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You can download the I2P software at geti2p.net/en/download. Alternatively, you can use our mirror.
It is recommended to use a second browser to surf the I2P network.
We recommend using Firefox as a second browser (Firefox Portable on sourceforge.net; Firefox on mozilla.org).
The router console can be reached at There you can make the settings for your I2P router.
Set the browser so that it uses an HTTP proxy. The address for this is
I2P Raptor

Use i2phides.me as an inproxy

Usage: i2pwebaddress.i2phides.me
Entry points: stats.i2phides.me, zzz.i2phides.me,
identiguy.i2phides.me, bandura.i2phides.me
More information on i2p-inproxy.mk16.de

Use i2phides.me as a reseed server

Files: i2pseeds.su3, i2pseeds.zip, proof_of_ownership.txt, mark22k_at_mail.i2p.crt

Reseed via ZIP/SU3 file

  1. Open the web interface of the I2P router:
  2. Open the router settings(I2P Internals).
  3. Click on Reseeding.
  4. Insert the corresponding URL under Enter zip or su3 URL:
    ZIP: https://i2phides.me/i2pseeds.zip or https://i2pseed.mk16.de/i2pseeds.zip
    SU3: https://i2phides.me/i2pseeds.su3 or https://i2pseed.mk16.de/i2pseeds.su3
  5. Then click on Reseed from URL.
Then wait a moment. The router will reseed and then you did it!

Use our Mumble server

Mumble Server address: mumble.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper]
  1. Open the web interface of the I2P router:
  2. Open the Local Tunnels menu.
  3. Create a new client tunnel by clicking on Tunnel Wizard.
  4. Select "Client Tunnel" and click "Next".
  5. Select the "Standard" option under "Select tunnel type". Then click on "Next".
  6. Enter "mumble-bandura" as the name and click "Next".
  7. Next enter the Base32 address and click on "Next": 4zisptl6c7fb6cy5em6l7chg42kjv7tpin7ra7o2buygfifbnsaa.b32.i2p
  8. Enter 64739 as port.
  9. Under "Reachable by:" select Then click on "Next".
  10. There are two options for this step: Either you start the tunnel as required or you can start with the router every time.
  11. Click "Finish" to finish and then "Save Tunnel".
  12. Edit the tunnel and select six under "Tunnel Options" under "Count". If there are no six, choose the highest number, three.
  13. Next start Mumble.
  14. Add a server with the address and port 64739. You can enter "bandura" as the name.
  15. Complete the process and connect to the server.
If Mumble doesn't connect to the server, make sure you started the tunnel.
If Mumble asks you about the trustworthiness of the certificate, confirm the message with Yes, accept anyway.

Use the mirror from i2phides.me

The mirror files are available at i2phides.me/i2p-mirror/.
Alternatively, the mirror is also available at i2p-mirror.mk16.de.
A copy of the files for Debian is available at i2phides.me/i2p-deb/ or i2p-deb.mk16.de.
The original files are available at deb.i2p2.de.
A copy of the I2Pd documentation is available at i2phides.me/i2pd-docs/ or i2pd-docs.mk16.de.
Furthermore, a copy of e8.i2p is available at i2phides.me/e8.i2p/ or e8.ep.mk16.de,
a copy of flapflap.i2p is available at i2phides.me/flapflap.i2p/ or flapflap.ep.mk16.de.
A copy of the wiki from trac.i2p2.de/wiki can be found on i2phides.me/tracwiki/ or i2p-inproxy.mk16.de/tracwiki/.


i2phides.me can also be reached via the HTTP protocol on port 8080.

Notes on our favicon

The I2P logo is in our favicon. This is under the CC BY 4.0 license.
The logo is from github.com/i2p/i2p.graphics/blob/master/itoopie.svg
The original Schild picture is available under CC BY-SA 4.0 and is from monkic.mk16.de/eisschild.png.
The "I2P Raptor" picture is from the ZIP folder I2P.Propaganda.(banners.leaflets.posters).zip and from the author asdfsdafsdafsd.


Name: Marek Küthe/Bandura Yeo Borissowitsch
E-Mail: m.k@mk16.de, bada@airmail.cc
E-Mail(I2P): mark22k@mail.i2p
I2P-Bote: lUo0XnhT~yCzEKbbC9pwHtDiO9kkpQNfvHqBl812zAmO0qBcio3jxwRE0toez6ZZEsljiZrSwCMDPBTtgc7Vd4g--ejlYqH2fMEp6r~le-q6Cl8gGlDcBD2uX5VbG~ipshphHeO94l3anAK3PXsKLh-1ppdJkh0zdCWHr4x1gkpkYU
GPG key: i2phides.me/files/m.k_at_mk16.de.asc
GPG key id (short/long): 699108C7 / 7E869146699108C7
GPG fingerprint: 9AA2 8159 FCEB 3CD8 3BC2 1201 7E86 9146 6991 08C7