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8d4bec9 2022-02-01 Update \&\& git push --all \&\& ./
95ba724 2022-02-01 Try ten times to do each step, then move on.
193095f 2022-02-01 Try ten times to do each step, then move on.
4e77892 2022-01-31 Don't loop in the sync-org script so it doesn't stall on a merge conflict
f9032d6 2022-01-24 Change how directory changes are logges
f8f068a 2022-01-24 Merge branch 'master' of
24c44a0 2022-01-24 Make the sync-org script a little more relentless.
be94e89 2021-07-18 LXC script updates
891a937 2021-04-26 Move some files, add note about CLI tools to README
e36cc8a 2021-04-08 More config files
edc9a3b 2021-04-08 Rough set of scripts, config, and notes for running i2p on LXC
2d73eff 2021-04-04 Add the sync scripts
d616a88 2020-10-18 port code review scripts to git
6da8594 2020-05-21 one more
37231ba 2020-05-21 jar tools
1edb308 2020-05-21 more log tools
2a6a6c6 2020-05-21 log tools
a9a9e89 2020-05-21
e647843 2020-05-21 config advanced on/off
14c7e2c 2020-05-21
f5f59f2 2020-04-30 RatchetTest update
8da302a 2019-12-23 git script updates from nextloop From Rev 1616d9b Dec 22, 2019
f46fde2 2019-11-24 Ratchet (proposal 144) standalone test
656ebbe 2019-04-25 newsxml server by psi, public domain
7b9dc0b 2019-02-23 merge of '8c5a85c745e0e0fb6892f5e0c43d4ae58b983236'      and 'df56cc326add043160d3b3678881bfbad74bdc86'
7fd1271 2019-02-21 corrected one helptext about signer name
57a3ad2 2019-02-21 scripts to cd to places in the source
d336239 2018-08-17 NTCP2 standalone test
81c9a56 2018-02-27 add ssdp query script
a84a923 2018-02-23 sort by date
74b65d5 2018-02-03 Command line settings for host/port/http
feec37c 2018-02-02 enhancements
1af1af9 2018-02-01 Add / to path so it will work with the war
35fe49a 2018-01-27 Remove force to SSLv3, no longer supported Change URLs to Add comment on how to install yaml
3d6be35 2017-11-24 fix typo
2de2c46 2017-11-14 backport meeh's $I2P fix from snowman add lots of quotes
8cf0fed 2016-08-12 Add gnu-getopt.jar to classpath for Debian installs
5188e36 2016-08-02 fix error msg
0489906 2016-05-04 wrapper copy script
88f25c7 2016-04-28 API difference report generation scripts
067c2b5 2016-04-09 changes from nextloop (ticket #1782)
f080c66 2016-04-06 fix up irchook.lua
6bfd8c6 2016-04-06 formatting in irchook.lua
1b4a986 2016-04-06 irchook.lua
a7f8f4e 2016-04-06 add more info to irchook.lua announcements
eb281b6 2016-04-06 lua is 1 indexed arrays
b981a71 2016-04-06 this should fix irchook.lua
b656553 2016-04-06 try fixing irchook.lua
9eab344 2016-04-06 try fixing irchook.lua
ac12da3 2016-04-06 irchook.lua
ca253d3 2016-04-06 irchook.lua
b87a49f 2016-04-06 irchook.lua
1f7b18f 2016-04-06 irchook.lua
3555a7f 2016-04-06 irchook.lua * make channel configurable * iterate over all certificates in revision
9132c5a 2016-04-06 update irchook.lua
455fcc3 2016-04-06 typo
3fb01d7 2016-04-06 update irchook.lua to use note_netsync_revision_received instead of note_revision
c73b716 2016-04-06 fix irc function in irchook.lua, bad number of parameters
6facc12 2016-04-06 add initial mtnbot to i2p.scripts
9c9f74c 2016-03-20 irc meeting log script
fec031f 2015-06-14 Moved make-news.su3 to i2p.newsxml
85ab925 2015-06-13 Optionally include sub-branches in git export
facb6fb 2015-03-22 exclude getopt properties files
07dec84 2015-01-10 i2pcontrol test script by hottuna from http://pastethis.i2p/show/2azDSfWWYZ9pZS12kRWP/ referenced in http://zzz.i2p/topics/1775 comment 2
e69392c 2014-11-30 news script tweaks
f5593ef 2014-10-29 make-news.su3
3d556b2 2014-10-29 merge of '3a8d7277c51a8336086ac1f584000ce43d70a0e2'      and 'dd92f22c10c8e7c9a31892064d559ef2dc75b769'
7d369fb 2014-10-29 add bad bote commits to
6ad9315 2014-09-15 I2PTunnelGUI moved from trunk
b345d0c 2014-09-05 use a bare repo by default
5626b85 2014-08-09 Use new SU3File -k option for verifying. Requires i2p.i2p.zzz.test2 until propped for 0.9.15.
581a5ed 2014-08-07 add su3 support
ff56796 2014-07-31 moved from core
61c62db 2014-07-02 modifications to
04dc1f2 2014-03-27 Make exporting i2p.www work
4b523c4 2014-03-26 Use force if necessary (needed after merging a pull request on GitHub)
b599d14 2014-03-24 sanitizer script from http://pastethis.i2p/show/1532/
739e8bd 2014-02-03 properties file fixer
fde8fb3 2013-11-27 Added StatLogSplitter from core tests
e74ea0c 2013-05-01 paranoid trim utility
da2ec7b 2013-04-20 Request passphrase where needed, and on stderr to not interfere with stdout
aef297c 2013-04-20 Rewrite to enable OpenPGP output to stdout
dd792d0 2013-04-19 (for use with ExecNamingService)
df6da9e 2013-04-19 --b64 command - read public keyring from file or stdin
cb0ada3 2013-04-19 Rework OpenPGP reading methods to allow InputStreams
4d2ab1a 2013-04-19 Fixed usage text
e0eea65 2013-04-19 Added --b64 command to output the B64 Destination of a public OpenPGP keyring
5bf4e00 2013-04-17 DEST_CERT -> CERTIFICATE for accuracy
84150ad 2013-04-17 Only create one PGPSignatureGenerator
b9f8bf7 2013-04-17 New interface for I2P-specific attribute subpacket tags
8c4eb21 2013-04-17 Bugfix: clear OpenPGP fields before reading
2b3f85f 2013-04-17 Split out Destination-specific code, so OpenPGPFile can be used for other I2P keys
ec5046b 2013-04-17 Bugfix: clear previous subkeys before an export
f9d653c 2013-04-17 Moved OpenPGPFile etc. into a separate folder
b2d2bba 2013-04-16 Added support for exporting I2P DataStructures as OpenPGP user attributes
490144d 2013-04-16 Finished tweaks for zero or more subkeys
e0f5fc4 2013-04-16 Tweaks to support zero or more subkeys
14eed7e 2013-04-16 Enable additional identities to be added to the exported OpenPGP keyring
890971e 2013-04-14 Use POSITIVE_CERTIFICATION instead of DEFAULT_CERTIFICATION (the B32 is known to be valid)
143c43c 2013-04-13 merge of '23901caf941a236bc7d41f0a5c16d59200569467'      and '29d47675642c85ae46ec76cb4a5baefdf6a60703'
f7da807 2013-04-13 Added helper class for converting eepPriv.dat files to OpenPGP keyrings
47900a4 2013-03-31 here is my take on as an ant script
f9e35bb 2013-01-31 switch to using sed to snip what we don't want
6f89577 2013-01-22 Kill I2P-Bote revs that prevent exporting
3a50ac0 2013-01-22 Put each branch in its own DB
b2a39e2 2013-01-14 Kill a rev in i2p.syndie so it can be exported
a59a65a 2013-01-03 tweak
c9b07cd 2013-01-03 moving this from i2p.i2p router junit tests, this is not a unit test
36a7922 2013-01-01 Add branch name parameter
e37e41f 2012-12-30 merge of '74e4a6839d42e8a5944d50740763ff8e8585e7ce'      and 'b6b24c8fe82ae827f2a6c3367343fda767d181d1'
eeb32f1 2012-12-20 add timeout support
149223d 2012-11-24
adf4757 2012-11-05 Old test-related dummy of PooledRandomSource, now removed from i2p.i2p
2097151 2012-09-29 Added script to automate building and publishing files
b4a16b2 2012-08-25 bump rev script from kytv
b01bf44 2012-08-16 another orphan from i2p.i2p
5c6500d 2012-08-16 old RandomSource alternatives soon to be removed from i2p.i2p
7adbfc3 2012-08-16 two unused utils soon to be removed from i2p.i2p
664cc24 2012-08-03 less convoluted extraction of the update hosts
cbd5803 2012-07-31 merge of '19fb666f7cacf468aab72d067be502c098c67e8a'      and '5510a3e3ce8fc5f119a8e02766b381e454e3f037'
b01d48f 2012-07-31 updates to my sud2zip script
a4e3292 2012-06-03  * don't require user input so the script can run as a cron job; abort if heads not merged  * make the script work with monotone 0.48 and 1.0  * retry if pull times out
6c7be0c 2012-05-17 BlockfileExport
a044e68 2012-04-08 better regex than what I came up with earlier
b940d2a 2012-01-03 remove redundancy
b44441e 2012-01-03 a script to update the geoip db from maxmind
b92b7a9 2011-12-23 simple wrapper to strip the sigs from .su(d|2) and .xpi2p files
caec2b4 2011-12-23 sort the SOURCES list so that the hostnames are grouped
3755fe4 2011-12-22 my vmCommSystem switching script
44f6064 2011-12-22 Create tempdir using mktemp. Set a trap to remove the tempdir when the script ends
0521382 2011-12-22 The main change is with trying to get the update URLs from the source itself
d542ddf 2011-12-22 My wrapper script for net.i2p.crypto.TrustedUpdate
546726f 2011-12-22 Add -l to the grep parameter to print the file names. Remove the /dev/null. Remove the dependency on bash
5b1d1da 2011-12-18 vm comm system
f39e390 2011-12-18 merge of '35a09391071041482ee5d90510ece49de1c3dffb'      and '5a7a5a6ee7af3f1f0055cb370071f5537a3b850d'
11288c7 2011-12-18 no longer using \t or \n, so switch to normal 'echo'
bdc727e 2011-12-18 a simple script to count monotone commits
548926a 2011-12-15 This is the script I use to update from monotone. Should be convenient, automated, sane defaults etc. basically everything monotone is not. Edit src/.../ to sync with custom modules.
60e4bed 2011-12-15 merge of '7e4212946d82cf76e210ef6439c6d29e29b5fa5f'      and 'bb537cf59426c106c115492088f58de6a06847df'
dce02de 2011-12-15 Tiny wrapper script to convert b32s to b64s using BOB and netcat
f8665aa 2011-12-14 switch from let to using expr
b986b08 2011-12-11 Now blockSign and blockVerify actually work and it can import private keys from i2p.dir.config or wherever. Also includes the key hash now, so don't need to specify the key when verify or decrypt.
c316ff2 2011-12-09 Got the KeyServer working! KeyFinder's HTTP PUT works perfectly right with the KeyServer servlet.
67da78e 2011-12-05 Did grouped-signing/verification and factored out the interfaces and... still not sure what to do with the mess that is PrivateKey -> PrivateKeyFile -> i2p.keytools.PrivateKey.
570f494 2011-12-02 check if $LOCKDIR can be removed; exit if not
bf75c55 2011-11-30 Removing unused variables (that I used in another script and meant to exclude from this).)
aed911c 2011-11-30 merge of '7d7b1e2a196cf0de60113520e2102e08d75798a8'      and 'd31ec574b7f04e4124b9b087e95cd68eaf6b6d6f'
4be175e 2011-11-30 Add locking and make bourne shell compatible
7e8adec 2011-11-29 possibly useful stuff
d8e5f55 2011-09-19 A little tool to manipulate i2p keys on the command line. Signing and encryption both work great. I had to hack a little data format for making sure the tail end was % 0x10 without random stuff on the end, but nothing too complicated. This is exactly the same stuff that i2ptunnel uses for dests and such, but you could use it for signing or encrypting arbitrary data, more gpg style. Could be useful?
40eb86c 2011-09-16 diffstat script
7ff20b4 2011-09-16 git export script
5c104a2 2011-09-12 merge of '5f5b72747d2227ba27674ff153ca21dc27cc4b7a'      and 'c720142c98fadebb216d6fae2972bf463cb59ac1'
1a49c4a 2011-09-10 Fixing Shortcut to parse URLs correctly when adding an address helper. Also a quick example of how to use rsync over i2p.
b089202 2011-09-04 redirect if missing path
6f5c6e1 2011-08-16 Add tino scripts. See http://zzz.i2p/topics/960 for details.
031446b 2011-07-20 Updated `shortcut' to work with the new (0.8.7) built-in i2paddresshelper addressbook eepproxy interaction thing.
8da5359 2011-05-23 Shortcut fixes
8dff459 2011-03-02 Spiffed up the Shortcut servlet a bit, and started on some work to make the AddressPublisher have some web configuration, subscriptions and such. Not sure what to do about how the configuration servlet needs to be in the router webapps whereas the actual hosts publishing servlet has to be in the eepsite webapps directory. Just making two .war files, for now.
9b8866e 2011-02-05 - New - Fix up and
8f79692 2011-01-26 Some secret netbeans jars that mess around with swing. Project now actually compiles with ant.
1265feb 2011-01-22 Refactored XPISigner somewhat, and got it to produce a validly signed XPI2P file. Tested it with my own key, works great. TrustedUpdate: VALID (Note: this won't work unless you figure out how to put my key in the trusted list)
776eb36 2011-01-21 Made a program to sign and create xpi2p files. Also some fiddling with shortcut.war and how it handles base32 host names. Made a thing in login_example to link back to your own eepsite if you use http_bidir as an eepproxy.
b504f23 2010-11-28 improve review scripts
dc5c90b 2010-11-07 Remove obsolete text
a4d8ef8 2010-10-26 Add
7388816 2010-10-26 merge of 'a9034936dce030ffc3170a297096728a52b47f58'      and 'd51bfc023623fefa0102ddc490fd0813a1bee89f'
e4e8aef 2010-10-26 Had a reason to clone a GIT repository using  git:// so made a script that installs a script and sets up GIT to use that script for proxying through an i2p SOCKS client proxy. Tested it, and works great.
3cab1e0 2010-10-26 Eh, polling hosts.txt once an hour makes more sense than polling once a day.
70377de 2010-10-26 Debugged to working order. Also forgot to add web.xml. At this point the webapp works for me. Subscribe to http://33pz6wn6qqntoxs4hfrhjiinihmse6w2uhdwcrwjqwma7icz5qaa.b32.i2p/addresspublisher/ in your susidns to benefit from the fruits of my labor!
dd936a9 2010-10-26 Made a new webapp. :p
5c78eb3 2010-09-22 Going back to the old enableAliases because making it more complicated did not fix the problem. :( Also avoiding literally building the directory named "${build.dir}"
8ce66e5 2010-09-19 enableAliases wasn't working, so I tried having it repeatedly call. Still doesn't work though because jetty doesn't even instantiate the servlet until you go to the URL. Hm...
2ba43ee 2010-09-18 Initial import. Everything should be working here. I don't really see this being developed much further without some kind of actual direct application for having logins, but it's also an example servlet and...stuff. So enjoy the source!
d27c971 2010-09-11 Make b32 <--> b64 conversion scripts more useful
7a7e692 2010-08-10 EnableAliases servlet. The damn jetty keeps setting its behavior of checking aliases to true (which means I can't use symlinks ever (which is stupid)) and they make sure you can't configure that at all (yes I tried setting the System property) so I decided to make an easy pluggable way to enable aliases, in the form of a rather simple servlet that does one thing, set the checking of aliases to false, which is another way of saying allow aliases to work, since instead of checking it just rejects aliases universally. Call it a security risk if you like, but I see nothing wrong with it as long as I avoid certain operating $y$tems that can't stick to a consistent file naming standard.
95a50f5 2010-05-22 Shortcut to Servlet
7910fc0 2010-05-18 Way to get the b32 shortcut for a name
667e2f7 2010-05-14 Just shutdown
0b1aa14 2010-03-26 Shutdown script
3e25cb8 2010-03-13 plugin update, review script w/o .po files
9dee970 2010-02-27 viewmtn
eb21de7 2010-02-17 update plugin script, move deploy script from i2p.i2p
1c1e27f 2010-02-11 makeplugin updates
832ee3b 2010-02-09
54d637e 2010-02-04 ssleepget
768d4ce 2010-02-04 2 mirror scripts
77a1765 2009-12-02 hosts.txt to /etc/hosts converter
1847141 2009-11-22 added an sample configuration file for codeswarm
42fb997 2009-11-20 moved over from the i2p.i2p branch
f4cc36b 2009-11-20 mtn scripts, ocat update
c37648a 2009-11-14 some scripts```

## Files

KeyTools/build.xml KeyTools/ KeyTools/example.priv KeyTools/ KeyTools/ KeyTools/nbproject/build-impl.xml KeyTools/nbproject/ KeyTools/nbproject/private/ KeyTools/nbproject/private/ KeyTools/nbproject/private/private.xml KeyTools/nbproject/ KeyTools/nbproject/project.xml KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/src/i2p/keytools/ KeyTools/web.xml README.txt addresspublisher/build.xml addresspublisher/lib/CopyLibs/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar addresspublisher/lib/i2p.jar addresspublisher/lib/javax.servlet.jar addresspublisher/lib/junit/ addresspublisher/lib/junit/junit-3.8.2.jar addresspublisher/lib/junit_4/ addresspublisher/lib/junit_4/junit-4.5-src.jar addresspublisher/lib/junit_4/junit-4.5.jar addresspublisher/lib/ addresspublisher/nbproject/build-impl.xml addresspublisher/nbproject/ addresspublisher/nbproject/private/ addresspublisher/nbproject/private/ addresspublisher/nbproject/private/private.xml addresspublisher/nbproject/ addresspublisher/nbproject/project.xml addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/src/i2p/dream/addresspublisher/ addresspublisher/web-config.xml addresspublisher/web.xml b32/ b32/ b32/ b32/ b32/ cd/cdaddressbook cd/cdapp cd/cdblock cd/cdbloom cd/cdbob cd/cdc cd/cdclient cd/cdclienti cd/cdcpuid cd/cdcrypto cd/cdcryptox cd/cdcss cd/cdctx cd/cddark cd/cddata cd/cddesktopgui cd/cded cd/cdgeoip cd/cdh cd/cdhelp cd/cdhsocks cd/cdi2cp cd/cdi2np cd/cdinternal cd/cdjetty cd/cdjrobin cd/cdjson cd/cdk cd/cdkad cd/cdlcm cd/cdmac cd/cdmaxmind cd/cdmini cd/cdmlab cd/cdmsg cd/cdn cd/cdnaming cd/cdndt cd/cdnetdb cd/cdnews cd/cdnoise cd/cdnoisecore cd/cdpeer cd/cdpub cd/cdr cd/cdrclient cd/cdrcrypto cd/cdrdata cd/cdreseed cd/cdrh cd/cdrouter cd/cdrpc cd/cdrtest cd/cdrtime cd/cdrup cd/cdrutil cd/cds cd/cdsam cd/cdsamc cd/cdservlet cd/cdsnarkcss cd/cdsocks cd/cdssu cd/cdstartup cd/cdstat cd/cdstream cd/cdsusidns cd/cdsusimail cd/cdsybil cd/cdsystray cd/cdtasks cd/cdtcp cd/cdtcrypto cd/cdtime cd/cdtrans cd/cdtun cd/cdtund cd/cdudp cd/cdupnp cd/cdutil cd/cdweb codeswarm/codeswarm-extractor.rb codeswarm/i2p.config eepget/ eepget/ eepget/ssleepget enableAliases/build.xml enableAliases/lib/CopyLibs/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar enableAliases/lib/javax.servlet.jar enableAliases/lib/junit/ enableAliases/lib/junit/junit-3.8.2.jar enableAliases/lib/junit_4/ enableAliases/lib/junit_4/junit-4.5-src.jar enableAliases/lib/junit_4/junit-4.5.jar enableAliases/lib/ enableAliases/lib/org.mortbay.jetty.jar enableAliases/nbproject/build-impl.xml enableAliases/nbproject/ enableAliases/nbproject/private/ enableAliases/nbproject/private/private.xml enableAliases/nbproject/ enableAliases/nbproject/project.xml enableAliases/src/i2p/dream/ enableAliases/web.xml git/Dockerfile git/ git/git-i2p-proxy git/mtn git/ git/ git_sync/ git_sync/ git_sync/ git_sync/config git_sync/ git_sync/ git_sync/ i2pcontrol/ i2ptunnel/ irc/ irc/mtnbot/irchook.lua irc/mtnbot/readme.txt japi/japi-all japi/japi-dev jars/ jars/ jars/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/README.txt java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ java-utils/ jbigi/ login_example/README login_example/build.xml login_example/lib/CopyLibs/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylibstask.jar login_example/lib/i2p.jar login_example/lib/javax.servlet.jar login_example/lib/ login_example/ login_example/nbproject/build-impl.xml login_example/nbproject/ login_example/nbproject/private/ login_example/nbproject/private/ login_example/nbproject/private/private.xml login_example/nbproject/ login_example/nbproject/project.xml login_example/src/i2p/dream/login/ login_example/src/i2p/dream/login/ login_example/src/i2p/dream/login/ login_example/web.xml logs/README.txt logs/crit logs/error logs/ggtf logs/ggwtf logs/gtf logs/gwtf logs/ logs/tf logs/tfevents logs/tfg logs/warn logs/wtf lookup/README.txt lookup/shortcut/README.txt lookup/shortcut/build.old lookup/shortcut/build.xml lookup/shortcut/ lookup/shortcut/nbproject/build-impl.xml lookup/shortcut/nbproject/ lookup/shortcut/nbproject/private/ lookup/shortcut/nbproject/private/ lookup/shortcut/nbproject/private/private.xml lookup/shortcut/nbproject/ lookup/shortcut/nbproject/project.xml lookup/shortcut/src/i2p/dream/lookup/ lookup/shortcut/web.xml lxc/clients.config lxc/logger.config lxc/lxc-notes.txt lxc/lxca lxc/lxcaddconfig lxc/lxceditconfig lxc/lxcflood lxc/lxcfloodri lxc/lxcfloodroot lxc/lxcggtf lxc/lxcggtfall lxc/lxcgtf lxc/lxcinfo lxc/lxcmtf lxc/lxcrestarti2p lxc/lxcrun lxc/lxcstart lxc/lxcstarti2p lxc/lxcstop lxc/lxcstopi2p lxc/lxctf lxc/lxcupdatei2p lxc/lxcwtf lxc/router.config lxc/webapps.config mirror/ mirror/ mtn/ mtn/ mtn/monotonerc mtn/ mtn/ mtn/viewmtn netdb/ newsxml-flask/README.txt newsxml-flask/ newsxml-flask/ newsxml-flask/settings.json newsxml-flask/ newsxml-flask/templates/index.html ocat/ ocat/ openpgp/ openpgp/ openpgp/ openpgp/ openpgp/ openpgp/ openpgp/README.txt openpgp/ plugin/XPISigner/build.xml plugin/XPISigner/lib/appframework-1.0.3.jar plugin/XPISigner/lib/swing-worker-1.1.jar plugin/XPISigner/ plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/build-impl.xml plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/ plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/private/ plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/private/private.xml plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/ plugin/XPISigner/nbproject/project.xml plugin/XPISigner/src/META-INF/services/org.jdesktop.application.Application plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/XPISignerAboutBox.form plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/XPISignerView.form plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/ plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/about.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon0.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon1.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon10.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon11.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon12.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon13.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon14.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon2.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon3.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon4.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon5.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon6.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon7.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon8.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/busy-icon9.png plugin/XPISigner/src/xpisigner/resources/busyicons/idle-icon.png 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updateMonotone/nbproject/project.xml updateMonotone/src/updatemonotone/ updateMonotone/src/updatemonotone/ updateMonotone/src/updatemonotone/ upnp/ viewmtn/viewmtn wrapper/

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