I2P website

To run locally (for testing purposes):

Running a mirror

If you want to mirror the I2P website, thanks! Here is a checklist:

Running a mirror with Docker

It’s possible to set up a mirror using apache2 inside of a Docker container. It is intended to provide a HTTP server, to use HTTPS, using a reverse proxy is the easiest way. You should not need to make any modifications to the service running inside the container, but you may make the same modifications to the containerized mirror that you would to a normal mirror by changing your local copy of the site according to the recommendations in the previous settings.


Configuration files for the various scripts are in etc/. Environment variables in etc/translation.vars can be overridden by creating the file etc/translation.vars.custom and re-defining the environment variables there.

Pulling updated translations from Transifex:

  1. Pull new and updated translations from Transifex:

    $ tx pull -a
  2. Correctly format the translations: Do NOT forget this step!

    $ ./update-existing-po.sh
  3. Look for errors in po files:

    $ ./checkpo.sh
  4. Find which po files have new strings:

    $ ./findpochanges.sh
  5. Check in the updated translations:

    # git instructions
    $ git commit -am "Updated translations"
  6. Check in any new translations: First, look to see which translations are supported in i2pwww/init.py. For any new translations that are NOT in init.py, either delete the po directory i2p2www/translations/xx (if it’s not translated enough to add it to the website), or add the language to the table in init.py (if it’s translated enough to add it to the website).

    # git instructions
    $ git add i2p2www/translations/* && git commit -am "New translations"

Pushing updated translation source (.pot) files to Transifex:

  1. Update the .pot files with any changes to the website text:

    $ ./extract-messages.sh
  2. Check in any changes to the .pot files (optional):

    # git instructions
    $ git commit -am "Updated translation strings"
  3. Push pots file changes to Transifex:

    $ tx push -s

Updating spec tags:

ctags is used to generate references to the specifications. The tags file is i2p2www/spec/spectags. When the specifications are changed, the file should be regenerated and checked in.

Command to generate the file:

$ cd i2p2www/spec && ctags -f spectags --langdef=rst --langmap=rst:.rst --regex-rst=/_type-\([a-zA-Z0-9]+\)/\\1/t,type/ --regex-rst=/_struct-\([a-zA-Z0-9]+\)/\\1/s,struct/ --regex-rst=/_msg-\([a-zA-Z]+\)/\\1/m,msg/ -R -n *.rst

git repository: ./i2p.www

Git Summary

 project  : i2p.www
 repo age : vor 18 Jahren
 active   : 2107 days
 commits  : 5397
 files    : 1804
 authors  : 
613b18d0 2022-02-22 Update android build, freestanding release only
4c3fd2ac 2022-02-21 roadmap update
c07d8cee 2022-02-21 undraft the blog post, update all the hashes, re-align the mirrors and push the release
e9233349 2022-02-21 1.7.0 checksums
f410760b 2022-02-19 Prop. 159 more updates
10e298b1 2022-02-18 Prop. 159 updates
c727cd14 2022-02-18 Prop. 159 more header key 2 fixes
65e8096e 2022-02-18 Prop. 159 change retry header key 2
6406a1ae 2022-02-17 Prop. 159 updates
4716c151 2022-02-17 Prop. 159 schedule
d1a1160b 2022-02-17 1.7.0 draft release notes
c09ce9a7 2022-02-17 Prop. 159 relay sig tweaks
4a7102ac 2022-02-17 Prop. 159 relay sigs
b082cd33 2022-02-17 Prop. 159 relay
a59293d3 2022-02-16 SU3 spec: Add link to Python RSA signing how-to
b2c0faa6 2022-02-16 Update docker instructions
99a3ab04 2022-02-16 Prop. 159 more peer test cleanups
9e22b4ef 2022-02-16 Prop. 159 markdown fixes
24bd1d86 2022-02-16 Prop. 159 peer test cleanup
f7b92065 2022-02-16 Prop. 159 fixes
b83b9f94 2022-02-15 Prop. 159 fixes
9c35cfa5 2022-02-14 Prop. 159 minor updates
a3675758 2022-02-12 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www
9f963b78 2022-02-12 fix hash on OSX download page
56e40bae 2022-02-12 Prop. 159 updates
8dfe9fcf 2022-02-12 Fix the hash on the .dmg download which still corresponded to 1.5.0
5f97f117 2022-02-10 Prop. 159 min. payload sizes
50eb1abb 2022-02-10 Prop. 159 handshake retransmissions and packet numbers
1e152b06 2022-02-09 Prop. 159 update goals
f096096a 2022-02-09 Prop. 159 retry message encryption
a721b0e5 2022-02-09 Prop. 159 minor fixes
397c51b7 2022-02-09 Prop. 159 header encryption updates
729c87ef 2022-02-08 Fix spacing on OSX
f85fe2e4 2022-02-08 Edit downloads list for consistency
529ce105 2022-02-08 Add February meeting logs
98cf3583 2022-02-07 Prop. 159 goals, MTU, max message size
646682d2 2022-02-06 Prop. 159 more updates
313c8c4e 2022-02-06 Prop. 159 MTU and RI block updates
0c356ba0 2022-02-06 Prop. 159 address block
f5034f73 2022-02-05 Prop. 159 minor updates
453244ef 2022-02-02 Update plugin.config and clients.config in specifications to include OS and ARCH substitutions
f5a64b68 2022-02-01 Prop. 159 updates
f28b418f 2022-01-30 Merge branch 'thecashewtrader-master-patch-40804' into 'master'
1461bb64 2022-01-30 Prop. 159 header protection keys
d1bf4963 2022-01-29 Fix broken/outdated GNUnet link
c296906c 2022-01-28 Close proposals 143, 156, 157
1a2580b5 2022-01-28 Add categories to specs that didn't have them, add Formats category
bd06167e 2022-01-27 minor fixes
43c1e0cb 2022-01-26 NTCP2: Add clock skew guidance
b8e79e28 2022-01-20 minor revisions, re-ordering on get-involved
27b6b07b 2022-01-19 fix date on last meeting log
baaa8768 2022-01-17 minor proposal fixes
d0a68e42 2022-01-14 Bump version of I2P Easy-Install Bundle for Windows, prepare to announce final manual update
db9e6e55 2022-01-12 i2pcontrol: Add status notes
a6d63747 2022-01-11 Remove Pick your Bundle since OS detection throws you right at the one you want anyway
82631fcf 2022-01-11 Remove Getting Started steps, as they no longer apply to the majority of platforms
30f908ae 2022-01-11 fix omission on download list. Add indentation so it's a little less annoying to look at.
fbae3e92 2022-01-08 i2pcontrol: Add i2pd compatibility notes
aa00c65f 2022-01-07 roadmap updates
b7d46ed5 2022-01-07 logging guidelines
a38f2200 2022-01-07 hosts.txt update
0c3bdfe4 2022-01-05 Plugin spec: Document fixes for 0.9.53
39a50bfe 2022-01-05 Remove mtn reference
b3fb4210 2022-01-05 Add my docs mirror
96c6a886 2022-01-05 Switch in-i2p javadocs to my site instead of echelon's, which is down
9ed54c44 2022-01-05 Remove out-of-date tutorials from media page. Split old roadmap out into roadmap-archive
625a56ab 2022-01-05 Download page fixes for Mac OSX
66459bd2 2022-01-05 update Mac package on the page to prioritize DMG
34480f71 2022-01-05 hosts.txt update
cf8a9610 2022-01-04 Meeting logs Jan 4 2022
6317a8e3 2022-01-04 HTML fix
b95f1c1b 2022-01-03 Prop. 160 fix
58e8d064 2022-01-03 Prop. 160 updates
806957f9 2022-01-03 bt spec: clarify a node ID is not a hash
bfede5c6 2022-01-03 markdown fix
8697c044 2022-01-03 Add SAM lib
901532f1 2022-01-03 Markdown fix
d82e1a66 2022-01-03 Prop. 160 fixes
f73dddbe 2022-01-03 Pull translations from TX
535f59d8 2022-01-03 New proposal 160
ab486868 2022-01-01 Add year-in-review blog post by sadie
cda9eaf0 2021-12-31 Add new SAM lib
f40c5ebd 2021-12-27 update my roadmap items
7c974d00 2021-12-27 Roadmap update
b2819e56 2021-12-26 I2CP spec minor clarifications
0d504231 2021-12-21 Fix link to proxy.pac article, add Advent Calendar article
91b525c1 2021-12-21 Add paper
ed8b8932 2021-12-14 Remove flattr, remove donate from get-involved
946c58e4 2021-12-11 undraft cve-2021-44228 post
65cddc7f 2021-12-11 fix header line length in draft blog post
6579dfe7 2021-12-11 Minor edit to CVE blog post
db5c82ce 2021-12-11 draft CVE-2021-44228 blog post
9df7800b 2021-12-10 Add cursors
8c70e00e 2021-12-10 Make old installation section an update section
dda60976 2021-12-10 Make Benefits section a header
bad51cde 2021-12-10 Add plugin install example to plugin install page
176d0eb2 2021-12-10 Remove page
37a59a7a 2021-12-07 Add meeting logs
b68325c7 2021-12-07 bump the .dmg bundle version to 1.6.1
1c2a66ad 2021-12-05 Remove mention of monotone on d/l page, fix android source link
c8c26123 2021-12-04 Fix sentence in reseed doc
dabeff7c 2021-12-02 Protocol stack doc update
d534d0d8 2021-12-01 Fix OSX bundle version numbers so they can be out of sync with core version numbers
9502a7d9 2021-12-01 add i2pgit to i2pconv table, edit release notes to match links
6d329a32 2021-12-01 1.6.1
c0f1fa01 2021-12-01 Update the fdroid verion
4a371822 2021-12-01 Undraft blog post and switch mirrors
83b028c8 2021-11-29 1.6.1 release notes update 2
7abb9b91 2021-11-29 1.6.1 release notes update
02eb987a 2021-11-28 Remove more references to trac, indicate it is being replaced on team page
f48575e2 2021-11-28 Remove mention of PrivacySolutions from the Browser Page, revisions to outproxy copy
21a84bb2 2021-11-25 1.6.0 release draft
c693b096 2021-11-23 Correct the DivaExchange SAM library description, they use RAW datagrams
f095a042 2021-11-23 Update the sam3 library info, it supports sam3.3 now
19aa05d8 2021-11-23 Add DivaExchange/i2p-sam to SAM libraries list, tenatively marked 3.1, it may implement some parts of 3.2 as well
b7cb1383 2021-11-21 Merge branch 'debchanges' into 'master'
62e4170b 2021-11-21 Simplify Debian page content per suggestions from @anonymousmaybe
e09b3414 2021-11-08 Reseed guide more updates
19d9dda4 2021-11-08 Reseed guide updates
74a09ce6 2021-11-04 Fix version, undraft post
9a671a9a 2021-11-04 Fix links
9635cc2e 2021-11-04 Fix Mac OS note
2da8a794 2021-11-04 Fill out jpackage blog post
56e320b5 2021-11-04 Add a blog post for new jpackages
3df06267 2021-11-02 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www
3f9700c0 2021-11-02 Add community meeting logs
53bc04f4 2021-10-26 sublist try 4
2e17f6e1 2021-10-26 prop. 159 fixes
ddddc9dc 2021-10-26 prop. 159 fixes
9fae96a3 2021-10-26 prop. 159: updates
58d59e7c 2021-10-24 prop. 159 minor updates
46d6c037 2021-10-22 prop. 159 ack/nack
6767b79d 2021-10-22 prop. 159 congestion and other updates
b0843926 2021-10-21 prop. 159 relay and peer test versions
338f2fee 2021-10-21 prop. 159 relay and peer test goals
b25c1794 2021-10-21 Add NTCP 1 removal releases and dates
3aa63a2a 2021-10-21 Note NTCP 1 is no longer supported
6552ef76 2021-10-19 Prop. 159 session confirmed alternatives
ddfa9b30 2021-10-19 SSU: Document that the Bob-to-Alice peer test message must be in-session as of API 0.9.52.
5344482d 2021-10-18 prop. 159 back to 16 byte short header
79f3bc32 2021-10-18 Update prop. 159
2d490733 2021-10-18 Capitalize Title
0754e903 2021-10-17 Proposal 159 updates
3cd54147 2021-10-17 Proposal 159 fixes
0c3e740b 2021-10-17 Prop. 159 markdown fixes take 3
dee89ee3 2021-10-17 Prop. 159 markdown fixes
e825cd79 2021-10-17 Prop. 159 markdown fix, more sections
49d005c5 2021-10-16 Prop. 159 more updates
cdcea91f 2021-10-16 Prop. 159 more sections
4c1b2b7d 2021-10-16 Prop. 159 more updates
440d9a45 2021-10-15 Prop. 159 update KDF sections
b526f75c 2021-10-14 Fix meeting dates
ed0f9e43 2021-10-14 Still more prop 159 updates
42436168 2021-10-14 More prop 159 updates
bea8d904 2021-10-14 Prop 159 major update
33f0c27a 2021-10-11 Add Hungarian to dropdown
16cd5f62 2021-10-11 Update spectags file
be12819a 2021-10-11 Update translation source files
b90d781e 2021-10-11 Pull translations from Transifex
87ca8d5a 2021-10-11 Prop. 159 edit design goals section
3ee4d167 2021-10-05 Add meeting logs. Add note about x86_64 and M1 Mac performance to OSX page
b2b01831 2021-09-23 Fix updated date on reseed page
457ecc22 2021-09-22 add links to reseed research and tools on reseed page
8464cbb9 2021-09-22 Merge branch 'dmg-bundle-expanded' into 'master'
e048db37 2021-09-22 expand content of Mac page to include more on how to use it, link to /htproxyports in browser config section
e1022ecf 2021-09-22 More adjusted verbiage on firefox and easyinstall pages
d258b953 2021-09-22 Adjust some of the verbiage on nsis/easyinstall page. It's a positive development, be positive about it!
4837bac9 2021-09-21 fix capital in bitcoin post
5956da28 2021-09-21 fix capital in bitcoin post
7e3f95fd 2021-09-21 run aspell on bitcoin post
0bb7ed6d 2021-09-21 Add details to bitcoin post
f963add1 2021-09-20 Update glossary to include broad p2p/distributed software terms
32e5a35c 2021-09-18 Start BTC news blog post.
345cd69c 2021-09-17 Make nsis link point to easyinstall
d8e5d4bb 2021-09-16 Change URL from nsis to easyinstall
ee3285e8 2021-09-16 Fix formatting and consistency issues
8f471e62 2021-09-16 Fix link on nsis page
f521fbf6 2021-09-16 Fix bundle download button
5c61370c 2021-09-16 NSIS Bundle is now live, also two blog posts that have been in draft status
a530bcf8 2021-09-15 Fix headings, revise message about existing I2P routers on Firefox page
b31a3c0b 2021-09-15 add Jpackage section to What is In It part
1e1c95cb 2021-09-15 add a page for the NSIS JPackage+Profile+I2P installer
0839c69b 2021-09-15 add a page for the NSIS JPackage+Profile+I2P installer
f9904071 2021-09-14 make branch selection part of docker mirror script
12bc1d9d 2021-09-12 SSU2 proposal 159 outline
569c52a3 2021-09-10 Renew debian repo key
920eb68f 2021-09-09 Add my roadmap items
bb276bd4 2021-09-07 add 303 meeting logs and draft of encrypted leaseset blog post
901a0c9e 2021-09-06 Roadmap update
7acd46c9 2021-08-28 Fix another typo
677ab77f 2021-08-28 Add images from history post
21e01baa 2021-08-28 Upgrade Android version on Web Site. Add Sadie's History of I2P blog post, slightly edited.
4d966779 2021-08-28 Add a quick-start docker-compose.yml
f5dbd9e2 2021-08-27 numerous typo fixes
467f5459 2021-08-26 Add 20 year celebration blog post
48531c91 2021-08-26 mac dmg page
14e972b7 2021-08-26 Update contact.html
5f8cc147 2021-08-26 Update contact.html
c498d1a5 2021-08-24 Fix the mirror for files.i2p-projekt.de in the mirror list
f973f7b4 2021-08-24 Fix the mirror again
453cdb93 2021-08-24 Fix the mirror again
c8350f31 2021-08-24 De-prioritize launchpad mirror
692894f6 2021-08-24 De-prioritize launchpad mirror
57ed82df 2021-08-24 De-prioritize launchpad mirror
21056003 2021-08-24 undraft release blog post
f158a530 2021-08-24 update download page versions, checksums
f6f5936e 2021-08-23 Release checksums
3ec76f9d 2021-08-23 Release draft
fa381e89 2021-08-18 Fix unfortunate typo/omission on homepage, /with/without/
b27a8209 2021-08-18 ascii certs instead of binary
01f8078c 2021-08-18 rename old certificate to 2019, add current and next certificates
c3882a34 2021-08-14 Big update to i2p.firefox download page.
6d4dfa82 2021-08-13 make it easier to run in dev mode inside of docker
c968066a 2021-08-13 Fixup some language on firefox.html
05fb9a25 2021-08-03 meeting logs August 3, 2021 #302
44940a86 2021-07-31 Reference fixes
c53bb766 2021-07-31 Clarifications for prop. 157
3cf399b2 2021-07-31 More fixes for prop. 157
5ba59a70 2021-07-31 Yet more updates for prop. 157
fbe88e7d 2021-07-31 More updates for prop. 157
fb085e6c 2021-07-31 Add Prop. 157 messages to ECIES tunnel spec
f6fa0653 2021-07-31 Add Prop. 157 messages to I2NP spec
dba5df7b 2021-07-28 Prop. 157 updates
3206ebf8 2021-07-28 fix broken link to detailed Chromium+extension instructions on browser-config
0bb4c137 2021-07-13 Prop. 157 markdown fix
aef4e724 2021-07-13 Prop. 157 drop ITBM
f7915466 2021-07-13 Prop. 157 Remove plaintext record from OTBRM
29febb87 2021-07-12 Prop. 157 KDF cleanups
5a1ccb81 2021-07-12 Fix the year part of the dates on the latest meeting logs
469e2773 2021-07-12 merge branch master
dec3fbe1 2021-07-12 Prop. 157 markdown fixes
5fed2cfa 2021-07-12 Prop. 157 KDF section
55480eb0 2021-07-06 post meeting logs, minor formatting changes to restrictive countries page
a039090d 2021-07-05 minor tweaks to strict countries page
72d96941 2021-07-05 Add a page for Docker installs
92335d59 2021-07-05 Add a page for Docker installs
d124b3e9 2021-07-05 Get rid of some old mtn stuff that we don't use anymore, update some trac links, remove remaining viewmtn mention. closes #21
05e61e3c 2021-07-05 Document strict countries on web site. closes #31
0e3d2dd5 2021-06-29 re-enable meeh's mirrors. Leave launchpad the default for now
68d11705 2021-06-26 temporarily switch default mirror to launchpad while meeh gets his nginx config untangled
5e03fe7b 2021-06-22 Prop. 157 updates
b3095877 2021-06-19 Prop. 157 updates
9d79fc13 2021-06-14 SSU peer test fix
561be5a1 2021-06-11 Add new su3 file types
c496f7d6 2021-06-08 Prop. 157 fixup pictures
1ac2b09a 2021-06-03 Prop. 157 more fixes
5f425851 2021-06-03 Prop. 157 fixes
dceb653f 2021-06-02 Add some roadmap items I intend to do this cycle, no go-i2p specific stuff here though
031b382c 2021-06-01 Meeting 300 logs
f80a481e 2021-05-21 Roadmap update
303a168e 2021-05-19 update freestanding Android version
f5f4d0a3 2021-05-19 Update the hashes
d4e2fc30 2021-05-18 update downloads for destkop to 0.9.50, undraft the release notes
524d50db 2021-05-18 add release checksums
7d4a8a45 2021-05-13 release draft, prop. 157 minor fix
12ee443b 2021-05-06 Fix reference links
8259e904 2021-05-06 I2NP: Rewrite overview, update version info, add version info to message chart
64c969b3 2021-05-06 Roadmap update
666fd687 2021-05-04 Merge branch 'master' of
b823b459 2021-05-04 Post meeting logs may 4
e0f98557 2021-05-04 Fix note on SAM v1/v2
da3feb5f 2021-05-04 Trac->Gitlab
b30d0864 2021-04-30 Prop. 157 minor updates
027af7c5 2021-04-26 More SSU spec updates from prop. 158
ac06be03 2021-04-26 Correct note about i2pd support of b32 addresses in SAM
3b537524 2021-04-26 Update note about i2pd support of b32 addresses in SAM
fd17717f 2021-04-26 Update translation source
87657a1d 2021-04-26 Pull translations from tx
a239e7cc 2021-04-26 Update SSU docs for IPv6 introductions, close prop. 158
10f8129d 2021-04-14 Make the Download buttons on the download page the same color as the get i2p button on the home page. Minor revisions to the home page text. Add OS detection by user-agent to download page.
68704eba 2021-04-06 Update the meeting logs
82eb0078 2021-04-04 Fix typ. SSU SessionConfirmed size
003e49fe 2021-04-01 Clarify notes about leaseset revocation and expiration
48ced320 2021-03-29 Prop. 157 updates
d6f08f32 2021-03-28 Drop .mtn-ignore
2baffc32 2021-03-28 Remove extaneous slash from new link
a5705f2e 2021-03-28 fix link to browser configuration page
453314c9 2021-03-22 Prop. 157 fixes
f4588ae0 2021-03-21 More prop. 157 updates
102fec27 2021-03-21 Prop. 157 updates
6227644e 2021-03-21 Prop. 157 updates, typo in prop. 152
706d18da 2021-03-20 IPv6 introducer updates
a12bc806 2021-03-19 Prop. 158 fix title
02e84e37 2021-03-19 New proposal 158
7016bec8 2021-03-16 Fix typo
96a3ea10 2021-03-15 Add 'Basic Steps' to the download page to highlight that they need a Java environment before they attempt to install
aac3c1cc 2021-03-14 SAM: Add quick start section
ae30933d 2021-03-08 Clarification on transport caps
111f09bb 2021-03-07 update the browser profile bundle with all the new features to 0.03
d0954435 2021-03-05 credit saebamini.com for the git utccommit recommendation
9ef12872 2021-03-05 add git utccommit recommendation to git guide
573f33df 2021-03-04 cd to $DIR in site-updater-docker.sh
0c83bc8b 2021-03-04 Update the press key
e902734a 2021-03-04 Renew security@ GPG key
7e8bb360 2021-03-02 Add meeting logs for March 2
81001c06 2021-03-02 Roadmap update; add 4/6 cap info
01929bb4 2021-02-28 Fix links on homepage that were wrong on in-i2p site
66b8bbf9 2021-02-23 Add my new mirror on github
7fdeca6e 2021-02-22 Indicate in the mirror file that I'm operating the mgp6* tunnel, add files.i2p-projekt.de, comment out dropbox and gdrive links
82ccc09a 2021-02-19 Switch in-i2p updates to a live I2P Service
3643b917 2021-02-18 update to 0.9.49
4de1c653 2021-02-18 Prop. 157 updates
94f78053 2021-02-17 checksums
4960c3c2 2021-02-17 0.9.49 release draft
340788e0 2021-02-10 Fix up some of the git information on the New Developers page
ed62e88f 2021-02-10 Add gitlab to site footer in social section, to git tutorial and to the top of get-involved in the nav menu
4722e513 2021-02-06 hosts.txt entry for new jump server
6754e93b 2021-02-01 Renew my GPG subkeys
8d118ece 2021-01-31 Temporarily remove docker hash, see comment
f79b062f 2021-01-30 Update the docker instructions
35ed003c 2021-01-30 SAMv3: Add note about support for hostnames and b32
bfd93b60 2021-01-27 typo
b2afca86 2021-01-25 typos
8891b5e8 2021-01-23 Make usage of 2-word Address Book consistent across website, except preserve old blog posts as is
8c3bfb60 2021-01-22 Take out the labs page entirely
5bd8ad61 2021-01-14 Prop. 156 updates
6df7a797 2021-01-10 Prop. 157 updates
aaa0eff4 2021-01-09 Prop. 157 updates
000fa745 2021-01-09 Prop. 157 updates
293e7a08 2021-01-09 Prop. 157 minor updates
c67a3ce0 2021-01-08 Reserve I2NP messages for prop. 157
e30f87a7 2021-01-08 Reference fixups, date fix
c4ace8e9 2021-01-08 Migrate parts of prop. 156 to spec section for 0.9.49
41622fb2 2021-01-08 Dev guide updates for git
a6bdf4f7 2020-12-29 Prop. 157 updates
5701350a 2020-12-17 update and re-arrange the roadmap to reflect a more up-to-date status
90a9a837 2020-12-17 Fix date
66249242 2020-12-17 Roadmap update
18ab5021 2020-12-15 add new paper to papers 2020 section
3c8ab931 2020-12-14 git blog edits and typo fixes
92855d11 2020-12-10 Add git-mtn  to blog post
fcb2385d 2020-12-10 Announce that we're migrated to git
4a4b5643 2020-12-10 Announce that we're migrated to git
4af5c9d9 2020-12-10 Makes more sense to refer to it as git.idk.i2p  as well
9fe54266 2020-12-10 Remove warning and add note to i2pp git page
67d75af1 2020-12-09 crush the new image down to a better size
d72649ba 2020-12-09 Prop. 156 major update Prop. 152 add specification note
f19844b7 2020-12-08 Merge branch 'style-guide' into 'master'
04f9429b 2020-12-05 Make it so that older blog posts mentioning eepsites reference I2P sites now but leave original verbiage in place
efe63265 2020-12-04 reverse mistaken changes to site vocab
c789aa98 2020-12-04 update image link in LICENSE.txt
6aa2d4fc 2020-12-04 Merge branch 'style-guide' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
82ee33bb 2020-12-04 credit image on home page in footnote
574edbd3 2020-12-04 correct path of front page images, which is CC NA https://pixabay.com/service/license/
b23bd848 2020-12-04 correct path of front page images, which is CC NA https://pixabay.com/service/license/
52821ecb 2020-12-04 Merge branch 'irc-guide' into 'style-guide'
e239e59a 2020-12-04 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
f006c5db 2020-12-04 update the Android versions
95f1b733 2020-12-03 fix broken intro page
2cd05aea 2020-12-03 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
ec49392b 2020-12-03 FAQ, Footer, and Index text finalization
490a623f 2020-12-02 Add checksums
c35815b5 2020-12-01 undraft release blog
fb274f63 2020-12-01 resolve merge conflicts
d1aa6862 2020-12-01 remove no-longer required license file
25ff6f95 2020-12-01 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
625768e8 2020-12-01 remove maclauncher from download page until I know about maintainer status
6a5f3c65 2020-12-01 upload the changes to the download page for 0.9.48
b43ce1e4 2020-12-01 update some important globals
5224eb45 2020-11-30 add license for messages.js
56f96f24 2020-11-29 I2CP minor clarifications
602a0dfa 2020-11-27 add licenses for social images
5f97c0d1 2020-11-27 more revisions to intro
5984b01f 2020-11-27 add social icons to footer
d6b5e342 2020-11-27 Make get-involved titles link to relevant topics
51691769 2020-11-27 Some minor adjustments to the phrasing in get-involved
bc139e5a 2020-11-27 Replace all references to eepSite with I2P Site
1a39ae4c 2020-11-27 Replace all references to eepSite with I2P Site
93f1468f 2020-11-27 Replace all references to clearnet with non-private internet
726bcc7b 2020-11-27 Re-organize the FAQ
4098146c 2020-11-27 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
8045bcc1 2020-11-27 fix headings on FAQ pages, order is still not quite right
ab6dff9d 2020-11-27 0.9.48 draft
8ca6ab99 2020-11-24 Add new FAQ items from Reddit analysis
8e849eac 2020-11-24 New logo has thusfar been poorly recieved, so reverse the change for now.
31988ee1 2020-11-24 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
4f8d1508 2020-11-23 Update media link
8d0e3839 2020-11-21 SAMv3 minor updates
a7986435 2020-11-16 extract-messages.sh
3585cd1d 2020-11-16 Pull translations
08d7384d 2020-11-16 Fix findpochanges.sh script
681d1fc5 2020-11-16 Copy prop. 152 to spec section
41ed31a2 2020-11-14 add IRC configuration to nav menu
ec25b270 2020-11-14 Merge branch 'irc-guide' into 'master'
c1b1bf42 2020-11-14 Guides to IRC Client Configuration
cb957e50 2020-11-13 Add text for everything, and the blurb for other clients
af89eb6d 2020-11-13 Screenshots for every kind of IRC client I can configure
e68b2b33 2020-11-13 Screenshots for every kind of IRC client I can configure
0630fdf7 2020-11-13 Add thunderbird screenshots for configuring IRC
0358fd6c 2020-11-12 Fix typo in ratchet spec and proposal
8cbc987c 2020-11-11 start writing out some actual IRC recommendations
a25236f5 2020-11-11 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
abbb8239 2020-11-11 add git instructions to README
32f8cbb0 2020-11-11 Fix missing trans tag
0cd3c23b 2020-11-11 Add an Android browser configuration procedure
2b4fc77c 2020-11-10 Prop. 156 updates
702b3253 2020-11-05 Prop. 152 minor updates
76d20178 2020-11-03 Add meeting logs for November 3, 2020
4748fcb7 2020-11-03 contact updates
63517aa5 2020-11-03 Add host already linked in console, as approved at today's meeting
1c1d042b 2020-10-31 Fix error in I2CP spec
ce62b63b 2020-10-30 Contact/Team tweaks to nav.html and contact.html, add Team heading, change nav name
a8c065d9 2020-10-30 Contact/Team tweaks to nav.html and contact.html, add Team heading, change nav name
1dfb2b6a 2020-10-29 nix old comparisons overview and add it to about
5907578b 2020-10-29 Merge branch 'android-0.9.47-1' into 'master'
c2852f7c 2020-10-29 Update hash and version number for Android downloads
6406b93e 2020-10-26 Prop. 152 minor fixes
e0fb0db0 2020-10-25 SAMv3: Fix explanation of FORWARD
984c7e15 2020-10-25 Prop. 152 updates
f2a7f987 2020-10-24 Slowly combine the contact and team pages
4f22e44b 2020-10-24 Slowly combine the contact and team pages
f10920ff 2020-10-24 Prop. 152: Add missing MixHash() in KDF
008e13ba 2020-10-24 Slowly combine the contact and team pages
76cba80d 2020-10-24 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
759fa647 2020-10-24 fix typo
14547be1 2020-10-24 Change Contributing to Contributor Guides
ade45d01 2020-10-23 WIP: more menu fixups
94492710 2020-10-23 WIP: nix links page since most are gone anyway. Revisit soon.
8feba810 2020-10-23 WIP: Add Sadie and I as console pages maintainers
eaa66fe4 2020-10-23 WIP: link rearrange
d9a57822 2020-10-23 WIP: work on borders
8648eac0 2020-10-21 fix some borders I missed
65e7e0f8 2020-10-21 WIP: experiment with CTA's
635d06d9 2020-10-21 WIP: compress novacek jpg
9bdd729c 2020-10-21 WIP: Add permissive license for background image on homepage
d1ad2baf 2020-10-21 WIP: Ura Style Guide. To preview, check out this branch and run locally.
22f0c0c1 2020-10-21 WIP: Ura Style Guide. To preview, check out this branch and run locally.
0ec546a3 2020-10-21 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into style-guide
2662a784 2020-10-19 Merge branch 'apps-guide' into 'master'
5486e1b4 2020-10-19 Apps guide
9448843e 2020-10-19 fix missing site_url's from translation tags on software.html
b1359d53 2020-10-19 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into apps-guide
69d82df5 2020-10-19 Prop. 156 minor updates
9a8d69cb 2020-10-17 Merge branch 'apps-guide' into 'master'
113d4917 2020-10-17 Re-arrange Applications and About Menu
78d020e1 2020-10-16 Merge branch 'master' of i2pgit.org:i2p-hackers/i2p.www into apps-guide
5f4315d5 2020-10-16 demote comparisons from help to about-help to about-help
39159685 2020-10-16 promote applications from develop to about-help
e3287983 2020-10-17 Merge branch 'apps-guide' into 'master'
ed14a736 2020-10-16 switch the about for the software guide, and add the new about content. For a little while some content will be duplicated on the site as we get things a little more organized. Application support pages are being expanded and re-organized this week.
d8d12c2b 2020-10-16 Merge branch 'apps-guide' into 'master'
6bef2c76 2020-10-16 remove outdated section from get involved blurb at bottom
2b395833 2020-10-16 remove outdated section from get involved blurb at bottom
c22d3fc8 2020-10-16 Merge branch 'apps-guide' into 'master'
9d05cba3 2020-10-16 make the heading look better
94197dae 2020-10-16 Update the about page to include a software guide under what you can do with it
5f3c5716 2020-10-09 docker auto-update script depends on bash substitutions, put it in the #!
3bf83b2f 2020-10-09 I2NP: update recommended number of build records
19609723 2020-10-09 New proposal 157; add references to it in 152 and 256
65dcb70c 2020-10-06 Merge branch 'oct-2020-meeting' into 'master'
b8895ecf 2020-10-06 check in meeting logs
45347690 2020-10-05 Merge branch 'git-guides' into 'master'
55ca6792 2020-10-05 move gitlab, git, and git bundle guides to application section, update the screenshots
70693b73 2020-10-05 Merge branch 'windows-install-guide' into 'master'
7e472ea5 2020-10-05 hide bullets on install guide screenshots
24996f36 2020-10-05 add detailed step-by-step install guide for Windows per recommendation from SimSec
409e4ab3 2020-10-05 Add git hostnames as requested by idk
88528166 2020-09-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
d02f4366 2020-09-26 Fix extra colon in site-updater.sh
add2fbb0 2020-09-23 cd to source directory in docker updater script
b54fe6bb 2020-09-23 check in docker specific wsgi file
12a3b8eb 2020-09-23 merge of '4e10f464eb8b7be87d29c754e386a704381eaddf'      and '670d0d8df213c9f3933bb8c996e53b3576da38fa'
17449907 2020-09-23 Minor proposal 152 formatting Recommend 4,0 enc type for I2CP https Noise links
93e3b9b3 2020-09-23 Add docker info to readme
51d84419 2020-09-23 SSU: intro key may be randomized
97a6a80a 2020-09-23 Enable the use of Docker+Apache2 to host the site, HTTP only. HTTPS sites should use a reverse proxy
4a3c4933 2020-09-15 more prop. 152 updates
fc8c919a 2020-09-15 prop. 152 updates
64a2c667 2020-09-14 update f-droid download version
cc62dc69 2020-09-13 add some roadmap elements
c7ee4e7f 2020-09-13 Small ECIES updates
5386074c 2020-09-12 line up the lines in the update scripts so they're a little easier to compare side-by-side
1253f14d 2020-09-10 update android download on the site
8309eb22 2020-09-10 make site-updaters that are mtn dependent also work with git.
87f758e6 2020-09-08 new EdDSA dests for postman services
0bef169c 2020-09-05 prop. 156 updates
ebf96f6b 2020-09-05 prop. 152 updates
1df8607f 2020-09-04 markdown fix take 2
d207f158 2020-09-04 markdown fix
6933dc23 2020-09-03 Prop. 152: Fixes and cleanups Prop. 156: Minor changes
eb9c965a 2020-09-03 merge of '7f9b2fac61a0e388987d77453905bfbcb4767ad7'      and 'b3c7e5151b24467b9208f293fd7b5b4115d4a262'
fb3a7100 2020-09-02 check in meeting 294
e904f63c 2020-09-01 New proposal 156
3576df4e 2020-08-27 undraft zzz's blog post
879c5ac0 2020-08-27 update version
d3e24248 2020-08-25 0.9.47 checksums
6c3fde9f 2020-08-23 0.9.47 release draft
a0b23694 2020-08-19 header fix
aedcfed0 2020-08-18 move a couple www-only items back up the roadmapsince they should be checked in this week
e6cbf400 2020-08-17 roadmap update
6e92c7cd 2020-08-06 fix
6c456935 2020-08-06 add BOB warning
f9d28ae1 2020-08-05 Close proposals 146 and 149, migrate to spec
2a44f4c0 2020-07-29 add missing roadmap items
64f73f1b 2020-07-29 add missing roadmap items
bd026912 2020-07-24 Update the Firefox Profile build to version 0.02b
0358f184 2020-07-18 Prop. 123: Meta Redirect Message updates
419d1204 2020-07-16 Migrate proposal 112 (subscription) to specification
ec98415f 2020-07-11 Prop. 123: For Meta LS, replace extended Host Reply Message (never implemented) with new Meta Redirect Message. To be reviewed.
ce8d0b9a 2020-07-09 SAM: Rename 3.3 control session
1d732b85 2020-07-04 update reseed contact
6b53bd5f 2020-07-02 fix the missing </a> tag in the site menu
ee2b2a85 2020-06-23 ports update
04061de0 2020-06-23 Minor edits to VRP language
24035d31 2020-06-22 VRP tweaks
1f4dbf68 2020-06-17 fix android app links
7b1b48f5 2020-06-16 note that I(idk) am now signing some Android releases and update the hashes
aae48f12 2020-06-16 add in the new Android versions, everything but f-droid.i2p.io
ecba1e4b 2020-06-15 fix typos in vrp
f11a91df 2020-06-15 update the VRP and unhide it. Still a WIP but includes updates on several important points
0e3757d6 2020-06-13 I2NP version notes
2c5d43ae 2020-06-12 I2CP ratchet tagset size options
0189b781 2020-06-12 Update Android version number, but don't recommend Android sources until they are fully up-to-date(will re-add tonight)
0e6f4076 2020-06-10 I2CP: Add Meta LS error code
436aace1 2020-06-07 fix things that got broken fixing the 2 heads
08de2456 2020-06-07 Resolve 2 heads
53638793 2020-06-07 merge of '503d04d73b3794f59dcbd3977cee5b3abf4dad7c'      and 'b7e8308463e8c16a56b37bfbbd1e2b96f147dc07'
657b37d1 2020-06-07 Specify wider margin for images in unordered lists
cd0dab41 2020-06-07 Newer versions of werkzeug no longer include ImmutableDicts
96e6270a 2020-06-07 Add a reseed from file blog post
f4d5360c 2020-06-07 Add a reseed from file blog post
f64a918f 2020-06-05 formatting fix
f4a88acf 2020-05-30 Close proposals 144 and 155. Add MTU note to streaming options doc for 155. Add link from 144 to the final spec.
2fae5c8e 2020-05-28 dev guidelines update
b21beb13 2020-05-25 un-draft zzz's blog post for the 0.9.46 release
f5424a98 2020-05-25 update download links and hashes
f4e47285 2020-05-25 0.9.46 draft announcement
8dfdedba 2020-05-21 fix typo on download page
fc19dd8d 2020-05-20 Explain what is in the software on the download page
9f31b5c6 2020-05-19 Gzip header notes
7f6b5271 2020-05-15 more prop. 155 updates
7541307b 2020-05-15 more translation help
791de54d 2020-05-15 new partial translations
b5c4b3eb 2020-05-15 Pull translations from tx
ed198146 2020-05-15 I2CP spec correction
12dc51ad 2020-05-15 prop. 155 updates
ed8b4c63 2020-05-07 remove commented-out part from the footer
da07dc2f 2020-05-07 Migrate prop. 144 to spec section, update references throughout
9f360180 2020-05-06 IRC meeting 292
91247c64 2020-05-06 new proposal 155
54b5f4c5 2020-05-06 streaming clarification
874681ed 2020-05-05 fix i2cp.leaseSetPrivateKey spec for LS2
befcede7 2020-05-03 prop. 144 options update
1679699b 2020-05-03 add note about RI compression
b641e2bc 2020-05-01 Updated spec tags, and added instructions to README, as retrieved from 'mtn log spectags'.
d28e6393 2020-05-01 Streaming and prop. 144 minor updates
8d6a79ca 2020-04-28 minor updates
0a81c6d3 2020-04-28 crypto spec updates
035d5d06 2020-04-27 prop. 144 more implementation notes
c5315649 2020-04-27 prop. 144 updates after review
44edbaba 2020-04-27 more prop. 144 updates
06ba4cc3 2020-04-26 prop. 144 and spec updates
60256ce5 2020-04-25 typos
6e2a595e 2020-04-25 merge of '8cf90c58e6d87d66aacd0bec5406c2bb26f3fc13'      and 'f4c099c3568a3961b54805b43a3d503d8aa4f974'
44d3b12c 2020-04-25 prop. 144 updates
545eaecd 2020-04-25 fix inaccurate docroot in i2ptunnel documentation page
5bff4c7b 2020-04-25 markdown fix
ea39c0d3 2020-04-25 Prop. 144 next key fixes and clarifications
16189ed6 2020-04-22 Prop. 144/154 fixes
5b6f78db 2020-04-22 merge of '533e48802bec0a3756d95e972b37b64e88773b9b'      and 'f794f316700aa27337cd3b377640b891fb6a8707'
9e8dbfa2 2020-04-21 ditch labs page from navbar
3f31af1e 2020-04-21 More prop. 154 fixes
1eac5b68 2020-04-21 Close proposal 154 Fix typos in 154 Incorporate 154 into I2NP spec
18f3e238 2020-04-20 fix reference to mirrors on browser-content
ba566f3e 2020-04-20 Update image on index.html
945ba797 2020-04-20 Update download configuration page, include webextensions in browser configuration documentation marked as experimental, fix ports in gitlab
56740de7 2020-04-17 prop. 144 updates
85290106 2020-04-14 prop. 144 key/tagset id clarifications
d8d34ed2 2020-04-08 merge of '8921dcfbf697001b569584d0cf5f5a5f15d9d71e'      and 'bfc1311cd6bd409d49886d3eedecea0736a139ab'
edfd9b89 2020-04-08 added IRC meeting 7th april 2020
2acedf35 2020-04-07 fix extensions on browser download page
26139971 2020-04-04 prop. 144 minor cleanups
2d714b6f 2020-04-04 prop. 144 updates
2740abf0 2020-04-04 minor tweak to verbiage on downloads page
2f1b97c8 2020-04-04 change username on blog post about git
e403c98c 2020-03-31 proposal updates
ef5083ef 2020-03-29 more prop. 154 updates
396a8110 2020-03-29 prop. 154 updates
df90e7d4 2020-03-29 144 updates
50b9d5d7 2020-03-25 added android relase 0.9.45
7f827142 2020-03-23 prop. 154 minor cleanups
5c084e79 2020-03-23 markdown fixes
616ed68e 2020-03-23 proposal 154
373f23b6 2020-03-22 correct SSH base32 URL in blog post
510e2dc8 2020-03-20 prop. 144 ack request update
6153caee 2020-03-20 add a magnet link
65168453 2020-03-19 bump roadmap date
1c314cc8 2020-03-19 Document i2cp.newDestOnResume i2ptunnel option
a8f9e75a 2020-03-18 git bundle instructions blog post
2d7b4972 2020-03-18 add UI and PR team items to roadmap
21df4fb5 2020-03-17 add --depth=1 and fetch --unshallow to HTTP cloning instructions
08e99e2c 2020-03-17 Update conferences calendar
5ce1374b 2020-03-16 fix typo in blog post
e2d0f38d 2020-03-16 gitlab over I2P hosting tutorial blog post, minor correction to git-over-i2p blog post.
546858f6 2020-03-11 add ssh base32 to git guide, make git t available to everyone with an account
f932bf59 2020-03-11 fix date on git blog post
7e9a34db 2020-03-06 Git tutorial part one
f1339004 2020-03-05 fix css bug on in-i2p browser intro page
f9d0ff61 2020-03-04 added 2020/03/03 logs
7c9ba0d1 2020-03-04 update the date on the team page
df8bfe25 2020-03-04 Remove duplicate position from team page and announce myself as Android lead for now
7dc7d64c 2020-03-04 roadmap updates
70ea779e 2020-03-03 clarify messaging on I2P Browser page
927aed3c 2020-03-02 update the team page
c8257663 2020-03-01 finally announce that the browser is going on hiatus
acd3af26 2020-02-28 added skeleton bountie page telling no bounties available
d718c522 2020-02-28 recommend Java 8 for windows
7c35a74e 2020-02-26 changed header to conference year 2020
1e47df44 2020-02-26 Bump I2P version to 0.9.45
08319aa9 2020-02-25 un-draft the blog post announcing the 0.9.45 release
587aa10f 2020-02-24 update expired security keys
daa8c48a 2020-02-24 checksums
23566494 2020-02-24 0.9.45 draft
061f8d1c 2020-02-09 format fix hopefully
c6597f7c 2020-02-09 prop. 144 updates
db102906 2020-02-08 version table updates
a16971c5 2020-02-07 prop. 144 minor updates
121a8d22 2020-02-04 Meeting 289
242c8103 2020-02-04 Add new community section to menu
6729158a 2020-02-03 replace media with metrics portal
76f07439 2020-02-03 replace github mirror with new developers guide
1d1d4322 2020-02-03 Add the research papers and github mirror to the footer
f28dbbe3 2020-01-31 combine browser configuration with post-install guide and update some screenshots
506126f0 2020-01-31 Remove commented-out Learn menu from nav.html
84f454e1 2020-01-31 move documentation link out of main menu and on to the footer
338d5bdb 2020-01-31 update the browser configuration guides
3ed01428 2020-01-15 pull translations
cdd66b9a 2020-01-09 Update conferences schedule
552f3d70 2020-01-08 Add my presentation to the media page
9f562922 2020-01-08 Add Tim and Vincent's paper to the Research page
f544653d 2019-12-30 Make docker link reflect the pull instructions
ce93cf6f 2019-12-16 pull translations
2f828549 2019-12-13 Remove 1h20 Browser Roadmap Items for now until specifics are decided
54d44ab3 2019-12-11 fix unclosed </code> on downloads listing page
862b35d9 2019-12-06 roadmap updates
cc545482 2019-12-06 roadmap updates
328d5667 2019-12-05 roadmap update
2cdfce37 2019-12-04 update translation source
5341efd8 2019-12-04 pull translations
14374440 2019-12-03 meeting 288
458bd296 2019-12-03 merge of '09a903f5ffd9a02fee13048f3be2a189317e5470'      and 'aa19ed4f09a0f3b6cf3869e5cec8c3aab8d1e2f2'
a5bd0fb1 2019-12-03 Bump android hash and version
5a248b9d 2019-12-02 undraft announcement
046483ec 2019-12-02 Bump i2p hash and version, including osx build
76b92871 2019-12-01 0.9.44 release draft
200a168f 2019-11-27 embedding guide update
98c4e960 2019-11-26 Fix typo on donation hall of fame
2a8cbd40 2019-11-25 fix some capitalization in download and contact pages
6f239180 2019-11-24 merge of '459d4593daf39a70c6aa4e80b31a4ec76fb5835c'      and 'df587b340fce758d80d018ff1e4dfc9cc2b10d30'
e564e6af 2019-11-24 revisions mostly to browser/intro page
115f992b 2019-11-24 extract-messages
f71d1a71 2019-11-22 add meeh's list to the roadmap
738f420f 2019-11-22 add meeh's list to the roadmap
956e4a1b 2019-11-22 remove wip screenshot css
6109ed02 2019-11-22 mtn add screenshots
f6a0799e 2019-11-22 fix lingering semicolons
813b6486 2019-11-22 overhaul the whole browser section to better reflect the goals of the project.
d9c2d173 2019-11-20 Blockfile spec: Add missing info for version 4 format
82dcd046 2019-11-17 split roadmap/release notes for browser page, fix translation tags, improve get involved pages, other tweaks to I2P Browser pages text
1db29972 2019-11-17 Correct github urls
91430123 2019-11-17 Correct beta version
d0ad7007 2019-11-16 plugin spec updates
07b1b297 2019-11-06 fix release date in release notes
f4cc6aef 2019-11-05 meeting 287
5f3daf52 2019-11-05 Roadmap and dev guidelines update
404985ed 2019-11-04 update browser pages, downloads
e38edcd6 2019-11-04 prop 144 minor fixes
b1b4e2ac 2019-10-31 Bump android hash and version
570e4975 2019-10-30 prop. 144 change block number
8ee2c466 2019-10-30 prop. 144 updates
b44d6907 2019-10-29 docker.png is used consistently with docker's trademark guidelines found here https://www.docker.com/legal/trademark-guidelines
8c25fe36 2019-10-29 add missing image to download page
e7560074 2019-10-29 fix language menu on site to look like the other menus
dd0c5217 2019-10-27 roadmap update
af53887b 2019-10-25 blog post about Phong's research
944aabb1 2019-10-25 blog post about Phong's research
a7a08e57 2019-10-25 remove netizen from front page(untranslatable)
0d5a8042 2019-10-24 Undraft .43 announcement New Windows signing key
95f9f9c1 2019-10-24 Bump i2p hash and version
85a8e2a7 2019-10-24 Bump macosx hash and version
99f5e8b2 2019-10-23 update conferences shedule
09530eda 2019-10-21 release checksums
0d5eac9e 2019-10-18 0.9.43 draft
55b9d4d4 2019-10-17 prop. 144 updates
5131507c 2019-10-06 spec cleanups
506cd97e 2019-10-06 prop 144 updates
9cae270a 2019-10-06 our networks trip report
80f64e20 2019-10-02 Installer: Clean up old hosts.txt entries see http://zzz.i2p/topics/2778
8bc4775a 2019-10-01 meeting 286
7736f3fd 2019-10-01 proposal 144 updates
2d781dd2 2019-09-29 updates for proposal 144
2313fd47 2019-09-28 proposal 144 updates
b7f7cee5 2019-09-26 roadmap updates
9d2e2669 2019-09-24 prop. 144 fixes
72f2d7ab 2019-09-24 prop. 144 updates
1b9e0281 2019-09-21 prop. 144 fixes
f17cb6fe 2019-09-21 update debian repo key
2c091bdd 2019-09-20 more 144 updates
b7ca90ef 2019-09-19 prop 144 updates part 2
90ab1289 2019-09-19 prop 144 updates
b9e95c75 2019-09-18 prop 144 updates
20c8d329 2019-09-18 markdown fixes
9f36a0a4 2019-09-17 Fix browser version on download page.
c9144a67 2019-09-17 add browser beta6 to release notes index
a9c85c95 2019-09-17 fix date on browser beta6
15ee2ed3 2019-09-17 browser beta6
6256e506 2019-09-15 remove labs page from download page
98de2d95 2019-09-15 Update port list
89cdb876 2019-09-15 fix scaling on mobile
99f11ef0 2019-09-14 correct release notes
f1198c4c 2019-09-14 correct release notes
19440b98 2019-09-14 Config spec updates for split config, other additions
e932acde 2019-09-14 prop. 144 updates
c7bbb348 2019-09-14 update browser release page!
0e0b4a58 2019-09-13 I2CP updates for 0.9.43 (from proposal 123)
55561cbf 2019-09-11 prop 152 updates
8fc8b0a2 2019-09-10 merge of '1e94090123d2048b6d86e9e3898f842279d3c962'      and '6e8c73745aa70e4661d2d5b58739c4a810f71c10'
e1d3bbb7 2019-09-10 hide labs page and replace download with get on the browser page
2369ec05 2019-09-08 roadmap updates
bb66c992 2019-09-06 Clarify i2cp.leaseSetSecret option
68560eab 2019-09-04 fix unchecked-in files and typo in mac browser image path
589b0cfa 2019-09-04 Update the menus, add the browser pages, re-organize site navigation
7dad2890 2019-09-03 fix dates
71b545cc 2019-09-03 meeting 285
b709cbcf 2019-09-02 improve the CSS I changed earlier
fed68ea5 2019-09-02 create unwrapped-table CSS class and apply it to SAM table
62eb6bb9 2019-09-01 roadmap updates
2e91f4c8 2019-09-01 markdown fixes
da8eed32 2019-09-01 Updates for proposal 144 includes modified portions of patch from chisana
d3ae5d41 2019-08-31 update conferences listing
fda99eb3 2019-08-30 add the August trip reports collected from all over
04fff79d 2019-08-28 Bump android version
4702a8d8 2019-08-28 roadmap updates
9c3b4be5 2019-08-28 add checksums to release notes
f374e357 2019-08-28 0.9.42
58888958 2019-08-24 refresh translation source files
fa309e2c 2019-08-24 pull translations
5b6ba800 2019-08-24 0.9.42 release draft
159650ed 2019-08-18 merge of 'a0a864483fd54fd4c0442c1fbfb1d8110f7ef75d'      and 'c478b5c0330839ec3394675ff894db719f9bb9d7'
f5265986 2019-08-18 Seems jinja2 don't allow us to use function names in template values.
647eca97 2019-08-13 More proposal 147 updates
ecb69fbc 2019-08-13 Close proposal 147, copy changes to specs
36c63bf6 2019-08-07 mobile tweak
3f718c5e 2019-08-07 fix apostrophe
c87815e5 2019-08-07 textareas clipboard-on-click
586ac2e3 2019-08-06 textareas tweak
f3586c58 2019-08-06 make textareas into a class instead and do the things in CSS that I can.
7083beac 2019-08-06 add table to SAM documentation page, make cryptocurrency addresses scrollable textareas
6fe9146f 2019-08-06 meeting 284
7f806c2a 2019-08-06 Adding QR codes to the donation page. Personally I felt I made it messy but but.
d5734c7b 2019-08-05 prop 153 fix take 2
a904e87b 2019-08-05 prop 153 fixes
e169a540 2019-08-05 prop 147 updates
8289febc 2019-08-04 Updates for proposals 144, 147, 152 New proposal 153 split out from 152
609c2c62 2019-08-03 update get-involved and remove the bounties
790e3fbb 2019-08-03 update get-involved and remove the bounties
07b6a996 2019-07-30 shrink down zzz's conference cover
dac82649 2019-07-30 shrink those images down to a slightly more reasonable size
02d99b1d 2019-07-30 fix the link colors
a4f50856 2019-07-29 add a way to do full-size screenshots in the blog
5238d485 2019-07-29 fix the css for the blogs up a bit
c354a731 2019-07-29 Conference Announcements Blog Post
3e183026 2019-07-28 fix some errors in the conference text, Past, FOCI
58bde268 2019-07-27 merge of 'd8549b237ea0d6b06806be48e35bf7db826f8987'      and 'fba9ad34eb2416ab73f88e7b679fdc52db672d12'
f190408f 2019-07-27 The more significant mhatta blog post
f934857f 2019-07-26 prop. 144 and 152 updates
699f770d 2019-07-26 debian page updates
59e94414 2019-07-24 SVG licenses
e0bf8b14 2019-07-24 More browser page SVGs
c2b940bc 2019-07-23 Browser frontpage update
1c8cc641 2019-07-23 Update for browser SVG file
c18e3e6b 2019-07-23 merge of '3faa13cafaedead19e2827ac26f9f3b0a6a0577f'      and '73408162c08f59915c01838da87dff1fe1b199ac'
933462eb 2019-07-23 merge of '365a0f3d738dc3de8b02b0c925a6edd9992a048b'      and 'da1fe2ed2ba6c7dedf6bf91f8213af0d0e5271ae'
4e13b59c 2019-07-23 CSS changes for browser pages
fcc26a90 2019-07-23 SVGs for browser pages
a356800e 2019-07-23 Added dates to releases in browser release notes
c27d79ae 2019-07-23 I2P Browser pages update
d12ab17c 2019-07-23 update debian/ubuntu install instructions
e10119c7 2019-07-22 ls2 flag bit 2
92b79cdc 2019-07-21 merge of '0f50b30246a463d980456a3654fb10431208c315'      and '9b2d74e36e3d27e1e7a01c77c4127eb273e37415'
74c0446a 2019-07-21 fix typo
65f87b28 2019-07-21 roadmap updates
101a289c 2019-07-21 add sadies conference
c7d3ec03 2019-07-21 minor home-page updates, fix order of conf schedule
e0363906 2019-07-20 Improving the navigation for browser pages
5331f459 2019-07-20 Major updates for browser pages. Added new macros and python module for the pages.
c65c88a0 2019-07-20 Prepare a browser download page
ca601085 2019-07-20 More Browser FAQ
3675ed70 2019-07-20 Enable hot-reload and development mode to make web changes less painful.
ceb26e68 2019-07-19 The beginning of the browser pages
8520beb5 2019-07-19 proposal 152 updates
9b68d0a8 2019-07-18 more prop. 152 updates
3ea9b06b 2019-07-17 prop. 152 updates
c19c62f6 2019-07-17 prop 123,144 updates
b45157a3 2019-07-16 formatting
bbc9ec65 2019-07-16 prop 147 formatting
776345a2 2019-07-16 prop 123 updates
9d7e7366 2019-07-16 prop 147 updates
f874e93e 2019-07-16 formatting
5ddad830 2019-07-12 Start accepting ANC and XMR donations
9ef2101e 2019-07-10 prop 144 updates
43970153 2019-07-10 add muwire.i2p to hosts.txt
98f44820 2019-07-09 prop 144 noise patterns
5be555d7 2019-07-09 roadmap dates
195322d5 2019-07-08 prop 144 minor updates
49561946 2019-07-07 Updated text for browser/labs page
93fc19b4 2019-07-07 update roadmap
521c29a5 2019-07-07 merge of 'a3215194cf2317658ce7def7625f9450e45dac7a'      and 'f3fecf2b4d95ffb6480b0d007bb83b153448e230'
790c5c88 2019-07-06 update the donate page to mention Paypal and GPlay donate
f5bd3447 2019-07-05 Bump android version
7326dc64 2019-07-05 fix weird css issue
f79da731 2019-07-05 Start accepting paypal donations
80e62b2d 2019-07-04 prop. 152 formatting
12ecf2e3 2019-07-04 roadmap updates
10cf0f5a 2019-07-04 new proposal 152
2da78720 2019-07-04 fix Def-Con location
660eae81 2019-07-03 Bump mac native version and hash to 0.9.41
78bdb905 2019-07-03 0.9.41
069596ca 2019-07-03 update Zero to 0.9.41
297fc72d 2019-07-03 checksums
7fc1c616 2019-07-03 fix error on intro to how page
d0eb2739 2019-07-02 meeting 283
dcc0c73c 2019-07-02 fix links
a07f46f5 2019-07-02 Replace osdir.com/gmane.org links with zzz.i2p ones for ancient mailing list
36230f59 2019-06-30 fix broken i2cp link on docs page
55c8d292 2019-06-28 Home page updates
02cda0fb 2019-06-28 Make cases consistent across blog posts
f05a47d7 2019-06-28 update sticker blurb
5c25c8f3 2019-06-28 prop 123 update
bde33516 2019-06-28 0.9.41 draft
d76a5bd9 2019-06-28 update sticker blurb
41f91195 2019-06-28 update donations page
d8eb5e24 2019-06-27 cross-referencing I2CP and Streaming use in higher-level API's, changing language display to be pure-text
3a5a7fa6 2019-06-27 merge of 'd887432753528e436b06ef43c6445013d78f68d0'      and 'dc32b56cc5987e2dec5b8fb50ddc2537f8668a8e'
e9ac5ddb 2019-06-27 I2P Browser beta 4
6fd4f167 2019-06-26 merge of '17bca70d7d9b610785cb03c4f63a7a1463f4e7d9'      and '23125618d658a438da475f48fe2829b3245cebbb'
66a93aea 2019-06-25 I2NP DSM LS reply optimization
77a9c4d0 2019-06-24 Fix runserver.py
e9cb1d2b 2019-06-24 add the logo
761513e5 2019-06-24 update the logo and the css for the logo
449b1011 2019-06-24 prop. 144 reorganize sec. 4
05fe4da3 2019-06-23 SAM for beginngers blog
c467f04f 2019-06-23 merge of '5864f9d4fb2930d1cfd6c562b6212fdd68f51a77'      and '5a41d00b419a3126676fbcb749f531340fb47621'
b59c6674 2019-06-23 fix image link in tutorial
1381f6fb 2019-06-23 Added description for the labs page, dockerfile
731933af 2019-06-22 updpdate lab page for Zero
3bd5bd5c 2019-06-18 prop 144 patch from chisana
7c06c11a 2019-06-17 donate page editing
ca84a14d 2019-06-16 prop. 144 fixes from chisana
7365d93a 2019-06-16 fix ssh blog post title, date
beba6d89 2019-06-16 merge of '2a7bd91dd4d2b7f17ce0860f0885c3b2b13ce4b5'      and '4219b8858ceda760989faa21c0ac48598c84a258'
9abd543c 2019-06-15 corrections for translation strings
4e42d1d6 2019-06-15 merge of '021ee6e059a2728d24c2a5c2aeed58c98593ec67'      and '0b25c07d56876c2dd9d4d08a960f41be6654278c'
9cb73a08 2019-06-15 ssh blog post
a6418770 2019-06-15 Updated labs with quickfix for the i2pbrowser linux build
44d20334 2019-06-14 cleanup of donations page
53cc4e95 2019-06-11 new donation setup for I2P
9b6775eb 2019-06-11 make blog and lab top-level menu items
2df16107 2019-06-11 First set of cryptocurrency donation keys. Donations are back :)
7a8d6bfa 2019-06-10 prop 123 update
7d0ddf69 2019-06-10 Updating links for I2P Browser beta 3 at labs
0fce7672 2019-06-08 I2CP html fixes part 2
011c6de5 2019-06-08 I2CP html fixes
a46ecb85 2019-06-07 prop. 123 new blinding info message
33a481b8 2019-06-07 compress image
297bc30f 2019-06-07 merge of '1118d0634d02bcf7bb74ffa02f8c69de28bb9bf3'      and '9369da1dfaba5a5842b74c063bc6081759fb7ec4'
1600c44a 2019-06-07 drop old images
3ef0b28f 2019-06-07 clarify bits 3-1 in enc. ls2 flags
4075591e 2019-06-06 change to a single screenshot for options page
d5743ca6 2019-06-04 add idk key to include file
2f7c4602 2019-06-04 meeting 282
53a3a5f0 2019-06-04 idk dev agreement
10a07be8 2019-06-04 typo
9342d8ff 2019-06-03 Copy proposal 149 into naming spec
a0abacb9 2019-06-03 final touches for blog posts
dafe1f2e 2019-06-03 add images for blog posts
0c302ecb 2019-06-03 update blog posts
6438212f 2019-06-02 add mirroring post and images for examples
6dc65fa6 2019-06-02 limit inner image size
5189f950 2019-06-02 update language on BOB and SAMv3 pages
299f76f9 2019-06-02 update language on BOB and SAMv3 pages
b7a538ac 2019-06-01 cap image sizes out at the width of the parent when contained in fluid
3bd63831 2019-05-29 prop 144 typo
d1b906f9 2019-05-29 i2cp updates for prop. 123
95870f5d 2019-05-29 typo
1342eca2 2019-05-28 Updating the browser download section under labs. I2P Browser beta 2 is out.
20a9c339 2019-05-27 more prop. 149 updates
97941dcf 2019-05-27 prop. 149 updates
10659295 2019-05-27 144 updates
738a9e6d 2019-05-26 prop. 144 new one-time format
9ede7113 2019-05-26 144 minor edits
573f7ccc 2019-05-26 prop 144 updates
9e0f46ff 2019-05-25 merge fixup
af1d94e9 2019-05-25 merge of '2f2711c1ae07a6fdd51c8ddd5675c2b19ce0d094'      and 'dce34975852d12e429f92fd82e7f17c8143047c5'
ca3a2ffb 2019-05-25 check in changes to blog post
d232577e 2019-05-25 encls2 spec update
9e5b6bb0 2019-05-25 fixup after merge
a0e63a66 2019-05-25 merge of '1f782e33a7c64b0eb8b0e674f7fe4b52428f06d4'      and 'c6208be628c9c5d79c1391858b0650b813289530'
0436cb8f 2019-05-22 PSK/DH clarification
1724b12b 2019-05-22 I2CP updates for encls2 per-client auth
7b072f30 2019-05-21 151 fix
2c695acb 2019-05-21 add thread ref
cc2bf6eb 2019-05-21 references
304e69b7 2019-05-21 markdown fixes
b202ef1b 2019-05-21 fix the syntax error I missed in the blog post
43277c16 2019-05-21 proposal 151
94ee92c3 2019-05-21 typo
5e510a50 2019-05-20 add bote blog post, remove rule from print css
ab1b1ee1 2019-05-20 add bote blog post, remove rule from print css
275ae36c 2019-05-20 prop 150 updates
0576e4dd 2019-05-19 prop 123 updates
89359d7b 2019-05-18 roadmap update
6338d4bd 2019-05-17 prop 150 updates
c17faf25 2019-05-16 use @media print to make more printer-friendly CSS
9f830c8f 2019-05-15 150 formatting Add signer info for windows installer
724b2bfa 2019-05-15 fix4
9d0e24c4 2019-05-15 fix3
cc1e584e 2019-05-15 fix2
661a03d5 2019-05-15 fix
07e226b4 2019-05-15 Prop. 150 HTTP handshake
158ed8de 2019-05-13 Android hash update
4f23d075 2019-05-13 Android version.
99e022bb 2019-05-12 prop. 144 minor fixes
aa835b8b 2019-05-12 add a link to the lab on the download page
ab71892d 2019-05-12 Prop. 144 reorganization and incorporate review comments
269c1af4 2019-05-11 add garlic farm port
f1de174f 2019-05-08 merge of '1df544fa2a0dcaa89d52b9f4a53b1494e6cac26a'      and 'c6d8cd88a4378bb186e1af6177a9545e0467d89b'
ff4300e0 2019-05-08 merge of 'e55700d73563a4bed162494d103145964060ab95'      and 'f47d8232dbf99e3f7487abfade42528b5247bd91'
7b69c225 2019-05-08 Bump the I2PMacLauncher download to v1.5
26dc0887 2019-05-08 fix date
0a97b8ec 2019-05-07 meeting 281
b84ab82d 2019-05-07 update Zero to 0.9.40
be1ab884 2019-05-07 title fix
e7b2ba70 2019-05-07 0.9.40
7c0bf059 2019-05-07 Adding docker image download under labs
e2f7dfc4 2019-05-07 checksums
f63db805 2019-05-06 updates to prop. 150
733d0b60 2019-05-04 add application info
856cb4f4 2019-05-04 new interface sections
68e08f4b 2019-05-04 more pictures
1a4b2784 2019-05-04 150 updates
cae2038d 2019-05-03 0.9.40 release draft Roadmap and prop. 150 updates
eb2acbc8 2019-05-03 Roadmap and prop. 150 updates
b08aafa9 2019-05-03 Updates for prop. 150
c6798f02 2019-05-03 Update roadmap for .40/.41 Move old releases to bottom of page
1944a73d 2019-05-02 more prop 150 updates
e611de92 2019-05-02 prop 150 updates
010794b8 2019-05-02 proposal 150 updates
35b2da70 2019-05-02 prop 150 updates
e5068301 2019-05-02 prop 150 updates
5face8fd 2019-05-02 prop. 150 updates
eaafef24 2019-05-02 new proposal 150
789985c0 2019-04-13 dev guidelines update
6492a060 2019-04-11 prop 148 updates
4b5e3880 2019-04-10 prop 123 and 144 updates
56d9543e 2019-04-08 prop 144 updates
8bbae709 2019-04-08 fix typo
96472033 2019-04-06 missing ref
dbb0faa9 2019-04-06 more prop. 144 updates
23cd9a41 2019-04-06 prop 144 updates
5a18dd11 2019-04-04 recorder -> record
0b571010 2019-04-04 merge of '4f2671f4c753c6060b5f5329e3000cc795b424da'      and 'e8112c60a2ab61be12eaec55428204bdf1e28095'
67523bb9 2019-04-04 minutes -> seconds
ae3c2663 2019-04-03 prop 144 updates
60ad7084 2019-04-03 update documentation
5dc4b0e9 2019-04-02 meeting 280
0579e398 2019-04-01 Specification of the filter format
21a43fdc 2019-03-31 merge of '060a98c27ee654b8b7b4930dd5e656f71d66bddb'      and 'e71308ea09db2b466f29791402a67aae8dc04803'
9b3a334f 2019-03-31 bounties
c92cd085 2019-03-31 remove min-height to remove the scroll-down empty space
5ff7143f 2019-03-31 changes
7e44b563 2019-03-31 prop 144 updates
97fc6dc5 2019-03-31 roadmap update
6a504948 2019-03-27 increase min android API to 14
17889001 2019-03-23 Update downloads for android release.
e2051518 2019-03-21 Update Zero to 0.9.39
b49cbf33 2019-03-21 0.9.39
bfded41c 2019-03-21 roadmap update
76692869 2019-03-21 prop 148 minor update
96fc7424 2019-03-21 0.9.39 checksums
1eea469b 2019-03-20 proposal updates
50fde66f 2019-03-18 proposals 123 and 144 formatting
97876919 2019-03-18 prop 149 minor fixes
1bf18a48 2019-03-18 0.9.39 draft
eef78064 2019-03-15 prop 149 updates
5343f51f 2019-03-14 more information about stickers on events
c3449a19 2019-03-14 update donation page to current state
0dfef3ec 2019-03-13 proposal 149
8eb0edce 2019-03-13 minor fixes
36705c62 2019-03-12 missed one line
95c36f56 2019-03-12 redo hall of fame webpage
964ec4fc 2019-03-12 Update roadmap Prop. 123 updates New prop. 148
30510174 2019-03-11 update documentation of clients.config for negative delay values
63a99722 2019-03-11 merge of '2d6cc1ff971fb53ddcde9ffd6219a411fd47f132'      and '5c1aba11dd668f20c3f564a730d9bb13119643a4'
094058be 2019-03-10 small correction of monero
01ac99d7 2019-03-10 merge of '5555014a29c829ba98b986304e04a778c915047f'      and '5a034825fe40e713791849a4f24e82e0fe988e6d'
0ea09de0 2019-03-10 Change some strings to match already translated tags
efa9ebb8 2019-03-10 prop 123 update
6548456d 2019-03-09 fix take 2
fb1c7711 2019-03-09 fixes
011406ea 2019-03-09 merge of '03e6d8b4a34045e97a1c305b23fa08d903f55d18'      and '4941c7bac8f6ec3fb4cdb453db6a521598e6dec4'
04d64c28 2019-03-09 fix typo
5d9eb543 2019-03-09 prop. 123 updates
669e7338 2019-03-09 clarification of donations
9047020b 2019-03-09 fix mobile css
5be5232f 2019-03-08 update to new website
9a1929fa 2019-03-06 merge of '4cb8c4c3a1cc4f3ea9ce3abffe250e1596b549c5'      and 'c8c5661194cecf38a18c6b13aa74ace2c7ee1fbe'
0f0640c7 2019-03-05 Adding I2P Browser to labs
c4f533a8 2019-03-05 I2NP and common spec updates for LS2 Add encrypted LS2 spec
63376dfe 2019-03-05 meeting 279
b80ac826 2019-03-05 prop. 123 fixes and clarifications
dac5cc4d 2019-03-05 123 minor clarification
fd23ceda 2019-03-05 spelling
b3ffad09 2019-03-05 proposal 123 updates
a5728261 2019-03-02 Add number of privkeys field to CreateLeaseSet2 message
d0589eb0 2019-03-02 update GPG page
bb648695 2019-03-02 renew zzz GPG subkeys
31d7c1df 2019-02-28 translation instructions minor update
7439d8c4 2019-02-28 new proposal 147
54e27afd 2019-02-28 spec updates and fixes for LS2
c3b8b9d0 2019-02-27 prop 123 fixes
1a972cbd 2019-02-25 restructure firefox page for easier translation
ba519714 2019-02-24 Prop146: Red25519
c43e7022 2019-02-24 Add a note about Firefox profile
702061d4 2019-02-23 Update Zero installer with new name
bcc1ef30 2019-02-23 merge of '58eb61abc9e6c4d7e2c253178cb5855a38918551'      and 'd3b9b7259d06b7c162e4947b7ea7378e95fc2ee3'
02b404c4 2019-02-23 Updated roadmap for 0.9.39
07d96d6a 2019-02-22 Add i2pforum.i2p or .net link to contact us page
c8b9d698 2019-02-21 prop 123 updates
2e7d7356 2019-02-20 prop 123 updates
fb7a80e9 2019-02-20 Fix lab page
4fcbece4 2019-02-19 add sigtype 11 for prop 123
838c1c49 2019-02-19 lab page cleanups
77e35c14 2019-02-19 prop 123 updates
a304bfcd 2019-02-19 added note for zzz.i2p only reachable from within i2p
921a01ea 2019-02-16 more...
c7289341 2019-02-16 more fixes to blogposts
4a3ca642 2019-02-16 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2011
5cba3de8 2019-02-16 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2012
3bee9178 2019-02-16 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2013
7ff0e086 2019-02-16 part 2 of removing === from translated text
7c685d4d 2019-02-16 removed some === from translated text
6b08492e 2019-02-15 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2015
98e08639 2019-02-15 Fix syntax errors in NTCP2 blog post
5bd1e3e0 2019-02-15 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2015
19a96672 2019-02-15 Add missing {% endtrans %} tag on media page
293130ce 2019-02-15 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2016
37d4cea0 2019-02-15 Fix .rst syntax errors - 2017
5844a791 2019-02-15 Fix .rst file syntax errors caught by linter 2018-2019
6484734a 2019-02-15 Fix CSS for <dt> elements
5a391e2a 2019-02-15 Attempt to fix RST-related syntax errors
610a0ded 2019-02-14 re-apply update to firefox profile
6ec30564 2019-02-14 merge of '1da6f1bca3fa6708f15521a96ea3f24a486c9210'      and 'e779f6eadb1bc2af7db6ed345d5d217b86884134'
ab35c317 2019-02-14 lab blog post
df40d06d 2019-02-14 Add Control Blog post
07135de7 2019-02-14 Update website dependencies
9dcf472c 2019-02-13 Add a div class for the lab projects
1c8f54b0 2019-02-13 Add a download box to the lab page.  Also more accurate explanation re lack of Java dependency
3a5961d9 2019-02-12 add a link to r/i2p
fb79fc89 2019-02-12 add a link to the lab
28862720 2019-02-12 Firefox profile 0.02a
e28b6138 2019-02-12 Link to the lab forum
afa642cb 2019-02-11 prop 123 updates
39836d02 2019-02-11 merge of '530992263b81f9f8e455ade36db09706b065ddd5'      and '99fdac77f1ababfd9b15de2f63cf49076df75ae6'
02005d19 2019-02-11 add a Lab page, not linked to from anywhere yet
b531ed5a 2019-02-11 roadmap update
88bf851e 2019-02-10 pull from TX
60763f65 2019-02-07 Updates to 123, SAM, datagrams, I2CP
790b7e88 2019-02-07 Add paper: A Transparent Implementation Of The Signature In Scheme EdDSA by V. I. Losev
41af1074 2019-02-07 Add meeh's curated list of I2P awesomeness
8811ac4d 2019-02-07 Add mhatta's Medium articles to media page
6cd9dedb 2019-02-07 Shift Fireside With Lei Ep 18 to Articles & Interviews Section
a7b26071 2019-02-07 Use official site for Robert Gehl's book
ddfc3320 2019-02-07 Add Presentation: Fireside With Lei - Episode 18: Lance James. Success, Failures, Grief and Buddhism
967c2b33 2019-02-07 Add Book: Weaving The Dark Web by Robert Gehl
a15b5e18 2019-02-06 123 minor updates
9dec8791 2019-02-06 increase min tx %
f3a1e0d2 2019-02-06 meeting 278
3a9454de 2019-02-04 minor fixes
31e0a31f 2019-02-04 I2CP and blinding changes for proposal 123
8fc2be7d 2019-02-04 123 blinding update
46fc5949 2019-02-04 markdown fixes
a77dafde 2019-02-04 prop 123 formatting
3715ab6c 2019-02-04 prop 123 updates
0a3a6238 2019-02-03 Streaming changes for proposal 123 Streaming versions chart I2CP fixes for CreateLeaseSet2 Message Start of blinding changes in proposal 123
039c4a4c 2019-01-28 Update pots for push to tx More translation instruction fixes
118bd0ff 2019-01-28 update translation instructions
98c27f6b 2019-01-28 pull translations from tx
ca2604be 2019-01-27 Info on LS2 encryption key selection
3048b92e 2019-01-25 More netDb updates for 0.9.38
080411c4 2019-01-25 NetDb updates for 0.9.38
afbe8eea 2019-01-25 Remove unnecessary colons
5f1dfef6 2019-01-25 Fix typo; Update wording for clarity
23f5adcd 2019-01-25 I2CP markdown fixes Proposal 123 cleanups
fc93b3e7 2019-01-25 I2CP updates for proposal 123
6f6fbcef 2019-01-24 more fixes
7d5a0680 2019-01-24 I2NP updates for proposal 123. Table fixes take 2.
74bf0573 2019-01-24 more cleanups
0fcc0bf0 2019-01-24 markdown fixes
f987a75d 2019-01-24 Common structures spec update to incorporate proposal 123. More cleanups to follow.
16619dc7 2019-01-24 typo
a8e860b8 2019-01-24 new proposal 145
d2f61ab9 2019-01-24 Replace corrupted 0.9.38 windows installer
09904ed1 2019-01-24 disable windows download until a new installer is built
f7f6aec4 2019-01-22 Plug in the new mac launcher
b8608d64 2019-01-22 Add link to signing certificate
5d87f38e 2019-01-22 More accurate description of HTTPSEverywhere
a81dffc2 2019-01-22 0.9.38
7a883e03 2019-01-21 updating copy for firefox profile page
254facfa 2019-01-21 essage=Updated roadmap for 0.9.39 and 0.9.40
c271f931 2019-01-20 updated hall of fame
37e6132e 2019-01-18 0.9.38 draft
8399b0f2 2019-01-18 set hash for profile installer
2f935348 2019-01-17 hook the firefox profile download page to the mirror system
3017daf5 2019-01-16 Add Paper: Blockchain-based Sybil Attack Mitigation: A Case Study of the I2P Network - Kotaiba Alachkar and Dirk Gaastra
0a08589c 2019-01-16 Add paper: Deciding Your Own Anonymity - L. Ye et al
b597e152 2019-01-16 Add paper: Risk Assessment for I2P With an Enhanced Outproxy Design - Dolf Smit
56a938ed 2019-01-14 prop 123 updates
28b72f0b 2019-01-13 extraneous >
7df671db 2019-01-13 wrong apostrophy
80ff76da 2019-01-13 update legacy.py for firefox page
9a49f566 2019-01-13 wire the firefox page
bfa08b63 2019-01-13 wip on firefox profile download page
4c082802 2019-01-11 Add signing key certificate files
dc75d36c 2019-01-10 merge of '037a2d950d91dc68b8ec5aad8495f2803b49e239'      and '1760d1080c5cb80fe4b7090f6618b5748244bbdb'
28cb9995 2019-01-09 #2368 - Deprecate Oracle 8 on ARM
cea213cb 2019-01-08 Added palette to desktop.css. Effectively a nullop as no styles are using css vars yet.
c0ebc562 2019-01-07 prop. 123 updates
f1a9b2ef 2019-01-04 roadmap updates
d0983638 2019-01-03 Roadmap update from 2018-12-28 roadmap meeting, 2018-12-29 0.9.38 meeting, and actual 0.9.37 release.
6fd87a66 2019-01-01 LS2: Remove dup properties
e1f47a82 2018-12-28 fixe dsmall issue
e97d1ff4 2018-12-28 removed nntp from contact page
d60a8e2e 2018-12-18 fix dates
77c1973f 2018-12-17 Prop 123: Tweak client-auth KDF output usage
cdb1d5af 2018-12-17 Prop 123: Add cpk_i to DH client auth KDF input
104b961c 2018-12-17 Prop 123: Reverse salt and ikm arguments to KDF
ca3e5d50 2018-12-17 Prop 123: H(PRNG) -> CSRNG
4825ca62 2018-12-14 prop 123 updates
ae2345cf 2018-12-07 Prop 123: EncLS2 typos and cleanups
f4e79bb8 2018-12-06 Prop 123: Remove blindedPublicKey from the KDF inputs
7ac1e200 2018-12-06 Prop 123: Per-client authorization
8adc7bb4 2018-12-06 proposal 123/144 updates
b6cc4cca 2018-12-06 prop 123/144 I2CP and other updates
e493d6d8 2018-12-05 Prop 123: Fix formatting of EncLS2 "Format" section
9677660d 2018-12-05 Prop 123: Consistent formatting in "Encryption and processing" section
b9ceddcf 2018-12-04 meeting 277
24734885 2018-12-04 team.html - Update CI contact
0b4fa534 2018-12-03 prop 123/144 edits
13287028 2018-12-02 prop 123/144 updates
c7d362ff 2018-12-01 prop 123 blinding
ad731ec6 2018-12-01 prop 123/144 updates
ea181795 2018-11-30 prop 123 cleanups
ed47b835 2018-11-27 Prop 123: Bugfix
b29e674d 2018-11-27 Prop 123: Reorder blinding definitions to read more clearly
a174ef03 2018-11-27 Prop 123: Acknowledge Tor's rend-spec-v3
ad7daa80 2018-11-27 Prop 123: Placeholder for blinding
81964ee6 2018-11-27 Prop 123: Placeholders for client auth specification
53e02ed8 2018-11-27 Prop 123: KDF and encryption
7096782a 2018-11-26 Offline signature must be verified with blinded public key
2fce982a 2018-11-26 EncLS2 signature must be verified with transient public key if present
3cc173d1 2018-11-26 Identifiable names for ciphertext fields, placeholders for algorithms
d43a134d 2018-11-26 Refactor encrypted LS2 section to make structure easier to see
4ff61523 2018-11-26 #2351 - Fix SHA256 for Android on downloads page
dfee17bb 2018-11-24 prop. 144 updates
287f2cf3 2018-11-24 144 updates
08bfb235 2018-11-24 Prop 144 updates
a5d3132a 2018-11-24 prop 144 updates other minor fixes
d18c2d5e 2018-11-23 prop. 144 updates
a50ad485 2018-11-23 Minor update to reseed guide - add note about FreeBSD
ca41f763 2018-11-22 prop 144 updates
f4776135 2018-11-22 Proposal 144 ECIES-X25519-AEAD-Ratchet
0d2ccd6c 2018-11-21 merge of '3ba04cbd5e2470c5f12be392c0e59f4d498933bd'      and 'cc71d90929d66504586434ddbdeea3828f3239bf'
aae6bbe9 2018-11-21 Add compensation manager role
6118a820 2018-11-19 prop. 123 minor updates
a65e5f00 2018-11-12 prop. 123 minor updates
6a0afa19 2018-11-10 FAQ: visible IP addresses in the netDb
62b68efc 2018-11-09 meeting 276
aca4c9bd 2018-10-23 Add Python SAM libraries links
cdcb62a8 2018-10-23 Add application development basics blogpost
1c0f8aed 2018-10-15 prop. 123 update
86a4faf8 2018-10-14 android 37
74a4ef5f 2018-10-13 hostlookup, sam, bob, non-goals
86b5716d 2018-10-13 expiration fixes
260ad328 2018-10-13 move meta props to the beginning
ebb90804 2018-10-13 make metalease 40 bytes
59c90b3a 2018-10-13 timestamps for encrypted LS
0fc76af0 2018-10-12 I2CP and I2NP changes for LS2
a6fb9df6 2018-10-11 more type fixes
c3b13a6b 2018-10-11 data type changes
8dd35a9d 2018-10-10 Add NTCP2 info to I2NP page
a05be7e4 2018-10-08 remove boolean type
2fcafd2d 2018-10-04 0.9.37
1dc12769 2018-10-02 meeting 275
3565e3f5 2018-10-02 0.9.37 draft
4b941726 2018-09-27 Update link to paper to be a shorter one as suggested by Phong
5876dce5 2018-09-24 Add paper shared by researchers Phong et al
711bf305 2018-09-21 Fix minor formatting typos
afcd1400 2018-09-20 fix typo
f4cc5127 2018-09-20 updated hall of fame
4c3a5067 2018-09-18 prop 123 updates
fb69e019 2018-09-16 extend debian repo key expiration
76ccb8dd 2018-09-12 Updated translation strings
8070262a 2018-09-12 New translations
30b922eb 2018-09-12 Updated translations
0f0fd000 2018-09-05 meeting 274
4160968b 2018-08-31 Update Google Groups thread link
f263b603 2018-08-31 Update links to external resources - include PDFs from Archive.org
d999f0e5 2018-08-27 proposal update
f5c764d5 2018-08-26 roadmap update
4b6c3633 2018-08-24 tx pull
48eb605a 2018-08-24 checkpo script
a5853dd8 2018-08-24 extract-messages
45e6a557 2018-08-24 roadmap update
5141d894 2018-08-23 0.9.36
dfe1ce41 2018-08-20 0.9.36 draft
1ec78c7d 2018-08-20 NTCP2 blog entry
3a6e7237 2018-08-13 proposal 123 updates
a9c20d3f 2018-08-08 link typo
d0d2118d 2018-08-08 Debian download page - Change to hardcoded URL as dynamic one isn't showing up
90fafdb7 2018-08-07 new hosts
4fe72b73 2018-08-07 meeting 273
a3ab89ab 2018-08-07 Proposal 123: Fix syntax
3c0863f2 2018-08-06 proposal 123 updates
dce84f7b 2018-08-06 Adding RetroShare comparison (#1244)
2e4636b5 2018-07-31 fix format error
e5272ad6 2018-07-31 fix email addr.
20ac56eb 2018-07-24 #2248 - Use <code>...</code> instead of double-quotes
4d318c8d 2018-07-24 #2248 - Update line spacing
1cb397b9 2018-07-24 #2248 - Update instructions on Debian download page
04a330f3 2018-07-17 clarify expiration field
9dbb7706 2018-07-11 change default
4e3d85df 2018-07-07 update android versions
b0427b4a 2018-07-03 meeting 272
ccb3484c 2018-06-28 Add NTCP2 to doc index
49381034 2018-06-28 Migrate proposal 111 to the specification section
ba454880 2018-06-26 pull from tx
6bd58e16 2018-06-26 0.9.35
2e5f6eaf 2018-06-24 roadmap update after review
af5fb81c 2018-06-24 Update .pot files in pots/ directory
4aec5418 2018-06-23 Prop 111: whups, checked in with release notes, so fix the date
01dd56f5 2018-06-23 0.9.35 release notes
8e292820 2018-06-21 Prop 111: SipHash keys little endian
a81f2a32 2018-06-21 Prop 111: SipHash clarifications
08490030 2018-06-20 more clarifications
61999117 2018-06-20 prop 111 clarification
dd7ae801 2018-06-20 prop 111 minor cleanups
741df140 2018-06-20 Prop 111 updates - Change Noise name - Change message 1 options version field to 1 byte - Increase message 2 options to 16 bytes and move fields to be consistent with message 1 - Change SipHash KDF - Publish firewalled NTCP2 s and v parameters in RA, not RI - Spellcheck, consistency, cleanups, typos
e45b31bb 2018-06-20 #2010 - Update CSS & layout.html to support touch-enabled devices better
71e58206 2018-06-19 Add images for proxy settings on Firefox 57
fa910743 2018-06-19 Browser-config page updates
d8eef9bc 2018-06-19 Update FAQs page
dbf21e12 2018-06-19 Add I2P Traffic Path image for FAQs page
de991265 2018-06-15 new irc server and 2LD
07282519 2018-06-11 Proposal 111 updates
2e7af66e 2018-06-08 Fix translation markup
8af88921 2018-06-08 Update Eclipse instructions, ticket #2059
2b51f2b1 2018-06-07 Update info on certs in destinations
e44a04c8 2018-06-07 Make garlic spec different anchor than garlic msg
6557b44c 2018-06-05 meeting 271
5581e8b8 2018-06-05 Proposal 111 updates
a94a7ccc 2018-06-01 Pull translations from TX
e1b5b5fe 2018-05-24 proposal 111 updates
ef28819b 2018-05-21 prop 111 update
35e18dc2 2018-05-14 prop. 111 updates
b4dcedea 2018-05-07 markdown fixes
edbbaef4 2018-05-06 Fix a typo on 'Open Research Questions' page
f2bcfd90 2018-05-06 #1087 - Update 'Open Research Questions' page
97b88198 2018-05-06 #1087 - Update 'Academic Research' page
32983137 2018-05-04 removed litecoin
1d29e718 2018-05-03 Add slumlord agreement and keys
18837871 2018-05-03 #2218 - Update links/text for Supported Applications page
0b923c99 2018-05-02 fix date
15610745 2018-05-01 meeting 270
d7711e4f 2018-05-01 Updates from 2018-04-30 review
2ecfdb0f 2018-04-28 android 34
838d56e8 2018-04-24 Prop. 111 updates
d0fb4c5a 2018-04-20 debian updates
d51e4db4 2018-04-17 Updates from 2018-04-16 review
4464c014 2018-04-16 markup fixes
e38196bf 2018-04-13 Change link for 'In Search of an Anonymous and Secure Lookup' paper to point at Freehaven
68515bcf 2018-04-13 Change links for Sybil paper to point at Freehaven
9a2b6c4f 2018-04-13 Remove dead link on about/media
c5ca5451 2018-04-13 Update links on comparison/other-networks.html page
696ca17c 2018-04-13 Remove link about Toronto/2016 on I2PCon page
e9d964dc 2018-04-13 Remove/change/disable non-functioning links on links page
46b2f4af 2018-04-12 Prop. 111 updates after meeting
daf3bd91 2018-04-11 0.9.34
4b932fc4 2018-04-11 Fix typo on threat-model page
38dd8123 2018-04-10 0.9.34 checksums
756476d4 2018-04-09 Add link - Wikipedia: Hill Climbing
e3f5bdff 2018-04-08 merge of '72a53ef8f6e506e3cccdc80aa2c9c3e36b6ce7c4'      and '8069e772737ff9399b789029c351ecc4a6f3ebf4'
00259620 2018-04-07 Remove part about router info store verification
7343c695 2018-04-07 Update floodfill estimate
1f4a1b15 2018-04-07 0.9.34 release draft
9c519a87 2018-04-07 merge of '387adb565814aa1d31385605b099239d2cecdbc4'      and '90e9ef1d0273dbc956caccfe46d907a27c28ca46'
62f355b7 2018-04-06 change in-net javadoc site
b4f17d3c 2018-04-04 Proposal #111 - Improve formatting
a1571dd9 2018-04-03 meeting 269
01f69890 2018-04-03 doc index updates
2486305c 2018-04-02 markup fixes
4914af36 2018-04-02 markup fixes
4a53da51 2018-04-02 markup fixes
fb7124d6 2018-04-02 markup fixes
3eaa7ca5 2018-04-02 proposal 111 update
8a6b3fa3 2018-04-02 #2000 - Update link for MNet
4e904159 2018-04-02 #2143 - Fix HTML tags
f346e851 2018-03-30 team update and cleanup
1e5b41bd 2018-03-27 Mark I2NP type 0 as reserved
d82bafd7 2018-03-25 added list of donations/funds
ca0dcb06 2018-03-24 roadmap update
220148de 2018-03-22 Roadmap update Reject proposal #118
a9cead08 2018-03-21 replaced plugins link to http://stats.i2p/i2p/plugins
9def6d04 2018-03-21 more URLs corrected
1c56c678 2018-03-21 corrected some links
af72f747 2018-03-18 remove dup text
3b65d913 2018-03-17 proposal 141 clarification
7f08cdfb 2018-03-14 bump fdroid.org version to 0.9.33
e1ab284a 2018-03-14 roadmap update
d7a7711b 2018-03-13 missed the DOI
390de77c 2018-03-13 added paper https://doi.org/10.1080/21642583.2017.1331770
e1759c8e 2018-03-12 removed as its already available and one is (C)
2a7743b0 2018-03-12 renamed for better links
6fdc5f24 2018-03-12 added 2 new papers
92b5b3c7 2018-03-10 Convert proposal thread URLs to clearnet with HTTPS
7f662e9d 2018-03-07 Clarify that tunnel IDs may not be zero
cca11097 2018-03-07 SSU clarifications
63239a3f 2018-03-06 meeting 268
5bbe7643 2018-03-04 update f-droid.org version
47d88488 2018-03-03 Support proposal links with number only (ticket #2144)
87e8a1d4 2018-03-01 samv3 typo
40f3a7a6 2018-03-01 samv3 typos ports additions
60806009 2018-02-22 missed another link to trac
5fe44a36 2018-02-22 fix ticket #1755 - clearnet URL to i2p URL
efd02286 2018-02-22 repair some style error
1a5e9c92 2018-02-22 fixed some links as of ticket #1452
aba7808a 2018-02-22 vuze is supported
7f599f8a 2018-02-19 added i2pforum.i2p to menu instead of forum.i2p
5c5442a4 2018-02-19 added i2pforum.net translation
fe3d6e61 2018-02-19 Add 7667 for SSL console (ticket #2160)
b24cf8a1 2018-02-19 merge of 'acc183805e0f2cc9d3718fc195fe8bedc28db9d6'      and 'eea19ae7c27976d3a9e86e32fd30194116226443'
03e265cd 2018-02-18 Assumes 2017=>2018 and correct the typo :)
62cfaa79 2018-02-17 I2P Android 0.9.33
7b3ed761 2018-02-16 new streaming option
e1a86331 2018-02-15 Fixes trac issue #2004
41565c0c 2018-02-15 meeh@mail.i2p Fixes #1860
755b39a5 2018-02-15 Fixes trac issue #1858
522e9dcf 2018-02-15 Added link for samv3 library node-i2p
2f3c97a5 2018-02-14 i2pcontrol minor fixes roadmap minor changes add i2pforum.i2p
a620e8e1 2018-02-12 Updated translation strings
880f62f5 2018-02-12 New translations
4ed41222 2018-02-12 Updated translations
665fa014 2018-02-12 BSidesNYC trip report
47e6239b 2018-02-11 High-level roadmap
50f9ec13 2018-02-10 added 2018 FOSDEM video link
06f024f7 2018-02-06 meeting 267
c1f6232d 2018-01-30 0.9.33 part 2
ea00fe1b 2018-01-30 0.9.33
71200888 2018-01-29 checksums
0626dc85 2018-01-27 0.9.33 draft
508cb24d 2018-01-20 added new 2018 I2P logo to disk
aad8a29b 2018-01-20 proposals 142, 143
8b92b8a6 2018-01-10 Fix up roadmap dates i2ptunnel config update
0887e7e5 2018-01-05 roadmap update
7d19bf85 2017-12-30 small change to table
ea0046fe 2017-12-30 i2p debian package bounty claimed
c9308c13 2017-12-05 meeting 266
cd9ccacb 2017-12-04 update plugin spec
3a951593 2017-11-30 Android 0.9.32
4af10ccc 2017-11-18 reseed proxy instructions
8fd8954a 2017-11-12 format fix
3867bfb6 2017-11-12 proposal updates 123,136,137
27d17cb1 2017-11-11 0.9.32
6275dd92 2017-11-09 missed a decimal point
8aa0c20d 2017-11-09 fix date
2c09bebe 2017-11-08 embed guide update
9ec80cfc 2017-11-07 meeting 265
2f7ef7de 2017-11-07 roadmap update
b88c6b57 2017-11-06 0.9.32 draft
2a10211b 2017-11-05 updated hall of fame page with latest sum of funds of I2P project
99235c7d 2017-11-02 Update I2P papers list
2146f41c 2017-10-21 add missing itag spec
7d2212bf 2017-10-07 New translations
96b17f31 2017-10-07 Updated translations
afe2fe3d 2017-10-07 Android 0.9.31
eb5e250f 2017-10-04 meeting 264
62307d84 2017-09-18 update deb repo key
2f1b0e97 2017-09-08 Updated translation strings
b5085a81 2017-09-08 New translations
69a4c5f5 2017-09-08 Updated translations
266d391b 2017-09-06 meeting 263
f61f4911 2017-09-02 Add notes on certificates (ticket 2035)
08477663 2017-09-02 close proposal 141
1393d49d 2017-09-02 new opentracker
76bbad32 2017-08-09 Clarify proposal 133 Reserve types for proposal 134
4f27c3be 2017-08-08 0.9.31 Roadmap update Proposal 141
f6e821d9 2017-08-07 0.9.31 draft
324c30c2 2017-08-01 meeting 262
d8be50b1 2017-07-28 Update the FAQ entry for manual reseeding
8b69d62a 2017-07-26 Updated translation strings
728be263 2017-07-26 New translations
e32e8a03 2017-07-26 Updated translations
149cb258 2017-07-10 Remove old comment
971b3133 2017-07-10 Update list of papers
ac42fa49 2017-07-04 merge of 'c48bd3c0e6e408e2d445151265a18307b3d6fa57'      and 'f3caed3fd878fbbd6b608bdb6af84a46839ac561'
36242b99 2017-07-04 meeting 261
334b6df0 2017-07-04 Prop140:
4de3987a 2017-07-02 Bump Prop111 update time
f891cc93 2017-07-02 NTCP 2: Combine SessionRequest encryption, add discussion points
9cb6dd97 2017-07-02 Fix bug in NTCP 2 proposal (thanks David Fifield!)
8f1c41bf 2017-06-19 updated syndie bounty desciption
15ce8d5a 2017-06-19 new CLA and keys
b55689aa 2017-06-17 roadmap update
98ca9c2d 2017-06-06 meeting 260
a1b93fc8 2017-06-01 Updated translation strings
8e33a015 2017-06-01 Updated translations
c1f808a6 2017-06-01 Summer Dev 2017
95f066a4 2017-05-22 Clarification
281c4eb1 2017-05-22 Proposal bugfixes
f1d367e0 2017-05-22 Prop 140
8b2b3e84 2017-05-21 Update prop 111 based on EinMByte's draft
e10426a0 2017-05-20 I2P Android 0.9.30
3023d860 2017-05-16 Proposal 139 Roadmap fix
98ec943d 2017-05-16 Add override for etc/translation.vars
f5866766 2017-05-09 fix entry
57eba543 2017-05-07 Updated translation strings
0bb9115d 2017-05-07 New translations
d70db300 2017-05-07 Updated translations
e6cdbddb 2017-05-04 0.9.30
1d717055 2017-05-03 checksums
aff5f79d 2017-05-02 meeting 259
ec5d2537 2017-05-02 clarify addsubdomain
fa8842df 2017-05-01 new date
1064d43e 2017-04-27 0.9.30 release draft and hosts.txt
273a71b8 2017-04-21 Formatting
c0ef8619 2017-04-21 merge of '34e325a4afaeb7239c682dd744ac1aa0e79f3733'      and 'd474b07493d0de5240c622c27f4a64f6ea8e7267'
9a9464df 2017-04-15 Update stretch info. Reformat and tag https info (ticket #1960)
a9323661 2017-04-13 close proposal 133
50fcc4a9 2017-04-11 fixed one typo
99224019 2017-04-10 Fix reference links in cryptography specs
939f9d59 2017-04-10 Help distinguish between Reserved and Closed proposals
0d38c720 2017-04-10 Prop 138
0e2de49b 2017-04-10 Generate proposal templates that match the proposal process
b9819e19 2017-04-08 roadmap update
617fcd16 2017-04-07 Clarity
16e7769b 2017-04-07 Prop 125: Additional security implications
217f285b 2017-04-07 Prop 125:
81e58f20 2017-04-07 Render proposal editor(s)
75c3d433 2017-04-07 Bugfix, update modified date
cdcd6df9 2017-04-07 Differentiate between authors and editors in proposals
82718f86 2017-04-07 Clean up proposal 133
e6b7d972 2017-04-07 Mark incomplete proposals as drafts
649a2928 2017-04-04 meeting 258
f24de97d 2017-04-01 Updated translation strings
11ff31c5 2017-04-01 New translations
f31b6226 2017-04-01 Updated translations
974337a2 2017-04-01 Fix SAMv3 documentation for SIGNATURE_TYPE
42bc6986 2017-04-01 update paper
f4af5cfc 2017-04-01 update paper
68084135 2017-04-01 Update links to SAMv3 libraries
1f4ee240 2017-03-31 I2P Android 0.9.29
51ff0530 2017-03-31 proposals 136,137
e240f983 2017-03-31 typos
c6aaf9a1 2017-03-31 prop 134 update
50d95378 2017-03-10 Add types for 25519ph and proposal 130
0c1a0ffd 2017-03-09 proposal 135
28dc87d1 2017-03-07 meeting 257
2b76d140 2017-03-05 insert quick and dirty fix for https-transpoort package in getting i2p on debian.
a9b2163d 2017-03-04 blog for windows installer fix
af92e797 2017-03-04 Windows build 0.9.29-win1
059151d9 2017-03-02 0.9.29
02e08d66 2017-02-27 fix error
6168a281 2017-02-27 add checksums
9f76a375 2017-02-26 new paper
87fee3a6 2017-02-24 Roadmap update, 0.9.29 release draft
92f1e094 2017-02-23 Reseed Guide: Remove PHP solution, other cleanups patch from manas
c9081e44 2017-02-19 proposal 134
83876191 2017-02-09 add sections on optional delay and choking
d5b1fdfb 2017-02-07 meeting 256
da1e778a 2017-02-05 proposal 133
c84c6f8f 2017-01-27 add I2NP note
47ca7365 2017-01-27 coding style update re: javadocs
47f43309 2017-01-22 add thesis
f279c940 2017-01-19 roadmap tweaks
0aca327b 2017-01-19 minor doc fix
0c6c35bd 2017-01-14 Changed monotone server from outdated mtn.i2p2.de/i2p to mtn.i2p-projekt.de/i2p
cb6c00e9 2017-01-14 Update F-Droid release to 0.9.28
31337d30 2017-01-13 Push i2pcontrol roadmap items forward.
88b46dcd 2017-01-08 Differentiate ol levels in VRP
37061849 2017-01-08 Enable CSS targeting of specific pages by id
85e0590b 2017-01-08 Nesting fix
95440528 2017-01-08 Linkify HackerOne in VRP
f4a7874b 2017-01-07 Add I2P Android signature, remove dev builds link
282b8a84 2017-01-07 Add VRP from http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/1119
ba450711 2017-01-04 note on address sorting
ac27876a 2017-01-04 Roadmap update, from Dec. 30 meeting
7b7ee361 2017-01-02 I2P Android 0.9.28
189273c0 2016-12-20 I2NP minor updates
ddf1f35f 2016-12-15 0.9.28
09bdf740 2016-12-12 merge of '8936dc7f59b4a8b7e2a71a690464d7f6ab2efe71'      and 'eaca5fc5e44341e542ccd303ac1b54c6b093f09c'
4fc89ba6 2016-12-12 release checksums
1464d3d2 2016-12-12 Tails maintainer position is vacant
ee687b33 2016-12-09 merge of '8eeb0df31145212e188f107c4e89b9e47adeddff'      and '9bdee0c0b5ea42f33f446858302cf0310369db52'
be545150 2016-12-09 0.9.28 draft
8d17959d 2016-12-07 added monero donation link QR code
4a2a7f90 2016-12-07 added monero image link
c1e9b990 2016-12-07 correct XMR for monero
3eccf43e 2016-12-06 meeting 255
84d67686 2016-12-05 proposal 132
d61c7c8f 2016-12-05 proposal 131
3ad5eb1f 2016-12-02 roadmap update
8d71edc0 2016-12-02 set version fields
afa25841 2016-12-02 proposal updates
ff62f211 2016-11-24 blocklist news feed spec
bfaec6c7 2016-11-23 proposals 129, 130
35df3fd4 2016-11-20 Updated translation strings
548713b8 2016-11-20 New translations
3066821e 2016-11-20 Updated translations
af65418f 2016-11-20 I2P Android 0.9.27
51504515 2016-11-11 spelling
2c292389 2016-11-11 comparison page tweaks
e497ce6f 2016-11-06 add java 9 note
f75c7240 2016-11-04 debian repo now supports https
ca92966b 2016-11-01 meeting 254
f33b2a06 2016-10-31 fix title
26064cee 2016-10-31 streaming correction
049f94b0 2016-10-31 proposal 128
aa65dd2b 2016-10-24 typo
6f1e654a 2016-10-24 fix name
fbb7f317 2016-10-23 proposal 127 spec
df9b1ecc 2016-10-23 proposal 127
29df12b9 2016-10-21 Crypto: Actually use a random nonzero byte in ElGamal, as our specification says
7d071f1f 2016-10-20 0.9.27 draft
927d38eb 2016-10-17 add checksums
812450ca 2016-10-17 roadmap updates
c02c421e 2016-10-14 0.9.27 draft
8304543c 2016-10-14 Note on where to find ISD podcasts
387633f0 2016-10-04 meeting 253
aeca48a4 2016-10-01 Extend Debian repo key expiration one year
0145e00e 2016-09-30 roadmap update
1e75d6e2 2016-09-29 prop 111 update
ac45737c 2016-09-27 Proposal 111 update SAMv3 minor clarification
4aad3d9f 2016-09-23 SAM: Clarifications on which utility commands require a session
6b83cfab 2016-09-17 Fix tunnel delivery instruction doc errors (tickets #1845, #1846)
feec6e60 2016-09-17 more prop 111 updates
a0496dbf 2016-09-17 proposal 111 updates
cf2b6aab 2016-09-10 remove mailto links
b1db02ea 2016-09-06 meeting 252
f70271d9 2016-09-02 update hall of fame til september first
3a662290 2016-09-02 new paper
bc674082 2016-08-19 BOB doc fixes (ticket #1839)
12f42555 2016-08-03 router info signature length may vary
9247dd3a 2016-08-02 mtg 251
5100e8d2 2016-07-23 More ignores
e1a3cd6c 2016-07-18 Update proposal 126 and related specs
b70d180c 2016-07-07 New alternative clients page, patch from 'villain' Add .gitignore
2f41db73 2016-07-05 Meeting 250 Proposal 111 updates
c3294dd6 2016-07-03 more proposal 111 updates
0fb9e202 2016-07-03 proposal 111 (NTCP2) minor update
33906892 2016-07-02 Push blog post live
600815a2 2016-07-02 Blog excerpt
d37d1cdf 2016-07-02 Updated translation strings
057db00c 2016-07-02 Updated translations
1eacfc80 2016-07-02 Tweaked blog post
f3edcb8f 2016-07-02 Updated translation strings
81da87aa 2016-07-02 New translations
c1b4cb3e 2016-07-02 Updated translations
eb2ee84d 2016-07-02 Draft of first Summer Dev roundup post
51555852 2016-07-02 Add I2P Summer Dev branding to the top of relevant blog views
c925b745 2016-07-02 Add script for creating draft blog posts
278ae3db 2016-07-02 Use UTC for default proposal date
5a80a925 2016-06-29 SSU: IPv6 Peer Testing updates
47c57274 2016-06-25 I2P Android 0.9.26 in main F-Droid repo
198019dd 2016-06-13 I2P Android 0.9.26
cb88f2a1 2016-06-13 Update application development guide with new dependencies
0a57c89d 2016-06-13 Blog about I2P on Maven Central
836078b0 2016-06-08 Fix error in I2CP CreateLeaseSetMessage spec Add 0.9.26 release date
dc26aa32 2016-06-07 meeting 249
184a0616 2016-06-07 0.9.26
3b2f8fe3 2016-06-07 Tweak release post
aa086fcf 2016-06-07 merge of '0835956f6dacb3af8be69a0d700cee7008ef4882'      and '8273b856774cac3e05c6fbfa9b563a9ae08f4748'
8b2fb6b2 2016-06-06 0.9.26 draft
4bcc1ef4 2016-06-05 Bugfixes
0250f4d9 2016-06-01 Updated translation strings
43a01bbd 2016-06-01 Updated translations
1b063390 2016-06-01 Blog post livening
91aa3bf6 2016-06-01 Tweaks after review
b2bd7b7f 2016-06-01 Updated translation strings
2d461207 2016-06-01 Missing Twitter account
af6b8924 2016-06-01 Draft blog post for I2P Summer Dev
d3e34656 2016-06-01 New translations
3738d3db 2016-06-01 Updated translations
8efb0bd5 2016-05-26 roadmap update
57a7a2b6 2016-05-25 Updates for proposals 112 and 126
5c5af2e8 2016-05-03 meeting 248
946dd75c 2016-05-02 IPv6 Peer Testing proposal
a61f7f28 2016-04-29 dev guidelines update re: external code
0eee9301 2016-04-28 Minor roadmap updates Minor corrections to news feed CRL spec
3699f24f 2016-04-26 proposal 112 update
85bdf3e0 2016-04-25 Fix dl.meta styling
7d57256c 2016-04-25 More styling tweaks
21d4fd3a 2016-04-25 Style proposals table
51b93d52 2016-04-25 Reorder proposal metadata
4d1c50af 2016-04-25 Update all proposals to conform to the proposal process
63fa249f 2016-04-25 Implement new proposal metatags and statuses
2c0db474 2016-04-25 Proposal process document
38fd77c1 2016-04-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head c34abd2edca6c47a4dd827e3f93d46632c474d7d)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head a4c7fb4d1344b1ca5a7c57ae1c42b6214d37362a)
96e6dd1b 2016-04-24 I2P Android 0.9.25 on main F-Droid
146a27ef 2016-04-19 update roadmap dates
6dd03ef3 2016-04-18 add video link
8a0b43e0 2016-04-18 Drop duplicate
7b001204 2016-04-18 merge of '624899e109b62865bde8028594825946b1283199'      and '6443df8d3216634ad6e362d706eb33e79365f445'
eb6d1bab 2016-04-18 Added subscription feed proposal
852677ac 2016-04-17 add subscription proposal
52ed7e03 2016-04-17 I2P Android 0.9.25, remove kytv internal link
207905b7 2016-04-12 team update
7d0e5846 2016-04-11 Enable proposal index to be styled by status
5e482fbd 2016-04-11 Bugfix
5fd9774f 2016-04-10 Missing proposal
2240dc68 2016-04-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 22904ca45ea1c7c298f3f7de9627dacc6f77d013)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head 7e3d922345edd815f99d9e3b28d58b9eca48b162)
a19e6860 2016-04-10 Require English for viewing specs
607a46a2 2016-04-10 Missing from previous commit
9ab4b287 2016-04-10 Implement supercededby and supercedes proposal metadata
5bbfd598 2016-04-10 Final batch of proposal migrations
ce6a3174 2016-04-10 Bugfix
1ff759b8 2016-04-07 meeting 247
b5af2d25 2016-04-04 Fix mistaken checkin
eb91dbfc 2016-04-04 Next batch of proposal migrations
46e15852 2016-04-04 Add proposal number to proposal page
0671155d 2016-04-04 minor spec updates
eb5b492c 2016-04-03 Link directly to relevant proposal submission forms
6df2bf60 2016-04-03 Migrate proposals from old index
1c670aa8 2016-04-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head dbfcd209262b614402bd832643162b809fa3d12c)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head fc5bfa1c8e7d82ab5229aef5ec7d434a893d038a)
ec91aa41 2016-04-03 merge of '10c01a0ae74b7ebcab591783f334b50e9a58d8a1'      and '35cb51532fa49c7c57bf34ac0e97be380201890a'
2d25e2a5 2016-04-03 Implement proposal system
fbe3d7cb 2016-04-02 re-enable launchpad mirror
33f54a33 2016-04-02 Accidental checkin
e09f5724 2016-04-02 Flags for new languages
899cca09 2016-04-02 Updated translations
009fbfee 2016-04-02 Drop ancient warnings about automatic updates, mention str4d signing key issue
6f77172d 2016-04-02 Updated translation strings
a3e19f4d 2016-04-02 Show new languages
c839164f 2016-04-01 New translations
a6b3b61b 2016-04-01 Tweak to make navigation menu feel smoother
a894ae84 2016-04-01 Categorise specifications
bb1ad85e 2016-04-01 Tweak after merge
44bc914b 2016-04-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 46fe9b025e5b7bd010b409c8aa0695f59f9dd6b5)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head 1f4d489b787e1049975ee408ceb4b22a940c2972)
e9e4dd93 2016-04-01 More links
e5658562 2016-04-01 More links
06bc004b 2016-04-01 I2CP table fix
28b51fbb 2016-04-01 Better format for file metadata in TXT format
25cf1169 2016-04-01 Table layout fix
ab327e65 2016-04-01 Bugfix
17589907 2016-03-23 0.9.25
cee2f28c 2016-03-23 fix filename
81ff2b7c 2016-03-22 0.9.25 draft
8ac254d2 2016-03-19 roadmap update after meeting 246
13d8e34b 2016-03-19 Meeting 246 SAM spec link fix
c53fa978 2016-03-16 Link to slides for UWW lecture
52ae9b1c 2016-03-15 Optimise homepage and download images
764e5252 2016-03-12 updated hall of fame to 6th march 2016
a38d0808 2016-03-12 hosts.txt add secure.tinhat.i2p and zerobin.i2p
1f5edd3b 2016-03-10 Add proposed spec for CRLs in news feed
b26c7fef 2016-03-07 0.9.26 roadmap update Add delivery time for stickers
969ab57f 2016-03-07 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 2df62e69107d5013915619b4a7116fb920e9638d)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head 316dc8ab7159c0ac13be0c8f192b3376123e5523)
e2131693 2016-03-07 Increase centre column width
ee88c76a 2016-03-07 Add feature images to homepage
4bef9cb3 2016-03-06 merge of '0fa24565c84321c5064c87b27eb578ddbaeaf59d'      and '3f598c633ab122b365c011b250b6c6ab17e0d5ad'
7e7f88dc 2016-03-06 Tweak footer style to match header
0d3515e0 2016-03-06 Update remaining download images
b3a35bfb 2016-03-06 Replace footer with download and donate images
209b0401 2016-03-06 Updated OS icons
ea3d2661 2016-03-06 March 6 meeting
739b8dbb 2016-03-06 Implement navigation for specs
b16fb65a 2016-03-06 Redirects for old spec URLs
3858bbab 2016-03-06 Migrate cryptography page to specs
ac27ae60 2016-03-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 58b6b0589b4b5e4a45b1be2ac97bba8d253e9368)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head 2ab3bce2634e8d1dcbf7f2bf89c310c5ae3a7eb6)
88a48996 2016-03-05 Fix present usernames
26f90f9e 2016-03-05 Wrap long lines in {% highlight %} blocks
07464624 2016-03-05 Update present lists
4f720fbc 2016-03-05 meetings 242-244
c8a0cc43 2016-03-01 add paper
458477d1 2016-02-21 reseed guide minor updates
a99153e7 2016-02-13 fix
5745430a 2016-02-13 new i2ptunnel HTTP server options
0d4d52a6 2016-02-13 Clarify router family docs Add some coding style items
f091c500 2016-02-10 samv3 tweaks and intrapage links
8d4c8354 2016-02-07 Use I2CP option names, not SAM option names, for setting tag options in SESSION CREATE/ADD
b5d3b755 2016-02-07 SAM v3.3 add tag options
e0a9ab3f 2016-02-07 update research page
1d729179 2016-02-06 cleanups
16c0993c 2016-02-06 Java 7 now required
b5bea6b1 2016-02-06 SAM v3.3 preliminary spec
f49a290f 2016-02-06 Plugins: Document new icon-code configuration for 0.9.25 (ticket #1550, thx cacapo!) I2CP: Reserve codes for experimental protocols Roadmap: Push out GMP 6 to 0.9.25
cf529a7b 2016-02-02 roadmap update
bf554525 2016-02-02 add reserved types
9bca5bf9 2016-02-02 bump date
b925f8cc 2016-02-02 Reseed: Add new go quick start guide from backup Move PHP docs to the bottom, mark not recommended Spelling fixes in overview
74882e6c 2016-02-02 merge of '11bfed0f74a92afb078b0d544c678d87be2a41cf'      and '2260394e9053d395abe3d0224fdc764c3664908c'
62d3681d 2016-02-02 Writing improvements from comradenosebleed.
5240f4a0 2016-02-02 merge of '84836d617d9284429dd5d1fdd88a1908c2746869'      and 'a4be18165f058427f7f990feb9713da3d59060f7'
baa9aa9e 2016-02-01 Reworked reseed page.
6620b4ca 2016-02-01 fix broken business week article link
dfd098b3 2016-02-01 Fleshed out the reseed text. Quickie guide from http://zzz.i2p/topics/2062 was imported.
8dfc8a14 2016-01-30 Add our Git mirror to the new developers page
12b9819c 2016-01-29 add 25519ph
db354d18 2016-01-29 0.9.24
8780d744 2016-01-27 add use cases for each sig type
b5f64e2e 2016-01-27 undraft 32C3 post
6bb40ee2 2016-01-27 0.9.24 draft
35db7877 2016-01-24 Switch sam.pm license to GPL, which is what the code states. Use https for Wikipedia links.
bf473630 2016-01-24 Added reseed doc to menu, About->Documentaion->Reseed.
f881305f 2016-01-24 Javadocs now use i2p-javadocs.i2p for in-network, and docs.i2p-projekt.de for clearnet.
32dce37d 2016-01-23 fix header
53a35baa 2016-01-23 Adding 32C3 post.
b3cc5a25 2016-01-23 Fixing link to list of release posts.
721a1ea0 2016-01-18 Added information about the AdvancedSettings method in i2pcontrol.
88904d64 2016-01-14 More I2PTunnel HTTP and IRC client docs
88a3db6d 2016-01-13 fixup 2
aae070a7 2016-01-13 fixup
1946a667 2016-01-12 formatting
c7f299da 2016-01-12 Added initial reseeed page.
644591a9 2016-01-12 preliminary family docs
4aba81a5 2016-01-10 spec updates
8d2b8cca 2016-01-08 add podcast entries
5b8e0c05 2016-01-08 add recent talks
8a8cf68e 2016-01-07 Added details on plugin classpath (ticket #1679) Updated info on JRE versions
5017942e 2016-01-04 Promote Sadie to PR Manager Add psi as Technical PR Advisor Add Release Manager alternates
1fe01d7d 2016-01-04 sam tweaks
57ec5244 2016-01-03 Note that simultaneous FORWARD and ACCEPT is disallowed
516f0dc8 2016-01-03 SAM: Simplify list of 3.2 changes since the details are now in the main part of the spec
96029fd4 2016-01-03 SAM: Put v3.2 documentation into main part of spec
e7b05224 2016-01-02 partially revert previous checkin which broke the download page
cf485488 2016-01-02 regular meeting schedule
d9ad9753 2016-01-02 add release cycle documentation
927ccbe9 2016-01-02 bring roadmap up to date
d7172823 2016-01-01 Fixing 404 on "Release Notes" link.
52925760 2015-12-31 merge of '42dbb37e6f6ff7a205c555c92710bc16a6235f8a'      and 'ab50d0b180fb8664bfb10694f1265484f8d1b52c'
0d13f05d 2015-12-31 logs for 30-DEC meeting
ea57d34a 2015-12-30 small typo
42b4bc8c 2015-12-11 Update reseed detailed instructions to v7 Other reseed cleanup Note removal of old router info options in 0.9.24 Note Tor Messenger ports Update dates
5188575c 2015-12-08 html-ize the reseed details
b74cb41e 2015-12-06 format fix
735fe06b 2015-12-06 new reseed server docs, moved from zzz.i2p
c7a1307c 2015-12-04 RTL fixes
1f7c5ba2 2015-12-04 Better bottom shadow
7e47f170 2015-12-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 2086f98299a757a276edb28a2702abb4d9734bcb)             to branch 'i2p.www' (head c93fe7218ef5779c482bb3fbb2d4d699b2646f86)
ff9fea83 2015-12-02 small changes, clarification on MasterCard Red
810d0d46 2015-12-02 Update hall-of-fame
be71dd75 2015-12-01 SAM 3.2: Clarifications SSU: Notes on RelayRequest
4a5f4170 2015-12-01 small changes to hall of fame, recent subscriptions
0fcceb0b 2015-12-01 updated hall of fame by 1st dec 2015
ccaed060 2015-11-30 Use a warmer white for the main bg
0e3f0054 2015-11-30 fix link to monero
7c305b51 2015-11-29 Style fixes
8747e9b9 2015-11-28 SAM: Document command line parsing enhancements (ticket #1488)
e7e297cd 2015-11-28 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head d866064294c0e658a7d09ac9639fad123f0200c6)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 767569bc59dda12d5f8f1eca2059c42abe7018b1)
ae1bc10f 2015-11-27 clarify that parallel ACCEPTs were not allowed prior to 3.2
514f0704 2015-11-27 defer advanced datagram options to 3.3
69df0b34 2015-11-27 SAM: Add docs for RAW forwarding, previously undocumented Clarify RAW and DATAGRAM handling when PORT not specified (v1/v2 mode) Add HEADER to get a header with RAW forwarding in 3.2
cdfcf23e 2015-11-26 SAM: Fix docs for STREAM ACCEPT when SILENT=true Clarify that FORWARD works differently than ACCEPT and CONNECT when SILENT=true cleanups
e41135c3 2015-11-25 note more new SAM 3.2 commands
b7bd2b3e 2015-11-25 Remove lang flag from spec URLs
d4a964ec 2015-11-25 Only read spec headers when rendering index
e85e0eff 2015-11-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 046364f77d72c10ee7ffcf74e7aaa08eb644ed96)             to branch 'i2p.www.str4d' (head 28335acea75ecad4a4edfeb19993dbe80dd95ca8)
a451077f 2015-11-25 Move multiple SAM session types to proposed 3.3 Add missing i2ptunnel SSL config options
0a0e22fb 2015-11-20 Update release signer in both locations
5099cb4e 2015-11-20 Added my pubkey
77015dd6 2015-11-20 Updated translations
184ac8e9 2015-11-20 Updated translation strings
72270a94 2015-11-20 Fixed blog post
cdcb6450 2015-11-20 Updated translations
3bbd604e 2015-11-20 merge of '1ea963fdf41eb8e46a7eee971b5a1587a5643065'      and '990118d8d1ea750572e40c7ee7cffbdc9e67449a'
0b8d767a 2015-11-20 0.9.23
8b30d18b 2015-11-20 Fixed URLs in old news to be in-net
24024387 2015-11-19 more guideline updates
e343f7dd 2015-11-19 dev guidelines update
5d36602c 2015-11-19 Updated old news
e01ac56d 2015-11-19 0.9.23 release blog post
84c57789 2015-11-18 clarify BOB "option" command (ticket #1707)
edb648e1 2015-11-18 SSU timestamp rollover note
30637f82 2015-11-18 Add proposal for SSU SessionRequest extended options
91449009 2015-11-18 change blog post category
ff45bfd5 2015-11-16 Added new translations
11f8951b 2015-11-16 Updated translations
13fc7a2c 2015-11-15 merge of '0b03f8635998356f6b984217a289e98b78f1c4ef'      and '5444d961c10bd26cd201fa942c818cec365870d6'
2cdf66c0 2015-11-15 Get ctag URLs directly
9209ccc8 2015-11-15 Publishing community outreach blog.
9f7e9075 2015-11-14 Bugfix
9901ec5e 2015-11-14 Updated spec nav
7d2d4a28 2015-11-14 Add a template function for getting ctag URLs
abb969b6 2015-11-14 Updated spectags
ced12f99 2015-11-14 Another textspec formatting tweak
fb383638 2015-11-14 Migrated specs to new format
1ad3c76c 2015-11-14 Add extra space in place of stripped underscores to preserve layouts
129438c6 2015-11-14 Add external option to site_url
e7c55ca6 2015-11-13 fixes
ab163054 2015-11-13 Styling for definition lists
dbb518a8 2015-11-13 merge of '6c8c3b667b5c5c523c8c677979ead8df074e8da5'      and 'cef2d8cd42d7c47581c66b3c552405c10e6e5263'
9ea49ff0 2015-11-12 Sort specs in list
890206f5 2015-11-12 Don't add lang= to spec urls
6c6af4b4 2015-11-12 Adding community outreach blog draft.
d657ae7a 2015-11-11 SSU extended options proposal
7e7c5f9a 2015-11-11 disapproval of revision 'c55886559d85a5576514807091699fa79e219c11'
73029feb 2015-11-11 Adding blog post draft. Adding blog post.
84f14fac 2015-11-10 Missing from previous commit
3816f2f6 2015-11-10 First pass at spec viewing system
8edd5a8d 2015-11-10 Added a formatter for textual dataspecs
39c4bae8 2015-11-09 small typos
8582f5bb 2015-11-09 added monero to the list of accepted coins
b761e26a 2015-11-06 Extract metadata extraction method
871ff5f3 2015-11-04 Add new console home page hosts approved in meeting 240
336ed0ad 2015-11-03 Logs for meeting 240, 2015-11-03 @ 20:00UTC
0e4320f1 2015-11-02 Clarify multiple bw caps (ticket #1701)
5a821275 2015-10-31 Fix parsing error with s/hottuna_/hottuna/g
8151dbe2 2015-10-31 Updated translation strings
fd50027c 2015-10-31 Re-added video that got dropped
0e4de0a4 2015-10-31 New translations
2e52c9b8 2015-10-31 Updated translations
cdf92159 2015-10-30 IRC meeting logs for 2015-07-14 and 2015-10-06
0869b446 2015-10-14 Download list nav
434554fd 2015-10-14 Download list styling
d92e3532 2015-10-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 0aa68340e6c5aefab5ab8eab4d7be9c769e74fe9)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 4f19a5f76b0530dea9f75b63f37fdd24f9981b90)
0315a711 2015-10-14 Deduplicate downloads list backend
82db2698 2015-10-13 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 18512dafa6f135ec9097d9c47f2da324b9fdd006)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 56c4bc64b8bf6df97d5160f5daa0e29275624659)
728fb007 2015-10-10 updated internel APK mirror to 0.9.22
6cca66eb 2015-10-10 I2P Android 0.9.22
ac2a106c 2015-10-09 style guide tweaks
687f30b7 2015-10-04 merge of '466528b39fe81af736c0d6bac9af79b972e4ca66'      and 'f4264ecbdf168d04bf93a3e6d3bf826c971f454b'
e651ee8d 2015-10-04 Updated i2hq script
32de872a 2015-10-02 Added credits for the marketing effort.
588f2f78 2015-10-02 Include mtn revision in rendered pages
c666219b 2015-10-02 add z3r0fox mtn keys and dev agreement
a86320f4 2015-10-02 extend the debian repo key for another year
c678eabd 2015-09-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head a893b34de76aa1a5af2507a897669be255dd497f)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head dc46cb85c4e0382445d24ec4b3d70fb2f0ac2f5d)
3733fcd2 2015-09-29 Updated translations
12489e66 2015-09-23 Testing push privilege with meaningless grammar edit.
cb6fa712 2015-09-18 BibTeX entry for paper
902e0173 2015-09-18 added new paper
f70f8256 2015-09-13 0.9.22
28e78b78 2015-09-13 whups capitalize
53b465e0 2015-09-12 merge of '6029e776f16eff1c3d008470b956fabc4c3e8b78'      and 'ada168d62f3b5785004143db6533c4b4ce0021de'
b1de46c3 2015-09-12 0.9.22 draft
21328874 2015-09-09 Add author to Atom feed entries
a689385e 2015-09-07 minor cleanup
02def652 2015-09-07 add youtube links
08ecf464 2015-09-03 The last of the I2PCon magnet links (Day 2, 480p, clearnet)
1607e58a 2015-09-02 properly close tag
9520ebc2 2015-09-02 Adding Day 2 480p I2P magnet links
1ad464e1 2015-09-01 try removing some of the redundancy
61876477 2015-09-01 clearnet magnet link for psi's talk
de156280 2015-09-01 add dn= and clearnet magnet for str4d's talk
3e3a47ac 2015-09-01 tweak
0396b45e 2015-09-01 add psi vid
b32fd09f 2015-09-01 add vid, link fix
0b0101ed 2015-09-01 add option
8780f1a3 2015-08-31 tweaks
4183ee9e 2015-08-31 Add clearnet magnet links for zzz & Lance James (day #2)
e429fd6f 2015-08-31 fix my earlier copy'n'pasting errors for the clearnet links
4f6a7623 2015-08-30 bios, licenses, press links
6ad6ca67 2015-08-30 fix/add dn
a90bbb12 2015-08-30 I2P-internal Lance James magnet link
1caf113f 2015-08-30 i2p internal magnet for connlimit talk
628c9d1a 2015-08-30 Clearnet magnet for ddagon's talk
abbe7f09 2015-08-29 dagon vid link
0db76a72 2015-08-27 encode & in magnet URLs
ec41653e 2015-08-27 Add 480p clearnet links for I2PCon -- day 1
15a93af0 2015-08-27 typo fix
02871190 2015-08-27 480p links
c8f98b07 2015-08-26 Add clearnet torrent links + opentrackers
dedb8c5c 2015-08-26 I2PCon Day 1 video magnet links
e0b55613 2015-08-22 Table header tweaks
52e65ab6 2015-08-22 I2PCon pages
8db35a04 2015-08-22 Added placeholder I2PCon pages
50af0e53 2015-08-18 Make blog post go live.
fb09da99 2015-08-18 Wording
739efadc 2015-08-18 Improved wording.
dfa44d2a 2015-08-18 Fixed formatting.
601ab7c8 2015-08-18 Fixed spelling.
97af21f8 2015-08-18 Text formatting.
6172e9c7 2015-08-18 Text formatting.
2716d5ea 2015-08-18 Try 2 at fixing image urls.
a1abd04b 2015-08-18 Hopefully fixed links for images.
78681c48 2015-08-18 Changed name of echelon.
1c699bbb 2015-08-18 Fixed target for link
30215590 2015-08-18 Removed link to Siew.
a7a324b6 2015-08-18 merge of '2df7deb402ab9a9302c1d266e327b869c1551960'      and '49a370936f694edcfa69dd1ade7337e752d2d060'
83e05ed5 2015-08-18 Added post I2PCon writeup.
5227db95 2015-08-02 0.9.21 i2p "country" flag, copied from i2psnark
3da3ce9e 2015-07-31 0.9.21 draft, remove dup shortlink, toronto schedule tweak
11551c2f 2015-07-30 merge of '09d1b2512f779b9c9aa72bb056bca43fade5f3a2'      and 'b39b4fea1e7adda93fd9f133e4dee4b68b396bab'
b5790851 2015-07-30 Added new I2PControl calls to API level 1.
9751af7f 2015-07-19 Fix .main h1 line-height
56851d39 2015-07-19 Add decoration to sidebar background
96732207 2015-07-16 new shortlink
f6680aa5 2015-07-16 Make I2PCon announcement go live
42991757 2015-07-16 merge of '0af024d965932c80ca8000f08280505a022db90b'      and 'c23784397ad127c4104ab63efdf6aeef65ba31ea'
5b502092 2015-07-16 Changed wording
881f3811 2015-07-16 Changed wording
028336c1 2015-07-16 Blog post fixes
fca43e22 2015-07-16 merge of '550f4f6e7a34019c86829d303efb602d53d8953b'      and 'dae7240fa5664ac5e65880952c7461cf38e90621'
829827a3 2015-07-16 Added detailed announcement for I2PCon
fae20312 2015-07-15 Thinner content borders, wider right main margin
c59fac6d 2015-07-07 new news host
4c8a750f 2015-07-07 new option
d8c982a7 2015-07-07 updated 3.2 proposal
f67987bb 2015-06-30 Bugfix
c42c1512 2015-06-29 I2NP dataspec tweaks
7aecc4b6 2015-06-29 Highlight versions in comments
372fb1e9 2015-06-29 Fixed CSS misapplication
67b51774 2015-06-27 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head bffd2812f9c516072d67f9e255c5a6404da88202)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head a6fb5601cc1d2b4567e099fda4ee15c3b5915465)
8f80ae4a 2015-06-27 Datagram dataspec
ec7153c5 2015-06-27 Link to other messages in I2NP dataspecs
927217c5 2015-06-27 Handle message types in formatter
3a527f55 2015-06-27 Add message types to spectags
822d5f77 2015-06-27 I2NP dataspec
3faf8fe6 2015-06-27 Dataspec: handle hex, x^y, ?
414efb63 2015-06-27 Tunnel message dataspec
0fac429c 2015-06-27 Represent structure elements in dataspec
83372117 2015-06-27 Updated spectags
019a6c70 2015-06-27 Disambiguate I2NP and I2CP message headers (for ctags)
c040cb56 2015-06-27 Disambiguate TMDI and GCDI (for ctags)
1bfe5646 2015-06-27 Allow numbers in class names
48d9b26a 2015-06-27 Highlight JSON
4951df7d 2015-06-27 Fixed TunnelId anchor so ctags work
9baccc15 2015-06-27 Use meta class for redirect notice
cdbc2adf 2015-06-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 3a0922a7dadd3bd3da78f979e22d19e587736830)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 5821b19a04fd11c8b9f2db7e967c9c01c785736b)
63aefa0b 2015-06-24 Bugfix
3a07ec3c 2015-06-24 Categorize mirrors by network
bce4445b 2015-06-22 Add in-I2P download mirror
bbc34f8a 2015-06-18 update android version and checksum
b5d602e3 2015-06-18 update.killyourtv.i2p has the 0.9.20 APK
6d05a742 2015-06-18 Android 0.9.20
ca1a0fa5 2015-06-17 streaming updates
50ccbb5b 2015-06-11 multiprotocol
603050c6 2015-06-11 copy SAM 3.2 proposal from ticket 1574 to spec for further review
092a1709 2015-06-10 fix anchor
558daac8 2015-06-10 Preliminary I2CP multisession docs
b7000ebf 2015-06-05 500 fix hopefully
aa6b01cb 2015-06-04 Changed event times.
d0ac40c1 2015-06-02 0.9.20
365f8bf2 2015-06-02 0.9.20 draft, Toronto undraft
a69450dd 2015-06-02 minor i2cp correction
9f280e9a 2015-06-01 merge of '121808a5ac9448d6bd4f2caec2eaa1231f698c6e'      and '7b23527da8ebc68e389aecd5d696957a0c56b2b7'
fdae13c4 2015-06-01 Removed a line of the announcement.
9e50f56b 2015-06-01 merge of '35f1d502396938d977c1c7f0b1b7d7642229d54c'      and '37556176f1fbc73c8971b9d58f0a456e835cb41e'
60f7cbb2 2015-06-01 Added paragraph calling for volunteers for the crypto party stations.
86479e69 2015-05-31 Keep release SHA256 checksums inside blog post content area
e208d0b8 2015-05-31 Make {% highlight %} always be ltr
bbda270a 2015-05-31 RTL style fixes
d1e56866 2015-05-31 Mobile style fixes
ccc3598c 2015-05-31 Add a third size scale, style .meta and .box the same
dfdb1aa7 2015-05-31 Create meta class for showing metadata in right margin
b0a6ddd8 2015-05-31 Consistent content positioning
b889b7c8 2015-05-30 Extracted TOC of tech intro
7fbc2dd3 2015-05-30 Download page CSS
31bc68f2 2015-05-30 Move index of attacks into sidebar
3cf2235f 2015-05-30 Keep images inside .box, use 1.5em line height
fa7cfd9f 2015-05-30 Different padding for one- and two-column view
7b592736 2015-05-30 Font size overhaul
afeacad0 2015-05-30 Only add border-radius to lastupdated in desktop view
4c273e17 2015-05-30 Put papers nav into sidebar
526c56cd 2015-05-30 Put blog metadata into sidebar
068c60ac 2015-05-30 Moved TOCs into sidebar
99068677 2015-05-30 Sidebar padding tweaks
42313cbe 2015-05-29 Adjust ol padding in sidebar
d8447332 2015-05-29 Increase sidebar width
aaf4d19f 2015-05-29 Top shadow
c00f7739 2015-05-29 Style fixes for when sidebar has no or partial content
1a29aeac 2015-05-29 CSS fix
452d9973 2015-05-29 Started moving TOCs into correct place
13b38463 2015-05-29 First pass at redesigning content layout
32c73d06 2015-05-29 Removed duplicate CSS
847a1fec 2015-05-29 Bugfix
2f76c91b 2015-05-29 Consistent CSS formatting
9bf4f790 2015-05-28 Shortlinks for blog posts
54a58794 2015-05-28 Fixed typo
2fe6bf95 2015-05-27 Added more details about the crypto party.
3ebb30f0 2015-05-27 Correct formatting fix formatting errors in toronto meetup draft blog post
3e54f88f 2015-05-25 Layout formatting.
93a796e7 2015-05-23 Formatting
8d6c4afb 2015-05-23 Fixed contact details.
722f3c65 2015-05-23 Added some more details about the event.
ea4cdac0 2015-05-22 Removed google map due to privacy
e482e1b8 2015-05-22 Formatting
64e9d5ea 2015-05-22 Changed wording.
2c6e5658 2015-05-22 Fleshed out some text.
5f72da88 2015-05-22 Formatting
4d01cf9c 2015-05-22 Embedded Google Map for Hacklab location.
01e49e2b 2015-05-21 Added initial draft for Toronto Meetup announcement
35a4ae21 2015-05-15 add time zone note
ba5ad300 2015-05-15 add info on jstl.jar and standard.jar
bf3b2592 2015-05-14 Updated translation strings
cf43c7b1 2015-05-14 Un-renamed language codes - this is Python, not Java...
49f6307d 2015-05-14 Updated language list
f0bd8ded 2015-05-14 New translations
b88a17cf 2015-05-14 Updated Transifex language map, moved id -> in per Locale
c5d073ec 2015-05-14 Updated translations
29c091f0 2015-05-14 merge of '1bf567bfa3324c854874aa7e94588ad500fea35b'      and 'ce436c83c7291c83e58048cf830796caa4b2707c'
96fb80ad 2015-05-14 Nicer format for README
ec3ab6a3 2015-05-13 html fix
7a111e5e 2015-05-13 Spelling fix (ticket #1561) Add info on dev build su3 version
0e250a13 2015-05-12 more SAMv3 cleanups
591e3612 2015-05-12 SAM:  - Clarify that v3 forwarded datagrams are sent via UDP (ticket #1488)
aa3a27f1 2015-05-12 SAM:  - More consistency in key/value syntax    some changes taken from ticket #1488 patch 0001  - Clarify destination and private key everywhere  - Clarify key=value quoting and lack of escaping (ticket #1488)  - Add more v3 references to DATAGRAM SEND and RAW SEND    (ticket #1488 comment 7)  - More links  - HTML-ize the v3 spec
d521011c 2015-05-10 logs for meeting #237
fe04384a 2015-05-09 Add docs for new console-icon property (ticket #1550)
ed284570 2015-05-06 new caps
f9d23390 2015-05-01 Footer text color fix
d7e29c52 2015-05-01 Added missing image
b75c6010 2015-04-27 update Debian instructions (jessie is the current stable)
6714d16c 2015-04-23 Finished attributions for HighlightExtension
4f3031ad 2015-04-23 Added licenses for website source code and content
727c3c1b 2015-04-16 merge of '1b1990daecb9a521c1341cca1c85d263039f2680'      and '44c1453540c653b26dd093d8186c6f1b73765661'
21c8e3dd 2015-04-16 bump Android version
d3c3dc26 2015-04-16 Android
8928abe7 2015-04-14 Note that FROM must be sent with RESET prior to 0.9.20.
e97c5eee 2015-04-14 another change log link
cfc0c87b 2015-04-13 Added https to default i2pcontrol port
182dfabd 2015-04-13 add links to release notes and changes
16d84927 2015-04-13 Updated Android section
f5a1872e 2015-04-13 I2P Android 0.9.19
88363ed9 2015-04-13 0.9.19
7a45e745 2015-04-12 0.9.19 draft
ee82a1a2 2015-04-12 fix f-droid link
33670466 2015-04-11 clarify that EdDSA types are little endian
cada05f3 2015-04-11 update Android downloads
943c3986 2015-04-09 recommend Java 7 or 8
d08fa034 2015-04-08 fix (my bad)
6850a3f7 2015-04-06 Common structures: Add KeysAndCert as the base for RouterIdentity and Destination Fix javadoc links for moved router data structures
d23e05b4 2015-04-03 Embedding: Updates I2CP: Add proposal for additional SetDate messages Ports: Reserve port 7668 for eepsite SSL
b7ffd415 2015-03-19 Updated team page
03067ab6 2015-03-19 Updated licenses page
52607593 2015-03-16 minor correction
6bff53f6 2015-03-11 Reference to Haskell API for SAMv3
403d0720 2015-03-04 I2P Android 0.9.18
bfd1ef48 2015-03-04 Fixed footer URL
0b1d0f6b 2015-02-23 0.9.18
04df9acb 2015-02-23 release draft
bbe875cb 2015-02-07 clarify that relay request must have an established session
836252fa 2015-01-28 I2NP: Note that tunnel IDs must be nonzero
4ed71bef 2015-01-28 I2NP: Add missing info on Database Store message with tunnel ID = 0
596a28d1 2015-01-22 New translations
10079904 2015-01-22 Updated translation strings
c88dbd5f 2015-01-22 Updated translations
39456bd7 2015-01-22 String fixes
2f17202f 2015-01-21 Added date of meeting 59
04ba83d5 2015-01-21 Updated translation strings
3974ddad 2015-01-21 Updated translations
4ae41774 2015-01-21 Excerpt for blog post
2ccc8a8e 2015-01-20 Two minor edits in the Tails section
22beb56f 2015-01-20 spelling
8992a423 2015-01-20 undraft since already visible
b45ba19a 2015-01-20 fix date
f8419b21 2015-01-20 Tag draft blog post for translations
87f7b2f4 2015-01-20 i2p.rocks is down, switch to i2p.xyz
bf0ce475 2015-01-20 Draft of zzz's 31C3 trip report
f0c27338 2015-01-20 New draft extension part 2
bcdedcde 2015-01-20 .rst.draft -> .draft.rst so draft blog post still get syntax highlighting
c59a35f4 2015-01-11 Updated translation strings
2cdc0df7 2015-01-11 Show language names on hover
a8776d74 2015-01-11 Updated language names
a369b81f 2015-01-11 New translations for fi
117ac49f 2015-01-11 Updated translations
03ad75ae 2015-01-11 Link from blog errors to relevant ticket
38bf3f3d 2015-01-03 comment out the i2p.rocks inproxy; it has been down for some time.
2f68cddc 2014-12-28 change the filename of the debian repository key on the website
972a8edc 2014-12-25 updtaed hall of fame donations
ed54f24e 2014-12-17 I2CP: Add persistent key proposal RSA: Add RFC reference SU3: Add plugin info
eec0494f 2014-12-14 more update spec clarification
c8112ae1 2014-12-14 Updated Android version
72104772 2014-12-14 Updated translation strings
5021b1a9 2014-12-14 Updated translations
6e695893 2014-12-13 update spec clarifications
9b76c613 2014-12-07 BOB: Add lookup command, fix setkeys command
7021df91 2014-12-03 Updated download list for I2P Android
0ecbc481 2014-12-03 I2NP DSM
bd023929 2014-12-03 JNovember
2db0dd5d 2014-12-02 Updated translation strings
c8279876 2014-12-02 Updated translations
c9828e7f 2014-12-02 Publish blog post about Android app releases
29957cff 2014-12-02 Draft blog post for Android app releases
5fc2f72c 2014-12-02 Spelling
a3c099a0 2014-12-02 Updated translations
1bcd0d07 2014-12-02 Tweaked h1 margins
8d257968 2014-12-01 try to kick it
5a42f815 2014-11-30 0.9.17
0edb39b6 2014-11-30 0.9.17 release draft
4c7ec539 2014-11-29 added i2p.rocks INproxy
8f98e6f1 2014-11-28 more i2ptunnel options
3f0ac820 2014-11-27 Updated translation strings
85151e8b 2014-11-27 Updated translations
eb65ab7b 2014-11-27 Drop todo sections that have been completed
79d361ce 2014-11-26 Added meetings 235 ans 236
cfb22c84 2014-11-25 clarify length of NTCP message 3
528f1051 2014-11-23 Add router su3 reseed spec Embedding guide updates
0946244a 2014-11-21 Clarified SU3 news file specification
f3797e4c 2014-11-21 Clarify truncated date format
b00bef51 2014-11-21 Improved SU3 news file specification
cd8c39cc 2014-11-20 more i2ptunnel.config options
86da30ee 2014-11-18 i2ptunnel config links
49807eba 2014-11-18 add i2ptunnel.config docs
600041c1 2014-11-18 update logger.config docs
fec8a8b7 2014-11-16 Updated translations
0d49c922 2014-11-16 Percent symbol fix in docs
40d353b9 2014-11-16 More blog percent symbol fixes
54389803 2014-11-16 Fixed percent symbol in blog post
cc9720b2 2014-11-16 Fixed percentage bug in sv translation
4100b808 2014-11-15 Remove BLOG_DIR from blog errors without breaking the blog
0c9a7b9d 2014-11-15 Updated translation strings
af621947 2014-11-15 Updated translations
2d8c5073 2014-11-10 Embedding guide copied from http://zzz.i2p/topics/1654
e1ca8476 2014-11-09 persistent random key
ed85e5d2 2014-11-08 team update
8a8c26f4 2014-11-08 update spec tweaks
e935dc3d 2014-11-06 new opentrackers
cafedcbf 2014-11-04 crypto update
9c746d1f 2014-11-03 su3 news spec
7ebc50d5 2014-11-02 Updated translation strings
5d92a9dc 2014-11-02 Updated translations
06fd1238 2014-11-02 blockfile spec tweaks
7a10b7dd 2014-11-02 0.9.16
97acfc5e 2014-11-02 typo fix
e94e2d01 2014-11-01 0.9.16 draft
418ec77d 2014-10-27 Updated translations
20b01be9 2014-10-26 SSU minor correction
1a023060 2014-10-22 Style tweak
814b5377 2014-10-22 Don't leak info in blog errors, make them less scary
fb88d02b 2014-10-22 Updated translation strings
ef93ccb0 2014-10-22 Updated translations, new fa translations
f661dcff 2014-10-18 Updated translations
1504492c 2014-10-16 update dev meeting IRC info:  * remove freshcoffee  * add oftc  * change channel from #i2p to #i2p-dev
d5a6f6af 2014-10-16 I2P Android
5f343845 2014-10-16 I2P Android 0.9.15
dc231fbc 2014-10-16 Fixed debug checkin
e3deb6dd 2014-10-16 merge of 'd12b0baf7bee45a06ff0373ba716f29b5857c468'      and 'fd4f874f11f58e0fe9e90bc0d07afcf741690b7c'
c15662fe 2014-10-14 Clarify netdb routing key Implement I2NP DLM type flag
43521a32 2014-10-14 Updated translation strings
4f9b197b 2014-10-14 Fixed heading lines
e4d504a2 2014-10-14 Updated translations
3c0d1b0f 2014-10-14 Add Arabic to RTL_LANGS and to language selection menu
bced2f93 2014-10-11 update debian repo key
32bd696f 2014-10-10 minor corrections
f67b74df 2014-10-09 Text fix
57438295 2014-09-30 Document process to update translations
28a97ba9 2014-09-30 Updated translation strings
a198224d 2014-09-30 Moved keys to Help -> Verify I2P (also simplifies Volunteer -> Develop menu)
52c01d90 2014-09-30 New translations
8417a6c1 2014-09-30 Updated translations
1c7e70ca 2014-09-28 Update Oracle ARM JDK URL
2e301ffb 2014-09-26 SAM link fix take 99
0e212890 2014-09-24 fix bad links in SAM v1/v2 docs
3790ce4f 2014-09-21 0.9.15
a775e53d 2014-09-20 0.9.15 release notes
16cc890a 2014-09-18 Use the i2p.rocks inproxy (run by psi) instead of i2p.us (unknown operator)
45188698 2014-09-17 Disable inproxy for stats.i2p and zzz.i2p
869b6997 2014-09-16 PDF url for Herrmann2011 MSc thesis
2d5ebc97 2014-09-14 SSU data packet ACK bitfield notes Transport notes
d1b0ad05 2014-09-12 New paper from the French researchers
aba64fee 2014-09-12 fixing two typos reported in ticket #1378 (thx EinMByte)
a3809f5b 2014-09-12 Fix SSU data packet ACK bitfield (thx letika)
766f658e 2014-09-10 Transports: - Add RouterAddress specs - Explain 'semireliable' NetDB: - BC are not in the RI caps, only the SSU RA caps - Update published stats
f75c499f 2014-09-06 not just DSA
ebad8108 2014-09-06 no this is not where you ask for help
4d5c6206 2014-09-05 I2CP: - Version table additions - Fix the docs to say what we really did in 0.9.14 for per-message   mode=none override. - Add a note about changing session options
d91c1d36 2014-09-04 I2CP version table Build message request time enforcement
463051b9 2014-09-03 new I2NP version table
d93c494d 2014-09-03 DLM proposal take 2
1db3de11 2014-09-03 proposal for I2NP DLM exploration flag bit
fdbd5a87 2014-08-27 fix overline/underline bugs in es translation (spotted in logs)
16724f31 2014-08-26 Updated translation strings
9b409770 2014-08-26 New translations for id
97aabd15 2014-08-26 Updated translations
25249a94 2014-08-25 NTCP RI sig types
ba020121 2014-08-25 updates to the meeting log processing scripts
1dc3b785 2014-08-25 add the 'present' users to the historical dev meeting pages
adb7ccf3 2014-08-24 RI sig types
758f4037 2014-08-24 bugfix: escape '_' when it appears at the end of a nick
7d45366a 2014-08-24 merge of '15cc38776ecf209f0c6f0c18aef07e3c891ae567'      and '998df0fe155f7e9eccd8dc21c14ddf123e511f20'
7f134a71 2014-08-24 Fixed blog post
2fcc9392 2014-08-24 fix underline too short (oops)
01ea01df 2014-08-23 remove extranous "is known as" from the log
27fa5f61 2014-08-23 Jul 14 meeting logs
f8a430e7 2014-08-23 meeting logs, July 1, 2014
e4bf9735 2014-08-23 Update text wrt keys.
63dd1ca8 2014-08-23 Updated text
573a265e 2014-08-23 Adding news, and correction in apk filename.
c3468b84 2014-08-23 Updating Android release
23999192 2014-08-23 updates
42659936 2014-08-23 eddsa
333a4429 2014-08-22 clarify padding in dest
1299f2f5 2014-08-21 clarification of key and sig serialization
cbe00761 2014-08-18 clarify stream IDs
0d986acc 2014-08-17 Crediting Marielle for the color selection and mixing on ICToopie, which seems to lead to the new name of the router :)
02562696 2014-08-17 Updated IRC channel list with Purple I2P & Abscond to keep topic :)
1c4620c3 2014-08-15 Adding the GPG key for press@geti2p.net
c1abe0d1 2014-08-15 Some more fixes and pharses.
cbcad785 2014-08-15 Since I got A+ in English with zzz, at least I could do was to fix my typos ;)
4d8e39d1 2014-08-15 Added news about Privacy Solutions and a update on the projcts ongoing.
65d7bfdf 2014-08-14 disable *.geti2p.com; unable to connect
a43a956b 2014-08-11 Updated information about FTP proxy, and outproxy situation.
a4810e15 2014-08-10 old backup news
b3a63d72 2014-08-10 fix header corruption
35514ddd 2014-08-10 fix for 'overline too short'
d7c7e920 2014-08-10
94234fa7 2014-08-10 typo fix
6f44b882 2014-08-09 release draft plugin and su3 updates for 0.9.15
25cc0f4d 2014-08-08 Added sindu for WSGI reseed script, and added me and orignal to I2Pd, and removed I2PCPP from the team page
c6d45994 2014-08-07 Updated translations
f8ab14e9 2014-08-06 Removing old news. More news are comming :)
75dbad02 2014-08-04 add info on plugin key whitelist
d593b185 2014-07-29 re-enable d/l mirror
d4e9bd95 2014-07-28 temporarily disable d/l mirror
291bdc30 2014-07-27 update credit
4ae8cbd7 2014-07-27 0.9.14
727cdc59 2014-07-27 Unrelease blog post (download files not up yet)
717d6790 2014-07-27 merge of 'd73cfabd4b3c1a3e5962b26cd136b9babba404fb'      and 'e199aa8bdab15027d8399259d29cdcad72c85c2d'
a9b9d10d 2014-07-26 Released blog post
20f18a6f 2014-07-26 old backup news
bd9a1fb3 2014-07-26 Blog post fixes
e3f211fb 2014-07-26 release notes draft
3f1747c5 2014-07-26 Updated translation strings
e13b8196 2014-07-26 Updated translations
238913d6 2014-07-25 moving to the correct section
588e565c 2014-07-22 clarify SSU want reply bit
5e4f7641 2014-07-20 more link fixes
a3a9c74d 2014-07-20 Link fixes (tickets #1334, #1335) Clarify DESTINATION in SESSION STATUS in SAM v1/v2 (ticket #1334)
02954e30 2014-07-20 merge of '2e6875373b4a9d3c7025673b91f9404c581145b6'      and 'a56cc4f45cc2c0585bf5d7c7574317e87892c221'
1d56d1a2 2014-07-19 SAM: - Document v1/v2 datagram modes in v3 (ticket #1334) - Clarify DESTINATION parameter in v1/v2 modes - Document minimum and recommended maximum datagram sizes (ticket #1335)
98059733 2014-07-18 Anchor fix
3421d20a 2014-07-16 Corrected upstream link to SAMv3 C++ lib
22ee0c6c 2014-07-16 Make SAMv3 C lib link accessible outside I2P
ce102a9f 2014-07-16 Link to SAMv3 C++ library
c0b65f85 2014-07-15 correction of last entry
d39d88f9 2014-07-14 new PR managers
43bb60d4 2014-07-14 mtn.i2p-projekt.i2p
1753665c 2014-07-14 update hall of fame
144cc8a4 2014-07-14 Added question
16f85373 2014-07-13 More language library links
10c38d11 2014-07-13 Clarification
74bebbbe 2014-07-13 Language library links for APIs
e399a885 2014-07-11 add video
666b0034 2014-07-11 Document change in datagram signatures
8a4603b4 2014-07-08 datagram update for sig types
00d91db5 2014-07-07 Updated translation strings
a9f4d184 2014-07-07 New translations for nl
44ddbb32 2014-07-07 Updated translations
cc18703e 2014-07-05 remove trailing whitespace
3b288edb 2014-07-03 add links to android source
1b6c9b46 2014-06-30 fix links
ecae24c6 2014-06-29 update reseed docs for su3
9567477f 2014-06-28 SAM: Updates for v3.1 (ticket #1318) I2CP: Fix SigType names
785dfcde 2014-06-26 merge of 'a7c66fdbd876dc741e1f16fccc43acb062bc4cc0'      and 'e128f93e1c700e303df3a0d655519dd6d1e83d7d'
323b37fe 2014-06-26 Link to SAMv3 Go library
d9f65e84 2014-06-25 typo
7e9545fc 2014-06-25 - Clarify key types are integers - Clarify SAM v3 private key format
02d563b6 2014-06-23 merge of '36f3b30442179a90db2bdd2cc30e7163ac1c115f'      and '70ca3c271286b766a53fef42306d044b5735e178'
1e092e76 2014-06-23 List of language libraries for BOB
fe6176a2 2014-06-15 update screenshots and text for Konqueror (ticket #1312)
d282cac0 2014-06-15 Android 0.9.13 b2
a34c5cc2 2014-06-13 GPG key for security email (ticket #1119)
ebe293b2 2014-06-12 Anchor links to each package
2396c45d 2014-06-12 Android 0.9.13
e57cb8f5 2014-06-11 Updated translations
b86ca5cb 2014-06-11 Updated translation strings
866a93a9 2014-06-11 Updated translations
a4f4d860 2014-06-07 I2CP updates
d35b5a8a 2014-06-04 Cache static pages for the default time (10 mins)
5a2605f3 2014-05-27 UDP tracker proposal
ab0ab93f 2014-05-25 Blog post about Monero partnership
7f6186df 2014-05-25 Remove the duplicate public key blocks; all the subkeys are in there.
e3418292 2014-05-23 Updated translation strings
8a25d20d 2014-05-23 Updated translations
c831239d 2014-05-23 Updated translations
52dd6c15 2014-05-23 s/shortcodes/shortlinks/terminology fix
320dc99b 2014-05-23 Created dedicated section for shortcodes, added /d and /get -> /en/download
599a20d9 2014-05-23 0.9.13 Backup news Fix /dl alias
839ad407 2014-05-22 add /dl shortcut
1ef027b5 2014-05-22 0.9.13 draft
a288a61b 2014-05-19 Fixed .po file format bugs
8c1ce0f5 2014-05-19 Fixed various HTML bugs
44ce0810 2014-05-19 Updated translation strings
b8ce7bcc 2014-05-12 Updated translation strings
8834458f 2014-05-12 Fixed up blog post translation tags
504dc1cd 2014-05-12 Updated translations
3c543aa6 2014-05-12 changed for new LUA - see zzz.i2p/topics/1625
cec28d06 2014-05-11 Note that the monotone tunnel needs to be started before pulling from monotone (ticket #1264)
2a8180b2 2014-05-09 add i2pdocs.str4d.i2p to hosts.txt (site is linked on the website)
3f99e85e 2014-05-08 new GPG keys
e7402998 2014-05-07 add hiddengate.i2p
72819ffc 2014-05-07 Updated translations
aebc42fa 2014-05-07 Fixed CSS on downloading page
4256add8 2014-05-07 Added last two meetings
b8615b18 2014-05-02 added a donor
0074d11c 2014-04-24 Updated translation strings
5f731bf2 2014-04-24 Added new translations for it
d1ce20b4 2014-04-24 Updated translations
fb0ced25 2014-04-22 adding psi's transport key
997a19a3 2014-04-19 Dev agreement for psi
25b2e68b 2014-04-18 merge of '8b472c24f484d87f7eb3ac336b796cb8f521216f'      and '9ce269e35fc91826600400b2d5b7f647567a1e05'
9f0f2630 2014-04-18 Meeting 230
895b8818 2014-04-18 Edited log to match others
e9e8b7c9 2014-04-18 Scripts for handling meeting logs
a0060419 2014-04-18 merge of '456dd8b5de81a68896b75b3f51e8103094fde536'      and 'f9a6957f43228491a84bf1e868fb348ecb3feba9'
4814c9ff 2014-04-18 disapproval of revision '58d974c51750142a5e59f6b5c18c844d9f5eaab8'
35817e44 2014-04-11 layout fix attempt
c2307cd9 2014-04-11 add F-Droid link
ed0de5dd 2014-04-09 disable geti2p.com while it returns error 503
63ed8f49 2014-04-08 Android 0.9.12
e86c88dd 2014-04-07 Clarify SSU Peer Test Message handling
85010240 2014-04-07 merge of 'c537c7ab7db5ba6fd16633e9a921b3c117f68978'      and 'f1a660ceb94f188d9b3e070c23b68162a0060ad7'
e2143035 2014-04-03 fix to remove <code> tags from appearing in the page's text
dee07f65 2014-04-03 update default subscription
b206e0ac 2014-03-31 Updated translation strings
4cde7331 2014-03-31 Updated translations
fd3e17a2 2014-03-31 0.9.12
6ded5163 2014-03-31 backup news
9378d98e 2014-03-31 0.9.12 draft
43a0a0ee 2014-03-29 Added usability paper (later version of Schomburg2009, more complete)
4dd6637d 2014-03-26 Papers: I2P pros/cons summary and a survey of tools
e4baeefc 2014-03-24 Tagged 'Mirror:' for translation
6ce4e7c9 2014-03-24 Tweaked mirror button text
ad53cb3f 2014-03-24 Mirrors: "meeh" -> "sigterm.no"
95a6ccff 2014-03-24 Refined download page buttons
40fe2798 2014-03-24 Updated translation strings
efe61396 2014-03-24 Updated translations
abd7bfc9 2014-03-24 Hover effect on download links
dcf1a32c 2014-03-24 Redesigned download page to make download links more prominent
b5314158 2014-03-24 Template tag fixes
a5f25fc2 2014-03-23 jisko.i2p
1b10f04b 2014-03-23 updates
0bb9aad0 2014-03-22 fix broken anchor link (ticket #1232)
a67bc07c 2014-03-16 Updated translation strings
cc953fba 2014-03-16 Tweaked wording per http://zzz.i2p/topics/1594
3c824855 2014-03-16 Updated translations
04fb5354 2014-03-13 updates to bounties
bf6ad6f9 2014-03-13 added DuckDuckGo donation updates with DuckDuckGo donation
e783592e 2014-03-12 anoncoin.i2p
eced2e61 2014-03-12 Press release Add some links on links page
5eed1793 2014-03-11 Pushed draft press release
6c49358f 2014-03-08 Added own section for altcoin donations
efb97f18 2014-03-07 /i2p2\.de/s/https/http/
5bb2beca 2014-03-07 merge of '84100e0c01981232c1d09a73e53dd4df1ff45c2c'      and 'aeeda83aa00bcad92bb29ec81d31a461298976d6'
190a995d 2014-03-06 Added donation section for Anoncoin.
8dfc1699 2014-03-06 Don't show technical reports in main papers list
fd90f598 2014-03-05 Fixed bug in Hebrew translation
17c265bd 2014-03-05 Strip out commented-out translations after update
abdc3c58 2014-03-05 Dropped remaining old website files and translations
49f70379 2014-03-05 Added RTL CSS
3eef34be 2014-03-04 Set <html> lang attr for current language, set dir="rtl" attr for RTL languages
fe42291f 2014-03-04 Updated translation strings
073c27a8 2014-03-04 Updated translations
0fa7eb89 2014-03-04 Fixed CSS target
146eb2a2 2014-03-04 Updated hall of fame with MtGox money/BTC loss
516f60a3 2014-03-01 Android 0.9.11 NTCP notes on exchanging router infos
afcf6b38 2014-02-24 Edit mirror and downloading URLs to clarify they are NOT the files
3963c767 2014-02-24 merge of 'b554753bbfa0902cdb845d24a52a52643f81787f'      and 'dd203646f05c50a6169369effc81407ebd60b165'
c159e251 2014-02-24 improve data packet picture
58f05ba2 2014-02-24 String fix (thx strel)
4be9499a 2014-02-23 update .mtn-ignore
817c1aa4 2014-02-23 compile translations when site-updater.sh is run for the first time
462bdc97 2014-02-23 merge of '0981835be1c0f1111a3874f2165f3be7b205580e'      and '97226d1ea7246782ec76a3b0c9e83b81124f682e'
d424140a 2014-02-23 site-updater: ensure TOUCHFILE exists
92e7cf6f 2014-02-23 merge of '3dbeff2fa03095876e7d62f3e3b73028194ab363'      and 'ee9e0c6e682353822ba0ae099de649cd048cd720'
fba6596e 2014-02-23 #i2p-help is no more
5d8fe176 2014-02-23 Updated translation strings
60b2f4da 2014-02-23 New translations for Korean and Malagasy
45fe2445 2014-02-23 Updated translations
449a5b7c 2014-02-22 Common structures tweaks NTCP fix broken date in header NTCP check connection disable
9ce88ce9 2014-02-22 fix earlier checkin (let's not be so verbose); anonymous pull
cb3ff9bd 2014-02-21 Destination and RouterIdentity updates for Key Certs
af9ea078 2014-02-20 Redo RouterAddress picture Add transport idle timeout info More SSU key clarification
24826038 2014-02-20 changing BTC and LTC donation addresses to be secure
54e283dc 2014-02-19 Spelling fixes (thx strel)
a9cb791b 2014-02-19 Fixed bad checkin
d7af7c05 2014-02-19 clarify RouterInfo fields
d9c54d3e 2014-02-18 move i2p2.de to the 'mirrors' column in the footer.
38f4851d 2014-02-18 geti2p.com: re-enable and move to the https section
d07d52c2 2014-02-18 More research questions
f54aa2bf 2014-02-18 Make dropdown menu text white (ticket #1210)
3226248b 2014-02-18 Mention etc/update.vars.custom
0e059dee 2014-02-18 Dataspec parsing
7df8b2ae 2014-02-18 Removed commented-out CSS, simplified dropdown menu to one bg color
45388422 2014-02-17 merge of '8ad6471f4bf6f6e09f3822fd09fb7103f2d7472f'      and 'd006fbaf9ad4d208781c95c9de7d9a64ed7cb2c6'
04b11f3f 2014-02-17 Updated translation strings
3bf37500 2014-02-17 Tag latest blog post
ebc3133e 2014-02-17 New translations
429dda4e 2014-02-17 Updated translations
5156bcf0 2014-02-17 temporarily disable geti2p.com
e9f94024 2014-02-17 Spelling (thx Towatowa441)
b0f6e924 2014-02-17 Team: Split up download/website mirror admins; website mirror admin is vacant
30d12a9c 2014-02-17 typo fix, new ipv6 bounty done
b71c676a 2014-02-16 SSU: Clarify intro/session keys Links: More naming of 0x90, by request
3a244f5d 2014-02-16 undraft blog add old mailing list links to how page
1dc18dcc 2014-02-16 "Information security expert"
32ef59f8 2014-02-16 Draft blog post about malware site
bcd6c5ac 2014-02-16 Pulled in Flattr badge used on blog posts, un-hardcoded image URLs
94d12243 2014-02-15 Updates to hall of fame
f707b989 2014-02-15 merge of '2929638843ac12f63d53f360f7b1b6ffb43f47f3'      and '5e6f4b398fd1877b8d49802fb93e3e050056b2bd'
521e8a5f 2014-02-15 Updated translation strings
9a9900a4 2014-02-15 donate: change bitcoin url to https to avoid a redirect; host flattr image ourselves
e1fd0255 2014-02-14 update firefox screenshots, reflecting recent changes
40fc4650 2014-02-14 Re-enabled ctags with path discovery
6bf8d82b 2014-02-14 String fix (thx Towatowa441)
91252e10 2014-02-14 Temporarily disable ctags until working directory issue solved
5e691356 2014-02-14 Updated translation strings
58ba22f5 2014-02-14 Specify Babel version
b0fcaec5 2014-02-14 Babel version back to 1.3, reverting files to "standard" format
52362ba2 2014-02-14 Updated translations
73c3fa21 2014-02-14 spelling
e0a7a234 2014-02-14 refresh patch to remove 'fuzz'
9e4bbb72 2014-02-14 allow overriding settings set in update.vars
0d51a0b6 2014-02-14 merge of '097964b9720a7dd31d583607f84adfaa26e09b2c'      and 'f9dc76fa088ba4807479eca1344a4c377650527f'
0e0ecdbd 2014-02-14 Reverted docs/transport/ntcp to have definition sections highlighted
959c644e 2014-02-14 Override link color for linked structures
7eda69e8 2014-02-14 Only link Token.Name.Class
f2cdf3ff 2014-02-14 tunnel updates (ticket #1147)
04fd6821 2014-02-14 merge of '29cda6a2bb226def47b27682dcc454d101be1d1c'      and 'bf15796dfc28a68f359bb8b6c280ac299bb512d4'
e0a38067 2014-02-14 Added spectags file
9e543cbd 2014-02-14 Added support for links to structure specs in dataspec blocks
90047161 2014-02-13 scripts: add optional support for "timeout"; allow site-updater to be called directly
9d602015 2014-02-13 mailing list: change to the newly set up one
8dd96c81 2014-02-13 Upgrade package versions
01d0c771 2014-02-13 Add HMAC spec and links to SSU HMAC and IV clarifications NTCP formatting cleanups
94c68127 2014-02-13 Fix SSU docs for DH changes in 0.9.8 (ticket #963) Fix NTCP docs to add info on DH zero byte (ticket #1147 comment #3) NTCP formatting cleanups I2CP Session Status cleanup, add new 'refused' code
aeca2900 2014-02-12 add stickers and incorporation info
7692ca56 2014-02-11 link fix
4ea615da 2014-02-11 Add index to common structures. Update version for key certs. Add another link to garlic message delivery instructions.
71fad77a 2014-02-11 Move info on the ClientAppManager to a new page, expand on it, add PortMapper info (ticket #1185)
e69c63cf 2014-02-09 merge of '580d00bc434a77ecb152991e90c8fa26c9096f51'      and 'a57f60639c6850d3d6da7089eb417fc8d27b05fd'
8bca74a0 2014-02-09 Fixed problems with Hebrew translation files
2661f653 2014-02-09 additional mirrors
98a7f32a 2014-02-09 undraft release blog
df0adef7 2014-02-09 0.9.11, news.xml, team update
5b596eb4 2014-02-09 Updated translation strings
71c5f37c 2014-02-09 Tag blog post paragraphs, not sentences
89d7bbe5 2014-02-09 merge of 'b770c523235fd7f01115c1563a3717897eed9e32'      and 'f42dc0a3cc7273a6953eb7e874def02ff6882eb1'
4d1f690a 2014-02-09 Added new translations
96816b0e 2014-02-09 Updated translations
1cbd1a29 2014-02-09 removing extraneous paragraph tags
4bda871b 2014-02-08 0.9.11 release notes draft
64ebb8f9 2014-02-08 Updated blog README
7c018e34 2014-02-08 Allow drafts to be viewed live (but not shown on index)
58343a85 2014-02-08 change clearnet android link
9bdfe759 2014-02-08 typo fix (s/Romainian/Romanian/)
dffa11a8 2014-02-08 tweak to fix title overline error and Syndication heading
4561e050 2014-02-08 - Syndie 1.105b blog post - Add psi to team for backup news - Add Android requirements and warning to download page - Android 0.9.10 - Specs:     More delivery instruction fixups     For consistency, make all the definition sections use <pre> not {% highlight %}
c1f0d389 2014-02-08 Specs: Create a separate spec for the Garlic Message Delivery Instructions, which are quite different from the Tunnel Message Delivery Instrutions (ticket #1147 comment #1, thx orignal)
426a195c 2014-02-07 add irc.dg.i2p to hosts.txt
9dfbb758 2014-02-07 - add webapps.config item - add psi.i2p to hosts.txt
54ca7fe2 2014-02-05 Added Hebrew to language list
c0e13e3c 2014-02-05 Undid change
95e4d3a4 2014-02-05 Removed old lang file
ca12fe3d 2014-02-04 Update Hebrew translation and related files
47282918 2014-02-04 Added missing Ukrainian flag
fcb20dc9 2014-02-04 Removed country codes
9df698b1 2014-02-03 merge of '4a640f30d15df7a2253edd1ccf38064e909b052e'      and '4d0b70127180614ecd593fe5a212cbe360238a97'
b4a778ab 2014-02-03 Dataspec highlighter fixes
a05ee1ec 2014-02-03 Dataspec format fixes
869a1a5e 2014-02-03 Updated translation strings
6bbcae8e 2014-02-03 spec update, add webapps.config and plugins.config info
60dfb3a6 2014-02-03 merge of '198530ec48ff26fe7e28ad053493529c262032ca'      and '3330bd7022f21429c8c046327c6599339d180f4c'
b9da5568 2014-02-03 add bokstafur's keys
9cce7f01 2014-02-03 add echelon's new mtn key
052e681d 2014-02-03 Updated translations
95ba066f 2014-02-02 Added English source POTs to mtn
28448f6a 2014-02-02 Update Hebrew translation of priority.po
52e6f390 2014-02-02 Add Hebrew translation initial files
6f2ffbac 2014-02-02 Add download.i2p2.de, make default w/ https, thx Meeh and welterde
c9cd8f90 2014-02-02 add media link to doc index
3cdb619a 2014-01-30 formatting cleanups
d235f456 2014-01-30 added pub key echelon2@mail.i2p
640d6e55 2014-01-30 new key for user echelon
0deff0b0 2014-01-30 new key for user echelon
2d49dc8a 2014-01-28 Section headers, update info on large leasesets
fd877321 2014-01-28 update tunnel length default
4c7f8c1e 2014-01-28 sort the i2cp options
7fd00fe3 2014-01-28 Streaming spec update for variable signatures Add link to streaming spec on doc index
8778046f 2014-01-27 Updated Android dev build version
2bf255b3 2014-01-27 Updated translation strings
87aa0cc5 2014-01-27 Added Ukrainian to languages
c2ac4714 2014-01-27 New translation
9b06590c 2014-01-27 Updated translations
dbc1187c 2014-01-26 Include title lines in the translation string
3b0f81bd 2014-01-26 Fixed 0.9.10 release post
69508687 2014-01-25 0.9.10 blog post
6c7fd846 2014-01-24 Added blog README
8d938bc2 2014-01-22 0.9.10
ee754384 2014-01-22 Fixed blog post URLs in sitemaps
bda1bb74 2014-01-21 more key length tables
1a394496 2014-01-21 config file spec update
9dec2d26 2014-01-16 Added geti2p.com mirror
edade478 2014-01-16 Checklist for mirror operators
9fd3afce 2014-01-14 Style tweaks
df23bd09 2014-01-12 Added new paper
cb90b584 2014-01-12 Fixed CSS to not hide paper titles
de5028e1 2014-01-11 Added missing icons to download list
e130a87d 2014-01-11 android 0.9.9
84384d4e 2014-01-10 URL fixes
a5daf33b 2014-01-10 fixups
6133ed95 2014-01-10 add i2pjump
ad32d2d1 2014-01-10 Preliminary Key Certificate spec Add table of certificate types
3f9c4935 2014-01-10 Plugin Spec (ticket #1155)  - Document managed client interfaces  - reformat, cleanup Configuration Spec:  - Document clients.config managed interfaces  - Document logger.config
ce4ae185 2014-01-10 I2CP Spec: Push new I2CP features to 0.9.11 Add Session ID to Host Lookup/Reply messages
929c0e5d 2014-01-10 Tweaked text on meetings list
c7a36219 2014-01-09 Page header fixes
9cbafe0e 2014-01-09 Show title in content div in mobile view
1a007663 2014-01-09 Show post-install information on download redirect page (ticket #1052)
08b714cd 2014-01-09 Updated translations
c2607bb5 2014-01-09 Include language in download redirect URL path
2b91f354 2014-01-09 Added Egger2013 to selected papers
679b6c9d 2014-01-09 Fixed bug with 404 page for static files
cba857dd 2014-01-09 Fixed .bib field
9868570a 2014-01-08 add meeting 229
0f103d6e 2014-01-08 Updated dataspec lexer
ca72c24b 2014-01-08 Improved follow-on frag message ID description (ticket #1116)
50fb2f36 2014-01-08 Updated translations
84331b05 2014-01-08 Updated translation strings
6a96be6e 2014-01-08 Added new translations
ea693b87 2014-01-08 Removed command from translation strings
493eba81 2014-01-08 Use new mtn URL syntax in guides (ticket #1156)
575cecb8 2014-01-08 Fixed </code> tags
5056b223 2014-01-07 Fixed language codes in sitemap URLs
e7b12c31 2014-01-07 Updated translation strings
598914d2 2014-01-07 Updated mtn branch
c2d5d537 2014-01-06 Updated canonical domain
d2537376 2014-01-05 Make legacy redirects 301
b2ef2d0b 2014-01-05 Added /papers/ to sitemap
37560182 2014-01-05 Styled alt text on download page
b0a47fbe 2014-01-05 Fixed substitution parameters in a translation
76f8c1d4 2014-01-05 Updated I2P Android versions
92e1fb22 2014-01-05 Updated translation string positions
0994a69d 2014-01-05 Added OS logos to download page
1099e6bd 2014-01-05 Added new translations
30f4fa9b 2014-01-05 Updated translations
4bcb03ca 2013-12-30 Updated legacy redirects
1bca7995 2013-12-30 Pulled out URLs from about/intro as translation vars
80d82dd7 2013-12-30 Translation fixes
29ed31e4 2013-12-30 More old path updates
b6cd001c 2013-12-30 Updated old links to papers page
a41c4683 2013-12-30 merge of '6ce1189a42413b4bdc325810f07691d23cb72674'      and '8bf91ebcae7e41231694a516a70417a081f2cfbe'
6e74782b 2013-12-30 Updated translations
6bb4ac88 2013-12-29 Tweaked .file color.
d6704618 2013-12-28 Added an inset shadow to .file
1f013bd8 2013-12-28 Changed look of years box.
0b839c71 2013-12-28 Changed .file to make it more visible.
bca2bb32 2013-12-28 Changed .inner .h1 to increase line spacing.
2a930bdf 2013-12-27 merge of '9b37b78a67eba61d5a48e52b9b63ec41b9019f39'      and 'e44a3689e894a8137c375f95b2cab3bdc29184e6'
ebee13d0 2013-12-27 Reworked warning divs.
c1653f5b 2013-12-27 merge of '2781f0cef5745d1d7555bc7ab10eff4261e37b6e'      and 'c87c0b8666845e12e0ca635c30add55d966009fb'
6360c90b 2013-12-27 Removed float tag from .sig divs for the download page.
46c8f989 2013-12-25 Updated translation strings
5d841b18 2013-12-25 Donate link in Volunteer menu
35df1a2a 2013-12-25 Updated translations
7b6fcc9a 2013-12-25 Changes after propagation
02fc43e8 2013-12-25 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head b9cbaa4a678064867b82132ba2012d03afc6c5b3)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 87d1d76279c3d3b2e34974e145c8d20f1e0d4f90)
3213c3e9 2013-12-24 - Crypto, NTCP:   Short exponent updates for 0.9.8 - I2CP:   Updates re: SSL, C library   Don't claim we never send private keys over I2CP   Future work updates
e60de3e6 2013-12-22 Specify streaming option field order thx dinamic
72cd5c62 2013-12-21 fixup in host lookup notes
150320c2 2013-12-21 Preliminary I2CP specs for proposed HostLookup/HostReply and auth in GetDate
02696243 2013-12-19 GeoIPv6 clarifications and updates I2CP note on option lengths
4feb8819 2013-12-18 Credit anonbib for /papers/ source code
5da88408 2013-12-18 ru_RU -> ru
085de886 2013-12-18 Added new pt_BR translations
c518230a 2013-12-18 Updated translations
8a04e05e 2013-12-18 Disable paper ranking (permission problems)
6f8920d1 2013-12-15 Removed Ministreaming from API navigation
89f663a4 2013-12-15 Remove SAMv[12] from navigation
d3dc3d7f 2013-12-14 fix tunnel msg checksum spec thx orion
812346e8 2013-12-12 h1 styling
be92d177 2013-12-12 Added new language flags
4ba7cc2e 2013-12-12 Updated translation strings
0f66da2c 2013-12-12 Added new translations
1db95e2a 2013-12-12 Updated translations
3a065d9d 2013-12-12 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 1ee34f064d03b349c751cc6235e7fef6290d9d6f)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 7d045a9183d734fcf75a8f0d366b4adcf350971b)
b934971e 2013-12-12 Highlight dataspec changes
f045b3df 2013-12-12 Added caps definitions
a34ab08b 2013-12-11 clarifications
f1597962 2013-12-10 Testing .py reloading on webserver
a3492ef8 2013-12-09 - Bring transport docs up-to-date w.r.t. IPv6
61f604c8 2013-12-09 Define site-updater touch file in update vars
50c17e40 2013-12-08 0.9.9
02436797 2013-12-08 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head e5f805d2e620c89445cfe0bd86753119d187dc92)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 8181db5e7db56fa27ac7af59f1478ea7dd2bccc5)
782cb1c9 2013-12-08 Added branch arg to "mtn pull"
1d9428cf 2013-12-07 backup news
6dd8411a 2013-12-07 0.9.9
0df80257 2013-12-07 0.9.9
218ab3bc 2013-12-07 naming update
dbeec6f1 2013-12-05 bump date
11fac699 2013-12-05 better document streaming ping
e875fb12 2013-12-05 no.i2p
0a81c44b 2013-11-27 Updated translation strings
f844b96f 2013-11-27 Fixed translation bug
a06984dc 2013-11-27 merge of '3dd68df83d9550cff6c519179c14658b25c0014a'      and 'ed365e879949d4d465280afbcd5e440faf2e0421'
38403eca 2013-11-27 disapproval of revision '5a985d2e2b5b7e8b6fb1babd5d93b39e53c98d99'
ae6b749c 2013-11-26 another typo
4f8c0000 2013-11-26 typo
0a1598cb 2013-11-22 Added contact emails
04925168 2013-11-21 More research questions
23bc0d94 2013-11-21 Updated translation strings
38f7741f 2013-11-21 Updated translations
4aeb7e7a 2013-11-21 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 8e78b1de68036e6fc58c5d81ded0bcd12d20fa7b)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 1263745c05bda9ac37ab0bac3237d7d45f75d311)
dff21314 2013-11-21 I2CP SessionConfig clarifications
e935a293 2013-11-17 - Clarifications   Add missing nibble to DSA g   Add note in DestReply
0b2f7f87 2013-11-15 - Add link to old docs - Add trac and translation admins - Move all old translators to 'past contributors'
eaa458ae 2013-11-09 add 0x90 real name by request
8c8a0287 2013-11-09 Updated i2hq scripts to match regular ones
c018436e 2013-11-08 Add proposed I2CP message reliability override (ticket #788)
e4f55105 2013-11-08 incorporate I2CP status code table
4aeb3dd2 2013-11-07 Fixed bad character
2b64645d 2013-11-06 delivery instruction clarifications
bd59d51e 2013-11-05 Reordered Documentation submenu
4e31b66d 2013-11-05 fix-up wording
2ca0fc96 2013-11-02 clarify I2NP message ID usage
909cb9a5 2013-10-30 RI verify, news.xml format, and su3 format updates
b81c8825 2013-10-30 Rename to 'banlist'.
5171064f 2013-10-30 merge of '3dc1d93981365936b2cb17c676bf182493e6390b'      and '98569aeaeb4dc5708be64a6ac454c8988fac7469'
c4697105 2013-10-29 Minor fixes for how_networkdatabase
0e382239 2013-10-29 * Adding no.i2p registrar to the faq.
d69f2e21 2013-10-28 Add dg's (new) dev agreement and mtn keys.
1eee438d 2013-10-28 updated monotonerc
31ada2c1 2013-10-26 Updated translation strings
b26b2a23 2013-10-26 Fixed comparison/other-networks
75623c7a 2013-10-26 Added missing anchor
925a0f9f 2013-10-26 Moved ticket1056 page
8774938f 2013-10-26 Removed Trac urls from translated strings
94c4538f 2013-10-26 Updated translations
e51ae4a2 2013-10-26 Canonical domain should always be HTTPS
ace18e4e 2013-10-26 Hide DREAD ratings until we know how we want to use them
632d254e 2013-10-26 Added meeting 228
7b1928cf 2013-10-26 Changes after propagation
6218e460 2013-10-26 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head e78562124035a6c5e6175f1eca4788ffe376af78)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head f6bf384ad0a7c5fbb27c5bb8e09032a759ae93f7)
81bda61f 2013-10-25 Split research questions into new page, start of ticket #1087
81288592 2013-10-23 merge of '4d20ec14381082149226392e45150e8da865986c'      and '9611291a3c3ea01d689f9bf4e7179ca917ebf271'
438176f9 2013-10-23 typo fix
bb4f730e 2013-10-23 add salt.i2p
d8b2e0c8 2013-10-16 change links from trac.i2p2.de/browser to github
74c4a69d 2013-10-15 update viewmtn links
f55f5813 2013-10-15 change all trac.i2p2.de links to https
555c8b1f 2013-10-13 update JVM recommendations
8b423a28 2013-10-13 powerpc Debian pkgs are now available
c3956c9a 2013-10-13 Switch to repo at deb.i2p2.no  (closes ticket #998) (hosting helpfully provided by Meeh)
90adfcb1 2013-10-09 Updated translations
666a2223 2013-10-09 added flattr button
6dd3989f 2013-10-08 Changes to /research, start of open research questions list
1eae189e 2013-10-05 Estimated DREAD ratings for the other attack vectors (need review)
2fa89c38 2013-10-05 Added meeting 227
4f500557 2013-10-05 DREAD ratings from meeting 227
14041efa 2013-10-03 Updated legacy paths for
b1009ccc 2013-10-03 add 'update' anchor
2d4763f1 2013-10-03 instructions for manually resolving ticket #1056
65bf49e3 2013-10-03 Debian: Add links to dropbox repo as a temporary workaround  (ticket #998)
ad6df286 2013-10-03 backup news
cbf12995 2013-10-03
243d64eb 2013-10-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head a0a039e64289785d95fbf9840de463bd3dff75a9)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head dfe9f480c1bf60bcddc47aec9eec922e2dd3e2b6)
0aa754d4 2013-10-02
88c347e2 2013-10-02
8d108737 2013-10-01 revert backup news
f045c2c5 2013-10-01 dummy change to trigger restart
5c6855b7 2013-10-01 explicit mtn pull then mtn up
49eb47b5 2013-09-30 Added legacy link for 0.9.8 release notes
de2b0975 2013-09-30 Updated translation strings
c396b833 2013-09-30 Translation updates
a081dd1d 2013-09-30 0.9.8
01436515 2013-09-30 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head d36f655b498c678ef36f980257d4da8764e1f3ae)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head ba3147590307bd39c27de21a043aa40533e05b8a)
f41f5302 2013-09-30 0.9.8
1013665c 2013-09-30 0.9.8 backup news
2c12e914 2013-09-30 0.9.8
6c1b78a8 2013-09-30 Added list of sites with I2P info pages (that might need regular updating)
8970f654 2013-09-30 Updated papers
6a2f6c5c 2013-09-30 Fixed priority range
2d17699e 2013-09-30 Added modified DREAD rating support to threat model
b0b2e078 2013-09-24 changed IPv6 bounty
3d9e7422 2013-09-21 Fixed button overlap on front page
5dd207d2 2013-09-20 Added ru_RU and zh_CN translations
85f71a51 2013-09-20 Updated translations
c4d680a1 2013-09-16 Add rotate CSS for other browsers
4b0a3054 2013-09-16 Stop title overlapping nav bar for narrow desktop screens
9595ab32 2013-09-16 Updated translation strings
6d1e52de 2013-09-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 450ad476f29b19837b174d3f5308c0cad1a343cb)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head becf05e00adefe160827d157a8a1fe3d4d2fa5b7)
736aeff3 2013-09-16 Updated translation strings
f4517184 2013-09-16 Updated translations
6411d630 2013-09-14 open4you.i2p
334850fd 2013-09-13 merge of '8034e5cabf90d76ac5b8f16277109f0b0064ffc8'      and 'bca52e6316b2c19c312109463f000eec9a55da8b'
c92c2876 2013-09-12 added QR codes
570a0b0c 2013-09-12 Added litecoins
542443e5 2013-09-10 Add meeting 226
5f7b6a44 2013-09-09 merge of '84c1dbf54b69b6c0d814eaca0ef51b961c37b4b7'      and 'fe76ef0248a48dc0e0cbfcc2bea47474b834fcbe'
8ad83104 2013-09-09 Updated legacy /papers redirect
294aca66 2013-09-08 merge of '4b6f2705c23c08b3b6f76b48c73013660bab132e'      and '6ef11f4c903f0bdff44c16bc6a0ce53528a40ec4'
bce68356 2013-09-08 Pulled latest translations
fa230119 2013-09-08 ignore compiled translations
f49d126a 2013-09-08 Explicitly add default host & port to app.run function
c4761fbe 2013-09-06 Updated Android dev build version
fdf5cf62 2013-09-05 More frontpage text changes
f5034fa3 2013-09-05 merge of '225fe1295b3be180d6240dfe23618e03d9c9a232'      and '49558797dbe6d2257ca1932726de2b396fe14cd8'
5a50b036 2013-09-05 Reordered and combined some front page paragraphs
75b026c1 2013-09-04 Updated translations
704eb73c 2013-09-04 Updated translation strings
a73497b1 2013-09-04 Tweaked supported activities display on frontpage
777af2d8 2013-09-04 merge of '447d847eb838367672bc21cfb5b2ff6b9984922e'      and '88a9eef5dd75416a1ccd8dba36ff97bc1c852638'
6c990964 2013-09-04 Reworked first sentence of frontpage text
6c08675e 2013-09-04 Reworked front page text
e41e11c6 2013-09-04 Some minor improvements to the FAQ section on remoteconsole. (hopefully)
a567dc13 2013-09-03 console login clarification
06cf13c4 2013-09-03 correct console password instructions
114bab6c 2013-09-02 Updated es translation
d7d3f5fc 2013-09-02 fix errors in po files
91458d66 2013-09-02 merge of 'a86e4e5220e8df07f558ca9febe53beb92eeb9cf'      and 'c5199aeb5743f18aa8d74b518520c42381091f9d'
8ac62696 2013-09-01 Updated translation strings
5a6cec47 2013-09-01 Updated message extraction to only update changed .pots
2a682738 2013-09-01 Updated dev build location for I2P Android
9eef7b95 2013-09-01 droping unnecessary (and outdated) pybabel
ef592ad9 2013-09-01 only allow "forward" patches & exit 1 if virtualenv isn't found
8059c7fd 2013-09-01 add temp- and byte-compiled files to the ignore list
fb54baaf 2013-08-31 allow system flask-cache/babel to be used
5c7672eb 2013-08-31 prefer the venv pybabel but allow the system one to be used (if found)
ba651cea 2013-08-31 site-updater updates
7e086fd2 2013-08-31 workaround flask bug by explicitly installing pytz before flask
a805cc54 2013-08-31 Removed absolute links to this site
b6eec495 2013-08-31 Set up site-specific settings
564922e6 2013-08-31 Define site domain in one place
3e3a438f 2013-08-31 Define default gettext domain in one place
322603b9 2013-08-31 Slight font size increase
28e96d3e 2013-08-31 Handle zh -> zh_CN for a few legacy pages
2d412878 2013-08-31 Removed obsolete /research/papers page
08db2df7 2013-08-30 Updated translation strings
40cfe6aa 2013-08-30 merge of '8b67575f313335e7792515dcd7c0273134254bc1'      and 'fb3d8b7dad590ab86a7d1fb4fd0706f9f44c6209'
2790dd10 2013-08-30 disapproval of revision '131c16962ceb9e26f1f792b2866fa405a5105983'
4eb71d7f 2013-08-30 merge of '1b9e425aaf5e3d1eac0405259be608005314e5a2'      and '6c6618728a160f6ee536f781d114197977411a1f'
5bbe2814 2013-08-30 disapproval of revision 'dc30e3fd8f4778c36c8d95252a923d7a3b285513'
26b45fb7 2013-08-30 Updated translation strings
4b60caf0 2013-08-30 perv.i2p -> identiguy.i2p (eepstatus site that is up)
16ba701d 2013-08-30 Fixed link to PyBit host
2c22aa18 2013-08-30 Updated another viewmtn link
6c48eceb 2013-08-30 Removed out-of-date mirror
50cce296 2013-08-30 Updated translation strings
a06aea31 2013-08-30 Domain conversion
d7dff2b7 2013-08-30 Commented out an unusable link (page requires authentication)
0eea04e1 2013-08-30 Fixed url of Irongeek presentation
2d61524b 2013-08-30 Linked to other known inproxies
d543917b 2013-08-30 Different (accessible) link to hjelmvik_breaking.pdf
37c80084 2013-08-30 Updated links to Tor Project site to HTTPS
dc40998e 2013-08-30 Updated mirror links for two servers with versioning
dc6c987a 2013-08-30 Fixed 'any mirror' download redirect
05708e6f 2013-08-30 Removed skipnav link for testing
e4139998 2013-08-30 Updated viewmtn link
03f910fa 2013-08-30 Temporarily disable translations for testing
52d1170a 2013-08-30 Updated translation strings
4e83bde4 2013-08-30 Extracted HTTP and HTTPS outproxies from string
f6750f78 2013-08-30 itoopie.net -> itoopie.i2p
92734bdd 2013-08-30 Fixed broken link
6b1ac31c 2013-08-30 More archive.org link treatment
5611daf7 2013-08-30 Commented out dead links
0b867e0a 2013-08-30 Fixed unparsable character
cea834ac 2013-08-30 Updated /about/browser-config outproxies
ce87a9c7 2013-08-30 Removed reference to inactive tpb.i2p
f70379c4 2013-08-30 Broken link fixes
14fa1ec9 2013-08-30 Don't link false.i2p
519ac8ca 2013-08-30 PET Convention link -> archive.org
6a9a1066 2013-08-30 Convert git.repo.i2p, don't convert forum.i2p
f20c5e76 2013-08-30 Updated canonical domain for testing
04eaa322 2013-08-29 Moved pressetext-0.7.html to /misc
b403e74f 2013-08-29 Fixed detection of Python file changes
9d299b35 2013-08-29 Updated translation strings
6c1ad24c 2013-08-29 Added note about other MUAs (thanks RN)
ff891286 2013-08-29 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 7134fef828e9bac1d4192919ca9f14903e1426fc)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 94e118c3a2762ed0f9f10adb1a60dde2b6ed2fe4)
a23a9c32 2013-08-29 merge of '1d7646c62c446d813aae0d1783afcfe4993035e5'      and 'e544faf07331fda58e0a54fcfa5f899dc12b3778'
2e67ae0e 2013-08-29 Fixed 500 error
3d94ee24 2013-08-29 Set up legacy mappings of release-* pages and other blog posts
94815e5d 2013-08-29 Fixed legacy mappings
c84414b9 2013-08-29 Fixed legacy *.txt
1229cf8f 2013-08-29 Fixed legacy status
93bd9dfc 2013-08-28 oops.. forgot that file
e1dbe683 2013-08-28 there.. done
2e12ed87 2013-08-28 Compile translations on adding and dropping
ac46b3b3 2013-08-25 added state of fund 08/2013
97ea7442 2013-08-23 Added zh_CN translation
25153150 2013-08-23 Updated translations for typos
56a95a73 2013-08-23 Fixed typos
d53c3fa9 2013-08-18 added btc I2P bounty payout
fd6b1e91 2013-08-15 % -> &#37; to fix translations problems
4ae84aa9 2013-08-15 Moved setup, translation config files into subdir
5816bafb 2013-08-15 Removed old files
536134c7 2013-08-15 Updated README
53e242e9 2013-08-14 change server restart method
4e5b6790 2013-08-14 Added site updater
e3d2a4a2 2013-08-14 Added latest meetings
8ffe50da 2013-08-14 Updated sites in footer
1ce4f0f8 2013-08-12 unpublished -> preprint
205bec10 2013-08-12 Updated PDF locations
7509c1b0 2013-08-12 Make section slugs safer
0e774d2f 2013-08-12 ./bibtex.html -> ./bibtex
3c2c5fbc 2013-08-12 Set file hashes at the top of /downloads/list source
b205e18c 2013-08-12 Second sync with Transifex
6153b1f7 2013-08-12 Updated translation strings
86484e5a 2013-08-12 Updated es, fr and pt translations
28c12c44 2013-08-12 Swap titles and short titles
89f80717 2013-08-12 Updated Android build
63142187 2013-08-12 Fixed BibTeX page links
b77fa1ee 2013-08-12 Set up tag links for /papers
5acba7ea 2013-08-12 Set up choices links for /papers
787a3855 2013-08-11 Updated bib
8c9ab731 2013-08-11 Updated page links
f147bb79 2013-08-11 Implemented BibTeX viewing
42f02473 2013-08-11 Implemented 'tag' and 'sort by' for papers
e9e2fcbb 2013-08-11 Rough migration to working papers page
7c42ce83 2013-08-11 Added anonbib for use in papers list
e38ef21b 2013-08-11 Updated PET-CON 2009.1 proceedings link
97a568f3 2013-08-11
6f41a55d 2013-08-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 4aaf47adfd1c5d7b9de2f2a63a0ac3866555a95d)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 3c8d92a983bcdde01e6e8b3bb8f1ac3cc88a7eba)
947aa89b 2013-08-10
5c489318 2013-08-10
21e2330b 2013-08-08 new update hosts
61858d18 2013-08-06 Highlight meeting logs
717320da 2013-08-06 Don't die if incorrectly-named meeting logs are present
76505a67 2013-08-06 Fixed some meeting logs
5444417c 2013-08-06 Moved meeting files to 3-digit filenames for sorting
82fe9aa2 2013-07-31 Updated /download for new Android build
a9f01c36 2013-07-31 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head b16a6c7c7a1df52229bac767a4004e79ba81028d)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 8acc895943066115be72a1b04e26e4cf21620e21)
5c2a99b6 2013-07-30 more info on dest pubkey
80791c83 2013-07-29 su3 format update
3a876ba9 2013-07-25 UDP updates
b63cf4ca 2013-07-24 - Add descriptions to some I2NP messages - Comment out streaming options added in error (actually hardcoded)
99af28f3 2013-07-23 update streaming docs with new value of initial RTO
f9343d4f 2013-07-21 Updated /docs/api/i2pcontrol
6f714fd1 2013-07-21 Enable extraction, update and compilation of a single gettext domain
f7ca8329 2013-07-19 new streaming options
25585b89 2013-07-18 update docs for hard-coding of tcp consants
5172b25f 2013-07-18 Document streaming changes relevant to ticket #979
e7ffd2b5 2013-07-18 New priority translations: Portugese
cfa269af 2013-07-18 Fixed Debian-specific download page
d091f452 2013-07-18 Updated French translation
61e5093e 2013-07-18 Added minimum required percentages for Transifex
98c71d50 2013-07-18 Generalize Transifex config
e1cc1c59 2013-07-18 sv -> sv_SE to match Transifex source
f61d78ac 2013-07-17 switch to precise for wheezy
a888425e 2013-07-16 Updated translation strings
34636474 2013-07-16 0.9.7
189e51ec 2013-07-16 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head aecd236e03c176955fd21d0d293f0731f65dc929)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head c0bf7e66ba62462bfa138be2e880de4422b0c959)
7ef2565f 2013-07-15 backup news
eca34829 2013-07-15 html fix
ade5b8c7 2013-07-15 0.9.7
2ecd38d3 2013-07-15 0.9.7
a8ea1592 2013-07-15 Migrated translations to split gettext domains
dd00e3cd 2013-07-15 merge of '5b4836353e90a3c1e388a18fe4184b748f920317'      and '6fd06d2ac31dd55d96ed51f368f4b3cf5c5faef0'
4e91cde1 2013-07-15 translation updates from tx
df1db77c 2013-07-14 Fixed bug in multi-domain.patch
e175a734 2013-07-14 Updated Transifex config to match new gettext domains
d98a7926 2013-07-14 Implement mapping of urls to gettext domains
1e5a48aa 2013-07-14 Guess request language from supported languages only
a305c9ef 2013-07-14 Patched Flask-Babel to support multiple gettext domains
d1a67418 2013-07-13 updates
ee6ea654 2013-07-13 Fixed bug in priority domain babel.cfg
f9c88aa7 2013-07-13 Split translation strings between multiple domains
177aecb5 2013-07-13 Ignore env/
b9f5ee07 2013-07-13 Ignore POT files
ad21b2ae 2013-07-13 Moved babel.cfg and translation.vars into common subdir
57b0011a 2013-07-06 Switch to *.i2p.us inproxy (*.i2p.to is down)
37e600d2 2013-07-04 - put key in right section - add new paper
2a886ae2 2013-07-04 Removed duplicate text
95ea1e76 2013-07-04 Added instructions for running MultiRouter.
1d0ddf3c 2013-07-04 add digit@mail.i2p pubkey
62590171 2013-07-03 Started to expand /research
3a952e32 2013-07-03 /download changes: - Display mirror domain instead of an arbitrary index (which could change) - Fix showing 404 page for non-existent mirror redirection links - Move default mirror definition into downloads.py for easy changing
0d52f8a8 2013-07-03 Updated POs with update-existing-po.sh to convert them back to pyBabel layout
c73f720b 2013-07-03 updates from tx
33e457a7 2013-07-01 Updated translation strings
c4b594d6 2013-07-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head c8354c923fc97e3ad8c94ea4ba561087d8f68ea8)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 93d34f791a25a0ef2f2821afd47c2f359fd41f57)
a585aab5 2013-07-01 Add git.repo.i2p link next to Github
4737840b 2013-06-29 - Add github link on download pages - Minor correction on tunnel-alt-creation - Add "digit" dev agreement (awaiting pubkey)
73e42a25 2013-06-26 merge of '41417f518cf3b3fa732df36a04e40ac657780ee9'      and '6c69a432dd72c40713d5d7fa913908571b667a1a'
756c370d 2013-06-24 SSU padding and acks
7d633c61 2013-06-20 Correct SSU documentation of session and MAC keys (ticket #716)
9938104d 2013-06-19 Added the next sub-bounty.
6f619efe 2013-06-18 updates
8c7fed45 2013-06-17 updates
3dfa79df 2013-06-15 - Recommend Java 7 - DLM encrypted flag update
1061a04e 2013-06-14 Update table styling
085af11b 2013-06-14 Move blue cell styling on about/team into CSS
d4236589 2013-06-14 Comments
0d6820fb 2013-06-12 Added next goals.
bff4bb45 2013-06-12 More DataSpec tweaks
c3669d71 2013-06-12 Highlight docs/spec/* as DataSpec
3e9fd3c3 2013-06-12 DataSpec: Merge definitions state into root
faf12aad 2013-06-12 More DataSpec tweaks
6d206a11 2013-06-12 Further development of DataSpec
a55cf7f1 2013-06-12 Tweaked boundaries to match DataSpec
c9146212 2013-06-12 Highlight docs/spec/common-structures as DataSpec
2bb4def0 2013-06-12 Initial version of DataSpecLexer
6b2c7e70 2013-06-11 Fixed bug in get-involved/bounties
02027ffe 2013-06-11 Updated current I2P version to 0.9.6
42313a1c 2013-06-11 Highlight docs/api/bob as plain text
96d1316d 2013-06-11 Updated translation strings
5c69322f 2013-06-11 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 1be3724265f45ffd0eb0af6d9dc869318b94be2f)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 0e7878efa22d01668a4644e60c37108c87eb25f8)
24a87eb5 2013-06-11 merge of '1d76ae86400e177af476a65376b5e94caf3f0397'      and '716a93dbd123d80e83ebed2e13d7b5d3bc5b0eda'
e1eeba09 2013-06-11 Blog index styling
4d7b3df7 2013-06-11 Style fix
85ab8828 2013-06-11 Team updates
1d8535e6 2013-06-10 updates from tx (after running update-existing-po.sh)
51affabc 2013-06-10 Tag BOB spec in docs/api/bob for highlighting
315f00d1 2013-06-10 Tag datastructure definitions in docs/transport/* for highlighting
101bfae7 2013-06-10 Match <h4> styling to other headings
6a1d9daa 2013-06-10 Tag datastructure definitions in docs/spec/* for highlighting
aaa5d03b 2013-06-10 Added docs/specs/geoip to nav
0023ff17 2013-06-10 updates
1fc2847b 2013-06-09 Pad syntax highlighting boxes for clarity
2e421ef1 2013-06-09 Tweaked bottom padding of pages
0c089d64 2013-06-09 Updated translation strings
d96ed15a 2013-06-09 Parse pages/global/macros for translation strings
c09b8b2d 2013-06-09 Tagged labels
effb6f25 2013-06-09 Labels for blog post info
c6adccac 2013-06-09 Style lastupdated better in mobile view
108a27d7 2013-06-09 Use lastupdated styling for blog post info
b683fe43 2013-06-06 - Correct errors in the specification of the BuildResponseRecord.   The first 32 bytes are not random; they are the hash of the following 496 bytes.
dd5ca256 2013-06-06 Updated translation strings
06f02866 2013-06-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 05cb56392a6d2ee1ecc7ab8bd3dcf746abb09b81)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 91549a81e68382a2cdc7c06020b19c1fe9f833e4)
09d05229 2013-06-06 Updated translation strings
f42c071d 2013-06-06 Copy env's pybabel into base dir to fix string extraction
7dfc92b6 2013-06-05 - Update proposal for requesting encrypted replies in a DatabaseLookupMessage - Add proposal for RequestVariableLeaseSet - Clarify setting for unused bits in BuildRequestRecord flag byte
f5bec224 2013-06-05 updates from tx
459813b9 2013-06-05 Fixes to get-involved/develop/applications after merge
b6a0a63a 2013-06-04 Migrated release-0.9.6.html
24168fb4 2013-06-04 Migrated geoip.html
25a8c353 2013-06-04 Migrated bounty_netdb.html
558326db 2013-06-04 Legacy urls: volunteer -> get-involved
a06023b5 2013-06-04 Changes to docs/api/datagrams from merge
892a704c 2013-06-04 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 62a731f768583a0395b0bc7616382dd5b698b88c)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 602b2ecdbd48945fc7ce3858a1c066d6a148379d)
68af5e53 2013-06-04 merge of '56f4519aa3d0d68a9e6a2294da238d75ab648571'      and '685cf78352458e68c7892205b44b20aea14cbcf2'
cdf93e3c 2013-06-04 Added no flag
8c89ae48 2013-06-04 Added version to download urls (to pass to mirrors requiring it)
fe359df1 2013-06-04 Added link to NetDB proposal.
eb5d5bdd 2013-06-03 Added Google Drive to mirrors
983628e0 2013-06-03 Enable specific version to be passed to ver()
2c037eaa 2013-06-01 encryption updates
e7e61584 2013-05-29 0.9.6 backup news
0c939ed4 2013-05-28 Added NetDB bounty and a few subbounties.
691d549c 2013-05-28 0.9.6
cc0bd57f 2013-05-27 0.9.6
b8ec3d7c 2013-05-27 datagram and applications updates
5512a5bf 2013-05-26 - Update proposal for requesting encrypted replies in a DatabaseLookupMessage
436bf380 2013-05-25 Added Meeh's download mirror
7fe538bd 2013-05-24 - Preliminary updates for SSU IPv6 - Add specs for GeoIP files including proposed IPv6 - Add proposed su3 file spec - Add proposal for requesting encrypted replies in a DatabaseLookupMessage
5ff99388 2013-05-24 Migrated /ticket919
bc6f8e4b 2013-05-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 114708fc5836389206fe26e04905a1887f34a228)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 061377e9345d8848b120576d4174d4274a2e5ca3)
2bc6b384 2013-05-22 decrease entry number size
13d9fee7 2013-05-19 Launchpad only supports Precise and newer. Debian Wheezy is the new stable. Squeeze is not supported in Launchpad anymore. Added a link to my eepsite for Squeeze, arm* and kfreebsd* binaries
31fd95e6 2013-05-01 updated I2P finances per 1st may 2013
bc9888cd 2013-04-26 document ignored RouterAddress expiration (ticket #832)
9730b290 2013-04-25 Prevent long code lines from breaking the layout
ecc2af4e 2013-04-25 Removed extra indentation from code on get-involved/develop/applications
f2bb84c4 2013-04-25 Added highlighting to get-involved/develop/applications
cf7b010e 2013-04-25 Added a syntax.css to duck's theme using the "native" Pygments style
0c42adb0 2013-04-25 Added reference to syntax.css in themes
cc797346 2013-04-25 HighlightExtension: pass additional parameters to HtmlFormatter
ba5d1df8 2013-04-25 Added HighlightExtension from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jinja2-highlight/0.4.0 (GPLv3)
0824ff08 2013-04-23 merge of '11bbe6ed03ac22c19b8d6a7e093dd9cd927bc054'      and 'f8546097382ed6b3ad9b13d1df7bd79acf6847e2'
f9762150 2013-04-23 new keys zab2@mail.i2p
4e9c81c1 2013-04-23 add zab's new keys
1b4381d7 2013-04-22 reference -win1 point release
7b1455b4 2013-04-22 Replace sig mirror list with links by each mirror
f3d4dffe 2013-04-21 Make default file download via HTTPS
25235dee 2013-04-21 Wrap file hashes directly in <code> so double-click doesn't select spaces
a3d0129d 2013-04-21 Bugfix: index mirrors from 1 (mirror=0 is interpreted as False)
2abb15be 2013-04-21 Point /lang/download links directly to one mirror, provide separate mirrors link
efbffb1a 2013-04-21 Wrap the download hashes in <code>
85d45ac5 2013-04-21 Point release 0.9.5-win1 for windows only
9ef985c7 2013-04-21 close img tags
57d3dcf5 2013-04-21 minor tweak
e39a8f37 2013-04-21 workaround instructions for tickets 919 & 920
e1860de2 2013-04-17 - Clarify discussion of TCP/UDP transports (ticket #750) - Clarify I2CP message IDs - Update I2NP DatabaseLookupMessage flag field based on upcoming   change in 0.9.6
e7a6874d 2013-04-02 merge of '1d8b9af4b9f457432149c66f5f9454f35db61e9c'      and '58b420fa7ec023a3f37a62f79b942220ca6a7ec4'
9cf9f419 2013-04-02 add lists.i2p2.i2p
0f0243c0 2013-03-31 updated syndie bounty
4db861ed 2013-03-26 "Blog Index" -> "Blog"
2c9fb8fd 2013-03-17 Proper styling for div.warning
35add629 2013-03-17 Reverted change to runserver.py
dd7a9e64 2013-03-17 0.9.5
64415dbe 2013-03-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 20c27bb0c69f1de1693d4067d49613dd0a163575)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head cb08ef7e5783eb21b87f996e5b2de062b86ed3e2)
244dd8fb 2013-03-16 add webserver to list of requirements
f590cabc 2013-03-12 updated I2P BTC client
5cc4c469 2013-03-09 0.9.5
8e6dc5ab 2013-03-08 0.9.5
2d15d2d0 2013-03-03 updated hall of fame
c1707816 2013-03-01 Serve BingSiteAuth.xml
e9a312c4 2013-03-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 3d12832c52f5971e9c757ba67426ca3d35538da5)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head f123af1c64ee53f8863064570547a3d5049b2182)
719a125c 2013-03-01 Added meetings 219 and 220, and noted that meetings are currently on hold
b0ba9ab9 2013-03-01 Disable the languages with no translations (for now)
f93e6532 2013-03-01 Removed bad character
8dac186f 2013-02-24 Updates to Spanish translations from trolly
b8b487fe 2013-02-24 updated sums of bounty
150bb1ef 2013-02-24 Removed newlines from blog translation used in meta
a6965c29 2013-02-22 Swedish update
d805388f 2013-02-22 updates from tx
799f83b8 2013-02-07 Added meetings 216, 217 and 218
3a8a6daa 2013-02-06 Migrated up to the last ten blog posts to the new format
b37bcd8d 2013-02-06 Fixed bug with Debian page
f60f21ce 2013-02-06 More URL fixes
bf2517af 2013-02-06 Set up the Google Webmaster Tools verification page
470906d3 2013-02-06 Added verification page for Bing Webmaster Tools
87e3ce44 2013-02-06 Removed theme links from footer
8281464f 2013-02-06 More URL fixes
88c773cc 2013-02-06 More URL fixes
5422df80 2013-02-06 More assorted internal and external URL fixes
b455e878 2013-02-06 Assorted internal and external URL fixes
d5a8e1b9 2013-02-06 Split streaming library page between docs/api/ and docs/spec/
5494286c 2013-02-05 Split the datagrams page between docs/api/ and docs/spec/
9b9145e1 2013-02-05 Started adding translation tags to docs/spec/*
2def970a 2013-02-05 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head fcd7d836b79ef46ef8fe9c5b8071d245efd54e29)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head e09d39855896e1387e30b596c8b0d71b202bf20b)
98b90ec2 2013-02-05 Added translation tags to docs/transport/*
ad0f7590 2013-02-05 Added translation tags to docs/protocol/*
75b3a54c 2013-02-04 Syndie - release info in all languages - add I2P-hosted mirror
72827a6d 2013-02-03 note new syndie release
de4e51e0 2013-02-03 Factor out blog posts per feed as a constant, halve number of blog posts per page
1be4ea49 2013-02-03 Merge blog_index and blog_category views
55af9d11 2013-02-03 Add category support to the Atom feed
3d872f25 2013-02-03 add syndie hostnames
f32b6e3c 2013-02-03 Refactor blog category post selection
535e2f41 2013-02-03 Added category view for blog posts
508c6f1e 2013-02-03 Render categories properly
ca0f74e9 2013-02-03 Removed stray }
254a56bb 2013-02-03 merge of 'c2274f6ce9cfea9a5997f29b3ed2a6a45231fbe2'      and 'f72e7ef8661eb235301787f303a60b1c5cf10bdb'
1fee91da 2013-02-03 Added translation tags to docs/tunnels/*
9e1e5352 2013-02-03 add transifex configs
c334777f 2013-02-03 - make script bourne compatible - check for virtualenv
c20fd0d9 2013-02-02 eliminate dups
e76ea72a 2013-02-02 eliminate some redundancy in the POT file
b3281bbd 2013-02-02 Fixed bug on docs/discussions/netdb
db4a3c79 2013-02-02 Added translation tags to docs/how/network-database
0156918e 2013-02-02 Added translation tags to docs/how/tunnel-routing
6d9a03af 2013-02-01 Removed some whitespace from tagged paragraphs
a37f4f9a 2013-02-01 Added translation tags to docs/how/elgamal-aes
dd2ac0f8 2013-02-01 Added translation tags to docs/how/peer-selection
c78d3bbb 2013-02-01 Tag tweaks and URL fixes for misc/*
8bdf8ad0 2013-02-01 merge of '229bc2e02c0b93575ef4cd05f96b3cb54c60fa07'      and 'a4c46b67cc50db0045d60103de17e670dc30b81f'
ac070805 2013-02-01 misc/* translation tagging, URLs need fixing before it will parse correctly. First commit, huzzah.
b8bfbc41 2013-02-01 Put blog post excerpts on a single line so translators don't break the Markdown
7a4c7df8 2013-02-01 Removed translation tags from names in the nav bar and footer
ae9ca449 2013-02-01 Added translation tags to docs/how/garlic-routing
39e33545 2013-02-01 Added translation tags to docs/how/tech-intro
1af38f02 2013-01-31 Adding dg's transport key
dc660883 2013-01-31 Added translation tags to docs/how/threat-model
5c112cc5 2013-01-31 Added translation tags to docs/how/cryptography
05df4171 2013-01-31 Fixed URLs in docs/how/intro
b09a7f40 2013-01-31 Added placeholder CSS files to the other themes
c9f436c7 2013-01-31 Added translation tags to docs/discussions/naming
842a17b3 2013-01-30 merge of '1cc07c60dda94ce07510bc8d12df2c9bf971ed3b'      and '4459274dc3ff27ad99ff8f0b1c6d5143e32dca2d'
27824b70 2013-01-30 Added translation tags to docs/applications/*
8c043011 2013-01-30 minor shell script tweaks - add shebang line and make bourne compatible - report bugs to trac
4a801a9f 2013-01-30 typo fix
32c8fc92 2013-01-30 Added translation tags to docs/api/* except SAM pages
611a8f05 2013-01-30 Added translation tags to docs/*.html
ccc5d97c 2013-01-29 Replace insecure key-name-based trust list with secure key-id-based one.
f9d7a43b 2013-01-29 Tweaked "How to connect to IRC" entry of faq
5c2efa5a 2013-01-27 Added translation tags to get-involved/guides/new-translators
3429dfcd 2013-01-26 Fixed tag bug in monotone guide
8feb4848 2013-01-26 Added translation tags to get-involved/guides/new-developers
a5afdff4 2013-01-23 Added translation tags to get-involved/guides/[dev-guidelines,ides]
8795882e 2013-01-23 Tweaked translation tags in get-involved/guides/monotone
827c6dc7 2013-01-22 Tagged get-involved/guides/monotone.html for translation.
8eea7b22 2013-01-21 Added space between mobile dropdown menu and content
a5a5e20f 2013-01-21 Use right arrow instead of thick border for submenu indication
f063149a 2013-01-21 Migrated other themes: style.css -> desktop.css
5cfd605f 2013-01-21 Use progressive enhancement instead of graceful degradation for mobile support
0e813629 2013-01-21 Added basic mobile.css for duck's theme
3db722f0 2013-01-21 Added tags to <head> to support mobile CSS
a6f0d35f 2013-01-21 Fixed image paths in CSS after move
c74b8a59 2013-01-21 Moved themes into subdirs
0f98f155 2013-01-20 Added translation tags to get-involved/bounties
fbe77041 2013-01-20 Added the common bounty template
7aac08c4 2013-01-20 Migrated bounty pages to a common template, added translation tags
637123d3 2013-01-20 Added translation tags to get-involved/develop/* and get-involved/*.html
af005803 2013-01-19 Added monotone guide to navbar
169bcfdd 2013-01-19 Moved monotone guide into get-involved/guides/
a9ba1039 2013-01-19 Fixed site url in footer
8e83dac7 2013-01-19 Added translation tags to about/*
a643e1ff 2013-01-18 Moved placeholder GNUnet comparison page so it isn't included in sitemap
a796ae5d 2013-01-18 Added translation tags to comparison/*
2fbd7c78 2013-01-18 Updated de .po file (minus blog posts) and started copying in translations for faq
e50d7e40 2013-01-18 Tweaked message extraction script
10df8e22 2013-01-18 Added scripts to initialize a new language and compile existing .po files
09d02099 2013-01-18 Added missing sitemap templates
59ac1fbc 2013-01-18 Added script for updating existing translations
90cd3b67 2013-01-18 Added script to extract website messages
e667386a 2013-01-18 Added translation tags to research/*
6760515a 2013-01-18 Added translation tags to faq
009d5670 2013-01-18 Fixed up translation tags on front page
1d65f8b0 2013-01-18 Added translation tags to contact, impressum and (some of) links
a5a98a80 2013-01-18 Added translation tags to pagination links
7f90e205 2013-01-18 Fixed up translation tags on global/layout.html
c8547912 2013-01-18 Use {{ _('') }} instead of {% trans %}{% endtrans %} for short strings and headings
18b1ea8f 2013-01-18 Fixed URLs and added translation tags to blog, downloads and meetings pages
789739af 2013-01-18 Migrated over meetings 214 and 215
7617f11c 2013-01-18 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 0580b5c7f21fae5cecf504b56ee8cea4c254c5ba)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 0faeddbcbab6b33ebf3295c98b687b390b4dc51b)
6d21c30a 2013-01-18 Reorganized several URLs
42cf1091 2013-01-17 Migrated hottuna's blog posts to the new format
94dfc519 2013-01-17 Renamed blog posts to use hyphens instead of underscores
12353bee 2013-01-17 Added margin to <ol>s on content pages
a7e6a0e5 2013-01-17 Moved update options on downloads page into package <div>s
29f7f972 2013-01-17 Added caching to sitemaps
0132662d 2013-01-17 Added debian download page to sitemap
9744a12c 2013-01-16 Added missing import
41c8b1c7 2013-01-16 Added ten-minute caching to blog and meetings views
4d9becac 2013-01-16 Filled out the contact page
7ee91521 2013-01-16 Initialized the cache so that caching decorators can be added
1543c4ab 2013-01-16 Added Flask-Cache as a dependency
57074dcc 2013-01-16 Added meeting 215
727a7280 2013-01-16 Expanded research page
146656fc 2013-01-16 Added Android section to Downloads list
e189805c 2013-01-16 Commented out links to GNUnet comparison page while it is still unfinished
bee80a36 2013-01-16 Removed commented-out Download submenu (as linking only to the download page seems to work better)
1712e0c0 2013-01-16 Removed filler text from blog/index.html template
3b01e195 2013-01-16 Use the title from the post as meta['title'] instead of the slug, so it can be translated
ad2b10f9 2013-01-16 Tidied up IDEs guide
a5c5b383 2013-01-16 Un-escaped quotation marks in 0.9.3 release post (since docutils re-escapes them)
08c43a25 2013-01-16 Added translation tags to 0.9.3 and 0.9.4 release posts
d076f310 2013-01-16 Migrated 0.9.3 release post to new format
7569201b 2013-01-16 Don't try and split a list metatag if it doesn't exist
786e37f5 2013-01-16 Enable some metatags to be comma-separated lists
738cda79 2013-01-16 Fixed bug in blog post
ca8717e1 2013-01-16 Pre-render the blog posts with Jinja2 so that URLs etc. can be properly handled
8e09d84d 2013-01-16 Reworked meta dict usage to make blog templates easier to understand
54fbdc8b 2013-01-15 update the sums
972c55f6 2013-01-15 added new phase, payed some, updated
7e68f038 2013-01-09 Tweaked meetings/index.html template
c58e5ca6 2013-01-09 More volunteer -> get-involved
dd17dde6 2013-01-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head eba57e49d106c06b180d0396329af47699263aee)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head eb8aab2ac6e4f55e964ed5386669c35f4ffb1e17)
b4230e90 2013-01-09 Added meeting 214
29a8af1c 2013-01-09 volunteer/* -> get-involved/*
2acc8bc4 2013-01-09 Blog entries -> Blog posts
78bba563 2013-01-08 Nitpick from primal
ff9fcf21 2013-01-08 Tweaks to left column text on front page from discussion in meeting 214
4ff7ef53 2013-01-08 Moved research/papers link to above about/media, renamed it
1aa91d81 2013-01-08 Moved research/papers link into About menu
3313b692 2013-01-08 merge of '056ffd23c44b2f5e8665e442168d596c74292e0d'      and 'beb15251002afa26165d054a5241a972e35bbad2'
187d73b4 2013-01-08 Added orion as PR manager
2117686d 2013-01-08 Tweaked duck's and danimoth's themes so footer styling refers to the global footer
9a812611 2013-01-08 Rework of blog - Added support for metadata in blog entries - Modified blog/index.html and blog/entry.html templates to use metadata - Migrated the most recent post over to just a .rst file and added metadata
22358424 2013-01-07 Altered LEGACY_FUNCTIONS_MAP so that /debian.html could be added
c7dec35b 2013-01-07 Ticket #792 - replaced "Who Uses I2P" in left front page column with "What is I2P"
f2f782fc 2013-01-06 added state of fund 2012-12-31
b3a558e1 2013-01-05 Added a page describing how to set up Eclipse with an I2P branch (NetBeans needs instructions as well)
324579f5 2013-01-04 Added metadesc block so pages can add <meta name="description"> tags, added one for /
f65b4cca 2013-01-04 Updated robots.txt to disallow auto-generated index pages
a6a39fcb 2013-01-04 Add sitemap generation
9727ee2c 2013-01-04 Added Google Webmaster Tools verification file
3e8bd6eb 2013-01-04 Standardized site paths with '-' separating keywords, for better SEO and readability
802dafab 2013-01-04 Moved over benchmarks page
4a18fda9 2013-01-04 Added missing pages to LEGACY_PAGES_MAP
d1fb6c06 2013-01-04 Added /statusnotes to LEGACY_FUNCTIONS_MAP
6a1c1e2c 2013-01-04 Fixed page include bugs
2351957f 2013-01-04 Filled out LEGACY_PAGES_MAP
77f2f523 2013-01-03 add str4d's transport key
4193653d 2013-01-03 Removed hover border from top menu-opening navbar items
72e59f86 2013-01-03 Replaced Download menu with a Download link for now
8e1a73a6 2013-01-03 Fixed HTML of forum and Trac links in navbar
d838b1a3 2013-01-03 Added barebones comparison page for GNUnet - needs filling out
47be1180 2013-01-03 Fixed Trac links on about/comparison/othernetworks
fb6f6fb8 2013-01-03 docs/comparison/* -> about/comparison/*
1cdb89be 2013-01-03 Split up network comparisons page into separate pages for Tor and Freenet
8721799b 2013-01-03 Moved network comparison pages into docs/comparison
0be11b76 2013-01-02 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head d53e5172a3a72c5817753b20c95afa1841124686)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 69c08c82c7e3e80e4646a41d2cdfa6d07cef3427)
849283f3 2013-01-02 0.9.4-1 OSX installer
c36290c5 2013-01-01 Shortened padding at top and bottom of navbar to visually match left padding
d1d3a2d4 2013-01-01 Reworked nav bar so <a href="#"> is not required for styling purposes
77f154a8 2013-01-01 Added <strong>s around the paper titles
5f5685cc 2013-01-01 Reorganized papers entries to be more standardized.
139a80b1 2013-01-01 Reversed the order of research/papers (newest at top)
2faf4fff 2013-01-01 Split off academic papers into a new research section
756332ea 2013-01-01 Make runserver.py executable
a4390103 2013-01-01 Removed executable bit from ar.png and cs.png
5d83f4a1 2013-01-01 Moved US flag back to us.png and added en.png symlink to it
42187999 2013-01-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 95988c2dfd38322c36c8fbe4fe1cfd81dab318fd)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 782f49f8ae745afac983d595254cf14e9993c7ad)
a44d62aa 2013-01-01 OS X downloads use 0.9.3 due to ticket #826
775eb0eb 2012-12-30 fix inaccuracies pointed out in ticket #823
27af5873 2012-12-29 updates
a23e0572 2012-12-28 Use border-left to make sub-menus clearer in duck's theme
eb79c49c 2012-12-28 Make the sub-menus more obvious in duck's theme
92598874 2012-12-25 Tweaked Debian/Ubuntu entry on downloads list
dc51dad5 2012-12-25 Some simple styling for the downloads list
4d874568 2012-12-24 Reworked downloads list to enable better theming
6df80e96 2012-12-24 Migrated over meeting 213
cc15ff97 2012-12-24 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head ce1034455390cea16c11e1c59d19c1e604a02b91)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head e092e4fa84103b9bf7db4729914c2ccf6384a1e8)
3474e3e9 2012-12-24 Reschedule the next meeting to next year
b8fcea24 2012-12-23 Added feed icon CSS to danimoth's theme
53f2c239 2012-12-23 Removed debug print statements
5e1b2a55 2012-12-23 Fixed min-width of container-fluid in danimoth's theme
9b72db7c 2012-12-23 Fixed some danimoth CSS that wasn't being applied to the Download button on the front page
13666290 2012-12-23 Finished merging duck's and danimoth's template layouts
84ec056c 2012-12-23 Removed .news div (since it is repeating info), fixed navbar alignment in danimoth
20c331f7 2012-12-23 Fixed a row alignment issue in danimoth's theme
5f235ec1 2012-12-23 Use HTML5 <article> tag in duck's layout
97c0cee6 2012-12-23 Started merging navigation into a common template header
e8652288 2012-12-23 Handle the sidebar better in the older themes
4c5f6f1b 2012-12-23 Enable themes to have different I2P logos, with a default fallback
dcf058d7 2012-12-23 Tweaked old themes for new topbar template layout
1217dbe2 2012-12-23 Merged template layout of topbar for duck's and danimoth's themes
c106e2fb 2012-12-22 Don't display the language menu in sidebar for danimoth theme
8557308e 2012-12-22 Added danimoth's theme to footer
dff49f38 2012-12-22 Tweaks to get danimoth's theme looking as close as possible to the original
23199aaa 2012-12-21 Temporarily patched in danimoth's layout into layout.html
589cf4f9 2012-12-21 Added danimoth's CSS
e9e453a5 2012-12-21 Temporarily enable loading of an externally-hosted CSS file
8fbf352b 2012-12-20 Rearranged constants and added comments
3c3b4ed7 2012-12-20 Moved ver() into templatevars so only need to change I2P version in one place
9527fcd1 2012-12-20 Attempt to prevent title text overlapping with the header image (though second line sits behind the menu...)
e6e11fa9 2012-12-20 Migrated docs index over to lastupdated and accuratefor tags
cc292624 2012-12-20 Tweak the color of the second- and third-level menus
d99220f1 2012-12-20 Added side borders to .inner and rounded the top corners
f1a1d63e 2012-12-20 Changes to the menubar CSS to bring it as close to duck's original theme as possible
d7bce012 2012-12-19 Removed unnecessary block at end of __init__.py
d633b4a7 2012-12-19 Split off urls
03120885 2012-12-19 Removed rel="nofollow" from the footer links to the t-shirt sites (they aren't mirrors)
9def101b 2012-12-19 Split of template functions into a separate file
53d9e403 2012-12-19 Split off downloads code
7701835e 2012-12-19 Moved root file views into i2p2www.views, and committed this file (which was missed earlier)
c7b8d77d 2012-12-19 Made change_theme() more stable (so 404 pages render properly)
30876c09 2012-12-19 Use the new get_flag() template function in the Language menu
bc57b827 2012-12-19 Added shorthand functions to make language handling more stable
2ce24d59 2012-12-19 Removed unused imports
91a70314 2012-12-19 Added regionalization support to LangConverter
66dca619 2012-12-19 Moved site_url macro into context processor so could use hasattr(g, 'lang') to fix a bug
487e9ae9 2012-12-19 Added / to the end of the base legacy url route
3da28685 2012-12-19 Added LangConverter so that /en/ can be distinguished from legacy urls like /faq
85c2ca46 2012-12-19 Added a few legacy pages (and distinguished them from pages that are now functions)
7dbf4a35 2012-12-19 Split off legacy support code
5a088b76 2012-12-19 Split off meetings code
3ff5e146 2012-12-19 Moved meetings/* to meetings/logs/ (ready for splitting out meetings code)
785f627d 2012-12-19 Reorganized site and blog views and helpers to use LazyView
8f9e8fb1 2012-12-19 Added LazyView from http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/lazyloading/ to helpers
254fab59 2012-12-19 Removed "site/" from the main site URLs
c9a4c5e7 2012-12-19 Add canonical link to <head> of each page
8b5633c8 2012-12-19 Added  rel="alternate" hreflang="XX" to language changer links
fe4852a9 2012-12-19 Display current language flag next to the Language menu (for easier identification)
766c8059 2012-12-19 Keep the current website's title for the front page (to help keep its existing page rank for "anonymous network")
1f2cf9a1 2012-12-19 correct my links to meeting 213
e6287d4e 2012-12-19 Fixed a url-building error on support/faq
db3a7de3 2012-12-19 Moved the old (but not replaced) pages into misc/
7171dd07 2012-12-19 add last meeting to the meetings pages
914492e6 2012-12-19 Moved the last few unsorted pages into misc/ (and ports into docs/)
b3bd90cb 2012-12-19 Added meeting 213
32db04d7 2012-12-18 Rounded bottom corners of .lastupdated box
18e26d6c 2012-12-18 Replace half of .inner padding with margin -> adds side border to all pages
9acb01be 2012-12-17 Added Google Code as an HTTPS mirror, sorted mirrors file by org
262040fd 2012-12-17 Tweaked mirror code so mirror urls can contain the current I2P version, added Launchpad as HTTPS mirror
68ce69fd 2012-12-17 Add title to blog ATOM feed link on front page
a665d615 2012-12-17 500 error page should have minimal reliance on the backend (so it doesn't error itself)
6772b465 2012-12-17 Migrated over meetings 211 and 212
0a5b848f 2012-12-17 0.9.4
b8a1626b 2012-12-17 Fix after merge
f1d24a78 2012-12-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 971d4d05ac64f68ff6e38fc3d7d322fa606b9bba)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head ae515df68ffa8ba8e348ddd0a8fec7bd3c7e8ad2)
1f65a811 2012-12-17 Migrated over 0.9.4 release page
5f802aff 2012-12-17 0.9.4
8abb2986 2012-12-17 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 76427e8477fdb3faaf94a7352015e957e2a6f1c0)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 2b6601322d54558bb7f8923141d8b300928afdf7)
4d28722e 2012-12-17 0.9.4
f7c84f34 2012-12-15 Removed duplicate links from footer, and added theme changing links
a9b34ce7 2012-12-15 Updated links in support/*
47117847 2012-12-15 Updated links in about/*
7775b8ed 2012-12-15 Missed __init__.py in last commit
885d8fc2 2012-12-15 Added mail.i2p to i2pconv list so emails can be rewritten
61bc5a5f 2012-12-15 Updated internal links in downloads/*
6ee28ea4 2012-12-15 Added feed icon for blog to front page
65c2e96f 2012-12-15 Moved Docs menu into About menu
61466233 2012-12-15 Moved IE8 section of htproxyports to top, added "or Chrome"
cf40d5de 2012-12-15 Moved bug tracker link into Volunteer -> Develop
0c837b7a 2012-12-15 forum.i2p2.i2p is currently not clearnet-hosted
df7a02df 2012-12-15 Added support/performance page based on eche|on's i2pspeed.txt document
046acf4b 2012-12-15 Text change suggestions from zab
05dfa491 2012-12-15 Apply the h1 theming to div.title in old themes (like on current site)
cfbc0cdd 2012-12-15 ".main" -> "#content", ".menu" -> "#cssmenu" in light_zh.css
c42a4604 2012-12-15 ".main" -> "#content", ".menu" -> "#cssmenu" in light_ar.css
f76b8998 2012-12-15 ".main" -> "#content", ".menu" -> "#cssmenu" in light.css
963cc90c 2012-12-15 ".main" -> "#content", ".menu" -> "#cssmenu" in dark.css
96df3373 2012-12-14 Tweak to (unused in default theme) mainmenu.css to detect the menu
b6809fd0 2012-12-14 Fixed custom theme loader
cd5adeb8 2012-12-14 Reorganized flags and removed duplicates
2bc59701 2012-12-14 Added missing lu flag
cfc162f8 2012-12-14 Added logs to meetings 211 and 212
50bcf60a 2012-12-14 Added placeholders for meetings 211 and 212 (waiting on logs)
d129c789 2012-12-14 "anonymously on I2P." -> "anonymously inside I2P."
3284f92a 2012-12-14 New heading for middle column of front page
fe76f20f 2012-12-14 Implemented pagination for meetings and blog entries
3f19792d 2012-12-14 Use Werkzeug route level defaults to ensure unique urls
8b608ea7 2012-12-14 Prepare meetings_index() for pagination
791cffb2 2012-12-14 Migrated the bounty_syndie2012* pages
e070436e 2012-12-14 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head e168251b9c2e6757fe883e570e2afcc1a23bfdc7)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 7c8c7a1ed7d62a3dbda52c6af1df085e7d1c69da)
ce3348c0 2012-12-14 Added some padding to <td>s to make them readable
48077d3b 2012-12-14 Added some basic styling to div#content .lastupdated
e28b1eca 2012-12-14 Fixed accidental movement of content_outer block
7171a3bd 2012-12-14 Added lastupdated and accuratefor blocks to consolidate and enable styling
4c562ccf 2012-12-13 Added a few more entries to the glossary
0ebefb61 2012-12-13 Added a ver() macro to make changing the I2P version across the site easier
00700e66 2012-12-13 Added a link to the meetings index on the volunteer menu
fd353ef6 2012-12-13 Added feed links to blog and meetings index pages
62a55f9b 2012-12-11 correction a c&p error
54544c7c 2012-12-11 syndie bounty text
6896f842 2012-12-11 new bounty Syndie
c5910f95 2012-12-11 Fixed short title overlines in blog entries
54fcb9dc 2012-12-11 Added a link to the blog from the list of latest entries
c233d487 2012-12-11 Fixed links in middle column of front page
a45d706f 2012-12-11 Migrated tunnel pages
eaaf583b 2012-12-11 Moved about menu section across
19be8c40 2012-12-11 Migrated intro page
b845b447 2012-12-11 Migrated release-signing-key page
55cda206 2012-12-11 Migrated hosts.txt and robots.txt
94d7a30d 2012-12-11 Moved papers page to about section
93855e98 2012-12-11 Migrated links page
f0ab95ac 2012-12-11 "Trac" -> "Bug tracker"
42eb6361 2012-12-11 Moved contact page to about section
d251d09a 2012-12-11 Moved team and halloffame pages to an about section
fcb8c6ef 2012-12-11 Ticket #793 - removed i2p.us from site mirrors, added www.geti2p.net
eaf04796 2012-12-11 Moved docs/specs/* to docs/spec/*
3fab0ce4 2012-12-11 Updated protocol stack links
2331ccea 2012-12-11 Migrated I2CP and I2NP pages
f79ee44d 2012-12-11 Migrated naming and plugins pages
3014d626 2012-12-11 Added virtualenv builder
9c4c2018 2012-12-11 Migrates web browser configuration guide
cf7cf476 2012-12-11 Migrated software update specs
500f536d 2012-12-11 Migrated glossary and performance improvements
ceed5eb5 2012-12-11 Migrated over discussion documents
2e4c4ed7 2012-12-11 Reorganized docs/transport/*
40989a49 2012-12-11 Moved old documents into a subdir to make sorting easier
d7a531a4 2012-12-11 Migrated over various specifications
244f7495 2012-12-07 Migrated papers and developers/signed keys
769d983d 2012-12-06 Dynamically generate meeting index
a517e578 2012-12-06 merge of 'c78b41e2bd3d58c4b7c2acfafbf44846a4e60cd9'      and 'e3db0e6a87a9bdf9505016ef90069beb21cadb69'
de63d020 2012-12-06 We are having regular meetings now
c7c5623e 2012-12-06 Added an Atom meetings feed
fa2e728a 2012-12-06 Moved "Full IRC Log" heading into template, so .rst can be used for feed
14c5f377 2012-12-06 Migrated over meetings 209 and 210
d6c7e730 2012-12-06 Removed unneeded nav menu item
99ace6c7 2012-12-06 Made Develop menu a submenu of Volunteer, removed redundant API page
b02f2497 2012-12-06 Start making I2P urls work on the clearnet with i2pconv()
30687798 2012-12-06 Fix after merge
15426a8e 2012-12-06 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head e3db0e6a87a9bdf9505016ef90069beb21cadb69)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 6b55da3ed369752ad914f36b972ab52e6652af88)
e462195a 2012-12-05 Removed (apparently) unnecessary lang definition
fa4d3d41 2012-12-05 Adjusted RSS feed url to accept a language
26a3851d 2012-12-05 Finished implementing Atom blog feed
4a6af5bc 2012-12-05 Fixed paths in some of the blog RSTs
b32f13ad 2012-12-05 Started implementing Atom blog feed
062d2584 2012-12-05 Updated download urls to use internal mirroring
bedc34b0 2012-12-05 Migrated mirroring code into i2p2www
86c74683 2012-12-05 i2cp send message nonce=0 changes for 0.9.4
8b2a3812 2012-12-03 Removed "Ur Mom" from index page
ceb822e2 2012-12-03 Get I2P/clearnet url conversion working
9d6258e5 2012-12-03 Added #! line to runserver so it can be called directly
d16910b4 2012-11-28 Add meeting 210 (2012-11-27)
f55616c2 2012-11-28 add anarkon's transport key
8c1ace8d 2012-11-27 fix broken links
c8f50644 2012-11-21 New paper from LORIA
2b3ac220 2012-11-21 add last meeting
998ce51b 2012-11-14 zab agreement
7d991343 2012-11-13 s/forum\.i2p2\.de/forum.i2p/g
a2b9f20b 2012-11-13 Add link to i2pcontrol plugin site
ee20907b 2012-11-11 Added t-shirt links to footer
818802ee 2012-11-11 Updated sentence after categorization
046ebd9b 2012-11-11 Updated numerous links in documentation index
5575cc29 2012-11-11 Moved supported_applications and bittorrent pages into docs/applications
899892e6 2012-11-11 Moved developer and translator guides into volunteer/guides
b34b1941 2012-11-11 Moved contact page into support
acc429a1 2012-11-11 Used alpha fade for logo hover to be less glaring
a75f2d6f 2012-11-10 Added navbar items for docs/api/*, docs/transport/* and docs/how/elgamalaes
e5c42ab8 2012-11-10 Moved othernetworks page into docs/how
46d0d5c7 2012-11-10 Moved i2pcontrol and *streaming pages into docs/api
51648c7d 2012-11-10 Added hover to logo to make it more obvious that it links to the frontpage
bc596235 2012-11-10 Added more navbar links to docs/how pages
bff8b00b 2012-11-10 Moved techintro into docs/how
d9bec35b 2012-11-10 Moved debian page into downloads, hard-coded it into downloads_select()
37fcb6c2 2012-11-10 Reorganized navbar so no flyout items have links
1145ebf3 2012-11-10 Moved team, halloffame and todo pages into volunteer
c02e7250 2012-11-09 merge of '94104c5e005e4c1dc372346f5a48964cc0b1f679'      and 'cb837be37d21050e556fb16a209fa8f0fe66bcd4'
4957a0a9 2012-11-09 Categorized the links on the papers page for easier parsing
e6b87fcd 2012-11-09 Moved SAM and BOB pages to docs/api
2d25c1e3 2012-11-09 Moved protocols page into docs
a49baa5e 2012-11-09 Moved transport-related pages into docs
6c131a81 2012-11-09 Moved i2ptunnel and socks pages into docs/apis
121650f4 2012-11-09 Moved the documentation index to the index of /doc/
ce1041b2 2012-11-09 Moved monotonerc into a common inclusion directory
893bc221 2012-11-09 merge of '33df4241e1560efff08f4bed351896e1348f9524'      and '7db77f2b784eec18d3934b794766117bc54eef95'
340ccc02 2012-11-09 add zab's keys
6da5b767 2012-11-09 Moved the now-separate monotonerc file into place
14234858 2012-11-09 Moved release notices for 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 into blog
158fe4cf 2012-11-09 Fixed link in footer to team page
2501e019 2012-11-09 Added el to list of languages
0b630e69 2012-11-09 Moved new el translations in with the others
c09e4877 2012-11-09 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 7db77f2b784eec18d3934b794766117bc54eef95)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head b3c2e5448b6e1b9cd6dffcfac70be4768425afc8)
61810750 2012-11-09 Dynamically generate latest blog entries
e4299837 2012-11-08 Corrected an import name
cbb14b4a 2012-11-02 new i2cp and streaming options for 0.9.4
a1de6c65 2012-10-30 new outbound.priority option
f69f7610 2012-10-28 Fixed broken link to download_el.html
8a939719 2012-10-27 update version
e3901091 2012-10-27 0.9.3
8f640768 2012-10-27 merge of '0a47d9cb4b57e35a4a80e36e30958d93cb8f2fbc'      and '9533863d7107f673531f7e850c37cce31bca8b1b'
135d99bf 2012-10-26 Updated latest donations, finally
323093d5 2012-10-25 Translated the getinvolved page, fixed the links.
db1935d0 2012-10-25 Finished the greek translation of the how_intro file and updated the links from other pages.
ee01797f 2012-10-25 minor updates and new paper
a51d3c40 2012-10-24 Translated half of the file
a850af7d 2012-10-17 Finished with the greek translation of the intro.html file
2f0b6fe7 2012-10-16 Did some work.
fde64321 2012-10-16 Initialize intro_el.html. Some translation done.
ec90d7c1 2012-10-15 Change forum url to i2p url
a27eda23 2012-10-15 merge of '60e17e674bfd05c4254cc527981a679289d75883'      and 'dd26567b2b34ce725ac6668d5cf8d392f58d3647'
efe505ae 2012-10-15 Finished with the translation of the faq file in the greek language.
10faf134 2012-10-14 Finished with the port-related translation.
9c8d8beb 2012-10-13 merge of '24b1ab71ef1c3185a62ca8aa800352c4f86eb24d'      and 'e5d6b0c9b529e3a9b05e8f201a59868718ce1bd1'
5d59c0d6 2012-10-13 merge of '7892c372056b04cfc2bb26abb611339a92f978e7'      and '845ea975f34b58ae4f1051982473c5276207d23f'
59806cd0 2012-10-12 Some editing with the faq file
801eccba 2012-10-11 More work on faq file
4f0ac5a4 2012-10-11 Did some work at faq html file.
1549e779 2012-10-11 change forum link to internal address
c71d04b9 2012-10-08 Replaced the titles of the answers with he greek ones
f77bed44 2012-10-08 Finished with the translation of the questions in the FAQ file
04b337d9 2012-10-08 correction
79e38ff3 2012-10-07 Translated the download page
46a3d322 2012-10-07 remove the extention from pages so that translated pages (if they exist) will be chosen
ca03dde7 2012-10-07 merge of '0a08f9a34e6c18a685c60ccb9c923ceb0d52c519'      and 'cd47a90fe3a2771ed03f2e448199cfbe99d851cb'
615d7614 2012-10-07 monotone updates
1d8c11a1 2012-10-07 html fixes
4fda1b1e 2012-10-07 add more transport keys
e7383743 2012-10-06 merge of '1e8564e1d7fca47d12e57d379d0e1dd2da230ab6'      and '9dd62af59b1534a60f33b064e39cf93af32fc998'
1ac4009c 2012-10-05 add link to 'getting-the-i2p-code' on newdevelopers.html
467229a4 2012-10-05 removing mention of obsolete bug
ee8f7a69 2012-10-05 formatting change
bd43e09a 2012-10-05 modifications of the monotone related pages.
42971812 2012-10-05 new config file spec
cf39748d 2012-10-04 Added announcements
8eecf51b 2012-10-04 Finished index page
2318e62b 2012-10-04 fix some links
d5ab1d73 2012-10-04 translated _menu file, created index file for greek
b3caca59 2012-10-04 commit layout file
2b8d341e 2012-10-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 56805f1c287e5d3c3f99a1d379eedb7546b3f871)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head acf206607b2261559baba585f66b9c2b0d528bca)
a404bbf7 2012-09-28 - Add another launchpad link to download pages - Fix some SSU documentation issues (ticket #716) - Clarify use of DeliveryStatusMessage in SSU handshake - Add i2p.streaming.blacklist option
968cfd74 2012-09-26 typo
8513fd1e 2012-09-26 s/forum\.i2p2\.de/forum.i2p/g
adf446e9 2012-09-26 minor formatting corrections
c845f496 2012-09-26 Added fixedapp.php (reseed script)
d3e535ae 2012-09-22 0.9.2
bed852fa 2012-09-21 0.9.2
00ef914a 2012-09-20 Migrated over impressum.html
ac73c8ee 2012-09-20 Moved old translations into a separate directory
68dce484 2012-09-19 Updated link to status notes on meetings index -> points to blog now
63133d53 2012-09-19 Convert underscores to spaces when using blog entry slugs as link text
416cf769 2012-09-19 Migrated announcements to blog
5d5419b0 2012-09-19 Moved latest news list from index.html to a separate file (since it will be updated more often)
a49c9a0e 2012-09-19 Moved the Trac menu link from Develop to Support
715dc780 2012-09-17 Added translation tags to index page and global includes
0eab5f51 2012-09-17 Prevent lang flag being appended to static urls
6eda9358 2012-09-17 Migrated over de and fr translations of docs/how/intro
c2a739e9 2012-09-17 Added /favicon.ico path for legacy browsers
e9a5b01a 2012-09-17 Migrated over es translation of docs/how/intro
82ef3230 2012-09-17 Reformatted docs/how/intro text (more uniform, culled extra whitespace)
f35c2fae 2012-09-17 Removed some whitespace from translation tags
f20cf0a1 2012-09-17 Added translation tags to docs/how/intro
fcbf62af 2012-09-17 Added translation support using Flask-Babel
2ee45fcf 2012-09-17 Migrated over monotone, roadmap and team pages
62a7de51 2012-09-17 Finished migrating docs/how/intro
5c47ddde 2012-09-17 Migrated over donation and hall of fame pages
eaed7cec 2012-09-17 Updated translation link for rutrans bounty page
c4ce9b81 2012-09-17 Moved change_lang macro into the global macro file
2ab919e1 2012-09-15 Added the 'i2pconv' template filter to convert I2P urls to clearnet as required
e9aa0ea9 2012-09-15 Migrated some static urls in application dev page
5a3090e9 2012-09-15 Migrated over API, application dev and license-related pages
17fa2f79 2012-09-15 Migrated over bounties
ca2094c5 2012-09-14 Migrated getinvolved.html to volunteer/index.html
01ff4251 2012-09-14 Migrated over FAQ
81a2e90c 2012-09-14 Final push, everything is good now.
1e234e34 2012-09-14 Debugging for meeh
81a216cc 2012-09-14 Debugging for meeh
a0459092 2012-09-14 Remove two messages that won't be seen.
ef752083 2012-09-14 Presanitize, no need to resanitize.
a60723cf 2012-09-14 Test for old entries and use them.
ae48239d 2012-09-14 Make netDb app WSGI compliant.
2d0a6c33 2012-09-14 Added a macro to simplify inserting site urls
8e75eeb7 2012-09-14 Migrated over the 0.9.1 release announcement
255524a1 2012-09-14 Display blog entries latest-first
27bee805 2012-09-14 Finished migration of status notes
6c1d7c53 2012-09-14 Beginning of migration of status notes
e5aa2a49 2012-09-14 Add a more secure netDb app.
b13744ae 2012-09-14 Bugfix to get blog entries to render
0a2cb5f8 2012-09-13 Reorganised menu and footer links
2c982e82 2012-09-13 Overhauled the dropdown menus
eef5f3fc 2012-09-13 Update hard-coded meeting urls
6424b532 2012-09-13 merge of '6612280ca87514a1519a9c91b38bf4faf11193fb'      and 'fa0fc51f581c40bd52c0c64359685cb405393ca8'
5419e6c1 2012-09-13 disapproval of revision '378ab6a882c7ce887e80fb4ada4fd04eb2d21c39'
80e09731 2012-09-13 Cleanup after merge
b89262af 2012-09-13 merge of '2ce4e166e0483f51424fadd6000ab0533c7c500e'      and 'bb781be28724dd3f71b63d80c1ac103ccc692a89'
905bfba4 2012-09-13 add missing template to make meetings work..
6109ae78 2012-09-13 Turn off debug mode again
f8b1cbff 2012-09-13 Dynamically generate meetings index (as for blog index)
94cb7205 2012-09-13 Template and tweaks -> meetings now display. TODO: properly render .rst
51f3228d 2012-09-13 Finished migration of meeting logs
da424479 2012-09-12 Cleanup after merge
488e647c 2012-09-12 merge of '815d110b12ab9f27cad1cb3511b3027c8db4d2b3'      and 'be7a16368a772fa456776fb0576b5a587c6d49e7'
135ce35a 2012-09-12 Beginning of migration of meeting logs
5aff8d2d 2012-09-12 add example meeting..
e55dd618 2012-09-12 Moved i2p2www to root directory (since other sites stored in i2p.www will be (re)moved)
0cae2d6b 2012-09-12 Pass date and 'title' through to blog/index.html
6d0fbc13 2012-09-12 backport simple blog index page from rev a7375a677ec43f581eeae1b569f1ccd1885d5198
897e8605 2012-09-12 applied partial changes from 720393956bd6eaceef4ba3f5be0dc3296a0f7e86                      through a7375a677ec43f581eeae1b569f1ccd1885d5198
03b8c33b 2012-09-12 add basic blog entry template
cfc96e28 2012-09-12 Run i2p2www in production mode
ed9fd269 2012-09-12 Hard-coded application name (as per Flask docs)
b9255e78 2012-09-12 Modified language urls to track current page (in most cases)
1b4e2025 2012-09-12 Finished blog index methods, added a basic blog index template
b051cae1 2012-09-11 Migrated over how* pages and techintro
f3582779 2012-09-11 Fall back to index.html if a page directory is requested instead of a page file
83cca645 2012-09-11 Added a handler for server errors
4f9ef2b7 2012-09-11 Modified layout.html to use <div class="inner"> by default
a2bc992a 2012-09-11 Some more url migrations
a6ad8818 2012-09-10 Replaced hard-coded paths in layout and langbox with url_for
63f8d293 2012-09-10 Migrated in duck's proposed layout, added (bad) drop-down menus based on mainmenu.css
c7dd13d7 2012-09-10 Whitespace fixes
d1a81636 2012-09-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.www.duck.revamp' (head 0f849ce4fe0a87cc50f7c5b6ca594261545e3c33)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head ddfa4b28c624201ea011736689c0057e0609e60a)
cd26692c 2012-09-10 Link logo to / instead of index.html
e9aa1ded 2012-09-10 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 0fca5ade227cf426a49307b17bbf1f4fce3ec714)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 381d000186a6da7ff63ca778bd0823fe3c070d36)
d48acb9c 2012-09-10 Moved "new website" into a package in www.i2p2 dir
c9640766 2012-09-10 Reordered and commented hooks
9b575cb3 2012-09-10 Some comments to clarify app.py
17224eba 2012-09-10 Removed whitespace
382d1584 2012-09-10 start hacking blog index
7a85ca33 2012-09-03 more SSU notes
06e00c4d 2012-09-02 I2CP updates for 0.9.2
3ab50f15 2012-08-31 udp tweaks
8bfe845a 2012-08-31 add irc.killyourtv.i2p
22ea2a48 2012-08-22 news
6ce33b61 2012-08-17 touch-ups
05e734cd 2012-08-10 fix
e47a9be2 2012-08-10 add meeh@mail.i2p agreement
a35c331c 2012-08-06 Comment out broken link to Tor FAQ
ff23666b 2012-08-05 secure DNT node ID info
2135740d 2012-08-04 add clarifying ~/.i2p
89be1006 2012-08-01 added latest donations jun/jul 2012
fdd1528e 2012-08-01 fix jar sha256sum update sha256sum for .jar on the download pages
dedae838 2012-07-31 typo
d3b552d8 2012-07-30 merge of '8c349a5bd4ad821939c25b7762fff26ec41d7257'      and 'dc82c69b60b33f3594cb75aa88960d167fd5202e'
890dbf3e 2012-07-30 0.9.1
2a32ab63 2012-07-30 0.9.1
64cb122f 2012-07-30 added yourkit license text
97dd05bf 2012-07-18 Added id3nt.i2p and git.repo.i2p to hosts.txt
a4695295 2012-07-18 colombo-bt
06befa54 2012-07-10 the ports are now configured at /confignet
e22d3a11 2012-07-10 s/localhost/
b68940bf 2012-07-10 minor tweaks to the port forward section
ac099902 2012-06-29 update
6e9003be 2012-06-25 - Proposed new I2CP options for 0.9.2 - I2NP Garlic clove/message clarifications
f343b42e 2012-06-19 new streaming option
94ac8af3 2012-06-16 minor changes
48a1c5d9 2012-06-09 minor updates
2971bfe1 2012-06-08 rearranged javadoc sites according to how up-to-date they are
28e833ce 2012-06-04 add info on unknwon tunnel pool options
f1462b1e 2012-06-03 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 3b29b531e23947146c2b409b5802e4911026dd32)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head adc282a5a643dd723df82509f265fbfd3ab0c754)
b26bbd81 2012-06-03 1/2 of blog implementation done!
2da4745b 2012-06-02 bt dht update
752e1c6a 2012-06-02 update
7baf77ad 2012-06-01 first kinda working setup
a4571ab6 2012-06-01 more progress!
ff6c682b 2012-06-01 propagate from branch 'i2p.www' (head 707b4f459fe19461f9e6deebe5d806ecb25fd248)             to branch 'i2p.www.revamp' (head 0ec7bc55c3f476948bccf0afb7936a404ff1a40e)
894b9bb7 2012-06-01 finally! some progress
aa1d4f45 2012-06-01 show plugin site, update tahoe page, clean-up html to make it easier to edit in the future
a83539ca 2012-06-01 grammar fixes, rewordings
639e2af9 2012-05-31 again a fix for headline
5c7e3d8d 2012-05-31 small fixes:
5cb20cbc 2012-05-31 added TOS
2f73387b 2012-05-29 Added a simple table with supported browsers.
d804c762 2012-05-28 updates
811a55b0 2012-05-25 update link name (it's not 'My eepsite' anymore)
c454a1da 2012-05-25 explain how to configure browser earlier
2ed4afcc 2012-05-23 update the ubuntu version to use for Debian unstable
efff71ec 2012-05-21 updates
c18ab509 2012-05-15 updated with latest donatiosn til 14/05/2012
b44871d3 2012-05-11 add new ports-used chart, incl. plugins
808f33bb 2012-05-06 Fix translation on download_ru.html
75ab5ac7 2012-05-03 updated latest 0.9 changes
0a848e3a 2012-05-03 0.9
f04820d7 2012-05-02 merge of '096cc259b74c26386729bdb874c6162357ee5bfd'      and 'e4093012968c495c671aea01feca4d6494ec559a'
bdcfd97f 2012-05-02 0.9
27e5d22e 2012-04-18 Adding my eepsite (since it was added to the router console by request)
e46dfb9f 2012-04-16 updated bounties page and unittest bountie with latest state
c8a617e3 2012-04-16 updated with payed parts and sums and new donation
b15c2ee2 2012-04-11 Add note about Debian testing
91b45854 2012-04-09 add keys.i2p
cf0330c8 2012-04-09 Update information about Debian unstable
a4ef3969 2012-03-29 since the javadoc subscription should have propagated by now, I'm removing the addresshelper link
f7d6e870 2012-03-24 removed comment about vista, I2P installs fine in german vista/win 7
085fa4bf 2012-03-24 added some nicknames given by donors
a9e03da2 2012-03-24 new donations feb/mar 2012
6b3d6406 2012-03-23 crypto clarification
45812df1 2012-03-18 remove tino references
56e8c625 2012-03-15 Update plugin spec versions and date
b1219c33 2012-03-15 Update plugin spec
adae1c72 2012-03-13 Add plugin site
f030e2c8 2012-03-07 Added alt texts to image links.
859539de 2012-03-06 Switched European t-shurt provider.
c9467fa4 2012-03-04 Add my javadoc host to hosts.txt.
6da02f5c 2012-02-28 add backup news.xml
a597b8b1 2012-02-28 0.8.13
e22670ce 2012-02-27 0.8.13
bae9e9c1 2012-02-22 added two talks
2d06952a 2012-02-17 fixup
a036c5bd 2012-02-17 merge of '30aeb7fe1dccc7f1b3df9125efb69060721ae556'      and '34697e8073805d05053db51f3ca00569aa7662da'
4e57a841 2012-02-17 Add ISD podcast from February 16, 2012
ef6ce647 2012-02-17 old and new links
140a0f85 2012-02-12 spelling checks
92c7ad39 2012-02-12 update Eur
d25ffdbd 2012-02-12 updated
df92c58e 2012-02-07 Fixed langauge bar.
5b609fe0 2012-02-05 updated state of fun jan/2012
57db057c 2012-01-29 reorganize
3c23aecb 2012-01-29 minor grammar fixes
3071f60a 2012-01-28 whups
10de2439 2012-01-28 corrections
e74bf19f 2012-01-28 new blockfile spec and dev guidelines; other typos
4e5170f2 2012-01-25 A Lease contains a Hash, not a full RouterIdentity. This was changed in Feb. 2005 for release 0.5, so about time our docs caught up.
ad801499 2012-01-24 s|http://i2pshop|https://i2pshop|g
588b34e3 2012-01-22 small note to be outdated
ad1315ec 2012-01-22 Re-added (old) bounty unittests, need to change!
922b8655 2012-01-22 added donations jan 2012
af526b1e 2012-01-22 missed anon BTC donations dec/2012, sorry
4ae360f5 2012-01-21 Added i2pdocs.str4d.i2p to list of Javadocs inside I2P
c034cff7 2012-01-16 str4d agreement
3afbab9a 2012-01-11 changed config.jsp to confignet.jsp in faq_de, faq_zh, faq_fr
67c7f7cc 2012-01-11 added config.jsp to confignet.jsp in faq_ar and faq_en to reflect changes of 0.8.12
b4d8a105 2012-01-09 Corrected html error.
27ace270 2012-01-07 updated menu list
696cc164 2012-01-07 adding papers reference
607b3c3d 2012-01-06 merge of '24a52a350378cf184aeabc609004720c7547bd22'      and 'b84060c83ff0832b1553f38c736d71d74e538c1b'
4d029466 2012-01-06 0.8.12
d118fce5 2012-01-06 Wrong port^2.
41422693 2012-01-06 Added info regarding how periods are measured. In ms that is.
b279c75f 2012-01-06 Oups, wrong port.
50b7b7d0 2012-01-06 Added I2PControl defaults info
3e5a67ac 2012-01-06 0.8.12
e82902d2 2012-01-03 fix validation errors
8bf27ba1 2012-01-03 update paste site/ dev channel
7386fc28 2012-01-03 update wrapper version
0f0d9714 2012-01-02 misc. updates
fd5be9e5 2012-01-01 updated latest donations dec 2011
7294a8c8 2011-12-31 fix t-shirt link
71578385 2011-12-30 Added links to the t-shirt shops.
d3b5a0ec 2011-12-27 Add -k "" to the mtn pull command
ea52f3db 2011-12-21 slight rewording
3ec688a5 2011-12-21 Fixing HTML errors
d0917fdd 2011-12-16 merge of '0d095dc3ca8b0df3360d6cfac3adfdfaf5e7f688'      and '912b3ba9a031d956d8f9957020a37215867ff01c'
9a7d6668 2011-12-16 Update gnunet link (closes #568)
150668ce 2011-12-13 more info on checksums
b51595c5 2011-12-09 correction
6b2818fd 2011-12-09 I2NP and SSU updates and clarifications
ab2de88b 2011-12-04 updated latest donations
0ce8c399 2011-12-02 merge of 'b0213d9cdad533e7466667843b119713a49d2eed'      and 'e3d27788078d2a8a8d92faf5dc1bc9e453b71126'
0e54f5e3 2011-12-02 added irc.echelon.i2p
0473f86d 2011-11-30 link
546708a8 2011-11-28 deletelist.txt info
265d396d 2011-11-23 Add note about the wrapper & Freebsd for I2P >= 0.8.9
457b560a 2011-11-19 links
b14cc112 2011-11-15 new link
60d050a4 2011-11-13 tweaks
61dde727 2011-11-13 more links
000176a3 2011-11-12 new paper
21f2683f 2011-11-09 MTU update
fbc960d2 2011-11-08 0.8.11
807f600c 2011-11-07 0.8.11
96e2cc18 2011-11-07 translation links
346267e8 2011-11-03 add new update host
a8ae5cc4 2011-10-29 added donations sep/oct
ec63939a 2011-10-23 http://i2p-projekt.de is a reseed host. http://www.i2p-projekt.de is the actual mirror
2385fefc 2011-10-22 DeliveryInstructions corrections; add links to archives of past releases
72b3d23c 2011-10-20 0.8.10
d0e90de0 2011-10-20 0.8.10
65de0685 2011-10-18 new paper
fed7e25f 2011-10-11 merge of '84dd7ee3b0d072de549c78f816594b302c7a2147'      and 'e581b3c5edd648de4545926c264fd43e1e19bc2f'
41a7eb5d 2011-10-11 0.8.9
5b272073 2011-10-11 0.8.9
5da0e8e1 2011-10-11 cleanups
de6f7605 2011-10-08 fix title
5352a366 2011-10-07 formatting fix
2efd91af 2011-10-06 Add diftracker.i2p
cdc3328b 2011-10-05 started working on the new version of the website
8381d34b 2011-09-27 Add note for the command-line challenged
286b0a11 2011-09-24 remove duplication
c6d3c8f8 2011-09-24 remove duplicated words
52304696 2011-09-14 cleanups
fbb9ce4a 2011-09-06 The devs hang out in #i2p-dev, not #i2p
d88d78b0 2011-09-03 Corrected date.
09617d47 2011-09-03 Added link to itoopie announcement.
2deb9938 2011-09-03 Added wrap-up note.
2bda2bbe 2011-08-31 Updated hall of fame with august 2011 data
041f93e6 2011-08-31 added btc bounty to german bounties page
4d2569bd 2011-08-31 changed en bounties list to latest
1a9bb33b 2011-08-31 changed SILC server bounty text slightly
5d8b35dd 2011-08-29 info on iterative lookups
8661472d 2011-08-28 Add links to googlecode and launchpad.
2960862c 2011-08-25 add/clarify my entries
3c097232 2011-08-23 0.8.8
4a9cbaec 2011-08-23 0.8.8
46bef4ac 2011-08-20 podcast links
a6d11694 2011-08-18 typo fixes
e5060e4c 2011-08-17 adding pastethis.i2p to hosts.txt. Also noticed that sponge.i2p is in the hosts file that ships with I2P but it is not here. Adding that too.
f20a285d 2011-08-16 updates
6e2bd010 2011-08-16 missing quotes
4a75e9df 2011-08-16 Comment out all list item tags and the closing tags with list-style: none, because they are not needed in order to render properly and do not render properly on browsers lacking CSS support.
e9c35d88 2011-08-01 Clarified alternatives implemented by I2PControl currently.
42084878 2011-08-01 Documented I2PControl support for changing listen address of the I2PControl instance.
be87a0af 2011-08-01 Updated JBigi documentation to describe current situation.
46056c11 2011-07-31 some small typos
df61cac4 2011-07-31 added bounty btc client for I2P
c6b2481f 2011-07-31 Updated halloffame, latest donations Jul 2011
88ff00db 2011-07-27 typos
b0664b06 2011-07-27 unidir tunnels, other updates
88c9f2dc 2011-07-27 Corrected enum numbers for the router netstatus.
9acd209e 2011-07-26 Changed NetStatus to depend on an enum instead of actual string.
d281afc2 2011-07-26 Clarified uptime stat.
a1759242 2011-07-26 Reflect API change for RouterInfo uptime type change: String -> long.
94f58826 2011-07-26 Added documentation of API version related error codes -32005/-32006.
0bb37341 2011-07-26 Documented new netDB/reseed related functionality. Renamed RouterRunner -> RouterManager.
660a53ea 2011-07-23 Updated bounties page in .en and .de
f0d1bea2 2011-07-23 Paid bounty to hamada
9a8126bc 2011-07-22 Added documentation for the API-level. Added documentation for new RouterInfo method features.
c0b88a2e 2011-07-21 merge of '0e986f5e3288ce3892a37541a43c4fa9299da078'      and '54691a5da921b5d37d1a69e5ab5e8376242aab56'
142704bb 2011-07-21 Added error codes of the I2PControl API.
96183237 2011-07-20 l8tn tweaks
35f89962 2011-07-20 l8tn tweaks
5a4510ef 2011-07-19 Documented new I2PControl features.
3386d476 2011-07-15 Documented new I2PControl API features.
ea12b45c 2011-07-12 Revert hamada's reverts that commented out the defunct i2p.us domain
327f3f37 2011-07-12 Fixed a broken title.
016b2fc4 2011-07-12 tweaked hall of fame to something less emphatic
7cb47ac3 2011-07-12 follow kytv upds
12558341 2011-07-11 merge of '6fcf031460aa95c631640dd0ab4973581a81f73e'      and 'b76bb47375cdf3fefb498826ce626c0a2d1098f8'
5cffe924 2011-07-11 Sometimes "-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true", etc. aren't enough
69b221c2 2011-07-08 announcements_fr cosmetics
bea3430f 2011-07-08 merge of '6036a7e315e9a1f76c1f7d4061a01f324f4cc86b'      and 'faa00c377df1c7cc49c62af94c4a7e0521176bb4'
3e6af862 2011-07-08 updates
749bab4f 2011-07-08 merge of '0b36fe6a942fa98fadfb499dedcec4e5410a5056'      and 'f0a1bab76a698222e7dbc0e8a750bdcc133e8fb3'
3d1b540f 2011-07-08 Bad return type corrected. String->boolean
06975584 2011-07-08 merge of '45ebae00a0d194215eb71adec5e6efc581d957a1'      and '915a23fa1d1712d586fe2797350122a725fdbc81'
09af540c 2011-07-08 Reflect API changes.
31586a40 2011-07-08 updated
2e84e050 2011-07-08 add relakks & ipredator
862b3f45 2011-07-07 typosssss
7e4ce5cd 2011-07-07 typos
d2a94f02 2011-07-07 0.8.7 upd _fr pages
f797fd09 2011-07-07 typo
8499b10d 2011-07-07 typo and add debian_fr
094ff826 2011-07-07 update
688d08d6 2011-07-07 merge of '94c17b9909503e46d7428059bb8eac1ab6cf88f3'      and 'f2e09edd0988227347b3707e0afa40204d7392f6'
9a4a7a8f 2011-07-07 Back to work. Hi all
a9b44b14 2011-07-07 typow
0bf1bfdb 2011-07-07 Added documentation for getNetworkInfo/setNetworkInfo.
ff7daa66 2011-07-07 typo
c269317b 2011-07-07 Bienvenue Kytv
f2e6b7d9 2011-07-07 Corrected title.
59672d92 2011-07-06 Add Arabic announcements page
bea63867 2011-07-05 Clarification.
3c02cafb 2011-07-05 Improve sentence.
e356347d 2011-07-05 Added a rateStat list.
4fff083e 2011-07-05 Updated i2ocontrol.html to reflect additions and changes in the I2PControl API.
4d3647ed 2011-07-02 merge of '5654fbf8fc887d66c444b58f4be4ceb0cbc5bd33'      and '8a6014042431efcf172805f009419292643387a4'
3b84ff91 2011-07-02 Added latest donations
ff67e6ab 2011-06-30 remove extraneous <p> so the page validates
67febc4e 2011-06-30 more validation fixes
7d6de807 2011-06-30 remove <center> tag from the themebox. <center> doesn't exist in xhtml
5f759267 2011-06-29 0.8.7
a2345b55 2011-06-29 update
630db98a 2011-06-29 merge of '7579358edfd72c3b0bd4e0b6ff6c92fd8a66e98e'      and '9b8ef709c82d17da50e6308ec78b837851fcbec1'
b5cf154a 2011-06-27 merge of '041f619e8ee8aca977a59b72395010a2a026cc11'      and '82abc4d97a01bc2e1a3cc0d4b0ffd8a869eab346'
8d653f74 2011-06-27 Began work on documenting the I2PControl JSON-RPC 2 API.
8ea84a9c 2011-06-27 0.8.7
89645b26 2011-06-26 change docs host
9d283616 2011-06-26 merge of '29db80e53e567e9761af788b8f7c8122d2863389'      and '83bf3e3e93cd98224fc72fbb6dca906a07b6e401'
70c7d6c8 2011-06-25 don't say port 8887 should be opened anymore
b43cb928 2011-06-25 Add Arabic translation of some website pages
d4d9c731 2011-06-23 Removed unused duplicate screenshots differing only in filename case.
2950609f 2011-06-23 move
434cdeab 2011-06-21 Add link to BSD RE: DIY wrapper
426227d0 2011-06-21 new page describing how to manually install the wrapper when we don't include a wrapper for $ARCH
9d3437a2 2011-06-20 merge of 'a6f938a7ea80728eb2e57f6ea34868d9755a1f9d'      and 'de21e6a07bcd7b308f2cc63bd9759bab3bdec4cf'
3e26af91 2011-06-20 Previous itoopie work was based on work by dr|zed.
c499a69a 2011-06-20 merge of 'a298bbc9c68429de10e8df565f22d70818ee85d1'      and 'c920dd9ce84851fc547c74380c87f34dbea42d71'
ec748033 2011-06-20 merge of '3ae8e4ad812f20b1b834d561d484a8a7b5762bdd'      and 'a7691ba95686e34e3b7a982f672c859492adf1e4'
935e0c6a 2011-06-20 Added highres version and svg version of itoopie.
81b30545 2011-06-19 validation fixes
018e4cdb 2011-06-19 even better: move the id from <a> to the <h2>s
eef11bce 2011-06-19 switch from <a name> to <a id>. I didn't realize <a name> was dropped in xhtml 1.1
446dd3f1 2011-06-19 closing a tag that I missed when creating the document
4a431261 2011-06-19 merge of '0a16a778c25d93de45e76984cecc2edf3744a003'      and '95b7fb2c4de1d55c2462176625a374b510aa8ce0'
35077946 2011-06-19 deb links
35bedf90 2011-06-19 validation fixes. 61 errors -> zero
4130217a 2011-06-19 Some touching up of the wording
294c5acf 2011-06-19 the subscribe buttons should be in English on the English page
132ae62c 2011-06-19 validation fixes
ded846b3 2011-06-19 validation fixes
bcbac7c6 2011-06-19 validation fixes
64324c60 2011-06-19 validation fixes
3b7fecfb 2011-06-19 validation fixes
93ac2aaf 2011-06-19 Change mailing list link to gmane (this seems like it might be the correct thread)
bb715962 2011-06-19 disable i2p.us--the domain expired in april
3d02d6ca 2011-06-19 clarification
e07186de 2011-06-19 Add question about port 32000
916487c2 2011-06-19 minor tweaks
d544dadb 2011-06-19 minor validation tweaks
3b9c5bbd 2011-06-19 minor validation tweaks
2becb28e 2011-06-19 minor tweaks so the pages are valid xhtml
58ee242c 2011-06-18 Add the actual error to the BSD section
402f5530 2011-06-18 change the anchor to better reflect the error
a2b59fcc 2011-06-18 Add note about BSD and "protocol family unavailable"
ec607023 2011-06-18 Updates and re-wordings
ba32dfac 2011-06-17 typo fixes and making the page valid xhtml
87d719ed 2011-06-17 <center> isn't valid in xhtml 1.1.
369dbf57 2011-06-17 fix typo, add comma
839f3b46 2011-06-17 add iMule and tahoe-lafs to the list
addb54b5 2011-06-17 Fix light_ar.css bugs
805ca4a2 2011-06-17 Moved menu to right and other RTL Arabic CSS tweaks
75e285d1 2011-06-15 updates
e58fe321 2011-06-15 merge of 'a7691ba95686e34e3b7a982f672c859492adf1e4'      and 'b4e43d02b7fbb80fda2127ce92a1e97dc2d30147'
7f53fb75 2011-06-15 added information to silc bounty
ad218473 2011-06-14 explicit merge of '4f22ee40f99347ba283afc2032dac3b4326fedee'               and '627b154388d14e17f2720464ce6890907c904249'
5c33c192 2011-06-13 Revised who is paying for the party.
9811c36b 2011-06-13 Fix spelling mistake in SAM V3 information
604f76fa 2011-06-13 Add missing link
df1444c0 2011-06-13 Update applications page with BOB information
1b843c79 2011-06-06 Added links to Ipredator and Relakks for their funding of hottunas summer of code 2011
bc9572bc 2011-06-06 Changed info regarding who sponsors what.
12026a5e 2011-06-06 Announce ViaEuropa Summer of Code
604cfd93 2011-06-05 put the "supported" list in order of popularity and add howto for synaptic. Still could probably use touching up.
41ef285e 2011-06-04 close <br> tags
fbc03f36 2011-06-04 Grammar fix & mentioning Ubuntu (& not just Debian)
9adbea79 2011-06-04 add alt tags to bullet img tags so that most pages are closer to validating
626c8057 2011-06-04 merge of '85ccb95253c94c1087cdcc2a46840f8ac0f075e6'      and 'f30ffb19512a63ad896f7b09db1f1b5282e6251a'
c2eab475 2011-06-04 www: add debian page
1bff322b 2011-06-03 Did miss two more BTC, were noted already on echelon.i2p
51f6b80f 2011-06-03 Missed some BTC on halloffame
b2034287 2011-06-02 The download link on the Arabic page is broken.
ef4c4394 2011-06-01 Added SILC bounty to list of bounties
8c108620 2011-06-01 Added bounty IRC to SILC
e2610d5c 2011-06-01 Updated to 1.6.2011
9b0d1752 2011-05-30 updates
74428676 2011-05-28 update
066cc193 2011-05-25 Take the role of Linux packager for Debian/Ubuntu
dc9d0699 2011-05-21 +kytv
4a53f022 2011-05-20 rm meeting 48 which was really a dup of 49
178dbaa1 2011-05-18 upd 086_fr pages and end for plugin_spec_fr
b60e0f47 2011-05-17 0.8.6
c23adffe 2011-05-16 0.8.6
6c00fe8d 2011-05-16 continued
413a518c 2011-05-06 minor tweaks to debian bounty page
3c74b1c7 2011-05-06 minor tweaks to debian bounty page
3b8fd8ca 2011-05-06 Page for debian package bounty
4423d054 2011-05-05 remove finished tasks from future work list
5fb72c0f 2011-05-05 document changes in 0.8.3
4d90d7b9 2011-04-29 site (plugin spec, contd)
d4fb59bc 2011-04-28 site (plugin, contd)
68bd8601 2011-04-28 please check these fixes
1487dace 2011-04-28 site (plugin)
29278c37 2011-04-27 site (plugin contd)
9ef0d22d 2011-04-26 site (plugin)
e7fc9d77 2011-04-26 merge of 'a9e1e9ecc187642d4ad9b5c98767e2da38de14a7'      and 'cf378136f3b19ee4e5667cafcaa1c6ab1fa2bac4'
db5acac1 2011-04-26 site (plugin)
5fca1ebc 2011-04-25 Added latest donations
a6a8c3e1 2011-04-25 site (plugin)
bf50f306 2011-04-24 site (naming, end)
b06d8e8b 2011-04-24 site (naming, cont)
c53c4d19 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
49ffc553 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
d7dd792b 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
cd4d0c38 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
22aeead4 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
644860ea 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr cont)
77c21c71 2011-04-24 site (naming_fr)
1c781543 2011-04-24 site (papers_fr)
da422318 2011-04-24 site (protocol)
c6376ae9 2011-04-21 upd for 0.8.5
6b21811f 2011-04-21 upd for 0.8.5
6e8e80d7 2011-04-21 stick to original
b584c2e4 2011-04-18 how_intro_es corrections
2bb86ff5 2011-04-18 how_intro_es corrections
eb84ee08 2011-04-18 update for release
b9acc5d6 2011-04-18 fix
77035590 2011-04-18 0.8.5
4709d406 2011-04-18 0.8.5
e21d3717 2011-04-15 updates
b00c2eb4 2011-04-14 tired frog
5d27fc11 2011-04-13 the stealth frog coming back to fix a typo
234a4c25 2011-04-13 the salamander the toad and the frog
81257bf8 2011-04-13 armored frog
8172bb1b 2011-04-13 the poor lonesome coder frog
0dbe91b6 2011-04-13 the developers trust frog
16f69669 2011-04-13 central frog
b8264666 2011-04-13 db frog
9be251c1 2011-04-13 the snuck frog
e12512ca 2011-04-13 Cryptofrog
54711f25 2011-04-13 The NSA frog
e58b33e6 2011-04-13 Agent Smith frog
ad189e3d 2011-04-13 the DPI frog
c040c902 2011-04-13 the psychopath harvesting frog
fac3463a 2011-04-13 the frightening predecessor frog
9a0522c5 2011-04-12 the butcher frog
1bab7d69 2011-04-12 the frogs that tagged the beefs
cc5e3a37 2011-04-12 the frog that says Ni
ad7e6afd 2011-04-12 the crossroad scoptophile frog
2f3a1d7b 2011-04-12 the waiting frog
48430a49 2011-04-12 brute frog
27151bd6 2011-04-12 gorf (anon)
53799ddb 2011-04-12 morning frog
d0ec6b26 2011-04-11 croa (Cercle de Résistance à l'Oppression des Agenouillistes
a646be03 2011-04-11 croa
70b4fd5a 2011-04-11 Twenty first century frrrog\!
d4542092 2011-04-11 If you want frog, you'll get it\!
1d4161a2 2011-04-11 frogger
f41d569e 2011-04-11 frogger
e24f4246 2011-04-11 more frenchy
a987fe4f 2011-04-11 upd fw port
6f8a632f 2011-04-11 upd link
31f225f0 2011-04-10 merge of '67c17e8fc369533bad7b55dc8b6258caf80826a2'      and 'cb12c83eed3b5d13d52f74379ad482e647083565'
b8093679 2011-04-10 updates
de07cbd4 2011-04-08 merge of '2caa4f9c062b2d5b4a0342c1cb18d1431635d2d0'      and 'e5ab3c7e7bee11ab10f22ffd80afef7deb1e7283'
0e36ba35 2011-04-08 typo
3c1bd23b 2011-04-08 change links for es
4429e837 2011-04-08 website translation es, thx Ulises
1e169ff4 2011-04-07 ego³
347c9dac 2011-04-06 fixed typo
949b7cc3 2011-04-05 fix
d2a550cf 2011-04-05 re
c0eaecb0 2011-04-05 merge of '008220c4f893a8ef0316ad45d31b3b5642e0c57c'      and 'da81ab7ba406bfc558bac8aaa3ef5115cd45856f'
5f27c40d 2011-04-05 expand
99a9e796 2011-04-05 typo
f6d361da 2011-04-04 typos and corrections
1106cfb2 2011-04-04 misread a 3 for a 2
518adf31 2011-04-04 small changes to a typo
af37e1a1 2011-04-04 Added donations march 2011
080c2a03 2011-04-03 merge of '0b9b1598fdc0c54ee2f49be064294e217bf34035'      and 'ebec8417ea6465f7b873fe9f3c6aed6b11a70355'
c812c3e9 2011-04-03 add LG2=fr
4f0cf9ab 2011-04-01 ameliorage es; thx user
7a53105c 2011-04-01 fix typos; thx dr|z3d
9295bc1f 2011-03-25 typo
3993c48b 2011-03-24 enculage de mouche
57a1b4f5 2011-03-24 added short LAN usage settings advises
597bb501 2011-03-24 fix
ad054787 2011-03-24 format
af776a86 2011-03-24 htproxyports_fr images
8d20dc53 2011-03-24 htproxyports_fr
7c140c75 2011-03-24 link & typo
0f485d99 2011-03-24 link
d01f49ea 2011-03-24 typo
e54de5a9 2011-03-24 smaller box
93ae06aa 2011-03-23 broken tags fix
cf3367ab 2011-03-23 sumarize for direct link in susidns mesg_fr.po
e4be3639 2011-03-23 clean
d66e0377 2011-03-23 exemple
62dd6f5f 2011-03-23 typos
4fe32958 2011-03-23 upd translation location in pages
5eb37133 2011-03-23 upd newdevguide fr(typo)
1f7dc740 2011-03-23 upd newdevguide fr(typos)
5dbae392 2011-03-22 add newdevguide fr
f08f871d 2011-03-22 format
286dd014 2011-03-22 typo
bcd2bd05 2011-03-22 add newtransl_fr
55cba614 2011-03-21 added <input type="hidden" name="lc" value="FR"> to point to Paypal french payment page
7cf6a9a0 2011-03-21 upd donate
f8949cc0 2011-03-21 upd donate
3b741ff9 2011-03-21 again
5096a5d9 2011-03-21 encore
5fbf95ee 2011-03-21 encore
4dc11d5e 2011-03-21 upd
01137266 2011-03-21 add team_fr
e0c58922 2011-03-21 add donate & getinvolved_fr
fb05767b 2011-03-21 upd (fix idiomatisms)
9c53eb04 2011-03-21 upd menu: Panthéon is for dead heros;)
142a2cb2 2011-03-21 add donate & getinvolved_fr
99bd845e 2011-03-21 end
b12c2e7c 2011-03-20 upd
63e13b3a 2011-03-20 upd
ef6e0b74 2011-03-20 upd techintro_fr
2d0d8dbf 2011-03-20 upd techintro_fr
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cac7e824 2011-03-19 upd techintro_fr
f507f20d 2011-03-19 upd techintro_fr
896f9547 2011-03-18 upd agreement
1e2829ce 2011-03-18 upd agreement
fc7206bd 2011-03-18 upd techintro_fr
9f3bc427 2011-03-17 upd techintro_fr
d1d43cb6 2011-03-16 upd techintro_fr
6c1211a8 2011-03-16 upd techintro_fr
060ea067 2011-03-15 upd techintro_fr
cf56ba60 2011-03-15 upd techintro_fr
92eb1fad 2011-03-15 upd techintro_fr
dab67679 2011-03-15 upd techintro_fr
54b62371 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr
1e99fc1f 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr
d3c9ad1a 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr _fr.png links rebuilt, png files fixed
06cd0ee0 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr - removed _fr.png links (wrong rendering).. give me some time to correct this
4179b7d8 2011-03-10 merge of 'ca383ad52abf2f003f379086ef9c5a1ffb67ca21'      and 'f30f576f9edcf834b72994c6b1d0678b220f2df4'
5c6aef5b 2011-03-10 Revert broken comments which stopped website. remeber: usual comments does not work
f301ed06 2011-03-10 revoved crashing code for theme selector in _menu
bcd17485 2011-03-10 comment out crashing code for theme selector in _menu
55dd85a4 2011-03-10 comment out crashing code for theme selector in _menu
afd73f7d 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr
62307c55 2011-03-10 upd techintro_fr, add _fr.png related, upd some alt & title img tags on other already translated pages, try to translate theme selector for fr in _menu
605a01a0 2011-03-09 upd techintro_fr
f60334aa 2011-03-09 upd how_intro_fr
1f710c84 2011-03-09 upd intro_fr
6bd2eccf 2011-03-09 upd how_intro_fr (typo)
e9a4adbc 2011-03-09 upd how_intro_fr
8767147b 2011-03-08 upd how_intro_fr
07e99cf8 2011-03-08 upd how_intro_fr
b1b19c93 2011-03-08 upd how_intro_fr & add net_fr.png & endToEndEncryption_fr.png
58ee631f 2011-03-07 upd how_intro_fr
7e828535 2011-03-07 upd intro_fr
50551e2c 2011-03-07 upd how_fr
a2572118 2011-03-07 add how_intro_fr & upd techintro_fr
bd7f3f52 2011-03-06 add intro_fr & upd techintro_fr
e1843eb7 2011-03-06 upd techintro_fr
4b15fff7 2011-03-06 add techintro_fr & add a link to english current pages on all already translated _fr
fec3f575 2011-03-06 fix html
bf3f0fba 2011-03-05 add vids
ea1914a4 2011-03-04 upd index_fr
2ae7f11a 2011-03-04 upd how_fr
f9c208ee 2011-03-04 upd (index & how)_fr
069e1591 2011-03-04 upd menu & add how_fr
e7eeca78 2011-03-04 upd index_fr (urlify doesn't work
030b0d8e 2011-03-04 upd faq_f, faq(en):cpu quote broken (upper case) & try to urlify index_fr link to releasexxx_fr.
2233a537 2011-03-03 index_es mods
7d38c60a 2011-03-03 fix rows of flags
48a45adc 2011-03-03 merge of '460aeb661621343c7e1b5bcd026907d4182bd723'      and '8dd74f9cf745c4a5152519f6fccb5d80aa88b0ef'
59d1ef3a 2011-03-03 merge of '1f9122b232d43f7fe6bc37206d5d731d09309c5e'      and '3d978134bffce0fb2da5dc9afc56e7468104b70d'
a503c891 2011-03-03 merge of '27432aa3e258027382a7d088104cfb4a864f6026'      and '284b35424c0fbc5506e2adc0379d7b02d3df2140'
13da01ff 2011-03-03 upd faq_fr
d3d8626c 2011-03-03 upd index_fr
b66cc97d 2011-03-03 0.8.4
59d7abe0 2011-03-03 upd index_fr
01836ec4 2011-03-03 upd index_fr
e3c8340f 2011-03-03 add r084_fr
aed5adb1 2011-03-03 upd dl_fr
78fc9b70 2011-03-03 upd index_fr
1602dca8 2011-03-02 merge of '451fe5c40107a2dcabffabf91beaf070e67ebcbc'      and 'c9fc822f36b404f716d1076de837d5cc5b7ee15e'
943f35f8 2011-03-02 merge of '1548c7b934c4759ff85e28a5c64af47dbf766cd1'      and '58daaaee7b212da46dee806dc8314fd47a9bae99'
46c58ff2 2011-03-02 merge of '37c079e2e6e507b66fb895b5babbb6e96e5ea67c'      and 'e94887a68b3914888737582c43b72888250efd68'
99e0e3af 2011-03-02 0.8.4
2856080b 2011-03-02 index_es mods
5850ff87 2011-03-02 merge of 'afbd78bcc0d574c27a783c50a42a663bb34ed071'      and 'e94887a68b3914888737582c43b72888250efd68'
8fd3c664 2011-03-02 upd faq_fr
24f8355b 2011-03-02 upd faq_fr
5f76de10 2011-03-02 upd faq_fr
3d5b3227 2011-03-01 index_es mods
648234a9 2011-03-01 minor changes to website
5f9d93ff 2011-03-01 merge of '59d6ef9673f85f5fb60f9726d508d7d60ee49850'      and 'cde6b519aba44091b27900f270755c5f44ffdf0b'
4b0ca7c0 2011-03-01 minor changes to website
ddea3cf1 2011-03-01 Updates to hall of fame
80e2086c 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
f8005202 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
990a0ac1 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
9cfad883 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
20350cbc 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
639ad366 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
e0b2e923 2011-03-01 upd faq_fr
e25dab03 2011-02-28 upd faq_fr
4f240b99 2011-02-28 upd faq_fr
c2d8b217 2011-02-28 upd todo_fr & begin work on faq-fr
3d242acb 2011-02-28 upd todo_fr
e118c55a 2011-02-28 merge of '76b5699dc93ccf3df02121c9908808982fdac15a'      and 'a4e3d0835b46727aff75cd52a642f0bf652d624b'
d9315a2b 2011-02-27 upd todo_fr
79be8591 2011-02-27 fixes to index
81f4fcf4 2011-02-27 drop unused flag
46e3dcfd 2011-02-27 shortening
8c1e38c7 2011-02-27 moar fixing
7c588af0 2011-02-27 fix my elif error
526db953 2011-02-27 merge of '3de18dfd8ce712e642a0ef0b59959d919a02e44a'      and '59a1ace8a395a66b481c7b453660428e110151e2'
8d877523 2011-02-27 fix introduced error
15291098 2011-02-27 add Spanish index.html to website
cae191d7 2011-02-27 correct mismatch tags li/ul/p/etc (to pass html<>po's html validation)
6b2762f4 2011-02-26 upd todo_fr
38ebb06f 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr
dd58f7f9 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr
0de879f7 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr
7deba558 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr
bf3432ba 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr(typo&ascii)
9a4d62d9 2011-02-26 udp todo_fr
3e5d3921 2011-02-25 upd todo_fr
a4ce61a7 2011-02-24 upd todo_fr+(menu typo)
37282fcf 2011-02-24 upd todo_fr
680ca1a9 2011-02-24 add todo_fr
76c7f015 2011-02-24 merge of '1dd02826f1a39a5f26739ade1520380eeb9ed0b1'      and '2713993d5a3720fa435dac11cdbd18117157569a'
5784b6a4 2011-02-24 roadmap_fr
cc6b750f 2011-02-24 typos
919558f4 2011-02-23 meetings_fr
986a1e3b 2011-02-23 patched _menu §french
dea29f40 2011-02-23 add french announcements & patched _menu §french
99f992ce 2011-02-23 patched _menu §french
ee38a761 2011-02-23 patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html (ref layout.htlm ->layout_fr.html)
33e89503 2011-02-23 patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html (ref layout.htlm ->layout_fr.html)
e93ecff8 2011-02-23 patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html (ref layout.htlm ->layout_fr.html)
05c75414 2011-02-23 Current revision: 6a4bc702577285ee7ef3d5ca34a2ec2d874a11d5 Current branch: i2p.www Changes against parent e3b17750d2a83f6be0915d618ef996d567e800b1   patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html (ref layout.htlm ->layout_fr.html)
7e8289e6 2011-02-23 Current revision: e3b17750d2a83f6be0915d618ef996d567e800b1 Current branch: i2p.www Changes against parent 37e9b170dee28fa21648210a0154ecaad40e252a    patched  www.i2p2/pages/index_fr.html
476d2684 2011-02-23 Current revision: 37e9b170dee28fa21648210a0154ecaad40e252a Current branch: i2p.www Changes against parent b1234d59575e7dc91d588b06b595181015db9d9b    patched  www.i2p2/pages/_menu.html    patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html    patched  www.i2p2/pages/index_fr.html
f126d24e 2011-02-23 merge of '72961078394d0a185b16d0c4707ecbc378236832'      and 'a2e61dd56c4f39e51869c348cae3ae30f912d2b9'
0c1ec048 2011-02-22 preliminary list of papers and presentations
d044f00f 2011-02-22 Current revision: 72961078394d0a185b16d0c4707ecbc378236832 Current branch: i2p.www Changes against parent f009895a11dce94c64f9eee7ad57a8e78fb72744    patched  www.i2p2/pages/index_fr.html
12d5cef1 2011-02-22 merge of '4016ed775d020d08a884543ec8b06921b5d5fad4'      and '917ce4780c50460e0cbdc0a1c6160f14697d76f9'
c455c1e6 2011-02-21  Current revision: 917ce4780c50460e0cbdc0a1c6160f14697d76f9 Current branch: i2p.www Changes against parent 6378abd90e45c8c9a4d899c2e9e341f63749c4c5 patched  www.i2p2/pages/_menu.html patched  www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html
5ca29a7f 2011-02-21 first upload. added    www.i2p2/pages/download_fr.html
480546f3 2011-02-20 preliminary bittorrent spec; i2cp update
52473654 2011-02-17 merge of '8aeab91491efe95799807d2f49a0e1609bd2eaef'      and '96b1c53b49f5c5bdc70d2564369746be97087cdb'
6110a728 2011-02-17 merge of '65b939b1e900e76a0a771fdf743f36420ee7deb0'      and 'a3da0faa03de9b7ed426d237442f5fda8912b5f2'
e08e1e5c 2011-02-17 - Add hamada
4e8a1138 2011-02-08 Fixing download link
819a2a1a 2011-02-08 Fixing Page direction & language setting
49c26ac8 2011-02-08 This is the Arabic lang. icon
9b7ad1c3 2011-02-08 typos kills me
04035d12 2011-02-08 removed BOM from ar files
22388b2d 2011-02-08 small fixes to layout_ar
c0d074ce 2011-02-08 Arabic language layout , still untouched
38b8a034 2011-02-08 Download page in Arabic
c91b0250 2011-02-08 After adding Arabic support to the menu
4afaf526 2011-02-08 This is the Arabic index.html
6060aeee 2011-02-01 elgamalaes typos; newtranslators update
cab20211 2011-01-30 arabic translation bounty
f3c4b7fc 2011-01-30 Changed bountie pages
fbdf131d 2011-01-30 Updated bounties page
cd32eead 2011-01-30 Updates and redo, 30.01.2011
cd08d41e 2011-01-25 0.8.3
873c3fe2 2011-01-24 0.8.3
e2e744cd 2011-01-20 updates for 0.8.3
3773c8a9 2011-01-10 Added ID to top script.
6e48a847 2011-01-09 Added license agreement for hottuna.
2e3acd4d 2011-01-01 merge of '12d7b8d68369ddc3b14dab27336e830db3c6d54d'      and '849888b2716fc85512b1081c070d05eeca7ca4f5'
3891f185 2010-12-25 latest donations added
d979842a 2010-12-24 udp.html: fix typo
27f19b35 2010-12-24 merge of '27edbbbcf68f02527f59317be787441145931c67'      and 'fccf487c53f2f3f62be38d795ad654724c699931'
c92a649d 2010-12-24 typos
efd856c3 2010-12-22 0.8.2
51d7244e 2010-12-22 0.8.2
3cbd706a 2010-12-12 cosmetic to headlines
e9198c4e 2010-12-12 Added bitcoin to donations page
a341fe7f 2010-11-27 fix release date
88204622 2010-11-26 update trac links
68b32489 2010-11-18 
2a842616 2010-11-18 update team
b113ce7f 2010-11-16 corrections to website
a67a3499 2010-11-16 merge of '941a091959ec3f1b23bf157e1c25153d96f21b2d'      and 'e3dd87c0f74654b827ff1e1fce1967062873cd16'
6fa22ba8 2010-11-16 merge of '2a5a5522294b26178d358533d30c5bb79d090313'      and '941a091959ec3f1b23bf157e1c25153d96f21b2d'
5976338b 2010-11-16 hrmm..
a08043af 2010-11-16 0.8.1
df12d11d 2010-11-16 auth proposal
887aaeef 2010-11-16 bounty_rutrans_ru: update russian translation
060e902c 2010-11-15 bounties_ru.html: change link: s/bounty_rutrans/bounty_rutrans_ru/
f265e47d 2010-11-15 0.8.1
ddc341e4 2010-11-14 reference new DHT paper
469cc621 2010-11-14 tweaks
88900ef7 2010-11-14 add hiddenz
68393871 2010-11-10 Updated hall of fame
d81dff8d 2010-11-09 additions to team page, complete monotonerc for license-agreements.html
6ea91ddc 2010-11-07 Applicable to the code I contribute to the I2P project, Applicable to the code I contribute to the I2P project, I hereby state that: * Unless marked otherwise, all code I commit is implicitly licensed under the component's primary license * If specified in the source, the code may be explicitly licensed under one of the component's alternate licenses * I have the right to release the code I commit under the terms I am committing it. * The following is my monotone signing key:
7bc5a078 2010-10-27 fixed another typo: /s/they/I
db0775c3 2010-10-27 fixed a missing </a>
b57f8bf3 2010-10-24 added proxy howto to download page
57674576 2010-10-24 ok, now all images included
0b9f11cc 2010-10-24 added proxyport config to faq site
31a6d198 2010-10-24 new page for proxy configuration
5e85be12 2010-10-24 change typos
78be9579 2010-10-16 Typos
b39131d7 2010-10-15 Improved new developers guide somewhat.
5b74b6e7 2010-10-15 changes jdk 5 to jdk 6 needed for building mtn source
5b5d700c 2010-10-15 Fix a missing space in "Packet Encapsulation"
9b5b32ec 2010-10-14 Konqueror pictures prox port config
80faa839 2010-10-13 missing IE picture
8f2f33ac 2010-10-13 added some howto images for browser proxy ports, FF and IE
3137ab47 2010-10-12 merge of '90538529cbec3f267f33d9eae353b53c74e9b2c2'      and '9307e499ee7d25b79da2d8de7dcd94dc3b52bbe7'
ec4c01d5 2010-10-12 merge of '0d750d9b9d8a2aa710db64b8774172708b4988f8'      and '7c359923df740f3859f6462dce13ef61571e378c'
04574b0a 2010-10-12 merge of '0c6bd11fd25fa339d0de0112e881de1d6ceae8cf'      and '78a658952900d8736d8c0aa27268cb3a90020ab8'
003e89a8 2010-10-11 added a line "website in change, material could be outdated"
ce2acb8d 2010-10-11 messageReliability=none
14648ea7 2010-10-11 fix link
a56e5dc4 2010-10-11 Final part of the monotone htmlification. Thanks to smeghead for the pandoc!
69e2d0f6 2010-10-11 Added TOC.
1e0ee510 2010-10-11 merge of '1caf7ea8e33432ee2ed2960eb31301f6105c0651'      and 'f8aedb296fb7e7b3e9cefa30e66cb85d4caa0408'
58a110f9 2010-10-11 Update i2phex bounty
2c55828a 2010-10-10 Updates to hall of fame 2010-10-10
99c2d103 2010-10-10 fix typo caught by sponge
6d863592 2010-10-06 add streaming opts hiding in ministreaming code
9475b39a 2010-10-05 networkcomparisons
93b0dba4 2010-10-05 Check in smeghead's reformatting and partial rewrite of complication's monotone guide. Move old guide to transition-guide.html.
f6b4891f 2010-10-05 tunnel-alt
985a9cfa 2010-10-05 drop package-*.html now that we have real javadocs
ba6151d0 2010-10-04 how_intro, jbigi, links
5176b965 2010-10-02 add updates_de.html, based on updates.html rev. 115610c5225d62189d5fe85522022f975c0f4670
b8f77e7f 2010-09-26 Redid Monotone page (thanks to smeghead!)
0af16e56 2010-09-20 merge of '7b832dcf53a4af35d42c8fba4cd39ff3dffd5349'      and '92f2e25b6565275877be8f416e37dd17ef4133ab'
6b547f02 2010-09-19 Change links to point to translated pages
0a2da3b5 2010-09-19 Add plugin_spec_de.html, based on plugin_spec.html rev. 7134ee9abcf1a7e432ecefab2a151dec01af6ab0
8871eb12 2010-09-15 make all trac links .de
d9269ca1 2010-09-15 fix menu docs links
12f675f8 2010-09-15 fix all javadoc links (thx welt!)
95e43320 2010-09-14 Disable comparison table (and add arma's review)
fb51e87a 2010-09-14 Fix typos
930e1326 2010-09-13 merge of '0fef19d44752e1d90e59114b5828e11db5620756'      and 'c014688daed6f409c236dfbef96c59a183798548'
e31a0489 2010-09-13 i2cp tweaks, supported_applications headers
02225514 2010-09-13 merge of '99272a9e87ed82a4835b9b8e580172c9aca752a6'      and 'd73463aa550ff4c1e160cbe2e3a3e136e7f01949'
19a35df7 2010-09-13 Reworked techintro.html: TOC and networkDb part.
bbcfa5d8 2010-09-10 merge of '08c4951b907fa822c67d2433a4cdf6bc4361562b'      and 'f2bbf14f21f06ac2af88dced7435277b2a2b628d'
985ab9d6 2010-09-10 Fix a typo on udp.html
866c177c 2010-09-09 i2cp, i2np
316dce4e 2010-09-08 Meeting 208.
44afb841 2010-09-07 merge of 'bafbafe60ff7360d9948e3e5398c93ae7dd1a576'      and 'f372ddbd62eeb5dd8ec5498076f042c940c6867e'
39254abd 2010-09-07 fix a typo
9d94e9bc 2010-09-03 tunnel edits
3f9e7f12 2010-09-03 merge of '95829da2d013e50e936b635cff34569acb891ab1'      and 'f9225f01a1b495565a25da1af07b85d7f601aa9f'
ee23d772 2010-08-31 Add edited version of supported_applications
b1d4dbb3 2010-08-30 elgamal edits
b69aea58 2010-08-30 Moved images for better display.
cb802dc9 2010-08-30 Rewritten applications.html, added development guide for streaming applications.
7971a386 2010-08-30 elgamal/aes
cc816f71 2010-08-28 threat model, streaming
9c193523 2010-08-28 Changed 'plugin' to 'I2P' in update page.
031eaeef 2010-08-28 Plugin spec modifications (needs more reworking).
97b7daef 2010-08-28 Reviewed plugins.
916ff363 2010-08-27 Explained HTTP BIDIR further.
9329a4bf 2010-08-27 Improved with the suggestions of sk7, replaced overview with sk7's. Added various info. Fixed img-src.
75efeebf 2010-08-27 Reviewed naming.html.
01b56fb5 2010-08-26 Modified network stack (protocols).
effeff7c 2010-08-26 smeghead stepping down.
c8ca33ba 2010-08-26 tweaks
40a886e0 2010-08-26 merge of '59cf1b1968ac77a087cf7258bf9848616c2d93f5'      and 'ce2408e69f1ee97df4901d3c3dbec587a6c6badb'
d0b8356e 2010-08-26 Added glossary.
cd144d1c 2010-08-25 merge of 'c5375e6193a5d30917e02a4359aa275de28c4247'      and 'fb476030c2cb35220f13a16bc3f0d3bc1a475e02'
c7aa2d82 2010-08-25 it's not an improvement to use ElGamal+AES instead of doing an DH negotiation
5b3f8315 2010-08-25 Reviewed NTCP.
a05e661a 2010-08-25 Mentioning of perfect forward secrecy being removed if we use only ElgamalAES (thanks, welt!).
73c16d56 2010-08-25 Removed non-transport property.
93e8ac37 2010-08-25 Fixed transport page link.
fecf8bb2 2010-08-25 merge of '88a46a22cae3c1926bb8eaf6f5230be311f884d3'      and 'a8264efbbf44f10b5439c7226339d01cc9a771e5'
579866b5 2010-08-25 - Reviewed and modified how_networkdatabase - Modified tunnel part of techintro.
cf70c10d 2010-08-25 Czech translation of download page. Correct minor issues and link it from Czech section of menu.
0d63022d 2010-08-25 Translation of download page to Czech (download_cs.html).
46ac234f 2010-08-24 Fix typos
d2068f3d 2010-08-24 tunnel routing, garlic routing, fixups
2350f274 2010-08-23 Updated i2ptunnels.html and added a diagram explaining I2PTunnel Streamr
9d9375fa 2010-08-23 Merge performance related todo items into performance page. Implemented improvements moved to history page. TODO: remove duplication for SessionTags (longer lifetime vs synchronized PRNG).
455bac57 2010-08-23 Fix html, remove confusing paragraph about past situation and hosting fee.
73aac89a 2010-08-22 Check techintro-tunnels.
315d2737 2010-08-22 - Add network database images. - Improve techintro text.
111a2bdb 2010-08-22 I hope I found the reason for incorrect layout in Czech index page - some menu items were too long. I have shortened them now.
6ed62362 2010-08-22 I didn't realize the difference between language and region codes. In most countries they are the same, for example "de" for Germany. However Czech is special. Accorning to this article (in Czech, sorry) we have "cs" for Czech language (from "cestina", the name of the language in Czech) and "CZ" for the region code, meaning country Czech Republic: http://zencart-solutions.palek.cz/cs/cestina-na-webu/cs-nebo-cz.html I thought I better fix it before I start translating more pages.
6c6836b3 2010-08-22 streaming
27898756 2010-08-21 fixing incorrect layout reference
e2a53574 2010-08-21 Initial Czech translation of index.html and _menu.html, added flag cz.png and Czech _layout.html
e807ab9f 2010-08-21 Fix link to transport.html
4e813849 2010-08-20 updated hall of fame
8acf32f0 2010-08-19 New file plugins_de.html
94d13ceb 2010-08-19 HTML fixes and one minor change in wording
18421604 2010-08-18 ntcp establishment, team
da4ff1f2 2010-08-18 Fix typos
0f777510 2010-08-18 Updated techintro, revamped 'overview' part.
fb2dc408 2010-08-17 Fixups as requested.
c600043c 2010-08-17 Fix typo and caps.
8f13f1e1 2010-08-17 merge of '167151ec1dce0278059fcc6d50aaf329e9b20a0f'      and 'f23458a17cecc1e23e3b546cdf526176d3b875a5'
c07c8dfc 2010-08-17 website content position open
2d87b100 2010-08-16 sam, ntcp, ssu
4bbcfe28 2010-08-15 Typo fixes and other minor corrections.
4dc62aa0 2010-08-15 Process review comments from i2pn00b on naming.
e6af84e7 2010-08-14 new sw update spec, other tweaks
e7fc1235 2010-08-14 Update command list, change a little formatting.
4277f750 2010-08-11 SSU 2nd pass
2037a58b 2010-08-10 - Modified application listing in tech introduction (added some applications, not done yet!) - Modified information on streaming application (removed historical notes, improved technical information)
39fb0db4 2010-08-10 merge of 'bff2408171d3bf4430c4cdfba91976d55a665a3e'      and 'f3c21d814ba87cb7c9ab8e0b40e01e224b9c7e0a'
3f0ec1ec 2010-08-10 Remove howto pages and content. No valuable content and outdated.
7327d793 2010-08-10 how_de.html translation
d90bb5de 2010-08-09 Fixed typo in HTML
0c64ceb4 2010-08-09 fix typo
c88c06c9 2010-08-09 datagrams, ministreaming, api, tweaks
18453219 2010-08-08 Fix typos, XHTML errors and warnings
d6b70b73 2010-08-08 merge of 'b8e3f6859191ef6f21ef3c222cf3e78f20d4237d'      and 'ecc522c0102f9f52f78f3b020853e4129b22b4a8'
6c75119a 2010-08-08 - Modified non-neutral text on how_intro.html - Added EIN irc - Added Sun Java as supported - Removed 0.8 from the roadmap (already reached)
b76c17a7 2010-08-08 merge of 'bd5318df3b06c5660f68f8e09f2a738644b969b7'      and 'f67888837fadf96a7aa05b169f980444b27f6803'
4de83cc1 2010-08-08 Added bob.html and referenced it in techintro.html
1ac2f135 2010-08-08 Added hint about workaround for i2ptunnel bug to newdevelopers.html
8276afb3 2010-08-08 how index, i2np, common, garlic
f8294360 2010-08-08 Added note to README about installing dependencies for being able to run the test webserver locally
f34354c8 2010-08-08 merge of '70b8d468a07dbbacd093b7ebf2a732ba44ab5733'      and 'cd7f4036f3e25f9d0c20216d08172d53d27915e3'
db74fdfc 2010-08-08 Add README with instructions for running locally.
956b95da 2010-08-08 - Expanded DSA prime explanation - Expanded padding explanation - Replaced crypto links to javadoc by links to code
9be85038 2010-08-08 newdevelopers: link to i2ptunnel page
a9e423d1 2010-08-07 crypto, i2np, plugin, attr tweaks
a8d49d32 2010-08-06 Fix XHTML warnings on layout, menu and homepage.
d5fa203c 2010-08-06 naming restructuring, move discussion and alternatives
650b5767 2010-08-05 crypto, common, i2np
47c0fc40 2010-08-04 - newtranslators (new) - tunnel-alt-creation fixes
5e1cff3f 2010-08-04 - tunnel-alt-creation rework - More how_crypto and i2np_spec fixups - Quick NTCP fixup, move discussion to new page
78f90bab 2010-08-04 Update default router console binding to include IPv6 localhost as well.
7701d556 2010-08-03 I2Phex and iMule roles vacant
9bacdca1 2010-08-02 - Tweaks to how_netdb and udp, tunnel_message, and i2np specs - Add info on short ElG exponent to how_crypto (copied from KeyGenerator.java),   fix up links (thx google), rescue benchmarks page from wayback machine
4761b10e 2010-07-31 minor fix
dcbf53a3 2010-07-31 minor html fix - take 2
5f8e5b87 2010-07-31 disapproval of revision 'fdda23e9a7553f88ec99ced4746b6d53901597d3'
81b33d57 2010-07-31 small html fix
a5ee1849 2010-07-31 Corrected the explanation of AES used in I2P (might need some more changes).
ed19b23c 2010-07-31 Website revamp, work in progress.
0efd67ae 2010-07-31 Fixed ElGamal prime URL + added prime to the text.
b405a810 2010-07-30 Fix typos
12d23e36 2010-07-30 - Big rewrite of how_peerselection - Split up tunnel-alt to new discussion and spec pages - Major enhancement to tunnel message spec - Some additions and update to tunnel discussion - Some tunnel-alt work, needs lots more - how_netdb LS store fixup
76a9052c 2010-07-30 improve html..
f8d84e52 2010-07-30 Fix typo (trac #30)
251b659c 2010-07-29 - Massive rewrite of how_netdb - No end dates on leases - Big things aren't Integers - Mark Boolean as unused - Add Session Tag - Add notes on unused things
46e1be1e 2010-07-28 - Start work on how_netdb - Split floodfill discussion to new page - Add javadoc links in common data structures - Fix javadoc links in how* again
c225ce31 2010-07-28 slightly improve html of ssu spec
784a3eea 2010-07-28 ssu update; move spec to new page
28946f23 2010-07-27 merge of '57456376a493cad26f9554290850e6c187b3ac93'      and 'c0a9c6083ce399496a918fcb3d0629492f873f11'
87f2951c 2010-07-27 merge of '52f4ea5ebaffd7f85d7d6784d400ce0efddf52a4'      and 'aa933a6613797ac703a24201b068628d40e6ac16'
5425f754 2010-07-27 SigningPublicKey is only 128 bytes large
c2ef6a51 2010-07-27 new transport page; how_crypto tweaks
76a8d3f2 2010-07-27 Reseed admin: _sw_rhpsdy
7970033d 2010-07-27 added stub contact page
10c08196 2010-07-26 update i2np spec a bit
85b90828 2010-07-26 - Add plugin overview and spec - Fix up how_cryptography, add anchors - Fix javadoc links in how*
2126084d 2010-07-26 added RouterInfo and RouterAddress
67084f4e 2010-07-25 add more datastructures
c38b67d9 2010-07-25 use file for other common structures as well
a9ad3cb5 2010-07-25 merge of '7dd07f26ab832d83450f33387bc7f53789f595c2'      and 'dbdb84cec327ecec4129b03c7fa1821183512fbf'
b64dcad0 2010-07-25 added specification for common datatypes
34500c00 2010-07-25 lalala
2c1b884c 2010-07-25 now more or less done :)
e507f6ad 2010-07-25 TunnelBuild message
ba42e00e 2010-07-25 more or less completed BuildRequestRecord and BuildResponseRecord
085b4e40 2010-07-25 clarify checksum algorithm
efd108cc 2010-07-23 Packager and security export team roles
9fe3b428 2010-07-21 Team role updates
94a78fd6 2010-07-18 Link to the Pegasus Project
e5fabf98 2010-07-17 added BuildRequestRecord
4372ee66 2010-07-17 added I2NP header
76269c16 2010-07-17 added Data message
fdaf669c 2010-07-17 added TunnelGateway message
1c34aae8 2010-07-17 added TunnelData message
24cac267 2010-07-17 added GarlicMessage
eb32b88b 2010-07-17 added DeliveryStatus message
56f0cd67 2010-07-17 added spec for DatabaseSearchReply message
158bdb60 2010-07-17 merge of '6af569998b315f40cda4ced3cf77d4d76fbab512'      and '78b1e389950286ac9d247f9aac1251329eb3127b'
b7204cae 2010-07-17 added a table with MESSAGE_TYPE => Name mapping
fcaf7647 2010-07-17 merge of 'e5e6b809b5747570f706d2110deb07aa22c776fc'      and 'f21d13f13f9d5927a4a3acbcf13d729b2f41f799'
35ed1e55 2010-07-17 more progress... 2/$many messages partly documented
67184325 2010-07-17 *cough* there is no such thing as <raw> in html..
e4a52bf5 2010-07-17 started working on a more up-to-date I2NP specification
fccfcde2 2010-07-16 my name is duck, tyvm
e18576f9 2010-07-16 change cache time from a week(*COUGH*) to 5 minutes
713a66f7 2010-07-16 Dutch homepage. Thanks monkeybrains.
b3fbf4ab 2010-07-12 Remove duplicate item "Reachability Mapping"
6598599c 2010-07-12 another fix
bbb7ed0f 2010-07-12 merge of '78d58bcfcfb4f246416b764cebaa49c710ad6e19'      and '9fad20e50cf33e2c53f79db5e955e65ea81daa5a'
6cb07c20 2010-07-12 minor fix to the mirror script
daba0e72 2010-07-12 0.8
78ee917d 2010-07-12 Improve releasenotes telecomix style
1dc166d7 2010-07-12 0.8
90183f80 2010-07-11 add telecomix link
e5433f6b 2010-07-02 Russian translation added for IPv6 bounty; "add in your donation" urls changed to _ru.
c049080a 2010-07-02 Fixed: nick typo, wrong donation fund name in the IPv6 bounty.
abc6b73d 2010-07-01 add outproxy.h2ik.i2p and trac.i2p2.i2p
07388360 2010-06-29 merge of '278f39f413a533e29c63f551314820b7854e70c3'      and '5d892197ec95f0ddd7a184ac577f6f085b304e98'
55da0a09 2010-06-29 Fix typo in outproxy hostname
541cec60 2010-06-29 "Come funziona - documenti" hard-wrapped in two lines to prevent page layout mishap.
5bd7180a 2010-06-29 Italian home page hooked in to languages menu. Fixed: links to missing _it pages, missing link to index_it.html, broken link to announcements_it.html, missing _layout_it.html setup, xml:lang="de", "Donwload".
54ed92c1 2010-06-28 add duck
6be03661 2010-06-16 added stackoverflow ad image
883f104f 2010-06-16 add hint to newdevelopers guide
59184335 2010-06-14 added empty stylesheet
810aa043 2010-06-14 stupid python 2.5
ef16299e 2010-06-14 bah
bd1df73f 2010-06-14 rewritten mirror script(and added god monitoring scripts)
57b3fd10 2010-06-07 0.7.14
7415c9e8 2010-06-07 0.7.14
1b9559ab 2010-06-05 monotonerc
5893a38b 2010-06-05 privateer agreement
da234198 2010-06-05 added flattr
5ae9b593 2010-06-05 added donations
8eefe46b 2010-05-14 throttle opts
5ab4b884 2010-04-30 some pages traslate
c9dbd391 2010-04-29 it flag
e45a48be 2010-04-29 added italian links
05a94590 2010-04-29 traslated
52a45dfc 2010-04-29 maybe it works
bb98d964 2010-04-29 - add index to faq - revise https entry - update zh frontpage
5781d6b3 2010-04-27 0.7.13
9d2ab8b1 2010-04-27 0.7.13
dd45c4cd 2010-04-15 cosmetic changes
cd234c2a 2010-04-15 coorect tables
0e91ab41 2010-04-15 added 20/30/50 euro per month donations
7c3bc9ce 2010-04-15 Added donations, changed datastorage bounty to work in progress
3fe5ff70 2010-04-13 we are not dead, thx @russnelson
3279051c 2010-03-25 Update hall of fame
c6321609 2010-03-24 - Specify NOODP to see if we can get a better snippet on Google - Copy canonical to the other layouts
b388fbe0 2010-03-23 merge of '1a34056fb56eb0137f1af62390d46777c654d595'      and '3839e4fc9bc916530272f4b3bb0fecfd4bdf7865'
f0112a7d 2010-03-23 merge of '665b243587aed476bb65a6d00a07a9ab76d52138'      and 'fa991f4373b946b097001a3e97a1dd909621d3d2'
a8c69aa7 2010-03-23 Using rel="canonical", so Google knows the main domain.
7b344b46 2010-03-21 fix a few typos
606cb02a 2010-03-21 use default time for the cache
501be810 2010-03-21 add memcached support to the www.i2p2 webapp
861710ec 2010-03-20 merge of 'e6229462f7c12c38cb5c2aa668623394e4c1d454'      and 'effc87076d907c57d27f7aaeb494fc691b525b6b'
32ad6041 2010-03-20 duck license agreement
98e155e8 2010-03-16 merge of '69d50b030f9a07e4c1a02eefd93c6a5e541d0da6'      and 'c53c896d06df95dddbb91e700b3195305e3b54a2'
a6777d88 2010-03-16 merge of '294aecd5dff23c7f17f3a47578c4634e08b1c70a'      and 'd1e4ab3472aebe29289fee39e90d273b5e002689'
1108c048 2010-03-16 no idea why it worked before...
5d1705ed 2010-03-16 fix typo thx duck
0e15d63e 2010-03-16 0.7.12
92496a3b 2010-03-16 merge of '024b550324c1fefab22948a2cb1116f66f024ef7'      and 'd1e4ab3472aebe29289fee39e90d273b5e002689'
f249806f 2010-03-15 0.7.12
6a762a19 2010-02-15 0.7.11
45afc84c 2010-02-15 0.7.11
1803320d 2010-02-06 Mirror i2pproject.net added to all 4 languages menu
120ffe4a 2010-02-04 new mirror i2pproject.net added
682ebbb4 2010-01-30 nofollow the mirrors
a7ad7d10 2010-01-29 add i2p.us
ca4dbaf9 2010-01-27 new donations, port 8887 removed from FAQ
defb196d 2010-01-26 i2np updates
e96c6c95 2010-01-23 - Add links to mirror and https - Use google code's RSS until we have something better
64f79968 2010-01-22 Added download page link to the latest release page.
1fca3ef0 2010-01-22 0.7.10
180f53dc 2010-01-21 0.7.10
9ec9ddef 2010-01-18 Russian translation replaced (was: word by word draft translation with some linguistic and factual mishaps)
dcb58dc8 2010-01-18 Fixed: recently introduced typo (folder name inside tarball is i2p-, not i2p_)
d2762677 2010-01-18 Fixed: minor typos.
28752b23 2010-01-17 added donations, changed bounty, ru trans bounty done
2e704fd8 2010-01-13 0.7.9 index pages
47ba4878 2010-01-13 new version 0.7.9 on download pages
4b5315d2 2010-01-12 0.7.9
dbe055bc 2010-01-12 tunnel max length corrected
02b79b6b 2010-01-09 Typos corrected.
b3990d9f 2010-01-06 smaller bandwidth pic
409d7f2b 2010-01-06 revert fr changes by JULIET with broken encoding and headers
f73f2e4e 2010-01-04 CVS -> mtn(dummy commit ;)
a7cc028b 2010-01-04 Russian translation update: 2009 year in review
88742ac2 2010-01-04 merge of '4f878c8fbe9399b61782360a856c9402fe148ec5'      and 'b8eb310265a131e6c4634ef3cf7ef19d0edade7e'
47d532c7 2010-01-03 FAQ_updated_in_french
5bad2017 2010-01-03 TRANSLATIONS
1395478e 2010-01-02 -typo and +symbol
8374673d 2010-01-02 fixup
14805344 2010-01-02 updates
80f243d2 2009-12-27 Changes to hall of fame
9dc202a0 2009-12-22 tunnel msg spec update
b14aa928 2009-12-18 naming updates
a4af1c68 2009-12-16 Russian translation batch update; faq_ru.html to follow shortly
0752a65b 2009-12-16 merge of '4c25239ca169fbeb1a7d7bfb277ec558775a763a'      and '90474aafbe15f45414c02627c51571d86d0171fd'
18b919a3 2009-12-16 Fixed: unedited copy-paste from the datastore bounty page in the bottom line
8cb7deb5 2009-12-16 merge of '6bf4ec76b158f4af69afd1a2edf83023c2c7453f'      and '84bd13070f9294188ecdbb7a91a6a18bffc552a3'
a5e84e4c 2009-12-15 merge of 'a98ef49a8d8c410cc9583c8609dc0c36a271d3a9'      and 'fb96890a0cb61686aa36ecd0841a2a95badfafdc'
28954e6b 2009-12-15 change russian bounty
2aaf208f 2009-12-15 Added russian page intro_ru.html + changed _menu.html link
3040d5b7 2009-12-15 merge of 'a98ef49a8d8c410cc9583c8609dc0c36a271d3a9'      and 'b12e70fd956f1390987941920c2785e694246ec5'
a3edcac7 2009-12-15 Fixed: links to non-existent ("-2.html") pages
6352ffd4 2009-12-15 merge of '37a1dfac9163df7881281d7dd88fcd0cf3e6c78a'      and '5a942189719c6098791677d0c98b3105c1272c8e'
0511c733 2009-12-15 tweak image path
cd58e4e9 2009-12-15 Fixed: 6 pages from aeons ago were still in cp1250 instead of utf-8 and because of that couldn't be rendered by jinja
2e4a0dbc 2009-12-14 Added download_ru.html
a028b968 2009-12-14 forget to translate the title
46329551 2009-12-13 pic explaining the diffrence.
f2df0e89 2009-12-13 + difference between tor and i2p
0c4888a8 2009-12-10 updates
651ebe65 2009-12-09 a brief release note translation
798fe741 2009-12-08 Added: Russian translation for the welcome page and side menu and Russian flag to the langbox. Changes in the langbox: flags list hard-wrapped in two lines, background image expanded vertically, titles/alt texts in target language instead of English.
02cd0c9a 2009-12-08 update
1873db97 2009-12-08 merge of '47a99887174df6c90b917fc5150533f2b76242b0'      and '57fb364dc2a8a47f969615a09ba13c5ea81d3018'
0adaae4e 2009-12-08 0.7.8
5de94dd9 2009-12-08 Including my signed license agreement.
5867fd5f 2009-12-08 merge of '70114cb3d6964660979c021d8e519537ca0afb6d'      and '7608330b3a4321d4a2fa83ef1d053c3e21d2e8d4'
e111c111 2009-12-08 0.7.8
64fbeb8f 2009-12-06 Neuer Entwickler
a5f70bba 2009-12-06 New develope
30524013 2009-12-05 add russiansponsor
6c8c0380 2009-12-02 variance fix
c2c7b667 2009-12-02 protocol chart updates
bc825fc3 2009-11-28 minor ;-)
c0730bb4 2009-11-22 merge of '32ec4b025937d00c9c6df68564622c63931ea73d'      and 'f8cbe0c931330ede1c6a18c959063d039d3bccc5'
2103211b 2009-11-22 FreeBSD now has an native java implementation(thanks d3r3k4)
2542dff2 2009-11-13 hungryhobo agreement
34c949b8 2009-11-09 neutron agreement
9619c4db 2009-11-09 add comment on 8887 some other revise
b24fdccc 2009-11-08 Hall of Fame updated
2a866cc0 2009-11-08 again
3091940a 2009-11-08 enter sum for russian bounty
e0dc31fb 2009-11-08 streaming fixups
2c39a37a 2009-11-07 streaming, api, roadmap
d3c443e3 2009-11-06 yes
5f07d34c 2009-11-06 umlaut to much
d93f24f1 2009-11-03 begining of faq.html translation
a412a055 2009-11-02 german bounty_rutrans_de page
e9087a8a 2009-11-02 yeah, unicode!
e941892f 2009-11-02 newlayout_ru
2c5073b5 2009-11-02 formating
de7fdb1b 2009-11-02 spelling error
2d9c50e1 2009-11-02 new russian translation bounty
41195d10 2009-10-28 index - title in chinese faq - change names of the buttons etc on the interface.
aa545687 2009-10-27 Reduce link too long for index_fr.html
bc013932 2009-10-27 update the xml:lang attribute for the non-en languages
6d31c102 2009-10-27 * added a french version of the layout * fixed the french index page to use this new layout
d31263aa 2009-10-27 Forgot fr.png
d9da82f2 2009-10-27 merge of '274ab2db600bafec0d06dfa8127e58a37efdd568'      and '2ce84c0b683632c0025f44a7ca5904a56e591227'
7afb2bb1 2009-10-26 First commit, translation in french for website, 2 new files. Praise the French!
72fa3525 2009-10-25 add my email-address as mtn repo admin
a6007018 2009-10-24 more table fixes
2cb70d9f 2009-10-24 two small table fixes
6bb11701 2009-10-24 merge of 'bb35fe3f3a264117377d96d01c8d77262410d6fa'      and 'e3d9ba58fc0e4090a56a70e786cfe48e832d740a'
8bb2c6d7 2009-10-24 add monotone-admins to the team-page
0e77e9e2 2009-10-24 Added myself for BOB and Robert into team pages.
875a37f2 2009-10-23 newdeveloper updates for gettext
30e24c5b 2009-10-21 merge of '6f28442557c8728949fba597804d3401f07f9fd4'      and 'fa78852ab98f3c54685387325031684614d10bbe'
8e89a57c 2009-10-21 added my signed agreement
355ab821 2009-10-19 udpate
c8d22946 2009-10-17 merge of '107380703d336a8aeeafa30b06b10a52dc53c259'      and 'b6d3fd0f77930f8536b7ee3683d2d3401423ac7d'
0197b0e6 2009-10-17 add *_zh.htmlx7 + *zh.pngx2 + *zh.cssx1
f7d22529 2009-10-17 add chinese flag and use css link *_zh.css instead of the original css
602f6812 2009-10-12 0.7.7
0ad89c4c 2009-10-12 new bounty I2PHex
20606c27 2009-10-12 New bounty and new donations added
4b8322d2 2009-10-12 release announce and other tweaks
71075adf 2009-10-02 added paste.i2p2.i2p
9ef7ad48 2009-09-11 New balance of donations, stickers and MRMCD08
8b17bcdf 2009-09-06 blub dev agreement
4baa9484 2009-09-01 added host-entry for docs.i2p2.i2p
fe05d32c 2009-08-27 Changes to hall of fame
7f732bda 2009-08-11 blub
04407345 2009-08-11 first stub of docs.i2p.* generation
f7c46dd7 2009-08-04 New donations added
62e88269 2009-07-31 0.7.6
3b9d9895 2009-07-30 0.7.6 release notes
0842d61d 2009-07-29 tweaks and prep for next release
e3cea203 2009-07-14 merge of 'cce21627e72df46431f3dd28408ac62535cf656d'      and 'e587f2e993ed4da230aaaccb1555f4f6b559836d'
bc9fa9cd 2009-07-13 2009-07-13  cervantes     * Added my signed license agreement.
7117077c 2009-07-07 Another small change
592e3fc6 2009-07-06 BAD error in calculation. Corrected now.
5ed498ff 2009-07-06 Updated Hall of Fame
42040ebd 2009-07-04 Add missing bg sprite.
860751e4 2009-07-04 Switch body and menu backgrounds in dark theme for consistency
32f14fc9 2009-07-04 Sprites for the dark theme.
05abc5a2 2009-07-04 Black box removal.
6775f5b0 2009-07-04 Fix box around news/release divs on index; start dark theme bitmap skinning endeavour.
adba06de 2009-07-04 Remove erroneous border on td.invisible.
1b0eb865 2009-07-04 Darkbluetile for body background.
06a0b93d 2009-07-04 Add textures to css.
d4ce3683 2009-07-04 Subtle texture additions to light theme.
92e50f57 2009-07-04 Tweak table in preparation for textured rows.
19ce1e6c 2009-07-03 Insert newline into signed message.
0b9db994 2009-07-03 Add dr|z3d's _correctly_ signed agreement to the license_agreement pages.
f8218d55 2009-07-03 merge of '10b5c8ca5ea1586a88eacbcb32232d422e1b46c3'      and '3fe0a702c44f5e73556534ff307e08ec97d34c2d'
02390eff 2009-07-03 merge of '181006f1554ca53ec80340bd5b82b1b7bb3e768b'      and '6cf549399d4e4ed2681689ce80e2481f06a408a8'
329d01ca 2009-07-03 Add dr|z3d's sig to license pages.
d07a6dc5 2009-07-02 Translation of download_de headless into german
e5b3cce5 2009-07-01 0.7.5
f8830f58 2009-06-29 0.7.5 release announcement file
7e70809b 2009-06-19 Add square nav bullets to side menu.
e175456d 2009-06-19 Square bullet image for nav menu.
51f994e4 2009-06-15 More tweaks to the todo page. Nested <ul>'s be damned!
5f1f2ab8 2009-06-15 Tweak margins for target bulletpoint list.
fb5e42e7 2009-06-15 Scale back use of target bullets, rationalize layout of todo.html
4c2a45d3 2009-06-14 Added <h1> tags to main div on most pages for consistency.
6540f52b 2009-06-14 Cosmetic tweaks.
57d2f712 2009-06-14 Tweak links page.. (dates after links for optimal layout).
72409c22 2009-06-14 merge of '3ce19eae75044dcedf5d2bae62b3fb3eec746f7e'      and 'b3a575d8be68ad469ae105b6ea2c50464d9b33bf'
83b48832 2009-06-14 Add some (wikipedia) links to clarify terms, give "The Invisible Internet Project" full billing.
9b3ba5bb 2009-06-14 cleanup
e0bf419a 2009-06-14 0.7.4
56985d6b 2009-06-13 Add help bullets to api.html
3b8e9ad1 2009-06-13 Add some targets to the todo pages!
f74e379d 2009-06-13 Target bullet graphic.
bd2316c6 2009-06-13 Targets!
dfba84ec 2009-06-12 Add downloadlist bullet.
269d844f 2009-06-12 Download bullets.
bb44e64a 2009-06-12 Add some download bullets to download page(s).
b143d34e 2009-06-12 Infolist bullets for meeting list.
796dab53 2009-06-12 Add missing meetings_de.html file.. cloned English copy.
8276d25b 2009-06-12 Correct a typo, tidy up some links.
da1e1434 2009-06-12 "i" is for info, "!" is for warning..
f6f04c2d 2009-06-12 Add font-family to <pre> class in dark.css
051f66cc 2009-06-12 Info bullet graphics. (16x16)
fd5b9dfb 2009-06-12 Add a new class for info bullets for announcements page & elswhere.
2893349c 2009-06-12 Prettify the announcements page with info bullets. <ul class="infolist>
1120cfba 2009-06-12 Add some help bullets to how.html
b89a390a 2009-06-12 Link bullets for the alternative addressbook host urls.
b7837e4c 2009-06-12 Help bullets added via <ul class="helplist"> to howto.html
9368578b 2009-06-12 Help bullet points addded to css for howto.html and possibly elsewhere.
5888a7d0 2009-06-12 Help bullet icons for howto.html and possibly elsewhere.
97b01d14 2009-06-12 Trim the page title, tweak the font sizes.
a36eaeec 2009-06-12 Increase size of titles in toc.
be5fd37f 2009-06-12 More cosmetic tweaks to the techintro toc.
94ca44eb 2009-06-12 Some extra classes for techintro table of contents.
c9f741fd 2009-06-12 merge of '8c511ef2ff03889cc8aaed501f20d7827f444586'      and 'de2ddc1e7c6daa8e06f9dc79ad32dfb06be15f9e'
abb4b17f 2009-06-12 Add some virtual tinsel to the table of contents for techintro.
d988ed3e 2009-06-12 0.7.4 release file
5604d319 2009-06-06 Fix coloring on the visited links in the menu bar for the dark theme (spotted by badger).
679b44e3 2009-06-06 Remove extraneous </div> tag, messing with my layout :/
d43ad351 2009-06-06 Add a mouseover opacity fade to the header logo.
098b63b4 2009-06-06 Remove the hash for the themechanger, as we're calling remote code to change it.
84564775 2009-06-06 Ensure theme icons are centered, one way or the other. Aarf!
727fa2bf 2009-06-06 Corrected alignment tag in lang and theme boxes.
8138e4dc 2009-06-06 Add theme changer widget to menu.
09c76482 2009-06-06 New sprites for theme changer widget.
2a0b91ca 2009-06-06 Incorporate new theme changer stuff.
cc1b93a1 2009-06-05 Left menu panel css tweakage.
2cdae42b 2009-06-04 improved theme system
2bbb0f35 2009-06-04 added theme support
bba07f7c 2009-06-03 Indent the links a little, make it all look nice.
8f39aa7a 2009-06-03 <div class="links"> for custom bullets for the links page(s).
2db4aa1a 2009-06-03 Custom bullets for the links page.
b91bba39 2009-06-03 Add some custom bullets for the links page.
45dfce31 2009-06-03 Make the top line for the main div 1px high.
4b4a8f97 2009-06-03 German and US flags for language choices.
08d131de 2009-06-03 Alternate dark stylesheet. Not to all tastes. Currently selected via Firefox's View -> Page Style menu.. Persistent theme manager to follow.
9674373a 2009-06-03 Mods to default css.
b66c20a0 2009-06-03 Minor tweaks to the layout.
f13f0449 2009-06-03 Bold title text for News box.
87af1d27 2009-06-03 Box clever.
81559555 2009-06-03 Embolden I2P and Syndie in download box.
9f5d5c50 2009-06-03 Where did I leave that </div>?
142e2e95 2009-06-03 Lost in translation.
35c4f990 2009-06-02 Box to the diagram.
2b6f8519 2009-06-02 Apply those layout tweaks to the german index file, also.
405d6dc3 2009-06-02 Comment out unused body background image.
73a11b19 2009-05-30 Some boxes for the front page.. news, releases, and the image at the bottom.
8515a79b 2009-05-30 Transparent png header logo.
1135ff90 2009-05-30 First revision of updates to the site css.
f23fe283 2009-05-30 Removed img size from i2plogo for instant dropin of new logos.
891d9194 2009-05-27     * Added contributor Mathiasdm   * Added past contributor jrandom
27973fe8 2009-05-24 SSU doc updates
6456f0fd 2009-05-18 0.7.3
139d477f 2009-05-16 release file, getinvolved and net comparison updates
6c4681e2 2009-05-12 faq portlist, SSU updates
b5bc695c 2009-05-07 Update faq, newdevelopers; add nibble to hosts.txt
df7065b4 2009-05-06 merge of '384014264cd2376fc07d142dde94d1dc14170f15'      and '5d13fc9ee6f008b5dcb354705ce749b0de8454bc'
e53002b4 2009-05-06 addition of protocol specifications for SAM bridge version 3
5fd256a6 2009-05-04 change part of end-to-end encryption
d9a1ac95 2009-05-01 add postman2
fff0e081 2009-05-01 added new donation
884d3794 2009-04-22 updated hall of fame
e2ee75ba 2009-04-19 0.7.2
ea00ba06 2009-04-19 release-0.7.2.html
57564e8a 2009-04-14 mtn is bad
d0154b7d 2009-04-14 changes to hall of fame, added links to headers
6464b160 2009-04-14 Added bounty Vuze Plugin
775ccd5d 2009-04-13 finally?
7d009ff6 2009-04-13 lalala
b93dd98d 2009-04-13 keep things up-to-date
09eadf82 2009-04-08 preliminary message size limit documentation
c823f738 2009-04-08 changes to donation information
f43a98c8 2009-04-08 donations page
f9ba8265 2009-04-08 added outproxy fund
e722a3c4 2009-04-05 Added license agreement.
9aff6db5 2009-04-05 added link to donate
da1621a6 2009-04-04 fix email link
1671c019 2009-04-03 license agreement mkvore
7a3b7233 2009-03-31 Forget to adjust date
11fa14cf 2009-03-31 Update on donationsX
5a60c187 2009-03-31 Information about donation per snail mail
226ab563 2009-03-30 index tweak
609c1483 2009-03-30 update bw defaults
332e8c59 2009-03-30 latest version
fc9ece90 2009-03-30 0.7.1
f3f228dc 2009-03-28 add some java links (usability study)
4c6e0fc5 2009-03-27 Hinweis zu vista auf deutscher installseite
d25a692b 2009-03-26 add petcon paper, b32 info
02c68f30 2009-03-26 tweaks
6da1c3a2 2009-03-14 i2cp, roadmap, newdevs
fe918001 2009-03-12 change rules for datastorage
13a0af5c 2009-03-11 change the encryption picture to my needs, simple way
5a7673df 2009-03-09 interview links
44ec1b68 2009-03-09 faq and socks updates/additions
a27cad8b 2009-03-09 i2cp chart updates
c05771e1 2009-03-02 one more option
8b759eed 2009-03-01 fixup
e6677188 2009-03-01 more stuff
61b91998 2009-02-24 some more beer, please
21975435 2009-02-24 achjaaa
174ab9dc 2009-02-24 new donations!
a4b994a7 2009-02-20 CLT und PetCon 2009.1 Ankuendigung in de
fe90db66 2009-02-20 CLT and PetCon 2009.1 announcement
dd69285b 2009-02-17 Ok, all these errors hit me
a20bad0c 2009-02-16 first donation under new system :-) THANK you!
1fabd6ca 2009-02-12 correct tpyos
5a545466 2009-02-12 Hint for donating in .i2p space
338a1f78 2009-02-12 link to halloffame in donating pages
d1d120af 2009-02-12 donations added to latest news
4816229f 2009-02-12 changes to hall of fame, costs of current webserver
4d34c58b 2009-02-10 updated meetings page to link to it
a49d43a6 2009-02-10 added meeting log
74fcc996 2009-02-10 add link to status notes
7150f0ad 2009-02-10 status notes rescued from osdir.com and reformatted
09dd7d3e 2009-02-06 some more changes
c61a717b 2009-02-06 hall of fame edited
b1e82962 2009-02-06 Changes to bounties page
3c9e4f0e 2009-02-06 wrong button used for one time donation en
5b624e4f 2009-02-06 German page for donations
1482b265 2009-02-06 new donations
6f3fec57 2009-02-06 small change to test
60f2e727 2009-02-02 lalala
1b70e7fa 2009-02-02 merge of '941b554048137f68a4b1c5d4618248b78cd7226a'      and 'd549b87ca14a66b02b95113cf452a13fd3ad701b'
cc10cb6c 2009-02-01 added MOSFET's license agreement
1babd4c8 2009-01-30 dream agreement
9a3a559a 2009-01-27 fixed typo(thanks fwd!)
04ef73af 2009-01-27 added "Pressetext" for 0.7 release
3afd7896 2009-01-25 more 0.7
8f41d808 2009-01-25 0.7
611cb9fa 2009-01-21 tweaks
4047effa 2009-01-09 Typo fix and changed url from dev.i2p.net to example.org. Thanks to qbi2p2 for mentioning.
d4ef541b 2009-01-07 add link
11f90717 2009-01-07 tor update
284360e4 2009-01-06 netdb and socks update
070050c9 2009-01-05 updates
f8c14472 2009-01-01 add links
36a2f237 2008-12-29 roadmap update
57ae9618 2008-12-23 merge of 'd1209e73cc5aadea7c91fc4fe92fd03d51499fff'      and 'e8186ead5a5c19bb1fb49bc946c2183dc6fc935f'
ec58f39a 2008-12-23 disable caching
cc7a5587 2008-12-23 shorter cache time
63e2fe9c 2008-12-12 minor
fb732d10 2008-12-08 Ein zwei Uebersetzungen
440fa569 2008-12-02 added 0.6.5 to announcements
2c4af2d4 2008-12-01 0.6.5
e694766e 2008-12-01 0.6.5 release announcement
0a379f60 2008-11-20 doubled amount of money for datastore bounty
aa18ef23 2008-11-15 updates
8d886621 2008-10-23 jbigi and other updates
d3bddac8 2008-10-10 nothing
96ca558b 2008-10-10 added dummy robots.txt
c1472663 2008-10-08 0.6.4
20587b1b 2008-10-07 release announcement, hosts.txt, misc.
9524598e 2008-09-27 sponge agreement
7a2b0e04 2008-09-14 einige changes eingebunden
89025daa 2008-09-06 fixed #9
bb5d191a 2008-09-02 minor
84821702 2008-09-02 somehow lighttpd mod_alias is borked...
0bd1e649 2008-09-02 minor
9fb0b9c6 2008-09-02 improved service(removed _static handling, added memcached-usage)
81083a5f 2008-09-01 raised the bounty amount
0e4f4f72 2008-08-29 merge of '49ce43409245da887de29981a2bd6feef0b57332'      and 'cce5f6d85cfdea490a9877ee35fc4e14eae1fa15'
adac1df6 2008-08-29 zwei weitere seiten uebersetzt
2dea53da 2008-08-28 Add galen.i2p and tracker.mastertracker.i2p
badf6fed 2008-08-26 0.6.3
bb0a2239 2008-08-24 0.6.3
2dea8ad8 2008-08-18 sry, deleted i2np
5f26d464 2008-08-17 Weitere einfahce Uebersetzungen
e55b1401 2008-07-25 how_peerselection uebersetzt
265fda0f 2008-07-23 jbigi.html uebersetzt, war noetig
3fc551d7 2008-07-23 Corrected link on jbigi page
45527a49 2008-07-21 weitere Tippfehler und leichte Korrekturen
3ef8462b 2008-07-19 FAQ in Deutsch, endlich
1187d009 2008-07-15 add Oldaris to license agreements
3115de27 2008-07-15 resolved some encoding issues
21bd7018 2008-07-15 weitere kleinere Aenderung
e4f1b1b7 2008-07-15 korrekturen,todo_de neu
9e9ff58f 2008-07-10 Wieder ein paar uebersetzte Seiten
4e09ab8a 2008-07-08 merge of '17feb4b57da7222e215a51a9d81b66fb4c10a50d'      and '7c71441b145524068947a074723797d420ba0023'
54dcc775 2008-07-07 de menu updates, i2np and newdeveloper minor updates
13789d4c 2008-07-06 Ein paar typos korrigiert
6855ba68 2008-07-05 merge of '163117778d450d65a946c2a71c8fccf5d968f25a'      and '525c37e10321c076cc3fb11f7453dd455e995f2f'
8d2cfac3 2008-07-05 Mehr Uebersetzungen
0bc49c23 2008-07-05 updated language-changer
b17985e4 2008-07-04 Mehr Fehler korrigieriert, how_de.htm uebersetzt
ae46b6f2 2008-07-03 how_de.html
afba993b 2008-07-03 Anpassen an _layout_de, translate _menu_de
58bf9a18 2008-07-02 Translated how_intro.html into german
4c7822bc 2008-07-02 menu cleanup
220233cf 2008-07-02 menu
ab9aa7ce 2008-07-02 implemented german menu(tough not translated yet)
52200967 2008-07-02 Typos will kill me
08847d4d 2008-07-01 First page in german, index_de.html, more to come
e1861dbb 2008-06-30 8998
3d8f4a98 2008-06-29 added trac as source for ideas
f6694013 2008-06-29 one more mtn step
0e9a36e6 2008-06-29 various updates, add a new developers page
1770ae50 2008-06-19 The I should pay 10 bucks in I-cannot-do-it-right-cashbox commit.
53f1f184 2008-06-19 One day I will learn this stuff, til then a lot of typos
a7931ea7 2008-06-19 yes
c2b9360c 2008-06-19 Ok, 555550 was a bit to much ;-)
2eb06ac8 2008-06-19 Extend explanation
4542be8e 2008-06-19 2 more bounties,explanation of datastorage bounty
5e721901 2008-06-19 Typo
31e7a46c 2008-06-19 New bounty creat
16c1380b 2008-06-14 merge of 'd8afdb3f6dee4e1de3b363eb081eb6ba5d9ba646'      and 'e7904e30de315f0910d5b1f375e8e17424dbc796'
c0e636ca 2008-06-14 merge of '5f15e48c59a3f24347da3a796bacf2daef5ef7ee'      and 'c7c823dd8aebe5b5e39e39c715c370d8853e3f86'
d0fc6b2c 2008-06-14 added support for IF_NONE_MATCH
65047b58 2008-06-08 0.6.2
bcd9eba3 2008-06-07 0.6.2 announcement
9ea9e587 2008-06-07 hosts.txt sync with mtn i2p.i2p
7955665e 2008-05-29 roadmap
1730b7de 2008-05-21 minor fixes
95d13763 2008-05-21 Peer selection and threat model updates
bbb2980a 2008-05-18 misc.
616ae8fd 2008-05-13 add comps key, add a faq on bug reporting
4699e1aa 2008-05-06 Added 2 links
8a1a9c85 2008-05-03 Change from sponge.i2p to i2host.i2p
f26d6cdf 2008-05-03 speeling error
20fb121d 2008-05-03 Corrected html bugs
b339b9a3 2008-05-03 Changes of bounties.html and halloffame.html due to loss of i2p.net and out of fund
649f5eed 2008-05-03 change of team.html page
7c703918 2008-05-02 performance, tell people to adjust outproxy
b2639ce3 2008-05-02 misc. updates
88e860ee 2008-04-27 .33 downloads
fab547c2 2008-04-26 .33 release announcement
2bd8b04c 2008-04-25 floodfill and other updates
91afa8f7 2008-04-24 minor updates
e6e4d314 2008-04-20 added news-entry for trac
139eac22 2008-04-20 added link to trac
999f0284 2008-04-15 jrandom faq
10245c71 2008-04-09 forgot the picture
ecab9d3b 2008-04-09 https section on faq; add picture to udp
3f9178cb 2008-04-05 socks info
622dfc52 2008-04-04 faq update
49eed8c1 2008-04-01 more jbigi updates
0f53feb7 2008-04-01 jbigi update
c03082b2 2008-03-30 merge of '1a8fb2661c2356c30d66c12259348421eba91c9b'      and '6eb7c918c1a60209bc86cbdd412af3b30f76d73f'
7643f378 2008-03-30 i2cp, i2np, netdb, hosts.txt update
a42611d9 2008-03-26 changed faq for outproxy
f23e133d 2008-03-26 merge of '392bf4de86d61e086d6eb277c086839c3792093d'      and '6c952dda7e45ae6db642dee0531fc10746583ba5'
32a86a72 2008-03-26 new reseed url
d280f680 2008-03-26 *sigh*
5c227f29 2008-03-26 ...
de13f66d 2008-03-26 merge of '8315d4775da62f14a3b0ea89766bff9f336faff3'      and 'cb723521bed22bdd4087a7cee7ee7d943f2a52ce'
a1a0f542 2008-03-26 only routerInfo-* files please
36044953 2008-03-26 merge of 'b86bd2c66d4280de170168f9262c11df71852640'      and 'bd4e068f9810696195f4b6374a04da2508f36570'
2983c6a0 2008-03-26 merge of '00dbac2572117c3a310bf255804efbf2e7ca7c05'      and '968d60b8514ba5f49fd0260e815b362cf6d776c4'
ccdb5b44 2008-03-26 added netdb-serving-site
7fe6ae39 2008-03-25 netdb, protocols, streaming, hosts.txt update
038d03a0 2008-03-22 minor updates
03e1505b 2008-03-21 remove corrupt sex0r.i2p from hosts.txt
ab31472b 2008-03-20 Add protocols.html, i2cp.html, invisiblenet.html, and several pdf's from www.inivisiblenet.net rescued via the wayback machine.
60b3f1b7 2008-03-17 fixed forum link in the side-panel
13ffdbf7 2008-03-16 forum.i2p.net->forum.i2p2.de
0a46556b 2008-03-16 forum news, add picture to home page, some other tweaks
36be49ea 2008-03-11 Update SAM I2P options, fix links on upgrade page
199f3ef8 2008-03-11 merge of '695ff8307a930907318e2deaeb73a8cc355ff2ef'      and '8b58af94953c4a80625c4294ec78bbc00207492c'
cf5bac6e 2008-03-11 disapproval of revision 'dc2b50f82891c03042cb8c418c4fa4e34223d4e4'
f7949f56 2008-03-11 fix links to upgrade page
c52b539e 2008-03-11 corrected links for upgrade instructions from
d25a4d07 2008-03-11 put upgrade-from- instructions on the website since forum is down
2c990a1f 2008-03-10 missed one,note on forum down
c1cdff11 2008-03-10 corrected links on download page
794cab93 2008-03-09 added a missing file
564a46c7 2008-03-09 added urlify utility
8356988b 2008-03-09 add .32 to announcements.html
d7a0287f 2008-03-09 .32 release
1a449c22 2008-03-07 strict ordering update
007fcbc7 2008-03-05 naming.html update
7a6d04c6 2008-03-01 Add license-agreements.html, other minor changes
3fcf7d4c 2008-02-27 misc. small changes
54946728 2008-02-26 merge of '3a2b393b1c4737ebf5b6171e0728b9430251a137'      and 'b7a0c8c056e370b9c25a78b022e992446de3e9a1'
c3f5cc9c 2008-02-26 merge of 'd249dc52e6b786470d69e90a0f12022545fac4d0'      and 'e7c610e9d70eecdb84fc02e3bcaa5c605130f4f0'
b43c8929 2008-02-26 make info about new GMP version clear and a possibility which needs more testing
a305b532 2008-02-22 small change on jbigi.html, note on GMP4.2.2
24abffd4 2008-02-16 update commit policy on licenses.html
efca146d 2008-02-13 update date and clarify things in .31 release announcement
70b17e49 2008-02-10 merge of '823cf7df97a272996b1280d0108efca6a1798581'      and 'bf9e5b94970e92e078cf59c216ab848135faa409'
a70fee16 2008-02-10 release and some spelling fixes
41597f1d 2008-02-10 added complication's monotone guide
eb354a67 2008-02-10 New streaming.html, more faq entries, other stuff
b0cfd6db 2008-02-06 faq, download, index updates
91431790 2008-02-05 add naming.html
7ab4dfff 2008-02-04 update the meeting page titles
6f2ee4e2 2008-02-04 New NTCP page and update the transport section in techinfo
6f2a68c2 2008-02-03 more netdb updates
cf68ab7d 2008-02-03 Add floodfill info to the netdb page, some other tweaks
b593e05f 2008-02-03 more updates
a2f1c684 2008-02-02 Fix title
bd7f05f6 2008-02-02 Update index, tunnel*, meetings Add some package-* files from the source Add SAM V2 Add release announcement Put several more links at the top of techintro
22f85f28 2008-02-02 format change of stanotes and small text changes
49ebd96f 2008-02-02 add a picture
df16474d 2008-02-02 fix more links
9b8801ad 2008-02-02 merge of '13c39b38efeff087ca6139043ca18e06a0eedada'      and '93e30cc13225b499209cefb798627d6049a491ed'
317352f3 2008-02-02 fix some img links
e9e062f3 2008-02-01 merge of '62cd6a402f5842a99b6632c456e95dd496d126a3'      and '9069eee9d5ce43f6903603b79878994b4c37f78a'
e66a3dad 2008-02-01 added atom-feed skeleton
3c031993 2008-02-01 change forum links back to forum.i2p.net
eca4df47 2008-02-01 fixed up encoding
38d24b40 2008-02-01 link status update edited
7683522a 2008-02-01 status update 01 2008 first rev added
ce70b3d0 2008-02-01 merge of '2e346056d4d3bdabdc55e857d097c0a795051725'      and 'a3c7b614b96398af2f35c26b848ab2053cb7f378'
66efada5 2008-02-01 merge of '580228783934dc987a6d19f4b9b4f7a6b56a07c2'      and 'e9b0b3e2b85084479c4b4eb60e5df9979df865cc'
c3ccf713 2008-02-01 implemented etag
e81acf79 2008-02-01 Bring over some docs from i2p CVS
92dfb456 2008-02-01 minor update
f13baff8 2008-02-01 merge of '01ff544ecade9e22d08f7550bda76167c9f70521'      and '0f1afcc597f5b7c65f86358e9a7fb39a3c54270e'
efdf0019 2008-02-01 imported hosts.txt file
41184168 2008-02-01 Add monotone page
7ca3d9e8 2008-02-01 Add reseed URL to the download page
3145d839 2008-02-01 Disable donations
380901eb 2008-02-01 merge of '2247e016c270cf05dfe1d21910fa3375ab98aba5'      and '6863c1149b1243140bd201126380dc90faeb37a4'
a9218a35 2008-01-31 imported my website-repo
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d6295ee0 2007-10-08
ba704f6f 2007-09-29 syndie 1.101a
cbabb5a9 2007-09-27 forgot to update the syndie rel
5b153d5c 2007-09-15 2007-09-15  Complication     * Update FAQ with inbound TCP information
190d5e16 2007-08-24
298815e3 2007-07-12 2007-07-11  Complication     * Fix year on announcements page
2bc278d1 2007-06-17 2007-06-16  Complication     * Fix a typo
4f311bcd 2007-06-17 2007-06-16  Complication     * Update faq.html with manual reseed info
1a81c308 2007-04-11 weekly update
7a03aae0 2007-04-04 notes
a0f6253e 2007-03-31 syndie 1.005a (oops, thanks snoopy and fedo) meeting logs (thanks zzz)
51ff8975 2007-03-21 weekly notes
3be4713d 2007-03-18 push again
f3a6261a 2007-03-18
af991231 2007-03-18
435334bc 2007-03-14 meeting and status
30a3fbb2 2007-03-14 no one takes my money [thanks again zzz]
a696f7b4 2007-03-07 (zzz) add my name
de952242 2007-02-24 weekly update
ccd4b988 2007-02-22 syndie 1.004a
8079d079 2007-02-17
6f8801e1 2007-02-14 weekly update
a32ad16c 2007-02-07 weekly update
cea664aa 2007-02-03 syndie 1.003a
34bb2617 2007-01-31 weekly update
a0445291 2007-01-29 2007-01-29  Complication     * Fix a broken link I accidentally added to the download page     * Fix some old links pointing past the current cvsweb     * Fix some old links pointing past the current mailing list
c9229418 2007-01-18 syndie release
f0c06ce5 2007-01-17 weekly updatE
df1dd428 2007-01-16 2007-01-16  Complication     * Add a more thorough post-install section
2b195d7d 2007-01-13 oops
e2131cdb 2007-01-13 weekly update
8c2859c0 2007-01-05 add syndie state to the homepage
9260ded0 2007-01-03 weekly update
f86aafdc 2006-12-27 oops
8e36660f 2006-12-27 weekly update
9d9decb6 2006-12-13 weekly update
274bbbdd 2006-12-06 (on request, though it probably won't do much ;)
1626ae80 2006-12-06 weekly update
6af8c5cd 2006-12-05 zounds, thanks
6356cc2a 2006-11-29 weekly update
e710cddf 2006-11-22 weekly meeting
27fb598c 2006-11-08 weekly update
3101ae50 2006-11-03 2006-11-03  Complication     * Update faq.html with TCP info     * Hopefully improve formatting
f07bd8b1 2006-11-01 weekly update
42f94112 2006-10-25 weekly update
9c3d9e3d 2006-10-18 weekly stuff
90fe11c4 2006-10-09
d143c6c6 2006-10-06 halloffame update (thanks peter)
5851eff8 2006-09-13 meeting 184
072ef820 2006-09-12 weekly status notes
b480f48d 2006-09-09
649e4d74 2006-08-03 meeting logs
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69771bec 2006-07-28
eae6cb09 2006-07-18
d1ed0575 2006-06-14
b7a12f4a 2006-06-14 weekly update
c20c8288 2006-06-05 06120
f01d7aac 2006-05-31 2006-05-31  cervantes     * Oops, homepage was never updated with release info.
8270ffe5 2006-05-31 update
41703c89 2006-05-21 thanks athena
7f067a6f 2006-05-17 m33ting
7b085b90 2006-05-17 (zzz) 180
100da414 2006-05-17 (zzz) mtg 180
4b23776c 2006-05-10 status update
29bd0a1b 2006-05-09
22d6f935 2006-05-03 l0gz0rz
d1fcdb49 2006-04-28 thanks postman
4c0d8e9a 2006-04-28 thanks anon
0b6afead 2006-04-26 weekly update
3c5ec6fa 2006-04-25 thanks anons
0c452923 2006-04-23
860d0532 2006-04-19 weekly update
fb2a916a 2006-04-15
1243ebd1 2006-04-13
16a41451 2006-04-13
60041dc7 2006-04-05 what month is it?
fc286ea9 2006-04-05
3c60c9bf 2006-04-05 weekly notes
fa8f91a4 2006-03-29 thanks complication
6573d7ab 2006-03-29 weekly
65b0fa48 2006-03-27
003daa41 2006-03-22 weekly update
88b057d3 2006-03-15 weekly update
e1a95f2a 2006-03-12 thanks bar and anon
73d5d31a 2006-03-10 thanks postman and anon
91ada514 2006-03-08 weekly update
0d105c6b 2006-03-01 thanks anon
85ab3f16 2006-03-01 weekly update
1b10fa89 2006-02-27 06112
cbb9ffe3 2006-02-21
ad3df11a 2006-02-16 oops
37c46a9b 2006-02-16
c8ac33df 2006-02-15 some nav cleanup
004d8334 2006-02-15 some cleanup / rewording, and put the css inline to reduce the number of http requests
edf9b834 2006-02-08 weekly update
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00f69866 2006-01-25 weekly update
f6b05c55 2006-01-18 weekly update
6749e03f 2006-01-12
5359af97 2006-01-11 weekly update
402a085b 2006-01-11 Removed references to the defunct bugzilla.
e268b9b2 2006-01-04 weekly update
b0e31ad1 2005-12-22 0618
6ac8be7b 2005-12-21 weekly update
7bbc78ea 2005-12-14 thanks spaetz et anon
f4227f6d 2005-12-14 weekly update
49ffb2e4 2005-12-07 weekly update
eb1760bb 2005-12-01
8008c60e 2005-12-01
d3573a18 2005-12-01 thanks aum
20c0d026 2005-11-30 weekly update
892936a7 2005-11-26
11d58de6 2005-11-23 oops
cf9c0f16 2005-11-23 weekly update
19a818de 2005-11-20 thanks anon and anon
3b7fb390 2005-11-18 moved it over to a subscription
f296ce14 2005-11-18 thanks anon
63ebfa21 2005-11-17 thanks anon
4dd6498f 2005-11-17 2005-11-17  cervantes   * Repointed/deleted some stale links    * Added details of I2P's essential outgoing expenses.   * Updated team details
3d433638 2005-11-16 thanks Aurimas
164bf992 2005-11-16 oops
69ae816d 2005-11-16
4d4574b7 2005-11-16 weekly update
6c0c4f95 2005-11-09 weekly update
6af588ab 2005-11-09 Removed bugzilla from the nav, since it doesn't exist anymore (no one used it anyway).
ae9e945c 2005-11-02 zounds, thanks anon
b8a68aa5 2005-11-02 weekly update
c1f7423f 2005-11-02 bundling bounties
4b504eba 2005-10-30
0fa1825d 2005-10-26 I'm overwhelmed, thanks anon!
0d967ff5 2005-10-26 had to reread that email a few times to believe it (wow, thanks\!)
58a70ec6 2005-10-26 updated totals
ee4728a4 2005-10-26 weekly update
71b43e32 2005-10-26 thanks anon
5ee6fc84 2005-10-19 weekly update
fbafc5be 2005-10-18 thanks Eol
5ebcc33d 2005-10-14
138a51be 2005-10-14 a guru, i say
024437fc 2005-10-14 cleanup, add dust and i2phex contributors
3f60beb1 2005-10-12 weekly update
4db43b11 2005-10-08 fixed sha1 (thanks PacoBell and Complication)
cf1c187e 2005-10-07
85f34dd6 2005-10-05 weekly update
69163636 2005-10-01
ac25c19b 2005-09-30 thanks anon and david
abfebc35 2005-09-29 guess
b9957cae 2005-09-28 f1x
ee8b515c 2005-09-28 weekly update
49e00549 2005-09-21 weekly notes
cc44f148 2005-09-18
98dae9fa 2005-09-18
1c5dedee 2005-09-16 weekly update
fc2a191a 2005-09-13 include totals
3b8e5ab9 2005-09-13 revised with dates after reviewing paypal and egold history
bd3065ff 2005-09-07 html cleanup (thanks barkerjr)
accba57d 2005-09-07 weekly
f47632f8 2005-09-04 minor color safety adjustment (thanks HalfEmpty)
05680702 2005-09-03 partly completed
8e525953 2005-09-02
0fe3d525 2005-09-01
0ce92ad9 2005-09-01
fc7c8fd5 2005-08-31 weekly update
cdf6c01b 2005-08-24 weekly
589737e6 2005-08-21
e770bbd5 2005-08-17 oops
deba2278 2005-08-17 oops
8c0dca4f 2005-08-17 w33kly update
0fb42e35 2005-08-10 one fourty two
c70e3b62 2005-08-09 rev4mp
5fb81b3e 2005-08-09 thanks elliot
4fcb0552 2005-08-08
00e3a8c9 2005-08-07 oops, sorry arma
b145298a 2005-08-06 Update and link fix to http://www.i2p.net/faq (thanks bar)
74a43df2 2005-08-05 Removed from the website all IRC and web links to Invisiblechat/IIP (because IIP's dead, Jim) and replaced references to irc.baffled.i2p with irc.postman.i2p since irc.baffled.i2p has been unlinked from the I2P IRC network.
092bbfbc 2005-08-04 fix meeting markup
9a78be8e 2005-08-03 oops
b7475617 2005-08-03
081f1562 2005-07-27 0.6
f9921742 2005-07-27 0.6
c967e9c1 2005-07-20 permalinks on FAQ
fe6e7686 2005-07-12 w33kly status
9ecc5748 2005-07-10 cough
9d440c24 2005-05-18 tool options from Connelly
dabae517 2005-05-11 slashdot readers cant read
e122a918 2005-05-04 weekly update
851d8c43 2005-05-02 updated h4x0rzzzz
35e33345 2005-04-27 weekly update
2c251478 2005-04-26 thanks duck
2a6f2450 2005-04-26 thanks dale
fa668874 2005-04-20 note ordering
b93c6307 2005-04-20 note that values will increase
492434a7 2005-04-20 unit test bounty
d9be9226 2005-04-20 w00t
e6f78d97 2005-04-20 zounds, thanks zab!
0866142a 2005-04-20
241f2f55 2005-04-20 weekly update
c6c9a6c3 2005-04-20 adjust dates/releases
e9809248 2005-04-13 duck: remove irc overhead
a8861c31 2005-04-13 weekly update
40e40cca 2005-04-12 w00t, i should check paypal more often
c8fc6d06 2005-04-06 oops, rebuilt with the right version #
33f61075 2005-04-06
27d29a03 2005-04-06 weekly update
bb159798 2005-03-30
b358ce88 2005-03-30 i hate html
d13da138 2005-03-30 oops!
203f328d 2005-03-30 weekly update
23eaf49f 2005-03-24
0bbd8e86 2005-03-24
d49aa8fb 2005-03-24 moved to i2p module
41b15b08 2005-03-23 canonical form, and all that jazz
ec3f1114 2005-03-23 more links (thanks cervantes!)
50d0c15b 2005-03-23 news blurb for the console
ffe4ad1b 2005-03-23 weekly update
5c8e6943 2005-03-18
5c4f2201 2005-03-16 weekly update
fa1303fc 2005-03-14 oops, forgot to trim the discons
633ed102 2005-03-13 sam bridge entry, html anchors
391860eb 2005-03-09 thanks mancom
5c545cca 2005-03-09 weekly update
469c4f3a 2005-03-07 thanks bla
801374b5 2005-03-07
9ec6ff73 2005-03-04 correct complexity notation
09f459c1 2005-03-02 weekly update
9de4eb30 2005-03-02 w00t, thanks duck
3a555d58 2005-02-24 /mode #i2p +pessimism
7341cc1c 2005-02-23
d7667f61 2005-02-23
766d433f 2005-02-23 weekly update
1b092611 2005-02-18 0.5
5fb250ca 2005-02-18 sigh.  this is why we test :)
9dd527f2 2005-02-18 delete your netDb and reseed
ed6d8e7a 2005-02-18 rebuilt
2b794460 2005-02-18 0.5
6a42ed78 2005-02-16 weekly update
55ff175e 2005-02-14 damn, i knew i missed some entries
cc2de1ca 2005-02-13 new donation
bc4f1450 2005-02-12 susi.i2p, not susi23.i2p
6c949bf7 2005-02-12 small update w/ more people
28d5ed35 2005-02-09 duh
4ce3e788 2005-02-09 weekly update
62092f99 2005-02-02 weekly update
25426b06 2005-01-26 weekly update
12d9f0f6 2005-01-23 added smeghead / c# sam lib
65575561 2005-01-19 c3ns0rsh1p
8d29454a 2005-01-19 weekly update
03a444c8 2005-01-18 Layout changes
071646c5 2005-01-18 small layout changes
9148852c 2005-01-18 Added supporting members
0f0bb21d 2005-01-12 weekly update
e8011796 2005-01-07 thanks michelle
24debf28 2005-01-06 removed enclaveDHT reference, added addressbok info
d9e244b0 2005-01-06 0426
ec465df5 2005-01-06
34b73799 2005-01-05 weekly update
7e6b7450 2005-01-04 sp3lling (thanks connelly!)
996b144d 2005-01-01 ragnarok is hacking the addressbook
cd6eb3ba 2004-12-31 w00t, gcj bounty growth
f752c0fe 2004-12-31 added gcj bounty
18b40961 2004-12-29 filtered out the junk
be40ee56 2004-12-29 weekly update
e4260508 2004-12-22 weekly update
9ddeb4fa 2004-12-21
11d686fe 2004-12-19 added scintinlla
29d9db95 2004-12-18
9f0a9590 2004-12-15 weekly update
c6235b63 2004-12-15 fixed wrt i2p-bt donations
f42ec730 2004-12-14 more donations (w3wt)
ee0763ce 2004-12-10 brief note for path problems (thanks mahes!)
645574e9 2004-12-10 updated with past & present contributors (who/whats missing?)
c4e82053 2004-12-10 updated streaming lib todo
0246be5e 2004-12-09 proper euro symbol
dae1802f 2004-12-09 /me can write aych tee emm ell goodly
59a924c4 2004-12-09 bah, toss $150 onto the bounty, rollover from the MyI2P (as they're the same thing)
3bf54ff1 2004-12-09 claimed BT bounty, cleaned up remaining
c55e6264 2004-12-09 finally updated
87feb6cb 2004-12-09 link to cervantes' apache info
eeaffb5a 2004-12-08
4de4d4b3 2004-12-08 weekly update [dec 7]
68c18846 2004-12-03 add active x/y info, remove pre-streaminglib stuff
64ea9728 2004-12-02
adcad76c 2004-12-02
6f1430b6 2004-12-01
3354c9ec 2004-12-01 weekly update
059003ac 2004-11-29 typo (thanks Connelly)
fac68938 2004-11-26 0.4.2
c805bd5f 2004-11-26 0.4.2
bda568f1 2004-11-24 oops (thanks dm)
e3371d18 2004-11-24 weekly update
7dd2e695 2004-11-22 two new donations (w00t)
8670c404 2004-11-17 weekly update
2f12a9a1 2004-11-17 status notes
6f90dd26 2004-11-16 (these are not the droids you were looking for)
bd4510b7 2004-11-16 two new donations ($50 USD)
e7083a75 2004-11-10 weekly update
8268a2fc 2004-11-07
28cdb44d 2004-11-05 dispute banner
f0c7104e 2004-11-04 Fix to default HTTP Proxy port
f0585fb3 2004-11-03 weekly update
04b72846 2004-10-27 weekly update
5229f0c8 2004-10-26 curl as alternative to wget
c96877b9 2004-10-20 weekly update
d5f066dd 2004-10-19 we now have a correct jetty.xml
d9534d33 2004-10-18
844ce6a4 2004-10-18 clarified the consolePassword faq
b3a3ac9a 2004-10-14 two new paypal donations
4993c83c 2004-10-14 html cleanup
da84deb0 2004-10-14 added ports faq
a2a1a83f 2004-10-13 too many verbs (thanks newsbyte)
caeac600 2004-10-13 weekly update
036b0f47 2004-10-12 add eepget alias info
5c8aafdb 2004-10-10 include cvs tag
352ffa8d 2004-10-10
5ba69938 2004-10-08 speel chekc (thanks Jake!)
64e1c3f1 2004-10-08 link fix (thanks Jake)
2ba1709a 2004-10-08 Latency FAQ entry (thanks nmi) and roadmap priority switch.
754451d2 2004-10-06 weekly update
2208c2f3 2004-10-03 0.4.1 is done
8788406c 2004-10-03 pass through the i2pdb dir so we can seed off www.i2p.net/i2pdb (and, in turn, point i2p.net --> www.i2p.net)
0375f0ae 2004-10-03 blojsom howto
1fb82ba5 2004-10-01 what month is this again?
d1c131e2 2004-10-01
d4bd10bd 2004-10-01 transfer failure faq (thanks DrWoo)
460a765e 2004-09-30 lightweight connection protocol is implemented
4b85d419 2004-09-30 add update from source instructions (thanks baffled)
cf02b263 2004-09-30 0.4.1
7568850f 2004-09-30 0.4.1
81d42ef3 2004-09-30 weekly update
0d9d1159 2004-09-29 *** empty log message ***
5bb8eef6 2004-09-27 work in progress from Mi-Go
e169318e 2004-09-25 commit mailinglist, remove personal info
95e04073 2004-09-22 weekly update
e84202d2 2004-09-19 tyops / speeling and SAM libs ref (thanks Connelly!)
a3665f7d 2004-09-19 uniformity
7a0c9527 2004-09-19 Meeting log wrapping and properly escape from ampersands Thanks to the #i2p-chat boys and girls for CSS help.
1440e356 2004-09-15 m33ting
80183399 2004-09-14 weekly status notes
26bbbcea 2004-09-14 0.4 released (0.3 isn't the most recent milestone anymore)
822e83df 2004-09-14 add a new link to the /how pages
022b6524 2004-09-14 drop the "I2P - " prefix from the title and <h1>, let the menu.ini define that if desired
510a7d3f 2004-09-14 per curiosity's suggestions, moved the 'about' content to the home page, dropped the old about, and tossed the old home page announcements at the top of the page
fe147240 2004-09-14 moved udp transport to 0.4.4 instead of 1.1 (so 1.0 can handle a large user base)
19f100a6 2004-09-14 fixed link to the projectplan.xml
c64cf6c1 2004-09-14 updated roadmap and added gantt PNG export
2277885c 2004-09-13 rewrite
4b438e55 2004-09-11 added to cvs (so it doesnt get lost again) (thanks duck!)
03e92ef6 2004-09-11 new 10/mo subscription from jteitel, thanks!
9a7c1ca3 2004-09-11 fixed SHA1 values (previously were SHA0, the openssl default (while the sha command on fbsd defaults to sha1).  compared with offline build box values.  unmodified).  thanks Pseudo_Nymous
b3eb01e5 2004-09-09
f1a61658 2004-09-08 weekly updates
44a3c4a1 2004-09-05 aych tee emm ell
41e4968b 2004-09-05 html cleanup (page already has a title)
460b6e99 2004-09-05 added todo page with a more in depth discussion about the tasks on the roadmap
65c29581 2004-09-05 This thing 'question mark' is funny! duck
fa0fe2bf 2004-09-05 updating hosts.txt duck
e130e1aa 2004-09-03 added FAQ for remote console access
db327d15 2004-09-03 50 from eco
74986f87 2004-09-03 0.4 released
e09bf5eb 2004-09-03 added a missing update step
b6831742 2004-09-03 new install stuff (leaving installation.html around for people with existing links)
021b384b 2004-09-03 * rewrote the freenet comparison with more details * added a MUTE/AntsP2P comparison
24680520 2004-09-02 added migration docs to the new web architecture
5951dc72 2004-09-02 oops, need the http:// on there
983eb3b1 2004-09-02 link to history, add howto w/ link to lucky's freebsd+java doc
b7651468 2004-09-02 meeting and notes
aafe812a 2004-08-31 added MITM FAQ
d24418a0 2004-08-25 meeting time
cc50073d 2004-08-25 weekly status notes
8b457d03 2004-08-24 html fix
6fd9aebf 2004-08-24 how did i not have hypercubus on there?
400ec66a 2004-08-24 added nickster for planning stage BT port
7669a1e6 2004-08-22 updated per anonymous designer's revamp
d856f62f 2004-08-21 add aum and oOo remove FillaMent, MrEcho, and wiht (havent seen any of them in a long while)
24788ba7 2004-08-21 clean up some of the new text
3c0c06ce 2004-08-21 added new text / image describing the overall flow of messages and tunnels imported png files into CVS so they're tracked and mirrorable
f645dd22 2004-08-20
bb6aa26a 2004-08-20
b3a84d38 2004-08-18 weekly updates and notes
c58e2233 2004-08-13
e144ce76 2004-08-13 added .1aug anon donation
b3ecc226 2004-08-11 link to origin of quote
9acfef7a 2004-08-11 weekly update
b728b18d 2004-08-11 updated cervantes donation (exchange rate stuff)
13dadb7a 2004-08-09 removed sam (its in the API section, duh)
dbc56771 2004-08-09 updated hosts.txt title, added sam link
fc9d3563 2004-08-09 added scalability and economics questions, cleaned up some old faqs
15bebb3d 2004-08-09 removed totals from the bounties page (maintenance headache) and added the latest to the hall of fame
2adaa7f5 2004-08-09 added hosts.txt link (thanks thetower)
7fe46ae6 2004-08-09, and fixed date
804716ef 2004-08-09 updated TOR comparison after discussion with duck and arma
d9d9cf8f 2004-08-09 fixed link (thanks mule)
b7ed6a5c 2004-08-08 fixed links (thanks hyper)
c6d1aa4f 2004-08-08
ca312637 2004-08-08
89ca4196 2004-08-06 Replaced dashes with &bull; and &sdot; with dashes (because the &sdot; character needs an extended character set) (ugha)
e26ce2fd 2004-08-06 Fixed a missing '</p>'. (ugha)
709a2a44 2004-08-06 'Network database' has already been imported. Removed the '[ ]' mark. (ugha)
6af4908a 2004-08-04 fixed link
e797f1ba 2004-08-04 meeting logs
deda0f72 2004-08-03 status notes
651239b7 2004-08-03 silly silly (duck)
f7dc0bbe 2004-08-03 link to authorative cryptix license file, thanks to Edwin Woudt for putting it up
2d9cbfcf 2004-08-03 remove unneeded absolute links (duck)
335981be 2004-08-03 remove unneeded absolute link (duck)
38ac57a7 2004-07-31 remove unneeded Python license; thanks to aum's recoding (duck)
3159f948 2004-07-31 Imported from the old IIP Wiki backups. Most of the information is probably outdated, since it was already outdated. (ugha)
45f4116b 2004-07-31 typo (duck)
fc27d033 2004-07-31 1. Fixed the link to the Cryptix license (their site doesn't contain it    anymore) 2. Added the Python license for the Python SAM library for now. Should we    really reject aum's code once again, because of the same issue? We'll    decide that later. (ugha)
69663d88 2004-07-29  0.3.4
5f014e4e 2004-07-29 0.3.4
67be5779 2004-07-29 updated authorship (aum wrote this)
217b8ca0 2004-07-28 weekly update
d9c1e1c8 2004-07-25 Cleanup. Fixed all W3C XHTML 1.1 errors. It looks like this file never was cleaned when we migrated from IIP Wiki. (ugha)
9357a097 2004-07-25 Added the 'li.gap' class, needed for how_tunnelrouting.html. (ugha)
2d596f73 2004-07-24 0.3.3
08de0861 2004-07-24 0.3.3
6ed3eef0 2004-07-24 0.3.3
863078e0 2004-07-24 Replaced the network comparsions image with a HTML table. (ugha)
7387540b 2004-07-24 Commited our $anonDesigner's new i2plogo.png. (ugha)
48878233 2004-07-24 Cleanup, W3C XHTML 1.1 compatibility:  * Lowercase tags (ul and h2)  * Fixed 'img' tags - added alt attribute, added terminator ('/>')  * Removed the Wiki link brackets around [attack] (ugha)
c1be77a6 2004-07-23 W3C XHTML 1.1 compatibility:  * Replaced UTF-8 mdash with &mdash;  * Fixed an unterminated img tag. (ugha)
27689f84 2004-07-23 removed apostraphe (thanks aum)
d2e3e32f 2004-07-23 added k6 windows jbigi link
8a69021a 2004-07-23 added k62 windows jbigi link
b2aceaaf 2004-07-23 Now redirects old '/redesign' URLs to '/'. (ugha)
8e04b5d5 2004-07-23 Arg, another rollback. I'd better stop playing around with CVS. (ugha)
b1aa766b 2004-07-23 Fixed two bugs that show up with some PHP configurations:  * Use of undefined constant MENU_FILE - assumed 'MENU_FILE' (added quotes)  * Cannot modify header information - headers already sent (extra newlines    at the end of menu.php) (ugha)
aca253da 2004-07-23 Ok, so this time it *does* work. (I tested it myself :) (ugha)
decf4282 2004-07-23 rolled back to 1.4 (mods didn't quite work)
fd16c0c8 2004-07-23 I'm tired of this, I should start testing locally. (ugha)
4cdfdb0a 2004-07-23 D'oh. This time it's *really* fixed, you can take my word for it. :) (ugha)
1a4a8c06 2004-07-23 Oops, fixed the bug when absolute links were specified in 'menu.ini'. (ugha)
c40ae660 2004-07-23 Switched from relative to absolute URLs. (ugha)
02864c95 2004-07-23 Switched from relative to absolute links. (ugha)
5c438b50 2004-07-21 fixed dead links
179d0cb2 2004-07-21 html cleanup
ea89f201 2004-07-21 updated the component licenses (splitting up the apps/sam/ into smaller sections with different lead devs, keeping the license specified in each component as the new primary one)
4fba5ef1 2004-07-21 long overdue update to add Nightblade, Connelly, and BrianR
d161962b 2004-07-21 added reference to the redbean CVS book for those with CVS questions
d4cc35d9 2004-07-21 i2ptunnel_services exists (kind of old and a bit confusing, but it does the trick for now)
b67e6557 2004-07-21 lets link to the current week's meeting logs and weekly status notes on the homepage
4fc3dc3d 2004-07-21 added this week's meeting (i dont know if it really is #99, i'm just guessing)
14d54a4f 2004-07-21 when 'nolink' property is set, only show the title; don't make it a link (duck)
97c38d84 2004-07-21 moo
c584b03d 2004-07-21 use the 'applications' page instead of the nonexistant 'application' page. 'applications' does contain the app dev guide content i threw together before i moved, so there is also a link to it from the api page.
a2bcb383 2004-07-21 fixed link
8ff3927b 2004-07-20 i2cp, ministreaming, and datagrams are all up
66193c2b 2004-07-20 initial impl
c0604ac0 2004-07-20 initial impl
d70d2a1c 2004-07-20 initial impl
47c640a9 2004-07-20 implementation == javadoc
ba8380c3 2004-07-20 first pass (though this all changes completely for 0.4)
6dbd5717 2004-07-20 updated schedule - reordered milestones and updated dates
ca60af28 2004-07-20 <wilde> We all need a home (duck)
ea47d7f1 2004-07-20 remove ugly asteriks (duck)
565f2875 2004-07-20 fix grammar
3fae3153 2004-07-20 added some section headings (per wilde's suggestion)
e79a47bb 2004-07-20 pulled some about-ish info and fixed the table
874b8828 2004-07-20 first pass (kind of integrates a simple "how does it work" with "about")
cd256437 2004-07-20 SAM specs, thanks connelly (duck)
5c431965 2004-07-20 implementation of suggestions from protocol (duck)
c8991751 2004-07-20 newest first (good call proto)
a79e01c6 2004-07-20 This monument is dedicated to jrandom (duck)
c18829b6 2004-07-19 implement navigation suggestions from protokol. unfortunately the navigation doesn't support redundancy, so none of that for now. (duck)
e432d7d4 2004-07-19 we have the how_peerselection page now
625a889b 2004-07-19 rewrite, includes new "capacity" concept (replacing the old "reliability" concept)
4d20384c 2004-07-19 urls shouldn't end in .html with our index.php thingy (oops)
e6108f67 2004-07-19 cleaned up links and html
d2148516 2004-07-19 updated to include which tweaks were already implemented
6f0f1a49 2004-07-19 "fixed" links (even though the things pointed to don't exist, yet)
8f4eaf14 2004-07-19 marked webmaster as vacant (wilde doesn't have the time - should we toss you in this slot for the moment duck?) pulled ref to aum since he's not working on this anymore
8a95f981 2004-07-19 somehow contained the network comparisons text, not the threat model pulled the threat model from the i2pold/ backup and fixed links and html.
45a79ad6 2004-07-19 fixed links
bca646fc 2004-07-19 cleaned up links
032dfae8 2004-07-19 clarified the paypal buttons
c43072a4 2004-07-19 removed the drupal-esque links, as well as the GMP packager bounty (not relevent anymore)
3050427e 2004-07-18 copy http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=16 as suggested by Nightblade (duck)
0bb3563e 2004-07-16
2a7ad428 2004-07-15 mark a few as filled (duck)
50712ca7 2004-07-15 "Screw you guys, I am going to do it myself." add missing meetings and how does it work pages (duck)
124167f9 2004-07-15 oops ( url fix)
c9ae3151 2004-07-15 announcement
09139e0e 2004-07-12 read navigation from menu.ini (duck)
31afd726 2004-07-12 page title depends on content, great for google etc. (duck)
d99c2621 2004-07-12 bugzilla url fixed (duck)
c70856e9 2004-07-12 add meeting logs, download page remove 'filled marker' from menu (duck)
3be853ca 2004-07-12 move navigation menu to seperate file added various files
54becd3b 2004-07-12 Fixup some html layout tags (duck)
87d1d844 2004-07-12 Cleanup. (ugha)
b79e6ed7 2004-07-12 Cleanup. (ugha)
6e62682c 2004-07-12 Cleanup. (ugha)
b6780ba1 2004-07-12 Cleanup. (ugha)
00c3db25 2004-07-12 Cleanup. Removed redundant align=left attributes. Removed user links. (ugha)
f357cb9d 2004-07-12 Cleanup. NB! Commented out the 'meeting logs are kept online' part. (ugha)
c0a8a889 2004-07-12 Removed green dots, added black lines (like the logo on I2P.net) (ugha)
f7ed6887 2004-07-12 Removed a colon from the heading. (ugha)
12d428a7 2004-07-12 Nested the list for 'ElGamal / AES+SessionTag' subitem. (ugha)
78de8b32 2004-07-12 Cleanup. (ugha)
9458844a 2004-07-12 Cleaned up the file. Resolved links. Made XHTML compliant. (ugha)
d008f780 2004-07-12 Removed borders from img tags ('there is no attribute "border" for "img" tag') in W3C XHTML 1.1
837cdc40 2004-07-12 Fixed W3C errors: 1) 'there is no attribute "border" for "img" tag' (now in CSS) 2) 'end tag for "img" omitted' (added '/>') 2) replaced '<br/>' with '<br />' for old browsers' compatibility (ugha)
7cd49b55 2004-07-12 Redraw the favicon, added 32x32 format. Nothing fancy, but better than the one\nbefore imo.\n(ugha)
cc7bdc18 2004-07-09 test commit msg
bdd92d98 2004-07-07 Fixed an opera bug, corrected a few whitespace errors, commented out redundant 'left' and 'top' attributes of menu. (ugha) ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2527ec43 2004-07-07 allow navigation skipping in lynx (duck)
31da67fd 2004-07-06 network comparisons (duck)
aa8d020f 2004-07-06 add api, how, i2ptunnel, including navigation move (duck)
806e7a4c 2004-07-06 ungooglify (duck)
e69b259e 2004-07-06 M$ favicon (duck)
e4ddfd0a 2004-07-06 page added: get involved
3a8017c2 2004-07-06 beginning of branch i2p.www.i2pwww```

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i2p2www/blog/2010/03/15/release-0.7.12.html i2p2www/blog/2010/04/27/0.7.13-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2010/04/27/release-0.7.13.html i2p2www/blog/2010/06/07/0.7.14-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2010/06/07/release-0.7.14.html i2p2www/blog/2010/07/12/0.8-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2010/07/12/release-0.8.html i2p2www/blog/2010/11/15/0.8.1-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2010/11/15/release-0.8.1.html i2p2www/blog/2010/12/22/0.8.2-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2010/12/22/release-0.8.2.html i2p2www/blog/2011/01/24/0.8.3-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/01/24/release-0.8.3.html i2p2www/blog/2011/03/02/0.8.4-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/03/02/release-0.8.4.html i2p2www/blog/2011/04/18/0.8.5-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/04/18/release-0.8.5.html i2p2www/blog/2011/05/16/0.8.6-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/05/16/release-0.8.6.html i2p2www/blog/2011/06/06/Ipredator-SoC.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/06/27/0.8.7-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/06/27/release-0.8.7.html i2p2www/blog/2011/08/23/0.8.8-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/08/23/release-0.8.8.html i2p2www/blog/2011/09/03/Ipredator-SoC-itoopie-released.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/10/11/0.8.9-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/10/20/0.8.10-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2011/11/08/0.8.11-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/01/06/0.8.12-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/02/27/0.8.13-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/05/02/0.9-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/07/30/0.9.1-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/09/21/0.9.2-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/10/27/0.9.3-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2012/12/17/0.9.4-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2013/03/08/0.9.5-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2013/05/28/0.9.6-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2013/07/15/0.9.7-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2013/08/10/ i2p2www/blog/2013/09/30/0.9.8-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2013/10/02/ i2p2www/blog/2013/12/07/0.9.9-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/01/21/Syndie-1.105b-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/01/22/0.9.10-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/02/08/0.9.11-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/02/16/i2pbrowser-malware.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/03/12/press-release-ddg-donation.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/03/31/0.9.12-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/05/22/0.9.13-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/07/26/0.9.14-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/08/09/ i2p2www/blog/2014/08/15/The-privacy-solutions-project.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/08/23/Android-test-release-on-Google-Play-in-Norway.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/09/20/0.9.15-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/11/01/0.9.16-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/11/30/0.9.17-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2014/12/01/Android-app-releases.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/01/20/31C3-trip-report.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/02/22/0.9.18-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/04/12/0.9.19-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/06/02/0.9.20-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/06/02/Toronto-Meetup.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/07/16/I2PCon.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/07/31/0.9.21-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/08/20/I2PCon_Mission_Accomplished.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/09/12/0.9.22-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/11/15/Community-Outreach.rst i2p2www/blog/2015/11/19/0.9.23-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/01/23/32C3.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/01/27/0.9.24-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/03/22/0.9.25-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/06/01/I2P-Summer-Dev.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/06/07/0.9.26-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/06/13/I2P-on-Maven-Central.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/07/02/Summer-Dev-roundup-APIs.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/10/17/0.9.27-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2016/12/12/0.9.28-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/02/27/0.9.29-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/03/04/0.9.29-Windows-Installer-Fix.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/05/03/0.9.30-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/06/01/Summer-Dev-2017-MOAR-Speed.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/08/07/0.9.31-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2017/11/07/0.9.32-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/01/30/0.9.33-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/02/11/high-level-roadmap.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/02/12/bsidesnyc.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/04/10/0.9.34-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/06/26/0.9.35-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/08/20/NTCP2.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/08/23/0.9.36-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/10/04/0.9.37-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2018/10/23/application-development-basics.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/01/22/0.9.38-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/02/14/i2p-lab.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/03/21/0.9.39-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/05/07/0.9.40-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/05/25/help-bootstrap-bote.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/06/02/basic-tunnel-tutorial.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/06/02/mirroring-guide.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/06/15/i2p-i2pd-ssh-config.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/06/23/sam-library-basics.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/07/02/0.9.41-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/07/27/mhatta-post-one.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/07/29/august-conferences.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/27/0.9.42-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/30/defcon.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/30/defcon2.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/30/foci.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/30/freedom.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/08/30/rights.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/10/05/ournetworks-idk.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/10/22/0.9.43-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/10/25/research-highlights.rst i2p2www/blog/2019/12/01/0.9.44-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/02/25/0.9.45-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/03/06/git-over-i2p.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/03/16/gitlab-over-i2p.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/03/18/bundle-over-torrent.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/05/25/0.9.46-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/06/07/file-based-reseed.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/08/24/0.9.47-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/11/30/0.9.48-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2020/12/10/Hello-git-goodbye-mtn.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/02/17/0.9.49-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/05/17/0.9.50-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/08/23/1.5.0-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/08/26/20-Years-of-I2P.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/08/28/History-of-I2P.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/09/07/Level-Up-Encrypted-Leasesets.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/09/15/i2p-jpackages.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/09/18/i2p-bitcoin.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/11/2/i2p-jpackage-1.5.1.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/11/29/1.6.0-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/2021/12/11/i2p-unaffected-cve-2021-44228.rst i2p2www/blog/2022/1/1/I2P-2021-in-Review.rst i2p2www/blog/2022/2/21/1.7.0-Release.rst i2p2www/blog/README i2p2www/blog/init.py i2p2www/blog/helpers.py i2p2www/blog/shortlinks.py i2p2www/blog/views.py i2p2www/browser.py i2p2www/downloads.py i2p2www/extensions.py i2p2www/formatters.py i2p2www/helpers.py i2p2www/legacy.py i2p2www/lexers.py i2p2www/meetings/init.py i2p2www/meetings/helpers.py i2p2www/meetings/logs/001.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/001.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/002.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/002.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/003.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/003.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/004.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/004.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/007.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/007.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/008.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/008.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/009.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/009.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/010.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/010.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/011.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/011.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/012.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/012.rst 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i2p2www/meetings/logs/144.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/144.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/145.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/145.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/146.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/146.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/147.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/147.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/148.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/148.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/149.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/149.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/150.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/150.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/151.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/151.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/152.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/152.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/153.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/153.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/154.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/154.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/155.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/155.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/156.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/156.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/157.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/157.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/158.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/158.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/159.log i2p2www/meetings/logs/159.rst i2p2www/meetings/logs/160.log 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i2p2www/spec/proposals/107-bep9-information-recovery.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/108-multipath-tcp-for-streaming.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/109-pt-transport.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/110-leaseset-2.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/111-ntcp-2.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/112-addressbook-subscription-feed-commands.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/113-leaseset-key-persistence.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/114-encrypted-streaming-flag.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/115-batch-multiple-data-cloves-in-garlic.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/116-prefer-near-in-keyspace.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/117-opt-in-statistics-collection.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/118-i2pcontrol-api-2.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/119-bidirectional-tunnels.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/120-meta-leaseset-for-multihoming.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/121-encrypted-leaseset.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/122-service-lookup.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/123-new-netdb-entries.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/124-session-tags-reset-message.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/125-obep-to-one-of-many-tunnels.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/126-ipv6-peer-testing.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/127-increase-ipv6-mtu.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/128-quasi-dns.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/129-blocklist-newsxml.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/130-blocklist-su3.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/131-dormant-fee-addressbook.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/132-ports-range-in-routerinfo.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/133-introducer-expiration.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/134-gost.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/135-authenticated-address-helpers.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/136-experimental-sigtypes.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/137-optional-sigtypes.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/138-match-obep-with-ibgw.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/139-i2p-mime-types.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/140-invisible-multihoming.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/141-deprecate-hostnames-in-addresses.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/142-new-crypto-template.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/143-build-message-options.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/144-ecies-x25519-aead-ratchet.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/145-ecies.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/146-red25519.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/147-transport-network-id-check.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/148-eddsa-blake2b-ed25519.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/149-b32-encrypted-ls2.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/150-garlic-farm-protocol.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/151-ecdsa-blinding.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/152-ecies-tunnels.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/153-chacha20-layer-encryption.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/154-ecies-lookups.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/155-streaming-mtu-ecies.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/156-ecies-routers.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/157-new-tbm.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/158-ipv6-transport-enhancements.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/159-ssu2.rst i2p2www/spec/proposals/160-udp-trackers.rst i2p2www/spec/red25519.rst i2p2www/spec/spectags i2p2www/spec/ssu.rst i2p2www/spec/streaming.rst i2p2www/spec/subscription.rst i2p2www/spec/tunnel-creation-ecies.rst i2p2www/spec/tunnel-creation.rst i2p2www/spec/tunnel-message.rst i2p2www/spec/updates.rst i2p2www/spec/views.py i2p2www/static/BingSiteAuth.xml i2p2www/static/favicon.ico i2p2www/static/googleadcf8b9c9f4ff24f.html i2p2www/static/hosts.txt i2p2www/static/i2p-archive-keyring.gpg i2p2www/static/i2p-debian-repo.key.asc i2p2www/static/images/00-wizard.png i2p2www/static/images/01-select.png i2p2www/static/images/02-http.png i2p2www/static/images/03-name.png i2p2www/static/images/04-port.png i2p2www/static/images/05-auto.png i2p2www/static/images/06-finish.png i2p2www/static/images/07-finished.png i2p2www/static/images/GoodbyeMTN.png i2p2www/static/images/I2PSummerDev-Primary.svg i2p2www/static/images/I2PTunnel-streamr.png i2p2www/static/images/add-key-terminal.png i2p2www/static/images/anonlevel.png i2p2www/static/images/approve.png i2p2www/static/images/autostart.png i2p2www/static/images/bandwidth2009.png i2p2www/static/images/bandwidthmenu.png i2p2www/static/images/bidir-1.png i2p2www/static/images/bidir-2.png i2p2www/static/images/blog/i2plib.jpeg i2p2www/static/images/browser/LICENSE.txt i2p2www/static/images/browser/block_trackers.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/encryption.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/fingerprint1.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/fingerprint2.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/fp_protection.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/garlic.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/history_burn.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/routing.svg i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/1-home.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/2-eepsite.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/2-outproxy.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/2-settings.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/3-add.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/3-proof.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/3-snark.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/screenshots/4-email.png i2p2www/static/images/browser/surveillance.svg i2p2www/static/images/btn_left.png i2p2www/static/images/btn_right.png i2p2www/static/images/btn_stretch.png i2p2www/static/images/bwresults.png i2p2www/static/images/cc-by-sa-4.0.png i2p2www/static/images/censorship.jpg i2p2www/static/images/chrome.proxy.png i2p2www/static/images/client.png i2p2www/static/images/clientautostart.png i2p2www/static/images/clientdescribe.png i2p2www/static/images/clientinteractive.png i2p2www/static/images/clientport.png i2p2www/static/images/clientsave.png i2p2www/static/images/clientstandard.png i2p2www/static/images/console-active.png i2p2www/static/images/cryptovillageblog.png i2p2www/static/images/dark.png i2p2www/static/images/darkbluebg.png i2p2www/static/images/darkbluetile.png i2p2www/static/images/darkerbluetile.png i2p2www/static/images/describe.png i2p2www/static/images/donate/cur-anc-addr.png i2p2www/static/images/donate/cur-btc-addr.png i2p2www/static/images/donate/cur-eth-addr.png i2p2www/static/images/donate/cur-ltc-addr.png i2p2www/static/images/donate/cur-xmr-addr.png i2p2www/static/images/dots.png i2p2www/static/images/download.png i2p2www/static/images/download/android.png i2p2www/static/images/download/debian-ubuntu.png i2p2www/static/images/download/docker.png i2p2www/static/images/download/freebsd-tux.png i2p2www/static/images/download/mac-osx.png i2p2www/static/images/download/source.png i2p2www/static/images/download/ubuntu/software-center-addother.png i2p2www/static/images/download/ubuntu/software-center-menu.png i2p2www/static/images/download/ubuntu/software-center-ppatool.png i2p2www/static/images/download/ubuntu/software-center-reload.png i2p2www/static/images/download/ubuntu/software-center-software.png i2p2www/static/images/download/update-auto.png i2p2www/static/images/download/update-manual.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/bwbrowser.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/bwdisclaimer.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/bwdone.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/bwintro.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/bwtest.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/firefox-installer.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/firefox.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/geti2p.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/getjava.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/i2plang.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/i2plicense.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/i2pnext.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/i2ppath.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installbase.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installed.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installedjava.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installjava.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installjava2.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installrun.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/installshortcuts.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/nojava.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/oraclejava.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/profile.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/profiledone.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/profilelang.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/profilelicense.png i2p2www/static/images/download/windows/startjava.png i2p2www/static/images/download_dark.png i2p2www/static/images/enable-sam.jpeg i2p2www/static/images/encryptls/client.png i2p2www/static/images/encryptls/demoresult.png i2p2www/static/images/encryptls/demosettings.png i2p2www/static/images/encryptls/newhs.png i2p2www/static/images/endToEndEncryption.png i2p2www/static/images/endToEndEncryption_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/endToEndEncryption_zh.png i2p2www/static/images/feed-icon-28x28.png i2p2www/static/images/finddestination.png i2p2www/static/images/firefox.options.jpg i2p2www/static/images/firefox.options_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/firefox.proxyports.jpg i2p2www/static/images/firefox.proxyports_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/firefox.webrtc.png i2p2www/static/images/firefox57.connectionsettings.png i2p2www/static/images/firefox57.preferences.png i2p2www/static/images/fixdestination.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/ar.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/cs.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/de.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/el.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/en.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/es.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/eu.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/fa.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/fi.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/fr.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/he.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/i2p.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/id.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/it.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/iw.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/ja.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/ko.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/lu.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/mg.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/nl.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/no.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/pl.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/pt.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/pt_BR.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/ro.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/ru.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/sv.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/tr.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/uk.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/us.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/zh.png i2p2www/static/images/flags/zh_TW.png i2p2www/static/images/flattr-badge-large.png i2p2www/static/images/flattr-button-static-50x60.png i2p2www/static/images/fullhops.png i2p2www/static/images/garliccloves.png i2p2www/static/images/git/explore.png i2p2www/static/images/git/fork.png i2p2www/static/images/git/forked.png i2p2www/static/images/git/i2p.png i2p2www/static/images/git/register.png i2p2www/static/images/git/tweak1.png i2p2www/static/images/git/tweak2.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard1.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard2.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard3.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard4.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard5.png i2p2www/static/images/git/wizard6.png i2p2www/static/images/help.png i2p2www/static/images/help_dark.png i2p2www/static/images/history/bote.png i2p2www/static/images/history/bw1.png i2p2www/static/images/history/bw2.png i2p2www/static/images/history/i2pcon1.png i2p2www/static/images/history/i2pcon2.png i2p2www/static/images/history/invisibleirc.png i2p2www/static/images/history/invisibleirc_banner.png i2p2www/static/images/history/invisiblenet.png i2p2www/static/images/history/phong.png i2p2www/static/images/history/propaganda.jpeg i2p2www/static/images/history/statsi2p.png i2p2www/static/images/hostport.png i2p2www/static/images/http-1-b.png i2p2www/static/images/http-1.png i2p2www/static/images/http-2.png i2p2www/static/images/http-3-b.png i2p2www/static/images/http-3.png i2p2www/static/images/http-4.png i2p2www/static/images/http-5.png i2p2www/static/images/http-6.png i2p2www/static/images/http-7.png i2p2www/static/images/http-8.png i2p2www/static/images/http-9.png i2p2www/static/images/i2p_traffic_path.jpg i2p2www/static/images/i2pancdonate.2014.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pbtcdonate.2014.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pbtcdonate.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pcon/2015_i2pcon_1.jpg i2p2www/static/images/i2pcon/2015_i2pcon_2.jpg i2p2www/static/images/i2pcon/2015_i2pcon_3.jpg i2p2www/static/images/i2plogo.png i2p2www/static/images/i2plogo.svg i2p2www/static/images/i2plogo/verticalcl.png i2p2www/static/images/i2plogo/verticalclwbg.png i2p2www/static/images/i2plogo/verticalws.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pltcdonate.2014.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pltcdonate.png i2p2www/static/images/i2ptunnel_peertopeer.png i2p2www/static/images/i2ptunnel_serverclient.png i2p2www/static/images/i2pvstor_zh.png i2p2www/static/images/idlereduce.png i2p2www/static/images/ie.options.jpg i2p2www/static/images/ie.options.png i2p2www/static/images/ie.options_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/ie.proxyports.jpg i2p2www/static/images/ie.proxyports.png i2p2www/static/images/ie.proxyports_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/info.png i2p2www/static/images/info_dark.png i2p2www/static/images/interactive.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/pidgin-irc-0.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/pidgin-irc-1.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/pidgin-irc-2.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/pidgin-irc-3.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/revolution-irc-0.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/revolution-irc-1.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/revolution-irc-2.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-0.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-1.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-2.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-3.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-4.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-5.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/thunderbird-irc-6.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/tuncheck-irc-all.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/xchat-irc-0.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/xchat-irc-1.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/xchat-irc-2.png i2p2www/static/images/irc/xchat-irc-3.png i2p2www/static/images/itoopie.png i2p2www/static/images/konqueror.options.png i2p2www/static/images/konqueror.options_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/light.png i2p2www/static/images/lightbluetile.png i2p2www/static/images/link.png i2p2www/static/images/link_dark.png i2p2www/static/images/logo07c.jpg i2p2www/static/images/monero.I2P.qr.code.png i2p2www/static/images/monerovillageblog.png i2p2www/static/images/net.png i2p2www/static/images/net_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_leaseset.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_leaseset_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_routerinfo_1.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_routerinfo_1_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_routerinfo_2.png i2p2www/static/images/netdb_get_routerinfo_2_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/pexels-montevideo-starsky.jpg i2p2www/static/images/plan.png i2p2www/static/images/plugins/plugin-step-0.png i2p2www/static/images/plugins/plugin-step-1.png i2p2www/static/images/plugins/plugin-step-2.png i2p2www/static/images/plugins/plugin-update-0.png i2p2www/static/images/protocol_stack.png i2p2www/static/images/protocol_stack_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/reseed/createreseed.png i2p2www/static/images/reseed/dlreseed.png i2p2www/static/images/reseed/filereseed.png i2p2www/static/images/reseed/ulreseed.png i2p2www/static/images/routerconsole-light.png i2p2www/static/images/server.png i2p2www/static/images/sidemenu.png i2p2www/static/images/social/contact.png i2p2www/static/images/social/forum.png i2p2www/static/images/social/gitlab-brands.png i2p2www/static/images/social/reddit-alien-brands.png i2p2www/static/images/social/twitter-brands.png i2p2www/static/images/sqbullet.png i2p2www/static/images/stackoverflow_ad.png i2p2www/static/images/standard.png i2p2www/static/images/tabletile.png i2p2www/static/images/tabletile_alt.png i2p2www/static/images/tabletitledark.png i2p2www/static/images/tabletitlelight-tall.png i2p2www/static/images/tabletitlelight.png i2p2www/static/images/target.png i2p2www/static/images/ticket919/edit.png i2p2www/static/images/ticket919/home.png i2p2www/static/images/ticket919/i2p-services.png i2p2www/static/images/ticket919/paths.png i2p2www/static/images/tunnelSending.png i2p2www/static/images/tunnels.png i2p2www/static/images/tunnels_fr.png i2p2www/static/images/udp.png i2p2www/static/images/undraw_connected_world.svg i2p2www/static/images/whitelistclient.png i2p2www/static/images/whitelistserver.png i2p2www/static/mikalv.key.crt i2p2www/static/news/news.xml i2p2www/static/pdf/I2CP_spec.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/I2NP_spec.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/I2P-PET-CON-2009.1.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/datastructures.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/delaat-presentation.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/delaat-report.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/i2p_philosophy.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/icimp_2014_1_40_30015.pdf i2p2www/static/pdf/polling_http_transport.pdf i2p2www/static/press.key.asc i2p2www/static/robots.txt i2p2www/static/security.key.asc i2p2www/static/site.js i2p2www/static/styles/danimoth/default.css 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i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/el/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/el/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/el/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/el/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/es/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/et_EE/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/fa/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/fa/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/fa/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/fa/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/fi/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/fi/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/fi/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/fi/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/fr/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/gl/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/gl/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/gl/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/gl/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/gl/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/he/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/hu/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/hu/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/hu/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/hu/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/hu/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/id/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/it/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/ja/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/ko/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/mg/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/mg/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/mg/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/mg/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/nb/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/nb/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/nb/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/nb/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/nb/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/nl/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/pl/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/pt/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/ro/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/ru/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/sk/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/sk/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/sq/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/sq/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/sq/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/sq/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/sv/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/tr/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/misc.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/uk/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/translations/zh/LC_MESSAGES/research.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/about.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/blog.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/comparison.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/docs.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/get-involved.po i2p2www/translations/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/priority.po i2p2www/urls.py i2p2www/views.py init-new-po.sh licenses/LICENSE-GPLv3.txt licenses/LICENSE-fontawesome.txt mirror.god.old mtn.i2p2/keys.txt netdb.i2p2/app.py netdb.i2p2/fixedapp.php netdb.i2p2/fixedapp.py pots/about.pot pots/blog.pot pots/comparison.pot pots/docs.pot pots/get-involved.pot pots/misc.pot pots/priority.pot pots/research.pot run.god.example runserver.py setup_venv.sh site-updater-docker.sh 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