A C++ library for the SAM v3 API.

Development Status

The library will require SAM v3.1 server. Pre-release (ongoing refactoring work and migration to C++11).


Copy the files i2psam.cpp and i2psam.h into your codebase, or build the library libi2psam.a:


See eepget.cpp for example tcp client usage (build with make eepget).

git repository: ./i2psam

Git Summary

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21940ef 2019-07-27 Merge pull request #6 from i2p/readmeupdate
8429b8f 2019-07-27 Update the readme
11422d3 2019-07-27 Merge pull request #5 from i2p/sam-v3.1
a8a2687 2019-07-21 Adding missing functions. SAM now let you choose signature types
d019f60 2019-07-21 Lets use ed25519
e6c6918 2019-02-09 Merge branch 'master' into sam-v3.1
6845cc4 2019-02-09 Merge pull request #4 from majestrate/c-api
850a876 2019-02-09 Initial work for supporting sam v3.1
a9e6a6a 2017-12-02 Enable most warnings
e636244 2017-04-17 initial c wrapper
1c52738 2017-04-02 Clarify README
8443bda 2017-04-02 Add example client
d56e6d1 2017-04-02 Add debug info to library
0adc012 2017-04-02 Remove SAM version range from API
a50d85c 2017-04-02 Compile with C++11, migrate auto_ptr to unique_ptr
6f60680 2017-04-02 Update development status
a58e1c7 2017-04-02 Add README
c28be81 2017-04-02 Remove Anoncoin includes etc.
a279dfd 2017-04-02 Add basic Makefile
289b150 2017-04-02 Add license
779b915 2015-09-22 Dump of GroundRod's v0.9.6.9; missing commit history!
a185ced 2015-07-07 Remove building of i2psam seperately,convert to compat.h usage,reduce buff size, fix socket definations and console debug output
dd2a0aa 2015-01-06 Added scrypt SSE2 hardware detect, I2p tweaks, WindowsSetup.exe build, Copyr YR bump
17ee32c 2015-01-06 Phase III - Complete Anc codebase transformation & initial I2P ops
9d5b0c9 2015-01-06 Resource updates & add I2pSAM to the build
b64ffb7 2014-11-14 I2PSAM: Don't connect socket in constructor.
af34c2b 2014-10-02 Update defaults
323d016 2014-08-02 [Anoncoin] Adding i2psam
e2b1069 2014-05-19 add define for windows mutex
165b2cf 2013-10-25 fix hang at I2P error
7dc12ae 2013-07-07 fix failed compilation on some systems
235c0a7 2013-07-03 add dynamic/static and i2p/mixed indicators
52d2451 2013-06-28 added mutex to SessionAdapter
bb27216 2013-06-27 right deleting new session
5262f4f 2013-06-27 new session works
c04633f 2013-06-25 added new session class
188504a 2013-06-09 added isI2POnly()
3339326 2013-04-28 i2potions tab works
d62a584 2013-03-06 merge with my changes```

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