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 project  : i2p.plugins.zzzot
 repo age : vor 12 Jahren
 active   : 43 days
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cc64008 2022-01-15 Add UDP announce URL to stats page
2016546 2022-01-15 UDP AIOOBE fix
9ed1a1c 2022-01-15 Refactor / fix boolean showfooter config Add full scrape config, default false
8fd17dd 2022-01-15 Use local RandomIterator class
51e4184 2022-01-14 Add note about build requirements
df683fc 2022-01-14 Preliminary UDP support
ca66c07 2021-12-30 Build: Change target to java 8
f35827a 2021-12-30 Build: Create missing directories (since git doesn't)
290b7e9 2020-11-21 Change footer to point to git.idk.i2p
9a988e5 2020-10-15 make it so you can set $I2P prior to running
5d2343f 2020-08-30 0.18.0 Enable ratchet by default Disable pack200
94ccfa2 2020-08-23 enable ratchet
36cee77 2019-11-19 changelog fix
2db3525 2019-11-19 0.17.0 css tweak
ea3fa57 2019-11-19 Moved new webapp mappings from jetty.xml to web.xml so they work for existing installs
66ba3f3 2019-11-19 make me the signer again
66900c2 2019-11-19 Start tunnel in background after first install
96fa6ad 2019-11-19 Patch from dr|z3d - Include alternative tracker-purple.css - Add favicon.png to docroot - Add custom icon for homepage - Add auto page reload for tracker stats (ajax with meta refresh fallback) - Add footer to /tracker with ZzzOT version and github link - Add config options to hide version footer on /tracker or change footer text images by dr|z3d, same license as the code
1227c72 2019-11-13 Modified UI patch from dr|z3d license for mods to zzzot by dr|z3d as per the overall Apache 2 license.   - Add variables for $VERSION and $SITENAME   - Enhance presentation of help page   - Modify docroot/index.html post-install to contain b32   - Add custom CSS to docroot/tracker.css to allow customization   - Only display warning about moving help.html if necessary   - Add rewrite rules for /tracker, /tracker/, /tracker/index.html,     /help and /help/ to jetty.xml   - Replace jetty.servlet.DeaultServlet with I2PDefaultServlet in BaseContext.xml   - Tidy CHANGES.txt and add to plugin/ Bump min I2P version to 0.9.31 for I2PDefaultServlet
d292113 2019-10-12 fix I2P location in
1b1c5a1 2018-02-21 Change default sig type to EdDSA
d72c0c6 2017-12-12 Hide home dir on help page
ae25031 2017-12-03 Add more configuration and customization to help page
175515f 2017-12-03 Add registration authentication info to help
c2482d6 2017-05-21 Fix bencoded scrape response for zzzot (ticket #1994) requires I2P 0.9.30-8
a39186c 2017-04-17 typo
22cf9e0 2017-03-11 0.15.0
758c086 2017-03-07 clean up warnings
ab14737 2016-08-14 For webapp also: Pull in for bootclasspath Bump to java 1.6
dd0d7ba 2016-08-14 Pull in for bootclasspath Bump to java 1.6
d3ccdb5 2016-06-13 increase limits, set tag options
404ec7d 2016-06-13 update for 0.9.17
fa37064 2015-05-28 0.14.0
7cc2d97 2015-04-16 Remove use of deprecated SimpleScheduler Remove static structures Use RandomIterator for efficiency untested
9ffef70 2014-11-29 Increase startup delay, so it's after the eepsite Jetty, so it doesn't create the static RolloverFileOutputStream Timer thread, so PluginStarter doesn't think it's running after it stops.
5239dfb 2014-11-26 fix NPE on missing announce parameters
953533c 2014-11-13 0.12.0
2e0f7ae 2014-11-13 Release all resources when shut down (requires 0.9.16-6 or higher) log tweaks
17e5595 2014-11-12 Don't overwrite index.html and robots.txt in the update More build and clean fixes
8350d00 2014-11-12 Add zzzot.config file to set interval
a7225a2 2014-11-12 Fix parameter decoding for scrape also Add caching for info hashes and peer ids; move from ByteArray to SDS Stop cleaner when plugin stops Move to the ClientApp interface, remove all static refs Attempt to fix crash after update
8a9094c 2014-11-11 Fix critical bug preventing announces from working 0.11.0
7f4394a 2014-10-24 add max-jetty-version
38f3839 2014-10-24 switch Jetty to QTP
8317e3c 2014-08-30 Change new install logging from ERROR to INFO Move up warning about removing help file
c1f6a14 2014-08-09 add su3 url
7e36455 2014-08-09 add support for building su3 plugins
a85aa6a 2014-08-09 more import cleanup
f33303f 2014-08-09 Use cached Destinations Specify min I2P version of 0.9.9 for Destination.create()
ab882f8 2013-04-15 0.10.0:   Updates and migration for Jetty 7 (I2P 0.9.6)
ce7562c 2013-01-25 0.9.0:   Add cache-control directives   Set max Jetty to 6.99999
52d8e26 2012-03-11 add changelog
284d7a5 2012-03-10 0.8 fix comment in jetty.xml
af259e7 2012-03-10 0.7:   - Port to Jetty 6   - Replace QForwardHandler with RewriteHandler
0b177f3 2012-01-23 Use ${ant.home}/lib/ant.jar instead of pulling ant.jar from Jetty
0c43324 2012-01-23 merge of '8a5859e79c4736b333c07be2c08b196a9ea8f712'      and 'a286e484b92462d3099a12a33550ab2365d61bb2'
eeeedee 2012-01-23 version number bump, missed in last checkin
d1165b9 2012-01-16 typo fixes
a6157ee 2011-12-31 set max jetty version
2a795f3 2011-09-12 add throttle options
7a13998 2011-09-12 stub out announce-to-seedless
93a8e5b 2011-09-12 seedless fixes, untested
6e3b85a 2010-07-11 0.5: Final compact response format
48687da 2010-07-09 0.4: compact request/response support - may not be final format Fix NPE if no ip parameter
66667de 2010-04-13 0.3: verify dest
eda5699 2010-04-12 add xfs check
902377b 2010-03-24 0.2: cache b64 dest strings help typo fix (thx duck) lots of seedless fixes build cleanups
35961ea 2010-03-21 b31```

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CHANGES.txt LICENSE.txt README.txt TODO.txt build.xml plugin/clients.config plugin/templates/contexts/base-context.xml plugin/templates/contexts/cgi-context.xml plugin/templates/etc/ plugin/templates/etc/webdefault.xml plugin/templates/help.html plugin/templates/index.html plugin/templates/jetty.xml scripts/favicon.png scripts/i2ptunnel.config scripts/ scripts/plugin.config scripts/robots.txt scripts/tracker-purple.css scripts/tracker.css scripts/zzzot.config src/build.xml src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/java/net/i2p/zzzot/ src/jsp/WEB-INF/web.xml src/jsp/announce.jsp src/jsp/index.jsp src/jsp/scrape.jsp src/jsp/seedless.jsp

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