j/SimpleApp.xml installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/l4j/splash.bmp installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/lib/readme.txt installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/readme.txt installer/lib/launch4j/demo/SimpleApp/src/net/sf/launch4j/example/ installer/lib/launch4j/demo/readme.txt installer/lib/launch4j/head/LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/head/consolehead.o installer/lib/launch4j/head/guihead.o installer/lib/launch4j/head/head.o installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/consolehead/ installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/consolehead/consolehead.c installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/consolehead/ installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/guihead/ installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/guihead/guihead.c installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/guihead/ installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/guihead/guihead.h installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/head.c installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/head.h installer/lib/launch4j/head_src/resource.h installer/lib/launch4j/launch4j installer/lib/launch4j/launch4j.jar installer/lib/launch4j/launch4j.jfpr installer/lib/launch4j/lib/JGoodies.Forms.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/JGoodies.Looks.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/Nuvola.Icon.Theme.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/XStream.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/commons-beanutils.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/commons-logging.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/commons.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/forms.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/formsrt.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/foxtrot.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/lib/foxtrot.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/looks.jar installer/lib/launch4j/lib/xstream.jar installer/lib/launch4j/manifest/uac.exe.manifest installer/lib/launch4j/manifest/xp-themes.exe.manifest installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/asterix-o.gif installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/asterix.gif installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/build.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/button_ok.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/cancel16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/down16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/edit_add16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/info.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/new.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/new16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/ok16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/open.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/open16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/run.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/save.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/images/up16.png installer/lib/launch4j/src/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ant/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/binding/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/config/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/BasicForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ClassPathForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ConfigForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/EnvironmentVarsForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/HeaderForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/JreForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/MessagesForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/SingleInstanceForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/SplashForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/VersionInfoForm.jfrm installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/form/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/formimpl/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/src/net/sf/launch4j/ installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/MinGW.LICENSE.txt installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/crt2.o installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libadvapi32.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libgcc.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libkernel32.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libmingw32.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libmsvcrt.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libshell32.a installer/lib/launch4j/w32api/libuser32.a installer/lib/launch4j/web/bullet.gif installer/lib/launch4j/web/changelog.html installer/lib/launch4j/web/docs.html installer/lib/launch4j/web/index.html installer/lib/launch4j/web/launch4j-use.gif installer/lib/launch4j/web/launch4j.gif installer/lib/launch4j/web/links.html installer/lib/launch4j/web/style.css installer/resources/Unix_shortcutSpec.xml installer/resources/console.ico installer/resources/fixperms.bat installer/resources/icons/flags/ad.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ae.png installer/resources/icons/flags/af.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ag.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ai.png installer/resources/icons/flags/al.png installer/resources/icons/flags/am.png installer/resources/icons/flags/an.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ao.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ar.png installer/resources/icons/flags/as.png installer/resources/icons/flags/at.png installer/resources/icons/flags/au.png installer/resources/icons/flags/aw.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ax.png installer/resources/icons/flags/az.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ba.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bb.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bd.png installer/resources/icons/flags/be.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bf.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bg.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bh.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bi.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bj.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bm.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bn.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bo.png installer/resources/icons/flags/br.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bs.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bt.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bv.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bw.png installer/resources/icons/flags/by.png installer/resources/icons/flags/bz.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ca.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cc.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cd.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cf.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cg.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ch.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ci.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ck.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cl.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cm.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cn.png installer/resources/icons/flags/co.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cr.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cs.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cu.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cv.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cx.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cy.png installer/resources/icons/flags/cz.png installer/resources/icons/flags/de.png installer/resources/icons/flags/dj.png installer/resources/icons/flags/dk.png installer/resources/icons/flags/dm.png installer/resources/icons/flags/do.png installer/resources/icons/flags/dz.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ec.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ee.png installer/resources/icons/flags/eg.png installer/resources/icons/flags/eh.png installer/resources/icons/flags/er.png installer/resources/icons/flags/es.png installer/resources/icons/flags/et.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fi.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fj.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fk.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fm.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fo.png installer/resources/icons/flags/fr.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ga.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gb.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gd.png installer/resources/icons/flags/ge.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gf.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gh.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gi.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gl.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gm.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gn.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gp.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gq.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gr.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gs.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gt.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gu.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gw.png installer/resources/icons/flags/gy.png installer/resources/icons/flags/hk.png installer/resources/icons/flags/hm.png 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installer/resources/ installer/resources/shortcutSpec.xml installer/resources/start.ico installer/resources/uninstall.ico lib/NOTICE-apache-xmlgraphics-commons lib/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar lib/commons-logging.LICENSE.txt lib/jchart2d-3.2.2.jar lib/jchart2d.LICENSE.txt lib/json-smart- lib/json-smart.LICENSE.txt lib/xmlgraphics-common.LICENSE.txt lib/xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.1.jar license.txt locale/messages_ar.po locale/messages_az.po locale/messages_cs.po locale/messages_da.po locale/messages_de.po locale/messages_el.po locale/messages_en.po locale/messages_es.po locale/messages_fa.po locale/messages_fi.po locale/messages_fr.po locale/messages_hu.po locale/messages_in.po locale/messages_it.po locale/messages_ja.po locale/messages_ko.po locale/messages_nb.po locale/messages_nl.po locale/messages_pl.po locale/messages_pt.po locale/messages_pt_BR.po locale/messages_ro.po locale/messages_ru.po locale/messages_sl.po locale/messages_sv.po locale/messages_tr.po locale/messages_uk.po locale/messages_vi.po locale/messages_zh.po locale/messages_zh_TW.po plugin-src/build.xml plugin-src/src/net/i2p/itoopie/plugin/ plugin/clients.config resources/images/cogwheel-128.png resources/images/cogwheel-16.png resources/images/cogwheel-24.png resources/images/cogwheel-256.png resources/images/cogwheel-32.png resources/images/cogwheel-48.png resources/images/cogwheel-512.png resources/images/cogwheel-64.png resources/images/itoopie-128.ico resources/images/itoopie-128.png resources/images/itoopie-16.png resources/images/itoopie-24.png resources/images/itoopie-256.png resources/images/itoopie-32.png resources/images/itoopie-48.png resources/images/itoopie-512.png resources/images/itoopie-512.svg resources/images/itoopie-64.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-128.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-16.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-24.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-256.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-32.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-48.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-512.png resources/images/itoopie-gray-opaque-64.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-128.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-16.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-24.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-256.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-32.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-48.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-512.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque12-64.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-128.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-16.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-24.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-256.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-32.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-48.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-512.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque25-64.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-128.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-16.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-24.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-256.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-32.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-48.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-512.png resources/images/itoopie-opaque50-64.png resources/images/itoopielogo.bmp resources/images/itoopielogo.png resources/images/thrash-128.ico resources/images/thrash-128.png resources/images/thrash-256.png scripts/itoopie.conf scripts/ scripts/plugin.config src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/client/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/client/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/client/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/util/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/util/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/util/ src/com/thetransactioncompany/jsonrpc2/util/ src/gnu/gettext/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/configuration/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/chart/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/multilinelabel/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/multilinelabel/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/multilinelabel/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/multilinelabel/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/gui/component/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i18n/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i18n/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/i2pcontrol/methods/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/maintenance/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/package.html src/net/i2p/itoopie/security/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/security/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/security/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/collections/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/collections/ src/net/i2p/itoopie/util/collections/ www-itoopie.i2p/css/styles.css www-itoopie.i2p/images/favicon.png www-itoopie.i2p/images/itoopie-configuration.png www-itoopie.i2p/images/itoopie-main.png www-itoopie.i2p/images/itoopie-opaque25-512.png www-itoopie.i2p/images/itoopie-settings.png www-itoopie.i2p/index.html

## Branches

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## Remotes

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