As discussed at I2PCon.

Next roadmap 0.9.22 - 0.9.25 4 releases, 8 months


0.9.22 (1.0?) early Oct.

  • start rekey
  • GMP 6

0.9.23 (1.0?) late Nov - early Dec.

  • continue rekey
  • Java 7 (desktop only, i.e. apps/, keep core and router at 6 for android and embedded)

(strands XP)

  • SAM 3.2
  • Jetty 9

0.9.24 (1.0?) early Feb.

  • finish rekey

0.9.25 (1.0?) late March

Rough consensus at I2PCon was that we should not do 1.0 anytime soon.


which crypto? when? (end of forum.i2p, tracker.welterde.i2p) snark rekey - which crypto? when? (end of tracker.welterde.i2p)

(don't want to use multisession because that doubles the leasesets)

EC vs. Ed for RI rekey

  • i2pd doesn't support Ed yet
  • some routers (red hat) don't support EC yet, warnings in place since
  • botnet doesn't support either
  • EC since 0.9.12 2014-03-31: 99.2% of net (minus unknown redhat, minus botnet)
  • Ed since 0.9.15, 2014-09-20 bug fixed in 0.9.17: 2014-11-30 96.7% of net (minus i2pd)

other features

  • Addressbook, naming, signed entries (stalled)
  • GMP 6 (need builders and testers)
  • LS2 (stalled)
  • NTCP2 (stalled in research phase, start with DH)
  • New DH (stalled in research phase)
  • Java 7 (this would eliminate XP?)
  • SAM 3.2 requires java 7 (¾ done)
  • Jetty 9 (9.2? 9.3?) requires java 7 (barely started)
  • Pluggable transports (stalled, lots to do)

a must for resisting DPI since we don't have 40 phd students to make a new one each month

  • Scriptable interface (stalled, needs merge) (probably not, dead)

want to entice researchers into playing with and setting up their own test networks

  • NetDB redo? ("next backend")

other code

  • Android roadmap
  • Bote + Android Bote
  • Fixed Orchid plugin? (merge/test effort)
  • Syndie (probably not, dead)
  • I2pcontrol + clients
  • Other plugins

non-code roadmap

audits and reviews website threat model outreach debian reseeds


zzz would like non-coding tasks in a separate chart from coding tasks. Also, separate release-oriented java i2p tasks from other coding tasks (plugins etc.)

Previous gantt chart for just completed cycle 0.9.18 - 0.9.21, with annotations for next cycle

  • Legend:
    • Yellow: research
    • Green: coding
    • Blue: testing
    • Red: bugfixing
    • Orange: documentation / writing
    • Gray: other tasks
    • Pink: fake entry acting as a divider
  • TODO remove completed items if they are really done
  • TODO add new items from above plus other suggestions
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copied from previous roadmap, unmodified.

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