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152b67f 2020-02-08 Fix potential bug with config
103a92b 2020-01-31 Version 0.3.9
cbf0c1e 2020-01-24 Reseed update part 2
886ddf5 2020-01-24 Reseed update
26458e2 2020-01-21 Remove unused code to avoid error at exit
b411b12 2020-01-21 Update(s) for ESR 68.4
76a9441 2020-01-21 Update for ESR 68.4
943261b 2020-01-21 i2pbutton_log
3455a60 2020-01-21 Merge branch 'master' of
29809d1 2020-01-21 ESR 68.4 needed changes
6b9fbb2 2019-12-14 Fix NS_NOINTERFACE error
459c956 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #22 from mikalv/master
8bfed98 2019-12-14 Fix logging part 3
1b72915 2019-12-14 Fix logging part 2
cf1e066 2019-12-14 Fix logging
571bd40 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #21 from mikalv/master
3b417ca 2019-12-14 Avoid redeclaration error
1d90ec8 2019-12-14 Update dragDropFilter
f8db8d8 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #20 from mikalv/master
68300c1 2019-12-14 Update the router process component
84e4a26 2019-12-14 Update dragDropFilter
d386057 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #19 from mikalv/master
f29c7c0 2019-12-14 Remove unused xul files part 2
9834a84 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #18 from mikalv/master
4c213d6 2019-12-14 Remove unused xul files
65b5162 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #17 from mikalv/master
bf5838f 2019-12-14 fix translation
1a7b1b8 2019-12-14 Merge pull request #16 from mikalv/master
b6c7edf 2019-12-14 fix missing ; in pref
755440f 2019-12-14 New strings for ESR68 integration
a7d4690 2019-12-13 Merge pull request #15 from eyedeekay/undorename
94c4c0d 2019-12-13 Hold off on the re-name until we're ready.
e2ab83a 2019-11-26 Merge pull request #13 from eyedeekay/snark
0b5b462 2019-11-25 switch snark to use the light homepage instead of the aubergine homepage
38c8039 2019-11-25 Merge pull request #12 from eyedeekay/susimail
52e51d4 2019-11-25 enable susimail, set susimail initial configuration up
cb6cfb3 2019-11-23 Merge pull request #11 from eyedeekay/show-version
f3a3b2e 2019-11-23 show the version of the I2P router in use
a639a35 2019-11-22 Merge pull request #10 from eyedeekay/license
e441bab 2019-11-22 Add a LICENSE file
d4d9f03 2019-11-22 Merge pull request #9 from eyedeekay/smart-homepage
6825e9e 2019-11-22 Prep it for the new goals/features/name, shorten some strings, fix some slightly wonky css
0db34c6 2019-11-21 hide the old, hard to update, pointless onboarding slideshowfrom Tor
90eb1f7 2019-11-20 Merge pull request #8 from eyedeekay/readme-devs
411d6b5 2019-11-20 beautify css
86a1336 2019-11-20 fix onboarding test
77c0ed7 2019-11-20 switch links to go directly to the standalone homepage for applications
11d059c 2019-11-20 re-add onboarding info to about:I2p home page
7a2b341 2019-11-20 hide links by default, show them when links header is clicked
54527c6 2019-11-20 Fix the outcome of the proxy readiness function
fb1bbaf 2019-11-20 work on proxy test
a23de26 2019-11-19 Change the text on the homepage.
4864a86 2019-11-19 Make a smarter, prettier homepage
2b57d75 2019-11-19 Make a smarter, prettier homepage
f2bd48a 2019-11-17 undo change from wrong branch
3a38a01 2019-11-17 update the readme to help new devs
eabb67c 2019-11-03 Merge pull request #7 from mikalv/master
a6d97dc 2019-11-03 version bump
92a9089 2019-11-01 A lot of bugfixing around the initial dialog and portchecking of the i2p console
b40d557 2019-10-27 Fixes noscript issue
199f3b8 2019-10-27 Add services
dbf0d53 2019-10-27 Make the progress dialog show until console is up
00f3ac2 2019-10-27 Adding waitForPortToOpen function
191a6e1 2019-10-27 Merge pull request #4 from mikalv/master
32bb96b 2019-10-27 Adding reseed and restart methods
52c3c6a 2019-10-27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
301bcf6 2019-10-27 Adding json rpc client for use with i2p control
b52f7f7 2019-10-18 Merge pull request #3 from eyedeekay/master
116f787 2019-09-16 Minor tweak to the about:i2p display
abc0ce4 2019-09-15 Re-adding temporary fix for jetty
b90ed67 2019-09-14 version bump
91b0d05 2019-09-14 Update port numbers
1cafe3f 2019-09-13 version bump
3a1ce63 2019-09-12 Adding missing functions
506f675 2019-09-12 Adding missing functions
822fd90 2019-09-12 function for listing addons
953da8a 2019-09-12 Added missing functions etc
ee14680 2019-09-12 Integration with the delay dialog
8ef76f4 2019-09-12 Added progress dialog aka delay the user dialog
348846f 2019-09-11 Misc refactoring and fixes
e42e602 2019-09-11 Refactor away some duplicated code
235bbda 2019-09-11 Bugfixes, cleanup and improvements for the launcher part of the code
ced728b 2019-09-10 Functions for reading the router log files
015fa21 2019-09-10 version bump
637ff45 2019-09-10 Misc
78959d6 2019-09-10 Use the subprocess as indicator for console
00283bd 2019-09-10 Write webapps.config as well
2c0666d 2019-09-10 Router config: routerconsole.welcomeWizardComplete=true
b06dded 2019-09-10 Router config: router.startup.jetty9.migrated=true
4bed82f 2019-09-10 Use different i2cp port
ed36de6 2019-09-10 Merge branch 'master' of
676c234 2019-09-10 Use more secure permissions
e7d888c 2019-09-09 Merge pull request #2 from eyedeekay/master
6adb55d 2019-09-08 correct the links on the about:i2p page and direct new users to the router console for now
4a680de 2019-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
79a3261 2019-09-09 version bump
8d249f4 2019-09-09 omfg
67ed95f 2019-09-09 version bump
5b6504a 2019-09-09 Temporary jetty fix
832c79f 2019-09-09 Make webapps, docs and hosts.txt get copied to config directory when it don't exists
988047e 2019-09-09 Correct /tunnel/clients/
6fa1736 2019-09-09 version bump
890438f 2019-09-09 Fixed a issue with launching router on osx
ebf6f25 2019-09-09 Use self to avoid error
d3b043f 2019-09-07 version bump
a9e70d1 2019-09-07 small cleanup
4e6117f 2019-09-07 Merge pull request #1 from eyedeekay/master
c19ea1d 2019-09-06 Merge branch 'master' of
015e20c 2019-09-05 put the rest of the URLs into the dtd
96ad84b 2019-09-05 make it so links to the project site can honor localizations
45b13ef 2019-09-05 more straightforward language on intro page
fbf7ced 2019-09-05 more straightforward language on intro page
d240336 2019-09-05 ucomment the un-used slides
fe23ea2 2019-09-05 update onboarding content without adding or removing slides. The order makes sense now.
5b01b19 2019-09-05 Improvements to config manager + run checks for config files and write them before executing the router subprocess
7664b35 2019-09-04 Misc
87faaa3 2019-09-04 Misc cleanup + change of default ports to not crash with already existing i2p install
e66bc44 2019-09-04 Use already set preference
13eaf1f 2019-09-04 Cleanup + added i2p console port to preferences
8106f11 2019-09-04 Cleanup + made firefox spawn i2p on linux
e796ce7 2019-09-04 update about:i2p text and onboarding text
7301cbd 2019-09-04 Merge branch 'master' of
3bb805b 2019-09-04 Windows will now run i2p
4a880b9 2019-09-03 More fixes
60c455b 2019-09-03 Make paths resolve correctly on windows and linux
9dc5b36 2019-09-02 Bump version to 0.3.0
d754930 2019-09-02 Change the default preferences to start i2p and shut it down with the browser
0a7a44e 2019-09-02 Initial work for making the browser launch the i2p router
76c4d07 2019-08-31 Logger updates
721a3b9 2019-08-28 update the content on the about:i2p page
1886a5f 2019-08-28 update the content on the about:i2p page
40d97cd 2019-08-28 update the content on the about:i2p page
9fa2ff0 2019-07-26 i2pcookie stuff
364adf0 2019-07-26 Make the extensions.i2pbutton.start_i2p preference actually work
3c200e8 2019-07-26 Update package files
3153ee6 2019-07-26 security prefs module
d7f2e84 2019-07-26 i2pbutton missing functions etc
6993346 2019-07-26 preferences updated
2691925 2019-07-25 More initial preferences added.
4c0df65 2019-07-24 Noscript control
65e183e 2019-07-24 menu overlay and preferences
e1c719d 2019-07-24 Cookie control
61d8963 2019-07-20 Mini bump
f38b0b2 2019-07-20 Misc changes
be15eef 2019-07-20 Search plugins of i2p search engines that seems up
ad295b5 2019-07-20 Merge branch 'master' of
81cdb91 2019-07-20 Preferences update
56c4187 2019-07-11 Update
fec6e62 2019-06-12 Improvements, ensure the router is only executed once
9ee26aa 2019-06-12 Implementation of I2P Process Service which is capable to launch a jlinked i2p
8d97160 2019-06-10 corrections in strings
6472a72 2019-06-10 Version bump to 0.2
901b438 2019-06-09 Adding external app blocker
af4b439 2019-06-09 onboarding text update
e5fc437 2019-06-09 onboarding text update
7a41d99 2019-06-09 Misc changes
6ff7695 2019-06-09 Moved all text from about:i2p to translation file
bab2997 2019-06-09 Made the 'New Identity' feature work
ae8d9c2 2019-06-09 Show the results of the tests to the end user
8ed7a72 2019-06-09 Implemented i2p checks for console and proxy
4de70ff 2019-06-06 More updates
9c2a97c 2019-06-06 The plugin starts to take form - and works.
9aef427 2019-06-06 Misc updates
6b10f21 2019-06-06 Some css
486a9e8 2019-06-06 Branding files
4398063 2019-06-06 Initial commit```

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