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b15ef71 2019-07-12 Fix file size output formatting since formatSize2() changed in i2p
3789812 2018-10-10 Snydie website update for latest version, small changes on other sites
992d4d1 2017-05-17 mime data
e5c2e0f 2017-05-12 Change link in README to https (github PR #4)
9f1e7ee 2016-10-19 fix3
4bd3674 2016-10-19 fix2
43a840e 2016-10-19 fix
af52d84 2016-10-19 Copy debian changes from 1.105b launchpad package Remove hsqldb.jar, add libhsqldb-java dependency Update java dependencies Set bootclasspath for 1.7 Add stub-jars-debian target to use from rules Add debian-alt dir Update package description Fix compiler warning
b13d5f0 2016-08-14 Add 'Lazy Edward' default archive
82d0ea8 2016-08-09 Revert to SWT 3.8.2 (ticket #1828, #1297) Update distclean target Changelog update
8d80772 2016-08-06 Update translations from tx Add Finnish and Norwegian Bokmal
77e79d2 2016-06-30 generics
14bef3d 2016-06-27 more button icons
8cb7f06 2016-06-26 finals, generics, icons, overrides
53ada7e 2016-06-26 generics,finals
22ce6ae 2016-06-26 generics, dead code
f76b583 2016-06-26 Remove unimplemented "deniable" configuration from manage archive tab
3bca8a8 2016-06-26 differentiate read-all from read-all-by-forum
dffe2ff 2016-06-26 more menu icons
8605cfa 2016-06-26 Remove unimplemented FAQ and manual from the menu
e631098 2016-06-26 Add some more menu icons
6ab9e9f 2016-06-26 ImageUtil: Add debugging for missing images Fix typoed filename for control-syndication icon Generics Remove separator before Help menu item
53b573a 2016-06-26 Don't NPE if systray unavailable
91cb8e9 2016-06-22 Fix bundle script to pick up ngettext tags again Refresh English po file, push to TX
b83bd50 2016-06-21 Fix bundle script to pick up ngettext tags again Refresh English po file, push to TX
362b5f3 2016-06-21 changelog update
1e40ea2 2016-06-20 Opts generics
26d5155 2016-06-20 Fix more possible sources of database corruption
88920f6 2016-06-20 tweaks
2f26aee 2016-06-20 Add icons to search buttons
2a5c7f8 2016-06-20 Add icons to status bar buttons
b84ba5c 2016-06-20 Consistent placement for Cancel/OK buttons Add icons to buttons urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:q4DAhruxVx2J7k18eRAjVlvCf4tE-NnuZYn4-sdtRuo=9:messageIdi1394672906375ee
22966bd 2016-06-20 Show message dates, not import dates, in Private Msgs button
b6eab3a 2016-06-20 fix syndication complete status
cdd7d29 2016-06-20 Change getUnread() to return a Set instead of a List to eliminate O(n**2) loop in JWZ gatherThreads()
78394c7 2016-06-20 Fix Unread button, broken in 1.106b-2 Generics
e4e4764 2016-06-20 Don't let xgettext use default getString() as a tag, it picks up some strings that it shouldn't
9894743 2016-06-19 Add one more channel cache (hash to id) Speed up unread channel counts in StatusBar and ReferenceChooserTree from over 30 seconds to under a second by counting the channels from all the unread messages Generics
7825158 2016-06-19 Add channel hash and name caches Speed up channel sorting in getChannels() from 8 seconds to 250 ms by getting whole maps for name and hash Tweak channel sorting so all the channels without names aren't first Don't query database for unused petname fields
00224f7 2016-06-19 finals
88b537f 2016-06-19 small Polish update
4211b25 2016-06-19 generics, finals
22c49f8 2016-06-19 Remove duplicate fields and methods from ThreadAccumulatorJWZ that shadow those in super generics, finals, remove unneeded casts
3b578cd 2016-06-18 Use locale-based (case-insensitive) sort for forums in "all forums" tab
51c2067 2016-06-18 Save language preference in the database
80da8ed 2016-06-18 IncomingAction: Switch to a state enum Add states for processing Limit processing queue size so the fetchers don't get too far ahead AtomicIntegers for SyncArchive counters
c308df6 2016-06-18 Comment out unused setters in NymReferenceNode
88c560b 2016-06-18 Revert previous checkin of Hash caching in DBClient, caused major database corruption. I made the same mistake years ago, should have remembered.
09e6a78 2016-06-18 Change the correct thing to increase parallel fetches to 5 Use queue for Fetch
24d0b6e 2016-06-18 Add HSQLDB version to about popup
50e3d48 2016-06-18 Increase parallel fetches to 5 Locking on SyncManager archives and listeners Use queue for DataImporter
39e30e5 2016-06-18 changelog updates for 1.106b-1
cf868c5 2016-06-18 Dutch fix
5682228 2016-06-18 Dutch translation update
3500f85 2016-06-18 findbugs
2e60f25 2016-06-17 Findbugs, generics
62221f0 2016-06-17 Welcome screen: Add support for country variants in language settings Consolidate dummy URI field
9b1f886 2016-06-17 Add support for country variants in language settings Refresh bottom buttons when language changes
f93ab64 2016-06-17 Remove redundant casts all over more generics
72cfc06 2016-06-17 Remove duplicate channels from database at startup (root cause unknown) Synchronize creation of channel cache Generics Use Hash.create() for caching Use Boolean.parseBoolean()
44b2ec2 2016-06-16 New next/prev/start/end icons from famfamfam silk Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
8c1a1b7 2016-06-16 Ensure blank line before <p> even if no </p> before
6091ee1 2016-06-16 Message Tree size fix take 2
8f4eaa2 2016-06-16 fr and nl update
c9964cc 2016-06-16 ImageGrid is unused
b8bbb2c 2016-06-16 minor cleanups
e1eb731 2016-06-16 javadoc fix
ef70fc0 2016-06-16 move to scripts/ We don't need hsqldb.jar for javadoc
32eca60 2016-06-16 Fix initial width of Subject column in MessageTree
7b72829 2016-06-16 Fix torrent target Change gpg key property to match i2p Remove osx32 from release targets Add logo to installer Don't increase text size in installer, looks worse Don't show shortcut panel in installer for non-Windows Add Built-By to stub jars Tweaks to download web page
27b6c53 2016-06-15 fix NPE at shutdown
c9d24d8 2016-06-14 Findbugs all over, take 5
038f665 2016-06-14 Findbugs all over, take 4
731f61d 2016-06-14 Findbugs all over, take 3
6388a2c 2016-06-14 Findbugs all over, take 2
d86ec27 2016-06-14 Findbugs all over
997f7e7 2016-06-14 Implement arch-specific updates that include swt.jar
5c6635d 2016-06-13 Prep for arch-specific updates that could include swt.jar
63c6082 2016-06-13 Add su3 plugin support Remove mac32 build target
04e4346 2016-06-13 Enable clearnet https archives (requires I2P 0.9.9 or higher) Comment out unused main() methods Remove syndie.killyourtv.i2p archive
04f367f 2016-06-12 Fix NPE (reported in syndie bugs forum Jan. 17, 2015) urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:MrsSwvkmnhkgujdeWHdRVX~1VAnMM9slpHRRjDg6Szs=9:messageIdi1421552448706ee
e52c959 2016-06-12 Update to SWT 4.5 (ticket #1297) Update swt/build.xml
1dd13cb 2016-06-12 Update to HSQLDB 2.3.4
4300ba8 2016-06-12 Refactoring and fixes for Freenet support (ticket #1424) patch from hikiko
851c720 2016-06-12 Syndicator tab: Sync buttons will sync all if none selected, or the items selected (ticket #1233) patch from hikiko
a333bf2 2016-06-12 New Turkish translation Translation updates: Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese
66f850d 2016-06-12 Eliminate dependency on deprecated HMAC256Generator from i2p, copy source here and make static.
77a2338 2016-06-12 Eliminate dependency on deprecated Sha256Standalone In db classes, we have fallback in case MessageDigest isn't cloneable, but hopefully it always is, because it would be difficult to do that in Enclosure. So don't bother with Enclosure yet.
ce02486 2016-06-12 Add new languages from last checkin to translation registry Bump version Add build parameters for java version and compiler args Speed up build for po files
6339d3c 2016-02-02 Translation updates New translations: Greek, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian, Chinese
1e357dd 2014-12-08 allow pushing without "http://" (ticket #1137)
ee6bf3d 2014-12-08 update swt (ticket #1297)
6d154e1 2014-11-08 missing space
7380375 2014-09-10 Control Server:   - flush output stream (thx EinMByte   - finals
d3758f7 2014-05-27 update banlist
dc85645 2014-05-26 update default archives
72ec2c7 2014-05-26 update URLs for the I2P, Tor, and Frost sites
570b327 2014-05-26 change to since isn't in use.
f3966f6 2014-05-26 update toolbar icons with higher quality versions courtesy of hummingbird
395dbbc 2014-05-26 Updated French, German, Romanian, and Spanish translations
18b39e8 2014-05-22 Fix HTTPServ AIOOBE (ticket #1282) compile-tested only
753c966 2014-01-20 1.105b
63f0fde 2014-01-20 update note about the HSQLDB version
605fcd9 2014-01-20 update website URL (
19a0a30 2014-01-20 updated French translation, new Romanian translation.
a435607 2013-12-03 start script fixes
33abaee 2013-11-18 Fix NPE in SyndieTreeListener    thx covor
32ca03f 2013-11-13 Disable clearnet SSL, not available until I2P 0.9.9
edcbbc4 2013-11-13 Update to SWT 3.8.2 20130131
c69e21a 2013-11-12 1.105b-0
75fce08 2013-11-12 French, Portuguese, and Russian translation updates
b698840 2013-11-04 typo fix
d88beb1 2013-11-04 adjust releaseNumber and buildNumber regexes
ad91c86 2013-10-29 bump to 1.104b-6-rc
2fcedd4 2013-10-29 Polish translations from tx
c40e7bc 2013-10-29 French, Portuguese, and Spanish translation updates
c04d7a8 2013-10-27 Fetcher: Add support for SSL clearnet archives   (no support in HTTPServ yet) LocalArchiveManager import cleanups
7bb99e3 2013-10-23 1.104b-5
7c30162 2013-10-23 - Status Bar:   - Calculate pass reqd button on the job queue thread     to prevent blank syndie window at startup.     Caused by button changes a few checkins ago.
25f66ea 2013-10-22 - Forum Tab:   - Clean up referenced dropdown     (still not very pretty) - Reference Node:   comment out main(0
0add115 2013-10-22 make gui classes pkg private where possible
fd3ea85 2013-10-22 - BrowserTab:   - Add tabHidden() so we can disable keyboard listeners when we switch tabs - MessageViewTab:   - Enable/disable mark read/unread based on state in PageRenderer   - Add keyboard shortcuts for mark read/unread, previous, next, reply     as suggested in         urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:HlgdN2miqrDKBZyx1elknRzqP~SZC1nGbBGKPWxKHBA=9:messageIdi1381400773329ee   - Re-enable unread icon   - Have MessageView hook the DataCallback so the read icon can appear/disappear     (still have layout problems when icon appears)   - Use DataCallback when changing read state
c5fcc77 2013-10-21 add two week menu item
4992851 2013-10-21 - PBE Items:   - Separate forums and messages in PBE button   - Add button items to delete all forums or messages   - Don't show PBE items that have been deleted
c818f12 2013-10-21 fix date
9a37d7e 2013-10-21 add French to translation list
bda1a09 2013-10-21  SyncArchives - pull speedups:  - Only pull indexes if we need them, i.e. we are pulling a message    that needs them. This will reduce new user startup time and    clog the UI less.  - Reduce default newAgeDays to 14  - Change recent-only default to true so newAgeDays will take effect    (although usually specified in default archives)  - Don't sync with syndie.welterde.i2p by default
19b24fc 2013-10-21 - SyndicatorTab:   Prevent duplicate archive after rename   As reported at:     urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:Ffn4RhCunO6gwMfAYfOoPY7FGwPNDy65dS4DyuyorME=9:messageIdi1378025493643ee
6b4f257 2013-10-21 1.104b-3
493bff5 2013-10-21 - DBClient:   - Don't use byte arrays from JDBC for cached SimpleDataStructures,     as that may return them to the SimpleByteCache pool and corrupt     the database (somehow). Manifests as duplicate forums in the UI     and duplicate channels in the DB, or channels with corrupt channelHash.     This fix does not include a repair of the DB. Possibly to do.   - Refactor out a delete channel by scope ID method, in case we want to     implement a database repair.
982e7cd 2013-10-21 - SharedArchiveEngine:   - More efficient assembly of items to pull   - Pull messages most-recent-first
d715ebb 2013-10-21 - ImportMeta:   - Make sure autoCommit gets reset to true   - Null ident check
d28e4b8 2013-10-21 another SQL tab tweak
d378cfd 2013-10-21 - SyncInboundFetcher:   - Set eepget retries to 1 (was 3)   - Don't create 3 threads if fetching less than 3 things
9dd3f04 2013-10-21 update hsqldb version
ece5340 2013-10-16 history for prop, 1.104b-2
ca002d2 2013-10-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.syndie.hsqldb2' (head c7a7cf55cb39f284892604d30b24f2e4a9d10d90)             to branch 'i2p.syndie' (head 09c622adac889a3bd996d08b987102b1ed659672)
5a85859 2013-10-16 hsqldb 2.3.1 modified as follows, compiled with:
dd883e8 2013-10-15 - Update to DB version 25:   - Add LOBs for attachments and pages   - Increase length limits on cancelledURI, headerValue, and others - Enable migration of large attachments and pages to LOBs - Implement retrieval of pages and attachments from LOBs - Implement getAttachmentAsStream for real (unused yet) - Implement storage to LOBs in ImportPost - Sleep a while before SHUTDOWN COMPACT - Ignore SHUTDOWN COMPACT error after upgrade, just reopen anyway,   but unlikely to work - Use attachment size from messageAttachment table,   not actual size from messageAttachmentData table - Don't let one dup cancel URI make us skip processing the rest of them - Set next version to be 1.104b in @since
f44acf0 2013-10-15 - Shutdown compact immediately after upgrade, then reconnect,   as recommended by hsqldb - Add code to migrate large things to LOBs, which didn't work   in 2.2.9, due to hsqldb bug:   LOB code disabled for now, needs testing with 2.3.1
24d5840 2013-10-15 SQLTab tweaks
fd6ed38 2013-10-12 Updated French, Spanish, and Swedish translations from Transifex
f3acd2a 2013-02-14 adjust regex to handle file/$version on download page
38a7f98 2013-02-14 accept parameters in stub script
10e12bd 2013-02-13 merge of '39b5dbad70638ec0105995a37c7e6e5ff499331a'      and '8fbc18bc74b0507c5b238b3e849a02d020faabe1'
29e7361 2013-02-13 OSX installer fixes
c192d2e 2013-02-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.syndie.zzz.test' (head b35d1d27126e32a0efd0df48b156bded176e5d48)             to branch 'i2p.syndie' (head d351543321baccf36cf686cebb19e4e7345abebf)
e08aa0a 2013-02-10 1.104b-1
36d0336 2013-02-08 move all thread-related classes to new directory
c563fd4 2013-02-08 comment
5f2c732 2013-02-06 remove (now) empty directory; don't try to copy files from the empty directory. (Thanks Astral2012)
2e5f04d 2013-02-06 - More cleanup of Importer and enhanced ImportResults by passing   missing key and PBE indications in result code - Simplification of SyncArchive.IncomingAction using Results - Handle and display "stub" cancel messages correctly - Don't open message view tab for unreadable messages or stub messages - Don't fail on duplicate cancel requests - Fix BrowseForumTab text on forum with blank name - Generics
33e78dc 2013-02-05 - Fix NPE when using 1.8 jar - Fix, or maybe just move, NPE in addURI/getURI - More db things package private
b6a8133 2013-02-05 - Use DataHelper.loadProps() to deserialize properties UTF-8-safely
251508b 2013-02-05 classpath fix
1e1cc84 2013-02-05 add script for the hsqldb database manager tool
af05291 2013-02-05 - Implement offline database backup - Backup database before upgrading to hsqldb 2.x
b10affe 2013-02-05 - For consistency, always put cancel button to the left of OK/Save
ef9808a 2013-02-05 Syndicator:  - Move message date to date column  - Generics
c6ce036 2013-02-04 - Improve import failure propagation and display - Better formatting of file sizes in Syndicator tab
d577b27 2013-02-04 ImportPost:  - early check for banned target  - generics, logging, cleanups DBClient javadocs
9e2d483 2013-02-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.syndie' (head 97b5364e00b704dacfe9287819c638827bf5c9ec)             to branch 'i2p.syndie.hsqldb2' (head 00679e34efe34db5159150960e22d8ebdc0b5c16)
3f08801 2013-02-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.syndie' (head 97b5364e00b704dacfe9287819c638827bf5c9ec)             to branch 'i2p.syndie.zzz.test' (head 7d95464560a5021f9664c056b3d6c852db2424a4)
e8707f4 2013-02-03 syndie 1.103b
dbfa1b4 2013-02-03 build changes * if build number is 0 and with.revision is not set,   set syndie.version.number to release number. Otherwise   syndie.release.version gets set to release.number-build-(optionalRev) * add target to update the version numbers in the Archive's index.html
95b8677 2013-02-03 update commented section of archive's index.html
d52a676 2013-02-03 - Clean up internal error popup - Catch dispose errors when changing translation or theme
0c52eac 2013-02-03 - More DBInit cleanup and error propagation
2992924 2013-02-03 propagate errors correctly from db init/upgrade methods
bb4e92f 2013-02-03 - Simplify DB init code by renaming ddl.txt to ddl_update0.txt   and removing buildDB() method
7a67341 2013-02-03 improved getReleaseNumber regex
50078fc 2013-02-03 - Store the DB user/pw in separate fields from the nym user/pw,   to complete the fixes required by hsqldb 2.x recognizing case   in DB login/pw.
a756d4d 2013-02-03 drop unused hsqldb_changes.txt
f9c2ce2 2013-02-03 - Refactor db initialization and update out of DBClient to new class
bfc02f0 2013-02-03 fix sv translation
cfdeb57 2013-02-03 missing tags
f42eca9 2013-02-03 merge of '5ca6ff52059faaa0acd5bb342106a335618f3811'      and 'a2f1be5e2f627a4d899102ead43af02a83f80dce'
1ce7ef9 2013-02-03 some corrections to old DE translation for better user experience
b5a7a89 2013-02-03 don't compress installer with pack200 for 1.103
86134c8 2013-02-03 add comments to db update files
9efb35d 2013-02-03 optionally copy updated download.html & index.html to syndie webspace
133d944 2013-02-03 optionally make torrents in the release target using i2psnark
a425c02 2013-02-03 add repack functionary to build
0804a25 2013-02-03 add Russian to transifex config
009624c 2013-02-02 Russian, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates from Transifex
9d8eab2 2013-02-02 - Clean up NymChannelTree forum display - Don't spellcheck numbers - Add some local dictionary words (TODO still doesn't like capitalized words even though they are in the dictionary)
600cc29 2013-02-02 missed some, did poupdate and now 100% german
dfcb049 2013-02-02 2.x fixes: - Fix message attachment size calculation breaking attachment tab in message view - Fix query breaking NymChannelTree display - Reduce log level in postConnect()
265356b 2013-02-02 fix, right key, hope so
891c636 2013-02-02 100% german translation done, not perfect
73372b3 2013-02-02 - Add hsqldb.jar 2.2.9 (same license) - Bump build, plugin, and install requirements to Java 1.6, since the   released hsqldb.jar is for 1.6. We could recompile it for 1.5, but not worth it. - Include hsqldb.jar in plugin updates
b306fd8 2013-02-02 BugReport cleanup
0195ca1 2013-02-02 - DBUpgrade logging cleanups - Attempt to migrate syndie.log file too, instead of just deleting it - Add hsqldb version to bug report
72dd159 2013-02-02 First cut at support for hsqldb 2.x: - Add upgrade class that removes GRANT ALL ON CLASS line from syndie.script - Add user detection in connect() that works on 2.x - Add SET FILES BACKUP INCREMENT TRUE for 2.x to speed shutdown - Compact DB after upgrade
4354d03 2013-01-31 - Hide external link buttons for internal and external browser as they are neither configurable nor safe
90f2124 2013-01-30 move Timer to util/
d4fb98d 2013-01-30 Spell checker: - Re-enable so it can be improved - Add local word list - Close stream after readin - Fix spell replace deleting next char
aadbb9b 2013-01-30 ReferenceChooserTree:   - Make bookmark subfolders doubleclickable for expand/collapse   - Use folder icon for bookmark subfolders   - generics
6f7a70c 2013-01-30 use getText in super
df56d47 2013-01-30 finals
fd28120 2013-01-29 use getText in super
4531169 2013-01-28 - Name tabs by filename in MessageEditor - Disable remove page and remove attachment icons when not valid - Message editor button text cleanup
00e7270 2013-01-28 - Add language selection page to Wizard - Repopulate Browser menu after language change
113e10e 2013-01-27 doubleclick on left headers to expand/collapse
cb03bbb 2013-01-27 - Shorten public/private reply menu items and make consistent - Disable public reply to a private message in menus - Hide unimplemented 'delete read messages' and 'delete all messages' menu items - Don't display 'last post' times in the 'find forums' popup when we only store dates in the DB - Rename browse-all-forums tab - Add another Composite to AttachmentPreview in prep for showing text attachments too
af193c9 2013-01-27 fix plugin versioning
69ee0ea 2013-01-27 - Enhance external URL warning
b6a3d5d 2013-01-26 - Tag more strings - Refresh English po file, 88 new strings
1a39ef1 2013-01-26 merge of '03bfae634968a475d5a4f8c46e380cdc8657b4d9'      and '5a24ff21c9fe4b110d31d20b17e2c3fa108f0905'
da03ee6 2013-01-26 - Tag PageRenderer menu for translation - Hide most of PageRenderer menu when used in post preview or PageRendererTab/HelpTab - Cleanups of listener classes in PageRenderer
349e60e 2013-01-26 Russian translation from Transifex
2ec842d 2013-01-26 html fixes
44592f2 2013-01-26 * add test scripts borrowed from I2P   - checkxml requires tidy for HTML files and xmllint for XML. Tidy is used     because it will exit non-zero on parsing errors while xmllint will still     exit 0 if the HTML files contain errors. xmllint "does the right thing" for XML.   - checkpo requires msgfmt * add testscripts build target
c28ff32 2013-01-26 add margins around images in PageRenderer
0511668 2013-01-26 icon and button tweaks for consistency
a1848df 2013-01-26 add margins on PageRenderer
4d22fc9 2013-01-26 - new Integer -> Integer.valueOf; ditto Long - HTMLStyleBuilder generics and finals - PageRenderer generics
ff76c28 2013-01-25 build changes - 'maintainer' target (outputs help) - 'release' target (build, sign, checksum, and update site (if configured)) - rename 'dist' to 'singlejar' - jar-cli: compile cli (doesn't require swt)
9f23c20 2013-01-25 javadoc fixes
9fa610b 2013-01-25 fix build
dd81a71 2013-01-25 - Move HTML-handling classes to new directory, exclude from cli jar
7e0b987 2013-01-25 - Fix problems with caching nym prefs
6cda5d9 2013-01-25 - Try SWT.NONE browser too - RealBrowserTab error handling fixups - BrowserTab javadocs
cf13505 2013-01-25 fix wizard icon, minor cleanups
a45452a 2013-01-25 typo fixes (thanks Aemon)
0911a45 2013-01-24 add go button
29c900f 2013-01-24 buttons etc in browser
7b02e90 2013-01-24 try both webkit and mozilla, then put up an error message if neither worked
787005b 2013-01-24 - Add experimental in-Syndie web page viewing with SWT Browser, using I2P proxy
9042938 2013-01-24 - Support opening external links in browser - More SyndieURL parsing lenience
de91271 2013-01-24 refactor StartupListener out of StartupPanel
bfbe939 2013-01-24 refactor string methods out of Constants
f530a40 2013-01-23 Rename SWT license file in plugin
58683df 2013-01-23 bundle target fixes
92d01e4 2013-01-23 German, Spanish, and Swedish translations from transifex
76c536e 2013-01-23 - Move PushStrategy and PullStrategy out of SharedArchiveEngine to their own java files
1a2eab6 2013-01-23 Build win64 and 32/64 mac installer plugins
64532f6 2013-01-23 - Hopefully fix error on view plain text on windows   urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1358598031410ee
9c34831 2013-01-23 - Fix listynms hanging CLI
4df12b0 2013-01-23 - Fix page down button in last page of message switching to blank thread tab
808aa65 2013-01-21 - Fix crash in some locales caused by SimpleDateFormat abuse
4de4218 2013-01-21 Attachments: - Fix bug requiring click on attachment 1 to load any attachment   urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1358702772944ee - Don't load attachments into memory unless displayable - Don't keep attachment data in memory; reload if saving - Set attachment tab text to file name - Improve attachment tab layout
01414b3 2013-01-21 - Add support for 1- and 2-arg gettexts - Add better quote message, tag it - Add attachment count to ThreadReferenceNode - Show attachment icon in MessageTree for those with attachments - Clean up tooltips for links
5dd8c3a 2013-01-21 refactor date/time utils to their own class
4df5565 2013-01-21 MessageTree:   - Add expand/collapse-all buttons and menu items   - Add icons to some buttons   - Enable/disable expand/collapse-thread/all-buttons/menus as appropriate   - Better layout of buttons   - Spinner tweaks   - cleanups, finals - Set icon on MessageView reply button
5c53460 2013-01-20 - Set MessageEditorTab text to the subject - Warn if no subject on post
e753526 2013-01-20 - Fix language picker menu
c064988 2013-01-20 - Add warning about CLI + httpserv
0683ea5 2013-01-20 - Make quoted text background lighter
fb970d6 2013-01-20 To complement 94ad019f79017fe53ba972c13142df7018adcc66, default to pulling recent messages
f09667e 2013-01-20 - Fix StyledTextChooser initial color button colors, and showing gray-on-gray sample text when changing styles
3e54f7b 2013-01-20 fix disable image NPE (again)
c25c2ef 2013-01-20 change reference tab icon to the link icon
fc4ac8c 2013-01-20 - Fixed Syndicator NPE urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1358600767303ee
b001d26 2013-01-20 - Restrict permissions on .syndie dir - Add way to delay startup to attach debugger
1f19681 2013-01-20 - Get more Browser menu processing off the UI thread   so the UI will be respond faster at startup
dd441ac 2013-01-20 - Concurrent JobRunner queue - Increase JobRunners to 4; decrease SyncOutbundPushers to 2
a8f3b0c 2013-01-20 - Add icons to MessageEditor tabs
a935f8f 2013-01-20 - Get more ReferenceChooserTree and StatusBar processing off the UI thread   so the UI will be respond faster at startup
fdfb321 2013-01-19 1.102b-9
690a439 2013-01-19 - Change default pull policy from 6 months to 2 months - Clear 'search term' and enable/disable button automatically in NymChannelTree - NymChannelTree spacing tweaks at top - New truncate utility method - ColorUtil cleanups, generics
c74e76b 2013-01-19 explicitly specify the type of source
21dca16 2013-01-19 merge of '1fe1697dfbeafa15e562177bdf3f533b1983c551'      and 'df7d97191b0fae4c9fb5e86019f55e3c65951e99'
68e2e72 2013-01-19 log tweak
6c5ddb6 2013-01-19 preliminary support for standard URI query encoding
faa1a8c 2013-01-19 ngettext fixes
3c38f5b 2013-01-19 Add transifex config file
28e9d71 2013-01-19 - make gettext optional - minor tweaks to the header of the po (probably not important)
5026ba6 2013-01-19 - Finish tag cleanup - capitalization, symbols, spelling, spaces, consistency - Add ngettext - Fix translation for 'reflow' in wizard - Update English PO file, ready for translation
8385ca6 2013-01-19 - fix in-progress fetch count for unknwon reply key - Limit browser tab name length - Note meta fetch/pulls on syndicator tab - CLI help cleanup
649e1e5 2013-01-19 javadocs, generics, cleanups
da6e709 2013-01-18 fix new db startup
cb24b89 2013-01-18 spacing
86179d1 2013-01-18 - cleanups, statics, finals, javadocs
83e03f4 2013-01-18 improve keylist CLI
3894b0a 2013-01-18 - Add up/down arrow support to TextUITab - Fix coloring issues in TextUITab - Increase buffer size in TextUITab - Fix command history issues
64a76d5 2013-01-18 - More CLI help, add aliases and shortcuts to menus
cddeae2 2013-01-18 - Refactor CLI - Add help for CLI commands - Add help for missing TextEngine commands
85a5c1b 2013-01-18 cli menu tweak
f816269 2013-01-18 - More CLI help sorting - Fix more commands that don't call commandComplete() - More TextUITab improvements - Fix keyimport NPE if missing arg
a3ca338 2013-01-18 - Add CLI commands to CLI help - Sort help where possible - Fix CLI recovery after RuntimeException - Better formatting of multiline messages in TextUITab
3e359e7 2013-01-17 The two python script attachments from MOSFET's control server patch:
1154328 2013-01-17 - Enclosure finals and clean up streams correctly when loading/storing Enclosures
63446cf 2013-01-17 - Add CLI 'no such menu' error - Fix reimporting of messages with unknown read/reply keys - Fix log spamming from fetcher and pusher - Fix classes in Desktop causing dependency warnings
7841d01 2013-01-17 add a few more 'bad' forums to the default banlist
0aa7426 2013-01-17 - Change SQL, Log, and UI tabs to monospace font - Fix bug closing forum tab after banning it - Move some methods from BrowserTab to BaseComponent - Remove debug logging in SpelUtil and in banning - Show completed count for fetches/pulls
abf53ec 2013-01-17 fix last check-in
6740d19 2013-01-17 Add my archives to the defaults
c77ebf7 2013-01-17 - Implement backup of nymkeys and meta.syndie at db creation - Fix UI hang in 'meta' - More excludes for syndie-cli.jar
caa63c9 2013-01-17 merge of '276a24061509fd8816501e9b0d1ae311795fa9c3'      and 'bcf26f21a46170049206a6d7d3b803180fe9b652'
d68b424 2013-01-17 correct source tarball name document ctrlserv option
a090572 2013-01-17 1.102b-8
dd0a165 2013-01-17 - Implement importing of keys and posts at db init time - Add ident hash output to dumpsyndie (Enclosure) output - Revert manual edit of import_meta1.syndie in 59f68622c12d601e7e0a37d33576e17877c07b35   that corrupted it
bdce4b5 2013-01-16 - Trap 'logout' in TextUITab - Disable more buttons when Syndicator is empty
db61801 2013-01-16 add newdatabase script
3747b7e 2013-01-16 fix bold and italic on default font
c7e2331 2013-01-16 cleanups
d933e2d 2013-01-16 better handling of syndicator tab when no archives defined
0c78667 2013-01-16 - Enable cancel and close on wizard - focus on finish button on last panel
612adab 2013-01-16 move location of default scripts in jar
60490da 2013-01-16 fix restoration of previous tabs at startup
f6176fb 2013-01-16 - Another fix to ensure a tab is shown at startup - Add "help" URI type - More lenience in URI parsing - New HelpTab, work in progress - Comment startup scripts - Tag some tab tooltips - Javadocs and cleanups
bc90c5a 2013-01-16 cleanups
b1b1d76 2013-01-16 possibly fix NPE from null archive name
9b94ac4 2013-01-16 - Display dates by message ID (not import date) by default - Fix createEdition to always create a date in the recent past,   unless the replied-to date is in the future.   Ensure later than replied-to date if a reply.   Also prevent looping forever on bad dates. - Show help popup by default after posting message - cleanups
31b8171 2013-01-15 minor build tweaks
e9c3473 2013-01-15 SyndieURI cleanups, more lenient parsing
0754e02 2013-01-15 build: - make fonts a little larger (suggested) - reorder deps in pkg-all target - create launcher shellscripts for Linux
1f838ff 2013-01-15 add missing licenses correct outdated info/instructions
783f09a 2013-01-15 remove unused servlet.jar
06c5cf3 2013-01-15 update doc/web - fix broken links to * - update build targets
73dc548 2013-01-15 - Fix NPE when viewing URI with a page number and the message is unknown locally - Add stack trace to internal error popup
6eaef96 2013-01-15 suppress remaining deprecation warnings
e1d887a 2013-01-15 Apply patch from MOSFET:
f1e40b6 2013-01-15 cache PublicKey and SigningPublicKey too
71a1161 2013-01-15 - Use cached hashes for all but authorization and authentication hashes
eb34749 2013-01-15 - Put icons on MessageViewBody tabs - Fix NPE on right-click disable images in PageRenderer - Set italic font for unspecified author and forum on MessageView - Don't show unread flag on MessageFlagBar, since you're looking at the message
c81abda 2013-01-14 fix ManageForum avatar display
39c2def 2013-01-14 Enclosure.main improvements (decode body if body key available)
dd9e6f0 2013-01-14 create table in the db that was missed in db version 23. bump db rev to 24.
dfe64fb 2013-01-14 1.102b-7
ba3299d 2013-01-14 - 3rd try to fix repeated-push problem. Process and copy the   metainfo when pushed to the server if the file does not exist,   even if it's in the database.
498a3bc 2013-01-14 - Fix class cast error on cancel lists - Change rebuild time back to 1 hour from 4 - Don't process pushed meta if edition is the same - finals in ChannelCollector
6981d44 2013-01-14 simple test scripts
9e82761 2013-01-14 misc. cleanups
fab37a6 2013-01-14 - Fix avatar chooser menu if images are not displayed - Randomize default avatar in wizard
0e87705 2013-01-14 SQLTab improvements like previously in TextUITab
7a10b20 2013-01-14 - Spiff up Enclosure.toString() - Add Enclosure.main() to dump .syndie files - Clean up unnecessary initializers in data constructors - Javadocs and finals
d5f9ae7 2013-01-13 - Another fix for repeated pushes (server side) - save pushed meta file   to archive if it was known in db but missing in archive
0abe45e 2013-01-13 dont display hash for missing description
64815fa 2013-01-13 - Add more menu accelerators - 'Open Syndie URI' popup error handling - Yet more standardization of forum/author, in MessageTree - More tag cleanups, generics
66baa07 2013-01-13 - Fix bug in dependency checking for pushes, did not push forum   metadata when required, thus causing messages in that forum to   get repeatedly pushed
71c1491 2013-01-13 build: - Add OSX installers (previously there were just app bundles) - -Dwith.revision=true will build installers/tarballs with the revision in the name - add aliases for targets - fix desktop launchers in Unix
23a19fd 2013-01-13 update bundled hsqldb to No license changes.
8fd129b 2013-01-13 - Fix decoding of password-protected messages. ImportPost tried to delete   the message before reimporting, but that only marks the deletionCause in the DB,   so the INSERT would fail. Instead, do UPDATE.   TODO: StatusBar isn't updated   TODO: Undelete passphrased messages as a one-time fix?
4a534b6 2013-01-13 change default display filter from 6 months to 10 years (i.e. all)
f178ec2 2013-01-12 1.102b-6
1be1f24 2013-01-12 - Fix sync-completed tracking which could prevent future pushes - Fix multiple pushes of the same data after a not-modified index fetch - Fix display for fetch index that has never succeeded - Fix format of last-modified header to use strictest RFC 822 - Fix zero-arg SyncArchive.main() - Don't call SyncListeners for added unless really added - Revert shuffling of push/pull order with a single archive,   as it made the UI messier, debugging harder, and may have   other side effects - Tweak to date display if <= 0 - Debug logs for time spent in SyncArchiveEngine - Javadocs, comments, cleanups
5847516 2013-01-12 fix links to external packages in javadocs
74091f0 2013-01-11 automatically fetch swt in the plugin target
b94c9b0 2013-01-11 more osx fixes: - actually include i2p.jar (!) - actually include i2p.jar in the classpath (!!) - force plist and to be left aligned (the xml looks daft but the resultant files look good)
2d9c821 2013-01-11 hopefully fixing the last plist fix
95d1c09 2013-01-11 osx related changes per zab's advice
6f4f2df 2013-01-11 merge of '0fc95ba421606352b6aef411dd65cc0bfe9e3499'      and '3b20a1c41338e3fe882867e52a86c36acff45c2f'
f7ddbf5 2013-01-11 fail build immed. if deps not found
056f4a3 2013-01-11 1.102b-5
f717c2b 2013-01-11 - Exit/quit from the UI tab will close the tab instead of hanging things. - Add initial help message to UI tab - Force UI tab focus to command field
a9901f2 2013-01-11 - Make FireSelectionListener abstract - Go directly to draft when clicking on drafts button if only one - More tag cleanup - Add full hash to banned popup (again)
47a60a7 2013-01-11 - Use monospace font in PageRenderer.renderText() and in MessageEditor - Disable PageRenderer view as HTML menus when text only - Fix PageRenderer rendering both text and html in parallel when selection changes - Fix monospace and log fonts loading correctly - Fix bug resetting theme and saving it
45d4689 2013-01-11 a few more build changes  - prefex targets that users shouldn't run manually with - (generally any that    only set properties) -  make source-tarball create a tarball without '.orig' -  add 'debian-tarball' to create a more debian-friendly tarball. -  don't add revs to the extended version unless op-ed in
852cae0 2013-01-11 * correct typo in runhttpserv.syndie * update bin/readme.txt
8f8bcfc 2013-01-11 copy uninstaller icon in the installer macro
96ad3ba 2013-01-11 - Set default in FontDialog - Fix bugs saving/restoring font changes - Fix dup font loading - Javadocs and cleanups
d8ea5f0 2013-01-11 - Rework Theme to handle changing fonts - Add font picker. Doesn't yet correctly save setting across restarts.
f115faf 2013-01-10 ellipsis out of tags
4d804fa 2013-01-10 colons out of tags
9ebca47 2013-01-10 - Centralize generation of displayed name/hash for consistency - Pull mnemonics indicator for MenuItems out of tags.   Since the items will be translated, it isn't practical to have them   inside the strings.
64745b1 2013-01-10 - Fixes for banned channel display and management
3638dcb 2013-01-10 merge of '764ffc4ee86f61ad3953c8f946e1d82336ebff06'      and 'ff633022d3352d169c7ae09555d6b3ccdfb2f993'
6c2e19d 2013-01-10 Do not treat cli parameters as archive locations in the test ui
5f7525f 2013-01-10 missing file
c9b772e 2013-01-10 installer support and related targets/macros
514466b 2013-01-10 - Fix NPE in desktop message editor - Don't maximize desktop on startup - log cleanup - finals
7d5b37c 2013-01-10 - Move po template to english, run poupdate
3f22e7a 2013-01-10 - Add bundle and poupdate targets - fixes
fef2042 2013-01-10 - Manual fixups after automated conversion from 2-arg to 1-arg getText calls and removal of   key definitions. - Add _x() static tag method
fbb6998 2013-01-10 - Automated conversion from 2-arg to 1-arg getText calls and removal of   key definitions. Manual fixes to follow.
650a42c 2013-01-10 - Convert TranslationRegistry to use I2P's Translate class and po files - fixup for build path changes
f06f292 2013-01-10 - More forum and author display consistency - icon spacing - debug log cleanup - finals
446d3b1 2013-01-10 - and an initial messages_de.po file for further testing.   The code doesn't support po files yet, only properties files, and it has   all the message IDs that have to be stripped out.   No ant target yet either.
1480efa 2013-01-10 add a random number to the default user name in wizard
cf949ba 2013-01-10 actually check if launch4j is available. *sigh*
40298bf 2013-01-09 * new targets and changes to existing targets - pkg: create jars and copy jars and docs to ./dist - pkg-exe: same as pkg but uses launch4j to wrap the jar files into   Windows-friendly EXE files if launch4j is available - jar: build syndie.jar in ./build instead of dist * two new helper macros: wrap-to-exe and make-stub-jar
2e64904 2013-01-09 typo fix
ddaeaa0 2013-01-09 - Fix NPE in login script when using TextUI as main class - Fix another early NPE in CLI
a80fbe8 2013-01-09 remove double ;;
bf09ae6 2013-01-09 - Localize filter date display - More lenient parsing of filter dates - Label import date on message view - More tweaks of filter date options - Disable MessageView buttons when no messages displayed
645cc28 2013-01-09 tweaks
9b824ae 2013-01-09 SharedArchiveEngine:   - Fix msgs not being pushed due to internal/external message ID confusion     introduced in 88f900b0c9dba3020b08deb94950b1776c437b4e   - Don't sort before processing since we are shuffling later DBClient:   - javadocs for internal/external messages   - Catch strange error reading nym keys from db 1.102b-4
70661bd 2013-01-09 format date for pushes too
a09d94d 2013-01-09 cleanup
d624f3e 2013-01-09 fix serving static web pages thx kytv
63fdf1b 2013-01-09 add spacing to message flag bar icons
a7d15a1 2013-01-09 typo fixes
18dcd88 2013-01-09 * complain during build if swt.jar cannot be found and echo an informative message * adjust preppkg targets * fix dist
ba3cb06 2013-01-09 - Display localized dates - Display date instead of message id in fetch/push sections
d835cf1 2013-01-09 update  INSTALL  - remove mention of gcj. There are no makefiles in the source.  - require java 1.6+ to build.  - grammar fix  - mention 'run-desktop' target
c17db7c 2013-01-09 add prep* targets which will be used by the forthcoming installer targets
10a3fa6 2013-01-09 add license files included with the SWT distribution (since I think we'll need it for our forthcoming installers)
50f2ca8 2013-01-09 fix SWT disposed exceptions after cancel
ac95150 2013-01-09 - Restrict permissions on all files and directories - Send and parse last-modified headers - Add default favicon.ico and robots.txt to reduce server errors - Store fetched index file for reuse if server cannot be   contacted or returns 304 - Continue syndication even if index has not been modified - Move web files from archive/ to web/ - Return 404 instead of index on bad requests TODO: Only regenerate index if necessary
d8969a3 2013-01-08 update debian changelog
1860e64 2013-01-08 1.102b-3
c472787 2013-01-08 Add usage target and make it the default
f5ccc65 2013-01-08 organize build.xml, add more target descriptions
5ac2635 2013-01-08 Add 'run-desktop' target to run start Syndie with the alternative interface
c4f00df 2013-01-08 finals and generics
ec066a8 2013-01-08 Changes to reduce the number of messages pushed to archives:
ee63339 2013-01-08 Reject HTTP server requests via inproxies, except for index.html
711268b 2013-01-08 text tweaks
4fa2f6c 2013-01-08 - Generics in DBClient for sanity
1fd5bad 2013-01-08 More standardization of forum name and author display
c8b2bcd 2013-01-08 More standardization of forum name and author display Sort strings with Collator for case-insensitive locale-based sort
cb251b6 2013-01-08 rename index file
7c315b8 2013-01-08 debian: don't hard code paths
f9793af 2013-01-08 customize manifest attributes as is done with I2P
add81ed 2013-01-07 User buffered streams on some locations
bd3f36f 2013-01-07 Set the name of the application to "Syndie"
24167c1 2013-01-07 fix javadocs target, add simple jdoc
35c0129 2013-01-07 - Move two desktop help posts that are imported at startup, only by desktop.   These posts, one 64KB and one 1.3MB, are not helpful for the standard gui.   The post URIs are:
6b525ba 2013-01-07 Document that OSX needs some extra command-line parameters   Echo the command-line arguments in "ant run"
f70eebc 2013-01-07 Add a check that prevents changing the Syndie root to an argument         like "-d32"    Add a TODO that the Syndie root should be in a different place on   Windows & OSX
7262bac 2013-01-07 don't allow javadocs to end up in syndie.jar
4250507 2013-01-07 javadoc fixes
5aabf55 2013-01-07 remove javadoc target from TODO
221a0d7 2013-01-07 * new ant targets  - javadocs  - getBuildNumber
61e6001 2013-01-07 - Add background image to browsser tab during startup - Speed up browser tab display at startup by several seconds,   by putting new message search into a JobRunner thread - Sort forums in new message button - Display SyndicatorTab on startup if we closed with no tabs - Limit number of old tabs displayed on startup
50ee47a 2013-01-07 update debian packaging to reflect bumped build
ceda702 2013-01-07 - Disable database defrag on shutdown for now, speeds up shutdown by about 4x
e1a2fca 2013-01-07 - Add depend task for better dependency checking - Don't copy data files to build dir - Bump to 1.102b-2
5937bce 2013-01-07 - Add message counts and other info to ReferenceChooserTree;   change font based on message count - Add message counts to StatusBar new messages popup - Change default display filter from 6 months to 10 years - Try to display channels consistently in the bottom status bar popups   and the ReferenceChooserTree - Mark a message as read when you read it (change default to true) - More debug cleanup
0e82703 2013-01-06 - Catch 'widget is disposed' exceptions,   possibly preventing pushes from working
7aafb10 2013-01-06 - Better feedback in SyndicatorTab by adding   progress and total size in bytes for message and index fetches.   Total size only listed for pushes (for now). - Change page header if no items to display in MessageTree,   so you don't think maybe it's loading.
43a8183 2013-01-06 add findbugs target
dc8411c 2013-01-06 - update debian changelog - add build targets to aid tarball creation
e4a79c2 2013-01-06 1.102b-1
cf17737 2013-01-06 merge of '166a12647d30b1b573d906feba7bde9887b1c7c3'      and '512acf6019b641d7043900f7dcc07ae66f5e4d71'
63a5842 2013-01-06 - Hopefully fix SWT disposed errors in SyndicatorTab - Better feedback in SyndicatorTab by adding   progress messages for metainfo and body pulls/pushes.   To do: Body progress and total size in bytes
ba51098 2013-01-06 add target (mostly useful for those that run jenkins)
52ac0da 2013-01-06 - Convert debug uses of deprecated Sha256Standalone to SHA256Generator.getDigestInstance().   Note that we cannot convert the other uses   (Enclosure, MessageGen, ChanGen, MessageCreatorDirect)   as we need two digests, and digest() resets, so it must clone   for the first digest, but the fallback MessageDigest from   SHA256GGenerator doesn't support clone(), and the library one may   not either.   Todo: add clone support?
27a0449 2013-01-06 - Limit max fetches or pushes shown in SyndicatorTab so the UI doesn't slow down - Remove fetches and pushes as they complete if we exceed the max to display   Still needs some work and possible synchronization, can get exceptions from   items that are disposed while updating.   Also need another state for 'queued' vs. 'in progress'. - Stub out a callback to the ReferenceChooserTree (left column) from the Syndicator   so we may update it as we import. Commented out for now, doesn't work yet.
0a62320 2013-01-06 - Fix "Data already set" internal error when importing posts with   hidden authors and an authentication mask   http://mosfet.i2p/urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1338384300469e4:pagei1ee - Log failures in SyncArchive actions - When logging exceptions, log at warn level
2685a56 2013-01-06 wizard archive text tweaks
f000a7d 2013-01-06 - Shuffle the archives when iterating so we don't always sync in-order - Shuffle the order URIs are fetched or pushed - Debug message reduction
097f824 2013-01-05 - Hopeful fix for NPE (null policies) in Expirer, apparently caused by database   not returning default policies?   http://mosfet.i2p/urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1338712603473e4:pagei1ee - Expire every 24-25 hours, not every 6-30 hours
c427162 2013-01-05 - Hopefully fix httpserv startup race http://mosfet.i2p/urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:SjwUPvsAw05RyYIHuXy8xTEKKUq2rsb8Qu8zUDXoQ7I=9:messageIdi1339163540117e4:pagei1ee
0249d2a 2013-01-05 - Fix error posting private messages, caused by using a 32-byte Hash to store a 16-byte IV   http://mosfet.i2p/urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:dayiiQ9zrJNf7FDOHjzZGMAmhHJxwZF2fPHKx4IPDHE=9:messageIdi1341365916247e4:pagei1ee
c01994d 2013-01-05 - Fix dir layout in data/ - Don't throw math error if splash imgs not found
6bfd089 2013-01-05 - Re-enable the spell checker for non-windows usrs.   Clicking on the button in the post editor doesn't seem to do anything though; to be investigated.
a78078d 2013-01-05 remove temp debug msgs
9ff008d 2013-01-05 improve wizard text to tell people to start I2P first
5942a4a 2013-01-05 - Move all bundled resources, ddl files, images, etc. out of the   src/ directory to a new data/ directory.   The resources/ directory remains miscellaneous things that are not bundled in the jar.
7471443 2013-01-05 - Change default search and display filters from 1 week to 6 months - Add more filter age options
190e7b8 2013-01-05 Change default pull age policy from 'whatever the archive says' to '6 months'. Add more pull age options.
d16430c 2013-01-05 archive name tweaks
5fb4773 2013-01-05 Catch NoSuchMethodError caused by inadvertent API change to SocketTimeout in I2P 0.9.3
654016f 2013-01-05 add darrob archive
e69d581 2013-01-05 Fix NPE if creating a draft msg in a forum, then banning the forum, then opening the draft.
4259f5b 2013-01-05 drop logger.config
62b9177 2013-01-05 Reduce default archive min sync time from 24h to 4h. Reduce default master sync time from 5-6h to 4-5h.
f33f32c 2013-01-05 merge of '88290c6905a1a68d0eedeaccc5607554388d6bce'      and 'b2e6a7d30e52b6bd6de33c78e90945d8babb79ca'
57672b0 2013-01-05 dont maximize window by default
f27734f 2013-01-05 Reduce default sync time from 24-48 hours to 5-6 hours.
9a57fe6 2013-01-05 update default archives
a578c5b 2013-01-05 Wizard screen:  - Fix too wide (stack.setLayoutData args must be true)  - Make resizable  - Set max size Ticket #461
1225dcb 2013-01-04 more specific imports
88b569a 2013-01-04 bump version deps
0516c52 2013-01-04 remove $SRC/syndie.jar with the clean target
1ebd63e 2013-01-04 fix the dist ("build all jars") target
0634185 2013-01-04 update build instructions
31709a8 2013-01-04 build.xml  - don't require symlinking dependencies to ./lib. Allow setting properties for them.    If the properties are not set, the build system will still look in ./lib  - add getReleaseNumber target
04b057a 2013-01-04 add .mtn-ignore
bd17732 2012-11-20 switch from SimpleTimer to SimpleTimer2
619b86f 2012-07-15 update bug tracking url
8f4987e 2012-06-04 Add planb.i2p
2b8537f 2012-06-03 add vim mode line, remove trailing & leading spaces
c1f8e33 2012-06-02 Debian packaging updates
4a92a17 2011-06-04 StringBuffer -> StringBuilder everywhere
49b407e 2011-06-01 turn on deprecation warnings
dd9fb07 2011-05-30 - Top-level doc cleanup - License info cleanup since I2P is no longer bundled. - Add icons license, include in plugins. - Include jazzy license in plugins. - Remove jazzy license and other text files from jar. - Stop ant complaint
2fb0a72 2011-05-29 Debian: typo fix
cb43ed7 2011-05-29 Debian: Update packaging for -b8
8412c0f 2011-05-28 update
d71fade 2011-05-28 add web server support for HEAD, for shared files only
68b49b4 2011-05-27 Debian: adjust dependencies so that i2p | i2p-router will satisfy the requirements.
e02c040 2011-05-26 Debian packaging for Syndie
e2503e8 2011-05-21 Remove defunct archives/add working archives
9091970 2010-03-21 build updates
bd76f2d 2010-03-08 lin-64
84375ce 2010-03-05 add swt license
b62b163 2010-03-03 make windows plugins too
b470128 2010-03-02 change update link
abcf949 2010-03-02 initial plugin support
cfe8627 2010-03-01 EnclosureBody: Remove unused import of AESInputStream, which was removed from i2p.jar in 0.7.8
a1cc44b 2009-05-28 two minor style changes:  * ran xmlint  * renamed jarjar target to dist
a34f59d 2009-05-28 merge of '1071281782160f2d595d49afcef760a7da62dff1'      and '4b62619eb8583ca9fc999ada6b9e4ea1ea3ac385'
0266af6 2009-05-28 disapproval of revision 'fcdd311a9d37dca4ac3864e5e295161538afdffa'
e98f39b 2009-05-28 disapproval of revision '4d6b1d54b8297fc19751437d94f1f74d625d6387'
b3460a7 2009-05-25 AGAIN
7f80802 2009-05-25 Pointless Update
4394af9 2009-05-23 Single jar combo
8444efe 2009-05-22 Remove broken links
397aa12 2009-04-13 added a new build file and changed around stuff, so it works again
861f7a9 2009-04-13 started cleanup
6a0d836 2009-03-21 removed I2P source from tree NOTE: we are now using the smaller keysize instead of the full one! 226 vs 2048
f27a61f 2009-03-21 minor docs updates
28339ee 2009-03-21 removed outdated Makefiles
0a18132 2009-03-21 minor doc update
dc0c6f8 2009-03-21 nothing
806b5ca 2009-02-25 syndie goes beta!
571da15 2009-02-19 needs not to be
140c49c 2009-02-10 added syndie.welterde.(de|i2p) as default archives
feb1d58 2009-02-02 updated version(again)
84f7ecf 2009-02-01 Syndicator tab should show "Syndicating" now, when fetching messages
2e29221 2009-02-01 updated version
dd357f0 2009-01-31 applied patch 6 from MOSFET(and a missing file from patch 2)
11d0374 2009-01-31 applied patch 5 from MOSFET
c5cf07c 2009-01-31 applied patch 4 from MOSFET
c521d63 2009-01-31 applied patch 3 from MOSFET
58c23a8 2009-01-31 applied patch 2 from MOSFET
114c0a1 2008-03-23 Merge patch 1 by Anonymous: * properly delimit image file extensions * store the sync delay upon saving HTTP archive properties
c0ef1ba 2008-03-22 Store the default author into nym preferences early on, preventing an NPE later (specifically: when we post our first message with default settings to our own forum).
39b1f64 2007-09-30 add some drag and drop functionality to the bookmark tree (no clean way to edit bookmarks inline yet)
917a219 2007-09-29 make the resumeable tree (and a few others) use the full selection (thanks mihi!)
ebf41f2 2007-09-28 1.101a
17a4502 2007-09-28 1.101a
540c7cf 2007-09-28 when searching for keyword/all, sort them by name instead of randomly
a072c18 2007-09-28 clean up the private reply to a private reply scenario (thanks somebody!), and more easily allow sending private replies to blog posts
2755f8e 2007-09-28 options can have single words :)
09907e6 2007-09-28 patch from polecat to improve the parsing of subject lines and other strings (thanks!)
a1ee601 2007-09-28 - periodically run the expiration policies (after every day or so of syndie's uptime)   in addition to whenever the policies are run manually - drop the package private hsqldb gcj-kludges/hacks, as they obviously depend on the   particular version of hsqldb used (and the latest don't have the kludged files) - rework the left drop targets and the right hand side of the forum selection panel -   you can drag a message from the message tree onto the bookmarks section to bookmark   it, or to the "special forums" section to watch the author
e22eae6 2007-09-17 more aggressively set the focus on the panel's important data
97108f3 2007-09-17 message editor: the "change author" and "change forum" (etc) popups now bring up the appropriate list of forums instead of the full nymChannelTree
05df18f 2007-09-17 turned the top right corner into a close button (by popular demand)
76bda32 2007-09-17 switch to using a tree to display "special forums" and bookmarks instead of using a grid with more fine grained selectors
db938a9 2007-09-10 - switch the to and from combo boxes in the message editor to buttons that   launch a forum selection dialog - preview before posting more carefully
5c7c6cc 2007-09-09 erg, further 'revert' fixes
6d2fc48 2007-09-09 fixes for reverting cancel and expiration policy changes
1c65b7f 2007-09-09 port the archive manager to the desktop gui, exposing the unban and archive advertizing options (thanks foofighter)
4448b92 2007-09-09 - make sure we have a watched expiration policy (thanks foofighter) - when reshowing a message tree, only update the bottom row if the filter changed   so the blue back arrow doesn't disable 'post'/'reply'/etc (thanks foofighter^2)
840d557 2007-09-09 - make sure we delete cancel stub messages - make sure we process cancel messages fully - don't include cancelled/deleted messages in the message/thread tree - prompt to confirm message deletion, forum banning, and message   cancellation (thanks foofighter!)
51b2f82 2007-09-09 honor cancel messages (according to policy), keeping track of what should be cancelled. the gui causes one or two cancel messages to be created when the cancel option is selected - first, it creates a specific stub cancel message containing no data, just a header with the to-be-cancelled uri, and second, it (may) create an updated metadata to include the to-be-cancelled uri in its list of recently cancelled messages.
f728c7d 2007-09-07 merged in the i2p eepget changes (in-memory output streams)
22ac3ea 2007-09-07 cancel policy management and the gui side of the cancel message creation. still need to generate the appropriate cancel messages/headers as well as honor them (according to the relevent policy)
042e54f 2007-09-06 updated w/ icons for many of the menu options (thanks defnax!)
b3fe101 2007-09-03 minor log message trimming
c6c22b7 2007-09-02 - reenable the hsqldb compaction routine on shutdown, since with actual   message expiration it'd be good to reclaim that space - when expiring a data file for a message we haven't yet been able to decrypt,   expire the db message too, since we won't be able to decrypt it without the   data file - make sure we don't try to reimport messages that have been deleted/expired/etc - enable the actual expiration engine, as the data file logic has been updated.   one caveat though is that the target channel for database messages may appear   to be off when the message could not yet be decrypted - for those   undecryptable messages, they will be expired by scope channel. - while the expiration is running in the gui, disable the expire button
2942901 2007-09-02 - add in the beginnings of the engine behind the expiration policies (Expirer).   it is currently set to not actually delete anything (just log what it would   delete), and the data file deletion is currently disabled entirely due to a   logic error. - track the message sizes explicitly so we can more easily expire messages   (rather than recalc the page, attachment, etc lengths each time)
61a5917 2007-08-31 add in the gui and db side of the expiration policy management for both the desktop and tabbed ui.  the expiration policies are not yet executed though.
fccb992 2007-08-29 - add in the deletion and expiration database tables/columns - allow messages to be explicitly deleted from the message tree context menu or the   page renderer's context menu (which deletes both the .syndie file and the db data)
d242d30 2007-08-25 1.100a released
f6cd168 2007-08-24 summarize the last 6 months in a few lines (ugh)
be6ba30 2007-08-24 add in a shortcut to the syndie-tabs gui
6802b22 2007-08-24 - when packaging up syndie, distribute both a syndie.exe and a syndie-tabs.exe,   where syndie.exe launches the new desktop GUI and the syndie-tabs.exe launches   the old tabbed syndie GUI - remove the "switch to tabs" button in the desktop GUI's control panel - streamline the HTTP server's archive index rebuilding so that all requests can   be processed during the rebuild rather than the old scenario where all requests   waited until the rebuilding completed
65f4adc 2007-08-23 when viewing an archive uri w/ details, pop up the dialog w/ those details
9efeca8 2007-08-23 - since we package the tour and help as syndie messages, don't dist them as html/png - update the download filesize approximations
d2dd97c 2007-08-23 make sure we're 1.4 friendly (oops)
7ea15ee 2007-08-22 package the latest SWT (3.4M1), run the new desktop GUI by default, and increase the version number to 1.100a
4ba956a 2007-08-22 when switching to the tabbed ui, close all open panels so the ui is a bit more consistent
41b9053 2007-08-22 force the focus on the archive tree when we switch to the syndicator panel
fad876a 2007-08-22 alt+u copies the current URI to the clipboard.  note that when viewing the message tree panel, alt+u copies the URI to the current search criteria to load that message tree, not the URI to the currently selected message or forum
2be4441 2007-08-22 "view fetched messages" should filter based on the message targets not scope
a12ea6e 2007-08-22 message thread tree - "mark read" should only affect a message, not a thread
52d6483 2007-08-22 add "unwatch" and "drop reference" to the forum selection panel, where appropriate
9365943 2007-08-22 when individual messages have their read status updated, propogate that change to other panels that care (e.g. when marking as read on a message panel, update the font on the thread tree for that message)
223afa1 2007-08-21 - lazy load the channel info for 'special' forums (manageable/ident/postable/etc) - increase the task close icon sizes - resize the task popup's avatar image sizes to a consistent value
4484a77 2007-08-21 - add keyboard controls on the message tree to access the right hand side buttons:   ^X = eXpand, ^C = Collapse, ^P = Profile, ^V = View, ^M = Mark, ^R = create ref
08538dd 2007-08-20 - make the watch and ban buttons switch to unwatch and unban as appropriate on   the message tree panel - add tooltips to the message panel navigation buttons
d6671c9 2007-08-20 - on the control panel, don't open selected uris twice - fire up a warning dialog on unknown URIs and URLs in the desktop GUI as it was in   the tabbed gui - don't launch the tabbed gui when an unknown URI or URL is launched (only show the   embedded tabbed UI when specifically told to do so from the control panel)
b827065 2007-08-20 fix up some panel titles (thanks Anonymous)
5ccdf2c 2007-08-20 - use the cached nym channel info more frequently - made the tabbed gui launching a bit more streamlined by locking the gui thread   less frequently
9493343 2007-08-19 - cache the pbe and pubkey checking to reduce unnecessary calculations - add the new action/style buttons to the old message editor - add a button to the control menu to open the tabbed ui panel
5962588 2007-08-17 - enable right click on the avatars in the forum selection panel to view their profile   in addition to just viewing their messages - make the watch/ban support unwatch/unban on the profile panel (thanks Polecat!)
1756c2c 2007-08-15 - fixed some html in the help pages - enable intrapage links in the standalone message viewer so it doesn't launch a new   message panel - hide the attachment tabs in the standalone message viewer - autoimport the help and tour data properly
6888540 2007-08-14 renumber pages for the context sensitive help
dd0e16d 2007-08-14 package up the help and tour posts, (re)importing them on each startup (in case they're updated)
62594ab 2007-08-14 add a minitour
caba6ab 2007-08-14 update the index to link to what is built so far
38e10c4 2007-08-14 message panel
7cdb4a8 2007-08-14 - trim some of the ... zealous coloring - disable the preview pane by default - add a "view fetched messages" button to the share panel which focuses in on   the forums that contain messages that were just fetched
3d27c58 2007-08-12 start of the context sensitive help
7fe2b14 2007-08-11 - add a "view all" button, in case blanking out the search field and hitting search   wasn't obvious. - fix the search field resizing issue (thanks Complication!)
9a25361 2007-08-10 whiners want to see their taskbar for some reason ;)
c6cff9a 2007-08-10 - clear a memory leak of attachments in the message editor (thanks Anonymous!) - optimized the SQL to pull channel info more efficiently when building the list   of 'special' channels for the message editor (aka populating the channel collector)
8d090f5 2007-08-10 when using the 'view combined' feature on the references, traverse the current matches recursively
460492d 2007-08-09 bugfixes for editing the archive defaults and drawing vertical text on windows
6eae63c 2007-08-09 increase the delay between transparent retries on http fetch failure to 5s-65s, and reduce the number of concurrent fetches per archive to 3.
987de3c 2007-08-09 ugh, fixed compile err (thanks Complication!)
e11730d 2007-08-09 add a basic message viewer shell for displaying the tour and context-sensitive help
0356cb4 2007-08-08 allow page titles to be overridden (right click on the tab when editing)
32be8cf 2007-08-08 expose more controls on the edges of the message tree panel rather than buried in the context menus
71393d7 2007-08-08 polecat reports this as helping some aspects of the textui (thanks polecat!)
bb2df8e 2007-08-08 as requested, a new per-archive whitelist is available when pulling remotely, treating any scope in the whitelist's reference category (recursively) as whitelisted (allowing that scope's own posts or posts to that scope).  by default it will still fetch as if there wasn't a whitelist, importing all fetched posts and then deleting anything not whitelisted.  optionally though it can apply the whitelist sooner and only fetch those that match it, though this has serious anonymity implications. more networked testing is necessary.
b5b8c46 2007-08-07 - enable the min sync delay option for each archive (default delay of 1 day) - the backoff-on-failure is in place and cannot be disabled atm, with the   backoff of (delayHours * numConsecutiveFailures), up to a max of 3 days   between sync
f6f16c0 2007-08-07 when recalcing the channels (for whatever reason), make clear that there is work going on and that syndie hasn't just hung (since it can take a few seconds for some searches)
319e174 2007-08-05 - refactor the old default archive config from the Constants java object into   either $syndieDataRoot/defaultarchives.txt or resource($defaultarchives.txt),   whichever is found first. - go back to the "guide the user to pick the archives when they open the   syndication screen / share panel", rather than the (much hated ;) "add the   defaults automatically on startup".  the new method for helping the user add   in the defaults is also much more friendly (and editable) - be sure to unload the archives (and kill the fetchers/pushers) when switching   instances (oops) - let the user go back to that welcome screen later if they want to (though   everything on it is reachable elsewhere)
1b49c0a 2007-08-05 - add in a basic welcome screen (though the referenced tour isn't implemented yet) - minor refactorings and bugfixes
d0c8359 2007-08-05 fix an odd gtk task switch bug where alt+up/down would have the first event fired twice (switching tabs twice)
b70ea79 2007-08-05 enable the custom data filter option
319e813 2007-08-04 - make the httpserv configurable (and controllable) through the top left command menu - honor the "httpserv.runOnStartup" nym pref in the desktop app (the TextUI still   needs to launch the httpserv with the 'httpserv' command)
03aeb70 2007-08-03 rework the and httpserv eepget timeouts to be much more reasonable and configurable (thanks polecat and anonymous!)
229a46a 2007-08-03 implement the "create reference" button on the forum selection screen
5be5df4 2007-08-03 make the number of http handler threads in the http server grow dynamically based on the backlog size (up to a maximum of 50 handlers)
1d400ba 2007-08-03 - clean up some ugly focus control issues so the right things get keyboard actions - make the top right corner minimize syndie rather than open the task tree   (since the "switch task" button right next to it suffices :) - run bans asynchronously, since banning a forum with lots of messages can take   a while (a few hundred ms or more)
80ce0a4 2007-08-02 more careful passphrase handling (oops)
226a575 2007-08-02 - let the user switch database instances easily (top left control menu), creating   a new instance if the specified directory does not yet contain one. - let the syndie database passphrase be changed (if, on startup, the default   passphrase won't let the user log in, it keeps prompting the user for their   pass).  both the database passphrase is changed to this value as well as a   few critical data fields (private keys and postponed messages are encrypted   with this passphrase).  the default 'sa' admin account's passphrase is updated   to a random value as well, though anyone with the source to hsqldb can bypass   that (but would not be able to bypass the encryption on the critical data   fields).  down the line, when hsqldb supports transparent full-db encryption,   the db passphrase itself should become more meaningful. - use the avatar from the instance's default identity as the icon in the top left - more vertical text
f4cd7c3 2007-08-01 html fixes
c7a6786 2007-07-31 when traversing threads, skip messages that are not known locally
9977890 2007-07-31 - add in an intermediate screen after hitting the "write" button that lets you   resume already postponed messages if desired - port the sql screen to the desktop ui (accessible under the advanced control   menu [top left corner]) - more vertical text deployment
5adbd4e 2007-07-31 make the top command bar translatable/themeable, and add a minor text alignment tweak to the channel selector screen
22900cc 2007-07-31 - disable the hsqldb compaction routine (reenable for production releases) - add code to draw text vertically, and use that for the west and east buttons
09aca76 2007-07-29 - enable picking forums that only include (unread) private messages, and when actually   browsing those forums, by default always include private messages in the list (in   addition to pbe'd, public, etc) - move the panel-specific "north" edge in the desktop down under the current position,   replacing the top edge with a set of primary control buttons -   read/write/share/manage/switch.  These are in part currently duplicated with the   corners, but having them up top next to each other should offer a simpler view - toggle the preview/edit context button translation in the message editor appropriately
8af9e54 2007-07-02 adjusted freenet key generation to the latest fcp details (thanks nextgens!)
fc1e255 2007-06-03 fix to allow creating multiple forums on the old gui (thanks Complication!)
a90bbc3 2007-04-03 don't include messages as sources for watching (duh)
119b772 2007-04-03 dodge a few resource leaks (undisposed themeables) show some progress info while importing
5dac3f4 2007-04-02 basic control menu
c3d9d3b 2007-04-02 be more aggressive about fetching avatars
ddce0c9 2007-04-02 switch the forum selection popups from the old tree-based one to the new icon based one across the board (though the places where it explicitly uses the reference tree directly instead of the popup are unaffected)
df6fb4b 2007-04-01 postprocess the translated text to replace newlines with the current running platform's line separator, allowing \n to be used in the translations
29ec2ff 2007-04-01 make the link builder more dynamic, showing only the relevent fields for the type of link in question (also avoids the confusion of filling in fields for multiple types of links)
eb4a501 2007-04-01 no need to fetch the system icons during our blocking startup (and those fetches can take a good deal of time, since they load the images from byte arrays internally rather than files)
2b44108 2007-03-31 - enable adding multiple references to a message (oops, thanks anonymous et al) - enable adding references to a forum that aren't in our local bookmarked references
f37a747 2007-03-31 - add petnames/descriptions/icons/avatars for forums/references, overriding the   name, description, and avatar set in the forum's profile - add a new combined bookmark / reference editor
0cff3e5 2007-03-26 - more race fixes on the fast message panel switching - reenable the drag and drop on the forum reference manager (thanks Anonymous)
3ee8ffd 2007-03-26 erg, compile fix
7befb92 2007-03-26 - basic profile panel integration (edit and view) - make the west edge a toggle (show/hide the favorites, not just show the favorites) - add hooks to add new nyms/forums into the forum selection screen (add refs isn't yet   tied in)
32721dd 2007-03-26 toss in some vertical text on some side edge buttons only use one "favorites" button on the left instead of two (watched and refs) don't open multiple message panels for different attachments/pages
4e21ded 2007-03-26 theme the east edge
74c50b5 2007-03-26 tie in the syndication panel into the desktop, fired by the southwest corner
54b60f9 2007-03-26 handle traversal across multiple forums smoothly (strip the fake forum nodes, pushing the forum's threads up to the top level, and reparent)
14014d1 2007-03-26 shrink the msg nav images so they'll all display on an 800x600 screen
6b0afb6 2007-03-26 add a next/prev via thread that follows the thread but jumps to the next/previous thread when the edge of the current thread is reached (stopping at the forum end/begin)
2bf5db3 2007-03-26 make jikes a little happier, and use the cached channel info for the message tree post privs
9323702 2007-03-26 dodge a race when reusing a message body very quickly
b3f1487 2007-03-26 profiling driven updates: - defer more actions when viewing a message or rendering a page - reuse a message iterator if we have one - loop unroll the PBE crypto - cache the set of channels that the current nym has special privs on, cleared   whenever a new message or metadata comes in - our ImageCanvas is faster at drawing plain fixed size images than the Label.  use   that more often
d2c55b7 2007-03-25 add navigation functionality to the message view panel (with some quirks described in MessagePanel.getIterator(...))
7f486d9 2007-03-25 - make a few desktop elements dnd sources and do a little work on the link edge dnd   target handling - instead of using one corner for advanced options, use it for help and access the   advanced options from the control menu
632c48a 2007-03-24 - port over the pbe/unreadable/unknown code from the message tab to the message panel - include the flag bar in the message panel's north edge so we can give some clues   about the privacy/etc
b86395d 2007-03-24 - on the message editor, click on the avatar to show the full headers, or doubleclick   to open their forum - urge people to preview their posts - if a message is html and the user is   viewing it in the editor when they hit post, switch to the preview and ask   them to confirm.  if they're already viewing the preview or the message is   plain text, no confirm is necessary
568088b 2007-03-24 - make the link builder more responsive to type selections - fire the style picker from the message editor panel, though not the   list/pagebg/header/pre html helpers
3598402 2007-03-24 - add tabs for the attachments on the message editor - add a south edge to the message editor panel, controlling all but one of   the old message editor toolbar's functionality (without the menus).  the   style functionality is still pending - add some basic icons for the message editor panel
5874fb4 2007-03-24 east edge to the message editor panel, triggering the current page to toggle the full-page preview via alt+space (this is separate from the tabbed ui's full screen mode - the full-age preview only adjusts the weights on the sash)
2f6191a 2007-03-24 - refactor the message editor to extract the toolbar, add callbacks on setting   changes, and to allow the toolbar, page previews, and action buttons to be   disabled - start work on the edges for the desktop message editor panel, with the   north edge pretty much in place, though the south and east are still pending
42ca5fa 2007-03-23 basic message editor integration (still needs edges and lots of cleanup/refactoring)
24e4ed2 2007-03-23 - data callback so it doesn't npe on mark-as-read - alt-f-x keystroke combination now attempts to exit syndie - ^w closes the current screen - don't npe on font size changes after using the preview popup
34c7661 2007-03-23 added task closing support to the task tree (closing one task or all tasks in a forum)
9da402d 2007-03-23 - fix to the import process to allow importing undecryptable private messages.   The problem was created when we allowed anyone to send anyone a private message,   rather than just allowing those authorized to post in the receiver's blog.  Now   we verify the authorization signature either against the receiver's ident key or   other explicitly authorized poster, or against the sending scope's ident key.   This avoids the "bugger off" message for private messages, as they're authorized   in their sender's scope. - refactor the message creation code into the MessageCreator (using the original   MessageGen class) or the new MessageCreatorDirect (which does not depend upon the   MessageGen).  This addresses a few issues by introducing type safety into the   message creation code and cleans up the process (MessageGen was built for Syndie   four user interfaces ago and had been patched to support the changing   requirements).
eef94e5 2007-03-21 - allow any number of message panels in a single forum - add a new task switcher (launched with alt+f) that organizes the open panels   into a tree by forum.  still todo are controls to allow closing individual tasks   this way, plus icons, etc
1dfbfed 2007-03-21 don't recalc the message tree on tab across the page size or filter fields
aaa3596 2007-03-21 clean out the preview from the normal browse tab more carefully launch the tooltip-preview
0332134 2007-03-21 - honor the actions for thte message tree panel and message panel - add a new tooltip-like message preview on mouseover/tree selection change.   click on the X or on anything else to dismiss it, or hit escape, etc, and   view the message in full via doubleclick on the subject or the view button.   this preview is instead of the old preview pane (enabled via the show preview   option)
feb7b6d 2007-03-21 - refactor the messageview into the larger message view and the   tabs/attachments-only messageviewbody - embed the messageviewbody into a new messagepanel in the desktop ui
28f3ea5 2007-03-20 - implement the actions and nav for the message tree panel - split up the left hand bar into watches and refs (both launch the forum   selection pane, though they prefer different sections)
5c90b5a 2007-03-20 0 is a valid channel id (duh) dont show the forum avatar for message references (instead we want to show a message icon)
e712141 2007-03-20 add an option to the forum selection panel to browse the references by icon as well, traversing categories on selection (or right-click to view an aggregation of all forums contained within the category, recursively).  there is no way to traverse the references upwards other than to start at the top again and work your way down, but it should work for many uses.  (reference management will be handled another way - this is just for forum selection)
333773e 2007-03-20 propagate from branch 'syndie.desktop' (head c5fd9f4dea0d5e21c1e1ea2e472c5a127064573b)             to branch 'syndie' (head 7750ad43cd418e2a544da44ed82ff0711543dd0e)
a2a72c2 2007-03-20 this'n needsta be there too (oops)
b860825 2007-03-20 propagate from branch 'syndie.desktop' (head 9608e95ea6d21c69ce3584e2cee6e5794d7ea23c)             to branch 'syndie' (head 803647a9ba9c51343c89656fe59df5601bc42612)
30e6063 2007-03-20 the tabbed ui doesn't need that draft linkbar yet
abc8968 2007-03-20 logging and profiling
bcb0da4 2007-03-19 - treeItem.getParentItem() uses native resources (because of virtual trees), but our   message trees don't use virtual trees, so just cache the parent item (profiling++) - don't combinatorially retheme message tree elements (jrandom--) - disable the spell checking engine too, not just the ui
9d32cbb 2007-03-19 - make the startup panel's logging async (as in the old log tab) - workaround for the keyboard focus disappearing after firing the   key filters - better handling for multiple message tree panels - add a button on the forum selection panel to view all of the   forums listed together on a single message tree panel
64368b7 2007-03-19 - dynamically choose whether to split up the threads by forum or assume   they're all in the same forum - propogate the translation/theming into the embedded browser
2a4033c 2007-03-19 - add a north edge to the message tree panel showing the forum - transparently reroute requests at the message tree panel that were   for a channel in general to the default search uri against that   channel - cut down on some debugging messages - support custom names/descriptions for the message tree panel and   other panels (bookmarkable groups, etc)
c1925c8 2007-03-19 tie the navigation controls into the desktop ui, with a fallback to launch the embedded tabbed gui for uris that aren't otherwise handled. further refactoring the uricontrol into the urihelper
c8d9975 2007-03-19 - increase the max avatar size to 64x64 - better scrolling in the channel selector panel - add alt-up/down as hotkeys to go to the previous/next panel (allowing concurrent   operation with the tabbed view's alt-left/right)
f5995fa 2007-03-19 make the channel selection pane scrollable fire up the watched forum selection on the desktop gui start
a53796a 2007-03-18 tie the channel selection code into the desktop gui start work on the task selection code for the desktop gui decouple the theme registry from the browser
5b51aec 2007-03-18 migrate away from the channelTable and WatchedPanel into a more generic ChannelSelectorPanel which encompases their functionality (plus text based searching on the forum name, description, and tags)
1784647 2007-03-18 add a new table gui that can be fed channelIds to render.  this is hooked up with the link bar to open up a panel with the user's nyms on ALT+N and to open up a panel with any forums the user has special privs in on ALT+M. the channel table will also serve as the forum search results display, though not yet integrated as such yet
d6fbb7d 2007-03-17 add an abbreviated header to the message editor, only showing the subject and a button to show the rest of the headers.  the abbreviated header is used by default now, since most of the fields are controllable with the button selectors
a6f3fa7 2007-03-17 - disable the spellchecker for the moment, as it needs substantial work   (better line breaking, plural handling, caps handling) - theme the page editor
b761f8e 2007-03-17 find/replace functionality updated
9ae8455 2007-03-17 partway through updating the page editor to use a native Text control instead of an swt StyledText control.  find/replace and spell still need to be ported, but the rest should be in there
6400fc6 2007-03-17 only count the unread messages if we are filtering by that, since it can get expensive
ee0af37 2007-03-16 begin work on the link bar's references panel (still needs DnD ordering, edit, delete, and the button functionality)
eea3bb0 2007-03-16 close the watched panel after an action
5f07628 2007-03-16 - refactor the left hand edge into the link bar, and try our hand at embedding   that in the tabbed UI as well.  start work on implementing some of its   functionality: rather than rendering the tiny scaled down avatars on the bar   itself, open up a centered dialog w/ the full avatars in it on ALT+W (for   watched forums, ALT+R for references [bookmarks]).  the watched part is the   only part implemented so far though.
aff20ae 2007-03-15 clean up the image grid, and tie the linkedge in better
789b217 2007-03-15 work in progress for the desktop gui design (not linked from other pages)
e4088aa 2007-03-15 * 2007-03-15  1.005a released     - streamline the splash screen loading, status bar updating, and thread       rendering.  also includes some minor refactorings to improve GUI       responsiveness.  page rendering is also improved for large messages.     - improved image loading performance     - trim the PRNG buffer size from 4MB to 4KB, dramatically cutting startup       load     - add a 200 change undo/redo buffer into the page editor     - handle attachment-specific Syndie URIs     - parallelize the HTTP syndication where possible     - add a direct "pull only" archive to new users, and schedule it up to run       automatically (to ease the out of box experience)     - better subsequent syndication fetch handling     - handle web rips in character sets other than UTF-8 (translating them into       UTF-8 transparently as long as the server sends the encoding/charset type)     - when browsing a single forum, include the forum's advertised references up       top, giving the forum administrator a place to put any FAQs/etc     - support nested quotes     - run the shutdown/exit in another thread so the GUI disappears immediately,       even if the database takes a while to clean up     - approximately every 10 times we shut down, compact the database     - disable the 30 second startup timeout, as slow machines that have to do       some database recovery could exceed that period (and the timeout was only       there for helping pre-1.0 users migrate anyway)     - major internal refactoring to simplify integration with other GUI styles
3193b41 2007-03-15 - more work on the linkedge (new image grid for rendering the avatars/icons top-down or bottom up) - get rid of the edge/corner spacing
a8fb417 2007-03-15 - main as DesktopUI (but embed the TabPanel once its ready) - no trim (but the Browser can create its menus) - FireSelectionListener needs fire() to be public (duh) - LinkEdge is the beginnings of the left hand edge.  very, very beginnings.   all it does now is let you see the panels loaded and switch between them
eca9abd 2007-03-14 embed the normal Syndie Browser GUI into a TabPanel
dd605bc 2007-03-14 put it back to SWTUI (for propogation into the main branch)
f3da642 2007-03-14 no more DataControl, replace it with a BanControl and pass the DBClient/UI/ThemeRegistry/TranslationRegistry to various components.  also toss in a base gui class for everything that gets those for
7f8e883 2007-03-14 oops, need this'n
be01bbd 2007-03-14 - drop the old Command launchers which were used to test the GUI components from the CLI - refactor the BrowserControl into a half dozen subinterfaces, and adjust the   components so that only the Browser and the BrowserTabs depend upon the BrowserControl   (and all non-browser specific instances depend upon the various subinterfaces).
be1ac5f 2007-03-14 begin to split the BrowserControl up into composite parts
5b31837 2007-03-14 a little migration for cleanliness
b71254c 2007-03-14 desktop gui
3b8586e 2007-03-14 more aggressively use the file-based image loading
10d6b9b 2007-03-13 erm, oops, y'all don't have your syndie data dir there ;)
2a29690 2007-03-13 - make I2P's PRNG buffer size configurable, and reduce it from 4MB to 4KB   (since Syndie doesn't need anywhere near as much as I2P) - fix the subsequent syndication fetches (oops - thanks bar)
52d0cac 2007-03-13 db shutdown can take a while (especially if it is compacting the db), so on exit, run the db shutdown outside the SWT thread (so the SWT thread can dispatch the necessary events to close the window)
31fff18 2007-03-13 toss up an error window on login failure (which happens if the db is corrupt)
d527c11 2007-03-13 - every 10 times we shutdown, defrag the database - fix the handling for 'unlimited' send age
63f2dda 2007-03-13 disable the 30s timeout on startup, as db recovery could take that long on a slow machine (and the timeout is there only for pre-1.0 users, really)
aee960a 2007-03-12 lets not b0rk too hard on new instances... (oops)
c9ae9bf 2007-03-12 more aggressive bad-data guards
71b7fbc 2007-03-12 cut down on some simpletimer use (instead using swt's timer) streamlined the status bar a bit (replacing getChannel with more specific calls)
33f548d 2007-03-12 further speed optimizations: - cache the intermediate data gathered while building the threads in the backend   to display it later in the gui (rather than requery the db per row) - show the splash quicker by using swt's optimized file-based image loader
6277bb9 2007-03-11 some profile driven speed optimizations to cut some time out of the gui thread when browsing threads
3559306 2007-03-11 handle the spellchecker window being dismissed other than through the cancel button (thanks Fibonacci's brownies)
6bad8fe 2007-03-11 - more aggressively short circuit importing messages/meta if we already have what   they contain (in a decrypted form) - increase the page editor undo buffer to 200 changes from 20 changes, as the   changes are often single keys (except for copy/paste/etc)
809aa51 2007-03-10 - invert the log tab so it has the most recent messages at the top (avoiding some   funky gtk performance issues when adjusting the selection rapidly to scroll to the   bottom) - minor profiled gc/alloc reductions
c9a13b7 2007-03-10 let ^L work when viewing a message's attachment too (putting the image up fullscreen)
62d51ed 2007-03-10 more aggressive safeguards and logging on the message import thread
ca1d62d 2007-03-10 enable configuring the max message age to send, rather than just hardcoding a value of 1 week (as *cough* some people have to use net cafe computers with b0rked clocks that aren't configurable).  might even be worth enabling the i2p clock stuff...
11bc1ae 2007-03-10 - now that we have some undo buffers that don't try to use the full   state, drop all but the most recently saved message editor state - some basic oom guards/handlers - enable handling syndie URIs that reference specific attachments by   jumping to the attachment - use swt's optimized from-disk image loading where possible by   writing out in-memory images to disk (in the syndie temp dir), loading   them, then deleting the files - as the from-disk loading is 10-50x faster than in memory loading,   there isn't much need to defer the attachment viewing, so load them up   on message load
bee6709 2007-03-09 render unknown messages in a different font (courier italics).  those with customized themes may need to reset their theme (view->style->reset style) for it to look consistent with the other fonts
c13fc87 2007-03-09 add an undo/redo buffer for the changes on messages, triggered with ^Z/^Y respectively.  It keeps the last 20 changes in memory for each page.  note that it only tracks the textual changes - it does not track attachments, headers, or other settings
f600bfa 2007-03-09 mark not locally known messages as such in the message tree [ticket:257]
5bab8bf 2007-03-08 note the charset of webrips and reencode them into UTF-8.  this only looks for the HTTP charset headers (Content-Encoding / Charset / Content-Type) - it does not parse out the HTML for a meta http-equiv value.  is this sufficient in the wild, or do we need to attempt parsing?
2d5bda8 2007-03-08 small layout fix
b65ae8b 2007-03-08 - support customizing the number of days back to fetch from an archive as part of the policy (though using anything but the default has anonymity implications) - include a "pull only" from the standard archive (directly) option by default on new installs, and set it to schedule recurring pulls by default. this should help improve the out of box experience.  these 'default' archives are only added to users who don't have any other archives, so when we have tools to package up custom syndie installs w/ other archives & bundled messages/refs/etc, they won't be used
7aec8fa 2007-03-08 when browsing a single forum, include the forum's references in a drop down as part of the metadata (name, avatar, description, etc).  this lets the forum manager include any FAQs / etc that they want everyone to see up top [ticket:22]
f37e5ea 2007-03-08 advertise, not advertize [ticket:251]
810da6c 2007-03-08 more aggressively include a readable value for the forum matching the search results
826a119 2007-03-07 new feature to publish all of the channel's read keys, including expired and private ones (triggered when managing a forum, viewing the "read posts" section, selecting "anyone can read posts", and then "apply retroactively").  this does not affect PBE encrypted posts.
6db8245 2007-03-07 enable "mark forum read" when a forum as a whole is selected in the tree [ticket:262]
073b408 2007-03-07 only show the "reply to forum" button/link/item/etc when the user has at least one nym who is authorized to do so [ticket:260]
bb34bf1 2007-03-07 more aggressively avoid dups of bookmarks in the same category (comparing their full target URI) [ticket:59] [ticket:256]
e349440 2007-03-07 - dodge an npe for forums w/ no name - when doing a bulk import, remember to read meta before msgs - disable the status bar refresh while doing bulk imports and during syncs
4747e99 2007-03-07 bulk file import menu item (recursively going through directories for all .syndie files) (as opposed to setting up a syndie file:// archive to do this)
d5acb7a 2007-03-06 get the quote button into a more reasonable state for handling nested quotes
6b61ccd 2007-03-06 basic support for nested quotes (fixing some other nesting issues), but the quote button on the message editor doesn't build quote HTML with nesting yet
44e1868 2007-03-06 expand the thread subtab fully by default show the right date field in the thread subtab, based on the user's preference
ae6106a 2007-03-06 - fix the PBE handling for implicitly authorized posts (those made in response to authorized posts when the forum allows authorized replies, etc). - differentiate "author is bookmarked" from "forum is bookmarked" [ticket:44]
5234902 2007-03-05 more careful tab icon management, and properly include the browse tab in the list of indisposable images (so closing the tab doesn't cause everything to b0rk...)
606b99f 2007-03-03 run the HTTP fetches in parallel where possible (all meta before any posts), and run the imports of those fetches async
51a1d4b 2007-03-03 save the work for the new packaging calls, though not yet used as the standard and not mentioned in the build docs
5feb92b 2007-02-23 oops, fixed the compile (thanks y'all)
a701c7d 2007-02-23 more carefully offer menu options when browsing multiple forums [ticket:43]
6733f44 2007-02-23 handle multiple concurrent instances more gracefully (throwing up an error dialog on failure) [ticket:223]
bd6d8d0 2007-02-23 - allow large pages (up to max message size, even if its unreasonable) - substantially improve page rendering performance when faced with large messages.   e.g. swt could spend 12 minutes calculating the bounds of the StyledText, but now   if we just set an explicit caret, it takes 6 seconds - add in a small main method for the PageRenderer for testing
bf94c82 2007-02-23 submit the password form on return [ticket:125]
eb03fb6 2007-02-23 clear up a bunch of [ticket:87]: - add close all/close other tabs option - rename the bookmark menu "view" and put the style and language menus underneath it - change the language "default" to "English" - delete bookmarks on the delete key too
7978d33 2007-02-23 make sure the name of the archive is set [ticket:51]
5e9439d 2007-02-23 the "is bookmarked" flag is based on the author, not the target forum [ticket:44]
9c93345 2007-02-22 update the sizes (thanks Ch0Hag)
cbc9467 2007-02-21 we're not an applet, so we don't care about jazzy's acl issues turn the favicon into a real win icon
ef0773a 2007-02-21 * 2007-02-21  1.004a released     - heavily reworked HTTP syndication to improve reliability and performance,       and to deal with hung connections better     - Darn's improvements for pulling from Freenet archives more efficiently     - rework pushing to Freenet archives to improve performance and to enable       creating new ones     - substantial performance improvements (optimize the thread queries and       defer heavy operations where possible)     - more graceful importing of transient identity keys used for accessing       private forums     - manage a forum's advertised references, bans, and archives more clearly     - some HTML parsing/rendering fixes     - more of jadeSerpent's logos and splashes     - enable drag and drop bookmark management for the user, individual forums,       and references added to messages     - bundle the trac export code (though it isn't used in Syndie itself)     - lots of small bugfixes and tweaks
bc3ef2b 2007-02-21 actually enable the idle detection and handling code (duh...)
76a08f8 2007-02-21 clean up the message reference editor (enabling drag and drop, inline editing, etc)
093283c 2007-02-20 better bookmark ordering/drag&drop handling
ad20a16 2007-02-20 lets index the columns used in the thread builder, shall we?
6f607be 2007-02-20 defer more activity from startup and message view tab load add in more timing data
de16ab1 2007-02-20 further defer what can be deferred in the startup process (spellcheck dictionary loading, resume/postable menu, image loading).  we now show the main window even before we load up the user's previous tabs (though the splash doesn't disappear until the tabs are loaded). also included is a new simple timestamping utility (w/ inspiration from mk's StopWatch)
2326d3b 2007-02-20 let the bookmarks be ordered via drag and drop (though dnd still operates by creating copies of bookmarks, not moving bookmarks)
f052b9a 2007-02-17 include an explicit cancel option [ticket:246]
cbf2c68 2007-02-17 only show the image menu on right/middle click [ticket:237]
b2b1053 2007-02-17 more aggressively update the tooltip [ticket:242]
4757273 2007-02-17 keep the bookmark selection after editing it [ticket:233]
a36cbf1 2007-02-17 cut down on unnecessary layout/resizing [ticket:240]
88f1bda 2007-02-17 i suppose we don't need to make the 'waiting' show on top of all windows, just on top of syndie [ticket:236]
6573a56 2007-02-17 derive a reasonable new folder name, rather than using a seemingly random value (fixing [ticket:235])
33f52b6 2007-02-17 import a forum's new/updated keys before importing its meta, and note that we're always going to create new keys when a forum is new (duh). fixes [ticket:227]
a765e5e 2007-02-17 don't override the parent class's var (oops) - fixes [ticket:226]
1bfd62d 2007-02-15 rename "Postponed" to "Drafts", and improve some HTML rendering performance
bc65883 2007-02-14 use the bookmark's name and description when opening bookmarked searches/channels/messages [ticket:40]
1b5ba61 2007-02-14 fix parsing of unquoted tag attributes w/ no trailing whitespace (eg <font size=3>) [ticket:35]
8f38a17 2007-02-14 honor the default post-as for bug reports (but don't update it on post) - [ticket:19]
477008f 2007-02-14 use linebreaks instead of paragraph tags for quoted lines [ticket:16]
8d740f7 2007-02-14 erg, allow larger attachments (though they may not get syndicated) [ticket:9]
b7970cd 2007-02-14 fix the tristate situation (text/unstyled/styled) [ticket:6]
d283bfa 2007-02-14 enable adding root level bookmarks/folders (oops, thanks void :)
990d7a8 2007-02-14 guard against premature closure (clearing [ticket:8]) further cleanup of the syndication schedule view
3cff9a0 2007-02-14 when syncing with a freenet archive that we can post to, don't bother fetching the shared index.  Instead, assume it has nothing so that the push policy will push everything appropriate (e.g. w/ "send all new", it sends all new posts and metadata, or with "send all", it ends all of them, even old ones).  Thanks for the pointer Darn!
2a1444b 2007-02-14 erg, fixed a regression that had prevented pushes (oops)
e47d980 2007-02-14 fix the menu actions when selecting a forum and not a specific message
bd4af8f 2007-02-14 oops, fixed the bgcolor rendering [ticket:4]
80d8862 2007-02-14 more aggressive tab rendering [ticket:119]
1dbf92e 2007-02-14 Deal with the archive read/post key more consistently (they're managed as strings in the UI, not bytes, so treat them as such and don't base64 'em) (thanks Darn!)
583e020 2007-02-14 - reworked the archive syndication to remove the separate scheduling of pushes and pulls (which had led to some scheduling errors), also cleaning up the one-off handling. - cleaned up the display state for the syndication tab accordingly
7a13056 2007-02-13 link to the bugtracker
3b35051 2007-02-13 export syndie bug reports into a trac database
42d35b6 2007-02-11 more of jadeSerpent's public domain Syndie logos
5265687 2007-02-11 - expand thread fully/collapse thread fully menu option - fixed the browse forum icon size - when posting to a forum you're "watch"ing, treat that like bookmarked forums   and show the avatar
44f17af 2007-02-11 probably want to be able to /unselect/ references to advertise, 'eh?
978abfc 2007-02-11 - show the bans/references advertised in a forum's profile (w/ drag'n'drop to both the tabs and bookmarks/watches) - include jadeSerpent's new Syndie logo (w00t!)
1364887 2007-02-11 manage the advertised bans for a forum (though not yet honored)
8a80b7a 2007-02-10 manage the references advertised in a forum's metadata (drag&drop from a custom reference tree)
7381ae1 2007-02-10 borders on ctabfolders, pick an avatar by default, and render the (blank) refs
f6b128b 2007-02-10 restore syndie to the previous window position/size/maximized-state
621c9e0 2007-02-10 avoid a race when bookmarking more than one thing at a time revert back to the standard size for the status bar font
043667f 2007-02-10 show the bookmarked/watched/etc description as the tooltip on hover
b0ffd79 2007-02-10 - don't put more than one bookmark pointing at the same place in the same bookmark folder - more appropriate bookmark editor fields - more drag and drop support in the bookmark tree (but intra-tree dragging just   copies - it does not delete the old reference) - make the bookmark menus more context sensitive
228503b 2007-02-08 invert a tight section of the style building algorithm for substantial performance gains remove unnecessary locale-specific calls
83ffde9 2007-02-07 Darn's patch to freenet archive handling:  requesting is now done the way I thought it would make sense (first fetch =  shared-index.dat with -1 as the edition, everything else with edition 0) and  inserting works to the extent which the current mechanism allows.
424b41a 2007-02-07 - split out the concept of watching a forum from the concept of bookmarking it, and add in four new attributes of "watching" a forum (importing their bookmarks, importing their archives, importing their keys, and importing their bans), though those four attributes are not yet honored. - add the infrastructure for searching messages/threads for posts by a certain author rather than posts in a certain forum.  it honors it for hand crafted Syndie URIs, but there isn't any GUI for it yet - clean up the bookmark tree a bit, though work remains on drag and drop and editing
9322bdf 2007-02-05 - don't just honor timeouts during the eepget header fetch - also use the timeout to close hung eepget fetches that are idle - better httpserv idle timeout handling (aka don't cut off slow but not hung transfers)
f309dc7 2007-02-05 start work on revamping the forum management screen to reflect the aspects of the (not yet implemented) new bookmarking style.  currently only mirrors previous functionality with simpler advertized archive management
ff76b35 2007-02-04 refactor the forum management into a separate gui component from the forum view (both still accessed through the same Syndie URI)
ccc331b 2007-02-04 - use CTabFolder for the subnav in the message view / message editor, since osx's native tabs suck (they can't handle a large number of tabs) - shrink the status bar font by 2 points (you may need to reset your style to use the change)
f1fc38e 2007-02-03 - basic osx installer (for syndie-$version.bin.osx.tar.bz2 it has a Still lots of customizing and osx-iness to do though - use square tabs instead of rounded ones on the ctabfolder - scale up the tab icons to 24x24px - show the full online/offline image in the status bar
8ef616b 2007-02-02 include a bunch of icons (thanks jadeSerpent!)
c83dd45 2007-02-02 * 2007-02-02  1.003a released     - enable more advanced authentication and authorization policies in the       forum management GUI, controlling both who should have certain       capabilities and automating the delivery of keys necessary to accomplish       that.  This includes the creation of transient shared identities for       forum authorization     - in forums where it is possible, enable control of both who the message       should be authenticated from ("Author") and who the message should be       authorized by ("Sign as")     - reenable "hidden authors" when posting under an explicitly authorized       forum, allowing a forum to operate without letting those not authorized to       read the forum know who is posting     - transparently import keys passed as references and .syndie messages       attached to posts and forum metadata when imported.  In addition, if the       keys imported could serve to decrypt previously undecryptable posts,       transparently attempt to decrypt those.     - more aggressively avoid banned forums, and for archive operators, list       banned forums as scopes they are not interested in receiving     - drop the 'highlights' tab, and remember the open tabs on restart     - some redesign work for browsing threads and forums to ease navigation and       improve performance     - address some resource leaks     - make the integrated HTTP archive server and syndication code more       resiliant     - simplify the syndication controls     - add a keyboard shortcut to view the page (^L) or editor (^K) in       fullscreen mode     - enable F5 to serve as a refresh key along side ^R     - add in some simple quoting functionality when replying     - keep track of the private messages we send     - improved threading display     - split large HTTP pushes into sequential batches of around 100KB to reduce       the pain of transient failures     - run the fproxy index fetch in a separate thread, and increase its timeout       to 5 minutes (infinity is just too big a number...)     - clean up the freenet fetch url handling to properly support proxied       fetches (up to 5m per message fetch, no retries)     - a whole bunch of bugfixes and tweaks
00ba0d6 2007-02-02 - calc the tags for all nodes in the tree, not just the current page - don't rework the nodes when traversing the pages in the message tree (duh)
d1429ba 2007-02-02 start in on a new translation style (thanks mk)
37059df 2007-02-02 make sure we can close the edit tab without implicitly postponing (oops)
b5c223a 2007-02-02 - drop the highlights tab - load the previously opened tabs on startup, but on the first time, load the unread bookmarked forums - better alt-left/right handling (dont pass it down to the app)
fdc7ec8 2007-02-01 show the page #s on multiforum trees (thanks bar)
0c26566 2007-02-01 add in some simple pagination controls to the message trees to cut down on memory usage while improving performance via nonvirtual SWT trees.  note that this doesn't handle pagination of the number of threads in multiforum trees (merely the number of /roots/), though will later.  it also doesn't deal with allocation issues of deep threads (perhaps that can be addressed by using virtual trees again?)
f87c81b 2007-02-01 a good portion of the highlights tab is no longer current (or necessary)
fdb602d 2007-02-01 limit the font size offset range between -5 and 5 (good call mk) clean up the sizing in the bug report form to deal with long forum names revamp the html style popup to reduce the resources held (thanks Darn)
e57585f 2007-02-01 add a timeout for the httpserv handling (so we don't get hung up when a client hangs)
07a5766 2007-02-01 don't nag people when they file a bug report about whether they want to save it to a file instead, implement the File->Export functionality, letting them pick a message/metadata they want to export and then saving it to a file of their choosing. (thanks mk!)
4478f51 2007-02-01 don't let pushes hang indefinitely (though they may be very slow)
69c3f32 2007-02-01 get the scope right for explicitly authorized posts to other forums (thanks Darn) properly show the manage and post buttons for explicitly authorized users (thanks Darn)
09884c0 2007-02-01 bugfix for situations where the subject wasn't being prefilled on the message editor on the syndicate popup, when scheduling one of the syncs, save the settings (thanks mk!)
cd35f15 2007-02-01 oops, ALT+left/right, not Control+left/right (/me ducks) fix for the avatar when creating a forum
07d49c8 2007-02-01 improve the ^K/^L support for fullscreen editing/viewing to include previewed messages and to handle the keystrokes when something other than the page body is selected
ce57992 2007-01-31 remove the tab nav from the file menu, and handle the keyboard shortcuts in the key filter (good call mk)
662560c 2007-01-31 don't overzealously scale the avatars on the forum browse/profile/manage tabs (thanks jadeSerpent!)
f68321d 2007-01-31 lets not pop up the archive config dialog too zealously (good idea Darn)
7b516eb 2007-01-31 don't delay previewing if the message selection was done via the mouse or the return key (thanks Anonymous, mk, and Darn)
4ecf20c 2007-01-30 don't include unreadable messages when counting unread messages
c8b3dc9 2007-01-30 add context menu items to mark the currently viewed message as read/unread only include forums with posts in the "New forums" list (good idea mk) extract the syndication detail section to a popup window rather than a scrolling section
4c1204e 2007-01-30 don't show the forum column when browsing only one forum (thanks mk) further workaround for the stray kde button click event (grmbl)
d11846f 2007-01-30 dodge an SWT widget is disposed err (thanks mk) don't ask if the user wants to postpone a message that was just created or has otherwise not been modified (good idea mk)
246f3f8 2007-01-30 24 hour time is HH, not hh (thanks zzz!)
48f15c0 2007-01-29 fix to allow selecting private messages to bookmarked forums where they're bookmarked via one of the urn:syndie:search: patterns (thanks bar)
5e41518 2007-01-29 include a shortcut for sending private feedback messages (good call bar)
3cce77b 2007-01-29 add a "browse unread messages in all forums", not just "browse unread messages in bookmarked forums" (though its only visible when the Unread button is shown, which only occurs when there is an unread message in a bookmarked forum [or no forums are bookmarked and there is an unread message])
e90a3d4 2007-01-29 add in some very simple quoting - stripping the HTML from the previous message (or, actually, parsing and unstylizing it), and inserting it into the current page (either in a <quote> or with each line "> " prefixed, depending on the current page type)
5b8bc3c 2007-01-29 close & reopen fully when reimporting to answer a passphrase prompt
c17f96b 2007-01-29 - automatically decrypt private messages we *send* too, so we can read what we wrote later (should we record the session key and IV used too, so we can let other people verify and decrypt the private messages we send, even without them having the private key they were sent to?) - reenable "hidden authors" for posting to another forum underneath a third party's scope (where the author is not necessarily the one who authorized the post, but the one who does authorize the post is allowed to within the target forum).  This lets a group of users participate in a forum so that only those authorized to read the posts can tell who is participating - everyone else just sees posts underneath some (explicitly authorized) scope without even knowing how many different people are using it.  GUI support for this is enabled as well - when posting to a forum that you have multiple keys to post under, or have an explicitly authorized key, an extra "Sign as" drop down is shown, as is a "[ ] hidden author" checkbox.  The "Sign as" contains the set of keys authorized to sign posts under the given forum, and those not authorized to read a post will only know that the "Sign as" nym created the post if the hidden author checkbox is selected.
4049cc8 2007-01-28 fix for passing / importing forum management keys in references
1962f31 2007-01-28 - automatically import .syndie files attached to other messages (ignoring them if they're banned, etc, of course) - bundle the metadata for newly created transient forums when sending the associated forum's keys to selected users
01ce422 2007-01-28 avoid a widget err on null urls (thanks Darn)
fe40b11 2007-01-28 make the browser logging async to avoid some thread deadlocks (since the logging can notify GUI components, etc).  thanks for the thread traces Darn
47cb383 2007-01-28 workaround for swt on gtk where it would fire the first button on the message view tab improperly
e38a56a 2007-01-28 f5 refreshes the current tab (^F4 changes the desktop in kde, so i'm not making that close the tab)
f24d0d9 2007-01-28 add newly created forums to the appropriate bookmark and menu sections
ea37dae 2007-01-27 html parsing fix for whitespace after html entities (thanks voyde)
56c7d17 2007-01-27 make more elements in the Forum search doubleclickable / fire-on-return-able
a58151c 2007-01-27 completely remove the 1 pixel wide flag column
e4fb213 2007-01-27 dont fetch banned messages or forums (unless we're using PIR), and more aggressively filter the importing of fetched messages (thanks bar)
2c6dbac 2007-01-27 if the user clicks on the "Next Sync:" or the date of the next sync in the status bar, open up the syndication tab
6b52819 2007-01-27 when building a thread, include both the ancestors and children, not just the ancestors.  This means that when viewing a thread with the [X] unread only flag set, it will show the already read children as well as the already ancestors, as long as they meet the other filter criteria (age, authorization status, etc).
6e4e06d 2007-01-27 include decrypted pbe messages in the default filter
dbf3b01 2007-01-27 mark locally created messages as read automatically (good call Anonymous)
f1811ff 2007-01-27 add "next/prev in thread" buttons to the message view screen (good call Anonymous) we're going to want more shortcuts down the line (next/prev thread, next/prev unread, etc), but those may end up coming in as keyboard shortcuts.
e40aa43 2007-01-27 - when pushing to an HTTP archive, send in batches of 100KB per post, sequentially, so that if one of the sends fails, later sends may still get through (to deal with transient failures with e.g. eepsites).  good call Darn - reduce some of the locking issues on the log tab under high churn
f607e5a 2007-01-27 sort forums by name where appropriate
eb68491 2007-01-27 fix the bookmark title when bookmarking a tab (thanks Darn) treat search URNs that just query one scope as a browse of that scope
e58ba69 2007-01-27 dodge a rare "Widget is disposed" race the spellchecker's "Add" doesn't work yet, so disable the button more aggressively avoid resuming a message multiple times (thanks Darn)
cf93d44 2007-01-27 rearrange how intermediate thread nodes are built so that the thread ancestry on the message editor subtab is properly populated (thanks Darn)
c7003bc 2007-01-27 when the user has a key explicitly allowed to post to a forum, consider any of their authors as allowed to post (though the message generation engine behind the scenes doesn't yet let the user pick the sign-from and author-from separately yet)
780608b 2007-01-24 import self-authenticated keys (DSA privkeys) when offered, and import the key as a post key when posted by an authorized manager/owner of a forum
7fbb8dd 2007-01-24 - let the forum manager send the current read key to people (or pbe post) even when they aren't creating a new key - read key encryption/authorized-only behaves properly, including reimporting messages and metadata that were previously undecryptable
f9afbd0 2007-01-24 pass the keys into new post tabs targetting the right places with the keys embedded as included references. substantial testing required
e885962 2007-01-24 automatically import any implicitly authorized keys included in forum metadata and references and then attempt to reimport messages and metadata that may have become decryptable
9b9f17c 2007-01-23 further forum management progress, creating new keys and channels as necessary, though not yet sending out the messages with those keys embedded in them
a8bce69 2007-01-23 further cleanup of the forum view/management screen, with the new controls mostly operational (everything but the "create new identity" and "send the keys" functions)
ba3395f 2007-01-22 add in the gui components for the forum privacy/authorization controls.  the back end isn't yet in place though, so while it should look right, it should not behave any differently
7c315c4 2007-01-22 fix to let multiple archives be advertized in a forum's metadata (oops)
92dfdaa 2007-01-21 clear unread flags when a message or channel is deleted (thanks bar!)
ca6b883 2007-01-20 - don't push to forums the remote archive says they don't want - mark banned forums as "things we don't want" when hosting an archive - delete all of the messages in a banned forum, don't just refuse any new messages
cd088dc 2007-01-18 cut down on unnecessary fcp put attempts add support for ^L to open a page in fullscreen mode when reading, not just when editing
ed844db 2007-01-18 - add the "Forum->Read private messages" menu item to read, well... you know - only show the private messages button at the bottom if there are   unread private messages (good call voyde) - only show the "do you want to schedule syndication" prompt once
8c0189c 2007-01-18 - run the fproxy index fetch in a separate thread, and increase its timeout   to 5 minutes (infinity is just too big a number...) - clean up the freenet fetch url handling to properly support proxied fetches   (up to 5m per message fetch, no retries)
6f1e743 2007-01-18 xp seems to want setMaximized, while kde seems to want the setSize...
b66f609 2007-01-18 add a new mode to the message editor - ^K fires up the plain text field in full screen, while ^L fires up an HTML preview of the current text (^K then minimizes an open full screen editor, ^L minimizes an open full screen preview, and both ^K and ^L shortcuts work within the fullscreen preview and editor, respectively)
3ff3eba 2007-01-17 * 2007-01-17  1.002a released     - fix private and passphrase protected messages     - redesign the syndication tab and revamp the code powering it     - temporarily disable the syndication controls in the text interface     - prefill the message subject when possible (thanks Anonymous)     - remove many image handle leaks which led to windows instability     - include most of the highlights tab on the status bar     - support browsing unread messages in all bookmarked forums, sorted       by forum and then by thread     - add in freenet key generation support, and more aggressive USK       fetches (thanks Darn)     - rework the message read/unread status to fix a few bugs, and include       a new "mark thread as read"     - drag and drop of messages, forums, and tabs to the bookmark bar       and button     - always import the standard archives if there aren't any     - bundle a Tor archive setting as part of the default install     - increased the syndication retries     - use the last author as the new author (thanks tuna)     - support pulling from Freenet archives through an HTTP proxy       (eg fproxy.tino.i2p/USK@blah - thanks voyde)     - add in a preview pane into the thread subtab (thanks bar)     - color cleanup (thanks voyde)     - lots revamped on the message editor (thanks polecat, voyde, Anonymous)     - include separate sub tabs for different pages in a single message     - switch tabs with Alt+Left/Right (thanks voyde)     - make a few options "sticky" (thanks voyde, bar)     - properly honor the message size limits (thanks bar)
c322410 2007-01-17 make the sync actions properly clickable
3fc3fb7 2007-01-17 include a standard archive reference using Tor as an option by default cut down on spurious message tree refreshes
46b5bbf 2007-01-17 minor gui component tightening
fcc538f 2007-01-17 - add doubleclick/enter handlers for the syndication tree actions - populate the message editor subject according to its ancestor's subject,   rather than leave it to be calculated on the fly by readers, since readers   may not have the full set of ancestors and hence wouldn't have the data to   calculate it properly
eacd937 2007-01-17 cut out the image handle leaks in the message editor
615f23e 2007-01-17 - better display for pbe/replykey/etc in the syndication tree - make the status bar count of unread messages run outside the swt thread - view archive links properly (view the syndication tab w/ a new archive form filled in) - don't allow clearing sync actions while a sync is in progress (due to how its run it   can get confused if actions disapear from the to-do list).  this should be changed   later with a more high performance fetching system
5e4204b 2007-01-17 prod the syndication code once changes to the schedule are set
caf2169 2007-01-17 generate the USKs for new keys properly (using -1 as the request USK version)
6c59f91 2007-01-17 - add an option to mark a message read when it is viewed (in its own tab) or when   previewed.  both default to false, and are configurable on the Advanced...   button menu on the filter bar - get rid of that column of useless icons for now.  the icons are still in the   message view/preview header
c31f2fe 2007-01-16 - always import the standard archives if there aren't any (but obviously don't start them) - if there aren't any archives scheduled for sync when showing the highlights,   ask them if they want to sync now - improved sync cancel handling
8cd6540 2007-01-16 add a control to configure the FCP settings of freenet archives, as well as to generate new private keys.  needs testing and polish, most likely
f127e90 2007-01-16 - dodge an npe in syndication code - center the splash/welcome screen on the first monitor of multihead systems (hopefully!) - drag and drop of a message to the bookmark! button or the bookmark tree will   file the bookmark in a folder named "$yyyy/$mm/$dd - messages" (translated   accordingly).  this should help quickly flag & find messages during reading   (though better flagging should be in the works)
d6bbdde 2007-01-16 make sure to use the per-archive proxy settings in the new syndication code handle retransmissions of existing posts in the gui
8a0d63a 2007-01-16 more lively syndication honor the online/offline state again more careful updating of the status bar
164098b 2007-01-16 - enable drag&drop tabs to the bookmarks - add a new bookmark button to the status bar for quick bookmarking of the current tab (also serves as a drop target for dragging messages and tabs)
d05a2b6 2007-01-16 - enable the syndication archive delete code - when editing a message, keep the preview scrolled to the same position   when data is changed (as much as possible, that is)
a827ff7 2007-01-16 use the last author selected as the author for new messages
3912a72 2007-01-16 - support clearing already complete sync actions - support fetching from http locations containing USK/CHK/SSK in their   URL (e.g. fproxy.tino.i2p)   - aggressively check to see if we have already fetched a message     before grabbing it (in case of concurrent fetches)
63b84af 2007-01-15 more aggressive notifications for the sync process
b0b8302 2007-01-15 enable add/edit/delete of archives in the gui, including some sync scheduling work
db38350 2007-01-15 - add in a preview pane to the thread tree when viewing a message (according to the user's preferences) - good idea bar! - more work on the syndication gui
598e4db 2007-01-15 rewrite the syndication subsystem with better visibility of its state, events, and with concurrency in mind.  the text UI is no longer functional for syndication, and the GUI needs the ability to actually control the sync process, as well as add/edit/delete archives. aka lots to do, but its a save point
8e074f1 2007-01-13 since we override the bgcolor of quoted sections, override the fgcolor too (thanks voyde!)
5574f85 2007-01-13 don't assume black-on-white (thanks voyde!)
5ed6a87 2007-01-13 this should hopefully sort out the bg/fg overrides (can you confirm voyde?)
feb3249 2007-01-13 sql fix explaining why the message read status on import was unreliable (duh)
146e7f6 2007-01-13 make sure if we don't have a message we don't show a silly tab saying we do fix the view as text toggle (thanks polecat!)
ecfd41f 2007-01-12 fix the "mark thread as read" functionality in forum-organized message trees
6ef9f2e 2007-01-11 include a submenu for read private messages
f2b1b8e 2007-01-11 - place much of the highlight tab's functionality into the footer - make the post and manage buttons more obvious on forums (good call voyde and Anonymous) - various minor cleanups
c144e25 2007-01-11 - dont complain if syndie URIs have extra data at the end after the bencoding - support drag&drop of messages from message trees onto the bookmark tree (bookmarking the message or scope), onto the tabs (opening the message or scope), and outside of syndie to text editors/etc (copying the uri + subject - though this doesn't always seem to work in KDE). LOTS more DnD to do though
208ab61 2007-01-11 - new forums->Read bookmarked that organizes the messages (and threads) according to the forum they are in, filtered to contain (at most) the forums that the user has bookmarked (or all forums if they haven't bookmarked any forums). - new forums->Read all by forum that works like the Read bookmarked, except it goes across all forums - fix a regression on the message tree to reenable the keyboard controls
1742493 2007-01-10 make sure there's an explicit pageRenderer color/bgcolor (thanks foofighter!) only one message tree element should show up as yellow message reply menu shouldn't open when viewing a message
56dedfa 2007-01-10 add an additional reply button to the message view and preview (good call Anonymous and voyde!)
eb5387b 2007-01-10 dead code removal (the old ManageForum stuff, though we still have the executor, since the new ViewForum uses it)
7a238b4 2007-01-10 add a context menu item for adding archives and users to forums (good idea voyde!)
67b9ce3 2007-01-10 - revamp how we track read/unread messages and forums (explicitly adding newly imported messages to nymUnreadMessage and newly imported/updated metadata to nymUnreadChannel). this should migrate existing read/unread status (though only for the default nym), and should clear up a few related bugs. - fix a stupid order of operations error (foo % a * b == (foo % a) * b not foo % (a*b)), so reapplying the message filter repeatedly will now always return a consistent result
6e952a6 2007-01-10 dodge an NPE when using the ViewForum to create a new forum (thanks bfRflq!) reenable editing the forum tags (oops)
366429f 2007-01-10 avoid a race while closing a page renderer (message view/preview) that could cause an index out of bounds error (thanks voyde!)
c968cfa 2007-01-10 rather than use "No subject" for posts with a blank/missing subject, derive a subject based on their most recent ancestor's subject ("re: " prefixed) (good idea Anonymous!)
f552786 2007-01-09 default the "new page type" to plain text for new users (good idea Anonymous) alt-left/right to switch between tabs (this key combo work for everyone? :) ^A/^C/^X now work when (pre)viewing a message (though ^X only copies) (good call voyde!) refresh any message trees on ^R (good idea voyde!)
9cc11a9 2007-01-09 oops, missed this one
3629b31 2007-01-09 - consistently call forum metadata the forum/author's "profile" - clarify that the mark all as read marks all messages in the selected forum   as read (and update the UI to only adjust those messages' font) - disable the message tree menu when nothing is selected (but clarify   that there is an additional forum menu up top with the down arrow button) - add a message tree item to reply to selected messages
b21927c 2007-01-09 remember the OS/JVM/SWT values used on the last bug report, so if you're modifying them, they'll "stick"
f26575f 2007-01-09 two scope/reply cleanups: - make sure the ancestors that a post is replying to are actually in the   forum they are targetting - allow unauthorized private messages to a forum - since the message isn't   authorized, it won't show up in any message lists, but will show let the   person with the decryption keys for that forum read the message (and know   that it was written to that particular forum)
9cf637d 2007-01-09 - close an open menu on the page renderer when opening another (thanks voyde!) - remove the "view"/"save"/"save all" images menu options, since each attachment now has its own tab
e720654 2007-01-09 enable the 'browse' popup on the bookmark editor (thanks voyde!)
e9fbe59 2007-01-08 pass the dest of archive.syndie.i2p as part of the default archive
264d53d 2007-01-08 ^-shift-left/^-shift-right to switch tabs, instead of ^left and ^right (thanks all!) change the mouse pointer when over a link (thanks convolution!) don't dup the color list (thanks convolution!)
604ad87 2007-01-08 remember what the last page type was, and use that type for new pages (overwritten whenever the type is changed)
5e84faf 2007-01-08 use tabs for the pages, references, and threading on the message editor enable toggling the page type, and simpler page type display on the message editor allow multiple bug report tabs to be open at once spec the fg and bg colors for the message tree highlighting
1e89345 2007-01-07 don't go into an infinite loop on some io read situations (thanks bar!)
b84fa9b 2007-01-07 if we're going to have (sub)tabs for pages within a message, might as well lose the clunky footer and have (sub)tabs for individual attachments, references, and the thread as well
3f4b397 2007-01-07 - disable much of the textUI's syndicate menu for the moment, as it hasn't yet been updated to use the new scheduled syndication manager (and related components) - properly honor message attachment size limits (thanks bar!) - properly honor message privacy settings (thanks all!)
c703676 2007-01-05 use the page increment to determine whether to go to the next/prev page
5a838d8 2007-01-05 - when viewing multipage messages, put the pages into their own (sub)tabs - page down when viewing the end of a page takes you to the next page,   if possible, and space implies page down.  inversely, page up when viewing   the beginning of a page takes you to the previous page.  (gtk/swt bug seems   to adjust the scrollbars prior to notifying, so if the page-up would take   you to the top, it will currently take you to the previous page instead.   fixing this is a todo)
6147c83 2007-01-05 don't necessarily depend on the thread hierarchy to give us authorization status, since the (filtered) thread can be sparse - fall back on the db's wasAuthorized flag, which is set on message import (after a full recursive ancestry search)
43226a0 2007-01-05 - new option to mark an entire thread as read (though it only marks the members of the thread that match the current filter, so if they aren't in the message tree, they aren't marked as read) - expand all threads by default - make read ancestors of unread messages show up in italics (though due to the lazy loading of the message tree, will miss some entries and incorretly leave them unitalicized)
48bcb95 2007-01-05 properly honor intra-page links (duh)
8c62e96 2007-01-05 (re)enable viewing messages sans threading
6908e6c 2007-01-05 have the highlight view use the same filtering preferences as used on the browse forum tab (organize by threads, and use the right import or post date)
c83fd57 2007-01-04 1.001a
5ec7955 2007-01-04 include synar.i2p's destination small cleanup in the message editor let the metadata and forum of the same channel load at the same time (duh)
5ac5022 2007-01-04 bug report is in there
67e6418 2007-01-04 - /slightly/ more meaningful privacy icons for the message editor - further syndication policy enforcement - make sure the newly previewed message is visible in the message tree (thanks   Complication!)
2c5e0f5 2007-01-04 - include syndar.i2p and archive.syndie.i2p (with associated (eep)proxies) as part of the "standard archives" offered to new users - default the bug report forum to post in the syndie bug report forum, if known - cleaned up the scrolling and general congestion on the forum management screen, factoring out the key management stuff to an Advanced... dialog.  the options there are still disabled though
3ae65e0 2007-01-04 some cleanup
346d086 2007-01-03 switch to the new forum view/manage tab.  it doesn't yet honor the new key selection/management functionality, but it mirrors the existing
c8e9db3 2007-01-03 more progress on the view forum
077f017 2007-01-03 remove an unnecessary import (thanks covracer!) fix for the thread accumulator for some filtering situations more progress on the forum manager/viewer (but still not done)
2eea96d 2007-01-02 - updated the CHANGES w/ the latest - commit the shell for the new forum management screen (urn:syndie:viewforum:de), though it will replace the existing one once its ready.  very much a work in progress.
fd0df70 2007-01-02 the jwz threader can have empty nodes w/out URIs
0034cbd 2007-01-02 properly filter unread messages (oops)
c05278f 2007-01-02 further privacy combo and postpone/resume cleanup
e2da058 2007-01-02 add in another drop down for the message privacy so that it shows up both as text and as an image
e9c01dc 2007-01-01 add an additional from and to line to the editor, duplicating the avatar buttons, though probably easier to use (though by keeping the avatars as well, we keep the at-a-glance verification)
dd7bcfd 2007-01-01 - dont attach files that are too large (thanks blacksun!) - more zealously save editor state (thanks foofighter!) - periodically refresh the highlights view, as some events don't fire events the   highlight listens to (thanks bar!) - hopefully kill the race where it sometimes overzealously offered the standard   archives (thanks bar!)
3c7ae88 2007-01-01 -revamp to use a fairly direct translation of the jwz threading from spec (ThreadBuilder) and leave the filtering/sorting out to the ThreadAccumulatorJWZ -use the threadbuilder for in the message view as well, not the old threader
11b93fa 2006-12-31 - backup & restore private keys and the latest metadata of the associated channels. this can be exported as a plain zip file or as an aes-256/pbe'ed zip.  the zips can include all of the keys or just some of them - fix the file:/// syndication
279bb7d 2006-12-30 on first startup (when syndie creates the new nym/identity), pop up a window asking them what name and avatar they'd like to use, and what authorization requirements should be placed on their blog.  The shipped dummy avatars are a few of [anonymous graphic artist]'s work on the I2P logo... we'll want a different set of defaults when we go live.
f03b151 2006-12-30 thanks for the suggestions anon: - make the import-vs-creation date option sticky - put the subject below the forum/author/date in the message view screen, and - include a dummy 'No subject' where appropriate - fixed some bookmarking and banning links
00d9a13 2006-12-30 threading fix to avoid some loops (thanks gloin!) advanced config setting whether to show a preview pane in the message tree (thanks anon!)
729992d 2006-12-29 simple cli helper for perusing shared-index.dat
3336f57 2006-12-29 verify post credentials more aggressively (and refuse to post if unauthorized)
d1105ae 2006-12-29 bugfix for message read status detection (oops)
58a7203 2006-12-29 - import private messages that don't publicize an 'author' by authenticating against their scope (duh) - disable message author permutation for the moment (its only necessary for externally anonymous yet authorized posts) - use the threading system for counting unread messages on the highlight view (so it shows the same as the mesasge tree) - drop some old dead code (that beast of a MessageTreeFilter)
c5bf2d2 2006-12-29 *cough* oops
a996ef8 2006-12-29 hopefully kill the race on startup some have seen where it unnecessarily prompts you to see if you want to import the standard archives
33054d5 2006-12-29 - bugfixes for syndication where it would sometimes end too soon - properly honor 'send nothing' and 'pull nothing' strategies - if syndie stops mid-syndication, be sure to clear the 'in-progress' flag on start so we will continue later - much more efficient rendering on the log tab
87604df 2006-12-28     - integrated bug report tool     (still some work to do regarding posts to public channels though)
eac6fe1 2006-12-28 - implement a few more scattered menu items (copy uri to clipboard, mark read, bookmark) - add a few new items to the message tree context menu (good call Complication!) - make "old-and-read" look the same as "recently-read", since most people don't differentiate between the two: they're both just "read" (good call bar!)
0e93864 2006-12-27 make sure we sort the posted files, and remember that simple lexicographic sorting isn't sufficient [we need to consider numeric as well] (thanks gloin!)
51a6768 2006-12-27     - substantial bugfixes for syndication message selection
6258a48 2006-12-27 toss in a (nonfunctional) set of controls for managing the channel read keys.  functionally it still just says to publicly encrypt the metadata
ac9f002 2006-12-27 when (re)importing a channel metadata, if it has channel read keys that we haven't seen before, try to use them to decrypt messages in that channel that we couldn't read before.
e91083e 2006-12-27 - start some work on channel read key management (tracking their privacy levels, and allowing higher levels [aka the gui or cli] to control explicitly what goes in the metadata). - the gui now deals with passphrase protected channel metadata (though there are some gui updates necessary to make appropriate use of this) - mention the current version # on the syndie home page
4c68b72 2006-12-27     - simplified running a headless archive - see bin/runhttpserv.syndie     - improved dependency tracking during syndication
ae51f0e 2006-12-26 - bundle a public domain english dictionary w/ win32 and osx installs (linux users can just pull /usr/share/dict/words) - call 'er 1.000a, not 0.920a.  <1 == text only, 1 == gui.   *but still alpha*      - merged in the GUI - merge my todo list with ./TODO - update the doc/web/roadmap.html
80d9b88 2006-12-26 more ant-y env verification (for swt.jar/launch4jdir/izpackdir0 make sure eepsite uris include a trailing /
6cb23e9 2006-12-26 propagate from branch 'syndie.gui' (head 60f274c4fc36905f7c970b3ff0414298c8174a6e)             to branch 'syndie' (head 37e4d8b168d74652b52fb58f21e81fb27d49bb83)
fb763ed 2006-12-26 the OSX syndie launcher needs -XstartOnFirstThread for SWT to work
2b60f32 2006-12-26 - split the reference tree in two pieces - the bookmarks/manageable/postable, and the search results.  this should be less confusing than putting the search results in a subtree (good call Complication) - fix for silly message viewing bug
17630af 2006-12-25 integrated more use cases (thanks Complication, HotTuna, and bar!) trivial about screen a bit more defensive programming
6355b23 2006-12-25 splash screen show a liveliness indicator during message filtering, and improve the unread filter performance
a8756e1 2006-12-25 - package up a syndie-${syndie.version} for upgrading syndie.jar only - let the user decide whether they want to browse messages by "creation" date or by local import date, and show the corresponding date in the tree (good call Complication)
4eebdef 2006-12-24 ban management in the gui, and the beginnings of the archive config (includes 'advertized archives' though)
95034a8 2006-12-24 on install, set to be in online mode (so when they tell it to sync, it will do so)
1154a2f 2006-12-23 oops, probably need this
98bf00d 2006-12-23 online/offline state - defer syndication when offline toss the online state on the status bar (clickable to toggle, also via syndication menu)
e9c81b9 2006-12-23 note swt in the license file, and ref the right jar for building the osx installer
4c96638 2006-12-23 clean up the scheduling code to differentiate between "never sync" and "sync in progress" (so we don't confuse the user)
e777ee8 2006-12-23 - avoid opening redundant tabs (eg two syndication schedulers, or two log tabs, etc) - dont deprecate channel read keys on reuse! - links to new archives now open up the syndication scheduler tab with the fields populated to add the new archive
53be6ee 2006-12-23 lets add timing info in there...
98cd41d 2006-12-23 the old use cases were really just high level features - put 'em on the features page, and toss some usage scenarios into the use cases page
9dfa1dc 2006-12-22 "discover" new archives when we sync with archives (optionally).  we do not contact them unless told to do so explicitly through the syndication screen. (the shared-index.dat archive format includes a spot for a number of Syndie URIs)
d12bd0d 2006-12-22 give the .exe files icons
4468678 2006-12-22 - further installer/startup cleaning - fix the highlight view on windows (needed better column sizing)
26c4397 2006-12-22 oops, already did that rev
b89446d 2006-12-22 - rework the ant scripts to build and package the GUI, not the text interface. that includes the installer and launch4j scripts, and bundles the various platform-specific swt jars into various platform-specific installers.  see doc/web/download.html and doc/web/dev.html for details.
721f685 2006-12-22 - if the user doesn't have any bookmarks set to load on startup,   fire up the highlight view - when loading the highlight view, if the user doesn't have any   archives, ask if they want to import the "standard archives" - hardcode the archive at as a standard archive - implement the private message stuff on the highlight view, and   refresh more appropriately (eg when a new archive is added, update the   list of archives, when a message is postponed, update the list of   postponed messages, or when an archive is synced, update the whole   schebang, as lots could have changed) - make the syndication scheduler behave with more reasonable UI   interactions (thanks for the suggestions bar)
e7e5392 2006-12-22 disable our fake wrapping (where we inject newlines after a certain number of chars) because it is only an approximation and does not take into consideration the fonts and variable width elements (images, etc) that can occur on a single line. the downside of disabling this is that line indentation for the SWT-wrapped text is off (it starts at the beginning of the line, rather than indenting $x spaces)
07cbb3d 2006-12-22 better syndication policy defaults (thanks bar) revamp how the user can schedule/cancel an archive's next sync (via combo) confirm deleting an archive (good call bar)
c945a76 2006-12-21 threading fix (oops)
74757a3 2006-12-21 we can't defer the search for unique tags (but doing it in the db directly gets us an answer in a few milliseconds)
5de08db 2006-12-21 defer heavy lifting when rendering lots of threads in the message tree by using swt's virtual trees, cutting more than an order of magnitude off the gui render time
0d8b64a 2006-12-21 cut out a tight loop querying messageId and scope from msgId by just gathering all of that info together in the first place, cutting an order of magnitude off the thread gathering time
b92b592 2006-12-21 reduce the per-message db accesses in the message tree (avoiding getMessage/getChannel) toss more timing tracers into the thread accumulator (gathering 3000 0-depth threads takes 25+ seconds here, while selecting the roots takes ~0.  lots to optimize)
3cd86ae 2006-12-21 "mark message as unread" via the context menu when browsing messages (good idea bar)
8533820 2006-12-21 drop the old syndication gui stuff, replacing it with the new one
a3f2153 2006-12-21 more resiliance in the scheduler, but if an archive fails to sync 12 times in a row, stop syncing off it automatically until the user tells it to.
029afd0 2006-12-21 actually control the syndication according to the schedule (randomizing reschedule events after successful pulls across off 2*archive rebuild frequency, and cancelling further pulls on failure)
3890749 2006-12-20 persist the nym's pull/push strategies, and configure it all on the new syndication screen display syndication status messages as part of the event log (though may use a persisted event log later).  still need to do the actual schedule execution & rescheduling work in the syndication manager for this to be ready though.
980bb2c 2006-12-20 begin work on the gui for the syndication scheduler
2b43f19 2006-12-20 - refactor the archive selection strategies out of the shared archive itself to a separate component (SharedArchiveEngine) - keep track of font sizes relative to the system font (oops)
1d40150 2006-12-20 rough coding conventions
d9bb599 2006-12-20 further syndication cleanup to reduce unnecessary transfers avoid a race during startup where we wouldn't always launch the bookmarks flagged as "view on startup"
679d4fd 2006-12-19 revamp to use the new archive index format (spec in doc/web/archive.html). the GUI hasn't yet been fully revamped, but it is capable of pulling the indexes and messages.  more UI design required to use the capabilities and configuration options of the new format.
767c124 2006-12-18 gui control and config of the httpserv better headless op (never read stdin, really)
14d7033 2006-12-17 oops, need this one too
f3d6397 2006-12-17 html rendering bugfixes (list indentation, <br/>)
4671880 2006-12-17 make sure the author/forum combination is authorized when selecting them
ee8e1c2 2006-12-17 drop the old message editor, renamed the new one to the old name
4af8d46 2006-12-17 bencoding fix for empty lists (filtering by bookmarked when none are bookmarked...) another message tree column resizing attempt
c9bc185 2006-12-17 implement sorting for the messages (sorts across siblings in threads and the roots)
d9bba7c 2006-12-17 hide the bookmark tree by default, and small bugfix viewing individual forums
e9cd63a 2006-12-17 enable the rest of the advanced message filter
56eed9e 2006-12-17 - add keyword searching to messages (searching subjects and page bodies) - forum searches by name are case insensitive (good call bar!) - drop that beast of an advanced message filter, replacing it with a few checkboxes on the advanced button (though not all of them are honored yet)
fb517d8 2006-12-16 more careful jwz thread construction, w/ debugging (thanks complication!)
edb05de 2006-12-16 port over the rest of the message editor to the new ui and have the gui use it by default.  the old one will be removed soon & new one renamed
0fe03ba 2006-12-16 - add a default avatar for bookmarked forums w/ no avatar (green w/ question mark), and a default avatar for forums that are not bookmarked (scary red w/ X) - these two are used instead of leaving the avatar blank in the message editor. - refs can be managed on the new message editor now (importing selectively or by (sub)tree from the user's bookmarks, as well as created custom)
752cbfd 2006-12-16 remember to do ant clean jar, not just ant jar (oops)
5d7947f 2006-12-16 - revamped the link builder to only show the necessary fields if only   some types of links are requested - enabled the rest of the gui for the new msg editor, though it doesnt   yet post messages (aka gui only)
23c0279 2006-12-15 more progress on the message editor
29cfb21 2006-12-15 further progresson the new message editor (w/ style stuff)
c3fd6e0 2006-12-15 begin work on the new message editor gui (MessageEditorNew - to be renamed once it is functionally equivilant to MessageEditor)
9e0c01e 2006-12-14 might as well give the shell an icon
cbabbc7 2006-12-14 when replying to a message, include the full ancestry, not just the parent id lazy load some gui components to reduce crunch
7a58faa 2006-12-14 don't keep reimporting the same channel read key over and over (duh)
8a2479c 2006-12-14 - further threading improvements (dealing with more situations) - prompt the user for the passphrase when trying to view a (still encrypted)   passphrase protected post - prompt the author for the passphrase & prompt when they want to create a   passphrase protected post - deferred message flag rendering in the message tree
80edb6f 2006-12-14 further threading improvements file->import .syndie files shift-escape to hide/show bookmarks beginning of pbe gui work
298c1dc 2006-12-13 reworked threading with a jwz-derived algorithm, and optimized filtering
8c53519 2006-12-13 web rip parsing fixes to deal with google news better
87b154b 2006-12-13 make sure the fetcher threads are told when they can continue fetching
e5372f5 2006-12-13 - fixes for the httpserv - let the textui run without ever reading the console (w/ --nostdin), so as to allow "nohup bin/syndie --nostdin @runhttpserv &" w/ runhttpserv containing "login ; httpserv --writable true"
6b418cb 2006-12-12 - integrated http server (run with the 'httpserv' command, listening on port 8080 by default) which serves up the archive and can handle archive posts (automatically importing them), or optionally not allowing HTTP posts.  later, we will need some more control over what is published in the archive's index, but atm this mirrors the older functionality.  the http post syntax has changed though (no more multipart file upload - just a structured concatenation, per doc/archive.html). - minor gui cleanups
ece5559 2006-12-12 begin some threading optimizations
6654053 2006-12-12 further html rip & render cleanup when viewing a message, you can reply to the message w/ the forum & author action buttons (and in the message pane itself w/ a right click - also supported when previewing)
7ed2d48 2006-12-12 actually start scheduled pushes (thanks complication)
c7d9e03 2006-12-12 let the use disable potentially confusing style attributes, like black text on a black background
9c1bebf 2006-12-12 dont treat missing attachments as fatal in the web rip trim locally unknown messages (over)zealously (fix this later in the thread accumulator) put the message filter bar under the preview pane when browsing messages (good idea Complication) delay message preview by 500ms (in case the user is just doing an arrow-down over many at once) show the preview on click/selection, view in a new tab on doubleclick (thanks Complication)
0730fd5 2006-12-11 html cleanup in the manual, and fixes for some html parsing so it displays the manual's html correctly
2cb4072 2006-12-11 support tag prefix searches by adding a * to a tag - eg "webrip:*" for all rips
64a88cb 2006-12-11 deal with some cancel/abort situations
3b49ff5 2006-12-11 eepget fix for fetching (if it 404'ed/etc, it did not fetch.  duh) deal with failed rips (tell the user, etc)
a5077a1 2006-12-11 web rip gui for non-pages
835b1e8 2006-12-11 theming cleanup for the page editor style the selection in the page editor, dont just insert gibberish (good idea cervantes!)
fde816d 2006-12-11 theming, and small html rendering fix
e476be7 2006-12-11 let the gui control the default proxy settings, and clean up the webrip in the message editor a bit
a5d3d5f 2006-12-11 merged back the i2p proxying url fix - thanks complication
52c50c9 2006-12-10 start working on the web rip UI (currently you can "add web rip" in the message editor, instead of "add HTML page" or "add text page")
f06484a 2006-12-10 move some not-necessarily-gui stuff out of the gui package create the base engine for the web rip functionality (pull a webpage & attachments, and rewrite the html w/ relative syndie URIs)
281f1c0 2006-12-10 fixed html rendering of lists (bug in [overzealous] page renderer optimization)
7a5a5e0 2006-12-10 split syndication process into three separate tabs (thanks for the suggestion void!) more theming
2656c9a 2006-12-10 - dont publish channels in our archive's index that we don't have the metadata for - cleaned up the initial db creation / startup process to work with the   gui better (thanks Complication!) - during a multithreaded syndication pull, make sure we pull all metadata   before pulling anything else
71b7c08 2006-12-09 bugfixes - thanks complication and void
2a0bbf6 2006-12-09 message view menus
c43a4ed 2006-12-09 oops on prev commit.  also now only confirm forum change if there was a change
68dc6c1 2006-12-09 put the manage subsections into a tab folder rather than combo-driven (good idea void)
3b20e39 2006-12-09 put the manage subsections into a tab folder rather than combo-driven (good idea void)
2c23b9d 2006-12-09 new context menus for posting to/managing individual forums
ac64162 2006-12-09 prefix the message view title, for messages w/ no subject
424debe 2006-12-09 cleanup
4a64d58 2006-12-09 message view footer
da12ad9 2006-12-09 start work on the message view
79653dc 2006-12-08 draw the message flags on the message tree (though without tooltips)
57bf74e 2006-12-08 begin work on the message flags
9a77882 2006-12-08 futher page render optimizations ^W to close a tab
2dc249c 2006-12-08 trim down the preview pane for previewing only - the view pane will have lots more
a8af4e8 2006-12-08 more detailed syndication menu
89f2abb 2006-12-07 more dynamic archive menu, CNTR-left/right for switching tabs
51e100f 2006-12-07 - CustomStyledText adds some tracers to monitor styled text layout performance   (which notes that laying out a styled text with lots of lines takes a really long time) - in turn, it also has a flag to override the size computation during layout and use the   last computed value - this flag is set for the duration of the ThemeRegistry's   applyTheme against the Browser (where it does the recursive relayout of everything).
047a7db 2006-12-07 - begin bugfixes for threaded display w/ missing parent - dont bother with the message tree when viewing a message as a full tab - substantial optimization w/ ColorUtil.getColor, cutting seconds to ms by avoiding the swt thread as much as possible - substantial optimization in PageRenderer.setLineStyles, cutting more seconds off - avoid a duplicate relayout in BrowseForum theming
84e8314 2006-12-07 theme benchmarking (trouble in heavily loaded styledtext) reset theme don't use the "pick an icon" icon for forums that don't have an icon
98365a2 2006-12-06 useful menubar items filter forums by read status hide the highlight tree selection shrink the default fonts a bit more
4caf114 2006-12-06 fix for authorized author filtering fix for browse forum header w/ multiple forums
e844ea5 2006-12-06 the highlight tab pretty much works, sans private messages (though there are some shortcuts that should be added)
c43fcec 2006-12-06 further highlight screen improvements
65bc6a7 2006-12-06 begin work on the highlight tab, summarizing whats going on in syndie
aeef145 2006-12-05 html render cleanup (newlines for td/tr) put the bookmarks in their own menu, and allow hiding/showing the bookmarks tree
a02a10d 2006-12-05 more syndication diff cleanup
99931c9 2006-12-05 syndication diff view, for picking messages/forums to pull explicitly archive index cleanup
25102e4 2006-12-04 theme plain text pages (allowing resize, etc)
f1e5110 2006-12-04 begin hooks for explicit pull strategy small startup measurements and optimization, though more to do before release
88cdb07 2006-12-04 some more defensive programming, prompted by findbugs
6fdd1a6 2006-12-03 track message status, and some syndication bugfixes
709f73b 2006-12-02 forum avatar support, though not yet on per-message basis
e2c9cbf 2006-12-02 message postponement and resuming, though no UI to revert to postponed states other than the most recent
97f5c0c 2006-12-02 save the theme settings to the nym prefs transparently.  also apply them to the page renderer
f42748f 2006-12-02 simplified browse forum msg filter (still complex advanced popup though) fixed a thread accumulator filter wrt tags
cba5c4b 2006-12-01 forum search on the browser tree render text URIs as HTML pages in their own tabs
4a30b75 2006-12-01 resource monitoring functionality (and a few plugged leaks in the GC and StyledText usage)
788adab 2006-11-30 start of theme work, remove 1.6isms (oops)
6416ce1 2006-11-30 translation selection support reads /translation_$n.txt from the classpath ($n=0..$n), as well as translation_* from the syndie root dir, using the key LANG= as the translation's language name, displaying it in the language drop down.
4858eeb 2006-11-30 sql tab
0a93e77 2006-11-30 syndication rework w/ push code, not yet functionally tested
d9df8f9 2006-11-29 beginning of the syndication config stuff
cd3cf51 2006-11-29 cleaner archive uri handling reference support for messages too (view/edit)
5bed19d 2006-11-28 better ref editing
4ce61a4 2006-11-28 better ref editing
e7d8666 2006-11-28 manage forum refs in the gui allow passing the refs directly to the ChanGen, rather than through a filename
d877a44 2006-11-27 manage forum archive chooser
1db9dac 2006-11-27 async cleanup, syndication detects lack of keys now
a631f06 2006-11-27 more translation view search uri support
237d6c1 2006-11-26 user editable proxies
168155f 2006-11-26 more syndication work add script hooks to the text engine (so the gui knows when the login script is done) apply forum message filters asynchronously (since they can take a second or two)
c44217b 2006-11-25 basic sync working
4599d0d 2006-11-25 add an error message
1eacb23 2006-11-25 per-nym archives, and a new merged view across multiple remote archives begin the gui work to display/interact with it
d39d78a 2006-11-23 resize tapdancing
aa69886 2006-11-23 more translation work
702ae4d 2006-11-22 basic management page
faa7191 2006-11-19 more bookmark improvements and bugfixes
c468891 2006-11-19 bunch of bookmark related work (gui and db bugfixes)
17fbf8e 2006-11-18 better logging (use the event timestamp, not the log display timestamp (duh)) prefill the spellchecker on startup
8c299ff 2006-11-18 fixed the browse metadata link proper post/reply support view a single message as a browse+preview
65e6d60 2006-11-17 new log tab to display log messages (though still some font issues) refactor out a new BrowserControl interface add a metadata line on the forum tab (though doesn't contain much data yet) make the log & textui rendering async & buffered
4963d13 2006-11-15 removed busy loop from the browser.readCommand (oops) fixed the combos on windows (dropdown, not simple) honor the swtui instance root dir
bcac21d 2006-11-15 rework the gui startup process to use the browser as the main UI fed into a TextEngine add a login popup for people without "login" in their startup scripts add a text ui tab
12cf577 2006-11-15 - basic browser overview - tabs for forums w/ preview and message editing - begin work on more careful image management
e9c915f 2006-11-14 populate the message preview info menu w/ attachments and references support an attachment view popup that previews images and lets you save to disk
5dd9298 2006-11-13 new 'browse' command stub, showing a filtered message tree + preview pane page numbering (continued)
0863435 2006-11-13 let the message filtering change the forum
d3bdd2b 2006-11-13 support actually generating the message
92f5ec9 2006-11-12 up to swt-3.3M2 (includes support for writing to png)
7dea917 2006-11-12 hide the preview while rendering, and use the system wait cursor
2f40cb0 2006-11-12 run the actual page rendering in a separate thread, calling back to the swt thread when accessing or updating swt resources
0b59973 2006-11-12 let the user pick their avatar, and rescale it to 64x64 pixels
c8a0f79 2006-11-12 add target forum and author selection
2e87666 2006-11-12 bugfix on image mods
343ea0b 2006-11-12 image popup works, along with bgimage popup page and attachment numbers start at 1, not 0
73dd881 2006-11-11 image previewing works
c524c8e 2006-11-11 start of the image popup
ce47a19 2006-11-10 cleaned up nested html parsing for non-xhtml tags dd/dt/dl support relative syndie links (to pages/attachments)
d4c8342 2006-11-09 attachment support in the message editor
494d0c0 2006-11-09 - some tags cant be nested (P, DD/DT/DL), so implicitly close them   on the next instance if not explicitly closed already   (eg "<dl><dt>hi<dd>ho<dt>new def</dl>") - detect start of line better to avoid unnecessary linebreaks - be more careful when reworking the applicable tags for a breakpoint - dont rerender the page on preview resize (thats a bit overzealous)
99a8b1a 2006-11-08 start framing the message editor, and better text editor handling
5cddb74 2006-11-08 make previewing optional
4b8b636 2006-11-08 case insensitivity for html tags and attributes, but take note of the locale issues therein
dd6143f 2006-11-08 forgot this one...
a063f9b 2006-11-07 get the link builder into good shape, and try to minimize unnecessary 0x0 values on keys
361b303 2006-11-07 implement the bulk of the message filtering
f0f6bfb 2006-11-07 update the search uri spec, use search uris in the message tree, and start to honor the search criteria in the thread accumulator
eae7de9 2006-11-06 started work on the message filtering
b3c3961 2006-11-06 - (syndie.gui branch) add a "--reimport" flag to a bunch of commands so   that posts can be reimported if their earlier import didn't get   everything right (or new features were added)
59228a2 2006-11-06     - (syndie.gui branch) allow unauthorized replies to be imported into       channels that allow unauthorized replies if one of their ancestors seems       to be authorized even if we don't have that ancestor locally.  to reduce       the impact of references to nonexistant ancestors in such cases, the       unauthorized replies should only be shown when an authorized ancestor is       locally known.     - (syndie.gui branch) allow threaded searching by tags with three sets of       tag criteria instead of just two: threads must be tagged with all of the       "+" marked tags, none of the "-" marked tags, and at least one of the       remaining unmarked tags.
7ac0f22 2006-11-05 added a stub message tree
75f1889 2006-11-05 dont let the popups dispose themselves too early
b7ba575 2006-11-05 organize the ref chooser into a popup, integrate it into the link builder, and have the link builder inject channel ref links into the page editor
51cfb00 2006-11-05 tie in an acceptance hook
2d92893 2006-11-05 tie in a stub gui component to display metadata for chosen items
3d2a0a1 2006-11-04 add a search control for the reference chooser use commas and tabs as tag delimiters
995951e 2006-11-04 -refactored the post menu's "channels" command to allow simple integration in the GUI -support loading the nym's bookmarks from the db (but not yet updating/adding/deleting) -add a simple tree component for picking forums, bookmarked references, or search results
e580c64 2006-11-03 allow dynamic render resizing (^+/^- to increase/decrease the font) don't render named anchors as links (<a name="foo">)
e892f51 2006-11-03 dont spellcheck html attributes or tags
1c0eab0 2006-11-03 beginnings of the link popup
4fe9edc 2006-11-03 search and replace functionality
dbcedec 2006-11-03 integrated the jazzy spellchecker, though it currently uses the dictionary at /usr/share/dict/words and loads it all into memory for each editor, so there's optimization, customization, and bundling work to be done
353a269 2006-11-02 make sure not to dispose system colors tab onto the page editor by default handle the page bgcolor w/ body tag (re)writing text style alignment key listeners for: - ^A (select all) - ^B/^I/^U (bold/italic/underline) - ^C/^V/^X (copy/paste/cut)
bf003c4 2006-11-01 better headers and preview
8623220 2006-11-01 separate style popup, more actions implemented, basic preview pane
18c6307 2006-10-31 redraw on resize for wrapping
86effb7 2006-10-30     - (syndie.gui branch) stubs for the wysiwyg editor, and refactor the system       colors out into a shared component
17f6219 2006-10-29 html entities table came as decimal, not hex, and fixed the entity parsing
b1d202c 2006-10-27 * 2006-10-27  0.919b released     - another EepGet fix (thanks burl!)
5b49812 2006-10-26     - (syndie.gui branch) body bgcolor and bgimage (tiled), and refactor the       PageRender's DBClient dependency into a PageRendererSource for easy       rendering of pages not in the database
5b5f488 2006-10-26 fixed link ends, resizing, and added reply hooks
dc92951 2006-10-25     - (syndie.gui branch) enable the page context menus
3220b4f 2006-10-25     - (syndie.gui branch) added a new "definecmd" text command, allowing the       user to define new java classes to handle specific commands     - (syndie.gui branch) split the viewcmd to launch the PageRenderer itself,       rather than using the old MessageTab and associate baggage
8ba077d 2006-10-25 default link end and unknown image icons
3fa199e 2006-10-25     - (syndie.gui branch) all HTML4.0 entities, bgcolors, fgcolors, user       specified fonts, better handling of the quote tag, unknown image icon
6dfe25a 2006-10-24     - (syndie.gui branch) lists, justification, and indentation work
e803111 2006-10-23 * 2006-10-23  0.918b released     - fix a regression in EepGet (thanks gloin and burl!)
6c75e40 2006-10-23 render images and fonts
9be45c0 2006-10-23 propagate from branch 'syndie' (head 8f6bff0f717139a65317971d359e259da5635c20)             to branch 'syndie.gui' (head 3edde37b5e43aa958f464a40ed83f41b7a0dcdcd)
f85fd36 2006-10-22 * 2006-10-22  0.917b released
7e50d73 2006-10-22 propagate from branch 'syndie' (head 43703f77c7261d01670818ac9fb818fdac99a8d5)             to branch 'syndie.gui' (head 47ea24300b4aa01f9786777ef18e971114a2a717)
4ed823a 2006-10-22 deal with 302/303/307 redirects too, not just 301
85b6720 2006-10-22     - include an index.html in the archive directory that, by default,       simply explains briefly what the archive is and disclaims responsability       for the content in it.  archive operators can customize the file as they       see fit by editing "$rootDir/archive/index.html".  That index will of       course be visible to anyone viewing the archive on the web, and it is       also published inside freenet archives (as are any other html files)     - more aggressively clean up temporary files on syndie shutdown     - fixed a regression where fetched passphrase encrypted posts did not       properly prompt the user for the passphrase     - add support for HTTP 301 redirects to EepGet (so freenet USKs work as       intended)
c48492e 2006-10-22     - upgrade to HSQLDB
605d627 2006-10-21     - keep track of old channel read keys so that we can decrypt messages that       used them later on, but don't use them to encrypt any new messages.       later, we can do some pruning to remove keys long ago deprecated
268ccf5 2006-10-21     - add hooks for scripts to be run on syndie startup and login, as well as       a set of default preferences and aliases to be injected when a new local       syndie nym is created.  the scripts are in the "startup" and "login"       files in "$rootDir/scripts/".  the preferences and aliases are name=value       pairs in that same directory in the "defaultprefs" and "defaultaliases"       files.     - ship with default preferences and aliases to set the default archive for       new users to, and includes a "sync"       alias to both pull and push any changes to it.  this does not affect       existing syndie logins, and does not overwrite existing scripts
6942097 2006-10-21 propagate from branch 'syndie' (head b6344fe188e7c854798d3a7caec625748972313e)             to branch 'syndie.gui' (head 769831ae28e871304320ab0cc5b446fd5635b681)
75678e7 2006-10-20 * 2006-10-20  0.916b released     - let the freenetpost inserts be visible on freenet's /queue/     - automatically rebuild the index before inserting into freenet     - make it easier for other apps to embed the text interface (by       creating a TextUI(String[]) and .run()ing it), and to extend the       commands known (by registering them with syndie.db.CLI)     - deal with missing messages in threads more gracefully     - properly pull freenet archive entries with ?forcedownload URLs
73c0abd 2006-10-19 parses the html and builds the ranges, but the ranges don't yet have the right style details, and images / bullet points / etc aren't stylized yet (though we know where they are)
0f7fe80 2006-10-17     - (syndie.gui branch) beginning of the html parse/rendering
b82f67a 2006-10-16     - (syndie.gui branch) further refinement to the gui stub, loads       message bodies with viewmsg --uri $uri
6899707 2006-10-16     - (syndie.gui branch) initial stub message viewer, depends upon swt       libs being located as specified in bin/syndie-gui (at runtime) or       nbproject/ (at build time)
a69cda5 2006-10-16     - make it easier for other apps to embed the text interface (by       creating a TextUI(String[]) and .run()ing it), and to extend the       commands known (by registering them with syndie.db.CLI)
6915282 2006-10-15     - let the freenetpost inserts be visible on freenet's /queue/     - automatically rebuild the index before inserting into freenet
d741d57 2006-10-15 * 2006-10-15  0.915b released     - added support for posting archives to freenet 0.7 via the       freenetpost command in the syndicate menu.  pulling from freenet was       already possible through fproxy, though it now treats archive URLs       containing USK@, SSK@, and CHK@ specially (redirecting them to the       correct fproxy location)
0f19f8c 2006-10-14 * 2006-10-14  0.914b released     - revamped HTML design (thanks HotTuna!)     - put together a simple monotone_howto.html as a quickstart
fb6def5 2006-10-13 lets be zealous
bb69ef8 2006-10-13 package native into syndie-.nix.tar.bz2
ac0b1e4 2006-10-13 * 2006-10-13  0.913b released     - bundle a sample bash script for pulling websites into syndie       (depends on wget for fetching and links for html to text conversion)     - translate addref URIs that refer to http URLs into SyndieURIs       transparently     - filled in the related.html page a bit
c2c12ce 2006-10-13 opendht/freenet/gnutella are data stores (oops)
6e0810a 2006-10-12 * 2006-10-12  0.912b released     - migrated to monotone     - default to compact mode for thread display     - used cervantes' syndie_nets.png image (thanks!)
d43d459 2006-10-12 addr fix
cbafbce 2006-10-12 0.911b
a335191 2006-10-12 cleanup
8723cef 2006-10-12 documented switch to monotone
9f7ed24 2006-10-12 initial import from svn of 0.910a```

## Files

.mtn-ignore .tx/config CHANGES CREDITS INSTALL LICENSE LICENSE-EPL-v1.0.html README TODO bin/bulkimport.syndie bin/httpgetdist.syndie bin/readme.txt bin/runhttpserv.syndie build.xml data/archive/favicon.ico data/archive/index.html data/archive/robots.txt data/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ data/defaultarchives.txt data/imports/DesktopUI/import_post1.syndie data/imports/default/import_meta1.syndie data/imports/default/import_meta2.syndie data/imports/default/import_meta3.syndie data/imports/default/import_meta4.syndie data/scripts/defaultaliases data/scripts/defaultprefs data/scripts/login data/scripts/newdatabase data/scripts/startup data/syndie/db/ddl_update0.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update1.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update10.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update11.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update12.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update13.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update14.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update15.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update16.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update17.txt data/syndie/db/ddl_update18.txt 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data/syndie/gui/iconBrowseAdmins.png data/syndie/gui/iconBrowseArchives.png data/syndie/gui/iconBrowseManage.png data/syndie/gui/iconBrowsePost.png data/syndie/gui/iconBrowseRefs.png data/syndie/gui/iconBug.png data/syndie/gui/iconCancel.png data/syndie/gui/iconCancelSyndications.png data/syndie/gui/iconClear.png data/syndie/gui/iconClose.png data/syndie/gui/iconCollapse.png data/syndie/gui/iconConfigureArchiveServer.png data/syndie/gui/iconControlSyndication.png data/syndie/gui/iconCreateForum.png data/syndie/gui/iconDelete.png data/syndie/gui/iconDeleteArchive.png data/syndie/gui/iconDirect.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdAddFile.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdAddImage.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdAddPage.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdAttach.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdBookmarkedNoAvatar.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdLink.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdNotBookmarked.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdPageAdd.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdPageTypeHTML.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdPageTypeText.png data/syndie/gui/iconEdQuote.png 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data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagBookmarked.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagHasArchives.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagHasAttachments.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagHasKeys.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagHasRefs.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagIsNew.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagPBE.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagPublic.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagReadKeyUnknown.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagReplyKeyUnknown.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagScheduledForExpire.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgFlagUnreadable.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgMeta.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavForum.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavNextInThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavNextNew.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavNextThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavNextViaThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavPrevInThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavPrevNew.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavPrevThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNavPrevViaThread.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgNormal.png data/syndie/gui/iconMsgPrivate.png data/syndie/gui/iconNewPost.png data/syndie/gui/iconOffline.png data/syndie/gui/iconOnline.png data/syndie/gui/iconPrivAuthorized.png data/syndie/gui/iconPrivPBE.png data/syndie/gui/iconPrivPublic.png data/syndie/gui/iconPrivReply.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefArchive.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefForum.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefFreenet.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefMsg.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefSyndie.png data/syndie/gui/iconRefURL.png data/syndie/gui/iconReplyMessage.png data/syndie/gui/iconSettings.png data/syndie/gui/iconShell.png data/syndie/gui/iconStartArchiveServer.png data/syndie/gui/iconStopArchiveServer.png data/syndie/gui/iconStyle.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynError.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynInProgress.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynNoKey.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynOk.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynPBE.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynPush.png data/syndie/gui/iconSynScheduled.png data/syndie/gui/iconSync.png data/syndie/gui/iconTaskCloseGroup.png data/syndie/gui/iconTaskCloseSelf.png 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src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/spell/engine/ src/com/swabunga/util/ src/com/swabunga/util/ src/syndie/ src/syndie/ src/syndie/crypto/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/data/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/db/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/gui/desktop/ src/syndie/html/ src/syndie/html/ src/syndie/html/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/thread/ src/syndie/trac/ src/syndie/util/ src/syndie/util/ src/syndie/util/ src/syndie/util/ swt/build.xml swt/ tests/scripts/ tests/scripts/ tools/ tools/dbmanager tools/dumpindex tools/dumpindexes tools/dumpsyndiefile tools/ tools/sqltool.rc

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